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Another 10 Bizarre Medical Tales

From bizarre disorders to landmark operations, the medical world is overflowing with amazing tales, which always make for good reading. In the past I have written two lists of baffling medical cases. For today’s list I will, once again, regale you with 10 true, yet unbelievable, tales from the world of medicine that will surely astound you. As always, feel free to share your own unusual medical cases in the comments.




Phonagnosia is a very rare disorder characterized by the inability to recognize people through their voices. People with this disorder can engage in face-to-face conversation, but they have difficulty in communicating over the phone, because they cannot identify who they are speaking to, even if it’s someone they know. Most of the documented cases of phonagnosia were recorded in people with brain lesions following a brain injury or a stroke, but the January 2009 issue of the journal, Neuropsychologia, featured a case study of a woman who was said to be born with the disorder. According to the study, the 60-year-old woman, known as KH, has difficulty recognizing the voices of both familiar and famous persons, and also struggled in learning to recognize unfamiliar voices.

The University College of London’s Dr. Brad Duchaine, who co-authored the study, says: “Voice recognition may not seem as important as face recognition, given that failing to recognize someone in front of you can cause much more social anxiety than not recognizing them over the phone. Yet we rely on voice recognition in our day-to-day lives, to identify people on the phone or those speaking on the radio.” KH, who was aware of her problem from an early age, was reported to have worked around her disability by avoiding phone conversations, whenever possible. She answers only “scheduled” calls so that she will always know who is calling her, and gives variations of her name to her co-workers so that she can differentiate between them.

Additional Information: During the study, Dr. Duchaine and Lucia Garrido, members of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, used a series of tests to gauge KH’s ability to recognize faces, voices, vocal emotions, speech perception and music. KH did poorly in the voice recognition tests, but performed well on the other tests. She can still identify emotions from voices, and she also can recognize famous tunes (although she can’t identify who sang what) and discern different musical instruments. Additionally, MRI scans on KH’s brain shows no brain lesions in the regions controlling voice and auditory perceptions, and KH’s hearing tests within normal range.


Tree in Lung

Screen Shot 2010-10-28 At 9.05.43 Am

When 28-year old Artyom Sidorkin underwent surgery to remove a suspected cancerous tumor that was causing him extreme chest pain, medical staff in Izhevsk in the Urals, Russia, were startled to see a tiny tree growing inside Sidorkin’s lung. The five-centimeter fir tree branch was discovered when surgeon, Vladimir Kamashev, took part of the man’s lung for a biopsy. Dr. Kamashev recalled: “I thought I was hallucinating; I asked my assistant to have a look: ‘Come and see this — we’ve got a fir tree here.’ He nodded in shock. I blinked three times as I was sure I was seeing things.” Doctors think he might have inhaled a seed, which was deposited into his lung tissue. The seed sprouted there, and grew until it started touching capillaries in the tissue, causing Sidorkin extreme pain. The branch was later removed. “It was very painful. But to be honest, I did not feel any foreign object inside me,” said Sidorkin of his strange experience. “I’m so relieved it’s not cancer.”

Additional Information: This case mirrors that of a 2007 incident in which Chinese doctors operating on a ten-month-old girl with breathing problems found a blade of grass growing in her right lung.


Situs Inversus


When 64-year old Ashok Shivnani of Mumbai, India, was about to undergo an operation to remove a seven-centimeter-long tumor in his right kidney, doctors discovered that he had a rare congenital disorder called situs inversus. Shivnani’s organs were positioned back-to-front (i.e., the arrangement of his organs is a mirror image of that of a normal person). Shivnani’s echocardiogram revealed that his aorta and inferior vena cava (IVC) were reversed, as were most of his organs and blood vessels. “When I first saw the reports, I actually thought I was holding them wrong. Along with the reversed position of the aorta and IVC, the scans also showed that Shivnani had a second IVC coming out from the tumour-infected kidney, which joined the original IVC at the bottom of his abdomen. It would have been most difficult to proceed with the surgery under these circumstances,” said Dr Anoop Ramani, the surgeon who supervised Shivnani’s operation.

Additional Information: Although the doctors who examined Shivnani thought him to be the only living person with situs inversus, there are at least two more people in the world with documented cases of the condition. Randy Foye, an American basketball player, was found to have situs inversus, and Canadian actress Catherine O’Hara said in several interviews that her organs are reversed. People with situs inversus are usually asymptomatic, and they are often unaware of their unusual anatomy until they are examined by doctors.


Baby Allergy

Article-1202953-05E17E64000005Dc-470 468X481

Joanne Mackie, a 28-year old mother from Erdington, West Midlands, discovered, after giving birth to her first child, that she has a rare skin disease called Pemphigoid Gestationis, which makes her allergic to her own baby. Mackie developed serious rashes and painful blisters shortly after giving birth to her son, James. The welts in her skin were so excruciating that she could not hold her own baby and was forced to cover her arms with damp towels to protect them while she feeds him. The condition, which is said to affect one in 50,000 pregnancies, arises when antibodies that normally protect the placenta become confused and attack the skin, causing blisters to form.

