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Top 10 Unfortunate Product Names

Marketers do a great job of convincing us to buy stuff (often stuff we don’t need) – but through the annals of history they have occasionally gotten things wrong. This is a list of the ten most unfortunately named products.

10. Wii

Wii Main 0909-1158254665367-440 330

This has to be included – perhaps the people that devised the name are not familiar with the fact that British English speakers (including most of the Commonwealth) refer to urine as “wee” – for example: “Ooh – I am busting for a wee!” Every time someone mentions a Wii I think of a wee. Crazy! “Let’s play with our wii” really takes on a whole new meaning when you speak British English.

9. Elephant Beautiful Balls

Hats Large

As The Leader in Innovative Billiards, Elephant Balls, Ltd. (EBL) offers a full range of billiard merchandise for the enthusiast at every level. From high quality pool tables and furniture to the most unique ball sets and effective training tools in the world, we have the perfect gift for even the person who has everything. [Of course – who the hell has Elephant balls?! Oh – well, except that Internet Meme squirrel that was passed around a while back.]

8. Gray Poupon


Grey Poupon is a Dijon mustard now made by Kraft Foods. It is currently the best-selling Dijon-style mustard in the United States. Thanks – but no thanks! Here is the original commercial:


7. Sars

509843800 22B93E4663

This drink, made by Golden Circle unfortunately shares its name with the SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus. There have been two pandemics of SARS reported in recent years. The drink is sarsaparilla flavored and is sold in all New Zealand supermarkets (and maybe in other countries where Golden Circle products are found).

6. Jussipussi


An “interesting” bread product by Finnish company primula. Frankly – I am speechless.

5. Kagome

Yhst-84502413012192 1954 125023

Founded in 1899 by Ichitaro Kanie, a Japanese pioneer in tomato cultivation, Kagome has grown to become the largest producer of Japanese tomato products and a major producer of other fruit and vegetable foods. Unfortunately, in Portuguese and probably Spanish this sounds like “I shit myself”.

4. I.beat Blaxx


Need an mp3 player but don’t like the Apple range of iPods? Look no further than German company Trekstor who produce the I.beat Blaxx. At the time of publishing this article, Trekstor have renamed the black edition of the I.beat to just “Blaxx” – I wonder why.

3. Vagisil


Vagisil is a full line of feminine hygiene products made by Combe Incorporated. In 2007, Vagisil introduced the Vagisil Screening Kit. At least they get straight to the point I guess.

2. Anusol

69-292-Anusol Suppositories

Anusol is an over-the-counter medication that can be used to treat hemorrhoids (also known as piles). The Anusol range includes creams, ointments, and the popular (WTF!) suppository form of treatment. For those who may not be aware, suppositories are waxy objects you stick up your bum. Let’s hope you don’t need a price check on this one next time you are at the supermarket!

1. Ayds

Ayds (pronounced aids) was a diet candy from the 1980s. The NY Times (1982) reported that the active ingredient in AYDS was phenylpropanolamine – a substance the FDA has now ruled “not recognized as safe”. Here is a bonus – a truly cringe-worthy advert for Ayds:


Can’t get enough? Here is another.

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  • Cyn

    jussipussi? OMG

    must have actual audio pronounciation of that one

    • s

      Like “YusyPusy”

  • I still to this day can not fathom the minds of Nintendo giving a consol a name like Wii. It did the job apparently.

  • Emily

    wow… cool list!

  • Angie

    Little anecdote somewhat related to #5: In the Latin–American dubbed version of the anime Inuyasha, they changed the protagonist’s name from Kagome to Aome for that same reason. :P

  • Juggz: so it isn’t just the commonwealth English speakers that see this?

    Emily: thanks :) It was one of the most fun to write too

    Angie: haha that is hilarious – I was a bit unsure about that one but now you have confirmed it to be true.

  • dazednconfused

    Ha, I knew AYDS would be #1!

    Kagome doesn’t sound like ‘I shit myself’ in Spanish; it has some of the same letters, but not in the right order. It should be, ‘Me cague’.

  • Hehehe…Thank goodness for Ayds….hahahaha…

    greate list…that was too funny…Ayds

  • Marrit

    I’m Dutch, and I can tell you ‘pledge’ does not translate to ‘piss’. The Dutch word for ‘piss’ is ‘plas’ (or just ‘pis’ when being crude). Even at a stretch, the two words don’t sound alike. Hope that helps.

