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Top 15 Most Disturbing Movies

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

[WARNING: This list contains graphic violence and sexual scenes] I was inspired to write this list by a very poor attempt to do the same on another site. Considering some of the amazingly weird and horrible films people have discussed in the comments here, I figured we could do much better. So, in order of least to most disturbing, here are the top 15 most disturbing movies.

15. Gummo 1997, Harmony Korine

This might be a controversial entry as it is not as disturbing as some of the others, but frankly, the scene above (which many people find amusing) is very disturbing. While it does not portray physical violence, it portrays mental violence that can have a long reaching impact on a person. I also wonder what parents would allow their children to act in a scene like this.

14. Un Chien Andalou 1929, Luis Buñuel

Un Chien Andalou consists of seventeen minutes of bizarre and surreal images that may or may not mean anything. A straight razor seems to be placed by a woman’s eye, a small cloud formation obscures the moon, a cow’s eye is slit open, a woman pokes at a severed hand in the street with her cane, a man drags two grand pianos containing dead and rotting donkeys and live priests, and a man’s hand has a hole in the palm from which ants emerge.

13. Audition 1999, Takashi Miike

A lonely Japanese widower whose son is planning to move out of the house soon expresses his sadness to a friend and fellow film producer, who becomes inspired to hold an audition for a non-existent film so that the widower can select a new potential bride from the resulting audition pool. The widower ultimately becomes enamored with and fascinated by one particular young woman…but first impressions can often be horribly wrong.

12. Requiem for a Dream 2000, Darren Aronofsky

For me, beyond any doubt, the scene involving a double ended sexual device was the most disturbing. This film is a descent in to a drug induced nightmare.

11. Bad Boy Bubby 1993, Rolf de Heer

Bad Boy Bubby is just that: a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that his mother has kept him locked in their house for his entire thirty years, convincing him that the air outside is poisonous. After a visit from his estranged father, circumstances force Bubby into the waiting world, a place which is just as unusual to him as he is to the world. This film involves incest.

10. Man Bites Dog 1992, Rémy Belvaux

A camera crew follows a serial killer/thief around as he exercises his craft. He expounds on art, music, nature, society, and life as he offs mailmen, pensioners, and random people. Slowly he begins involving the camera crew in his activities, and they begin wondering if what they’re doing is such a good idea, particularly when the killer kills a rival and the rival’s brother sends a threatening letter.

9. Sweet Movie 1974, Dusan Makavejev

The intercut story of two women: a nearly-mute beauty queen who descends into withdrawal and madness, and another who captains a ship laden with candy and sugar, luring men and boys aboard for sex, death, and revolutionary talk. The beauty queen passes from a wealthy husband whose honeymoon delight is to urinate on her, to a muscular keeper who punches her, stows her in a suitcase, and ships her to Paris, to a lip-synching rock idol with whom she has a love spasm, to an Austrian commune complete with a banquet of vomit, urine, feces, chopped dildos, and wet nurses. By then she’s in a fetal position, until everyone’s rescued by reminders that “it’s just a movie.”

8. Begotten 1991, E. Elias MerhigeI don’t know if it is just me, but I find extreme surrealism very disturbing – this film falls in to that category. For your viewing pleasure, the entire film is included here.

7. The Holy Mountain 1973, Alejandro Jodorowsky

A Christlike figure wanders through bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery. He meets a mystical guide who introduces him to seven wealthy and powerful individuals, each representing a planet in the solar system. These seven, along with the protagonist, the guide and the guide’s assistant, divest themselves of their worldly goods and form a group of nine who will seek out the Holy Mountain, in order to displace the gods who live there and become immortal.

6. Irreversible 2002, Gaspar Noé

The brutal rape scene in Irreversible is truly horrific and that scene alone garners it a place on this list.

5. Ai No Corrida 1976, Nagisa Oshima

In The Realm Of The Xl 01--Film-B

Based on a true story set in pre-war Japan, a man and one of his servants begin a torrid affair. Their desire becomes a sexual obsession so strong that to intensify their ardor, they forsake all, even life itself.

4. Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer 1986, John McNaughton

Henry likes to kill people, in different ways each time. Henry shares an apartment with Otis. When Otis’ sister comes to stay, we see both sides of Henry; the “guy-next-door” and the serial killer. Low budget movie, with some graphic murder scenes.

3. Ichi the Killer 2001, Takashi Miike

Yakuza boss Anjo disappears with three hundred million yen. His loyal gang members, lead by the masochist Kakihara, start a search, but their aggressive and gory methods worry the other yakuza gangs. Kakiharas most frightening counterpart is the mysterious Ichi, a psychopathic killer with a dark childhood secret, who is controlled by a retired cop.

2. Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini

Set in the Nazi-controlled, northern Italian state of Salo in 1944, four dignitaries round up sixteen perfect specimens of youth and take them together with guards, servants and studs to a palace near Marzabotto. In addition, there are four middle-aged women: three of whom recount arousing stories whilst the fourth accompanies on the piano. The story is largely taken up with their recounting the stories of Dante and De Sade: the Circle of Manias, the Circle of Shit and the Circle of Blood. Following this, the youths are executed whilst each libertine takes his turn as voyeur. I can only find this brief clip of the film on youtube. I would just like to point out the fact that it is not chocolate they are eating.

1. Cannibal Holocaust 1980, Ruggero Deodato

In the beginning of this film we meet a documentary team of three young men and a young woman. They are heading for the south-American jungle to search for real cannibals. After a while the crew is reported missing and a rescue team is send from the US. This team gets in touch with an amazon tribe called the Tree-people. The tree-people gives them the only remains of the first crew – the film rolls containing the material this crew shot during their search for real cannibals. Back in the US we get to see these films. We now get to see exactly what happened to the first crew.

Notable Omissions: Hostel, Happiness

Some text sources are courtesy of IMDB

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • bucslim

    Gotta admit I haven’t seen most of these, but there were a number of scenes in Ichi the Killer that made me want to puke – the nipple scene being number one on the vomitorium scale.

    Although it wasn’t a ‘movie’ – Watching Al Swearingin try to pass a kidney stone through his johnson and seeing a bloody mound of rocks and pus really had no entertainment value whatsoever.

    ‘scuse me while I swallow my bile.

  • bucslim: I am so so glad that I had just finished eating lunch before I read your comment!

  • Barabas

    Miike in there but without Visitor Q?
    But still a good list.

  • I wouldnt really say the scene from ‘Gummo’ is really disturbing, its just portraying what kids do sometimes, however nasty it is.

    I think the rape scene, or perhaps the whole film, in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is pretty disturbing. Brilliant, but disturbing.

  • of the intire list, i have only ever seen the top 3. haha :] they may be disturbing, but they are still amazing movies.

  • Ginger Lee

    Shudder & there’s also- Oldboy, Kids, Bully, I Spit on Your Grave, Pink Flamingos (although very lol, still kind of disturbing.) I haven’t seen Salo yet, and I admit I’m kind of scared to.

  • dangorironhide: I think that was my personal feelings slipping through – I have never seen children behave like that and I would be horrified if I did. Clockwork Orange would be a good notable extra – it didn’t make the list because of the very stylized manner in which the rape scene was handled.

    Ginger Lee: I considered Kids :)

  • jfrater: kids can be real bastards sometimes, i know from personal experience

    I think the stylising of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is what makes it such a spectacular film, especially the fight scene in the theatre (which has appeared on a few lists)

  • sin

    Pink Flamingos

  • ‘Irréversible’ shocked me more than anything else I’ve seen. The rape scene is brutal and horrifying, but it’s the murder at the beginning that always gets my heart beating in readiness for a fight-or-flight response. The way it’s shot, the MUSIC, and the sickening violence… stunning, purely visceral cinema.

    Good list, anyway. Mine would’ve included ‘The Passion of the Christ’, the duration of which I had my hand over my mouth and my body turned away from the screen. What a sadistic piece of art.

  • dangorironhide: I agree about it being spectacular – one of Kubriks best I think.

    Barns: I forgot about the Passion of the Christ – that is indeed a truly disturbing (but amazing) film.

  • mandysparky

    Dude you totally didnt add the movie “happiness” now thats a disturbing fukin movie!

  • mandysparky: ah – true – I have just added it as a notable omission – truly disturbing film indeed.

  • mandysparky

    woohoo i made a difference! lol

  • DiscHuker

    only seen one of these, audition, all the way through. never heard of some of them. i’ve heard alot about the last two. geez, even these little clips let me know that i want nothing to do with the whole thing. **shivers**

  • DiscHuker

    the movie “kids” weirded me out. to know that it was all true to life behavior. also the fact that some parents would allow their kids to be in a movie like that, that glorifies such behavior.

    just saw oldboy this week. wow. the revenge scene had me fidgeting all over the couch, but what a great movie.

  • iain

    cannibal ferox is a really good one, used to be banned in 31 countries, ofcourse that makes u want to watch it even more, so i did!

  • Wow. I am so desensitized. =( Oh, generation gap….

    What, no 2 Girls, 1 Cup?

  • Black Lutefisk

    I love Eraserhead on many levels, yet have never been able to fully sit through it once. I’d add “The Dark Backward” or that moderized Caligari remake (complete with living wall vomiting a torrent of medical capsules (was that vomiting?)), but not as much as Eraserhead.

  • Anthony

    I’ve seen the top two movies on the list. Cannibal Holocaust, I didn’t mind too much, but Salo… I couldn’t watch all of it.

  • evan

    OH GOD, two girls and a cup, i think i just…threw up in….my mouth a lil bit…

  • from number 14: “a woman pokes at a severed hand in the street with his cane”


  • TMo

    Blue Velvet? Anyone?

    I own Irreversible, Man Bites Dog, and Requiem… and Blue Velvet… I don’t think Requiem contains incredibly disturbing scenes, although the overall quality of the film, the plot pacing, and the descent of the characters are disturbing.

    To me, Man Bites Dog is the most disturbing because of 2 specific scenes: when the “protagonist” kills a family of 3 in their suburban home, finishing by suffocating a young boy with a pillow, and the scene where he and the film crew rape and brutally murder a couple in their home. Stupid horror doesn’t get to me. Saw is stupid. Hostel is retarded. That’s not horror; it’s a serial killer breading ground. And Rob Zombie is an idiot. He should stick to music. Anyone who thinks he has film talent is a crackhead.

  • rp

    I’ve actually heard of most of these, and have seen a few of them. Some other films I’ve read about but haven’t seen that just sound truly sick are Men Behind the Sun, the Guinea Pig movies, Sweet Movie, and Nekromantik 2.

  • akKris

    I have to admit, I’ve never seen any of these movies and have only heard of a few. The most disturbing movie I’ve seen had to be Seven. I consider it to be the best movie I’ll never watch again.

