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10 Amazing Big Cats

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No one can deny the amazing beauty and abilities of the big cats of the world. Because so many are sought after for their fur, their numbers are in decline. This is a list (which is by no means exhaustive) of 10 amazing big cats. The ten cats were selected because they either have a creative way of hunting, an amazing coat pattern, or are simply awe inspiring.




The bobcat is a North American member of the big cat family. As a predator, it inhabits wooded areas, desert edges, semi desert edges, and swampland environments. The bobcat’s diet consists of: rabbits, hares, deer, small rodents, and even insects. Similar to many other big cats, the bobcat is a solitary hunter. Each bobcat will use a single method to mark its territory. Although bobcats are hunted by humans, for both sport and fur, their population is under no immediate threat at the time. However, continuous hunting of bobcats could jeopardize their population. Bobcats will travel for the last three hours of sunlight and three hours after sunrise. They are also very skilled at adapting to a new environment. This is a very important skill for the animal because humans have a tendency to invade a their habitat. The grayish brown coat, black-tipped ears, and whiskered face resemble many species of lynx. The bobcat may be considered a “big cat” but in relation to other big cats, it is very small in size. In fact, it is only about twice as large as a domesticated cat.




The ocelot is famous for looking extremely similar to a domestic cat. Its fur may resemble that of a clouded leopard or jaguar. Regrettably this amazing coat has made them a valuable hunting target. Ocelots often hunt for lizards, amphibians, deer, rodents, and frogs. Ocelots are mostly found in South America, Central America and Mexico. Ocelots were considered endangered during the 1980s but have since been removed from the endangered species list. They are rarely seen together and enjoy resting in dense foliage. They are exceedingly territorial and will sometimes fight to the death at the invasion of land. Since ocelots are nocturnal, they have the best night vision of the big cats.


Caracal Cat

Shutterstock 567001

The caracal cat is also known as the Persian or African Lynx. It is closely related to the African Golden Cat. They are best known for their extraordinary climbing and jumping skills. The Caracal is distributed over Africa and Western Asia and will usually hunt alone at night. They are best known for their amazing ability to snatch birds out of the sky but their diet also consists of antelope, gazelle, rodents, and the occasional ostrich. When a caracal catches its prey, it will shear the meat off the skin so they won’t have to eat the fur of the animal. If food is scarce, it will eat bird feathers and even rotten meat. A sighting of a caracal cat is extremely rare because they are also very skilled at hiding from humans.




The Jaguarundi is found in Mexico and Central and South America. It is said to resemble an otter because the coat is a solid color (except for the spots they have at birth) and it has rounded ears. There has been no desire for this animal’s fur but the Jaguarundi is suffering due to the loss of habitat. Many Spanish speaking countries call the Jaguarundi “leoncillo” which means “little lion”. Unlike many big cats, this cat hunts during the day. They usually eat rabbits, hares, birds and sometimes fruit. Most Jaguarundis live in low brush places near running water.


Marbled Cat


Almost matching the size of a domesticated cat, the marbled cat is one of the smallest of the big cats. The cat’s 45cm tail will sometimes be used as a balance when hunting. The marbled cat’s range stretches from parts of India to southeast Asia. Their diet consists of squirrels, reptiles and birds. Unfortunately, this cat is rarely studied because they are extremely difficult to spot. Their population is said to be under 10,000 because of their shrinking forest habitat. Scientists have discovered that the marbled cat is closely related to Asiatic Golden Cats. Looking at the picture, it is obvious where the cat got its name from.




The jaguar is the third largest big cat in the world. It is the national animal of Brazil. Jaguars closely resemble leopards but are much larger. It is also one of the few big cats that enjoys swimming. They are solitary predators and are known to regulate the populations of prey species. The powerful bite of the jaguar allows them to break through shell and hard reptile skin. Sadly, their numbers are dropping quickly and are nearly threatened because they are often killed by humans. Jaguars’ short, stocky limbs make then skilled in climbing, crawling and swimming.


Snow Leopard

Uncia Uncia

The snow leopard lives in the mountain ranges of Central Asia, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world. Its life span is usually about 15-18 years. It is about the size of a regular leopard but has a long tail that is used for balance in rugged terrain. They may live in caves in mountainous regions. There are estimated to be about 5,000 snow leopards left, making them an endangered species. The snow leopard will occasionally kill prey three times its size. Their diet consists of ibexes, boars, and deer. A snow leopard will not fight hard for its territory.




Lions usually inhabit savannah and grasslands and will sometimes be found in forests. A group of lions is called a pride which consists of females, lion cubs, and a few male lions. The female lions usually do the hunting in groups (males will rarely ever hunt). The lion is known as a vulnerable species with a population decline of 30-50 percent. A male is recognized by its mane. The lion is the second largest feline in the entire world. The color of their coat is usually a light yellow. Lion cubs are born with spots on their body but they disappear as they mature. The diet of a lion includes wildebeest, impalas, zebras, and buffalo.



