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Top 10 Misconceptions About Africa

I am African, well I’m Namibian which is in Africa, so I guess I can call myself African. I was born in Namibia, my parents were born in Namibia, and even my grandparents were born in Namibia. I have traveled to several countries in Africa and have done a lot of research on the ones I have not visited, and I think I have a pretty clear idea of how it is. I have always gotten very irritated with the ignorance of some people and would like to tell at least a small part of the world about the real Africa. Media has been a real disaster when it comes to Africa, as they only show the arid deserts, people starving and animals everywhere. If you have ever been deceived by these misconceptions, blame the media.


Africa is a Country


Africa is not a country, but a continent. In fact it is the second largest, and second most populated, continent besides Asia. Africa has about 1 billion people and 61 different countries within it. So to end this misconception& – Africa is definitely not a country!


Africa is a Desert


While there are a few deserts in Africa (like the Sahara Desert in the North and the Namib Desert in the Southwest of Africa), large parts of Africa, especially central Africa, are tropical rainforests. On high mountains, like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, are subarctic conditions. Furthermore, large areas in Africa have savannah plains, which are similar to prairies. So Africa is definitely not just a desert.


Africans Live in Huts


Many people believe that all African people live in mud and dung huts. This is complete nonsense. There are buildings and towns and cities in every country in Africa. If you were to google the capital of any country you would be surprised by what you see. That is also not to say that no people in Africa live in huts, as there are a lot of tribes that still choose to live in their traditional villages in huts, but the bulk of each country have become westernized and civilized. Even in Africa you find those landscape spoiling skyscrapers and concrete covered metropolises. [Pictured: Windhoek, capital of Namibia.]


Weird Food

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This misconception does hold a small amount of truth to it, but nothing like what most people think. First of all, not all food in Africa is strange. It is not difficult to find a KFC or McDonald’s in many countries in Africa. There are restaurants where you can order a nice and juicy filet steak, seafood, pizza, pasta, burgers and basically whatever else you can think of. One of the most popular family meals in southern Africa is a “braai,” which is just an ordinary classic barbecue. In the more rural villages and tribes the people hunt for their food and so eat mostly game meat and, on occasion, they will eat certain types of worms, like the Mopani worm. It is impossible to find these foods in the towns and cities, so if you were ever to come and visit Africa, I doubt that you would even come across any of these.


Animals Galore


I have been asked on so many occasions if I have a pet lion, or if there are antelope outside my house. Well let me ask you – do you have a pet bear??? Of course not, there are just as many wild animals walking through my city at the moment as there are in New York. Wild animals are kept out of towns and cities by the lack of food, habitat and fences. The animals outside the cities and towns are completely wild and even the select few people that have hand-reared a lion will tell you that a wild animal will always be wild. So no, there are no wild animals walking down the street… The only wild animals that are everywhere in my town are the meerkats.


Technological Void

15-Inch-Macbook-Pro-Battery 001

This one I always find very funny. People that I have conversations with online are often shocked that I come from Africa and that I have a computer. In one hilarious exchange I had a guy believe that I was using a steam powered computer! Let me just put it like this: Africa has almost everything the rest of the world has, we just get it a couple of months later than everyone else. And no, we aren’t still stuck on dial-up!


African Language


This is one of the most ridiculous ones I have ever heard. I think Africa is the most diverse continent in the world as there are hundreds of different languages spoken across it. Even just in my country, Namibia, there are 20 national languages including German, Afrikaans, English, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Portuguese, as well as the languages of the Himba, Nama, San, Kavango and Damara. Every country in Africa has at least five lesser languages as well as the common language, and it is true that many of these languages have clicks in them, but they are definitely not all the same language.


Few Hotels


Let me just clear this bit of confusion immediately by saying there are plenty. To prove my point I have chosen to use to pull the number of hotels they have from all the listed cities in South Africa. The results were as follows : Johannesberg – 62, Cape Town – 84, Durban – 52, Knysna – 56, Port Elizabeth – 39, Umshlanga – 31, Nelspruit – 17 and Hermanus – 31.That is a total of 372 hotels in South Africa, and considering those were just the ones listed on the one website I think it is safe to say that there are plenty of hotels in Africa. And it is very easy to land yourself in the lap of luxury in a Hilton hotel.


No Toilets


On this one I would like to admit that every country has its own taste in toilets. I have traveled to a few countries and a toilet is a thing that is as different as the culture. American toilets have a tendency to be full of water, almost to the top. Italian toilets have a platform at the front of their toilets with a small hole with water at the back. The Thai toilets, in the more rural areas, are just like squatting platforms with no bowl or seat. With that said, I would say that southern Africa’s toilets are reasonably normal. They have a bowl, a seat, and water, a little less water than the American and a little more water than the Italians. There Are some pit latrines and long drops in the desert, but those are mainly just for people that feel the need to camp out in the middle of nowhere, but still don’t just want to squat behind a bush.


Black Africans

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For all those who believe that all African people are black, are all American people Native Americans? Hundreds of years ago, European explorers, conquerors and settlers traveled around the globe and developed the land they settled on. This happened all over the world including in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The first white people that settled in Namibia for example, were Portuguese and did so over 400 years ago. Dutch settlers went to South Africa, French settlers went to Angola, and so the white people in Africa grew in numbers over the last 500 years. There are many white people in many countries in Africa, but that’s not all, there are also a lot of Indian, Chinese and Malaysians in South Africa. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation, and rightly so. African is not a race!


Black is Black

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I have, on several occasions, heard people say, when describing their ethnicity, that they are (for example) 1/4 Spanish, 1/4 British, 1/4 Russian, 1/4 Black. That is incorrect as the first three races that they mentioned are all white, so why generalize about your black genetics? The Ovihimba people are as different as night from day compared to the Herero people, and they are all black. In Africa you also have different colors of black for the different tribes and different areas in Africa. As an example, the Angolan people tend to be almost blue black in color, whereas the San people are much lighter in complexion, more of a dark tan color, and the Ovahimba people (above) pride themselves in a reddish undertone. If you are black, or have some black genes in you, I would advise you to find out more about your family history and where your ancestors came from, than to generalize and say that you are just black.

  • Fid

    Thanks for this list. I grew up in Canada but my mother was from South Africa. I think it’s important for people to recognise stereotypes and embrace diversity.

  • Who’s Black?

    Who you calling black?

  • Alberto

    Very interesting list

  • MyStErY

    Good job!
    Respect! Respect! :)
    And i really must ask how exactly a steam powered computer runs? Haha!! that was hilarious

  • Fid

    You must really be freaked out now you’ve joined them. Is Marty Mcfly there?

