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10 Memorable Kisses Through History

Louie Jerome . . . Comments

The kiss is one of nature’s great gifts to man. Most people born are born as the result of a kiss here or there (which obviously leads to other things). A kiss is used for love, for condolences, for comfort, and even for betrayal (think Judas). Over the years a number of kisses have been particularly monumental or memorable – this is a list of ten of them.


Big Brother 2004


In 2004, Big Brother was shown in Bahrain. After a few minutes of the first episode, Abdel Hakim kissed Kawthar of Tunisia. This really offended cultural values and traditions and the show was cancelled after just two weeks. Hundreds of protesters gathered to declare that the show was “un-Islamic” chanting “Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!” despite the fact that the producers of the show provided separate bedrooms for male and female members of the Big Brother House, and a prayer room. The Big Brother producers have said that the show will be re-launched when they find somewhere other than Bahrain to film it.


The Kiss That Sparked A Censorship Debate


In 1978 the first kiss reached Indian movie screens. Shashi Kapoor kissed Zeenat Aman in the film Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Love Sublime. This triggered a major argument over censorship. Chief minister and movie actor M.G. Ramachandran claimed that this kissing scene was an insult to Indian cinema. After a fierce battle with the Indian Film Censor Board the movie went on to perform quite well in the box office.


First Interracial Kiss on US Television


In 1968, NBC’s Star Trek (US Television) showed the first interracial kiss on TV. This was a major breakthrough at this time and showed Captain Kirk (William Schatner) kissing Lt. Uhura (Michelle Nichols.) This caused a great deal of controversy – especially as the kiss was not voluntary; it was forced through telekinesis. When NBC executives learned of the kiss they became concerned it would anger TV stations in the conservative Deep South so they ordered the show to film two versions of the scene – one with the kiss and one without. After recording the kiss version of the scene, Shatner and Nichols intentionally blundered in each further take – making it impossible to refilm. The kissing scene aired.


Longest Kiss in a Movie


In 1941, a kiss made movie history. Jayne Wyman and Regis Toomey kissed for three minutes and five seconds during the film You’re In The Army Now. This actually took up 1/25th of the film’s total running time. This comedy film is about two vacuum-cleaner salesmen who are accidentally inducted in to the army and the hijinks that follow.


Movie With The Most Kisses


The 1926 movie, Don Juan, which starred John Barrymore, contains scenes of 191 kisses in the 2 hours 40 minutes film. The movie starred John Barrymore as Don Juan, the lethario who kissed a number of beautiful ladies during the course of the movie. This works out at one kiss every 53 seconds. Wow! I wonder if he was out of breath.


Most Kissed Statue


A sixteenth century Italian soldier was sculpted in marble by Tullio Lombardo and housed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, Italy. During the 1800’s a rumour was circulated that if a woman kissed the statue, she would marry a wonderful gentleman. Some 5 million women are said to have kissed the soldier and the statue’s mouth has now developed a slight red tinge.


First Recorded Kiss on Film


Thomas Edison’s movie, The Kiss, was the first to show a kiss on film. The 1896 film is around 47 seconds long, and depicts a re-enactment of the kiss between May Irwin and John Rice from the final scene of the stage musical, The Widow Jones. The film caused a scandalized uproar and occasioned disapproving newspaper editorials and calls for police action in many places where it was shown. One critic said “The spectacle of the prolonged pasturing on each other’s lips was beastly enough in life size on the stage but magnified to gargantuan proportions and repeated three times over it is absolutely disgusting.”


Rodin’s Kiss


One of the best known sculptures in the western world is The Kiss by Auguste Rodin. It was sculpted in 1886. The sculpture was originally titled Francesca da Rimini, as it depicts the 13th-century Italian noblewoman immortalized in Dante’s Inferno (Circle 2, Canto 5) who falls in love with her husband Giovanni Malatesta’s younger brother Paolo. Having fallen in love while reading the story of Lancelot and Guinevere, the couple are discovered and killed by Francesca’s husband.


The Kiss That Removed A Nose


In 1837, in Great Britain, a gentleman named Thomas Saverland tried to kiss Caroline Newton. The lady was not interested and she bit off the end of his nose. Mr. Saverland took her to court but the judge ruled that a lady is entitled to bite a man’s nose if she doesn’t want to be kissed. So, watch out, guys!


The Kiss of Life


According to the Bible, God breathed the spirit of life into man with the kiss of life. “And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” [Genesis 2:7]. Surely this is the most memorable kiss of all – as without it we would not be here!

Contributor: Louie Jerome

  • Argh… this list is broken from after the video for number 6. I think it’s happened before on another list, a width problem with the video or something.

    Anyway, interesting list :-)

  • downhighway61

    Awwww! What a sweet list! Although… I wasn’t able to see #6, I don’t know if that’s on my end or not. I hate being in suspense! What’s the movie with the most kisses??? Someone please tell me!

  • MEG

    HAHAHAAAA No.4’s critic was hilarious!

  • henry o

    Very interesting and quirky list.

    Reminded me of Richard Gere’s recent act of incredible cultural insensitivity with Shilpa Shetty:,,20035545,00.html

    Or to really make you cringe:

  • I kinda thought the Richard Gere/Shilpa Shetty kiss might have made the cut, but meh… I already knew about that and just learnt a whole lot of other stuff instead :-)

  • Okay – I just edited the page – has that fixed the videos etc.?

  • romerozombie

    “Surely this is the most memorable kiss of all – as without it we would not be here!”


    • Liz


  • sgvaibhav

    Oh wow, all these ones are so cool.
    No one could have ever imagined of making such a list!!
    Hats of to you jfrater.

  • romerozombie

    I thought Luke Skywalker’s and Princess Leia’s kiss was pretty memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Felix

    How is Number 1 memorable? IF you ask me there are two faults with number 1

    1) What if you were not religious and/or didn’t follow the teachings of the Bible? It doesn’t mean that it’s memorable to them, it just means its memorable too anyone who believes in the Bible

    2)This list should include kisses that all of us believe in or that affected the world in which we all believe in. There is no point in saying that the kiss of life is number one when some people don’t believe in it.

  • Felix: the kiss of life is KNOWN to us all – and in that context it is on this list. You don’t have to believe it – but it is a fairly significant kiss as it is probably more well known than any other in the western world.

  • What’s with all the religious items getting number 1!? Bizarre and now memorable kiss?

    “Surely this is the most memorable kiss of all – as without it we would not be here!”

    I don’t follow that religion thus, to me, that kiss didn’t happen.

  • Argh! I don’t believe in dragons but I would still put it as number 1 on a list of 10 coolest beasts. No one is asking anyone to believe the Bible – they are just saying it is a memorable kiss – and it is – even if it is from a work of fiction (if you choose to believe the Bible is fiction).

  • downhighway61

    Yeah, it’s really not a big deal if the kiss of life is #1. It’s still an interesting list, and the author of it felt that the kiss of life should be #1.
    His list, his choice.

  • lizzie

    No Buttercup and Wesley? :D

    Quirky list. Let the debate begin……….

  • Melody Kitn

    What an interesting kiss list!

    I was just about to post Princess Bride’s kiss as an honorable mention, but Lizzie beat me to the punch. It’s not the kiss itself that is so great, but the description of it that should deserve the honorable mention.

  • Ruairi

    ooh controversy..

    fun list though

  • fivestring63

    I didn’t think I would , but I actually kinda thought this was a cool list.


    You know, I don’t give a rats a$$ how you worship or not, just keep it to yourself if you disagree. I say nothing about the way other people do.

    Sorry, I just got off work and not in a good mood.

  • Spocker

    Nitpick on #8: It’s Nichelle Nichols, not Michelle Nichols.

  • Mani

    I thought the famous sailor and nurse kiss after the war ended would make the list.

  • Diamond_Dragon

    Nice list but still…
    We’re made of slime? :(

  • Boogie

    Jesus Christ, betrayed by a kiss on the cheek from Judas Iscariot?

    Come on…

  • astraya

    A memorable KISS? Gene, Paul, Ace and the other one whose name I have forgotten?

  • Cheeshygirl

    Great list! I heart kisses. Seriously, Rodin’s The Kiss is an amazing piece of art. As tame as it may seem in modern society, I get such a sense of passion and intimacy from it.

    The nose biting incident is just plain funny. Well, maybe not to the guy who got bit but meh, he should’ve kept his mouth to himself.

    As far as the controversy of including The Kiss of Life on this list, I’m getting somewhat tired of people’s intolerance to other’s beliefs. No, not somewhat tired, really annoyed is more like it. And it happens on both sides of this camp. Those who know me know my beliefs but they also know I would soundly defend their right to believe whatever they want. We are not all the same and I for one am happy about that. Our differences should encourage learning and expansion of the mind, not ridiculous statements that cut off any lines of furthur communication between us. Can we not have one list where people comment about the inclusions without it devolving to plain rudeness?

