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Listverse List Submission Competition

This is just a small reminder to people that we are introducing a competition this month. For all lists submitted this month, we will pick five of the best and randomly select one to win $150.00 US. The guidelines for the competition can be found here – and you can submit your lists from the very same page. Good luck!

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  • 37.Mark I'm not a die hard fan but I grew up with the music from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, etc., so I'm familiar with the stuff and like it. I don't know anything about Nu Metal,- that's probably an age thing. All I'm saying is,- Music lists (any music) are as valid as any other lists. And why should there be a dilemma. Just submit different lists for different types of metal. Check out the literature, movie, sci fi lists - you'll see what I mean.

  • 40. Christiane : Yeah, just check the Beatles list, that's encouraging or the Pink Floyd list, lol, that was me bagging him out too. The dilemna was which metal to put up top, the people at either end of the scale are probably going to dislike almost anything I submit. And you haven't argued until you've argued about music - not to mention that, on average, metal fans are very serious about their music - so I'm thinking I'll be wasting a lot of time trying to justify my choices. Anyway I've submitted my Deep Purple list, IF that gets published I'll write some more metal slanted ones. And yeah, Nu Metal is a very new occurence, mid-late 90's. Great stuff though :)

  • 37. Mark That's right, Avant-Garde at no. 1. I don't care what the conservatives say, that field is filled to the brim with innovation, brilliance and talent. I judge creativity the most, and those guys win. However if you listen to metal just to bang your head and drink beer to it, then yeah you can leave it out. I left out Thrash because frankly, it's rubbish. It's only good for headbanging. I don't care how much people will defend bands like Megadeth or Kreator, they are stagnant bands with little to no artistic value. I prefer Black over Death because it is something truly unique, and not only due to it's traditions, principles and history, it is probably the most atmosphere-based of metal subcategories. By Heavy I meant traditional by the way.. I don't like the term NWOBHM to be honest. And while I'm not really a fan of the genre, it's up there because it never gets old. It has aged so well that it doesn't even bore people today, even as they have heard so many things with uber production and better technicalities. I also forgot another genre: Pagan/Folk, which I'd put as 9th. Though half the genre is a joke (Turisas, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum), while some bands are possibly the most inspiring I've ever known (Primordial, Falkenbach, Agalloch) Anyway, I suppose one could make two lists in this case.. Top 10 metal genres by metal standards, or Top 10 metal genres by musical standards (which I did) Oh and, I haven't listened to anything other from Mike Patton than Faith No More (which I find overrated) yet.. but I'll get around to it sooner or later.

  • 42. m : I think you're being a bit pretentious, you do notice that metal is music and most metal musicians - suprising though it may be to the ignorant - hold the same standards as other musicians. So I don't know how you expect anyone - even me, being the tome of metal knowledge that I am :P - to distinguish between the two O.O You really do come across as just a bit pretentious and ignorant, if you want talent look no further than Mathcore - or if you don't count crossover/fusion genres, Speed Metal - some of these people are playing 300bpm with two (2!) guitar/bass notes per beat. That is just insane, I can't fathom it, even Jazz or the Blues doesn't compare to that. By the way, I've been making assumptions and judging you a bit - so correct me if I'm wrong - but in case you were wondering I've been trying to focus on bringing more improv to my personal favourite metal genres. So I'm not someone who only listens to metal while I'm drunk and only likes Metallica or anything like that :) By the way, how can you say that Black Metal is more atmosphere-based than Doom, or even your personal favourite? Black doesn't compare to Prog, Avant-Garde or Doom in terms of ambience - in any universe. By the way, having Prog, Technical and Avant-Garde even on the same list - let alone in the top 3 spots - is just asking for trouble. The differences are tiny anyway, why put them all in the top 3? A fair list would have to include : Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Classic (Heavy), Nu, Power? and some others of course. Your list was - just a bit - too left-field to be considered partial. By the way, if you like Avant-Garde you should have already listened to Mike Patton. To tell you the truth it's like me saying, "Death Metal owns, but I've never listened to Venom". Get your hands on some Patton and DEFINITELY some Faith No More, they are insanely good. It's all worth a listen :)

  • Mark As someone whose idea of metal pretty much consists of Zep, Purple, AC?DC and everything else consigned to noise could I suggest that before you make a list rating individual fans you try one describing the different categories of Metal. May be something like that is more likely to find an audience among the great unwashed such as me, then once they know a little more about the genre itself they may be more interested in checking out the band ranking list. Cheers Lee

  • 44. k1w1taxi : Isn't that what "Top 10 Metal Genres" was going to be? I was thinking then that myself and some others could do individual "Top 10 "X" Metal Bands" and wham, lots more music lists... It's a good thought, that my lists could convert some of the non-metal listening heathens to my ways :P

