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Another 10 Bizarre Disappearances

Nicosia . . . Comments

Following on from our previous two lists of disappearances, Top 10 Bizarre Disappearances, and Top 10 Notable People Who Disappeared, we are now presenting another list of mysterious or bizarre disappearances. These lists are always intriguing as nothing adds to the spice of life more than a good mystery.


Joseph Crater


Joe Crater was a judge from New York City who disappeared one evening in 1930. He had been vacationing with his wife in Maine, when he got a mysterious phone call. He told his wife he had to go back to New York for business, but would be back in a few days. On the evening of August 6, he went to a restaurant with his mistress and some friends, who watched him get into a taxi after dinner. What happened after that remains a mystery. However, he was not reported missing until September 3, almost a month later. His mistress, a showgirl named Sally Lou Ritz, also disappeared that September.


Richard John Bingham

052452 001

On the evening of November 8, 1974, Lady Veronica Lucan (wife of Richard, 7th Earl of Lucan) ran into a local pub, covered in blood and screaming that her husband had tried to kill her. When the police went to the Lucan home, they found the children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett, dead of head trauma in the basement and a bloodstained length of lead pipe. That night, several phone calls to friends were made by a very agitated Lord Lucan, who stated he had been at the house, but had interrupted the real attacker. A few days later, Lord Lucan’s Ford Corsair was discovered in Newhaven. There were bloodstains in the car and a pipe matching the one found at the scene, but Lord Lucan was nowhere to be found. If he is still alive, he would be 74 years old.


Dorothy Arnold


The daughter of a wealthy perfume importer went shopping for a new dress in New York on December 12, 1910. She visited several stores and those who saw her said she seemed to be in a good mood. Her well-to-do family suspected she may have run away with her boyfriend, but when confronted, he claimed to have no idea what happened to her. The last person to see her on the street said she had planned to walk through Central Park, but she never made it home. It took her family six weeks to notify the police of her disappearance.


Benjamin Briggs

Benjamin Briggs Captain Of Mary Celeste

Benjamin Briggs was the center of one of the most significant maritime mysteries of all time – the disappearance of the members of the Mary Celeste in 1871. Briggs was the captain of the ship when it was found inexplicably abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean. Briggs, his wife, two year old daughter, and the remainder of the crew were never found. Briggs has been referred to frequently in fiction and in conspiracy theories surrounding the old mystery.


Etta Place


Many mysteries surround Etta Place, girlfriend of the notorious Harry Longabaugh aka The Sundance Kid. No one is even sure what her real name was, but she most likely met the Wild Bunch while working as a prostitute. She accompanied Butch Cassidy and Sundance to Argentina, and became the first woman landowner in that country under a new law enacted in 1884. She was last known to have been in San Francisco when she tried to obtain a copy of Longabaugh’s death certificate in order to settle his estate. After that, it is believed that she changed her name and may have returned to prostitution.


Oscar Zeta Acosta


Hunter S. Thompson immortalized his friend in his novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, Acosta was the basis for Dr. Gonzo, the Samoan attorney. In May 1974, Marco Acosta, spoke with his father by telephone before he boarded a boat “full of white snow” in Mexico. Although they never found the body, the family believes that he was most likely the victim of violence by the people he was traveling with.


Jim Thompson

Jimthompson 1

Thompson was a businessman who revitalized the Thai silk industry by inventing color-fast dyes and bringing modern weaving equipment to Bangkok. He kept his business cottage-based which allowed his weavers to make money while staying home with their children. On Easter Sunday, 1967, he left his home to go for a walk and was never heard from again. The mystery surrounding his disappearance eventually spawned a book.


James William Tate


“Honest Dick” Tate was the Treasurer of Kentucky who vanished in 1888, along with about $250,000 that belonged to the state! He had a sterling reputation until the gubernatorial race of 1887, when candidate William O. Bradley (pictured above) brought up the need to audit the treasury. Tate said he needed a little time to get the books in order. Instead, he headed to Louisville where he boarded a train. Years later, his daughter admitted to having received letters from him postmarked from Canada, Japan, China, and San Francisco. The last communication from him was in 1890.