  • Hey

    Shut up, ass.hole.

    • Otter

      I second that. Trolls keep on trollin’.

      • Addi vyf

        @Ernest. Youre an idiot. Obviously you dont know america. Of course there are annoying, fat, & stupid religious nuts in america that love war & hate foreigners. But im from america, & I hate those types of people. There are plenty of people just like me here genius. Yes I believe my country is the greatest, dont you think you country is too? What an idiot.

  • Shanesky

    Proudly South African!! Nice Mcdonalds at Canal Walk

  • Ben

    Albino people being murdered or dug up from their graves to use their body parts for useless potions; pirates from a failed state holding the world’s shipping industry to ransom; scammers taking naive internet users for all they’ve got; bodies left to rot in the street (witnessed first hand in Tanzania at least); AIDS; corrupt leaders and militia rule; billions and billions in aid money, and for what? The poisonous catholic church preaching against the use of contraception, in a place where population control and AIDS make it most necessary. I’m sure it’d be a nice continent if it wasn’t for the people there.

  • Jésus

    Wrong, there are more stars in the universe then there are grains of sand on EARTH let alone the Sahara

  • ness2k

    I should do one a bout LA. We don’t do drive bys, and you won’t find stars walking on Hollywood blvd, but only ppl in cheap costumes.

  • LSUTigersLauren

    Boring list.

  • Mik

    I’m white and my father’s side is South African (where I’m born) and my mother is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I now live in the UK and everyday I have people asking me why I’m not black…

    That said, this list is basic and ignorant. It focuses on two of the (or even THE two) most developed countries in Africa in SA and Namibia. I’ve travelled Africa extensively, and even capital cities lack basic functionality – Kigali being an example, as well as Kinshasa.

    Christine, your opening line is even naive: unless you’re younger than 19, you and your family were born in South-West Africa… why not bother explaining that to your readers?

  • the demon

    I’ve always heard there are a lot of black people in africa.

  • Marie

    Thank you! I was goIng tO mention this myself but I’m glad someone else recognized the problem. The author comes across as generalizing all non-Africans.

  • Jay

    Funny how the author implies ‘Westernization” is the (only) route to being “civilized”

  • dark.shines

    Did this feel like it was written by a twelve year old for a school project to anyone else?

  • diana

    I am a black South African and I completely agree with you. Remember the press nightmare we had to endure before the World Cup? The way our country and continent was trashed in the international press was hard to stomach. Honestly, if people want to go about their lives being ignorant to the way other people live, let them.

  • Robb

    Quite possibly the most patronising list I have read so far.

    Sticking my neck out, I am going to say you either live, or have lived, in the US and this is where you have been asked these ridiculous questions.

    The media is not to blame for peoples perceptions of Africa. I grew up in the 80’s alongside images of famine and devastation but still developed the intelligence to understand that these were images of regions of a massive continent.In England, we are taught a great deal more about the world in which we live and the nations and cultures within it than people are in America. May i suggest this is the issue…

  • gay focker

    wait…africa is a real place???????? holy flurking shnitt batman

  • Narriah

    Wow. I’ve been following this site for a couple of months and this is the stupidest list to date… And the tone! Wow, you need to pull the stick out of your arse sweetheart.

  • carly

    I think anyone on the Internet will find that when they introduce themselves as coming from a certain area, they may have to deal with some ignorance. Coming from Australia, the most common misconception I face seems I be “Do you to kangaroos?”
    That aside, not all people think this way, and I do believe that this list has been placed on the wrong website. I feel that most people who read this website would at least know that Africa isn’t a country.

  • Mike

    This list is poor, I’ve never made any of these misconceptions and wouldn’t be able to speak to anyone who thought Africa was a country, did you make these things up? No one thinks it’s a country, another list that’s just piffle

  • ya.. mcdonalds and kfc are definately weird foods. ths list is useless. i mean i know africa is a continent.

  • Mob


  • Thanks so much for this list, I think you Kept things in the status quo. I havent started to read comments yet, but I have an Idea where the comments probably are at. Thats ok, the one thing that can never be myth is oour legacy did not begin with slave ships. quite the contrary, science and math, masonic thought, trade and commerse, navagation,etc etc. DIDNOT begin in europe. Who knows where africa would be if the Moors did not save europe from every so called dark age that ever came about. This is the bottom line is this: when one supresses, withholds, and rewrites information to suit the needs of only one group of ppl the floodgates of doom, decay, and self hatred come about. if all i know about my ansestors is slavery how can I looked at with the dignity, and valor I damn well deserve? If the greatest accomplishments of my ancestors is freedom from slavery, how do u think ppl of color will view themselves. our self worth was taken from us. so now what?

  • Luca Pizza

    In Italy we do have normal toilets (grew up in southern Italy), with the exact amount of water Americans have, what you are talking about is the ” bide’ “, which is pretty much a small bath tub where you sit and clean yourself. You talk of popular misconceptions so I just wanted to make sure you had the right info :)

  • I think you Kept things in the status quo. there are alot of deeper things going on than $hitters and MickeyD’s. Thats ok, good read nonetheless. On a much deeper note, the legacy of Africans is the biggest misconception. to have them say it the only thing done to bring pride to the culture was during Egyptian rule. so what did we do from the beginning of time till then. and then what did we do in the era of the modern civilization until the 1400s? 1st things first…AFRICA IS NOT THE TRUE OR ORIGINAL NAME FOR THAT LAND. it was named after a greek general by the name of Africanus. Africa had many names Kebulan, Kush, Ethopia…yes the entire “continent” was named Ethiopia. The legacy of Africans did not begin with slave ships. quite the contrary, science and math, masonic thought, trade and commerse, navagation, music etc etc. were created by Africans. yes folks…DIDNOT begin in europe. Moreover The first people of Asian decent were african. The first people who had wealth were african…I can go on and on. The best of the best in Europe were sent to AFRICA to be tought…I challenge you to find out “Who were the teachers of all these people that history teaches us to believe were the socalled founders of this and that? Did they came out the womb with all that knowledge?Who knows where africa would be if the Moors did not save europe from every so called dark age that ever came about. This is the bottom line is this: when one supresses, withholds, and rewrites information to suit the needs of only one group of ppl the floodgates of doom, decay, and self hatred are opened. if all i know about my ansestors is slavery how can I looked at with the dignity, and valor I damn well deserve? If the greatest accomplishments of my ancestors is freedom from slavery, how do u think ppl of color will view themselves. Our self worth was taken from us. Its been time to be real, you dont wanna be on the side of ignorance when its time to accountable for it

