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Top 10 Most Bizarre Videos

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

In a recent journey through YouTube and Google Videos, I put together a list of the top ten most bizarre clips. The first video will give you nightmares. If anyone knows what the hell the second one is, let me know.

1. The Alphabet David Lynch WikipediaThe Alphabet. This is the first film David Lynch recorded – based on a dream by the young sister of his then girlfriend. I really think this is first equal with the Artaud piece, but I had to pick one or the other. This is nightmare material. Make sure you watch to the end as the very last scene if horrifying. I promise you will have nightmares after watching this. A final note: Lynch’s girlfriend is the singer.

Watch David Lynch’s most famous film and see why he’s the master of the bizarre! Get Mulholland Drive at!

2. Homage to Artaud Antonin Artaud Wikipedia

Born in 1896 (died 1948), Artaud is one of the most unusual artists of the 20th century. He wrote poetry that was banned by the French government, assisted in some of the most bizarre films in history, and even wrote music. He had a small part in the film The Passion of Joan of Arc (hailed as the film with the most emotional performance ever captured on film by Maria Falconetti). I found this little excerpt with Artaud’s name attached. I have no idea what the hell it is supposed to be – but believe me, it is freakish and definitely earns top spot!

3. Rabbits and the Idol

This is a very strange animated short film. I think there is a moral to the story – I am not sure what it is!

4. Holy Mountain Alejandro Jodorowsky Wikipedia

The Holy Mountain is a 1973 cult film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky who also participated as actor, composer, set designer, and costume designer. The film was produced by Beatles manager Allen Klein of ABKCO after Jodorowsky scored an underground phenomenon with El Topo and the acclaim of both John Lennon and George Harrison (John and Yoko Ono put up production money).

5. Symphony Mechanique Georges Antheil Wikipedia

Antheil, an American composer, wrote this score to accompany a dadaist film. This piece of ballet music which is impossible to play in full, is set to a film by Fernand Léger (1881 – 1955). Strangely, it was not until the 1990s that the film and score were brought together. The film and music is a masterful example of the movement. It is hard to believe that this is from the 1920s, nearly 100 years ago. Here is the Ballet Mécanique (with plane propellers and various other strange instruments). This is Antheil’s most famous work.

6. Un Chien Andalou Salvador Dali Wikipedia

Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) is a great example of surrealist film. Dali is well known for his art, but this is a film he was involved in with Luis Bunuel in the 1920’s. His foray into film was quite extraordinary and this film is very famous in surrealist art circles. Fabulously french music, fabulously odd cinematography. Watch for the scalpel in the eyeball – quite a feat for its time! Also note the rather obscene (for its time) handling of the ladies bosom. This the complete film (which has no plot).

7. The Dream Machine Brion Gysin Wikipedia

Gysin (born 1916, died 1986) was a great friend of William Burroughs. He invented the Cut-ups technique (1959). One of his most important discoveries was the dreamachine – essentially a spinning cylinder with various holes cut in to it which – when viewed with the eyes closed – caused one to see a variety of hallucinations. I should add that this was invented under the influence of drugs (are we surprised?) If you want to try it, here is a web based dream machine – click start and close your eyes.

Nobody does bizarre better than Japan. Read about their craziest film contributions with Killer Kaiju Monsters: Strange Beasts of Japanese Film at!

8. Inland Empire David Lynch Wikipedia

Starring the gorgeous ladies from Mullholand Drive, (Naomi Watts, and Laura Harring), the Rabbits is a short excerpt from Lynch’s latest film Inland Empire. Nonsense dialogue, minimalist sets, and eerie music make this a truly unusual experience. Use this link to part 1 to see the rest of the rabbits (the last scene is not available online and can only be seen in the film). You must forgive my bias – David Lynch is my favourite director.

9. The Cut Ups William Burroughs Wikipedia

The Cut Ups is a film by Burroughs and Balch. It uses the cut-ups style invented by Brion Gysin but made famous by Burrous (especially in his masterful book Naked Lunch). I can’t even begin to describe this film – just believe me, it is weird. Hereinunder you get the full 20 minute short film by (perhaps) the greatest writer of the 20th century.

10. 4’33”John Cage Wikipedia

Cage is one of the most forward thinking composers of the 20th century. This is a video of a performance of the piece of music that is probably his most famous. It is called 4’33” (ie, four minutes and thirty-three seconds). The idea behind this piece is that we are constantly surrounded by music in every day life. At the risk of spoiling the surprise, this is an orchestra playing silence in three movements for 4 and a half minutes. I won’t go into the issue of the pretention of the audience (watch it – you will see what I mean) but it is quite amazing to see an entire orchestra get paid to play nothing at all. Weird.

