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Top 10 Hollywood Creative Kills

Hollywood is constantly coming up with new and creative ideas to shock us with ways to die. Disturbing scenes of death are not common to Horror movies alone and found outside the genre all the time. It’s not uncommon to hear news someone died of fatal gunshot or stab wounds, so Hollywood has gotten creative throughout the decades. Here are some glimpses into Hollywood’s more creative and unconventional ways to die, in no particular order. Warning: Though the following gore is fake it’s not for queasy stomachs!


Death by Toxic Waste

“I’d buy that for a dollar!” Ah, who could forget the 1987 gore-enthusiastic film, Robocop? With a record of 11 original ‘X’ ratings before the MPAA finally approved an ‘R’ rated version to be released to American theaters. The Sci-Fi film featured a murdered cop turned cyborg by O.C.P. to create the perfect crime-fighting machine. Robocop lived up to his name and took down villains, one by one, in a glorious spectrum of violence as never before seen in theaters. What disturbed audiences and the MPAA was that the gore was not so over-the-top laughably funny, but more realistic than cheesy for its time. Something later Robocop films failed to do. The above clip features the toxic waste scene in Robocop, in which one of Robocop’s murderers crashes into a vat of toxic waste which melts his body and causes excruciating pain, only to be put out of his misery by an oncoming vehicle. The scene can’t be embedded from youtube but you can watch it here.


Death by Alien

It’s been referenced, parodied and even copied since its release, but the chest-bursting scene in Alien has remained infamous to this day. It’s no surprise Alien, released in 1979, received an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. To achieve the needed sense of panic needed in one take, actors were not told about the spewing blood. As a result, actress Veronica Cartwright stumbled and fell to the floor screaming. Called the “chestburster,” it features the death of a spaceship crew member who unsuspectingly hosted a baby alien inside his chest.


Death by Telekinetic

Another creative kill scene that had people talking was David Cronenberg’s, Scanners. Released in 1981 and still one of the most gruesome death scenes today. Scanners, the name given to folks in the movie with telekinetic powers, featured duels between people with supernatural abilities. One such ability was the power to make heads explode, which was put to good use in the movie. Special effects artist Dick Smith created a prosthetic head filled with livers and shot from the back with a shotgun to create a cringe-worthy effect of exploding head, with brain content flying everywhere.


Death by Demons

Play with the Lament Configuration and you’ll summon demons from Hell. Clive Barker’s, Hellraiser, gave us a peak at what tortured souls could look like. Cenobites, once-human-beings trapped in Hell and consumed by demonic forces, now do Hell’s bidding by retrieving souls in the mortal world for the under world. The Cenobites were not happy about Frank escaping Hell, so they decided to deal with him the best way they know how: torture. Here is Frank’s demise.


Death by Dreams

If you die in your dreams you won’t die in your sleep, right? Not if Freddy’s coming for you. This murderer comes from beyond the grave and invades the dreams of adolescents. Falling asleep meant encountering Freddy Krueger, a child serial killer turned loose from prison and killed by revengeful parents. Freddy haunted dreams and continued his thirst for blood from the other side. Only catch was if you fell asleep you were subjected to Freddy’s relentless disrespect for the laws of physics. Poor Johnny Depp never saw it coming. Neither did the ceiling.


Death by Chain Letter

“We all get them,” and they’re annoyingly harmless; chain letters. Don’t pass them on and your wishes won’t come true at midnight or nobody will love you. Or, in the case of the 2010 film Chain Letter, the consequence for not passing on a harmless chain letter is death. This harsh penalty makes for an interesting kill. The featured clip above shows Chain Letter’s serial killer, Chain Man, using his favorite choice of weapon to finish off his victims: chains. In one killing sequence, the Chain Man chains the separate legs of a high school girl, played by Nikki Reed, to two separate cars. The cars belong to the girl’s parents and as they take their separate cars to work one morning, they unknowingly drag their chained daughter from the garage. When the parents split in opposite directions to go to work, so does the body of their daughter. Riiiiiip! I haven’t winced this bad in years.


Death by Monster

The ground was no longer safe with graboids on the loose in the 1990 film, Tremors. Graboids, fictitious worm-like creatures that lived and traveled underground, devoured anything that made noise above ground; including humans. Though Tremors was a box office failure which barely broke even, it was a runaway hit on home video, later becoming a cult classic. The unique creature concept of the graboids, blind entities that sensed prey by vibrations in the ground, made for entertaining chases of cat-and-mouse, with human consumption. Graboids devoured humans whole with their four-digit mouths and multiple, prehensile snake-like tongues. This video clip from Tremors 3 shows a graboid doing what it does best, eating people alive.


