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Top 10 Bizarre Sports

Believe it or not, we haven’t previously entitled a list “top 10 bizarre sports”! However, we do have two previous lists that look at bizarre sporting and leisure events. This list looks at another bunch of things people do to pass the time; in common, they all share one thing: extreme weirdness. This list is largely composed of items mentioned by the readers of the previous two lists.


Canine Freestyle

Technically it isn’t a sport, but you really need to see this – it is weird. Musical canine freestyle—also known as musical freestyle, freestyle dance, and canine freestyle—is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners. There are two types, musical freestyle and freestyle heeling (also known as heelwork to music), the main difference being that freestyle heeling focuses on a dog’s ability to stay in variations of the heel position while the handler moves to music, whereas musical freestyle demands that the dog perform a variety of tricks and other obedience talents, and places a greater focus on the trainer’s dance abilities and creativity.


Swamp Soccer

Swamp Soccer is a form of association football that is played in bogs or swamps. The sport is said to come from Bishop Auckland, in the north east of England, where it initially was used as an exercise activity for athletes and soldiers, since playing on soft bog is physically demanding. However the first organized championship was the 1998 Finnish championship and was the brainchild of Jyrki Väänänen, nicknamed “The Swamp Baron”, when the creator of swamp football moved there. There are currently an estimated 260 swamp football teams around the world. At the swamp football world championship games of 2005, some 5,000 players participated.


Tractor Pulling

Truck and tractor pulling, also known as power pulling, is a competition using tractors and large trucks to pull a heavy sled (sledge) along a ‘track’ and is very popular in rural areas. Usually the sled offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled. It can be a great spectacle, although the pulling vehicle produces a great deal of noise and smoke, and tends to kick up dirt. Also, the tractors pulling don’t actually travel very far (a typical “full pull” is 300 feet (100 metres)). There are many different classes, from “factory” tractors, to custom built vehicles (modified) with multiple engines.


Bun Climbing

Each spring, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents and visitors swarm the minuscule fishing island of Cheung Chau to witness man vs. bun. Just outside the Pak Tai temple, 60-ft.-tall (18 m) bamboo and metal structures are covered in steamed, sweet and blessed buns. At midnight on the final night of the weeklong festival, in an event known as the Bun Scramble, athletes try their best to scurry up the bun towers and gather more buns than their opponents. [Source]


Mountain Unicycle

When I think of unicycle I think of clowns at the circus, not rugged men taking it to some of the most dangerous terrains on earth. People take a unicycle and ride it on rocky terrain. Unicycles are one of the hardest things to ride, right next to the pogo stick. This is just a sport of pure insanity but it has gotten national coverage on major news channels like FOX. As you can see from the video above, this is not a particularly graceful sport.


Chess Boxing

Two words you never thought you would see together. Chess Boxing is a sport for nerds. It involves a two minute boxing round with a four minute chess competition. There is even a governing body, it’s called the “World Chess Boxing Association” and their motto is “Fighting is done in the ring, but war is waged on the board.”


Punkin Chunkin

Punkin chunkin is the action of hurling a pumpkin, in a competition, by mechanical means over distances greater than those of other competitors. Pumpkin chucking competitions, formal and informal, exist throughout the United States in the autumn, when pumpkins are harvested. In order of increasing effectiveness, the devices include compound slingshots, catapults, trebuchets, and pneumatic air cannons. A pneumatic air cannon named Young Glory III holds the current world record by firing a pumpkin a record 4483.51 feet (1,351 meters) during the annual 2008 competition in Delaware. As you can tell from the video above, this is not a particularly interesting spectator sport!


Outhouse Racing

Mackinaw City actually hosts a series of outhouse races every year. The event is billed as “The Best Case of the Runs You’ll Ever Have” by Greg “Big G” Yoder, who first commissioned the event. The rules require each racing outhouse to contain a toilet seat and a toilet paper dispenser. There can be only two pushers, two pullers and one rider per outhouse, which is mounted on skis.


