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Top 10 Futuristic Inventions We Should Have Now

Ryan Thomas . . . Comments

It’s about time we saw some new things enter our physical world. While nature tells the same old story, as big as it may be, it’s up to man to allow impossibilities to drop the prefix. Science has brought us all sorts of cures and technologies that would’ve made anyone from more than a century ago’s head explode at the thought. Explain text messaging to someone who relies on the Pony Express for swift communication. We are always being introduced to fantastic devices, usually after the military’s gotten plenty bored of just fooling around with them, almost on a per-decade basis. Remember the miracle of microwave technology or when the iPod killed CDs. We’ve not been surprised and had our minds lit up with be wonderment in a good while, so presented here are the top ten futurist inventions we should have by now, or at least pretty damn soon (you can only repackage the iPod or Xbox so many times).


Time Machines

The Time Machine

(As seen in: the Back to the Future franchise, The Time Machine, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Twilight Zone, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Time Bandits, Donnie Darko, Click, Futurama and countless other cartoons).

If you could go back or forward in time, when would you go? Perhaps to Jesus-times to see if he really worked miracles… Or to pre-WWII Germany to assassinate Hitler… Or even to when the script for Hot Tub Time Machine was being drafted so you could throw the screenwriter’s Macbook into a brick wall. Time travel would open the door to a million possibilities, yet there’s always the risk of disastrous paradoxes, altering the present for the worse. And depending on your school of time travel physics, the past is deemed – at least by H.G. Wells – to be unalterable, as certain events are inevitable (e.g. death and other forces of nature). Even if we could possess or develop the means to withstand the crushing force of a wormhole, a shortcut through the universe’s space-time continuum, why would we want to risk the possibly unspeakable outcomes? Outcomes which have be speculated upon to no theoretical end in pop culture. Let’s just keep our eyes facing forward.




(As seen in: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).

Why should astronauts be the only ones capable of weightlessness? This is a possibility truly being withheld from us. Imagine the morbidly obese no longer confined to modified hospital gurneys, and able to walk without requiring crutches and walkers (although the cup holders are a nice incentive). It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to be unhealthy, but the knee joint issue would be obliterated at best. Plus, it’d be fun to float around the house like a ghost, or ascend floors of a shopping mall without the need for escalators. Be it in Wonka Soda Pop form or a big red button that instantaneously lets you walk on the ceiling, let’s see this happen. NASA’s not doing much else anyway.


Hologram TVs

Article-1282604-09D197B7000005Dc-10 468X328

(As seen in: Star Wars, Back to the Future II, Minority Report, coverage of the 2008 presidential elections).

We already have glasses-free 3D, which is about the closest you can get to a hologram without it being projected from a bleeping blue-and-silver robot, but it’s not quite the same – a hologram occupies space and can simulate reality without influencing it. “3D” only works in a single direction, just out and in your face. The difference is you should be a able to watch an action movie and have life-sized translucent warriors circle you as if you were part of the fight. As it stands, we can only watch that fight from inside a virtual cupboard.


Food Particlizers


(As seen in: the Star Trek franchise).

Throwing to the wind scientific laws which dictate that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, these impossibly beneficial devices could replicate or synthesize any type of food stored in its database like it was merely burning a CD. There were a few unwritten exceptions, such as the fact that living organisms and certain important minerals and materials couldn’t be produced out of thin air, but who cares – this virtual cornucopia would be the absolute end of world hunger. As a result. no longer would we be exposed to commercials of sad children in third world countries asking “for just 3 cents a day…” The world would be fat on digital foodstuffs.


Laser Weapons

Laser Illo 485

(As seen in: virtually every sci-fi movie/TV show/radio program ever).

A bullet can only do so much. In the future everything is bulletproof, but a laser, such as in the form of a light saber, can cut through a foot-thick steel door like butter. In a world of massive unchecked material consumption, great benefits could result from harnessing the destructive properties of light rather than mass producing iron for the sole purpose of converting it to shrapnel. The military budget could even loosen up a couple of notches on its belt, something that would greatly mitigate this brutal economic climate. Lasers might just be what this country needs to get back on its feet, and not to mention when robotic repo men eventually decide enough’s enough.


Android Robots


(As seen in: Star Wars, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lost in Space, Blade Runner, Robocop, Terminator, Bicentennial Man, The Stepford Wives).

Robots already do a myriad of things men cannot. They mass produce consumer products, ensure safety, perform surgery with absolute precision, and entertain us to no end. Also, they vacuum for us à la Rosy from The Jetsons. But they don’t quite interact with us when we get lonely (GERTY from Moon or KITT from Knight Rider) or strive for human emotions (Data from Star Trek: TNG), or otherwise stand in where another human doesn’t happen to exist. Robots don’t require food or money or anything else that makes humans weak and fragile, only the occasional software upgrade and power charge. We are missing out on growth potential in all areas by not making this priority number one in the scientific community.



Teleportation 0129

(As seen in: The Jetsons, The Fly, Star Gate, Star Trek).

If Jeff Goldblum’s taught us anything, besides how to make neuroses sound sexy, it’s that teleportation is a risky operation. At least, it is if you are teleporting by way of reparticalization and between two confined spaces. (I get that the 80’s sci-fi flick is a remake, but his performance is most topical, as topical as fly hairs on a shoulder blade). His character neglected to work out all the kinks and observe all possible sources of error – for one there are a plethora of microscopic particles in any given space, so how could they be separated from any pertaining to man when broken down and realigned. Also, flies and insects are the most abundant contamination factor in any sterile setting. Something tells me he wasn’t the most attentive student in medical school. The Star Trek teleporter, on the other hand, has never had a problem; that is if you don’t count the possibility of accidentally transporting a Tribble on board, or inputting the wrong coordinates, but that’d be more the fault of a careless Scotty than the original designer. It needs not be said how completely nonexistent a problem like traffic or tardiness would become; again commercial efficiency insists upon the invention of something more practical than a rolling pollution-factory that goes slower than the speed of light.




(As seen in: Harry Potter, The Invisible Man, Predator, real life).

While military testing has resulted in the closest thing to an invisibility cloak not trapped in unbelievable fiction, cloaks which house the potential to hide tanks, bases and soldiers from enemy tracking devices, they aren’t quite see through, or available in stores. Invisible, in these military terms, only means really good camouflage. In H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man, a potion that refracts light in a way that makes the consumer completely, glass-pane clear allows the protagonist the ability to travel unnoticed and unsuspected. While the temptations that come with such a power are limitless, and usually no good, it seems the only practical purpose the characteristic of clear could possibly possess is during wartime. Otherwise it’s just a peeping tom superpower.