T-M0096 Stalking Cheetah

Many people classify the cheetah as the world’s fastest land animal with the ability to reach speeds of 70 miles per hour. The round, black spots on the cheetah help them to camouflage when hunting. The head of the cheetah is said to be small compared to other big cats. They will eat mostly mammals including gazelles, wildebeests, and zebras. When a cheetah sprints for its prey, its body temperature becomes so high that it would become fatal if kept at that level for a long period of time. Cheetahs are on the World Conservation Union list of vulnerable species. There are said to be about 12,400 cheetahs left in the wild.




Tigers are usually found in southern and eastern Asia. Like many big cats, they are territorial and solitary. The dark, vertical stripes that overlay the reddish orange color is one of the most noticeable characteristics of the tiger. They are featured in many forms of ancient mythology. Tigers living in the wild will usually prey on animals such as buffalo, boar, deer, and sometimes leopards and pythons. In the wild, tigers can leap up to 16 feet. They always live close to water because they enjoy bathing. Unfortunately, the tiger is one of the Big Five Game animals of Asia.

Contributor: Hope

  • sharlu

    wow! they are all soo awesome looking . . snow leopard especially :D

    • grace childs


  • Ghidoran

    "Lion is the king of the jungle but is tiger more dangerous or aggressive than lion?"

    There was this show on Discovery channel where they showed a fight between these two, Lion won. Still, maybe the Tiger is more aggresive and dangerous against other animals.

    • nihar

      that show is animal face-off

  • sgvaibhav

    cool, i thought cute cats included!
    i expected lion to be #2 or #1.

  • sgvaibhav

    snow leopard looks the cutest :).
    Lion is the king of the jungle but is tiger more dangerous or aggressive than lion?
    Cheetah is the coolest as it is the fastest!

  • I love cats! They taste just like chicken!

  • Josh Lops

    Did it say what was the biggest Feline?

  • I have to say – in going through each of the items on this list editing today, I really REALLY want to own one of each of the cats here. Sadly it is illegal to import those animals for pets in this country :(

  • storm_shadow

    My favourites are the ocelot and the cheetah. :)
    I love big cats. They’re so graceful.

  • Bugsy

    They’re all really..majestic :D

  • cicero

    The bobcat is actually about the size of a medium dog. I hit one with my car around 5 one morning about a year ago. I should have picked him up, I found out later I could have gotten 70 or 80 bucks for him.

    • Sydney Lynch

      Really? You would trade in a bobcat for money!?

  • fivestring63

    “Did it say what was the biggest Feline?”

    Google Liger. Huge cat.

  • LemonKiwi

    Cool list.
    My favorite is the snow leopard.
    It is a beautiful animal.

  • Daithi

    No Liger?

  • Maleficence

    Just one slight error, when talking about the Caracal cat, you said “they are best known” twice. Just combine the two sentences so you only say that once. Interesting list tough, thanks!

  • nyys

    Aren’t the cats in 6~10 in the small cat family of Felinae?

  • warrrreagl

    I completely approve of the tiger as #1.

  • Johny

    I was secretly expecting to see the Iberian lynx somewhere on this list (endangered, hunted, VERY few left… has all the requirements :P). Oh, and the Siberian tiger.

    Still, it’s a great list.

  • Dr. Awkward

    So if the smallest of the “big” cats is about the same size as a domestic cat, what sort of cat would be classed as a “small” cat – or is there no such thing?

  • astraya

    How do you titillate an ocelot?
    You oscillate its tit a lot!

    (Sexual exploitation of animals. Tut, tut!)

  • JB

    amazing list,
    this creatures are awesome.

    Just miss Garfield

  • Blue

    Loved the list just disappointed in not seeing the clouded leopard but glad you included the ocelot.The tiger of course deserved #1 well written.

  • Brandon

    The liger would be a good bonus item on the list. as they are the largest cat.

  • 80s

    Go Tigers =D
    Cats are so nice. I’ve never understood why people need their fur outside of subsistence living. If you need something on your wall, buy a painting. Floor? Carpet. Fashion? Faux-fur. Everybody wins.

  • smurff

    54 kilometers to the north of where I stay is a game reserve that covers 196000 ha, and contains an immense diversity of fauna and flora.
    It attracts thousands of visitors world wide every year. Their are safari drives at night or in the day.

    I have been on 2 off them that we stopped next to a pride of lions, and just observed for 10 to 20 min. Now this is an open land rover with those high up benches – seats call them what you like, when a fully grown male lion with this big mane of hair walked past the landy from the back.
    That cats back height was level with the top of the mudguards
    you could smell him, he just walked passed into the shade of a tree flopped down and went to sleep.
    Those images and that smell of a adult male lion will always be with me

  • Ghidoran

    No Liger!? Just kidding, no hybrids allowed eh? Still, I would have included white tigers as separate but oh well.

  • LordCalvert

    Ligers are bred for their skills in magic.

  • Wally

    If the Marbled Cat, Jaguarundi, Caracal Cat and Ocelot are big cats – then what the F is a small cat??