“At first, when I was told I was allergic to my own baby I thought it was some sort of joke,” said Mackie. “But when it sank in I was totally devastated. It felt like my world had caved in. It was such a heartbreaking time. I had to watch while my husband gave our son his first bath. And in those first few weeks when James cried I had to watch as my husband picked him up to comfort him instead of me.” Fortunately, a month after doctors treated her allergy using strong steroids, Mackie finally was able to hold her baby without feeling any pain. “I have been told there is a 95 percent chance I will get this in my next pregnancy and this time the doctors say it could affect the baby. I am not sure I could put myself through it all again,” said Mackie. “But I have learned that a cuddle from your own child is the most precious thing in the world. Now I can cradle my little lad, it’s heaven. I never want to let him go.”

Additional Information: Pemphigoid gestationis often appears in pregnancy during the second or third trimester and/or immediately after birth. It is usually treated with a course of corticosteroids like prednisone.


Artistic Mind


When Sandy Allen was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in her left temporal lobe, doctors saved her life by removing the tumor and part of her left brain. While she was recovering, she took art therapy sessions and began to have an intense passion for art. Because the left part of her brain, which is the analytical center of the brain and handles logic, was severely affected due to the surgery, the right side, which is said to be the emotional and creative center of the brain, started “taking over.” Experts believed that this is the reason for Allen’s sudden behavioral shift. As Allen jokingly puts it, “It’s like I’ve had my inhibitions surgically removed.”  Her artistic impulses led her to turning her home into an art studio, its walls covered with colorful collages that she made herself.

Additional Information: There are various accounts of people, like Allen, who started displaying amazing artistic skills due to diseases affecting their brains. For example, painter Alison Silva saw a significant improvement in her painting ability when a non-life-threatening tumor started growing in her brain. Bizarrely, despite the migraines, insomnia, hallucinations, and the high risk of serious brain hemorrhaging, Silva decided to choose her career and opted not to have the tumor removed, despite her doctor’s misgivings.



050208 Mermaid Vmed 730A.Widec

This item was briefly discussed in a previous list, but information was lacking so I made a more detailed report. On April 27, 2004, in Huancayo, Peru, Milagros Cerron was born with a rare congenital defect known as sirenomalia, which means that her legs were fused from the heels up to the groin, giving her the appearance of a mermaid. Along with this defect, Milagros has a deformed kidney, and her digestive, urinary and genital tracts share the same tube. The disorder is said to be so deadly that newborns with it usually die within two days after birth due to organ malfunctions.

Besides Milagros, there are only two other known cases of people who have lived with the condition past birth. But between 2005 and 2006, a team of doctors, led by Dr. Luis Rubio (from the Solidaridad hospital in Lima, Peru), had successfully carried out three operations to completely separate Milagros’ legs so that she could walk. The operations involved inserting silicone bags between the girl’s legs to stretch the skin connecting them, and later carefully slicing the skin to separate them. The surgery went so well that Milagros (whose name means ‘miracles’ in Spanish) was already walking several weeks later. Although pleased with her progress, Rubio warns that Milagros still needs further surgery to repair her various internal problems, not to mention several years of rehabilitation, before her condition can be considered stable.

Additional Information: There is only one other known survivor of sirenomelia still living today. Tiffany Yorks of the United States was born with the condition on May 7, 1988, and, like Milagros, she underwent a successful surgery to separate her legs . She is the oldest sirenomelia survivor to date.


Self-Caesarian Section

Screen Shot 2010-10-28 At 9.10.12 Am

Ines Ramirez Perez, a peasant living in Rio Talea, Mexico, is believed to be the only woman in the world who has performed a successful caesarian section on herself, and survived. In March 2000, Ines was alone in her cabin, pregnant with her eighth child, when she went into labor. After 12 hours of excruciating pain, the baby was still not coming out. Since the nearest midwife was over 50 miles away, Ines decided to take matters into her own hands and deliver the baby herself, despite having no medical training, whatsoever. While drinking a bottle of rubbing alcohol to numb the pain, Ines took a 15-centimeter kitchen knife, made a 17-centimeter incision in her abdomen, and pulled her baby out of her uterus by cutting its umbilical cord with a pair of scissors.

After the grisly, hour-long operation, she fainted. After she awoke, she covered her bleeding abdomen with clothes and told her 6-year old son to get help. Sixteen hours later, Ines was at the hospital where she underwent a couple of surgeries to treat complications that arose from her self-surgery. Amazingly, ten days after surgery, she was released from the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery. The baby boy, who was named Orlando Ruiz Ramirez, survived the ordeal and is completely healthy.

Additional Information: Ramirez commented on her experience: “I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. If my baby was going to die, then I decided I would have to die, too. But if he was going to grow up, I was going to see him grow up, and I was going to be with my child. I thought that God would save both our lives.” Her story proved to be so singular that it was outlined in the March, 2004, issue of the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics.


Pregnant Man

Thomasbeatie 468X490

Thomas Beatie, a married transgender man from Oregon, USA, attracted worldwide media attention when he decided to carry his second child, in his still-functioning womb, when his wife, Nancy, became infertile, due to a hysterectomy. Beatie, who was born a woman by the name of Tracy Lagondino, underwent gender reversal surgery and became a male legally, but has kept his female organs just in case he wants to be pregnant someday. Beatie wrote an article about his pregnancy in The Advocate, saying, “Sterilisation is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights. Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.” The pregnancy was successful, and Beatie gave birth to a baby girl on June 29, 2008. This was followed by two more successful pregnancies, both of which resulted in baby boys.

