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Top 10 Disgusting Foods

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

WARNING: This post contains disturbing images. Around the world today, people of all races and creeds eat some of the most disgusting things you can imagine. This is a list of the ten most disgusting things that people eat. Considering the least disgusting thing is poo-related, if you are squeamish, you may not want to read on. The list is, of course, from my personal perspective which is western. If you know of any worse or equally disgusting foods, be sure to mention them in the comments.

10. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak -1

There is no beating around the bush on this one – Kopi Luwak are coffee beans that come from Civet (a cat sized mamal) poo. The animals gorge on only the finest the ripe berries, and excrete the partially-digested beans, which are then harvested for sale. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for between $120 and $600 USD per pound, and is sold mainly in Japan and United States, but it is increasingly becoming available elsewhere. The beans are washed, and given only a light roast so as to not destroy the complex flavors that develop through the process.

Think you’ve got what it takes to travel the world and dine on the most outrageous foods? Watch Bizarre Foods America at!

9. Ox Penis


In Western countries, Ox Penis is usually dried and sold as dog treats, but in many Oriental nations, they are commonly eaten by humans. The penis is generally cooked by steaming or deep frying, and can also be eaten raw. Some westerners compare the tastes of some penises with overcooked squid.

8. Bird Spit

8 1

The nests in question here are produced by a variety of Swifts, specifically Cave Swifts who produce the nest by spitting a chemical compound that hardens in the air. The nests are considered a delicacy in China and are one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. It is generally served as a soup but can also be used as a sweet. When combined with water, the hard nests take on a gelatinous texture. This is one that I have eaten myself, on a trip to Hong Kong and I included it on the list of Top 10 Luxury Foods. My experience of the nest was that it tasted slightly musty and had the texture of snot. It is probably the only pudding in my life that I could not finish!

7. Caterpilla Fungus

Weird Winter Worms2-797062
Image from

Caterpilla Fungus is a species of parasitic fungus that grows on insect larvae. The fungus invades the body of the Thitarodes caterpillars, eventually killing and mummifying it. The dark brown to black fruiting body (or mushroom) emerges from the ground in spring or early summer, always growing out of the forehead of the caterpillar. The fungus is commonly used as a Chinese or Tibetan medicine where it is used as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for a variety of ailments, from fatigue to cancer. It is also served in soup (as you can see in the image above).

6. Rats


Rats are surprisingly common food in some parts of the world. In North Korea they are eaten because there is often little else to eat in the villages. They are generally field rats rather than the city rats that most of us are familiar with. They are described as being tough and stringly with a taste like chicken (surprise!) Recently Reuters had this to say:

Live rats are being trucked from central China, suffering a plague of a reported 2 billion rodents displaced by a flooded lake, to the south to end up in restaurant dishes, Chinese media reported.

You can read the full article here.

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5. Monkeys Brains

01 Table

This is disgusting primarily because of the very high risk of contracting fatal transmissible spongiform encephalopathies such as Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other similar brain diseases. In parts of China, the monkey’s brain is eaten raw. While it is most likely an urban legend1, some people claim that monkeys’ brains are, or were, eaten from the head of a live monkey. Here is a common description:

The monkey’s head was supported by its neck in a bracket, two pieces of wood with a semicircular hole on each side such that when you put them together, they form a complete circle around the animal’s neck, allowing the head to be exposed above the plank. The hair around the head is shaven with a shaving razor. A small chisel and a hammer is used to quickly chisel a circle around the crown, and the top part of the skull is removed. A teaspoon is used to scoop up the brain, which is immediately eaten. This has to be done before the monkey dies.

And here is an article from The Straight Dope talking about this alleged practice.

4. Spiders

Pic Of Spider-758560.Jpg
Image from

These spiders from Skuon in Cambodia are similar to North American Tarantulas. They are bred in holes in the ground especially for eating and are deep fried. The texture is described as crispy-chewy and some say it tastes similar to crab. Like Tarantulas, these spiders can bite. They were a regular survival food of the Khmer Rouge. The photograph above is an actual photo of one of the spiders ready to be eaten. Here is a rather unfortunate description by Michael on Weirdmeat:

The taste itself is not strong, it’s the cripsy-chewy texture that is most appealing. Make sure you have some paper napkins, as the black juice from these is greasy and it doesn’t look good on your goatee.

(I had to write this item with my eyes closed.)

3. Bee Larvae

Bee Larvae1-710717
Image from

Bee Larvae is eaten in China and Japan (where it is called hachinoko). Hachinoko became popular years ago when country people, deprived of fish and meats, turned to other wildlife in search of protein. The larvae are cooked in soy sauce and sugar and taste mildly sweet with a crumbly texture. These days, it is mainly a nostalgia item at parties. It makes a grand entrance in the festivities, and the older folks grin with expectation. The actual task of eating hachinoko, however, is not nearly so exciting.

2. Balut – Duck Fetus


Balut is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. They are considered delicacies of Asia and especially the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors at night in the regions where they are available. They are often served with beer. Michael, from WeirdMeat, describes the experience thus:

After you choose what kind you want, the vendor grabs them piping hot from the basket and passes you a little stool, salt, and a vinegar-onion sauce. You hold the hot egg and flick carefully but forcefully at the top of it with your middle finger. It cracks a bit and you gently remove a small hole from the top, so you can sip the savory broth before removing the whole shell. I agree that the 18-day one is better than the younger ones. You might come across some small chunkies but it’s usually just eaten all the way through, in about 3 mouthful bites. You can see feathers, head, wings, and skeleton forming, but it’s basically an extra-chewy easter egg.

Fertilized duck eggs are kept warm in the sun and stored in baskets to retain warmth. After nine days, the eggs are held to a light to reveal the embryo inside. Approximately eight days later the balut are ready to be cooked, sold, and eaten.

1. Snake Blood and Bile


This is less a food than a medicine, but it is so disgusting that it warrants a place on the list. In Central Jakarta, a man who calls himself the Cobra man specializes in preparing blood and bile for medicinal uses. Typically, he cuts off the head and drains the blood into a glass of arrack. He adds the bile and serves the drink as a treatment for respiratory ailments, skin problems, aches or indigestion. It is also said to improve a man’s stamina and sex life. Drinking the blood straight from a snake can also be done as an act of bravery or manliness. In defense of the blood eaters, I should remind everyone that pigs blood is very commonly eaten in most European nations in the form of black pudding or blood sausage.

Sources: WeirdMeat, Wikipedia

1. In bold so the skim readers won’t yell at me in the comments for referring to an urban legend as fact.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • am i one of the few people who dont get squirmish at the mention of weird, disgusting foods? I saw this list and didn't think twice.
    would i eat any of the things on the list, no, but thats an entirely different story.

    • phoebe

      I tottaly agree, if you wanna see somethin really sick, just watch the human centipede.

  • Adam W.

    Nah, I did eat lots of ants though. And a dragonfly once.

    • Meghan

      My little sister used to eat ants when she was really little, about two. She would follow a trail of ants, picking them up one at a time and putting them in her mouth until someone saw and stopped her.

      • Angie

        my little brother used to do the same thing. He said they were good. We (being children ourselves) encouraged and rewarded him lol I honestly don’t think it’s that gross.

        • Meghan

          It’s not that gross. She is 22 now and doesn’t do it anymore. That I know of…..

  • Che

    Ever tasted Corsican cheese ? Some of them are only considered mature/edible with live maggots in them.
    Weird thing is – it’s quite tasty. And very nutritious.

  • Che – I haven’t, but I have heard of cheese with maggots in it – I guess it can’t be much worse than blue vein cheese and I love that.

  • sakul

    I have seen video of a live monkey brain feast. It was pretty grainy and old, from the 70s, but it looked definately real. (No home movie editing sofware back then). It was from a clandestine video that was floating around my high school called ‘Faces of Death’. However, if I remember correctly, the patrons at the table were given little mallets, and they beat the monkey over the head until it was dead , then cut open the head and ate the brain. It was gross. (But not half as gross as the rest of the video mind you)….

  • sakul: that film was going around while I was at school – I never saw it but did come across mention of its monkey eating scene while researching this article.

  • sakul

    Yeah… it is a bit of a nasty film.. Everyone was talking about it, and when it was finally my turn to see it, I took it home right away and put it in the vcr… Boy did I regret that.. didn’t sleep really well after that for several months.. it was shocking..

  • Sakul: when I was younger I just couldn’t stand to see graphic images – even the ones I have posted on this site. I am better now but still not that good. Horrors like that really can have a long term effect.

  • dalandzadgad


  • noel

    I have read stories and seen pictures of foetus soups in China. Although I’m not sure if it was all a scam.

  • RobS

    Wonderful. I HAD to check this out right after lunch. Such an idiot.

  • noel: yuck – I hope they were fake!

    RobS: I was eating crunchy pumpkin seeds when I came upon the deep fried spiders – needless to say I don’t think I will be eating pumpkin seeds for some time.

  • RobS

    I saw a special on Nova or some program similar to that several years ago, where they showed some South American tribesmen cooking a HUGE tarantula-like spider. They basically just tossed it in the fire and then pulled it out and began eating it. Then, when they were done, they used the fangs to clean between their teeth.
    I sat there, unmoving, my mouth slightly agape in horror.
    I still have flashbacks to that scene.


  • Rob: That is just so disgusting!

  • purvislets

    sakul: I watched an interview with the creator of the “Faces of Death” films, and he admitted that a few of the scenes were recreated due to legal issues. The monkey brain scene was the one he specifically mentioned that was a recreation. He said that the disgusted faces the people made was not because they were eating monkey, but because of the taste of the red dye they used to make it look realistic. He won’t really say what else was and wasn’t real, but it makes the whole movie seem like a big fake to me now. It still gives me nightmares though!

  • sakul

    Bummer that the show was faked, or at least parts of it.. I personally thought that the execution in the electric chair was faked too… with the non-chalant doctor indicating for more juice…

  • steve: I will generally eat anything – but the though of eating spiders does make me squirm.

  • RobS

    I won’t even put anchovies on my pizza.
    A friend of mine was eating calimari once and invited me to taste it, but looking at the dish, I’m positive I saw part of a sucker, and there’s NO WAY I’m eating anything like that.
    Escargot? I don’t think so.
    I refuse to eat anything that leave a trail of slime across my driveway.
    Let’s face it, when it comes to food, I’m a sissy.
    And I have no problem with that. :^)


  • Rob: hehe that is terrible! Those things are all lovely! Live a little!

  • Adam W.

    Great list man. Was makin’ me hungry ’bout half way through. I’ve always loved disgusting stuff, whether it be food or other… even as a child.

  • Adam W.: That is so weird! Were you a dirt-eater as a kid?

