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Top 10 Steps to Making a Perfect Roast Chicken

As you know, we have done many food related lists – but one thing lacking which I think would make a great list, is a step by step instruction on preparing a single meal. If this list goes down well I will consider doing more in future to help people who don’t do a lot of cooking to build up a repertoire.

This meal is a full roast chicken with roast potatoes, broccoli, and carrots. It is a French style meal – each component of the dish is cooked according to the traditional French method. Do not be afraid – it is very easy – I have especially chosen easy vegetable preparations. This meal is for four people but you easily refrigerate the left-overs and have them later if you are cooking for fewer.

10. Go Shopping!


First off, you need to go shopping. This is what you need to buy (prices are estimates):

1 fresh chicken (around 900 grams though up to 1.5KG is fine) $6.00
1 head of broccoli $1.50
4 large carrots $1.00
4 potatoes (King Edward potatoes are best) $1.50
1 container of heavy (double) cream (about 500ml) $3.75
1 container of fresh chicken stock $1.25
2 sticks of unsalted butter (500gm) $2.00 (pack of 4)
1 bulb of Garlic $3.00
Fresh thyme, and bay-leaves $3.00

Total Shopping Cost: $23 ($5.75 per person – compared to a McDonald’s Big Mac meal at around $6.75 upsized). Additionally, this meal is around 1,297 calories per person, versus 1,800 for the McDonald’s meal.

You will also need to make sure you have sugar, salt, and pepper in the house.

9. Prepare your vegetables


Before cooking you should always do your preparation – it makes it easier when the heat starts. Preparing your veges in advance is called “mise en place” in French, which literally means “put in place” – ie, get everything ready! I will do this in steps.

1. Peel your potatoes and cut them in to quarters
2. Cut your broccoli in to individual pieces (each section of a broccoli is called a floret)
3. Peel your carrots, cut off the top and bottom, and slice in to rings about 5mm thick.

8. Prepare your Chicken

Fasted Roast Chicken 1

Wash and dry the chicken inside and out. Remove any giblets (that is the bag of guts) inside the cavity. Put one clove of garlic (with the skin removed) inside the cavity. Put one bay leaf in the cavity, and put 3 or 4 sticks of thyme inside. Salt and pepper in the inside of the bird.

Salt and pepper the outside of the bird then smear it with soft (but not melted) butter. The butter should be put on thickly – if you have an extra large bird you could use nearly a whole stick of butter.

Tie the legs together tightly and tuck the wings underneath.

Turn your oven on to 200C (400F, Gas 6) – make sure the highest rack is just below the center of the oven.

7. First Stage of Cooking


We need to do a little bit of prep work on the veges now. Put the potatoes in a pot of cold water which has a large pinch of salt in it – you should be able to taste the salt in the water, but it should not be overpowering. Use just enough water to cover. Put them on a high heat on the stove and let the water come to the boil – boil them for 5-10 minutes – we are doing this to soften the outsides – this will not fully cook them. This is called parboiling. Once the cooking is done, drain the water from the potatoes, put the lid on the pot, and shake the pot firmly four or five times. Remove the lid and put the potatoes aside. This adds a fluffy outer layer to the potatoes which will give more surface area for crisping during roasting.

While the potatoes are boiling, put another pot of unsalted water on the stove and bring it to boiling point. Once it starts to boil add the broccoli and boil for 1 minute. This will turn the broccoli a bright vibrant green. Remove the broccoli immediately and run under cold water. Set aside for now. This is called blanching.

6. Start the Roast


If your chicken is 900 or so grams, you will be cooking it for 45 minutes – if it is larger, use this formula to work out the cooking time: 15 minutes per 450 grams, then add 15 minutes extra to the total.

Take a roasting dish large enough to fit the chicken AND the potatoes. You don’t want it too much larger if possible. Put two tablespoons of goose fat (if you don’t have goose fat, use lard, and if you don’t have lard, use olive oil) in to the roasting dish and smear it around. You want the fat to melt so help it on the stove if you need to. Add the potatoes and turn them so they are completely coated in fat. If you need more fat, add it.

Move the potatoes to the sides of the dish to make room for the chicken (try to keep space between each potato). Place the chicken breast side down in the roasting dish – this means it will appear to be upside-down. The reason for this is that the breast has very little fat on it while the underside has a lot – we want the fat from under the chicken to flow through to the breast.

