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Top 10 Greatest Inventions

This is one of those subjective lists that many people will agree with and many will not. I have chosen what I think are the greatest modern inventions and listed them from least to most important. Feel free to use the comments to add to the list or to debate my choices.

10. Modern Plumbing


The ability to remove sewage from and bring clean water into places of dense human habitation makes the modern city possible. Without it, we’d still have cities, but not like the ones we know. A high-rise building would be impossible, really, without toilets and plumbing. Remove apartment buildings, office towers, and dense downtown cores from your picture of the world and you have to change the whole rest of your picture too, because the implications keep rippling.

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9. Printing Press


The printing press was the first one of many communication mediums, changing how information was collected, stored, retrieved, criticized, discovered, and promoted. It has been implicated in the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the first printing press in the Western civilizations of Europe. Screw presses for olives and wine had been known in Europe since Roman times; presses for the binding of manuscript books were also in use. Gutenberg was the first to convert the concept for printing uses. Gutenberg’s use of mechanical presses along with other innovations made printing a proto-industrial process with a far greater output compared to manuscripts made by copyists.

8. Automobile

Bentley Continental Gt

In 1769, the very first self-propelled road vehicle was invented by French mechanic, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. However, it was a steam-powered model. In 1885, Karl Benz designed and built the world’s first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine. In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler took the internal combustion engine a step further and patented what is generally recognized as the prototype of the modern gas engine and later built the world’s first four-wheeled motor vehicle.

7. Pesticides

Chfa 03 Img0699

Since before 2500 BC, humans have used pesticides to prevent damage to their crops. The first known pesticide was elemental sulfur dusting used in Sumeria about 4,500 years ago. By the 15th century, toxic chemicals such as arsenic, mercury and lead were being applied to crops to kill pests. In 1939, Paul Müller discovered that DDT was a very effective insecticide. It quickly became the most widely-used pesticide in the world. However, in the 1960s, it was discovered that DDT was preventing many fish-eating birds from reproducing which was a huge threat to biodiversity. Pesticide use has increased 50-fold since 1950, and 2.5 million tons of industrial pesticides are now used each year.

6. Steam Engine

Sa Steam Engine Flywheel In Center Rear Qtr 050202

Thomas Savery was an English military engineer and inventor who in 1698, patented the first crude steam engine. Thomas Newcomen invented the atmospheric steam engine in 1712. James Watt’s incarnation of the steam engine ushered in the Industrial Revolution. His centrifugal governor kept the engine running at the desired rate, and is a modification so simple and elegant that it may be one of the best ideas of all time.

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5. Computers

Apple Macbook Pro 2 Ghz Core Duo Laptop

In 1837, Charles Babbage was the first to conceptualize and design a fully programmable mechanical computer that he called “The Analytical Engine”. Due to limited finance, and an inability to resist tinkering with the design, Babbage never actually built his Analytical Engine. Large-scale automated data processing of punched cards was performed for the U.S. Census in 1890 by tabulating machines designed by Herman Hollerith and manufactured by the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, which later became IBM.

4. Transistors


The transistor is the fundamental building block of the circuitry that governs the operation of computers, cellular phones, and all other modern electronics. On 16 December 1947 William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain succeeded in building the first practical point-contact transistor at Bell Labs. This work followed from their war-time efforts to produce extremely pure germanium “crystal” mixer diodes, used in radar units as a frequency mixer element in microwave radar receivers.

3. Plastic


Plastic is composed of organic condensation or addition polymers and may contain other substances to improve performance or economics. There are few natural polymers generally considered to be “plastics”. The first plastic based on a synthetic polymer was made from phenol and formaldehyde, with the first viable and cheap synthesis methods invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1909, the product being known as Bakelite. Subsequently poly(vinyl chloride), polystyrene, polyethylene (polyethene), polypropylene (polypropene), polyamides (nylons), polyesters, acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes were amongst the many varieties of plastics developed and have great commercial success.