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Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • TheMonkapotomous

    How could the Struwwelpeter not be in here? By all rights the book was messed up enough, but the animations are just… off.

  • TheMonkapotomous

    Forgot to mention, for those of you who don’t know, the video link I posted, and the Struwwelpeter itself is a collection of children’s stories. Very dark, and messed up children’s stories.

  • jfrater

    TheMonkapotomous: wow – thanks for adding that link – it fits in perfectly with this theme!

  • You forgot Chris Cunningham’s Rubber Johnny :-)

    • Gracie

      I watched that video once… Once was enough. It’s a cool song though!

  • E

    Number 4 isn’t really a video… I’m confused by this. I think this piece of music is better, and more effective, when regarded for what it is – a piece of music.

  • jfrater

    I agree, E – it is not ideal but it was found in that form so I think it still qualifies :)

  • Zed

    Great listing dude! If you have anymore videos like these, can you share with us?

  • jfrater

    Zed: Thanks :) I definitely plan to do more top 10 lists with a bizarre theme. Have you checked out the Top 10 incredible Recordings? Some of those are pretty freaky.

  • Matt

    This is pretty freaky.

    Also anything from the movie “Begotten”

  • Matt: that is DEFINITELY weird. I was a bit worried it would be a screamer so I watched with some apprehension. Good find!

  • the moral of rabbit and the idol, my mum me and my sister decided, was being greedy can lead to your doom…DONT BE GREEDY!
    and dont go cutting rabbits in half…

  • zombiejorge

    Great Great list! Ive said it two times because so few things on the internet have an ounce of intelligence. This is quite a good list.

  • zombiejorge: thanks :) I am thinking of doing a second bizarre videos list so keep an eye out.

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  • Sebastian: wow – I just read your comment – Rubber Johnny is very weird – I have not heard of it before.

  • Steve

    I just discovered this site today and have been reading (and watching) the stuff you got in here. Pretty cool and very interesting.

  • Steve: I’m glad you like it. Keep coming back for more cool stuff – I have a lot of lists that need publishing :)

  • christian

    #2 has nothing to do with Artaud. Too much about him in your descriptition made me think there was a main connection. It may simply be a tagline by the maker’s interest. You do give A.A.s birth/death dates, so it should be apparent to people who dont know about A.A.. It does remind me a little of “nurse with wound”‘s video, titled, “I’ve plummed this whole neighborhood” which is on youtube I think, and the audio is somewhat reminiscient to something/ somewhere-slight by “Sun City Girls” , but I dont think either created the video.

  • christian: you are right – I should have been more specific about that. As yet I still don’t know who the true author is.

  • Hi all, I just thought you might like to know that I have now posted a third bizarre videos article called 10 More Bizarre Videos. Enjoy!

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  • Chris

    You should have at least one of David Firth’s animations here. He’s the guy that made Salad Fingers. But some of his other videos are, if possible, even more freaky and bizarre.

  • Chris: thanks for that. It may well appear on the 4th Bizarre videos list :)

  • Chris: okay – just watched the video – that was weird and funny and gross and.. well – just weird! Thanks!

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  • Jen

    I’ve not read the comments, so I may be the only one going here, but I have a take on the second video. The old woman – she has dementia, or something like it. She’s being visited by family/friends/whatever, but all she sees/hears is what we see and hear. We’re inside her head for most of the film, and it’s only in the end that we see the photo/still of what is actually in the room with her.

    Or, I’m a therapist who thinks too hard who also has a grandmother sinking into the claws of Alzheimer’s. Whichever.

  • I’ve seen no.3 like a half a year ago at the most bizzare film festival in Prague and I totally loved it! One of the best animated short films I’ve ever seen! It’s this one:

    btw I came upon your site just tonight “by accident” clicking on a link to Top 10 incredible recordings and I really appreciate your job, man! Gotta take a look at some other “Top 10…”. Thanks & keep it up!

  • P.S.: though I have to admit I’ve seen a lot of WAY MORE bizzare videos than you have here :-) but your site is not only about bizzare videos, so still a nice job anyway

  • hirnlego: we have thirty on the site so far. If you want to point me in the direction of some more I will do another list :)

  • Kristen

    I don’t get the first video. Yes it was weird but I’m not what about the ending was supposed to be so scary.

