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Top 10 Kits You Can Buy To Survive Any Situation

by Steve Etherwood
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Every day, we face new challenges that force us to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Whether we are at home, in the wilderness, or out in the ocean, an accident can endanger our lives and reduce our chances of survival. According to survivalists, preparation is the first step towards conquering anything, especially when we can’t control whatever is happening. For example, when a boat is sinking or we get lost in the woods, how would we react? While knowledge and training are valuable for surviving, having a good complementary kit improves our chances of staying alive.

Here are the top 10 kits you can buy to survive any situation.

10 Out-in-the Wilderness Survival Kit

Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week – Eastern Woodlands

Ever heard the phrase that “cities are urban jungles?” Well, no matter how tough life in your neighborhood, city, or apartment gets, it can never compare to the wild outdoors. Whether you are going camping, hiking, or climbing, the wilderness can be challenging for anyone. Anything can go wrong at any moment and if you are not well prepared, there is no corner bodega to save you. Fortunately, the world came up with wilderness survival kits.

Kits like the Jinager wilderness survival kit has everything you need to survive the wilderness—if you know how to use everything in it, of course. If you are a survivalist or know enough to get you through a night lost in the woods, the kit comes with some pretty handy tools.

  • Firestarter to make the freezing nights warmer.
  • Whistle to signal your location and ward off wild animals.
  • Woodcutter to make splinters fire-worthy.
  • Tactical pen for self-defense and peace of mind.
  • Rescue blankets to protect you against all the elements.

9 Stranded In-The-Middle Of The Ocean Survival Kit

How to Survive Being Lost in the Ocean, According to Science

Ah, the majestic ocean blue. To sail upon its waters is a luxury. But, as history proves, the ocean is as scary as it is beautiful. Stories of the Titanic and other tragic seafarers show that the ocean can be punishing to those that are not prepared for it. Once a ship starts sinking, passengers have little time to prepare tools that can help them stay afloat as they await help.

Depending on where you are in the ocean and how terrible the wreck, you could survive! How, you ask? With a kit worthy of landlubbers. Something like the Landfall stranded in the ocean survival kit prepares you for an emergency at sea. The kit’s tools include:

  • PW SOLAS Flare that burns brighter and longer to signal help.
  • Emergency Space blankets for maximum warmth.
  • Alkaline batteries for lights.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine Handbook.
  • A Standard VHF Radio to communicate with nearby ships.  

8 Festival Party-Of-A-Lifetime Survival Kit


Forget sliced bread, antibiotics, and Beyonce. Any true raver knows that festivals are the best things to ever happen to humanity. Whether you are 21 or 51 years old, going to Burning Man or Coachella will leave you broke and wanting more. After all, we only live once right? Totes rage, bro.

Yet, while partygoers post the best pictures on the dance floor, they never share what happens after dark. Once the music dies down and the performers leave to the comfort of their tour buses, everyone fights for survival. The weather, the hangovers, the questionable decisions… Fortunately, humans have invented a kit to help you out with your uninhibited festival experience. You could make a kit on your own—or you could just buy one. The Gentlemen’s Hardware festival survival kit is a good example of what you’d need to help your post-rager recovery.

  • Red ponchos to keep the stinging wind away.
  • Flashlight torch stash to light your way in unfamiliar territory.
  • Earplugs to keep all the unwanted noise out.
  • Spork to help you dig into whatever festival food is easiest to digest.

7 Roadside Emergency Survival Kit

25 Must Have Items for Your Car Emergency Kit pt1

Despite their utility, safety ratings, and widespread use, cars are unpredictable. They break down when you don’t want them to, they run out of gas on a country backroad where there’s no service, and no matter what name you give them, they never respond to it. Even more frustrating, cars like to give us problems when we are the most underprepared. Luckily, with the right tools, you can be your own roadside assistance.

If you’re like me and are car illiterate—outside of being able to drive the car safely, of course—sometimes it’s better to just trust that you’re getting everything you need in one purchase. This SlimK Roadside Emergency kit is a lifesaver for any car trouble emergency.

  • Jumper cables for reviving a dead battery.
  • Heavy-duty tow rope for the push when all hope is lost.
  • Tire pressure gauge to measure tires for stability.
  • Car toolkit for every need.

6 Pet (Cat or Dog) Survival Kit

Pet “Grab-&-Go” Disaster Kit

Animal lovers know that a happy pet makes the best companion. Pets have fairly simple needs. They aren’t these complicated, spoiled balls of human emotion that constantly mix up that craving for a donut as a need rather than a want. If your pet has food, water, and shelter, they have little else to worry about.

So, when preparing for any event or disaster, it’s important to treat pets as family members and prepare for their safety. A pet survival kit may be the difference between a happy pet and a sad one. And sad pets are the actual saddest.

