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Top 10 Badasses of the World’s Special Forces

In honor of a recent list of cheesy 80s actioners, here is a list for us James Bond wannabes. This list looks at 10 of the special forces from around the world that have the honor of being the most elite and – consequently – badass. Feel free to mention your own favorites in the comments which will no doubt include a lot that are not listed here.


Whereas most of the training regimens of militaries around the world are designed to teach, Russia’s Special Purpose Regiments, equivalent to the U. S. Green Berets, endure punishment daily throughout their training. They may quit anytime they want. The Spetsnaz want only the best, pain-hardened, battle-loving killers.

They spar with the express goal of injuring each other, breaking ribs, fingers, vertebrae, healing only long enough to get back on their feet and complete the training. They are typically deployed for reconnaissance or house-to-house close quarters combat, but are also employed as extremely formidable bodyguards for high-ranking politicians.

They claim that they are not taught to ignore pain, since that is impossible. They are instead taught to enjoy it.

Read the entire story of the Soviets’ secret human weapons in Spetsnaz: The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces at Amazon.com!

French Naval Commandos

They call themselves “berets verts,” or “green berets,” and consist of 6 units: Hubert, Trepel, de Montfort, de Penfentenyo, Jaubert, and Kieffer. Each unit is trained for special tasks, whether combat diving, close quarters sea combat, exfiltration, canine units, or long range fire support, including snipers and missile launchers. They were established much at the behest of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who was a naval officer in WWII.


Currently, only men are allowed to try out for the U. S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. It’s primary missions are typically special reconnaissance, direct action, and internal defense within foreign nations.

Their training regimen is comprised of 4 phases, increasing in strenuousness. Phase 1 is SERE training, survival, evasion, resistance, escape. They are trained to make fire by friction, fire by mirrors, even fire by ice, depending on the location to which they are deployed. You mold the ice with the heat of your hands into the shape of a lens, which works just like a magnifying glass.

Of course, they take matches and Zippos with them. After this, they begin physical fitness training, and hand-to-hand combat, practicing a hybrid of the most functional martial arts: Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, even Pankration. Then, Sayoc Kali, which is Filipino knife fighting.

This is just phase 1. Phase 2 is marksmanship, amphibious demolitions, reconnaissance. Phase 3 is a contrinuation of 2, but with the addition of field radioes and satellite data-uplink systems. Phase 4 is “irregular warfare” instruction, which is a euphemism for “anything goes.” This phase consists primarily of the Derna Bridge operation, which forces the recruits to use all skills acquired during the course.


The closest thing to James Bond can be found in the personnel of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, or Security Service, section 6. It works in close partnership with section 5 (MI-5), the latter which is more of a pure spy agency, dedicated to counter-intelligence and counter-espionage.

MI-6, however, is the unit which deploys its agents all over the world to detect international intelligence threats and “neutralize” them before they become truly dangerous. Their headquarters is at Vauxhall Cross, London, and they will be quick to tell you there that there is no James Bond among them, and that their assignments and missions are quite boring.

They do, however, have an agent very similar to “Q,” who is in charge of all equipment and weaponry deployed for each operation. They also have indoor firing ranges, dojos, and a gym.

U. S. Army Rangers

After basic Army training, voluntary enlistment into the 75th Ranger Regiment will train the recruit for the HALO parachute jump, SERE, languages, elite combatives expert, mountain warfare, combat diving, in addition to all the weapons qualification training.

After nine weeks of this, they enroll in Advanced Individual Training, to become masters of their chosen fields, then immediately enroll in the Army Airborne School, then in Ranger Indoctrination or Orientation Programs.

By the time they’ve graduated, they’re so well trained that members have reported waking up screaming from nightmares about Ranger school to be relieved that they are only in Vietnam.

But then, they lose a few points for an incident a Ranger told me about: he was the captain of a tank regiment on maneuvers in the Amazon jungle. Just an exercise, but because of the sweltering heat, they had to open their tank hatches. This captain, who shall remain nameless, heard a thump behind him, and turned to see a Goliath Bird-eating Spider crawling toward him, raising its front legs and hissing.

He admits to screaming like a girl, knifing the tarantula, jumping out of the tank and running off into the jungle for a mile and a half. His buddies still rib him about it.

U. S. Army Green Berets

That’s their nickname. Technically they are the U. S. Army Special Forces, as opposed to the special forces of other countries, many of which also wear green berets.

Typically, the Green Berets are trained to administer “unconventional warfare,” which entails infiltrating a hostile area in anticipation of a large-scale military engagement, and training the local resistance populations to fight back against the enemy. This was done in South Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, among others.