  • Hannah

    I’ve tried escargot, but nothing else really too daring! And I almost didn’t make it all the way to swallowing. I held it together, but wouldn’t try it again. It doesn’t gross me out, but i highly doubt I would try anything on this list…… I’ll leave the monkey brains for the next guy!

  • conni

    AAAgh! I had a Filipino boyfriend a few years ago and no food scared him! He talked me into trying balut with him. I tried so hard to prove I was a tough cookie, but that did it! I just barely got my teeth into it and I had to drop it and run to the bathroom, gagging all the way! Never again!

  • Molly

    What about human placentas???
    People eat them after birth sometimes.

    Now i think that is just… digusting. Its like cannibalism!!

  • WillyChuck

    So maybe submission will spark a new list – Top 10 Disgusting Drinks. Anyway, I have a friend who went to a wedding in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The national drink, Kumis, fermented mares milk. Yes he did partake.

  • Hannah: I love escargot! If you have a bit at a time and try it six times you will love it :)

    conni: I can’t believe you got that far! I am pretty adventurous but I draw the line there!

    Molly: That is true – it is a worthy addition

    WillyChuck: That sounds truly vile! Thanks for mentioning it :)

  • Jackie

    Aw Rob you should at least try it, it's not that rubbery although it's kinda chewy and it actually doesn't taste fishy at all (not to me anyway). Having the fried calamari is kinda like just eating an onion ring. But no you're not being completely unreasonable about it, there are many foods that I refuse to even try (um…like tofu believe it or not…looks disgusting)

    • Meghan

      Yeah, fried calamari is like a chewy onion ring. It’s ok.

  • carlo

    the yellow part of the balut is delicious. i never eat the duck fetus, though…

  • carlo: I don’t think I could even stand to crack one open!

  • Jackie

    Rob, try eating fried calamari first before eating it where you can see the tentacles and stuff, it’s delicious! There’s a spanish restaurant where I live where they serve the tentacles in this really good sauce and it’s sooo good.
    jfrater I love all your lists, I go to this website like five times a day.

  • RobS


    Sorry, I just don’ think I could try it. And I realize I’m being completely unreasonable about it. I imagine the texture is rubbery (while it probably isn’t) and I think it would taste real “fishy” (although it probably doesn’t).
    Why 6 times with escargot? Is it a magical number or would I need to build up that much tolerance? ;^)

  • RobS

    Jackie, I have a problem with foods that are too chewy.
    I must be lazy.
    Tell you what. The next time I’m at a seafood place, I will try a fried calimari appetizer. Even though, in my heart of hearts, I liken it to eating flan prepared by a gibbon.

  • Jackie: thanks :) I am glad you like it enough to come back!

    RobS: Calamari is very subtle in flavour and if it is well cooked it isn’t too rubbery. I strongly recommend you try it :)

  • jandaman

    WOOHOO!!! Balut is the best! I can eat 8 in 1 sitting, in broad daylight, duck fetus and all! I wasn’t even hungry. I just love eating that stuff.

  • jandaman: do you live in a country where it is quite easy to come by?

  • jandaman

    Yeah. The Philippines. Basically a place where you can eat everything on anything that moves.

  • Des

    I had number 7 when i was smaller, not knowing it was larvae… until now. They told me it was healthy roots or some crap.
    Looking back, i must’ve been pretty gullible as a kid.

  • jandaman: ah okay – I figured that must be the case :)

    Des: There is something good to be said for that though – if I wasn’t so gullible as a kid I wouldn’t eat black pudding now and I LOVE black pudding!

  • Monkey

    I’ve seen almost all of these on “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” on the Travel Channel. Very interesting show. I don’t recommend it if you have a weak stomach though.

  • Brandi


  • chadster

    I can’t understand what would possibly inspire one to eat a birds nest, or caterpillae fungus in the first place. These so called delacasies must have been discovered by pure starvation, or long reaching tradition. I live in the C.A. bay area, and many, many people eat balute around here. I had a friend who said it was good, but she had to eat it in the closet.

  • conni

    Brandi,you’re just adorable =)

  • alice

    How about hundred year old egg? It’s a Chinese dish where they bury a raw egg in lime and leave it there for 3 months until it turns black. I had the unfortunate experience of watching someone try to eat one on Fear Factor, and it almost made ME vomit.

  • jandaman

    Wow! Century Eggs are good too! You just gave me an idea. I’m going to have century eggs for lunch then balut for the drinking session tonight. Too bad I can’t have Kopi Luwak for breakfast. It’s just too expensive.

  • chadster: I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how some of these foods were discovered to be edible. I know I would have to be near death’s door to touch most of them!

    alice: Thank you for reminding me of that – I was trying to remember what they called it while I was researching because I saw them in a documentary as a kid.

    jandaman: what does century egg taste like?

    • Benjie

      century egg tastes okay. it has a subtle salty taste and gelatinous. its like eating hard boiled eggs but just black and consistency is different. it must be the smell that turns people off.

  • Andy

    Balut is delicious! Maybe I just think so because I’m Viet haha. I get it all in America :)

  • Andy: you can buy balut in America?

  • conni

    I bought balut at a local store called Sari Sari in Sacramento, Ca. It’s a little Filipino food/ stuff store.

  • draker

    balut is good…

    well… it might be ugly to look at… but it’s cooked… that duck in the picture is so big that even us filipinos wont eat…
    actully baby ducks in balut doesnt have internal organs yet…

    you should search for our fried one day old chick!!!

    another thing about balut is being clean, after cooking with the shell, youll just have to open it for eating…

  • noel

    Century eggs are rotten eggs I think. The egg white is black in color and the yolk is a disgusting darkish yellow, quite a bit like the fetus in the balut. It sounds a turn off but it tastes awesome! The Chinese like it with porridge.

  • draker: I could cope with deep fried day old birds – but not embryos – the idea just seems to awful to me!

    noel: century eggs with porridge? Do they eat them separately or mix them together?

  • noel

    it’s mixed and cooked with it, normally topped off with spring onions and this.

  • Okay – I can cope with the dough :) At least I ate the bird snot!

  • noel

    Oh yes the bird snot. It’s a delicacy, my father actually has a factory that lures the birds there using audio sounds just so they would make nests. We like to prepare it with papaya and milk. Just remove one end of the papaya, clear the seeds, put in milk and the erm snot, slow cook it and served chilled. Awesome stuff I tell you.

  • NightProwler

    I don’t believe I could ever bring myself to try any of these,um,”delicacies”. For anyone interested in watching or re-watching the “Faces of Death” mockumentary,here is link to the film on google video. Enjoy.

    Faces Of Death

  • noel: wow – how amazing that your father has a factory for it!

    NightProwler: thanks for the link. I am sure everyone will love it :)

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  • Punjar

    Those are pretty nasty. Though I don’t think I’d mind rats too much since people eat rabbit over here and thats not much different if you think about it. (Granted not many people eat rabbit but I work at a grocery store and a few people buy it each week)
    You missed coagulated balls of blood though. They eat those in parts of Asia and are supposed to be pretty nasty (my cousin had them once). Also, why no rocky mountain oysters?

  • ReggaePunk

    i wanna try snake.

    not duck fetus though, no unborn babies for me.

  • ReggaePunk

    no fetuses for me, snake’ll do just fine.

  • Punjar: coagulated blood? That is revolting. I love black pudding but that has been prepared and spiced and cooked.

    ReggaePunk: I could eat snake – but I am with you on the fetuses.

  • 2overpar

    dorian or durian fruit of southeast asia is considered the most vile fruit on the planet. i saw a program on the discovery channel where the host said the smell was repulsive. i don’t remember if he could even force himself to taste it.

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  • heavybison

    This one is true. I’ve been hearing this since i was a kid. In a remote eastern tribal part of India (Nagaland, to be specific), people feed dogs till they’re almost ready to burst and then chase/ beat the poor thing till it pukes and then u guessed it…the puke supposedly makes for one hell of a side dish.

  • heavybison: that is truly revolting. Can you find a reference on the net for it?

  • TMo

    A recent BBC article showcases a Chinese penis restaurant (complete with pictures) including mention of dining on an aborted reindeer fetus.

  • TMo: ugh. I hope they don’t sell penises from endangered animals!

  • Bacon

    My friend once pulled a fetus-esque item from his cheese at Taco Bell once. Don’t know if that counts.

    Suprisingly, he still eats there.

  • Pet Factor

    Hey guys this is really great… we do something like this every year in woodland, WA. We call it Pet Factor. We put this event on at Halloween. We found your website looking for some new and exciting ideas. This year… I think it is going to be balut and tarantula…yum yum !!

    Can you give us any other ideas ???

  • Clovis Sangrail

    so far, the most digusting food I have heard of is “dinubuk”. I am not joking btw- this is an exotic dish prepared in cebu, philippines.

    BTW- “dinubuk” means “to rot” in the vernacular


    1) catch fish

    2) wrap said fish (ungutted and uncleaned) in banana leaves

    3) hang in a dry place

    4) wait till worms come out

    5) unwrap rotten fish, and serve…

  • Clovis Sangrail

    I guess rotten fish is popular in some cultures :)

    You can Surströmming to the list

  • Clovis Sangrail

    hehehe…. yup, ox penis and testicle soup is quite popular here in the philippines.

    it’s reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

    Soup #5 we call it here :)

  • deadhand13

    Clovis: On the topic of Scandinavian nasties, theres lutefisk (fish thats a little too clean), rakfisk (more bad fish) and some drink of curdled goats milk thats name escapes me. There is a reason there are no ethnic Scandinavian restaurants around :P

  • magnolia_snooze

    Clovis guy: I have a big family and they tried to feed me that… i fainted, they even pictured me while i was in unconscious form! lousy cousins…

    BTW: i like balut so shut up! i mean i’ll rather eat them than the rest of the other disgusting food…

  • Butterfish

    On ‘Casu marza’ (rotten cheese), it is recommended that you wear eye protection when eating this, since the cheese fly larvae can jump several feet.
    Talking to a Swede a while ago about surstromming, he said people across the street can smell when you’ve opened a jar. You are also forbidden from sending the stuff airmail or transporting it in your flight baggage, because if the jar breaks the smell cannot be removed from clothes etc, and the whole container load has to be dumped.

  • Butterfish: wow – that is incredible! How can people eat it?!

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  • Caterpilla fungus? Yuck. Geez, what do people see in eating this stuff? And don’t even get me started on the spiders. I didn’t think they were that bad until I read the part about the black greasy stuff that looks bad on your goatee. haha.

  • miera

    er, yea. i’m from malaysia, which is in asia, and yes, i’ve either seen or heard of foods that are much worst than these. And since..well, I rarely eat asian food. I love western food. You can guess how they make me puke.