    And here,here on the inclusion of the Princess Bride kiss as an honorable mention. The description indeed! :D

  • rushfan

    Love the list. Oh, yeah, and the kiss of death from The Godfather!

  • mregan

    Auguste Rodin, not Francois.

  • All fixed now, thanks jfrater :-)

    I had forgotten about The Kiss from The Princess Bride, that was a favourite movie of mine when I was younger.

  • ohrmets

    “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.” *smack!*

    I expected to see “The Godfather: Part II” represented!

  • Vera Lynn

    Mani (20) That is my All Time favorite kiss. I have ALWAYS wanted to be kissed like that. The photo was by Alfred Eisenstaedt, New York August 14, 1945.

  • cparker

    Shut ’em down JFrater, keep it number one. We got here somehow and that verse depicts the beginning of life from a higher being. Think more general instead of just Bible…

  • I thought that Madonna and Britney’s kiss will make it to the list. Nice list though, except for #1 as I am not a Christian and this is the first time I heard of any such kiss. I also wonder why Narcissus’ kiss and the famous sailor-moon kiss are not here. All in all, another cool list.

  • Any thoughts on whether that last photo is real?

    I’m surprised no-one has felt obliged to say, “it’s photoshopped!” ;-)

  • Randall

    Nice list, well done.

    The Godfather II kiss is a good one to remember, but what I see missing mainly are the two famous photographs… the sailor kissing… was it a nurse? In Times Square at the end of WWII, and the couple kissing in front of a cafe in Paris. Famous, timeless images, both.

  • stewart

    As for number 2, see woman are dangerous creatures! Personally I stick to kissing toads.

  • SlickWilly

    Hey! I thought this list was great. Notice to all of your haters out there that this is not a “Top 10” list, simply a “10” list. As such, don’t get your panties in a knot about the item at number 1. I think all of us are getting a little tired of the constant controversy surrounding religious-themed items. Furthermore, I’d like to direct your attention to the fact that of the 10 items on this list, 4 are from movies and one is from a television show. ALL FICTION. None of those kisses were real, they were actors portraying characters that happened to be kissing. So WHATS THE BIG FRIGGEN DEAL about item number 1? It doesn’t matter whether you believe it happened or not, the kiss of life has been preached about for centuries. I’d say that makes it pretty memorable.

    Anyone who disagrees with item 1, keep it to yourself. This was a well-written list.

  • stewart

    And here is a modern memorable kiss “Britney and Madonna”

  • SlickWilly

    Oh yes, and I second Randall. Where is the famous WWII picture portraying the sailor kissing the nurse in NYC?

  • Didn’t the sailor kissing the nurse photo kinda symbolize the end of WWII?

  • montechaz

    Interesting list, well done, but the most memorable kiss that come to mind for me is denise richards’ and neve campbell’s pool scene in the movie “wild things”…could be an age thing i guess

  • Vera Lynn

    Randall (33) Good Lord. The end of the world is coming. You and I agree about something? Take cover, everyone!!! :)

  • Mom424

    Anyone remember All In The Family? Archie railing against homosexuality, damn queers, and Mike Stivik grabbing his meaty mug and kissing him full on the lips. Quite the broohaha back in the day. The subject matter and the kiss.

    Here’s an article about the famous VJ day kiss in Times Square, and quite possible the fella involved. A definite omission.

  • Callie


    HA! I saw the title and started thinking about the last line in that movie, the “this one left them all behind” part.

    Cute little Fred Savage. “Is this a kissing book?” I’m going to make that be my own personal #1

  • Kalyan

    Boy oh Boy! For a country that gave KAMA SUTRA to the world – we have progressed so backward that a kiss makes news here. apart from the film, Shilpa Shetty – Richard Gere, there are a now of news incidents involving kisses that have turned into celebrity moments in India recently! – Mika/Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat and her kiss filled movies, Jism – Bipasha Basu and her tons of kisses with her fiance, John Abraham, Ash’s kiss with Hrithik Roshan!!!

    I am not too glad to see us make news for all the wrong reason.

  • Kyo

    Sorry to say this Cheeshy but welcome to the internet. People will tolerate what they want and won’t tolerate what they refuse and all we can do is hope. Complaining about it won’t make a difference.

    btw…this message is brought to you by a pagan and not a christian. Try being persecuted by all sides one day. It’s a blast.

    Nice list btw. I do wish the sailor/nurse was up there but I can’t fault you. You did well.


  • Flock O’Seagulls

    Mom424, if you want a kiss from All in the Family included, I’d vote for Sammy Davis Jr.’s kiss of Archie Bunker. Watershed moment.

  • wow

    I’ve never heard of the kiss of life but it’s offending to me that aa list would be religion biased…ruined the whole list with number 1

  • Swifty66

    I don’t remember Mike Stivic kissing Archie on “All in the Family”, but I do remember him getting a nice big smooch from Sammy Davis Jr. Pretty funny, I can still see Archie’s face!

  • wow

    the biggest problem with number one is not where it came from..but the words ” as without it we would not be here!”

  • Flock O’Seagulls

    No, the biggest problem is your intolerance of the views of the list contributor. If you disagree, do your own list.

  • Mom424

    Swifty and Flock; Yes I remember that and many other watershed moments from All In The Family. Interracial marriage, rape, homosexuality. They hit all the big ones. Probably the best show on TV ever. Or at least most ground-breaking. My parents considered watching All In The Family as part of our education.
    Smart parents I had.

  • Vera Lynn

    The Sammy Davis Jr kiss was the longest uninterrupted laughing from a studio audience. I will never forget it.

  • Lordofreimes

    For me, No.1 was all good and well until “as without it we would not be here!”. Clearly the reasoning here is not because it is the best known kiss, controversial or surprising but because it is seen as a FACT. I have no problem with it being no.1 and also being ‘memorable’ but any reason to include it along the lines of being factual is WRONG.

  • Hobolad

    Relgion shouldn’t be such a no go area- a few lists ago people criticised an anti-religion number one in a list- now it’s a pro-religion one getting criticised :/

    If people are allowed to bash religion, people should also be allowed to support it. If neither becomes allowed… well, that would be dull! It’s not something to be tip-toed around, it’s important and should be discussed!

    So yeah, good list- completely agree with the choice for number one- it’s certainly the most memorable to adherents of the faith, and also to people living in societies that are heavily influenced by that faith.

  • Bob

    haha it’s always fun to see atheists and the lot complaining about religious content on this site. Tough luck, guys! Your noisy little minority craps up most of the internet (and other media), so you can just deal with one site that you like having religious content sometimes. And hey, if your dislike for religious content outweighs your enjoyment for this site, guess what? You can go elsewhere! :-)

  • chris

    Well, no. 1 certainly ruined a decent list.

  • Eve

    What exactly is a ‘lethario’???A lethargic person perhaps?!:)
    Being an apathetic agnostic, I can not understand the ongoing religious debate here. I could not care less ,to be honest-so let’s just enjoy the lists or is that too much to ask?:)

  • Mathilda

    When I saw the heading for number one, I thought that the list was referring to artificial respiration, since that is sometimes referred to as the “kiss of life”. That’s one form of the kiss of life that I’m sure we can all agree has given life to people! Great list, btw.

  • kat87

    disappointing number one!! Only because it’s a kiss that only holds significance to Christians. Even as a Christian, I can see how this is lame. You’d think you could have come up with a more inclusive number one kiss. There are so many out there!!

  • Brickhouse

    I hadn’t thought of the sailor Times Square kiss, but that makes sense to be on the list. I expected Sammy Davis Jr on All in the Family to be on there – especially with a good part of this list being controversial kisses. That would make for a good list, too! :)

  • Chickensoup

    Dear Bob – as a regular visitor to this site I can assure you that the only thing we really don’t need here are ignorant and hate-filled opinions like yours. ;)

  • Brickhouse

    I also don’t think the cloud kiss should be #1 – not because it’s religious or any some such, but because it’s not a “real” kiss. It’s a group of colored clouds. Which, again, would be a pretty nice list – Top # Cloud Formations (okay that was pretty lame, but you get the idea). Include this picture, the wavy rainbow cloud picture, etc. Or general beauty in the skies and possibly include the Northern Lights on that.

  • Bananas

    O, will everyone please SHUT UP about number 1????? Just because you are not Christian does not give you the right to blast the people who do beleive! “Well, number 1 certainly ruined a decent list” ARE YOU SERIOUS?? It just shows the intolerence that has plauged this planet for decades. Beleive it or not, im not supper religious(sp?), but if #1 had anything to do with another religion, you wouldnt see me complaining about it. Like it or not, Christianity is the #1 religion in the world, SO DEAL WITH IT!