In the event that there is no local resistance to the enemy, the Green Berets infiltrate and soften up the enemy by “neutralizing” as many of its officers as possible. This usually involved sniping and throat cutting.

Training is very extensive and begins with the Army’s assessment of the recruit’s possession of 12 attributes: intelligence, physical fitness, motivation, trustworthiness, accountability, maturity, stability, judgment, decisiveness, teamwork, influence, and communications. 40% of applicants satisfy the Army that they have these attributes.

Final training consists of various endurance courses, carrying heavy backpacks over 40 miles of rugged terrain, with nothing but a live chicken and a knife, day and night. If the recruit can make a fire, he can eat the chicken cooked. He is not given matches or a lighter. He is allowed only a compass and his own hand-drawn map, completed from earlier reconnaissance courses.

Discover how the Green Berets got their reputation with a glimpse inside their grueling training regime. Buy The Guerrilla Factory: The Making of Special Forces Officers, the Green Berets at Amazon.com!

The Delta Force

The only official United States counter-terrorism unit, dedicated to hostage rescues, counter-insurgency, and general counter-terrorism. They’re full name is 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, managed by the Army. Selection is done according to a physical fitness test: situps, pushups, followed by a 3-mile run, in an undisclosed time limit.

Then an all-night, 18-mile hike over mountainous terrain with a 35 lb backpack and a compass, no map. This finally culminated with a 40-mile hike with a 45 lb backpack, in a shorter time limit.

Then psychologists conduct a grueling battery of mental exams on the recruit to try to break him into confusion. If he passes this, he actually gets to begin Delta Force training, for 6 months. Firearms, heavy weaponry, elite hand-to-hand training.

Shayetet 13

The name means “Flotilla 13,” and their official motto is the same as the Israeli military: “Never Again,” in reference to the Holocaust. Their unofficial motto, as they like to joke, is “When the going gets tough, the Jews get pissed.”

They are 1 of the 3 most elite Israeli special forces units, but Shayetet 13 is the unit most similar to the Delta Force. They specialize in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism, and because they live so close to a host of nations that seem bent on eradicating them, they are at all times ready in an instant to travel abroad and kill. They are very secretive, but of their missions publicized, the most notable include Operation Spring of Youth, in which they hunted down members of Black September in Beirut Lebanon and killed them, in revenge for the 1972 Munich massacre.

Apart from their firearms and heavy weapons training, they train extensively in Krav Maga, the national martial art of Israel, to which they endearingly refer as “Jew-jitsu.” It’s philosophy is based on the principle that in a real street fight no quarter will be asked or given. Fight to kill. Groin strikes are quite prevalent.

Navy SEALs

You might think there are a lot of them, given the number of action movies dedicated to the plot device of an invincible warrior, but there are only about 2,000 of them. They are the Unites States’s most elite special warfare combatants. They are trained in all the fields in which the other U. S. special forces are trained, but to an even higher degree of competency.

SEAL training lasts over a year, and requires an age of between 17 and 28 years, male, incorrect vision no worse than 20/200 in either eye, and correctable to 20/20, and the physical screening test, which is beyond belief.

500 yd (460 m) swim using breast or combat sidestroke in under 12:30 with a competitive time of under 10:30.

At least 42 push-ups in 2 minutes with a competitive count of 79 or more.

At least 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes with a competitive count of 79 or more.

At least 6 pull-ups from a dead hang (no time limit) with a competitive count of 11 or more.

Run 1.5 mi (2.4 km) in boots and trousers in under 11:30 with a competitive time of 10:20 or less.

Then training begins. Physical conditioning, diving, land warfare, for 24 weeks, then 26 more weeks of SEAL qualification training. Then specialization in whatever fields a SEAL team needs expertise in: anything from sniper to language specialist, rope climbing, diving, jumpmaster, surreptitious entry, dynamic entry (door breacher), etc.

British SAS

The Special Air Service is trained to perform equally well in all the fields listed for the SEALs, but is also trained by MI-5 and MI-6 for in-depth counter-espionage, more so than the SEALs. Physical competency must be of equal stature to the SEALs, to the degree that both special forces work closely together when necessary (Iraq and Afghanistan) and have good camaraderie.

They wear a tan beret, just as the U. S. Army Rangers, and both the SAS and SEALs are trained in knife fighting by experts in Apache Indian knife techniques, as well as Sayoc Kali, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, and for the last 3 years or so, the Keysi Fighting Method, made famous by the Chris Nolan “Batman” films.