Death by Game

It’s fun to play games. It’s even more fun to win. In the 1997 movie, Cube, if you win – you keep your life. If you lose – you die. Cube, a low budget award-winning film, placed unsuspecting people inside a cube and left the players to solve the puzzle of the cube to survive. The beginning of this clip (which can’t be embedded) features the unique death of a player as he tests the fields of the cube and finds himself diced into cubes. Another notable and obvious mention would be the Saw film series and the many games Jigsaw played with his victims.


Death by Laser

Resident Evil, a popular zombie movie released in 2002, was roughly based on a video game of the same title. In the movie, lead character Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, and gang try to get past an obstacle to discover what’s wrong with the Hive, a secret underground government facility testing biohazardous chemicals for warfare. The intruders trigger the Hive’s defense mechanism and ensues a battle of man vs. machine intelligence. The trapped people try to out-maneuver the program’s defense and find themselves victims of the laser.


Death by Mass Destruction

One of the most haunting scenes in cinema history, and still terrifyingly realistic today, is the nuclear nightmare scene from 1991, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Nuclear footage was studied for hours by a special effects team to make the nuclear blast as realistic as possible. Large-scale miniature buildings were built and blown away using air mortars to mimic the destruction of Los Angeles. Computer imagery was later used to generate the nuclear blast rippling through the city. The scene here shows Sarah Conner falling asleep and dreaming about a future war she knows will happen. Her present self tries to warn her dream self playing with her son, John Conner, on a playground. The nuclear bomb that exploded was caused by a self-thinking computer program called SkyNet that seeks to annihilate mankind.


Alien Chestburster Goes Looney

See the infamous chest-bursting alien from the movie Aliens with a, uhh… alternative motive.

  • Vin Dixy

    If you love anything about death, this is a very lame list. Try Gore. Or something more creative. If you have seen the Japanese' suicide train, you would consider this list as something totally for kids 5 below.

    • kubrick

      as the dude in spinal tap said, "death sells"
      that's why smell my glove was all black
      like a "black mirror"
      how much more black can you get? the answer is none. none…more black.

      • Auburn Tiger

        It’s so black I can see myself in it!

        God I love that movie.

    • ChristineM

      definitely, some of the most gory things I've seen have been in Japanese horror films
      [youtube 0n0NCqOKY-M youtube]

      • justme

        the manga it was based off was gorier :P

      • allyb10

        I saw this movie, or at least most of it. It was totally ridiculous. AND gory, too.

        • Hunter

          It was more funny than gory. It's ridiculous since it's impossible that blood would be splattered that way, unlike some of the Hollywood movies which try to make gore as realistic as possible.

          • allyb10

            When I say ridiculous, I do mean ridiculously funny. I'll admit it, I laughed pretty hard at this movie, just because it is so disgustingly and unrealistically gory.

    • Unfortunately,this is Hollywood special effect list…
      Not global horror special effect list.

      • murpheyslawyer

        Global is boring. Cheers. Sarcasm on the cheers mate.

    • lists says "hollywood", not international films or whatsoever.

      • timothyjames

        That's why the title is 10 Hollywood creative kills.

  • Nice list. I would add "Death by Pencil" from The Dark Knight.

    • kubrick

      what about when he made the two dudes fight to the death too bad it wasn't shown

    • BoB

      man, that was epic! ill make this pencil dissapear.

  • blairsy


    • kubrick

      this comment is redundant

  • timothyjames

    Interesting list. I've never given this too much thought. Although I do remember really liking when Hannibal Lecter fed Ray Liotta his own brain in Hannibal. I don't remember if you every see Liotta die, but either way, it was a good idea.

    • I found that scene to be incredibly disturbing – I can’t watch that film

    • kubrick

      what about in goodfellas when liotta and gang whack billy batts? tommy shoulda just shined his shoes like a good boy

    • Jillian

      That scene still disturbs me to this day even though that character was a complete a-hole.

  • kizzler

    Nice list. It is a good alternative from the relative serious lists from the past days. maybe it is not the most gore or creative of lists it is still fun to read and a little disturbing (in a good way) that people take time to research this

    • kubrick

      the moral dilemmas list wasn't serious…

    • Vin Dixy

      hahaha this one's got to be in the most Hilarious Creative Non Hollywood kills.