Flying Cars


(As seen in: The Jetsons, Star Wars, Back to the Future II, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, real life).

The highways are too crowded; that’s why we need to start opening up the skies for traffic. Planes never encounter traffic, and fly higher than any altitude a standard passenger would prefer, but are, so far, the fastest way to get around. The downside is that this regulated commodity requires travelers to accommodate very rigid schedules. Imagine consumer air travel on a daily basis, rather than just once in a while for business and vacations. Road trips would be immensely more doable and would allow people who would rather not breathe in other people’s sneezes to do just that. Flying cars means no screaming babies (unless you own one). Of course, the downside is that everyone and their significant others would have a sky-car and eventually find a way to clog the skies, leaving you to be stuck behind that reckless bastard in the flying Hummer hogging all the clouds.


Personal Jet Packs


(As seen on: James Bond in Thunderball, Boba Fett in the Star Wars franchise, the video game Pilot Wings for Nintendo 64, Iron Man, experimental military personnel, rich eccentrics).

It’s about time we had jetpacks. This has been the outcry of every futurist since we realized they looked so awesome. There’s even a band called “We Were Promised Jetpacks.” The military hasn’t seemed to be able to find a good use for them, beyond a fuel-wasting novelty, and they aren’t used to catch fugitives, à la the Thought Police in Minority Report. They would snip the ribbon on individual restriction, allowing single men to fly around the skies, and national monuments like some kind of superhero. The feeling would equate to something like the rush a motorcyclist feels on the open road; now allow that same cyclist a third dimension of liberty and uncontainable joy will flood the Earth as if there was some kind of sequel to sexual intercourse: a new pleasure dropped from the heavens just to see how we’d be able to handle it (the answer: like a screaming schoolgirl).

  • Vikki

    Interesting list. And who knows what exists that we (the public) don’t know about yet?

    • agent 37

      nothing there is no conspiracy get over yourself

      • fudrick

        It’s not about a conspiracy. It’s about the fact that companies or governments who develop new things do not necessarily tell the public immediately, especially if there is still testing being done or something.

        It’s like movies. Most people don’t hear about a movie until a couple months before it’s released, but movies are usually done filming like a year or more before release. I don’t see how cutting edge technology would be any different than this.

      • karan

        Agent 37, do you have to be an ass any time anyone talks about something that you don’t agree with?

        Why don’t you get over yourself?

      • DevilDog

        there are lot’s of weapons and inventions that have been created the government covers up some things to keep them out of enemy hands we didn’t tell anybody about the stealth fighter, the sr71, the b2, nuclear submariens, etc. till long after they were in regular use. Nobody, NOONE, knew about the atomic bombs till thy were dropped on japan. why do you think we have levels of clearance if the government didn’t have secrets to keep. No one is saying there is a conspiracy, a word that implies a group or organizatioin that gets together to plot against the general public, we are talking about secrets. Secrets are not conspiracies.

      • MeKilla

        You are completely retarded, agent 37, and you don’t know SHIT about the world you live in, to be honest with you…

      • Siaarn

        You! You’re one of THEM!

    • Or when people go back in time they cross over into a parallel universe so we wouldn’t know about it here.

    • Considering the u.s spends around 600 billion on defense, I am assuming there are quite alot of weapons in existance we never heard of.

    • Patrick Lamar

      I just read “Top 10 Annoying Things About Human Existence” and then this. I am fully ready to write off life as incomplete now. LOL

  • Hercules321

    Time Machines will never be invented for one simple reason..

    If someone does invent a time machine in the future then we would have already seen some time traveller come from the future. As simple as that.. :)

    Awesome list..

    • Madison

      Maybe we have seen them, we just haven’t realized it? :)

      • Engelbert Humperdinck


        • Metalwrath

          Or perhaps one can only time travel to the future… (=by traveling to the speed of light).

          • magoopaintrock

            We time travel to the future every single day.

          • You don’t need to hit light speed. If you get anywhere close to the speed of light, you will have jumped several years (maybe decades or centuries) into the future. That is not possible but proven.

    • we may have seen one, google time traveler charlie chaplin and watch the first youtube video that comes up. it’s not proof but it’s pretty strange. hearing aides and walkie talkies were huge back then but it could also just be a crazy person talking into their wallet.

      • sobe3694

        i believe that’s been disproven as a listening device.

    • KimbaR

      Dumbest thing i ever heard.

      • omg lemonade

        maybe people have gone back in time, but instead of being two of you there is just you back in that situation, but alas you have no memory of the future because you are re living your past, who knows how many times we have time traveled

    • newo

      is no.7 the same with that of the animated movie “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”?..that would be awesome!

      • badjokebob

        Raining hamburgers! make mine with extra onions!

    • nzall

      have you ever considered that time travelers might take extreme precautionary measures so they appear, act and sound just like people from the time they go to? and even if they don’t, they might as well do things like assassinate world leaders in a suicide effort, because they know more than we do. who knows where the assassins of lincoln, kennedy, king and others originally came from?

      • Danny

        That’s an interesting take. Maybe why they haven’t returned to kill Hitler is because if there were a better tactician in charge, it might have turned out differently, so they kept him in power.

      • Wrake

        John Wilkes Booth was a famous actor before assassinating Lincoln. His entire history is pretty well known. Same with the guy who is supposed to have shot Kennedy, he was in the military, so we have his records. No time travel there, (or course assuming Kennedy’s murder was not a conspiracy, my personal opinion is that Oswald acted alone.)

    • antonio

      time travel to the past dont make no sense, if i time travel to the past and kill me myself or my father before i born , how can i still exist in the future?

    • DevilDog

      more importantly if one person comes back from the future than there would be an infinite loop of that same person coming back from the future in the exact same spot as the person who just arrived. Two things cannot exist within a single space let alone infinite numbers of the same thing. Therefore if you came back from the future to the past you would set off an endless stream of exploding people the results of which are thus far inconceivable

    • Not necessarily because in a multi-verse reality if you could time travel you would just create a new universe.

    • LordCalvert

      We HAVE SEEN A TIME TRAVELER!! Look up “Babushka Lady.” One of the pivitol events of the 20th century was recorded by a time traveler.

    • DanF

      I believe some ‘theories’ suggest that a time travel would only be possible from the time the time machine was invented onwards. i.e if i invented a time machine tomorrow then thats the earliest that people would be able to travel back to.

  • Everyday I wake up in a world without jetpacks is another day I pray for death.