    • C

      Seven??? LOL

  • Rachel Graham

    I am happy to say I have never seen any of these movies. I untend to keep it that way!

  • TMo

    Naked Lunch… Burroughs fingering a bug/vagina typwriter… aliens slurping each other’s orifices… so hilariously weirdly disturbing.

    Here is the only good clip I could find… wish I could find those moaning alien orgies.

  • TMo

    Naked Lunch is pretty hilariously weirdly disturbing… alien slurp orgies and Burroughs fingering a bug/vagina/typewriter.

  • amanda

    The scene from Gummo is the only one I watched (my toddlers in the room) what kind of parents would let their kids speak that way, even in a movie? Kids can’t seperate reality from fantasy very well, they don’t quite understand ‘acting’.

  • amanda

    Oh, and is number 1 a real documentary, or a blair witch type thing?

    • Bob

      A blair witch type thing, obviously.

  • amanda: its kinda like blair witch, but there was a big thing about the first film crew ‘disappearing’, as in they got them to lie low for a bit, so people would think its real.

    There was a program about it on C4 in the UK a while ago.

  • berto

    Cannibal the Musical!!!! Disturbingly funny (Trey Parker and Matt Stone, pre South Park)

  • StewWriter

    How on earth could you not include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? That was all about disturbing!

  • mix2323

    i like that toad on the holy mountain thats all dressed up

  • Prozacsoldier

    Awesome list!!
    Imagine a list of the top ten most controversial filmmakers of their time.

    Except for the movies number 11,9,8 I seen them all..Damn!! I think i’m a movie freak :O

  • Lex Porsoniana

    I would say Ken Park was way more disturbing than Kids… And I have to agree with TMo: Hostel is retarded and really shouldn’t be on the list, even if it’s only on the notable omissions.

  • TMo: I think the scene towards the end involving two girls and a rather special dildo is rather disturbing.

  • TMo

    Kelsi: I suppose, insomuch as the fact that she (connely(sp?)) is basically whoring herself for drugs at that point. The sad thing is that she is the only one who had not quite hit rock bottom yet. Things could still progress downhill from there… also, I found the bj scene (in exchange for drugs) with that huge black guy more disturbing… and the one where she does her psych for $… followed by her puking in the streets… that scene got to me more, and the direction and cinematography was stunning.

  • xdarkhorsex

    Blue Velvet is the most disturbing movie I’ve seen. Dennis Hopper steals the movie.

    Schindler’s List is also very disturbing, due to the subject matter and the spotlight it shines on the cruelty of mankind

  • TMo

    Heineken?! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

  • Great list! I would have put Un Chien Andalou higher, due to its shock value relative to the era it was made in.

    What does it say about me that I own three of these DVDs and one of them (Bad Boy Bubby) is my all-time favourite film?

  • manboobchoir: I am extremely impressed :)

    xdarkhorsex: I like Blue Velvet (I have it on DVD) and it is great- and while it is weird, I didn’t really find it all that disturbing – except maybe the old man with the gas mask.

    StewWriter: I love Texas Chainsaw Massacre – but I think it is more terrifying than disturbing – because it makes you imagine the horrors rather than depicting them.

  • dvhann

    awesome list jfrater! i am glad to see cannibal holocaust on here, there is one movie that wasn’t on here and i think its because its a little unkown.. its from japan i think and (i think) its called Suicide School. I don’t remember much from it since i saw it when i was a tot, but all i remember is a bunch of students jumping in front of a train and its extremely disturbing.. oh, and another movie i love to death and is a bit disturbing is The Evil Dead, its banned in many countries ahaha

  • Robert

    Terror Firmer! Everything sleazy and disgusting about Troma times 10!

    Here’s the trailer – (NSFW)

  • Can’t sleep…clowns will eat me…

  • picnic at hanging rock creates a great sense of unease, makes me realise that we really have no idea whats going on. funny games gets under the skin.

  • emily

    the director/writer of gummo (harmony korine) has said in interviews that that was how those children talked off camera and their parents didn’t care. which i suppose makes it more disturbing.

  • Kristen

    dvhann: the film is called The Suicide Club. And yes, very disturbing!!!

  • Dennis Hopper was originally huffing helium in Blue Velvet but had a hard time acting through it. He asked David Lynch if they could switch it to something else, like nitrous oxide, like Hopper envisioned when he read the script and Lynch let him do it his way. Hopper said that a few years after the film came out he realized how bizarre it would have been to hear Frank Booth say all that heinous shit with a helium voice.

  • Cassady

    what about the movie “Parents”? That was a truly bizarre movie, and the ending is priceless.

  • MojoRisin

    Have to agree with ‘rp’ here, what about the guinea pig movies? Especially the first 2. Not only were they extremely graphic, but they looked so real that Charlie Sheen reported it to the FBI thinking that he watched a ‘snuff’ film. Should have been at least number 2.

  • el duderino: haha that is hilarious – I would have liked that.

    rp and MojoRisin: i haven’t seen those movies but looking them up on IMDB does seem to suggest that they are pretty bad – one comment:

    Who in their right mind would make something this disgusting and disturbing

    So – thanks for mentioning them – clearly notable omissions!

  • jen

    Un Chien Andalou was also made by Salvador Dali; he collaberated with Luis Buñuel. I saw it last year in a Modern Art class I was taking when we were studying surrealism. It’s very strange, but the symbolism in it also makes it very interesting. For example, the ants are a symbol of death–they’re a recurring theme in Dali’s artwork.

  • RobS

    I remember seeing a film called “El Topo” I believe, in college. I found it fairly disturbing. But then again, I came from a small farming community, so I found buildings taller than three stories disturbing, too…

  • RobS: El Topo is by Alejandro Jodorowsky – creator of Holy Mountain (item 7 on this list).

    jen: you are right – I didn’t include his name though because I put directors only and he was not a director on that film (at least not according to IMDB). I am very keen to make a list of Surrealist films (I have intentionally excluded them from some of the earlier lists of “bizarre” films.) I didn’t know about the ants in relation to Dali’s work – thanks for mentioning that. I seem to recall that there are ants in the Soft Watches.

  • I knew Cannibal Holocaust would be at the top, nothing I’ve seen in movies is worse than the ‘turtle’ scene.

  • heavybison

    Some stupid comment in one of the other lists here led me to download and watch salo (using *mule) and i have to agree with #20…i just couldn’t watch it through. That is one hell of a sadistic movie if there ever was one..watching that movie is like truly wasting an hour of your life..

  • heavybison: with embarrassment I admit that I haven’t even watched the two youtube previews I have pasted on the site – the first couple of seconds were enough to make me realize that extensive therapy would be needed thereafter!

  • choseanose

    I thought the final scene from Boxcar Bertha was pretty disturbing. Also Un Chien du blah blah by Dali and some French surrealist director. But for me its that Scorese short Close Shave that really puts me on edge. I didn’t shave for weeks after seeing that. For most disturbed filmmaker I’d go for Polanski.

  • choseanose: did you post presuming I wouldn’t have included the films you mentioned? Un Chien Andalou (the Andalusian dog) is on this list :)

    I haven’t seen close shave – I will make sure to now. And I love Polanski.

  • altered states is disturbing. when a film can hypothesize and strengthen through its medium a subject matter so large in scope and pertinence so well, we can realize maybe the holistic necessity of life and the mysteries therein. to contain memories of primeval ages that are diluted(filtered?) but still within us, manifested as innate fears of predators is as unsettling as it is intoxicating

  • it’s me number 62

    also add: the piano teacher (and many other haneke movies), dancer in the dark and most of all “trouble everyday”.

  • choseanose

    Maybe. What’s it to you?

    No actually for some reason I missed it. I thought Texas Chainsaw Massacre was also disturbing and some of the best black humor I’ve ever seen (though not everyone sees it like that).

  • clyde

    cannibal holocaust is fake

  • Samiam

    Clyde: Even if it is, the animal scenes are real. They even had to do the monkey scene twice.

  • Yarr

    Yarr is the coolest, most interesting dude that ever read a list!
    I challenge you to tell him otherwise!

  • Yarr

    I agree!!!


    i just saw requiem for a dream today (albeit a little bit against my will)… that movie is INSANE. the mother (the one who “is going to be on television”) annoyed me right from the beginning, so i didn’t have that much sympathy for her as her storyline progressed. that has nothing to do with anything… just thought i should mention it. i also did quite a bit of talking to the television while watching this movie… like more than usual.

    most disturbing scene was definitely the ending bit with the aforementioned sexual act, intercut with a lovely amputation, et al.
    that guy’s arm was SOOOO NASTYYY! *pukes*
    anyway, the directing/editing was AWESOME.

  • diochick

    before i go and watch it here at work- would anyone mind giving me a brief overview of what 2 girls 1 cup is??

  • MojoRisin

    2 girls, 1 cup of faeces. Don’t watch

    • Lillyvon

      It's all rigged. Watch again – it's easily explained as to not be as 'disgusting' as it seems. That is just cookie dough mixed with peanutt butter. The girls are 'cleaned out' before hand then it's inserted.

  • diochick

    ha, yeah, after I posted that I started doing searches until I found a very descriptive review. I think I could handle it, but not taking any chances at work. Sounds a lot like jackass coupled with pink flamingos

  • salo should have been number one.
    you didnt include any one from the august underground trilogy?!

  • and you completely forgot Vase de noces!

  • slipstick

    Umm… what about the rape scene in Deliverance or the sequence in The French Connection 2 where the gang is forcibly (and then just leading) shooting Popeye Doyle up with heroin?

  • jid

    Men Behind the Sun, anyone?

  • Schitzengiggles

    this list was awful. its as though the author simply put together a pile of crap and didn’t even bother asking other people for feedback. none of these movies are disturbing and giving a Notable Omission to two even less disturbing movies proves how unsubstantial this list is.

    • Inky


  • rp

    Some people are disturbed by piles of crap.

  • ld

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Spun. Mena Suvari all cracked out, and also an awful masturbation scene (in the unedited version, where he’s jumping on the bed…that movie was terribly disturbing to me. I also quit watching the Saw movies after the second one…maybe disturbing isn’t my thing…

  • jeesums…numer 7 really creeped me out…But i wached it without sound

  • Ricardo

    After seeing real beheadings, and firing squads, and suicides, and self-emoliations on Ogrish (now liveleak) this shit doesn’t really disturb me much anymore. The only things that can really disturb me anymore are the Eugene Armstrong beheading, or seeing a child get abused sexually or physically. These things not only disturb me, but put me into a cold homicidal rage, where I imagine all the ways I could dismember and torture the perpetrators to death, but keep them alive as long as possible. I can really relate to the show Dexter. I swear that show is about me.

  • Andy

    For other salvador dali work in film, watch Alfred Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” from 1945. Dali designed the dream sequences.