  • Nice list, Hope.
    One piece of information I’d take issue with is your statement that Bobcats are only about twice the size of house cats.
    I live in a wooded area (right next to the ocean, but it is deep woodland), and we have Bobcats. When you come closely upon a Bobcat, and can easily judge it’s size, it is (or, at least our local variety is) about the size of a medium/large dog, that is 50-70 pounds.
    They aren’t aggressive to humans, so when one strolls through the yard, or walks ahead of me on the path to the beach, I feel no more fear than I do when the deer are in the yard feeding.

  • Kate

    It’s really sad to see that most of them are endangered, primarily due to loss of habitat.

    Except for Bobcats. They’re all over the place in Upstate, NY- and they pretty much eat house cats.

  • callan


  • beyondinvisible

    A little bit of trivia to add here. The tiger is the national animal of India. ALso, this is the only country where you find both lions and tigers. And snow leopards of course.

  • -DAR

    now i’m going to have songs from the lion king stuck in my head all day..

  • Rising Falls

    Tigers were my favorite big cat because of their orange fur, but I forgot about the cheetah. The ocelot looks awesome though.

  • billyrules!

    Wooh! Cheetahs are awesome!!

  • Nick

    no pumas ligers tigons leopard panthers lynxes moutain lion

  • Mom424

    Nice list. Part of the continuing threat to Cheetahs is a lack of genetic diversity. We hunted them to such a small number that they are all closely related. With that comes the inherent problems of in-breeding; lack of varied disease resistance and a very low breeding success rate. Even if all other threats were removed their continued existence is not guaranteed.

  • MartinL

    Loved the list. And — here’s one of the things I value Listverse for — I FINALLY saw a Jaguarundi. I’ve heard and read about them any number of times since I was a kid, but nowhere could I find a picture of one. Thank you, Hope, and thank you, Jamie!

  • girlfromdownunder

    the lion and snow leopard, in there prime, are one of the most beautiful creatures that roam the face of this earth

  • Tomo

    Wild cats are so cool!

    I wonder which of these 10 cats would win if they were pitted against each other. I would bet on the cheetah, it could outrun the others and tire them out.

  • cugirl

    Dude, that cheetah looks CRAZY!

  • 1117

    This is a great list. I don’t know all the minutia about cats like many of the other commenters. i just love cats and it was a joy to read and learn about the many species there. I applaud Hope for the detailed work and love, love the photos.

  • Frank Turkleton

    You missed the Serval. Google them. They’re just beautiful

  • sasha

    what about the cheshire cat?
    I mean he can disappear – how cool is that?

  • Tfisch

    I was under the impression that the only “big cats” were the 4 under the genus Panthera (lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar), because these were the only cats that could roar. The ability to roar is due to an elongated set of vocal chords, not due to a bad 90’s TV show starring Heath Ledger.

  • 41. cicero …The bobcat is actually about the size of a medium dog.
    cicero, it’s obvious you didn’t read any of the posts before posting yourself.
    **27. segue … When you come closely upon a Bobcat, and can easily judge it’s size, it is (or, at least our local variety is) about the size of a medium/large dog, that is 50-70 pounds…
    35. Mom424
    Part of the continuing threat to Cheetahs is a lack of genetic diversity…
    Mom424, I was just going to post that, having to had to abandon my post before I was finished this a.m.
    I should have known you’d get the info there before I’d get back!

  • lizze

    These cats are super beautiful!!! But its sooo scary to think that all put together their numbers still wouldnt get more then 500,000.

  • Anon

    Thanks very much indeed for the list.

    There are several films based around big cats. A fine lesser known one is ‘Duma’. This relates the exciting adventures in Africa of a boy and a cheetah, their interaction, and his eventual success in adapting it back to the wild. It is based on a true story.

    When we were staying with friends, nice folks, on an estancia in Patagonia we entered one of the outbuildings to bring something to the house and came upon dozens and dozens of strung-up skins of one of the smaller Andean cats. So depressing.

    The Andean (subspecies?) of puma (cougar, mountain lion) is becoming rarer, partly due to increase in human activity and land use, also as a result of deliberate elimination. Although there are several large nature reserves, animals can’t be told to stay inside them. Those same friends told us the females teach the kits to hunt by using sheep much as domestic cats use mice. So they are killed by farmers. A main problem is the considerable displacment outside the reserves of their natural prey, guanacoes, by sheep, and sheep are anyway much *softer* prey.

    I remember a natural history programme about Nepal which confronted the problem that tigers regularly kill a few humans there each year. Local Nepalese were interviewed and asked how they felt about this. Wouldn’t they prefer the governmment to eliminate the tigers? Not at all. They considered the tiger was one of the world’s wonders, that they and everybody would be so much the poorer without wild tigers. It was a risk they wanted to take and price they were willing to pay. If that sounds strange, wierdly fatalistic or remarkable, consider this: you probably unconsciously run the same risk, or a greater one, every time you take to the road in a vehicle.

    For the absolute antithesis of the Nepalese, apparently there are Chinese natural medicine tycoons who are looking for the extinction of the tiger. This for the astronomic mark-up their hoards of stored tiger *medicaments* would show. It has been said they even support action to that end.

