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Top 10 Tacky Automotive Features of the 1970s

Brian Combs . . . Comments

In many ways, the 1970s was a time of both transition and decline. This is especially true with regard to the American automotive industry, which began to struggle under the weight of increasing fuel costs, strict government emission and safety regulations, as well as a deluge of fuel-efficient foreign competitors. While American automakers tried their best at producing small, fuel-efficient cars such as the AMC Gremlin or Ford Pinto, they were never really good at it. Rather, most vehicles rolling off Detroit assembly lines remained large, and simply traded their muscle for more luxurious appointments. As the decade progressed, this focus on luxury trickled down even to lower-priced intermediates. By the late 1970s, a sort of pseudo-luxury car was left with emission system-choked small blocks, thick velour interiors and tacky chrome-on-plastic accents. Here’s a look at some of the tacky appointments domestic luxury cars of the 1970s received, listed subjectively from the somewhat useful to the less-so. Some are not exclusive to the 1970s, but were still widely used at the time.


Spare Tire Humps

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Like many other styling features on this list, spare tire humps were attempts to mimic the custom-bodied cars of the early 20th century. The first Lincoln Continental sported a covered spare, which was both functional and attractive. Lincoln designers pushed this feature on many Continental models over the years, even when they were no longer used for housing a spare and looked awkward, if not tacky, on more modern luxury cars. However, some (like the Continental Mark III) wore their tire humps tastefully, leading me to place this styling feature at number 10.


Opera Windows


Those who lived during the 1970s will likely remember the immense popularity of two door “personal” luxury cars. These luxury coupes almost always featured small, fixed decorative rear passenger windows that were separated from front windows by a thick b-pillar. The idea was to give rear passengers a sense of privacy, or to some, claustrophobia, while complementing the luxurious appearance of the car. Even less expensive coupes like the Chevrolet Monte Carlo sported small rear windows reminiscent of a formal carriage. Though sometimes tacky, these windows were still somewhat useful (and a few looked good). Thus, they are rightfully placed at number 9.


Pillow-topped Seats


Who wouldn’t want pillow-topped seats for those long, boring road trips? While present-day luxury cars often feature stiff, conservatively padded bucket seats, in the 1970s designers stopped at nothing to provide the utmost in derrière comfort. Cars like the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz featured thick button-tufted pillow-topped seats, which were literally pillows attached to additional padding below. It is perhaps the closest thing to driving your couch down the expressway. Of course, today these comfortable seats appear geriatric at best and downright garish at worst.


Cut Pile Carpeting

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Anyone who has driven a large car of the decade can attest to the excellent carpeting these vehicles usually featured. Some looked like cuts of shag carpet pulled straight from the designer’s own living room, or perhaps a creepy motel room. With carpet like this, it was difficult not to take your shoes off and relax. Nonetheless, these carpet jobs appear gaudy today, especially in typical ‘70s colors. If you don’t mind the look, however, they are quite fantastic.


Fancy Trim Designations


Today, upscale versions of a model are often identified with simple letter or number monikers, like Volvo’s S80 “T6,” or Cadillac’s CTS “V” series. This, of course, doesn’t sound very fancy, now does it? Forty some years ago, however, fancy was in. The most famous upscale trim package term was “Brougham.” Various automakers of the time slapped the Brougham badge on their distinctively-trimmed (and pricier) versions of a particular model. The boxy Ford Grenada even had an upscale “Ghia” version. Yes, “Ghia,” like the Italian firm. But it was General Motors that seemed most keen on this practice, coming up with trim packages like the Monte Carlo “Landau,” Ninety Eight “Regency,” Seville “Elegante” or my personal favorite, the Sixty Special “Brougham d’Elegance.”


Opera Lamps

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Opera lamps are small decorative lights mounted on the exterior b-pillar. They were all the rage on ‘70s, and even ‘80s, domestic luxury cars. These lights, aside from looking pretty, had little practical application. But they did give the car a more formal appearance similar to a limousine, or formal carriage (a recurring theme). Designers didn’t take opera lamps lightly either, as they developed from simple lens-over-bulb accents to more complex electro-luminescent ordeals. Looking back, they seem both tacky and somewhat unnecessary, perhaps like just another set of bulbs to replace.