They have the distinction of being the model on which almost all national commando units are based today, including every other entry on this list.

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  • What about the South African recces in the Angolan border war,they're no good now but where a force to be reckoned with at that time,go read about em' a little

  • British SAS... funny that cause as I know it Aussie SAS have far more success than British. First time Japanese advance in WW2 was halted... by Aussies (Kokoda) First time the German advance was halted... By Aussies (Tobruk) The British in Africa against Rommel often use to fly the Aussie flag because the germans would double take before attacking. Actions speak loader that words... or load mouthed Americans and British.

  • The British army itself is not truly exceptional, despite it's experience. However, this list rightly acknowledges that their special forces are the very best in the world. BUT, the best British Special Forces is not the SAS but the SBS!!! It's shocking that the SBS have been ignored!

    • Hollywood doesnt make movies about them Alan and by the looks of this list thats how it was decided.

  • Nobody here’s got any guts/right/stand to b i t c h about any of the forces; they are already better than your imagination and because nobody amongst us ‘(anti-)cheerleaders’ know what these forces actually face in the battleground. And yes, even all those forces who never got a chance to prove themselves are still equally deserving to get into the list of top ones. Just some respect for their sacrifices, bravery and hard-work would be enough. If you've got enough guts, step into their shoes and then say this s#!^ before crying.

  • 5 out of the 10 from the US, really? No mention of the SBS in the original ten brings the authors knowledge into question alone. What about Spain, Italy, Germany? Australia or China? Just because Hollywood doesnt make movies about them does not change what they do. Hell, the Irish rangers should be on the list compared to some of the ones here but where I couldnt say

  • What a load of rubbish. Apart from the SAS at one and the description of the Spetsnaz as being brutally trained without much thought, this entire list is ridiculous. If you could ranks outfits SFOD-D behind the SEALS? Give me a break! MI-6 are not SOF, they're an intelligence agency, and where the hell are the other northern European units, many of whom have distinguished themselves a lot more than the Israelis and the Spetsnaz!

  • Dude, Deltas are picked out of the best of the best of Special Forces and Green Berets are picked from the best of the best of Deltas. Go and check the Special Forces Command Website. And... ahh.. there is so much bs in this article.

  • If some one needs to be updated with latest technologies then he must be visit this site and be up to date daily. Tamara

  • Don't show footage from your Indian News channel any people who have watch them will think you as Fool. Analysis from them ,my good then Pakistan must be removed from map.

  • Indo Pak War minor?? for that u deserve only a .|... and the middile east is unstable, but ur war there has started only after 2001, whereas our started over 50 years back and who cares about WW1 and WW2 in this modern era

  • Each of the Indo-Pak Wars were unique in it self 1947 war - Same year India and Pakistan got independence....and a War within months. Both sides are equal. During the War India managed to take it's Armoured corps with the Highest mountain peaks....Unique feat 1965 War - India was just coming out of it's defeat against China in 1962 when Pak thought it's the right time to attack.Even in this situation,India managed to hav an edge. 1965 war saw the largest tank battles after WW2 1971 War- Awesome Raids by Indian Paracommandos behind Pakistan enemy lines weaking their defence in advance. this war saw the Biggest surrender and Prisoners of War taken. 90,000 Pakis surrendered. 1971 war also saw the "BATTLE OF LONGEWALA" Battle of Longelwala 120 Indian troops ,4 jets vs 2000 Paki Troops, 65+tanks, Anti aircraft guns Result - Indian victory 1984 War - WAs fought in the WORLD's Highest Battlefield. Siachen Glacier. At 21000ft above Sea level, -60 deg cel, Oxygen deprived, it's considered the toughest terrain 1999 War - Again, 18000 ft above Sea level, Near Vertical mountains, Freezing temps. So basically, the Indian Army is probably the most battle hardened and experienced in modern warfare. Today Pakistan resorts to Terrorism, cause they cant keep up in a conventional warfare.. And for this Unconventional Terrorism we have the Paracommandos , MARCOS , CRPF , NSG , Rashtriya Rifiles constantly active along the Borders for the Past 25 Years. And about US, well, they have the technology and political will to fly deep in Pak territory without getting detected. and once they got to their target, it wasnt difficult.

