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Welcome To Listverse Version Four

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Welcome to the new look! After months of hard work from our design team and our editing team we are happy to launch the new site.

While we have tried our best to iron out any wrinkles that may have occurred in the switch-over process, we expect there to be a few bugs here and there. Please use this post to let us know anything you find so we can add it to our todo list of corrections and alterations.

We have tried very hard to maintain the format of Listverse as much as possible, whilst giving us a chance to bring older content that is newsworthy or relevant to the top (via the editor’s picks on the front page). We are using the same commenting system as before and all registered users remain.

The main focus of the redesign was (aside from attractiveness) speed. Hopefully you will notice a measurable improvement in that area. A lot of work has also gone into making our mail subscriptions better; they are not only more attractive, but you can now choose to subscribe to daily or weekly updates.

This is phase one of what will be a three phase launch. The first stage is the overall new design so everyone can get used to it and bugs can be ironed out. Following that we will have phase two which will introduce behind the scenes changes to how we will control the popular content and editors picks. This should allow us to show trending lists from around the site based on what is currently being viewed.

Phase three is the most exciting as this will be introducing—for the first time ever—some fundamentally new and huge feature additions. While I can’t give much away, I can at least tell you that the changes will be all about bringing more lists and won’t be adding functionality that is not list-related. We plan to build on what we have not expand sideways into other avenues.

A mobile app has been much called for in the past but we think the mobile site that is part of this phase one release should be what most people are seeking. Having said that, I am not averse to still considering mobile apps as part of the future. We should soon be able to tell (based on feedback) whether there is still a need for that and we will reconsider our options then.

Please take the time to let us know what you think!


The following bugs have been fixed.

1. Navigation menu now closes faster when you move the mouse out
2. “More Great Lists” now features lists from the same subcategory only—not the parent category
3. “More Great Lists” no longer obscures parts of the comments

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Listverse Staff

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