Additional Information: The impregnation of a transgender man is possible when the person still has functioning female reproductive organs, and can be done by interrupting hormone treatments. In Beatie’s case, he stopped taking testosterone injections, and it took about four months before Beatie’s body regulated itself and became fit for impregnation.


Tree Man


Dede Koswara, an Indonesian man in his late thirties, recently gained a lot of media exposure when he was found to have a rare hereditary skin disorder, known as Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. The condition resulted in gnarled, scaly warts growing uncontrollably all over his body, especially around the hands and feet, thus earning him the nickname ‘The Tree Man.’ Koswara’s ordeal started when he cut his knee when he was fifteen. He was then infected with a strain of human papillomavirus (HPV), and, because of his underlying condition, growths called cutaneous horns began to spread all over his body.

Because of his disease, he left his job as a builder and fisherman and began working on a traveling freak show. Eventually, his wife of ten years left him, citing financial problems. Fortunately, after his case attracted widespread attention, donations from the public and the government started pouring in. He immediately received treatment, and after nine operations, more than eight kilograms of warts were removed from his body. This enabled Koswara to see the outlines of his hands and feet for the first time in about 20 years.

Additional Information: Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia (also known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis) is a hereditary disorder linked with a high risk of skin carcinoma. Though the condition usually manifests when the sufferer is between 12 months and 20 years old, it sometimes can appear in middle age, as it did in the case of Dede Koswara.


Face Transplant

Isabelledinoirer 1000X392

Isabelle Dinoire of Valenciennes, France, became the first person in the world to receive a partial face transplant. Surgeons repaired the 38-year-old woman’s face after it was disfigured from a dog attack. Led by Dr. Bernard Devauchelle, a team of doctors performed the operation on Dinoire on November 27, 2005, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nord in Amiens, France. The operation involved grafting a triangular piece of face tissue that contained a nose and a mouth to Dinoire’s damaged face. The tissue had been taken from a brain-dead female donor. After the surgery, to prevent rejection of the tissue, Dinoire was given bone marrow cells and suppressants. A couple of years later, though her appearance had significantly changed, Dinoire had gained sensitivity in her face and full control of her facial muscles.

Additional Information: According to most reports concerning Dinoire’s surgery, it is believed that her face was mutilated when she passed out from an overdose of sleeping pills and her pet Labrador began scratching and clawing Dinoire’s face in a frantic attempt to wake her up. The dog later was euthanized by order of Dinoire’s family. 

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    Awesome list though. These medical tales really are fascinating.

    • I'm pretty sure the third item is the real deal; although a similar hoax was already played out before this one:….

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      • That's true, it's just that most people with the condition don't know that they have the condition (because it has no symptoms), and thus, they aren't recognized by the mainstream medical community.

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        The pregnant woman is Tracy LaGondino. She's a transgender woman who retained her original female reproductive organs after her decision to change genders. She's mated to a woman and yes, she really did carry a baby conceived through artificial insemination with semen from an anonymous male donor – nothing bizarre about it.

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      And also, that woman who was sick of her dog, because it didn’t want to listen to her…

      Vets try everything they can to avoid this, but they take the risk of people doing the job themself with a lot of pain for the animal, or just taking them to the shelters where they will be very sad and alone, then killed eventually…
      It’s complicated, I think we don’t know how we would feel if a pet was attacking us, even not in purpose.

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    • Yes, I agree that the human body is one of the most mysterious things in the entire known universe.

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    • I'm pretty sure that the first item is factual; I've double-checked through various sources (both print and the internet) to make sure my facts are straight.

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    • Yes, but most of the people who have the condition are undocumented and unrecognized by the medical community. Since most of them are asymptomatic, it is entirely possible that people with this condition could live their whole lives without knowing they have it.

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      Good list all the same.

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    I love this list. Great.

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    why did they kill the dog? Its not like it was all "RAAAAAH ima eat ur face om nom nom nom" it was worried about her so it tried to wake her up………

    • bluesman87

      it ate her face off. If that was my dog i probly eat it back .

      • TEX

        nahh – sell it to a Chinese restaurant for a tidy profit.

    • Actually, it's still unclear why the dog mauled Dinoire. Most of my research suggests that the dog was just trying to wake up Dinoire, but since the dog can't speak for himself, and Dinoire's unconscious throughout the incident, we may never truly know.

  • Stefan

    10: Laziness
    9: Thats what you get for eating disgusting wholemeal bread
    8: At least it sounds cool
    7: 'Son' of a bitch that would be
    6: See, women work better with less brains – win win situation
    5: Yea i got nothing
    4: She would have been pretty 'cut' over the whole situation, i bet she 'ripped into' her relatives who didnt help her.
    3: Its still a woman so big deal
    2: See what happens when you dont have the tree removed from your lungs? Poor dude though ):
    1: The dog claws her face in an attempt to wake her up, and is killed? Thats dog.

    • billy

      You could have applied no. 5 to all your entries.

  • mom424

    Excellent list Mjdolorico. Well written, interesting and informative. Thumbs way up. Pretty sure there's been another face transplant since the french lady – somebody whose face was blown off with a shot gun maybe? I'm sure someone can fill us in……

    I'm sorry about the troll – we should maybe all read and follow cqsteves comment and suggestions – at least then there isn't so much reason for him to bother, and less space taken as well. (although some of the responses to him are chuckleworthy)

    • ames801

      Yup-her husband shot her in the face:

      Also, didn't the woman that was attacked by someones pet monkey here (USA) receive a face transplant as well?