Jean Spangler


Jean Spangler was a bit-part actress in Hollywood. She left her young daughter in the care of her sister-in-law on October 7, 1949. She said she was going to meet her ex-husband to talk about an overdue child support payment and later, to work at a movie set. Two days later, her purse was found near the entrance of Griffith Park. It contained an unfinished note addressed to a “Kirk,” which read, “Can’t wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away,”. No one knew who “Kirk” or “Dr. Scott” was, and no body was ever found.


Everett Ruess


In the 1930’s there were still sections of the American Southwest largely unexplored. Everett Ruess became one of the first non-Native Americans to see these places and document them, as an artist and a writer. He was a contemporary of Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, and was well-known for his love of nature and solitude. One day, he ventured out into the Utah desert with two burros and never returned, leaving behind only the corral he built. He was only 20 years old. Update: this is certainly a first for Listverse! The body of Everett Ruess has been found and his cause of death was murder by Navajo Indians. A full report on the discovery is here.

Contributor: Nicosia

  • Redcaboose

    A really fine list. You can Google Everett Ruess and get a lot of info about him.

    I think that Judge Crater ran off with his mistress.

    Jimmy Hoffa was covered in a previous list.

    • Trish

      I just looked at the link provided for Ruess, seemed like that case was solved. Then I went to Google then wikipedia, looks like it wasn’t Ruess that was found after all. Am I missing something? Just wondering why there’s no update here, it’s now 2012.

  • Maddo

    No Harold Holt?

  • Galford

    i love listverse, been following it daily for more than a year. Somehow i just feel like i like the old lists better. This one is alright, but i guess not in my area of interest?

  • nurseamy

    wow,there are so many people who have disappeared, i have only heard of lord lucan on this list. I wonder if they actually dies or whether they ran away and lived happily ever after!?!?!?

  • jajdude

    Dissipated guns on the list, g – I’d sell my original pressing of Bathory’s ‘Blood Fire Death’ LP if some sucker MC could let loose where I put my caboose last nite yo

  • EsBravo32

    This is a good list; I’ve only been folowing this site for a few months; I’m not sure what people mean by “old lists”, does “ListVerse” have an Old List and New List, much like the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible….


    Love this type of list. Makes you wonder if someone, friend-relative, now reads about these people and might know their final disposition.

  • iamprinz

    i love lists like this
    keep’em coming:D

  • EsBravo32

    I can not believe you did not put Jimmy Hoffa, he has got to be the most famous disappearance case of all time.

  • PirateXxEsque

    Harold was on another list somewhere…
    Plus I don’t know if the contributor knows of him.

    Nice list.

  • willy

    i remember when tom hanks dissapered but then he came back.
    they never found the volleyball though….

  • lo


    i have a general list idea: could you post the contributor’s name at the end of the list’s introductory blurb (or maybe after the title, even?) as well as at the end of the list (before the comments start)?

    i find myself scrolling to the end/contributor spot before i even read the lists now, so that if the list itself references “my other lists” “from my other comments” etc. i won’t be as confused. i still sometimes slip-up and miss the contributer (and then find myself open to calls of “rookie mistake!” in the comments. -i have no hard feelings about that, it was my mistake, rookie or not.)

    just a thought. i’ll take time to find a more direct way to send it to you tomorrow, if need be.

    now i’m scrolling up to read the real list.

    cheers :)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Hadn’t heard of ANY of these – shows how ignorant I am I suppose

  • donald

    Idve though walter collins would be in this, especially in light of angelina jolie’s movie “changeling.” Read up about it. its darn interesting. better yet, watch the movie.

  • AniH

    Maddo, EsBravo – Both Jimmy Hoffa and Harold Holt are on the 10 Notable People Who Disappeared list, the link is in the intro

  • ChuChu353

    I’ve seen “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and if Etta Place was anywhere near as hot as Katherine Ross…….ROWRRRR!!!

  • Frank

    Sorry, I just don’t see most of these as “bizarre disappearances”. They seem completely natural to me, most are easily explained and few distinguish themselves from any other missing persons case. Perhaps this should have been Another 10 Notable People Who Disappeared, but “bizarre” is just not accurate in any sense of the word.

    • jeannette

      i totally agree’, i would say bizarre disappearences would be more eerie, like they disappeared infront of someone, most of these seem like if you really do some good detective work youll find they were murdered or ran off to live life somewhere else.

  • SoCalJeff

    Great list.

    “It contained an unfinished note addressed to a “Kirk,” which read, “Can’t wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott.” – Jean Spangler

    Has to be the earliest known Star Trek reference ever. So early (before the show was even on air) it adds to the mystery……

  • Intriguing list, Nicosia. And very well written too.