    Awesome list, by the way.

  • Marrit: thanks – what does pledge (the pronunciation) mean in Dutch?

  • dazednconfused: doesn’t me follow the verb in certain cases, because I know I’ve heard “Digame” before. Probably in Scarface.

  • I have replaced pledge with JussiPussi.

    • Not funny

      Jussi is a man's name and pussi means bag. That's really funny -.-
      The world has other languages too than English.

  • Oh – Happy Amsterdam day Dutch people :) (see Today in History – right hand side of the site)

  • Jamie: No as far as I know most Americans see it in a similiar light. I still remember the day the name was announced. I spedn all day trying to decide if it was a joke or if they were serious.

  • Samsung

    hilarious list. I tried a canned bevarage in dubai airport called “Pocari Sweat”. That could be elligible for this list

  • This is a similar list, yet even funnier. you must have a look.

  • Hahahaha! JussiPussi. Too funny. Good list, very much enjoyed it. I think I’ve seen the Ayds commercial before.

  • Samsung: I saw Pocari Sweat in South Korea – it seemed to be quite big there – I had forgotten until you mentioned it – great addition for sure!

    lola: I think this one is funnier :) But only because I am cool and I wrote this one :) Thanks for the link though – it is a great list.

  • Cyn: alas I think jussipussi is pronounced just like you are hoping it isn’t :)

  • Yarr

    THANK YOU!!!
    I remembered Ayds from a long time ago, but whenever I’ve asked friends if they remembered, they just looked at me funny. I swore it was real, but nobody believed me! I began thinking it might have been a dream or an incomplete memory of something else like Diet Aids or something. Now I know I’m right and they’re wrong, just like always! AWESOME!
    BTW- I just went to the website and ordered an Elephant Balls cap. That’s just too classic to pass up!

  • Bryon

    I don’t think #3 and #2 are “unfortunate” names at all. These products were given these names by design specifically to conjure in consumers minds the association with their intended use. These names were no accident.

    #9-Elephant Balls is also a name of a product so given as to stand out in a consumer’s mind.

    This is just good marketing.

  • Marrit

    jfrater: pledge doesn’t sound like any Dutch word at all, it probably would be considered an onomatopoeia.

  • Amanda

    My mother always questioned the wisdom of naming the curiously strong mints “altoids”. She says it sounds like something you go to the proctologist for.
    Another great list! :)

  • Rgraham

    How about the Chevy NOVA (no go)

  • Samsung

    Not quite in the league of the items in this list but I remember being shocked to find there is a fast food chain in the UK called "wimpy burger" – what were the marketing people thinking

    • Peter

      This refers to Popeye’s friend, Wimpy , who loves hamburgers, and will gladly pay anyone on Tuesday for a hamburger today.

  • Hannah

    Anusol is now called “Tucks” in the US. In fact it’s been Tucks for a loooong time, but recently I saw a box at the store that said “Tucks, previously Anusol”, and I about peed myself laughing!
    Jussipussi is the worst though!

  • christopher borne: “me” sometimes follows a verb in Spanish but it never goes before the verb. So dazednconfused is right, it would have to be “me cago” or “me cague”.

    Also, you know those Mitsubishi 4WDs “Pajero”? They’re called Montero in Spanish-speaking countries because pajero means wanker in Spanish xD

  • a_marie

    I saw the “ayds” ad on webjunk20 back when patrice o’neal was the host and i could not stop laughing!

    Jussipussi was definitely the worst lol.

  • aplspud

    Not a product, but there’s a private chain of burger joints in the Seattle area called “Dick’s” leading many teenagers to giggle while coyly declaring “I love Dick’s…burgers!”

  • aplspud: Perhaps you’re familiar with Dick’s sporting goods as well? That one always makes me quietly but immaturely amused.

