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10 Notable Apologies from the Last Decade

It seems these days that it is the fashionable thing to apologize to the masses for things which, generally, don’t affect them personally. From religious and political leaders to sportsmen, these apologies really do seem to be nothing but public relations moves. This list looks at ten apologies from the last decade.


Sorry New York

Johnrocker Display Image

2000: Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker apologizes for dissing New Yorkers.

In an interview, Rocker talked about how disgusted he felt, riding in the New York subway with green haired punks, street people with loathsome diseases, as well as how rude the fans were. After the resulting brouhaha, he taped an apology which was shown on the big screen at Shea Stadium before a game. “I have apologized and felt badly for anyone who took my comments personally. I am also fully aware that the overwhelming majority of people in this city are extremely charismatic and full of personality, although a bit spirited at times, but, you know, that doesn’t make them bad people.” The tape was soundly booed by the Mets fans.


Sorry China


2001: George Bush kinda sorta apologizes to China, in the wake of China’s interceptor colliding with an American spy plane.

A hot-dogging Chinese fighter jet crowded an American EC-130 spy plane in international waters. The jet plunged to the pilot’s death, while the spy plane was damaged and forced to land on Hainan Island. China demanded an apology from the U.S. for the entire incident, but the protocol parsers of the Bush team balked at the nuance of the Chinese syllable “qian”, which implied greater fault than the administration was willing to admit. Eventually the White House issued a statement expressing “regret” for the incident, but not actual remorse.


Strom Thurmond


2002: Trent Lott apologizes for praising Strom Thurmond’s 1948 Presidential run.

At South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party, Senate Leader Trent Lott expressed the opinion that the country would have been better off if Thurmond had won the 1948 Presidential election, on the segregationist Dixicrat ticket. Lott heard about it hot and strong, and had to go on the media apology circuit. “”I wanted to honor Strom Thurmond, the man, who was turning 100 years old. He certainly has been a legend in the Senate both in terms of his service and the length of his service. It was certainly not intended to endorse his segregationist policies that he might have been advocating or was advocating 54 years ago. But obviously, I am sorry for my words, they were poorly chosen and insensitive and I regret the way it has been interpreted.”


Radical Apology


2003: Symbionese Liberation Army radicals apologize to family of slaying victim Myrna Opsahl at their sentencing.

70s radicals gunned down a bystander during a bank robbery. When they were finally brought to trial, decades later, the right-wing blogosphere was full of outrage, and claims that they were being coddled by the media and the courts because of their left-wing politics. The terrorists’ apologies were marbled with self-pity. “It is your day, and I apologize. But you’re not going to walk out of here thinking justice was done. We are truly abstraction because we are the hated monsters for 30 years. There is nothing I can do. I’ve thought about your mother. To me, your mother has never been an abstraction. You have never been an abstraction to me.”




2004: George W. Bush apologizes for prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison.

During a press conference after a meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, President Bush said, “I told him I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families.” Needless to say, this was not the end of the matter.


Royal Apology

Prince Harry Nazi

2005: England’s Prince Harry apologized for wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party.

A prime example of outrage being in inverse proportion to the harm done. Prince Henry (and yes, that is his real name – look it up) wore a Nazi uniform to a party and was photographed by the media. Now certainly it was not in good taste, but did it really warrant a royal apology to the entire nation?


Seinfeld Blunder


2006: Seinfeld star Michael Richards apologizes for racial rant during standup comedy show.

Michael Richards lost patience with a heckler during his show, and started spewing N-bombs. Video of the incident starting showing up on the internet–including a new video website called YouTube–and the heavens came crashing down on him. So he hit the apology circuit, even seeking out the Rev. Al Sharpton, to kiss his ring in atonement. “I lost my temper onstage. I said some pretty nasty things to some Afro Americans (sic). . . . You know, I’m really busted up over this and I’m very, very sorry.” He got weirder: “There’s a great deal of disturbance in this country, and how blacks feel about what happened in Katrina and, you know, many of the comics, many of the performers are in Las Vegas and New Orleans trying to raise money for what happened there, and for this to happen, for me to be in a comedy club and flip out and say this crap, you know, I’m deeply, deeply sorry. And I’ll get to the force field of this hostility, why it’s there, why the rage is in any of us, why the trash takes place, whether or not it’s between me and a couple of hecklers in the audience or between this country and another nation, the rage . . .”


Lead Paint Apology

070921 Mattell Vlrg 730A.Widec

2007: Mattel apologizes to China over lead-based paint in imported toys.

A perfect example of the growing clout China has over us: They shipped us poisonous toys, toys painted with lead-based paint -and the America toy company Mattel ended up apologizing to China for the fuss. “Our reputation has been damaged lately by these recalls. And Mattel takes full responsibility for these recalls and apologizes personally to you, the Chinese people, and all of our customers who received the toys.” Mattel groveled further: “We understand and appreciate deeply the issues that this has caused for the reputation of Chinese manufacturers.”


Apology for Racism


2008: The AMA apologizes to black doctors for past racism.

I once knew an elderly black security guard, years and years ago. He told me that he had been to medical school, but was never able to practice in his field, because of racial discrimination. I was appalled. So I was gratified for his sake to learn of this apology from the American Medical Association. “The AMA failed, across the span of a century, to live up to the high standards that define the noble profession of medicine.” These included everything from actually barring black doctors from local AMA chapters, to listing them as “colored” in membership directories.


Apology for an Affair

0219-Tiger-Woods-Apology Full 600

2009: Tiger Woods apologizes to fans for “transgressions.”

As the ceiling started collapsing on Tiger Woods’ marriage and possibly his career in late 2009, he tried to get ahead of the cascading sordidness by issuing a prompt apology: “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.” This of course did not head off the resulting bimbo eruptions, necessitating his televised mea culpa earlier this year. One would presume he had already apologized to his wife and family – did he really need to apologize to the rest of us? Does anyone outside of his close circle of acquaintances really care?

  • shandya

    nice list!

  • tookyb

    What about the apology to the stolen generations from the Prime Minister of Australia? Today would be an appropriate day to include it in this list as it is 'Sorry Day' in Australia.

    • Momotsuki

      I agree. Maybe this list can be renamed to "10 Notable American Apologies from the Last Decade (with the exception of #5 and 7"

    • darren

      I agree, it was the first thing I thought of. Of course only American apologies really count.

      • Maybe Americans have more to apologize for than residents of other countries? Or maybe only Americans have the balls to admit when they are wrong? Or maybe people mess up a lot in other countries, but they don't have the media circus to cover every little misstep like we do in America, so the pressure to apologize is not as great? Or maybe the majority of readers on this site are American, so some of the content is geared towards this group so as to attract the greatest number of viewers to the site and thereby increase traffic? Or maybe Americans are just out to Americanize the entire world and Listverse is step #1 in our devious plot?

        Take your pick…

        • 4765

          wow, just wow. if this is supposed to be funny, you failed. its not very smart either.

          • My intent was to be un-funny, yet idiotic. Nailed it!

        • …i thought it was funny. And true. Especially the bit about the media making every single little thing a massive ordeal. Obviously, some of the things on this list were more important than others, but they certainly didn't all warrant public apologies.

        • henrysmyagent

          Pssst, dude, ixnay on the Americanize the entire world otpla! This is a public forum.

          • Pssst, annoying isn't it? I feel the same way when all the anti-US "why is this list so American?" crap starts. And yes, this is a public forum, hence my right to "ixnay" or "not ixnay" as I choose.

      • I just want to apologize for all the American apologies.

        We fk up a lot… but what is worse, we get caught and have to apologize.

    • Aussie

      I agree – it was the first thing I thought of as it was important to many. No way celebrity apologies are more important than that!

    • Union Jack-Off

      Waiting for Elizabeth
      ( yeah the queen bitch) to apologize for raping (Cultural and economical) and looting done by the british colonialists in asia.

    • Are you kidding me? You mean the apology for saving Aboriginal children from abusive environments? I refuse to endorse an apology for a series of events that saved countless lives. When 9 year olds are being found with syphilis, you're damn straight that they should be taken away from their community. Anyone who actually believes in the Stolen Generations crap has been brainwashed. I can scarcely believe that it is accepted as a fact!

      • Captain Obvious

        You do realise that children were removed from their families regardless of their environment, right? even healthy happy kids were taken away from loving parents. It's legally documented that a good part of the rational behind the policy of removing indigenous children from their families (without the need for parental consent or a court order) was to breed out aboriginality.

        I can scarcely believe what a moron you are if you seriously believe every single aboriginal child in Australia was in an abusive situation at the time.

