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10 Astonishingly Appalling Informercials

by Farnaz
fact checked by Alex Hanton

It’s Monday so we thought a nice amusing list would be just the thing to help get through the day. Ever been in bed, and decide to flick on the television to watch some late night comedy, and then the ads come on? Many are tolerable but many are appalling. This is a list of 10 of the most ridiculous infomercials and their products that make you contemplate whether you’re actually awake, or if it’s some crazy dream. Please feel free to add your own to the comments for all to enjoy.


The Egg Genie

I find it absolutely ridiculous this women can’t cook a hard boiled egg, but can some how manage to make eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, and deviled eggs. It’s egg-cellent!


The Tiddy Bear
Tiddy Bear – Funny Infomercial

Or should I say the titty Bear which is exactly what the actors all sound like they are saying.


The Hawaii Chair
Hawaii Chair Infomercial

This keeps me wondering: Why didn’t I think of this?


The Magic Bullet

A family reunion with your hosts Mick and Mimi, and their cynical, hungover family members. The product itself isn’t so bad, I’ve got one in my own home, makes delicious smoothies… It is more the over exaggerated acting that makes you too uncomfortable to compute. Though drunken old cigarette hag is a good plus. I can’t explain why, but I found it very difficult to stop watching. It even includes the obligatory “man with an English accent” to lend credibility to the product.


Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

Just watch…


The Flip Fold Shirt Folder/Flipper
Shirt Folder – How to Fold a Shirt – Flip Fold

Are we really so incompetent that we can’t fold a shirt?


Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter – Upside Down Tomato Planter

I wonder how they lived without THIS before! Imagine trying to explain this to your guests at the barbeque…


Ped Egg
Ped-Egg Commercial

This clip contains some seriously revolting images.


Facial Flex
Looseleaf Beauty Report

This one is going to give me nightmares. It is not actually the original informercial from QVC but rather a personal testament to the product. You might want to check out the youtube comments after watching this – some of them are priceless.


The Snuggie
The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)

What list on infomercials could I have without the Snuggie? Where would I even BE without the Snuggie? Here is a great parody of the original commercial: WARNING: it contains offensive language in a few places. And here is the original infomercial.

fact checked by Alex Hanton