      • bluesman87

        yeah a chimpanzee ate her face off, she was on Oprah .

  • vanowensbody

    Great list.

  • NiMur90

    There have been a lot of cases of identical twins being mirror-image of each other, as in one right handed and the other left handed etc. Their organs are also reversed, so it is possible that Ashok Shivani was a surviving twin.
    As for the pregnant man…it's hardly a man now, is it? It's a woman with a beard.

    • bluesman87

      TRUE that is not a man . If it is a man he should present his license of manliness (his hairy balls)

    • nimur90

      Forgot to add, awesome list, I love reading about medical anomalies!

    • Yes, but he's still a man by law. Biologically more female, but legally male.

      • TEX

        I beg your pardon – the strongest laws in the universe are the laws of nature.
        This is a Homo sapiens born female and no amount of surgery, drug injections, or California lawyer PC lingo shifting can ever alter the fact that she was born a woman.

      • Jay

        Unless she went through the bureaucratic hassle of having all that changed. It's a lot easier in some states than in others. I talked to a woman once who was trying to get the M changed to an F on her driver's license, but the clerk insisted she had to be listed as a male. So she said if she was male, there was no law against her going topless and she felt the newspapers would be interested if she held a topless press conference on the City Hall steps. She got her F.

    • Moonbeam

      I wonder why he/she didn't wait untill after having the children to have the sugery – although there may not have been a woman to become his wife is she was still living as a woman. It almost seems planned because who thinks, "I want to be a man but just in case, I want to keep my female reproductive parts." ?
      But is he/she now the Mom or the Dad?

      • Geronimo1618

        He/she is MAD

  • oouchan

    Great list. I've seen the tree man one. That was very interesting in how they were able to fix him. The Situs Inversus at number 8….there was a story about a little boy, not sure from where, who had this. He went to buy bread and some thugs tried to steal the bread and the money he had on him. They stabbed him in the left side of the chest right in heart…..if his heart was really there. It was on the right side. He lived and was able to identify his attackers.

    Neat list….and sorry about the troll. I just woke up now so I missed it.

  • Snoofie522

    Loved this list; I'm always fascinated by bizarre and unusual medical maladies. :)

    I just have one issue with the list: Thomas Beattie's pregnancies are not "bizarre". Genetically (and obviously at least partly biologically) he is female, and has a functioning female reproductive system (at least internally.) People with female reproductive organs are usually able to conceive and carry children. Not only that, but Beattie is not the only transgendered male to have conceived and carried a child. He's just the only one who felt the need for media attention because of it.

    Granted, there are social implications attached to being a pregnant trangendered male that are unique to his experience, but the mere fact that he became pregnant is not medically bizarre in the slightest. Now when a genetic male becomes pregnant….that will be news. Until then, the fact that someone with a uterus was able to carry a child is not a bizarre medical tale.

    • becd85

      Yes thank you! Exactly he is not really a pregnant man. I'm not saying it's not a bizarre story but a person who was born biologically male becoming pregnant would be a whole lot more bizarre!

      • Mommy

        You're absolutely right. Thank you for pointing that out. He is a she that has gotten herself a boatload of media attention.

    • suzi

      Thank you! A woman, who had her chest "reconfigured" and stopped taking testosterone had a baby.

  • iggystar

    Great list! The "tree in lung" is one I'd never heard of before.

    • Hannah

      I live in South East Asia.Just last month there was an hour long Document about the tree man on Discovery Channel.1 US doctor made several trips to Indonesia to help this man and it was because of him that his life was saved.He was near death,as I remember only this doctor found out that it was caused by virus anti cancer medicine saved his life.He looks alright now,has a loving children and wants to get married.People donated him some rice paddies and he supports himself.It was a very interesting document.I am sure Discovery Channel is the same all over the world.

      • hanan

        That's the doctor on this photo.He donated very very expensive medication.He really had to convince the Indonesian doctors.

  • oculus18

    The Labrador dog should not have been euthanized. Poor dog.

  • tripsyman

    With the exception of number 3 the pregnant 'man' this was a good list.

    Thomas Beatie was not and still is not a man, she (yes she is a she) was a woman who took pills and had surgery to make her look like a man. If I have surgery and get my pecker cut off and some breast implants put in it wont make me a woman, it will make me a man with no penis and boobs. If however I was to concieve (the wife would have some questions I am sure) then I would be a pregnant man.

    So to summarise number 3 Thomas Beatie (Tracy Lagondino) is not a pragnant man she is at best a very manly but pregnant woman.

    • Snoofie522

      While I agree with the basis of your comment (I posted my own comment regarding Thomas Beattie above), I do have some concern with the tone of your comment.

      Transgendered people are not simply "men who look like women" or "women who look like men." They are people who honestly feel that they were born into the wrong body, or that they were assigned the wrong gender at birth.

      There is a marked difference between "sex" and "gender". Sex is biological, gender is psychological. Which, in my opinion, is what makes transgendered people so difficult for some people to understand. You cannot change your gender; you can only change your sex. There is no such thing as "gender reassignment surgery"; there is only "sex change surgery." Transgendered people often have a difficult time being accepted in mainstream society because a lot of people have the attitude displayed in your comment. Thomas Beattie is NOT just a "woman who looks like a man." Biologically, he is a woman, but psychologically he is a man. There is simply an unfortunate mismatch between his biological sex and his psychological gender.