  • How I would love to send my daughters to a school like that! i thank all teachers that implement diversity into their teaching…

  • *i think for some reason my initial comment is not posting anyway Ill water it down. If yall see something similar all apologies*The lister brought up the status quo. these “misconseptions” no matter how true does not in anyway intrigue an ignorant mind. Here are some real misconseptions… the first being that Africa is the original name. Africa was named after a greek general named Africanus. some of the names are Kush, ethiop, Kuba, kebulan to name a few the second misconception is the entire legacy. from the beginning of time Africans had a positive enlightend culture. people of color discovered all of the sciences and the arts and everything else in between. our history was stolen and rewritten with none of the credit due to us. Because of this the spirit of self hatred has been embeded in us. what would u do if all your ansestors were known for is slavery? After years of reasearch im overwhelmed in pride Im no longer ashamed of my “ethnic” First and Middle name… Eboni Takia-Jehan… Let me know when we can talk about the misconseptions that effed ppl of color up

    • Alligator Al

      BUT as was stated ebwinder, not ALL of Africa were “people of color”. so “your” misconception is, (judging by your picture) is that all original Africans were “black” As for history, I am Irish, look it up, and yet, I have absolutely NO hatred for the British. I mean, come on, it didn’t happen to me, no one over there alive now had anything to do with it, why hang on to the hate? Unless, of course, I want to use it as a drutch for any shortcomings I have now?

  • Sbtier

    If your American toilet has water almost up to the top, you need to use a plunger because something is stuck. :)

  • Booyah

    No they weren’t.

    • Booyah

      Uhm. Nobody was there “from the start.” People didn’t just magically appear there as the rightful owners. The first inhabitants were the Paleo-Indians that migrated into the Americas from Eurasia. So nobody has any true claim to anywhere. We all stemmed from one place and we’ve been conquering each other ever since. Get your facts straight.

  • Booyah

    surprise surprise another person generalizing Americans. Which makes you more ignorant than the Americans I know.

  • Addi vyf

    Well what she said was that people are saying that they are 1/4 spainish, 1/4 british, & 1/4 russian then saying they are 1/4 “black”.. She said the first three were white? nope. Okay, Russians are slavic ethnically, spaniards are their own blended ethnicity, british are a blend but all traditional blends are white. I myself am half black & half white. I know that I am mainly french & irish on my white side. But I am american. How does she expect an african american to know their true heritage? So we call ourselves black, which is our common feature. It sucks that we have to clump it, but african americans are kind of a clump. Our ancestors didnt all come from the same country in africa, so in a sense we truly are AFRICAN american with the combination of diferent peoples of our motherland. Not to mention 75% of african americans have native american ancestors. We no we arent the same, but black & african our the only labels we can clame from our ancestors.

  • Fid

    Why is my comment from last night not on here? It was in no way offensive.

  • coconilla

    I have been reading websites like listverse and cracked for so long i cant remember, but this is the first time i have felt i really wanted to comment. i loved this article. Im black and whiye (african-european) and when i meet people i describe myself as african, which is always met with shock just because im not dark skinned with afro hair, which always leads me to have a littke rant about the bonus list item…which theb leads me to the rest! lol. Not only was this article well written, it was informative to those ignorant of the facts. I was born n raised in the uk, went to africa a few years back and have constantly returned, its so diverse, colourful, cheerful and welcoming, everybody i take there loves it. OH guess what…i found it surprising, but Nigeria has a China Town, with a massive Chinese population, and loads of Chinese shops and restaurants. Anyway, to anybody who doesnt know about Africa, get to know, trust me, you will love it!

  • Steve Irwin

    Great list to educate stupid Americans that there is more to the world than walmart and mcdonalds.

  • AA

    It’s embarrassing, because a lot of people in the US are either dumb, ignorant, or both. I’m an Asian American and can say I probably know a few people who have more than half of these misconceptions on this list. But I also know many people who aren’t stupid enough to ask somebody if they get electricity in their huts.

    There are really dumb people in many places in the world, it just so happens we have stupid shows like Jersey Shore to represent our country which isn’t entirely full of idiots.

    So it’s kind of biased to ask if this is talking to Americans…it’s a misconception due to what media portrays and so it speaks to whomever has access or utilizes the access to media.

  • Molly

    I like this! Thank you! :)

  • tebs

    Errr where are you living now ?

    Because the facts you give are undeniably true; but I have NEVER heard any such cretinous errors made about Africa.

    What country allows it’s kids to leave school with such stupid missinformation ?

  • Sierra

    This list was pointless. This is all common knowledge. I don’t know who you’ve been talking to that thinks Africa is a country, but you should probably make new, smarter friends.

  • Not an illiterate American

    Nah, most of this stuff’s been taught, at least up North as far as I know, since I’ve never met anyone further than North Carolina.

  • DUB

    You’re from USA right?

  • Peter

    Am from Kenya and finally an article that seeks to put most of the western misconseptions about Africa to rest.

  • Nic S

    A very interesting link, Maggot. I would like to see a list or two be made out of this data, and I believe I’ll research and write it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Anything you think I should know going into writing it? I’m thinking of using a variety of textual sources and firsthand accounts.

  • skywatcher

    Christine, I have to take issue with Number Nine. For us older people, we’ve never believed Africa was all desert.

    We grew up watching Tarzan movies. We believed that Africa was all thick jungle. There was a basic idea that you could just enter the jungle at the coast, hike through it, and you’d be at the other coast.

    I bet a lot of other young American kids grew up thinking the same thing.

  • Frida

    I find it sad that you think people think this…

  • jycnnzn09

    I’ve lived in SA for two years. And I’d say that SA is definitely the most advanced country in the African continent. But there’s one thing I hate about South Africa: those annoying monsters called parktown prawns. LOL.

  • jycnnzn09

    I’ve lived in SA for two years. And I can definitely say that SA is the most advanced country in the African continent that I’ve ever been to (I’ve lived in Kenya, Morocco, and Nigera before and have been to many other African countries because of my dad’s work). But there’s one thing I hate about SA and they’re called parktown prawns. Terribly annoying!

  • The Claw

    Kind of like saying “I went to Europe” instead of being too specific and saying “I went to Spain”.
    I did enjoy the list, whether I knew everything or not it was informative.