  • The best trained man for man army navy and airforce in the world are the British google best man for man trained army majority of the worlds experts and officials that means most Oryt believe that the sas and sbs are the best in the world I read all of what you say you thought pakistan britains with technology are 3rd best army on the planet with out technology and it would just be there guns knives and training are the British due to the extensive training compared to the rest of the world now correct me if I'm wrong but as I have read on here pakistan are 10th in the world with military India are 4th so doesnt really sound like a difficult situtation to be in I'm not being funny but you make out the the Pakistan war was difficult but with 1 small swoop the navy seal team of six managed to kill bin laden based there now I know bin laden wasn't as heavily guarded as expected but if pakistan is as hostile and as difficult to face in a war as your making it sound wouldn't you have thought it would of been harder for the team of six to get in Pakistan to kill bin laden and I'm not being funny but those marines it seems to me are not used to that humidity watching the videos and have had less practice the the India army at doing what I'd call quite a little assault course

  • What a load of shit the indopajistan wars there where 5 one of them in which where minor and tell me what terrorism when it was a war between Pakistan and India to middle east countries which are pretty Unstable at the best of times not to mention the French and the British have the best track records when it comes to wars where are India in that no where and I'd like to point out the two biggest wars ww1 and 2 where was India in or better yet how many times did they confront the Germans you can put the Indian wars in any way you like but the fact of the matter is you will never be the best and the only wars you shud stick to are your indopakistan wars

  • India haven't been in any major wars if your honest they just fight Pakistan and Wikipedia it they only been in 4 wars you dick and your facts and figures are wrong wow you know so much about India and a tough war in Iraq yes it was considering they had over 200 thousand troops and we didn't even send half that over there so little to take on so many and we still won what's indias exuse

  • Afghan we been there 12 years and only lost just over 400 troops I know it's 400 and odd to many but that has just pissed on your bomb fire

  • Bit like India's famous for Vindaloo's and Nam bread-oh and filth,poverty,slave-labour and second rate Armed Forces,"based on UK and US" your video says-yeah 1940's and 50's forces maybe.lt matters not what l say here-theSAS/SBS have seen constant action since the end of WWII-including deniable actions in places like Columbia and all across the globe.Military experts the world over recognise them as the best and thirty years against the most efficient terrorist organisation in existence has kept them to the fore in that area too.

  • Gonna have to disagree with you again Gregg-"sick dudes"?The last thing any of these guys are is sick.Sick is walking into a movie and unloading on helpless victims.SF aren't psycopaths who can't control the violence,they're highly trained craftsmen who use the disciplined application of extreme violence,but have to be able to turn it off as quick as turn it on-that's the discipline.That's why the psychological intensity of the training.Having said that one once threatened to kill me,and MEANT it.If l was ever in need of a friend he's the first person l'd contact

  • Firstly, if u mention that British empire thing.......i'll have to mention - India has annonced a 10 Bil% Aid for GREAT Britian and rest of Europe -The British Empire was beggin it's ex-colony to sign a 15Bil$ contract to buy Eurofighters - India has already reached the moon, n planted a flag there while entire European Space agency is nowhere near -According to Globalfirepower.com, India's the 4th most powerful military while Uk is 5th. So, lets come back to the Special forces discussion.. Marcos were part of the BIGGEST hostage rescue mission 4 years back.....do u think they grabbed media attention? It is VERY tough to decide who's better among SAS,SBS and MARCOS. Indian Paracommandos are a league lower, agreed. But those 3 compete hard...

  • Pual l don't know why you encourage this guy Rosehip.He's living on another planet,a complete idiot.Some of the stuff on here is just laughable-take a look at the 70yr old swimmer delivery vehicle-hard core eh?Or what about the dudes waving their flag in the Hindu Kush or whereever-so what?You want this sh*tty mountain where nobody wants to live anyway?OK,take it.These "Marine Commandos" are a joke,they defile the name of real bootnecks.lf you moved as slow as those guys in Rosehips video clip of his "elite"troops at CTCRM you'd be wearing a few bruises,as well as out on your ear.Marcos are probably perfectly capable troops in their own 4th world neck of the woods but nothing compared to state of the art SF.Check out my post above about Operation Anglo-a dozen guys were doing so much damage round the Islands it took 30,000 Germans to garrison the place-that's real dangerous dudes,not peasants that go,"let me see the bullet comes out the pointy end doesn't it?Different planet-two 4th world toilets fighting each other while the rest of humanity couldn't care less if they nuked each other into the stone-age

  • You see we're back to opinion versus fact.The US Airforce is simply the BEST there is.Their Raptor is so technologically advanced and their pilots so familiar with technology that it would be feasible for it to engage many Typhoons simultaneously.Just shows even when you state facts you'll still get people who'll argue otherwise.