  • uhm.. hello..i’d like to tell you that BALUT is not disgusting.. i mean.. FILIPINOS LOVE EATING IT..i love it too..^^

  • xdarkhorsex

    balut tastes like chicken noodle soup. I had to eat it to impress the philipina I was dating at the time, not too many white folks will eat it

  • the chick inside the balut is actually the “bomb” it has this taste you wanna keep tasting in yo mouth blaa bla just try it you wont be disappointed. because the egg yolk tastes like your ordinary yolk

  • yossarian

    Balut is delicious. I usually get the kind without the developed fetus, though.

  • KTran

    I’ve had balut many times before but it’s called hot vit lon in Vietnamese. There is a store five minutes from my house that sells it and we usually purchase it in trays of twenty-four eggs. It’s actually not as disgusting as it sounds and the duck does not look like the one shown in the photo. Also, I’ve had the durian fruit which is also available here and snake which was available in Vietnam. The strange the about the durian fruit is that if you grow up eating it, it actually smells very sweet. To someone who is exposed to it, however, it smells horrible.

  • kiwiboi

    KTran – looking at it from another cultural perspective…do you know of any common western foods that Asians might find similarly repulsive ?

  • KTran

    kiwiboi – Considering the fact that my parents will eat or at least try just about anything, I can’t recall any western foods that they refuse to touch. They just find it disgusting that western foods contain so much cheese and fat so they don’t eat it often but it’s not at the level where they’ll puke if it’s presented in front of them. That’s an interesting question though. I’ll be sure to ask them at dinner tonight :) Thanks for the thought.

  • KTran

    And also, the hundred year egg isn’t actually a hundred year egg. It’s actually not that disgusting once you get that idea out of your mind. Personally, I don’t like it but the outside is kind of like jelly which doesn’t taste like much and the inside has the consistency of soft, thick butter. I’ve heard that it tastes very creamy but I’ve never actually tried it myself.

  • Vtluvkiss

    I absolutely love this site and I come on here everyday at work. This article is really interesting and as a Viet born in the US my family eat pretty much everything and like Ktran if you do look at it differently and understand it’s not as nauseating. I do agree that my parents do not like anything that has cheese, the smell and taste makes them nauseous. However they do find that cheese with maggots a lil too extreme.
    I remember reading an article about a tribe who custom is to eat the deceased organ. Everyone one in the family would eat something and through this it is found that they were accidently passing on a disease called “Kuru” by eating the infectious tissue.
    I dont think there is anything called disgusting food it’s just a matter of what situation you are in. If you are stranded, you probably have to do what you have to, just to survive. Love the site Jfrater! definitely keep it up!

    HEre is the Wiki to the tribe i was mentioning:

  • indian

    These dirty east asian countries suck!!
    I am a veggie, my family is veggie, infact in my city of 2 million, 40% are veggies.

    Stop this cruelty and adopt veggie!

    • SJD

      Meat tastes good.Killing things for food is not a crime.Killing things for fun however is a crime.

  • reblist

    in the movie cannibal holocaust, there’s a scene in wich the local tribe eats monkey brains, the director had prepared a fake monkey with fake brains, the tribe however talked him out of using the fake ones cause they preferred the real ones since they are so delicious

  • Mount Teetar

    In china human fetuses are used for soup and sometimes entire babies are barbequed. These aer considered cure-alls, and work extremely well(considering it is straight up stem cells). There are also tribes in africa which eat the brains of their deceased. Some people in the western world actually eat their babies placents(mor stem cells).

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  • PinoyXPat

    A very interesting list. Thanks jfrater for the cerebral infusion…

    To each his own…I guess. One man’s gut-wrenching meal is another man’s delicacy. I am just appalled at some of the posters who resort to name-calling in the belief that their cuisine is the “right” one. What is gastronomically acceptable depends on the individual. Even being a vegetarian does not make one immune – as it can be argued that the smell of certain vegetables, spices and curries sticks to your skin & clothes.

    Civility…always an important trait when surfing the web.

  • Twinkle

    i know balut sounds really disgusting, but everyone who has eaten it entire loves it. Something must be up, I haven’t eaten the whole thing yet, no guts to do it. Anyways, you have to eat it with vinegar or it will really taste yuck.

    I don’t get the disgust in eating spiders. At least they’re not eaten alive. In fear factor they had to eat roaches. I mean, THAT’s disgusting.

    I love durian candy. and to me durian doesn’t smell bad at all.

    As for the coagulated blood… I haven’t tried it, but they do barbecue it here (Philippines). It’s sold everywhere. Oh well, in the Philippines, when we kill a pig, not one part is wasted. Everything is eaten, from blood to intestines to brain… well everything. Lol

  • Csimmons

    Hey, What the hell happened to jandaman?

  • stormy617

    OMG yea this kinda thing just grosses me right out. Talking about fear factor….I barely made it through one episode of that show and I was ready to lose it. Never watched it again!!

  • Hannah

    Well, I’ve had balut (at the insistence of my Filipino boyfriend) and it made me gag, but more from the idea than the taste. I’ll eat it again, because he’s going to make me! The taste isn’t too bad.

    I’ve also had live octopus in Korea – sometimes they crawl off the plate and go swimming in the hot sauce before you eat them. The taste? Meh. The experience? Out of this world.

    Deep fried frogs I had in Cambodia. Salty and crunchy – perfect drinking snack.

    Silkworm larvae in Korea – smells like urine, tastes like sand. I’d eat it again to be polite, but I’d never buy it myself.

    My boyfriend is trying to convince me to eat monkey brains with him in the Philippines when we go there this year. I’m hoping he’ll forget about that – that’s where I draw the line.

    • Dakila

      eat monkey brain in the Philippines? where in the philippines? i never heard anything about eating monkey brains here, haha hmm IF there is really, maybe cooked and well prepared? haha but i don't think it would be like that of the chinese eating it raw straight from the monkey's head.

  • JwJwBean

    I have seen balut eggs at the Asian market here in Colorado. Along with some rather interesting things. I did not buy it or try it. Some people had stuck their finger in some of the eggs and cracked them so you could see the chick.

    I love calamari and escargot and sushi. I have to fight my 11 and 13 yr old off for the calamari. The 13 yr old likes escargot and sushi too. He will eat just about anything. The 11 yr old is a bit more picky. Hell he won’t even eat corn.

  • Hannah: I simply could not bring myself to eat balut – power to you for doing it!

    JwJwBean: I am with you on the calamari, escargot, and sushi – YUM!

  • Tracia

    Century eggs are actually quite tame compared to some of the stuff on here. Keep in mind though, that I am Chinese American and due to many trips to Taiwan, I eat stuff that many of you non-Chinese would probably find disgusting but I find normal, like chicken/duck feet/claws, cow stomach. sea cucumber (not so much though), geoduck (like a giant clam only you eat the tubey part that’s really big on a geoduck- Google it). I absolutely will not eat pig intestine though.

    ANYWAY, Century eggs are, in fact, not rotten eggs. They are preserved eggs. The most common egg used is duck but chicken and quail are also used. The eggs are preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months (wikipedia and what I’ve heard). The duck and quail eggs turn out with dark green yolks and the whites become brown/black and almost see through. I’ve seen the package for the chicken ones where they are depicted as bright red yolks. I’ve only had the duck eggs but I think they’re pretty similar. The flavor is very mild- I find it’s pretty much like regular hard boiled eggs. The Chinese term is Pi Dan, or literally skin egg. The eggs are most commonly prepared either just sliced and drizzled with soy paste (thick soy sauce) sometimes with cubes of soft tofu, or in rice porridge (zhou).

    I was surprised that the Fear Factor people were that grossed out by those eggs, though on second though the narrator only describe them as 100 year eggs so people not knowing what they were might actually think they’re rotten eggs. I so would have won that event if I got the Century Eggs.

    Another note of trivia- duck and quail eggs are often preserved even further- i think boiled and dried with soy sauce and various spices and sold in packs as snacks- these are Tie Dan (metal egg). They’re very tasty.

    On the other hand, i just cannot reconcile balut. I can’t deal with the idea of eating baby anythings. I’m too much of an animal lover. boiled duck fetus is just wrong.

  • Tracia

    One more thing- about the coagulated blood balls. If it’s the one I’m thinking about, it’s common in soups, especially hue guo (“fire pot”- hotpot). The kind I’m think about resembles pieces of liver when cooked and floating in your soup. I will not eat that version as it reminds me too much of liver and I hate liver- more the texture than anything else (except for a piece of goose liver wrapped in a slice of beef- good when you’re having teppanyaki). The version of pig’s blood cake I do eat is made with sticky rice mixed with pig’s blood and them steamed and/or added to soup. That kind is good because it reminds me of sticky rice cake and doesn’t really taste like blood.

  • JwJwBean

    The church I teach Sunday School at has a Formosan Church (Taiwanese and Chinese members with the sermons in Mandarin) that rents a room from the Amercian Church. They have a lunch every week. I drive home some of their members and eat with them. Half the time I have no idea what I am eating. I think they had pigs feet one time. I am still not sure what I ate last week. The guy said it was a bird egg. Very small egg. I think like a quail egg. He couldn’t tell me what type of bird. It is all very interesting food. I try to not ask what it is until after I have at least taken one bite.

  • Hoshi

    I could withstand Balut but definitely NOT century eggs.

    Try DURIAN. The one who could withstand its smell is the winner.

    • madPinoy

      the author on this page just don't know what balut taste like!!!!

  • mishmel


    Yeah, century eggs are pretty good. I remember watching Fear Factor, and also thinking that it was surprising they were putting up those eggs on there. I too, would have definitely won if I had gotten the eggs. =P


    Good list. ^.^ I learned some new stuff today. (Your zombie survival tips list though, will always be my favorite.)

  • Fran

    I actually thought the caterpillar fungus was the most disgusting of all.

    And speaking of blood sausages: (we call them “morcilla”) here they make them by taking pigs intestines, then they clean them and stuff them with coagulated pigs blood and rice (some like to add hot sauce too). These are either boiled or fried. But I personally think they taste better when fried.

    They also have other foods like “gandinga” which is a stew made of a combination of tripes, livers, kidneys and hearts.

    But overall, the food doesn’t look odd/disgusting and tastes pretty awesome.

  • Trisha

    It’s so disturbing yet so awesome at the same time. Just to think, people make fun of us Jewish people for bagels and lox (fish). I could never bring myself to eating half this stuff. Even though it’s gross, I can’t stop staring!

  • Mir
    check this pic out, its just so bizarre

    oh, and durian is not that bad actually. It’s a local fruit here. the house stinks during durian season though.