  • Hannah

    I’m sorry, remind me again why this kind of disgusting stuff is considered entertainment? I’ve never seen any of these movies, and I have no desire to even watch the clips above. Personal opinion of course, but some of the comments above seem like people are bragging about watching filth. Why??

    • Lillyvon

      Everyone has the right to watch these films – as long as no one is being forced into making it – it's a freedom we deserve. Do I 'love' them – not necessarily – but am I curious – absolutely! I think as an adult I can watch these. Many of them can open ones mind and maybe, just maybe – watching these might make people more aware of the evil out there and the horrible things people are capable of. That cannot be a bad thing – and after all – these are just films. MUCH worse happens in real life.

    • Inky

      To be honest, several of these movies are highly over-rated or just strange.

      I have to agree with you, people brag about watching anything disturbing or gorey. I've noticed that this is especially a pattern with guys. Maybe it's some new way of proving how macho and masculine they are. I've sat through most of these movies with friends (usually guys) and I honestly don't see what the big deal is.

  • Hannah: in a sense I think it replaces the masculine need to prove strength – which is hard to do when you live in the ‘burbs :)

  • Dan

    Not sure where they’d fall on this list:

    Happiness of the Katakuris – another Miike film disturbing only because it’s a musical about the many accidental deaths at a family-run cottage.

    Mysterious Skin – I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this yet. Children (and adults) being cruel to children.

    Anyway, interesting list.

  • Sara

    dude, what about any of the SAW movies? those are a psychological freak out like no other. not to mention gory beyond any movies preceding them.

    as for RFAD, i think the most disturbing scene would be where sara is being shocked to the temples. that gave me the chills, along with the amputation of harry's arm. but over all, the entire movie itself is disturbing.

    • C

      You’re dumb… you think Saw is disturbing??!?!

      Try watching Martyrs, its a french film dubbed in English, the Saw movies make me laugh… Martyrs had me speechless and almost in shock by the end.

      Great yet disturbing as hell

      • Satan

        martyrs would definitely be #1 on my list… fu(ked up shi+!!! and it’s very well done, not just a chop-em-up like saw or hostel.

    • Guest

      Saw movies are cheap horror. That's just my opinion. I'm not saying they're not freaky, but I don't like the kind of movies where it's just like if you imagined some horrible situation that's completely unlikely but you have to make a awful decision. Just gruesome what if's through the whole string of movies made possible by a transparent plot. But it's for the freak out thrill, I know

  • TMo

    The Saw movies are horrible and retarded, and aren’t really very gory. I definitely wouldn’t call them disturbing. Sara, watch Man Bites Dog.

  • NAC

    What about the faces of death? I mean it is banned in 46 countries. It is quite a disturbing video. Although quite a bit of the material isn’t real and is acted some of the scenes are real. Seeing the actual faces of dead corpses is uneasing.

  • Diogenes

    NAC- Thats all part of the whole “mondo” fare, as far as I’m concerned. Tickles the queazy bone(s). A needed taboo buffer, that is closer to the grinding wheel.

    JUST A COMMENT- Being a “fan” of about half of these, there is a wavering line with what “we” know as “preformed” and what we realize is “for real and wrong”. Faces of Death had that as did Mondo Cane in Its day. I think with film, it’s the “jarring factor” that hits the sences as “disturbing” …… what is “real” and “should not be portrayed in such fashion”…Or…

    Bouts of humour; surrounding like cusion clouds. I havent seen all of these on the list but the ones I have seen have humour or sex as a springing counter balance to some extent….which sometimes has ways of merging into what becomes disturbing. This list as is-is wide ranging, but works well I think, as a field of home viewing possibilities.
    Thanks for the ones I didnt know about. “Movies”, as an invention, isnt that old,
    so the outer edge is what may be considered “disturbing” and the reflection to the center viewer, is worth checking out…no sorry, that just sounds dumb.

  • monkeyballz

    Hello? I realize since I’m at the bottom, few people will read this but I’ll try to inform the masses including jfrater. Closetland. That movie isn’t disturbing in my opinion but it falls under the disturbing genre. Throughout the course of the film there are only two people alan rickman, god himself, and some other chick. he tortures her. he makes her drink her own piss, he shoves hot pokers up her ass and some other stuff. all because of a story book she wrote. oh yeah and he runs wires through her crotch. not a plesant movie but it’s a force to be reckoned with.

  • kyle

    what about deliverance?

  • Amber

    What about the movie Nekromantik and Nekromantik 2?

  • kristina

    how about Tetsuo?

  • jbjr

    Blue Velvet

    A good doubleheader- Blue Velvet and Barfly.

    Monster was also disturbing mostly because of the transformation of Charlize Theron.

  • kristina: I haven’t seen that – what is it about?

    jbjr: Barly is a great film! It had some brilliant acting – I am surprised it is not more well known.

  • I finally got a chance to watch Cannibal Holocaust yesterday, I rented it from netflix and its been sitting collecting dust for over a week. And while I admit it is gruesome, I really dont see it as being as bad as it was made out to be.

    But I am also curious as to why the Faces of death movies are not on here. I know most of them were staged but dusturbing nonetheless.

  • Alexis

    I saw Cannibal Holocaust and that movie is full of soem pretty sick stuff.

    Requiem for a Dream is pretty disturbing in a different way, as it shows you the true horrors of addiction. You cannot watch that movie and not feel depressed after the first time you watch it. I sat in the dark for two hours after I saw it.

    Audition is just weird. You never really get a full idea of what is happening.

    I don’t even know what to say about Un Chien Andalou.

    These are the only movies on the list I have seen so far, but if you did not see them you definitely must.

  • magnolia_snooze

    Audition is one of my favourite movies!!! I have it on DVD and i watched it like more than 5 times… im sad…

  • gcat

    I didn’t look through the comments but has anybody even mentioned these three:

    ~The Cell (I will never look at a horse the same way again…)

    ~PI!!! A guy takes a screwdriver to his head!!

    ~and if you have something against kids and violence there is always “Battle Royale”
    Although in some disturbing way the English subtitles kind of make it funny.

  • gcat

    Requiem for a Dream + Toy Story = Hilarious

    • Lillyvon

      Oh sweet tap dancing Jesus that is pure genius! Amazing! So beautifully edited and put together! Wow! Thanks for posting that link up.

  • gcat: hah that is great – I have seen it before. I love Requiem for a Dream.

    Oh – and I haven’t seen cell but I also really liked Pi and Battle Royale.

  • Kelli

    I watched Irreversible and was a mess for over a week. Yes, the rape scene was horrific but the first scene where the guy kills the other guy with the fire extinguisher? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought I’d accidently hired a snuff film (which I now know from your ‘lists’ are not real anyway!).
    I did some research on Irreversible and they used a prosthetic head for the murder scene that was made to be so real to give people the feeling it gave me – horrified awe.
    Apparently it is the most walked-out-of film ever??
    The rape scene goes for something like 13 minutes and was filmed entirely in one shoot with no cuts which makes it even more disturbing.
    Fantastic freaking movie.
    Requiem for a Dream is one of my all time favourites. Bad Boy Bubby – being an Aussie, I saw this early on. Very disturbing. The sex scenes with his Mum? Ew.
    Now I just have to go and hire all the others!

  • AstroZombie

    Guessing not many people on here has seen this gem ,Santa sangre , yet another awesome film from Alejandro Jodorowsky . I will also say that I have seen most of these movies that the rest of the posters have have talked about and have to say I must be very desensitized because aside from the ” turtle ” scene In Holocaust and the ” rape” scene in irreversible none of these movies have even remotley made me flinch . Personally the weirder and more perverse? ( maybe the wrong word ) the better , At least most of these movies are not your run of the mill ” Holy”wood overbudgeted , too much CGI and not enough real acting or vision CRAP . Whatever my two cents .

  • Stereo Mike

    Great list – I can safely say I only have seven of these on DVD! (Whew.) I would also add The Piano Teacher, but you’ve done a good job.

  • Raymond

    Anyone has seen these? I recommend these

    Dans Ma Peau, In my Skin (self-mutilation and flesh eating)
    Last Supper(don’t eat the lipo-suction fat)
    Funny Games (pure mind games, cruel & murder)
    Ebola Syndrome (will make you vomit)
    Heavenly Creatures (don’t kill your mom, lesbo girls)
    ID (too bizarre)

  • Dan231

    Schitzengiggles: many lists are open to interpretation and the readers or watchers perception. What is disturbing to one may be tame to someone else. Now personally I have only seen a few on this list, but I can say that I didn’t think Henry was disturbing at all, but I can say as a decent moral person, that the crimes committed by Henry were very disturbing. I am just very desensitized to a lot of gruesome movies.

  • magnolia_snooze

    the background music of Irreversable reminded me of the background music of 2 girls, 1 cup…

    i think i just pucked in my mouth a bit…

  • Slammerworm

    ‘Wolf Creek’. The movie is extremely disturbing in itself (‘head on a stick’. Say no more), but actually gains resonance when one realises it was based on Ivan Milat, a real-life Australian serial killer who preyed on backpackers. And that he was an even worse sadist than ‘Mick Taylor'(yes, that is possible, look him up if you want all the gory details).

  • sdggrant

    Wolf Creek could of a been ALOT better. The actors were alright and a few parts were a bit corny…although the movie did have its good parts. It scores points though for being based on a real guy.

  • Anouk

    How about the new movie “Hard Candy”? Simulated castration got to me, even–my boyfriend couldn’t watch it.

  • Jackie

    Anouk: Hard Candy was a crazy movie. That scene made me squirm more than any other movie I’ve seen. I would definitely recommend it, it’s really good.

  • Anouk and Jackie: In my honest opinion, Hard Candy was not worth the 2 cents used to make a dvd data layer. That was the most boring and lacking movie I have ever seen. It had an awesome plot and storyline, but the acting and the stretching to make it from point to point drowned it all out. There were a couple moments where I thought there was going to be a change and the movie would have been worth waiting through the tear-indusing insomnia, but again and again I was proven wrong. The castration scene didn’t even bother me.

    The ending was probably the best part of the movie for 2 reasons.
    1. It was a unique twist on a forced situation (trying not to present a spoiler, if you have watched it you know what I mean here).
    2. It meant that the movie was over and I could say I have watched it.

    Like I said the plot and storyline was there. But they seemed to fill in as much as they could just to get to the 90 min mark.

    I love movies and I pretty much at least like most the movies I watch. It is rare that I really dislike a movie and I don’t dislike a movie as much as I do Hard Candy.

  • Anouk

    I don’t disagree that it was a snore in some respects–tho I can’t blame that on the acting, but rather on plot failure, overlong and stretched out–but I still found that scene to be disturbing, more so than its corollary in “Audition.” Maybe partly because I really believed that she was doing it, and it was just more credible than the whole set up in the later.

  • I agree with ravyn – that film is only disturbing for its lack of substance and quality actors!