  • tealc

    if the government becomes corrupt or oppressive, people will rally behind the queen and shell start cracking skulls

  • moldovia

    Namibia is quite a unique nation in Africa for its stability and prosperity.

  • robert

    so what ??

    is the person who wrote this deperate for acceptance ??

    then STAY in africa if it is so great, I bet you the person who wrote this lives in Europe or America

  • Athir

    What i just typed *CANAL*

  • fendabenda

    To whom exactly are these “misconceptions”? I’m a Northern European and there was nothing new to me in this list.

  • fendabenda

    Some people also think that America is a country. It’s not. United States of America is. :D America is a continent, just like Africa.

  • skoont

    I agree. I’m personally insulted by that. My ancestors were brought over as slaves long ago and we honestly don’t know where we come from. That information was lost over time since we were not as fortunate to have the traditions kept alive via word of mouth. If you are fortunate enough that your family was not kidnapped long ago to come to America don’t look down on us African Americans who actually do not know. Therefore, we categorize ourselves as “black”

    • Christine Vrey

      Wow… Ok so I just came back from holiday and found that this list was puplished. It was posted the day after I left. I feel bad that it was because it was only my second or third list and I wrote and submitted it over a year ago. When it wasn’t published a week or so after I thaught it was probably just rejected, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw it here. I am sorry if I offended anyone, I never meant to imply that you where ignorant or stupid. I remember writing this list because someone made another ignorant remark, which set me of on an annoyed rage. I should have known better =( I was definately zoning some America hate when writing it, and I know that the rest of the world would Never let ignorance guid their beliefs and knowladge. In future I will stick to nature, which I am definately more passionate about than Idiocy.

      • Karen

        Christine, I am happy that you wrote your post. I am black/African American and found out a lot of facts. Some people refuse to admit the truth. A lot of the points you made are the reason why Africa isn’t considered a vacation spot. I live in the DC Metro area and we don’t see ads for “Come to Africa” or “What Happens in Africa stays in Africa” :) Your post encouraged me to do more research into going to Africa.

        Thank you!

        • mlox+-+

          “welcome to africa”,Africa is not a country Karen. You just made a misconception yourself.

      • Ha, I think it’s a great piece and I appreciate you posting it. If anything, I think you could have gone to more specifics. I was just going to post “thank you”. So thank you.

        • Christine Vrey

          Aaaw, Thanks man!!

      • Kay

        You spelt Johannesburg wrong. Just saying.

  • Houssam

    Agree this list is an insult to us – Come on, I am not sure those who believe in these misconceptions are to be considered literate

  • guyinasuit

    I relearned today why I love Listverse.

  • FlatEric

    Go to India instead.

  • fendabenda

    Oh, and I’m half Swedish, half Russian, half Finnish and half Gypsy. Did I mention that I’m also very large?

  • kyle

    I’m a South African living in New Zealand, I’ve experienced every single one of these misconceptions about where I’m from. When I was in the states it was ten fold… this list is most definitely not inaccurate.

  • Kyle

    How ‘pretty sure’ are you? Of course Zimbabwe has a McDonalds ? And Somalia is an exception, colonialism and western influence didn’t take in Somalia, they are a country unto themselves and they don’t have a government, let alone a McDonalds

    • careytommy

      They actually have a government……operating from Kenya!

  • Johnny5

    I’m glad you’re not a judge. Just remember that if you beleive in tolerence and education then you also have to tolerate the intolerence and uneducated. In other words I am saying that not everyone will have your view and you should act with kindness and try to help, not deal out punishments for those who think differently from you.

  • Fried duck

    No, actually a lot of people are really that stupid. I have friends who cringed with the idea that one of my friends were going to Africa to study. The reasons they cringed are most of the things listed above.

  • Alisavou

    More like “10 American Misconceptions About Africa”

  • Joachim

    Great list, also live in namibia, and I am white and I get these misconceptions quite a bit when I travel to europe, I once had a guy ask me whether we have lions at the airport, I told him yes we do, in the fridge. (that is when we still had lion beer) Was funny but he didnt get it. Namibia is the Greatest country in the world if you ask me.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for writing this! I can’t say that I thought all of Africa was a barren desert, but sometimes you forget that most parts of Africa are as developed as the United States

  • jackitt

    I loved this list, a fresh perspective on stupid stereotypes. I am always disappointed in those “charity” commercials that express something to the extent of “look at these poor savage africans.” It is amazing that in the 21st century, we still make these assumptions about people who dont live in north america. I hope there will be more lists like these on listverse!

  • copperdragon


    I must admit being guilty of some of these generalizations and stereotypes, but no longer!

    To your last point though, there is a difference between ethnicity (culture) and race. So the blending is not entirely incorrect or intentionally misleading.

  • zzz


  • 000

    Did they mention they were from Namibia?

  • iciaanderson

    People in America don’t know what country in Africa they are from…therefore we are just black! Okay list into the bonus!! You should have done more research!

  • Rahat Haque

    @Segue: My thoughts, exactly.

    • Sid

      But wouldn’t McD’s/KFC be strange to anyone not American by birth? e.g. I’m Indian & I find burgers/fried chicken extremely unnatural. Conversely, an American (or for that matter anyone not from my part of the country, yes such prejudices exist even within India) would find food that I eat on a daily basis strange, not to their taste or even disgusting…

      • I *am* American by birth and have lived all but 3.5 years (in childhood) in the USA. That simple fact hasn’t turned my taste buds to mush.

      • SAgirl

        Not in South Africa, if you had to quiz most kids in this country they would rate their favourite foods as burgers, pizza or KFC. That’s based on the kids I teach. However there are “strange foods” in this country, such as walkie talkies, chicken heads and feet

      • aztek

        I’m American and I think McDonald’s and KFC is strange food.
        Mis-conception about America; we all eat fast food

  • freek

    I’ve heard most of these. Yes, many people think Africa is one country. Or that there is only one language.
    I’ve seen questions like “Are there any cities in Africa?” and “Will I be able to buy laxatives in South Africa?” (I think these people were being serious)

  • nez

    ag people…most of the misconcpetions where of what foreigners have observed the most in that country(as someone had mentioned) and was passed on and spiralled out of control
    im a proudly South African and an even prouder African,flaws and all!!!
    what us Africans should strive for is to make it a better place and try to eliminate the elements that the media showcase(cause international media mostly shows the worst side of Africa)

  • Krystal

    I think that was her point. That the countries in Africa DO have larger cities.

  • Someguy

    Dear idiots,

    Please stop saying how interesting you think this list is. It’s not. It’s inane and probably the work of a child.



