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Top 10 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time

Rolo Tomasi . . . Comments

Everyone knows that professional wrestling is staged. The matches are first scripted then rehearsed and the outcomes are pre-determined. Nevertheless pro wrestlers have to deal with enormous physical punishment, real injuries and a grueling travel schedule. Fame comes at a high cost, here are the best to have ever achieved it:


Buddy Rogers


Major Titles Held: 2

Rogers became extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s. A very flamboyant competitor; he combined: attitude, an outstanding physique, and a signature finishing move to become the first truly “complete” wrestler. Although he could not surpass the two top wrestlers of his era (Thesz and Sammartino), he helped elevate them and many others by playing the villain character so successfully. Bottom line: No Buddy Rogers, No Ric Flair. No Ric Flair no Sting. No Sting, no … etc.


The Rock


Major Titles Held: 9

If God were to create a wrestler, he would create The Rock. Blessed with all the natural attributes and charisma possible, Dwayne Johnson quickly went the way of Hollywood. He is easily the best athlete on this list and accomplished a great deal in the business in a very short amount of time. Wildly popular and extremely entertaining, The Rock is and probably will always be the best wrestler ever to pick up a microphone.


Andre the Giant


Major Titles Held: 1
Winner of the most Battle Royals in a career.

There might not be a more beloved figure. In his prime he could literally squash any one who dared to step inside a ring with him. Andre, through no fault of his own, routinely was booked as the “Goliath” character versus many “Davids”. This made for good storytelling but limited his in ring accomplishments. Injuries and disease eventually wore him down, but not before retiring as an all time favorite.


Bruno Sammartino

Bruno 02

Major Titles Held: 2

Sammartino was the dominant wrestler of the 1960s and part of the 1970s. He was a massive specimen who established the big man as the primary titleholder in the United States. Throughout his prime he wrestled and defeated all of the major players of the era. “The Italian Stallion” as he was known was a good guy wrestler whose bruising and powerhouse style endeared him to many fans, especially in the ethnic fanbase. Sammartino came across as very likable even after an incident which he inadvertently killed fellow wrestler Chick Garibaldi with a vicious body slam during a match.


Steve Austin

Stonecold Steve Austin

Major Titles Held: 6
PWI Wrestler of the year 1998 & 1999

Austin personified the “Attitude” era of professional wrestling (mid to late 1990s.) At this time wrestling was at its peak and he was its brightest star. Austin captivated both hardcore and casual fans with his rebellious personality. Austin vs his boss Vince Mcmahon proved to be one of the most successful wrestling angles ever portrayed. The extremely charismatic Austin was hugely popular due to his tireless effort inside the ring and flawless microphone skills.


Antonio Inoki


Major Titles Held: 9 (sources vary)
Overall professional record: 2,107-148-183

The greatest wrestler ever to come from Asia, Inoki (pictured left) was noble and captivating inside the ring. He has set the bar for any competitor that steps in the Japanese ring and has done just as much for the sport outside the ring as an ambassador. Inoki’s pro wrestling career lasted over 35 years throughout which he faced and defeated some of the biggest names in the world. He is also incredibly skilled as a legitimate mixed martial artist. A sport in which Inoki is also a legend.


Brett Hart


Major Titles Held: 7
PWI wrestler of the year 1993 and 1994

Hart was born into a wrestling family. His father was a legendary wrestler and trainer, all seven of his brothers were in the wrestling business, and all four of his sisters married professional wrestlers. He is arguably the best technical wrestler of all time. Brett Hart become a hugely popular and successful singles and tag team performer for his ability to “tell stories” through his intense matches.


Lou Thesz


Major Titles Held: 3
Longest Title duration (10 years)
Youngest Title Holder (Age 21)

A legend and innovator in the business, Thesz ascended the pro wrestling ranks in the 1930s and is generally credited for inventing many maneuvers. He was known as a “hooker” (a wrestler who used various legitimate moves to end matches with double crossing opponents who wouldn’t necessarily stick to the script). This ability along with a supremely fluid style allowed him to hold on to the title for over a decade while defeating all challengers.


Ric Flair


Major Titles Held: 16 (varies by source).
PWI Wrestler of the Year: 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1992.

In short Ric Flair is wrestling. He has headlined every promotion he has ever been in from the 1970s to the early 2000s, winning multiple World Championships in each. Flair is legendary for being able to generate reactions from the crowd, with a mix of rule breaking and a flashy ring entrance. His incredible durability and colorful “promos” have made him a constant favorite whether he was a good guy (babyface) or bad guy (heel).


Hulk Hogan


Major Titles Held: 12
PWI Wrestler of the Year: 1987, 1991, 1994

The Hulkster ruled professional wrestling for two entire decades. Possessing incredible charisma and physical stature he helped transform wrestling from a niche pastime; spread out over several regional promotions to a mainstream brand of entertainment. Hogan’s marketability and appearances in movies and television helped turn the WWE into a billion dollar industry and paved the way for today’s high paid stars and elaborately produced shows. His in-ring ability; however left much to be desired, as he is widely regarded as a below average wrestler. Nevertheless Hogan rarely lost a match, even into his 50s.

Contributor: Rolo Tomasi

  • Iain

    Of course, the greatest ever wrestler has to be Andy Kauffman (Latka from 'Taxi') – $1000 to any woman who could pin him – genius.

    • ChrisB

      I loved when he got bitch slapped by Jerry Lawler. A REAL wrestler.

  • Clantargh

    Overall nice list on a subjective topic. My list would have had many similarities and follows:

    10. Antonino Rocca
    9. The Rock
    8. Randy Savage
    7. Triple H
    6. Steve Austin
    5. Andre The Giant
    4. Bret Hart
    3. Bruno Sammartino
    2. Ric Flair
    1. Lou Thesz

    Bonuses: Fabulous Moolah, The Road Warriors

    • Bikram

      U know, its kind of funny, bu
      t I have to admit, every now and them you have these not so interesting people coming out with the list of top 20, top 10, etc. etc. If you do want to rate someone properly and in the right state of mind and belief put together, you need to do some research on the subject of discussion. For me I have followed wwe for the last 20 yrs and therefore I must admit that I may not do a great justice to the wrestlers of the past era. Anyway when I watch them or learn their names on these discussion programmes, I have to say they are so boring, ugly and what not. Dude, let us admit this. wwf/wwe is not real, it is obviously dramatisation of fictional events and story telling, then why do we have to get into the technical part of it. I would only love to admire the superstars that affected this insdutry in terms if its business and worldwide acceptance of it as a global sports entertainment. Superstars who sold out arenas, kept people in anticipation of their appearances week after week, and gave the push to this business which otherwise would lack in their absence. Cut the story short, her is my top 20, purely on my terms of greatness
      1. The Rock
      2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
      3. Shawn Michaels
      4. Triple H
      5. The Undertaker
      6. Kurt Angle
      7. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
      8. Mick Foley
      9. John Cena
      10. Edge
      11. Hulk Hogan
      12. Ric Flair
      13. Eddie Guerrero
      14. Razor Ramon
      15. Randy Orton
      16. Chris Jericho
      17. Batista
      18. Jeff Hardy
      19. Macho Man Randy Savage
      20. Ultimate Warrior

      • Craig

        that list is awful dude

  • Kyran Wray

    ah that brings back memories….

  • Becca

    My brothers watched a lot of wrestling growing up. In fact, Hulk Hogan was my first celebrity crush! haha

  • beff

    i think andre should be higher on the list…also no macho man? oh yeah……
    my favorite used to be The Undertaker and Paul Barer (?)..
    i used to watch all of the specials when i was young….

    • Meg

      Kamala with Kim Chi before Hogan

  • E Nutz

    i agree with this list for the most part, but no undertaker?? thats wack

  • Hazz

    the list is pretty good
    but no Undertaker, what about Sting or even Foley

  • Iain

    UK wrestling was ‘interesting’. It was full of grossly overweight, unathletic fat guys (Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy, Mick McManus) who would get jabbed with knitting needles by the elderly ladies who made up their hard-core audience.

  • BlackRainbow

    Without the Undertaker, this is not a list

  • Piper

    Would have loved to have seen The Undertaker or Big Daddy. They were my favourites! ;)

  • Hill

    No Foley, Undertaker?
    I’d have the rock a little higher up the list too

    other than that, good stuff!

  • TDavis

    I think a special mention of Gorgeous George (George Wagner) should be made. While certainly NOT one of the most technically polished wrestlers, he was the first to really understand and exploit the then new arena of television. His popularity in the early days of the medium was huge and almost certainly set the stage for the modern wrestling conceit.

  • Tony

    I’ve noticed that I only comment when I’ve been drinking, but:
    C’mon! Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, ah hell, there’s too many to mention. ‘Top Ten Wrestlers’ is an WAY to big an invite for other peoples opinions.
    GREAT top two, though. Couldn’t agree more.

  • Ren

    I never used to watch wrestling when I was a kid even though all of my friends did, but about a year ago I got interested in it. So I’m don’t really know any of the older people but I was expecting to see John Cena or Batista or the Great Khali.

  • Wrestlingsgay

    If You’re admitting that it’s staged whats the importance of the major titles held?

  • Yun

    #11 Tony: The Warrior was a joke even before he descended into self parody. He was a horrible athlete who gave incoherent interviews and was so roided up he was frequently out of breath before the match even started.

    #12 Ren: The Great Khali is quite possibly the worst wrestler I have ever seen. Under no circumstances should his name even be mentioned in the same breath as most of these guys. Cena and Batista are too young to judge, although I doubt either of them will reach the status of the ones on this list.

    Everybody: Agreed with the love for Foley, Sting, Savage, and Gorgeous George, although I’m not sure if they’re good enough to displace anyone who actually made the list. Maybe one of them over Rogers whose primary claim to history is losing the WWWF Title to Sammartino in 45 seconds.

    The one entry I will disagree with is if you wanted to include the token Japanese guy, I’d have gone with The Great Muta rather than Antonio Inoki. I’m also a little surprised you had the token Japanese guy but no token Mexican guy. Where’s the love for El Santo and Gory Guerrero?

    Also Lou Thesz has won way more than three major titles.

  • Ernmas

    First off it is “Bret Hart” not Brett Hart.

    The Undertaker not on the list? He is undefeated in 16 (all) Wrestlemanias. Not only that, he is by far my favorite wrestler. The Rock – he had/has a major thing against the fans, when he was a good guy the fans hated and booed him and when he was a heel they loved him. I can’t wait to see if Stone Cold’s son is going to make it to the big time. He is currently paying his dues in the wrestling world.

    Boy does this bring back memories of high school and now sleep deprived nights because my honey has to watch ALL the shows!.

  • Spocker

    What? No Killer Kowalski??!!


  • Bensonians

    Wers HBK shawn michaels??

  • Yun

    #14: That’s like asking “What’s the point of an Oscar when everyone knows movies are fake?” A major title might not be won in legitimate athletic competition, but it’s still a recognition that the wrestler holding the title is the best in the company. Just because the matches are pre-determined (“scripted” is a bit inaccurate, as there is frequently a lot of improvisation) doesn’t mean the sport doesn’t require a high degree of athletic skill. So while the title may be “given” instead of “won” it’s still a great honor to hold it.

  • Stizzy

    I agree, Undertaker is missing from this list and Ultimate Warrior. Those guys defined wrestling for so long.

    Man it brings back memories, anyone remember the Undertaker’s “death?” and then his pretender culminating in 2 Undertakers having a match. Man oh man, as a lil kid that blew my mind, was like live action comic books loooool

  • astraya

    In Australia in the 1970s there was a show called “World Championship Wrestling”, which was tame compared to what these shows later became. Any Australian of a certain age will recognise the name “Mario Milano”. For some reason we were allowed to watch this. I used to cry because they were hurting each other!
    Of these, I only know The Rock, Andre and Hulk, and only for their film work.

  • thirtytwo

    No Chris Benoit? :O

  • Suskis

    Tiger Mask (the original, impersonated by Satoru Sayama) has been the greatest athlete to walk a wrestling ring. He performed superhuman stunts!

  • erin

    Jake the Snake Roberts

    Macho Man Randy Savage

    The Ultimate Warrior

    Hulk Hogan

    Not necessarily in that order

  • erin

    Oh crap and the Undertaker of course

    Hated his little manager Paul Bearer though

  • Never really watched wrestling, it was always my friend who was into it, but it’s still something I like watching. Great list, I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Mortivore

    Maybe he shouldn’t be up on the Top Ten, but I think Kane (Undertaker’s “little” brother) definitely deserves a mention. He was -badass-. I don’t really think of Brett Hart as a wrestler. He’s always come across to me as an asshole, and that’s it.

  • This is not a true list without Doink the Clown on it.

  • DamienKarras

    For me it was Jimmy “Superfly” Snooka… His vendetta with Rowdy Roddy Piper was legendary.

    I was at 1st WrestleMania… who can top the tag team match of the night: Hulk Hogan and Mr. T versus Paul Orndorf and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Awesome match…

  • Ducky423

    My dad brought me up watching wrestlemania on Saturdays. And then I watched it way into my college years. Yes I know it’s fake but what can I say…I’m a sucker for a muscular guy in tights. Anywho, Andre The Giant should be way higher and I don’t think Stone Cold should even be on the list, never really cared for him much.

  • DiscHuker

    i never could get enough of the ultimate warrior when i was a kid. looking back now at interviews i can see that he was roided to the gills and quite possibly out of his mind. but he was VERY entertaining. i always wanted to wrestle my brother after watching saturday morning wrestling.

  • Chris

    Wrestling is one of the dumbest things that I have ever seen, and the way that some of these people look on this list has further confirmed my opinion (#4 Bret Hart-Black leather jacket over some really tight pink shirt. Is that supposed to be intimidating?)

  • Ana

    what about hbk or Triple H? But w/e maybe when they retire they’ll be regarded as the best :D

  • I take back what I said earlier, this list is in need of the great Gobbledy Gooker.

  • The Dread Pirate Bob

    Great list but for the record Inoki is not the greatest Asian wrestler. Rikidozan is generally considered the greatest and most important Asian wrestler with Giant Baba and Inoki pretty much considered equal in Japan, in the US and Europe Inoki is far more known if for no other reason than his farce of a “fight” with Muhammed Ali

  • padoka

    Pretty decent list. Still would have loved to see Shawn Michaels or the Undertaker on there.

  • Jeff

    I don’t have a problem with any person on this list except maybe just maybe for the Rock because his career was too recent. It’s unlikely that he would make the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame because his career did not last 10 years which is the cutoff for consideration. The WOHOF is considered the most prestigious hall of fame as it’s membership is voted on by large numbers of wrestlers, fans, and media. The UT may have great accomplishments and a long career but I don’t see him being on the list because he’s not as influential. If UT didn’t exist would wrestling be any different than it is today? I don’t think so. But take away a Hogan, a Flair or a Thesz and the sport would be very different. Thesz’s main accomplishment was that his long career and legit skills helped to establish the legitimacy of the NWA World title as the most desired and prestigious title. It encouraged all the regional members to stick with the NWA and recognize Thesz as their champion and give Thesz’s St. Louis promotion the power to dictate who would be the champion and who got shots. This lasted a long time until the WWWF broke away and recognized Rogers as the champ. I would probably Thesz above Flair just because his influence was greater and more enduring.

  • Eis-Fred

    It seems to be a great list.

    If it were based on the work in the ring, Hogan wouldn’t have made the list.

    It does seem like a few names were missing.
    The Great Muta as someone mentionned, is one of them.
    Others I could have seen on the list.
    Chris Benoit
    Eddie Guerrero
    “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig
    “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich
    Nick Bockwinkle
    The Fabulous Moolah
    Bruiser Brody
    Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

  • TeaJae

    ok i gotta ask….why no female wrestlers? some of them were just as accomplished as some of the men….Fabulous Moolah? Mae Young? Even Lita and Trish Stratus deserve mention I think….

  • GPinLV

    No Harley Race??? Blasphemy!

  • MT

    This list is Ok. I’ve seen better. I love wrestling and it’s hard to compare the older wrestlers with todays showmen. I do think The Macho Man Randy Savage and the Undertaker should be on this list.

  • Sherri

    My nephew has lived and breathed wrestling since he was a little boy. I remember it being a lot more kid friendly in the ’80’s than it is now. Anyone remember the public service announcements they used to do in between bouts? And I love how theatrical it all was, with snakes and birds and masks, oh my. Now it seems too soap opera-y, with way more feigned hatred.

  • cparker


  • Kreachure

    Professional Wrestling is not only in the US. Ever heard of Mexican Pro Wrestling? :P You could’ve at least put El Santo in there.