  • astraya

    Off-topic: segue appeared to me a dream (again) on Saturday night. This time, she was a different (dream) segue than the last (dream) segue (that I told you about in some other discussion. This one was closer in age and health to the real segue, who, of course, I have no idea what looks like. I can’t remember what the rest of my dream was about.

    On-topic: since 1953 the demilitarised zone dividing north and south Korea has become the largest single piece of land remaining in original condition in Korea, and maybe in Asia. There are hopes that Siberian tigers still exist there in viable numbers. There is a lot of discussion about what is going to happen to the DMZ after unification. Developers would love to get their hands on it. Conservationists would love to see it preserved.

    Tigers are more dangerous to humans than lions are because tigers generally live in closer proximity to humans.

  • good list. ocelots are so cute

  • Renegade

    Loved the list. Only had a few problems with it. First of which was the fact that there were no panthers on there. Although they are technically a type of jaguar or leopard (can’t remember which exactly, they have been classified their own species and I personally believe they deserve their own spot on this list. They are hawt lol. also the lack of white tiger is a bit disappointing too, they’re absolutely beautiful.

  • Renegade

    Oh, and as an afterthought. Being politically correct they would be called Wild cats lol

  • JwJwBean

    I love them all. They are sooo cute. Great information too.

  • Cedestra

    Wonderful list! When looking at the jaguarundi, I was amazed at how similar it looked to the photos people have submitted about the mysterious “cryptid” cat of the English countryside- the black moor beast? or something like that. Of course, they’re not indiginous to England, but they have some sort of animal prowling about- possibly a cat kept as a pet before the laws went into effect.

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  • GunsNRevolvers

    No panther! :( Or leopard for that matter. But I’m thrilled to see the ocelot!

  • Muttley

    AS suggested: The Marbled Cat is officially a “Small Cat” – You missed out on the Iberian Lynx, The Leopard, The Siberian Tiger, The Clouded Leopard, the Indian Lion and the Puma (Cougar) – – – ALL of which are larger than the Bobcat, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Marbled Cat and Caracal. Also; wouldn’t the African Lion slot in at N0.#2 – given it is the ONLY cat smaller than the Begal and Siberian Tigers and much, larger than the Cheetah? That being said – at least you included (mistakenly) one of my favourites – if not my favourite cat – – – The Ocelot; probaly the most beautiful of the Wild Cats. My other favourites would be the Siberian Tiger, The Clouded and Snow Leopards and the Cheetah – not necessarly in that order.

  • Muttley

    Ah the hell with it – let’s GET technical:
    Nice list – but horribly inaccurate.

    The BIG Cats are officially – The Tiger, The Lion, The Leopard and The Jaguar. Included as “Great Cats” (Big Cats” are also called “Roaring Cats” – others cannot roar and are thus not “Big Cats”. Included in the ig Cats Category as ‘Great Cats’ are – The Clouded Leopard, The Snow Leopard, the Cheetah and The Cougar.

    Thus there are only EIGHT “Big Cats”.

    TIGER: There are SIX Tiger sub-species;
    Siberian Tiger (the biggest)
    Bengal (Royal) Tiger
    Sth China Tiger
    Indo-China Tiger
    Sumatran Tiger
    Malaysian Tiger

    There are also 3 extinct species: The Javan, Balinese and Caspian Tigers – the latter being famous as the ones used most frequently in the arenas of Ancient Rome.

    African Lion- 12 sub-species, the largest of which is
    the Barbary Lion
    Asiatic Lion

    Indo-Chinese Leopard
    Nth Chinese Leopard
    Sri Lankan Leopard
    Javan Leopard
    Amur Leopard
    Arabian Leopard
    Indian Leopard – 2 separate Sub-species
    Persian Leopard – 5 separate Sub-species
    African Leopard – 11 separate Sub-species

    There are several Jaguarine sub-species, but these are all
    geographical – not morphological

    Is NOT a separate Big Cat: a panther is a generic name for any “Melanistic” Big Cat which can pass on the melanistic quality as an hereditary function or gene: Only Melanistic Leopards and Melanistic Jaguars can do so and thus ALL “Panthers” are either Black Leopards or Black Jaguars – they’re NOT separate species from the spotted varieties.

    Other Big Cats (The Great Cats – Non-roaring Cats which are included as ig Cats)




    COUGAR: aka Puma

    Thus a ‘Great Cat’ NOT included among the Big Cats – the Lynx – is erroneous in MY list as well (though I’d like to see it included as one)

    So according to the list above – there are 25 separate Big Cats!!!!!

  • Callie

    My sister and her husband have two purebred bengals. They look a lot like ocelots, and are bigger than “normal” housecats. They’re really streamlined, and they fetch like dogs and climb all over everything. They rock :)

  • Ryan

    No liger?? lol jk, though they did make an actual liger using a lions DNA and impregnating a tiger with it. Just google it. But seriously that thing was huge.

  • Steve

    I love the bobcat.
    We hunt them with hounds and they are a very challenging game species. Way harder to get than a Black Bear or a Coyote.