    • nnnn

      haha :DD

    • James___UK

      You can rent em if you have the dough ;)

    • Auburn Tiger

      You hear that, scientists?! You’re killing him! KILLING HIM!

    • David
    • badjokebob

      JetPacks would be nice, but I demand my Robot Butler NOW! I am so tiiiiiirrrrred of lacing my own boots!

  • kyle

    hot tub time machine is a pretty good movie

    • Metalwrath

      Yeah, it’s fairly entertaining. Hollywood clearly has made much worse comedies.

  • andrewtpepper

    We’ll never get number 8; that’s impossible – you can’t project an image onto nothing.

    @Hercules321 that’s a popular misconception; one of the possible ways to make a time machine is to create a wormhole in space/time, but it would only allow travel forward/back starting from the time the wormhole was created. So if it was created in 2020 (say); in subsequent times, it would be possible to travel back to 2020, but not earlier. It’s also very unlikely that anything bigger than a photon could do the travelling.

    The time machines shown in films generally ignore the fact that the Earth is moving; so travelling back 50 years but staying in the same place would put you in deep space.

    • Hercules321


      The concept of time travelling is very fascinating but unfortunately, very unlikely.,2817,2389132,00.a

    • magoopaintrock

      Well why not just assume that the movement of the Earth through space is taken into account in the machine’s calibrations?

    • No such thing as nothing..

    • Patrick Lamar

      I don’t think the impossibility of it matters. It’s just an imagination-at-work list.

  • Me

    I think time machines would be great but would be hard to keep the wrong people from using them maybe they already exist but wont go public for good reason its too much for people to handle. And hot tub time machine sucked

  • Sohan

    What about the exploding diapers from Spy Kids 4? Or robotic booty scartchers?

  • josh
  • James___UK

    Good list, I just wanted to say though that we kinda have items 3 and 6. The military have planes with laser weapons which can shoot down missiles. And they demoed not to long ago a tank which you can’t see from 100 yards away

  • Suvro

    I want an X-ray eye that will enable me to see through clothes.

    At the same time I want anti-X-ray-eye clothes against X-ray eye abusers!

    • Metalwrath

      X-ray eyes just to see hot girls naked is a stupid fantasy IMO. It would also be hugely frustrating (look but don’t touch kind of thing). And if I want to see naked people I get a girlfriend or use the damn internet.

      In terms of perverted inventions, I’d prefer one that could materialize anyone you chose, like in that 80s movie where these kids materialize some hot chick. Then you dematerialize her once you’re “done” :D

      • Suvro

        Your remark is sexist to say the least. Why hot girls? Why not hot men?

        But then, android robots can come handy for this too. Why won’t the scientists make a robot that would look like Kim Kardashian? Or Brad Pitt?

        • Jason

          You’re obviously retarded, so let me explain.

          He or she didn’t mention men, because he or she was not interested in them. That’s it. Nothing sinister about that.

          Get back to burning whatever undergarments are oppressing you.

        • badjokebob

          Robot Booty? I’m starting to reconsider the butler part of my demand for Robot Butler. I could learn to lace my own boots.

        • fendabenda

          Those things do already exist (i.e. s e x dolls that look like actual p 0 rn stars), they’re quite expensive, though. It’s probably cheaper to go to a night club and pick up a real woman (or a man, whichever you prefer). Although I would think it would be convenient to be able to put your partner to the closet after you’re done…

    • Eumesmopo

      If you had a time machine you would not need any of that, you could just forcibly rip the girl’s clothes off and then return in time to the moment before you ripped the girl’s clothes off, it would be like if you had done no crime at all. (unless they invent a “time police” or something like that)

      • Eumesmopo

        PS: Of course the same principle could just as easy be used to get you out clean from the punishment to much worse crimes that I will not dare to mention.

  • Will Trame

    Definitely an intriguing list. Who knows, maybe in some distant future we’ll have all of these listed above. As far as invisibility goes, you forgot to mention the Fantastic Four and the Burt Campbell “invisible man” arc on “Soap”. Yesterday’s science fiction may indeed be tomorrow’s science fact.

  • Will Trame

    Another futuristic invention would be a Portmeirion-style holding facility (or “prison”) a-la the old “Prisoner” series for government agents/leaders, complete with Rover-like “guardians”. You never know when a number of our leaders could go senile in the future and begin “psycho-babbling”. But again, perhaps such has already happened. Quien sabe?

  • PatchworkZombie

    What about suicide booths like on Futurama? If they made it painless I think some people would use it.

  • itswinston

    Teleporting right now to pee would be nice *lazy*

  • kame

    Anything is possible in this world(yes even the time machine).lets just keep our fingers crossed.

  • Armadillotron

    on The Fly, the reason Jeff Goldblum and the Fly get fused together, is probably because the computer was confused, when two things were teleporting at the same time, and so thought the right thing to do , was to fuse them together. Microscopic particles, there not exactly alive. Though what I don`t get, is why is it, that the Fly, which is millions of times smaller than Jeff Goldblum, that has the dominant genes and makes Jeff turn into a Fly monster.

    • magoopaintrock

      Well the fly is smaller, but the gene molecules are the same size.

      • Armadillotron

        Yes, but Humans are larger, so it`d make more sense for the Human to have the dominant genes and DNA. If a human did it with an Elephant, it`s likely the Elephant being bigger would have the dominant genes. But then again, when I was a kid, my neighbour had a Dobermann, and her Puppies had TWO fathers. Yes. I know it sounds wierd. One was a Brindle, the other a black and white Mongrel. And they were smaller than she was. and when she had her 10 puppies, that looked NOTHING like Santana, they looked like their two fathers. So, this DNA thing is confusing.

        • magoopaintrock

          Yikes. Gene dominance has nothing to do with the size of the specimen, so no, that wouldn’t make more sense. Nor would it be more likely that an elephant’s genes would be dominant to a human’s. (and I will assume by “did it” you mean use the teleportation machine.) It’s not as if elephant genes are tiny little elephants that can trample over tiny little human genes. The molecules are exactly the same thing.

          • Armadillotron

            Yes, but the Human, which is more intelligent, and has hardly changed over millions of years, it`s likely that the one that has stayed the same, that`s likely the Human would be the dominant one. And as for time travel, that`s even more complicated. If you went back and killed Hitler, the possibility is, is that you might get a leader, who DOESN`T make the ridiculous military blunders he did, so the new leader would win the war. But if you killed him at a different time in his life, WW 2 wouldn`t happen at all. or you may get a Hitler-esque leader who does the exact same things as Hitler, who this New Hitler doesn`t make the same mistakes he did.