  • Quiana

    The rock is awesome and hott!

  • Bensonians

    So many good wrestlers that its hard to make a top 10 list.

    They have should have made a list of the best wrestlers in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000

  • Sedulous

    ya it’s been said a few hundred times already but definitely the Undertaker! Seems criminal without him. Also maybe Randy Savage.

  • JOE. R

    I grew up with “wrasslin”.I loved to see the ultimate warrior,but my favorite was GOLDBERG!!!!

  • Callie

    I was pleasantly surprised by this list- I thought it would be chock full of young douches but you did a really nice job.

    I’d like to add Brock Lesnar to the list though, as he was NCAA champ and is breaking into mainstream fighting- he’s getting a title shot in the UFC soon.

  • JayArr

    List too funny. My dad always referred to it as ‘buffalo wrestling’, because it was about as realistic as wrestling a buffalo.

    The only thing I CAN say for these men is that some are truly great physical actors, who are in pretty darn good shape and are definitely stronger than I ever was (or will be).

  • rafa the gafa

    The Undertaker has to be in the top ten, the fact hes been in the WWE for so long now and is still on the top is a clear indication of how good he is. As someones said, his wrestlemania record is pheonominal.

    His hell in the cell match with mick foley(whos also awsome) is my alltime favourite, it was just pure entertainment from start to end, ohh and he scared the hell outa me when i was a kid!!!

  • MzFly

    I used to love wrestling when I was a kid. Good list but some of my personal faves worth mentioning were:

    Junkyard Dog
    Rowdy Roddy Piper
    Macho Man Randy Savage

  • Eve

    I was expecting a mention of this guy, who is one of the greatest in my opinion. Extraordinary record, don’t you think?

  • j.a.m.

    yup it is certainly spelled B-r-e-t.

    Flair should be #1.

    sting, piper, terry funk, and benoit should all be on this list as well.

    that is all.

    • Ray

      Flair should be #1… As far as the list goes… I would eliminate Inoki and put in the Undertaker. Piper belongs on the list as well at or around 10 becuase he was a big fan draw and entertainer. I would remove Andre the Giant…to include him is like including The Big Show!

  • Bob

    “Wrestling” is idiotic. It’s not even interesting–wouldn’t even be if it was real.

    On a side note: ever notice how gangsta rappers are the new WWE? And just like with the lame-o “wrestlers,” people actually believe the characters. So stupid. . .

  • Aldo

    As a avid wrestling fan, this is a great list, but should have included Shawn Michaels and Rowdy Roddy Piper somewhere. This should have been a Top 20 list.

  • onwisconsn

    I would say Reginald “The Crusher” Lisowski should be on the list. He wrestled for 40 years, and wrestled some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

  • bird

    It seems that the people who conceived and have replied to this list are obviously wrestling fan posers. How could the Honky Tonk Man have not been A number 1 on this list? All other wrestlers pale in comparison. Please reconsider the order and revise list immediately. Thank You.


  • scarlettangel

    Bob, do you ever have a comment that is nice? Every comment I have seen for the last few days you seem to be putting down either the list or the topic. If it is that uninteresting to you, why read the list and comment?

  • Chris

    Bob-I agree with you completely that wrestling is idiotic and the fact that it is staged makes it even more ridiculous.

  • Wini

    Shawn Michaels should be no 1 and he doesn’t even get a mention.

  • DamienKarras

    Oh I almost forgot another fav: Capt. Lou Albano
    He was a manager, not really a wrestler but I loved those rubber bands melted to his face!

  • LordCalvert

    Haystack Calhoun!!! He was a mountain of a man!

  • flgh

    No Shawn Michaels, Great Muta, Misawa, or Jushin Liger
    Another FAIL list

  • Elsa


    I am not into Pro Wrestling, and don’t follow it as an adult, but man oh man, back in the 60’s you couldn’t beat watching Jack Brisco..the guy was unbeleivable. He brought a lot of moves into the ring that are now commonplace,(the Figure Four, the infamous “sleeper hold”, and many more)

    I was enthralled watching him and his brother battle the Funks . I was actually distressed when he lost a match and he got his head shaved in the ring. (ok, I was under 10, so give me a break)

    He was one of the pioneers of “todays” wrestling and spotted and trained future talent such as Terry Bolea (The Hulk). Not only was he a fan favorite he also had quite the career.

    He held 13 different major titles over 45 times.

    His stats bear out the fact that he should be included in such a list.

  • galeekas

    What about Vern Gagne , Argentina Rocca , Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher? This list needs to be much larger!!!

  • Me

    who came up with a list like this and doesnt include the greatest wrestler of all time the ultimate warrior i mean come on its in the name and anyone who seen me in the forums knows how much i like him i even suggested a top 10 warrior quotes

  • Eve
  • Jack Deth

    Kendo Nagasaki! The man was never unmasked, a true hero…AND he called himself that name and never went east of Ipswich!

  • A.B.D

    wtf ??? no undertaker ??

  • bucslim

    So Brett Hart was “arguably the best technical wrestler of all time.” Does that make him the best faker of all time? Was he the best at whispering in his opponent’s ear the move he wanted to try? Could he fake a sleeper hold while his opponent faked sleeping only to bounce out of the three count as he fake awoke and then faked running Brett’s head into the real turnbuckle?

    The only thing stupider than Pro Wrestling is the people who watch it.

  • DamienKarras

    bucslim- I hope everyone realizes its fake… but thats not the point. Wrestling, real or fake, makes for great drama and entertainment… Especially when you’re a kid rooting for you’re favorite wrestler. Harmless fun.

  • Ichiban

    I haven’t watched wrestling in years, but I would think more international stars deserve some credit. Inoki for sure, but Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi and guys like them have done amazing things for the “sport” that is pro wrestling. Not to mention El Santo and the lucha legends.

  • Brickhouse

    I expected the Hulkster as #1. I was looking for Rowdy Roddy Piper & Macho Man Randy Savage, myself. I agree Undertaker should’ve been there, too.

    How about the Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)? I remember my step-dad mimicking them around the house because it annoyed me so much. Wow… They were dumb.

    • Horsemen

      Where is Arn Anerson and Tully Blanchard?

  • SuperHero3

    I have been an avid follower of Pro Wrestling my entire life. I have followed the storylines, the behind the scenes stuff and everything in between. Here is my list of the greatest of all-time.

    This list is based on three criteria. In no order:
    1. In-match ability (I know its fake, its the art of making it look real and believable.
    2. Microphone skills (Gotta be able to tell a good story)
    3. Popularity (Gotta sell merchandise and make money.)

    1. Kurt Angle
    Technically the most gifted. 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling, 1995 World Amateur Champion, 2-time NCAA champion. Developed microphone skills quicker than anyone in history. Several championship title runs. Ability to wrestle anyone, anywhere, any style…and has.
    2. Stone-Cold Steve Austin
    Brough the business out of the dark-ages and made it mainstream popular again.
    3. Hulk Hogan
    Without him, there is no list, but couldn’t wrestle at all.
    4. The Rock
    If Austin made it popular again, then The Rock made it the coolest thing on the block. Don’t forget RAW used to own Monday night TV ratings.
    5. Brett “Hitman” Hart
    Next to Angle the most technically gifted. Kept the business alive during the dark-ages (the 90’s). Tragic Hero of the business.
    6. Ric Flair
    Was a virtual unknown in the mainstream wrestling world (only the NWA southern territories followed him back then) until he joined the WWE in 1992. Regarded by the old-timers as the greastest ever. WOOOOOO!!!
    7. The Undertaker
    Most die-hard cult following fan-base. Also the most conistent and surprsingly talented in the ring for a big guy. Always delivers a quality entertaining story.
    8. Triple H
    A perfect example of tranformation. Was a mid-carder as Hunter Hearst Helmsly. Played second fiddle to HBK in DX then exploded into the game. Has probably delivered the most interesting and entertaining storylines of all-time. Makes it seem personal and real.
    9. Shawn Michaels
    Checkered past but no denying his in-ring talent. Takes a beating like no other and it makes it look like he is really hurt. Doesn’t get the crowd going like Rock, Hogan, or Austin did but is always the show-stopper.
    10. Macho-Man Randy Savage
    Never got the credit he deserved. Gave it his all and will always be remembered for playing second fiddle to Hulk Hogan. (and slim jimms) Ask any insider and they will tell you nobody gave more effort and cared more about this craft than he did. His match against Ricky Steamboat in WrestleMania 3 is often remembered as the greatest ever.

  • Emar

    Every body knows that wrestling were staged. what made us admire it is how each wrestler play its part. Movies are stage and even life, most of it are staged.don’t you think so, Bob? Cris?

  • Paul


  • smurff

    I have always responded positively to this list and I will keep doing so – but the moan and groan and fake foot stamping has a lot to be desired.

    Lets face it, it draws a big crowd ( gate money ) and sponsor money etc. etc,

    But yes we all have to put bread and butter on the table, every month and we all do our own thing.

    They are earning the bucks – and the viewing public are happy.

    Great list.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    The Undertaker does not quite make the top 10. A lot is made of his Wrestlemania streak, but that streak has become more of a gimmick in recent years. If the list was the top 15 he would definitely get consideration. Gorgeous George,Rikidozan, Shawn Michaels and Santo also missed the top 10.
    Macho Man wouldnt make a top 15 List but maybe a top 20.
    Ultimate Warrior has not contributed significantly to the sport and thus would only make a top thirty list if that.

  • bucslim

    Wow, an actual debate as to who was the greatest faker of all time. (I’m now faking like I care)

  • Saklas

    Sting deserves an honorable mention, not for his “The Crow” stuff, but the early, blonde, brightly colored Sting. He always got me going, I thought he was excellent.

    The others mentioned are just as deserving too, though, like Macho-Man or Triple-H.

  • mista jetty

    Any list without “The Crusher” is horseshite… how can he not be in the top 10? He was an icon of wrasslin’ for decades! Next time, do a little research… or let someone qualified write the column…

  • Callie


    I don’t watch pro wrestling, and I think I may have seen it in the heyday of the Rock and Stone Cold and those guys. However fake it is, you can’t honestly believe these men don’t train hard and aren’t athletes. Sure there’s a lot of glitz and glamour involved, but so much dedication and hard work goes into doing ANY sport professionally.

    I’m an avid UFC watcher, which is very real, and also the reason I mentioned Brock Lesnar. He caught a lot of flack when he joined the UFC and promptly shut up his detractors. He lost his first fight due to an (I think) shady ref, and absolutely dominated his second fight. No one believed “a stupid wwe guy” could come in and actually fight, and he absolutely could- because he’s an athletic, hardworking fighter.

    One last thing about how unreal it all is- even when a girl’s faking it, she’s still having sex ;)

    Cheer up, buc. Give entertainment a chance

  • bwmyers18

    ROAD WARRIORS BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell me you didn’t get jacked up as a kid when the opening notes of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” rang out and Hawk and Animal came charging down the aisle …..

  • psychosurfer

    Es increíble la ignorancia de estos gringos, estos son puros troncos. No saben que la mejor lucha libre del mundo es de México!!!

  • JayArr

    Hey Psychosurfer(87), the rules of the game here are all posts must be in English… try re-posting in the correct language.

  • Spiritman874

    wow, it is incredibly hard to do a top ten for wrestling. there are soooo many that are going to be left off the list. maybe they should have tried a top 25. anyway I can’t argue with most of the list. the guys of the “black and White” eramare guys I never heard from so I cannot discount their achievement or grade them on this list, I will, however

  • anthony p

    Not an easy list list to put together by any stretch of the imagination and i would go as far to say it could have beena top 20 easy. Well done

  • BrotherMan

    Does anyone remember Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat or King Kong Bundy? I remember seeing them live during WrestleMania 3. That was a long time ago. Back in the mid 80’s. I used to own those rubbery action figures and the WWF wrestling ring.

    Damn, I am getting old.

  • sidvish

    worst. list. ever.

  • psychosurfer

    This should be called “Greatest AMERICAN Professional…” There is a lot of people who know that American wrestling is a joke compared with Japanese or Mexican culture around it, check out this guys:
    El Santo (Essential, Big Mexican legend, over 40 films, multiple world titles, revolutionized the whole concept of wrestlers)

    Blue Demon (Only second to Santo and his former Nemesis, later his partner, 25+ films, 50 years wrestling, buried with his mask ON)

    I could go on and on but I have to go, have a nice day.

  • Sir

    When I was a kid in small-town N.B,, Andre’s cousins lived a few doors down from us. Anytime he came to town, he would pile all the kids he could into his car, and we’d drive around postering for the event. I remember being blown away by how dramatically the car would list to one side when he got into it, and how it would rise when he got out.
    He was a very very sweet man.

  • The Only Sane One

    What a horrible sport. First, it’s absolutely fake. Second, it teaches impressionable people and kids that violence doesn’t have consequences, as “wrestlers” bash each other with chairs and are fine afterwards. How can you watch it and not feel like a total idiot?

  • FallenMorgan

    The WWE is such bullshit. They add stupid little, like, roleplaying whatever it is, and all sorts of fictional shit. The UFC is the real wrestling – me and my dad sometimes watch it.

  • bucslim

    Callie –

    Nice try. I’m not really sure how entertaining it is to watch two sweaty dudes in oversized speedo’s fake gouging, fake pummeling, fake clawing and screaming to the crowd. I absolutely love when one faker is supposedly knocked out of his fake wits and then 10 seconds later is fake pounding the other guy. I’ve seen better acting from soccer players when they get fouled.

    Is it really interesting to hear some roided up dude scream his head off about not getting any respect in the ring? And what exactly is the point of having a referee in the ring? Is he supposed to act like real referee?

    My favorite part of fake wrestling is when one faker is flat on his back and the other faker is supposedly pinning him. Then the faker on his back has some sort of gran mal seizure and kicks out of the fake pin. What’s the other faker do? He Starts fake pounding him more. I also love it when reporters ask wrestlers if it’s fake:

    Yeah sure, I sorta watched wrestling – when I was 9.

  • bookworm

    no Karl Gotch?

  • Fellowhood

    I only watched wrestling during the “attitude” era. I was heavily into it around that time. So naturally my favorites are

    Stone Cold
    The Rock
    Kurt Angle
    Triple H
    Jeff Hardy

    Man i remember when i went to go see a filming of monday night raw. When Rock and Stone Cold were both in the ring it was like magic

  • dime138

    That’s a pretty solid list there. However if you’re going to include Anonio Inoki, why not other Japanese talent. Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, and Kenta Kobashi have put on the greatest matches the pro wrestling world has ever seen.

  • Pedro Deguchi

    Undertaker and Foley… Best match EVER…

  • dime138

    By the way…for those of you bashing pro wrestling for being fake…I have some startling news. It’s not the only source of entertainment to be fake. Television and movies are also preplanned and scripted. Theater too. This might be shocking to some of you, I know, and I hope it doesn’t diminish your enjoyment of watching them.

  • shaner5000

    bucslim: better than all of us, and not afraid to tell us as such.

  • FallenMorgan

    Movies and tv are meant to be fake, fiction, but WWE and others pretend to be real.

  • Jerichoholic

    This list should, nay must, contain Chris Jericho somewhere…

  • Scientific

    Where is Sgt Slaughter and Randy Savage? All of you who are complianing and saying that the sport is fake, stupid and premotes violence are a bunch of panzies. Ewww…. it is violent…..pussies. If more people resulted to fighting with there hands these days not as many people would get shot, so shut your overprotective mouths.

  • Callie

    Again, I’m not disputing the fake aspect of it, I’m just saying you can’t help but respect the training they go through. I don’t watch, want to watch, or particularly like WWE wrestling, but I do know a thing or two about training to fight professionally, and it’s TOUGH. I don’t have to like what these guys do, and I wish some of the better ones would come over to UFC, Elite, or even IFL, but I sure as hell respect them for doing it.

    so yes, the great ones DO deserve a list and a little respect. I really doubt if you met one of these guys on the street you’d mess with him and call him a faker.

    P.S- not all the guys are on steroids..some of that is good old fashioned hard work.

  • John

    Sting during his Crow years got a lot of people interested in pro wrestling that never would have been. It was the only reason I tuned in once in awhile or went over to friends houses for a PPV.

  • SPY

    So.. No mexican wrestlers? I’m disapointed…

  • luckyaz


    10 – Shawn Micheals

    9 – Andre The Giant

    8 – Arn Anderson

    7 – Ric Flair

    6 – Stone Cold Steve Austin

    5 – Triple H

    4 – The Undertaker

    3 – Sting

    2 – Dean Malenko

    1 – Bret Hart


    • Frank

      Sting should be ahead of Dean Malenko.