  • Randall


    What sort of sound do they (bobcats) make? I’ve been looking around for a site that has recordings, but haven’t found one yet… because this topic jogged my memory about something.

    Several years ago, when I was living in the country with my then-wife, I was out very late one night to watch the Perseid meteor shower in August. It was about 1 or 2 in the morning. (This is upstate New York). We had a very big yard, and I had gone way out in it to get away from the trees that would block my view. I ended up pretty close to the cornfield that abutted our property. After spotting a few meteors, I all of a sudden heard a rustling in the corn–very clear and obvious that something fairly large was in there. I thought probably just deer. The rustling continued and seemed to get more agitated. Finally, there was this roar… very loud, very distinct… I could only think that it sounded just like some kind of big cat. (Though of course I could have been mistaken, but it didn’t seem it at the time). I high-tailed it outta there.

    There are definitely bobcats (and/or lynx) around here—I’ve seen them. But never heard one—unless it was that night.

  • Steve

    The only way I can describe the sound is more of, for lack of a better word, a Yowl.

  • Randall

    Now that I heard then… this was distinctly something like a growling roar. Definitely not a dog or a coyote.

    I suppose it’ll remain a mystery.

  • Steve
  • Randall


    Maybe that WAS it… it’s been so long I can’t be sure. All I know is that it was nothing familiar that I heard—but it sounded big-cat-like.

    AND, since there’s little else, cat-wise, it COULD have been, other than a bobcat or lynx… then that’s what it had to be… and the Youtube thing you found is probably what I heard.

    So thanks again, that was a mystery solved very quickly. The best kind.

  • Sashley

    Every time I read about species’ populations shrinking due to invasion of their natural habitat by man, I get more angry. The signs that man has come to far are cropping up more and more often in the news and even in informative websites like this one. According to CNN, tribes that live in the Amazon and have never been in contact with the civilized world are soon to be in for a rude awakening when loggers destroy the last areas of unharmed Amazon forest.

    I don’t want to complain and I try not to focus on all the bad aspects of our world, but it is becoming clear that the world is either A) too overpopulated/industrialized, B) too stupid and unethical toward nature, or some combination of the two to do much about our amounting situations at hand. Due to my background, I’m not particularly opposed to legal hunting, but its sad to think that some large species of cats mentioned above are coming close to being extinct solely due to the destruction of their homes.

  • kris

    wow…such a wonderful list… all of them look so cute but they are dangerous…i carried a baby cheetah taken care by forest officer… a few months ago when we went for a picnic to place called mathren…near city called mumbai… my driver says there are lot of forests in India….don’t know if its true

  • Cubone

    Fun list Muttley . . . er . . . Hope!

  • frigidnorth

    Oh I love them all. I wish none of them were endangered though.

    I have always loved Ocelots but I must say that out of the list my new favorite is the snow leopard!

    The only other big cat I can think of is the mountain lion or puma that didn’t make the list.

    Good List! All of them are awesome.

  • DoppHopper

    The Caracal Cat almost needs be called ‘Caramel’ Cat.

    I have this strange urge to paint it!!!

  • Dan

    Can we have the Liger as a bonus item? Even though they’re hybrids, they’re still fucking awesome!

  • TheOddball

    I think i should but a domesticated ocelot. They could be awesome cats.

  • Naked Snake


  • Aninal Lover


  • Animal Lover

    Sorry about the typo

  • Mr.Graves

    One of my goals in life has always been to open up a big cat sanctuary; circuses and zoos (the corrupt ones) will often kill older or sick animals instead of paying to have them cared for- my wife and I are going to try to set up a sanctuary to adopt these animals instead.

    Another reason you should boycott all circuses is because of the connections to ‘caged hunts’. If you don’t know what these are, google or you tube them- it’s one of the cruelest and sickest things humans do.

    Big tough men with small penises have a big cat tied down, chained, drugged so it can’t fight back or has any chance to escape, just so the ‘hunter’ can set his dogs on it to tear it apart while he puts a bullet in it, just to claim he killed a lion, tiger, etc. The majority of these ‘hunters’ are from the U.S.A. – not that Americans are bad- just the combination of affluence and materialism makes it more accessable, and if you want to help raise awareness to put a stop to this, the focus needs to start in the U.S.A. first. there have even been remote websites set up for American buyers where the gun is operated manually and the buyer can pull the trigger and kill the animal- caged and unable to move- from the comfort of his own home.

    It’s a disgusting and cowardly practice, and often times the animals being killed are old circus animals- chained to the ground and poisoned so they are defenseless. (Wouldn’t want to take the chance one of your dogs might get injured)

    I cannot understand what kind of depth of insecurity and ignorance you must have to want to hunt just for the sake of killing (not feeding/survival) and it’s very sad to see how little people know of these horrible practices…. so.. educate yourself, and tell a friend. Maybe we can get some laws passed, to start. People need to stand up to needless cruelty and put a stop to it- make yourself heard.