Once your oven is pre-heated, add the roasting dish with the chicken and potatoes. You will need to roast it for 25 minutes. After 15, turn the potatoes and baste the chicken with the fat if it is looking dry.

5. Chicken Step 2


After the first 25 minutes of cooking, you need to remove the roasting dish from the oven and turn the chicken over so its breast is now facing up. Take this opportunity to also turn the potatoes. Put the roasting dish in to the oven and cook for a further 20 minutes. After ten minutes turn the potatoes again.

4. Start the Vegetables

434992291 9D161D8Def-2

We now have two vegetables to cook. I will give you the instructions for them one by one. We will start with the carrots.

Take a deep frying pan and add the carrots to it. Add enough water to cover (use sparkling water if you can – otherwise plain water is fine). Add a very generous pinch of salt and two pinches of sugar and a knob of butter the size of a walnut. Turn the heat on medium high. These can now be left alone without a lid – the aim here is for the water to completely evaporate, leaving the carrots covered in a light sweet glossy coating and a sharp knife should easily pierce the carrots. This method of cooking carrots is called Vichy carrots. Once they are cooked you can set them aside and reheat them when serving if you need to.

Now it is time for the broccoli. Take 50 grams of butter and put it in a frying pan. Melt it on a medium heat until it begins to brown – but don’t let it burn! While it is heating up, take your cold broccoli and chop it up in to very coarse chunks. Once the butter is ready, pour in 150 mls of double (heavy) cream. Cook at the same heat for a short time – the cream will be starting to darken a little in color. Add the broccoli and a generous pinch of salt and some pepper. Stir well and leave it to simmer (gentle bubbling) for 10 minutes. Once it is done cooking you can take it off the heat and leave it aside – you can easily reheat it before serving if it gets cold, and if it gets too thick you can add a little more cream. This is called Broccoli a la creme and it is just as good (if not better) than broccoli with cheese sauce. It is also far easier than broccoli with cheese sauce.

3. Remove the chicken


Once the final 20 minutes of cooking has finished, remove the chicken from the roasting pan and put it on a wire rack – cover it with aluminum foil. This needs to be left for at least 15 minutes so that the meat can relax and allow the juices to settle – the result is a far more tender bird. NOTE: to make sure the bird is cooked properly, the juices should run clear when you pierce the inside of the leg with a knife (there should be no pink in the juices).

Take the potatoes out of the roasting dish and put them in a single layer on a baking sheet – put that back in to the oven while you do your final preparation.

2. Make a Gravy


This is a very easy gravy – it is a jus (pronounced zhoo). Put the roasting tray on top of the stove and turn the heat to medium high. Once the juices in the pan begin to bubble pour in a little of the chicken stock and, using a wooden spoon, scrape the bottom of the pan until all of the little bits have come up. Add more stock (about 1 cup) and keep stirring. You need to let the juices reduce a little. Once it has reduced, taste for salt (if your stock is unsalted you will almost certainly need to add salt) and add pepper. Strain the sauce through a sieve in to a gravy boat.

You can enhance this gravy in two ways (optional) – before adding the stock to the juices, pour in a wine glass of port or madeira and set it alight while you stir the bits up from the bottom – then proceed with the recipe as above.

The second option is to whisk one knob of butter (the size of a walnut) in to the gravy when you have completed the main procedure – this will make the gravy slightly thicker and will give it a gloss.

1. Put it all together!


First we need to carve the chicken – but we are not going to do it the hard way – the best way to do this is mostly with your hands. Tear off the legs and wings and put them on your serving plate – you can separate the thigh from the drumstick if you like. Tear off the breasts and cut the meat in to 1 inch thick chunks – you are doing this against the grain – it makes a better bite in the mouth. Put this on the serving plate and use your hands to remove any other meat from the carcass. When done, sprinkle a little extra salt over the meat on the dish – diners should not need to salt and pepper a properly cooked meal.

Put your hot vegetables in to two separate serving dishes and remove the potatoes from the oven – put those in a separate dish as well. Put everything on the table and let people serve themselves.

Your chicken will be moist, your potatoes will be dark and crunchy on the outside but fluffy in the middle, your carrots will be sweet and brilliant orange, and your broccoli will be bright green and creamy. A perfect roast!

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  • Ginger Lee

    And a great meal to make with the leftovers: Chicken Enchiladas

    Shred the leftover chicken

    Sprinkle a slightly generous amount in a tortilla, sprinkle cheese (my preference is mild cheddar) over the chicken and roll it up, place in a greased 9×13. Repeat until pan is lined.