  • B Russ

    Undertaker and Shawn Michaels should DEFINITELY be on this list.

    I don’t think that Angle can be on this list because he failed a drug test with the WWE, which he claims he had a prescription due to multiple neck problems.

  • Csimmons

    Coming from a former hardcore wrestling fan, this list is crap without the Undertaker, but good otherwise

  • dime138

    -#104- Reality TV and mockumentaries both very much pretend to be real.

  • dime138

    Correction #103

  • DetroitOS

    Great list but it should have been extended to top 25 wrestlers.

  • CJ

    None of the von Erichs? The writer is obviously not an individual from Texas. :)

  • When I was very, very young I remember my dad watching wrestling on television. The only two wrestlers I recall personally are Gorgeous George and one called Haystack somethig…
    Gorgeous George is easy to remember because his act was so over the top, even for a small child.
    I think the only reason I recall Haystack is that one day we ran into him at a Sears store, and he was dressed as he was for the ring; overlarge overalls and no shirt.
    I remember nothing else about wrestling, and have never watched it since, but I do remember it being a very nice dad/daughter hour.

  • mexmark

    What about Macho Man Randy Savage!?!?!? C’mon he was in the slim jim commercials! the confetti gun! he was in spiderman! and pomp and circumstance was his theme song!

  • Mark

    What about John Cena?? Only kidding!

  • Mark

    But, seriously, it is true, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Triple H (12 time world champ dont forget – more titles than most on the list) should definitly be here. Kurt Angle perhaps

  • Pipo

    Bad list!!! Where is The Undertaker!!

  • Mom424

    seque: My mom is a wrestling fan. Haystack Calhoun is to whom you are referring. I’m thinking this list is a tad lame, there is no mention of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Haystack Calhoun, Mad Dog Vachon, Killer Kowalski, to name but a few.

  • Jamie

    Take The Rock off for lack of longevity, put El Santo on for cultural icon status.

  • Kyle

    No HBK, Shawn Michaels is the only reason Bret Hart’s name is still talked about. Let’s face it, unless you are Canadian or a fan of hating HBK, you could careless about Bret Hart. HBK should be where HBK is and I think this poll goes to show that old school wrestling fans, don’t want to accept anything from the present. Hulk Hogan should be number one but I think the Rock and Andre the Giant should be 2 and 3. Also what about Gorgeous George all of you old school fans?

  • jim

    Hogan is unarguably the most influencial wrestler of all time, but emphatically not the greatest. Unfortunately with this list you seem to havefailed to distiguish between the two. And if we’re talking win-lose ratio then bill goldberg should be on this list, cus he like never lost lol. I enjoyed reading the descriptions however, but this list did neglect some major players such as Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle. The list is incomplete. Sorry to sound like im complaining, I appreciate your time and work, and am fully aware that u cant please everybody regardless of how accuarate u are, but this list is deficient needs some refining haha.

  • ringtailroxy

    there was ABSOLUTELY no way I was even going to attempt to read the 121 post before me here…

    all I have to say is that I adored Andre the Giant in “A Princess Bride” and it was the first time I ever thought a wrestler could be a movie star. then again, i never thought a wrester could be a governor…

    but the Rock? OMG, I thought he was so hot a few years ago. then he went all Disney on us.

    but Andre? The finest, most sincere “Gentle Giant” ever!


  • Endower

    I enjoyed reading this list but I think the reactions speak for themselves, everyone likes the wrestler from their generation if they weren’t a constant viewer. Personally, I enjoyed Goldberg’s performance more than some of the others on this list but I am not about to say he has as much contribution to the list’s rating system. Though it is vague on how it rates them as “Greatest.”

  • JAY

    What a crock Hogan was the worst out of the 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mightybk

    It’s impossible to come up with a “definitive” list, but this one is pretty good. However, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan were all rated too highly. Hogan deserves credit for increasing the popularity of the industry, but his lack of in-ring skills should keep him from being Number 1. Flair gets it, and unlike what the author says, The Rock wasn’t THE BEST on the mike, it was Flair. And for those of you who only know Flair of the last 5 years or so, go to youtube and look up some of his mid-80s work, both in the ring and on the mike. There was no better. And you can’t have a top 10 of all time and not have Gorgeous George on it. He brought theatrics to pro wrestling, and all of the current wrestlers owe him for that.

  • jimmy

    what a crap list

  • robneiderman

    Why did it take 73 comments for someone to mention KURT FREAKIN ANGLE?!

  • 121. Mom424 : seque:… Haystack Calhoun
    Thank You!
    I can still see those black and white images, little men in costume wrestling around in a square “ring” (that always confused me, why wasn’t it called a square?)

  • Doctor Diogones

    Has anyone mentioned that the picture of Buddy Rogers looks like George C. Scott? The head does. I can’t comment on the rest. No, wait, I can. If I looked like that, then I would go everywhere just like Buddy looks.

    Again, I don’t know if anyones mentioned either, but my favorites, not-so-old and fairly new, are Jerry Lawler and Mick Foley. Both legendary in my opinion.
    I was on a plane to Tennessee in the 80’s with Jerry and Brutus Beafcake. The both sat far from one another and in the luggage check., they remained indifferent to each other.
    I was too shy to ask for Jerry’s autogragh. But he was my favorite.
    And Mick Foley.. what can I say? Anyone who get’s bodyslamed on a mat covered with tacks or has been thrown off the top of the cage by The Undertaker, gets my respect.

  • bighouse221

    Bucslim and all other haters- I see you don’t like wrestling but you have plenty of time to post on a wrestling list. I can’t stand country music and politics but I havn’t been checking up on those sites lately and I certainly havn’t been chatting it up on their lists. You must have other hobbies and watch other programs on tv. Obviously those are much better than wrestling. Let me know what I should be watching instead of wrestling and I’ll conform to your standards. I mean why should I watch something I enjoy if you say it is stupid. I am touched that you are so concerned with my viewing pleasure. Please leave a post on what I should wear tomorrow and how I should have my hair done.

  • Lady Baglady

    This list is SO not my thing … but I actually quite enjoyed reading it.
    Very informative and interesting. Good list.

  • UnklBob

    Nice listing. There seems to be a younger ‘slant’ to the feedback than in the list, and that’s to be expected in the ‘Net society, but a lot of the suggested additions are just modernized versions of the standard characterizations in the pro-wrestling theater.

    I just finished reading the Gorgeous George Wagner biography, and it was a really good read, covering both his career and the cultural influence he had on performers as diverse as Muhammad Ali & Bob Dylan.

    I would include him instead of Rogers, who was a GG rip-off. Such characters as Flair, Rogers, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, and many,many more basically portrayed the same vain, stylish, snooty heel who cowered when cornered and would cheat to win – but also possessed the technical skills to outwrestle the babyface if needed.

    I also debate SCSAs inclusion – he was entertaining in the basic ‘renegade cowboy up against the boss/comissioner’ role, but that had been done by at least a few promotions before.

    I’d like to nominate instead the Original Sheik for both his mainstreaming of the ultra-bloody/violent matches and his incredible longetivity as a performer, arena draw as an imported performer (I just had to see him ‘bounty hunt’in 1978 in New Orleans, against perhaps Ray Candy?), and successful promoter.

    As an older fan, I feel fortunate to have seen the big Superdome card with the Freebirds/JYD blindness angle ‘payoff match’ and one of the first Hogan/Andre encounters (Andre in a squash over AWA’s Hogan, as well as such performers as Ernie Ladd, the Assassin, Wahoo McDaniel, Jerry Brisco up close from the 2nd row – in the days before they padded the ringside floor.

    Lastly, with apologies to all you ‘pink & black’ fans, but BH – although a gifted & popular performer – making top 10 of all time is a stretch of enormous proportions.

  • UnklBob

    #109 – DEAN MALENKO ??!!???

  • Vera Lynn

    Hmm. Interesting. I have never watched wrestling, but I know who most of these people are. It’s fun to read the impassioned comments. Who knew pro-wrestlers had such a loyal following?

  • 5monkeys

    I remember watching the cartoon show about wrestlers, I forgot the name but I would wake up so early just to cathc it, I loved the one with rubber bands all over his face. As far as any other wrestlers the Rock can have his won list, though a short one anything with him is better. :)


    J –
    I would suggest adding Lillian Ellison (the “Fabulous Moolah”) – she was a pioneer – women’s wrestling – very respected – she died last year – read about her – she had an interesting life.

  • k1w1taxi

    What a brave call Rolo. Grading the Top 10 Wrestlers, certainly I can think of easier ways to make friends:)

    My wrestling experiences come in two distinct periods. The early 70’s in NZ with Big Time Wrestling and On The Mat, both from NZ and Oz but featuring some fairly Big Name US wrestlers. My favourites were Abdullah The Butcher (What a forehead – absolutely covered in scar tissue), and a couple of Good guys whose names actually escape me at the moment, though one was touted as being the father of then new wrestler Rick Martell.

    The second period was WWF for the five or six years preceding SCSA. The stories were starting to get a bit ridiculous, but nowhere near as bad as later, but the wrestling, except for the Hulk and The Ultimate Warrior, was still good to watch as an athletic display. Unfortunately in choosing a no talent hack like Hogan to pin his promotion on McMahon essentially destroyed any pretense at athletic skill required especially as his other names became physically bigger and bigger – Yokozuna anyone.

    To Mortivore (27) and Kyle(123) I guess you have never really watched the Hitman in action, the man’s technical prowess and speed were unmatched during his time. Incidentally there was a very good cinematic doco about Hart’s Last year with the WWF. It was supposed to be a fly on the wall year in the life type thing but no one counted on the death of Owen or McMahon’s shafting of Bret. Great stuff.

    The only change I would make to your list Rolo is to put Flair at #1 because not only did he carry the NWA for years but he also had the skill to carry a lump like Hogan for the entire duration of their fights (which incidentally might have been amongst the longest of Hogans career but were mere sprints to Flair who has wrestled single matches of 45 minutes duration). And I probably would also have had GG ahead of The Rock due to overall longevity and impact.

    Finally remembering New Zealand’s proud record in pro Wrestling from Lofty Blomfield to….The Bushwhackers YEAH!!!


  • k1w1taxi

    OOH and I forgot to mention the best thing about The Macho Man… Miss Elizabeth. :D


  • mofleminator

    colin delany? why isnt he on this list?

  • yeti

    #94- I feel like an idiot for having read your comment…
    #96- Of course it’s fake you jackass. It’s entertainment. Now go tell your fake mother…
    #29- That would be “Snuka”…
    Alot of you should think of wrestlers with actual talent, not just wrestlers you like.

  • Slipstick

    I read the first 125 and skimmed the rest (to 143.) There should be an “Honorable Mention” section to this list naming a few then, “and many more too numerous to list (including your favorite performer.)”

    I must admit to watching it when I was young. If I had to nominate some people to the honorable mention list (since I pretty much can find no fault with the list given) I would have to say:

    Randy “The Macho Man” Savage
    Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
    whichever is the Steiner brother who is jacked up on ‘roids now. He may not have been the most popular, but he was an excellent technical wrestler in the ring.
    Jake “The Snake” Roberts
    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

    and one of my favorites who was in my favorite buddy film of all-time… “Big” John Studd and his role in “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.”

  • Mav

    This list has Bret Hart but No HBK, BLASPHEMY!
    WTF at no Undertaker at all.
    Hulk at #1 was expected and lame. I hate him!

  • bwmyers18

    How in the world has no one mentioned The American Dream yet ???? Dusty Rhodes and his “Bionic Elbow” !!!

  • mightybk

    Dusty was great but with all of the names out there, I’m not sure I’d put him in the top 10. Top 25 definitely, though.

  • AImp

    Hey what about SuperStar Billy Graham, where do you think Hulkster got his gimmick Tie die shirts & clothes from.

    Hey Mexico What about the GREAT MIL MASCARAS !!!!!

  • Cedestra

    76. SuperHero: (and anyone else making up lists like he did) So you’re saying that all the greatest wrestlers existed after 1980? NOBODY was good before then? Everyone else sucked? ‘Your entire life’ must be

  • Cedestra

    CUT OFF: …less than 25 years.
    You want to check out some great non-American female wrestling, check out the women of Bolivia!

  • Cubone

    Anyone who says Pro-wrestling is ridiculous only need to read a comic book, watch a soap opera, turn on MTV, then tell me which is more ridiculous . . .
    from the home of Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

    It’s all good fun

  • Ellycat

    What about Dusty Rhodes? Remember him?

  • Blacknimbus

    Yeah, I’d have to add a luchadore to the list…Mil Mascaras or El Santo.

    And real wrestling wouldn’t sell as well as the scripted, action-packed staged stuff. You really can’t give someone a piledriver and have them walk away from it…it’s just theater. It’s not my cup of tea, but it has it’s place.

    I do like Sumo, however. The matches are brief but exciting. And the winner this year was originally from Belgium and the tournament was thrilling.

  • Aldo

    For everybody who says wrestling is fake:

    We know it’s fake but it’s still entertaining.

    P.S. EVERYTHING else on t.v. is fake too, but you don’t see me bitching to you about it.

  • Woooooolhouse

    The with with pro wrestling is that you could have a Top 100 Greatest of all time list, and there would still be people complaining about people missing. I might suggest a Top 10 greatest wrestling entertainers, Top 10 greatest wrestling athletes, Top 10 Weirdest Professional Wrestling Gimmicks, etc.

  • SuHa

    makes the damn point there, whats teh point of people posting ITS FAKE–when they are obviously watching it

    and what about Afa Anoai

  • Cubone

    Hey the presidential candidates are all fake and ya still watch ’em!

  • luckyaz


  • Slipstick

    Luckyaz, if you do a search through the posts, you’d realize that The Ultimate Warrior had been mentioned 8 times before you. Took all of 20 seconds to open the “Find in Page” function of the web browser and search the text.

  • damn rigtht hulk hogen is number 1

  • Kim

    What! No John Cena?! Haha just kidding, seriously though it’s kinda sad that Undertaker, Sting, HBK, and Foley did not make it in to the list but I gotta give credit that at least they included old stars like Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino but still … Especially HBK …

  • Eis-Fred

    144:Slipstick – I think you mean Scott Steiner. I think he was better before his latest gimmick.

  • Emil

    There should be Chris Jericho. End of.

  • 2worlds

    It would be nice if..

    Shawn Michaels
    Triple H
    And Undertaker were on this list.
    I also think that Ric flair should be No. 1.

  • Ashar Ali

    hulk hogan looks like plastic in that picture

  • nick-ol-ass

    im thinkin goldberg or sting should b made…i mean hello! they were flippin amazing! ppl feared them

  • Ichthys

    The outcomes are pre-determined, but the matches aren’t scripted…

  • Nice to see a pro wrestling list on listverse :)
    my top 5 personal favorites are Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, RVD, HHH, and Chris Jericho.
    The only one on this list that I strongly disagree with is The Rock. He got over by talking about shiny sideways sodomy. Lame.

  • luckyaz

    everyone has a different top ten, its all about eras man. i grew up with hbk, hhh, steve austin, scott hall, kevin nash, the big show (and the giant), the nWo, monday night wars, etc. if you know the 80’s, you would mention mr. perfect, hulk hogan (to us 90’s, hollywood hogan was the shit), dusty rhodes, superstar billy, andre the giant, etc. its all about eras. even though in about 10 years, i would add edge and batista to this list. LOL, SHINY SIDEWAYS SODOMY, LOL THATS FUCKIN HILARIOUS!

  • luckyaz

    i. surprised owen hart anit been mentioned many times

  • Amanda

    For those shouting “Fake!” – good lord, you’re the type of people who make us wrestling fans face/palm. After having spent 7 years as a wrestling “journalist” (does that make me a fake journalist? :P ), I’m tired of being a broken record – but here’s the simple answer, in 1 syllable or less for you…we know.

    There’s a whole lot of reasons why people ridicule wrestling and wrestling fans – there’s a lot of homophobia, lack of respect for intelligence (not everyone’s a red neck ya know, I have a university degree and a worldly outlook tyvm), lack of understanding towards the violence. Basically a whole lack of empathy for anyone being able to think, enjoy and understand for themselves.

    Oh crap, I started writing one of my old columns :P

    @#22 – really? That’s way too messy. And the reason why I can’t enjoy wrestling anymore.

    And ok, being subjective…but…HBK!!! ;)

  • Mo

    As a kid, I watched Bret Hart wrestle, and developed a HUGE crush on him.