2. Harnessed Electricity

Uesc 04 Img0215

Electricity existed all along, but the system of devices needed to generate this force and distribute it to individual buildings was an invention, launched initially by Edison: He effectively turned electricity into a salable commodity and his Pearl Street station was the world’s first electric power station. Nikola Tesla’s invention of alternating current (AC) technology then made it possible to transmit electricity over long distances, leading to the nationwide grid we know today. Now, anyone in the West and throughout most of the world can tap into the grid to power everything from light bulbs to computers.

1. Immunization / Antibiotics


Three centuries ago, almost everyone died of infectious diseases. When the plague broke out in 1347, it killed nearly half of Europe–in about two years. When diseases such as smallpox reached North America, they reduced the indigenous population by about 90 percent within a century. As late as 1800, the leading cause of death in the West was tuberculosis. Hardly anyone died of old age back then, one reason why elders were revered. Today, elders are a dime a dozen: nothing unusual about surviving past 70. In the United States, 73 percent of people die of heart failure, cancer, and stroke.

Notable others: Laser, Radio, Clock

Sources: Encarta, Wikipedia, AskMen

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  • dalandzadgad

    agreed. the day has barely begun and i’ve already used almost everything on this list, heh.

  • RobS

    Why wasn’t the wheel in there?
    I mean, if it wasn’t for Mr. Antrobus’ invention, we’d all be walking.

  • RobS: seemed a bit ancient to me :)

  • bucslim

    Another great list.

    Gotta go with the clock, of course I don’t know what I’d eliminate. However simple clocks made it possible for ships in the age of discovery to navigate much easier. It wasn’t the beginning of geography, but it was instrumental in helping sea goers determing longitude and latitude.

    The bigger reason the clock needs to be on this list is because it gave humanity a better sense of time and a more accurate reading of seasons.

  • bucslim: Thanks :) Even though it didn’t make it to the top 10, the Clock would be in the top 13 (as you can see from the notable others).

  • RobS

    “seemed a bit ancient to me”

    That’s age discrimination! That’s what that is! ;^0

  • RobS: hey – I can’t be perfect ALL the time :)

  • This is a great list. I personally think Plumbing should be #1 on your list, and you should specifically mention water treatment plants, because people will think about toilets but forget to think about taps. If you ever go camping, you start missing the toilets and the water faucets pretty much right away.

    #2 is electricity, the thing you pretty much miss the second most when you go camping.

    #3 is refrigeration, something that limits my ability to camp, because I can’t keep my food from spoiling.

    A city without these three things is no city at all, but a camp.

    Camping is an interesting thing; I think it’s important for human beings to live Off Grid for a little while each year. Think of it as a period of nearly complete Technology Fasting. Sure you bring fuel-burning lamps and stoves with you, and you have your own stores of food, and you may even hike all your water in with you.

    I love Camping itself. But even more than the camping itself, I love coming home, having a shower, turning on my fan or air-conditioner (if it’s summer) and lying down in a cool, clean bed. You know what? Modern springy mattresses are one of the greatest inventions ever. Try sleeping on cold hard ground , and beds will make your list pretty quick too.



  • Cat Skyfire

    RobS: Technically, the wheel is not the invention. Round things are a part of nature. The invention that makes the round things useful is the Axle. Sticking a hole into the round thing (or finding a round thing with a hole) and shoving a stick in it.

    As for the list: I’d put the plumbing up at #1. Without the decrease in filth, the connection to disease probably wouldn’t have been completely found, and the urge to find real solutions might never have come.

  • i agree with warren about refrigeration. Although, it has been in use to some extent with ice in the winter, so maybe not?

    anyway, i think the ability to fly is an important addition to the list, and should have been there somewhere, maybe instead of The Computer, because the computer we know of today isn’t possible without the transistor, and they seem to go together.

    while a clock is important, it’s been around since the dawn of time (literally) with sun dials, so as with the wheel, it’s not really relevant enough.

    The compass, that’s important, with out it, there would be no New World, and therefore no America.
    Same would go for the sail.

