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stars-5“A fun and engaging book for trivia buffs.”


The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists

The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists is the first of what will eventually be a trilogy of books based on Listverse. It covers all of the categories on Listverse and presents the best lists from each in an easy to read and convenient form. Perfect for the coffee table or reading in bed.

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stars-5“More laughs per page than any work of humor…”


The Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists

The unprecedented popularity of our first book resulted in the creation of the Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists – focusing entirely on the various bizarre topics that appear on Listverse. For top 10 list aficionados this is a must-buy book that includes lists never seen on Listverse before.

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stars-5“A never ending supply of interesting!”


The Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Lists

Delving into the shocking side of pop culture, science, and history,’s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Lists offers a wealth of fascinating reading with over 200 lists and more than 2,000 interesting facts.

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stars-4“This book is amazing!”


The Astounding Bathroom Reader

Fascinating facts, bizarre trivia and stomach-churning horrors await in’s first-ever bathroom reader extraordinaire.

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stars-4“Weird. Entertaining. Odd. Random. Enjoyable.”


I Call Bullshit

This fascinating collection tells exactly what you need to know so next time you hear someone repeat these common falsehoods, you’ll be ready to call bullshit.

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Books We Recommend

An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned but Probably Didn’t
By Judy Jones & William Wilson
You’ll find everything you forgot from school–as well as plenty you never even learned–in this all-purpose reference book, an instant classic when it first appeared in 1987.

A Short History of Nearly Everything
By Bill Bryson
From primordial nothingness to this very moment, A Short History of Nearly Everything reports what happened and how humans figured it out.

An Underground Education : The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew
By Richard Zacks
Forget the history you were taught in school; Richard Zacks’s version is crueler and funnier than anything you might have learned in seventh-grade civics–and much more of a gross-out, too.

The Book of General Ignorance
By John Lloyd
Jam-packed with real answers to a number of less-than-burning questions-camels store fat, not water, in their humps; only five out of every 100,000 paper clips are used to clip papers; the first American president was in fact Peyton Randolph-that you nevertheless may be embarrassed to have completely wrong.

Still Want More?

Over the years we have amassed hundreds of lists containing brilliant books that we would recommend to anyone that loves Listverse. That equates to thousands of books – enough to keep you reading for the rest of your life!

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