    … 10+ years later, I’m still in love. :-P

  • skydropco

    My regional favourites ( 1960’s-early 70’s pacific coast ) were
    Gene Kiniski
    Don Leo Jonathan
    Steve Little Bear
    Dutch Savage
    Iron Mike Webster
    Eric Frolic
    Buck Ramstead
    John Tolos
    Bulldog Brown
    The Brute
    when i lived in Edmonton Alberta in the early ’80’s , i was fortunate enough to catch Stampede Wrestling in it’s prime,and got to see the early careers of Bret and Owen hart, The British Bulldogs, Chris Benoit, and so many others.

  • Bensonians

    The rock doesn’t deserve to b there.

    What did he brought to the wwe?

    His ego, cheap one liners, and being mcmahon’s pet in most of his career.

    Shawn, undertaker, foley, benoit, guererro are more fit to be #9



  • carlton

    well i agree with this list but Slick Ric should be number 1 not 2 what bout kurt angle,eddie guererro,chris benoit now thats great wrestlers

  • DeToX

    UNDERTAKER. Everyone else has said it, so do I. Not only is he undefeated in 16 Wrestlemania’s, he has ALWAYS been a fan favorite no matter what side he was playing for, and he has been wrestling since 1984. The better part of 30 years. Hulk may have started before Undertaker, but Undertaker has lasted much longer. Besides, Hulk has only held 12 major titles in his career. Undertaker has held 14 just in the WWF/E, of which 6 are *The* championship. (4x WWF/E Champion and 2x World Heavyweight Champion)

  • jbjr

    Good list. Would have Austin and Andre higher. Where’s Verne Gagne?

  • john

    the toughest S.O.B in the WWF/E history…In ma opinion the best wrestlers of all time in my list:-

    1-Stone Cold Steve Austin
    2-Brett ‘The Hitman hart’
    3-The Rock
    4-HBK-Shawn micheals
    5-Hulk Hogan
    6-Bruno sammartino
    7-Ric flair
    8-Dynamite kid
    9-Eddie gurrero

  • alakdan13

    Wheres Mick Foley? Remember Mankind, Dude Love and of course Cactus Jack, the best hardcore wrestler ever.

  • Tomo

    Man, who would’ve thunk that pro-wrestling would elicit so many comments. This list did bring back so many memories.

    I think Hulk v. Andre was one of the best matches I saw as a kid, can’t remember which wrestlemania, the one where Hulk body slammed Andre, it was so cool.

    HBK and Undertaker are sorely missing from thi list. But then there have been so many characters with so many gimmicks that have entertained us like Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Hacksaw Jim Dougan, The Big Boss Man, Ravishing Rick Rude, the British Bulldogs, Tony Atlas, Lex Luger (who body slammed Yokozuna on board the SS Intrepid, classic!), those crazy head-licking bushwackers, oh there were so many.

  • Rob

    Don’t know if this has already been posted, but the entry on Hulk Hogan is a little off – he is an excellent technical wrestler, only he doesn’t use technical moves in the US. His US reputation is one of a brawler who uses his power and inspiration (from the “Hulkamaniacs”) to win his matches. In Japan, he is widely considered a top technical wrestler – maybe not on par with Brett Hart and Chris Benoit, but excellent nonetheless.

  • Miss Destiny

    If you’re going to have Hogan as #1 you might as well call this the “Top 10 Greatest Sports Entertainers” of all time, because while he did wonders for the WWF/E and for the business as a whole, Hulk Hogan is not the greatest wrestler of all time. He isn’t the worst, but he definitely isn’t the best. I would put Flair before Hogan.

    I’ve got to give kudos for including Andre the Giant, though. He was one of my favorites as a kid. (And one of the reasons the Princess Bride is my favorite movie!)

    Also, where in the world is Shawn Michaels? He was one of the first to use high-flying moves like moonsaults in mainstream (American) pro wrestling, he was in the first ladder match in WWE history. I would even dare to say that Triple H should be on this list. He is a better wrestler than Hogan, politics or not. I would suggest Kurt Angle as well, but I am biased, he is my favorite wrestler.

    Who else is missing? Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, the Fabulous Moolah, Killer Kowalski, the Sheik, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka, shoot you could even add Owen Hart to the list. I could go on forever with names that should have been on this list. No Mexican wrestlers and just one Japanese wrestler? Chris Benoit would have been a shoo-in for the top five if he hadn’t turned himself into a bad CSI episode. It’s a shame, he truly was one of the greatest and no one will ever remember him for that anymore.

    On the positive side, at least Goldberg isn’t on this list.

  • Ian

    Really? No Foley?
    What about KENTA?

    I don’t think Buddy should be on the list, or Andre.
    Also, I’d say Rock is no higher than 10th: and that to me is a push…

    And I really don’t care what anyone says.. Chris Benoit was the best skilled wrestler to ever walk the earth. Not much on mic-skils, but he was still more skilled than anyone in your list.

    If we’re talking all aspects of the wrestling profession, Hulk Hogan shouldn’t make that list. He was about a 5/10 in the ring at his prime.

  • Defy

    I would have swapped out the Rock with the Undertaker. The Rock was fun to watch, but his career was too short.

    I also would have swapped out Buddy Rogers with Santo. In Mexico, the guy managed to transcend wrestling and become a mainstream star. Very cool.

    The rest of the list is great.

    And to all the people bashing those of us who enjoy watching professional wrestling, it must be really hard to live a life where you cannot enjoy fictional entertainment.

  • Rob

    what about people like funk or kenta?

  • Chrispeare

    1. Bret Hart
    2. Lou Thesz
    3. Dynamite Kid
    4. Verne Gagne
    5. Kurt Angle

    6. Frank Gotch
    7. Tiger Mask
    8. Nick Bockwinkel
    9. Ric Flair
    10. Eddie Guerrero

    This list is far more legit.

    lol Rock and Undertaker even being mentioned.

  • Prakstin

    No Undertaker….shocking!!!
    He is probably the greatest wrestler in the history of pro-wrestling (even ahead of Flair and Hogan), due to the following reason:
    – the most complete wrestler combining size, charisma, inring mobility and technical skills.
    – the most recognisable figure worldwide in wrestling since the 90’s
    – currently has the most number of finishing moves- 4 (Chokeslam, Lastride, tombstone piledriver and now Hell’s Gate.
    – His entrance garners the most interest among wrestling viewers (some come to watch his entrance alone)

  • The Grey GOAT

    I agree with the Undertaker needing to be on this list just because he’s always been wrestlings “Ultimate Badass” and will always be my favorite.

    But as far as charisma, character, and fun to watch factor…that award goes to Hogan, Flair, Macho Man, Stone Cold, and Ultimate Warrior. Those guys knew how to take a camera or a mic and make a show. Without guys like that, wrestling would have never been fun to watch.
    (Watch “Ultimate Warrior Remix” on youtube, hilarious how crazy he was)

    In terms of skill, I think Bret Hart is the Michael Jordan of wrestling. That guy was always fun to watch. Yeah it’s fake, but it still takes tremendous skill to pull off what they do and not kill yourself or the other guy. Bret Hart always entertained and showed a level of athleticism that no one else has ever been able to recreate.

  • Catch as Prodigy Can

    A More Accurate List!

    1.Bruno Sammartino
    2.Ric Flair
    3.Verne Gagne
    4.Antonino Rocca
    5.Terry Funk
    6.Lou Thesz
    7.Edouardo Carpentier
    8.Bret Hart
    9.Mil Mascaras
    10.El Santo
    11.Antonio Inoki
    12.Harley Race
    13.Hulk Hogan
    14.Ultimate Warrior
    15.Dean Malenko
    16.Chris Benoit
    17.Tully Blanchard
    19.Kurt Angle
    20.Macho Man Randy Savage
    21.Bob Backlund
    22.Pedro Morales
    23.Billy Robinson
    24.Curt Hennig
    25.Ivan Koloff
    26.Superstar Billy Graham
    27.Jack Brisco
    28.Nick Bockwinkel
    29.Gene Kiniski
    30.Killer Kowalski
    31.Andre the Giant
    32.Superfly Jimmy Snuka & the list goes on

  • Catch as Prodigy Can

    Of course you can mention names like
    Frank Gotch,Mark Lewin, Buddy Rogers,
    Ernie Ladd, Vader, Stone Cold Austin,
    Shawn Michaels,Tito Santana, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, The Rock, The Mighty Igor,
    Ivan Putski,Triple H, Randy Orton, Bobby Duncum, Ken Patera, Barry Windham,
    Stan Stasiak, Jerry the King Lawler,
    Rick Martel, Rey Misterio,
    Eddy and Chavo Guererro, Jeff Jarett, and others, but the first list is more classic!

  • Catch as Prodigy Can

    Larry Zybysko, Greg Gagne, Kevin Nash, Sabu,
    Taz, Dusty Rhodes, Bobo Brazil, Blackjack Brothers, Mr. Fugi, Toru Tanaka,
    Mark Waltman, Jim Londos, The Great Muta,
    Giant Baba, Boris The Great Malenko,
    Ludvig Borga, Hijo Del Santo,
    Don Leo Jonathan, The Undertaker, Kane,
    Ox Baker, Billy Kidman,these also belong in the top 100. Can you name more?

  • Frankie

    Ricky Steamboat, Billy Robinson, Dynamite Kid, Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens are some of my favourites, and are some of the best workers ever. Also none of the wrestlers who pioneered the sport like Ed “The Strangler” Lewis, Joe Stetcher, Jim Londos, Frank Gotch and Bill Muldoon. Gorgeous George should perhaps be there, for influencing the top 2 on your list along with Buddy Rogers, hell he as the first to wear a fancy rhobe to the ring, with entrance music.

  • Chico

    I agree with this list completely. I, personally, and please realize that this is just an opinion, wouldnt put the Undertaker on this list. Sure, he’s what 16-0 now at wrestlemania? But he just doesn’t have the charm that these guys have. This guy is all powerhouse, and sure that pleases a lot of people, but not as much as the showy flashy kind of things these guys did, the kind of things that land you in the WWE hall of fame. Because wrestling once u hit things like the WWE or the WWF, however u wanna remember it, is about 20% wrestling and 80% pleasing the crowd!

  • Andres

    This list cannot be taken seriously without the Undertaker.

    194, I will really have to disagree with you. The Undertaker doesn’t have charisma? Then WHY WAS HE VOTED THE NUMBER ONE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME ON THE RAW BRAND, OVER GUYS LIKE AUSTIN or Cena, even when he’s been on SmackDown for more than five years? If that’s not charisma I don’t know what the word means.

    Good sources (such as interviews to other wrestlers) have it that the Undertaker is by far the most respected outside the ring. He’s looked up to and even Vince McMahon treats him as an authority. The guy has done for the business what no one, absolutely no one has done (except, perhaps, for the McMahons themselves).

    18 years of consecutive hard-work, of giving up championships so as to putt over young talents, of unparalleled talent and enormous charisma, of some of the most memorable matches of all time (three of the top ten matches of all time according to a survey involved him, included two on the top five), and of solid, consistent devotion to a business that sometimes doesn’t give him what he really deserves, cannot go unnoticed. Sure, Hogan made of the WWF a household name, Rock is funny and Austin is a money-machine, but the Undertaker, aside from being far more talented than nearly every wrestler on the list (save, for example, Bret Hart), has contributed more to the business, and has amassed a larger, more consistent fanbase. Look at Youtube comments, look at forums, look at this list: every reasonably sensible wrestling fan considers him a Top 5, to say the least.

  • Prvnmthws

    Aw cmon taker..i scrolled down the list and expected him to b in the top 5 if not 1. He is a legend and what abt HBK. Those 2 r the only wrestlers left from the golden age. You defo have 2 rewrite this one.

  • lil nick

    What about Mickey Rourke (he is “the wrestler”) and Bonesaw (from Spiderman).

  • bobbyo

    Ok, whoever said Brock Lesnar should be on here is not a wrestling fan. he was a joke and he was only in the business for a few years. Same for Goldberg, yeah he had the streak and he could make a match look good, but he was a tool. The Rock shouldn’t be on here over guys like The Undertaker or HBK or Sting for that matter. Sting never jumped ship for money, appreciated and drew fans and had a lot of numerous titles and runs. If you’re gonna bust some of these guys for not being flashy with moves and technique none of them should really be on the list, except Ric Flair of course, because let’s admit, The Nature Boy IS wrestling. How’s the guy from Australia not know who Ric Flair is?! For all the people who keep mentioning current wrestlers, there’s a reason why they’re not on here, because they’re current!! They don’t have the time and popularity that these guys did. Macho Man could be on a list for the ability to draw and put on a show, not the greatest of all time, because he wasn’t/ Hogan should be 2 because he is. No one beats Flair and his tenure and ability to sell, draw and create such a pop. Hogan is popular because Vince pushed him so hard, like he did with Triple H and Cena. Cena’s a pretty boy and can’t live with out that title, it’s sick. Triple H is huge and a really good showman. He could be on the list. Ultimate Warrior was a dud, he got the shot, took it and blew it because he’s a LUNATIC! Where’s Dean Malenko?! The person that mentioned the Great Khali must be sharing roides with the Warrior. Really?!?! The Great Khali? Gimme a break! That’s sad. On that note, I’m done.

  • gym

    rick flair ahead of lou thesz when is the guy that rated these wrestlers going to come out of the ether????? and no don leo jonathan ha ha amazing !!!!!

  • mohamad

    the undertaker is the greatest phenom in the history of wwe/near 2 decade of distruction- defeating everyone that there is to beat/he is the best

  • Rakib

    The Goldberg is the greatest phenom in the history of wrestling. He defeated all the wrestler in his time. After him I will stand for peoples Champ – The Rock

  • Ruthless Volcano

    I agree with raqib where is greatest “Da Man” undefeated Bill Goldberg. I think Rolo Tomasi will re think or restablished the the list.

  • greg the great

    WOW, I know Goldberg didn’t wrestle for as long as some of these guys but when he did he was unbeatable, he beat Batista with a shaterred knee near his retirement. Hulk Hogan!? Is this list a list based on popularity or actual wrestling greatness!? Stone Cold should be at the top alongside Goldberg I just don’t get people.

  • Ruthless Volcano

    Greg you really the great. I am also with you!

  • Teknologix


  • Wrobellion

    My top ten but the list goes on

    10.Ultimate warrior
    9.terry funk
    8.Hulk Hogan the animal steele
    6.Stone Cold Steve Austin
    5.Shawn Michaels
    4.triple H
    3. Brett Hart
    2.Jimmy Snuka
    1.Mick Foley

  • Aaron

    ‘greg the great’ if this list was based on pure wrestling ability, more than half these guys wouldn’t make it. hogan and goldberg are definitely the dregs.

  • jay

    Hey granny you sure aren’t missing much.Here’s me and grannys picks.
    1)The Nature boy ,space mountain here we come.Woooo
    2)The man called “STING”
    3)The Road Warriors
    4)Hollywood Hogan
    5)The Undertaker
    6)The Macho Man
    7)The Andersons 8)The Steiners 9)Trillionaire Ted
    10)Rowdy Roddy Piper

  • bobby

    I guess I am most surprised at the fact that Gorgeous George didn’t make the list. Buddy Rogers is integral to the creation of Ric Flair and others in the ring, but take one look at Flair’s flashy robe and it screams Gorgeous George. George brought the role of the heel into such a mainstream focus of the audience that he at least deserves a sidenote. The wrestlers on this list are important not because of how well they did or who likes them, it is important because they all changed the events or revolutionized them in some way.

  • Kyle

    No Undertaker or HBK?

    Hogan can’t wrestle.Ya he ruled the wrestling world but it was because other guys had to sell for him, he had three moves.But like I said he ruled but Flair should be number one.

  • Camtown

    I like this list. IT would look good to see the U ndertaker in it, but the list is valid, the Taker just would make it look better I guess (instead of un-shapely people, lol)

  • genaroian_13

    for me its stone cold

  • Aaron Hurricane Bouchard

    Bret Hart by far should be #1 , The best there is , the best there was and the best there ever will be!!! It’s that simple fokes

  • Andres

    Rakib—Neither did Goldberg ever defeat the Undertaker nor is it “politically correct” to say that he is the greatest Phenom. That’s like saying Hogan is the King of Kings, Steve Austin the animal, and the Sammartino the Nature Boy. Just no.

    But I agree, Goldberg was a great athlete.

    By the way, list boy, it’s Bret, not Brett.

  • Chappo

    I Think your Forgetting Somone…… The HeartBreak Kiiddd Shawn the Main Event Micheals !!!!!!!!