Royal-looking Crests

Medium Regaldonk Hood Ornament

Royal-looking crests aren’t just for those who hold real titles, it seems. They can also be drawn up for businesses, military units or, in this case, car models. Take for instance the Buick Century Regal or Chrysler New Yorker Brougham, each of which received its own attractive, albeit retrospectively kitschy, royal crest. Many less expensive models even wore such fancy crests. In a similar vein, auto designers often convinced famous fashion designers to sign onto creating their own upscale variants of a particular model. Thus, models like the Continental Mark IV Cartier Edition or Seville Gucci left the factory wearing the designer’s logo here and there.


Fender Vents


Fender vents were also a nod to custom-bodied luxury cars of the early 20th Century. For instance, large V-12 Cadillacs of the time featured a series of cowl flaps much like an aircraft might. Many years later, designers at Buick, Lincoln and Chrysler, to name a few, thought it a good idea to continue with such flaps, or at least fender vents or ports. These vents were generally unnecessary and usually not even functional. The otherwise attractive R-body Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue sported such “gills,” as did the Lincoln Continental Mark V and Buick Electra 225 (Buicks were already well known for their “VentiPorts”). Faux fender vents remain with us today, much to the chagrin of many an auto enthusiast.


Faux Wood Appliqué


Luxury cars have long sported wooden dashboards, often of finely polished burl with beautiful lacquer finishes. Of course, this costs more and adds a little weight (not that it mattered on a 5,000 lb. car). By the 1970s, designers were already in love with faux wood and even things like clock radios and 35mm cameras featured the stuff. One day an auto designer (or their boss) thought it a good idea to scrap the real wood and make a sort of stick-on stuff. It was great for “woodie” station wagons and dashboards, or so they thought. It doesn’t help, of course, when the “wood” began to fade and peel under the sun.


Chromed Plastic

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While chrome plating can look remarkable when done correctly (think anything from the 1950s), it can also come off as quite tacky. This is especially true when it’s applied to plastic, which used to have an annoying tendency to flake off once the car was close to pay-off. Apparently, even automakers themselves were aware of how tacky this was, as Chrysler ads once boasted that the grills on ‘70s Imperial and New Yorker models were chromed zinc rather than mere chromed plastic, like the grills found on contemporary Cadillacs. There’s just something about tapping on a piece of chromed plastic that makes one immediately think “cheap.” Oddly enough, automakers continue to use chromed plastic, though it doesn’t seem to flake quite so badly these days.

  • Axxon

    What about Corinthian leather? Anybody remembe

    Oh Hell……

    5th !!

    • oak

      ‘the phuck did i just read?

    • Missy

      Thanx for that, Fiona. My husband and I saw a group of Asian women at the opening of a Swarovski store. They were way overdressed and sipped cheap champers with their gloves on (a real NO-NO). Not only that, they were also looking in the window of another Bogan (Australian ‘redneck’) jewellery store and saying how wonderful this jewellery was. They were also laden down with these cheap golden necklaces. Absolutely no class whatsoever! My husband and I were appalled and it definitely showed on our faces. These women definitely picked it up, too.
      After we were out of range, we both laughed ourselves stupid.

    • souljacker

      Fiona, can you read my mind? bet you can, and if you can’t, I bet everyone else here could take a fair guess at what I’m thinking!

  • Ferdi

    Another U.S. list. ;)
    At least nobody here in Germany ever followed any of these trends – that’s why my aunt’s car (VW Golf Mk. 1) is still something you can rely on. :)

    • Not Being Fresh

      you’re right about vw’s – but don’t forget about the Porsches with the psychedelic upholstery. I was really surprised that wasn’t on the list.

  • Will Trame

    Oh she’s a killin’ machine she’s got everything I want her I need her I’m a highway star.

    On amore serious note, this was a pretty good list. There’s nothing like a good old nostalgia hit first thing in the morning.

    • Flippant

      On amore serious note

      When the moon hits your eye
      Like a big-a pizza pie
      That’s amore!

      There’s nothing like a good old nostalgia hit first thing in the morning.