          • Maggot

            @Armadillotron: or you may get a Hitler-esque leader who does the exact same things as Hitler, who this New Hitler doesn`t make the same mistakes he did.

            Maybe Hitler IS the “new Hitler”, because some other fascist nutjob WAS terminated pre-inception by a time traveler and therefore not realized. The unintended negative consequences that you speak of have in fact happened!

          • fendabenda

            Maggot.. stop that, you make my head hurt lol :D

        • Metalwrath

          In The Fly, Jeff Goldblum turns into a human-sized anthropomorphic-fly. I think it’s safe to say the fly genes didn’t become dominant, but of equal importance. Sure, Goldblum looks monstrous at the end, but imagine a perfect half-man half-fly, it would probably look like that.

  • mehmeh

    awesome list!

    thumbs up

  • Andyman

    The problem with the flying car idea is that whatever goes up must come down. Every one of them would be a potential missile. Can you imagine a “bad driver” in 3D? A force field would be a nice invention, eh?

    • GP

      Yeah, more practical stuff like a force field would be better than things that are just “cool”. But one can dream, heh.

  • Cool list Ryan

  • Eumesmopo

    Don’t forget about Shrink Rays.

    • As seen in: Spongbob Squarepants.


      • Wrake

        And In The Venture Brothers.

  • poppypower

    Cool list, liked the film references – haven’t seen the hot-tub time machine so I may well check it out to see if its really that awful!

    ….but what I’d really love is HOVERBOARDS!!!! They would rock! (and way safer than jetpacks!)

    Great job Ryan :D

  • Borten

    A number of these things have already been invented. A matter transporter was succesfully tested recently, although it’ll be a while before we’re zapping back and forth wherever we like.

  • All these things are nice. But the words of Andy Partridge come to mind:

    “We’re spending millions to learn to speak porpoise,

    While human loneliness is still a deafening noise…”

  • Rikarudo

    This list seems to have been made by a child. Although I’m sure well have most Of what’s on the list eventually , I don’t see it happening for another 200yrs at least. What inventions are plausible in our lifetime is what I want to know About

  • pikiw

    cool list.

    Star wars meets willy wonka! :D

  • riczepeda

    Im so lazy im just gonna copy and paste someone’s comment _

    have you ever considered that time travelers might take extreme precautionary measures so they appear, act and sound just like people from the time they go to? and even if they don’t, they might as well do things like assassinate world leaders in a suicide effort, because they know more than we do. who knows where the assassins of lincoln, kennedy, king and others originally came from?

    • Wrake

      And i will repeat what i said to that guy, John Wilkes Booth and Oswald both have pretty clear histories, Booth was an actor and Oswald was in the military, we have those records! Unless they traveled back decades before the Assassinations and had entire lives and careers before doing what they were sent back for, the idea doesn’t hold up. We even have Birth dates,and the Birth dates of parents, Pretty sure Oswald had a Birth Certificate somewhere.

  • Ron

    Personally, I think the quality of lists recently has been poor, and this list takes the first prize. Wasted 10 minutes of my time reading this. How can you say we need all of them I guess you didn’t feel the need to discuss the cons as well? Invisibility for example? That would be one of the worse things that can happen to mankind, just imagine a world where everything Is invisible. And same goes for some of the other entries.

    I remember when Listverse had the REAL lists, the mysteries, killers, stories etc. While yesterday’s list was a pleasant change of mind, this one brings u’s back to the crap again.
    And if an 18 year old like me can say the truth about this list, it makes the rest of you adults either ‘kiss asses’ or just plain dumb.

    • Wade

      I couldn’t agree more here.
      Sheesh I wonder how Jamie Frater allows Listverse to post such lists.

      • torchwood is gay

        dumbass list.

        (as seen on listverse)

        • Drew

          I would also like to support the idea that this list is ridiculous. For one, we have invented cloaking, projected holograms, and laser guns. I’m only going to touch on one, laser guns aren’t practical, because the amount of joules to melt through steel costs way more than a single bullet, so your idea about the military saving money is just as poorly researched as the rest of YOUR fantasy list.
          It would have been more interesting if you made a list about “People I’d like to bang”.
          What happened to the days where we learned something new on listverse???

    • xdr

      Nobody understands you! Everyone is stupid!

  • Heitham

    Personal jets and laser weapons are very much a reality already.
    I did not enjoy this list much I feel it was rushed.
    You’re putting jets ahead of time machines?

  • Nic

    I think you may have missed the point with the Food Particalizer. These do not materialise substances out of ‘thin air’ .

    All items are made out of atoms and molecules. The particalizer takes waste products and rearranges the molecules to form completely new substances.

    Not only does this mean that when you have finished with an item you can just throw it in the trash and have it made into something else, but perhaps it explains why on Star Trek you have never seen the Enterprise in dry dock having the septic tank emptied!!!,

  • Daftkid


  • Liamski

    What a boring and uneducated list. We we are beginning to post fantasy lists then my next one is going to be my top ten fantasy people I wanna sleep with
    1) Emma Stone
    2) Taylor Swift
    3) Anne Hathaway
    4) Cobie Smulders
    5) Sofia Vergara
    6) Kim Cattrall
    7) Sarah Michelle Geller
    8) Cheryl Cole
    9) Julia Roberts
    10) Demi Moore

    • hjhjhjhjhj

      Sofia Vergara… YESSSSSSS!!! okay i jizzed.

      • FlatEric

        Who the f is Sofia Viagra?

        • FlatEric

          I googled her pictures… ohhh YESSS! I wouldn’t mind having her as my… well, anything… :)

    • fendabenda

      Fantasy? I have slept with all of those except Demi Moore, whom I turned down because she was too dtunk.

      • ParusMajor

        You were probably too “dtunk” as well. (Yeah yeah, I know it was just a typo…)

    • Patrick Lamar

      Yeah but such a list is all about you and nobody else. These recent lists that are of imaginary influence have at least concerned us all as people. Even if they are imaginary at the core that doesn’t make them automatically bad. So many of you are just spoiled critics for no good reason.

  • Slendav

    Because you know everything right? Such close mind close mindedness.

  • Rhandi

    (sry if this has been discussed, I haven’t seen the other comments)
    Though it seems awesome to be invisible for whatever reason, if we ever became invisible, we would be blind. We see because visions hit our retinas and our brain processes it, we see. If there is nothing to “bounce off of”, we are blind.