  • Kristen: It is the overall tone of the video – I find it quite eerie.

  • Alicia

    David Lynch films freak my face out more than all “horror” movies combined. as soon as i saw this page’s title I knew Rabbits would be on there. the one you posted at #1 honestly isn’t that bad, but Rabbits gives me nightmares. how is he so good at this?

  • Ezo

    This video is pretty strange too…

  • Alicia: his daughter is good too – she did Boxing Helena which is a very unusual film.

    Ezo: Wow – that is very odd – thanks for adding it :)

  • LKJ

    How about the “Clowny clown clown” video by Crispin Glover?

  • LKJ: Do you have a link to that? I haven’t seen it.

  • aplspud

    I love weird freaky films. Though I have to watch them during the day, with lights on. And I usually can’t go in my basement for awhile afterwards. David Lynch is awesome. I’m into Postmodern fiction, so I don’t want to say anything too bad about John Cage. But still, c’mon people. 4:33 of silence? The radio one was better.

  • im too scared to watch the last scene of the first one…someone just tell me. lol

  • aplspud

    Sarah: Its not too bad, the girl wakes up spitting up blood, its more of a combination of the tension building up throughout the piece and the music and vocals that makes it disturbing.

  • aplspud- lol thanks-i just watched it and realized what a scaredy cat i am :)

  • Jacki

    You think 4’33” is weird? I thought John Cage’s Glass Walk(?) was even weirder…

    Maybe its because I got exposed to 4’33” early on as a child and got desensitized but I find using roses, radios, bathtubs, pitchers etc to be quite odd as instruments.

  • spencer

    ya rubber johnny should have definitely been on here. number 10 is the stupidest thing i have EVER seen. its a fucking joke. OH MY GOD ITS SILENCE. oooohhh so progressive. i could’ve done that sitting on my ass at home.

  • silencioh

    Have you seen the movie called GRAU? It’s about a car crash and also on the site of this guy in high quality

  • dave

    what the hell, man. i watched the first video looking forward to a freaky nightmare-ish film; all i got was an artsy piece of shit that took forever to load. seriously. nightmares? that gave you nightmares? “oh no! the letters a, b, and c!! ahhhhh!!!!”

    • Timbeaux

      Or you could add something to the topic..

  • Ryon Ownbey

    What about 2 girls, 1 cup?

  • Adam

    I understand the enthusiam for Lynch, the film doesn’t give me nightmares, but is like my dreams. I like David Lynch as an interview subject, painter, and theorist, more than a director.
    Now to the guts— Are these the most bizarre or most available. I think the point of this site is to generate discussion. Lynch has produced segements more bizarre than Rabbits and Alphabet. How about imaginary grandmothers and cutting open mutant babies?

  • Adam

    the rest of my post-
    The grandmother and mutant baby scenes are Lynch also.
    Ryon Ownby comfuses disgust with awe.
    This site is great!

  • Csimmons

    Great list, needs rubber johnny though.

  • Captain Trips

    number three is “manifestation of greed” by sclah.

  • jbjr

    #10 the commentators are kidding right? I was waiting to hear a fart.

    #3 the kids freaked me out more than idol. They have very sharp knives.

    The cut-ups gave me a headache on to the next set of bizarre videos

  • CummZ2bigbird
  • Great lists you’ve got going here… I am quite a collector of all things bizarre and will post a few links as I see fit if you don’t mind. Heres one I think you’ll like…

    The Goddess Bunny

    Also, you cannot forget the most prolific of all surrealist animation… Betty Boop.
    (the end makes my life worth living…)

    Betty Boop, MD

  • Samsara-gx

    Ok….I’m so weak lol… I couldn’t stand the first video, and by that I mean not even the first 3 seconds where that weird thing was saying the alphabet..I wonder if there is anything wrong with me? I wanted to cry! lol…I also freaked out with the rabbit and the idol film… and I liked the dream machine… I wanted to try it out (the web version) but then after reading about it, I found out that it would dangerous for me because with the dream machine you can enter to a hypnagogic state, and well, I can enter by myself into a hypnagogic state very easily,(involuntarily) and even though I can “escape” from that, it really feaks me out!… but well… I liked this list very much, now im so scared, lol and don’t want to go to bed, next time I’ll watch them in the morning lol!

  • Amy

    I think the rabbit thing is about Karma. like if you do somthing bad then it will come back and something bad will happn to you.

  • Dikobraz

    Check out Objectionable Apparatus and Voyeur School from Kol Belov ( Those are very disturbing animated short films.