  • Chickensoup

    23 – good point!

  • Quiana

    Hi, JF I keep trying to register but never receives an email?

  • Nice list.
    I agree that there are some iconic kisses missing, including Randall’s mention of the sailor and the nurse ( I expected it to be #! ).
    Otherwise, the thing that struck me as particularly interesting was how there were kisses chosen from such a broad range; television, movies, racial barriers, religious barriers, movies, art, the bible!
    That took some unique thinking.

  • Barabas

    first lesbian kiss on tv?
    DS9 any one?

  • Brickhouse

    Bananas: Chill out. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, whether you’re part of “the #1 religion in the world” or not. Nothing to pop a vein over.

    segue: You’re right, the list took some unique thinking to include everything and it would be a VERY difficult thing to take a bit from everything to include. Maybe several kiss lists need to be made – art, movies, tv, etc.

    I was just talking to my niece (19 yrs old) who said she thought Heath Ledger’s kiss at the end of A Knight’s Tale was the sexiest movie kiss ever. That would be a fun list, too.

  • frank

    Brickhouse i think you are retarded…

  • Aaron

    That Don Juan!

  • Tara

    Bananas – Calling BS or Shenanigans on something is not blasting the Christian faith. Seriously, people can disagree without it being offensive to your God. Its called an Opinion. You have one, other people can too.

    Frank – WTF, seriously, WTF.

  • Quiana


  • louie jerome

    Wow! What a lot of comments. I compiled this list and No 1 doesn’t refer to the Christian faith but to a book: The Bible. It tells the story of creation. You can take the book as true, or a story, it’s up to you. No one is asking you to believe it.

  • Eve

    Brickhouse,your niece is spot on.I would also go for Legder, but the kiss I ‘ll mention will be the one with Jake Gyllenhaal in BB mountain.It is the sexiest thing I have seen on screen-aggresive, yet sensual- raw passion and wonderful choreography.
    I am all for Top 10 Movie Kisses-you already know my Number 1!:)

  • JwJwBean

    Great job on a diverse list. Never would have thought about the arab kisses. Hobolad said what I was thinking the whole time reading comments. The site got blasted for being an antirelion site and now it is blasted for having something religious. Can’t please everyone.
    Bob: Way to go on that tolerance stuff Jesus taught you.

  • Vera Lynn

    Segue (66) Mani brought that kiss up first at #20 and I seconded it at #29. That was the thing we agreed about at #41.

  • Vera Lynn

    frank (69) It’s “retarted” in this universe!! ;)

  • Kathryn

    The problem isn’t that number 1 is on the list or that it is number one, it’s that the author says “as without it we would not be here!” as if it were a fact, when clearly it’s not. It’s just ridiculous to put something not a fact as a fact. There are lots of different people that read the lists on here, and it’s actually kind of ignorant/arrogent in my opinion to word it like that. If you had put ‘And for Christians it is the most important kiss, because in their beliefs they would not be here without it!’ is completely appropriate. I’m sure if this had been the opposite situation with an Atheist or actually any other religion saying something like that that went along with their beliefs, other people would not agree with it either. Don’t generalize it to make it seem like all people believe in the story for number 1, it’s just a bit inappropriate and not fair. It’s an opinion, not a fact.

  • BishopWhiteT

    I REALLY expected to see the the WWII sailor pic on here. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject.

    Honorable mention for Mitch and Mickey’s kiss at the end of the rainbow? “The power of that kiss…” :)

  • Brickhouse

    Eve: Maybe it’s just Heath Ledger we like to see. It looks like he was a *great* kisser! :X

    Kathryn: I think you’re spot on here.

  • Lucy

    this list is good minus the number one. bad idea, will just start drama.

  • Brickhouse

    Kathryn: (cont’d) I think if #1 was written as the Christian/Jewish *belief* of the origin of life, we wouldn’t have as much discussion about it.

  • robneiderman

    Lots of controversy! I also expected the WWII sailor picture on here.
    I’m all for religious content on the site, but #1 was kind of lame. Mostly because it wasn’t a kiss. I’ve been a Catholic all my life, even went to Catholic school, and never have I heard God breathing life into Adam as “the kiss of life.” Do people consider CPR to be kissing? I’d have included Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss in its place. Not only was it a legit kiss, but it’s well known.
    Also, you need to fix Nichelle Nichols’ name.

  • mk

    wasn’t the first interracial kiss on television between Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz? (a.k.a. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo)

  • kittym

    Eve and Brickhouse: I fell in love with Heath Ledger when I first saw his kissing scene with Julia Stiles in “10 Things I Hate About You”, so I agree one hundred percent!

    Enjoyed this list, what an interesting topic! I’ll also put in that I expected the sailor/nurse kiss, but I liked learning about the other kisses on here I’d never heard of. Well done!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    NOT a good #1. The most memorable kiss of all time is also from the Bible. But its Judas Iscariot kissing Jesus of Nazareth in the garden after the Last Supper.

  • Colinius Romul

    #1 is awful. It’s not a ‘kiss of life’. I too was raised Christian, church every sunday, etc. and i’ve definitely heard of god ‘breathing life’ but never ‘kissing’. Even so, earlier on jfrater mentioned that even if you weren’t a christian adherent, that #1 is still the most memorable kiss in the western world. I didn’t even think of it when i heard the list. for me memorable kisses would be sleeping beauty or the sailor with his maiden after the war. boooo god kisses

  • SlickWilly


    Can we please just get over it? Whether or not you belive that god exists, lets all try to grow up a little and let it go. This is a nice list, entertaining. Take it for what it is and leave it be.

    And furthermore, this is directed at a few people here, but particularly Bob: Let’s try to comport ourselves with a bit of humility. I didnt see any Christian-bashing going on here. There is no reason to bash atheists simply because they disagree with your point of view. You sometimes come off as a bit of a child when it pertains to these matters, and I’ve often seen that you are the first to jump on the offensive when controversy arises surrounding religious or anti-religious content. Let’s practice what we preach, and try to be the adults we like to think we are, okay?

  • The first interracial kiss? Did you mean between black and white because I too thought Lucy and Desi was the first on television.

  • lol, number 2 is funny.

  • Jj

    The photo for number one never ceases to amaze me.

    Love the list, by the way. Reminds me of this list published on that reviews the book ‘The Book of Lists’ by Wallechinsky, Wallace, Basen, and Farrow. The list that Macleans samples from the book even contains seven of the same ‘kiss’ items from this list. Wowzers.

  • Kyo

    You know I hear complaints from both sides and they are equally pathetic.

    1. The athiests and pagans who just HAVE to last their mouth off because they think it’s cool or in. Frankly I am a pagan because I followed what I believe and look…not once did I tell others they are wrong. The thing is, atheists like to make others feel bad. Well if you believe in nothing, is that not a belief?

    2. Then on the other hand are the bible thumpers who believe anything anti-christian is bad. Guess what people…you may have the number 1 religion in size and mass but that does not make it number 1 in quality. If you’re truly christian try reading that part about you not being the judge. I am pretty sure there is some guy, can’t recall his name, who’s job it is to do that. If some atheist tells you that you are rong, you must be aful insecure about your faith to have an explosion like that.

    Everybody…we are all good people, we’re all bad, we’re all geniuses and we are all idiots. The day we all realize that…we will also be able to live without this stupid crap.

    Now…I think number 1 was bad because that isn’t a real kiss.


  • Tin ming

    There is a Mexican comedy movie called “Simbad: el mareado” with a mexican comedian Tin Tan, this movie has the record of the most kissed girls by one actor in one movie.

  • BrotherMan

    This is a very inspirational list! Thank you Louie Jerome.

    When I first saw this list on the front page I was thinking about that famous photograph of the sailor kissing a girl after coming home after the end of the WWII.

    This photograph:

  • Mike B

    So #1 on the list of “Greatest Achievements in Biological Science” would be something like “When God rubbed that bloody rib in the mud and somehow cultured it into a woman without the use of Pyrex glassware”.

    #1 on the list of Most Incredible Geological Events would be the erosion of the Grand Canyon in the 6,000 years since Genesis.

    Yeah, sure, it’s “just a nice list, entertaining”. But why don’t we cap off every list with some absurd rejoinder about how God, allegedly and supernaturally, did something that just, darn it, tops it all!

  • skepticalpete

    Hey folks, if you don’t like the list make your own. Let’s stop busting chops over this.

    Hey, how about the Blarney Stone?

    And a kiss quote:

    Once he drew
    With one long kiss my whole soul thro’
    My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.
    ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Riya B.

    …Larry King and Marlon Brando. Think about that for a minute. How can that not be memorable?It was slightly disturbing,true,but memorable.