  • MMAngel

    There’s a lot of great wrestlers
    My top faves were

    10 mick foley
    9 the rock
    8 rey mysterio
    7 dx all team (hbk, hhh, xpac, chyna, mr ass, road dogg)
    6 brett hart
    5 undertaker
    4 sting
    3 kane
    2 goldberg
    1 stone cold

    Future hall of famers
    John cena
    Aj styles
    Kurt angle
    Jeff hardy
    Samoa joe
    Big show

  • Da Crusher Bolo

    Where’s Da Crusher? And Killer Kowolski? Gorgeous George? Mad Dog Vachon? All these stupid lists I keep finding on the internet for “greatest wrestlers ever”, and they all keep slighting the men who made “rasslin'” what it is today.

    For example, look at Da Crusher’s career:

    1. 40 year career that almost spanned 6 decades (1949-89).

    2. 3 heavvyweight championships and 11 tag-team championships.

    3. Da Crusher promoted weightlifting before it was vogue (ie. 100-megaton biceps).

    4. Crusher wrestled either alongside or against everyone on your list (except “Rock”- he wrestled with his father and grandfather while Dwayne Johnson cheered from the seats; and maybe Bret Hart, although with a wrestling family like the Hart’s, it’s hard to say how many of them Da Crusher rassled).

    5. He “made” the interview the entertaining feature of wrestling that it is today (Da Crusher was Ric Flair’s hero growing up).

    6. He called other rasslers “Turkeynecks” and “Bums” because they were.

    7. A true working-class hero in many countries on many continents that real people could really “relate” with.

    8. Used his celebrity status not to reap personal benefits but to help worthy causes (He even conducted the symphony orchestra as a fundraiser).

    9. Da Crusher was a World War II Vet, a bricklayer, and devoted family man outside the ring who always remained true to his roots.

    10. Da Crusher REFUSED TO SELL OUT professional wrestling as “fake!”

    If dese ain’t good enough reasons to consider Da Crusher among da greatest rasslers, den what more could he do?

  • drew from oz

    I tend to agree with the top ten wrestlers on this list, except, like many of the previous comments, the Undertaker surely has to be in the top ten – you can’t ignore a 17-0 undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Triple H would also push this top 10 by the time he retires, but there are a four or five wrestlers, others outside WWF/WWE, that you could say this about.

    The other guy who was a tad unlucky to miss out would be Rowdy Roddy Piper. Arguably, he didn’t win the major titles, but if Hulk Hogan can come in at No.1 for what he did to bring professional wrestling into the mainstream, Piper has to be among that list. As the man himself once said to Hulk, “They (the fans) wouldn’t have loved you as much, if they hadn’t had hated me so much.” In his day, Piper was the perfect heel.

    It is easy to say Hogan should be at the top of the list, but he was a showman, not a wrestler’s wrestler. The disparity between Hogan at 1 and Austin at 6 is far too great. Flair should defintely be ahead of Hogan – ask any true wrestling fan. I think Bret Hart at 4 is too high, especially if Undertaker is not in the top 10.

  • PrvnMthws

    You have to have the undertaker on that he is 17-0 at wrestlemania..not that he didn’t deserve to be on before..the man is a wrestling legend..

  • davethehitmanfan

    first of all hey kyle note no 123/ bret hart is still popular in the usa he`s had a lot of people show up for his dvd and book signings second goldberg might have been physcaly in great shape but he was a lousy wrestler he ended up hurting some of the wrestlers he worked with just ask the hitman who his career was ended by him also if bret would make a apperence on raw people would go crazy like they did when he was still wrestling/ the other wrestlers i liked very much macho man/owen hart god please rest his soul/piper/mr perfect/boss man/undertaker/anvil /davey boy/the lod/hogan/mr wonderful/stone cold /the rock/i really miss,miss elizabeth/i love all the divas past and present/rick rude/warrior/hhh/steamboat/the natural distards/pillman/demolation/hall/nash/yoko/hbk/ i really loved the old federation years but over all the hitman is the best in my book

  • Y2J

    Chris Jericho is the best in the world
    1.Chris Jericho
    2.Chris Jericho
    3.Chris Jericho
    SAVE US Chris

  • Marty

    This list fails. It should be:
    1. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels
    2. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
    3. Bret “The Hitman” Hart
    4. “Mr.Perfect” Curt Hennig
    5. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
    6. Ricky “The Dragon” Stamboat
    7. “The Macho Man” Randy Savage
    8. “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson
    9. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
    10. Tully Blanchard/Tito Santana (tied)

  • Hardcore Wrestling Fan 777

    The list doesn’t got it risht the list should look like:
    10.Stone Cold Steve Austin
    9.The Rock
    8.”Mr.Perfect” Curt Henning
    7.”The Milion Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
    6.Hulk Hogan
    5.Ric Flair
    4.Bret Hart
    3.Bruno Sammartino
    2.”HBK” Shawn Michaels
    1.Ed “the stangler” Lewis

  • sallysweet


    Thank goodness, I was afraid I’d open this list and see Cena on it somewhere.

  • Zivanani

    1. Bret Hart
    2. Undertaker
    3. Hulk Hogan
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Steve Austin
    6. The Rock
    7. Macho Man
    8. Sting
    9. randy orton….will be great
    10. Jeff Hardy….will also be great

  • jason

    This list is crap. How can you miss Undertaker, HBK, Goldberg and Triple H. Is there any wrestler who made an impact as big as Brock lesnar? How come you miss them?

  • davethehitmanfan

    hey yo are you kidding me goldberg was not a good wrestler at all he was just lucky his matches were the same all the time also he was so stiff he really did damage to the guy he was working with just ask bret hart to put goldberg on the all time list of great wrestlers is just crazy goldberg will never be better than bret hart /hogan/macho man/piper/hbk /hhh/undertaker/owen hart/hall /nash/sting/brock lesner /stone cold/the rock /i could go on forever lets face it goldberg really was not that good.

  • Noor

    Wers sting?

  • henrock

    this is the greatest top ten list with reason..
    10 triple h – married the bosses daughter..that is one of the craziest things in sports entertainment…and 13 time world champion
    9 ric flair – the best in the 80s he is one true wrestler cuz he loves this buisness…and influenced alot of these guys he can clearly be the greatest wrestler but popularity and records mean alot
    8 sting – this man quickly reached popularity status in matches with flair and had one of the best gimmicks in wrestling wit the crow look
    7 kurt angle – the only olympic gold medalist in wrestling…a technical machine and a 9 time champion
    6 the rock – he was 2nd to none when getting on the microphone…he was not yellin on the mic he was just cracking jokes…and in the ring he had skills and a look like no other…but 97-04 was just not enough to be the greatest of all time
    5 the undertaker – the best start from scratch character ever made…he was the first heel to get cheered when he beat hulk hogan and he has been the deadman since 91 and never lost at wrestlemania
    4 bret hart – the best technical wrestler on this list and maybe of all time…he defenetly was better than hogan in the ring with skills but once again popularity and sell outs mean alot more
    3 shawn micheals – the man with so many names…there is and will never be another shawn michaels..he has more matches of the year than anybody…when you can have a match of the year with vince you are great…he was the man who carried the buisness when hulk hogan went to wcw because he was the most pupular in the wwf through 95-96…
    2 hulk hogan – the man who put wrestling on the map…he took it to the highest level in the 80s…popularity to the max…went to wcw made the NWO became the greatest stable of all time…he made all the records but for one man to break them all..hulk hogan could easily be the greatest but the greatest of all time is…
    1 STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN – the leader of the greatest era in wrestling the ATTITUDE ERA…he broke every record of hogan and thats hard to accomplish…he took wrestling to the highest level…is like hulk hogan was in a car and it was going 120mph stone cold took the same car and made it go 220mph…it all comes down to this…do you rather see a guy come down to the ring rip his shirt off and then hulk up to do a leg drop or do you want to hear the glass break then come down to the ring with attitude stomp a mud hole in ya give you the middle finger and stone cold stunner you to a celeberation of beer…it has been said by vince and others that he is the greatest superstar of all time…you are first a jobber then green then a wrestler then a star then a superstar…this is why i came with the solution of the top ten greatest wrestlers of all time

  • Andres07

    Undertaker, Sammartino, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan have also been called the “Greatest Wrestler of All Time” by McMahon and/or other top wrestlers.

  • k1w1taxi

    Andres07 (230)
    And I would believe ANYTHING McMahon or one of his employees said because…..?

    BTW Jamie, in looking for this thread to make this reply I found it misfiled under Sport when it clearly should be Entertainment :p


  • futurewrestler

    Man wheress hbk you have two put him up there and not tyrna bee like everybody else but taker must be up there he defined wrestling and still doing it wow what a guy and fabulose mula she need to be there your talking wrestlers that had titles for a long time well there she is and last come on why not killer kollwaski mann he trained my fav wrestler triple h got to respect that

  • dontbelivethehype

    Bret Hart should be 1 or 2 …he was better than Flair for sure. Flair matches were the same alot like Hogan matches.

    No one can deny the popularity of Hogan..but Bret was as popular as both maybe even more popular than Flair especially worldwide…and put on 100 times better matches with his masterful story telling.

    I remember when i was a kid…watching Bret Hart and thinking this might be real for a sec… because his punches looked so real…and made the matches so believable. That’s what pro wrestling is about…not Hulking up every match or going to the top rope everytime and getting thrown off like Flair did…how believable is that?

    Don’t get me wrong I love the Hulkster..and even go WOOOO sometimes even though im not a huge Flair fan at all..but can understand what he means to the industry….but Bret Hart was clearly the Best there is…The Best there was….and The Best there ever will be!!

  • HBK 21

    No way:

    HBK Shawn Michaels is the gratest wrestler of all time:
    I’ts the best in what he does, like Zidane in football.

  • The thruth is?

    HBK is the best wrestler of all time:

    In my view no Superstar even comes close to The Heartbreak Kid. Shawn Michaels has done everything that there is to do in the wrestling business. Not only has Shawn done everything that there is to do in this business but HBK has also revolutionized this business. In a company that at one time was dominated by big men Shawn was able to climb the ladder (literally) to the top. Shawn introduced us to things like the Ladder Match, Iron Man Match, Hell In A Cell Match, and even the Elimination Chamber Match. Also on his list of firsts Shawn Michaels was the first man to enter the royal rumble at number one and win. Shawn also was the first ever grand slam champion in WWE History. Shawn’s performances at Wrestlemania have been so great that the man has even earned himself the nickname of Mr. Wrestlemania. Who else in the WWE has accomplished all of those things? Who else in WWE History has had the career HBK has had?

    If you were to strip Shawn Michaels of all of his championship wins, his nicknames, his wrestling firsts, and so on Shawn was/still is an amazing competitor. The man in a wrestling ring works magic. In his 40s Shawn Michaels still puts on better matches than I dare say anyone in the entire company. Watching a Shawn Michaels match is like watching a beautiful picture being painted. Regardless of your position in this debate you cannot deny that. Below is a list I have hand picked of Shawn Michaels matches that have blown me away. After watching these matches one could not deny the point Im trying to make.

    1: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (Wrestlemania 10)
    Jim Ross once said “what are they going to do with a ladder?” Well in this much there isnt much Shawn/Razor did not do with a ladder. In this new match Shawn Michaels paved the way for future ladder matches like the Money In The Bank Ladder Match which they have at Wrestlemania every year. They stole the show with all the things they did. Back and forth these men tortured their bodies to give the fans exactly what they wanted. A wrestling classic!

    2: Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett (In Your House)
    In this match Shawn Michaels won his third and final Intercontinental Title. It was a back and forth match between two of the most talented men in the company at the time. This match has no historical signifigance but it was two pure wrestlers going at it in one hell of an entertaining match. Jarrett tried every trick in the book to win but in the end Shawn Michaels came out victorious.

    3: Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart (In Your House)
    Just like the match above it was just two very talented wrestlers going at it with the winner main eventing Wrestlemania 12 the next month. The start of the match was simply hilarious with Shawn Michaels sliding out of the ring to high five fans. Owen Hart tried the same thing but he didnt receive any high fives which was hilarious. Michaels also walked on Owen Harts back as well as illegally pulling his hair while the referee was distracted several times to the cheers of the fans. After the match was over Shawn celebrated in the ring with a little girl from the crowd. He did his signature pose with the girls on his shoulder. To this day I still watch that match and cannot help but think about how truly awesome it was.

    3: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 12)
    This was the first official Iron Man Match. These two greats thrilled the fans for the entire 60 minutes but neither man was able to score a fall. How often do you see that in the wrestling business today? In overtime Michaels nailed Bret Hart and superkicked his way into history winning his first WWE Title.

    4: Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (No Holds Barred)
    Not only could Michaels have great matches with other great wrestlers but HBK could also take someone like Diesel and put on a classic. They had already had the match of the year together at Wrestlemania 11 the year before but they did it again here in a no dq match. They threw everything they had at one another. Diesel powerbombed Michaels through the announcers table. Diesel unwrapped his wrist tape putting it around Michaels neck as well as throwing him over the top rope which looked like it nearly choked him to death. Steel chairs were involved. Michaels even grabbed the shoe off of the spanish announcer to use as a weapon. This match left fans on the edge of their seats until the finish.

    5: Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind (Mind Games)
    Michaels again proves that he can have a great match regardless of his opponents own individual style. Mankind was not known as a great in ring performer but his match with Michaels he admits to being his best ever. In his book Have A Nice Day Mick Foley said that this match was better than he ever expected it to be. Who was the other guy across the ring? The one and only Shawn Michaels.

    6: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Badd Blood 1997 & Wrestlemania 25)
    Michaels has said that wrestling big men was always very easy. Well his actions in these matches definently speak louder than his words. Not only did Shawn Michaels tear the house down with The Undertaker in Hell In A Cell but Shawn gave The Undertaker his best Wrestlemania match ever. Undertaker is 17-0 at Wrestlemania but only one man ever made him look that amazing. (HBK)

    7: Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle (Any Match They Had)
    Wether it was stealing the show at Wrestlemania 21 or just wrestling each other on Raw these two men always met the fans expectations. After Shawn lost at Wrestlemania 21 the fans all stood up and clapped after seeing such a great match. How often does that happen? Not very often. In their other matches at Vengeance and their two matches on Raw the fans were always on the edge of their seats waiting for a Sweet Chin Music or The Ankle Lock to come out of nowhere. Truly two amazing athletes giving the fans everything they had.

    8: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho (Any Match They Had)
    These two men had their first match at Wrestlemania 19 in 2003. However 5 years later in 2008 these two are still impressing fans everytime they face one another. They stole the show at Wrestlemania 19 and in 2008 the two men had the fued of the year in a rivalry which lasted almost the entire year. Most fueds only last a couple of months at the most. Michaels/Jericho delievered in every match they have had. Vince McMahon was quoted saying that the Michaels/Jericho ladder match was the greatest ladder match that he has ever seen. That is saying something after all this time the ladder match has been around.

    9: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania 24)
    In his emotional last match Ric Flair faced HBK. Shawn Michaels won the match but along the way they told an amazing story. Michaels even hesitated hitting Sweet Chin Music allowing Flair to get the upper hand at one point. With tears in his eyes flair took Sweet Chin Music from a very emotional Michaels ending Flairs career. Michaels gave Ric Flair the send off match that only he could supply.

    10: Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon (Wrestlemania 22)
    Vince McMahon isnt even a wrestler but this match was still named match of the year by pro wrestling illustrated. HBK took a guy who was limited at best and put on a wrestling classic with him. The elbow drop off of the tallest ladder I have ever seen was really something to see as well lol.

    You see it didnt matter who Michaels faced. It didn’t matter what type of match it was that he had. Michaels delievers every single time he steps into the ring. Wether it’s against a 300 pound man or another 225 pounder HBK was able to bring out the best in all of his opponents. Even made a guy like Vince McMahon look entertaining in the ring. There are many others greats from Bret Hart to The Undertaker.

    But however in my view like millions people’s of all the world only one man is the greatest ever. And he is HBK Shawn Michaels.

  • NK

    WHAT??? Pro wrestling is staged? lol, just kidding :P. But I do know some people who still think wrestling is for real.

  • hbk fan 911

    fuck u all

  • dude

    this is by far the best list in my opinion. everyone who should be in this list is and there are no bogus overrated wrestlers in it. some people put some wrestlers on their list that makes me think this guys list is not going to be taken serious.

  • Andres

    @k1w1taxi (231):

    Because to me their word is a thousand times more valuable than yours.

  • Andres

    And I don’t mean it as an offense, but why would I believe that Austin is the best wrestler in the world, because you say so? I would rather take someone else’s opinion, someone like McMahon, JBL, etc. people who are involved with the business 24/7.