    • segues

      Dear (not) Africa,

      Christine Vrey is no child. She has given us some wonderful lists in the past and will, with luck, give us many more in the future. If you find this list so simplistic please honor us with an interesting list of your own.

      • Christine Vrey

        Thanks Segues…

  • Richard McQueery

    I bet there’s a KFC on every friggin corner. Does the McDonald’s only serve mcnuggets and mcribs?

  • Sullay Mannah

    Gr8 entry!I’m an African,and I have encountered ALL of the misconceptions listed.Goood work!

  • Adam

    Worst. List. Ever.

  • Pam T

    I’m Peruvian, a part of my ancestors came from Europe and Africa. A large part of my family is black. I’m proud of my African part, unfortunately I can only guess which country they came from. The Spaniards took slaves from different countries so that they wont speak the same language.
    If I’d tell you about the misconceptions they have about my country, you’ll laugh. Just to think that people say to me I don’t look peruvian, or they ask me about my lama, they don’t even know Peru has a coast!

  • brian

    The same things are thought about Peru and other countries. People are just ignorant. This is one of the best lists I have seen in a while.

  • Propcowboy

    Awesome :) Worked in Namibia for quite a while as a pilot and all that you’ve put here is true (I mean “civilized” people thought I live in a hut on the edge of the sand dunes – cos’ they’ve never seen Swakopmund).

    Thanks was a nice read

  • bob

    very cool

  • Molly

    Just stop talking.

    • p1t1o

      Erm. Sorry? I guess?

  • Addy

    I think only americans are stupid enough to have these kind of misconceptions

    • Space Chimp

      I think only an ignorant sloth would believe that America has the monopoly on idiocy.

  • kahura

    Most of the commenters here have never even left their countries, and just rely on internet and media to expand their horizons. I have been asked about Kenya, and Bush himself could not distinguish the different countries. Someone once asked if south africa is the capital city of Africa, and kenya a remore outpost and I was flabbergasted to realize that some people are that dumb. Media is all about sensationalism, same as the way they do not show the poverty in america or europe. The truth is that there are poor and hungry people outside Africa. Their countries just would not allow a documentary or feature to air.

  • craig

    You seem to be very up on the whole geneaology thing. Is it true that soon genetic testing will be cheap and accurate enough that we all will be able to trace our heritage back hundreds of years just with a lab report?

  • Reblogged this on A thousand-miles journey.

  • Top Ten Artillery
  • asad

    Lol the post is really amazing, the best part of it was the Black Africans and Technological advancements =P this post was really interesting i must say. Check out my blog as well

  • Dave K

    Whoever wrote this list….stop hanging out with stupid people

    • Christine Vrey

      Im NOT hanging out with stupid people, you clearly need to stop Having stupid children. DO NOT PROCREATE!!!

  • SafaGuy

    I live in a suburb in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and I always find it hilarious how people can generalize places they know very little about. For starters, I’m white, have full access to technology and have a very good education. Just like everyone else in the world, I have to go to a game reserve if I want to see wild animals.
    However, I really don’t think the majority of people are as ignorant as described on the list. Most of the world thinks that all Americans are fat, but not me, I’ve seen literally several moderately sized Americans on TV. :)

  • Hestie

    Don’t backpeddle now Christine! Some people thought this was a very informative list. I am from South Africa and I have been asked every single one of the points mentioned. It was never applied Americans are ignorant. They just took the idea and ran with it! Being super-sensitive as they are.

    Fact is. There are people, not ALL people obviously, living with certain misconceptions regarding Africa and Africans.

    Pity THEY don’t read listverse.

  • Hestie


  • Bintou

    hahahah i love this list! i’m born in Guinea-Conakry and sins i live here in the Netherlands there are a LOT of peoples asking me if i lived in a hut.. than i asked them if they live in a hut.. when they say no i just say…there you go.. it’s still funny :P

  • p1t1o

    Sorry, the conspiracies list is down the hall on the left.

    I just said I was mildy enlightened and pleasantly surprised and I need to stop trusting the media and do research? Can we get another cliche in your comment please?

    Oh oh, wait, I get it, its trolling right? You’re trolling me. I feel such a fool.

  • Dionysus

    The writer of the list is just a tad smarter than an ape.

    #10 Only americans think Africa is a country. Some of them also think France is a continent

    #9 Same thing. Most people associate “Africa” with savannah

    #8 Without white influence they would all live in huts and probably would have discovered the wheel in the years to come. As it is, many africans live in huts, far more that in other parts of the world

    #7 McDonalds is not african food. We had a nigerian housemate, every time he cooked we all left the house. It looks weird, and it smells worse than rotting corpses

    #6 The wilderness is the only good thing about Africa. If you compare it to US, where there are barely any wild animals left, it is a animal galore

    #5 Again, compared to the rest of the world, it is a void. How many schools in the whole Africa have classes with computers on every desk? For a billion people how many computers? Not to talk about more “fine” technology

    #4 You misspelled “Afrikaan language” which is spoken by about 20 mil ppl.

    #3 Again for 1 bil ppl how many hotels? I had to register all hotels, housing, etc. for the tourism board in Kenya. I found amazingly few for a country with such a good tourism. And the most luxurious hotel had 4*

    #2 Im sure in big cities you don’t shit outside, But in Cartoum-like cities and 90% of the continent they probably do

    #1 The white africans were left behind, they are not really africans. By DNA genes they are europeaens

    (Northern Africa is excluded as the areas designated for european tourists have nothing to do with actual africa. The North looks great and is loved as tourist destinations by Europeans who spend a lot of money. Yet the countries are still shitholes)

    Read about those nice african dictators that still rule almost all of the continent. You will see just about how civilised they are

    • SafaGuy

      Re #10: You’re equally ignorant if you generalize Americans.
      Re # 8: That’s pretty damn stupid. Do you truly believe African culture would’ve stagnated for hundreds of years if not for settlers? I do agree that the majority of Africa lives in abject poverty, but most rural settlements are now “townships” of tin houses.
      Re # 7: “African food” is not a suitable description. Can you define European food?
      Re # 6: Africa has contributed much to modern culture. Do you know where heart-transplants were invented? The wilderness isn’t all we have to offer.
      Re #5: The list item was not about how prevelant technology is, but the notion that it is completely devoid of it.
      Re #4: Afrikaans is spelt correctly in the post. “Afrikaan” means relating to Africa (like African). The language itself is always called Afrikaans. Btw, it’s closely related to Dutch, and originated amongst the Dutch settlers at the Cape of Good Hope. Doen ‘n bietjie navorsing volgende keer (translational challenge for any interested).
      Re #3: Compared to most (third-world) countries, most countries in Africa have ample hotels.
      Re # 2: “probably” is not a good word to base an oppinion on. Even rural settlements tend to build their own sanitation (if primitive)
      Re # 1: You make it sound as if whites live in hilltop castles, careful not to mix with the indigenous peoples. Though white, I regard myself as African in every respect. By your logic, only indians (native Americans), should be considered American. Also, most countries are governed by leaders who truly want to improve African life.
      Don’t be ignorant because you choose to revel in the supposed decrepitude(inferiority?) of the rest of the world.