        The issue has never been whether the stolen generation existed, or whether it was wrong. The debate centred around the apology questioned whether the Australian government now should still be accountable for the actions of the Australian government then.

        • It's well documented is it? Care to provide a link to this "Fact"? The truth is that children were not removed because evil whitie wanted to "breed out the colour" but because they were in abusive and neglectful situations. You know what the REAL tragedy is? That because of retards like you, child care workers are now so scared to remove aboriginal children for fear of being labelled a racist, that they are suffering to this day with little hope for the future. Where is your bleeding heart for them?
          The courts have found that no state in the country had an official policy of forcibly removing children, but I suppose that inconvenient fact does not support your narrative. The truth is that most of the kids removed were half whites, who were by and large rejected and neglected by the aboriginal communities in which they lived. Full blooded aboriginal children were not allowed to be removed. That was the LAW! Do some research you imbicile instead of regurgitating Robert Mannes propaganda.

    • someone

      "Sorry Day" is a load of trash. Aboriginals are treated better than white people are at the moment, mate and they always will be. Yeah, in the 60's some bad stuff was done because Aboriginals were living in poverty and neglect, but we don't have to apologize, it wasn't our generation who did it.

      • Sania

        If you take pride in what previous generations did you must also apologise for what they did too. It’s not a one way street.

  • eteddsy

    I'm still waiting for the apology from the leaders of Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the atrocities committed by the vikings. Shocking!

    • Firefly

      They weren't really as bad as everyone says. They don't really have anything to apologise for. Where are you from? Chances are your local monks had more to fear from the natives than the Vikings.

    • Norwegia

      I'm sorry man. I can't speak for all of us, but I'm disgusted by the things we norwegians did during the viking age. From the bottom of my heart – sorry

      Sorry for spelling mistakes, but you might have figured out I'm from norway and english is not my first language.

  • Darren

    I'm waiting for an apology from BP re: oil disaster

    • no shit-
      i had a tar ball in my yard yesterday and my cat has oil on his feet

      stupid spill is like 25 miles away from here
      and even though i can only see a couple miles into the gulf of mx.,
      as the oil approaches the shore i can tell a noticible difference in colour
      and reflection……..

      it sucks.

      i just want to hear the apology to see who/what theyre gonna try to put it off on.
      you know how much americans love to take responsibility :?

      • Hey, where do you live? I'm heading down south for vacation soon, and I'm worried about tar balls on the beach.

        • i live on the beach in a small coastal town between biloxi, miss., and new orleans.
          pull up where hurricane katrina made landfall, near gulfport — i live 3 miles away.

          the oil has made it to the shore in many places in louisiana, and many places in mississippi too — but since the miss. coast is further north, the currents play a major role in floaty things breaching the shoreline. the tar balls arent a big issue yet, im just irritated that theyre there at all. and this is consistant through mobile, ala., but im not sure how far into florida. and the oil hasnt made shore any east of pascagoula, miss.,
          where are you going?
          unless youre planning on coming within an hour of here, you'll probably be safe

          • I'm going to Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's a touristy place on the coast about 45 from Florida

          • oliveralbq

            i went to u of a for 7 years, gulf shores is the bama student haunt
            and its less than an hour from my house here in miss.

            plus, i was there yesterday — it actually butts up against florida (the flora-bama
            bar is on the beach in gulf shores and the state line runs through the middle of the bar)

            i was on the beach, and i think youll be safe, as long as there isnt a front that pushes everything further east…..

            get my email address from jamie or get him to send me yours
            i might be able to help — ive only been there about 75 times ;)

      • Arsnl

        What about companies that put an insurance on their employees and they get money if they die. Saw it in capitalism a love story. I can bet u BP did that.

        • i know some cats that do off shore work

          i have always been under the impression that most any company that employees help for hazardous working coinditions has this type of insurance.

          i know 5 diffefrent guys on 5 different platforms, working for 3 different companies and they tell me all of them do this

          • Well naturally that appears on the surface to be callous and insensitive, but let’s look deeper. I’d be curious to know what the money paid on claims is used for. I wouldn’t think it such a bad thing if it is used to improve working/safety conditions or conduct research in effort to prevent a similar accident from occurring. Or possibly be used to further assist families affected by the loss of the employee. Even earmarking for use as a means to fund defense against potential lawsuits wouldn’t necessarily be considered bad or improper business strategy. I’d hate to think it is just used to boost the bottom line and increase shareholder profits. If that’s all it is then yeah, that kind of sucks.

          • out of the four things you listed, i wouldnt be a bit surprised if they use money for all of those things.
            and i'm with you — i'd *love* to know what the breakdown really is

            something tells me that info of this sort isnt going to be readily offered up, which in turn, leads me to believe that theyre probably not distributing money in a way that would be looked at as acceptable by us laypeople

      • Arsnl

        Well they should have it maybe so they can pass it to the family of the deceased but to just keep money its really immoral. How could companies really improve the safety of its workers if they are worth more dead than alive.

        • oliveralbq

          actually, i didnt elabourate on it at all, but when i said i think the companies do carry this insurance, i also am under the impression that dispersion of funds is a partial reason why.

          that said, some of the companies list accidental death benefits among their core benefit packages, with medical, dental, sams discount cards, 401k, pto (paid time off) and all that other shit.

          and the last part — its a fine line to say theyre worth more dead than alive — these companies do try to keep safety as a top priority, because they get large monetary kick backs from state and federal agencies, for remaining a safe place to work, and having a low %age of accident claims.

          so they are actually worth more safe and alive, than unsafe and dead.

          however, if you look closely into the breakdowns of the benefit packages provided by human resources departments, i do not think the amount allocated per worker in insurance would match their 'paid-out' figures. — *part* of the reason is to do the background checks, man power hours, and resources necessary in hiring replacements, and *part* of the reason is probably shrouded in mystery, and flowing into company's coffers.

          i know the casinos do this, and ive been told that off shore companies do it as well

          • ………cont'd

            and the last part — its a fine line to say theyre worth more dead than alive — these companies do try to keep safety as a top priority, because they get large monetary kick backs from state and federal agencies, for remaining a safe place to work, and having a low %age of accident claims.

            so they are actually worth more safe and alive, than unsafe and dead.

      • Arsnl

        Well if i remember correctly some firms seemed to be involved in the kind of business that wasnt dangerous like p&g or others a like
        Im not sure what you think about michael moore but i do remember that the policy was called dead peseants policy (or something not very different from that) and it did show that the bosses werent pleased that the “quota” of dead people wasnt met. Whats the reason of making such a policy on someone that works at a desk? The families didnt receive anything from the firms.
        Btw even if its to prevent lawsuits, it is stilm very wrong. It would make the family of the victim to suffer, from the death of that person,twice.
        If it truely helps to improve safety yes, but can we really expect that. To expect that companies will respect the rules with out any controlling force. Isnt the bp incident such an example.
        Ps: im the kind of person that believes in regularization.

        • Hmm interesting. You’ve sparked my curiosity. “Dead peasant’s insurance” it’s called. The actual name is Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, or COLI. It does seem to be pretty much profit-based only. Here’s some information on it:

        • proctor and gamble — old spice…bounty…tag…olay…crest…duracell…ivory…secret…fusion… vicks…tide… crest…
          man….somewhere along the line —theyve got to have some jobs more dangerous than normal dealing with all those chemicals…you can download their saftey data sheets, and while its clear they have less safety concerns than oil co.s may, its also clear they have safety regulations in place that would be unnecessary under 'normal' conditions.
          i too believe in regularization, but some companies dont appear to be concerned with that.

          i dont know what i think about moore either, but i do remember being fascinated with the idea (+ & -) of dead peasents ins., and the link maggot threw in was interesting

    • An apology ain't gonna clean up the mess. Saying your sorry isn't going to restore coastlines or save birds, fish, aquatic plants, or keep fishermen employed in the family business. Being humble doesn't plug the hole.

      Waiting a month before anything really gets done with this is just insane, stupid and as far as I'm concerned criminal. However,

      1. BP doesn't give a shit, as long as they are making money they'll parade out some shill and issue some fake apology to cover their ass.

      2. That shit that's washing up on the shore is the same shit that runs our entire economy. Like it or not, they have to go get it out of the ground and into our tank. This isn't the first accident, and it won't be the last as long as our everyday lives and lifestyles are locked into getting our hands on as much of it as we can for as cheap as we can. We can pay the guys in the Middle East for it, some of who are trying to kill us, or we can try to get it out of the ground here.

      Making a public apology for all of this is, in my opinion, a smokescreen for not getting off their asses quickly to get it fixed. They should still do it, obviously. But they should also be driven out of business for they're total lack of action.