  • Jackie

    Wow I didn’t realize Hard Candy was such a bad movie to so many people haha.
    Although I do understand the reasons in that a lot of it was just waiting for something to happen. I still thought it was good though and Jamie, I actually thought the acting was great, I’m surprised you found that to be lacking.

  • Jerika

    You should have put tears of kali on there!

  • flgh

    No Dogville? If you’ve watched Dogville & don’t think it’s disturbing, I’m scared to be your friend

  • Lady_Luzhin

    I stand alone was quite chilling. ‘s French film ad haven’t seen it lately. I’d also have to say Fear X because I ha n clue as to what a real and what was in the guy’s head.

  • Raymond

    Lady_Luzhin, I Stand Alone is definetly disturbing the what he does to his pregnant wife. In fact he reminds me of an ex-coworker.

    How about Visitor Q, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, Cement Garden, Funny Games, Calvaire, In My Skin and The House on the Left.

  • MDC86

    Definitely need to Chaos ( the list. I know it’s just a remake of Last House on the Left, but considering the newness of it…the special effects make it just about the worst movie I have ever made myself sit through. I was in a depressed nauseated daze for about a week after seeing it. Same as Irreversible. Also Oldboy and Visitor Q agreed would be good additions.

  • Schiesl

    i believe “Flower of Flesh and Blood” should be number one or number two on that list. probobly the most realistic “Snuff” film of all time. really gross, really disturbing

  • Schiesl

    actually the full title is “Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood” you should really look it up. and put it on this list…will never get some of those images out of my head

  • Im glad you included Sweet Movie. Its one of my favorites… Truly bizarre. Would The Day The Clown Cried count as a disturbing movie if no one has ever seen it? lol- the script can be found online…

  • sarah


    number 8 scares me

  • Lady_Luzhin

    Sarah: Did it now? I didn’t find it scary, I thought it to be quie a beautiful piece of surrealist flim. Then again, I have to remind myself that I lack any form of empathy with 99.9%of humanity.

  • Anouk

    Having been curious, I’ve now seen many of the items on the list and recommendations posted. I submit that the Guinea Pig film (Flowers of Flesh and Blood) is by far the sickest–very realistic gore/torture/snuff film, with hideous sound effects.

  • Raymond

    Wow Anouk!!!!!! I just watched Flowers of Flesh and Blood. Not for the squeamish, that’s for sure. The special effects are quite good considering that it was made about twenty something years ago.

    Any more recommendations????

  • Monkey Nuts

    The movie “imprint” deserves a spot wayyy more than requeim.It was made by the same guy as “audition”,and is messed up in just about every way possible. I mean is “ass to ass” really that disturbing to you? if so then 40 percent of the pornos ever made should be up here too.

  • Lady_Luzhin

    Monkey Nuts- OMG, I’d completely forgotten about Imprint. Have you seen Miike’ short film ‘Box’? The ending really bothered me.

    Here’s anoher suggetion- American Beauty.

  • jon

    what about freakshow the movie itself is not all very good but movie has a really graphic ending.

    it was actually banned in 42 different countries.

  • Raymond

    The War Zone has some sick sick incestuous crap also see acne face Colin Farrell when he was about 16.

    I just watched Bad Boy Bubby and the scene with the mother is beyond grotesque and repugnant.

    Cronicas with John Leguizamo will definetly give you the creeps. Not to mention that it has some distubing stuff like setting on fire a guy, excrement smearing, and infanticide.

  • sarah

    ok nevermind. i watched more of that beggoten one…its not all that scary, i guess just the part were the dude is like…gushing blood and practicly ripping open his stomach is creepy/gross. Im to lazy to watch the whole thing though.

  • Raymond

    OMG MDC86, Chaos is definetly pretty messed up movie. I was a bit short.

  • Thepennymachine

    i just recently watched Begotten. it’s definetly a film that bares further study. It is a low budget epic.

  • doz

    we watched ‘un chien andalou’ in class a couple of years ago. i’m not usually sqeemish, but that eyeball scene was not pleasant to watch. ‘irreversible’ is a brilliant movie. the beginning when the boyfriend and ex and the club…

  • panopticism

    a lot of japanese films, for example ones by daisuke yamanouchi or tamakichi anaru, are definitely extremely disturbing, but as such are very obscure, and honestly, i don’t even want to see them based on what i’ve heard. some hong kong cat 3 films, such as the untold story, are definitely more disturbing than a lot of the films on here. and i stand alone should probably be on this list.

  • jv

    Yeah, Nekromatik was definitely sick!

  • 33e

    i think cannibal ferox also belongs on there

  • nj

    Hard Candy, with a pre-Juno Ellen Page should’ve made the cut.

  • Drogo

    The other day I saw the last bit of Fargo. Peter Stormare’s character was jamming a human leg into a wood chipper. Seems to me that might just be a disturbing movie. :p

  • Drogo: fortunately there are not many scenes in the movie like that :) It is, otherwise, a very funny film. It is one of my favorites!

  • Vlad

    Come and See deserves to be on the list. Great film, a must-see!

  • joojoo


  • The,deil

    Cannibal Holocaust is a great film, very well made for its years and they really did their research into cannibalism, watch the BBC series called ‘Tribe’ it was on around 3 years ago in the UK, the episode on Papua New Guinea (think thats the one).

  • Lilith Hel

    i’m suprised that ‘a clockwork orange’ isn’t on here. ‘last house on the left’ should be an honorable mention. when the movie was playing in a movie theater, members of the audience tried to break into the camera room to destroy it. a great way for wes craven to begin his career.

  • Raymond

    I really fail to see what’s so disturbing about A Clockwork Orange. The Last House on the Left is really disturbing, and the remake, Chaos, will make one vomit to say the least.

    I recommend these:
    The Girl Next Door, Visitor Q, Funny Games, Cronicas, The War Zone, Imprint, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

  • Tsasil

    A notable omision (albeit a bit late) is the recent movie Taxidermia ( It is disgusting, shocking and very very good.

    Plot outline:
    Gyorgy Palfi’s grotesque tale of three generations of men, including an obese speed eater, an embalmer of gigantic cats, and a man who shoots fire out of his penis.

  • A new inclusion should be “Titicut Follies”

    A movie on a mental asylum and the life being led there. No Gore, Pure Disturbance

  • Taija

    Imprint, Imprint, Imprint. It’s disturbing as hell.

    Aside from that, it’s a good list.

  • Popagiuyo

    Teen witch should have been number one.

  • Micowoco

    No Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)? Oh well.

    Some other good ones: Ghosts… of the civil dead, Los Sin Nombres and the recent, very brutal CARGO 200 by Aleksej Balabanov.
    And anything by Bruno Seidl or Michael Haneke is pretty cringe-inducing, and, as a rule, not for any gore. Pretty much the same category as Man Bites Dog.

  • Tsasil

    150. Micowoco: Oh my god, I have seen Los Sin Nombres years ago, but I forgot the title and never found it again. Thanks for posting that!

  • Lady_Luzhin

    Little late in coming, but…

    No Country for Old Men: The look on Javier Bardem’s face when he’s strangling the cop is both hysterical and WTF-inducing. Also his near giddiness when he’s asking the guy to “step out of the car please, sir”.

    Silence of the Lambs: Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) sporting a mangina and dancing to the song “Goodbye Horses”. For some sick reason, I find that scene hot…

  • jajdude

    “Silence of the Lambs” could be there. I’m sure that disturbed a lot of people as it is a very famous movie.

  • Nick

    I can’t believe you did not put Pink Flamingo’s on here!
    Definitely Jon Water’s sickest work.
    Divine eating fresh dog shit, not to mention the egg-lady, the winking butt-hole, or the live chicken forced into a woman’s vagina, that movie definitely deserves a place on the list, or maybe a Jon Waters list should be made..

  • Lady_Luzhin

    Can I recommend the Tales From the Crypt episode ‘Fovever Ambergris’? Sad and sick.

    I’ll also put Goya’s Ghosts in the fact that it shows how intolerable man can be to man all in the name of God. Natalie Portman getting raped by a corrupt priest. Javier Bardem being tortured and screaming for mercy. Sickening.

  • psycho_writer88

    Lady_Luzhin: Ah, Forever Ambergris…Steve “Mr. Pink” Buscemi losing an eye and turning into a walking corpse. Sick. Goya’s Ghosts was tragic, but the portrayal of man’s inhumanity to man was spot on.

  • murray

    I’ve seen just about all of these, and I gotta say, Cannibal Holocaust is really weak compared to some a lot of other things out there.
    Anybody seen Flower of Flesh and Blood? I never throw up ever and this one seriously got me nauseous.

  • SlickWilly

    Murray: Flower of Flesh and Blood was horrific. In my opinion the most violent, disgusting, grotesque and completely devoid of artistic merit horror movie out there. Nothing more than a simulated snuff film. Your right about the gore in Cannibal Holocaust, but it is the repeated, prolonged rape scenes that really raise that film to the level of unacceptable sadism (IMO).

  • thepennymachine

    i just bought Begotten on dvd. In most places you can only purchase it for 75 or more dollars but i got it for 25. where can i watch the holy mountain?

  • Stereo Mike

    I have to say, really good list but I would drop Gummo for Klass. It’s a recent Estonian film about bullies… really hits the mark. And thepennymachine, you can get The Holy Mountain on for $19.99 new, or $10.85 used.

  • God

    The Exorcist.

  • Raymond

    Michael Haneke’s Benny’s Video is absolutely brilliant. The film will definely raise moral issues versus parent’s love. Haneke’s Funny Games is very good and disturbing.
    I watched Los Sin Nombres mentioned up above very good.

    I recently watched Inside, a French film, gruesome and distubing. You’ll find it at the Dimension Extreme website and while you are there check Broken as well. Both films not for the weak stomach.

  • Annunnaki

    Has anyone ever seen Nattevagten by director Ole Bornedal? I think it was remade under the name Nightwatch. I saw the original Swedish movie a long time ago, and I must say that the whole setting of the movie is very disturbing. I think way more disturbing than Cannibal Holocaust (which was pretty lame at the time). I don’t know if the remake has the same explicit content, but… DAMN! If you get the chance, you should see the original. It’s worth enduring the Swedish language ;-)

  • Raymond

    Annunnaki have you seen a Norwegian film called Next Door by Pal Sletaune? I just did a search on Nattevagten. It’s in Danish. Anyhow it has good reviews. It is in my queue of Netflix for this week. Thanks tip.

    ***NOTE: The fifth movie, Ai no corrida, is also called The Realm of the Senses or L’Empire Des Sens. It was not that disturbing. It was just naughty and a bit sordid nothing more. There is another movie that deals with this story called Sada.