  • squirt

    heh…it’s funny reading all the comments and realizing what little westerners eat. i have to agree with tracia in that asian countries tend to eat a lot of foods that no one else would ever touch. pig intestines are actually some of my favorite dishes, and yet, when you think about it…westerners eat pig intestines already since theyre the outer layer of a sausage. personally, my favorite dish is a chinese dish (i’m chinese/flip/korean) which is a spiced hot pot which includes gelatinized pig blood and pig intestines.

    i’ve spent quite some time in china before so i’ve had most of these foods and they’re really not that bad once you get by the western concept of these being foods that would make you sick. the snake’s blood is actually quite popular in taiwan, where there’s an entire street called snake’s alley, where they gut the snake and serve the blood. apparently, this alley used to be right next to a bunch of whore houses, so a customer could take a shot of blood and go nuts at the brothel.

    balut is also quite tasty, with the delicious soupiness when you first crack it open, and a kind of cartilage crunch to the embryo.

    as for foods easterners tend to shy from, i’d just have to say beef in general. i know this doesn’t include vietnamese people considering pho is just beef broth and meats, but my dad grew up not eating beef because of easterners believing that cows are meant to work on farms, and should not be eaten. i wouldn’t say he gets squirmish by people eating beef, but he definitely thinks it’s wrong.

  • squirt

    oh…and century eggs are absolutely delicious. the thought that anyone wouldn’t at least try it boggles my mind. i’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to try it forever and she swears i’m trying to spread the plague or something.

    you silly europeans.

  • natalie

    actually i’ve had duck eggs .. i dont the baby duck just the yolk its pretty tasty… mmmmmmm

  • natalie

    typo last comment** i dont eat the baby duck!!!!!

  • Me

    Hey squirt, (dont mean to offend) do you like sea cucumbers? I love them. I eat it with soup. The thought of it farting on the seabed being the ninth most gross animal on the planet changes the good thought a little bit.

    I like pea crabs too. Oh, for normal sized crabs, Singaporeans eat it with chilli, Chilli Crab. It is the national food of Singapore U gotta try it. Even Jackie Chan, Hrithik Roshan once ate this dish when they came to Singapore. They like it.

    Hey Hoshi, Durisns, i can stand the smell, I smell it everyday, old men sell it outside shops and all. They stink and taste bad. Oh and dont chinese people like to eat porridge with century egs/ I cant remember how century eggs taste like but Braised duck flavoured instant porridge is NICE.

    Lobsters, in my opinion taste better. I dream of eating a blue one, since only 1 in about 4 million lobsters are blue. :)

    I love sushi, may it be salmon, crabmeat, that red gooey thingy, RAW SALMON, anything, but I am allergic to raw fish.

  • Me

    Oh, sqirt, can you tell me how many percent of the people you know have been to Singapore?

  • g3

    I worked in Japan and we had company parties (enkais). At one they had live squid. Pull out the scissors and snip a tentacle. I can’t handle eating anything with the head still on so I chose not to indulge. I did get some great video on my cell phone of one of the guys jumping around trying to pull the tentacle off his tongue. Apparently it was a little too fresh! Revenge of the squid!!

  • KC

    hey, the balut really tastes good. you can choose not to eat the fetus part if you don’t want it. it still has the ‘egg yolk’ part, which is delicious btw.

    but a balut won’t be a balut without the fetus ^_^

  • its true that people in china eat foetus . It is sold in cans there. They are generally 5-6 months embryos which were collected from hospitals. They’re from abortions. It’s the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen. I think i’d go on number one here

  • ashooo

    it’s funny hehehe!

  • Blade will see you

    Yum all these look great I have eaten a spider taste just like chicken except when I burned it the spider cried a high pitched scream!

  • rosy713

    this so discusting you guys are wierd ewww im never seeing this again

  • geronimo

    this is quite a funny list….but as many people have mentioned, these foods are disgusting from a western veiw point… i am an indian and i also find these food items personally disgusting but we have have to keep in view some weird Western habits that have become common place only because it is accceptable to many people. For example i consider it disgusting that people could eat any food item made from pig intestines or from pig blood, but consider some of the Food Europeans eat… (God bless Wikipedia)
    In some parts of Europe, scrotum, brain, chitterlings or andouilles (pig’s large intestine), trotters (feet), gizzard, heart, head (of pigs, calves, sheep and lamb), kidney, liver, “lites” (lung), sweetbreads (thymus or pancreas or both), tongue, snout (nose), and tripe (stomach) from various mammals are common menu items.

    The traditional Scottish haggis consists of sheep stomach stuffed with a boiled mix of liver, heart, lungs, rolled oats and other ingredients. In the UK Midlands faggots are made from ground or minced pig offal (mainly liver and cheek), bread, herbs and onion wrapped in pig’s caul. Steak and kidney pie (typically featuring veal or beef kidneys) is widely known and enjoyed in Britain. Brawn is an English term for “head cheese” or the collection of meat and tissue found on an animal’s skull (typically a pig) that is chilled and set in gelatin.

    Iceland has its own version of both haggis, and brawn. The Icelandic haggis called “slátur” (Slaughter) is made in two versions “Blódmör” (Bloodlard); a sheepstomach stuffed with a mixture of sheeps blood, rolled oats and cut up bits of bits of sheeps fat, and “lifrarpylsa” (liver sausage) which consists of sheep stomach stuffed with a mixture of ground lamb’s liver, rolled oats and cut up bits of sheep. The Icelandic brawn “Svid” is made from singed sheep heads and it is eaten either hot or cold off the bone or set in gelatin.

    In Denmark a dish similar to haggis is called “Blodpølse” (blood sausage) and head cheese in Denmark is called “Sylte” and is made from pigs heads.

    In Romania there is a dish similar to haggis called drob, which is served on Easter. Also, Romanian peasants make a kind of traditional sausages from pork offal, caled caltabos. Also, a popular dish called ciorba de burta is similar to Shkembe chorba (from Turkish i?kembe çorbas?).

    In Greece (and similarly in Turkey), splinantero consists of liver, spleen, and small intestine, roasted over an open fire. A festive variety is kokoretsi (from Turkish kokoreç): pieces of lamb offal (liver, heart, lungs, spleen, kidney and fat) are pierced on a spit and covered by washed small intestine wound around in a tube-like fashion. The kokoretsi is then roasted over coal fire. It is a traditional dish for Easter. Another traditional Easter food is mageiritsa: a soup made with lamb offal and lettuce in a white sauce. Tzigerosarmas (from Turkish ci?er sarmas?, meaning “liver wrap”) and gardoumba are two varieties of splinantero and kokoretsi made in different sizes and with extra spices to improve the taste.

    In Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Turkey, Shkembe chorba is a widespread soup variety made from tripe.

    In Italy consumption of entrails and internal organs is quite widespread, among the most popular preparations are fried or stewed brain, boiled intestines (Trippa), often served with tomato sauce, lampredotto (the fourth stomach of the cow), boiled in broth and seasoned with parsley sauce and chili, liver (stir-fried with onions, roasted), kidneys, heart and coronaries (coratella or animelle), head, eyes, testicles of pig, several preparations are based on chicken entrails. In Sicily, many enjoy a type of sandwich called “pani ca meusa”, or bread with spleen and caciocavallo cheese. In Brooklyn, New York, where it is also commonly eaten, it goes by the name of Vastedda.

    In Spain the visceral organs are used in many traditional dishes but their use is falling out of favor with the younger generations. Among traditional dishes are callos (cows intestines, very traditional in Madrid and Asturias), liver (often prepared with onion), kidneys (often prepared with Sherry wine), brains,criadillas (bull’s testicles) and cow’s tongue.

    In the French city of Marseille pig’s trotters and a package of pig tripe are a traditional food under the name “pieds et paquets”.

    so it may be very difficult for any person to make a truly impartial disgusting food list…..

  • Taranis

    luckly I ate a few hours ago. Some of the stuff on here I wouldn’t mind trying. I mean, if it wasn’t good, people still wouldn’t be eating it. Not too sure about the monkey brains though. Though I don’t think a field rat or spider would bother me. When on a missions trip to Peru, my friend ate hampster and said it was really good.

  • Beast

    woah go eat Faygo

  • moi


  • Stephen

    Balut is chicken. n_n
    i dont like it either. Some parts of it look like pubic hair.

  • Tai

    nice list..I travelled all ova tha place and Ive ate stuff like: Ducks head, horse intestine, horse sushi, ostrich sandwich, chicken heart, evry part of a pig and sheep,fried scorpion, fried cockroach. I find it pretty cool that diff cultures figure out how to eat all this stuff. U gotta realise that in some places they have to eat all the parts of an animal to make the catch worthwhile. That bein sed i wudnt try the monkey brain, but my gf has, and she sed they bring a black box and open the top lid, where u can see the monkey brain jiggling and still alive, and then while the monkey is tied in the box and screaming they pour hot soup on the brain and eat gracefully whilst discussing world politics and things of that nature. Damn us human beings keep it gangster. But im still interested in eating new stuff, especially meat becos the protein is gud and eating a whole deer from head to toe makes me feel a lil bit like genghis khan. One of my friends who lived in africa sed that once he ate tiger meat!? damn i wud like to try that but im sure it wud giv the nature reserve people a heart attack. Ne1 else here tried ne tiger?

  • jc

    in some part of africa there are people who made soup from human skeleton… they crushed the bones to powder and cooked it…. also in some parts of asia… dinuguan (from the root word dugo which means blood especially pig`s blood) is a common meal. it`s not only disgusting but it`s also a
    health hazard !!!!

  • sverry

    hey i call those who eats monkey brain as “UNGGOY”!
    monkeys are almost like humans, its like eating your
    own brain!!!!DAMAK

  • sverry

    jc wrote:

    in some part of africa there are people who made soup from human skeleton… they crushed the bones to powder and cooked it…. also in some parts of asia… dinuguan (from the root word dugo which means blood especially pig`s blood) is a common meal. it`s not only disgusting but it`s also a
    health hazard !!!!

    Jc with a small “c”! for your info, dinuguan is a great delicacy and its not disgusting, maybe your only saying it
    because you are some kind of a religious group member who are
    not allowed to eat those kind of foods! yuck!

  • Mark

    2 was just horrible!

  • essence

    jc – you’re a liar and so is your friend. tigers don’t live in africa, only asia moron!

  • essence

    sorry jc that comment was for tai

  • koricaedo

    My motto is, I will try anything once that doesn’t me puke at the site or smell of it. And since nothing above make me sick looking at it and I haven’t barfed since 1997, I think I have a LOT of things to try.

    My family is a regular American melting pot, and at holidays and reunions everyone brings something new “just to try”. I’ve enjoyed some insects many of my friends would squirm at, I love dairy but I draw the line at bugs invading my cheese!

    I’m sure my grandfather served me every bit of a pig, from headcheese to pickled feet. I hate chitterlings though and always did as a child.

  • Vera Lynn

    Oh my, No. I would rather drink my own blood. I could never. I can live a good long time on water (or beer ;) ), but not these. Uh uh. No way.

  • Wentu

    I am italian and I just visited Iceland.
    I would reccomend to add Hakarl to the list.
    In short: shark meat buried for months so to clean it from acid uric, then hanged for a long period. It stinks enormously bad and the taste is not that good either. In many sites on the internet you’ll find that it is considered the worst food ever.