  • JayArr

    Loved numbers 10 through 2. Number 1 is lacking primarily in the fact that we cannot see it (actively or in retrospect) and that there is no documented proof of the event by anyone who was in attendance to record or comment on it.

    I ALMOST give this list kudos.

  • YogiBarrister

    This final scene from CINEMA PARADISO is moving, memorable, and on topic.

  • YogiBarrister

    Sorry, that link isn’t right. You’ll have to go to YouTube and pull up Cinema Paradiso. Ever since I switched to Windows Vista I can’t seem to simply copy and paste anything from or to the address bar. It’s really irritating.
    While I’m complaining, the #1 is a bit off topic. The kiss on the beach in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY would have been a better choice, or the one I failed to link to

  • Patty

    I’m very surpised that the famous kiss between the sailor and the woman he didn’t know on VJ Day wasn’t included. When I think about famous kisses, that one definitely jumps out at me. If you have time to include potentially fictional kisses, at least you could include one which some of us would consider to be quite famous and memorable.

  • YogiBarrister
  • YogiBarrister
  • Brickhouse

    Better link – the first one was Stevie Wonder. :D

  • YogiBarrister

    Brickhouse, here’s a famous kiss that’s probably more your style.

  • Joss

    Wonderful list! One of my favorites. Bravo for including #1.

  • louie jerome

    If you don’t like the choice of kisses and you think you can do better,write your own article and include the ones you like best.


    Hey, #1 deserves its place because people know about it, not because everyone believes it. I’m cool with that.

    Just because you disagree with something, doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

  • jakoooooob

    Great list until it got to #1.

    Why does religion have to be so rampant on this site?

  • malfore

    Yes, you are right, it has a right to be on here in that right, but the kiss described is figurative, not literal, so it really should not belong.

  • malfore

    The VJ kiss really should be #1 in replacement, as it is one of the most well known kisses in US history

  • louie jerome

    Why should the US VJ kiss be top? Only people from US would know it.

  • Beranabus

    Great list! When I first saw it I was a bit down, just thought it would be random kisses from movies, but I like how their the longest or first ect ect. Great job guys! And people who cares if the kiss of life got first place? Is it really that big a deal? If it happened or not isn’t really the point, it’s a well known kiss and they added it. Once again great list! Better then I expected coming in!

  • Patty

    Not necessarily top, but I think a lot of us would agree that it should at least be present. Maybe people who were not raised religious would not be aware of the “kiss of life”. You made some assumptions including that as number one.

  • SlickWilly

    “So #1 on the list of “Greatest Achievements in Biological Science” would be something like “When God rubbed that bloody rib in the mud and somehow cultured it into a woman without the use of Pyrex glassware”.

    #1 on the list of Most Incredible Geological Events would be the erosion of the Grand Canyon in the 6,000 years since Genesis.

    Yeah, sure, it’s “just a nice list, entertaining”. But why don’t we cap off every list with some absurd rejoinder about how God, allegedly and supernaturally, did something that just, darn it, tops it all!”

    The difference is, there is a semantical argument that can be made here. It still makes a case for inclusion. The “kiss” of life, as taught in Christianity, is still a kiss, albeight in a philosophical sense. There is no semantical argument – notice I said semantical, referring to the way in which the words can be interpreted, as opposed to substantive, in which the weight of the argument rests on its objectivity – that can be made to include a creationist interpretation on a list about biological or geological SCIENCE.

    If you’ve got a beef, blow it off into the ether, because we’ve heard them all around here. At least try to understand before you run your mouth. And if you are going to quote me, at least have the courage to address me directly.

  • malfore

    Look…dropping all pretenses…the religious implications on this site are kinda getting outta hand, I am agnostic, I dont assume I’m worthy to know whats gonna happen, and I dont think less of people who are religious, but….please, keep in mind that this is a world wide site, not just a US site, at least include other religions

  • What? Where’s Han Solo and Princess Leia’s kiss from Star Wars? Hehe!

  • SlickWilly

    “Why should the US VJ kiss be top? Only people from US would know it.”

    That means it’s not memorable? Even if people outside the US dont understand its significance, I’d be willing to bet the image itself is iconic beyond the boundaries of the continental 48. It was a poor exclusion, IMO. Other than that, well-written list.

  • Zac R C

    What about Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”?

  • downhighway61

    malfore, it’s really not a US site….

  • PtrN

    The kiss of life as the most memorable kiss in history? I’m not one to normally complain about such things, but can you really say that kiss is memorable when there is no evidence it ever really happened?

    Also, not to be over ethnocentric, but what about the sailor kiss after WWII ended?

  • Idreno

    I personally have no issue with the entry for #1…the ‘non-believers’ need to get a grip on things and accept things for what they are. Plenty of other religions and ideas are presented and discussed in this forum…there are many lists that serve to educate people about the various types of religions and belief systems out there…however, Judeo-Christian beliefs are some of the most widespread and influential beliefs and therefore might seem to ‘dominate’ the lists here; that does NOT insinuate that there is a Judeo-Christian preference or bias. Furthermore, the stories and individuals (whether you accept them as historical or fictional) have transcended so many centuries that they are extremely familiar to a vast majority of people, regardless of belief. So to those who seem to take serious issue when Judeo-Christian information is documented here, get over yourselves and LEARN SOMETHING.

  • Clara

    i dont see how number 1 is a kiss. it says that god gave the earth a “breath” of life, not a kiss.

  • JimmySchaps

    There should be a EDIT on 5 The Most Kissed Statue

    “Some 5 million women are said to have kissed the soldier and the statue’s mouth has now developed a slight red tinge.”….and a case of herpes

  • Patty

    Idreno: People who disagree with you eloquently and succinctly should not have their opinions discounted simply because they do not match your own. I personally have LEARNED a lot of things, including the appropriate use of the capslock key, and I frankly don’t agree with the vast majority of Judeo-Christian information. Sorry if that upsets you, but there is no need to be rude.

  • Ho-hum

    Interesting list, but Number 1 ruins it for me, for a few reasons: because the list is “10 Memorable Kisses Through History” and the Bible is definitely not historical, because of the asinine “Surely this is the most memorable kiss of all – as without it we would not be here!” which is just conjecture and has no scientific basis, and mainly because…


    That’s like saying, “I nominate the final fight scene from Rocky, because of the way Apollo’s fists kiss Rocky’s face”. In this context, like the “kiss of life”, kiss is merely being used as a colorful slang or play on words. In this context, anything can qualify as a kiss. The death of Mozart – he kissed his extravagant life goodbye. Walking home from work, I fell to the ground and kissed the dirty pavement. Excuse me while I kiss the sky (Purple Haze should be on the list then!).

    I have problems with religion, sure, but this goes beyond that – this is using language to justify inclusion. Perhaps it’s such a big deal because it’s Number One. If it were at the bottom of the list, as “let’s start things off with a metaphor” or as a bonus, then it might sit better with readers. But as it is, it’s a cheap shot at glorifying invisible forces.

  • Cambrex101

    This is a good list,
    but like many others,
    I disagree with #1.

    I don’t think it is fair to say that those of us who are mentioning it are intolerant of other’s religious beliefs, because by making that #1, it disregards every other belief in the world.

    Also, I don’t think it’s the best known, either.
    I’ve lived in America since I was 2,
    and I know nothing about that,
    whenever people mentioned the kiss of life,
    I never knew what they were talking about.

    I just think that while I suppose it could be on the list,
    maybe it would be like #10 or something….

  • number 1 has caused a controversy. i dont agree with it like many others

  • My comment 13:

    Argh! I don’t believe in dragons but I would still put it as number 1 on a list of 10 coolest beasts. No one is asking anyone to believe the Bible – they are just saying it is a memorable kiss – and it is – even if it is from a work of fiction (if you choose to believe the Bible is fiction).

    As I said earlier, this has nothing to do with whether you believe or not – the Bible is the most widely sold book in the world – EVERYONE knows about the kiss of life from it – that is why it is here. For no other reason. This is not an attempt to make people believe in God. Will you all please stop with the inane complaints about item 1.

  • Clara

    I dont think the comments about the item 1 are “inane”. i think they are valid, for no other reason but, thats its not even a kiss. its a “breath”. it should be the number 1 breath of all time.

  • Clara: divine insufflation has long been pictured as a kiss. We even do it in medicine – the kiss of life – ie, mouth to mouth. It is a very well known metaphor and it is known by the majority of Western Society as well as much of Eastern Society. Claiming that it should not be listed because it is metaphorical or “untrue” is inane.

  • MPW

    Nice list, I love kissing, one of my favorite hobbies.

  • Jill W.

    This list could double as one of those little plaques they sell in Hallmark stores.

    Boring and trite.

    Still, nice explanation of each kisses.

    #1 is an acceptable “memorable” kiss, and yeah, it probably should be on the list (I’m an atheist, for the record).