      Lol Will.. got wood? You remember how that goes, right? :lol:

      Re entry No. 6 pic: When I was a li’l tacker, the first car I remember my parents having was a gnarly purple colour Statesman DeVille. The “DeVille” writing was exactly like in that pic, but I don’t recall any “d’Elegance” written on it though.. my parents must’ve been cheap bastards back then. :D

      Re entry No. 8 pic: HELLO! They look really comfy! Where the hell is my Maggy? Lol I’d be more than willing to (re)lose my vìrginity in his back seat if his ride is sporting those babies! *laffn* :P

      • Will Trame

        I meant to say “a more” instead of “amore”. Mea culpa.

        • Flippant

          Lol I knew perfectly well what you meant, Will.. nothing worse than a sticky, sticking spacebar, huh! I just like to imagine you rolling your eyes each time I appear.. especially when it’s to hazard a comment on your posts. :D

    • Norkio

      I enjoyed this list but as an American in her 40s, I am familiar with most of the features mentioned. I think for people unfamiliar with them, it would have been helpful to circle or point an arrow at whatever the item being discussed was. Mostly it just is a list with pictures of cars, not close ups of the specific features. We had a Ford LTD station wagon in lemon yellow and it replaced the blue with faux wood one we had prior to that. Gah!

  • C FISH

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    • Wocka

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      • Will Trame

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        It is individuals like yourself that utilize such insulting terms as “douches” and “a**holes” that make the internet a tacky place.

        • Flippant

          Hmmm.. *tilts head*.. if I may, I’ll play devil’s advocate here for a minute.

          Will, I’m quite certain that you’re misunderstanding Wocka’s post there. You see, Fish’s post was unfortunate timing in relation to your and Ferdi’s posts.

          Fish was commenting on the 4-5 silly “1st; 2nd; 3rd” proclamation posts that were there (which have since been deleted). Ferdi and yourself snuck your posts in before he finished his post, thereby inadvertantly including yourself in his “above commentors.”

          Wocka saw that your and Ferdi’s posts were legit, that Fish had mis-timed his post, and he made a sarcastic and facetious comment (to Fish) reflecting that.

          I may be wrong (doubt it though), but I think you’ve taken Wocka’s post completely out of context and missed the spirit in which it was intended. :)

          It is individuals like yourself that utilize such insulting terms as “douches” and “a**holes” that make the internet a tacky place.

          Lol and THAT is why I’m pretty sure I make you cringe more often than not. :D

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          • mom424

            Love the avatar. It’s you and Maggot. AWESOME!

          • Sir Squash’o lot

            Thankfully the only time wasted was yours because no one read it lol. Freak.

          • Vaami

            I read it, and loved it by the way!

  • And I thought most of these screamed “Style, class & taste”. Sometimes we shouldn’t go back and see what we thought were cool. What next – a list on body shirts and flares?

    • C FISH

      i personally think the pillow seats look cool….though i bet there is a down side i am not seeing……

      • Missy

        And they were sure comfortable, those pillow seats.
        I hate that faux wood. So tacky!

        • C FISH

          literally more cusion for da pushin too

          • Lola

            Hi Scott,Thanks for coming back. I sucespt a lot of people just don’t realize when they sign up for TrueTwit how ineffectual and potentially repellent it is. All about humans here,Tammi

      • oak

        the pillow seats where very cool…until you spilled coffee or beer(it was the 70’s) on them

      • Jon

        As I recall, one major problem with the “pillow-top” seats was that those luxurious velvetine cushions had a strong tendency to retain that good old “essence of flatulance”!!!!!!! (Fabreeze wasn’t invented yet)

    • Battman

      The pillow seats were very comfortable for about the first 100 miles or so, then, because they weren’t properly contoured to a human body (Read: flat) they would induce all sorts of aches and pains in the buttocks, legs, back, etc.
      Newer seats, particularily in cars like my Acura, are much firmer, but you can sit in them all day, every day and still be able to get up and walk afterwards.

  • RustCorrosion

    The Royal looking crests were made illegal in the 90s (i think) because of many deaths caused by them in accidents. When cars crashed those things would fly straight into the other car and injure the driver. I still miss them though….

  • Ni99a

    This list is not informative enough!