    Shouldn’t Osama Bin Laden also be on these lists, or has he already been covered?

  • Reath

    I’m sure everyone spotted Ms. Spangler’s cleavage.

    I will be the first one however to go wooowzaaaaa!

    Ehmm.. anyway.. nice tits.. I mean list..

  • gunn

    good list, but i agree with frank, a lot of these arent bizarre

  • Signe

    I don’t now if is especially bizarre, but the disappering of Madeline McCann is also one of those unsolved mysterie things….

  • TonyR

    Dr. Scott, eh? Jean Spangler is probably in Transylvania with Frank-n-Furter then.

  • ronsantohof

    willy- Wilson went for a swim and never came back.

  • Ernmas

    Jean Spangler….I’ve been reading about her mysterious disappearance as it relates to a connection with the Black Dahlia. It is believed that the Dr. Scott that is referred to has something to do with a ring of abortionist doctors. I could go on, but…

    Great list! I love these types of lists. Keep them coming.

  • SCF

    Absolutely love the mystery and bizarre lists. I’ve never heard of the Lord Lucan one before. I’ll have to read up on that one.

  • MT

    Not much of a mystery for most of these “disapperances”. Man killed wife and ran away. Man stole money and ran away. Prostitute changed her name and ran away. Etc.,etc.,etc. Good try though.

  • Char

    i usually love these sorts of lists, but it kind of feels like there wasn’t enough information on most of them. i had to re-read number 5 before i understood what was written. sorry but i miss jfraters lists!

  • Nicosia

    Hi guys! I almost mentioned Hoffa, but he has been discussed ad nauseum and I learned about Holt on this very site, so I didn’t include them. Char, to paraphrase- Acosta told his son he was getting on a boat with drug dealers. Jamie- would you care to fix my punctuation misplacement on that one? I was editing it at midnight while sleepy :)

  • Carrie lynn

    Thanks for a great list! Gives me lots to Google!

  • willy

    ronsantohof- aww yes i always get teary eyed during that scene, there is nothing more heart breaking than losing your vollyball smeared in your on blood.

  • Bill

    Cool list. I visited Jim Thompson’s house in Bangkok two days ago, and the tour guide said he disappeared while on vacation in the Malaysian mountains. The leading theory was that he was eaten by a tiger while on a jungle stoll. Then she talked about his involvement in the OSS and CIA…

  • MartinL

    I’ve heard of Briggs and the Marie Celeste, and I do recall hearing about the Lord Lucan business. Judge Crater used to be the poster boy for missing persons before Jimmy Hoffa assumed that mantle. One might imagine that Crater, Tate, possibly Arnold as well, packed up their tents and stole away in the night — off to greener pastures. (Then again, judges do turn up missing for other reasons, especially if they’re sitting on cases of racketeering or corruption.) Ruess, Spangler, Thompson and Acosta, I suspect met with misadventure or foul play. Briggs remains the strangest of these cases. My understanding was his boat wasn’t just found in the Atlantic Ocean, but in the Mediterranean — having come under full sail through the Strait of Gibraltar with no one at the helm.

    Still, nobody beats Benjamin Bathurst for outright weirdness. (He’s on the Top 10 Bizarre Disappearances list.) Harlan Ellison turned him into the short-lived plaything of a sadistic little girl in the far future in “A Toy for Juliette.”

  • bucslim

    2007 Mets

  • John

    How about Ambrose Bierce? Writer of strange fiction and stranger non-fiction in the late nineteenth century. Sometimes wrote about bizaare dissappearances. Bizaarely disappeared himself.

  • John


  • oouchan

    Interesting list. Like the comment about RHPS…Frank-N-Furter beamed her back to Transexual! ha!

  • Tony Castillo

    what about margaret thatcher where did she go?

  • psychosurfer
  • Randy

    RE: Jajdude @ 4- We MUST have a list of jajdude’s greatest/most incomprehensible/ most hilarious comments.

    @ 34 Bucslim- Hilarious!

  • kyle

    JIMMY HOFFA!!!!!