  • Scott

    im surprised El Topo isnt on here!!!

    extremely surreal film

  • nick b

    im sorry but… the scene in gummo was just plain stupid and, excuse my strange sense of humor, but funny as hell. those little kids yellin out those cuss words were like 8 lmao just seemed like pointless yelling from possibly abused kids. freakin redneck kids just acting stupid is all that movie appears to be.

    as for begotten, that movie frankly just weirded me the hell out. i got through like 6 minutes of it and just turned it off cuz it was really… well, strange

  • Limoncito

    What about Takashi Miike’s Visitor Q, I’d give it Number 1.

  • i only got 5 minutes into begotten before turning it off.
    sooo disturbing

  • kilroy345

    This is definitely a decent list, I’m glad you left off stuff like Straw Dogs and A Clockwork Orange, those movies are pretty dated and aren’t really that disturbing.

    Eh, I wouldn’t have Requiem for a Dream or Gummo on there, those movies are perhaps psychologically disturbing, Gummo more so, but don’t stay with you like Irreversible or Man Bites Dog.

    Visitor Q is definitely one of the most fucked up movies I’ve seen, that’s Miike at his most depraved, and also his best i think. I’ve heard some of Pier Paulo Pasolini’s other films are pretty fucked up.

  • Bortle.

    Most films by Harmony Korine, including Gummo. Ken Park is also a very messed up film.

  • Sam

    How is Eraserhead not on this list?

  • ligeia

    Yay I’ve seen 14, 13,12, 7, 6,4, 3, and 1. I love Cannibal Holocaust. Somehow I’ve managed to watch it 3 times. All the way through.

  • Quiana

    Hey does anyone know the name of this movie? Its a french horror film were this lesbian is running from this killer but in the end you see that shes the one who was actually the killer. That was pretty disturbing. I saw it once and can’t remember the name.

  • raymond

    Quiana it’s “High Tension” very distubing.

  • quiana

    thankd raymond

  • juleigh

    Requiem for a Dream. Trainspotting. Jacob’s Ladder. Dead Ringers. Seven. Silence of the Lambs. River’s Edge. Apt Pupil. The People Under the Stairs. Parents. A Clockwork Orange. No Country for Old Men. Pan’s Labyrinth. The Exorcist, and Exorcist III.

  • hey buddy

    High School Musical 3 really freaked me out.

  • Heather

    I’m glad to see that cannibal holocaust was on the list, it’s the only one i’ve seen out of the group. I’m sincerely confused though. I know for a fact that the animals were actually killed, but I’m a makeup artist (special effects,etc.) and I question whether or not the people were actually killed in the movie too. I can’t convince myself that someone could actually make the special effects look so realistic. What about when the tribe cut that guy’s private parts off? And the woman on the pole….IT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOO REAL!!!! too real. Someone please explain.

  • Pyderz

    Requiem for a Dream is an amazing film , watched like 3 nights ago.

    Also the Tune Requiem for a Dream is Very Very Impressive.
    Just thought id add if you like that tune, you most likely will like Oh Verona :D x

  • Steve

    Men Behind the Sun beats all these movies.

  • Raymond

    I finally watched Salo a couple of weeks ago. It’s more revolting than disturbing especially with the eating feces deal. Also I thought that it was going to be more violent. I guess that it was pretty messed up for it’s time.

    I would recommend the following:
    Chaos(New version of The Last House on the Left); Irreversible; Inside (À l’intérieur); Cannibal Holocaust;
    Broken; Visitor Q;Cannibal;In My Skin; The Girl Next Door;
    The Last House on the Left; Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood; The Last Supper;The War Zone; Cronicas; Baise-Moi; May; Benny’s Video; I Stand Alone; Masters of Horror: Season 1: Vol. 4 Imprint; Borderland; The Nameless; The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things; Calvaire; Maya; Mysterious Skin;

  • Zabbot

    PIXOTE (1981, Brazil), by Hector Babenco, is not a disturbing film per se, but it contains a number of terrifying, forceful, unforgettable scenes:


    * The aborted fetus (not fully shown) in the whore’s disguting bathroom;

    * The equally dirty detention center-bathroom which Pixote is forced to clean up;

    * The many dead bodies of children, found on a pile of trash;

    * The early gang-rape scene of a little boy – by a gang of minors;

    * The unusual, fractured threesome between middle-aged prostitute Sueli, 10-year-old Pixote and 15-year-old Dito. Early on, Sueli and Dito had passionate sex, with Pixote voyeuring; after Dito is shot on the head ,a grieving Sueli breast-feeds horny Pixote.

  • Oakes

    The comments on this list have been amazing! I thought I’d seen most of the fucked up movies ever made but, damn, now I have a list of like 50 movies to check out.

    I can think of only two movies I haven’t seen mentioned. Granted, they aren’t near as disturbing as “Salo” or “Cannibal Holocaust,” but they’re still pretty bad…

    Cronenberg’s “Crash” – Not especially gory, just… Weird.

    “Doom Generation” – Much, much funnier than disturbing, but still pretty messed up…

  • MegsieB

    Kent Park … i found disturbing i know it illegal in australia, just a whole heap of bizarre story lines! also what idiot made the faces of deaths movies or what ever you want to call them!

  • Signe

    163. Annunnaki: YES, Nattevagten is SO SO scary, I still haven’t made i throught it. the whole setting, the mourge, the flouresent light, the music and the fact that there are long scenes with no talking…scary, scary, scary. I haven’t seen the American version, but I doubt it is as scary as Ole Bornadal’s version.

  • leeman

    duuuude, wheres “old boy”, i reckon thats more disturbing than requiem for a dream

  • karmakitten

    I think that Very Bad Things needs to be added to this list I dont remeber exactly when it came out but for some reason it reaaallllyyyy disturbed me….lol

  • Angelina

    I am on a quest to see all of these movies. I have now seen 6 out of 15, with my most recent being Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Salo, IMO, is the most disturbing movie I’ve watched so far. Sweet Movie and Man Bites Dog are next on my Netflix queue. :)

  • Danny

    What about Mariah Carey’s “Glitter”?

  • Alex

    That’s a good one Danny…hahaha~

  • Duffnick

    Good list. What about Event Horizon, did anyone find it disturbing?

  • Raymond

    Oh yeah Duffnick! Event Horizon is good but rather a weird and scary science fiction film; however, it does not compare with the list above.
    Also see my previous postings as well. You’ll know what I am talking about.

  • amandaman

    i think towelhead should be on here
    its a screwed up movie

  • PeteSpeed

    What about Videodrome? And Cannibal Holocost is by far the best movie in that genre.
    And the Austrian version of Funnygames….

  • Melina

    My boyfriend just watched Cannibal Holocaust tonight and was really disturbed(he has a thing for slasher films too, so I figured that it must be pretty gruesome). Happy to see it on here after reading about it.

  • DAC


  • Mrs Polidori

    Hostel 1 and 2 was pretty laughable to me.

  • Mrs Polidori


  • Vincennt

    nobody sad something about “August Underground Mordum”… on the internet is no. 1 in top sickest movies ever made. Or “Man behind the sun”… anyway.

  • Devi

    I’m so happy In the Realm of the Senses is on here (Ai No Corrida). It’s one of my favourite movies….Truly disturbing, yet so beautiful! I recommend it to everyone I know. Hmm. Off to the video store. :)

  • AnOtherS2pididea

    You cannot have a list of DISTURBING movies without DISTURBIA!!!:-))

  • Acire

    A Clockwork Orange should be up here.
    Also none of the clips you posted work :(

  • Shaaronie

    I found the “Reservoir Dog” scene where a cop, tied to a chair, is tortured with a knife to the tune of “Stuck in the middle with you” ultra distrubing. I can never watch that scene and I love that movie!

  • jo

    if you want gore/disturbing in a funny kinda way try Peter (lord of the rings trilogy) Jackson’s ‘Bad Taste’ and ‘Brain Dead’ / ‘Dead ALive’. Both very low budget, and outside the square! Have never heard of most of the above movies… except clockwork orange.. Never saw American Psycho, but if they did it exactly like the book that would be sick..

  • Shu

    Has anyone mentioned “The Girl Next Door?” Holy sh** talk about disturbing… despite a somewhat slow beginning that movie was one long, drawn out torture scene.

    Definitely deserves an honorable mention IMHO.

  • Acire

    What about “Trainspotters”? Oddly eloquent, disillusioned Scottish youths will haunt my dreams.

  • Acire


  • karina

    I’ve seen the movie Cannibal Holocaust just a few months ago, and it deserves first place for sure. I recall reading that it is illegal in certain places somewhat because of the animal cruelty from the turtle scene which by far looks too real. That movie gave me nightmares lol

  • Marcus Killerby

    Broken was one of the most annoying films I’ve ever seen. It had no idea what it wanted to be, it was badly acted. And what the fuck was with the ending?

  • latfat

    I thought Cat in the Hat was kinda disturbing. You know the one with Mike Myers……… Yeah

  • Jaan Kanellis

    Might want to update the YouTube clips as most are missing

  • Rajesh Prabhu

    Though, I have to say I havent watched most of the most of the movies listed there, i completely agree with “requim for a dream” and “irreversible”… Infact not just the scene the whole movie (Requim) is such a disturbing 2 hours of anyone’s life.

  • blah

    My favourite is “begotten” .. ‘caus my imagination do the job, of making it the most disturbing. But, I just saw lars von triers’ “antichrist” (uncut/uncensored version .. )
    In my opinion, it’s now the first in the list ..
    A must see !!

    Thanks for the list ..

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  • Ashley

    As for irreversible…the fire extinguisher thing is pretty brutal as well.

  • Joebecca

    Most of these movies I can’t even begin to try watching! i thought The Cell was horrible and it’s not really that bad now that i look back. I have seen Requiem and that scene was disturbing, but more sad than anything, what she reduced herself to for drugs.

    I commend all of you who watch these movies and especially the ones who find them entertaining/funny/stupid! i probably would end up in a mental ward over any one of them!!

    i just keep trying to imagine from the descriptions the directors talking to the actors

    “hey, lets drag that rape scene out for like 15 mins”
    “ok ! lets do this !”
    LOL too funny!

  • BellaZombirella

    I am shocked no one mentioned my favorite film!!! Anyone on here who enjoys intelligent and extremely hard-to-watch films HAS to immediately acquire Martyrs! It is my #1 for sure. Also, check out the new release Deadgirl. It is fantastic! I *really* want to see AntiChrist… how can I get a hold of that???

    I was intrigued by Bad Boy Bubby until I saw the cat tied to the chair. Fuck that shit. I refuse to watch things like that. Fillet a dude’s eye, fine. But don’t mess with the animals. I can’t handle it. The animal scenes were the only ones I couldn’t take in Faces of Death…

    Some of my favorites:

    Henry PSK
    Nekromantic 1 & 2

    I thought Funny Games was stupid as hell. I hated it. It didn’t disturb me it pissed me off. The Heart is Deceitful disturbed me but not in a good way. It made me nauseous.