  • Raf and uk navy are better than the us ww2 for instant our air forrce kept them form land on our beaches and taking single handedly and the fact that they where short on pilots just proves it and the fact we have the best fighter jets the euro fighters

  • Gonna throw in a few FACTS here and see how morons like Rosehip react since he appears to think he is better informed than military experts worldwide.FACT No1There is not a better airforce on the planet than the United States Airforce-it is the best by far.FACT No2Nobody on the planet does Carrier Warfare like the U.S.Navy-again they are the best there is.FACT No3 The UK is renowned for having the best SF in the SAS/SBS,they are proven to be the best.Rosehip would have us believe however that black is white and some 3rd world peasants are better than many of the WORLD'S SF,including unbelievably Delta who would kick their Indian asses all the way back to that toilet.So l wonder what he thinks?

  • Lets see, start with WW2, shall we with some of the SAS/SBS missions against probably the most professionally capable army of all time-the Wehrmacht.The SAS repeatedly undertook long range raiding missions against German desert airfields destroying so many planes on the ground that they virtually removed the german airforce from theatre.Meanwhile in Operation Anglo in the Aegean 8 that's eight SBS along with 4 Greeks were such a threat with commando raids that 3 German Divisions,that could have been used elsewhere were tied up to target just 12 men.I don't think the circus stars have done that.I don't think they've been asked by more than 70 countries world wide for assistance in counter -terror ops.Recent actions of any note are subject to the official secrets act but both SAS/SBS were involved in the "dirty war" in N. Ireland.In the last Gulf war both were heavily involved,the SBS were involved in the biggest SF action of the war when "friendly forces" lured them into an ambush of 300 Republican Guard armed with heavy support weapons.The fire-fight that followed between the 4o SBS and the Iraqis was the most ferocious of the war lasting for a continuous 6 hours with the SBSsafely withdrawing after expending almost every round.In Badakhstan Province in May this year the SBS,assisted by SEAL Team 6 rescued 5 medics unhurt after a fire-fight.In June they were tasked to board and stop a Russian cargo vessel carrying helicopter-gunships to Syria,but the Russians backed down.In Libya both SAS/SBS flew into desert landing strips and rescued hundreds of civilians of all Nationalities,but it keeps them busy- better than standing waving your flag up some godforsaken mountain or playing in the circus ring.

  • Wtf orbit your full of shit they had tanks and all that to you forget they had over 200 thousand strong and the sas and sbs was the first official special forces you dick what you mean to say is what have the Indians done that the British ain't already done and I can bet you can't because what you will try and do now is say something and mek out the british ain't done it and your finding all this info oh so easy so I'd suggest half the shit you watch and read up on that is meant to be top secret your full of shit you wouldn't find anything top secret that easy and if India are that good why they not top of that list and all India really do mainly is fight Pakistan and you go on about us using quantity over the weaker countries where just backing the us in estoring peace to that country and like I said Iraq and afghan are some of the most dangerous countries on the planet according to experts so mate your full of shit

  • Marcos deployed there to in Somalia n ur saying I'm talking about secret ops when I only mentioned are navy and royal marines there not very secretive is it if you know marcos is there and the reason the sas got a lot of media attention is because of some of the hostage situations they have been in in the public look mate I could sit and argu all day I'm not try a say India are shit but you gotta understand why I think the British are the best with our history and present day if anything I'd put India a close second due to the fact of they used to be part of the British empire

  • See, England has a good TEST time, but hav e Never won a ODI World Cup? England cant get used to the modern battlefield.........ODI is new, TEST is ancient :P Religion? lol why wud i start that? Anyways...talkin about Somalia, MARCOS were/are deployed there too.....Under Operation Muffet.

  • And oh yea some of the British navy with royal marines are based round Somalia just like to point out

  • ok..lets see it this way....what would hv happened , if Uk performed bad in Afghanistan or Iraq? Nothin, cause the other countries would have made up for that... What would happen if Indian Forces fail to counter the daily insurgents along the border? No1 to make up, India would loose it's land to the insurgents WE fought Pakistan in every possible terrain .. In one part in 1971, 120 Indian soldiers were outnumbered to 2800 Paki soldiers, 65 tanks and 138 military vehicles....and guess who survived.. And now ur talkin bout "SEcret" ops.......are u aware about the level of secretive of the MARCOS?

  • 2007 - Somalia The SAS reportedly deploy to Somalia in January, tracking down Al-Qaeda members fleeing from US air strikes.