  • Kou

    Laser weapons already exist….do more research before making a list. Also, “As a result. no longer would we be exposed to commercials of sad children in third world countries asking “for just 3 cents a day…” The world would be fat on digital foodstuffs.” is completely pointless to say. It’s a fact that as of 3 to 5 years ago more people every year since then, have died from obesity than from hunger. In a sense “World hunger” is solved in that “world obesity” is worse now.

  • jer-bear

    Uh let’s shit in one hand and fantasize in the other and see which one gets filled first!
    How about we get cures for cancer at #1, telepathy for #2 and an instant orgasm pill for number three!
    Let’s be a little more realistic than “time machine” and “jet pack” or “world peace”!

  • Jacob

    Jetpacks are almost here. Good the Martin jetpack

  • Roryjh

    I would most deifinitely like an Ipad 2.

  • FER

    The moment I saw number 10 i was like “This is going to be a dumb list”

  • ScienceRules

    Just gonna point out here, time travel is physically impossible. Also teleportation, while theoretically possible, is undesirable as it would involve scanning the item/person, creating a replica somewhere else, and deleting the original. Sorta like when you send a fax. The paper received is an exact duplicate of the original, not the original itself. Bill bill bill bill, BIL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!

  • Planet Earth

    Well a few things on this list already exist .

    Holograms –

    Laser military has them and Tesla was talking about the Death Ray almost 75 years ago .

    Jet packs are almost here

    Anti – Gravity – some say we already have it . It depend on who you want to believe . But if this is true am sure D.A.R.P.A had something to do with it . The money that D.A.R.P.A spend each year could feed all the hungry people in the world .check it out for yourself .

  • Sender

    The teleporter on Star Trek is much more sinister than this lister realized. It in fact produces a perfect copy of you to the location needed, and deletes the one standing in the teleporter. The technician thinks it was a success, the thing that comes out of the teleporter thinks it was a success. You however are dead.

    • Lifeschool

      Glad to know you realised that. Yes, they make a ‘carbon copy’ (ahem), and delete the original – nothing except the data is transmitted – no ‘human particles’.

      • MeDan

        Frederik Pohl pondered this dilemma in “The Org’s Egg” and other books.

        In some of his scenarios, the copy left on Earth was not deleted. When you stepped out of the transport machine, you would have no way of knowing at first whether you were the copy that was still on Earth or the one that had been sent on a suicide mission into space. And then you’d look around and see that this definitely wasn’t Earth and say, “Oh, Shit…”

  • fendabenda

    Every waking hour, Death is coming closer. Second by second.

    • poppypower

      lol, sounds so funny coming from a chubby cute squirrel!!! :P

  • samuraihp

    nice list

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, I must say this was a very badly written list, the bare minimum research obviously shows that the author could have used all kinds of facts and references, as well as links to some technologies which have been tested over the years. The list items are good in themselves, I just think the article could have been so much more interesting. Some thoughts:

    #10: I suppose you could argue that we’ve been able to travel forward and back in time since they came up with Greenwich Meantime in the first place. Whenever I travel by plane I usually have to alter my ‘time’ forward or back. I remember in the days of Concorde you could have lunch in London and still be on-time for breakfast in NY, and then fly to LA and have breakfast all over again. If you cross the date-line, you may even get to live the same day twice over!

    #9: It all depends what you mean by ‘anti-gravity’. You could design a set of electro-magnetic boots which would repel a similarly charged walkway to give the illusion of anti-gravity, but this is simply like-poles repelling each other. They were working on a way to get this running on the rail network at one stage (so that trains would ‘float’ over a charged rail, and therefore moved much faster without the friction of steel against steel) – but it would have cost too much money (same old story). Gravity doesn’t work in a vaccum, so you could make vaccum tunnels (a la Futurama) and this would work for distance and altitude (although the G-forces involved in porting people in vaccum tubes would be immense!). Another theory involves making the operating apparatus lighter than the air surrounding it – again giving the illusion of anti-gravity, but this is more like cheating gravity – like operating and Air ship – so making ‘helium boots’ may sound doable, in fact the boots would need to be the size of a suitcase before any ‘floating’ began to happen. The scientific method involves using ‘Negative Mass’; which doesn’t currently exist, or the Biefeld–Brown effect – which uses the ions in the wind to generate thrust – but which is very weak and not anti-gravity.

    #8: Hologram TVs are not impossible, especially when you consider the work of Etienne-Gaspard Robert and his Magic Lantern experiments of the 1780’s (when he made ghostly images appear to float amongst the crowd), and the fact that 3D technology can be projected (using two or three projected beams) onto an existing cinema screen. The beams would have to bounce off a solid object to appear on top of (or above) that object (as seen in Star Wars) and a mirrored surface would be ideal for this. Or the beams could pass through glass to refract them (and therefore slow them down to ‘visible light’) at a point close to that object. Notice in Star Wars, the beams are delivered at an angle which reflects some of that light back to the ‘projector’ to create a feedback loop… ..very clever.

    #7: – A Replicator would be the first thing to be invended over a Food Particlizer, basically because we’re talking about much simpler objects. ‘Solids’ can be more easily replicated because they have a simpler molecular structure; which can be followed like a raod map; and where Carbon (or a similar universal building-block) can be used. Living things are vastly more complex thanks to amino acids, protein chains, and lets not forget DNA – which has to be matched exactly (among millions of strands) to avoid deformity or structural breakdown. We’re only at the Nano technology stage right now, and for living things we really need to be at the atomic level of technology or beyond.

    #6: There are three main problems with lazers as far as I know. First, they are mostly invisible unless you add a light/colour source so that you can see them. Secondly they travel very long distances; so imagine missing an enemy in the sky only for that lazer to travel half way around the world and kill people somewhere else – very dangerous. Thirdly, a lazer with a decent amount of destructive force requires a lot of power from a sustainable power source, and you’d need a gun the size of the cannons on an X-Wing Fighter to make one – certainly not the size of a hand-held Blaster weapon – even if this thing ran on a power source incredibly more powerful than those we have currently discovered (like uranium).

    #5: Droids – again, power is an issue, AI is an issue, cost is an issue.

    #4: Recent experiments show teleportation of solids is at least possible, although again solids are much easier to handle than living matter.

    #3: The visible light spectrum is very small compaired to the full light spectrum, and there are many things we know to exist but which we cannot see (x-rays, micro-waves, gamma rays, radio waves, radiation). Making an ultra-violet (or otherwise ‘visible-light reflective’) material to make a sports jacket is doable, but these will only work if the object is very still and not in motion, and will also only work on Humans (so any dog or cat will be able to see a broader light range and will therefore be able to see you – so no avoiding airport security). The other approach is camouflage, and objects can be painted with light-reflective paint to create an effect similar to hinding behind a wrap-around mirror. These make it harder to see the object, but are not quite ‘invisible’, anf the object can be made visible again simply by using a paintball gun to ruin the paintwork.