    Personally, I’m not against the laws that allow park rangers (as in some african countries) to shoot to kill poachers and hunters of extremely endangered species.

  • Muttley

    Just remember “Mr.Graves” – there are just as many female hunters out there as males and they, to take part enthusiastically in “cage hunts”. TWAT

  • waty

    You are soooo right about Ocelots! We were in Costa Rica recently and at one point my sister-in-law wandered off and came rushing back in terror because of the “giant cat” that had confronted her. Being stupid guys eager to hasten our own deaths, we couldn’t resist going to look for what we assumed was a jaguar. Lo and behold, we spot the “offending” cat almost immediately…a cute little spotted thing that you just wanted to hug, and poor Susan was soon getting a good ribbing. Then my brother (Susan’s hub) decided to take advantage of the situation to further embarrass her. (they had been fighting and it had gotten pretty juvenile) So he makes this condescending, idiotic, “here kitty kitty” move on the (what did jfrater say?….”They are exceedingly territorial and will sometimes fight to the death at the invasion of land.”…) ocelot. Needless to say, brother soon ran screaming for his life! At the time we were all stunned and concerned. After a few hours and a few drinks…. oh man was that funny stuff!!

  • ligeia

    A list of cats on my birthday, how did you know? I love all kitties and it makes me really sad to know that some of them could be extinct in a few years :( And to everyone complaining ‘that’s not technically a big cat..’ lighten up!! It’s a nice list all the same, one of my favourite wild cats is the kodkod (or codcod), they’re so cute and small.

  • Mr.Graves

    77 Muttley:

    Let me see if I understood your point correctly. If I may, I’d like to repeat back to you what you said, just to clarify:


    Why yes, you are absolutely correct, you will never ever get back the time you wasted making a completely unimportant and blatantly obvious point that everyone already knew. I’m guessing you are from the US, and probably a little closer to the southern states. I have family there, which is why I can understand your thick accent.


  • Phillies

    Save the Siberian Tiger!!

  • Steve

    Aninal Lover,
    Read my poast again I hunt bobcats, there aren’t any mountain lions in my area or I would hunt them as well as I’m sure the tags are on a lottery system like they are for bobcats and it is a controlled number of tags.
    Plus the pelts look great.

  • paul

    I think it’s funny when hunters get killed.

  • A

    Umm… interesting list.

  • Steve

    Paul that was a sick little comment

  • Ash


  • PoorMe

    There it goes almost naming all the big cats what next 18 incredible president of u.s.

  • astraya

    The Sydney Morning Herald has an “odd-spot” column called Column 8. In this morning’s edition, someone asked “How big does a cat have to be before we call its kittens ‘cubs’?” That’s a variation on the discussion above about “what is a big cat?”.

  • atdstars

    thanks for the list! i love cats so much! anyway, i recently heard this touching story about a big cat (a lion) named christian. i am not good at telling stories so, i’ll just show you the clip:

  • atdstars: I just watched that the other day – amazing!

  • PoorMe ,off the top of my head, I can’t come up with 18 incredible U.S. Presidents.

  • grubthrower

    Factual error:

    The tiger is NOT one of the Big Five game animals of Africa! In fact, it cannot be legally hunted. The classic Big Five are:


  • avi

    only the numbers 1-5 are big cats.

  • astraya

    Further to my 88, someone else answered that question today:

    “When do cats get sufficiently big that their offspring are cubs rather than kittens (Column 8, yesterday)? Rob Hutchinson, of Foster City, California writes: “My guess is that the dividing line between kittens and cubs is when you see their parents approaching. If you say, ‘Aren’t they cute?’ they’re kittens. If you say ‘RUN!’, they’re cubs.””

    Re 92 and whatever led to grubthrowers comment: tigers aren’t even found in Africa, they are mainly in India, South-east Asia and far east Russia.

  • PoorMe

    By the way I don’t know number of president of US. My point is if we started to list out n items from something from universal set eith n elements then, every element will fall in the list and off course cats are lazy, amazing and why not majestic too!!; they don’t have to exercise like arnie, gov. of california to get body like his. My point is simple it lists every big cats possible so, good picture lets have something that can analyze them like grading based on criterias.

  • Renegade

    haha, so funny story. There was this tiger in the San Diego zoo who’s cubs died shortly after being born. Afterwards she was launched into a deep depression and almost died. So as a solution the people in the zoo got some baby pigs, piglets, and put them in tiger suits with the mother tiger. She ACTUALLY didn’t attack them and even began treating them as her own cubs. TRUE STORY, I have the pictures to prove it lol

  • yay kitties!

    I was happy to see Tigers as number one, those guys rule :)

    Tigons and Ligers are pretty impressive looking

  • NicoNico

    There is a feline nature preserve close to my home. In it, they take big cats that were pets or neglected and build them specially-made habitats for them. When I went there, all I could think of was how adorable they were! I could see why someone would keep them as a pet, especially the smaller ones. Too bad they’re not domesticated. One of the cats at that park had even bit the head (the entire head!) of its owner’s kid’s head. The kid survived, but the cat got dropped off there.