    I think, however, we could ALL have done without the little editorial at the end, though. Isn’t this site about lists, NOT about inane evangelicism and misguided prostelization?

  • MPW

    Vera Lynn(29): I’ll be the sailor, you can be the nurse. ;)

  • Vera Lynn

    MPW (134) I’m planning on it. ;)

  • Vera Lynn

    As far as the “controversy” is concerned, I agree with
    Ho-Hum (126).

    I do love Rodin’s The Kiss. To think such an intimate tender moment was carved out of stone is nothing less than amazing.

  • Vera Lynn

    A quote by the photographer of the Kiss photo (Alfred Eisenstaedt):”There were thousands of people milling around, in side streets and everywhere. Everybody was kissing each other…And there was this Navy man running, grabbing anybody, you know, kissing. I ran ahead of him because I had Leica cameras around my neck, focused from 10 feet to infinity. You only had to shoot…I didn’t even know what was going on, until he grabbed something in white. And I stood there, and they kissed. And I snapped 5 times.”
    -Alfred Eisenstaedt

    Lucky girl…

  • Kyo

    You can complain about the ‘inane’ comments all you like but this contreversy was brought out. Nobody here seems to be flaming anyone else. I think it’s fair to be talked about. Like it or not, any religion is a hotbed of controversy. If a creator is going to make comments such as ‘we all know about this’ or it is ‘surely the greatest and most important kiss ever’ then he or she had better be prepared for the rest of the discussion.

    I mean no matter what you post, somebody is going to be upset when their reason isn’t represented. Look at all the posts about the VJ kiss not being there. Now that is just a curiousity to me but when comments as this come up then the creator better be ready or else they have no business posting.

    People tell all the athiests and non-christians to lay off and relax. It seems to me that those people want them to lay off because of some spiritual insecurity.

    On the other hand, the athiests keep bombing and attacking the christians because they seem to fele insecure. Here is my point…

    If you are christian, be christian and be happy. If somebdy is shaking you that much I have my doubts that you are true to what you believe. Once again I will say, check that book you read. You are no the judge of non-believers and you need to love others regardless.

    If you are athiest, do you seriously care if someone believes something that is bunk to you? Does it really hurt you to read somehting about christ? If it doesn’t than shut up. If it does, the click to another website and move on.

    Both of these groups are just sad in some respects. Again, I am a pagan and I KNOW that their are some very fake pagans ut there that are doing it to hold of their daddy issues and to be different. I have had numerous christians in my face trying to convert me. I walk on and go on with my life and it hasn’t phased me one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to them but it hasn’t changed me.

    Listen up…christians and athiests…if you are that insecure you need to really evaluate yourself that a few comments that are so far peaceful can make you quake so much. If you are true to your faith or lack of it won’t harm you one bit and if you ARE true and it DOES offend you, go somewhere else and cool off.


  • Rodin’s sculptures in metal were so life-like, that he was often accused of using real bodies as the armature, rather than constructing them from clay.
    Once he was wealthy enough to switch to marble, as in The Kiss, that was no longer a problem.

  • warrrreagl

    NBC executives were only concerned about “the Deep South.” Are you serious? They weren’t concerned about ANY other conservatives across the rest of the US? ONLY those in the Deep South?

    Yeah right. Give me a break.

  • Vera Lynn

    segue I love Rodin esp the Kiss and the Thinker.
    What do you think about Girardon’s Apollo Attended by the Muses? It is so exquisite and detailed. I cannot believe how he creates the look of flowing, draping robes. Indeed that is one thing about sculpture that fascinates me across the board.

  • Mikerodz

    What do you think of kiss of Judas Escariot?

  • Mikerodz

    I still remember A picture of that soldier kissing a nurse in the middle of times square when they are celebrating the outcome of WWII


    Uhh for #1….doesn’t this mean “God” “kissed” a man? Thus, meaning he’s gay =O

  • RXL

    strike 2.this place is going

  • downhighway61

    For God kissing a man to be gay, God would first have to be a man.

  • fishing4monkeys

    Wow. jfrater why don’t you just make a 2 point list that goes like this:

    God is real.

    Religion is a lie.

    I assure you it will be the most commented on list on this site as everybody here seems to love to fight about their beliefs. It always turns into this: “I believe ‘this’ for ‘this’ reason with no universal proof but you are completely wrong for believing ‘something else’ that ALSO can’t be proven”.

    and if that doesn’t work they just make fun of your beliefs such as LOLWTF (can you ban people?) and jakoooooob (#109)

  • RXL: Three strikes and then what? You’ll go away? Awww…

  • Anne

    Good list. I saw that Bollywood Zeenat Aman and Shashi Kapoor kiss.

    What is annoying is that some of the posters here are willing to believe in UFOs and ‘something out of nothing’ (big bang -which is against the law of thermodynamics) but not God. They’ve got some kind of weird faith going on.

    Anne L-G

  • Alan Holcome

    JF: Me being a super-atheist, I was all set to complain about the “Kiss of Life” being #1, but when I read Yer August 4th, at 3:44 am dragon post I’m satisfied.
    You seem to be a very smart, logical guy. Carry on, Sir.

  • Alan Holcome: Thank you – if only some of the other posters were as reasonable as you :)

  • J frater comment number 129. I understand you are frustrated from people attacking the number 1 entry, but if people cant say how they feel then whats the point?

  • Kyo

    Amen Quiana…I really don’t care that people have ignored it several times from people but if you’re gonna be edgy then you gotta expect this.


  • Brickhouse

    #105. YogiBarrister – August 4th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Brickhouse, here’s a famous kiss that’s probably more your style.

    This kiss is *definitely* my style. I loved this kiss – and Adrian Brody got much sexier to me that day.

  • bigski

    It,s ok to put the kiss of life 1st. list without a controversy or 2 aint worth reading.

  • khalina

    kiss of life is pretty cool.

  • Danni Lynne

    The kiss of Judas, betraying Jesus?

  • kris

    wow … nice list n nicer comments…. hope there is no fighting in here…

  • JayArr

    The ‘Kiss of Death’ is a MUCH better known metaphor than the ‘kiss of life’… it is used in literature and movies with considerably greater frequency and memorable effect.

    As for Patty’s comment (125): Amen, sister! :-)

  • Johanan Rakkav

    There are too many comments to check this out…but has anyone else pointed out that Genesis doesn’t say man was made “from the slime of the earth”? It says “from the dust of the ground”, even in the original Hebrew. It doesn’t even say that a “kiss” was responsible, unless you consider the equivalent of “breathed into his nostrils [not his mouth!] the breath of life” a kiss. I wouldn’t, and neither would the ancient Hebrews.

  • ringtailroxy

    Kyo (#92)~ “The thing is, atheists like to make others feel bad.”

    WHAT? as in seriously… what? I’m a proud atheist, and the very,very, VERY last thing I ever want to do is make anyone feel ‘bad’. (keeping in mind that such adjectives as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘evil’,’right’ and ‘wrong’ are all matters of personal opinion and I have chosen to remove them from my vocabulary because of their vagueness.)

    whatever my choice of belief (or non-belief) are, I am just as entitled to make a statement concerning any topic that offends me as does any other person has the entitlement to say what they feel makes sense to them.

    i do not condemn, condone, or consider religious beliefs in any way in my life. i simply say to believers “question everything. you do not have to justify yourself to me… it is only to yourself you need to justify your beliefs to. however, be aware enough to not be fooled or blindly follow others’ interpretations and call them your own.”

    stereotyping all atheists as “atheists like to make others feel bad.” is just as juvenile and narrow-minded as the atheists who constantly bash the bible/jesus/allah.

    yeeash. the one thing i find that resonates thru many Christian beliefs is a resounding hypocracy that cannot be tuned out. a double-standard of acceptable behavior, if you will.

    i never want to make anyone feel ‘bad”. only enlightened. and aware. do not toss out your religious beliefs simply because i disagree with them… but don’t expect me to be blindly ignorarant and allow you to walk all over my ‘rights’ to express myself either.

    as far as the image for #1, it looks more like a giant, angry rectum about to dump a nasty load on the landscape below, and not a kiss from God, to me. or i could just be finding that pattern in the clouds because of what i think is behind most religion…


    honor the FSM if you dare! AaaRGH!

  • ****
    #141. Vera Lynn
    What do you think about Girardon’s Apollo Attended by the Muses? It is so exquisite and detailed. I cannot believe how he creates the look of flowing, draping robes. Indeed that is one thing about sculpture that fascinates me across the board.
    Fantastic! It’s a sensual piece of sculpture, not in a sexual context, but in the context of involving one’s senses almost to the breaking point, emotionally.
    There are pieces I always want to reach out and touch, run my hand over, breathe in.
    Sculpture has always been a favorite art form of mine, to look at, to admire. Just the ability to perceive, before beginning, the entire image in 360 degrees is astounding! As Art was one of my Majors, I had to take sculpture, but I was a sorry student. My art was Photography, through I had to prove some ability at all of the art forms, it was sculpture that almost took me down.
    When I stopped trying to be a Girardon or a Rodin or a Michaelangelo, and started working with acrylic and what was basically an erector set ( but bigger ), I found a way…but sadly, nothing flowing, and beautiful.
    Ah well, we can admire the works of the masters, take pleasure in them, and that will have to suffice.

