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Logo Competition Winner

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

I am very pleased to announce that the winner of the logo competition is David Rygiol (Davidr4889). His logo was voted top out of the final five by our readers and was also my preference. Below are the two representations of the logo that he submitted:

Picture 7-3Picture 8-4

David is about to complete the BFA program at San Jose State University in California. The text of his brief follows:

A good logo clearly communicates the mission and ideals of the organization it represents with a simple and engaging visual statement. A great logo not only does this successfully, but it also inspires. I believe that this logo is a clear and profound representation of your vision, and that it will inspire an interest in learning and discovery among visitors of The List Universe.


After spending some time exploring your website and getting a general feel for what you stand for, I took the two words ”list” and “universe” and through a process of word association and idea gathering came up with some visual guidelines for the logo. For list, I thought it was important to include a clear representation of the number 10, since your site is founded on top 10 lists and similar lists. Thus I included the 10 white dots within the deep orange circle. Universe is an extremely broad and somewhat abstract term, but I chose to represent feelings and ideas of an infinite space of information, to communicate the extensive nature of your website’s content.


Although this logo at first appears complicated, it is actually very simple and easily reproducible. I have also designed a one color option for simpler applications, which I display on the following page. The entire mark uses only 2 colors: Black and Orange, but makes use of combining these colors to achieve depth and richness. The typeface is Avenir, a very simple and modern face that brings a somewhat distinguished feeling to the logo, while not coming across as pretentious.

Congratulations David! You definitely deserve the prize!

fact checked by Alex Hanton
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