  • Callie

    Jean Spangler is strikingly pretty

  • spurwing plover

    What about MICHEAL ROCKIFELLER and JIMMY HOFFA they to disapeared with any clue to what happened to them

  • em

    Since number 5 admittedly got onto a boat with a bunch of drug dealers, it hardly seems like a mystery what happened to him…glug glug glug. Interesting list, though :)

  • MzFly

    Nice List. I like the 1st mysterious disappearances list better! I wish there was more information regarding the investigations and theories the authorities may have had.

  • Baxter

    I love these lists… never knew Dr Gonzo disappeared, but I guess he was just too weird to live.

  • Baxter

    To everyone who is whining about Jimmy Hoffa not being on this list – why not read up on the other two lists linked in the introduction? Morons.

  • The Grey GOAT

    Damn, Jean Spangler is hot. I would of never knew about her if it wasn’t for this list. Thank you listverse!

    I remember Oscar Zeta Ocosta. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my favorite movies and Benico Del Toro did a good job of portraying him. Apparently he was a Mexican lawyer with a bad temper who liked to defend a lot of dangerous clients, so it’s no wonder he possibly ended up as a victim of foul play.

    Nice list.

  • youllforgetit

    Mystery disappearances never cease to be compelling. : )

  • meetoo731

    Holy crap!
    Anywho very interesting list…
    it will give some stuff to look into!

  • Stickboy142

    Why isn’t my mind on this list?

  • travisthechimp

    I don’t know what it is about these disappearance lists, but they fascinate me. I think that some could always be chalked up to abduction or even retribution or something along those lines. Instances where a person really is just… gone. That fascinates me.

  • Enoooo

    Bucslim: I now despise you. Even though it did make me laugh. Just waiting for 3 years in a row now.

  • TEX

    Now THIS is an interesting list

  • mail2faheem

    I am sure Tex was involved in something very boring that this list caught his eye…
    I am sure thousands and thousands of people are missing every day and night..and unless and untill some bizarre incident is not involved such as aliens, supernatural blah blah…it will not be interesting at all….

  • tickytic18

    So i agree with some of the others that none of these disappearances are bizzare, though they are notable and intriguing and i did enjoy reading about them.

  • Akilla

    Jean Spangler has manly arms.

    other than that, a good list.

  • Craig

    What don’t people understand about “ANOTHER 10 Bizarre Disappearances”?! ANOTHER!!!

  • bob

    why are these bizarre? simply because they haven’t been found? I mean… is a known drug fiend boarding on a boat full of cocaine in Mexico and never coming back really a bizarre disappearance? a bunch of these guys/girls are running from the law because they stole stuff or murdered someone…that’s not bizarre, it happens all the time!

    Bizarre would be someone disappearing from a plane while it’s in flight or someone walking into a windowless room and not coming out…anyways, that’s my two cents…entertaining list regardless :D

  • bob

    why are these bizarre? simply because they haven’t been found? I mean… is a known drug fiend boarding a boat full of cocaine in Mexico and never coming back really a bizarre disappearance? a bunch of these guys/girls are running from the law because they stole stuff or murdered someone…that’s not bizarre, it happens all the time!

    Bizarre would be someone disappearing from a plane while it’s in flight or someone walking into a windowless room and not coming out…anyways, that’s my two cents…entertaining list regardless :D

  • bob

    sorry for the double (triple?) post

  • Shivver

    “Ghost Ship: The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew” by Brian Hicks is a great read. It does a great job laying out the known facts and defining what bits of the legend were made up later by sensationalists. And it puts forth a theory of what happened that is sensible and explains all the known facts.

  • TEX

    55. mail2faheem
    what are you getting at
    59. dzaky
    Me too! what kind?

    yeah “Gonzo” Acosta definitely was sleeping with dogs but it gets a little bit more interesting –
    I read that Hunter Thompson had mentioned publicly that Acosta was shot several times and then thrown overboard,
    which means one of two things,

    Thompson was speculating, or downright fictionalizing,

    or he had an inside info from some contact,

    I wouldn’t doubt either

  • ross

    DB Cooper?

  • TEX

    63. Shivver
    was it the alcohol?

  • Becca

    Ouu, that Jean Spangler note is interesting…love these lists, although a few of them aren’t bizarre.

  • Nicosia

    Just so y’all know, I did not choose the title.

  • jake ryder

    Good list. Only knew of the crew of the Mary Celeste. These are the types of list I look forward to.

