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25 Bizarre Buildings

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

25 Bizarre Buildings in photos:

1. The Basket House USA


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2. The Crooked House Poland

Krzywy Dom Front 1-1

3. The Castle House Dominican Republic

Castle House, San Juan, Dominican Republic 1

4. The Dog House USA

Dome House, Pensacola Beach, Florida 1

5. The Egyptian House USA

Egyptian House, Off Delaney, Gurnee 1

6. The WTF House USA

Erie Avenue, Cincinnati 2

7. The Hovercraft House USA

Hoovercr. House, New Mexico 1

8. The Kettle House USA

Kettle House, Galveston, Texas 1

9. The UFO House USA

Planet House, Pensacola Beach, Florida 1

10. The Saxophone House USA

Saxophone House, Orinda, California 1

11. The Ship House Croatia

Ship House, Dalmatia, Croatia 1

12. The Boot House USA

Shoe Hous, Off Old Lincoln Highway, Pennsylvania 1

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13. Another Shoe House South Africa

Shoe House, Abel Erasmus Pass, Branddraai Mpumalanga, South-Africa 2

14. Another UFO House USA

Spaceship House, Chattanooga 1

15. The Sphere House USA


16. The Thin House UKThin House, London, Uk 1

17. The Lopsided House Japan

Upside Down House, Japan 2

18. Another Dome House Australia

22E Dome1 Wideweb  430X272

19. The Log House Russia


20. Palacio de las Artes Spain


21. The Mushroom House USA


22. The Bubble House France


23. The Robot Ranch USA


24. The Crazy House Vietnam


25. The Holed House USA

House Tunnel 01

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Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Juggz

    I can’t even imagine how anyone would live in the thin house. I would love to see pics from inside.

  • Juggz: Standing up I suspect :)

  • ben

    those are cool, i read somewhere there was a lady who bought the fuselage of a crashed 747 and converted that into an odd house

  • sean

    what about the hundertwasserhaus in Vienna –

  • ben: that is so weird. I would love to see pics.

    sean: brilliant – good addition – thanks.

  • Cyn

    HGTV (Home and Garden Magazine’s TV channel) has a show called ‘What’s with that house?’ that has showcased a few of these. interviews w/ the owners. tour of the interiors. its a way cool show.

  • Cyn: I haven’t seen it – I love that sort of stuff!

  • Cyn

    HGTV: What’s with that house?

    if ya get a chance check out the website. there might be an international version. or actually there have been some international episodes…not sure if there is an international TV syndication though. its a 30 min show. cute, cute host. LOL and really entertaining. the reasoning some people have for building these houses…amazing!

  • kancgab
  • Martin L

    Only thing this list could have used would maybe have been something by Gaudi, like the Casa Mila or his unfinished cathedral. British artist Roger Dean has also done some interesting architecture; he’s the man responsible for all that intriguingly vivid cover art for Yes in the 70s. But overall, another terrific list, JF.

  • batesman

    Niki de Saint Phalle spent most of her later life designing her incredible house and garden in Tuscany, more to be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157594207758953/

    and on her site here:[email protected]/sets/72157594207758953/

    Also, speaking of Vienna, Erwin Wurm essentially let a House drop on the Museum of Modern art, pics to be found here

  • Joe Skepsis


    What about the Winchester Mystery House???

  • Yarr

    The last one is “The Vortex”. I live in Houston about 2 blocks from where it was. It was an old art school building and was going to be torn down to build a new one. Two artists built the tunnel over the course of a couple weeks from the inside out. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was really, really cool. It was there for about 6 months before they finally tore it down to build the new building.
    We were all pretty bummed.

  • Cyn: great – thanks!

    Kancgab: okay – that is one of the coolest houses I have seen! Thanks for the link.

    Martin L: to be honest I am not familiar with his work – I will look him up tomorrow – thanks.

    batesman: brilliant stuff – thanks for the links. The first one could almost be on the top 20 optical illusions!

    Joe skepsis: I really wanted to put the Winchest house on (it appears on one of the other lists- do a search for it) – but outside it doesn’t appear abnormal – inside it is probably the number 1 weirdest house.

    Yarr: did you crawl through the tunnel?

  • jmh

    the “hovercraft house” is in albuquerque, new mexico and is the home of architect bart prince, who has designed many similar homes, including that of playmate barbie benton. his looks more like a centipede than a hovercraft, really, and the interior is entirely covered with carpet, which deadens echoes almost completely. i would definitely recommend trying to find some better pictures of that house; the one there doesnt really do it justice.

  • RobS

    Actually, the “Basket House” isn’t a house at all, but the corporate headquarters for Longabarger Baskets. It’s about an hour’s drive from here.

  • I agree on adding the Winchester Mystery House. Nice collection.

    Could a bed even fit in the thin house?