Air Sex

Air sex is a performance activity invented in Japan; clothed men simulate sexual activity with an invisible partner, often in an exaggerated manner, set to music, and in a competition before an audience. This is somewhat akin to playing air guitar, explaining the name. The creator, J-Taro Sugisaku, says that it was invented in Tokyo in 2006 by a group of bored men without girlfriends. The reigning “world champion” in air sex goes by the name of Cobra.


Mind Ball

Mindball is a two person game controlled by players’ brain waves in which players compete to control a ball’s movement across a table by becoming more relaxed and focused. Mindball is produced by the Swedish Company Interactive Productline. The concept, introduced in 2005, originates from the prototype Brainball which was developed by the Smart Studio at The Interactive Institute, also in Sweden. If you found that video interesting, here is another one I found of grass growing.

  • Chris Zito

    nice list =)

  • oliveralbq

    air sex? mind ball? outhouse racing?
    holy shit — i need a few minutes to process all this

    well, if nothing else, you certainly nailed the "bizarre" label to a " t "

    nice job…………

    • At listverse we try our best :) You can quote me on that!

      • yeah—i dont have a great many reasons to be up at 3:45 am

        only ever been disappointed once (and that was for a list you took down, not one you put up)

        and your input into bizarre lists (and yours too mattewb) is about as good as tyb's input on animal lists

      • I agree with you the air sex thing left me speechless . I'll probly wake up at 3 in the morning either screaming hysterically or laughing hysterically .

        All in all vey cool list list !

        • has it occured to you, yet, that the japanese have given us something else that was ubiquetous, at best, and made popular by people who lacked the skills to do the action well?

          im here to tell you bro — if airsex gets anywhere near as popular as karaoke has gotten, i think that may be final straw, tumbling the sanity of the masses into oblivion, rendering society into an alcohol-laden group of automotant stupid-people robot-zombies.

          like we dont have enough problems already

          • Just wait for "EXTREME" air sex .

          • on the plus side, if aliens saw this activity, we would collectively appear so insane, they'd just pass up earth and find another civilization to take over.

            which would be a blessing

            cause they'd fucking kill us at the mind ball olympics

          • I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. A female colleague walked in while I was watching it and wanted to know why. A brief precis later I said did she want to watch it and don't hit me with a workplace harassment claim if she did. She watched in and was almost in as much laughter as me.

            It reminded me of a joke I heard when I was at high school and I have never been able to shake from my memory:
            A man was walking down the street going [pelvic thrusts]. A friend asked what he was doing. He said "Fuckin' nothing, man!"

          • Hahaha "air sex " is crazy, but i think if we can somehow combine "air sex " with "cannine freestyle" we'd be sitting on a goddamed global sensation…

          • Sounds scarily like an invocation of Rules of the Internet no. 34 and no. 35


          • TXPunk

            F#@king funny……… :)

          • "EXTREME" air sex is "COMING" SOON!

          • hahaha….this has got to be the funniest list & comments in months…..

            the funniest comments thread should definately get a couple of these….

      • Jfrater, do I have to do something special to use a link with the new commenting system? For some reason my links don't appear as hyperlinks….

        • Just typing the link should convert it to a hyperlink :)

      • "At listverse we try our best"

  • Swamp Soccer looks like a lot of dirty fun ;-) Swamp Rugby/ American Football could be fun too….
    #2 Japan, producing 78% of the worlds weirdest shit since 1952….seriously, airsex? why?
    #1 The Force is strong in the bald guy, he won ;-)

    • oliveralbq

      swamp soccer is a blast…….. having played non-swamp soccer all my life, when i moved down here close to the swamps and bogs of south louisiana and mississippi, (they call it mudball down here), i found that it was actually extremely diffiult but popular.

      kicking a ball in 5 inches of mud vs. a playing field, is akin to the difference beween riding your bike on a street vs. riding in the sand on a beach.

      and its a wonderful bonus that many of the players (with whom ive played) are just as concerned with how dirty you can get (and how fast) than they are with actually winning the game (slide tackles and diving for headers becomes something you try to find an excuse to do)

      good fun, just visit a laundrymat to clean your clothes, unless you want your washer to have an inch of mud at the bottom for a week

  • Sexysmell

    @ chess boxing: Two words you never thought you would see together? not a wu tang fan?

