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10 Interesting Places to Visit with Google Earth

There can be little doubt that technology has changed they way we see our world, and Google Earth is a perfect example. This wonderful tool can be downloaded free of charge from and lets you see the world as never before, zooming about the globe at will. But there’s a lot more that Google Earth can do besides just show you your house (and who hasn’t looked up their house on Google Earth)? So here are 10 interesting places to visit using Google Earth. I provide the coordinates for each location, and you need only plug them into the search box and hit Enter to be taken directly to the spot. These are in no particular order.

One other note, you may wish to turn off the Geographic Web layer in the sidebar (if you have it turned on). Otherwise, for a couple of these sites, all you will see are little blue boxes representing pictures that have been submitted. While these can be very enjoyable, if you’re trying to view the sights, they can be obstructive.

There are, of course, many more interesting sights to be seen through Google Earth, and is reception for this list is good, I’ll do another for you, showcasing some more famous locations.


6.102°S 105.423°E


On August 27, 1883, after several weeks of rumbling and threatening (accompanied by lesser eruptions), the island of Krakatoa literally exploded in a series of four volcanic eruptions. The explosions were so powerful that they were heard clearly some 3,000 miles away, global weather patterns were disrupted for years to come, and the shockwave circled the globe seven times! Since then, the island has grown up again and is now known as Anak Krakatau (Son of Krakatau). It remains volcanically active and has been steadily growing larger since the 1950’s. Can it be much longer, then, before another Krakatoa? Only time will tell.


Meteor Crater
35°1?38?N 111°1?21?W


About 43 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ lies a crater some 4,000 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep. It was created about 40,000 years ago, probably by a meteor roughly 54 yards wide. Discovered in the late 1800s, the crater was originally thought to have been the site of a volcanic eruption, but in 1903, Daniel Barringer, a mining engineer and businessman, voiced the opinion that it had been the result of a meteorite impact. On August 8, 1964, Capt. John L. Kidd of American Airlines and another pilot, Gary Chapin, crash-landed in the crater in a Cessna 150. They had intended to fly over the crater but experienced a loss of lift and found themselves trapped within. They circled the crater until they ran out of fuel and crash-landed. Both pilots survived, and the remnants of their plane can be viewed even today. For the full story (and photos), go here.


Vredefort Crater
27°0?0?S 27°30?0?E

1392273928 10A1Dc1428 O

As long as we’re discussing meteor craters, you might want to go and check out the largest verified impact crater on Earth, located in South Africa. You’ll need to zoom out a little to really appreciate it, though. Created by an asteroid suspected to be some 6 miles wide, this crater has a diameter of as much as 186 miles! The age of the crater is estimated at more than 2 billion years.


Great Pyramid of Giza
29°58?34?N 31°07?58?E

The Great Pyramid Of Giza 2.Jpg

The only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed sometime in the 23rd century BC. The Pyramids were constructed to house the earthly remains of the great Pharaohs of Egypt and their arrangement could well be a representation of the “Belt of Orion.” From the central pyramid, if you truck just a little to the southeast, you can also plainly see the Great Sphinx.


Burj Khalifa
25°11?49.7?N 55°16?26.8?E


Burj Khalifa, formerly known as Burj Dubai, is the tallest man-made structure in the world, towering over the landscape at an impressive 2,717 feet. Though it is difficult to see the actual building itself on Google Earth, the monstrous shadow that it casts is plainly visible. The building currently holds no less than 14 world records, including the tallest man-made structure, the world’s fastest elevator (40 mph), and the worlds highest swimming pool (on the 76th floor). The cost was a trifling $1.5 billion (U.S.).


Sydney Opera House
33°51?25?S 151°12?53?E

800Px-Sydney Opera House Sailsk

Conceived and largely built by Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973 (construction began in 1959) at a cost of $102 million. The Concert Hall seats 2,678 individuals and houses the Sydney Opera House Great Organ, the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world, with over 10,000 pipes. The Opera Theater seats 1,507, the Drama Theater 544, and the Playhouse (an end-stage theater) seats 398. In addition, the Studio and the Utzon Room offer flexible seating of up to 400 and 210, respectively.