  • Yarr

    Yeah, I went through it a few times.

  • souxieq

    Hey you might want to check out the Barn House, in Indiana. I grew up near there, you could get tours for like $2 or something if I remember right.

  • Rated RR

    Actually #11. “The Ship House, USA” is not located in the USA, but in Dalmatian part of the Croatia, close to the mid coast. I cannot exactly remember the name of the village but it is around 50km NEE from Split on the road to Imotski. I have passed by it a couple of times and it’s hard to miss it. Unfortunately, the building is deteriorating. Try to copy the picture to the desktop and you would see it for yourself. :)

  • Thanks Rated RR – corrected.

  • Morphy

    How about the “Sleeper” house in Denver? Was featured in Woody Allen’s film, “Sleeper”. It is on the market for only $10 million if anyone is interested!

  • Morphy: that is a great looking house! If I had 10 million spare I would consider it :)

  • Sean the pyro

    I want that Russian log house. I could hang with Rasputin. You know if he was so hard to kill that he could come back to life too.

  • Kelsi

    *blinks* Do you think these houses should be lived in or avoided by drug users? Haha.

  • Kelsi: in most cases I think they were designed by drug users :)

  • kindmaryjane

    Both #4 (Dog House or Dome Home) and #9 (UFO House) are located on Pensacola Beach in FL. The Dome Home was built to withstand the devastating hurricanes that plague the region, and was one of the few structures left standing on the beach after Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

    The UFO house is one of several modular homes built in the US by Futuro in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Unfortunately, the design never really took off.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • Punjar

    I saw pictures of a house one time that had been designed to be an exact replica of the Simpson’s house, right the cartoony colors.

  • MojoRisin

    Hey JFrater,
    Just thought I would let you know that Ebaumsworld just stole this list and used it as a gallery. They are notorious for doing that.

  • MojoRisin: Thanks for letting me know. Considering the amount of traffic I get from them through the daily dump, I don’t mind too much :)

  • ben

    yea i was just going to complain about that. really grinds my gears them stealing from such an honest, down to earth site like this

  • lydia

    Fantastic list. Here is a TOILET shaped building.

  • Lydia: hilarious!

  • Barb

    That’s it. I’m moving to Poland. First I will visit the upside down house, and I want to live in the crooked house.

  • desmonda

    any idea where the sphere house is from? i think it may be near my home town, but I wanted to make sure.

  • desmonda: I am not actually sure to be honest

  • magnolia_snooze

    i’ve seen the thin house (i live in the uk)! YAY! an achievement!

  • atif

    wow, without this website i would never be able to have an idea of these building, especialy the thin one …….wow …….

  • john

    these are the kind of houses that little kids create in there imagination and fantasies and the fact tht people actually cr4eated these are amazing. Its something that every person will stop to look at when they see it and that is every architects goal

  • Miss Dizzy

    Im with you on that one barb….I want to live in the crooked house too! Its soo funky!

  • mook119

    Regarding #17 The Lopsided House—I *think* it is actually an Asian Restaurant in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. It is off on a side street near some cheap motels. If not, it is an exact copy. My young daughter commented on the pink roof and it being sideways when we were there a few years ago. :)

  • Tom

    The WTF House (#6) is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, about five miles from my own home, in a quite upscale part of town. Every year or so, right on cue, there’s a newspaper story about how much the well-to-do neighbors hate it, complete with mocking comments from the builder/owner . . .

  • Katie

    #1 isn’t a house, it’s an office building for a basket manufacturer (Longaberger) in Newark, Ohio.

  • Rick

    The Malibu Castle would have been a good addition. Unfortunately it burned down during the last wildfire in November 2007. There’s even a video on youtube of it burning…very sad.

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  • sue

    i love this list! people out there r so favorite is the dog house

  • Katie

    The WTF House is near where I live. Haha.
    I think an architect lives there, and that part of the house is his studio.

  • downhighway61

    the county building where i’m from is pretty stupid looking. not as amazing as some of these houses, but it still makes you think “huh. would you look at that.” it’s always used as a point of reference when giving someone directions “yeah make a left after the county building, you know the ugly place.”

  • fishing4monkeys

    #18 is by far the coolest house ever!

  • PhineusQButterfat

    I believe the basket house is actually the headquarters for the Longerberger Basket Company in the state of Ohio.

  • PhineusQButterfat

    [Katie was so correct I guess I repeated it!]

  • Jazzy Jeff

    I like the WonderWorks building in Orlando, Florida

  • Angelina

    Jazzy Jeff: That is a cool building and lots of fun stuff to do inside as well. I’m going to Orlando this weekend actually, I might have to go again! :)

  • I want to live in the castle house!

  • Polly Odyssey

    No. 25: I divided by Zero!