    • kubrick

      this list is regarding hollywood kills. fail.

    • Julius

      Didn't Die Hard 4 have basically the same thing?

    • maximus

      why do these weirdos mark you down, this videos freakin hilarious

    • Hunter

      That could totally happen in real life.

  • Deus Crour

    Ah scanners great movie. Love the head explosion!

  • Michael G.

    Death by extreme, ponderous, running time – The English Patient

    • kubrick

      clever but off topic

  • Sam

    Some of the best kills are from a film called Laid to rest. Someone gets a can of fix a flat poured in their ear and their face explodes, that’s pretty creative.

  • Sylko

    Farrah Fawcets death by laser in Logan’s Run was cooler & scarier.

  • kubrick

    Death by sinking – Titanic

    • jroache

      Not clever, but still off topic.

  • Le Tel

    Battle Royal, not exactly hollywood but there are a hell of a lot of creative kill scenes in this film! My favorite being the exploding neck brace attached to every student and "only one can survive!" theme to go with it :)
    Fun list

    • kubrick

      reminds me of saw

  • Geronimo1618

    Oh. when we are on the topic of killings n gore..has anyone watched the movie 'Tokyo Gore Police'? Very unique movie :D

  • kubrick

    Hey does any movie have death by monkey?

    • Le Tel

      Outbreak, a virus carried by rabid monkeys that bite people causing them to die…

      • justathought

        I actually love that movie – great actors, great story line, overall good suspence.
        Though Le Tel's description makes it sounds like a low-budget crap movie (no offense intended Le Tel).

      • Casey

        Bruce Almighty.

        Not quite death, but almost!

    • Jael

      Don't know if it counts, but the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later is caused by animal right's nutjobs releasing the infected monkeys from a laboratory.

    • Timadekim

      Monkey Shines was a low budget George Romero film of the 80's. Plenty of gory monkey killings in that one.

    • Tiffany


    • bloomfever2002

      Monkey Shines. Has a little Spider Monkey who is jealous of his disabled owners friends and goes after them one by one. Also there is a movie called Link with killer monkeys

    • bug9513

      toy story 3, in the beginning sequence

  • bluesman87

    Boring list these all rely on special effects not good stories or film making(terminator 2 kicked ass though) . I like some of these movies but meh this list does nothing for me . One of my fav killing scenes is at the end of -Unforgiven : "……YOU BETTER BURY NED RIGHT !! OR ILL COME BACK AND BURY EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU SON"S OF BITCHES! -Its good coz its what you want to happen but dont think it will .

  • weew

    I kinda thought this was going to be a top 10 list of ways Hollywood kills creativity.

    • illbegood

      that's what I thought too by the title lol

  • Jael

    Too bad the "death by eating too much spaghetti" scene from Se7evn isn't on this list. I knew this guy who watched that movie in the theatre, and to this day, he will not eat spaghetti under any circumstances.

    • BoB

      death with a dildo is also nice in se7en.

  • JesterRaiin
    • ashleysweet

      HAHAHA! before i ever heard of spaceballs i saw this and was really confused coz i thought it was actually alien (i hadnt seen that either, but i heard of it) so i was really confused :P

  • rawcookiedough

    #9 + Bonus=

    [youtube aVZUVeMtYXc&feature=related youtube]

  • Rose McGowan's garage door death in Scream, anyone?

  • Joanne

    I wonder why people seem to enjoy seeing blood & gore in films – perhaps it's an evolutionary response akin to our ancestor's relief from hunger when seeing fresh kill from a successful hunt? In that case this list has satisfied my quota of meat & offal for a year.

    • BoB

      or probabably because humans, according to Freud seek id gratification through sex and aggression. this one would fall under thr aggression category. :D

  • Armadillotron

    God, I love these films.. Why don`t they make good action films anymore? Burt from Tremors is the best character ever.

    • bluesman87

      been on TV everyday this week , will make an effort to watch it now .

  • oouchan

    I would have chosen Raiders of the Lost Ark…..3 deaths in one. At the end one guy shrivels up, one melts and the other explodes. I guess there are many that can be chosen.

    Interesting if kind of boring list.