  • 43. Mark I love arguing, but let's not call eachother ignorant and pretentious. But still, yeah, I can be very pretentious, but I don't think I'm doing it for the wrong reasons. Firstly, what I meant by the difference in Metal by metal and Metal by music, was accordingly about how much it adheres to the conservative metal values (instruments, heaviness, solos, lyrics) and how much it contributes to music in itself (innovation, originality). "You really do come across as just a bit pretentious and ignorant, if you want talent look no further than Mathcore - or if you don’t count crossover/fusion genres, Speed Metal - some of these people are playing 300bpm with two (2!) guitar/bass notes per beat." - That's what I refer to as Technical Metal. But as I said, creativity is a higher priority for me. As for the differences between Progressive, Technical and Avant-Garde.. tiny? No. Progressive and Technical I admit have several overlaps, but I wouldn't consider them any more similar than say, Heavy and Doom. As for why I put those three in my top 3, it's because to me they simply are the best, and I'm being as objective in this as I possibly can. Speaking of Doom though, that's where you got me. Indeed I was mistaken about Black being the main atmospheric, but your claim that it does not compare to Prog, Avant-Garde or Doom is false. For Prog and Doom bands, roughly a third ignore atmosphere, and Avant-Garde is entirely unpredictable, whereas Black, with the exception of those bands that have very polished and clean sound production and no keyboards, all of them have at least a minimal aura in their sound. Speaking of my list being partial, metal experts everywhere agree that Nu-Metal is a guilty pleasure, and only good for attracting people who are new to the genre. Oh and that bit about 'you're-not-an-Avant-Garde-fan-unless-you've-listened-to-Mike-Patton' thing is bullshit peer pressure. There's so much music to listen to and I try out whatever gets in my way. I'll get around to Patton sooner or later though, even if I did find Angel Dust quite lacking at the first spin. Oh and yes you can call yourself a death metal fan if you haven't listened to Venom. I call myself a fan of Black Metal, but I've never listened to Mercyful Fate, just bits of everything else.

  • 46. m : I didn't call you ignorant or pretentious, I just wanted to impress that to someone who really knows metal that's the way you're coming across. I don't like the way you estrange metal and other music, what is other music? Every genre has different "values", but there are very few - if any - that encompass ALL musical genres - before you say technical ability at an instrument, Punk could care less, so does that give you an idea of how pointless it is giving all music "values"? When did Speed become Technical? Sorry, I don't mean that in a rude way, it's just that to me Technical was always an extension of Progressive. Woah, Heavy and Doom more similar than Prog and Tech, I really don't think so. Sabbath doesn't come close in heaviness to most Doom, whereas Technical is just a tag given to "well-played or complicated" Progressive Metal. Good point about the Black/Doom/Prog argument, but there really is no such thing as a cleanly produced Black Metal band with no keyboards. Those two things really are the staple of the genres, it's akin to looking for Doom without down-tuned guitars and slow beats, it's really not going to happened. You speak far too musically sometimes, sure Nu isn't up the top - on average - in musical abilities. But it is what's drawing young people to the genre, it's where I gained my entrance - I'm only 16. Nu Metal is by far the most commercially successful metal sub-genre of the past decade, that deserves some credit. I'd prefer you to not call my opinions bullshit, especially as you WERE right with what you said, but so was I. Mike Patton really defined the Avant-Garde Metal genre with his post-Faith No More releases. Much like Venom really embodies Death Metal.

  • m, Mark: You guys are shooting your wads here. When the actual list(s) come out, there will be nothing left to talk about. So I might as well chime in here. lol Well really, I just want to pick on one statement by m that I thought was sort of absurd: I left out Thrash because frankly, it’s rubbish. It’s only good for headbanging. That’s like saying Blues is only good for drowning your sorrows, or that Opera is only good for pretentious twits to get together in evening gowns and tuxes to compare their jewelry. Music is to be enjoyed. If headbanging is the chosen expression of enjoyment, what of it? But really my point is – Thrash is certainly a genre worthy of mention in the “metal” pantheon. Heck, for that matter so is the so-called “hair metal” (aka hair bands) movement, which you guys have completely ignored. But that’s a whole other subject. I don’t care how much people will defend bands like Megadeth or Kreator, they are stagnant bands with little to no artistic value. “Artistic value” is a subjective term, but come on. Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Anthrax. Metallica stagnant? (Aside from my mention of Anthrax, I tend to favor the San Francisco bands because that’s where I’m from, and was exposed to this scene during the formative years of these bands). You may trot out the cliché that Metallica have become commercial sellouts, but they are certainly not stagnant. Not to mention how important they were prior to their more recent commercial successes. Of course, in the various rock genres, once one becomes popular, the floodgates open to so many “new” acts that yes the level of talent becomes diluted and originality stagnates. Or, an initially creative/artistic band becomes stagnant once they’ve run their course but try to keep hanging on. Metallica is in direct contrast to this IMO, which is why I’d “defend” them. But heck, even Kreator is defendable (though not a fave of mine), as far as they being an important part of the Thrash genre and yes, showing some level of “artistry”.

  • Somebody... Do a list called "Top 10 lies the government is telling you." Make sure drugs is on there too... What with the marijuana prohibition and all.