  • Cedestra

    Here’s why I don’t agree with #1. Even the quote used says nothing about a “kiss”; it says the “breath of life”. I’m not Christian, but I do believe there’s some breath or spark of life. Calling it the “kiss of life” sounds like you’re stretching for it.
    Nice list, though.

  • Vera Lynn

    JarArr (159) I agree with you about the Kiss of Death

    Segue (162) You expressed it beautifully. Right on the spot. I knew that YOU would know the piece. I cannot think/create in 3-D at all.

  • Jill W.

    Isn’t the “kiss of life” another word for emergency oral resuscitation? You know, the “pulmonary” part of Cardio-Pulminary Resuscitation?

    And what about the band Kiss? I’ve heard their concerts are fairly memorable.

    Why not just debate abortion? Everyone can foam at the mouth and get all sweaty and wrestle… Things could get very, very sexy around here. Also, very, very homo-erotic.

    Kisses? Nay!! I call them “love bites,” and would advise the application of Bactine or other people-cleaners.

  • spongebabe

    what about the spiderman kiss? that’s pretty memorable. tee hee. ^_^

  • ****
    #164. Vera Lynn
    Segue (162) You expressed it beautifully. Right on the spot. I knew that YOU would know the piece. I cannot think/create in 3-D at all.
    Vera Lynn, this is going to sound bizarre, but though I can imagine, or “image”, in 3D to create simple sculpture/structures, my personal vision is unable to see in 3D properly. Only one eye works at a time, which means I don’t get the 3D effects at movies, and certain kinds of depth perception is off by a bit…enough that games like tennis are impossible. But I can image static images perfectly.

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (167) That is weird. To make a very off topic point, I am one who will never, ever be able to solve a Rubic’s Cube. Cannot work my mind around it. To “see” how it goes, or how it should be? I’m not your girl.

    My father had no vision in his left eye (was legally blind) yet drove for a living. It’s incredible what people (including you) are able to overcome. You have my utmost respect, as always. I bow to your strength.

  • Solving a Rubik’s cube is just a matter of memorising seven (I can’t find my cube to confirm it, but there’s either seven or eight) sequences of moves. I have terrible spacial skills but I can do it because I memorised the description of each sequence and now my fingers kinda remember how to rotate the pieces.

    So I couldn’t say how it works but I can solve a Rubik’s cube. It’s a good party trick, especially when you can do it really fast :-D

  • Vera Lynn

    Tempyra (!69) The instructions say there are 64 quadrillion different solutions (or something like that.) I cannot do one. Under duress. :) Not my gig. Give me a math problem, lets go to town!!

  • Vera Lynn, yeah there are a zillion (you would know better than I, I’m terrible at math) different solutions, more than one for each ‘scramble’ of the cube. The seven sequences of moves I mentioned above can be applied to any configuration though.

    This is how I do it:

    Speed cubers and other fanatics sometimes have different ways to solving the cube which do depend on it’s original configuration.

  • skepticalpete

    161. Ringtailroxy
    as far as the image for #1, it looks more like a giant, angry rectum about to dump a nasty load on the landscape below, and not a kiss from God, to me. or i could just be finding that pattern in the clouds because of what i think is behind most religion…
    I didn’t quite think THAT, but the sight of it is somewhat alarming. If that’s God’s mouth, it’s no wonder he only had one kid.

    And I agree with your point on Kyo #92. I’m an atheist but I really can’t identify with what you say I am. “Believe in nothing?” I believe in a lot of things. Love, charity, kindness, and the usual. I also believe in kissing my children goodnight every night, that sunrises are worth getting up for, that most people are really good, that life is full of wonder and joy, that the DH rule should be abandoned and the mound raised back to 15 inches, that stopping with my daughter to watch ants is not a waste of time, but will give me memories I’ll treasure the rest of my life, that I love my wife of 20 years more every day and when I kiss her my heart still races, that it’s important to teach my son that we have a duty to help those less fortunate than us, and it’s worth the time and effort to shovel the neighbor widow’s walk when it snows, that it’s important to not take yourself too seriously and be able to laugh at yourself, because you can bet that others are, that you should always save some of the money you earn, and give to a charity also, that City Lights might be the perfect film, that finding the irony in life is a singular joy, that holding my baby is as close to a perfect moment that I’ll ever know, and that I’ll never understand James Joyce no matter how many times I try to read him. I believe that Christians and atheists have the same capacity for stupidity, intelligence, generosity, and snobbery, and neither have room to judge or feel superior. And I believe that most of my beliefs are just like yours or my Christian friends (I have many of those and they like me just fine). We differ on a few things, but agree on most.

    Do I sound like a person who wants to make others feel bad?

    P.S. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  • skepticalpete

    Thanks for the link for the rubik’s cube. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it and even bought a cube a couple of weeks ago. Now I know where to start.

  • Drogo

    I knew about the Star Trek interracial kiss. It was also said that at the time, Nichele Nichols was dating or was the mistress of Gene Roddenberry(sp?). A real life interracial relationship that would have upset the conservative and racist U.S. southerners.

    When I saw Edison’s “The Kiss” I thought “Gee, that does seem scandalous considering it was 1896.”

    God wears red lipstick and has fish lips?!?

  • skepticalpete: You’re welcome. I was ridiculously pleased with myself the first time I completed a Rubik’s cube – I hope you have as much fun learning to solve it :-)

  • infallibleangel

    I apologize in advance for being harsh; I usually love these lists… but this one sucks. The first maybe 4 or 5 are okay… but…

    I think that Judas’ kiss betraying Jesus should be on here if the “Kiss of Life” is going to be. :/

    And the most kissed statue one? That’s a little misleading, as it isn’t one kiss and is famous because it has been kissed numerous times. I don’t think that belongs on this list.

    What about the kiss captured in the famous photograph? You know… between the nurse and the soldier? That one is a pretty monumental kiss.

  • ****
    168. Vera Lynn
    segue To make a very off topic point, I am one who will never, ever be able to solve a Rubic’s Cube. Cannot work my mind around it. To “see” how it goes, or how it should be? I’m not your girl.
    My father had no vision in his left eye (was legally blind) yet drove for a living. It’s incredible what people (including you) are able to overcome. You have my utmost respect, as always. I bow to your strength.
    Vera Lynn, Ahhhh Rubic’s Cube, that cunning little monster. My son can , and does to relax, solve Rubic’s Cubes with lightening fast reflexes, so often that he has to buy them in bulk (he wears them out!)
    As you saw in your own father, those of us with any kind of disability, as long as we have honor, will do whatever it takes to overcome them and make as much of a normal (or even super-normal)lives for ourselves.
    I think it’s less a matter of sheer strength, but that it a factor (and thank you), as of honor and self-worth.

  • Tomo

    There are two entries that could have perhaps made the list.

    1. Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhall (sp?) in Brokeback Mountain. I can’t remember of another two men kissing in mainstream cinema.

    2. Since you have the most kissed statue, perhaps you could have included teh most kissed stone in history. Although more research would be needed, my guess would be that it’s the Black Stone that pilgrims kiss during the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. Even though not all pilgrims get to kiss the stone because of the rush of people, I know millions visit Makkah all year round and make the pilgrimage.

  • Deanna

    I understand what people are saying with #1 because I am not Christian either, and honestly I didn’t even know about that kiss because I am not that familiar with the Bible. But I also did not know about any of the other kisses mentioned. I still think this article is good and fun and I am not offended that the #1 kiss is a Bible reference. I mean, really, the author mentions Judas in the opening statement so if you are going to be offended by Christian influence then reading should have stopped at that point. Of course everyone’s opinions on memorable kisses will differ. But the author took time to find a variety of kisses (movies, statues, etc) and it is a fun and quirky list and I enjoyed reading it!

  • Axel

    You should add the picture with Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker making out. That’s just priceless.

  • ringtailroxy

    skepticapete #172~

    greetings! i enjoyed your response, and yes, we do agree on an amazing array of concepts…


    I do not believe I said anything like “Believe in nothing?”

    what I did say was that “i do not condemn, condone, or consider religious beliefs in any way in my life.”

    that said, I am having difficulty with some of the things I say to express my emotions. The “good/bad, right/wrong” issue is one of linguistic challenge… but by eliminating those words from my personal lexicon, I have greatly expanded my vocabulary, as well as learned to speak with far more precision.