  • The Mick

    i dont know about this list…
    some deaths in the Saw movies out-do some of these. Even some from Final Destination are more original.
    As far as alien infestation goes, the movie The Thing had pretty good effects for its time.

    • justathought

      For the Final Destination movies – I guess we could say it's "death by Death Itself". I agree, it should have been part of the list.

      Fun list though! Thanks

  • br0ck

    what about saw series ?those are better than some 1980 s movies

    • ianthemagnificent

      saw is shit and has terrible acting

      • br0ck

        bcs you still live in 1980 s

        • ianthemagnificent

          If you think saw is good go and watch the silence of the lambs. That's a great horror film.

          • Ryan

            Is it not possible to like Saw and Silence of the Lambs ate the same time?

      • bluesman87

        anyone who watches saw isn't watching it for the acting ,they are watching it specifically for the gore . A list to do with saw would suck but the first couple of movies were entertaining(like a guilty pleasure) lots of violence , just not enough nudity .

    • ianthemagnificent

      saw is shit

    • BoB

      saw ONE is epic!I mean, who would have thought the bloody guy was Kramer himself. The succeding movies are shit. Yeah, I watched all of them expecting a movie much like the original Saw

  • mom424

    Nice diversion this morning. The fact that I've seen most of these movies isn't really a brag-worthy accomplishment. :)

    Armadillotron is correct – Tremors is hilarious. Paul Gross and Reba McEntire as the survivalist whackos are just awesome. And I've always had a thing for Kevin Bacon anyway…..

    • Auburn Tiger

      Thank you for saying something to that end. I never know what to make of Armadillotron’s opinions. (That’s a lie. Actually, I know what to make of them quite often, but sometimes some good slips through.)

    • oouchan

      I agree! Tremors had me rolling! The trick stampede scene at the beginning was hilarious!

  • justathought

    How about the movie Mirrors (2008) with Kiefer Sutherland! Though the movie itself is disappointing, the whole 'Death By Ones Reflection' is, I think, amazingly creepy. There was this scene where a woman in her bathroom was looking at her reflection in the mirror: her image in the mirror grabs her jaw with both hands and pulls her mouth open slowly until her jaw breaks open. The woman sees her reflection doing this and then she herself dies of the injuries resulting from the break.
    It's hard to really do this scene justice by trying to describe it – you simply have to see it!

    • Jay Poe

      Mirrors was actually better than I thought it would be. It was pretty creepy. For some reason the part I found the scariest was when Kiefer's wife was telling her son to get ready for bed and he was sitting on the floor looking into the closest mirror. He then gets up but his reflection stays there looking at his mom.

      That was creepy.

      • justathought

        Oh, that's right! That WAS really creepy!
        I had forgotten about that part…now I'll have to see it again : )
        I'll actually have to rent some of those movies mentioned above that I did'nt see: "Chain Letter" "Cube"

  • NedNoodle

    Poor and uninspiring list, tut, tut.

  • justme

    i dun like gore becuz of the sound effects, i could watch anything if it was silent just the sound effects get to me :P

  • Jay Poe

    When I saw the title of the list I got excited but when I read the list, not so much. Not a bad list but just didn't like some of the choices. I mean out of all the Freddy Kreuger movies the death of Johnny Depp makes the list?

    • Le Tel

      Any scene with Johnny Depp dying is a good scene :)

      • allyb10

        Aw, sad. I love Johnny! :)

  • pount

    It feels wrong, but I really enjoyed that list!

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Not my cup of tea this list – but you guys enjoy, I will take a back seat and read the comments.

  • Lifeschool

    Hi. I wasn't blown away (or blown apart) by this list. However, full marks for including the Cube as a reference – I must see that again!

  • kevin

    this list immediately brought this scene to mind…

  • Whaaaa? xD The last video.. Why didn't you just use the Spaceballs scene? It's so much more exciting! The alien DANCES, too! :P

  • ianthemagnificent

    scanners and cube were not hollywood movies, not sure about the rest of them

  • V. Winterbourne

    Oh no! What happened to video one!? It was replaced with the trailer instead of the scene (copyright infringement?). Here is the scene:

  • Cody k.

    When I started reading this list the first thing that came to my mind was "Cube Zero"…great job listverse, you never disappoint.

    • Cube zero is ok but Cube – that was really cool.

  • Cody k.

    Would have also accepted almost anything from Saw movies and curb stomp from american history x, or jumping out of a window onto a fence from the virgin suicides.