      I know nothing about how that's done, but if BP's going to be one of the world's leaders in pumping oil, don't you think they'd have something set in place BEFORE the accident occurs? But then again, those asshole's brains are probably blacker than the crap washing up on the shore.

      • oliveralbq

        in your fifth paragraph you steered your post around to the exact reason why some people are waiting for an apology. as you said, they should still do it, even though, in the general scheme of things, it isnt gonna do a damn bit of good
        there are a small handful of people who actually think a public apology will fix things, but even those people arent so disillusioned to think that an apology will keep it from happening again
        it almost boils the whole scenario down to sociopolitical rhetoric that does nothing more than act as a measuring stick to give citizens some kind of indication of exactly how inept the company's brass really is.
        allow me to point out that if you are somewhere else in the world, the snippets you are exposed to are largely hand picked by the media outlet exposing them to you. by residing here i have run into 35-year shrimp boat owners, people that work for mema (the state run mississipp version of fema),


        • oliveralbq


          and people that work for reps and the gov.s office. *everyone* knows they fucked up. hell, the franchise owners of local bp's knows they fucked up. the impending suspense is almost like — how much of what everyone knows is wrong are they gonna tell us? what excuses are they gonna use for both their delay and ineptitude? what kind of b.s. are they gonna feed us to attempt to wash away and/or jusitfy the truth?
          between hurricanes camille, elana, opal, georges, ivan, rita, katrina, etc etc everyone knew it was gonna take a month or so for them to get their ducks in a row (its been 37 days i think)


          • oliveralbq


            residents do not listen to press conferences and believe them. we listen to press conferences and discuss that information with industry people who know info that we arent privy to.
            when they gave the too little too late 'were sorry for fucking up and not doing anything earlier' speech after katrina, its a common belief that they did their best impression of spin doctors, and tried to placate the community to think they done good. then we went and talked to people at the new orleans port authority and members of the u.s.coast gurard who were involved in building the levees back up, and found out that if there is another storm of the same magnitude, the city will flood again, because while they are fixing it, they are not soundly fixing it.


          • oliveralbq


            no one is going to be satisfied if they tell us oil on birds' feet is ok –because we know thats bullshit. they know we know that. and they come up with some doozies trying to make nice with the general public.
            and as you said, a public apology is probably a smokescreen for other failures,the same way woods, kramer, mel gibson, and all of them gave apologies that were more rooted in saving face and image.
            i'm just uber curious as to what level of horseshit-ness theyre going to sink to this time

    • Moonbeam

      Umm…how about the apology for the 11 workers who died?

      • oliveralbq


        that apology should be completely seperate from any public apology or statement.
        where buc and i were referring to a blanket apology to the public for ruining people's livlihood, and screwing up some aspects of environmental welfare.

        what you are talking about is actual lives

        at least i can say the people in the position to do so, at least made apologies (good or not, notwithstanding) to each family (as best as they could) in private, and fairly sincerely — in the months following katrina

        i have witnessed some of those

        to apologize for loss of life in a public forum or press conference is beneath even the most corrupt of companies. i sincerely hope they take the same approach here — 11 times over

        • actually, upon further consideration — i sincerely hope they already have done this.

          if they havnt — after 37 days — then that would be their biggest mistake of all time.
          birds with oily feet shouldnt even be remotely connected to loss of lives.
          and delaying contact with family members, isnt just wrong and bad — its like — 451 degrees, torrential, raped by satan, horns in their head, pitchfork carrying evilness

  • amrit

    thank god the tiger woods incident was here.. to say the least his private life has been made into a melodrama by both media hype and he himself. Who really cares whether he slept with 100 people or 50 people other than his acquaintances… its just making a mockery of ur self space

  • Olé

    And FW de Klerk for racism in South Africa. Should be on there.

  • Tiger woods apology#1..are you kidding or what.. it seems you didn't know about the Australian PM's apology. Anyways, FYI

    • ok it's not #1since this is not a top 10 list, but was it necessary to place it at the top position..

      • Sorry despite refreshing the screen about a minute before I wrote the message below, this didn't show up but I stand by the latter half of my reply.

    • trinityenigma

      Unfortunately the PM didn't apologise in 2009 like Tiger Woods otherwise I'm sure he might have beaten him. I think the apology from the AMA about racism was a worthy apology (although I'm not saying it was more worthy than the Australian PM's. When it comes to discrimination it's impossible to compare really)

  • Silver

    Tiger was only sorry because he was caught… his wife should clean out his bank accounts when she divorces him! >:D

    • Ah ha! How right you are! My ex, who cheated with as much enthusiasm as Tiger, never once apologized because he was unaware that he was, indeed, caught. Not only was he caught, but he stupidly forgot he left the answering machine running while he was talking with one of his bimbos (who happened to be my boss at the time)!
      I erased the tape so he wouldn't know that for the 100th time he had done the same dumb thing, called her, quit my job without notice…and she was ballsy enough to try and insist on 2 weeks notice!…and just took the kids and left "on vacation". 28 years ago. Loooog vacation.
      Never went back.
      Funnily enough, he was remarried exactly 6 weeks to the day after our divorce was final, to a different woman.

      • Daaaammnnn! O_o

        Heck, if I filled your shoes, they'd both be dead. Lol! Just playing.

        No, I'm serious. NO ONE would find their bodies and it would be sooo gruesome, I'd erase them from everyones memory.

    • $750M!!! He deserves to get cleaned out!

  • Bilbo

    This list should be renamed 10 statements from a reactionary apologist.

  • whats common with all these apologies? they are all lame… thats what people do to appear better in the eye of the public than they are. nice list by the way.

  • monjoriser

    why most list are centered around america…… people there is more world, outside america, earth doesn't revolve around america

    • Oh no, it does..America is the center of the universe, didn you know that? ;)

      • if america is the center of the universe then why do i get these lists at 3 in the morning? they should be delivered by the dog, in the morning, with the newspaper and slippers.

    • This list may be focused on American events, but considering the entries, it is hardly complimentary to the US.

      But I think it's very democratic of you to want other countries to look hypocritical and self serving, just like the US does in this list.

    • Well a whole lot of shit happens here so lots of lists are written about us.

    • bluesman87

      MAN! i getting so tired of this same old america argument -. Get off your arse and type a list then because it seems like only "fat lazy" americans are writing lists . Alot of work for people who are "fat and lazy" even i only got to point three on my own list and lost interest . So go on Mr Mojo Risin give us 10 non american apologies – im waiting .

      Seriously its getting f**king old – write some lists or shut your noise you boring mate…..I dont come here to hear this same bull shit complaints everyday , i come here to learn cool shit ….

      • i was gonna say the same thing — i still learn cool shit, but i have to wade through "why is this #1" and "why is this americancentric" and "why cant anyone spell" and whhatnot a little too much.

        of course, if anything, thats a testament to the site and its contributors, that im willing to subject myself to that level of irritation in the name of learning new interesting things every day


        I actually lurked on this site for a long time before finally starting to post, but now that I have I notice a ton of anti-Americanism. It's like no one stops to consider that all the lists are American-centric because maybe the only people submitting lists are Americans.

        Also, I can guarantee that if someone posted a list that focused on China or Germany or Austrailia I would be very interested. I love learning about new cultures and places and look forward to lists not focused on America. Maybe some of the whiners should create such a list?

      • Huzzah

      • eteddsy

        I'm not so sure that the nationality of the author should really have anything to do with the contents of the list at all. If someone wants to make a US-centric list then more power to their elbow. All they have to do is title it as the top 10 US x or y. I think whats upsetting some people is that occassionally lists are entitled the "world best x" or just "best ever x" and then proceed to list mainly US items that the rest of the world may not have heard of. The situation is becoming agravated because no other nationalities are doing similar things. Imagine a list that purported to describe the 10 best bicycle brands in the world and then only listed companies from China. This does not happen.
        The simple solution is not to start inflammatory "we are the best" flame wars, but to title lists more specifically. If this is not an option then make a list that is targeted at a worldwide readership (list verse) that has worldwide appeal. If lots of people are complaining then there must be a genuine niggle to be addressed and telling people that "its getting f**king old" just makes things worse.

    • flgh

      I agree this list shouldn't be centered around America; China has more to apologize for

      • This is about apologies that have happened – not apologies that SHOULD happen :)

        • oliveralbq

          you have *got* to do that list. — apologies that should happen..

          i would do it myself, but someone would say the list is too 'new orleans – centric' and i'd have throw my laptop into the gulf of mexico.