  • ericdraven26

    on the main menu description it says “Can you sold the mystery?” i think it means solve

    but very good list, wonder how some of them managed to never be found, especially number 7, a family and crew all gone

  • bucslim

    53. Enoooo – would you not agree that it was a bizarre disappearance? I mean where did those guys go?

  • smashed ass

    This was the only thing I hated about this article. In number three, “Her well-to-do family suspected she may have ran away with her boyfriend” should have been “Her well-to-do family suspected she may have RUN away with her boyfriend.”

    Sorry for the nitpicking, but it’s distracting!

  • smashed ass

    Sorry, I meant number eight.

  • Nicosia

    No, smashed- the original sentence is correct. You wouldn’t say “She run away” You would say “She ran away”

  • Sandra

    @ comment 18……you’re right! the earliest Star Trek reference ever. Hmmmmmm……………I’m gonna google where Roddenberry got those names!

  • The two people mention – Hoffa and Holt are both on the two lists linked to in the opening paragraph :)

  • zigra

    Nicosia – once you add an auxiliary verb (to have), you need to use the form “run”

    She ran.
    She has run.
    She may have run.

    Here is a website describing conjugation of the verb “to run”. smashed is correct

  • Nicosia

    I stand corrected.

  • Chipmunk

    Good job, Nicosia! Excellent list. Don’t bother with the nitpicky haters, they’re just jealous :P

  • zigra

    No problem! I liked the list btw. Jon Krakauer wrote about Everett Ruess in his book Into The Wild (although I haven’t seen the movie so don’t know if ER is mentioned there). That book has a whole chapter devoted to people who just wandered into the wide open spaces of the American west.

  • Okay – it turns out that it was a little easier for me to put the contributor’s name at the top of each post. It is now in the title with the published date. NOTE: it will only be there on future lists and the last two – previous lists will still only have the contributor’s name at the bottom as I don’t have time to go through all previous lists to make the necessary changes :)

  • zigra

    Wait – why are people jealous if they correct someone’s grammar? Nitpicky, sure (I spent three hours today helping someone prepare a seminar for their PhD committee, so I might be a little primed to be nitpicky at the moment). And I certainly don’t hate Nicosia, I love listverse, and appreciate the contributors.

  • Oh – and I corrected the two errors mentioned here :)

  • Joss

    So glad to see another list of this sort. #2 seems most interesting, especially since the names in the note were a mystery in and of themselves.

  • billyrules!

    i just happen to be reading fear and loathing in las vegas right now. i’ll be sure to keep oscar zeta acosta in mind.

  • Nicosia

    No one could possibly be more nit-picky than my husband. A grammar issue is nothing compared to making him dinner every day :)

  • Mike

    Do not forget Percy Fawcett—-

  • Chipmunk

    I didn’t mean to offend you or anything, I was merely joking, hence the :P smiley. Sorry if I upset you! I didn’t mean to :)

  • TEX

    79. zigra
    That’s an interest point, people drifting off never to be heard from again, from where they departed anyway. I’ve thought about that quite a few times. In the not so distant past there were fewer industrialized areas and cities. Most of the population were rural farmers, ranchers, a few merchants. When a kid grew up, if he had a choice, it was either stay where you were and do what your people did, or say “mom, pop I’m off to find my fortune” and they’d say “well don’t forget to write” and they’d get letters for awhile and then the letters stopped and then it was “what ever happened to you son so-and-so” – “ah, we haven’t heard from him in tens now”. Not that there’s anything bizarre or strange about that, but a lot of people never were heard from again.

  • Nicosia

    I was THIS close to including Percy Fawcett and Helen Brach… There are plenty more disappeared people for ten more lists….

  • Davo

    Interesting stuff. and grammar correctors is losers,

  • Silvio

    “addressed to a “Kirk,” which read, “Can’t wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott”

    i can’t possibly be the only one seeing the “star trek” here? i think i read through all comments….but i couldn’t see anything about this.

  • Esoteric_1ns

    She disappeared way before Star Trek came around though.

  • zigra

    @Chipmunk – no worries :) It’s nice of you to defend Nicosia – and really people do go out on a limb when they make these lists, opening themselves up for a lot of criticism, so they are to be commended.

    Back to the list: I actually have a cousin who left for work one day and was never heard from again. This happened years before I was born (both my mom and I are the youngest, so my cousins are 20+ years older than me) so I never knew him, but strange nonetheless.

  • dirtyrockerbarbie

    no jimmy hoffa? really?