  • Angie

    ImplosiveFire: I’m a native speaker from México and I can tell you that Kagome can be (mis)read as “Cágome”* which is another way of saying “me cago”, still first person, present tense though this time with the clitic pronoun “me” attached at the end. It does happen. Maybe that one it’s not as common (to me, it’s more like an old-fashioned way of phrasing), but there are many other examples:

    Deséame suerte -> “Wish me luck”
    Tómame -> “Take me”
    Cómeme -> “Eat me”
    Bébeme -> “Drink me”
    Súbeme -> “Pull me up”

    * more often than not on purpose, I’d say. :P

  • Yarr: #19: glad to be of service :)

    Bryon: #20 – that is my point though – I don’t WANT those images to be conjured up in my mind every time I go to a store that sells those products! :)

    Thanks for the additions guys – it is funny how car companies seem to get it wrong so often when it comes to international names.

  • Angie: Thanks for the confirmation on the language issue – very helpful :)

  • mowi

    omfg, look at the other names from tekstors mp3 players

    i.beat emo
    i.beat pink
    i.beat dieter bohlen (the german Simon Cowell)

  • mowi: hahah – they need to fire their marketing department :)

  • rp

    For some reason, I suddenly crave bread.

  • conni

    Samsung, I’m sure they were thinking of the old Popeye cartoons that had a character named Wimpy who loved hamburgers. He would say, ” I’ll glady pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  • Angie: I’m a native speaker too, I’m from Argentina and although your point is quite valid, I’ve never heard of the “me” being put after “cago” because when you say cago you are referring to yourself, and by adding the “me” is like your asking some other person to do it for you: “hey, could you shitting myself me?”. See, the verb is in the wrong tense. It would have to be “cagame”.

  • Parahnus

    Never Heard Of iBeat Blaxx Before I Need To Venture Outside More

  • Morgaine

    ImplosiveFire: Yes, of course the “me” after the verb is no longer used, as Angie said, it would sound like a 16th century sentence :P, but anyway I also understood “cágome” before reading the explanation, it’s the first thing that comes to your mind (and, speaking of a tomato juice, it’s quite an unfortunate name, hehe)
    And yes, the “Pajero” thing is true, it’s sold here as “Montero” XD

  • jason

    “Cool-Piss” is a carbonated yoghurt drink thats been in korea for decades. Ask your Korean friends- they don’t understand the absurdity.

  • Gryphon

    Hey jason
    are you maybe referring to calpus pronounced “cowpiss” a carbonated energy drink found in japan.
    Cool list

  • B.S.

    As an American English speaker, Wii didn’t give me any pause whatsoever. In fact, I think it’s cute: Wii would like to play; the letters “I” look like little people. I like it. Now, if it were called Wii Wii…

    Also, jfrater, you seem a little fixated on the 80s. I was going to mention it when I read the 80s TV show list, which includes many shows that utterly represent my 70s childhood, regardless of any 80s spillover (One Day at a Time, Eight is Enough, and CHiPs to name a few.) Now I must speak up – my grandmother let me eat her Ayds as an afterschool snack in the mid-seventies.

    Amanda #22 – I’ve always thought the same thing. “Ooh, my altoids burst!”

    Thanks for another fun list.

  • B.S.: you think so? I haven’t noticed the bias myself though I did grow up in the 80s – perhaps it is showing – certainly not intentional though. I can’t believe your grandmother let you eat her diet candy!!! That is hilarious.

  • B.S.

    jfrater, when she was dieting, the cookie cupboard could be a real wasteland, and if I whined enough for a snack, that’s what I got. They were tasty enough, I suppose – like mediocre fudge.

    You know, since I brought it up, I think I may have a 70s fixation.

  • B.S.: hehe – feel free to write a 70s list :)

  • joshua

    nintendo should call the wii’s replacement “number twos” to continue the theme

  • joshua: heh thought it but didn’t want to say it :)

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  • Bear

    It took a while for me to understand what was funny about Jussipussi. Being Finnish myself I didn’t get the joke at first. Jussipussi is pronounced exactly as it is written. The letter “j” is pronounced the same way as the “y” in “Boris Yeltsin” (for the lack of a better example). And the letters “s” are prounounced as two different letters instead of one. As in “dissolved”. Thus the word “Jussi” will sound more like “you see” instead of “juicy”..

    Jussi is considered an old finnish peasant or a farmer’s name. Basically someone who would farm and make bred.
    Pussi means bag or a pouch. So in Finnish it’s a farmers bag of bread.

    Nice pages though. :)

    • Etomak

      that would be worse then…
      "you see…" you get the point…

  • Bear: thanks for the translation :) I figured it must be something like that.