51°10?43.84?N 1°49?34.28?W

Local Stonehenge

Believed to have been erected around 2500 BC, Stonehenge is known to have been used as a burial ground by Bronze Age cultures living in the region. Beyond that, not much is known for certain. As the people who constructed it left no written records, there is much speculation on it’s function, some of it quite colorful. The most commonly accepted theories are that it served as a primitive observatory, or perhaps a worship site. On Google Earth, the Heelstone is visible to the northeast of the structure, just beside the road, while the remnants of two other henges are visible to the southwest.


The Spring Temple Buddha
33.775150°N 112.451016°E


The Spring Temple Buddha is the tallest statue in the world, at 502 feet (when considering the building upon which it sits). It was completed in 2002, at a cost of $55 million and depicts Vairocana Buddha, seen as the embodiment of Emptiness (shunyata). Until their destruction by the Taliban in 2001, the Buddhas of Bamyan were considered to be the largest standing Buddhas in the world. Plans for construction of the Spring Temple Buddha were announced shortly after their destruction.


Christ the Redeemer
22°57?6?S 43°12’39?W


The 130-foot tall statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, stands atop the peak of the Corcovado Mountains, overlooking the city. Construction began in 1922 and was completed in 1931. As of July 2007, it is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. In October 2006, on the statue’s 75th anniversary, Archbishop of Rio Cardinal Eusebio Oscar Scheid consecrated a chapel (named for the patron saint of Brazil—Nossa Senhora Aparecida, or “Our Lady of the Apparition,”) under the statue. This allows Catholics to hold baptisms and weddings there.


Statue of Liberty
40°41?38?N 74°2?37?W


Last, but certainly by no means least, our journey brings us to the Statue of Liberty, which proudly stands in New York Harbor. A gift from France in the year 1886, Liberty stands 151 ft tall, or 305 ft. if the height of the pedestal is included. The statue’s official title is Liberty Enlightening the World, and of the several million visitors each year, one can only wonder how many notice the broken shackles at her feet, or the inscription on the book she carries; July IV MDCCLXXVI. The statue is sheathed in pure copper, over a steel framework, and is one of the most recognizable icons of the United States. From 1886 to 1902, the statue’s torch functioned as a lighthouse, but this was abandoned after discovering that it had a tendency to fatally disorient birds. Though age has tarnished the copper to a bright blue-green hue, one can imagine the incredible glow the statue might have originally had, the sun reflecting off the copper.

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  • Julius

    Here are another which i find quite interesting:
    The Pentagon: 38 52′ 15.00″ N, 77 03′ 19.64″ W
    Camp Nou: 41°22?51.20?N 2°7?22.19?E
    The palace of the parliament (Ceau?escus palace):44°25?39?N 26°5?15?E
    Nazca Lines: 14°43?S 75°08?W?

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    While most of you may be checking these out, I personally have found Google Earth Secrets. [These are all searchable]–
    Badlands Guardian (near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)
    Jauncho E. Yrausquin Airport [World’s Shortest Runway] (Saba Island)
    Firefox Crop Circle (near Salem, Oregon)

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    Just as I’m reading about #5 – Sydney Opera House, it pops up on the news as being the location yesterday for a photoshoot of 5,000+ naked people embracing (already forgot the photographer’s name). Interesting publicity I suppose… strange coincidence though.


    The author just could not resist his desire to place the American thing at the top. The disclaimer is a desperate attempt to become non-controversial.

  • tzopilotl

    …google earth is the greatest, try out the airplane
    feature, you get to pilot a jet or a prop plane, whoa,
    it takes some doing not to spin and crash, much touchier
    than a real plane, once you’re straightened out you can
    cruise over terrain to see what country has the geography you like, you can also do this with the regular
    controls, try the aleutians set low and you can see more
    of russia than sarah palin did from her balcony. if you’re
    an anthroapologist you will see how a bering cross at
    high tide was a natural in a kayak=acalli acolli(N)=
    shoulder boat=a/call/(i)ak/colli(letra)=calliak=kayak.

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  • Weirdvideo

    Number 6 isn’t the “Tallest man-made structure” that award goes to some radio tower in like Oregon. It is the tallest inhabitable structure however

  • weidermeijer

    Nice list, but why did you put all this work into a list and not provide links?

  • LilKev

    Perhaps the author is most familiar with the Statue of Liberty, thus conceiving the list with that site in mind, and that’s why it’s number one. If it was written by an Australian, maybe the Sydney Opera House would have been number one. Familiarity as a starting point does not necessarily equal bias, especially when the author states that the list is not a ranking.