    Plus, that wasn’t my point. My point was, there is no such thing as the Greatest Wrestler of All Time. There are many wrestlers who deserve such label, and it ultimately comes down to personal opinions.


  • Jonny M.

    The Great Muta… hell great is in his name

  • austin

    hey…u little piece crab…I’LL whip yo tiny pink ass and smashed it like a crab…You MOther fuckers…You KNOW I m da best,bloody,baddest,toughest wretler ahh ah…SON OF A BITCH of all time…

    Dun fight me U’ll die…

    AND thats the botton line coz…


  • the best in the comments

    good list
    here is my OOOOOPPPIIINNNNNIIIOOONNNN of the best wrestlers of this era
    10-koffi kinston
    8-jeff hardy
    6-rey misterio
    5-randy otron
    3-shawn micheals
    2-triple h
    1-john cena
    this is my opinion
    please dont critikieze it

  • Finalflash50

    no i think the top ten are:
    1. John cena
    2. Triple h
    3. Undertaker
    4. Batista
    5. Edge
    6. Shawn Michaels
    7. Randy Orton
    8. Rey Mysterio
    9. Kane
    10. Big show
    You gotta love Jeff hardy but lets face it ppl. Hes not the best wrestler. Im basing these people on there skill, not how much I like them.

  • Finalflash50

    those are the people who still wrestle. i didnt make any old ones.

  • Ali

    Chris benoit used to be the best..Now randy orton is the best in the business. He has different style. He is an intelligent performer…Lengend killer

  • SHAH




  • Ivan

    Ric Flair is either #1 or second to only Lou Thesz. Hulk Hogan? C’mon!!

  • todd

    i’m sorry but any person who has john cena or randy orton on their list has no idea about pro wrestling. how can anyone compare their abilities to shawn michaels, kurt angle or ric flair. i can’t help but laugh at the guy who has cena at number one and big show and kane in the top ten. wtf? do you know wrestling exists outside the wwe? and it is also based on all time, not just the last 5 years? and then he said jeff hardy cant wrestle but he has cena at number one – the most overrated wrestler of all time! the original list was pretty good. but it definitely should have had hbk and undertaker on it. and i don’t know how the rock made the list?

  • razvan712

    the real top is:1.batista 2.undertaker3.goldberg4.hulk 5.giant gonzalez 6.andre the giant7.lesnar8. nash 9.cena 10.hhh

  • RTF

    The greatest wrestler of all time is Gorgeous George. Here’s my top 10:

    Gorgeous George – wrestling’s first TV star, without him wrestling would still be cigar smoke-filled rooms. People had to buy those pesky fancy expensive TV sets just to watch him. This was the 40’s, he was shocking to watch. Muhammad Ali and James Brown were influenced by him. His star power was enough to make him the highest paid athlete in the world at the time. People loved to hate him. He was the best.

    Lou Thez – the inventor of wrestling moves, no Thez means no NWA means no Ric Flair.

    Bruno Sammartino – no Bruno means no WWWF means no WWF.

    Hulk Hogan – most popular wrestler of all time, took WWF to the next level, ask any non-fan to name a wrestler and the answer is Hulk Hogan.

    Steve Austin – biggest money-maker of all time, saved the WWF from bankruptcy, won the Monday Night Wars.

    Bobby Heenan & Gorilla Monsoon – best commentators of all time, made watching even a jobber match highly enjoyable. “WILL YOU STOP!” I recommend Royal Rumble 92′ for commentary alone.

    Buddy Rodgers – the original Nature Boy, no Rodgers means no Ric Flair.

    The Rock – The only wrestler who ever came close to Hulk Hogan’s level. I recommend WM X-8.

    Andre the Giant – passed the torch to Hogan at WM3, if he didn’t do that Hogan would never had been as big as he was, even mainstream knew who Andre was.

    Roddy Piper – If it wasn’t for Piper there would have been no Wrestlemania. Without Wrestlemania the WWF would never have been as big as it was. Go watch the TV shows and events with Piper leading up to Wrestlemania. He was the perfect villain to Hulk Hogan. He could talk, he could wrestle, he was crazy, violent, good-looking, and charismatic. I can’t see Hogan fighting anyone else at Wrestlemania.

  • gap21

    What a heel
    Where’s the undertaker
    and the Heart Break Kid

  • Emmanuel

    Great column, but i have to say Rick Flair, Hulk Hogen are faaaaaar from the best. I mean Hogen had maybe 3 moves (I use “moves” loosely). Rick was a cry baby I always hear about modern wrestlers having no respect for the guy. My top 5 list goes likes this:
    1. Brett Hart
    2. Lou Thesz
    3. Kurt Angle
    4. Chris Jericho
    4. Bruno Sammartino

  • max

    sorry,but i think you struck out with your list,first off,i dont believe the grapplers of the 40’s-60’s should even be considered with the grapplers of today,for one,the conditioning today is far superior to that of yesteryear,2nd,with all the new moves since then,i consider them to be nothing more than bar brawlers at best,with boring matches lasting multiple hours on end,and third,they were in a toppling empire,that never really took off till at least the late 70’s.also,you called you list the top ten WRESTLERS of all time,if you would’ve chose to call it the top 10 wrestlers/sports entertainers of all time,for the most part it would be acceplable,but come on,seriously,how can you mention wrestling without mentioning such greats as ricky steamboat,curt henning,harley race,shawn micheals,eddie gurerro,or curt angle.sorry to rain on the parade,but in my opinion,you only have 2 real wrestlers on your list,that being hart and flair,the rest are just entertainers,or too old to remember.

  • vinnie

    How can Shawn Micheals not be on this list

  • Fernando

    Where’s Shawn Michaels or Undertaker??
    And whats with Hulk Hogan?? In no way is he the best! Yes, he may have made wrestling more mainstream, but the fact of the matter is he sucked as a wrestler.

  • Doc

    Hulk Hogan, number one?… MARK ALERT! MARK ALERT!

  • asd

    i think this is list is not right because were is the king of the ring gold burg and string ………

  • USSR

    absolute bullshit

  • trueman

    i dont think it is correct list because you have not considered the legend “GREAT GAMA” who fought 5000 rivals but remained undefeated throughout his 50 year carrer. He was the best, is the best and will be best. Also where are goldberg, sting ? This list is nothing but a joke.

  • roderick awingan

    Hulk Hogan would still be the best pro wrestler that entered the ring. Without the Hulk, pro wrestling would not be what it is today.

  • christian jenkins

    what the hell! where was HBK hm he is prb the greatest how about the undertaker god that was the most retarted thing ever even triple h diservs to be in the top 10 i mean come on!

  • christian jenkins

    and now that i think of sting jeff hardy and macho man randy savage should be on it to!

  • christian jenkins

    11 bret hart
    10 edge
    9 ric flair
    8 jeff hardy
    7 hulk hogan
    6 chris jericho
    5 triple h
    4 the rock
    3 stone cold steve austin
    2 undertaker
    1 shawn michaels

  • sadiq

    send me emails

  • muzz

    the early wrestlers yes not the others only stunt ansd show offs not true wresttlers

  • Dre Da Don

    10. yokozuna 9. triple h 8. vader 7. kurt angle 6. sting 5. harley race 4 randy savage/bret hart/undertaker 3.the rock/steve austin 2. hulk hogan 1. hbk

  • Mister

    Where is my overundertaker?

  • christina

    Hulk Hogan? You left out Dusty Rhodes and the Four Horsemen!

  • Cyanide

    Lol, No undertaker?

  • jasch

    These are the Top 10 greatest of all time:
    10. Bruno Sammartino
    9. Chris Jericho
    8. Undertaker
    7. Kurt Angle
    6. Bret Hart
    5. Ric Flair
    4. Hulk Hogan
    3. Shawn Michaels
    2. Stone Cold
    1. The Rock



    10. TRIPLE H




    7. STING


    5. BRET HART

    4. RIC FLAIR


    2. THE ROCK



    GO HELL TO REST……………………..

  • kent

    – Rock is good, but his peak time and skill is too short to be among the top list

    List has to be like this for the NEW ERA (Hogan era)

    1) UNDERTAKER- 18 years of dominant, and most respect
    2) HOGAN – Put this entertainment on the chart
    3) FLAIR – 35 years in the business

    4) STING – most charisma and top star for 20 years
    5) AUSTIN – leader in attitude
    6) MICHALES – always create 5 star matches

    7) BRET HART
    8) THE GIANT
    9) THE ROCK

    10) KURT ANGLE

  • EIN


  • Dwight

    First of all all you youngsters claiming that the Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H… one even put Shawn Michaels… above Hulk Hogan in his personal little list, another even mentioned Chris Jericho (don’t make me laugh) are showing nothing but your age. You boneheads don’t realize that Hulk Hogan is to pro wrestling what Michael Jordan is to basketball. I’m fairly sure that all those guys I just listed got into wrestling because they wanted to be like the Hulkster. The reason they are getting those big paychecks is because Hogan paved the way. Now I will admit that there are a few wrestlers that weren’t put on the list that should be there, but naming people like Chris Jericho I doubt you’ve ever heard of wrestlers like Dick the Bruiser, Harley Race, The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds, Tommy Wildfire Rich, Bo Bo Brazil, The Crusher, Jerry The King Lawler for christ sake. I’ve been watching wrestling longer than some of you knuckleheads have been alive, and I can tell you Vince Mcmahon ruined wrestling when he ushered in the age of the pretty boy wrestler, trying everything he could to attain the same success he achieved when he had Hulk Hogan in his stable.

  • TLX

    For everyone ragging on Hogan, say what you will but there would be no national pro wrestling today if it weren’t for that character. Please give respect where it’s due. With that being said, where’s Undertaker?

  • The Glenn

    While I usually love your lists and realize that everyone’s opinions can vary: Hogan was as big a gimmick as there ever was and his wrestling “skills” sucked.

    Plus if you are going to include Brett Hart then you need to include his father Stu too!

    And Harley Race was probably only behind Flair and Thesz in titles held!

    But you have to limit the list, I know! LOL!

  • crusher

    to be honest i think this is one of the lamest top ten wrestler lists i have come across .
    no offense but i think you need to study a little more about wrestling and the history of pro wrestling before compiling a list like this and publishing it.
    no vern
    no kowalski
    i dont know i mean those are pretty huge oversights.

  • rcksaltnnails

    This is a total whack list. this person didnt include what is a PRO wrestler. A pro wrestler is a combination of things. The ability to put butts in the seats, the ability to work a good match, the ability to get the match over, the ability to tell a story and the ability to get the person your in the ring with over. Hogan, UT, Rock, etc could not do a great combo of those things. Rock even admitted the reason his punches look so wild is because he sucks at throwing legit looking punches.

    10. Arn Anderson
    9. Christian
    8. Kurt Angle
    7. Great Muta
    6. Terry Funk
    5. Dusty Rhodes
    4. Curt Hennig
    3. Ric Flair
    2. Harley Race
    1. Nick Bockwinle

    This is the list of guys who could get in the ring and wrestle a good match with EVERYONE, could talk(yes, if you know Japanese, Muta could work a crowd!), could make a match believable, could make the guy he wrestled look like a legit threat even if he wasn’t, and most importantly, drew a crowd.

    Hogan fails in ring work and ability to make his opponent look good. During a Hogan match, you ALWAYS knew he was winning. Same holds for UT. UT matches were about UT no selling the guy he wrestled. Bret Hart had as much charisma as a brick and talked worse. Plus, every Bret hart match was the same. he had a routine he had to follow, and it wasn’t just the moves, it was the pattern of the moves. he didn’t have the ability to adapt to who he wrestled, they had to adapt to him, always.

  • hardy boyz superfan

    my list

    2.jeff hardy
    3.stone cold steve austin
    4.bret hart
    5.john cena
    6.HBK shawn michaels
    7.HHH paul levsic
    8.the rock
    10.rob van dam

  • Miltoon

    My top 10 professional wrestlers of all time are as follows:-

    2.Chris Benoit
    3.Hulk Hogan
    5.The Undertaker
    6.Triple H
    7.Stone Cold
    8.The Rock
    9.Ric Flair
    10.Shawn Micheals

    If anyone has any comment on this then plz give advice to
    build it a little better.

  • wahyudani

    agree with #1 hulk hogan
    agree with other comment : undertaker should be on the list

    where is D generation X : X PAC maan!

  • Rik Judo Sands UK

    Hi there your list is a bit light of some of our greats from the UK ie. Steve Veidor British and European Champ, and represented Great Britain in 42 countries in the World. John Killer Kowalski runner up 5 times in the massive German 6 week Wrestling Festivals again fought in more than 40 different Countries for GB. I met Andre the Gaint when he came to Steve Veidors Club in Hampton Court England I was on the door, Andre came over to film The Giant and the Fairies at Shepperton Studios. He was a lovely man just amazingly big in evryway. Rik Judo Sands.

  • jay31nz

    I this is a pretty good list considering how many great wrestlers there have been down the years, would have liked to have seen Shawn Michaels make the cut, mainly because I always thought he and Bret had such amazing matches.

    @281 Big WCW fan I see. Some great wrestlers on your list, but in my opinion you are overrating Goldberg and Sting. Goldberg wasn’t a paricularly good wrestler, he just got a big push from WCW and had a great gimmick (the amazing winning streak), plus he looked like he should be unbeatable.

    Sting just wasn’t that good. He was an OK wrestler, OK on the microphone and a decent amount of charisma, but again it was mainly that he had a good gimmick (the Crow). Also I think he wrestled for way to long and he certainly got stale on TNA.

    Of the guys that didn’t make the Top 10 list, I always enjoyed watching Eddie Guerrero, Ravishing Rick Rude, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat – though I don’t think any of them should have made the Top 10 list.

  • @Dwight: @TLX: I understand exactly what you are saying, but I am very apprehensive about giving credit for the future of an entire business to one person. My belief (not to take anything away from Hogan) is that if he didn’t put the sport on the map, someone else would have. We have proof of this in Austin. Am I to believe that a person in an entirely different era, of an entirely different skill set/level, and entirely different persona is to credit Hogan with his success? I think not. We have no way of knowing what would have happened to wrestling had Hogan not been there at that time. Seems more to me like perfect timing than unmatched skill. As for people suggesting that youth is playing a factor in some fans’ choices – this is a viable claim. However, I think it’s important to consider the nature of this topic. The question is who are the top 10 of ALL time. We have to remember that wrestling has been taken to an entirely new level, in terms of skill, match quality, type of match, promo style, and character. The way I determine the all-time greats and the greatest is by one simple question: at their peak, who is better? This includes skill. Many of the wrestlers from yesteryear simply could not compete with wrestlers of today b/c the level of skill is incomparable. Can I really say that Wrestler X from the 60s is better than superbly-skilled Wrestler Y from the 90s, just b/c Wrestler X came first. That seems very unfair. All that said, taking in consideration skill (which might disqualify older wrestlers who lacked advanced styles and brawlers), match quality, match type, promo style, and character, at their peak, who are the best? Who are the best of the best? For me, Shawn Michaels is the greatest performer EVER. Taking all those qualifications into account, at Shawn’s peak, who is better than him? I can think of no one.

  • Billy Jensen

    I think the list should of gone like this:
    1. Lou Thesz
    2. Bruno Sammartino
    3. Bob Backlund
    4. Ivan Koloff
    5. Rick Flair
    6. Dory Funk, Jr.
    7. Dick the Bruiser
    8. Crusher
    9. Hulk Hogan
    10. Verne Gagne

  • HHHandMichaelJacksonholic

    1 Triple H
    2 John Cena
    3 Jeff Hardy
    4 MVP
    5 Kofi Kingston
    6 The Undertaker
    7 Mark Henry
    8 R-Truth
    9 John Morrison
    10 Edge

  • numbmusique

    Where are:

    1. Mick Foley
    2. Undertaker
    3. Shawn “HBK” Michaels

  • hbk

    hbk is best wrestler ok

  • MachoZach9

    I haven’t watched WCW yet. I grew up on WWF and Hulk Hogan. But I was young enough to follow HBK as well. You guys who have Shawn Michaels over Hulk Hogan are nuts IMHO :). My list:

    1) Hulk Hogan
    2) Sting
    3) Bret “Hitman” Hart
    4) Ric Flair
    5) Undertaker
    6) Macho Man
    7) HBK (Shawn Michaels)
    8) The Rock
    9) Andre the Giant
    10) Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • Abdullah

    MAn where the hell is Shawn Michaels, he is the Best wrestler ever.He had won PWI match of the year 10 times think it. Ric Flair is overrated

  • sxe90

    There is absolutely no way that Hulk Hogan is the greatest pro-wrestler ever. If you think that he is, you aren’t stupid but you’re thinking of a different list – ‘Biggest Reasons for the Financial Success of Vince McMahon’. Shawn Michaels is a far better pro-wrestler. Born with less than Hulk; made a lot more than Hulk. If you think I was referring to money in that last sentence then yes, you are stupid.