    Bye !

  • Momopuff

    Actually…number supposed to be really good…..I’ve never tried it in my life but I think my parents have at least once. I’d like to try it though.

  • Noah

    Dinner tommorrow.. Got to make a list now.. anyone know where i can get a monkey?

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  • LT

    Anyone hear of this: – my philippino colleague just told me about it – they feed a cat some type of noodles, then swing it by the tail until it vomits, then make soup from the vomit…? First they make sure the cat has cleansed its system by drinking only water for a few days…either way…eeeeeuw!
    I like to try strange and exotic foods. I’ve eaten puffadder; curried fruitbat; turtle; sooty tern eggs, penguin eggs, shark, crocodile; warthog; sea urchins; giant clam; rabbit; horse; frogs legs; escargot; mopani worms, and even dog (although I didn’t know it at the time)…but all quite tame compared to List 1 to 10!

  • Annunnakike

    Quite lame that this list includes rats… It was very common in Europe, especially during the World Wars. My grandfather told me he ate them sometimes when the foods were scarce and they tasted yummie! I would include cockroaches and large mealworms as they are eaten in Africa. ugh. And the larvae-cheese of course. Incredible what some people eat.I think I would try the surströmming, if you look at the Wiki article and it’s prepared in a loaf of bread with potatoes and onion it does’t seem that bad… The duck fetus I would’t try. Anything that isn’t born yet should not be eaten. You really like the Kopi Luwak thing, don’t you lol… I think it’s the third list on this site to include this. Nice list though.

  • Jenna

    I have eaten number 2 on a recent trip to the Phillipines :D

  • Sahil

    I guess the only thing left is to take out the dead bodies from the coffins and start eating them. They are very delicious and healthy too…. :)
    as like monkeys>>
    Put the humans in this position and start eating the brains.
    This will be very very healthy as humans have very very sharp brains as all the above things i can see……

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  • Miss

    In my vacation I was served tiny octopus’s. I know it is pretty normal to many, but i’ve never tried it before. I felt like puking when i chewed it, because it felt like a real animal! When i’m eating beef and such, i don’t really think about that it used to belong a real animal, it is just a beef.
    But with this octopus, i could feel the animal, that it was once living and all.
    It almost made me vegetarian.

    I could never eat duck fetuses, rats, monkey brains or spiders.

  • lisa


  • lisa

    CHINISE are animals i dnt get why the eat dogs n stufff GGGGR

  • Demtchckn

    Lol i would try anything on this site but the ox dong im korean and i have eaten dog i didn’t know what it was at the time though but it was good also i have tried baby octopus good with hotsauce i also noticed most of the foods here are asian but i guess thats what a western look on food does well i guess this was a bit biased because in asia not too many people would find a million calorie cheeseburger good unless they have been westernized oh yea btw i have eaten a live squid i cut it in half and the damn thing was still alive

  • Demtchckn

    Oh yea lisa The btw just because we dont eat things covered in fat and grease and cheese that makes is animals your so ignorant you think its sooo wrong to eat dogs just because there pets and not all asians eat dogs and stuff like that so calling the chinese animals is racism so stop thinking out of your ass and out of your head

  • Whatnow

    When I detasseled corn years ago, our Laotian detasselers would take home corn smut to prepare and eat, apparently considered a delicacy. Whatever floats your boat… I wouldn’t choose to try anything on this list, but I’m not vegetarian, so some things I eat may be considered disgusting by others and that’s their right. Also, wasn’t it a monkey-brains-eating scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies that partially brought about the PG-13 movie rating? Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong, that was a long time ago, but it’s stuck in my mind ever since. Very interesting list and comments!!!

  • Wow. I just learned at least two new things. Corn gets “detasseled” and corn has “smut.” Thanks Whatnow, that’s awesome. :)
    And if memory serves, you are very correct about the Indy movie. It made me very sad.

  • millybags

    There’s no accounting for taste. I saw a T.V interview with a woman who went round the world looking for unusual foods. She recounted a story of a time she was in the country of Laos where Ant eggs are considered a delicacy on an industrial scale (you can buy them canned !!).She told a local that in the west this kind of food would be regarded as unedible and informed him that in England a favourite delicacy is Stilton cheese (mouldy cheese basically) he couldn’t beleive that people would find mouldy food palatable.

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  • srk

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………. this list sure has some delicious, indulging warm

  • LittleR

    Well, I’ve tasted balut when I was younger (still eat it every now & then), about 9. I’m twelve now. Anybody ever eaten fried frogs? They taste like chicken.. :D

  • xdr

    In a couple of years people will be probably disgusted of what we eat now. A dead pig’s bottom?!? YUUUUUCCKKKK!!!

  • puff

    i just realized i was reading this while i was eating a salad. genius. just genius.

  • Jessica

    I’m Italian-American and Italian food is the best. Calamari is delicious and NO suckers.

    Other people have fucking nasty food though. My boyfriend who has Irish heritage eats some of the nastiest crap I’ve ever heard of. He loves congealed blood (black pudding) haggis (that mish-mash of nasty crap), blood soup, etc. I rarely eat anything he makes.

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  • Anon

    The one that gives me the willies hasn’t been turned up yet.

    Sheep’s eyes. Can you imagine them staring up at you from the plate, challenging you with an, “Eat me if you dare” look?

    Presumably the well-known Oz witchetty grubs, eaten alive, were not included as they are not a generally available menu item, despite having been tried by a wide variety of gourmet adventurers.

    From ‘Of Moths and Men’, Judith Hooper:

    “(Dr) Bernard (Kettlewell) thought nothing of eating the odd moth, nor did Miriam Rothschild, nor [evidently] Haldane’s wife, Helen. Kate Davis once came into the office to find Mirian Rothschild and Bernard ‘hunched over a table eating Burnet moths. “Want one?” they asked. “No thanks,” I said, “I had lunch.”‘ … public moth-eating was also a display of field machismo, part of the get-your-feet-muddy culture of entomology. The most ostentatious moth-eater of all was Henry Ford (the entomologist, not the industrialist!). Anyone who had seen him, with studied calmness, pick up a moth and pop it into his mouth, chewing meditatively as the powdery wings disappeared between his thin lips, would not soon forget the sight.”

    From ‘The Dinosaur Hunters’, Deborah Cadbury re the Revd. Prof. William Buckland of Oxford University:

    “Most perplexing of all for visitors to Buckland’s appartments was the menu, since Buckland, a born experimentalist, had decided to eat his way through the animal kingdom as well as study it. ‘I recollect various queer dishes which he had at his table,’ recalled his friend, John Playfair. ‘The hedgehog was good and tender. On another occasion I recollect a dish of crocodile, which was an utter failure … though the philosophers took one mouthful, they could not be persuaded to swallow it, and rejected the morsel with strong language.’ John Ruskin, recalling his undergraduate days at Buckland’s table, wrote: ‘… I have always regretted a day of unlucky engagement on which I missed a delicious toast of mice.'”

  • appie

    Have you tried eating locusts or grasshoppers?.

    I’ve tried eating dog’s liver..
    also snake and balut.

    we have here blood soup..”dinuguan”-(Chicken or pork dinuguan) my favorite.
    chicken intestines.
    it won’t kill you though..

  • Ariel

    “Balut” is really, really nice, especially with a sprinkle of salt. Your picture doesn’t give it justice. The duck fetus is not that well formed. It looks like it’s served cold also!

  • Crimanal X

    your really disgusting.I guess you like eating ducklings.Good for you.

  • Fruit Cup!!!!

    mmm.balut is goooooood

  • Miss Priss

    i don’t think i would eat little ducklings if my life depended on it. why would you even what to kill a little thing like that? even if it was a bad egg, why would you want to eat a bad egg? yuk…

  • scarlet_tears

    haha.. balut is on the list.,

    I’m from the Phil, and balut is like a delicacy here, as what mentioned above, though balut is mostly chicks not duckling, but there are ducklings..

    You never came to the Philippines when you haven’t tasted balut, poor foreigners.. I have never eaten balut! I get criticize because of it, but i think its disgusting, though almost everyone says its delicious..


    The Faces of Death monkey scene is fake. That scene used to bother me a lot! If you find a copy of Faces of Death with commentary – the creator at the end shows how they used a monkey-toy with a realistic face, the hammers they were using were foam at the end, and the monkey-toy they cut into had cauliflower and red dye as the brain. One of the most realistic simulations of the day though! Anyways, rest easy – that instance of it was not real.

  • carolinaviking

    I live in Sweden and we eat some fairly disgusting things – though not nearly as disgusting as this list. We eat surströmming, which loosely translated means “sour herring.” It is herring that is left to rot. The taste is very, very, very salty and it is usually eaten with strong schnapps (alcohol). The taste is awful, but the really horrible part of the experience is opening the can: the smell hits you like a baseball bat to the face.

    We also eat blodpudding (blood pudding) which is similar to blood sausage or black sausage from the UK, I believe. It is pigs blood with flour and spices. You slice it and fry it in butter then serve it with lingonberries (Swedish cranberries). I think it is delicious and we eat it all the time!

  • _ivy_

    I do remember a scene from Faces of Death where a monkey’s head was pounded by a small hammer (or at least it’s what it seemed to me) and the brain was eaten raw. The setting (a restaurant) gave me an impression that it was in Middle East. I don’t know if the scene was faked or not.

    #8 – Bird Spit – I dunno if this was the same thing served to me when I went to Palawan (Philippines) some time ago. They called it Bird’s Nest Soup. Maybe it’s the same thing. Man, it was expensive.
    #2 – I eat balut a lot. The hairy part took a lot of getting used to, but the broth is just plain yummy.
    #1 – It has been a family tradition to drink snake bile at least once a week for health reasons. I heard from a Chinese aunt that it helps regulate blood glucose. If it’s true it would surely help diabetics… but I don’t know for sure. It doesn’t taste that bad anyway, I’ve tasted worse.=P

  • joy

    i really don’t know why many people find balut disgusting. personally, i love it. but then again, im from philippines so im used to the idea of eating it. we also eat chicken intestines,chicken feet,fried frogs,fried rat (not the ones you find in the sewer!),one day old chick and coagulated chicken and pig blood. we call it betamax.

  • g

    I almost puked!

  • ds pu

    ox penis

  • Sandi

    I think u need a strong stomach to eat balut…And its the Burmese that eat monkeys brains while still alive

  • Pingback: food!!!! « Scypax’s Weblog()

  • Parker

    ugh i had this dream over and over that i was eating spiders.. and everything was okay until i got to the biggest part…

    i gag every time..
    anyone who has eating one tell me waht its like.. :(

  • Toemaytow

    I have eaten bird spit. It is soo delicious.
    Also, the worm fungus is good too. Aparently both of those thigs are good for your body.