  • Nathan

    The thin house isnt a real house, its just a facade in London to hide part of the subway network that appears over ground. The locals wanted it built to maintain the order of the other houses.

  • rachelm

    what about the heidelberg houses in detroit?

  • ilovejohnny15

    These houses are freakin awesome. although i’ve seen better. try the houses in el paso. the houses are all disfigured, but not cuz they were built like that. that’s just el paso.

  • Taija

    Damn, these are great.

  • jajdude

    Cool pictures.

    Ever see the “toilet house” located in South Korea?

  • Neil

    Is The Thin House real?

  • gguy

    Kate and Phineus:

    Good call on the Longaberger “house” not being a house at all. It’s a very cool building though. My wife is a bit of Longaberger afficionado, so I am more familiar with the specifics of that company than I would really like to be.

  • Janet

    These are really awesome.I really liked the top two the most.

  • Mike

    Is this list only homes, or is it just buildings? Cuz if its just buildings in general, I like Lucy The Elephant of Margate, New Jersey should be up there. Its a building that used to be a summer home in the early 1900s, and it’s shaped like an elephant. I’ve been there and it’s very cool.

  • Mike

    *I meant “think” not “like”

  • Willow

    I want the bubble house :]

  • Mr_LoCo

    notice how most of these houses are in the US, and its amazing how many commenters liv “down the road from them” stupid americans.

  • Sam

    The “dog house” (#4) and the first ufo house (#9) are both on Pensacola Beach, FL near where I live. The “dog house” is actually called the Dome Home. They rent it out to tourists mostly I think.

  • Ali

    Where in London is the thin house/facade? I recall seeing it while I lived there early this year.

  • Ali

    Well, I looked it up and there is one near Spitalfields, which would have been where I saw it, but it may or may not be the same building as shown on this site.

  • Decypha

    Drove past the shoe house in South Africa once… it’s in the middle of nowhere…

  • Choosilicous

    Number 17 is the funniest. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • ligeia

    Anyone ever been to the cubehouses in Rotterdam? It’s a housing complex where all the buildings are perfect cubes, but they’re balanced on a corner. Some guy owns 2 of them so he opens one to the public. It’s so weird walking around inside you feel like you’re going to fall over the whole time. I’d hate to be drunk and in one of those houses!I also went to the home of now (sadly) deceased Spanish artist Cesare Manrique on the island of Lanzarote. The house is built underground in some lava bubbles it’s so cool.

  • A

    I’d live in any of these.

  • Thoracias

    I tried looking up a few of these online and I can’t find anything except THIS site. I’d love to know more about htese places. Can anyone direct me?

  • Ashleigh

    Wow :D
    I want to live in these places :D

  • Rennix

    I want to live in one of those! But not the thin one and not the UFO one that looked small compared to the cars.

  • lexilu$h

    the ufo house is in pensacola, florida-
    my mom was born there
    and when we visited earlier this year,
    that was one of her most vivid memories

  • rob

    the thin house is a set from harry potter.

  • Me

    I am sure enough that none of you have seen “Esplanade Theatres on the bay.”

  • C’estMoi

    I actually live not too far from the Egyptian House. Well not super close, but I’ve passed it many times on my way to Illinois. It’s weird to actually see it on a list. But a lot of these houses I would love to see the inside of.

  • jet

    I’d love to live in number 2

  • Uh…

    I thought I lived in number 24. But I’m sure it doesn’t look like that…

  • AniH

    #78 Rob – i think Nathan #55 is correct, the house might have been used in the HP movies but im sure it wasnt built for that purpose

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  • someone somewhere

    If you have ever been to Japan the thin house would not even make this list, there are hundreds of houses like that in Japan.

    Here is a site with pictures of 20 of them:

  • JesseyJamez911

    There is this neat house made totally out of glass products like glass jars, its near where I live in Creston B.C. Canada. You should look it up

  • borgi

    fuck you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saber25

    the ship houseis not rather, um, bizzare. We’ve got many here in the phil.

  • appie

    @saber: I agree.not to mention houses modeled from a tree, the elephant house and a house in a tree.

  • Branimir

    11th is Mirko Jelin, boat house which used to be a restaurant years ago. It’s located in Cista Provo (Croatia).

  • Jenben

    I live in Pensacola and my friends and I commonly refer to #4 as the Vagina House. I was so excited to see that and #9 on the list. Every time someone comes to visit I’m like YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!

  • Mark Spearman

    I was surprised to see even stranger buildings than the Longaberger basket. Nice collection of strange buildings!

    I live in Newark, Ohio and I’ve been inside The Basket a few times. An incredible amount of fine materials were used to decorate the interior and there is a huge skylight section in the roof.

    Longaberger’s fame and fortune in the home decorating world and so is the building. The handles are rusting and I’m sad to say it could turn into an eyesore in years to come.