  • someone

    I don’t know about spanish, but I speak portuguese and I can tell you for sure that Kagome is read just like ‘cago-me’, an expression in portuguese that means, just like you said, ‘I shit myself’, so you were right..

    funny list ;)

  • Tats

    Bawls should’ve been on the list. Can result in an awkward situation if you’re saying it pertaining ownership.

    “Can you grab my Bawls?”

  • Judit

    God I love number 1!!! I can’t stop laughing. That ad is the funniest thing. ‘Thank goodness for Ayds’ LOL!

  • AndyB123

    In Swedish, pitt means “dick”, which makes Brad Pitt funny, for a change. And who can forget the king of stupid names, ie, the planet Uranus.
    Not brand names, but funny nontheless.

  • Joseph2

    Fanny = brand of strawberry jam in Peru
    Cock = brand of Thai fish sauce sold in France

  • AndyB123: haha – Brad Dick – excellent.

    Joseph2: Great additions – thanks :)

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  • Anyone remember a liquid cheese sauce from the ’80s/90’s called “Squeeze Cheese”? Yeah. Food named after a fart. Also related there was a commercial for a fast food Mexican resteraunt chain (Taco Mayo, I believe) that had a line in the jingle “Monday, do the taco two-step…” which I had always heard as a euphamism for the runs.

    • Rob

      There was another cheese flavored product (I say cheese flavored because I doubt it was ever near any real cheese) in an aerosol can in the 1960's called "Cheese Whiz" meaning cheese piss in U.S. vernacular. I remember giggling about that name as a child. I have also heard Australians visiting the U.S. laugh when they saw a brand of flavored bottled water marketed here in the U.S. as "Koala Water", which to them meant koala piss.

  • Me and my friend both made HEAPS of wee jokes when she got her Wii.

    “Can I come play with you Wii?”
    “Certainly. you have to hold my Wii properly though.”
    “I won’t drop your Wii.”


  • Anya

    The first time I came across a packet of Bimbo bread, I bought it, ate it and saved the wrapper for *months!*

  • Anya: I had a friend whose car license plate said “Bimbo” – it was worth more than the car!

  • Ashley

    We also have a drink by Golden Circle in NZ that is called "sarsaparilla"… I don't know if there is any difference in taste (not really interested in drinking SARS) but, I wonder, if they already have the sarsaparilla, what is the SARS drink supposed to be flavoured now?

    • Had a Rubber Soul

      Think they’re the same thing

  • Ashley – when I was last in Wellington (one year ago), New World was still selling SARS in the drinks aisle – it was sarsaparilla flavor – I wonder if they have finally renamed it because of the SARS outbreak.

  • Ashley

    Sorry, what I meant is that they have BOTH :) I was just confused because since they have one called “sarsaparilla” and one called “SARS” … I guess they are both the same flavour?

  • What, no Nads? (depilatory wax)

  • Dandelion

    What’s wrong with Jussipussi? :D It’s really not that funny in Finnish. Ok, maybe we’re just weird in Finland.

  • Dandelion: maybe not funny in Finnish – but highly risque in English :)

    dofnup: haha I had forgotten about that product! I have seen it on store shelves.

    Ahsley: they must be because Sars is Sarsaparilla flavor.

  • ChicagoCindy

    The first time I saw Clamato (clam and tomato juice), I thought it sounded like a venereal disease…

  • suzi

    Oh Cindy, I totaly agree about Clamato!

  • jbjr

    #6 is outrageous.

  • barb

    #6 hiiiiilarious! Kill me now, I’m dying, that is too funny!!

    I remember first time I heard of “spotted dick” I thought some guy needed to get to a doctor fast!

    Reminds me… Not sure if it’s around anymore, but not far from where I grew up, there was this local hamburger joint called “Doodie’s Diner” – I kid you not – and there was this elderly woman who would go there and order a “Doodie burger” (NOT actually on the menu). The carhops would look at her like she was crazy, but there they were, working at Doodie’s!

  • Liyla

    Luv The List, I Found Number 1 Hilarious!! :o)

  • jane

    Haha…but what about RC cola? Gross

  • Azmerelda

    What about the drink called bawls and its sold in America and to top it off it is in a blue colored bottle. Hahaha blue bawls. I love the list hilarious!