  • Britian have the best test cricket side in present India no where near your arguing against a country which most technology most games most tactics etc evolved round today the british started most of the thing that go on in the planet I'd say the only thing they don't start is religion now rohit I don't really want to argu with you no more as tbh your country used to be part of the British empire and I respect india in a way for the fact that they where in our empire but what you don't seem to realize is that britain have and most likely still have the greatest military I may seem biased but if you met me and Britain wasn't id admit it but looking at are success rate no one has had a better success rate

  • Now ur gonna teach me about the wars fought in my own neighborhood? Yea...Right Right...U didn send half of ur troops to Iraq....just a strong navy and Challenger 2 Tanks against their outdated RPGs and T-72s.......i dont even consider that a "war" FAlklands was a "War" but in much much smaller...lookin at the casualities on both sides... If u have anythin to tell me...Which u think SAS/SBS has done and MARCOS/Indian Paras havnt done....go ahead..

  • Gregg the British didn't see the fuss in wasting there army away in America like you said undefeatible armies and navy if we really wanted to keep it we would of kept it and it wasn't really a war it was more like a phew battles and we owned nearly a quarter of the planet so America wouldn't of been hard to keep if they wanted it and especially the fact we had Canada so what was the point in keeping America and the fact that France helping you out then tried it on with us in Canada but soon learned there lesson and napolian said when he was around that if he had French officers with British soldiers he'd of ruled the world and guess who stood in his way that's right the british

  • Absolutely firking right Gregg but the whole point is that it's a fact-you can't argue with it mate,same as l said above you'd be full of sh*t if you said the US Airforce wasn't the best on the planet by miles-it's a FACT but many of the morons on here who couldn't find their ass with both hands are arguing against facts.Gotta agree with you 100%.By the way l'm not a Brit but this is my job military history.

  • Useful if you want to take on the Yeti.Look the point is you've been fighting against a 4th world country,as you called Pakistan for decades and haven't managed to beat them as you're a 4th world country yourself,and to be brutally frank the rest of the world couldn't give a sh*t if you nuked each other into oblivion.Building some sanitation,schools,hospitals,tractors would be among my priorities if heaven forbid l lived in a disease-ridden toilet.

  • Rosehip you seriously need help-that ganja's making you hallucinate real bad and your video clips are making you look like a jerk.Do you think any decent special force is going to show it's methods on television?Unless of course they're decades out of date-like the 1940's chariot the Indian "Special Forces" are using.Buy it off the Brits second-hand did they,along with some state of the art Lee-Enfield rifles no doubt.If Indian "Special Forces" were any good they'd be in Afghanistan-making curries for the real soldiers.If I were you l'd shut it and stop making a **** of your country-a whole seven terrorists in 7 months,that must have made real demands on their ammo and logistics.

  • By the way Gregg the last SF guy l spoke to was about a month ago (SAS)Just for the record l said "who do you think has the best SF".Sh*t l don't know-how about the Israelis?he replied.Point is they're All good-it's only by the slightest of margins that some are better than others.Nobody "blows away" the other but the UK has always been regarded as the home of Special Forces,but they themselves won't say so.

  • watch what you say, general rapp. dont forget america kicked your butts out of the colonies, even though the brits had an 'undefeatable' army and navy.

  • lets not forget Israel special forces. they are pretty bad too. i wont argue about who is the best of the best because i cant win. but Israel has some sick dudes.

  • Yes and they also had Bravo One Zero and other units such as the SBS in there but like genuine SF the public doesn't have access to that information.REAL SF don't come on the television and tell us-hey we just kicked the crap out of 70 jigaboos on No name island in the godforsaken sea or whatever,but Rosehip appears to be as unaware of that fact as he is of his senses,but he's a good laugh.

  • Yes they have bravo two zero now I know it wasn't successful but how can you help it when a little kid comes strolling along and compromises your position and for they fact they had to travel 200 kolometres to Damascus our nearest friendly nation and half almost made it while injuring rough estimate of 100 people and killing a 100 people on their way in the early years of the Iraq war when no other sf at the time was off in their and the fact the where deep behind enemy lines where there msr is what they call main supply route and you can't exactly call the sas shit considering there top of that list for a reason

  • Paul l wouldn't give this ill-informed shoe-shine wallah the benefit of an argument-he knows as much about real military history as l know about the Higgs bosun.No wait a minute he knows less than that.Remember this is a country where millions of proud warriors were suppressed by a few thousand Brits for years.As soldiers they make good dhobi wallahs.