      • segues

        Doen ‘n bietjie navorsing volgende keer =Do some research next time

        Clever. “Google translate” to the rescue :)

      • madashell

        How about the atrocities committed against whites by blacks after white rule left and black rule took over in South Africa. How about Charles Taylor. How about the RUF. How about the seemingly endless supply of natural resources and yet the continent as a whole is still unindustrialized. How about the highest AIDS rate in the world. And the worst case, how about the United States fighting a war lord in Somolia and feeding the starving people only to have those same starving people turn right around (after their stomachs were finally full because of America) and kill United States soldiers?????????????

  • Evelyn

    As a Ugandan exposed to Western culture through literature and film, I have seen all these misconceptions in movies and someties I laugh and other times it’s just ridiculous. But this list is accurate and I have seen people who come for visits and they are pleasantly surprised.

  • Rose

    #7 That is weird food. No matter where you are or your race.

  • Lucy Jones

    Most of the things you state are different to peoples ‘misconceptions’ of Africa were created by the white people in Africa.

  • AlyssaZ

    #1 on this list makes me think of what Karen Smith said: “If you’re from Africa, how come you’re write?”

    • AlyssaZ

      I meant to say white. Lol

  • V

    I know you wrote this 13 years ago (!), but as an American who lived in Europe, people were shocked that I wasn’t rich, blond, white, have a fancy car, live the life of a starlet, etc.

  • Jibreel shaikh

    one thing that relay makes me angry, is that a lot of people from Africa or Asia feel they need to judge the level of how civilized their native societies are by how western thay have become. why use white society as a measuring stick?

    for example point 7 relay bugs me. calling any food that the west is not used to “weired”. And the normal food is MacDonald and KFC? It must be a systemic educational thing because i come across this a lot.

    i think what people need to understand is that what people may consider to be civilized(western) is in many cases is not. for example i am studying architecture and you would be surprised of how much more practical and efficient a house made of mud is than a house made from “modern” materials. is.

    • truth

      The food has nothing to do with it. It has to do with industrialization and Africa has very little of that. It is because Africa has had the same oppertunities as every other region of the world and it is still behind in literacy, industry, medecine, etc. It also has to do with the amount rape, murder, AIDS, theft, etc.

  • Lisa

    Please remember and pay attention to that the media “feeds” the viewers the “information” that you have been approached about. Most people don’t know any better, and as for the weird food, those restaurants that was shown have weird food. Again, the viewers have been fed that that food is okay to eat on a daily basis.

  • No mention about WAR, HUNGER, ART, EGYPT, AIDS, RELIGION and so on.

    Some of the listed things are correct. Look at someone asking why he doesn’t see ‘welcome to Africa’ ad… AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!!!

    what happens in some parts of Africa, doesn’t happen in other parts of Africa.

  • uummhello

    I hate to be the one to tell you this but “the first 3 races” are not white. Spanish is part of the hispanic or latino race, and if you classifying us by color it would be brown, you know in between black and white.

  • Andre Walker

    Very good list….slightly opinionated at some points…but veyr informtive which makes up for it….

  • Darlene

    I already knew, or guessed most of what you have written here, but I know many people who would benefit greatly from it! Thank you for taking the time to correct some misconceptions! Great work!

  • Nagas74

    Whites and Arabs are not native to Africa and are descendants of invaders! Stop trying to gloss over this fact and deal with reality. Blacks are the only real Africans. Period.

    • p1t1o

      So only Aboriginies are Australian and only Native Indians are Americans?

      And are all Caucasians European? And I suppose most of the inhabitants of South America are in fact Spanish?

      I can tell you have a strong sense of pride in your heritage, but in my opinion it is best to err on the side of peacefullness, no?

      • Nagas74

        Of course the aboriginals are the only true australians.Every country you named was invaded then raped,pillaged,and plundered by the same bad guy…the white man.
        Now after enslaving and exterminating billions of people of color in cold blood to take their lands/resources in the name of white supremacy,they have the nerve to claim to be “White Africans”???!!!! GTFOH…Save all that fantasy land “we are the world”nonsense. Africa for the Africans and Rome for the Romans.

  • Sheila

    WORD!! That is sooo satisfying:). Im Nigerian and have dreamt of screaming out them facts for a long long time. It would help if world wide news broadcasters like erm… CNN, tried to show the better sides of our continent (Nigeria in particular. I guess showing the slums in Lagos was such a terrific hit, they cant seem to get past it!). Good job.

    • angry

      CNN only tries to show that white, male Americans are evil.

  • KNKing

    “That is also not to say that no people in Africa live in huts, as there are a lot of tribes that still choose to live in their traditional villages in huts, but the bulk of each country have become westernized and civilized.”

    Two things: One, the bulk of all African countries are not westernized. Otherwise they would be classified as first world and not third world. Two, the term civilization is a concept largely associated with the colonizers who said the original settlers were “savage and primitive” therefore using that term to defend African countries shows a distinct form of ignorance. In addition, most people in the rural areas of several African countries do not choose to remain there otherwise there wouldn’t be a crisis known as “rural to urban migration” because the bulk of the money is in urban areas. The majority remain because there is no other alternative.

    You, however, need to broaden you’re perspective a tad and include eastern, western and northern Africa. It is a known fact (by people who care) that the south (South Africa, Namibia, Angola, even Zimbabwe) and the North (Egypt, Tunisia) are miles ahead economically in comparison to the rest of Africa– It’s debatable but it might be because the colonialists left these countries a lot later than the others. Therefore some of these misconception are there because in many parts of the rest of Africa they happen.

    In most of these countries, white people are a rarity (outside the urban areas) and that’s a fact. In most countries they live in temporary shelters (huts and manyattas) and that’s a fact. And in several of these countries people who live in rural areas (and urban slums) use holes in the ground as toilets and that’s a fact.