  • Swark

    There's the logic of morality and intelligence of the World, and then there's Japan.

    probably from all the radioactive.

  • Suharto Lova

    This is the 1st time i opening listverse since 2 months.

  • i think so. i have something for them too. mln

  • Hey, I actually saw a short feature on Chessboxing on tv, I believe it's a Dutch invention. It's hilarious. Much respect though for having to be fit and smart to compete…

  • What does it say about me that the only one I'd heard about was air sex?

  • fendabenda

    Oh oh oh m g! I'm dying for a chess boxing match right about now!! :D

  • Arsnl

    The most terrible thing is playing football on ice. The ball deflates a little and when you get a ball covered in ice in the kisser it really really hurts.
    The outhouse racing is a clear evidence that evolution doesnt favour the smart. And lets not worry about airsex. It will only a generation. Even the guy in the clip admits it.
    @julius: i think the bald guy lost.

    • @ Arsnl: maybe…if the point is to pull the ball towards you then yeah I guess but if you have to push it away then the bald guy one…

  • Men who gets involved in mountain uni-cycling must literally have balls of steel.

    Air sex? I don't think it's very strange. Well movement-wise. You get a lot of those clubs. Performed usually by drunken people. But admittedly, kinda bizarre for sober folks to take part in something like that. Then again, stranger things have come from Japan.

    Props to chess boxers. Brawn and brains can go hand in hand.

    Awesomely bizarre list!

    • RadSquirrel

      I'm a female Muni rider, but as far as I've been told there's a specific way of balancing yourself on the seat for males. . .

      • as a dude id imagine you'd have to just bunch all your "goods" up in front in a nice fruit bowl kind of arrangement to avoid crushed nuts.

        • hahaha – way nice mental image there.

        • oh dear.. I'll never look at a unicycle and a fruit bowl the same way again XDD

  • Mind Ball must be one nail chewing game… And who wouldn't like to see Bun Climbing- Man vs Bun. But I think chess boxing takes the cake. nice list… game me something to smile about.

  • fendabenda

    Is there a sport called poker kickboxing? Well, now there is, I just invented it. :) Wanna try me, anyone? :D

  • Chris

    I wanna be a world Punkin Chunkin champion. It is my dream from now on.

  • RadSquirrel

    As a (female) unicyclist who has dabled in Muni (the more common name for Mountain Unicycling) I admit I wondered as soon as I saw the name of the list if it would be included!! Good to see it there :-)

    For anyone in NZ that's interested, the NZUni Champs are in Christchurch October 23-25th. . . .you'll be able to watch some good Muni, Unicycle Hockey, Basketball, Sumo and Street Trials (think skateboarding type tricks). Fantastic to watch!. . . .and to play

  • I knew of a few of these, but some were a surprise. Great list!

  • fendabenda

    Shotgun ski jumping would be a good sport, too. Someone would ski jump and someone else would try and shoot him with a shotgun mid-air. That would be a nice sport, wouldn't it? :D

    • Maybe for the shooter :)

      • oliveralbq

        i dunno jamie—–
        i mean–obviously for the shooter, but i'd argue that most everyone would like it except for the target.

        when listverse comes through to my computer everyday at 3:31am, if im awake, south park has just ended, and the mississippi bass masters something-or-another is coming on. needless to say, i must thank you for the timing of the lists ;)

        however, if fishing and shotgun ski-jumping were head to head in the same time slot, lets just say, bringing fish out of the water would be something my tv would have seen the last of.

        in fact, i believe i'd watch gunskiing over a lot of things. but not over bluesman's air-sex dog gladiator frestyle he was speaking of earlier. we just have to recognize a brilliant concept when we see it, and wish him well.

  • Jerrs

    I know there's already one crazy finnish sport (swamp soccer) but we have one, which, in my opinion, is crazier. It's called akankanto :D (

    • Packeranatic

      Agreed, this should be a bonus of sorts. Wife-carrying had me laughing nonstop.