  • Quality dog food enough for one dog or two cats.
  • Clean water for hydration.
  • Shelter for your little friend’s best comfort.

5 “The World Is Ending” Doomsday Survival Kit

15 Items Every Prepper Should Hoard

The world could end any second. It could be a nuclear war, viral pandemics, or even deadly meteors. Whichever doomsday theory you support, you can only be so prepared. A bunker may do well for a zombie apocalypse, or your typical fall-out shelter situation. But if a series of asteroids hit the Earth, well, it may not make a difference where you’re hiding.

While there’s no single doomsday survival kit with everything you would need, the best option is to have a little of everything. No—you don’t need a truck full of toilet paper. A good doomsday emergency survival kit should have at least the following gear to make the apocalypse a little more bearable.

  • Emergency survival gear for every scenario.
  • Medical suppliers to dress any wound.
  • Fishing tools for scouring food in nearby waterways.
  • The perfect outdoor gear set.

4 Newborn Baby Care Survival Kit


Babies. They are precious. They are also hungry, crying, pooping bundles of “oh my gosh, what am I doing, how am I supposed to take care of this human?” When faced with raising an infant, especially as a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, it’s not like you can just take care of them using the things you use. Babies require gentler, smaller tools. Although there’s no proverbial “guide” to raising kids, there are plenty of survival kits to help you get through those early days. But don’t rush it. Babies are only babies once—and are actually pretty easy to take care of compared to adults.

This baby grooming kit comes with the right tools to keep your baby looking healthy and put together—unlike your 4-days unshowered hair because you’re taking care of a baby. One of you has to look good, right?

  • Baby scissors for cutting delicate fingernails.
  • Nail files and clippers.
  • Special baby brush and comb to smoothen hair without hurting the scalp.
  • Nasal aspirator and drug feeder.
  • Finger toothbrush for gently cleaning the baby’s teeth and gums.

3 The-Day-After Hangover Kit


Everyone loves a good party and if we are being honest, the best parties are those we can’t remember. (Drink responsibly, my friends.) Still, after a night of superhuman socializing, dancing, and bonding over sweet cocktails, our bodies can and will shut down. We weren’t meant for that kind of sustained greatness, no matter what our alcohol tolerance may be.

Whoever came up with the festival survival kit must be friends with the hangover kit guy. Hangovers are the body’s response to too much alcohol. For most people, especially if you’re over 30 years old, a hangover makes waking up practically impossible. Though we should learn from our night of excess, we instead created a kit to make those bad decisions “worth it” and repeatable. For example, “Hey, you survived the night!” “Yeah, and this morning. Let’s do it again!” 

If you’re planning on doing it all over again, or are getting ready for the hangover of a lifetime, these items are hangover survival kit must-haves.

  • Electrolyte packets to restart your body faster than water alone.
  • Stomach relievers to calm the storm brewing in your bowels.
  • Makeup remover wipes for the ladies.
  • Mints, gum, and Tic Tacs for fresh breath.
  • Pain relievers to dull a pounding headache.
  • Eye drops to eliminate irritation and sleepy eyes.

2 Bride-zilla Emergency Survival Kit

31 Things You NEED in Your Bridal Emergency Kit | Jadee McGowan & Pink Book Weddings

For every bride, careful planning is the first step towards that perfect wedding. Yet, even the best wedding planners make a few mistakes and forget to order the small things that do make a difference (despite the groom’s instance that they don’t). A bride needs peace of mind, even at the last minute, otherwise, they probably will not emotionally survive the day. And ultimately, the most important details are the one’s she wears. Having been there, even with 100 bobby pins in my hair to hold everything in place, I still needed one more at the last minute. And I didn’t have it. Nobody had one… If only I had a wedding day survival kit.

This floral wedding survival kit has all the supplies a wedding might need to be successful.

  • Striking makeup bag that won’t be easily missed amid the wedding hassles. 
  • A cache of makeup and hair supplies a bride and her maids need for the entire day.

1 Public Bathroom Nightmare Survival Kit

How Do You Use a Public Bathroom Safely During a Pandemic?

Everyone has at least one story about an unfortunate trip to a public restroom. For most of us, visiting the public bathroom is like a trip to the underworld. I mean, how can you miss the toilet bowl? Sometimes, it seems like the person that visited the stall was waging war with their digestive system. But at other times, some people are just savages who choose to leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

This public restroom survival kit ensures that your trip to the gas stop toilet is safe and sanitary.

  • Charmin toilet seat covers for protection.
  • Charmin Freshmates to go wipes that work better than dry tissue paper.
  • On-the-go hand wipes that are handy when there’s no soap or water.
  • Compressed towel tablets.
  • Discreet carrying case for all your essentials.
fact checked by Jamie Frater