  • dirtyrockerbarbie

    right. yay for me reading through the comments. excuse the initial shock, lol i’ll check for that next time… :D

  • David

    Jean Spangler was a fine piece of ass.

  • Lord Lucan

    Lord Lucan here. I’m fine and have been living with DB Cooper and Amelia Earhart for years. Jimmy Hoffa stops by once in a while, but he’s still so paranoid that someone is still trying to “whack” him that he never stays long.

  • ianiiii

    no Jimmy Hoffa… pfft..

  • Phillies

    34. bucslim

    2007 Mets

    I couldn’t possibly agree more. And how bout that 08 squad? Where’d they get off to? Hopefully they’ll return for 09, and give my Phils a fight this time.

  • lo


    thanks for taking my suggestion about the contributor name placement, i never expected you to alter it on older lists (waaay too much work for the pay-off), but i’m very happy it’ll be at the top in the future!

    now if we can all remember to read each name when we read the title we’ll be set! ;)

  • lo: You are welcome – it is definitely a useful addition to the site so I didn’t mind doing it :)

  • Enoooo

    Bucslim: I heard they all suffered a stroke every game for the last 15 games of the season. Or at least looked like it..

  • lauran

    Lots more disappearances listed here

  • Lifeschool

    100 l0: – Hello lo, thought I’d take a mo, to say yo, and have a go at joining this show. No? Well, there ya go.

    But sillyo sillyo; I forgot to say so…

    er, but what I really wanted to say was – wow, I didn’t even notice that change. Must be the advert all over the shop. Wouldn’t the adverts be better at the END of the listing, so it’s the last thing people (ignore), er, I mean see – don’t ya ‘no.

  • lo

    104. Lifeschool- chill out, they’re my initials ;)

    well, the change is that jamie is now putting the contributor’s name under the title where it also shows posted date and # of comments, as well as where it’s always been at the end. the text under the title is small, but it’s there, if you care.

  • JP

    Richey Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers??
    He has been pronounced dead recently although his body has still not been found.

  • Viktobi

    hey everyone…im new here! nice lists really…….*looks around uneasily* great!

  • bigski

    Dr Suess lives through Lifeschool @ 104.

  • Stormy617

    Very good list, a great addition to the ones that are already on here.

    BTW, I think Jajadude said he could not find his car.

  • Crimanon

    I wonder where that fish has gone.

  • k1w1taxi

    None of these are as bizarre as the disappearance that affects me every Wednesday morning.

    Get up, check Bank account, wages deposited, balance SFA. WTF? :( :( :(


  • Nicosia

    LOL Stormy- I thought he meant he woke up in a strange place :)

  • Jan Hendik

    I think Robert Mogabe should be one of the dissapearing victims. But then again were will he go with out destroying somethig ;-)

  • Stormy617

    Niosia – It could be both LOL

  • Stormy617

    Nicosia Sorry that I misspelled your name I had already hit submit when I noticed it.

  • Jodie

    what about Agatha Christe? she dissapeared. she came bak but no1 knows wat happened 2 her

  • Tai

    I loved this one. I kinda like mistery’s lists

  • edgar11

    What about emilia airheart!! WTF

  • deviantmiss

    i think most of these people were killed. interesting list.

  • Nate212

    I think i solved the message left by Jean Spangler. Acording to imdb Jean left a movie unfinished it was a bit part as a hula dancer in young man with a horn -1950.
    The star was a young and up and comming Kirk Douglas. And
    in 1951 acording to old police records a notorious street abortionist refered to as Dr Scott was arested and tried.

    So the message basicly is Kirk, While my daughter is being watched by my sister inlaw I’m going to go see dr scott to get an abortion.

    leaving to obvious suspects the father possibly Kirk- Or her jealous ex husband. Jean was 3 months pregnant when she went missing.

  • Nate212

    Another possibility is a botched abortion by Dr. Scott who hid her remains.

  • Porchlight
    More on these cases here, listed by year.

  • KenD

    As to #1….they have solved that mystery. he has been found and identified.,0,7055090.story

  • taffy

    Visted Jim Thompson’s house in Bangkok. Amazing house, definitely worth a visit.

  • Nicosia

    KenD- Thanks for the info… I was really hoping he just wandered off into the sunset.