    • I left Wife carrying off the list because it was one of the earlier two lists mentioned in the introductory paragraph – if I hadn't already put it on a list it would definitely be on here :)

  • Haha wow, what a great list. Mind ball sounds like the ultimate battle (of sorts) of wills.

    Reminds me of a competition known as the World Championship Tuna Toss – where people compete to throw a tuna fish the furthest distance. Good times.

  • I can't see the videos at work but the descriptions and comments are entertainment enough for me :)

  • Wow….some of these are kinda scary. The outhouse one for example. Not going there with the air sex one, that takes the cake for being bizarre. o.O

    However, I would LOVE to try swamp soccer! That clearly sounds like fun. :)

    • I´m also having trouble reading, posting and following the comments today but I somehow got your reply about your picture. That´s interesting, so let me get this straight: you are a female, you like manga and that manga involves male homosexuality?

      • Yes. That is it exactly. I find the stories funny and loving. Many I read are romance comedies. Nothing nasty or bad. Just unbelievably cute.
        My daughter reads them as well. I have to read them before her since some are….pretty graphic. I screen the ones she can read.
        In part, it has improved her reading skills. She was way below average for her reading as is now on track. She refused to read and didn't like it until we found this. Now she is an avid reader and frequents the library. Glad I found something that worked. :)

        • Wow that is great news! Good on you for figuring out a solution.

          • Yup….all it took was a Japanese comic book on gay love to solve that problem. hahahahaha!

        • Well that´s a great example of well applied lateral thinking, kudos to you and to oouchan jr.

  • very interesting list!!

    I saw bun climbing on TV. Its pretty intense.

    Air Sex… I was not surprised that it came from Japan. You can find all kinds of fantasy clubs in Japan.

  • diogenes

    here's a video leak of last year's unfortunate loser of Mind Ball:

  • Love the doggie one! Would cow-pie bingo qualify? It's weird, but is it a sport?

  • sonofyama

    Oh man I was really hoping to see Elephant Soccer on here:

  • Clantargh

    Anyone know when Air Sex and Chess Boxing wil be available on the Wii?

  • Karen

    Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

  • kabeer

    I'm a "City Boy" and thought the same about tractor pulls until I actually went to one. They are actually a blast if you go with someone knowledgable about the competition. Drinking is required, of course (I think I downed about 8 – 16oz Busch lights lol)

  • Lifeschool

    hey, an interesting list – better than expected I have to say. Some of those things look really cool, others plain scary. I saw one of those Mind Ball things last year and really wanted to try one, but they are still quite expensive – even on Ebay. As for the Sex dancing thing (is that competition really a 'sport' or an 'art'?) I've never heard of it before; but mime sure has come a long way…. :)

  • Guest

    They have a mindball setup at the science centre in Vancouver. It's pretty nifty! I won, mostly because everytime my opponent looked at me, she started to laugh at how relaxed I had become in no time at all. I found it most amusing.

  • stevezio

    I love the tractor pull and the punkin chunkin. I have attended both and what a blast.

  • ffiffisop

    What, no cheese chasing?!

  • damien_karras

    I'm listening to a bootleg copy of Skynyrds (never released) song:

    "I Lost my Nuts in a Tractor Pull"

    Good times.
    Good list.

  • Great selections, all worthy of staring in ESPN 8 "The Ocho".
    I would also mention Car Soccer:

    • I saw that you made a comment about my picture, but I can't find the comment. (weird!)

      Anyway, my picture is from my favorite yoai manga Haru wo Daiteita. It's the 2 main characters kissing…..they are both men. :)

  • Arsnl

    @Julius: i dont know. I was confused cuz they both look happy:)). Looks like a game where nobody loses. :-)

  • Dear oouchan, your profile picture has always been a mystery to me, would you mind explaining it to me?

  • Chess Boxing looks awesome! Leave it to Japan to come up with airsex… so strange.

  • I'm pretty good at a sport that's a mix of number 1 and number 2, and it's not Air Ball.

    • . . . or Ball Sex or Air Mind.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I have only heard of 3 of them, the soccer one sounds fun but the cycling one is a no no for me shit those guys are crazy.

    Thanks for the list – entertaining.