  • Indo - Pak War 1947,1965,1971,1984,1999 Sino-Indian War - 1962 Total- 6 Wars? Pakistan may be a 4th world, but they invest everythin they have in military.....that's why they have nukes today and 7th largest standing army......and China...i dont hv to talk.. Indian Para SF had gallantly performed in the 1971 War behind enemy lines......they were part of 1984,1999 war too.....and MARCOS too covertly operated behind enemy lines in 1999 WAr Im not sayin SAS is bad......but how many terrorists do they kill annually?

  • Iraq ? Wow...must have been a TOUgH war for US and Uk......Try takin on a tougher Somalia next.. Afghan....A small contingent of Indian peacekeeping force is there.....but Afghan war is like peanuts, compared to the Cross Border Terrorism through the Indo-Pak Border Falklands.....Argentina is famous for football, not for their military :P Anyways...Falkland casualities..Uk lost 258 troops...Argentia lost 649 Compare that with one of India's Smallest WAr...1999 Kargil War.......India lost 527 Troops...Pakistan lost upto 4000 Troops :P U wanna see a huge War?? 1971 Indo-Pak.....India lost 3800 Troops , Pakistan lost 9000, and 90,000 Troops were taken Prisooners.. Vietnam....have u noticed....most of ur so called "Wars" have been like gangin and bullying a weak nation??

  • i expected what you would reply... Try comparing your Iranian Embassy Siege, with 26/11 Mumbai Siege http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCAXnXTMFOY Above Mumbai 26/11 is till now the BIGGEST Terror Strike involving Gunmen and Special Forces I wouldn talk about your past, centuries ago..

  • Almost for got to mention they have only been in 4 wars since ww2 and tell me what countries they where against because I don't see any big name countries in there with some of the worlds best militaries and to top it all off 1 of them war was a minor war

  • An oh yh didn't see India in the Iraq war or afghan or the Falklands or Vietnam or any other major war for that matter so your full of shit quite clearly

  • And yes? Has US or British Special forces secretly operate Behind Enemy lines in FULL FLEDGED WARS anytiime after WW2? I dont think so India has fought 6 Wars after WW2 and they have seen SFs actions in them...for example a small team of Indian Para SF during the 1971 war.....raided a Pakistani camp, destroyed several artilerry and guns, killed 37 and wounded 41... Now talk about the GREAT SAS.......never had a mass hostage situation , never directly confronted plane hijackers, Never operated behind enemy lines in wars after WW2 , never faced Counter insurgency/Cross border terrorism in their own country, hardly has any ops done on their own and without NATO or another country... Yes...Truely they are the bEST :D

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurgency_in_Jammu_and_Kashmir Goin on since 1947, intensified from 1989........7 Militants already killed this month.. Btw...India's a Toilet? LOL Then Europe has no shame? accepting 10 Bil$ Aids from a toilet? :P

  • Lol..kid.....you are talkin as if SAS/SBS has done everything, while Marcos and Indian Para SFs were performing at a local circus.. "I’d like to see Indian SF operate in the snows of the S. Atlantic as the SAS/SBS did to such good effect" Lol...how about the HIGHEST, COLDEST ,TOUGHEST Battlefield on Earth? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbZzcyD5abw mm....u somehow seem to have quite inputs into "Top Secret" ops....eh? In that case...enjoy Operation Cactus 1988.. Indian Para SF jointly backed by MARCOS, saved Maldivies n their prez from 80 Rebels who were trying to coup Maldivies.. 19 Rebels killed, other 61 caught Alive..........NO LOSS for MARCOS and Indian Para SFs That's just one of their several ops... Now tell me, when was the last time....Seals/SAS stormed in a building/hotel with over 300 rooms and killed 10 Terrorists and resuced over 600 hostages?

  • By the way l'm not English and cricket is a game for fags and you forgot to mention India's also the biggest toilet in the world.

  • I really don't know what kind of hallucinatory drugs you're on pal but they ain't doing you any good.Indian SF are good-just not in the same ball park as say SAS or Delta and that's just the reality of it.I'd like to see Indian SF operate in the snows of the S. Atlantic as the SAS/SBS did to such good effect,or maybe in the fields and hedgerows of N.Ireland as UKSF did for 30yrs against an enemy considered to be the most effective terrorists in the world.You're only making a fool of yourself coming on here and trying to argue against the facts.You'll probably find it on the net because it's in the public domain but look up the battle at General Dostum's fort in Afghanistan in 2001.SIX SBS and an attachedUS SEAL took on 400 Taliban fighters and rescued the CIA's Dave TysonThe SEAL got the Navy Cross and it's rumoured that the US awarded the SBS the Medal of Honour,but never confirmed such is the secrecy of the SBS.I wonder who Dave Tyson would entrust his life to,certainly not the dhobi wallahs.Now go and get some serious help for that ganja problem.