  • kiec

    wat about a liger

    they look so cool

  • sherman

    snow leopard looks cool

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  • Muttley

    Dear “Mr.Graves – I see you’ve taken the time to humiliate yourself in public once again – You sound like you’re speaking English – but I haven’t a clue what you’re saying. The blatant truth is that I don’t know what your problem is – but I bet it’s hard to pronounce.

    I was responding to your blatantly sexist comment that implied ONLY males take pride in pathetic
    ego-stroking ‘cage hunts’: And you’re still a twat – finally NO I’m NOT from the southern US – I’m not even from North America – – – in fact I don’t even come from that hemisphere – Praise God!!!!!

    As for further comments – don’t let me have any more of your mind – firstly I don’t think you have enough left to share and secondly it’s WAY too small and fragile to be allowed out on its own!

  • PoorMe

    Seeing comments of Muttley and Mr.Graves; I think they are having some sort of cat fight if they are big enough why not put them in the list. Sorry, if I have hurt your feeling.

  • Me

    I actually expected Tom, Top Cat, CatDog, Pink Panther and Garfield.

  • Joanie Girl

    Fabulous List! Im lovin theat snow leopard!!!

  • arymautey

    I really impressed with the given data and pictures. I expected lion is the largest one. Any way you have prepared very good informations with amazing backup pictures. Congrats!!!

  • Pyderz

    I don’t think i would of been able to put that list togther in any particular order.

    To many of these Big Cats are just to Beautiful and Unique in there own way!

  • Begran

    No Iberian Lynx here? I’m disappointed…

  • Talsin

    Just for the record White Tigers aren’t a sub-species they are just Bengal Tigers with white pigmantation

  • Nasdagirl

    I have never heard of the Jagaurundi, but it is beautiful. Good List

  • Zoodocent

    If you are using the term “Big Cats” in a scientific zoological meaning, the Bob Cat is not a Big Cat. As a Felis Rufus, it is a small cat and has all the small cat characteristics.

  • 110. Zoodocent: True, the bobcat is not one of the Great Cats, it cannot roar, it is of the lynx genus.
    The ones which live in my area are L. rufus californicus, and tend to be somewhat larger than many of the average bobcat species. Although said to be about twice the size of a housecat, the bobcats in our area are about 45 to 60 lbs in size; perhaps a result of the abundance of prey animals, yet they are tall in conjunction with their weight, so who knows?

  • dust

    this list is awesome! it was super helpful thanks to your comments i had so great quotes for my resurch paper. :)

  • oouchan

    Tigers rock and I love Ocelots.

    In Arizona we have a wildlife park devoted to big cats called Out of Africa. I have been to many zoos in my life but this isn’t like the rest. These cats are taken in from zoos and private collectors and from those that are seized from animal abusers. Every time I go I cannot tell you how awe inspiring it is to see these animals and know that they were saved by the 2 individuals who run the park. I have season passes and go as many times as I can. All proceeds go to the animals in the park. It started small and now they have added other animals like bears, giraffes and zebras.
    They put on the most amazing shows. None of the animals are tamed and there are no guns or tranquilizers on the property. The keepers work with the animals and study their behavior and use the animal’s instinct to keep the peace. If you take the free tour, you learn all of this. One of the shows is called Tiger Splash. It shows how a keeper can get a tiger to act similar to a housecat. Ever dangle a piece of string in front of a cat. They fix on it and then pounce. Similar to what the tiger does…except they use a stuffed toy at the end of a long pole. They swish it in front of the tiger and get the tiger to fix on it. Then the splash part comes in. In the middle of the enclosure is a huge pool. The keeper gets the cat to ‘follow’ the stuffed toy and then the keeper runs and leaps into the pool….with the tiger right behind. I have a picture of a tiger leaping after the toy/human into the pool. How cool is that. If you get a chance, take a look at their site.

  • oouchan

    I forgot to mention in regards to my post above, that if you are at this park, you can get really close to the animals. In some parts you can be within 1 foot. You get to feed the tigers as well….Not what you are thinking! One of the keepers hands you some tongs with a bit of meat on it and you can push it through the chain link fence…right at the waiting tiger. Got pictures of that too. It was awesome.

    So if you are ever in Arizona, check this place out!

  • loma

    Leopard or Liger (even though it is not natural).

  • sadie

    thats so sweet i

  • PKN

    Tigers are rightfully number one in this list,they are the biggest of all the big cat speces, certain species can be double the weight of large lions. their strength is unmatched by any other big cat. really,the Lion looks big,but the tiger IS big ;)

  • Jay Poe

    Lions rule! The black panther (melanistic) or cougar should be on this list as well.

    I was always more of a cat person.