  • ash123

    thats all right.but no undertaker!he’s the best!

  • ginlyn

    What about The Undertaker? He’s went 18-0 at Wrestlemania. No one has ever beaten ‘Taker at WM!

  • Deniro

    Undertaker is The Greatest wrestler Ever

  • Rick Thesz

    I think the list should start with a relative of mine, Lou Thesz. He was wrestling for many years. Her is how I would rate the top wrestlers.
    1. Lou Thesz
    2. Bruno Sammartino
    3. Buddy Rogers
    4. Vern Gagne
    5. Ivan Koloff
    6. Andre the Giant (even though I personally never liked
    7. Ed Lewis
    8. Gorgeous George (many wrestlers have emulated him in
    the years following)
    9. Rick Flair
    10. Terry Bolea

  • Abdullah

    My top ten-

    1-Hulk Hogan
    2-Ric Flair
    3-Shawn Michaels
    4-Dusty Rhodes
    5-John Cena
    6-Harley Race
    7-Stone Cold
    8-Andre The Gaint
    9-The Rock
    10-Bruno Sammartino

  • You have an elite list there, but you can't have a list without the Undertaker. Here's my TOP TEN!
    1. Undertaker – (18-0)
    2. Ultimate Warrior – No one could hurt this guy.
    3. Hulk Hogan
    4. Rick Flair
    5. Bret Hart
    6. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    7. H.H.H.
    8. Shawn Michaels
    9. Macho Man Randy Savage
    10. John Cena

    Honorable mentions: The Rock but his career was too short. Kerry Von Erich, R.V.D., Tito Santana, Rey Mysterio, Goldberg. A few other guys who could've been great had they wrestled longer Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. But they're fighting elsewhere. Watcha gonna do?

  • I thoroughly enjoy this list. As I was growing up, Saturday afternoons belonged to WWF. During that hour, I couldn't wait to see the Ultimate Warrior speed down the ring to rip someone's head off. He had a certain charisma that couldn't be rivaled. This and his quickly growing popularity, made him an easy choice, for Vince to put the strap on him, even at the cost of disappointing Hulk Hogan. So, with that being said, I wanted to see him up on the list, but I do understand why he isn't. Longevity wasn't his strong suit. Had he been around for even 5 more years, he would have been a lock. Another wrestler that I don't think I saw mentioned was Scott Steiner, and not the chemical beast version Big Pappa Pump. When he tag teamed with his brother Rick, he pulled off some moves that completely defied physics. Just take a gander at some of this stuff:!v=tzMfJc9lqAQ&p
    He makes most of those high impact moves look so smooth. That's some great entertainment!

  • e36s

    Thank you cmc25

    whats your top ten list? I think steiner is awesome, there are so many. Sting was good too.

    best regards,

    • Thanks for asking. Though, it's a tough one. I think it would be too hard for me to fairly rank the greatest of all time since I wasn't around to enjoy some of the great, so instead, I will give you my favorite heels of all time.

      1. Rick Flair – Greatest heel of ALL time!
      2. Mr. Perfect Kurt Henning – Perfect athlete
      3. Andre the Giant – The BIG teddy bear
      4. Brock Lester – Completely overpowering
      5. Ravishing Rick Rude – He could make ANYONE look good
      6. Kurt Angle – Excellent wrestle with great mic skills
      7. The Undertaker – Indestructable
      8. Rowdy Roddy Piper – No Piper No Hogan.
      9. The Earthquake John Tenta – For his size, he moved with grace
      10. Jacques Rougeau – Very funny and underrated

  • e36s

    Hey everybody what about the top ten baseball sluggers of all time?

    1. Babe Ruth
    2. Barry Bonds
    3. Hank Aaron
    4. Frank Robinson
    5. Willie Mays
    6. Mickey Mantle
    7. Mark McGwire
    8. Alex Rodriguez
    9. Ken Griffey Jr.
    10. Albert Pujols

    • Frank

      1. Hank Aaron
      2. Babe Ruth
      3. Willie Mays
      4. Ted Williams
      5. Mickey Mantle
      6. Mel Ott
      7. Lou Gehrig
      8. Frank Robinson
      9. Ken Griffey Jr.
      10. Al Kaline
      11. Joe DiMaggio
      12. Albert Puols
      No one that is even remotely close to having used steroids would make my list.

  • :)))


    ESTLAND….GEORG LURICH, ALEKSANDER ABERG (absolutely world,,never lost under wold and life!!!)……AND MORE!!!!

  • joshua

    wwe fans jeff hardy is the best he is the ixshtreme inigma

  • Fernando

    peoples of theme 10 the best is the rock he is better than hulk hogan

  • cbarlion

    Goldberg is the best wrestler of all time. What the hell is wrong with you people? always making stupid top ten list of greatest wrestlers.

  • azmaan

    undrtaker HBK HHH austin etc are missing…u need to chk this list again…hulk nvr deserved to be on tok……he is a coward!!

  • Austin and the Rock are reversed! The Rock ws brought on as a heel to Austin, no Austin, no Rock. Austin should be higher!

  • Jonathan Novak

    No Kurt Angle? No Chris Benoit? No Triple H? Wonderful ability in all of them, unfortunate for what happened with Chris. Also Mr Perfect, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, NO CHRIS JERICHO? The man of 1002 holds, cuz he learned 2 more! Great ability, charisma, athleticism, first undisputed champion, the list goes on. And The Rock should be higher. Switch him with Austin.

    Sorry if there’s any typing errors in there.

  • Michael

    Bill Goldberg + HHH

  • wayne

    wtf where the hell is shawn michaels he doesnt make people run into his fist liike hulk hogan so he is definetly better than hogan hoo in my theory should be like seven cuz he was never a good wrestler undertaker….. triple h……come on people

  • killacroc

    What about Verne Gagne?… He was the champion of the AWA for 20 something years at a time when it was the top wrestling organization. Not only that, he started wrestling on TV (literally the first person to put pro wrestling on TV) and discovered and trained many top wrestlers (including the top two on this list).

  • Stewart Silverman

    This top ten list is really a joke and just shows what little knowledge the contemporary wrestling fan knows about the sport. At least the list has Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers which are good choices for the modern era beginning around 1948. But Steve Austin?? (For his stint in the WWF, he never used one legitimate wrestling hold.) Dwayne Johnson?? Andre the Giant?? And Hulk Hogan????? As one wrestler once stated, "he wouldn't know a arm lock from a arm chair"! Some better choices include Killer Kowalski, Vern Gagne, Pat O' Connor and Eduardo Carpentier just to name few.

  • Jon

    I believe the list is a compilation of wrestlers who changed the game exponentially. For those who say the Ultimate Warrior deserves to be on this list, I disagree, except to say that he did promote the image of huge, beefed up superstars. If not for the likes of Superstar Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, etc., we may not have seen WWE's tradition of putting over the overly muscular star at the expense of smaller, more athletic, and more talented performers. If not for the likes of these men, we also may have seen a decrease in the deaths of performers before their primes, due to a disturbing drug culture in wrestling that was fostered during the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

  • Jon

    As well, the Ultimate Warrior did promote the importance of an over-the-top ring entrance. His entrance did more to get him over than anything he ever did in the ring OR the gym.

  • yatharth desai

    where is "THE GAME" Triple h

  • niteesh

    no john cena! common!!! now dont say that cena sucks!

  • Junior

    Nice list but no HHH the one wrestler that has been a constant heel for his entire career, the man that you could not help but to hate and respect all the time.

  • udontnoshit

    As my name says 5 out of 10 are the only wrestlers the other 5 are a big joke Rock,Hulk,Ric,Hart,Austin
    if you poke them with a pin they will pop! from all the crap
    Dick Hutton,Destroyer,Blassie,Mr Moto,Ray Stevens,Big Baba those were MEN and WRESTLERS!

  • bryson

    uhh macho man anyone? he's right up there with hogan in reguards as changing the face of wrestling

  • Kwvin

    The HeartBreak Kid is missing

  • ngse

    th icon sting is the best..eveer..he alone made wwe

  • Daxel

    Without the Undertaker this list is incomplete.

  • thephenom

    see my list

    10) batista

    9) john cena

    8) brock lesner

    7) goldberg

    6) triple h

    5) the rock

    4) stone cold

    3) kane

    2) hbk

    1) the undertaker

  • dddog

    this is a very very good list! No Cena, Bautista, Misterio… lol young generations are so funny… they are very dull in reaching a respectable conclusion. Hint.. those of you who think Undertaker is the best :p Although.. in about 10 years The Rock and Stone Cold will be at the top… More Rock because of all of his movies he is doing. Like Hulk

  • Burn™

    Messy list. By no standards can the likes of Hogan and Thesz be compared in any respect. They competed in two totally different situations: one in a mainstream entertainment business, and the other in a backyard sport. Their talents were totally opposite to those of the other. There is no way to place them on the same list, in any order.


    My favorite has always been Sting. He is what I watch wrestling for.

    My top 15
    1. Sting
    2. Cena
    3. Hart
    4. Flair
    5. Bo Bo Brazil
    6. Luger
    7. Goldberg
    8. Hogan
    9. Samartino
    10. Heart Break Kid
    11. Orton
    12. Austin
    13. Angle
    14. Hardy
    15. Macho Man Savage

  • Tribol

    no Undertaker??? can somebody plz explaim me why the guy who won almost all (or maybe all of then but im not sure about it) of the wrestlemania events didnt make to the list

  • cmb94

    No Shawn Michaels?

  • fendabenda

    Well, OK… here's (some of) my favourites:

    1. Keiji Mutoh (=The Great Muta)
    2. Don Muraco
    3. Bryan Danielson
    4. King Kong Bundy
    5. Colt Cabana
    6. The Undertaker
    7. Raven
    8. Delirious
    9. Jushin Thunder Liger
    10. The Iron Sheik





  • srk

    these are all fake wrestlers not real ones. i need to know real free style wrestlers of all time not showoffs and fake once

  • Timothy Miller

    Umm, the Undertaker, hello, no Shawn Michaels, give me a break.

  • jbjr

    How about Verne Gagne? His AWA was a launching Pad for some of the greatest including #1 and former Minnesota governor. Sadly he ended up in heath facilty and had an altercation with a 97 yr old man resulying in the man's death. Even though the death was ruled a homocide, Gagne was not charged due to his mental health. Great athlete, wrestler, promoter.

  • Big Billy Jensen

    I would have to say you are way way way off line with this one. I would of had Sammartino at the # 2 spot and the greatest wrestler of all time, Lou Thesz at the # 1 spot. Hulk Hogan doesn’t deserve any spot, I could of beat his ass. Andre the Giant was a fat, over-sized drunkard. He, you tried, and you are surely entitled to your own opinion.


    hey the greatest of all time is SHAWN MICHAELS

  • Will

    I can instantly tell if a “Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time” list means anything if Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is included. Or is this just a “most popular wrestlers” list?

  • Will

    After a little more thinking, I decided to post my own list.

    10. Hart
    9. Andre
    8. Savage
    7. Snuka
    6. Inoki
    5. Thetz
    4. Sammartino
    2 (tied). Keiji Mutoh
    2. Flair
    1. Steamboat

    And this comes from someone who grew up in the northeast as a WWF/E fan, during an age where they were more interested in hiring bodybuilders and real life cartoon characters than actual athletes (late 80s/early 90s)

    • Adam

      that’s CRAZY! steamboat was clearly a favorite of yours and definally a fan favorite. but based on marit that makes ZERO sense. HOW COULD HE BE THE BEST OF ALL TIME WHEN HE WAS NEVER HELD THE WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP???? if your gunna make a list like that at least title it “my favorite wrestlers” but don’t post it under top 10 GREATEST wrestlers. that’s just ur number one. i could get into the rest but i won’t…

  • fonze

    why isnt big jim on this or even bad boy timmy

  • Gino

    How can you not include HBK? He has it all, has headlined Wrestlemania umpteen times, has held every belt and has put over numerous younger wrestlers.



  • Joe

    Hulk Hogan may have been the first superstar but he wasn’t a very good wrestler.





  • bestever2682

    no shawn michaels????? :-(

  • Adam

    alright your ALL over the place on this one. this has to be “your favorites” or something because no way does this list make sense objectively. i haven’t watched wrestling since the wwf days but when i did i was hard core and was a historian of sorts. but good lord, HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE THE UNDERTAKER OR SHAWN MICHAELS? good lord, did you research this at all or consult with anybody that knows anything about wrestling. you have bret hart at 4 but hbk when they met in a CLASSIC showdown when they were both in their prime and HBK WON and somehow hart is just lightyears better than him? that doesn’t make any sense at all. you should let me redo this list. i’ll make a better one. i know all the oldies too. o yeah, steve austin needs to be 2 at the least. other than maybe hogan, NOBODY did more for the sport than austin. I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE CRITERIA!!!!!!

  • natalie

    the greatest wrestler / sports entartainer of all time is the great one ! no one comes close to the rock he was and is everything an up and coming wrestler can only dream and he did it in such a small amount of time for most it takes 10 years or more to be considered and he did it in less its sad but he was just too great for wwe wrestling . he will forever remaing a legend regardless of his short time .. the peoples champ is the only one who electrified the crowd like no other some people achieve popularity but never greatness on his level! always one of the millions

  • joetrippi

    George “The Animal” Steele, Baron Von Raschske (with the Claw), or Freddy Pelequin…all bald wrestlers, all the time…!

  • Aatir

    Shawn Michaels Should Have Been On This List!

  • Ian Harijanto

    Um no offence shaun michaels should be the first. he really connected to the people.I think thats is the most important for a performer

  • Anuj Pathak

    this is all rubbish wheres the john cena , triple h , shawn michaels and the phenom the undertaker..?

  • Anonymous WWF Wrestler

    Man… NO UNDERTAKER? This list sucks ass

  • Praveer

    The most important name missing…
    The Undertaker!!!!!!
    The Phenom…..Perhaps u’re right,koz the undertaker is above
    human n cannot be on a list of humans

  • Brian

    What about Shawn Michaels or the undertaker??????????????

  • brian

    hogan not even in the top 10? Are you kidding me?????????

  • John

    Shawn Micheals and the Undertaker should be on that list. Very high on the list. Micheals is the best im ring performer of all time

  • Randy

    Where are the Voneriks

  • Captain Carrot

    Ok, there are some good picks on this list, but there are others more deserving of being on here than some. If this was a true top 10 of all time, Rock and Austin wouldn’t be here. Maybe on a top “modern” pro wrestler list, but not greatest of all time. I think personal bias was evident here.

    Also, a couple of things. Should have mentioned that it had been ruled Garibaldi died of a heart attack and also that Bruno had a hard time continuing after that situation.

    Bret Hart. Bret is spelled w/one “t”, not two.

    Also, saying that the Rock is the most athletic on this list, when compared w/others such as Inoki, Hart, and Thesz for example, is also evidence of extreme personal bias. The Rock was nowhere near more athletic than these, or many other professional wrestlers such as Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and even arguably Shawn Michaels, just to name a few.

    Interesting list, but not quite as researched as it could have been. Close, but not quite.


    Jhon Cena is my favorite

  • Mr WWE Universe

    No Shawn Michaels? No Undertaker? this list is not the greatest without HBK or Taker.

  • usman

    you forget jhara who defeat Antonio Inoki in pakistan

  • Wiki

    First is hugen,2nd rock,3rd is stone cold and the 4th one is under taker,this is true


      your comment is absulutly greatttt but it should also without great khali.

  • mark

    ok well where does sting go he’s been around for 22 years now and not to mention he beat hulk hogan 2 times for his belt and kept it before wcw went out of business



  • Kev

    How long was this list? Where is guys like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and John Cena?

  • Umair

    I don’t agree with your ranking sheet because without goldberg in top 3 it is not”like” but 100 percent “piece of trash” so make the right amendment and make a position in top 3 in all time legends

  • SteveAustinFan

    where the fuck is Shawn Michaels? if this is really a wrestlers list

  • where is CM punk?

  • zeeshan

    wat d hell man where s the undertaker??i dnt thnk ny wrestlng top 10 list wl nt hve his nme.he is d gr8tst eva.nd dats neva going 2 chnge..