  • Nancy

    Well, I’m from Argentina and a couple of years ago my boyfriend went to Mexico and saw a candy called “Dulce de cajeta”… The thing is that “cajeta” is another way to say vagina in our country… “Vagina Syrup”???? Gross!!

  • albert0

    quite delectable actually

  • albert0


  • albert0

    btw that was a joke

  • Maru

    I’m from Argentina and let me tell you that “KAGOME” in fact sounds like “i shit myself” but kind of backwards. if it were MEKAGO it would mean “i shit myself” but we have an habit of saying things like KAGOMEKAGOMEKAGOME so it could sound like “i shit myself” i hope i express myself well. Sorry my written english isn’t so nice. Have a nice day, i loooooooove this web =D

  • sevenlies

    in canada we have a clothing company called roots, which i understand is hilarious in australia.

  • sevenlies: when used as a verb, the word in Australia and NZ means the same as “to have sex” – but as a noun it is known in the same way as everywhere else – the bottom part of a tree or a persons heritage :)

  • sevenlies

    well, we must look like right idiots walking around with ROOTS written proudly on our chests, then. especially when placed over a large image of a beaver.

    um, the animal, not… you know.

  • sevenlies: haha that changes things a little :)

  • What’s bad about Grey Poupon?

  • Jan Palfijn

    We have, here in Belgium, in every city sandwich shops named “Panos”. It is in every shopping-area far out the most popular snackbar.

    But Russians (they live mostly in Antwerp) don’t go inside.
    Panos is Russian for “diarrheoa”

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  • magnidude

    What about German lightbulbs producing company OSRAM? Let me cite the Polish Wikipedia on this:

    “Because of the company’s name giving quite obvious connotations in Polish langauage, it has been (even since before II World War) the subject of not always subtle jokes and anecdotes. However, it seems that it hasn’t damaged the company’s image, it could be even a major contributing factor in making the brand widely recognised.”

    In polish the verb “sra?” means “to shit” and “osram” is one of its common forms meaning sth like “I shall shit on (sth/sb)”. Hilarious, isn’t it?

  • Tracia


    Look at it this way: Grey Poupon= GREY POOP ON…your sandwich.

  • Frazzzld

    Not too long ago the drugstore chain CVS had some perfume called Fuk Her. But they recently got rid of that one.

  • Denzell

    I would like to suggest Caronia Nail Polish: Passion for Color (if you ever heard of such a product). ahem… Okay, I’m not a girl, but I sure know that “caronia” is a vulgar Latin word meaning “carcass”, or dead body. That is actually the word where “carrion” came from.

    carrion- [sense 1] decaying human flesh, especially when used as food by necrophagi (people who practice necrophagia, otherwise known as the consumption of decaying human flesh. For more info, see item no. 1 in top 10 bizarre eating habits.)
    – [sense 2] anything very disgusting or repulsive

  • Kirstin

    I don’t get the Vagisil one?

  • sir…

    The wii is still cool though!

  • Simons


  • Dreamer101

    obviously the next generation of Nintendo console will be called the Puu.

  • Eponine

    I’m so happy Wii is on there! I have one, and everytime someone wants to play on it I force them to say “Please may I play with your wee?” :P Never grows old!

  • Ron

    I’ve got one to add to this…it’s an acid reflux product called Aciphex….pronounced “ass effects”

    See the ad:

  • tyrotoxism

    Dreamer101- good one!

    Denzell- yup, I’ve heard of Caronia nail polish. In fact, I use it on my nails. You got me interested when you stated there that “caronia” is a Latin word for dead body. Really?

    So I checked, and here’s the etymology of “carrion” from
    [Middle English careine, from Anglo-Norman, from Vulgar Latin *car?nia, from Latin car?, flesh; see sker-1 in Indo-European roots.]

    btw, caronia is “flesh”, which may also be considered as “dead body.”

    So, the stuff I’ve been putting on my nails is Vulgar Latin for flesh, especially the rotten one? OMG!

  • Taija

    Aha, finally I understand what’s so funny about Jussipussi. We pronounce it so differently in finnish that it was hard to think of it from your point of view.

    #4 made me laugh out loud. How could anyone come up with such a name? :D

  • jajdude

    Yeah, “Coolpis” is a good one. “Pocari Sweat” is not bad either. (google images no doubt has these)

  • Cheezebat

    “Hey look everyone, I’ve got Ayds!”