  • Alice

    Yuck! Well, the rat one is the one that really got to me. I have a really smart and cute rat named Akira…by the way, Akira means intelligent in Japanese. =]

  • gabi

    Balut yum! Dinugguan!!! …or as my aunties affectionally call it: Chocolate meat, haha… knock it all you want but if McDonald’s weren’t so globalized, much of the western food would seem as disgusting to other parts of the world as their food seems to you. In defense of balut… there’s no trouble eating an 1 day old egg, there’s no trouble eating a grown chicken but the in between is supposedly taboo? It tastes the same in all approaches – only hard part are the mental hurdles. Too many delicate constitutions are reading the wrong Top 10 list…

    It’s not a food but more a condiment but I’d mention Patis – the by-product of fermented fish. Other things that may the disgust the non-adventurous… cheese ice cream, chicharon bulaklak (fried pig intestine, known in South US as chitlins), crispy pata (deep fried pig hoof), kare-kare (ox tail in a peanut butter soup) used to gross out my Americanized Filipino roommates, Adidas (grilled chicken feet), and of course the Durian fruit. The only bizarre food Andrew Zimmern couldn’t eat. oh, this is making me so hungry!! :)

    Kiwiboi: it’s not typical western fare and I can’t really claim any generalizations on the entire Asian race but I know my mom can’t stand Lamb. She says it smells like armpit. Other than that, I can’t think of anything. Filipino’s aren’t exactly scared of food adventures, haha.

  • archs

    You know, if i looked at a live chicken, which from my personal viewpoint is real ugly looking, I wouldn’t be able to eat the meat. But anyway… I like chicken and balut is quite tasty. Had a pretty nasty experience though with feathers in my mouth. Yuck! So from then on, I only eat the yolk.

    I saw this show once where Afghan tribes people ate oversized sheep testacles (basketball size)… that was some pretty grosse food too!

  • xine.philippines

    balut is really delicious! when i was a kid i don’t eat the duck, but my grandmother really thought me how to eat the duck, so now whenever i eat balut i eat it all!

  • Gina

    The duck foetuses were the only thing that really made me feel ill – I’m not surprised by some of the things on this list as I have heard rumours.

    Mnkey brains just make me think of Indiana Jones. Hehe.

  • gabi319

    Here’s some westernized food that might be deemed disgusting!

    Disgusting…but at the same time I think my mouth watered at some of the images, haha. There’s a disturbing amount of bacon massacre. Bacon roll (I’ve made and eaten!), Bacon Ice cream, Bacon Donut, Baconnaise….

    That 120 oz. Steak with mushroom is disturbing. It looks like an STD tumor.

  • Kudamabuk

    If you guys think durian stinks, wait till you try fermented durian – tempoyak…
    Typically eaten with rice as a condiment.

    Actually what makes an animal gross to eat or not? If a culture of people eats dogs, I have no problem with it. What makes eating a dog or a cat more taboo than eating cow, chicken or goat?

    I myself have eaten rabbit satay. Just another edible animal to me.

  • majava

    There is travelshow in Finland called Madventures. They always had Rock-Paper-Scissors competition over who would eat a local “nighmare” dish. They ate a street dog, a punch of insects(scorpio included), squirrel, indian snake wine and MONKEY BRAINS, just to mention few. You can check their clips in youtube, although those are in finnish.

  • Ashley R

    ack! i almost started crying when i was reading about the monkey brains….monkeys are my all time favorite animals and the thought of people eating their brains while they are alive makes me sick…poor thing…

  • Tim Mars

    i found this on the internet…. pretty disgusting

  • nuriko

    balut is delicious! :D

  • Halo

    Try Barbecue Snake from Cambodia!! It’s really disgusting for me .

  • St8shuter

    The picture for #2 Balut is disgusting. Even I won’t eat that. That is probably more than the required days. That’s probably between 2-3 weeks old. Balut is delicious. I ate one a while back and that turned my stomach because i already had a hard beak. I didn’t eat one again for awhile. Will I eat again, of course.

    I have seen Balut in Fear Factor once and the contestants were so disgusted by it when they found out what it was. I was telling my wife, give a salt and I’ll chug it down. :)

    As someone here said, some of this foods were discovered because of lack of food or just a major starvation.

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  • Devi

    On Bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks? That’s my idea of perfection…..I hope I never see any in reality, or I’m doomed and will gain back all the weight I’ve managed to lose.


  • balut was delicious but in the picture it looks that the egg was late in boiling.

  • i mean cooking

  • Sue

    Wow, I’m kind of disgusted… >…

  • Camo

    Who would look at a bird’s nest and think- Hmm, i could eat that, some crazy shizzle out there

  • Niamh

    o my god!!!!!!!! that’s horrible!!

  • halo-halo yum :p

    for me the monkey brains were the worse of all,it is just cruel…

    balut is not that bad, especially if it is not to old, when there is not much hair, I love the yolk and the sauce hehe :p
    century egg is not disgusting at all, it is actually very delicious and i think it is also healthy if eaten in moderation (high calories) hehe

    i have heard from my teacher that there have been news that in china, people eat human fetus!! disgusting!! canibalism!! i think they deep fry them or something.. heartless..

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “i think they deep fry them or something.. heartless..”

    So they cut out the heart first? Is that a cultural thing?


  • chimichimi

    balut is delicious:)) i tried one when i was in phils:)

  • InfeaNO
  • Tsinitoboy

    I grew up eating balut, and it was really good (though your cholesterol level may spike). What is more disgusting is the “bugok”. It is served in the Laguna province. If I’m not mistaken I remember it’s an egg pie made from rotten eggs. I tried it though and it tastes a bit like a bitter penoy (boiled unfertilized out of date egg).

  • Misha

    too bad I don’t have time to read all of the commentaries right now.
    I’m from Argentina but I live in Spain. In my country of origin we inherited lots of spanish cuisine. In Argentina we eat blood sausages, which we call “morcillas”. It’s like a sausage made of blood clots. We usually cook them along with all of the barbecue. I have to say not everyone likes morcilla. Some people just can’t stand it.
    As for Spain, there are some rare dishes (with that I mean that people don’t usually eat it) like bull’s tail or bull’s testicles.
    I can’t see why some of you can’t stand the thought of eating calamari (cooked I mean). Calamari and some types of octopus are very common here, and cooked with some delicious sauces.
    For those who think it might feel like rubber in your mouth, I have to say that if it does feel like that then it’s over-cooked.
    In Mexico they eat lots of weird stuff. Like some kinds of grasshoppers and other bugs. They’re a delicacy there!

    Oh and I’ve heard about the maggot cheese in some regions of Italy. But have in mind that while some people make it and eat it as a delicacy, the health & food department doesn’t approve it, they consider it preety dangerous

  • muffinman2

    Would anyone have an idea, for a food challenge!
    Now not as bad as the ones up there, but a simple course for high schoolers.(try to get a nutritcious one(i just came up with this idea)).

  • Mark

    191. muffinman2 : How about… Sashimi? I’m sure that won’t go down too well with teenagers – it wouldn’t with most of my friends anyway – and I’m sure raw fish must be (relatively?) nutritious.

  • muffinman2

    Sounds good!! As long as it doesent kill anyone and is prepared properly it might be a good challenge.
    I have come up with some:
    black licorice(quite a few people i know dont like the taste)
    chocolate bugs
    fiddle ferns(orchestra)
    cucumber juice(any vegetable juice)
    a super sweet candy, and then a super sour candy(attack some taste buds)
    then mabe an allout live worm(or a simple bug)

  • xevioso

    Century eggs porridge are so common amongst the chinese. I eat it all the time. And it tastes AWESOME with porridge :p

  • Fishy My Hair!

    guilty on #2, though i dont chow down on a balut that’s old enough to show its beak, feathers or claws and undeveloped bones. the picture’s exaggerated. the duck looks like it’s ready to jump out of the shell and start quacking

  • Ry Guy

    They are all disgusting, but I’d think the duck fetus would be 1, and the snake blood would be 2.

  • Ry Guy


  • Ry Guy

    i like pie. pie for i

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  • seren mustafa

    fucking horrible how would eat all for that fucking animals dont they have anything eails to eat or god fucking sake

  • sm

    its all disgusting and the poor animals so cruel..poor poor monkeys they are one of my best animals !!! i think personally there iother thing to eat then snake bllod and monkey brains….i think how ever eats them should DIE and cant they find anything eails to eat like there MUM or god fucking sake piss off how ever estd them stufffff

  • rain

    Balut is very delicious and nutritous. . . They are rich in protein and carbohydrates. . . HEHEHE. They really are street food. It is more delicious if you salt it. . . And best of all drink coke while eating it. . .

  • philippine_thrust

    You americans are &*%#%! don’t you know whe eat live beetles,snails,live baby rats! And what! for me i love balut, while you stupid americans bite it! instead of slurping first the soup inside!

  • philippine_thrust: English only here please. If you use foreign languages we will delete your comments.

  • deeeziner

    I am an artist of Pysanki-Ukrainian egg dying, and prefer to use duck eggs. I also liced in the Philippines when I was a youngster.

    The 1st time I picked up my order of raw duck eggs for Pysanki at the large scale production facility, I walked through the front door and was immediately swept back to my childhood, by the smell/aroma that greeted me.

    It was the smell of balut.

  • deeeziner

    Pardon me, no spellcheck..

    “I also liced in the Philippines when I was a youngster.”

    Should read “lived”

  • Zoombafoo

    who in thier right mind would eat duck fetus!!!???

  • bearglove

    I bet more people on here than not have eaten anchovies without realizing it-Worcestershire sauce is little more than anchovies dissolved in vinegar

  • gian

    lol i’ve eaten the balut and the bird spit. i can say the bird spit is okay but the balut is great!

  • lexi

    that is nasty nice choices lol

  • reen

    last sem i had presentation about EXOTIC FOOD. after doing some search on ntenet n u-tubee, there are a lot of disgusting food u ever imagine. but i eat bee larvae u mention above and it taste a little bit sweet (for me). i dont eat monkey brain but i eat its meet,paddy field rat. beside that i eat snake meet(not its blood).
    btw…i like your list very much…

  • kweng

    balut tastes really good, since i come from the philippines..there’s a time when i ate at least one very night LOL..there are other exotic finds here, like ostrich egg omelet, sting ray soup, etc

  • Mizuha

    I think eating human fetuses is wrong, but it amazes me that the same people who believe eating them is wrong and horrifying, can eat duck embryos without a second thought.What’s the difference?Science has already proven that animal and human fetuses are virually identical in the early stages.Remember:Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Karl

    I’m from the Philippines & I like the taste of balut. I don’t know why balut (and also the durian) is disgusting to some people. Now snake blood, THAT’S DISGUSTING. And monkey brainds remind me of Indy. LOL.