    I am scared to watch Mordum but I think I am going to give it a try…

  • Bernice

    Has no one seen Mysterious Skin? It shows scenes of sexual child abuse, gay prostitution at a young age and child grooming.I’m pretty sure it also has plenty drugs. It’s not too graphic with the child scenes but it’s still horrific. I’m known as the one whos made of steel but I was upset by it.

  • Lord Nick

    I like Requiem for a Dream, it’s one of my favorite movies!! Can anyone tell me what the #15(Gummo) movie is all about, it looks kinda interesting.

  • CoolWhip

    one word…’Martyrs’

  • southsuper

    I got to watch Salo quite recently and I’m still wondering how I got to sit through its entirety.

  • bassbait

    Cannibal holocaust is ALMOST a snuff film. No humans were killed, but animals were.

  • Desudesu~

    Haha yes! I love Ichi the Killer. You should have put Flowers of Flesh and Blood on that list. It’s so realistic, Charlie Sheen thought it was a snuff flim.

  • Anonymous

    “I, Zombie” was extremely disturbing to me, especially the scene where the guy that is slowly becoming a zombie, but is fully aware, tries to masturbate to a picture of his loved one and his penis is so far gone that it comes off…
    The horror and hopelessness of that scene was awful.
    Truly one of the saddest movies I’ve seen as well.

  • Anthony

    King of the Ants should be on here with the 500lbs woman eating her own sh&$… that scene made me wondering if the producers were high.

  • rookiesan

    watched all on the list and most of what has been suggested and all i can say is i havent a clue what you have been watching i found all of them seriously NOT disturbing in any way, they didnt leave me shocked or needing to puke (and yes even seen 2girls 1cup – yaaawwwwnnnn) only films i am waiting to see at the moment is the guinea pig collection of 6 flms. come on people i thought u said these were disturbing. only disturbing thing about them was the amount of bad acting. will let u no on the out come of the guinea pig films asap.

  • Ghost

    ‘Salo…” is a hell of a movie ! Pasolini did an amazing job.

    You can also add “Martyrs”, a French movie, to the list. The second part of the movie is very disturbing.

    “Man Bites Dog” is very funny if you like dark humor. Benoït Poelvoorde is an incredible actor.

  • Mesuge

    I would recommend Braindead or Bad Taste. These might be comedy horrors but they are the goriest especially braindead. As far as i know it is the bloodiest film ever made.

    BTW andalusian dog is just a little bit disturbing but its a film every movie fan should see cause it is a important piece of movie history.

    Oh and ichi the killer – that film is extremely funny imho :)

  • Raymond

    Here are some more:

    Chaos (Director David De Falco)
    13 Ztameti (Suspenseful)
    Cannibal (Director Marian Dora)
    Inside (Director Alexandre Bustillo)
    Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door
    Broken (Director Simon Boyes)
    Last Supper (Osamu Fukutani)
    2LDK (Yukihiko Tsutsumi)

  • Mark

    Lol “Hostel” was in the notable omissions? Maybe if the acting was, you know, believable, it may have been a disturbing film. But compared to some others made that should have been considered – 2 AU films had already been released at the time of this list if I recollect correctly – Hostel doesn’t really match up.

  • Sid Pink

    “I Stand Alone”, by Gaspar Noe (same director as “Irreversible”). Easily the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen. I saw it at Telluride and at least 60% of the audience left. This was before the horrible ending, which even gives you a full-screen ten-second countdown as a warning. Even with this break in the movie, it is immensely powerful.

  • Ashe

    Where’s Pink Flamingos?

  • Brandon

    The “Audition” scene is unbelievable…whether that’s a good thing or not, I can’t say lol

  • Randall

    I cannot believe you left out “Oldboy”! It’s the most disturbing movie I have ever seen.

  • Randall

    I cannot believe “Oldboy” was left out!!!
    it’s the most disturbing movie I have ever seen!!
    and it is VERY disturbing

  • Kamaralzaman

    I successfully got through the whole Begotten movie, it is plainly awful and disturbing. I have seen Cannibal Holocaust and the Holy Mountain as well. The last one is really good (can be found on But nothing I have seen is quite like Begotten though it is not only horrific, it is amazingly boring too. The word “convulsion” sums it all up!

  • EffedInTheHead

    Ive seen the top 15 multiple times(im a buff for these type of movies) so if you think blood and gore is disturbing this post isnt for you.. The movie Mysterious Skin will make your heart bleed and your soul cry.. theres noone on Earth nomatter who, that wouldnt be disturbed by this movie. WATCH AT UR OWN RISK!! Men behind the sun also stayed with me for a bit. canibal holocaust didnt really do it for me. Last but not least Salo deserves that spot on the list for many, many reasons.

  • Alyxx

    I wouldn’t be surprised if no one who reads this has seen this movie, as essentially the only people I know who have seen it were subjected to it by me, but one very disturbing film is “Kissed”, a Canadian independent film about a girl, obsessed with death from a young age, who becomes a mortician’s assistant and winds up having sex with corpses. Her boyfriend finds out, and kills himself, essentially so she can have sex with his dead body because she rejected him alive. Also contains possibly the most disturbing ‘first period’ scene ever.

  • chris0703

    I didn’t see anybody mention the movie, “Seed”. Thought that one was pretty disturbing…

  • Jody

    What about the move Live? It’s not really all that gory or gross, but it is definatley mind blowing.

  • Jim

    Good list. I think I have at least half of these. I thought the original “Last House on the Left” had some pretty disturbing scenes. That movie seemed more like a snuff film to me.

  • nicoleredz3

    Wow… Just saw this list. I’ve seen worst… Heh heh heh… Great list though!

  • Chee

    Maybe I’ve just watched too many disturbing movies, but A Clockwork Orange has never seemed disturbing to me in any way. I love it, though.

  • butterflygirl777

    all but 3 of these above videos are removed due to terms of violation use. where else can i see some of them besides Youtube?

  • Pingback: Most disturbing movie of all time - All The Misc()

  • As soon as I saw the title ’15 most disturbing movies’ ‘Requiem for a Dream’ jumped into my mind. For the same reason that you mentioned. To this day the phrase that is chanted during that scene gives me chills and makes my stomach churn.

  • djskein

    You missed out on Vase De Noces aka Wedding Trough or simply in the Western World, The Pig Fucking Movie.

    A completely silent, black and white film about a guy who quite obviously fucks a pig, the pig then gives birth to horrific human-pig hybrids, cheats on the man with another pig prompting the man to murder the pig and all his “children”. The film ends with the man drinking a tea made of his own shit and urine before hanging himself. Disturbing, very much so.

  • AWfawf

    none of these come even close to “Men Behind the Sun” or “Philosophy of a knife”. Take a look and get a clue ;)

  • Jake

    sorry but all of these videos have been taken down.

    this really blows.

  • Muscarius

    A Clockwork Orange is the most outdated Kubrick movie. I have seen it at the cinema with serveral kids in their 15 that laughed loud several times. Stilyzed violence is not shocking any more due to being shown everyday in cartoons. The younger find A Clockwork Orange a fun movie: not disturbing at all.

  • Just Sayin’

    personally I would’ve given Salo the number one spot. I agree that Cannibal Holocaust is disturbing, but I was at least able to watch the entire movie without having the urge to vomit. When I saw Salo, I got that urge all the time.

  • fendabenda

    Nobody mentioned “Thriller – en grym film”, a 1974 Swedish rape’n’revenge saga by Bo Arne Vibenius. What makes this more disturbing than your average “I Spit On Your Grave”-type film, is that the sex scenes are not simulated. They are real. Now, obviously nobody gets raped for real, but the “sex” in the rape scenes is not faked. It’s not a p0rn flick though, far from it. One of the best revenge films ever.

  • fendabenda

    Oh, and someone mentioned Santa Sangre by Jodorowsky… I love that film, but I didn’t think it was particularly disturbing…

  • Joanna

    Glad to see Cannibal Holocaust was number 1. As I was reading the list, I was wondering why it wasn’t included. It should be noted that the thing that makes this flick even more distubing is that the all the scenes of dead animals in the film were actually really killed for the film, on film. They’re not props.

    Also, many people believed this was a snuff film and Ruggero was forced to appear in front of a judge, with every actor that was killed in the film, to prove that it was just a movie.

    Movies that should have made the list: Last House on the Left (the Original, not the shit remake), I Spit on Your Grave, and Last House on Dead End Street; all deeply disturbing in their own way.

  • Sarena

    I’ve seen a few of these, but not all. The ones I have seen I find a bit “weak”, if you will, on the disturbance level; not movies I would necessarily put on a list like this. I would, however, suggest Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

  • Scott

    I think Salo should be number 1, it's more than just disturbing; it's almost evil

  • DIO

    good list but its a shame youtube ruined it
    work for nothing and this is all thanks to youtube

  • Alcuard

    Gummo is literally the WORST film I have ever seen and I've seen thousands. Requiem is one of the best films ever made and Cannibal Holocaust is so bad that they actually killed live animals to fluff up the film. It also had horrible 'acting' and even worse direction. Salo is painfully bad and disgusting. I saw it on the big screen and people were walking out. It doesn't seem to go anywhere. Read the book; 120 Days of Sodom.

  • Dave

    Chekist – very very disturbing – no ones mentioned this?
    Borstel – gave me nightmares as a kid.

  • Ron

    Havent checked all the posts but Clockwork Orange and Battle Royale should be on this list…

  • _-DAN-_

    I just watched Begotten on this page and HOLY CRAP was it disturbing. I don't understand what people enjoy about those type of things. It does not make sense because absolutely nothing good happens the whole movie. I guess the flowers grow but that is about it.

  • Jaime

    Number one on the list was disturbing for its time, but now its not so much.

  • When I saw this listed, I clicked on the link just to see where Pink Flamingos rated. I was darned surprised to see it wasn't listed at all. Was there anything about that movie that WASN'T disturbing?

  • kyll

    i watched half an hour of that begotten movie…i dont know what that was and i dont wanna know what that was

  • Gem

    that rape scene is not the only disturbing part of Irreversible… I found the whole fire extinguisher scene equally disturbing.
    I totally agree with the person who said battle royal! The movie (while not as good as the book) is pretty graphic for being such a low budget movie… the concept of children killing being forced to kill eachother is pretty disturbing. Regardless that book is definitely in my top 5

  • calic

    the list is missing men behind the sun 4 and rape of nanking.. oh gawd.

  • Probably the most bizarre movie I ever saw (American made that is… I think all French films need to be excluded) was "Mr. Mike's Mondo Video". That thing was so bad that there was a line to get out of the theater!