    “Oh yeah? Well check this out! i.Beat.Blaxx!”

    “Cool it, you two; let’s just go in and play with our Wii.”

  • jackit

    Anusol :| I would be afraid of picking it up.

  • Polly Odyssey

    I told my friends about Jussipussi, Ayds, and Anusol….they nearly died laughing.

  • Mark

    The funniest were Grey Poupon (grey poop-on XD) and i.beat Blaxx.

  • steph

    I was over at my friends house the other day and I noticed that she had some Grey Poupon…i thought it was rather interesting…I dont know how she managed to find a bottle.

  • Johnny

    well instead of Wii 2 maybe they’ll just call the next one the weewee

  • Tom

    Two British ones that the Americans find funny are
    Spotted Dick – a sponge pudding.
    Brains Faggots – a kind of meatball.

    find them on Google images

  • Vera Lynn

    How fun was this list!! You all are too funny. I like the idea of Puu for the next Wii, too.

  • dr david newman

    cool list dude, yea, i live in belfast(n.ireland) and they sell procari sweat at the asian supermarkets here; like most asian beverages it tastes more like piss than sweat :P

  • yost

    Mineralwaters can hve quite interesting names too. Particularly considering that many of them are related to location names. “Golden Cock” “Bad Lad” etc.

  • Puzzled Finn

    I still don’t get it. What is so darn funny with Jussipussi?

  • Default

    Finn: Jussipussi – “Juicy pussy”.. Ei oo helppoa :)

  • XxXImagineXxX (and K-chan)

    This is in response to Angie’s comment, screamed out by K-chan “AND KAGOME DOESN’T EVNE WEAR PANTS!!!! Sorry Kagome-chan. Inuyasha don’t read this.” (That last part was more randomness by K-chan, she is on a high…be warned…SAVE YOURSELF! JOIN THE DARK SIDE! We have cookies.)

    anime/manga lovers:

  • BTG


  • Ehmmie

    Oh, I thought the Super Nova car was gonna be in this list…

  • bradm

    here in Australia one of the main cheese brands is “coon” cheese, surely that must be up there

  • coleman

    there is a product called monkey butt. Its rash oitment i like product names when they get right to the point

  • Boca

    I’ve had a “golden gay time” icecream. A great name:-)

  • Quasibonkers

    Ha! Just saw this one. You can include the Mitsubishi Pajero (pajero means literally “wanker” in Spanish – not the generic insult, but the actual verbal form of a masturbating person)

  • Quasibonkers

    Sorry, not a verbal form (i’m in the middle of a verbs exercise and got muddled)- it means litterally a person who masturbates.

  • lily_89

    I fell out my chair laughing reading this list my fav is number 6. This is my fav list to date.

  • Rob

    There’s a biscuit manufacturer in France called Gayelord

  • Anxx

    Well…”pussi” means “bag” in Finnish and “Jussi” is a common male name. Pussi might look a bit like pussy, but the pronounciation isn’t the exact same. The pronounciation for “pussy” could be written as “pusi” or “pusii” in Finnish. :P

  • Tracy

    I love Gaytimes! And SARS is short for Sarsparilla. We Aussies are so lazy with our speech that we like to shorten words as much as we can. I think NADS (hair remover) should have been in there too. And didn’t Ford once make the Ford Probe (in Australia perhaps)…?
    In my spare time, I love to Wii. Friend calls up “what are you doing?” “I’m just Wii-ing.” LOL. Gross.

  • Ricard

    hahaha! Jussipussi!!
    nice list, btw..

  • Benjy67
  • Adry

    In Italy the SsangYong sell the “Musso”. In italian language mean like vagina !!!

  • Amalia

    Hello I´m from Argentina so i´m a spanish speaker, we do say ” me cago” but the form “cágome” can be used, is not the usual way to say it, but is also correct.

  • Loket

    Car manufacturer Honda introduced a model some years ago called Honda Fitta, now ‘Fitta’ in swedish is a very vulgar word for the female genitalia, Honda has since then renamed the model to Jazz

  • Schmee

    If you look at the SARS you can see it says on the left side “Australian Made” and on the right “Australian Owned”. The Kiwi’s came up with L&P and not much else worth noting…

  • Ivan The Horrible

    The best one I have seen is this: Cock Soup.