    • I do think america owes the world an apology for Kenny G though……..just sayin

      • and michael bolton and nsync and john tesh and bob saget and bsb and nkotb and the saw franchise and hasslehoff and kanye west and al gore and the manbearpig and david caruso's sunglasses and the snuggie and darkie toothpaste and lack of the metric system and vanilla ice and …. and….and……………….

        • at least our mucisians have the decency not to export their music to other countries ( because even we dont listen to the crap they make ;-)

        • elroxzor99652

          Bob Saget is awesome :p

          • rating bob saget properly would be like being the guidance counseler for a kid who got an a+ in math, and an f- in reading comprehension.

            ive seen the dude's live stand up show ——
            he's fucking funny
            and ive been forced to watch full house and americas funniest videos
            not so funy
            f as in failfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfail

            sooooo — he gets a c
            i wont call him names, and you can never refer to him as awesome ever again


          • you will appreciate this then dont know if you seen it already- sorry you'll have to copy paste cant make a link ..

          • thanks for this link man—-
            love it love it

    • PuroresuPride18

      The world doesn't revolve around europe either. Get your head out of your ass already.

  • Swark

    racism is overrated.

    • Swark

      be proud of your own heritage. i am.

    • you are a dolt. *waves*

  • Why is Tiger on this list? Why do people give a fuck about his "transgressions". Those are no-one's business but the people involved, which fans were not. I'm sick of this celebrity bullshit!

    • Billy Beer

      Exactly. If Woods' apology was "notable" we may as well have had a 50 way tie for notable affair apologies in the last decade.

  • Saber

    Hey this list is inadequate. Where is the INfamous apology of former President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo "I…Am….Sorry." When she cheated the elections in 2004.

  • Man Tiger didn't have to make an apology to anyone except his wife. Even then he didn't really "need" to do it, but it would have been nice. His "sport" is uber lame, so let the man bang who he wants.

    • Agree , who cares he hits a small ball with a stick , and fucked his wife over . Makes no diffrence in anyones life except his wifes…

    • I agree 100%. Personally, I thought Tiger was a smug, narcissistic jerk before this whole incident. However, why must he apologize to anyone, other than his wife? Yeah, he may have let down some kids who viewed him as a role model, but I blame the parents who are naive enough to let their kids worship someone who does something so insignificant (hitting a little ball around, wtf kind of sport is that?) and not Tiger.

      • "I thought Tiger was a smug, narcissistic jerk before this whole incident."

        Me and my daughter have felt the same about Tiger for years….And we have had a few convos about what would be his "fall from grace". Because we never felt it was going to be "if", we both knew it would be "when".

        • well?
          which one of you came closest to being right in those convos?

          i saw a silver jackass perched upon a golden tee figurine the other day

          i need to know which of you to send the annual
          'predictor of the biggest jackass in golf'
          award to.

  • Akashtorturedmind

    I really enjoyed this list! But as soon as i finished, i knew that the comments would be pointing out how ‘american-centered’ this list has been written. I do agree with that to a certain extent. Other items could have been included here and i find it somehow ridiculous that tiger woods was #1. The guy fucked some chicks and though this is adultery,
    i don’t think that its more important than kids’ healths menaced (toys with lead paint). Really some of these appologies were made just to have the attention of the public and to manipulate its opinion.

    ‘if there have been appologies, there must have been bad things happening, and if bad things happened there must have been some bad guys that let them happen’
    ‘so the guy is still bad’

  • Steve

    Kevin Rudd saying sorry to the "Stolen Generation," is fine, but wheres the apology that Gordon Brown gave to those British children, well, there adults now, that he gave to the people that we sent to Australia in the 40`s and 50`s as cheap labour? The ones we told that there parents had DIED and that they were only going there for a HOLIDAY! Absolutely DESPICABLE.

  • dalarrr

    Question: Who made that baseball player apologize to the city of New York? His own coach, or what? It would have been much cooler if he had stood by his word. (I`ve got nothing against NYC)

    • No one likes being hated by an entire city. Especially if you have to go there often.

    • Rocker didn’t just dis New Yorkers. He’s a racist, misogynist, homophobic bigot, and anything that spews from his hole should be taken as such. His "apologies" are worthless.

      • dalarrr

        Thanks..I didn`t know that racism was involved. I thought he`d just talked some s*** about a rival team/town.

      • Archie Bunker

        Rocker was right.

  • oliveralbq

    ""Other items could have been included here and i find it somehow ridiculous that tiger woods was #1." "

    i cannot wait for jamie to take all of the numbers off of one of these lists one day. while some lists are meant to be rank-ordered, some arent even set up so that a rank-order makes any sense.

    this has been done once that i know of…. 17october2007 — 10 curious questions — or something like that — and not one comment about the last one on the list being the #1 question

    how is it hard to understand that there were ten apologies. one from each year of the 00's decade — and tiger woods' was in 2009 (thus being in the proper place on the list…..yanno…..after 2008). there is nothing alluding to woods being the #1 apology, yet 4 of the 25 comments so far are bitching about just that…..

    if it bugs you that much, just pretend the numbers are letters, and its an alpha list

    that way when theres a complaint about tiger woods being apology number "j" we can just scroll away from it because its so damn silly looking in print.

    • ThomasAWhitten

      +1'ed. People would still find a way to complain about why "j" should have been "a," "q" should have been "d," and something that wasn't even included should have been "x."

      I didn't understand all the Tiger not being worthy of #1 comments either. First of all, that probably was the most notable apology of 2009. Second, while Tiger Woods is American, as the first billionaire athlete (yes, before Michael Jordan) he is an international name. The Tiger Woods scandal did not only make headlines in American newspapers–they play golf in other countries too and the top golfer missing Major Tournaments to go to sex rehab is definitely a story worldwide.

      • oliveralbq

        if people started arguing about why 's' should be at least 'd' and 'x' should have been 'b' or 'c', and 'a' shouldnt have been higher than 'f', then the comments would at least be as silly looking in type as they are in content. — plus, at least it would be different

        for the tigerr thing, i tend to agree with gen.tits or bluesman, or whoever said he doesnt need to apologize to anyone but his wife. unfortunately, this society has come to necessitate people manning up to their douchebaggery in front of as many people as possible.
        i dont get it
        and i dont agree
        but it appears to be what people expect — for celebraties to be held accountable for every nanosecond of their life. — and while that is understandable, it should also be noted that the media blowing every nanosecond of their lives out of proportion is largly to blame for this whole horrible cycle.


        • ……..cont'd

          and i'm not sure how many people live anywhere near me, but you should have seen the stupid ass media (local mostly, but national to an extent) hoarding around to get minute by minute updates of his second by second actions. the clinic where he stayed for his sex addiction is near here — as is brett favre's house. when favre retired and unretired and retired and unretired last summer, i hadnt seen such a group of adults act so infantile and childish in my whole life — trying to get the first glimpse of what his family was eating this morning, etc. when tiger went into the clinic 3 miles away, the press made all the favre followers look like benedictine monks

          • i agree with you guys , however i think "J" shouldve been "F"'d in the "A"……..

        • It's not an apology if it isn't heartfelt…and Tiger's public "apology" seemed to be nothing more than a required performance to regain admittance to the golf course.

          If there was anything "heartfelt" in his apology, it must have been the fear of losing his Nike contract if he didn't jump through the hoop.

          • yep—-that press conference was horribly poor with a capital p and capital o's and ….

            it had so much public relations gobbledegook nonsense that it actually occured to me that he didnt write a word of it himself

            he was actually more emotional in his press conference after he didnt make the cut at quail hollow last month

  • Akashtorturedmind

    i agree with you. This argument is well outdated. If a list is written by an american, then its obvious that the list would be bound to have items that relate to the american actuality. Its pretty hard to compile 10 items over a topic, so its dead certain that not everybody will have ‘their item’ up there.

  • Interesting list, The Sanity Inspector, I've gone back to re-read it a couple of times already, and know I'll be doing some deeper research later.

    About #5—"Now certainly it was not in good taste, but did it really warrant a royal apology to the entire nation?"

    Of course it warranted a royal apology…

    His actions weren't "in bad taste", his actions were monumentally stupid. Not the type of qualities a country would want in a future monarch.

    I f anyone should know about how an innocent action can be overblown into a public debacle wouldn't it be the son of Princess Diana? At what point did he think there wouldn't be any hungry camera hounds to document his holiday?

    And didn't Hitler actually bomb the hell out of Britain? The Nazi's didn't just have a first hand effect on the men off to war, far, far away. They stepped right onto the home soil, and destroyed families and the regular flow of life, Some places have never fully recovered..

    So if you think a Prince in Hitler's clothing is JUST bad taste, why the hell did the US just recently come unglued when Sandra Bullock's soon-to-be-ex Jesse James had "nazi" pictures fall out of his closet?

