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8 Tips For Becoming A Sought-After Sugardaddy

Smooth, suave, sexy and self-assured. Are you ready for a very exciting and rewarding social life as a sugardaddy? Here are our tips on how to be a desirable sugardaddy – the sugardaddy women love and adore:


Be Rich (or at least fake it!)

Picture 2-65

Women look up to sugardaddies for their social stature and financial stability. A sugardaddy has to be the best – or at least one of the best – in whatever industry or field he may be in. You have to be the confident top dog at the reins, the alpha male, the boss. You have to show you’re in charge.

You have to have sufficient means as well. As a sugardaddy, you are expected to spend, not just for yourself but especially for your lady friend. If you’re liquid and capable money-wise, you’re on the right track. Remember: you don’t just decide to become a sugardaddy, you have to be able to afford it.


Dress Sharply

Picture 3-26

Women love a sharp-dressed man and if you’re about to become a beautiful woman’s sugardaddy, you better look good beside her. Good taste in clothing can be cultivated and since you want to be your own brand, don’t be afraid to find a style all your own. If you need good advice, hire a personal stylist. He will be able to guide you in choosing the right cut, color and trend that will bring out your looks. If you want to create an extra big splash, learn to wear white tie properly with this list – then invite your lady to a fancy white tie event. But above all, remember, you don’t have to wear a suit to look sharp – you can dress casually and still look a million bucks.


Get Educated


Becoming a sugardaddy does not necessarily require you to have a doctorate degree or even a Master’s degree, although that surely can’t hurt. However, knowing more than just sports stats and stock market indicators will make you a very entertaining and interesting man.

Find a subject or interest that you feel you can excel in and then learn and experience as much as you can about it. Educate yourself with subjects that have a wide appeal, such as art, architecture, politics, finance, sports, food, wine, business, entertainment, media and world affairs. Being a well-read man makes your lady friend the envy of other women. And that makes you – her sugardaddy – highly desirable and irresistible. You can find some tips to help you in this department on the Top 10 Ways To Seem Smarter Than You Are.


Talk the Talk

Ian Mckellen.Jpg

The best sugardaddies in the planet are those who are well-spoken – smart, articulate and witty. And they don’t even have to try too hard. Ladies like men who know how to carry a good, enticing conversation should the situation call for it.

If you want to be a highly sought-after sugardaddy, learn how to improve your conversation skills. Apply corrective measures on any speech defects you might have. A lisp, for example, can seem adorable to a few but in general, it can distract from the substance of your conversation.

An accent, on the other hand, is something you have to be careful about nurturing. Does it make you attractive or does it just make you sound funny? Change your accent only if: a) you’re uncomfortable with it, b) you haven’t been getting rave reviews about it and c) it doesn’t make you a hit with the ladies.


Become a Gentleman

Picture 4-18

Even the world’s best-known sugardaddies did not become who they are overnight. If you wish to cultivate an exciting and interesting persona, learn the ways of the mysterious yet enchanting gentleman. Roughnecks, dirty-mouths, insecure losers and the uncouth do not belong in your club. You’re a cut above the rest, so show it. You might find the Top 10 Lost Rules of Etiquette helpful.


Take Care of Yourself


Not only should you look good with designer clothes on, you should also look good without them. Learn to live a healthy life. Find an exercise regimen that will enhance your body shape, trim away excess fat and keep yourself fit and strong. The key here is longevity – the healthier you are, the better, more capable sugardaddy you will be.


Buy a Flash Car


Your choice of car can make a huge difference between being sought after and avoided. No one is going to want to be taken out to the latest film premiere in a Skoda. You need to get yourself an amazing car. If it is too far outside of your budget to buy one, hire a car (but be sure to hide the rental papers and any signs in the car). If you are going for the sporty look, get a Lamborghini – if you are going to suave and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with a Bentley.


Have Good Manners


Once you have managed to pull off all of the above tips, you will finally have a chance of taking your lady out for a meal. All of the work you put in to making yourself a man in demand will go down the gurgler if you scoff your food or behave like a pig at the table. Therefore, it is imperative that you brush up on your table manners. Fortunately for you, we have a list that can help: The Top 10 Rules For Fine Dining. Oh – and it goes without saying that you should not be going to McDonald’s for your date – find an upmarket restaurant.