      I have absolutely no issue with Mr. Beattie's gender. I have no issue with transgendered individuals as a whole. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to have such a fundamental mismatch in my identity. It's not Thomas Beattie as a person I have a problem with; it's the assumption that his pregnancy was some kind of miracle. It isn't, because hey, he possesses the biological organs necessary for pregnancy.

      But I still think that your comment is problematic, and I hope that my response has helped you to realize why.

      • tripsyman

        your splitting hairs snoofie.

        Let me simplify it.

        Chick was born a chick she will die a chick. She is not nor will she ever be a man.

        Chick who thinks she is a dude needs to see a physchiatrist.

        • tripsyman

          A chick with a dick is still a chick

        • Snoofie522

          I may be "splitting hairs", but your assertion that "chick who thinks she is a dude needs to see a psychiatrist" is utterly false. Do you have any idea how many transgendered people there are in the world? (Hint: Thomas Beattie's not the only one, not by a long shot.)

          You and I agree, I think, on the fundamental point that Thomas Beattie, while he may identify as a man, is still biologically a woman. The point at which we differ is apparently our opinion of transgendered individuals as a whole. I know that the condition is genuine; you apparently believe it is not. You're wrong in that, but it's not my job to educate you.

        • Mandy

          Wow, you really need to educate yourself regarding gender and sex. Come out of the past and join us – enlighten yourself dude. Your comments are as bad and as infurating as any other troll.

        • Kei

          Actually brain scans often show that a transgendered person has a brain more similar to that of the gender they are than the sex they were born. They are born into the wrong body, it's a birth defect.

  • sami71290

    I sneeze like crazy if I get less than 6 hours of sleep. In fact, I've sneezed 13 times in the last two minutes thanks to the 3 hours of sleep I got last night. Does that count? :P

    Putting that aside, super cool list. As a pre-med student, I definitely appreciate the bizarre in terms of medicine. The person who gave herself a c-session is brave but desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. We're a little spoiled in the Western world by having everything at our fingertips -I couldn't imagine having to perform surgery on myself to save myself.

  • Moonbeam

    Just a thought…I work at an Agency that helps people who have mental defects, brain damage, and developmental disabilities. Some of them absolutely love, love, love negative attention. Nothing makes them happier than getting scolded or receiving any negative attention at all. It just encourages them to do more. They will soil themselves, throw poo, wet themselves, and post obnoxious comments on websites, that sort of thing. If there is zero acknowledgment of the behavior it spoils their day. When it's no longer fun they tend to stop.

    • bluesman87

      jesus . I thought my job was tough .

      • Moonbeam

        I can take just about anything except when they troll websites – sickening makes one ill to think about it.

        • Geronimo1618

          For them, trolling websites would be a type of fun…*sickening* is too strong a term to describe that if you consider their mental state…it can't be all that serious, eh?

          • Moonbeam

            Um – I was being sarcastic. Most of them don't actually even read or use computers.

          • Geronimo1618

            Whew, thanks! I seriously thought maybe you're giving them the stick for..uh..trolling. Maybe they don't even know what trolling I knew some 3 years back- troll was just a huge, hairy monster.

      • Curiouys Guest

        I don't recall you ever talking about your job.
        Just curious why it is tough

    • TEX


  • ames801

    Cool list. I get a little squeamish with some of these stories. Especially the "tree man". Blech!

  • swapie

    RE 1: Poor dog.

  • aerophile

    Loving this list – especially the lung tree. Perhaps there should be a list of "things found growing inside the human body." You know, other than a baby.

    • TEX

      OOOOOOOOOO – I'm afraid to find out – the fact that we ALL have parasites creeps me out to no end

      • aerophile

        Uuuugh. Yeah, wicked creepy. But perhaps a list that rules out the givens – babies, tumors, parasites – and focuses more on things like trees, and grass, and maybe I don't know a petunia (supposing that happened). The extra bizarre.

    • Miss_J_Bean

      I second this. I'd volunteer to do it myself but I have a thesis due last month. :)

  • Diederik

    I love Listverse, but I just want to say that i've noticed something wrong.
    Situs inversus is indeed a rare disease, but not extremely rare. About 1 out of every 10.000 people has got it, and I know, as a medical student. I just wanted to share that with you and keep making awesome lists! Greetings from The Netherlands

    • cg26

      Hello back at you in The Netherlands

  • Woyzeck

    It's not the scaly warts on the outside that count. It's the scaly warts on the inside.

    • Maggot

      We love you Woyzeck. Warts and all.

  • Lolzies

    If that's a pregnant man, then I'm a lesbian with a penis.

  • TEX

    #3 (PC reassignment) – The pregnant woman is Tracy LaGondino. She's a transgender woman who retained her original female reproductive organs after her decision to change genders. She's mated to a woman and yes, she really did carry a baby conceived through artificial insemination with semen from an anonymous male donor – nothing bizarre about it.

    • Snoofie522

      Sorry if I'm being nitpicky, but Thomas/Tracy did not change gender. Gender cannot be changed, as it's a psychological construct. What can be changed, and what has been at least partially changed in this case, is sex (although obviously in this case a full sex change wasn't achieved, either.)

