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Christmas Competition Reminder

Since we last published our Christmas Competition rules we have had a huge influx of entries. The prizes are great (especially since the new iPod Nano now includes a video camera!). This is just a little reminder that there are but a few weeks left to enter. Remember, all lists (regardless of subject) are welcome and there are LOTS of prizes to win. Check the original post for the rules.

If you have any questions about the competition, ask them here.

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  • tripsyman

    I won’t be entering but I look forward to reading the winning list.

    Good Luck to everyone

  • paulo


  • El the erf

    I just have one request ( a plea rather). Can’t we keep flamehorse, Randall, Blogball et al from submitting their entries in this contest. Won’t it be like letting the sharks loose in a kiddie pool,uh?

  • romerozombie

    I want to enter but I have no idea what to make a list about.

  • kendracoquia

    Yay! No. 5!

  • H3000

    I want to win and I’m thinking of just making a grocery list.

  • imaan

    im gonna enterrr!! ive already started making one and i think its pretty good. cant wait for the winning list even if i dont win :D

  • Gus

    I am 8th

  • Gus

    jfrater you cheated us out of a list today… :-( not cool man… not cool at all… Where am I going to get unknwon facts of the day??

  • kieron

    at 9
    didn’t the more twilight list come out today

  • ianz09

    Ok, here’s one:

    There are of course only a limited number of days that competition lists will be published. If a list doesn’t make it into those 10 days, would it get trashed or (assuming quality, of course) just enter the realm of regular publication post-Christmas?

    @Gus (9): We have a list that was published today, fear not.

    @paulo (2): @kendracoquia (5): @Gus (8): No. We do not do that here. Bad.

  • Spiff17

    ianz09: I believe I recall jamie saying in the initial rules announcement that lists that don’t make it into the 10 days of Christmas may still be used at a later time, they just won’t win anything.

  • ianz09

    @Spiff17 (12): Hmmm don’t recall that, but you’re probably right.

  • ianz09

    @Spiff17 (12): Yeah I just read through the first post again. You’re right.

  • Gus

    I must have missed it… So I retract the feeling of being cheated… :-) By the way just say all the twighlight shows are not to be missed… Another question a Christmas themed list would it look better than a non christmas themed one?

  • redcaboose

    Like others, I will not be entering either. But I am looking forward to some really fine lists.

    Good luck, everyone.

  • ianz09

    @Gus (15): No, JFrater said your chances won’t be increased by submitting a Christmas list. As a matter of fact, you may get the edge with a bizarre list, but really it just comes down to quality and entertainment value. No specific theme required

  • Dk

    @H3000 (6): Y’know, there may just be a way to make that work…maybe a list of “Stuff you should always stock in your kitchen” or something? If you submit that list & win, I want some kind of credit!

  • Wael

    Goddamn it, the last three lists are really boring and self repeating.. Even the ones before that aren’t really interesting and diverse.. We need lists(I would have underlined the word “lists” if I could) ! Cmon guys you can do better !

  • atheists eat fish

    I am too lazy to submit a list. Could someone maybe make a top ten list of crappy religous prohibitions?? For example: 1-No alcohol. Many religions prohibit this. If yours does, it sucks. 2-No cow eating. WTF???? No more MCDonald’s or flame broiled ribs? Your religion sucks. 3-No pork. Seriously????? Bacon is quite obviously the food of the Gods. Your religion sucks. See??? It would be fun for the holiday season. Oh wait, I forgot one 4- No gay marriage. Why the fuck not? They’re so great they shouldn’t have to suffer? Like heteros are any good at marraige anyways.What a crock of shit. Your religion sucks.
    Seriously, someone please make this list.

  • Danny

    Heh you should see MY List :-)
    and lesee whens the Deadline for it again.. EST that is :-)

  • El the erf

    The next sickophantic suck-up on Listverse will do a Lecter : “What? You don’t eat human meat?! WTF! Your religion sucks!

  • atheists eat fish

    @El the Erf: I like your idea, but seriously, it is not well written enough for Listverse. Too many exclamation marks and stupid abbreviations. Honestly, that is just a shitty example of writing.

  • El the erf

    @atheists eat fish (23): “Honestly, that is just a shitty example of writing”. Blowing your own trumpet, eh?

  • Kibey

    Hmmm, Top ten reasons why Christians think the pagan holiday they call Christmas has got anything to do with the birth of Jesus.

  • Chris

    How about Top 10 reasons why Atheists and Theists should just agree to live and let live and stop trashing the other’s religious beliefs?

  • atheists eat fish

    @Chris-UMMM, I don’t think atheists have religious beliefs. So go ahead and trash mine. Good luck. Anyway, religious people are always telling others what to do and think so they make themselves a target. Also, I am in a bad mood. Just FYI. And the reason for my bad is directly related to my list. So pftttttttttttt (sp?). I am attempting to raise the level of discourse on listverse today, obviously. Don’t be intimidated.

  • General-Jake

    haha you losers actually left comments without a list? haha you fools you… o wait what i have done? noooooooooo

  • Shifty

    @atheists eat fish (20): “Ten Wonderful Things Prohibited By Some Religions” might have a better chance of being published then “Ten Crappy Religious Prohibitions That Prove Your Religion Sucks”

    Anyway, here are a few more items for your list: shell fish, birds with webbed feet (like duck), fish without scales (like catfish), sex outside of marriage, pornography, swearing when you stub your toe, coffee, tobacco, and tattoos.

  • atheists eat fish

    @Shifty-You make a good point. However, my title more accurately reflects my current mood. I do, however, agree with you proposals for additions to the list. Thanks :).

  • chingpower

    Sir jfrater i’m planning to join this contest and i’m from the Philippines.
    I have some questions because my understanding of things here might be different from there.
    Would it be ok if i type my list in Microsoft Word, attach it in my email and send it to [email protected]?
    I’m using yahoo mail, would that be fine?
    I’m not that much of a computer person. I apologize for my ignorance.

  • deeeziner

    @chingpower (31): I submitted my list for the competition through MY e-mail account.

    I did exactly as you have outlined…Composed my list in MS Word, then inserted into my e-mail form and sent to [email protected]. I used “Christmas Competition” as my subject title in the proper field.

    I also sent a second message asking for verification of receipt and that it had been accepted as a competition submission.

    He responded “yes” and “yes”.

  • deeeziner

    @chingpower (31): I will add that I submitted through this method ONLY because my computer would not allow my list to be sent through the link/form that Jamie has supplied in the original competition page.

    I would try to use his competition link first.

  • Tsiamon

    You know, I was really excited about the prospect of writing a list for this contest until I realized that all of my trival knowledge….came from this website. =/

  • chingpower

    @deeeziner (33):
    hey! thanks for that.
    i’m sort of relieved. :)
    i’ll just do exactly what you have done.
    i’m refining my list now.

  • deeeziner

    @chingpower (35): :)

  • fazy89

    O co tu kurwa chodzi ?I from Legnica

  • fazy89

    Pierdolic ich,huje