  • Jasmine

    How can stone henge be above Giza :O nice list!

  • Mathi

    @Weirdvideo (33):

    Actually, the CN Tower in Toronto has a height of ‘only’ 533 metres, while the Burj Khalifa – tower is 828 metres high.

    That’s a difference of almost 300 metres. Craaaazy.

  • schiesl

    No it past that, and it was an old Radio Tower in the Ukraine i believe….or something but it fell over in the 1970’s. Besides it topped it anyway

  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole


    Thank you for that, you’re the first person in 17 days other than me that’s even mentioned the olympics, what a game yesteday!

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, Not to take anything away from the list writer, but I think these are some of the most obvious places I can think of.

    I used to love Google Earth. Scanning the nevada desert you can find sooo many wierd lines carved into the ground, as well as a huge expanse of cone-shaped ‘hills’ left over from extensive underground weapons/bomb testing. Amazing! Aside from that, picking out the hotels in Vegas can be another fun search.

  • Scratch

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    I was on the edge of my seat, what a game!

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    go to Volgograd and look at the statue of Mother Russia. It’s TWICE the size of the Statue of Liberty!!

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    I like everything here except number 6. Why do people marvel at number 6? It was made using slave labor! Dubai is a terrible place that gets off scotch free and it really bugs me that people don’t acknowledge that it’s a terrible place!

  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole

    @Scratch (41):

    That was probably the best hockey game I’ve ever seen, I still can’t believe you guys tied it up with 30 seconds left. Miller is the best goalie in the world right now and should win the Vezna this year but, Canada is the best team in the world.

  • Slave


    think you mean number 7, but anyway many scientists and the like has discovered that the pyramids may have been built by “normal” people and not slaves. Considering what they found in their living quarters which had some high standard for that time.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @bassbait (43): I think this list is more about the ends and not the means.

    Great list, and thank you France! We love our statue.

  • Forsythia

    @SURYA (31):
    “The disclaimer is a desperate attempt to become non-controversial.”

    And your comments are a desperate attempt to create controversy. It’s just a fun list!!


    This is just the kind of list I adore. I have been dying to go see the Christ The Redeemer statue. It’s really something spectacular.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole (44): Sick game but I’m so pissed Canada won. At least a Penguin scored the final goal.

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  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (48):

    And I would have been so pissed if you guys won. A Stanley Cup and a gold medal 8 months apart, Sidney Crosby is on top of the world right now.

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    @SURYA (31): whine whine whine. stfu and write your own damn list then.

  • Nicolelodeon

    This past summer I visited family in England, and they took me to Stonehenge. I checked it on on Google Earth, and it just doesn’t do it justice. It was the most awesome thing to see in person.


    “stfu and write your own damn list then”

    You can’t ask every movie critic to go and make his own movie.

  • undaunted warrior

    Unusual list but I enjoyed it thanks.

    Pity when I zoom down on my house it all starts getting fuzzy at 20,000 ft. maby clouds.

  • pre-modern

    @Springs (20):

    I’m confident that the Buddhists did not assign the dollar value to it. they just built it.

    Minor correction suggestion for #9;

    Meteor crater was not discovered in the late 1800’s. It may have been first seen by white European colonists/settlers then, but I’m sure it was “discovered” much, much earlier.

  • ZibbyYamala

    wow i’d love to see all that in person! but i guess the cheapest way is google earth, haha. nice list!

  • ZibbyYamala

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    . . . shut up!

  • Reefer

    Nice list, but a bit depressing with the road so close to Stonehenge and the urban sprawl butting up against the pyramids

  • @SURYA: As I said, the list was in no particular order. I tried to be as varied as I could in finding interesting sights that could also be easily discerned through the photography, showing favor to no one country. I think that I did a good job, but you are, of course, entitled to your own opinion.

    @bassbait: I’m sorry if I offended you. I chose the Dubai Tower because it is the world’s tallest man-made structure (sorry, weirdvideo; I’ve done my homework) and because it is a cool image.

    To those who have complimented, thank you very much. I enjoyed making the list, and while there certainly are places I have missed, I’ll do this again and hit some other interesting sites. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed my idea.

    Please note that I did not choose the photographs to be used, but I’m glad that they decided to use photos from the sites instead of the actual shots from Google Earth. After all, there would be little reason to go and look for yourself.

    True, I could have included links, but almost all of the reference was taken from Wikipedia, and it’s really not that difficult to go there and look it up for yourself.