    • I will add that I truly believe that all youngsters.. no matter who they are, do have moments of monumental stupidity. They grow out of it, usually.

      And an apology and taking your licks is part of the process.

    • He's really unlikely to be King- he has to get past his Dad and his brother. He's just basically having a bit of fun with his life (which the Queen's sister did too). I don't blame him, just because he happened to be born into a family doesn't mean he has to act a certain way at all.

      I'm sure if someone said to you- look at that guy his parent's are poor as hell, what's he doing wearing a suit? etc it wouldn't be taken very kindly, just because it's the other end of the scale doesn't make it right.

    • Really must we apologize for every stupid act we do? Furthermore, you make a point that proves mine – he KNEW the cameras would be there, so either he intended to offend Jews by wearing a Nazi sign (knowing the press would pick it up) or he didn't think it was a scandalous thing to do. If the former is true, yes, he should apologize, if the latter is true, no he shouldn't – as he had no intention of causing offense.

      Do you really think that the Prince intended to offend jews? No you don't. So why do you demand he apologize for an innocent action? Think about it – an innocent action. He is innocent of intending to cause harm but you want an apology. Does it really make sense that we should demand apologies from those innocent of intending harm?

      Ultimately, the apology that was proffered means: "I am sorry people were offended". That is not an apology. So, an innocent person is forced to give a false apology just to appease people who are feigning offense.

      • "So, an innocent person is forced to give a false apology just to appease people who are feigning offense."

        Could you please email that statement to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They really need to read it.

      • "so either he intended to offend Jews by wearing a Nazi sign (knowing the press would pick it up) or he didn't think it was a scandalous thing to do."

        I cannot agree with your reasoning regarding Young Harry's "intentions". By using an either/or statement, you have:

        1, Limited the parameter of motivation to only two possibilities, although in truth, there could be any number of reasons Young Harry donned the uniform.

        2. The two possibilities you have defined are polaric opposites—he's an evil bigot OR he's too dull in the brain to understand that somebody may take offense at seeing a Nazi in public.

        Regardless…..his actions DID cause harm. And national embarrassment. Perhaps if he was actually mentally incompetent he could wear the blanket of innocence. But that is not the case, so even if he didn't think it was scandolous? at the time, he certainly realized his error afterward.

        Must we apologize for every stupid thing we do? Probably not. But If we realize how stupid the thing was and how many people it affected, regardless of intention, perhaps an apology IS in order.

        • Agreed. Well said.

          Humans cannot see into the human hearts, so we judge actions rather than intentions. Harry's action was offensive. Did people feign their offense? Some may have exaggerated, but the offense was very real.

          Intentions count, but ignorance is not a valid excuse.

          • Intentions count, but ignorance is not a valid excuse.

            Agreed Scratch…I was typing out roughly the same thing before I saw your post come across.

          • You know what the ladies say about people with great minds . . .

      • he KNEW the cameras would be there, so either he intended to offend Jews by wearing a Nazi sign (knowing the press would pick it up) or he didn't think it was a scandalous thing to do. If the former is true, yes, he should apologize, if the latter is true, no he shouldn't – as he had no intention of causing offense.

        Intent is certainly a consideration in evaluating an infraction, but in theory people that intend to insult would never feel the need to apologize. But in situations like this one where we assume that “he didn’t think it was a scandalous thing to do”, even if the person had no intent to cause offense, an apology for their ignorance would be appreciated if in fact they learned from it and that resulted in feelings of remorse for unwittingly having caused offense. IMO the greater offense is when the “innocent” offender stubbornly holds their ground by refusing to show sincere compassion for others even when their ignorance is pointed out to them. I can think of a time or two where that has happened.

      • Ultimately, the apology that was proffered means: "I am sorry people were offended". That is not an apology.

        Agreed, those are the worst kinds of “apologies”. It’s in effect putting blame on others instead of taking personal responsibility.

  • As an Atlanta Braves fan, the John Rocker debacle is still fresh in my mind. I don't really think it should be on this list, though, because no one remembers the apology whatsoever–only the comments he made beforehand. Although I do think Rocker is a pretty big bag o' douche, I don't hold the entire incident against him because the guy was obviously out of his mind on steroids at the time. 'Roid rage (and the fact that he is at least slightly racist) fueled a lot of those comments.

  • elise

    heaps dissapointed in this list. very american centric. i would have thought the australian prime minister’s apology to the stolen geneeration warranted a a spot on the list if not number one.

  • Akashtorturedmind

    ok i appologize :-) i thought it was a ‘top 10’ list. Moreover i was bitching around the fact that tiger’s adultery doesn’t really concern us and so does his appology. The only persons to be concerned by the matter are his wife and family, so what’s the point of a public appology? Just maybe his image for the is that a sincere appology after all?

    • in your last sentence — you nailed it

      its his image for the public *and* no — its probably not a sincere apology

      the point of a public apology? remember this is a guy who publicly touts his love for gatorade. the weird ass papparzzi have overly sensationalized almost every aspect of life surrounding some of these celebrities. more so, if they are good at what they do — and even moreso if they give good examples (in and outside the norm) while they do it.


      • …. cont'd

        tiger is an athlete in a sport whose demographics and history are largly devoid of people like him. we dont see this in baseball because we already have (jackie robinson bazed paths much like tiger did in the late 90's)
        he also put more of a public face on the sport, than it had been given in some time (a la jack nickalus, et al) — he went on talk shows (both morning news shows, and late night talk shows) and hocked things that golfers tend not to put their name and face behind. thus, the media jumps all over it when something happens to turn their media darlings into normal people with normal problems, neccessitating the need for them to clear their name. tiger probably wasnt as interested in making the apology as his sponsors and different media outlets were in having him do so.

        not only do i agree with you, but i am disgusted that tiger cheating got about 25x as much face time in the press than did the death of payne stewart in that plane crash about 9 years ago.

    • oliveralbq

      and tiger's adultry did affect me.

      the day he was being released from the clinic for sex addictions, the papparazzi were
      crowding the thoroughfares in hattiesburg, ms, so bad that i missed a job interview.

      cheating bastard

  • I think to be honest that although the author may have missed some apologies off the list that you think should have been on there, I recently read a list on cracked about apologies and if he included some of the ones you wanted it would pretty much be the same list. I liked it and I can guarantee that if he included all the things you wanted on the list he would then be accused of stealing the list off cracked.

    Besides those people moaning can write a 10 notable apologies list part two (but I can tell you none of them will)

  • I should point out that some of the items on this list have my personal addendum on them – I am opposed to any "general" apology by a person who did not commit the offense being apologized for, any apology by a person to someone who was not hurt by the actions, and any apology by a person who was innocent of intending to cause harm. If you intend to hurt someone and do it, then an apology is necessary. Most of the items on this list do not fall into that category.

    • MommaDuck


  • I think a lot of the confusion about why some apologies are on here while some seem forgotten is because people have stopped reading the little intros at the top of each list. The writer obviously meant this to be a list centered around apologies that "seem to be nothing but public relations moves."

    While I don't really think the list achieved that (there are some on here that really did warrant apologies and did seem sincere (the AMA one specifically), I think people are missing the point that The Sanity Inspector was trying to make.

    Great list by the way.

    • ok—–good point……..and i'll reiterate this from timothyjames because i think he's on the right track:

      apologies that "seem to be nothing but public relations moves." (from above)

      now — replay the tiger woods apology in your head and tell me
      this isnt exactly what he was trying to do.

  • Dear World. Sorry about Obama. We'll try to do better in 2012.

  • Tryclyde

    "Now certainly it was not in good taste, but did it really warrant a royal apology to the entire nation?":

    Wow, that's a stupid comment. Do you have any knowledge or sense of history? Do you realize that the Nazis bombed the hell out of England and well over half a million British troops were killed and hundreds of thousands more were wounded during WWII? Then, this jackass comes along and openly wears a Nazi uniform as a member of the royal family?! Seriously, crack a history book. I'm not even British and I was floored by that callous remark.

    • Dressing up as somebody is not the same as being them. If I dressed as a bottle of beer, should I then apologise to people who disagree with drinking?
      All he did was wear a costume. If people are offended by someone simply wearing a costume then either they were directly affected by the person the costume represents (in this case, people who were in concentration camps, descendents of those people, etc.) in which case they have a right to be offended; or they're reactionary PC wankers who need to get over their desperate need to defend people who can stand up for themselves if and when they have a problem.
      Also, "crack a history book" is right up there with the most retarded comments on this site next to "FAIL." If you really feel the need to make a point in disagreement with someone else, at least make a proper argument, instead of a clearly ignorant statement like that. An opinion about good and bad taste doesn't indicate in the slightest that the commenter is unaware of the London Blitz.