  • Thiranya

    There Is A Huge Mistake.The Undertaker Must Be The Rank One.

  • fouad

    wait a minute where’s the undertaker & batista & triple h

  • uzair

    this list is shit.i mean no under taker,hhh,or hbk while rock,flair and andre are there.u wasted my time

  • Romeo

    Based on the comments we have real wrestling fans & complete idiots posting, some of the names people are complaining about are complete jokes. Is the list in regards to Popularity, legendary status, ring work? you say Pro Wrestling the first thing that comes to mind…is Hulk Hogan. Did someone say where is Batista? or CM Punk go watch some Dynamite Kid tapes from Japan then come back with that CM punk talk..he is good but he is not anything more than a good hand with a pipe bomb..and I like CM Punk

  • steven hourihan

    no Ultimate Warrior???? He was pure magic, the best. And I want to go on record as saying that!

  • Stewart Silverman

    It was quite amusing to see your list of the best professional wrestlers of all time. Of course Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers deserve to be on the list. As to the others like the Rock and Hulk Hogan; well, everyone is entitled to their opinion but their wrestling ability was poor at best and that is being generous!

  • Anthony

    Undertaker not on this list? lol i spit upon it then.

  • Steven Kuhn

    What a stupid list. Stop giving props to the old fogeys they did nothing for Wrestling on thhe whole scheme of things to where it is today, Here is the real TOP 10 LIST:

    10: Macho Man Randy Savage

    9: Sting

    8: Bret the Hitman Hart

    7: Andre The Giant

    6: John Cena

    5: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    4: The Undertaker

    3: Ric Flair

    2: The Rock

    1: Hulk Hogan

    • Steven Kuhn

      Oh yeah! the Ultimate Warrior!! Hmm he is definatley Top 10. Let’s see, take off Sting and bump him to #11 and The Ultimate Warrior will actually be #9.

    • flick_rare

      6 0f the 10 on your list were mentioned, genious!

      • Ed “Strangler” Lewis (b. June 30, 1891 – d. August 8 1966, age 74). He had an estimated 6,200 Wrestling Matches and lost only 33. He was the Wrestler who created The “Sleeperhold”. Wrestled for 37 years and made his debut on July 18th, 1905 (at only age 14 !!) and retired from the ring on March 4, 1942 at age 46. He was 5’11” tall and weighed 265 lbs. After wrestling, he went on to manage another legend of the Wrestling ring Lou Thesz. A 4 time World Wrestling Champion.

  • My Goodness, where’s Gorgeous George ???!!! No Gorgeous George, no Buddy Rogers, No Buddy Rogers, No Ric Flair………etc. And if you think that EVERYONE knows that its staged, I would think again. There are a lot of zealous nuts out there who think that its the real deal. Man, if it we’re indeed the real thing, they (all wrestlers) would all be dead. I was always partial to Razor Ramon (Scott Hall). I always laughed at his faux pax hispanic accent, the toothpick, and what he would say like “Hey, Chico” or “I’m gonna carve you up like a Thanksgiving day turkey” and then throw down the toothpick in disgust, aiming the toothpick at the camera or his opponents

  • stephen okumu

    undertaker must be considered.

  • AJ

    are you serious? this is greatest wrestler right? how does hogan who has very limited wrestling skills got no 1 and wrestlers like rock,austin,hbk,undertaker,macho man got lower or doesnt get to top 10

  • avirup michael myers

    this list aint c0mplete without..THE UNDERTAKER….i remember the first time when i heard about was the undertaker popping out of everyones mouth. I was so stupid that i watchd WCW for 2 months to see undertaker and thought sting was the 0ne lol. Anyways great list with the rock in 2nd place cos this jabroni beating pie eating trailblazing eyebrow raising asskicker is the greatest entertainer.

  • avirup michael myers

    another thing…..the unsung hero…the one who is neglected all the time…but is a massive spine busting powerhouse…GOLDBERG needs a mention. WHOS NEXT

  • My impression of Professional Wrestling ? Lets just say that I lost interest when I was a little kid when they banned “Biting the opponents forehead”, “Concealing foreign objects”, “The referee patting down the opponents FOR the foreign objects”, Freddie Blassie, The Grand Wizard, Captain Lou Albino, Stan “The Man Stasiak (he with his so called “Heart punch), and of course my favorite, least we forget, George “The Animal” Steele with his green tongue, the hairiest back in history and chewing the turnbuckle and using the fiberglass insides of the turnbuckle to rake it into someones eyes. The bottom line is, back then, if I couldn’t get to see professional wrestling on TV, then I would try to find and see if The Three Stooges were on………Its the same thing, isn’t it ?????

  • Also. Why don’t we all look up the so-called match between Muhammad Ali and your No.5 “wrestler” Antonio Inoki on June 26, 1976. A hyped up match held in Japan to prove the so called “skills” of Inoki against the professional boxer Ali. The loser turned out to be the audience when the match was declared a draw and Ali walked off with $6,000,000 and Inoki walked off with $2,000,000. If proof is needed on this comment, just type in “Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki Match” into the Wikipedia and scroll down to where it says “Aftermath” and find out as to what extensive damage and career threatening injuries Ali received to his legs as a result (amputation was mentioned in the Wikipedia article, for God’s sake !!). I would love to ask the Iowa State University wrestling legend Dan Gable as to what his view of professional wrestling is, but I would say that 99,999 out of 100,000 professional wrestling fans would not even know the name because their brains are so saturated with this SH*T. Laughing to the bank ???? Talk to Vince MacMahon. You can’t avoid him on the media because again, he has saturated the air waves

  • paltong

    hulk hogan

  • Ramon

    El Santo?

  • good night

    man, you don’t know any thing about any thing, num#1 is undertaker.
    always undertaker, 19:0 at wrestlemania, he is the greatest of all time.
    the best, he changed the meaning of wrestling.

  • Muhammad Imran

    Nice list but in my point of view, The Rock is better than Austin. Mine would be,
    1. Hulk Hogan
    2. The Rock
    3. Ric Flair
    4. John Cena
    5. The Tripple H

  • I AM “THE NATURE BOY”, RIC FLAIR”.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! and don’t forget to hold up the four fingers of your right hand when saying that to indicate “The Four Horsemen”, Arn and Ole Andersen, Tully Blanchard, and Ric himself !!!

  • DrBSDas

    This list is incomplete as UNDERTAKER is not there.He is worthy of the 2nd place right after Hogan.A list of all time greatest pro wrestlers without UNDERTAKER is nothing but a DISGRACE .

  • wrestlingfanny

    How about a new list like this with maybe… say, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Big Show, etc.?

  • GlenJ


  • Tyler

    Shawn Michaels!!!!! DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno

    I think who ever made this list was SMOKING DOPE!

  • angelo

    where the hell is shawn michaels!!!!

  • Juggernaut

    You are missing one of the biggest WWC/WWF & WWE supperstars here on this list, Gold Berg. He was unstoppable even during his comeback in ’03!

  • John

    ThiS is stupid.really stupid, man you got it twisted

    • peter8172

      @ John. You’re absolutely right about your opinion of Professional Wrestling. First of all, Professional Wrestling cannot be classified as a SPORT because the outcome of a match is preplanned and rehearsed. Second, Professional Wrestling, as we know, is fake, but there are a small percentage of people that think that its the “real deal” and that its not fake. If they were actually Wrestling and having painful contact on them, they would be in the hospital for weeks. These “so-called” high risk maneveurs is true, but to me, it looks more like a lot of these guys who do it have probably taken Gymnastics or Ballet Lessons. And here’s the good one. When they bleed from the forehead, which happens quite a bit, this is how the Wrestler does it and makes himself bleed. The Wrestler will wear wrist bands and snip off very small bits of a razor and put them into the wrist bands. He will then wipe his forehead due to persperation dripping from being actively wrestling with the wrist bands contaning the Razor bits which of course will cause a Wrestler to start bleeding. So where and how do I know this information ? I used to work as a stagehand and worked in that business for 3 years and I worked at these venues along with about 100 other stage hands 6 Wrestling assignments including 2 of Monday Night Raw, WWE. The only thing that I agree upon is these wrestlers are in amazing and incredible shape with their health



  • joe schmidt

    it would be nice once in the while if wwf and smackdown would show these wrestlers and some of ther matches on tv and let us know what they are doing now and there families instead just todays wrestlers.

  • petet2112

    I loved wrestling when the “Bad” Guy or “Heel” would bite the forehead of his opponent and then the TV would put a big censored sign on the TV screen thinking that it was too explicit to watch. I remember Classy Freddie Blassie would step into the ring with an emery board ( a file for one’s fingernails ) and he would be filing his teeth before a match. Now that was entertaining !!


    wow!good one but I think so that in place of Bruno Sammartino,there should be Undertaker or Santino Marrela.

  • Ed

    I disagree with #1 pick. The absence of Dick the Bruiser is a travesty of justice. Hulk Hogan doesn’t know the difference between a wrist lock and a wrist
    watch. Regardless, Pro Wrestling is, in my opinion, the best entertainment on TV. After all, they aren’t selling “the steak”; they’re just selling “the sizzle”!

  • fendabenda

    OK, I’ll tell you the real list:

    1. Jake the Snake

    2. Terry Funk

    3. Samoa Joe

    4. Low Ki (aka Senshi aka Kaval)

    5. Bryan Danielson (oh right, he’s Daniel Bryan now at WWE and hides behind his girlfriend, but check out his earlier ROH matches, he’s actually quite good)

    6. CM Punk

    7. AJ Styles

    8. Kurt Angle

    9. Vader

    10. Big Show

  • This should be on the top 10 worst lists ever. No Shawn Michaels?

  • yunus

    Without the Undertaker, this list is incomplete.. In my opinion, phenom is the greatest wrestler of all time.

  • Al yer pal

    MIL MASCARAS would’ve beaten any of these guys. In Spanish.
    DUSTY RHODES would’ve eaten any of these guys for lunch. Literally. And SUPERSTAR JIMMY GRAHAM was who I wanted to grow up to be when I was 12. Coo list anyhow.

  • petet2112

    @ Al yer pal : In all due respect, I must correct you on your typographical error. Its not SUPERSTAR JIMMY GRAHAM, BUT INSTEAD, ITS SUPERSTAR BILLY GRAHAM



  • Goldberg

    Where is goldberg , triple h , kurt angle , undertaker, john cena , rey mystrio, brock lesner and many other

  • patrick

    hulk hogan is the absolute best wrestler that the business has ever had or will have . The man always had a hell of a entrance and will always have one entering the ring the man is epic

  • D G Punk

    Just my opinion, but I have given reasons why I think they should be where they are…

    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin… simply the man who rewrote wrestling. A bad guy that could be cheered and loved, he had mike skills, ability, the moves… a package which appeared at the perfect moment and laid down the foundation for the business it is today. All this and was seriously injured for most of his career. Although it has been said many times that Roddy Piper actually invented the gimmick of the bad guy who could be cheered.
    2. The Rock. The opposite of SCSA. He took a lousy goody two shoes gimmick and turned it into a phenomenon. No one in the business had his electric personality and his mike skills.
    3. Rik Flair. The ultimate heel. No-one played the crowd the way flair did, he was out-sized and out-muscled nearly every time he played. Yet he always made the other wrestler look good. Just a shame his booking skills were not up to much. I mean, come on, he was the one who got SCSA, the undertaker and Mick Foley fired from WCW.
    4. The Undertaker… Just because. He has spent his life at the top of the game, entertaining the crowds for the better part of 30 years, putting everything on the line for the crowds. Not to mention, he deserves more credit for introducing and building new talented characters in the business than almost anyone else in the ring.
    5. Shawn Michaels. No-one, as mentioned here already, ever took a beating like Michaels, he was everything every wrestler should aspire to become (without the primadonna attitude in his early days though)
    6. Sting… The WWE still has the missing gap in the locker room where his name doesn’t appear (and never has, probably never will)
    7. Chris Jericho. Because he is the best at what he does … and he knows over a thousand holds ;)
    8. Edge. A name yet to appear on here? Okay I am biased, because I was always an edgehead. But his overacting and over the top reactions made my day, pretty much the same way that Flair did. He was brilliant at being a dork, and loved working the business, a career sadly cut short.
    9. Mick Foley. Again, I am biased, but Mick at times was the funniest, most ridiculously entertaining and also creepiest guy in wrestling. He would put himself in so much danger for the sake of the fans, even as a monster heel. Some of the best matches in Wrestling history have involved Mick Foley.
    10. Bret Hart. Okay, so he was as bad as Michaels in his prime, he would duck losing to lesser opponents, refusing to make them look better. (case in point… Yokozuna, Bret refused to lose at Wrestlemania unless he took the title back at the next pay per view, he refused to drop to Undertaker and also Shawn Michaels.) But as a performer, he was the best.

    Honourable mention to:

    Vince McMahon… As Terry Funk was commented ” He’s a billionnaire, he doesn’t need to go out there and do anything, yet he goes out and gets the crap kicked out of him, plays the evil monster tycoon and gets humiliated on screen at every opportunity, and loves every minute of it. He’s Hardcore!”

    As you probably guess, I only started watching wrestling in the late 80’s so I missed a lot of great legendary wrestlers, or saw them in the twilight of their careers, so apologies to all the Lou Theiz, Bruno Sammartino, Tito Santana etc fans out there. I didn’t include them because I didn’t really follow them, not because I disliked them.


    Hulk Hogan stunk up every pay per view I ever saw him in. Hated the sight of him.

  • Stone cold 3:16

    Where is shawn micheals and undertaker ?

  • jaketno

    ehh could have been better by including:
    Dusty Rhodes
    Kurt Angle
    or Bryan Danielson

  • Noob4Dayz


  • My list 10 ric flair 9 hhh 8 the rock 7 ultimate warrior 6 shawn michael 5 stone cold steve austin 4 bret hart 3 adriant 2 undertaker 1 hulk hogan

  • Mandar

    Not a correct list. The dead man Undertaker is missing. No list of top 10 Wrestler can be prepared without him..

  • petet2112

    I’ll give you a few hints. Blonde Hair, Sequin Robe when entering the ring, The Four Horsemen, Entrance Music : “Also Spach Zarathustra” by composer Richard Strauss and when he is in the ring and has his opponent cornered on the turnbuckles, He winds up and viciously slaps his cornered opponent and the sounds of WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! Comes from the fans and spectators………………..Oh, and by the way, he likes to be called “The Nature Boy” or “The Natch”




  • Ashton

    10. Jeff Hardy
    9. Rob Van Dam
    8. Undertaker
    7. Shawn Michaels
    6. Triple H
    5. AJ Styles
    4. Daniel Bryan
    3. Sting
    2. Bret Hart
    1. Ric Flair

  • Yes

    I just wanna see these matches ( All Wrestlers in Prime )

    Hell in a Cell Match
    Sting vs. Undertaker

    No holds Barred Match
    Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

    Submission Match
    Ric Flair vs. Kurt Angle

    Inferno Match
    Kane vs. Aybiss

    Triple H vs. Bret Hart

    Goldberg vs. Batista or Ryback

    Chyna vs. Beth Phoenix

    I quit Match
    Stone Cold vs. John Cena

    Ladder Match
    Sabu vs. Jeff Hardy

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  • Cena is truely one of the great wrestlers

  • matyas

    it is not right.for all of ethiopians it is true that JOHN CENA is at the first place
    and:-1,john cena
    2,under taker
    3,stone cold steve austen
    4,hulk hogen
    5,gold berg
    6,rob van dam
    7,keven nash
    8,the rock
    9,cin cara
    10,ray mistirio

  • neil1953

    It’s rather amazing that Bob Backlund isn’t on this list. He was WWf champion for how many consecutive years ?? But anyway. I stopped watching professional wrestling when “the heel” of the match would bite on his opponents forehead to make him bleed. I always thought that to be cartoonish in its own way. “Classy” Freddie Blassie was notorious for that and when being interviewed before a match he would have a file or emery board and file his bicuspid teeth to make them sharp so he could do his forehead biting on hs hapless opponent.

  • Ken

    No Bob Backlund? Here was a guy who came from a legitimate wrestling background (NCAA champion) and he held the WWWF/WWF title for more than five consecutive years.

  • guillermo

    bret hart and ric flair are my all time favorites. But to be honest, Hart never won PWI wrestler of the year, he was the runner up…
    PWI wrestler of the year for 1993 is Vader and for 1995 is Hulk Hogan.

  • OMer

    #1 John Cena

  • aqswize

    good list, except for no. 1. Hogan is nowhere close to no. 1. look up Tom Billington (the dynamite kid)

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