  • splodie

    Great list! I’ll be out Earthing later today.

    @Surya – stop trying to start problems. Making a list is nothing like making a movie. Your analogy isn’t valid. Get to work.

  • Lifeschool

    Some Navada satalite shapes on google earth (cut and paste the co-ords):

    Strange Star – 37°24’5.12″N, 116°52’4.19″W
    A Target – 37°33’49.94″N, 116°51’3.91″W
    Star Map? – 37°35’18.71″N, 116°54’58.81″W
    The Serpant – 37° 8’13.05″N, 116°50’42.67″W
    Bomb Cone Valley – 37° 6’19.27″N, 116° 2’32.82″W
    Perfect Circle – 37°19’9.81″N, 115°54’21.96″W
    Area 51 – 37°13’45.12″N, 115°47’53.96″W
    The Bath Tub/Ship – 37°25’44.00″N , 116°50’59.69″W
    Ghost Bath Tub/Ship – 37°21’51.97″N, 116°49’33.44″W
    Thors Coffin – 37°37’34.21″N, 116°52’23.01″W
    A Cross – 37°21’13.23″N, 116°42’30.05″W
    Bombing Target? – 37°51’11.36″N, 116°44’35.09″W
    Writing? – 39°52’44.48″N, 118°23’50.27″W

    There are so many more odd shapes in this area – including more geometary – but I can’t find them…



    Sorry if my comments hurt you.

  • Maddox

    Cool list, i would personaly include some secret hi-rez pictures like the hot lady on the building or the drunk guys by the river

  • Scratch

    @Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole (44):

    I’m Canadian too :)

    I thought Canada was done when the U.S. tied it up.

  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole

    @Scratch (66):

    Sorry about that, I guess I thought you were american from a previous conversation we had, but yea, I thought we were done too when they tied it up but Jarome Iginla and Sidney Crosby saved the day and saved the olympics really.

  • Lifeschool

    Oh, yeah, and this:

    Pyramid: 37°37’41.80″N, 116°50’54.47″W

  • Maggot

    @SURYA (55): You can’t ask every movie critic to go and make his own movie.

    Most professional movie critiques aren’t whiney childish accusations.

  • Wood

    USA sucks in hockey. I bet when Crosby scored in overtime you stinking Americans felt the same way you did when the second plane hit the world trade center.

  • @SURYA: No worries. I developed a thick skin a long time ago when it comes to online forums. You can’t please everyone all the time.

  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole

    @Wood (70):

    Really? That’s horrible man. Thanks for giving all real canadian hockey fans in here a bad name.

  • Scratch
  • LizzyPop

    the statue of liberty looks much smaller in person, the first time i saw it driving from brooklyn to newark i thot “thats it?”

  • Wood

    Sid the kid speak for yourself you idiot. Real canadian hockey fans hate the Americans.

  • LilKev

    @Slave (45):

    I’m pretty sure he meant #6.

    I know, it’s wikipedia, but it’s a good starting point. Dubai is like the old Las Vegas, bright lights and flashy money blinding everyone to the filth behind it.

  • Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole

    @Wood (75):

    But why the world trade center comment? What does that have to do with hockey?

  • Maggot

    @Wood (70): You suck at possessing even one ounce of class.

  • LilKev

    Shows how meaningless someone’s life is when he thinks losing a hockey game (or, more accurately, watching other people lose a hockey game) is comparable to thousands of people losing their lives.

  • Wood

    LilKev, I have more meaning in my life than you do. And yes Canadian hockey means much more to me than any stupid American and what happens to them.

  • aadit

    Hey whtknt great list!
    Liked the way you handled the Surya comment, wish I could always be that mature.

  • Scratch

    Don’t feed the troll, he just wants attention. In addition to this obvious bait, he commented that the jazz list has too many black people.

    As far as trolls go, he really is an amateur.

  • Wood

    Maggot, your name says it all and I bet it rhymes with something that you are also. I just came across this site and I can’t believe all the idiots that post on here.

  • deeeziner

    I like to Goggle Earth the cities in action movies that I watch–like the Bourne movie series. I get a much better appreciation for the places I watch on the screen.

    I have also enjoyed stumbling upon the websites that showcase ironic images from GE.

    Nice list whtknt!

  • deeeziner

    @Wood (83):

    “I can’t believe all the idiots that post on here.”