    • mike

      Yeah. Maybe there was too much to chose form since Saw had a lot, but he did mention Saw at the end for being good.

  • Stranno

    The ‘death’ of Terminators in The Terminators by Asylum is the most EPIC final of hole cinema history

  • Kirbytheawesome

    I think the elevator scene in The Departed should be on this list, sure getting shot in the head isn't too creative, but the absolute randomness and surprise of the kill makes it one of my favorites and I think it deserves mention.

  • mike

    Did they show all that in the movie? I don't think so. I'm not entirely sure that movie was even historically accurate.

    • David

      No, they didn`t show the proper way he was executed. He wasn`t put on a special cart and tied to a cross, he was stripped naked, tied to the back of a horse and cart, then dragged to Smithfield Market and he was then hung, drawn and quartered.For God`s sake, I know the film is historically inaccurate, but they could have least got his execution right. And I don`t want to sound anti-Scottish, but if you were being hung, drawn and quartered, you wouldn`t be able to shout FREEDOM!!!, would you? Course you couldn`t.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    "Shoot em Up" death by carrot.

    • Auburn Tiger

      I agree with this nomination.

  • h. Not the best thought out list–I mean, the Saw movies alone could be a great list by "death devices" or "Final Destination" deaths would too as they are all unique.

    What are you going for here? Oddest most significantly weird ways to die in movies? If so, I STILL think you missed a lot.

    What about death by doll? Death by clown? Death by accidental fake suicide? Death by Crocodile? Death by Ark of the Covenant? Death by live cannibalism? Death by exorcism? Death by Possessive Suicide?

  • MindlessM

    What about death by wild pigs from Hannibal? Death by deadly sin from Seven? Death by mint from Monty Python's Meaning of Life?

  • Kiwi

    It's not a great movie, but the death by saw blade and magnetic collar in Wild Wild West was pretty good.

  • MindlessM

    I forgot one, death by Hal the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey

  • Fair enough, Mike. :) have a great day!

  • ashleysweet

    oh god there are soo many more you could put on here! like the double murder in suspiria. thats a great one. there is also P2, where one guy is taped in a chair and ran into a wall with a car, and also the chaining of the antagonist to a car and lighting him on fire. then there is the witch burning on black sunday. i still cant watch that scene without cringing. that hammer is awful!

  • ashleysweet

    OH! i forgot about death by giant penis statue in a clockwork orage. if i were to be killed, i would want to die that way hahaha

    • Cody k.


  • Maggot

    You can’t get more creative than having a couple pipe-hittin’ niggers go to work on a person with a pair of pliers and a blow torch and getting Medieval on said person’s ass.

  • santa

    The scene form Se7en where the guys makes that one dude a sex toy with a blade attached to it, and how he uses it, is very disturbing.

  • santa

    btw, can someone find a link to that scene in Chain Letter? I cant find any

    • Roger

      I think it's still in theaters. Or comes out this month. Excited.

  • Alison

    No "Friday the 13th" kills? Hmm…I'd nominate the infamous "sleeping bag kill" (Jason repeatedly slams s a girl in a sleeping bag against a tree) from part 7, "The New Blood".

    And it's not my favorite horror series, but I'd also nominate the tanning bed scene in "Final Destination 3". Because that was Fucked. Up.

  • PterodactylMann

    Pterodactyls have very creative ways of killing humans.

  • trfan01

    The most unique death I've ever seen in a movie for me is in "Wishmaster 2", at the very beginning. When the Wishmaster is released, the robber who got left behind wishes that he'd never been born. The genie grants his wish, and the guy is turned younger until he fades out of existence. He's not forgotten, though, as he's mentioned later in the movie by his partner in crime.

  • OutOfBounds

    Saw FTW.

  • chrom3d

    they don't even compare to the gore movies japan makes today for the enjoyment of their youths.. They are the best in gore movies.. I'd say 3 thumbs up to them!

  • fknairii

    Not one for gore or horror movies in the slightest.
    A sad list in my opinion. Mostly because the blatant desensitization is pitying.

  • Mattman

    The deaths in Wishmaster creeped me out. Especially one of the last scenes where a guy gets wrapped up in a metal wire. The opening scene to Ghostship was also pretty fucked up

  • finaldestination

    FD3 Tanning death is one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever watched. Totally effed up. I was so shocked when I first watched it.


