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15 Best James Bond Deaths

Tom Bray . . . Comments

In the 49 years since the first James Bond film was released, there have been 22 films made, from Dr No to the most recent, Quantum of Solace. These films wouldn’t be complete without a large body count. Over the years, people have died in many unique ways. This list looks at some of the best, the most dramatic, emotional and most iconic Bond deaths.


Hugo Drax

K16 - Hugo  Drax

Drax earns his place on this list not for the manner of his death, but the location. Towards the end of the film, Bond, played by Roger Moore, seems to have him cornered, until Drax grabs a gun from a dead soldier. Bond dispenses with Drax by using the wrist activated gun, then injecting him into space. Drax wasn’t the greatest Bond villain, nowhere near the best, in fact, but his demise remains a classic.


Mr Wint and Mr Kidd
Diamonds are Forever


Diamonds are Forever is probably the most comedic Bond film of the lot, and the deaths of Wint and Kidd are no exception. Disguising themselves as waiters, they sneak onto the Boat where Bond (Sean Connery) and Jilly are. Bond seems to be fooled, until he smells Wint’s aftershave, a very distinctive smell that he recognises. Cue fight. Well, Kidd doesn’t really put up much of a fight: Bond sets him on fire and throws him overboard. Wint, however, has the “Bombe Surprise” attached to him, and is also thrown off the boat, blowing up before he hits the sea. A satisfying end to two lousy henchmen.


Boris Grishenko


Boris Grishenko, the arrogant computer programmer, appears in the film Goldeneye. He seems to be the lucky one: when the satellite station is invaded, he’s outside smoking. Later, you discover he’s actually in league with Trevelyan. After the control room is destroyed, thanks to Bond (Pierce Brosnan), he survives. Joyful, he shouts his catchphrase “Yes! I am Invincible!” just before a liquid nitrogen canister explodes and freezes him. Invincible? I think not.


Dyden’s Contact
Casino Royale

Tumblr Lh1Xv2Ljop1Qa7Dy4O1 R1 500

An historic moment in Bond history. The death of the unnamed contact is the first of the many kills Bond carries out. Bond (Daniel Craig) has a vicious fight with the contact, eventually seeming to have drowned him in a sink. The contact is still alive, though, and makes for the gun. However, Bond is aware of this and spins around, shooting him, emulating the infamous gun barrel sequence seen in every Bond film.


Elektra King
The World Is Not Enough


The death of Elektra King is a look back on just how cold and calculating Bond can really be. After Bond (Pierce Brosnan) corners King and orders her to call off Renard, she seems to be about to do it, but when she speaks into the microphone it’s an order to continue, rather than to stop. Bond doesn’t hesitate, and shoots her on the spot. Moments before, Elektra comments “you wouldn’t kill me, you’d miss me” Bond comments after he shoots her “I never miss”.


Auric Goldfinger


For one of the most iconic villains in the series, Goldfinger’s end comes quite quickly. After he corners Bond (Sean Connery) on a plane, Bond warns him that firing a gun while in flight is incredibly dangerous. So, guess what happens next? The firing of the gun through a window causes the cabin to depressurize, and Goldfinger is sucked out of the window. It may be short, but it remains one of the most memorable scenes in Bond History.


You Only Live Twice


Aki appears the 5th film, You Only Live Twice. The film has a heavily Japanese influence. In the film, Bond (Sean Connery) goes through a ceremony to “marry” Aki. During the night, an assassin breaks into the house they are staying in, and dangles a length of string over Bond’s mouth, starting to drip poison down the string. Just before the poison reaches Bond’s mouth he turns over, and the drop instead falls into Aki’s mouth. Bond wakes up as she dies. The death is well remembered by fans, due to the suspense of the scene, you honestly don’t know what’s about to happen.


Baron Samedi
Live and Let Die


Baron Samedi is probably the most mysterious character on the Bond series. Appearing originally as a watchman for Kananga, he alerts him when Bond breaks onto the island. Later on in the film, he appears to die when Bond (Sean Connery) throws him into a chest full of venomous snakes and shuts the lid. However, the end of the film delivers the biggest twist in Bond History. On the back of the train in which Bond and Solitaire are travelling, Samedi is seen sitting, laughing at the audience. At that point the film ends.
Interesting Note- Baron Samedi is actually the name of one of the Loa of Haitian Voodoo. He is the Loa of the dead, suggesting that his Bond namesake is now a ghost.


Professor Dent
Dr No


Dent works for Dr No and is determined to kill Bond. His first attempt is one of the most iconic moments in cinema: he releases a tarantula into Bond’s bed, with Bond only just escaping. His second attempt also fails miserably and results in Dents’ Death. Bond knows he’s coming, and so prepares for him. When he arrives, Bond disarms him. Dent does get his gun back and fires on Bond, but the gun is empty. Bond (Sean Connery) then comments, “That’s a Smith and Wessen, and you’ve had your six” before calmly shooting him. The scene shows Bond at his best, suave but incredibly dangerous, he doesn’t think twice about killing.
Interesting Point- the gun that Dent uses actually has more than 6 shots, so Bond should really be dead, but that would sort of kill off the series.