    Maybe this should have been one of those top 15 lists you do, either that, or make a follow up list.

    it is a good list, i agree, and use everything on that list on a daily basis, and i guess that’s why they are all there.


    How about cloth.

  • sakul



    Very nice website you have here. For the past month or so I have been coming here every morning before work and anticipating what will be next, keep up the great lists, oh, another great invention should be the telephone.

  • kancgab

    There is a difference between INVENTION and DISCOVERY. Electricity wasnt invented, it was discovered.

  • kancgab: I am talking about the things that enable the use of electricity – not electricity itself.

  • purvislets

    What? No sliced bread?

  • evan

    flight? or the airplane?

  • Human Flight :) It would be on a top 15.

  • Mr Ed

    The Plow. It allowed for an increased dependable food supply. Because more food was available individuals did not need to spend all their time farming and could specialize in other areas. Increased grain production required pottery to store it, writing to note contents, laws to control ownership and so one. This single invention freed people from subsistence farming and gave them the time and need to develop all the follow on technologies. See Egypt.

  • 9000

    soap. I know it seems silly, but an ounce of prevention…

    Probably staved off more illness than medicine has since cured.

  • Late O’Day

    Except maybe for some novel ways to provide it for highrises, etc., the principles of “modern” plumbing haven’t really changed all that much since Roman times.

  • Kip


  • Jason

    Steve is pissed that the iPhone didn’t make the list.

  • Adam W.

    I think toilet paper would be at least #1 on my list. I can live without computers, cars, clocks, whatever. But I think I’d end up commiting suicide if i couldnt properly clean my ass without taking a shower. Oh yeah, how about showers, or just the bath-tub in general.

  • Martin L

    First off, I just want to say there are two things I love about Listverse: a) the lists (duh!) and b) the commentators. There seem to be almost no pinheads spouting misspelled abuse in an idiots’ delight of back-and-forth. Second, I think Adam W. came closest to a vital invention nobody else quite mentioned. It’s essential to the printing press, computer technology, and indoor plumbing. Oh, and you can’t write prescriptions without it! ;)

  • Fe

    It could be argued that without the printing press none of the rest of the list would have been possible. Not only did movable type make books available to everyone and bring about a social revolution, but the idea behind movable type can be held directly responsible as the impetus behind such inventions as the conveyer belt and mass production.

  • Ben

    The toilet should be number 2. Okay I could not help it. Potty humor always makes me laugh.

    Great list again! I now hit this website every day!

  • You should do more research on the list’s and be more specific on naming them, Top 10 Greatest Inventions, moder time?, Ancient time?

  • ben

    Its not really an invention, but if plastic is on the list it should be close:quick, efficient ways of producing steel. Think about it. look at any one object in your room right now. Its either made with steel or by machines made of steel. not to mention the skyline of any major city on planet earth, and tankers and cargo ships that supply nearly every import and export in the world. If Bessamer (i think he was the one that did it) hadn’t come up with the system for producing steel our lives would be a LOT different

  • There are some really good additions in the comments – thanks. I should have made it a top 20!

    • warren currier

      Discoveries… fire

      Inventions: Bow and arrow, speech, writing.

  • Baz B

    I would also definitely put:

    Satellite technology

    surgery/organ replacement

    and the Internet, unless that counts as part of the Computers (#5) entry, as among the greatest technologies of our time.

    Nonetheless, great list, great site. I just came across it and have been reading it for hours. I now know a new site that I will be enthusiastically frequenting : )


  • Barb

    A friend once told me that she considered man’s greatest inventions to be stretch denim and hairspray. It was the 80’s after all! Gotta agree with the organ transplant Baz B.

  • Baz: Surgery is definitely a biggy.

    Barb: hilarious! That sounds like it could be from a movie :)

  • marc

    Antibiotics are better described as being discoveries rather than inventions – they have existed long before we ever harnessed them. Also, don’t forget microchips, the internal combustion engine, and Mountain Dew!!

  • crss

    I think that the telephone is also one of the greatest inventions of our time. Others may not think of this as that great of an invention, but to me the ability of being able to talk to people anywhere in the world through a mouthpiece and a receiver is pretty incredible.