    Unfortunately in the quest to change the perception of Africa you’re exaggerating. But on the whole this is a fairly decent list.

  • John

    Great list. I’m African-American, but had many friends from the African continent in college. Nigeria, The Ivory Coast, Ghana (my ancestry), and Namibia, mainly.

    It’s funny, because they would say the same things about all the misconceptions about Africa. Here in America, if ever they show Africa, it’s wildlife in the Serengeti, Dictators in Uganda, people in huts and villages, etc… You would think the entire continent was a slum. It’s all due to the media bias here.

  • I simply hate that you conduse westernization with being civilized, that is ignorant and you are a poor spokesperson for Africa. Africa has never been underdeveloped and did not lose track on globalization and expansion until colonialism stripped it of its ownership of its natural resources. In fact how dare you. Colonialism set the entire continent back by a century and has destroyed any possibility for independent development. You must either be successfully brainwashed or white.

  • Piotrków

    Thanks for any other informative website. The place else may I get that kind of information written in such a perfect approach? I have a challenge that I am simply now operating on, and I have been on the glance out for such information.

  • The world’s media source

    Hey There. I found your blog the usage of msn. This is a very neatly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  • Ambrosia

    I can’t thank you enough for this list. Im South African, and people always ask the idiotic questions you listed. Braai season…

  • I enjoyed this list. Thank you to the writer. Clearly she has heard these same comments upon several occasions otherwise she would not have included them in her list. I am an American who is fairly well-traveled- been to 13 countries in Europe and the Middle East- but not yet to African countries unfortunately. In response to some of the “stupid American” comments, please know that most Americans are not stupid. Remember that what you are told about our country and our people is most likely just as narrow and skewed as what we are told about your countries and your people. Your media tells you what they want to to think about us, and not the whole picture. Thanks. Take care.

  • herpderp

    Absolutely fantastic list! I have some South african friends and they get these questions. I particularly liked the Black Is Black section…you are definitely right!

  • Brian

    For a lot of these, people are just stupid. Africa’s not a country… that really should be obvious.

  • chioma

    I’m a nigerian in Far east Russia.when i first came here people where so afraid of me.Some pple say Africa is so poor but i don’t agree with them.I pray they see this some day

  • Egai

    I am a Nigerian who travels to Europe and USA a lot. I totally agree with this misconceptions about Africa. Last year I met a lovely couple in m

    Manchester who were visibly shocked that I am from Africa. They said they didn’t know Africans are sophisticated.

    Another time while on Hajj, I was in a shop trying to buy some things (I can’t speak Arabic so I tried speaking to the shopkeeper in English) when a man exclaimed it is nice to see a person that speaks English. We started a conversation , he said he was American and I told him I am a Nigerian he was amazed I speak English as well as I do. I had to explain to him that ‘my country’s colonial master was Britain’. He further asked me which country I flew to Saudi from. I told him Nigeria and the guy was further confused, he thought we don’t have cars talk less of planes.

    My point? This misconceptions exist. Personally I find them hilarious. They show me that even those in the so called advanced world can be totally clueless too. And are human like us.

    • saddened

      I am a white American and I already knew about everthing on this list but I also completely believe everything about the misconception is true. That is currently one of Americas biggest problems. They don’t know that Africa is a continent but they can tell you who won best dressed on the red carpet at the Oscars. Most Americans can’t even name their own vice president but complain about politics.

  • Duck Butt

    So Spanish, British and Russian are ‘just white’ but they should dig deeper into their black heritage?
    I am Irish, Polish, Spanish and Black, but the family that I am surrounded with most often is Irish and Polish so that is what I associate myself with.
    I won’t deny my Spanish and Black heritage, but they aren’t the ones I feel close to.

  • Peter Bolze

    What are African Americans???? – I live in Africa. I am an African whith a white skin – of German, Dutch, French maybe a bit of Koisan too. I call myself an African – You have no ties with this country – so get over yourselves

    • Steven

      Americans have this “need” to associate themselves with the country of orgin…How many generations does it take to just be American…? I am American, and I can stand when people ask my origins or race…I am not Irish-American…I am American…Good point though.

  • Julie

    Kind of nitpicking, but Spanish, British, and Russian are not races. They are nationalities and Russian can also refer to ethnicity. A person born and raised in Russia may not be an ethnic Russian – like Stalin was not an ethnic Russian, he was Georgian. But this was a great post. I knew most of the general facts of your list but learned some things, too. There are really people who think there are no toilets in all of Africa?!?

  • Stanley

    I am sorry to the Americans here but people are really that stupid to believe what this list disproves, i am from Nigeria myself and we have all this an more, though there are still a few primitive parts but only because they refuse to become modern, not because they cant

    • realist

      I am a white American. From the southern states of America. Many in my own country would consider me to be ignorant just because of where I live although I know more about the world, politics, society, and cultures than most of them. I found something called books. It has helped me learn alot but it leaves little time for watching the real housewives. I am just a corn farmer without a college education but I have the sense to learn about something other than American pop culture.

  • Abimbola

    Sarah Palin thought it was a country

  • billy russo

    some of my stupid classmates ask me did i hunt lions or had a pet lion,asked me about my “hut” but i don’t live in a freakin hut i live in a frekin house p.s thats not my real name my mom said not 2 use my real name.

  • Dillon

    Black people aren’t the only ones who don’t know their origin. I am a white American and I don’t know where the hell I came from. Europe I guess…

  • Steven

    Good list, and it isnt just white westerners that get it wrong, all races get it wrong of many different nations. And the reason, why people don’t have a better idea of the countries of Africa, is because all you ever see is civil war in Libya, or Somalia, or unrest in Cote D’Ivoire. Sadly, in my prefession I only go to the crappy countries that do experince the horrible steorotypical things that are mostly associated with it…Oh and just because everyone keep saying what race they are because that some how makes your statement ligitmate, I am white…I actually, I just prefer American. P.S. The steam powered computer…Awesome!

  • meevish

    I’m a kindergarten teacher in the US and I got a Nigerian student in the last month of the school year. I had to hear so many cringe worthy stereotypes from my co workers, most of whom were well meaning and actually trying to sound worldly and knowledgeable; it was awful. Stuff like: “Well, you have to expect behavior like that, imagine what he has been through!” “They probably teach their children to act like that.” “That’s probably normal there.” “He’s probably never seen food like that.” etc. etc. Um, I’m sorry, you think Nigerians teach their children to stab each other with forks and have never seen chicken nuggets? And what do you assume he’s been through?? It was like they all thought he was a refugee from a squalid mud hut. He spoke English, had gone to school in Nigeria, had nice clothes, obviously had the money to relocate to a nice American suburb, what makes you think he’s gone through some atrocity or lived in abject poverty in Nigeria? What was worse was they were trying to be tolerant and culture sensitive, but really, they were being idiots.