    One of the words I am grappling with currently is “belief”.

    Wikipedia says that “Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.”

    What makes the word ‘belief’ so odd to me is that in it’s common usage, the word is so often used to indicate religious significance,or acceptance of an idea as ‘truth’, without any facts to support the idea! I find it one I seek to replace by a more precise verb.

    The most difficult hurdle is that the word ‘belief’ is emotionally charged. Saying “I believe that watching the sun rise at least once a week is good for the soul” just sounds better that “I have the knowledge that watching the sun rise at least once a week is of some benefit to my psychological well-being”

    hence the self-inflicted drama of an atheist.

    you should have seen me justifying & punishing myself when I decided to drop “good/bag, evil, right/wrong” out of my vocabulary. Drove my friend, and boyfriend, crazy for about 3 weeks, until it became a habit. I still occasionally slipup, but I correct myself.

    The funny thing is how many common cliches, euphemisms, and salutations use some sort of reference to the supernatural. “Good Luck.” “My dog is over the Rainbow Bridge now.” “Have a Good Day.”

    Instead of “Good Luck” I will say “I hope everything works out the way you want it to!” instead of “My dog is over the Rainbow Bridge now.” it’s “My dog died of cancer about a year ago now.” instead of “Have a Good Day.” it’s “Have a delightful afternoon!”

    maybe I’m just quirky.

    but I intrinsically feel that beliefs are not a scientifically valid concept. on the other side of that coin is that the very act of disbelieving is in and of itself an action of belief!


    p.s. my boyfriend is leaving to go to work right now (it’s my day off) and he told me he “was the willing victim of a fortuitous circumstance” because he has me! (in other words, he’s “lucky”)

  • Vera Lynn

    Tempyra (171) I have a rubics cube that has been in it’s original packaging for a year. It’s driving my son batty. I’m just afreid that once I take it out, it’ll never be the same. Im going to check out that link right now and see if it makes sense to me. Thank you.

    And segue: He buys them in bulk cuz he wears them out? That is as bizarre to me as my knowing the answer to algebra problems cuz I have done them so many times, I have it memorized. Ah the weird things people do to relax. Too bad I don’t have the patience for yoga. :)

  • ****
    181. ringtailroxy
    …One of the words I am grappling with currently is “belief”…The most difficult hurdle is that the word ‘belief’ is emotionally charged. Saying “I believe that watching the sun rise at least once a week is good for the soul” just sounds better that “I have the knowledge that watching the sun rise at least once a week is of some benefit to my psychological well-being”…
    rtr:There is a happy medium, you know, “Watching the sun rise, at least once a week, is good for you”.
    Ta da!
    Gone is any mention of belief or soul. Gone also, thankfully, is an overly wordy mishmash which becomes boring before one gets to the point!
    My point is, everything you want to say can usually be broken down into the least number of words possible, throwing out all words which cause you discomfort beforehand.
    When your boyfriend said “he was the willing victim of a fortuitous circumstance”, fortuitous *means* lucky, so saying he was lucky to have you would have saved 8 words, and a lot of unnecessary pretense (since fortuitous = lucky).
    I’m betting if you look closely at the balance of your vocabulary, you’ll find you’ve accidentally done the same thing in other areas.
    btw, you’ve chosen a very strict row to hoe!

  • Vera Lynn

    Tempyra: I said there were 64 quadrillion combinations. I was wrong. There are 43 quintillion. I took it out of the box, went to that link, and well let’s just say that it might as well have been written in Chinese. Huh? was my first thought. I cannot even read something like that. Does not compute. But my son is thrilled.

  • skepticalpete

    I wasn’t clear about that. I was quoting Kyo on #92 where she/he (sorry, I don’t know) pigeonholed atheists and christians. I was agreeing with your points about atheists not being the same as nihilists or the grumpy, nattering nabobs of negativism (Who said that?) as we’re often portrayed. I guess I wasn’t clear about that. Sorry.

    Your comments about belief ring with me also. I think you have to take the word in context, as belief in god means something very different than a belief that sunrises are awesome. I’m asked if I “believe” in evolution, global warming, the earth being more than 6000 years old, the big bang, and others by my students. Their understanding of belief is that of faith; belief in things not provable, and they carry into the classroom that scientific claims are on par with opinion. I find the same misunderstanding/misuse of the word theory.

    All the same, I’m going to use the word “belief” like I always have and trust that those who know me will understand my context and meaning. Much too difficult to try to be on guard all the time when, actually, most people don’t give a hoot anyway.

    Good luck!

  • Vera Lynn: I have no idea how much a quintillion is! It’s cool that your son is so excited :-)

    You sound pretty smart (you can do algebra and I can’t :-P) from you comments, so I’m sure you will be able to work it out. I had a look for a good animated tutorial but I can’t find one; I thought it might be easier to learn it that way than from written instructions.

    This site has better pictures

  • ****
    182. Vera Lynn
    …And segue: He buys them in bulk cuz he wears them out? That is as bizarre to me as my knowing the answer to algebra problems cuz I have done them so many times, I have it memorized. Ah the weird things people do to relax.
    Vera Lynn, he’s a weird guy. He was *born* understanding higher maths, depth perception in art, how to figure out direction from the sun’s position in the sky (or, weirder, could close his eyes, be told his starting direction, then given a dozen random turns, and still know which direction he’d be facing…at 8), play music by ear…etc.
    So, yeah, his ways of relaxing are weird, too. Oddly enough, one day last month we were chatting by phone, and the subject of attention spans came up.
    I told him that he had a long attention span practically from birth, and I had never seen him bored. He gave a sort of gasping reaction, and said how odd it was I just said that, because he had only lately decided his “super-power” (an old family joke) was the fact that he was never bored, could never remember being bored.
    My daughters have different, but no less bizarre, skill sets. Let’s just say that being a single mom to this crew was a challenge.

  • JayArr

    I actually believe the photo for #1 is the bottom edge of a forming funnel cloud at sunset… see the drop-shape and heavy gray coloration of the upper section? Looks like we got a tornado on the way kids!

  • JayArr

    OH NO! Please do not go into ‘NewSpeak’!! Colorful language and words with slightly different meaning and usage are double plus good! Without them, we’d be insufferably plus bad communicators, and the world would be filled with a dictionary of about 1000 words. :-(

    Oh, and instead of saying that watching the sun rise is good for you, you could simply say it is beneficial to you. ;)

  • RXL

    Tempyra(148)a website lives or dies by its readers…i guess you dont understand that part.

  • skepticalpete

    Jayarr 189 –
    ****OH NO! Please do not go into ‘NewSpeak’!! Colorful language and words with slightly different meaning and usage are double plus good! Without them, we’d be insufferably plus bad communicators, and the world would be filled with a dictionary of about 1000 words. :-(****

    Excellent! I agree with you precisely, and by precisely I mean that I agree with each and every point in all their nuanced meanings. But maybe it’s more like “exactly.” I think “exactly” is better for what I’m trying to say. Or how about that it is an “accurate representation” of my feelings on the same topic. By “feelings,” I mean opinion rather than emotion…

    Oh, never mind.

    I liked what you said.

  • dirtyrockerbarbie

    ah yes, who could forget the movie in which a statue was kissed the most?

    love the chick that bit off the bastard’s nose. nowadays we’re all much meaner than that. a kick in the gonads will pretty much do but the removal of the primary olfactory organ? epic. perhaps even… yes, i believe that it might be even more badass to remove a portion of a man’s schnause.

    loved #1. great historical “metaphor”.

  • I don’t believe #1 should be there, since its not the most memorable kiss, since it never actually took place in reality.

    I do like the statue of the soldier and how his lips have a tinge of red. lol. Quite adorable. If this were actually true, I would kiss the statue as well!

  • Vera Lynn

    Jennie (193) It’s probably all the lipstick. Over time that will leave a mark. Or smudge. Or residue. Or whatever.

    RXL: Tempyra understands completely, thank you very much. Her point being, if you don’t like it here, leave. The rest of us do like it here. You will not be missed. And we will all still be here, except for S_R who is NOT missed, and Spannerintheworks who is.

  • Thanks Vera Lynn :-)

    I wish Spannerintheworks would come back too.

  • juliane Elliott

    Good piece. Anything with religion will always be controversial. Trust me I know. I mentioned it in a piece I wrote about raising children and along with 10,000 views I have received three hundred plus comments and many are not nice. Thank heaven for the delete option!

  • Anthony

    What about when Anakin and Amidala kissed by the lake on Naboo?

  • MPW

    I certainly remembered the kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair from Cruel Intentions, nice and slobbery. :)

  • infallibleangel

    And… folks… what about the “Brokeback Mountain” kiss?

  • Ghidoran

    I find number one flamable and controversial.