  • myself

    Hartford's science museum has a mind ball set up. I lost.

    And how could you forget collegiate quidditch? :-)

  • Thank you Jfrater and Matt B. This list was HILARIOUS! The descriptions were so sarcastic and funny, it was quite a list! Great job,

  • wow there are a lot of japanese losers

  • ok— i am appalled–wrought with affright and dismay.
    i have just been informed that bun climbing (in its current state) is a sham — an ideological skeleton of its former glory and hold on the bizzaro-sports world with which it is associated.

    curiousity has popped the proverbial thought bubble adjacent to my head, filled with happy natives and tourists alike, writhing on the ground in a sea of chinese buns, allowing the sun to warm any non-bun-covered surface of their body

    the trouble started in 1978 when, during the apex of the festival, a tower collapsed, and injured about 45 people. they proceeded to ban the bun climb from the festival for the next 26 years. this left an emptiness, no doubt, in festival-goers soul. in 2005 they broght back the tower, replete with too many steel rebar thingys and protective clothing (instead of the traditional bare hands) and harnesses (instead of the traditional free-climb atmosphere) and restrictions (only 12 people are permitted to climb, as opposed to 25-35 traditionally). these changes are no good, albeit acceptable, as long as the bun gods recognized when they were taking the changes too far.

    the bun gods have spoken


    • ………..continued

      replacing the traditional sweet chinese buns, they have been using plastic replicas for the last 5 years. blasphemy. and totally unacceptable. (they claim the plastic buns are safer for participants)–which is insulting nonsense.

      jafe – i demand you change #7 to maypole dancing or hot dog eating, or something that cannot be looked on as a mockery of its original purpose, and giant weiner up the butt of the founding fathers of chinese bun-dom

      you owe it to those who gave blood sweat and tears to secure the winning amount of buns among hoards of fellow bun seekers (in the long-ago time), now who are getting dirt kicked upon them by the nu-bun climbers — a generation of bun hogs so far-removed from their heratige that they wouldnt know what to do if there *was* a real bun on the tower.

      this is a travesty of epic proportions

      keep "real buns" in your thoughts — the past generations will smile at you from the heavens, knowing that we, as a whole, wouldnt let the quest for real buns be erased by this new found careful and safe crap.

  • Ever heard of cat freestyle?!

  • chicano 690

    this is a good list but i8 was expecting to see tresling a combination of arm wrestling and tetris

  • ringtailroxy

    Canine Freestyle is a challenging, time-consuming event that takes months & months of training, dedication, & a real foundation of trust & respect to pull it off correctly. ere are 2 of y all-time favorite routines…


  • Sluiq

    Nice. I had a moment of morbid hope that the "cheerleading isn't a sport" crowd would debate over this list seeing as I didn't know air sex was a sport but none the less nice list.

    As strange as this may sound, a lot of everyday sports rival this list if not edge it.

    Try to explain away basketball or football.

    • oliveralbq

      the list was written in a very clever manner, almost so toungue-in-cheek that the issue of whether or not they were sports was vastly overshadowed by the fact that these activities exist in the first place.

      for a brief second, i thought the same thing you did — and i braced my self for the onslaught of dissenters that seemed enevitable at the time.

      then i scrolled down, where i read the first line describing dog gladiators as technically not a sport,……at that point i scrolled down and saw the next 3 — swamp soccer, tractor pullling and bn climbing, at which point i realized that very few of these were gonna be "sports" in the traditional sense of the term.

      • oliveralbq


        i also realized that we get enough "cheerleading is not a sport" people on occasion, that i read the rest of the list, happily aware that this probably wasnt gonna happen this time. which is nice.
        by slightly distorting the definition of the term, we were treated to list that was unlike some of the recent lists…..full of hysterics and sarcasm. that being said, im just as happy with the comments section where very few people made the mistake of taking this too seriously.
        mikeb and jamie did a great job.
        i am quite sure that if you told jamie he had to post 365 "serious" lists, his head would explode.
        and…i am equally convinced that if 3 of the first 7 comments said "heeeeyy…..bun climbing isnt a sport,….a sport is … la la la….and how can you put dog gladiators in the same catagory as middle linebackers for the alabama crimson tide???!!??" — then, i am quite sure jamie would have wanted their heads to explode.