  • Free$

    I studied number 1 in biomedical ethics. It was highly controversial. Some say she shouldn’t have received the transplant because it was a suicide attempt. She apparently had some kind of movie deal telling her story

    • Yes, there was a dispute between the media and the doctors who examined her about the reason for the sleeping pill overdose which prompted Dinoire's mauling. Some say that Dinoire attempted to commit suicide because of depression by OD'ng on sleeping pills while others deny this, saying that the OD is accidental.

    • Moonbeam

      I'm not sure why it matters if it was a suicide attempt or not. To me it just makes it an added layer of sadness and tragedy to the story.

      • Snoofie522

        Actually, it does matter whether she made a suicide attempt. Or, I should say, with any other transplant it would be (I'm not sure if it's the same with a face transplant, since they're so incredibly rare.) Usually the transplant team will have to take into consideration both the patient's mental health, and the reason that the patient requires the transplant in the first place.

        For example, if a patient needs a liver transplant due to cirrhosis of the liver brought on by chronic alcoholism, the team needs to decide whether that particular patient will actually benefit from the donor liver, over someone else who might not have a drinking problem.

        In the case cited in the list….well, yes, I can certainly see how some people would have reservations about her getting the face transplant. What's to say that she won't attempt suicide again, and this time succeed? That's a face that could potentially have gone to someone else, and a lot of time and effort on the part of the doctors who performed her transplant that could be considered "wasted."

        • Moonbeam

          If I was the surgeon, I'd have a hard time denying someone who was missing half her face a chance at reconstructive surgery. If she was suicidal, maybe such a drastic and horrifying occurrence lead her to turn her life around. Hopefully she got help. Possibly it would be a required part of her recovery regimen.

          • Snoofie522

            I happen to agree with you. I was just expounding on why there might have been such a debate when the transplant took place. :)

  • Voorhees

    Hate that "Pregnant man" story. He is still a woman down to the genes regardless of what changes are on the outside. So basiclly its still a pregnant woman, its not a man that is pregnant. Hardly a bizarre story as she has all the female sex organs intact.

  • Guest

    The pregnant man is NOT a man, he was born a woman and still has the reproductive parts of a woman. Just because he altered his physical appearance, doesn't mean he's still not a woman. You should rename the article to "Pregnant Woman Who Looks Like A Man" because that is what it is.

  • TEX

    Ignore the trolls – make no comments – no thumbs – report –
    People all over the world, join hands
    Start a love train, love train

  • Lym

    I agree that the poor dog did not deserve to be euthanized. He didn't know what he was doing. Her family is a bunch of jerks.

    Re: #4 – owww. Drinking rubbing alcohol and cutting into yourself with a giant knife? That lady is crazy. Didn't she have, you know, a husband (or whoever was the father of those EIGHT kids) who could've gone for help? Jeez.

    I still hate the "pregnant man" story. Nothing unusual about someone with female reproductive organs getting pregnant.

    But the picture in number 10. Since when are the O and Q on the 0? Don't they usually go on the 6 and 7 where they belong? And I guess you're totally out of luck if you want to dial a Z. That phone would really mess up all those 1-800-spell out a name numbers.

    • Maggot

      Since when are the O and Q on the 0? Don't they usually go on the 6 and 7 where they belong? And I guess you're totally out of luck if you want to dial a Z.

      On those old rotary dial phones, at least in the U.S., the letter “O” was on the 6 as expected, but there was no “Q” or “Z”. Aside from the 6, all the other number/letter spots as depicted here are correct, including the 1 with no letters, but the zero spot typically said “Operator” under it. So back in the day, anyone wishing to assign a “1-800-spellthename” number would naturally know they couldn’t have a Q or Z in the name.

      • Jay

        I tried to order from Quizno's on one of those things. Can't do it.

    • ocrasaroon

      I thought the same thing about #4 – why in the world did she wait until AFTER the (totally bad ass) C-Section to send her other child for help?

  • Vera Lynn

    I loved this list! As always when bizarre medical lists are published, I encourage people who find these things interesting to read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Truly a fascinating read.

    Also I am curious as to the comments that were deleted. I want to know what they were.

  • Alucard

    The pregnant 'man' isn't a man. She didn't have a full sex change. If she had, then it would have been impossible for her to get pregnant as her uterus would have been taken out. MTF also cannot give birth. I don't understand why the media keeps calling her a 'pregnant man'.

    • Maggot

      I don't understand why the media keeps calling her a 'pregnant man'.

      To sell more papers.

  • ampatuan

    Face transplant. From the additional fact, if that's the case, she's at fault. Why did she leave her dog inside? Didn't she know Labs are very, very active and curious? I feel sorry to the dog. But all as well.

  • you'rewrong

    10: SYSK taught me first. 9: That tumor would be great with some grilled onions. 8: Why's the silhouette so buff? 7: Of course, Erdington, West Midlands, everyone knows where that is. 6: Yawn. 5: So she pooped and peed and vagina'd from the same chute? 4: Mexico needs more doctors! 3: So… who are the parents again, since she's sterile (or did "he" impregnate "himself?")? 2: Treeman, use SolarBeam! 1: You pass out on a suicidal amount of sleeping pills. You make a family bury a faceless daughter. Then you kill the dog that tried to save your life. The French.

  • Sanjuro

    People who overdose on sleeping pills are often unhinged, so it's no surprise that she ordered the dog euthanized. What's upsetting is that others fulfilled her wish.

  • goofballreferee

    #3 is messed up.