    #2: As I’ve said before – a big crash on the freeway is a little scary by mostly very boring. A big crash on the skyway will destroy the vehicles and the people inside them, and the wreckage will freefall down to Earth to destroy more people, more buildings, more homes – before the rageing (hydrogen fuelled?!) fire which then ensues is finally put out. Run out of gas in a road car – no problem, but what about runnning out of fuel in a sky car? What about Sky-rage? Flying over the legal alcohol limit? Flying under the legal age range? Big concerns.

    #1: Power/fuel is the issue. They did make a few prototypes in the 1970’s – heck, I remember even Lee Majors had one (as seen on the opening credits of The Fall Guy). But these lasted seconds rather than hours, and were really only of passing interest. They also cost a lot of money to fly and re-use. There was King of the Rocket Men before that on the silver screen, but in real life there was a concern as to whether a solid rocket pack wouldn’t in fact just burn the guys legs off. And then how to you steer the thing and control it accurately? Strapping a rocket pack to your back side and starting it up would have you thrusting into the sky like an unguided missile – and that’s just what happened when they tried it.

    • re: no. 1. Yes, indeed, jet packs, but the problems, as you describe, lead to fatalities…I think I’ll wait until there is some way to control them. I’m not in so big a rush I’m willing to risk death.

      • Lifeschool

        :) ..and at least no need to reinvented the ultralight aircraft or the powered powerglider. I’d personally prefer a helicopter; but NOT much chance of that ;)

    • Seymour Butts

      I believe most of these are just childhood fantasy, I wanted to point out that there is gravity in a vacuum. Satellites are actually in a constant state of freefalling.

      • Lifeschool

        You can pump water long distances, and quickly; given enough pressure – same with oil – same with capsules containing people. I didn’t say it was anti-gravity, more like a cheat of gravity; – just like drinking through a straw, only bigger.

        • I agree, Lifeschool! All you need is gravity to pump liquids, a trick learned as a child when I found out how to pump water out of the pool using a garden hose). We still use the method to empty the pond and waterfall.

  • samir

    We have 8,6,3,2,1. I knew a company that was positioned to start putting holographic devices into grocery stores (as advertisement items) but they went under when the economies dropped. The tech is there. They just need to be reinvested again. I have seen working laser weapons when I worked at Lockheed (Before they merged) years ago. The invisibility suits are done and the last article I saw said the suits were being made for the military etc. We have the flying cars and they are not safe for the rest of us.. or should I say the human population is not safe using them (Think road rage and drunk driving) and we have all seen (or should have seen) the youtubes of the personal jet pack. Not safe unless you have extensive training and even the ones that have them have accidents… But I want one too…

    • Planet Earth

      @ Samir you work for Lockeed what years ? Did you ever meet Ben Rich ? who was in charge when you work there ?I just find this interesting .

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Good comment – with you all the way on this one !

  • enzo

    some of the things on this list were on Top 10 Sci Fi Inventions that Should not be Invented.

  • JD

    Planes encounter traffic all the time. It’s what causes delays.

    • ColumbaHVC

      Was looking for a comment like this, has the list author never been stuck on a plane as it circles the airport? Planes can be as delayed as any other form of transport, besides which, as others have said flying cars will have the same problems as cars do now plus the problems of planes. Sounds cool, but would really be a pain in the arse.

      • Slappy

        If the pilot isn’t careful, it could be a plane in the arse.

  • Strange

    Really Fun list. A couple of these we have begun and are currently in their infancy. Some like time travel for the most part are scientifically impossible causing too many paradoxes and others like teleportation would require human tests with major uncertainties as to out come’s, over all awesome list though!

  • Steve!

    This is an interesting list. I do however feel it is just a random list of futuristic items it would be cool to have. I feel a list like this should have involved technologies that are actually available to us at the moment, such as GM foods. GM and post GM foods is a technology readily available to us and yet owing to government and public opinions it does not look like we will be getting it anytime soon. In this vein, another technology available to us is stem cell research which could open many more fields of medicine and research opportunities. It would also be nice if the items mentioned actually had more relevance and a reason as to why they would be needed now. For example the food particlizer that could be used in African countries to aid starvation.

    • Planet Earth

      GM foods are dangerous Monsanto is reckless . Round up ready seeds that will contaminate the environment and kill insect and screw up the ecosystem .Not to mention there suing Farmers and that in North America they don’t label foods that contain GM ex: Cereal’s ,Candy bars , and a lot of process foods that kid’s are eating .

      • Steve!

        Sorry, in which parrallel world are GM food dangerous?! I believe you are, unfortunatly, one of the uneducated masses that simply have a blanket ‘GM foods are bad’ opinion. Where is your evidence to support such a statement?

        Whilst I agree that companies like Monsanto are indeed reckless, that is the company, not the product at fault.

        Very soon people will realise that we need GM to survive. With an every growing world population GM products are an easy way for us to manage the food crisis that will befall us.

        • Planet Earth

          You sound like your a Corporate idiot .
          First of all you have no proof the GM foods are safe , cause there’s never been long term research on it . For all you know all the kid’s today that are eating GM foods could have some real bad side effect later on in life( cancer) .Europe labels there food you can go eat all the alter food you want , but i want the option to avoid this crap.

          Ps :Pesticide it was develop from Nerve gas that was used in war to kill people and from there they created Round up a form of nerve gas to kill insects. And now you have round up ready seed that are going to spread out of control and destroy the ecosystem . Remember what Albert Einstein said about the Bees .
          Monsanto open Pandora’s Box and is now infecting nature !Remember Smoking was good for your health 100 years ago .

  • poopin’n’wipin

    the usaf actually has a fleet of modded 747s used to intercept and destroy incoming ICBMs using lasers, called the Boeing YAL-1

  • monie

    I would not want an android robot O_O sorry, but those Japanese robots creep me out

  • Seymour Butts

    This list had a lot is potential in my opinion. I feel like since you opened up the iPad competition, Listverse will be getting a few crappy lists.

  • Star Trek Nerd

    Has a huge star trek fan I feel compelled to point out it is not a “food particalizer” but rather a matter replicator which takes waste matter and rearranges it’s atoms, it was mostly used for food at first but was given other applications further into TNG. /rant

  • LVfan

    The notion of time travel is absurd and derived from a misunderstanding of what time actually is. The past and future exist only in the mind and no where else. They are not physical destinations that you can go to like places on a map. The only time is NOW. Past is a memory, future is an expectation. Time travel could only be an action within consciousness. The closest anyone has ever come to time travel can be read about in Thomas Campbell’s book “My Big TOE”.