        • oliveralbq

          ………….continued (3of3)

          the only issue with your post at all (and remember, i hold your comment and opinion in the highest regard) — is this: a simple re-telling of the rules would make basketball or football sound odd, perhaps as odd as under water basket weaving or outhouse racing or what have you. however, in a serious attempt to explain the history of, say, baseball or rugby, your rhetoric would have elements of famaliarity, expectation, histronics, acceptability, and fundamental popularity. this would create a different way of explaination, and use a slightly different set of semantics, than if you were trying to explain punkin chunkin.

          the way they approached this was just as refereshing as the content itself.

          and if we get a beatles list sun, a literature list mon, a mammal list tues, this on wed, and a blogball list thu, and sociohistorical list fri, it all is a testament to the diversity of this site, and the uniqueness of the people who visit.

          this one was great, and not everyone is going to like everything, every time, (if any list authors approached this in that mannar, it would strip the site of much needed individuality, and distinctive originality )


    • "Try to explain away basketball or football." You've come to the wrong person with THAT comment! I am an avid (some have gone so far as to call it rabid) basketball fan…and for those who may have missed it, the Lakers just took two from the Suns in the West Division finals.
      Go Lakers!
      As to football, as long as it isn't American football, I love every form of the game. Rugby is, of course, my favorite of all.
      Both sports have very defined rules, and both, played well, are refined and even beautiful.
      American football is just a mystery to me. One I do not wish to solve.

      • oliveralbq

        so you saw my post?……, you probably saw the game huh?

        lakers look good……real good

        you would be lost here in the south, where american football is a religion, and basketball is a conundrum……
        and people couldnt identify a rugby ball if you handed one to them :/

        sad really, because before hurricane katrina we had a couple british channels which showed footy and rugby games in the middle of the night, (which was fantastic); when i moved back, the local cable company had taken them away from the cable packages …. causing withdrawls…. i do not like it one bit…… :(

        • I saw both, actually…and yes, the Lakers look real good. Kobe is the stuff of legends.

          I grew up watching basketball, and for the first few years the Lakers were in L.A. I had season tickets. Later, after a decade's hiatus in S.F., I returned to L.A. with three very young children in tow. They also grew up watching, and attending, Laker games. Once I was taking my son and a date to a Laker game, a play-off, and we were rear-ended on the freeway enroute. Although the car had suffered much damage, it was still drivable, and the kids begged to continue on to the game. We did.

          As to Rugby! Ahhhhhh! My mum was Australian, and her brothers all played rugby, so my kids grew up hearing of legendary games (legendary in her mind, as her brothers were part of them). I also took them to watch Rugby played at a State park nearby. Although all my children played youth basketball, and swam competitively, it took my youngest, a daughter, small and delicate of bone structure, a gifted flutist, to become a Rugby player (a hooker, no less)on a womans team. They played all over the West, which was their division, and in the 9 years she played, they never lost a season. In the last four years, they never lost a game. :-)

          I'm sorry your cable company was so dastardly! Truly. If I were you, I would switch immediately to satellite. That way, you can get everything. I hate the thought of you suffering withdrawals :-(

      • Sluiq

        Not as good as Rondo is playing with Boston. Man, I don't want to overrate the guy but the moves he did in Game 2 is precisely why I wasn't thrilled with the VC trade even if it was a short cut trade for Orlando to get a ring. If VC only approached the game that way, I don't care how much athleticism he's lost, he's going to get a good team a ring someday.

        I don't think it has anything to do with being a rabid basketball fan. Basketball is so hard to explain that even some rabid fans prefer the rules outside of the NBA to the rules in it. Even the refs can't figure out what's a tech or not in that game and the whole slipping on the floor is a travelling + loose ball equals a foul thing? Imagine a non-fan getting past the basics and meeting up with that obstacle.