  • sammygirl3_

    great list, i love it when one of these lists come out.

    but i would not call the pregnant man a medical tale, the "man" was a woman first that had an sex change and still had the uterus and eggs still in tact. All she did was change her outer appearance.

    why did they put the dog down, for trying to wake up it's owner? That is messed up.

  • Black-Storm

    I post a theory that the science world is looking for and you decide to delete it? And your problem is what exactly? Someone could have seen it and realised its worth.

    • Jay

      We realized it's worth. That's why we deleted it.

  • Denzell

    really cool list. :)

  • Tree

    My stepfather's organs were reversed and it never caused any problems. But doctors loved seeing him and they always asked if they could usher in numerous colleagues to look at him. They would all take a turn with a stethoscope and he always got a kick out of how amazed they were when his heart was on the wrong side.

  • These types of lists are always interesting. I thought Situs Inversus sometimes happens in identical twins?

  • To all the comments criticizing Thomas Beatie's inclusion in this list:

    I guess the media is to blame for the labeling of his pregnancy as a male pregnancy. Nevertheless, I chose to include it in here because while the actual medical science behind it is not entirely bizarre, it's still attracted so much attention and controversy. Then again, maybe it's just a matter of semantics (the item should've been retitled pregnant 'man'). Thanks for the criticisms though, it's nice to know that people are taking the trouble to point out these little things for the benefit of the writer.

    As for the situs inversus item, I may have overplayed the rarity of the disorder, so I would like to rectify the error. Yes, situs inversus isn't that rare, it actually happens in less than 1 in 10,000 people. And yes, the condition can happen in identical twins (one will have the disoreder, while the other is normal).

    • Miss_J_Bean

      I like your writing, I officially nominate you to do a list along the lines of the tree-groing-in lung thing. As mentioned above by another commenter, a list of non-baby/tumor/parasite things found growing in people. I suppose really weird parasite could count but only if is was something super rare.

  • lowtolerance

    Thomas Beatie wasn't the first transgendered man to give birth.

    In 1999, Matt Price – a female-to-male transgender – gave birth to a boy. Since the state in which Price resides does not legally recognize his reassigned gender(one of the few states in America that doesn't, actually), Beatie gets the distinction of being the first male to give birth on a technicality.

  • ForTheLulz

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator…

  • germonderpop

    I'm going to start listening to people when they say don't swallow seeds…
    Also, my next-door neighbor is about six months pregnant and she is allergic to her baby. She has a rash covering her entire body, but she's not in pain. Doctors say there's nothing they can do except wait for the baby to come.

  • Angie

    I was born with Situs Inversus. But I had a lot more complications also. I was also born with an Exomphalos. I'm the only one in the world born with both. I recently had to have a liver transplant.

  • Jille

    I did autopsies for years. Situs Inversus is not *that* rare. Also, is that "tree" supposed to be in a tumor or biopsy of lung? That's a pretty big chunk to be a biopsy and doesn't look like any lung I've seen, although I will admit lungs come out more unique than any other organ. But unless it's a newborn, it does not come out that pink. And lastly, while I have the utmost respect for the transgender community, that man has the junk of a woman and is no medical mystery. Just a guy who wanted to have his cake and eat it, too.
    I don't know anyone here since the switch and I especially don't like having to click on all the replies instead of having all the comments automatically displayed. I'm visiting less and less. Where's Maggot? God, I even miss Segues.

    • Vera Lynn

      If it's not a lung, what is it? I had the same thought, that it was a big chunk. Maggot's around, but I haven't seen segue/segues in a while though. I've no idea why she doesn't post anymore.

  • lilkty

    I've a friend (guy) who is allergic to semen…

    • Vera Lynn

      While it's in him? There are a hundred things I could say about this, but I'm holding my tongue. ;-)

      • lilkty

        no, just when he like… finishes…. x)
        he says hes always embarrassed with his girlfriend because she thinks he cries after sex hahaha.

        he eventually had to tell her the truth LOL

  • strawberry

    I don't like the girl in the last one. Her dog was trying to help her…I don't think they should have killed it.

    • The woman in item #1 didn't give the order to euthanize the dog, her family gave the permission.

  • iamadoctor

    the pregnant man was actually in bend oregon, a couple houses down from my friend,there was about two news-vans parked outside a day,annoying,really.

  • Mew

    How's the "Pregnant Man" a bizarre medical tale? It's just a woman who had a gender change to look different on the outside she still has everything on the inside….People are dumb.

  • redwolfblack

    i love these bizarre lists! they totally make my boring school days seem a little less…boring. :\

  • Juri

    Number 3: Doesn't really count as a pregnant man cuz he was born a woman. When a man, born a man, gets pregnant… well, that will be news. XD

  • sir

    my cousin has situs inversus…when he was a baby, his mom got a cruel amusement from watching doctors who had never encountered the condition frantically searching for a heartbeat with their stethoscope. the guy is hitting 40 now, perfectly healthy. oh, plus, he is canadian as well, so 2/3rds of cases known t the listverse universe come from north of the 49th!

  • Angie

    There have been many Female to Male 'pregnant men' Beatie just went all publicity crazy for some reason.