    • Lifeschool

      Excellent point. Clock time is based on the planet orbiting the sun. Imagine if the world didn’t rotate… and one side was always ‘day’ and the other side always ‘night’ – there would still be ‘time’ but it would be very hard to make ‘clock time’ as we see it today.

      Yes we are shown many millions of things as we grow up – and adults say “This is how it is”; but if there was no-one to say “This is how it is” – would that thing even exist at all?? I’m talking inherited social constructs here…

    • vermilionskin

      To travel to the past is NOT possible and absurd, but physically and technically it IS possible to travel to the future.
      This will teach you something:
      In fact, if we can manage to beat the speed of light, we will certainly be able to go to the future, a particle transmitter will be needed, to make physical objects travel in the shape of energy. Regardless, it is possible.

  • Flying cars would be much more useful than personal jetpacks. They cost far too much just for one person, that’s why no one is really developing them or using them anymore.

    Flying cars already exist (gyrocopters, they’re realistic for anyone that can be bothered paying for a licence, and paying for the vehicle), the robotic industry is surging forward, and lots is happening there. Invisibility is being toyed with, using nano technology. Laser weapons exist on the military level but need more development, they take a lot of power to use. Time travel into the past is not possible, as we understand Physics.

    • I can’t imagine how the authorities would control the licensing of drivers (I guess “operators” is more accurate) of flying cars. They would be far more dangerous, in many ways, than operating a ground car…true, there would be a lot more room to maneuver, but between the hormone crazed adolescents and the doddering 10 mph seniors, it could be a real challenge to get around safely (I only mention “seniors” since I just returned from marketing and was stuck behind an elderly woman who didn’t go over 15 mph and who wove from one side of the road to the other)

      • That’s a good point. There would definitely be a more rigor screening process. In Australia, I know there’s fairly strict requirements on the gyrocopter license.

        I’m not sure how much of an issue congestion would be. I’d probably be more concerned about privacy, vandalism and other various ways people can use air-borne vehicles inappropriately. People going slow wouldn’t be so much of an issue, just go around them!

  • Evkero

    Umm, we have several of these things already.

  • Not really digging this list too much.. Four of these things we have already(8,6,2, and1). Maybe not practical for the masses yet, but they are out there none the less. The others all have issues with physics we haven’t worked out yet, but are only theoretically possible.. Except for #3 recently has been proven more than just theory..

  • Kris

    “The feeling would equate to something like the rush a motorcyclist feels on the open road; now allow that same cyclist a third dimension of liberty…”

    Yes, because that’s exactly what we need: more douchebags driving/flying recklessly, putting everyone else in danger as well with laws only to protect the idiot on the crotch rocket.

  • foohy

    Inertial Dampeners, please! Car crashes at 100mph, interior inertia is dampened to the point that you don’t fly forward at all. Yes, please. Though I guess teleportation would render cars moot.

  • John C.

    For time machines, you would need a way to make it so you can move with the earth. If you went back to any given time, chances are the planet has moved. If you stayed in the same spot, you would materialize in space. And we already have flying cars. They’re called planes. Flying cars would still need regulations like planes, and planes haul you and your crap. They just look different.

    • fendabenda

      Nobody imagined that there would be something like the Internet. Ever. All of the old school sci-fi books have flying cars (boring!) and the like, but no internet. Who wants to travel to the outer space any more? There’s all the free p0rn you’ll ever need on the net. Just download. :D

  • Jason

    Shitty list. Writer knows little about science, and it shows.

    • Patrick Lamar

      Wow lighten up.

  • jordz dong bay

    1 time machine for me

  • trfan01

    The thing I always liked best from the Star Trek series and would so love to have would be the Holodeck, as seen in ST:TNG and Voyager (did DS9 have one? I can’t recall). As an avid book reader, movie and TV watcher, I would love to be able to program my favorite one into my own holodeck and live out the novel/movie/book like I was one of the characters. That would be a lot of fun with endless possibilities.

  • Scott

    I had been hoping for a list of realistic technologies, not just fantasy what ifs. Maybe next time?

  • Mr snissman

    It’s been publicly released that the secret service have anti-gravity equipment.

    • fendabenda

      That’s nothing new. The trains in Japan already hover over the railroad tracks.

  • Michael

    I like this list however the title is misleading. It makes you assume these things can or will be invented in the near future but everything on this list either already exists, is impossible, or will not be avalible for decades or even centuries.

  • Mh

    Actually lasers are becoming a near reality,look up Boeing airborne laser. It’s in development. It’s a missle defense agency thing.

  • oouchan

    Totally missed this list yesterday. Quite an interesting read…and I agree. We should have things like this. Too bad we fight wars and each other instead of working on ways of bettering ourselves.

    Good list.

  • moopersoup

    I have many problems with this list, unfortunately I’m feeling rather lazy right now so I won’t be sharing them tonight.

  • Freddy

    A lot of this things exist in prototype form.

  • just sayin

    The lack of pressure on the body in anti gravity environments causes
    severe bone and muscle tissue depletion… You’d have to exercise for like 2 hours a day to make up for the depletion if you ever wanted to live with gravity again.

  • shafiq

    I am always amused by the anti gravity theories. I think it will be one of the most significant step of our survival on earth if we develop it.

  • Phoenix

    I really enjoyed this list. I know that some of the “inventions” aren’t very feasible and that some of them, like the jet-pack, would probably do more harm than good (i.e. burning your legs or the inevitable crashes of the flying cars) Still, even though we may never see some of these, it’s still cool to daydream about a futuristic world.

  • Marius

    Obviously this lister has not seen the first Star Trek movie where the transporter goes horribly, chillingly, HORRIFICALLY wrong! (shudder) Every time I see that scene my skin absolutely CRAWLS! lol (shudders again)

  • rahul

    lame list. half of these can never happen. sounds like the guy has spent more time watching sci-fi movies than anything else. looks like it has come out of the mind of a 10 year old. i was expecting something a bit more realistic than flying cars and invisibility.

  • TheSwamper

    Most of these things exist in some form today; teleportation (~50 feet is the current record), personal jet packs, flying cars, laser weapons were recently tested by the military, and holographic projection (there’s a simple holographic game already). I found the topic interesting, but the research lacking.