  • Queen

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  • Isavant

    I enjoy the time and energy put into the list, and as for it being this/that/or the other thing, one thing it is is interesting. Why everyone is taking offense at other viewpoints, wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone was blue, and the only color was blue and every nationality was blue. People think about what makes this world beautiful, it is diversity.

  • blake

    Christine , you did a fine job with writing this list. I hope in the futre that you submit more. You could submit a list about largest tribes in africa and maybe fact about Nambia or other nearby countries. Please do not allow a couple of fools with axes to grind to stop you from a fine list about an always interesting subject. If people seem ignorant about africa its probably because they are consumed with focus on the things they do. Also, there is not as much info on african countries as other parts of the world. I myself a white american from texas dont understand why more black people in my country try and find their ancestry. Its very clear to me that the people of africa are as different looking from their different regions as asians and europeans. But if you ask the black people in my region what their ethnicity is the will always answer black. Thats when i usually tell them the same thing that you just repeated earlier about the countries.

  • Blargh

    My wife is from Botswana, she gets all the usual misconceptions (Your from Africa, you must be poor/starving/coutry is unstable – Botswana has one of the biggest economies in Africa). All of this is fueled by the news centering on the bad news.

  • Sam

    if you are american black, and your people have
    been here for more than 200 years, then this is
    virtually impossible. The slaves were marked as
    female, or male, no names and family lines were
    kept. they were separated intentially to pull the
    families apart, and there is no way to trace your
    family heritage back to africa intact.

  • geckograham

    What is this? A list of misconceptions held by 5 year old children? I’ve never read such drivel in my life! I have yet to meet anyone who believes any of these ‘misconceptions’ and I am thing that the author’s belief that anyone outside of Africa holds these views is in itself a HUGE misconception.

    The author has also admitted in comments that this list was written out of “America Hate” which I find disgusting. I will take ignorance over HATE any time.

  • truthfull

    The generalization comes from the difference between an African from an African country and the black people in the United States. The American blacks have degraded themselves to point that they longer have any similarities to their African ancestors. In the United States they all become niggers. They even call themselves that.

  • Luke

    On number 1 you left out ‘white Africans are also the most annoying species known to man’. Oh and I number 9 had an amazing photo

  • Andrew

    The bit about the food is false, my friend from my program in university is from cameroon in west africa, he said a common thing over there is to eat rats. – regular rats and a larger species of rat but he said it was a very frequent thing for him.

    • justpassing

      How does that prove it’s false? The article didn’t say you don’t get weird food in Africa, just that non weird food is also popular.

  • Christine Vrey

    OMW you FUCKING ignorant ASSHOLE. It is because of people like you that I wrote this list!!!! You blatant US PRICK!! U are just confirming your own Idiocy with this comment. – “we’re not that ignorant” in the same sentance as “So we say African because in our minds they are cultarally the same”

    As for education, Yes I agree that your education level could NEVER compare to many African schools, because our schools are way better than yours. In fact I have had two friends who got average marks in school here, went to the states to study (machanical engineering) and where top of their class there…

    Poverty – Most countries suffers from Poverty. India has the highest poverty rate and that is in “oh so technologically advanced” Asia…

    Technology – The same man… I grew up playing Mario bros on Sega and now rape my PS3 on a regular basis… We have flat screans, consoles, PC’s, Apple, any kind of fone, tablets, AC, Cable, TVO, ect. I think the average household in Namibia is probably more advanced than in the States because we are in a economical High and the States is a drowning economical disaster….

    PS – I call it America because even though I know that there are more than one country on the continent of North America, I am an idiot who thinks EVERYONE is the same… and I cant tell the difference between even the people in my own fuck forsaken country…

    Aaaaarg, You make me so angry

  • justpassing

    Holy crap you’d have to be one hell of an idiot to believe even one of those things!! There are genuinely people who believe that Africa is all one country and the people don’t have computers?!? I must admit to not knowing if the people who believe that are American but it is tempting to stereotype as I have never met anyone QUITE that retarded in Europe.

  • justpassing

    I really really pray for the sake of my remaining faith in the education system that the guy who believed you used a steam computer was just winding you up.

  • Nagas74

    You are not an African you white bastard. You are a descendant of invaders. Genocidal,pillaging and plundering land grabbing thieves. You will all be purged from Africa very soon devil.

    • To Nagas74 – This is the typical comment from a so-called true African…. The ultimate uninformed, sad person.

      In Africa, land was never stolen or grabbed. It was traded, for cattle, spices and coffee… The locals were far and widely dispersed due to local warfare and battles. Just because a tribe of 20 people stayed 100km from a piece of land some foreigner wanted to develop, it didn’t entitle them any ownership… If foreigners never came to this continent, NOTHING would be going on except for TB, dissentry and the ebola virus. Every single country in Africa under some foreign rule became developed and functioning. What happens when the foreigners are all murdered or sent packing? Total collapse and famine.

      The so-called true Africans want all the “Europeans” gone, but they want all the benefits the “Europeans” brought with them. Electricity, medicine, fresh produce and clean running water…

      We’ve been in Africa since the 1600’s. My genealogy can be traced back to the first of the first foreigners to set foot on shore on this continent. My family was farming, hunting, living, loving and dying in Africa before yours even knew they were “Africans”. I have studied the history, geography and geology of this continent and I can asure you, your ignorance and hate will lead to this continent’s downfall. I pity you.

      The “Africans” used to be proud people. They had their way of life, gods, ancestors and tribal rule. Unfortunately, it has all been lost. All that remains is this generation of uninformed socialists that are always wanting, stealing and plundering. Nowadays, from their own people! Via tender scams and the pillaging of government coffers. Always barefoot and hungry with an outstretched hand to the UN or US and China for food aid and medicines…

      You should try to read a book with your limited reading skills Nagas74. I would suggest something informative like the tribal histories and cultural reforms in Africa since the Europeans started arriving more than 600 years ago. Someone like yourself could truly benefit by something like an dictionary as well… Look up the word African – “a native or INHABITANT of Africa”. Another dictionary says: “native, inhabitant, or CITIZEN of any of the countries of Africa”

      It’s comments like yours that wakes up the resentment and hate that goes along with racism and cultural divide.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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