  • Karl

    @Hoshi (99):

    Umm, durian is SOOO tasty. People mostly forget this fact because they were too distracted by the smell.

  • steph00

    This list is a walk in the park compared to your most recent list of disgusting foods! Maggoty Cheese and Placenta….mmmmmm!

  • sizzlingsquid

    balut tastes great! i normally eat 16 days, although i occasionally try 18 days (but a bit crunchyyy, as the bones have developed already). i eat this sparingly though, since it obviously has high cholesterol content.

  • sizzlingsquid

    we also have our own version of ox penis delicacy here, called lansiao. usually tastes spicy and goes well with beer and peanuts. :)

  • squid

    Numbers 6, 5, and 2 just make me so sad. ):

  • Connie.

    Haha. I love balut! Too bad they don’t have any in Iowa. I grew up in the Philippines and it is one of my favorite snacks. Oh dinuguan is pretty good too. It’s basically pork blood soup. I saw the episode in Fear Factor where they had to eat the balut and when I realized what they were eating I fell back laughing. I guess people just have different tates. I would like to try the snakes blood but I dont think I could ever drink it out of the snake like in the picture.

    Poor Monkeys D:

  • Jennifer

    Century eggs, snake meat, bird’s nest (spit), civet coffee (kopi Luwak) tastes AWESOME ! I am from Malaysia and century eggs is a very common kind of food. Bird’s nest is a delicacy but it is good for you when you have a chesty cough. Snake meat and civet coffee is harder to find , but they taste great.Snake meat tastes better than chicken and civet coffee is better than Starbucks :)

  • Izzy

    I am filipino, and I have had balut. Being raised in america, I obviously didn’t like it. I stopped liking escargot around the time I found out the snail body is really a giant foot (around 5, 6 years old). Ah, so many of my favorite foods have been ruined by knowledge. I’ve had dog (my brothers told me it was beef, those bastards). Could not eat for a while after that incident, only drink.

  • Trekkerette

    I’m Filipino, and I puke at the mere thought of balut. However, I WILL brandish my fork and spoon when I see fried chicken legs and wings on my plate. They’re my fave!

  • Seabass

    I’ve tried Caterpillar Fungus before because it is a Chinese herb. It tastes really good, actually.

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  • saber25

    Yum, balut is delicious. especially its water like thing that you sip. This is my latest comment to listverse and i am proudly saying that, I am trying to convert to be a filipino, away from my stupid american racist brothers.

  • lauren

    well balut is really good…. it looks disgusting but it taste nice…
    I’ve been in philippines and i tried balut…it kinda gisgusting but delicious….
    i missed it though… wanna go back to philippines again…

  • kennypo65

    I have eaten the fire roasted tarantula and it tastes a lot like crab, the texture is quite good actually. Note to vegetarians: If you choose to not eat meat I respect that; but do stop acting like your so superior to the rest of us or we will start eating you. I figure with all those grains and sprouts you eat, you’d be quite tasty.

  • rhaspberry

    8. bird spit.
    also known as bird saliva, or what we call it ‘bird’s nest’ when we order it from the menu.
    its not necessarily of a gelatinous texture, different places would prepare it differently. but the most common way of preparing it is as a dessert.
    its sweet and refreshing, like sweet water with bits of bird’s nest?
    the cost of this is really expensive, depending on the type of nest.
    bird’s nest is also sometimes made with shark’s fin.

  • DSMiles

    Ever tried kaegogi? It is a Korean dish that uses dog meat. Quite tasty, but almost prohibitively expensive if served in a high quality establishment.

  • David Hopkins

    I read once that some cultures use urine in making cheese.

  • Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • teapoison

    hi, reporting live from the motherland of kopi luwak [indonesia, a third world country which have Bali Island as a part of it] there’s a lot of bizzare food from here, like a soup made of banana trees which is quite delicious, or salt taken from a lake in volcano, fried or roasted bat, spicy dog meat, cat meatballs, roasted gecko [believed to be a medication for asthma and other allergies].

    nice lists, nice web, addictive!

  • jasperizer

    So I’ve lived to see duck fetus being considered a “delicacy”.eew.
    And that monkey-brains eating part isn’t it an act of animal cruelty?

  • Jaryuki

    Meh. Not disgusting at all, really.

    Cultural things and the usual yada yada. Things thought off as “disgusting” are used in food products anyway as additives.(Gelatinge, shellac and e120 for example.) Many people just don’t know – or care.

    I don’t even ingest anything that originates from animals – and disgust has nothing to do with it.

  • solaris station


  • AnnaBanana

    Eh, I’ve eaten #2 (minus the fetus, I can’t even LOOK at that), coagulated pig’s blood, durian (which I loved as a kid but I hate nowadays) and well, pig’s intestines. I will not, in a million years, eat any kind of fetus, brain, foot, baby animal (that includes babies), reptile (except for the occasional frog leg), common household pet, everything else on that list, and a bunch of others that I’m too lazy to list. I could spend all day ranting about foods that I would never try. Ick, looking at this list and the comments makes me want to hurl (sorry if this comment offends someone). Oh well, to each his own…..

  • gabi319

    @AnnaBanana (235): I’ve eaten #2 (minus the fetus
    That’s called Penoy. I actually think it looks a little grosser than Balut, lol. However, I do love me some chicaron bulaklak, yum.

  • mugsy

    my wife & i had some bee larvae last night for dinner, i keep bees, so it’s easy for me to obtain the drone larvae. we cooked them in fritters with potato, sweet corn, etc. they were dilicious. we’ll have it again. bee larvae is rich in ameno acid, i believe. we’re in s.e. qld. australia

  • calliefran

    guys, balut really isn’t so bad. the picture just makes it look really gross! well, i just like the soup and the egg, cant eat the fetus either. haha but yeah, just saying!

  • bearded_defender

    i just ate 2 baluts, including the chicks, its not as bad if its not that “developed” much hehe – when it is still barely a fetus.

  • Pinoy

    Balut is tasty. Especially the yellow part, the white part and the soup inside the egg. I just don’t eat the duckling. WARNING, it makes your poop smell so bad because of the yellow part.

  • la feage

    i would really love to try some ox penis and bird spit

  • Pete-oil

    @la feage (241): la feage, you’re an idiot.

  • A Girl Like That

    Oh come on, Balut is delicious. I don’t like to eat the duck fetus, but it’s delicious. But everyone reminds me to brush my teeth after, or at least mouthwash, because it stinks. :P Lol, I’m not up for monkey brains, though. Or snakes.

  • apocalypsecakes

    The balut is interesting. I’ve seen cool/gross food sites like this one: but nothing really compares to that photo of balut.

  • Trisha

    Many people in my family LOVE balut, but even growing up in the Philippines I thought it was gross.

  • BabYbOo

    balut actually tastes good… but in the philippines, nothing beats dinugoan, which is pork blood and meat, and ofcourse, bagoong, which is like fermented fish, it usually has molds and it looks like crap, smells bad and tastes really salty.. but its still edible..

  • Clarisa

    The most wird stuff I have eaten:
    fried grasshoppers with chilli and limon (there good)
    cow stomach(nasty, I dont like it)
    Fried ducts from cows udder( not to bad)
    ostrich egg and meat (ok, taste like chicken)
    sorry for my bad english
    I would never in my life eat duck fetus,monkey brains and rats.
    the spaider doesnt sound to bad for me.
    I think is horrible to make an animal suffer, I would be unable to sleep if I saw people eaten monkey brains while the monkey is still alive that is just wrong!!!

  • astig ang pinoy!!!

    I have to say kopi luwak is okay but other food is so disgusting!!! specialy the monkey brain when I saw the image I almost puked I mean thats so disgusting who would eat that disgusting stuff and it shouldnt be called food! bec thts not a food at all!!! and all of them are so disgusting (Top 10 Disgusting Foods) well I am a filipino to but I dont eat balut! sorry na lng sa mga na offend q pero ayoko tlaga ng balut sorry!

  • daredevil

    i have tasted three out of seven believe it or not!!!they have got high medicne value,but they are awful and disgusting…no harm in trying…

  • Noodlenoggin

    I once saw a telly show with Jeremy Clarkson eating little birds whole, that had been force fed grain and bolied in Armagnac somewhere in France, the duck embryos didn’t look too much unlike what I remember (apart from the Armagnac), but you have to steam your face while you do it under a towel.

  • Lee C

    I’m very surprised to see natto has not made the list.

  • CP

    Natto isn’t that bad, my dad tried it. Though 90% of my friends are Philippino and all eat Balut, including my french teacher. I will never, ever, ever in my life eat it. It might taste good, but personally, the site of a duck with feathers, that could’ve atleast seen the brightness of the sun, dead in it’s shell is so disgusting, I literally would vomit.

  • sara

    *twitch* *twitch* “ok, then.”

  • Kiwi

    wdf… daatz disgusting.. those thingz aint even food!

  • fizza

    such a craziest thing if i eat one of your list..
    anyway.. i am the biology student,the exotic eater is the cruel human in this world.. don’t make the monkey or such endangered species become exist… it is for the sake of our child.. they need to see what is monkey look like,not just read about it.. i am the biologist,so.. please love our nature!!!!



    ox penis is the worst one

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  • nasty people

    u r nasty people for showing this nasty stuff on the internet

  • Josh th weird food eater

    Man! Tats disgustingzzzzz!!!!!!!

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    Asian rule: If it exists, food will be made of it.

    Balut isnt bad at all. It’s pretty much the same ideology as eating duck meat or sausages. It just looks uglier and that’s about it. Food enthusiasts dont let looks get in the way. Pretty tasty. Most Koreans love this food. They dont let looks get in the way of food.

    Dinuguan too. It’s just blood and meat cooked. I mean, if you guys eat meat then why cant you drink blood, brains or any other part of the animal? It’s dead anyway, pretty disrespectful if you throw away all the other stuff. I personally love this and everytime i go back to Philippines, my grandmom cooks this one for me.

    Dogs, cats or any other animal for that matter. never ate a dog or cats or rats before but wouldnt it be technically eating meat? Stupid mentality of people is “it’s ok to kill cows but killing a dog is just inhumane!” They’re both meat and us asian people know this. The only difference is that most people only ever think of dogs as pets.

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  • nicoleredz3

    Uggh, I’m sorry; WHAT?! :-(

  • roxe

    i wud have to say one of the most disgusting foods you can eat is BLOBFISH OMG search it up its gross

  • Dott. Denterado

    Eating live rats is in many country a sort of “excess”, young guys to prove that they are brave enough try to impress friends and family eating huge live rats. One of my friend is a ghoul and one day he eat a rat as well, just for fun, but at least the rat was dead and he cooked and remove the intestine before eating!

  • Fred73

    @Dott. Denterado [262]: April 14th, 2010 at 4:15 am

    Dude are you drunk? What are you talking about? Eating LIVE RATS? YOUR FRIEND IS A GHOUL? WHAT??