Franz Sanchez
License to Kill

Franz-Sanchez L

Sanchez is a South American drug lord, who mutilates Felix Leiter and kills his wife. Bond (Timothy Dalton) goes on a revenge mission. The film climaxes with a chase involving a truck full of petrol (gasoline). Many explosions and deaths later, Bond and Sanchez face off against each other. Bond then finishes it by throwing a cigarette lighter at Sanchez, engulfing him in fire. The lighter gives poignancy to the moment, as it used to belong to Leiter. The Film shows Bonds darker side, but also shows his deep loyalty to his friends. It is usually considered one of the best films.


Dr No
Dr No

Large Dr No Blu-Ray9

Dr No is the first Bond villain, and his death is one of the most memorable in Bond history. In the end, Dr No’s strength is his weakness. After fighting Bond, he begins to slip into a pool full of radioactive water. Bond (Sean Connery) can easily escape, but No can’t climb up the ladder, thanks to his crude hands. He begins to slip into the pool and he eventually disappears under the water and dies. The death of Dr No sets the scene for almost every future Bond film.


Jill Masterson

Goldfinger1 468X356

Jill Masterson is an associate of Goldfinger, who helps him cheat at cards by telling him his opponents cards by hidden radio. When Bond (Sean Connery) breaks into Goldfingers’ room he discovers her there, advising Goldfinger on his game. He then proceeds to take over the connection to Goldfinger, causing him to lose £15.000 at cards. Bond then sleeps with Jill. Later, he goes to re chill the wine and is knocked out by Oddjob. When he awakes, he discovers Jill has been suffocated by being covered in Gold Paint. The death of Masterson is one of the most iconic and brilliant moments in cinema. It remains a favorite of Bond viewers everywhere for it’s daring. Who could have imagined the death of Masterson that way (apart from everyone who had read the book)?


Tracy Bond
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


The Death of Tracy is undoubtedly the saddest moment in Bond History. The films’ subplot revolves around James’s (George Lazenby) and Tracy’s blossoming love. This isn’t like any other relationship they have ever had, and they end up marrying towards the end of the film. But the film isn’t finished. When driving to their honeymoon, another car comes bearing down on them. Blofeld, carrying a gun, fires upon the car. Bond is unarmed, but is is revealed that Tracy has been shot dead. This is the first time Bond is shown to be distraught at the death of a women. The film ends with him sobbing over her dead body. The death has a profound effect on him, as seen in the films The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.


Francisco Scaramanga
The Man With The Golden Gun

Christopher Lee Francisco Scaramanga Bond Villain The Man With The Golden Gun Dracula Bafta Fellow Award

The death of Scaramanga is one of the most tense, but fun, deaths in the Bond films. Scaramanga challenges Bond to a duel, one bullet to Bonds’ (Roger Moore) six. To truly appreciate the death, you need to see the beginning of the film. Scaramanga has a wax model of Bond in his Funhouse/Maze. He shoots all the fingers of Bonds’ left hand off. At the end of the duel we see the figure again, but eagle-eyed viewers can see that the fingers have returned: the real Bond has replaced the fake one, and before Scaramanga realises, Bond turns round and shoots him. Classic moment in an otherwise mediocre film.


Red Grant
From Russia With Love


The Death of Grant remains, arguably, the greatest Bond death in the history of the films. Grant is hired to kill Bond, but saves his life several times, just so that Bond can get his hands on the Lektor. Grant then corners him on a train. Bond tricks him by offering him money stashed in his briefcase. Bond deliberately lets him open it the wrong way, releasing a stream of gas. Grant is distracted, and Bond (Sean Connery) lunges at him. The fight seems to twist and turn in many directions until Grant gets his piano wire out of his watch and strangles Bond. However, Bond manages to reverse the situation and strangles Grant to death. The Death of Grant remains one of the most violent and darkest scenes in Bond history, but is remembered fondly by many fans. The fight encapsulates everything about the Bond series, which is why it is at the top of this list.

Notable Omissions: Oddjob, Gustav Graves, Max Zorin, Elliot Carver

  • Jhoyce07

    nice list.. i like it when they feature James Bond.. suspense..

  • #15 Being sucked into space must be awful, wonder what that feels like. . . Drowning in air

    • Auburn Tiger

      Except there’s no air… Actually, unless you had fully exhaled, the vacuum of space would rip the air out of your lungs (and potentially your lungs out of you)!