  • JaneDoe

    This list failed to deliver, I was expecting creative deaths, you could have picked something from one of the Saw movies. The entire franchise is about coming up with creative ways to kill people!

  • MovieMan Stan

    What an awesome list!

  • ringtailroxy

    I knew the "Death by laser" scene from "Resident Evil" would rank pretty high on here. I also enjoyed Anthony Hopkin's decapitation in "Speed", and the "curb stomp" scene from "American History X" is especially disturbing to me…probably because of it's realism.

    An excellent film, the car crash scene in "Death Proof" where Kurt Russell slams head-on into the car carrying Sydney Tamiia Poitier & her 3 drunk friends, dismembering her "baby giraffe legs" is especially brutal and completely Tarantino-ish.

    Special mention of another Tarantino film is the excellent final duel between "The Bride" (Uma Thurman) & "O-Ren" (Lucy Liu).

    "That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword." best quote eveh!

    • Doug

      Dennis Hopper was decapitated in “Speed,” not Anthony Hopkins.

  • xdr

    The one that should've been instead of the bonus:

  • Silas Mungo

    Scanners was the first 'horror' movie my sister and I hired when we got out first vcr. I must have been about 12. We had a great time blowing the guys head off and putting it back together frame by frame. (Ahh, 1980's technology)

  • rawcookiedough

    Great minds think alike.
    A lot of people had the same idea (check out more comments bellow) – getting it here 1st was just a matter of chance.

  • rawcookiedough

    As far as creative (read: outrageous and impractical to the point of ridicule), please, please, PLEASE check out this magnificent movie. It's totally worth it.
    [youtube XnhLtB3n25c youtube]

  • gav1

    Can we completely ignore "death by soda pop" from "Maximum Overdrive"?

    Jumping out of the horror genre for a moment, I was always impressed with "death by eyeglasses" in "Godfather Part III". What a spectacle!

  • B-Radd

    The bathtub scene from the 2008 movie "Mirrors" belongs on this list. The protagonist's sister ripped her own jaw apart!

  • Pach

    First thing that comes to mind is The Human Centipede. Horrific way to go.

    The death by "sunbed" scene in Final Destination (2?) – shocking! Never going in one of them.

    Many thanks for the read.

  • deeeziner

    It's a shame that the lawyer's death in 13 Ghosts wasn't included. Since he was bisected front from back with a sheet of glass it made for a very graphic and gory scene.

    Also the passenger's deaths during the party scene in Ghost Ship was rather memorable.

  • This list is pretty tame, at least to most horror movie fans, I'm afraid.

    The Toxic Avenger movies have always been, suffice to say, interesting when it comes to kills. Really, just pick any of them.

    Death by weight machine, death by milk shake mixer, death by sharpening a person's finger in a pencil sharpener and stabbing them in the eye with it, have your pick.

    Oh, and death by basketball to head, courtesy of Deadly Friend.

  • A_Canadian

    Cube is Canadian, not Hollywood.

  • Pedro

    The 1980s horror films were particularly inspired when it came to terminations.
    For instance, a memorable scene from Sleepaway Camp 2 involves

    Death by outhouse and leeches

    It has to be seen to be believed.

  • bloomfever2002

    I remember watching alien as a kid. I wouldnt eat spaghetti for months!! LOL Cool list but there are more graphic and gnarly ways people have been killed in movies. The Saw movies are very creative. Agree with the Ghost Ship passanger kill seen on the deck. That cord ripps thru the crowd on the dance floor and you see that one lady reaching for her bottom half.

  • PterodactylMann

    We pterodactyls impale humans with our beaks and then thrust our jaws open and if lucky, most of the organs will flop into our mouths.

  • Come on! Serial Mom! Death by leg of lamb!

  • Doug

    That little Alien parody wasn’t funny because the singer sucked and didn’t even know the words. FAIL.

    The list itself was pretty mild, in comparison to all the gore and purely scary stuff out there. As noted, the Japanese stuff in particular.

  • marco

    Nice list. You could add Death by fear (The Ring)

  • colbz

    you should have added death by doll.. :)

  • Corbo

    Many in the list are not creative kills, rather visually impressive deaths.
    I’d choose movies like Shoot’em Up or No Country For Old Men to represent creativity. Not forgetting the brilliant Killer Klowns From Outer Space, or the James Bond series.

  • TInydot

    Should have included Shoot ‘Em Up. Death by carrots. Lots of death by carrots.

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