  • Cally

    Situs Inversus doesn't seem to be as rre as described, as mentioned by Jille – my great grandfather, born in the late 1880s, had it…

  • laji

    Dhule doc removes 1,72,155 kidney stones

    Dr Ashish Patil enters Guinness Book after successful four-hour surgery in 2009

    DNA Correspondent Mumbai

    It was probably the biggest challenge of his career. But Dhule-based urologist Dr Ashish Patil successfully managed to remove an astounding 1,72,155 kidney stones from a patient to find his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
    The surgery was completed on December 8, 2009, following which Patil wrote to the Guinness Book of World Records. After verifying the records, Patil on October 20 was declared as the holder of the current record for most kidney stones removed from a patient. “It took us four hours to remove all the stones,” Patil said.
    The patient, Dhanraj Wadile from Shahada near Nandurbar, 45, suffered from a congenital disorder — pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction of the left kidney. In simple terms, it means that his kidney opening was narrow. “This reduces the function of the organ resulting in kidney stones,” said Patil, who is the director of the Tejnaksh Healthcare’s Institute of Urology in Dhule.
    Six months before the surgery, Wadile, a paan-seller, complained of severe stomach ache and weight loss. “I couldn’t go to work for those six months and was unable to eat,” Wadile said. After a thorough check up at Tejnaksh, it was found that Wadile had an extraordinary number of kidney stones.
    “He had consulted many doctors and was on medication for months, but could not get relief,” Patil said. “We had to do a plastic surgery to widen the opening of the kidney. Therefore, we used the techniques of open surgery and flexible endoscopy with laser to remove the stones.” Patil said the doctors who helped him operate upon Wadile could not believe the number of kidney stones they removed after the four-hour surgery.
    Interestingly, a doctor from Nashik held the previous record for removing the most number of kidney stones (1,492) from a patient. “Kidney stone is a problem for many Indians. We tend to eat a lot of protein-rich dals, consume less water and live in a tropical climate that increases the chances of the formation of kidney stones. Besides, Indians are also genetically predisposed to kidney-related congenital anomalies,” Patil explained.
    Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction affects 2-4 patients per 1,000 people. “The pathology is present since birth and can be detected from the womb of the mother. This defect is normally corrected after birth,” Patil said.

  • MandySoko

    I have Dextrocardia with Sistus Invertus, I'm 23, from the UK and perfectly healthy. THANK YOU for this list!! Made my day as a Listverse addict.

    Would suggest you revise the 3 people you think have this condition, as you already missed me, and there's bound to be a load more of us 'unique' Bizzare people.

    Nice work!

  • Leyla1222

    The poor dog in #1, it shouldn't have been euthanized because it wasn't dangerous or anything, just caring because it wanted its owner to wake up – probably was scared she was dead!

  • Conrad

    The dog was put to sleep because was trying to wake up it’s owner, who by the way overdosed her pills. Poor animal shouldn’t have bothered then. How horrible and selfish people can be.

  • Hilah

    Yeah, there was the one man who claimed to be pregnant, but it was less a hoax and more of an art piece, and then the transgendered man who actually got pregnant, who is the one number 3 was talking about.
    A lot of people got them confused though. Probably because they are both Asian.

  • Captain Carrot

    So the lady OD’s, the dog probably thinks she’s dead, he’s hungry, he does what dogs do to survive. Pretty normal, if you ask me. F’n idiots euthanize the dog when they should have euthanized the dirty, filthy, vile, junkie instead.

    It was her damn fault for ODing. It should be against the law to euthanize an animal when he’s just doing what’s in his nature to survive.

    And yes, humans are worth less than animals. We’re the ones that have the brains, yet refuse to use them. Animals don’t possess the intellect so they should not be held accountable.

    Yep, humans are sh*t. Period.

  • ABC

    He was not a pregnant man!!! If she wants to be called/be a man socially and legally thats fine but medically she is a woman, she has a womb

  • Kat

    It’s no hoax. I live in Oregon and it was all over the news through the whole pregnancy.

  • RequiredName

    Her face wasn’t disfigured that much from the picture. She just looks like a Wal-mart customer. The third picture looks even worse with the scarring.

  • Rebecca

    The pregnant man is not a pregnant man. He’s a pre-op tranny. I don’t care what his license says, if you still have a vaginal canal and ovaries, then it is no miracle to give birth. You still have woman parts, just cuz you take testosterone and grow a little facial hair doesn’t make you a man. Legally you may be classified as male, genetically you’re still female and capable of having kids.

    Let a biological man give birth, even like that woman did, through his liver, and then stop the presses.

  • Ahla

    phonagnosia is not too far from prosopagnosia, trouble recognizing faces, even from family members. Asperger people can suffer that, from mild to severe cases. In my case, it takes about a month or so to remember the face of someone I see daily, but there are a lot of different ways to make it less noticeable, or to make the other person give away some tip to remember who it is.

  • Solstice

    Number 3: The Pregnant man. To clear up the ignorance media, news, and semi-uneducated people think: A man is incapable of becoming pregnant (unless he’s a God or simply not a man). A woman however can get pregnant. Here’s where most ignorance and/or semi-education arises: Transgendered. A person isn’t a man because they look like a man, a person is a man because of their reproductive organs. A person isn’t a woman because they look like a woman, a person with a woman because of their reproductive organs. Stupidity can be fun, but not when everyone believes it to be true (a pregnant man LOL). 

  • Poetry

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  • Julie

    Situs Inversus happens at birth to about 1 in 10,000 to 16,000 children. Your ignorance and sensationalism is boring. I have the condition so I know!

  • Aislinn

    How could they kill the dog!?!

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