    • Bob

      I doubt you’ll feel a whole lot. Decompression sickness immediatly sets in, causing your blood to bubble, which kills you pretty fast. Though you’ll most likely be dead from the cold before that.

  • g


  • bonus entry, the scene where bondjamesbond nearly dies while being dry humped by the russian chick .

    • LMAO :D

    • Nomyia

      Her death should be in the list. She was squeezed to death!!!

  • thomjah

    I had expected Dario, who dies in a pulverizer. Or Milton Crest, whose head explodes. Both “License to Kill”

  • alexx

    I love how the women of James bond had sexual innuendo names. :D great list!

    • Giuls

      Like Pussy Galore! :)

  • magoopaintrock

    You didn’t include the bathtub electrocution from Goldfinger? I find that shocking. Positively shocking.

    • cqsteve

      Damn, you beat me to it.

  • Zorak111

    Hmmmm…. was totally expecting Oddjob

  • Shri

    I would still say, leaving someone to drink a can of motor oil in the dessert is the “best” way to death…aarrrgh

    • Emzee

      I am with you on that!
      And even agent Mitchell chase scene where he is eventually killed is pretty cool.

  • “Now pay attention, 007; this looks like an ordinary suitcase but, if you push this button, a handle comes out and you can wheel it.”

    • chrom3d


  • Will Trame

    It was nice to see Max Zorin in the Notable Omissions (catchy phrase, ain’t it?) category. His plunge into San Francisco Bay following the vicious altercation on the Golden Gate Bridge increased the dramatic impact of such. Ditto for the Zorin blimp.

    I also would mention Alec’s fatal plunge off the antenna in “Goldeneye” as that climactic brawl was as brutal. Still, I agree that Boris’ frozen demise does top Alec getting pulverized by the exploding, collapsing antenna.

  • Scaramanga


  • loapaja

    Nice list!

  • Emzee

    I think eva green drowning in casino royale is worth a mention. Despite knowing that she has betrayed him, Bond tries to save her, and he depressed all throughout quantum of solace because of her death…

  • Emzee


  • David L Rattigan

    What, no Yaphet Kotto (Mr Big in Live and Let Die)? His death by over-inflation was the first scene I thought of. Bloody hilarious.

    • The Lord

      Agreed, this scene was by far the best (if a little rediculous)

  • Flig Narson

    I’m not a huge James Bond fan, but one of my favorite all time movie deaths is in a James Bond film — and I don’t remember which one. Anyway, a bad guy falls into a big industrial snowblower, and the snow, of course, starts coming out red. Bond looks at it and says, “He had a lot of guts…”

    • haha — on her majesty’s secret service when the guy skis into the snowblower .. i can’t remember which villian it was, but that was funny — cheesy funny ….. like in goldfingerwhen the henchman gets electrocuted in the tub, and bond quips: “shocking. positively shocking.”

      • Neil

        A totally under-rated Bond film. Probably because it was lazenby`s only performance as Bond and it was the first time there had been a different actor taking over the role. It did have all the ingredients of a good Bond movie though. I think it was the first Bond film I saw at the cinema and the snowblower scene definatley sticks in the mind lol

  • bob

    Why is there still no listverse app for iphone? i would buy it.

  • Andy

    Wasn’t Live and Let Die Roger Moore’s first film, not one of Connery’s?

    • Tom Bray

      Yeah it was, didn’t see that until you pointed it out to me, must have done it without realising.

      • andy

        Not a biggie, I just remember a slightly sleazier Bond than Connery in that one. Moore is my pick of the Bonds.

  • soulyemane

    What about the “inflation” of Dr.Kananga in Live and Let Die?

  • oouchan

    I’ve always liked “A View to a Kill” just because Max Zorin was a total ass. :) How he kills that one guy at the meeting was pretty epic. Interesting idea for a list, by the way. Good choices too.

    Neat list.

  • cv

    The Aki entry is not quite right…it was Kissy who Bond “married”, not Aki. She was already dead by that point.

  • Eddie

    Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd were the first gay couple of villains in Bond films. First in movie history? Bond’s Gaydar must have been going off full blast! Very cool list- THANKS!

  • Yafeellucky?

    “Do you expect me to talk?”

    • Ham Guru

      No Mister Bond; I expect you to Die!

      • Yafeellucky?


  • Surya

    When the airplane cabin got depressurized and Goldfinger was sucked out of the window, how Bond survived a similar fate despite being aboard the same plane? Because Bond was able to activate his magic wrist watch just in time: it vaccuumized Bond, so Bond could actually suck air from the window from the opposite direction.

  • joe mama

    Another wack list…

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Never been a big fan of 007, I can recall a movie of his where he was on the patio with the villain and he was showing Bond his fish in the swimming pool ” sharks ” – I cant recall what happened but Bond landed up in the pool. A few underwater karate chops and it was all over – he left the house with 3 band aids, I think.