  • opschief

    Greetings, jfrater and all! My first post…as Richard Pryor said, “Hope I’m funny!” And yes, Goddess Bunny will make your brain melt with creepiness! Anyway, we should never forget “Pickel Suprise” if we’re to remain slightly insane…

    Enough for List #3 yet????

  • opschief

    BTW, Holy Mountain and Un Chien Andalou are broken…

  • Velveeta

    What is the music accompanying #7 The Dreamachine? It’s a great track.

  • Velveeta: I can’t find the specific track but it appears to be by Dave Arnold who sells his music here:

  • Jordan G

    I hate dadaism so much. The David Lynch thing was retarded. The point of art isn’t to confuse, anyone can do THAT.

  • angryray

    Number 3 is featured in The Animation Show: Volume 3.

    It’s done by a film maker by the name of Run Wrake

  • hirnlego

    angryray: yeah, I posted here an imdb link like a half a year ago, man

  • Lewis

    Favorite list on the site, I love looking for meanings on these,

  • Lewis

    The dream machine kinda focked my head over a bit! :P

  • joline

    I think the moral of Rabbit and the idol is that good things can come from unexpected places, but don’t go greedy!

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  • Korka

    I’d love to see the Cage piece with yawns in stead of coughs. Not that it’s boring, but contagious.

  • TouDecaps

    the alphabet tho strange wouldn’t give me nightmares, but Eraserhead did.

  • Zippy

    #3=> the moral of the story is…if you want a new muff, get your dad to do the hunting. -_-“

  • Matt

    what about salad fingers?

  • Hanley

    haha The Alphabet was about as scary as a Sesame Street episode, its the unfamiliarity that is frightening

  • Sugarpie

    I just love the rabbit and Idol one we watched with some friends and they just alla sat there mouth open saying What the f*** is that???

  • July

    I believe the amazing ‘Svetlonos’ (‘the torch bearer’) by Václav Svankmajer should really take a place here. it’s more awsome then it is bizzare though..

    Also, you can’t get the full on weirdness of Inland Empire without watching the whole thing.. prefferably in a movie theater.

  • beff
  • Gabriel

    I protest!!
    Rubber Jhonny should be among the top of the list.

  • Galadriel

    Did anyone try the web based dream machine? I’m too scared to lol. Cause it said it can cause Photosensitive epilepsy in some people, depending on the frequency chosen. >_____________>
    I wanna know what it’s like though. ;-;

  • galadriel: it is not so bad – you can stop it quickly if it makes you feel weird – remember to keep your eyes closed when watching :)

  • Alex

    wow, all of these are great,
    i watched the dream machine for like… 5 minuites… nothing happened… just flashy lights. BO-RING!!! haha, anyone have cool expieriences with it?

  • Valentina

    First video? Nightmares? Are you serious?

    THIS it’ll give you nightmares

  • Anya

    how about this one?
    “Max Headroom WTTW Pirating Incident – 11/22/87”

  • Donna

    Alex, I have a dream machine here at home, a modernised version , there’s a tube to blow through to make the innards spin as it’s right up against the face and when used it blocks other sights out. I’ve never hallucinated with it. I have become dizzy but think it’s because I’ve run out of puff.

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  • londonafter

    i hate Artaud his poetry is so f*cking grotesque!

  • Matt Howard


    Having never read Artaud’s poetry, if it is freaky as his short film then I don’t think I want to! Scary as!

  • ginger

    hahaha if i were the audience in 4′ 33″ i’d go ‘chuck norris’.

  • Richmyman

    Another creepy video(s) is the Salad Fingers series on youtube…especially the second episode. Just go to youtube and type in salad fingers episode 2

  • Precision

    #81 Richmyman – Salad Fingers is a creation of David Firth, and is by no means his creepiest work. By all means its pretty out there, but his website contains many more flash animations that are, in my opinion, stranger than Salad Fingers (also a better reference for his work than YouTube ;))

    My personal favourite: the Spoilsbury Toast Boy series…I believe it is episode 2 of that series that blew my mind. Very bizarre. Also check out “The Milkman”….weird.

    Warning: David Firth’s flash animations contain some graphic violence and sexual references, and should not be consumed when under the influence of stimulants (even if they are just animations :P)

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  • Hannah

    i think these videos are bizare and really freaky not that i get scared easily i also think they are pretty awsome

  • Parker

    a really messed up thing..
    Tears of callie. its a movie. its really weird.