  • gibson8tor

    I think the spring driven clock, while definitely not worthy of top 10, should be on a top 20 list. Without the ability the accurately keep track of time, it used to be impossible to keep track of longitude on sea voyages. John Harrison came up with an alternative to pendulums so that clocks could actually work at sea, leading to accurate navigation and the beginning of globalization.

  • gibson8tor: The Mechanical clock is number 7 on the Top 10 inventions of the middle ages.

  • 2overpar

    harnessing fire

  • ben

    i think fire is on the list of prehistoric inventions and whatnot

  • heavybison

    What abt the bicycle…more people on those than cars..

  • dave4248

    There is no way the printing press s/b anything but #1. It made all the others possible.

  • lalala360


  • M3LISSA!!!



  • sdggrant

    Melissa, have you ever heard of the CAPS LOCK KEY, it is also a great invention :D

    Oh and about the steam engine. I read a book on ancient greek sholars and inventions, and they actually had a steam engline. It was used in temples in what was also one of the first “vending machines”
    A gold coin could be dropped in a slot and when it would land, it trigger a device that dropped water on to a set of etremely hot stones, the steam from the stones would then propel a small bird on in a small circle on a table, the steam was also funneled through a small tube that would make the bird “sing”. It was also one of the first ever religious scams seeing as the prists claimed that the gods made the bird move and sing!
    Imagine if the ancient greeks would of realized the potential of their little invention! How far along would we be now if the industrial revolution had happened 1500 years ago?!

  • travis reece

    if the industrial revolution happened 1500 years ago, we’d all be dead right now. too much killing power in these wars to last 1500 years.

  • Bob

    “A high-rise building would be impossible, really, without toilets and plumbing. Remove apartment buildings, office towers, and dense downtown cores from your picture of the world and you have to change the whole rest of your picture too, because the implications keep rippling.”

    Spectacular. That’s exactly what we need, though most people don’t realize it. Apartment buildings? Horrible. Office towers? Eyesores. Dense downtown cores? Centers for crime and dehumanization.

    What a wonderful world it would be without those.

  • Reese

    I would like to add the Pill to this list. Contraception in general, really, but the pill is the most effective. I think halting unwanted pregnancies is definitely a good thing.

  • Tomo

    Ok, there are a lot of great inventions.

    How about a list of worst inventions. Top Ten Things We Wish were Never Invented. Whaddaya say Jamie?

  • Tomo: great idea!

  • albert0

    Why not make one?

  • Polly Odyssey

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think pesticides should be on the list…the rest are fine.

  • doz

    i’m surprised the hypodermic needle isn’t on this list.

  • Jon

    Can I count pen and paper as an invention? Because the ability to amass knowledge from generation after generation is what has catapulted humans into such incredibly fast progress. Our position at the top of the food chain was secured primarily through our only real skill: communication. The most significant advance in communication was the invention of writing.

    And for that matter, why not the internet?

  • morozco420

    Jon: While the pen and paper in general is great, there are definitely other ways to catalogue and record language and communication. I think that’s why the printing press, like the Internet today, has really taken the concept of recorded history, thoughts and creative works to an entirely new level by making it transferrable, highly reproducable and portable…

  • Reyairia

    I think the printing press should be MUCH higher on that list. With books being able to be made much faster the average person becomes more mentally independent from the church, more educated, smarter, vies for democracy and is able to share his/her possible genius and contributions with the rest of the world.
    Let’s face it, without the printing press we’d still be in the dark ages right about now.

  • Drogo

    About plumbing;

    We had a neighbor kid whose family was from India. They would frequently make visits back to India. Someone asked the kid, “What’s your favorite city in India?” He said, “New Delhi, because it had the most toilets/bathrooms.”

  • cleo jean

    i’d rather say that Language Communication should rank as the greatest invention man has ever created…Let’s just come to the thinking, that without Language Communication, I won’t probably be able to submit this comment…

    Chao………..Peace on us……..

