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About Listverse

Listverse is a place for explorers. Together we seek out the most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge. We write, we read, we learn—and in the process, we have fun. Every day we publish three or more amazing lists packed with as many new facts as possible. You will always leave Listverse smarter than when you arrived. Guaranteed.

Come in and join our tribe of enthusiastic and friendly folk. People just like you—crazy about learning something new and, more importantly, something you can tell your friends about. Listversers are the smartest people at the party!


Listverse—the original Top 10 site—serves over 30 million pages a month to more than eight million readers. We publish lists that intrigue and educate, specializing in the bizarre or lesser-known trivia. Every day we present three or more new, unique lists.

Listverse has been featured on BBC Radio, Radio Scotland, Alabama Radio, BBC Television World News International, PBS, Gizmodo, and in the New York Times. We are often featured on the front pages of popular social networking sites.

We regularly publish lists sent to us by readers and pay $100 for each. Please view the submissions page for more information.


Contact Listverse

You can contact Listverse by sending us an email. All advertising inquiries should be sent to our advertising department. More information can be found in our advertising brochure.

Inquiries about list payments or competitions should be directed to our finance manager, Soni Nguyen.

Questions about writing lists, error corrections, and other editorial topics can be sent to our Editor in Chief, Micah Duke, here.

All other inquiries should be directed to Jamie Frater—our founder. You can reach him here.

Please note that we do not accept infographics.


Jamie Frater


Jamie Frater started his professional life as a software developer until he abandoned it to do postgraduate studies in opera at the Royal College of Music in London.

Due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts, he created Listverse and left the singing for the shower. He currently divides his time between managing and editing for Listverse, learning about all things obscure, and trying to find time for a social life.


Micah Duke

Editor In Chief

Micah is the Punctuation Boss and Shaman of Syntax at Listverse. He has also spent time beekeeping and living with cultists and conspiracy theorists. He hasn’t decided which of those experiences was more painful, but they all produced good stories. He also works with children with autism.

If you want Micah to explain something obscure in too much detail, tell him about a typo he missed, or have him give fake definitions to nonsense words, you can send him an email.


Alex Hanton

Copy Editor

Alex grew up in Barbados but, for reasons that sometimes escape him, currently lives in the part of London Hugh Grant never seems to film a movie in. He also does the initial fact-checking for most lists, which means that any glaring mistakes are probably his fault. You can email him with corrections or 419 scams here.


Daniel Nest

Copy Editor

Daniel traded a life in the cold country of Ukraine for a life in the cold country of Denmark. When not editing words on Listverse, Daniel writes words for and his own blog,


Andrew Handley

Copy Editor, Overlord of Social Media

Half Canadian, half American, Bolivian by birth, and minor British royalty by ancestry, Andrew is a melting pot of whatever God had lying around at the moment. He’s the author of several nonfiction books and is a frequent contributor to Listverse, which he uses as an excuse to act smarter than everyone else (he’s not).

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew, you can email him here.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.21.44 AM

Soni Nguyen

Finance Manager

Soni is the Listverse finance manager. He grew up a country boy in South Vietnam and emigrated to New Zealand when he was 16. He manages all payments for lists and competitions. He loves playing competitive Chinese chess. His surname is pronounced “ngwing.”


Judy Richardson

Senior Moderator

Happily married, 48-year-old mother of four boys. Proudly Canadian, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, opinionated, and interested in everything. Well almost everything—will give a pass on pop music. A little late on board the Listverse bandwagon—partway into the first year. Admin style? As little as possible; our community does a great job of self-policing.


Aimee Counts


Aimee is a proud mother of one and currently resides in Arizona. Mostly conservative with liberal leaning towards social aspects and a touch of humanism thrown in. She stumbled upon Listverse one day looking for pictures of sci-fi worlds and hasn’t left since. She tries to keep the peace in her moderation style and asks for others to play nice. Her favorite pastimes are reading, biking, playing games, listening to ’60s, ’70s and ’80s music and watching Doctor Who. You can contact Aimee here.

Caleb Compton


Caleb Compton is a student from the UK who is starting his degree in Biosciences this year. He discovered Listverse in early 2011 via TyB’s nature lists and has read his way through most of the site’s content. He is a daily list-reader and spends his time freelancing as well. His favorite articles are on space and animals, but he enjoys all topics.

Patrick Weidinger


Patrick Weidinger is a frequent Listverse contributor and moderator. Some of his favorite list topics include science, history, disasters, film, and literature. He reads—a lot—and is constantly thinking to himself, “That would make a great list!” He reads all Listverse lists and reader comments. He lives in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA.

Geraint Jones

Infrastructure Consultant

Geraint Jones is the latest addition to the Listverse team. Born in Wales but residing in NZ, Geraint maintains the infrastructure upon which Listverse is built.