  • Frida

    Great list! ^^
    The most disturbing movies IMO:
    The winner is: Tetsuo, the Iron Man. Seriously that movie was… like David Lynch on drugs :O It will stay with me forever. I will NEVER sit through that again. EVER. No way.
    2nd: Eraserhead. Surrealistic works (in both art and film) really gets under my skin.
    3rd: Hostel. I know it's considered a "crap" movie by some film snobs, but the blowtorch scene… I wish I could unsee it. I was seriously scarred for life after watching that.
    4: Nekromantik, because of the disgusting revolting "lover" and cruelty to the cat.
    5: Salò. It's one of my favorite movies through all time, and I've seen it five times (but the first time I couldn't watch all of it, I had to turn away) and I really love it, it's beautifully made. But it's goddamn disturbing nevertheless.

  • tormentadepetalos

    Pink Flamingos should be number 1.

  • Ray

    Not exactly a surrealism, the movie based on the director's near death experince after he had a car accident (between life and death, etc.)

    Salo….. Pasolini had been killed after releasing the movie, which makes it more disturbing 0_o………..

  • Jadakra

    You now, if you're going to post a vid, at least describe what's in it.
    Like in #15. They took the vid down and I have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Jadakra

      *You know

  • Inktrap

    So… No Human Centipede? Just reading the wiki page on it made me want brain bleach immediately.

  • G Note

    Just saw Stoic the other day. Fits the bill as one of those disturbing movies you only will watch once.

  • mazokuchan

    Human Centipede? Serbian Film?

    • Mysstriss

      Nothing can ruin your friends day like making them read the Wikipedia entry for Serbian Film.

  • jdog

    I think that The Girl Next Door really made me sick and disturbed me…I think it was based on a true story, which really disturbs me, and the ending is very sad.

  • neko

    i never heard of the audition til about two years ago. after i saw it though, i realized that my chemical romance video honey there isnt room in this mirror for the both of us, had clips of the movie reinacted!!!!!!
    makes me love the band and the movie more.

  • Lillyvon

    I would now definately add Martyrs and especially Serbian Film! Good list though – I do agree. Nice to see Bad Boy Bubby mentioned! Although a 'dark comedy' it's certainy disturbing and upsetting.

  • Inky

    I'm disappointed to see "Audition" on this list. I'm a huge fan of Miike's work, but I didn't find that film disturbing or scary at all.

  • Hitman Bravo

    Where's Eraserhead?

  • Erin

    Every day for the rest of my life, I will genuinely regret watching that clip of "Bad Boy Bubby." The mental images…they won't leave. ;_;

  • CanadianPsycho

    Wow, I'm 14 and I've seen most of these! I should probably be worried…

  • acreasey

    No John Waters movies! Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living are both profoundly disturbing in strangely silly ways.

  • Whateva

    You nees to put The Human Centipede. That’s the most sick and disturbing movie ever..

  • Where’s Pink Flamingos?

  • matty

    As I have been on an adventure to see the most disturbing movies ever. It is nice to see a few movies I have not seen. I completely agree with Salo. I watched that on a Sunday afternoon and it really messed up my day. I disagree with Cannibal Holocaust. You do not have August Underground’s Mordum on here so you must not have seen it and I suggest you do not bother. Thanks for the list. There is one movie that rates in my top 3 and I have yet to see it on any list. Jack Ketchums The Girl Next Door. This is not some artsy foreign film that tries to push limits with disturbing scenarios and images. It is a good movie but very hard to watch and suck in at moments. It will truly leave you with frustrating tears. It is based on a true story and most of the stuff that happened is true. If you are prepared to feel sad for a few days. Then check this movie out.

  • Kevlar

    The Doom Generation? Um, yeah.

  • JimH

    Can anyone tell me what happens in the scene that was depicted for Gummo (#15), or link me to the same scene that works? It’s been removed now…

  • No One

    “Salo” is a waste of time. Yes, there are some issues that were relevant in the filmmaker’s life, but it’s really just so BORING…If you want as tedious, but 100x worse, read the actual “story” by de Sade.

  • big tits

    human centipede?

  • cody

    the human centipede should be on this list

  • AA

    The most disturbing movie I have seen is the movie “Teeth”. If you ever get a chance to watch it, DO NOT SAY YES. What I have to say is that it is a movie that you will NEVER FORGOT, and that is definetly NOT A GOOD THING! I totally regret ever watching that movie. I have not seen the movies on this list, because I am to young. I saw teeth because my sister was making me and her friend watch it. Literaly, this isn’t a joke, just thinking about this movie makes me want to puke. NEVER WATCH IT.

  • Kate

    I saw Salo yesterday, and I think it is quite possibly THE most disturbing film ever. Cannibal holocaust looks like a child film compared. I think the story is very very important too, mindless gore can only disturb so far, but if the plot, characters and story line are disturbing, then it makes for a really nasty film. Thanks for the list.

  • samm

    it’s been a few years since you made this list but have you looked into a Serbian movie? that one would take the cake as number one. I have no words to describe the film. I couldn’t even watch the full thing.

  • ali

    comeon ichi the killer is one of the best movies ever and audition is pretty awesome too but much more disturbing lol but if u look behind all the gore and squick u’ll find out that it’s one of the deepest movies ever made

  • mike from LA

    this list was’nt made when this movie came out, but Human Centepede first sequence should be #1.

  • Dude

    Human Centipede was mildly shocking. But the whole centipede thing is really all it had going for it. Once you got over that, the rest of the film was pretty pointless. It almost seemed like they slapped stuff on simply for the sake of making the movie longer.

    I’d add Antichrist (2009) to the list. You compiled the list before the movie came out, but I’m sure you would have added it given the opportunity.

  • DeCastro

    You really need to compile another list and include these two…

  • Romeo
  • nishad vaidya

    hello guys my name is nishad vaidya i like disturbing film i hve even saw the film “irrversible”, “requierment of dream”, i think “saw” and “hostel” are nt disturbing it jst weard bt i think my “bloody valentine” and “bloody marry” are quiet good i like “blue velvet” too…

  • Gorge

    I thougt the list was a bit lame, i mean you included ichi the killer and salo, cannibal holocaust and all that but i’d say you should also add movies such as the tumbling doll of flesh, august underground mordum, the slaughtered vomit dolls(even though august undergriund mordum isn’t that sick just disturbing) and my personal favourite the serbian movie.

  • ledley king of kings

    Irreversible was the most disturbing for me, the murder scene and the music really freaked me out.

    One not mentioned is Pans Labyrinth, that was a pretty bleak depressing film. I found it a little disturbing.

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  • ramona

    Only 4 of the videos work…

  • vermilionskin

    What about Lord of the Flies?

  • luc

    No video trailer work .

  • Tom

    A Serbian movie should definatly be on here somewhere :L

    • Read the article carefully and you will know why it is not on the list. If you can read that is.

  • Apollo Paul

    No A Serbian Film? GOD, keep up Listverse!

  • Alucard

    Gummo is my most hated film of all time. I’m a film student and have seen at least 4000 films and documentaries. Salo is disturbing but the book (120 Days of Sodom) is a lot worse. Cannibal Holocaust was very bad too. Requiem for a Dream is the best drug addiction film out there. No happy endings after 28 days in a rehab.

    • Donny

      You sound like a bitch to me

  • Pete

    How about human centipede. By far the most sickest and disturbing

    • 2 problems.
      1. it is silly, flawed and dumb, not disturbing.
      2. Read the date or do you not know your numbers?

  • I was expecting “The Human Centipede” to be on this list. Now that movie was distrubing!

    • 2 problems.

      1. it is silly, flawed and stupid, not disturbing.

      2. Read the date or do you not know your numbers?

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Old Boy deserves a notable mention….the whole concept of that movie is f’ed up.

  • francisbacon

    Kevin Smith’s ‘Vulagar”…please watch if you want disturbing…not quite the lengthy impact of irreversable, but pretty darn close with the subject matter.

  • Supe

    “Caligula” and “Paranormal Activity” (if you get sucked into believing it was real.

  • “Caligula” Disturbing ? NO, An absolute waste of film and sheer stupidity, YES. How in the he*l did they convince the Great Sir John Gielgud, one of the 20th centuries greatest thespians and actors of all time to be in that motion picture and Malcolm McDowell who starred in my absolute favorite movie “A Clockwork Orange” (which in my opinion should ironically be NO. 1 on this list) to star in this movie (if you want to call it a movie). My only guess is that they were hard up for some cash. And the executive producer of the movie, Bob Guccione founder and CEO of Penthouse Magazine, must have needed some extra cash as well…….

  • weird

    HumAn centipede

  • Donny

    The double-ended dildo scene in RfAD made me kind of horny.

  • Hestie

    Another all-time horrible movie memory, mentioned above by other readers, was KIDS… That movie had me off anything remotely sexual for a very long time. It also came out when I was 17… Just the right age for it to leave one hell of an impression!

  • valcore

    I’m a huge fan of disturbing films. I haven’t seen all of the films listed in the top 15, but I love Gummo, Irreversible, Man Bites Dog, and Requiem, though I don’t know that I would have added Requiem to the list as there are more disturbing movies that should have made it instead. Salo definitely deserves its spot, as does Cannibal Holocaust because of its significance. I also loved Ken Park, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door and definitely recommend them for those who love these kind of films. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is the first movie in a long time to legitimately scare the crap out of me. But for the number one most f*cked up movie I have ever seen in my entire life, the award goes to Serbian Film. I didn’t even want to talk to my friend (who watched it with me) afterwards because I felt so awful. It was really well done in every aspect, but wow… That is one truly messed up movie. So much so that I’m not even sure if I want to recommend it to you guys. For those of you who’ve already seen it, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the baby part seriously made me feel sick and completely horrified. Not a film for everyone to see, that’s for sure. Thanks to all the commenters on here. I now have a very long list of films to see, though I seriously doubt that any of them will surpass Serbian Film in “f*ucked-upedness.”

  • The made for TV movie “Trilogy Of Terror” which is 3 different stories into one movie and the last story entitled “Amelia” starring Karen Black as a young woman who purchases a voodoo fetish doll for her boyfriend who happens to be an archaeologist. She opens up the box to look and handle it and notices that there is a small chain around the doll’s waist. With it came a handwritten note that said “if the chain falls off of the voodoo doll, it will come to life”. She sets it on her coffee table, goes to take a bath and while taking her bath, the chain falls off bringing the doll to life. Well, I won’t tell you the rest, but I will say one thing, Karen Black’s character “Amelia” should have hidden her cutlery / knife set before purchasing the doll.

  • ozgur cagin

    Human Centipede, DUH!

  • Juan Daniel

    Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist”, anyone?

  • Vinny

    Why didnt they add the rap and suicide of the bride in the Devils Double?