    But to the other side of the coin all the guys that played Bond where super fit ( gym ) they worked hard, acted well – so lets give them credit where its due even though they have many more zeros behind there bank balance than me.

  • Alec

    For England James…?

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      No audio, but what I am getting is thin ad banners superimposing on the images. Thank god, they come with a ‘close’ button.

  • Will Trame

    Then there was Zena “She always did enjoy a good squeeze” Onatopp who met her death in Goldeneye as a result of a vicious dry hump with a tree. In that case I’d say the pleasure was all the aforementioned tree’s.

    As noted, a number of the Bond girls did indeed have names that contained s e x ual innuendos. Pussy Galore was a risque…and extremely brave…name for a 1964 movie.

  • jochi

    The ads within the pictures just make your website horrible lately, it seems like you are getting greedy. I have been browsing and supporting listverse since the early beginnings, but this is turning into the same disaster as istockphoto, hope you can still save your creation before yet another great website gets lost into the oblivion of the corporate communist jungle.

  • Chris

    Moore was in Live And Let Die not Connery

  • BQED

    What about being dropped down a huge smokestack in your wheelchair? Wasn’t that Blofeld’s demise?

  • JimNEPA

    Bond didn’t “marry” Aki. They had him pretend to marry another agent, a local woman named Kissy. Aki died the night before that wedding ceremony. Bond got over her in his usual quick way.

    In “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” it was Blofeld (Telly Savalas), in a neck brace from having gotten pinned by tree branches during the bobsled chase, driving the car, but Fraulein Bunt was the one who sprayed the Bonds’ car with rifle fire as they passed by. In “For Your Eyes Only” we see Blofeld one last time, but by now his neck injuries (no doubt aggravated by the pounding Bond gave Charles Gray’s Blofeld in his escape sub in “Diamonds Are Forever”) have confined him to an electric wheelchair. Bond scooped up the chair with the landing skid of a helicopter and dumped him down a tall industrial smokestack, even as Blofeld pleaded for his life, even offering to buy OO7 a delicatesssen!

  • Pipes

    What about the russian chick who died by helicopter/tree in Goldeneye? That was pretty dang good!

    • jhzun

      Where is “JAWS”? From THE SPY WHO LOVED ME in all these. Duh? Did he die. I’m sure he did.

      • Nope,Jaws does not die in either of the 2 Bond films he appears in:The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker.

  • Nice article.

  • Freddie

    Then there was that old guy whom Xenia Onattop [email protected]&$ed to death. U know, the guy who died with a smile on his face!

  • Nomyia

    How about a list of the top 15 bond girls? From beautiful women, to crazy chicks, funny names and accents and some pretty smart, the Bond movies had it all. Oh, and they were from all races which is pretty cool.

  • Steve

    “The death of Dr No sets the scene for almost every future Bond film.”

    Can you please explain why?

  • I hate to complain about lists like this, but to not have Kanaga’s inflation death on this list is ridiculous. The Elektra King one, at least, should be bumped for that. Oh well.

  • Jack

    Until I saw that you mentioned him in the “honorable mentions” section, I was about to cry foul and say “Where the **** is Oddjob?”

  • voodoo72
  • Jumbodee

    You, my friend, are a true Bond connossieur, as reflected in your obvious appreciation for the films from the classic era. I might have placed Tracy Bond’s second, if only because of it’s unique place in the series’ canon (the series was really never quite the same after that, IMHO)…but overall very well done-the desperate fight with Robert Shaw’s character at the end of “From Russia with Love” is (still) one of the most brutal “real” fights in film history, in some ways has never been surpassed.

  • Jim

    None for Dominic Green in Quantum of Solace? Surely being driven into the middle of the desert and abandoned there by Bond with only a can of oil to drink is one of the more brutal and memorable villain demises?

    • Tom Bray

      Its a demise, but not a death. at the end of the film M tells Bond that he was found with bullets in his head. you never see it happen so he doesn’t make the list. if he had died from the oil he would have probably made the list

  • hearsay

    Roger moore not sean connery was in live and let die.It happens to be one of my favourite bond movies

  • BondFan

    What about Renard in The World is not Enough (Bond family motto). He was impaled on a plutonium rod in a submarine. So cool! One of my favorites and Sophie Marceau stole the movie.

  • shane

    nice one..Stromberg could have made it to the list ,having been shot at his balls….

  • KayJay

    Great list! I will say, King’s death annoys the crap out of me. Bond seems so …. Weak there. I mean yeah, he kills her, but (to me) it appears like he REALLY doesn’t want to. And I mean really really. Just so we’re clear, that’s two really’s.

  • Jonny Brackney

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! THE BEST BOND DEATH was when Bond puts that guy in some sort of machine and HIS HEAD EXPLODES! It actually shows this happen! Not sure of the Villain’s name or which film it was in… maybe OCTAPUSSY?