  • Hey image this

    Okay if you notify a pattern bieng two girls and eight boys then the logical answer would have to link to the one same person who despised them would be a culprit, next guess would have to be of religion if you have heard of cannibalism and take it from me a 12 year old has seen alot of movies, read slot of books about religion, and noticed patterens then you would guess the local psychopath would be there… have you ever heard of the line “who would help the widdows son”? It is a line that usually means a canniball eats ten guys… but i learned that two girls can be substettuted for the two missing men. But it will be on one condition if all of there fathers died before they were eaten…

  • Nicosia- another Kentucky Woman

    @ 126 Hey image this:
    – Honey, I have read and re-read this post and I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • rinne

    nice list!
    i found #2 and #7 relatively more interesting and slice of life than the others. the #3 just sounded like the honest dick guy took the state’s money and ran away to japan, america etc (by the postcards) so it wasnt really that good.
    but i had a really fun time reading this, i just recovered my knowledge of supposedly ghost ship mary celeste from wiki, INTERESTING :D

  • tommoczyk

    Interestingly there are several overlapping dates – could there be some obvious connection here? Each of the individuals led unusual lifestyles and would have mixed with some strange characters.
    There is a definite Satanic thread here – as commonly practised these days, covens and cults are known to abduct,sacrifice and murder willing victims with the promise of eternal life in paradise. It is the whole basis of Muslim fundamentalism – suicide equals paradise.
    There is known to be a skull and bones satanic cult operating for 33 years (significant time period) whose sole aim was to reincarnate an anti Christ in America.
    Check the dates. Check George Bushes birth date.
    Do the math…….

  • kristi

    what about Agatha Christie?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Dewayne Wayne

    What about Kanye West’s credibility? or Eddie Murphy’s box office appeal?

  • in

    like 3 are bizzare but none of the others are.

  • brubbish223

    hmm never heard of these people
    interesting list though

  • Maximuz04

    BTW i wanted to point out about #1, the linked article says he was killed by UTE indians, not navajo…

  • TheLindi&ClairShow

    Love love love these lists!

  • JuniorrDean

    Number #1's update is wrong…They thought it was his but turn out it wasnt…look it up in wikipedia.

  • Raleigh

    #2 smells like… STAR TREC! haha but really Kirk and Dr Scott(ie)? time travel? or maybe star trec is real and she got beamed up!!

  • Will Trame

    Another intriguing case involves Jerrold I. Potter, a businessman who allegedly vanished from an airplane in June 1968. The plane experienced some odd turbulence over the Ozark Mountains, which is most likely the time frame when Potter either disappeared or by some means fell out of the aircraft.

    Judge Crater was supposedly under investigation for possible corruption through Tammany Hall around the time of his disappearance. He was declared legally dead in 1939, the case closed in 1979. I believe that there was a cold case investigation into the Crater matter around 2005.

    Yet another fascinating scenario involved the French poet Francois Villon who allegedly vanished in January 1463.

  • wallace

    There is also that chick from american pie the first one the one that gets with stifler at the end

  • Everett Ruess was killed by Ute Native Americans…..not Navajo. I think you should read the article much more closely. Please change. It's an insult.

  • Kerry

    Found this list while searching through the archives. The update for #1 is false. The body found was not Everett Ruess. There is no evidence suggesting he was murdered by a member of the Navajo. Please retract.

    • Jack Ruess

      Indeed. This update is incorrect. The remains were not those of Everett Ruess.

      An AP article published October 21, 2009, reports that DNA tests done by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology shows the remains do not belong to Ruess, and the Ruess family has accepted these new results

  • anonymous

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    Everett Ruess disappearance not yet solved? Wikipedia got an article:

  • Samara

    The only one I’d heard of before was Benjamin Briggs, the captain of the Mary Celeste. The story was covered in the book “Weird Massachusetts”. I’d definitely reccomend it. =)

  • Adrian

    About Jean Spangler. Some people say that “Kirk” could be actor Kirk Douglas since Spangler had completed a bit part in the then unfinished film “Young Man with a Horn,” starring (Kirk) Douglas.

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  • Bernie

    The report used as a reference in the update of Everett Ruess states that the murder was committed by a Ute Indian and witnessed by a Navajo Indian. If you would correct the information about the update on the list, it would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Bernie

    The full report linked on #1 Everett Ruess states that he was murdered by Ute Indians, not Navajo Indians. If you would so kindly make the correction in the list, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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