    How am I supposed to differentiate Faux Wood Appliqué, Opera Lamps, Opera Windows or Fender Vents when the pictures only show the WHOLE DAMN CAR!!

    How to differentiate the components?

    List authors take note. Don’t do this again. I won’t be so forgiving next time.


    • Flippant

      Lol Nicka.. I was wondering exactly that too, especially on the Opera Lights pic. Like, huh?? O_o

      To be fair though, it’s not the List author who selects the pics.. that’s our Mr. Frater’s job. ;)

      • Ni99a

        That idiot is not interested in car at all, other than his Chrysler and his stupid Korean food and his stupid Vietnamese friend Soni.

    • scrumpy

      Yep. I still don’t know what an opera window is.
      Otherwise. a pretty good list

      • Rob

        The car pictured with the entry for ‘opera windows” does not in fact have opera windows. The car pictured with the entry for ‘opera lights’ has both the opera window (the small rear window separated from the front-door glass by a B-pillar) AND an opera light (the small, dimly-lit “accent” light fixture stuck on the B-pillar between the front-door glass and the opera window.

        • Battman

          I noticed that too. I also thought that the faux wood applique was rather self evident.

  • dalinean

    I would have thought that unnecassary size was the ultimate tackiness in any decade. BIG for the sake of it, with the burdens of weight and bad handling that go with it.

  • Harris

    You’re talking American cars only of course. No other cars in the world ever looked as ghastly as this. Cars in the 7os in most other countries were actually (though not always) fairly tasteful. That faux wood panelling – Urrggh!

    • Pauly

      Have you SEEN a ’78 Datsun? Hideous!

    • Battman
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  • Stoko

    You missed the wholly pointless and ugly Vinyl Roof which was popular throughout the 70s and early 80s. (As seen in some of the above pics). Basically covering the roof (or part of it) with cheap vinyl instead of painting it the same colour as the rest of the car. Intended to give the car the look of a convertible, which was strange as convertibles with their roofs up always look uglier than an equivalent coupe. Would usually start to peel off in the later stages of the car’s lifetime.

    • david

      I agree. If you want to see a perfectly good car ruined by such things as vinyl top opera windows etc look no further than a 73 dodge charge se brougham. I had the three tiny slot windows and vinyl and lets not forget…..the little things mounted atop the fender near the front edge which had little lights that flashed when the turn signal was used that only the passengers could see. Talk about useless.

    • Canadianguy

      Yeah, nothing on the list beats the vinyl top.

  • Sam

    Meanwhile in Europe they were making timeless classics

    • Ernest J. King

      Yeah, I forgot, you are oh so vastly superior. Arrogance sure is an exclusively American phenomenon, no?

      Just because these cars were peculiar doesn’t mean some of them can’t be considered to be classics, either. In fact, the 1971 Dodge Challenger might just be the prettiest car of all time.

      • Arsnl

        Yes. The prettiest of all time. If you havent seen the Countach, the Stratos, the Ferrari Dayton or the 250 gto, yes.
        The challenger is a very pretty car, but these ones take the cake.

        And yeah, european cars are superior. The number of amazing european cars is far larger than the number of amazing american cars. Whats the problem with that? You have the Space Shuttle and the space race. It balances things out. You also suck at trains but thats another story.

        • Pauly

          As this comment was being typed, another Volkswagen Passat has an engine fire.

          • Pauly

            …along with another BMW having wiring problems.

        • Bilo

          Yeah, lots of Europeans were driving a Countach or a Ferrari.

          • josecjj

            BUUUUURNNNN !!!!

      • Battman

        Meanwhile, the English were sending us these…
        My Dad had one. It needed a total engine rebuild at 39,000 miles.

  • mom424

    Good list – illustrates just how nostalgia works; you remember it fondly until you see it or actually truly remember. The happy fog of memory.

    Have to admit that those poofy pillow top seats were pretty comfy – for the passengers. For the driver they were far too cushy; you get tossed around during cornering. Also not good on the backs of the legs if you’re at all short. Not to mention the 10lbs of crumbs and crud that got trapped in all that tufting. eww. Extra ewww even. Yuck.