    Many pilots have expressed interest in flying through the handles, but none have done it yet.

  • BuzzDJT

    Ok so the the thin house i can explain, It has been featured on a few shows on the BBC over the years.
    There are actually quite a few of these around london, but they are generally mid terraced, so you don’t notice them.

    The “House” is actually a facade. If you could open the front door behind it you would find a big hole leading into the london underground rail system. When it was originally built they had vent shafts along the lines, and since a giant hole in the ground is pretty unsightly at the best of times and quite dangerous to leave lying around at others, they hid them in with the rest of the houses. In whichever street the hole would come out in, they built a matching housefront or something inkeeping with the architecture of the time.

    For an example Park Crescent (NW1) has an elegant pavilion concealing a ventilation Shaft. If you check out some of the tourist guides to london you should get more examples, or the London underground website.

  • Chip

    number 14 is for sale in Chattanooga TN. Very popular house to drive by.

  • alin

    what about the cube houses in Rotterdam?

  • Nikki

    My boyfriend’s aunt owns the shoe house located near York, PA. Very neat to see it on this website!

    • Soendoro Soetanto

      WOW.. Cool.

      Soendoro Soetanto

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  • ihn

    Name for #20 (here called “20. Palacio de las Artes Spain”) is wrong. The complex is called CIUTAT DE LES ARTS I DE LES CIÈNCIES and the official name for this very building (in Valencian, BTW) is “L’hemisfèric”. []

    Nice post, keep it up!

  • Luís

    @ihn [96]: ihn… that’s not the l’hemisferic, that one is much smaller and have inside the planetarium with the IMAX cinema…

    This one is indeed the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencian, or Palacio de las Artes just as described…

    The thing is this doesn’t fit as it’s not a house of anyone!!!

  • Will Trame

    There were some bizarre examples of architecture on this list. And I thought Portmeirion was unique. The crooked house reminds me of a Salvador Dali painting…namely “The Persistence of Memory” depicting the soft watches. The sax house is reminiscent of the cover of Arthur Blythe’s “Lenox Avenue Breakdown” album, in which one of the buildings is depicted as a saxophone.

  • Anthony Pittarelli

    Thick house is definitely my favorite

  • Guest

    The "WTF House" is also called the "Mushroom House." It's on Erie Ave in Hyde Park, down the hill from the country club and across from UDF.

  • Carlos

    Definitely, the holed hose is the craziest thing I'v seen.. Ever.

  • CommanderCoward

    How can you call these weird? THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • smith

    I live near the "basket house" it's not a house at all. it's a wicker basket company's world headquarters……it's still a cool building.

  • OFischer

    About the thin house: There as whole "architcural genre" called "pet architecture" which is about using really small/thin spaces to build houses on. Espacially in Tokio, there are a lot of such unusually formed houses. Some years ago I saw an exhibition about it in Berlin. Really funny, what people do, to use every tiny free space in Tokio.

  • MouseintheHouseMI

    This is a cool list. Makes me want to go out back and spruce up the ol' tree house.

    I've always had a thing for old missile silo's. What would be cooler than a foot thick steel front door, your own runway, and wonering if your home would some day be directly on the giving end of a Russian missile? Only $2.3 million US

  • Becky Sneads

    Great lists!

  • Will

    #14 is in Chattanooga Tennessee. One of my best friends lives just a few miles from it, pretty strange looking.

  • zzzeal

    @ The crazy house.

    i want my house like that. no seriously. :9

  • Laurence

    Yeah How do they even sleep or eat or etc. in that thin house???? Must be very thin people in there…. or maybe it’s just for decoration

  • dev

    i saw the spaceship house last week while i was in pensacola, fl in person by chance, and i was like i thought i saw that house on the internet lol… i guess i did

  • i used to drive by #14 on a regular basis, it is actually quite a small building, set back from the road about 50-75 feet, and the trees are much more thick now. they will not let you come and look at it anymore, but when i was kid, they would, it was pretty cool, i only remember the round windows though

  • PhD in Fail

    #25 = because someone divided by zero. ROFL

  • FullShrimp

    there’s a house around Middleton, South Australia, that looks as though it has been hit by a cyclone and the just had everything bound together and plastered over. it’s actually supposed to look like that it’s really weird.

  • TravisME

    The “basket house” is not a house but a corporate headquarters for a basket maker. The company is Longaberger out of Frazeysburg OH..

  • Emma

    I go past number 9 almost everyday!
    And there’s a house very similar to number four in the same place.

  • John Smith

    Cool list

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  • dangie

    The Crooked House makes me feel so dizzy just by looking at it.

  • Victoria

    The onion house is amazing, a list of tree houses would be cool!

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  • gardens plants

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to provide something back and aid others like you aided me.

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