  • Icelandic Person

    How can there not be shark on either list? or sour sheep balls? or sheep heads??
    All icelandic dishes, much, much worse than surströmming or lytefisk.

  • CommanderCoward

    Oh come on, ya pussies!!! These are what us supertasters and food fanatics call heaven! I love monkey brain!

  • breath stanker

    you people are nasty i love crabs

  • crissy p

    in an "i want to smack u upside the head" kind of way?

  • alex

    Some Filipinos also eat ant larvae the "Hantik" variety. I think they roast them first. Another popular dish is "Dinuguan" its either pig innards or meat and the sauce is made of "Pig Blood" but we also use "Cow blood". in Pampanga province we have "Camaro" or "locusts". "Bayawak" or a "Monitor Lizard" is also a famous dish in our country. sometimes even "Sawa" a kind of python.

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  • A very shock discovery. Especially Kopi Luwak coz it sells for a high price (a poo).

    I've heard about the Monkey brain. It's a cruel practice towards animal.

    Nonetheless, #1 is not quite interesting, sorry to say this. i believed the "delicacy of baby fetuses" should be included.

    it's gruesome, and total cannibal

  • Rrrrrr

    What is wrong with BALUT? almost all people eat chicken/duck eggs, and also eat grown chicken/ducks, but what's wrong eating it right around the middle? lol it is basically the same thing. on all of this foods, i will never eat raw monkey brain straight from it's head.

  • pinoymadness

    asshole!…… balut is much cleaner than monkey brain! or any as mentioned above……..try it for your self!… fly here in the Philippines and you'll see.

  • tedokatokazudoshikizikata

    kopi luwak..
    its from my country

  • Anonymoose

    The monkey thing isn't an urban legend. When my mother was younger she visited some country or other (can't remember the name) and they were eating the monkey brains.
    She said they had given it some kind of poison that slowly killed it, so its brain wouldn't get tough before everyone was finished.

  • funkypig

    these foods are absolute gross- but it is their culture to eat different foods compared to us, people may think it perfectly normal to eat monkey brains elsewhere, but in england they may think it gross to eat pigs intestines.

  • ho joonki

    i eatin these before, well the balut one. but im hoping to try the spider since i've been watching some guy eating exotic stuff.

  • von1plip

    im from the phil and balut is my fave

  • joe

    why are all the food chinese?

    What about the big mac? – mashed up chemicals, garbage, and a ton of salt

  • mcoswel

    Balut are common in Philipines. Im not a filipino but I have taste it. It may look disgusting but taste good~

  • Not a nasty mofo

    All I've got to say is, y'all are some nasty mofo's!!!!!

  • Erin

    Kopi Luwak coffee is pretty awesome check it out

  • Springrain08

    I can’t believe Balut came closer to no. 1 than live monkey brains!! that’s is so wrong!! Balut is really nice and i haven’t heard of anyone not liking it after they tried it.

    Anyone knows or have seen the Honeypot Ants. they used to be eaten by the natives here in Australia. They’re Ants filled with sweet nectar on their abdomens till its swollen like a grape. The natives considers them as a treat or sort off like a dessert cause of their sweet taste. I want to try them myself they look yummy!!

  • kokoko

    Balut is delicious! :D

  • tom foolery

    Thank god I’m vegetarian

  • belle625

    there are actually two types of balut (as far as i’ve known, please correct me or add more infos about this one):
    1. Balut – of course…the usual one. Complete with the duck embryo, hard egg white and yummy broth and egg yolk (i don’t eat the duck embryo, i can’t stand to eat the poor innocent duckling). It is usually sold at night, and hell yeah, it’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac. It is preferred by drunkards.

    2. Penoy – It’s the kinder version of balut. If you can’t stand the first, then try the second. It is sold together with balut. It is an infertile incubated duck egg. I can’t really explain it that much so I’ll just give you the site, to have more insight on balut and it’s cousin, penoy. So, for those who can’t eat balut, try penoy.

    Read more:

    bon appetit! ^_^

  • Conner burt

    Hey balut is really good

  • Eurydice

    Um, I’m from the Philippines, so, I know what balut tastes like. Um, guys here eat that as a partner for beer. They say eating balut makes your knees stronger. Best eaten with vinegar and salt… Um, but when I eat the chicks, I close my eyes, so I don’t see it…
    Really great, but it’s so hot, you have to be careful, or you’ll burn your tongue.

  • paulina

    i don’t understand why people are disgusted with balut. its incredibly delicious. maybe because its how some people depicts it. it shouldn’t came in second. its not really that gross at all.

  • chinaman

    i love how 90% of the list are found in china

  • james

    With all due respect to he writer, except for the monkey brain (which is really gross if eayen alive btw) most of the delicasies stated here in this list are petty common back in Asia. Or back from where Im from, the Philippines. Its just funny that most people find it disgusting. Calling something (that a lot of people enjoy) “disgusting” is kinda inappropriate or disrespectful. Im not trying to argue with anybody here. Im just trying to express my self, as a guy who actually grew up with somebody who eat this kind of food (my grandpa and friends loves eating dog back then! Lol) Great list by the way, you shouldve used ” weird” or “super unusual” food! =)

  • Bluementrit

    Correction it is not BALUT but “BALOT” and it is not disgusting it is a tasty treat especially the yellow part.

  • Yasmin

    Agreed – I don’t get too grossed out – perhaps that’s because I am used to the world being full of weird and wonderful things – immunity comes with familiarity

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  • sharmaine

    omg the monkey brain is horrible the others disgusting and strangly i had heard of one before

    i had also heard of some contry eating live scorpians as an exotic quisine

  • Ernesto

    I would eat all of these things before I would eat a bite of cabbage.

  • K

    I have had bee larvae and bird spit before, and believe me, they’re good!

  • Doris Brown.

    I think the worst food I have had is Englsih ,Liver and onion and NHS food. Evryting boild and tasted disgusting. No wonder Indian food and Chinese food has become so popular and overtaken English food. Infact the curry s Englands national dish.

  • Rachel

    eeuuu :s

  • Kelly Clark

    This list is offensive…to eaters…

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  • squidmilker

    the duck fetus doesnt sound as bad as the stool/vinegar/onion sauce its served with.

  • Judah Maccabee

    Foie gras isn’t on this list…

    I am disappoint :(

  • you need to add

    Durian. Its a thai fruit that smells disgusting and tastes even worse. has to be smelled to be believed. Disguisting!

  • Pingback: Peggio delle cavallette « eddaje!()

  • paul

    Have you tried “Dinugoan”? Its a delicacy in the Philippines. It literally means Blood stew. They stab a pig from its neck and they collect its warm blood in a pot. Then they take parts from the pig such as the intestines, the colon, the liver, etc.. And that’s the main ingredients of the stew. Nice eh.?

  • paul

    Guys google “Pinapaitan” its from the Philippines.. And hey Balut is nice. :) I’m a Filipino.. So I know and penoy is like hard boiled duck egg.. You can either get a “penoy higupin” which means medium boiled duck egg so by the tine u open it up, u can eat its contents with a spoon. Its like soft boiled.. I prefer penoy compared to balut..

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  • t3 the third

    Swift nest is pretty sweet :/ I like it anyways

  • yuno

    I must admit, balut is pretty disgusting looking, but I must also admit, it tastes better than boiled egg. The only most disgusting part of it is the chick’s head, hair and what we call the ‘bato’ which is the hard part of the egg…I am really sure what it is… btw, it’s the Tagalog for rock! :D

  • Looking for a printshop in columbia

    Compliments for this post, I am glad I noticed this website on yahoo.

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  • mady

    ewww naaasssstttyyyy lol

  • Pingback: Interview : Neige (ALCEST) » Mind over Metal()

  • Alaine Shimp

    I wonder if my sister sales the poop coffee beans in her shop in Cedar City ,Utah ?If she knew what it was I bet she would pass on the idea!!!!

  • MuFFinMast3r

    another disgusting food would be duck tongue. i have never eaten it but i have seen someone eat it on tv. its gross because it gross. and if you never knew, they have a bone in it… its a true fact.

  • asim

    O man Thts disgusting human can eat almost every thing

  • jel

    disgusting ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………never eat that things foods

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  • Sophie

    Balut is actually really delicious!!! Especially the yolk! It makes regular chicken eggs taste like crap.

  • jocuri gatit

    Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice whilst you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit familiar of this your broadcast offered vibrant clear idea

  • Pingback: Weird Food – research « stefaniabuzatu()

  • food industry in penang

    I believe that is one of the so much vital info for me. And i am satisfied reading your article. But should commentary on some common issues, The site style is perfect, the articles is actually nice : D. Just right process, cheers

  • honey69

    Im not from the Philippines but Im not a racist. I love to try new things. But according to my resources and my experience in eating Balut, let me ask you this have you ever taste Balut? and you’re saying that is gross? Drinking a mice wine and a dead fetus in juice is okay? Hmm… Come on, you could think better than that.. Maybe u should start tasting it first before degrading.

  • MeMeMeMe

    This list is so biased, subjective, and opinionated. Whoever made this is ignorant.

  • John

    #2 (Balut) isn’t disqusting. I eat it all the time.

  • Adeel

    Let me add: Human babies

  • abbi

    what were u thinking dooe

  • ShatteredStar

    And as of today you can add male genitalia to the list!!!… Here is a link. Warning there are pictures!

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  • Fred

    And this is called FOOD?
    Most likely should be called ANIMAL ABUSE.

  • HarperGirl

    I would try 3#, 4#, 6#, 8#, and 10#. I actually want to try chocolate-covered insects sometime. In geography class we watched a lot of Bizarre Foods and I would try a lot of the foods from it that most of my classmates wouldn’t touch will a 100 foot long pole. I am a strange girl I guess. ;P

  • Aleese

    The birdspit is actually pretty good for you. it keeps your skin healthy and pale, not too pale. Even though disgusting add some sugar, water and the birds spit.

  • health food stores singapore

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to present one thing back and aid others such as you aided me.

  • Janelle

    The BALUT (balot in the Philippines) is really YUMMY! I promise you!
    I bet you’d rather eat balut than eat the Spider! Right?

  • david

    if the monkey brain thing is true about it being alive when having its brain eaten then that is sick and barbaric…poor monkeys….animal cruelty is torture doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest…hate china for their food, the fact they eat cats and dogs make me sick too.

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  • ayurvedic diet kit

    Thanks . I’ve been looking for this info . Good info I will be back for information related to the ayurvedic diet.

  • timberli

    i think you are sick jerks

  • supanoob

    ox penis? gross.

  • poopy

    i’ve had black pudding (pig blood) and it’s actually not too bad. it tastes like sausage, it’s the texture that is kind of gross though.

  • nazia

    relley disgusting

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