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  • Uh…

    I want to get an I.beat. Can I get it in white? or Yellow? I geuss I can settle for Blaxx…

  • Kupfy

    One more for the list:
    The North American clothing company Roots (I don’t really care whether its from the US or Canada) shares its name with the Australian colloquial word ‘root’ which is defined as the act of having sex.

  • Kupfy

    Plus unless they have been added in the comments section (like i realise roots has been):
    The mobile phone company Siemens. Thought not spelt the same as the gooey liquid, it is still extremely funny.
    Also when i was in America there was a bread company Bimbo. I assume that this is a words that they understand, in fact i am positive they do, but if Americans don’t (although they do), it is a slut.

  • laika

    if it was “cagame” instead “cagome” it would mean “shit me on”

  • Ram

    A very good list. I just discovered The List Universe recently and I’m sure glad I did. It can be funny, interesting, and educational, too.

    Just my thoughts on # 1: When I started reading this list, I figured AYDS just had to be number one. But that product goes back a lot further than the ’80s or even the ’70s. I clearly remember seeing AYDS TV commercials from at least the early 1960s on, I guess because they were advertized so much (more frequently in the ’60s than later the best that I can remember). It wouldn’t surprise me if it was around even before then.

    But as someone who remembers the time when AYDS was just a candy diet aid and nothing more, I find # 1 sad instead of funny.

  • Missyhelen

    lol I love this list. Right down the street from where I live, actually is a supermarkt called SARS. Everytime I go there I think of the SARS virus, but it’s a decent store as long as you don’t buy anything perishable

  • Viivi

    Actually, Jussipussi is not spoken like y’all think :–D In Finnish, its meaning is pretty much “A Jussi bag” or “Jussi’s bag” – Jussi being a Finnish traditional male name. I’m digging around to see if there are any recordings of Finnish you could listen to :–D

    For those who’s like to know more about Finnish language:

  • deviantmiss

    nowt wrong with playing with your wii! what where they thinking? anusol he he

  • Fishy My Hair!

    rotfl on #4

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  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    anusol? i beat Blaxx? jussipussi? What WERE they thinking? lol ( #1 ooh, thats baad )

  • ke_mart

    My friend brought me some “ZIT” soda pop back from Saudi Arabia

  • Timo

    “jussipussi? What WERE they thinking? lol”

    These sound quite funny only if you know english, which most of the world’s people don’t…

    Some people in Finland have been laughing to service as it’s name in our language is a spoken language form of ‘orgasms’. :-o What were they thinking when they chose that name for a site?! ;-D

  • Nancy

    You think in marketing something would have come up.
    “You know, I think we should go for more of a classic approach to the I.Beat Blaxx.”
    “But the I.Beat Blaxx should be modern and edgy. It’s not just the I.Beat; it’s the I.Beat Blaxx.”
    “Oh no! I just took a shit on the I.Beat Blaxx!”
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • anime video incest

    hm.. strange.

  • egernunge

    In Denmark, there’s a brand of candy called Spunk…

  • VI6SIX

    I found an energy drink the other day with a picture of a rooster on it called ‘Big Cock’. A deliberate play on words I know, but funny enough to mention.

  • ryan

    “Thank goodness for AYDS”

  • Hodari

    Man, this i SO annoying, cause i am from Finland, and i dont get whats so bad about Jussipussi. But if thats funny, then you should know that there is also a product called “Megapussi”. In finnish, Jussi, is a name, and pussi, means litterally a bag. mega is the same as in english.

  • anonanonanon

    Hodari: English people pronounce it like juicy pussy

    Mikä oiskin oikea tapa jos sen nimi olisi ‘tsyysi pysii’ tai jotain vastaavaa. Tämä oikeaoppinen ääntämys on meille niin juurtunut etten mäkään tajunnut ensin. Mutta meillä on ollu tota leipää :D

    Mutta jotain lisättävää, niin oon nähny jossain päin Loka nimistä lähdevettä.

  • sonicsuicide

    SARS – South African Revinue Service…

  • Jaryuki

    Again with the “pussi”. Well.. actually this is the first but it’s the second I saw :P
    Jussi is a common boy’s name.. pussi… Reminds me of a funny thing my friend told me.