      • Tryclyde

        Come on, dressing up as a beer bottle doesn't even compare to dressing up as a Nazi. This was a group of people who methodically killed groups of people solely based on their culture, beliefs and religions, and this idiot cavalierly dressed up as one of them. It's akin to someone dressing up as a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween.

        And I say "crack a history book" because it is very appropriate here since the author obviously doesn't understand the sensitive situation that someone dressing up as a Nazi may cause. It goes beyond being reactionary PC.

        ..And using the word "retarded" basically tells me that YOU"RE the ignorant one.

        • OK, I'll admit, I may have gone overboard in my argument. It WOULD be in very bad taste to dress as a Ku Klux Klan member. And it was in equally bad taste to dress as a Nazi. I just honestly believe that anyone offended by what an 18-year-old guy wears to a party is taking the whole thing a bit too personally. He wasn't making any statements of belief in their policies. He wasn't out there trying to scare Jews and black people and disabled people. He was in costume. That's the part that I think people seem to be overlooking, either willingly or accidentally. There's a difference (slight though it may be) between 'in bad taste' and 'offensive' and I really think Nazi Harry is in the former.

          I maintain that "crack a history book" was a ridiculous comment to make. It's not obvious that the author doesn't understand the sensitivity of the situation. The vast majority of people would, that doesn't mean everyone who understands, agrees.

          • I just honestly believe that anyone offended by what an 18-year-old guy wears to a party is taking the whole thing a bit too personally.

            It’s not as if he was just any ol’ 18 year old guy, you know. Rightly or wrongly, deserved or not, he’s a person of supposed nobility, representing a nation. Now, being an American, I’m not a defender or in any way a fan of birth-right royalty, but fact is he’s a person of stature in his country and as such, his actions typically have much more impact than those of the so-called common man.

            He wasn't making any statements of belief in their policies. He wasn't out there trying to scare Jews and black people and disabled people. He was in costume.

            Thinking what, then? That others would find it to be funny? Doesn’t that kind of ignorance, especially from a person of his stature, offend, or at the least, bother you?

          • No, not really. I honestly have almost no reaction to his actions. The media circus after it annoyed me much more than his costume did. It was dumb, and it was ignorant, but I just don't see it as anything to get really worked up over.

      • "Dressing up as somebody is not the same as being them. If I dressed as a bottle of beer, should I then apologise(sic) to people who disagree with drinking? "

        Apples and oranges and a complete strawman argument. May I attend a party comprised completely of black people dressed as the Grand Wizard? Cmoooonnnn, please? It'll be a great conversation starter!

        • 'Apologise' is the British spelling. It's equally as correct as 'apologize'.

      • Clark99

        Dressing up in blackface would be in reallybad taste, dressing up as a nazi soldier is just plain wrong on so many levels (even if you're Not a member of the British royal family which makes it even worse).

      • Cindylicious

        "If people are offended by someone simply wearing a costume then either they were directly affected by the person the costume represents (in this case, people who were in concentration camps, descendents of those people, etc.)"

        What a ridiculous statement. So I can't be offended by what the Nazis believed in unless I myself was in a concentration camp or have descendants that were?? I guess I can't be offended by something like apartheid either since I myself am not African-American nor do I have desecendants that are. Same with slavery or racial segregation. Sure, African-Americans can stand up for themselves, but that doesn't mean I can't be offended too. Terrible argument.

    • eteddsy

      A lot of this argument should really boil down to the context the costume was worn in and not merely the fact that it was worn. Charlie Chaplin famously dressed up as Hitler in the Great Dictator. Was anyone offended by this? Dressing up as something we despise to lampoon it is a long standing tradition in England. Someone noted that dressing ias the grand high wizard would be offensive to some, and I can see their point. But what if that same person dressed as the high wizardy whatsit also put on a ludicrous accent, pretended to be less intelligent than a cucumber and fell over a lot. Would this still be as offensive? I'm British and to be honest didn't care a jot about what Harry wore to a fancy dress party. The only preople who did care were the newspapers who wanted to sell the story. I'm sure Harry will do lots worse in the years to come as he's a bit of a rebel and we all think the better of him for it.

  • A recurring theme in all the list items is pressure brought to bear on the apologiser by a strong, independent congress, a strong, independent other political party, a strong, independent media, or strong, independent public pressure. Lacking any or all of those, it is so much easier for someone to escape having to apologise. For example, I can't see Kim Jong-Il apologising for sinking the ROKS Cheonan in the near future. Instead, having control of all of those things (or lacking another political party) means he can he can bluster on the world stage.

  • Arsnl

    To bad vaticans apology for galilei didnt make the list.
    If you people think there’s too much talk aboit woods well guess what. You already added another comment about him.
    And ofcourse a royal apology was in order regarding. Im not british but even as a prank that was very offensive. I am not aware of the british system but does he benefit from taxpayers money, cuz in that case well again its serious.
    Ps: am i the only one that saw a bit of an anti chinese tone in this list??

  • Arsnl

    @deeez #65: you really have a lot of time on your hands. :-)

    • Help me out here Arsnl—I don't have comment #'s anymore….But I do have enough time on my hands to research my own comments……

  • graz

    and david letterman?

  • I thought the list was pretty good, sure it could've been a little more diverse or titled differently to appease the complainers on here, but all in all it was good =)

  • samir

    next will be jfrater apologizing for calling tigers mistresses 'Bimbo's'

    nice list

  • timmar68

    "A hot-dogging Chinese fighter jet crowded an American EC-130 spy plane in international waters."

    Excuse me? THAT warrants an apology from the U.S? The pilot WHO WAS HOT-DOGGING was killed and BUSH had to apologize? Wha-wha-WHAT? I sure as hell wouldn't have apologized either!

    • littleboots

      I thought I was misreading this sentence, so reread it a couple times and also wonder what the hell the apology was for.

      • Sania

        The apology was for spying on China. They were caught red handed.

  • Not a bad list at all. I enjoyed reading!

    The comment section on the other hand is just boring. I am so tired of the silly, "too American", arguments over and over and over…and over again. Really? Nothing else to add? You have a huge brain, really….huge.

    I have been reading listverse for quite sometime and I usually enjoy it everyday until I scroll down to the comments. It's silly to even try to make a comment about the actual contents of the list anymore because it is skimmed through and forgotten. The comments and commenters that matter are the argumentative ignorants who complain about the same things on a daily basis. It's just really sad.

    So, in closing, I guess what I am trying to say after jumping on board with all those argumentative commenters, I don't think I will be throwing my 2 cents in anymore. It seems to be nothing more than a waste of time.

    Thanks LV and JFrater for the good times!

  • Are any of these really sincere apologies? Or are they because of getting caught?
    Most are reactionary and not from the heart. Anything a celebrity apologies for is not worth the 15 seconds of air time or even a section in the newspaper. Who cares?

    The only one that truly doesn't make sense is the Mattel one. That's just wrong. China should be apologizing to anyone they sold the dolls to, for distribution.

  • Billy Beer

    Wow, I've never seen so many unnotable apologies in one place. Woods at #1? Rocker even on the list. Hardly anyone remembers the antics of John Rocker. This list is pretty poor.

  • I want to apologize to everyone for Vanilla Ice. That shouldn't have happened. Really am sorry about that.

    Also – The KFC Double Down is really unnecessary – seriously, I think we'd all be just as satisfied with a bun. So again, sorry.

    Ok, I'm also sorry that most of the paparazzi photographs of celebrity female privates are generated in this country. I don't think we intended to be number one in that category, but I want to apologize for that.

    And I'm probably going to have to say we're sorry for probably being way out in front of other countries for having the most crazy, batshit insane elderly people. If it isn't 'I thought I was stepping on the brake' being the excuse for plowing into a crowd of people, then it's living in a one story house with 237 cats.

    Finally, I want to send out my deepest and most heartfelt apologies for hoisting the ShamWow guy onto everybody. I have no excuse.

    • jeez dude i want an apology from KFC for not selling the double down at my local KFC – i 'd be all over that thing like stank on shit.

      • Yes, and so would I. I've often thought of frying up two ribeyes at home and cramming a pound of sauteed mushrooms, bleu cheese a slab of bacon and fries and what the hell – how about a couple of corn dogs between them and eating them sans bib in my high chair at home. Or better yet, as Patton Oswalt says, just throw all that stuff into a blender and inject it directly into my femoral artery because I don't want to waste any energy on chewing my food.