  • Mary Kelly

    I’m completely taken by David Lynch. The Silencio scene from Mullholland Drive with the Hispanic chick singing Roy Orbison’s “Crying” is probably my favorite song in the world. Thank you for the replay. It was a moving experience and isn’t David Lynch always an experience?!

  • Ashley R

    …un chien andelou was a weird film indeed..that eye was nasty haha! (ive heard many versions of how they did that…the most common version was that they placed a cows eye over the actress’s eye and sliced that…another was that they just sliced her eye…i dont know)

  • buffalo

    are you being facetious, fruitypeebils – i’d say that’s pretty common knowledge though i don’t think it could be classified as a “hallucination”but just messing with your optics.

  • paul

    how in the fuck could you call Burroughs “(perhaps) the greatest writer of the 20th century”? are you 12? honestly i liked this page a lot until you said that.

  • Cybogen

    #10- Very noisy and was not played in synchronicity.

  • Yaoiness

    You know what video really freaks me out? Peanut vendor. The animation is just so crude, but the music is pleasant which makes it the even more freaky.

  • hakan

    love the videos

    Check these videos out theres some freaky sh*t on there

  • Brice

    4’33” was also meant as a statement that silence is important in music and it was way better when John Cage accually played it because the crowd thought he was going to play so they got confused and mad and they accually became the music.

  • tom

    i just put AC/DC on over 4″33 to make it better.

  • akos

    number 1 is so so scary, i will definitely get nightmares.

  • Matt

    Phew, i watched number one and two (3 was removed) and 1 wasn’t realy that scary, except for the abc in the beginning, which kinda creaped me out.

  • Amanda H.

    ………so creaped out………I am so easily scared, I have no idea why I watched those!!! :(

  • og_gd

    All of these videos seem like just horrible acid trips. They are freaky, but I didn’t think they were that creepy. It seems like too many artists try to do these weird things to freak people out.

  • chubbmeister

    pffff….watched #9 before bed….


  • Madkins007

    I love John Cage’s 4’33” and enjoyed the video. I saw it first mentioned with no hint as to what it was on an NPR list of top music. I actually found a copy to download and could not figure out why it would not play until I lucked on an article about it.

    In hindsight, I am both amazed and rather bemused by the fact you can download the MP3 of it!

  • mightymom

    I clicked on the first one, fully expecting to be freaked out. Meh….I don’t get it.
    My dog went nuts though. She was ramming her head under my laptop trying to get her ears closer to the speakers.
    She has the same reaction to a puppy crying….it was odd….Ill give you that.

  • Pavo

    Yes? Hello

  • zach

    I don’t even know what to say about this clip:


  • Storm

    Viewed with eyes closed…how does that work? I mean, I would assume the light would be seen, but still, it doesnt make a lot of sense…

  • aaaaaaaaah


  • cacapipipetpoil

    He says: I NEED PORN

  • Ludd

    These are all the products of pretentious douchebags with no talent and no ability to create a coherent storyline. David Lynch has to be one of the most overrated, worthless hacks in the history of film.

  • jeroboambramblejam

    Is “Street of Crocodiles” too mainstream?… Very moving… very weird.

  • nicoleredz3

    Phew… We humans are strange creatures…

  • tanigaga

    David Lynch always makes the creepiest shit. Anyone seen the Dumbland cartoons?

    And here’s something else. It’s not really disturbing, kind of at all, but it amazed and freaked me out the first time I saw it :p


  • Benjy

    John Cage 4’33” is a very interesting and compelling piece of work. Why shouldn’t the surrounding ambience caused by the audience be classed or defined as music? Its a apocryphal belief to think that it was intended to be silent. This piece is very boring of course if have reflective impotence!

  • Benjy

    @Benjy [110]: “if you have reflective impotence”

  • Mario

    I think this is the perfect video for this:


  • Scorgle Fruoerte
  • Aurell
  • sharon

    how does one 'view with the eyes closed'?

  • Katy

    I think the most disturbing part of the first one was not the end, but rather somewhere in the middle. The audio sounds like some animal is being tortured and crying, but the pitch is turned up to sound more cartoonish, but its still disturbing.

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  • None of Your Business

    Obedece ala Morsa should’v been on here.

  • ashleysweet

    lmfao, “as a final note, Lynches girlfriend is the singer.” david lynches girlfriend was a man??? hahaha!

  • sciatica

    Obtaining my to comment is constantly tough, but that post was definitly worthy. I just want to say hi and tell you that i will probably be back

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  • Edie Simmons

    obviously like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth however I will surely come back again.

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