  • And yeah.....Famous Indian Defence Analyst, Maroof Raza saying at 2.25 "Modelled on America's Seals and British Special Forces, India's MARCOS is perhaps even better trained that their Western Counterparts" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVYtGSo8Iug So, do some ops which u think is more spectacular than what Indians did.....and then we can talk ;)

  • Wiki is the best you'll get, cause as u mentioned other info IS classified. But i can assume, India being next to Terrorist epicentres(Pakistan n Afghanistan) would be much more involved... If Malysia was enough.....why do Uk soldiers come here to get more specilised Jungle Training? I'll tell u......Cause Pakistani terrorists try to infilterate mainly through the jungles, and these jungles see real DAILY encounters better terrorists and Indian SFs.....Training + EXP. And we all know how Vietnam ended.....How effective US SFs were in the jungle against the Guerillas.. Go back to serve your queen and being USA's pet.....let the Indian continue to handle terrorism, which they have been doin since 1947....Ona REGULAR BASIS PS - and Yes, Indian occupy the world's Harshest Terrains.....-60 deg cold Siachen Glacier and + 50 deg hot Rajastan Deserts.... so, yeah....comparitely western forces are incompetent.

  • Offcourse , just how England invented and taught us to play Cricket in the 1920s, but today are a looser of a team and havnt won a Single Cricket World Cup in HISTORY....LMAO The battlefield has long changed after WW2........What has Uk done after WW2......US has a leash on them and pulls them to wherever they went.. Generally Major ops would be known to public........how are u supposed to keep it a secret if your luxury hotels downtown are attacked? lol Only your British wannabees will admit your claims here, an American Green Beret Admitting about the Indian Para SF " Indian army is very well trained , much more so than OTHER NATIONS with whom we worked with in the past" at 0.50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzXE6__hbgM

  • I wouldn't put any faith in what it says on"Wikipedia"-you aren't going to find anything on there about real SFOps-they're classified.The SAS/SBS have been involved in this type of jungle training long before the Indians,who were still char wallahs while the SAS were fighting in the jungles of Malaya and SE Asia.The USSF too were jungle trained by the Australians for Vietnam,and the SAS/SBS continue to train in varied jungle terrain around the world,in places such as Belize and the jungle warfare school in Brunei where UK/US forces both train.The Indians are good but 40yrs behind the best.

  • I wish you'd piss off back to the chippattis and let the rest of us have a genuine discussion.Your high opinion of yourself doesn't count,the fact is that UK SF have proven over the years since WW2 to be the best special forces.Any military expert will acknowledge that FACT,the SAS/SBS are the best there is,period.l could come on here and say the United States Airforce isn't the best on the planet,but like some of those on here l'd be talking sh*t-the US Air force is the best there is.That can't be argued with it's simply a fact,just as UKSF are the best there are.

  • Australia? LMAO ....U might bring in Canada,Poland,Greenland,Iceland,etc too? US forces cross train with India EVERY YEAR...and have admitted that the Indians are By Far the BEST they have trained with... And Western Forces dont only Cross Train with India.....They come here to attend courses offered by the Military Schools in India which are among the Finest tin the World.. For example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-insurgency_and_Jungle_Warfare_School http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3BcSQuNxhk And sorry dude...unlike NATo, a bunch of countries packed together.....Indians are Isrealis have been fightin their own war on terror since Decades.... It's only after US's 9/11 that the Western world woke up to terrorism, and so did the Western Fanboys and SF lists.

  • Where has all this Indian sh*t appeared from?l know they do a good chicken curry but Special Forces-not in the same ballpark as UK,USA,Australia etc.Sorry but stick to the chicken tikka masala.Yes Nato SF do cross-train with Indian but it's only a small part of their overall training

  • This is not all the traing not even remotely close this is just the sas para training and of course another skill needed by an sas soldier e.g signaller or surgeon a small part of the training information easily required about training and past famous missions and how the sas came about but you will not find anything secretive this is just information equired by the public nothing more I have reason to believe that sas do train foreign special forces but no proof for this sorry but if I should equire information I would be sure to share it i have no reason to believe that they don't train other special forces as every so often it is roumored to be believed in the media