  • ANNdersss


  • Seph

    in Salò, if you are ever interested, that’s what they’re saying:
    “Carlo, put your fingers like this. Can you say ‘I can’t eat rice’ with the fingers like this?”
    “I can’t eat rice”
    “Eat shit then”


  • Emma

    Am I the only one who thought The Wall was pretty disturbing or am I just a pussy?

    • jjg7077

      I’ve heard Serbian Film was utterly horrendous. I may get around to watching it one of these days. Until then, the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen, hands down, is Martyrs.

  • I guess no one’s heard of the movie Cutting Moment??

  • M.

    I’ve seen most of these. The worst one is not on the list: it’s called ‘A Serbian Film’ and it was the most censored film in Britain. There’s a woman giving birth in it and a guy rapes the newborn. Can’t beat that. I left the theatre, honest…

  • Fred

    Meh, lookit me,I’m disturbing!

  • ~TZO~

    Two movies on the top of your list should’ve been “Slaughtered Vomit Dolls” with “A Serbian Film” clearly at the top of this list.

  • beth

    “a serbian film” is so bad taboo it’s illegal. “human centipede two” is just vile.

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  • Hayden

    August Underground didn’t make the list!! That’s like the most messed up thing you can ever see….just sayin’….

  • This list neeeds an update for the human centipede movies

  • Tim

    umm, what about Jack Katchums(?) The Girl Next Door, where the girl gets raped and her gentials burned clean with a blowtorch…. or Pathology, which was seriously twisted….

  • Petro the kiwi creamer

    Aaaaarrrhhhhh Then along came human centipede

  • Gaurav Singh

    Off the whole list, I’ve seen most of the movies being a fan of grisly films & some more you haven’t mentioned uploader.They are cannibal holocaust ( i knew this’d be no.1), Salo(i watched that rare uncut version..ALL of ‘120 days of sodom’ as an indicator & satyr or Fascist lifestyle is more disturbing than film but film does deserve mention here), Ichi the Killer, Audition, Irreversible,The Holy Mountain & Requiem For a Dream.Out of these i’d like to point out that Ichi The killer & audition were laughable & only Ichi the Killer can just maybe here coz its got what we call ‘splatter-gore’ (Takashi Miike is 1 of my fav japanese directors) but u really should have removed Audition & added the weirdest Miike film of all “visitor q” (or even a film called “Marebito”[stranger/unknown in japanese] while ur at it.While i get ur scared by surrealism so maybe Holy Mountain makes ur list but its philosophy is great,that underlying text that well..Jordanowski played a joke with the audience, there never WAS any meaning to the 7 planet-people’s search.& “Requiem for a dream,Oldboy & clockwork Orange are MY favorite films of all time & a work of art gentlemen..just like Donnie Darko & Martyrs(french)..not “disturbing’..just dark!! apart from that i’ve some catching up to do in rest of the movies.Thanks for the info!
    Also,notable exceptions that i think you missed- “Serbian Film, Strange circus, caligula (not incest part..just nero’s torture chamber bit & his brainwashing of caligula), Videodrome (among cronenberg films..Naked Lunch & shivers made sense to me..those are realistic scenarios in what they r portraying..& something Burroughs,whose books they were adapted from,actually suffered & saw as hallucinations), a weird japanese film called “Moonlight Whispers” about fetishes and of course..”I spit on ur grave” (i admit i saw every bit but didn’t stomach the injustice to male-kind)
    Lastly..”Kids”?? really?because it dealt with AIDS?? face it..that’s reality & how it’s that prevalent!!
    Also,please reply back to this comment & recommend me more movies like this..i like weird surreal ones! :-) )

  • Gaurav Singh

    i would agree to this one..except i’m a HUGE fan of Willem Defoe & concept made sense to me..Nature as a villian which Christianity banned as paganism (indeed “nature worship” herecy) & subsequent witch-hunts is not a concept everyone can stomach..but it makes so much SENSE & the sense of irony is as palpable as it’s a sad & horrible thing..point is i always knew ultimate evil will be a woman & her inner nature (our ‘antichrist’) will be the cause of death & downfall of me it’s an ultimate allegory films..1 of my favorites! disturbing..yes..very!!..maybe even deserving of the list here which deals more with physically stomach-churning movies more than psychological horror)

    • Gaurav Singh

      This is me giving my support to ‘Antichrist’ on the list & talking about in support to & agree with ‘Juan Daniel’ about an earlier current by the way! :) ..just to clarify any confusions!

  • Roy

    “I saw the devil” was a pretty disturbing movie. But the rest of these were awful. Im suprised I’m not dryheaving.

  • The actual film Cannibal Holocaust didn’t disturb me, but I was incensed at the scenes where animals are really killed. A turtle is ripped open and eaten alive, tarantula is squashed, a pig is kicked around then shot, a rodent is gutted etc. All senseless and cruel acts that instead of making you hate the characters, make you hate the film makers. I’ve resolved myself never to watch this film again because of those scenes. With that said, those elements removed, the ‘white man goes to find monsters, becomes the monsters, and is killed by what they wanted to find as revenge’ plot was nicely done. Ferox was better though.

  • Robin

    Why wasn’t the Chinese film “Dumplings” listed? I would think that the consuming of dumplings made with aborted human fetuses up to 5 months of gestation and the abortion shown would make this a most disturbing film…

  • Robin

    BTW…I have seen most of those films…Salo (I actually liked it because of the whole notion of libertines), Cannibal Holocaust (meh), Irreversable (the rape scene was just tedious in its length), Audition (not as graphic as I was expecting from T.Mike), Ichi (laughed my ass off on it), Requium (brilliant portrayal of drug abuse and truly disturbing if you have any experience in the subject)…. However another film from Portugal or Greece(I still haven’t figured out) that you must see is Dog Tooth. Now that film is disturbing on so many levels. Just be prepared for no exposition and a lot of WTF? If you can make your way through it and understand the story, it will leave you needing to take a shower and put on regular tv….

  • Robin


  • derek

    What about Antichrist? =]

  • gatedon

    after watching Cannibal 2006 i`d stop eating meat..

  • Amelia

    I think only one of these videos actually works now…

  • Uncut Gaming

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  • red forman

    number 1 would def be “a serbia film” you dont have to watch it just read it. nuff said

  • samuel

    It was a great list, however I know for a fact that any movies by fred vogal are alot worse than cannibal holocaust.

  • Anant

    Cannibal holocaust… TOTALLY!

  • Johnny

    Why is “A Serbian Film” not on the list. It is one of the most disturbing films of all time. It includes a scene of something called “newborn porn”.

    And the most disturbing movie so far has got to be Human Centipede 2. The first human centipede was just funny. The second one is disturbing. Watch it!

    • Did you even read the article? This article was made in 2007. And saying that Human Centipede 2 is more disturbing than a Serbian Film is ridiculous.

  • neil1953

    There seems to be a lot of posts on this list about the movie “The Human Centipede” and it sequel. Is there anyone out there who might think that its based on the short story by Franz Kafka “The Metamorphosis ?”. After all the first line of that short story is “Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning only to find out that he has turned into a cockroach”. Its only around 50 pages but the story will stick with you for the rest of your life, guaranteed !!

  • I seriously don’t understand why everyone thinks Ichi the Killer is disturbing. Yes it is gory and violent, but it is so over the top that is is just funny, not disturbing.

    • Gaurav Singh

      I totally agree!! read my earlier post on that film!! :)…also..i’m a little disappointed in the list!! I saw ‘Human Centipede’ (1rst sequence) on reading the comments & also ‘The Serbian Film’…but i found Human Centipede run-of-the-mill (meh!) stupid…even ‘Saw’ had better driven concept…if the idea of eating out of someone’s ass is idea of horror…i wonder what they’ll do when the watch uncut version of ‘Salo/120 days of sodom” (now THAT is bile-swallowing stuff!)..& ‘Serbian Film’..just not disturbing enough i guess..u GOT to have a stronger stomach than that!! however..sounds like u have better tastes..any recommendations for me from ur side??!

      • Men Behind the Sun and Martyrs are good films.

        • Gaurav Singh

          seen ‘martyrs’..also in my earlier comment..i’ll check out ‘Men Behind the Sun’..thanks :)

  • Carmen

    Cannibal Holocaust is so overrated. Yes, the turtle scene is horrific but the rest of the movie is just meh.

  • Williamkey

    I disagree. I think the most disturbing film ever is “A Serbian Film”.

    • hmm lets think about this for a minute. Last I check A Serbian Film was released in 2010. And if you read the article, you would have known that it was made in 2007. The number order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 ,8 ,9 10. So you were thought that 10 comes before 7 huh. What school did you go to?

    • Gaurav Singh

      This is me giving my support to ‘Antichrist’ on the list & talking about in support to & agree with ‘Juan Daniel’ about an earlier current by the way! :)..just to clarify any confusions!

    • Gaurav Singh

      oops!!..ignore the just posted earlier comment…anyway..i’ll say this..i’ll still support pyran here & pick ‘salo’, ‘ai no corrida’ & ‘cannibal holocaust’ over ‘The Serbian movie’ as ‘most disturbing’ anyday even if the list were to be updated to complete the decade to 2010!! honest…& though at the risk of getting some jaws dropped & questioning my sanity..I’ll say that i didnt find even ‘newborn porn’ stomach-churning to that scale!although I found the idea disturbing…however…’The Serbian Movie’ would make my list more because of the portrait showed about the typically ‘Serbian’ family..that did make me question twisted nature of humanity…That said..’Salo’ ,’cannibal holocaust/ferox’ & ‘ai no corrida’ are more disturbing any-day!

  • bella37181221

    The Human Centipede really should be up there

    • You are an idiot. All of the movies on this list make the first human centipede look like a kids movie and did you even read the article? Since when did 2009 come before 2007? What school told you that?

      • Probably the same school that taught you to be a pretentious douche bag. Welcome to the club of unoriginal thoughts, Pryan.

        Are you sure YOU are able to read? I’m uncertain about that, as I’m positive that if you were, in fact, capable of reading, (instead of having your mommy read to you), you might have eventually noticed that you seem to spew out the same condescending line that “this article was made in 2007”, on every single comment.

        Do you simply copy/paste that uber intelligent comment, Pryan, or do you re-think it up every single time. Either way, congratulations on winning the “worst troll ever” award. Considering you’ve been blathering on about the date of this article since at LEAST October 2, 2011 (that’s a year, in case you’re not allowed calendars in the hospital; sharp corners, and all that), you should probably start worrying about yourself a little more, and worrying less about whether or not strangers on the interwebs noticed a tiny italicized date in the corner of the article.

  • ThatGuy

    Wow haha. All but two videos weren’t removed from YouTube… I guess that goes to show how horrible they are

  • Guest

    Cannibal Holocaust is the most brutal movie I've ever seen. Live animals are killed, multiple gang rapes and very graphic murder and torture scenes. It's horribly realistic

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