    Whoever mentioned the puffy vinyl faux convertible top should get some sort of award. To me that always epitomized the extreme tackiness of the Big 3. Combine that with poor quality control – it’s a miracle that any of them survived the century.

    You did forget the size issue though – truly do remember Davey’s Dad’s Olds ’98 – because we got about 11 people (actually 6) in the trunk comfortably. One of whom was well over 6′. Yeah for free drive-ins!

    Cool list.

    • Ni99a

      Of course you like the comfy pillow seats, it gives you the nostalgia feeling when you became a mom(if you know what i mean) on the back seat of your dad’s car.

      • Nair

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  • Ortho_Fan

    Well, at least these cars actually LOOK like cars, and not elongated eggs, as most of the modern look like today.

    Some of the features, such as the wheel mount (hump) were quite useful. You didn’t have to remove the three tons of junk stored in the trunk to get to the spare tire, which by the way, was a full size tire in those days, and not a 3/4 size donut, which is the standard now.

    As an aside, is anyone else having problems accessing this site? For the past two weeks, it hangs when I call it up. One of the processes, “” doesn’t always want to load. I’ve emailed the site administrator about this, but so far, have gotten no response. I know that many yahoo servers been having some problems , but it might be advisable to remove the script for the time being.

    • Not Being Fresh

      Never had a problem accessing on laptop, blackberry or iphone.

    • littleboots

      I have also been having issues loading this site only, as well with me it is the yahoo developer that takes a long time loading and when it does load page is messed up. I use firefox and this has been happening for about 2 weeks as well. Except for today, it actually loaded fine.

      • Ortho_Fan

        Many thanks for the confirmation. Today, the site loaded instantly. I also use Firefox, so I right-clicked on the screen and clicked on “view page source” and did a search (ctrl F) for It no longer appears. It was probably used for one of the links, or whatever, but I’m glad it’s gone, and hopefully, it will not be used again.

  • Naked Man from San Antone

    Dang! so close, ma simple request to you sir was about trucks and fo some reason you feel the need to be postin some gypsies car. i aint sayin this a bad list, but i would preciate it if yall would post me some mud rollin tires of a dang truck list. Peace to yall

    • Ni99a

      Ei yo brada! Wassup!

  • ForresterGreen

    I have to say the first-generation Monte Carlo is a poor example of opera windows. Maybe it’s just me but I always found those cars to be quite handsome.

    Now if you want opera. Windows, try out the Colonnade Montes, especially the stacked healights. Phew!

    Of course no opera windows compare to those late 70s T-Birds that shared their platform with the Ford Elite. Those cars had TWO opera windows…per side!

  • Scott

    what …? No vinyl tops?

  • chuckbooty

    did anyone else think all these “tacky” cars are REALLY f’kin cool?

  • Lola

    Is it just me, or did the opera windows/lamps pictures not feature either?

  • Michele

    One of my first cars was a 89′ Chrysler New Yorker with pillow seats. Most comfortable seats I ever sat on. I miss them.

  • littleboots

    I just sold my lincoln mark Vll last fall, and after owning it for several years and thinking back on it now I saw the tire hump as more of a “distinguishing feature” than “tacky”. Much like the indent on the mustangs’ doors. Also I did find alot of these features cool like the padded seats for example. The olds ninety eight was a pretty comfy ride.

  • ParusMajor

    I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize any of these, as I’ve only driven Saab, Volkswagen, Renault and Fiat, none of which are American. Oh, and also Toyota.

    • ForgotMyName

      So, you’re saying that you haven’t driven Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari or Rolls Royce? And you call yourself European?

      • ParusMajor

        Oh, FU! I wasn’t talking about luxury cars, just ordinary cars! Porsche and Ferrari, oh yeah, right! FU! You must be either a troll or a rich motherf*ing troll

        • ForgotMyName

          *goes quietly to polish his Lamborghini*

  • corwinorr

    My grandpa had a Lincoln from the seventies, and it had more than a few of these “features”!

  • DMCal

    I had a 1972 Monte Carlo when I was a carefree college student in the mid 80s. I loved that car with every bit of my heart, and still curse the kid who’d stolen his dad’s jacked up 4 wheel drive pickup and ran a stop sign, taking my beautiful, beautiful car away from me. And if it had had the pillow top seats, I would probably have killed the kid.