  • bandoy abno

    where is the black panther or the puma? yudiputa na list

  • bobcat

    these cats are truly amazing. there are no other beast like them. can all of you agree…mr graves?…do you not agree that the bobcat truly is the most fierce animal? and jay poe lions totally rule!

    over and out- bobcat and snowleopard

  • Carter Hunter

    bobcat knows nothing about cats

  • Carter Hunter

    neither does snowleopard

  • William Clay Timmons

    begran, maaa man. i can’t not express my disappointment that the Iberian Lynx here isnt here too…and silly carter bobcat is just a cat lover, thats all we are here

  • snow leopard

    William I COMPLETELY understand your frustration for the lack of recognition for such an amazing creature like the Iberian lynx. Bobcat honestly there is no comparison to these creatures…. Truly magnificent. I wish everyone felt the way we do about these creatures!! I am so glad to know that there are people just like me out there!!

  • marah

    my fav is the snow leopard and cheetah there mad

  • pig

    Cool face

  • pig

    I like hame just like you lion dude

  • Nacho Libre

    save the trees
    You murderer of trees
    I hate your actions
    have a good day

  • Emo

    It is a bad thing that they can kill hunters
    We humans are more important than a lion

    • Michelle

      Yah but Hunters have guns and cats don’t Emo!

  • dace

    the panther is missing. and i was expecting a revolver joke in the ocelot description.

  • Krailey

    I so LURVE TIGERS! ?

  • Stacy

    the bobcat and snow leopard are so cute!

  • Stacy

    black panthers should be on the list :D

  • jdawks

    I have to say, I believe that cheetahs are not technically “big cats.” Big cats can roar, but cheetahs can only purr, like small cats.

    • Danny

      Cheetahs ARE considered “big cats”. But unlike other big cats, they don’t roar. Cheetahs and cougars are the largest cats that are able to purr. Other big cats “chuff” or “prusten” which is a low-frequency equivalent to the purring found in domesticated cats

  • Seiko Wendell

    The bobcat is a species of lynx (the lynx rufus, as opposed to the lynx lynx), and is therefore also a lynx. The lynx is my favorite genus from cats, so I've done a lot of research into them. I argue with my little brother about this all the time.

    Other than that… Muttley's comment ftw – the pictures in the list are nice, and those are all amazing cats.

  • avi

    this is 4 big cats (lion, jaguar, snow leopard and tiger) and 6 small cats.



  • ruben medacier

    where does cougar and the panther stand at

  • Michelle

    Cats are such magnificent creatures I wonder sometimes how normal house cats and these big beautiful animals could be related.
    Wild horses and wild cat number are decreasing. Help wildlife!


  • Danny

    I believe the “jaguar” pictured in no.5 is in fact a leopard. Jaguars have darker, bigger and more widely spaced rosettes on their coats. But great list. I love kitties. :D

  • Stephen

    Cool list, but I cannot believe you left off the Leopard. The “plain old” leopard. The best tree climber, even outclimbing the Jaguar (here, it’s heft is a disadvantage). Leopards are known to carry prey weighing a much as three times THEIR OWN WEIGHT high up in to a tree, to keep it from scavengers and other opportunistic predators. They are “nearly threatened”, which I think is a poor label for “eventually will be extinct” (just my sad view of humanity’s out-of-control growth and habitat destruction, pushing all other mammals out, eventually from all corners. Anyway – great list, but I can’t imagine such a list without the proud and beautiful leopard.

  • hannah

    so cute cubs

  • james

    siberian tigers are cool and dangerous. They can defeat lions someties

  • james

    i love cheetha they are cool . And it is bad killing them .

  • james

    jaguar is cool .They are beautiful

  • bengalpuss29

    Its hard to believe that people actually pay to hunt there beautiful creatures just for there fur or bone’s and teeth for chinese medicine. I find it sad that we will eventually thru our stupidity wipe some of there beautiful breeds out, The government need to put tough sentences in place for anyone abusing or killing these creatures and stick to it that’s the only way to stop there murderers.

  • Milky bar kid

    It is hard to believe that anyone could hunt and kill these beautiful creature, Ocelots are especially awesome!!!!!!

  • Milky bar kid 1504

    Ocelots are awesome!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    For your info the liger is the biggest big cat in the world

  • Rye

    Cougar??? Hello u forgot that one!!!!

  • TU Favorita Meli

    We want just one or two occasions of discretion to look at these within their organic home their own simply purpose … Inside wrangling in regards to the distribution procedures associated with riv waters, and also look at the atmosphere to be able to …Sky Habitat

  • Katy

    Why isn’t the Clouded Leopard on here? Their fur is so pretty and they are big cats?

  • Laura

    The first five (5-10) are not considered “big cats.”

  • tage

    i agree tiger’s are the best i have seen tiger verse a lion and the tiger all way’s win’s leopard/cheetah just run away plus i saw a video when there was a tiger and a lion and a elephant next to them and the lion run away tiger just stand there looking at the elepthant like he’s a pussy

  • Adrian

    Is this list about BIGGER cats than a domestic cat? – from what I knew- only true BIG CATS from this list are the lion, the tiger, the jaguar, the cheetah, and (with my doubts) – the snow leopard…and I don’t mean in SIZE…

  • zubair beigh

    i luv big cats and want to live with them.tiger is my favourite and i wanna to save tiger.

  • kole

    The Lion is thee Big Cat, the rest are just pussy cats.

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