  • cleo jean

    see??? this is just a simple text..but, were you able to understand this??as in this text that I am typing???? If not, then you’re no longer a human being..Now, tell me, are you gonna be able to choose your bet for the greatest invention man created without even understanding or analyzing what the question is? Not..Right??

  • Pamela

    I think pesticides must be number 10. Oh well,great list! :)

  • giz

    1) paper (including soft) instead of closet
    2) wheels in place of car
    3) transistors are building blocks of computers (merge)
    4) pen & letter instead of computer
    5) steel instead of plastic
    6) vodka instead of pesticides & antibiotics

    Privet from Russia)

    • Coops!!!

      Wow i didn’t think The antibiotics would be the most poplur

      • Coops!!!


        • Coops!!!

          :) :)

          • Name

            hi cooper

          • Coops!!!


          • coolcallem


  • Peadaddy

    Number 1 would definatly have to be the battered mars bar

  • mvenges

    What about gunpowder.

  • blurb

    will this list be kept up to date? (just in case new inventions are on the way)

  • luckyaz

    no toilet paper!!!

  • telephone?

  • Charles


  • Charles

    why has no one said glass?

  • ViewARandomList…

    Hellloo, what about pizza hut’s oreo pizza?

  • Death


  • guns!!!

  • Parker

    mmm toilet with no toilet paper… need i say more?

  • Maximus

    How about the screw, without it there would be no plumbing, automobiles, printing press, etc… how many inventions can you name that has no screw?

    And I think that the greatest invention is the alphabet and writing, the only way to pass knowledge to future generations and without it a lot of inventions would not be invented if there was no writing.


    condom or this worldz gonna be overpopulated in no time

  • meee

    #1 jelly

  • ViewARandomList…


  • stevek

    Two things should not be on this list.

    Plumbing – Has been around for thousands of years. The romans had apartments so saying that we wouldn’t have city centres without modern plumbing is stretching the truth. Replace with alloys. So much of today’s society rely on items made with alloys.

    Pesticides – They have caused too much ecological damage to really make this list. Replace with the microscope, without which #1 would not be possible.

  • Francisco

    and the glass ??

    windows (not microsoft)
    electrical insulator

  • 7-7-94

    The number 1 invention should be the transistor. It revolutionized technology, and is the reason this article exists!

  • devonsfridge

    2 things….
    1 why wasen’t the wheel on there?
    2 why wasent electricity number 1?

  • Mark

    79. devonsfridge :

    1) Why would the wheel be on there? Do you really think it changed the world more than those 10 items?

    2) Anti-biotics save lives, I guess that’s the logic there. But I think I agree with you, I probably would have put electricity at No.1

  • April

    It is a wonderful website! Great for everything. And I do love the inventions…

  • deviantmiss

    yeah modern medicine should be number 1 well done!!!

  • Cybogen

    82. deviantmiss- I agree with you with medicine as #1. B.T.W. I do like your website. Very nice!

  • EvilScotsman

    What would we do without it? Talk to each other?!

  • damian,mollie,tim,tennille,kav,lauren,sean and alice


    We are looking at Iventions at our school at the moment and we disagree with the order in which you have ranked the top 10 Inventions.

    We think the order should be…
    1 harnessed electricity – that should be number one because you use it everywhere.
    2 immunization/antiotics – should be number 2 because it helps people stay alive and people now do not die
    3 pesticides – we would not be able to eat without them
    4 steam engine – without a steam engine trains will not be able to drive a train
    5 trasistors – we would not be able to call people
    6 computers – without computers we would not be able to give you fantastic advice like this
    7 modern – plumbing we would have to do number 1 and 2 in a hole and wipe our bottoms with infected leaves
    8 printing press – we would not be able to print our work
    9 plastic – should be 9th because you can kill animals by making it
    10 auto mobile – needs petrol to run and petrol pollutes the earth.
    thankyou for listening to us can you please reply
    from damian,kav,alice,tim,sean,lauren,tennille and Mollie

  • SunnySide

    the list shown here is of greatest MODERN inventions. So, obvious choices like wheels, paper, clock won’t feature here.