    Looks like you’re in fine company.

  • Muscarius

    48°44’32″N 44°32’13″E

  • xrayvision

    Statue of Liberty #1. The author is a complete idiot. The only good thing about the Statue of Liberty is the bird droppings it collects.

  • Pan Pipe Dreams

    Fuck google. They are monopolising the internet.

  • Maggot

    @deeeziner (85): Looks like you’re in fine company.

    Don’t put him in the same class as the rest of us idiots. Some people struggle to achieve the status of “idiot”. He is one of those people.

  • deeeziner

    @Maggot (89):

    I foresee a LONG struggle.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Wood (83): Don’t you realize 1. what a dumb ass your being, and 2. that your name is synonymous with boner? I used to think all Canadians were jovial hockey loving dudes with a funny accent. You ruined my hopes…

  • @xrayvision: If you don’t like it, you’re free to go elsewhere. As an American citizen, the Statue of Liberty holds meaning for me. The list was in no particular order, just the order I happened to think of things to look at.

  • psychosurfer

    @Lifeschool (63): Thank you, much better.

  • Vera Lynn

    deeeziner (90) A very long struggle.

  • tomsss

    i think there’s a mistake in the first line.. it should be “has changed the way we see our world…” instead of “they” right?.. but great list, i’m going to check out these things, also thank you @Lifeschool (63)

  • pre-modern

    @Wood (70):

    you’re not a true Canadian. Leave the country, you hate-filled jerkass. Sorry world; another born-in-the-90’s disaffected kid.

  • robb

    Yosemite Valley is pretty cool on Google Earth too

  • copperdragon

    also try…

    Mt Rushmore (which says Portland Oregon for some reason)
    43*52’44” N 103*27’35” W

    St Louis Arch (hard to see but the shadow is cool)
    38*37’27” N 90*11’6.5″ W

    Grand Canyon
    36*6’53” N 113*14’24” W

    Eiffel Tower (again, cool shadow)
    48*51’30” N 2*17’40” E

    Ayers Rock in Australia
    25*20’42 S 131*1’43” E

  • copperdragon

    how about…

    25*5’23″N 55*5’37″E
    The Palm Islands and the World Islands in Dubai

  • copperdragon

    The Statue of Mother Russia!! very cool

  • Gina

    SURYA: Why don’t you just suck it–if you dont like this site, then get the hell out of here. No one is forcing you to view this blog.

  • copperdragon

    the Face on Mars!!
    (click to Mars view)
    40*44’42″N 9*27’16″W

  • krypto092108

    I just downloaded and installed Google Earth.
    It’s just NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tryclyde

    @Wood (84): Just go away; you’re a royal prick

  • Like I said, lots of other cool places to check out. I’ll put together another list soon.

  • Cubone

    cool list. it was fun to check these out!

  • Arsnl

    @copperdragon (101): will mother russian be a mail bride for uncle sam?

  • Himself

    Lol @ no Eiffel Tower.

  • Santone

    Seriously weird patterns way out in western China:

    40.457 N, 93.392 E

    40.453 N, 93.743 E

    Best guess is that they’re bombing/missile targets of some sort. Either that or signs to guide The Elder Gods on their way back here. :-)

  • astroboy

    Uluru in Central Australia.

    25° 20? 42? S, 131° 2? 10? E


  • heydrichwastheman

    Don’t know why wood was comparing hockey to 911 but I believe he was saying something about you whining americans. You brought 911 on yourself and everyone in the world hates you filthy bastards.

  • VGV

    @weidermeijer (35):

    In case you didn’t know : copy the coordinates and paste them in *fly to* .

    P.S. Nice list.

  • I noticed that

    1: some locations are slightly off
    2: most have 3D models in GEarth
    3: The statue of liberty has an entire ISLAND in a 3D model

  • msulli222

    Great list! I also appreciate that it was well-written. I really like that there were a lot of unique places spread all over the world. The comments have also yielded some interesting finds!

    Also, I want to commend the author for handling the trolls so well!


    @Sid the Kid Goes 5 Hole (40):
    LOU, LOU, LOU!!!!
    It was perfect that Sid scored the winner and Iginla with the great assist, the two leaders of Canadian hockey!

    but I don’t understand all this in fighting amongst us Canadians, we should just get drunk, smoke some green and be happy we beat those joyless Americans!!!