        • Sluiq, it's obvious that you are a Celts fan, with all of same biases that go along with die-hard fandom. Any argument between us would be a waste of time.
          The Lakers v Celts rivalry goes back to the '70's, and I could easily lay out the stars, the true talent, from both teams all the way back to at least 72. For the sake of others, not interested in b'ball, I won't. The thing which is uniquely Laker has always been the way the team has been formulated. Even when the team was star-studded it was always, always coached to be, and perform, as a team. It wasn't allowed to become one star player surrounded by other, less important, players.
          Of course there has been the occasional slip-up, when one player's ego demanded more than team spirit, but those have usually been dealt with quickly. Right now, you can observe this beautiful way of play, and the success it brings, simply by watching the way Kobe and Gasol can react and interact by little more than body language. An announcer called it "eye contact" and I think that explains it as well as anything. But without the same effort and virtual esp from the others, Fisher, Odom, Bynum, Walton, etc. it would all fall apart.
          The rules…ah!…yes, for the completely uninitiated I can understand some bewilderment. As for the ref's, well, I think they all too often allow their own biases come before the rules. I've seen it too often to believe otherwise.
          All in all, however Sluiq, NBA basketball has to be the most beautiful game ever played.

          • Sluiq


            I'm actually more of a Magics fan and don't care for this modern Celtics or Lakers team. Bird and Magic, I love both of those guys but these two teams weren't built from the ground up IMO and don't have the pass-first mentality surrounding both of those teams.

            I get your comment about Gasol and Kobe but I don't think legacy has anything to do with this. In fact, the Lakers did break down prior to Phil re-coaching the team and the Gasol trade and most of that was ego and lack of team trust for the lesser talented rotation of that team.

            Also, it's ironic for you to bring up eye contact in light of the recent no look pass by Gasol to Kobe. I think their chemistry has transcended that by this point.

            I'm also partial to 80s/90s NBA so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree with modern NBA basketball being beautiful to watch.

  • REsenee

    What? No bar stool racing??? Check out the link. Hope you like it!

    • oliveralbq

      resenee——enjoyed the video (and the molly hatchet soundtrack) — however, bar stool racing would have made this particlar list if it was in the catacombs of a building, and the barstools were pulled by teams of yaks. shit– it probably would have been in the top 3.

      the absence of wheels, a narrow hallway, and a yak
      just simply go together — like filet of sturgeon and a nice baj reduction.

      ((segues: im sorry, i dont think bever ass juice references are going anywhere anytime soon — its just too versatile……but rejoice — the lakers stomped the suns! again!.. looking like were moving towards a date with the celts! the pau and kobe show seeks revenge!)

  • I can't believe that no-one's said

    "Cute buns!"

    so I'll say it now.

  • Jim The Kid

    I love Tractor Pulling! The European Championships are held very near where I live in the North West of England. My House is around four miles from where it is held and when they're on the sound from them in my back yard is deafening. Awesome! A great night out is enjoyed by all, not just the farmers! My favourite is Desperate Dan, which has six Spitfire plane engines strapped to the front! Go on Dan, give it a full pull!

  • hahaha, just came across this….world championship sauna. Well worth the time it takes to read.

  • dot5421

    i have played mind ball :) i lost :P

  • BTW, is "air guitar" a sport or a mental condition?

    • Its goddamned mother fathering art form my man . Also its the best fun .

  • maria

    Japanese people are full of humor :)

  • Wheee! I wanna see Air Sex in person… I love Japanese ppl!

    Cool compilation

  • Vera Lynn

    I liked the video of grass growing. Very relaxing. ;)
    I was surprised that there were so many on youtube of grass growing.

    • segues

      Remember all of the jokes about watching paint dry?
      Well, when I was a script supervisor, and we were working on stage, we would often have breaks to repaint the stage and thus, watch paint dry.
      We actually got paid for this. :-)

  • tom
  • shizextreme15

    That's crazy!

  • rcarvin

    Don’t judge Mindball until you’ve played it. It’s great fun :D

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  • petet2112

    How about “Rollerball” (1975) starring James Caan…….Just kidding !!

  • petet2112

    To me, trying to ride a Mountain Unicycle ? I would have more broken bones then Evel Knievel did when he was alive !!