  • van leasing

    I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

  • jazzu

    hey!! this is a great list that you did!! you helped me a lot in a written stuff that I had to do!!thxxxxxx =))))))

  • ancient….

    errm actually the steam engine was invented by greek hero of alexander in the first century bc….

  • chizcurse

    how about condoms?

  • bleumoonselene

    Thank goodness for the printing press.

    If we didn’t have it we wouldn’t have books, and if didn’t have books, we might not have the internet, and if we didn’t have the internet, WE WOULDN’T HAVE LISTVERSE!!

    Sorry. Got carried away. Ahem, nice list. Bye…0~o

  • Mary

    I think rob is right wheel is greatest invention as it is used in producing electricity, travelling, manufacturing plastic n glass etc, in clocks n all the machineries used in our daily life even in computers…. So ….wheel is an important invention :)

  • Hailey

    What about soap? People would be dying left, right and center without it.

  • Joby

    Not being funny but what about Alcohol? About 90% of the people who ever lived enjoyed a little aphrodisiac once in a while (some more than other maybe). However due to the technical process of the stuff it must have been discovered, not invented?

    Also there are sewers to be recognised, toilet paper and possibly the anvil (but who created the anvil before it was invented?)

  • Robert

    unfortunately, the plastic is also one of the worst invention

  • bikebeard

    the automobile ! scourge of the planet and mankind it may yet destroy us all !
    the bicycle is number 1

  • Cheryl

    Thanks for the help!i didn’t even know some of these

  • papyrus

    How about PAPER?

  • er

    You left off the atomic bomb bro

  • joseph


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  • Lucky Louie

    I have to include medical anesthesia. Most of modern medicine would be impossible without it.

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  • peter


  • billy bob

    i love the boys will be boys

  • liestaree


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  • Socheat

    I do love everyone who can achieve their invention and I wish them to get best time in their life more!!!

  • Pablo Sanchez

    bla bla bla hii hi dont listen to the website it is false

  • carlos

    The electric wire telegraph. Truly, I think we don’t need so much the telephone or internet, but before electric telegraphy, during centuries from Marathon to Trafalgar, important news as results of battles, orders to the armies and so on, only were possible to know toward a physical human emissary many times exhausted by a long dangerous travel or in the best cases, by optical telegraphs located in turrets over the territory in question.

  • Michael R. Thomas

    Youve got the names and dates very wrong on quite a few of these inventions let me know if I can help you straighten them out.

  • Ibrahim hussein Ibrahim

    My brothers,

    Certainly fire was not an invention, it was a discovery… and the wheel was very important till now. generation of electricity even needed it to be generating ! and it was need for so many machines as well as transportations and more and more…

    But believe me you will hear as soon as possible from the European Patent Office, about The Greatest Invention ever an Invention will save our Planet, and will dramatically change the life of all humanity by an alternative free green energy. Patent no. (EP1980745) (water wheel)
    for any question and details contact:([email protected])


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  • Urja


  • hosea charo

    I think the invention of the printing press is exceptionally outstanding.

  • jeffin

    i couldn’t believe my eyes.there the one of the greatest invention from “the wizard of menlo park”,the light bulb isn’t there what a pity.

  • Binna Burra Mick

    What about oven bags & remote controls 4 the TV.

  • shivam

    ya! i agreed all of above these it’s v.good!!!
    i wana add something to it like facebook,internet… and lots more


  • THE AIRPLANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is totally my opinion. But as far as the United States ONLY. The 3 greatest inventions of this country were : The Constitution, Jazz Music, and the Great Game of Baseball.

  • Bryan

    i dont see yoga pants on this list…

  • brandon

    thats sucks

  • ‘666’

    What bot condom?!

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  • Jack

    I agree on everything on your list however with the removal of pesticides as this is linked to cause numerous diseases and health defects. The one vital invention that you missed out has to be CERAMICS! -concrete-glass-clay and portilcilan

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