    Mix a 10 oz can of Cream of chicken, 1 small can of green chilies (I puree them to distribute the flavor more evenly), a teaspoon of cumin, a teaspoon of garlic. Heat in a pan. Remove from heat then add 8 oz of sour cream.

    Pour mixture over tortillas, sprinkle more cheese on top and cover. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 min, or until cheese is melted.

    Nummy. Creamy version of beef enchiladas and the red sauce.

  • Ginger Lee

    A way to be more cost efficient with the grocery bill jfrater lists: use bullion cubes, cheaper, more of them and you can make the stock a stronger flavor if you wish, and there’s more in the future for half the initial cost in the long run.

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  • Ginger Lee: this recipe is meant to be a fine French recipe – therefore, NO bullion cubes or other processed foods – this is quality food – not cheap food :) There are other lists here which deal with cheap stuff – this is not one :)

  • Ian

    Man I wish I liked chickens with bones in em, that sounds awesome!

  • Ginger Lee

    jfrater: then why aren’t we boiling our own chicken stock? Hmm? Jeez, one could only wonder if I said use half and half to cut back on the fat…just kidding.

    BTW you neglected a wine suggestion…how can it be a fine French recipe without the wine?

  • Ginger Lee: heh yes – you are right – we don’t make our own stock as that is for another list :) At least the packaged stocks are made from 100% natural ingredients – it is about taste, not ease I guess.

    You are right about the wine suggestion – I suggest a nice sauvignon blanc – white wine for this tender dish. I recommend Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2006 from New Zealand – a very fine wine:

    You could also have champagne if you preferred – in which case I recommend Perrier Jouet – or if you can’t afford it, maybe a sparkling wine instead: try Pelorus NV – also by Cloudy Bay:

  • Mom424

    Great List! but then I’m partial to food. I disagree on the bullion cube comment. Bullion cubes are horribly expensive, $3.00 for 10 cubes of salt moistened with a bit of chicken/beef fat is a tad excessive. If you don’t make your own stock, wait for the better brands to go on sale, they provide a depth of flavor not available with the cubes.

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    A quick tip; When you can’t tend to the roasting chicken (driving the kids to choir practice or whatever), roast it upside down! It won’t look near as nice for presentation, but the breast meat will stay moist without basting.

  • DanOhh: Sauvignon blanc is my first choice – champagne and good sparkling wine goes with everything – so it makes a logical second choice :)

    Phil: haha – I do use kumara occasionally – it is not very easy to find in London. I suspect it is even harder in the US! If you really want to include kumara use two potatoes and two kumaras – cook them in the same way but in two pots for the par boiling – each person will get 1/2 of a potato and 1/2 of a kumara. :)

    For those who don’t know, kumara is a New Zealand sweet potato.

  • bucslim

    When I’m roasting a bird I always put about a half a stick of butter – cut into pats – or bacon strips under the breast skin next to the breast meat. You have to be careful not to tear the skin when inserting the fat of your choice, I always use the handle of a dinner knife to make a pocket. The bacon adds a smokey flavor to the entire bird but especially to the breast, and adds nice flavor to the gravy. You can also insert other items like herbs, lemon peel or garlic or all three.

    If you’re like me and don’t cook for a lot of people, you’re not going to eat the entire bird. So you can either refrigerate it for later or rip all the meat off and make chicken salad. And save the carcass – throw the entire thing into the freezer and make stock with it.

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    Funny thing though, When I first saw the title for this list I swore up and down that you had wrote this, so I am very impressed Jamie!

    For those who want to try something different, I make roast chicken with a quartered lemon, 5 whole cloves of garlic(peel off) and a few sprigs of rosemary(dried is fine) added to the cavity. The flavour of the meat is something else.

  • Mom424

    SocialButterfly; thanks for the update! You are absolutely correct about the chicken and the garlic, I’ve had it where the entire cavity was filled with heads of garlic. The roasting prevents the garlic from overpowering the chicken…mmmmmmm

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  • Samsung

    mmmm! that sounds good! not my ideal choice of veges but thats easy fixed. I’d go for peas, corn and roasted onion. Mum makes a damn fine roast chicken basically like this (except she doesn’t parboil the potatoes). Sometimes she makes stuffing – I love stuffing, its so good.

    Damn you jfrater: you’ve got me drooling over roast chicken at 7:30 am

    16. Ian: whoever said you had to have chicken with bones it. Just have the white breast meat. Last time I checked breasts aren’t bony. To be completely honest with you; bony breasts wuld be mildly disturbing.