  • astraya

    On the subject of the bible (oh dear, here we go), St Paul advised/instructed people to greet one another with a holy kiss. Any idea where? On the cheek(s)? On the mouth? (One slightly stiff-upper-lip English translator (?JB Phillips) rendered that as “Greet one another with a hearty handshake”.)

    The Queen Mother said she hated three men: Hitler, Idi Amin and Jimmy Carter, who’d been bold enough to kiss her on the mouth.

    MPW: Yeah!

  • ****
    189. JayArr
    OH NO! Please do not go into ‘NewSpeak’!! Colorful language and words with slightly different meaning and usage are double plus good!…
    191. skepticalpete
    Excellent! I agree with you precisely,…
    Sheeesh, guys, I’m a writer/photographer, words are my business! I love words!
    My whole point, with rtr, was that she was accidentally saying exactly the same thing she didn’t *want* to say, just taking an additional 8 words to say it.
    Got it?

  • ringtailroxy

    hmm… I am attempting to not use terms that may imply that I believe in, or give homage to, a supernatural or paranormal entity or the actions of such an entity during my daily conversations.

    It makes for very colorful, and sometimes, challenging, conversations.

    Sure, i still use holy incantations during times of great stress… as in today, when I saw a homeless guy hit by a car in the street, when I could only exclaim “Je-sus [email protected]#$ing CHRIST!” as I frantically dialed 911, turned on my hazard lights, and leaped out of my car to help…

    but that does not imply that I believe in such a being.

    good, bad, right and wrong are so vague and unemotional…and so subjective that I have practically eliminated them from my personal lexicon… so much so, that when I use them, my closest friends know I am either being flippant, or not appreciating the conversation at hand.

    Boyfriend, whom I adore, coming home all sweaty, grinning like a cat that just ate a squirrel:

    “I went to the shooting range today with my AR-15, and LOOK! I made the target at 300 meters!” presents paper target that looks like it was jabbed a dozens times by a sharpened pencil…

    Me, curled up couch, reading God: The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist, with a glass of Gavi in one hand, a cat making biscuits in my lap, and incense burning on the coffee table:

    “That’s very good, honey. How many rounds did you use?”

    Boyfriend, tossing me quarters with perfect holes dented out of them by home-made rounds:
    “About 100…”

    Me, sipping and reading, not looking up…
    “I’m glad you a good time.” sip.

    about this time, Boyfriend realizes i am not interested, and goes upstairs to clean his rifle and ponder why his girlfriend doesn’t care for firearms…

    I continue to read in peace, and sip some more…


  • ****
    203. ringtailroxy …Me, sipping and reading, not looking up…
    “I’m glad you a good time.” sip…
    rtr, I soooo get it now.

  • Savanti Romero

    What about Spidey and MJ’s upside down kiss from Spider-Man pure cinematic dynamite!

  • Bananas

    Tara: Im not popping a vein about anything. Yes, its true that im a christain, but i would feel the sameway if people were talking about hinduism or the jewish religion. Im trying to get people to calm down, not start anargument!

  • Bananas

    though, i must admit, reading back on my post, i did sound like a douche…..

  • meow

    ouch, françois rodin? who the heck would that be? please pls pls correct #3, its Auguste Rodin, the famous french sculptor who sculpted the kiss.

  • ione gonzales :)

    nice work ma’am :)

  • Nik

    the actress in Star Trek was NICHELLE Nichols not MICHELLE, just thought I’d let you know.

  • erinlyne

    would have been a good list if it wasn’t for #1.

  • Vera Lynn

    Nik (210) Uh yeah. You’re the third or fourth person to point that out. Don’t you read the other posts, or just your own?

  • jayrad

    where’s the new year’s kiss? :/

  • #212. Vera Lynn
    Nik (210) Uh yeah. You’re the third or fourth person to point that out. Don’t you read the other posts, or just your own?
    Vera Lynn, doing so would require effort.

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (214) You’re right. Just about the only time I went right to posting was today for Spanner. I saw your comment. Just jump right back in where you guys left off. I knew you’d be happy. :)

  • 215. Vera Lynn…Just jump right back in where you guys left off. I knew you’d be happy.
    If that’s what Spanner wants, sure, but remember, he’s been away for awhile.
    BTW, are you really sending MPW lobster by mail?????

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (216) I’d love to. But i think he thinks it’s silly. They ship it live. And then you cook it. What’s your thought? I respect your opinion. I think it’s called Lobstergram” I’m probably wrong, but it’s close.

  • 217. Vera Lynn
    segue (216) I’d love to. But i think he thinks it’s silly.
    Vera Lynn, I’d respect the man’s wishes.

  • JayArr

    Was on vacation for a week… thanks Skepticalpete :-)

    Segue – Oh, I got it… certainly. I was merely making my play on the first thought that crossed my pea-sized tyranosaur brain when I read that post. heehee. I write a lot at work every day too, though I don’t get paid to be eloquent or witty – just precise and descriptive.

    All in all – kisses = double plus good, especially when coming from my triple plus lovely wife.

  • I Am An Evil Taco

    It strikes me as if this list was made for #1, since normally when enough people cry shenanegans on a list jamie usually corrects it to some degree. I think the fact that A: you can’t call this history, there’s no proof it happened and this list SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS history rather than fiction; and B: It’s not a kiss, it’s a breath. If your wife put her mouth to yours every day and blew really hard into your mouth, causing nose goop to fly all over your face and making your ears pop, you’d be a bit more realistic about the differences; means that shenanegans are officially declared.

  • randompalindrome

    not so sure about number 1. You shouldn’t put your religion into a list.

  • godiva

    i totally agree with #221. that kind of turned me off. your list should be based on history and facts. your personal beliefs should be kept in some other list.

  • xdr

    Well I guess everybody will notice gay-ish no. 1 :)

  • brittney

    Just leaving a comment to note that as many others have pointed out (and I’m not going to read all those comments) but the kiss of life is a bit misplaced. If not for the fact that life didn’t begin that way (in opinion),haaha but more to the point because it isn’t memorable.

    I’m not calling for a revision,BUT,after reading a good 60% percent of this lists over the past few days (I really love lists,unnaturally so and stumbled upon this glory) this is the only time that a disagreement in opinion (which has happened from time to time) has appeared to flat out be wrong.

  • josh116

    You damn people need to stop bitching and moaning and complaining about the damn kiss of life!!!! I sat here and read every single comment and it seems to me most of you people are too damn sensitive!!! Like a previous commenter pointed out, half of these are fictional kisses. So why aren’t people complaining about those?? If your mad at #1 because you don’t believe it then you should be mad about most of the list. I’m sick and tired of these overly sensitive fools who get upset at just the mere mention of something either controversial or something they don’t believe in. If you think I’m being too harsh then too bad!! You must be one the sensitive politically correct dickheads that are tunring america into a bunch of bitches.

    Otherwise great list except for the omission of the sailor and nurse WWII kiss…

  • Rico DeKirin

    The lot of you….I think the most Memorable Kiss in history is still “the Kiss of Death from Death”…known in all places by different names…

  • Kris

    Yeah, this was all right until the propaganda in number 1. I could’ve gone without that, but who am I to tell someone else what to do with their list?

  • ed

    where is the kiss of Judas?

  • Hannah

    You left out the kisses that broke the barrier of gay and lesbian viewing on tv. The music video by t.a.t.u. was full of the two female singers kissing quite passionately. There was the first daytime gay kiss on As The World Turns. It seems like those would be more notable then the most kissed statue.



  • I4gotMyMANTRA

    lol #2

  • Louie Jerome

    I am the original writer of this article. It was placed on this site by Triond but written by me. I have recieved only $8 for 21,000 reads.I notice that my name has removed from it too! That’s not fair!

  • Joe.m(for lack of something clever)
  • Christina

    what about the kiss in New York after WWII? With that military man kissing a random woman off the street. Why isn’t it on here?×350.jpg

  • Bill Hill

    There is an error in this list. In item #8-The First Interracial Kiss- it says Lt. Uhura was played by Michelle Nichols. In fact the actors name is Nichelle Nichols.

  • DreadPR

    Ugh … anywhere you go you find some christian religious nutcase who has replaced his brain with a bible

  • Francesca da Rimini – one of Tschaikowsky’s greatest masterpieces. You have gotta listen to it.

  • Bucketheadrocks

    kissing is ewww

  • leezi

    I thought Wings (1927 I think) would have made the list. First man/man kiss.

  • SwineFlu

    Nothing about the V-J Day in Time Square kiss?

  • cubby

    you forgot the kiss photo from after the war with the nurse and sailor

  • Ica

    the sailor kissing the girl on the street after the end of WW II was announced

  • Netserk

    What about Judas kissing Jesus?

  • sex tourist

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