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Your View: Are Ghosts Real

Listverse Staff

Since the advent of photography, we have discovered a multitude of ghost photographs and videos. While many of them are blatantly fake, there are still a large number that seem to defy explanation. The topic of this “Your View” is ghosts – do you believe in them? Do you believe that we have managed to capture them on film? As always, give some support to your views – and, better yet, video clips or photographs as evidence.


Do Ghosts Exist?

My answer is probably not – while a lot of photographs of “ghosts” are probably not faked, they are most likely photographs of natural events such as electric disturbances or light fluctuations. This is not necessarily a reflection on my views of the afterlife, but rather a reflection of my views of the alleged connection between the afterlife and the present. I am probably agnostic on this point – convince me one way or the other. If you have seen a ghost or experienced some kind of supernatural event, tell us about it.


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