  • dartho

    I expected a serious list… when I saw “Time Machines” at no.10 I knew Listverse is lost forever.

    • fendabenda

      A time machine is not impossible, imho. Do you know quantum physics? Or the idea of Erwin Schrödinger’s cat? You shouldn’t outright floor something that you don’t know very much about. Most of the things that Jules Verne wrote about in the 1800’s as science fiction have become true by now. And the Internet. I don’t even know where you are, dartho, but the second that I hit “enter” on my PC, you can read my comment. That IS amazing, IMHO.

  • freckledsmile99

    Ooo, I so want the food particulizer and I want to float! Fun list.

  • Yusuf

    Arnt the American military testing laser ‘beams’?
    And also, time travel is impossible. But fun list nevertheless…

  • Matt

    I think it’s funny when we talk about the future we talk about weapons instead of sustainable food or something that would help achieve a better future/utopia. I suppose that’s a bit idealistic, but that’s the future I’d want to get behind.

    • fendabenda

      We don’t need any more powerful weapons. Ask the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki if we do.

      • Maggot

        Depending on one’s point of view, it seems like there is a bit of unintended self-answering irony in asking that question of a survivor.

        • fendabenda

          Lol… thou art right, Maggot, I didn’t think about my comment…. :)

  • mere

    wow. you’ve put a time machine together with hologram tv’s. totally different level of sci-fi here man

  • Dan

    Whoa, don’t diss bullets/projectiles! Lasers will never more powerful than bullets – the only advantage is accuracy. Think about it: the impact itself causes damage, in the case of a bullet it is one very solid piece of heated metal, in the case of a laser it’s a constant (if you’re a good shot) stream of photons – therefore, the former does more damage at once.

    Plus, there’s Starlite, which hopefully will be put into production before the inventor dies :-), and it’s been tested in real conditions and it withstands lasers, a blowtorch (~4000 degrees flame, melts copper!) and even a nuclear flash without problems.

    What will be better than bullets is… overheated (like red hot, burning) bullets, or a big piece/constant stream of molten metal shot at a high enough speed – lasers will have nothing on that!

  • pinkkittycat14

    I completely agree with the fact that we should have these things now, especially(in my opinion) 1,2 and 4 :)

  • eduardo jaramillo

    Ok, I have to commend the author for putting the jetpack at number one… it would be absolutely awesome to have one of those…. including the time machine I am less crazy about though, as it shows a utter lack of self restraint. Science basically tells us that time travel is impossible… no matter how many science fiction novels you’ve read, or how many history/discovery channel shows you’ve watched, physics has shown that it would take unthinkably developed technology to move in time… Invisibility, androids, flying cars and laser weapons all seem relatively in reach. Teleportation, however, is up there with time travel… to dissemble, move and then reassemble all the atoms in a body would be dangerous, not to mention ludicrously difficult. A fun, if self-indulgent list to read though.

  • Kambrie

    This list has so many flaws. Many of these have been created such as lasers, jet packs (yes a person can buy one for about $100,000), and holograms (its just in testing phases and still patchy). Other items on this list we should not/cannot obtain because of scientific laws or the physical complications that they would create.
    Overall not a well researched or compiled list.


    Flying cars exist already. Several business people have developed the technology and only thing holding up distribution in the USA is FAA regulations. The government doesn’t know how to regulate them and have prevented their marketing. Just Google Moller Flying Car.

  • carlos

    to the skycar: there would be sky buses too

    and i don’t now if this is possible but i would add the ability to stop time

  • Vinsky

    We already have a flying car, Terrafugia…

  • mrprocrastinator

    Whats wrong with hot tub time machine. It was hilarious. Better than the hangover.

  • yup

    For #7 you should check out the nanomachine replicator… u can also make clothes and technological devices from that. Michio Kakiu spoke about that. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Big Tee

    the u.s created the first weaponized lazer relativly recently

  • Evan

    This list was incredible. Good job, contributor. Can’t wait for teleportation!

  • vermilionskin

    Yeah, why do no have these thing yet!! I think the world is too broke to invest in these luxury items, they will be too expensive to obtain and the world keep getting poorer, governments are begging for money, they rather invest in curing diseases and provide education first.
    But technically we are capable of producing such things.

  • Mysterio Tomorrow

    Great list, they forgot to add my aquatronix machine…maybe next time ! Mysterio Tomorrow

  • MeDan

    Interesting question: at what point can we say WE have these things? The fact that the plans exist in the archives of some company isn’t good enough. They were able to send a picture across the room to a vieewing screen in 1925. But at what point did WE get television? The view-phone, that lets you see the person you’re talking to, was invented in the 1950s. But WE still didn’t have them in the early 2000s (although we had web-cams and speakers…). According to one of Keith Richards’ biographers, he bought a device in 1969 that rode on an air cushion about four inches off the ground at about 15 mph. Can you still buy those? Do WE have them?

  • carlos

    Flying cars are and old idea but… this is the case in the sky there are no semaphores nor traffic signals about directions and not verybody understands the use of compass and maps even in ground.

  • Emaviemisamed


  • Nick

    Not sure if anyone posted this yet but laser weapons do exist and are already being ultised by US army and is in the late testing stage. Invisibility ‘cloak’ is in early testing stages

  • Juliana Mosholder

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  • seriousrankings

    What about anti matter? Or portable black holes, if you like. That would be really useful!

  • Echo Perlow

    Thanks for your get the job done you will have set into this content, it assists clear up some inquiries I had.I will bookmark your web site given that your posts are surprisingly useful.We recognize your posts and look ahead to coming back again…

  • 33rd Square

    Great list. Check out our list of the Top Innovations for 2011 to see how close we are getting.

  • Cristiano

    Very cool!!!!!!!!!

  • we already have jetpacks

  • local chiropractic

    I will immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me know so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  • Arianne Laidlaw

    inflatable tubes to transport water from floods to places needing water.
    Could either be deployed along highways using new super light strong materials, or laid from spooks wherever needed to where ever needed. This is really
    needed and URGENT.

  • inbetwixed

    I am of the personal belief that we already have proof that no time machine as we would know it will ever be made as long as we are in our present incarnation , here is why , in all but 230 years of our known history we have had a war , someone was always fighting someone else , and of those 230 years we don’t know about two or more continents activities so there was more then likely war during those years as well ,that is the true innate nature of man , if anyone in our current incarnation were to get his or her hands on a time machine then we would have one person ruling everyone as they would have the superior firepower to reach that level of dominance , which judging by our entire written history is exactly what would happen , since that hasn’t happened it’s safe to deduce that no such machine will ever exist.