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Authors Guide (PDF)

Hints & Tips

  • Lists must be your own work
  • Must include 10 items
  • Lists must be at least 1,800 (including introduction)
  • Include quality online sources (not Wikipedia or HuffingtonPost) that verify facts for each item on your list
  • Format the sources according to Section 7 of the Author’s Guide (link above)
  • Don’t forget to read the entire Author’s Guide before submitting

Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Ownership

1. You affirm that you are the original writer of the list and that you own all rights and copyright relating to it.

2. By submitting this list, you agree that if it is purchased by us, Listverse Limited has the full right to publish this list when and if it sees fit, and you agree that you are the author of this list.

3. You agree that once your list is purchased, Listverse Ltd. becomes the sole owner of all copyright and rights (including moral rights) related to the list content.

4. These terms include all rights of publication on the Internet or any other form of media including but not exclusively books, magazines, TV, film, and newspapers.

5. You agree that you voluntarily transfer all rights (including moral rights) relating to the content to Listverse Limited if and when it is paid for. Rejected lists remain your property.

Writing A List

6. All submitted lists must:

a. Include an introductory paragraph for the list

b. Have 10 items

c. Include sources for each item (see the author’s guide for details)

d. Be 100 percent your original content—do not send a list you modified, derived, or copied from elsewhere even if you wrote it originally


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