    He was on a vacation (can’t remember where – somewhere out of country anyway) and he was buying a drink and snack from some smallish store. The sales clerk was friendly and chatted a bit – in English – with him and mentioned knowing some Finnish as well. After my friend had paid the seller asked him “Do you want pussi?”
    He was just completely baffled; “Excuseme what ?”
    Then the seller grabbed a plastic bag and handed it over.

    Man I would have loved to have been there to see his face.

  • bima

    Gotta love jussipussi!! hakhakha i did remember jussi jaaskelaenen though which refers to a goalkeepers name lol


    The Tires I got on my first korean vehicle were call Kum Ho.

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  • Ara

    There is a brand of sausage called “Lil Chub” in the US and also a commercial that has me laughing lately is for a product called Aciphex which sounds like “ass-effects” when you say it.

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  • nicoleredz3

    Ha ha! Awesome… More!

    @Ara (151):


  • bluelouie

    haha i’m from finland n i’ve never even thought jussipussi in that way.. jussi is a name and pussi means bag. heh.

  • Kundi

    Lots has been said about Jussipussi and its pronunciation. The Finnish language is full of words that sound funny in English. On the pussi business, crisp bags carried for years the label Megapussi which of course caused merriment in foreign visitors. Another one was a kind of quark that was named, to the point, Fanny. Can’t find a picture of it though, I think they’ve stopped making it now. Good list though, and thank goodness for Ayds!

  • Kundi

    Hodari seemingly already touched on the subject, but seeing is believing!

  • jewelly

    Hey, what about SMEG? This HAS to be the nº1 cracker!

  • SangosFire

    haha #5 is surprising, considering the 2 different languages have completely different meanings for the words. In japanese, Kagome means woven bamboo pattern.


    I have tried Sars… and its horrible!!

  • Erik

    AndyB123 · 145 weeks ago
    In Swedish, pitt means "dick", which makes Brad Pitt funny, for a change. And who can forget the king of stupid names, ie, the planet Uranus.
    Not brand names, but funny nontheless.
    If his name was Bred Pitt it would have been even more funny!
    (Bred = Broad or Wide).

  • Rob

    Here is the URL for a youtube video of a television commercial from the early 1960's. The product is Johnson outboard motors. The funny part is that "Johnson" (like "Peter", "Dick", and "Willie") is a synonym for penis in the U.S.

  • David

    In Heidelberg Germany, I found a box of chocolates called, "Super Dickmans", and in Singapore, they have a popular soft drink called, "Kickapoo Joy Juice"!

  • jon

    I have to disagree with wii. It is popular enough to be accepted as normal. Doesnt strike me as anything unusual

  • Jon

    Love jussipussi

  • David Hopkins

    Speaking of playing with wii (or wee), here is something that really happened many years ago. I was in the changing room of my local swimming pool and there were these two little boys, about six years old, no older than eight, undressed in the showers actually having a pee fight. Yes, they were really peeing on each other, laughing about it, acting as though it was some kind of squirt gun fight or something.

    So yeah, playing with wee actually has happened.

  • Sly

    I have actually seen candy called “Anus Drops.” In a store in Virginia.

  • Name

    Enter your comment here.

  • Cristiana

    I like #5… and I can confirm that in my country (Portugal) that sounds “I shit myself” LOL

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  • Scred

    Don’t forget Salonpas, Oldsmobile Achieva, and…iPod.

  • ProgHead777

    “Wee” is frequently used as a euphemism for urine in the United States as well… which is not part of the commonwealth, in case you were confused ;)

  • RedWolf

    I was in a supermarket about a week ago and I saw a dental product called
    retar dex. I laughed. A lot.

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  • voicSpeecurce


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  • springbok101

    a fun list, thanks. “jussipissi” and SARS are my favourites.

  • Mcooper

    about the nova(pretty sure its the right name) ???? it meant no go in mexico …. also coke had to rename their product in asia cause one of the charactors meant death i think ……

  • Mika

    Hahaha, “JussiPussi” .. As a Finnish person I never came to think of how it’d be pronounced in English.. “JuicyPussy” :D Priceless.. In Finnish language it’s actually pronounced something like .. “YoussePousse”

  • Has a Rubber Soul

    Since Golden Circle is made in Australia, we also have Sars here – and it is disgusting!

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