        Don't get me wrong, I wanna get my Mooby's Cowtipper on just like everyone else from time to time, but this fast food thing has gone from fun, fast and tasty to something that is starting to get weird and terrifying. When we reach the point that 'what the fuck, let's throw a Snickers inside the crust' seems like a good idea, then we are all headed to a food armageddon faster than you can say 'quadruple bypass stoke-de-jur I can't move my left side.'

    • Moonbeam

      Once again, I bow to you. Cold beer coming right up.

    • Vanilla Ice- I actually enjoy "Ice Ice Baby." It is not a bad song. Please don't throw tomatoes at me.

      The KFC Double Down- I guess you are apologizing to people's arteries and not their taste buds, 'cause that shit is deeeee-lish!

      Paparazzi photographs of celebrity female privates- What?!? You are apologizing for the only good thing the media contributes?

      Batshit insane elderly people- Agreed.

      ShamWow guy- If you had ever used a ShamWow, you would know it is ShamAzing and be thanking this guy! He has reason to be excited!

      • I actually enjoy "Ice Ice Baby." It is not a bad song.

        His “apology” for plagiarizing it got quite expensive for him though.

        If you had ever used a ShamWow, you would know it is ShamAzing and be thanking this guy! He has reason to be excited!

        Lol, he didn’t have his trusty ShamWows with him on this day:

  • "We are truly abstraction?"

    Does he mean that we are an idea or term that is truly separate from concrete reality?

    • Yeah, that made me scratch my head a bit too.

    • Yeah it's bizarre all right. I think the terrorist was saying that they were just 'the bad guys' to the family but that the family had names and faces and identities to them. I THINK.

      • That sounds plausible. Whatever the explanation, it's a piss-poor apology..

  • Davo

    i hope those black dudes apologized to Kramer for being douchebags during his act

    • Why? His overreaction was not even in the same realm of offense as theirs.

    • If you choose to become a professional stand-up comic, the possibility of being heckled comes with the territory. The best comics have effective ways of turning the tables back onto the heckler and it’s all in fun. To lose it and go off in the manner that Richards did is inexcusable.

  • Poor Kosmo Kramer!
    So fed up on hurt feelings.

  • Anon


    YEAH! It DID warrant an apology to an entire nation. The idea that anyone would go as a Nazi to a costume party is revolting, nevermind a member of the royal family. No, he didn't choose to be born into the family he was born into, but he was and I'd hope that at this point he's gotten used to it. As a figure with that kind of public attention (who, oh by the way, could be crowned king if anything were to happen to Prince William) he has a responsibility to be aware of his actions and how they'll be perceived by his country and by the world. Part of that responsibility would include not introducing levity to an organization responsible for the deaths of millions of people, including British soldiers that sacrificed their lives to save a number of different peoples from mass genocide.

    And, oh by the way, who would doubt that his name is Prince Harry? People that have lived with their heads under a rock?

    • I still think that the media overreacted, but you make a very good point. As one of the closest in line to the throne he does have a responsibility to (basically) not piss off his own citizens.

      I'd like to see more arguments like this on listverse. Well phrased and even-toned.

  • Arsnl

    @deeez the one about convos regarding woods. I mean come on deeez. Just like there are starving people in india so we shouldnt waste food, we also shouldnt waste time cuz there are people who need it desperatly. One convo about that topic i can understand. Human curiosity. Its normal, we all did something like that, but multiple thats just wrong. Soo wrong.
    Ps: 1) all agree fully with you on the matter of ze prince. And i guess he is dull in the brain. All that inbreeding surely can affect someone severly.
    2)its annoying that this list that mixed serious apologies like the lead paint thing and non important one like #10 or #1.
    3) all these r words make me wonder. Where is moonbeam. Havent seen her in quite a while now.

    • Moonbeam

      Hi Arsnl! I've been reading the lists but I don't always post comments.

      • Arsnl

        Just wondering :-p. Well good to know you are in the background. Looking at us. Spying. Stealthy. You’re like a god. Playing with us.

        • Moonbeam

          Thanks for the laugh! If only everyone could see me as a god. You might not believe this but in "real life" I'm always being told how quiet and shy I am.

    • 2)its annoying that this list that mixed serious apologies like the lead paint thing and non important one like #10 or #1.

      UMM I think you missed the point. The Lead Paint apology was NOT a serious apology. You do not apologize to the person that just fucked you over. A serious response to China for using lead paint on it's products would have been for Mattel to say FUCK YOU Ignorant slopey bastards. We are taking our business away from you. And then doing it! But of course in it's push for cheap at the expense of anything resembling quality or control it put all it's manufacturing eggs in one basket – very clever. NOT


  • "I'm going to stick to my original opinion because I don't like married men who think they're entitled to sleep around when they have a family at home. But I understand there is plenty of reason behind what Tiger did"

    Whoa there big fella, conflicting opinions in the breadth of two sentences, no? Just sayin

    • Hey little fella – I thought I explained that because of the adulation and the false sense of "It's good to be the King" complex – was why he did what he did. He turned a wrong into "What, . . .me?'

      Thus the seemingly contradictory post.

  • Arsnl

    @anon: including british citizens. Btw are you the former spanner in the workd? Ive read a list by him and it was amazing.

  • Just noticed Larry David was the poster boy for today's list. Bravo Jamie! He must apologize to at least 10 people every episode…

    "I TOLD you those blowjobs were DANGEROUS!"

  • I'm still waiting for an apology from my brother for eating my sandwich, dammit!

  • Unusual list today – I enjoyed the read though


  • RedMan

    Nice list. I like the idea of making a list of apologies that should be made.

  • sega

    wheres Kobe?

    • oliveralbq

      kobe's apology was in 2004

      the entry for 2004 from the list author:
      "George W. Bush apologizes for prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison"

      with about 25 comments eluding to why adulterers were placed on this list, i think the list author made a wise choice when picking between the incidents above.

      it doesnt matter if you hate bush or if he is your son, the tales of torture needed to be addressed

      im sure you have noticed, the list was detailing one per year, in time-line fashion, and while bryant's apology was more (pick your adjective) than john rocker's, i doubt there is any true justification for it to displace the one sanity inspector chose for his/her list

  • Cool list, I can relate to item number 2 … and as for number 1, screw Tiger Woods! (pun unintended, really meant that…) Heard his wife is gonna fight him for $750 million. Serves him right! Hmph…

  • Omg, best bucslim comment, ever! ;-)

    So true… God I hate him…

  • Wow, wait, did someone hack your pc? Lol!

    Yeah, he is a douchebag…

  • Xmen

    Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's EPIC APOLOGY to the Filipino people for HONESTLY CHEATING the 2004 Elections should be on the list. . . too bad it was'nt

  • The Sanity Inspector

    Thanks all, for commenting on my list, and thanks Mr. Frater for editing & publishing my list. I have been enjoying Listverse for several weeks, and this is my first submission. I compiled this list by going through Google's news archives, searching for apologies. I had no meta-theme; I was just looking for apologies that were especially notorious in their given year. A longer version of this list appeared earlier this year on my own blog; if you're interested just google "the decade in apologies". Thanks all, again.

    • someone

      really average list bro

  • Meh

    Fuck that, Tiger Woods doesn't deserve #1, let alone the attention he got for it all. He's not special, he's human. He's rich, famous, and was faced with temptation. Anyone could've done what he did, and they do. Do their stories get plastered over the news everyday? no.

    And what about the British Governments apology to Alan Turing's family? He was one of the most important people in British Intelligence in WWII, he helped break the German Enigma code during World War II, giving British intelligence a way to eavesdrop on secret German military communications. After the war, Turing continued his work on computers and later devised an intelligence test for machines called the Turing Test.
    He was openly gay through his service, and they "tolerated" him during that time because he was valuable to the war effort. When he continued his lifestyle during peacetime, he was convicted of "gross indecency" and chemically castrated. He had to turn in his security clearance and had to quit working for the Government. Two years later he was found dead, eating a cyanide laced apple. It's not certain whether it was a suicide or assassination, it was ruled a suicide.
    It wasn't until last year that they apologized.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    To everyone complaining about the American slant to this list, yes, I am an American and my worldview is colored accordingly. It was very interesting to read the comments about notable apologies from other countries. Maybe an industrious somebody could put together a list of them…???

  • Don't really like the list at all. Thought it was a good idea, but beyond that, it didn't really hold my attention. And TIger at #1??? You gotta be kidding me.

    • The Sanity Inspector

      Thanks for the feedback. This is my first submission. As I get a better feel for the site & the community, I hope to post better lists in the future.

  • Mrs. Midwest

    What about Harry Whittington's apology?! he basically apologized to Dick Cheney after DC shot him in the face.