    • mom424

      I need a thumbs up for your comment. Montes are awesome. And the kid? Deserves at least death for ruining it.

      • Ni99a

        Imagine if the kid was your son. Would you like it if somebody says such thing?

        Point in case:

        I hope your daugter/son is kidnapped and raped by 20 niggers before being killed.

        How do you like that. Now, imagine that scenario in your head and be wet.

  • Alan

    My second car was a 1977 Thunderbird, with #9, #6, #4, #3, #2, and #1. It also had a vinyl top, eight-track tape player, a big trunk with a full-sized spare tire, a thirsty 351-inch engine that drank from a 21-gallon fuel tank, a rear-window de-icer that never worked, and the cool concealed headlights that never stayed shut because there was some leak in the air vacuum.

    Good-looking car though. Pity I crunched it in 1991. Thanks for the memories.

    • Battman

      Betcha ya miss that 8 track:)

  • Where are the fluffy dice?

  • the sneak uk

    Can someone tell me what the car in the picture for number 9 is please, is there only me that thinks it looks badass?

    • Rob

      1970-72 Chevy Monte Carlo

    • Battman

      And with the 454 V8 under the hood, it was badass.

  • SwampGuy

    My mom owned a late 70’s cadillac, and that was the most comfortable car I’ve ever ridden in, including several limos.

    Personally, I wouldn’t call most of these features tacky, although that fake wood grain sure does look bad. Superfluous and unnecessary, perhaps, but isn’t that what luxury is all about?

  • One person’s tacky is another person’s awesome! Great list.

  • Big G

    I had an AMC hornet. The air conditioning dial had “LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH AND DESERT ONLY”

  • Big G

    I had an AMC hornet that had an air condition dial that said,


    No kidding.

    • Ni99a

      We get it, we get it. You want some attention but this is my turf brada. All the attention is mine. Go somewhere else befo I kick yo sorry white a$$.

  • Big G

    I had an AMC Hornet. The air condition had a dial that read:


    It was awesome!

  • fendabenda

    My Granpa had a custom coloured turqoise 1962 Chevrolet Chevy. The coolest car ever, I don’t think anybody else ever had a turquoise Chevy. :)

  • ParusMajor

    I like my Trabant. If I ain’t got no access to my Lada or my Wartburg.

    • Battman

      Did you wreck your Pontiac Aztec?

  • Everything from the 1970s were horrible and ugly.

    • Stu

      What, even Star Wars? :-)

    • Battman

      Or Farrah Fawcett??

    • Ni99a

      Including your parents or yourself if you born then.

  • Mikeymort

    I miss my 76 Pontiac Grand Prix…girls got in and their clothes just fell off….

    • Ni99a

      Nice way of sayin rape.

  • carimbo

    “It is perhaps the closest thing to driving your couch down the expressway”

    this line made my day hahahahaha

  • Eanor

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen cars with open/close headlights, where in one was open and the other closed. Hysterical!

  • SaturdaySportsman

    I love those old cars.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    My favorite was “LTD”… Limited to as many as you could sell.

  • Time71Team

    Heeey, what about the go faster stripes like on Starskys car.??

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  • Maria

    I want pillow seats and carpet floors in my car! Maybe I’m a bit biased considering I’ll be going on a long car ride tomorrow!

  • Dave

    (phew)…Bag a Lincoln today!….LOL I LOVE my Lincoln Mk IVAND it’s fake spare wheel cover on the boot lid! AND i love the 460 V8 under the hood, and I LOVE all my other 3 big Ford products!…..not every one wants to be a bloody sheep and drive a silver Prius or a white Camry (yawn)….Viv la difference!

  • SaturdaySportsman

    Those pillow top seats were horrible. They would eventually go flat, making them uncomfortable and the big button things would be hard lumps.

  • Laura

    Show me a Monte Carlo with opera windows!!!!!!!

    • oubs10

      All of the second generation Monte Carlos (1973-1977) had opera windows. The site administrator used a photo of a first generation Monte Carlo for # 9, which did not have opera windows.