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    Great, I am going to try this for me and my Gracie-girl. Sounds del-ici-ious.

  • Jamie: For a wine that goes good with this roast I would rather suggest a nice fine rose wine like Mon Ami. It is a blush wine with a nice pink color to it. (And it is just so yummy) It is my favorite wine and it is not all that expensive.

  • kiwiboi

    “I do use kumara occasionally – it is not very easy to find in London.”

    jfrater – you need to go downmarket with your preferred supermarket! Many Sainsburys stock Kumara (it costs around £2.50 for 6)

    Also, I never parboil kumara myself if I intend to roast them, as if they are good quality they will cook from raw in only 25mins or so.

  • kiwiboi

    I should add that I can attest to jfrater’s culinary skills. He is an excellent cook :)

  • Once again.. I think I will echo everyone elses comments… I just opened this half an hour prior to starting cooking supper!!! Drewls…

    The only thing I’d add, and in my opinion really makes he meal for me – more roast vegetables… par boiled the same manner as descibed for the potatoes…

    Turnip, parsnip, carrots, leeks, whole garlics, onions, shallots – all make for gorgeous roasties – this does mean that its hard to fit in the meat tray, so I tend to do them in a seperate tray, good quality olive oil plenty of seasoning, splash of balsamic perhaps some hot pepper sauce.. paprika/cumin.. yum yum….

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    My roomies tell me I’m a pretty good cook, but I’ve been too ascairt (that’s scared in me-speak) to try a whole roast chicken (I usually just buy boneless/skinless breast pieces), but this makes it look easy enough, so I’ll have to give it a try.
    Lucky: raw chicken is still ucky to touch when it’s not bird-shaped. I hate touching raw poultry, but I’ve learned to deal with it.

  • swampsnake

    easy roast chicken as i see it… 2 pound chicken or there abouts put in small roasting pan sprinkle with salt peper garlic power and sage{my favorite for chicken although taragon is also good}cover and place in 325 degree F oven until juices run clear uncover and turn oven up to 400 to brown the bird . works for me every time . side dishes depend on mood but mashed potatoes are almost always included.

  • amanda

    My chicken gets rave reviews every time. First, salt the entire bird, including the inside of the cavity. I use kosher salt. Then I take three cloves of garlic, half a sprig of fresh rosemary, and the zest of one lemon and mince it all together. I then add that to 1 stick of creamed butter, and slather it all under the skin of the bird. I brush the skin with olive oil, dust that with fresh ground pepper, and set it breast side down on top of halved onions, whole peeled carrots, and halved potatos in a 375* oven. I like to set it directly on top of the veggies because then you don’t need a rack, and the veggies get a bit of chicken fat on them. Turn the bird halfway through so the breast gets crispy. Everyone tells me my chicken is the yummiest!

  • Kate


  • Nevermore

    Mmm.. This is definately something I’ll have to make sometime either for my family or years later when I have my own place. Great list!

  • Mary

    Washing raw poultry, beef, pork, lamb, veal, or seafood before cooking is not recommended. Although washing these raw food items may get rid of some of the pathogens, it also allows the pathogens to spread around the kitchen. Cooking these foods to a safe internal temperature destroys any bacteria that may be present. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands with hot, soapy water before, in between, and after preparing these foods

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    “diners should not need to salt and pepper a properly cooked meal”

    I totally agree. When I’m cooking a ‘proper meal’ for guests I’m constantly checking the taste to make sure that it’s right. Guests who insist on salt or pepper, especially before tasting a dish, are really quite insulting. It implies I didn’t cook it well!! One of my pet hates :-(

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    Great list, will definately try it out – one thing bothers me though, the broccoli isn’t on the plate at the end.

  • Meagan

    Make sure you rinse the chicken very well.
    Pats of butter under the breast skin.
    Olive oil smeared over the skin of the entire bird.
    Cut up lemon, onions, and garlic in the cavity along with thyme and rosemary.
    Salt and pepper over the whole thing.
    Don’t overcook it.

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    Don’t undercook it either. Use a meat thermometer.

    And add some rosemary to the cavity!

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  • Awesome post and I love to make roast chicken dinners myself. I always make it a production. One of the things I do different is butterfly the chicken so it will cook faster and more even. In my experience I have found it is much easier to cook the whole chicken butterflied rather than intact.

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