  • #1 Apololy for an affair. Shouldn't that be Bill Clinton instead of Tiger Woods? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Now, that's the greatest apology ever, unless there's some evidence… :)

  • Courtney

    I with everyone who's disappointed/annoyed at seeing Tiger Woods on this list. No one cares, honestly, that Tiger is "sorry" for what he did. He's only trying to repair his image.

    On another note, I can think of many other apologies that could replace Tiger on this list, mostly Canadian ones:

    – PM Stephen Harper's apology to Aboriginal Canadians, who were made to attend residential schools, where they were forced to put aside their cultural identity. Many students were abused, physically, mentally, and sexually, and an entire generation was destroyed.

    – PM Brian Mulroney's apology to Japanese Canadians for their treatment during WWII; they were shipped to internment camps or deported, and some were even stripped of their Canadian citizenship. Note that Ronald Reagan also made an apology to Japanese Americans about a month prior to the Canadian apology.

    – Not only were British children shipped to Australia as cheap labour, they were also sent to Canada, under the pretense of "adoption". While some children managed to find loving homes with families who could not or did not have children of their own, many of them were put to work on farms as free labour, since they were technically "adopted children". Many of these children died horrible deaths, either from their work or at the hands of their abusive family. British PM Gordon Brown also apologized to the British child migrants earlier this year.

    • Billy Beer

      Ok, those might be good apologies…but they are hardly American nor reflect anything American. Come on, this is supposed to be about America.

      AMERICA #1, Gonna rise up, Kick a little ass, ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!

  • Moonbeam

    OK the apology – if you could even call it that – from #7 from the Symbionese Liberation Army radicals, U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E! They took someone's life and the best they can come up with is some rambling incoherent mess. How tragic for the victim's family.

  • Moonbeam

    Did you notice that even though many posts here complain that Tiger shouldn't be on this list, he seems to be generating a ton of comments?

    It kind of saddens me that I'm even thinking about him, but here goes anyway…

    I don't condone what he's done, and I certainly don't want to justify his behavior, but take a look at his whole life. His Dad raised him like some kind of one trick pony. Golf, golf, golf… There's even that famous clip of Tiger putting on The Mike Douglas Show when he's about 3 years old. It reminds me of those nutty moms parading their tiny tot girls in those beauty contests that we have here in the US. Creepy. It just seems to me something had to give.

    I do have to give it to you though, his mea culpa seemed very overly practiced, robotic and emotionless.

  • gezzanater

    How about Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generation , for those that don't know , Kevin Rudd is the Australian Prime MInister and the Stolen Generation were the Aboriginals, that were taken from their families. This was a significient event , more than Tiger Woods apology for thinking with the wrong head.

  • Apologizing for cheating on your wife, pretty etchy. Apologizing for a death, not so bad?

  • Whatever happened to that governor who cheated on his wife who had cancer?

    • The Sanity Inspector

      That was North Carolina Senator John Edwards. His political career is dead.

    • ur being redundant sir

  • What's wrong with being erudite? You say that like it's a bad thing.

    • I don't know, I saw it in the Thesaurus and I thought I'd add it.

      • Perhaps it would’ve been more erudite of you to add a little flair with something like “mucousy proboscissed” rather than the mundane “snot nosed”. On the other hand, your usage of “prick” was quite apropos. Well said.

        • When I was at university, a friend was given a lapel badge that read "I am eruditer than you". He wore it proudly until someone explained what it meant..

          After the sex saga, perhaps even in his apology, Tiger Woods said he was going to get back to his roots. In Australian English, one meaning of "roots" is "partners in sexual intercourse"!

  • I'd have thought there might be some mention of the admission of Soviet culpability and apology regarding the Katyn massacre, particularly because of recent events throwing this into the forefront of the media. Still, I found it to be an interesting read.

  • Guys – I am getting lots of complaints about audio ads – can someone please take a screenshot of one of the audio ads and tell me the link it leads to? I want to get them removed but can't unless I see what they look like. Send screenshots and info to [email protected]

    • can you do anything about the google ads that want me to "meet gay bikers in my area" ? Right now even theres an ad wanting me to chat to "Gay asians" shits NSFW

      • Sime

        Only you can do something about this bluesman87. As you should be aware Google stores your search data and places ads according to your "preference". So stop looking for gay bikers, that or embrace it and just go for it! hehe.

        • serious , good of google to let me know i like gay bikers , never realised that before . So now i like gay bikers , and i want to learn chinese and buy a russian wife wow it seems im pretty screwed up . that also explaine the ad on how dispose of a dead body . …

          • Sime

            haha : )

          • search: gay widower half russian, half chinese bike-owning mail order husbands.

            and good luck sir

          • dude what do you think ive been doing ? hence the ad's…

          • i *think* youve been struggling with how to explain yourself as a hermaphrodite to your new potential mate, since
            –you want to buy a russian wife
            –yet you like gay bikers
            –and a month ago you uttered the phrase "the offer to suck my balls is a go" in an argument with that one dude

            we'll help you through your confusion

            it'll all be oookay

            we still love ya man

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            I cant wait to see whats next -"meet tri-sexual half blind right wing crippled albino mogolian shoemakers in your area"

          • as your friend i have taken the liberty to try to help you and i am unhappy to report that all the crippled albino mongolian shoemakers are left-wing and have great vision, except for one that is right wing (and trisexual) but but not very albino. crippled, yes. she lives with her husband, who owns the shitty-wok in park county colorado

          • the real crap thing is that i tried googling my real name the other day and found out i share my exact name with a famous gay american porn star ( and not even a cool name like " Love-spike Mcgee") . Im being dead serious .thank F**k i wasnt doing an image search …

          • i just googled my real name.

            i got a left-wing crippled shoemaker.
            no shit.

  • shrpsh00ta

    tiger woods didn't deserve to be on this

  • wasnt there a very similar list ? on this website?

  • Luka

    Interesting list, but I feel the Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to the aboriginal people over the genocide and white interventionist methods forced upon them has far greater weight than some of these entries, especially considering the previous governments refusal to apologise and the subsequent findings that what was apologised for may not have happened at all.

  • Albert Mones

    You should have added the Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when there was a scandal about the 2004 Presidential Election it was caught on tape and was broadcasted in National television.

  • inspiring…

  • JLL

    Shouldn't #8 be Trent Lott, not Strom Thurmond???

  • David

    where's kevin rudd's half-assed publicity stunt of an apology for the stolen generation?

  • someone

    This list is ridiculous. America is bombing innocent weddings over in the Middle East and yet all we are seeing are "apologies" from sport stars. Secondly, why the fuck is Tiger Woods no.1? Just because his "apology" was highly televised and caused a lot of controversy doesn't mean shit. That is the media's pathetic "professionalism", nothing else.

  • Very creative ! Nice work.

  • dandan

    Hi all,.excuse my english..

    i'm not american, but not get annoyed if this list is too american or anything. maybe you're not reading the entire list on this website. and if you still dont like it, just make your own list and hope people would read it.
    just enjoy the listverse! thanks to jamie and friends

  • mark

    Another great list – Tiger definately deserves the number one spot!

  • Yep, great list. But bugger me, I HAD to look up the Prince Harry being Prince Henry thing…apart from that, I'm really annoyed with Listverse's site as when I try to scroll…or type, it keeps freezing on me. Come on Jamie, surely you can fix this annoying ad serving issue. Otherwise, I'm outta here!

    But like anyone cares :)

  • Pretty pathetic that the public expects someone to say sorry for everything.

    Good list

  • Prince Harry is a member of the British royal family – not just the English one.

  • ashleigh

    I agree about the Australian apology to the stolen generations

  • RaillLelo


  • alright

    Where’s the apology for slavery and discrimination of the Irish? Is it because a lot of them are white? If there was one, I missed it because I was getting drunk out of my mind at the pub. I was born in the States but I’m more Irish than most black people are African exponentially.

  • Ernest

    The apology by the Prime Minister of Canada regarding the mistreatment of the First Nations people of Canada would be useful on this list, and perhaps a bit more significant than some of the American apologies listed here, such as by John Rocker. I feel like this list really could be bettered with more.. International research.

  • jjj

    How about the idiot obama apologizing for America. We did not ask idiot obama to apologize and there is nothing the USA needs to apologize for, except for voting the idiot obama into office. He will be voted out in 2012.

  • Hannah

    Australian ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be on this list for his apology for the mistreatment of the Aboriginals in the past. He did it not long after his appointment as Prime Minister in 2007

  • Frankie

    Shame you didn’t include Ex-Prime Minister Rudd’s apology to The Stolen Generation. That apology meant so much to a lot of people.

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