  • gay list

    faggy gaggy listicle

  • joe the chef

    Chechnya, or other warzones also have an interesting landscape.

  • Renegade

    @Wood (71):

    Lol, oh yeah buddy. Second best hockey team in the world means we totally suck at hockey. You sure got us. I don’t know how we’re going to go on. Oh yeah, here’s a good way. We only beat you guys earlier in the tournament and forced you into overtime in the second game. If we suck don’t you think that would, logically, make you marginally above suck? Well thought out series of bitching my friend, and you say we Americans are the stupid ones.

  • gothic

    Hey people, I just found the BATMAN’s Cave!!!!

  • fthrud

    There’s one thing I don’t understand about meteor impact craters…where did the meteor go? Why isn’t it embedded in the crater?

  • ZibbyYamala


    really? i don’t give a rat’s ass about hockey. but to bring in something like the trade center?? man, u’re very lucky that this is indirect. ur ass would be laid out on the floor by now.


    u kno, i was wondering the same thing!! maybe erosion? that’s the only thing i could think of. but i really have no idea. -_-

  • copperdragon

    @fthrud (121):

    depending on the size – they usually disintegrate after impact, but small pieces (tektites) can be found

  • canuck

    i’d say the niagara falls is interesting

  • canuck

    also try the bird’s nest, site of olympic games at beijing

  • @heydrichwastheman (112): You really want someone to reply to you, don’t you? Oh! I did just that, please go on the silent mode now.

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    Just chill out, don’t all get offended at once for trivial matters. Especially when 64.5% of the Listverse audience is North American (and assuming this site operates somewhere in North America)

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    9 Been there already
    8 Been there already
    7 Been there already
    6 Haven’t been there
    5 Been there already
    4 Been there already
    3 Haven’t been there
    2 Been there already
    1 Been there already

    – – – on Google Earth, that is !!

    Though I have been to 5 and 4 in real life.

    However Whtknt; your picture of Vredefort Crater is NOT Vredefort Crater – – – That is a photo of Gosse’s Bluff Crater / Tnorala in Central Australia about 175 km west of Alice Springs – Oh and I and my family have been there for ral, too.

    I should probably also point out that THAT photo of Tnorala is the one used on the lid of the 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the crater.

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    You should see “Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Leon” (Modern Art Museum) in Leon (Spain), when you see it from above in google maps it seems like the image is blured, but actually the museum is built to give that impresion.

  • bardieru

    Museo Arte Contemporaneo de Leon is in:
    +42° 36′ 23.94″, -5° 34′ 56.33″

  • Lifeschool

    @Santone (110): Thanks!, those are seriously wierd!

  • Lifeschool

    @bardieru (135): That’s an impressive building. :)

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    52° 30? 33? N, 1° 53? 5? W

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    The best part about the Christ’s Statue in Rio is not the statue itself, but the amazing view you have of the city from up there. In my opinion is the best view of the city we have. Yes, I’m from Rio.

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    nice list!kudos to WhtKnt.
    As for the stonehenge, the theory on it being an ancient “astronomer’s hub” is much more accepted.But it also has been said that it served different functions in different periods of time..can’t say much of the details though.

  • kabampalay

    nice list!kudos to WhtKnt.
    As for the stonehenge, the theory on it being an ancient “astronomer’s hub” is much more accepted.But it also has been said that it served different functions in different periods of time..can’t say much of the details though.

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    I’ve worked in sheet metal shops and I knew that copper turned to a blue green hue, but I guess I never put 2 and 2 together about The Statue of Liberty. What other obvious things am I not seeing.

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    Visited by millions every year. Lat/Lon 22.254575,113.9053

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    Ready to Launch! 28.61621,-80.612354

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    If anyone has any suggestions for places to add to the list please email me or add to the this list.

    I will place a link to your site in the video.

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    Fun stuff: Search for "Sedan Crater". It's a nuclear test crater in Nevada, but I couldn't get the coordinates. Then, switch to "map" view and look at the big grey area. That's all government property. If you zoom in close and hunt around, you'll find unmarked airstrips with black helicopters on them (seriously), roads to "nowhere" but a little building or something that looks like it might be a entrance into the side of a mountain… all kinds of top-secret, disaster-novel kind of stuff.

    Also fun: Mount Weather in VA. It's the US government's emergency operations headquarters. It's a pretty open secret as to its location and the fact that most of it is underground, but it's also under really heavy security at any given time.

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