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  • dbrownl

    hmmm… i think this list could be just fiilthy rich and there you have it all done

  • Moe786

    As shallow as a kiddie pool!

  • dbrownl

    I also think the picture for #5 maybe ironic as sir ian mkellan is an outspoken homosexual not a sugardaddy in the least

  • Note the humor tag people :)

  • Travis

    You missed the golden rule of being a sugar daddy:

    – Have a mysterious background (or pretend to have one). Act like your profession is extremely dangerous, secret and worldwide important! Act like you did something in your past that changed lives but never speak about it and when you hint about the subject stare into the horizont with semi-closed eyes. Girls love intrigue and mystery… thats why they watch soaps!

  • ymanzo

    agh it is toooo much work to become a sugardaddy! ill just go out and find a sugarmama that sounds like a better idea!

  • Travis: good idea – you can even use the Top 10 Ways To Fly Under the Radar to help build up your secret persona!

  • Oh – forgot to say that item one on the list mentioned in my last comment is the one you want.

  • Cazzazz

    My inner feminist is weeping….. the rest of me is loling :p

  • Cazzazz: sometimes you just gotta let go of that inner feminist :)

  • jajdude

    Hef-Trumped guns on the list, g. Reckon I could pull it off but gave up bankrobbing yo.

  • Oh- what do you all think of the new “popular” and “controversial” tabs on the front page? I will be adding lists to both categories over the next few days and sorting out images for them.

  • jhoyce07

    boyfriends can do this.. right guys??

  • Travis

    @ jfrater : I think the popular and controversial tabs are an excellent idea! there are now so many lists that its good to group them up into categories, subjects and popularity!

  • SamBam51

    In short, be Don Draper.

  • Hasuri

    Haha, u must be a daddy to become a sugar dad.. Nice list

  • msulli222

    Love this list- hilarious… but kind of true. A girl’s gotta love an educated and well-mannered gentleman who dresses well… of course, I’m pretty sure those only exist in movies. Stupid Disney, getting my hopes up.

    Also, the new tabs on the front page are a great idea. If I could suggest another one (though I think it would require regular upkeep/more work, so maybe not a feasible idea): a tab for lists that still have active conversations going on in the comments. Some lists have commenting that goes on for weeks, if not longer, others die out in a couple days. It’d be nice if there was one place to stop and check to see which lists I should still be keeping track of.

  • Marco

    Location counts too. I’m currently working in Lagos, Nigeria, where it seems any malodorous expatriate git can accomplish this.

  • Cybogen

    It seems this this list is pretty interesting in the sense of what may work in upper class relationships. in todays economy much of this type of behavior would be hard to come by. Everyone trying to just get by.

  • Clantargh

    Hmm tips on how to attract a sugarmama should be next

  • deeeziner

    Great list- Amusing read, but also some of these tips are appropriate for those who don’t aspire to be a “sugar daddy”, just an active dater.

    2. Moe786–Not shallow for the reason I’ve stated above.

    12. jfrater–Checked out the new tabs. What defines a list to the new categories? For popular, I suspect # of times viewed. Controversial–Comment count doesn’t seem to be the criteria, so is it key words in the title of list? My opinion of the new tabs-7/10 with a higher rating when I understand better the sorting process.

    17. msulli222–I agree with your suggestion of an “active” tab being added to homepage. It would be a nice way to keep track of the more heated debates, especially after older ones drop from homepage due to chronological progression. “Out of sight, out of mind” may be cliche’ but it is accurate.

    And thanks for the chuckles, Alex Padron.

  • I cannot do any of these things
    My life as a Sugardaddy has failed before it even started
    Good list

  • Kennoth

    Nice read, but not very realistic. I’ll just hire a prostitute instead of going throughout this ordeal

  • Jacob

    Gotta buy a tiger!

  • ChristineM

    This was hilarious, it’s likes something from

  • oouchan

    Funny list! However, I couldn’t see myself with a guy like that. Too much money would make me nuts. I like it simple. :D

    p.s. I like the new tabs as well. :)

  • deeeziner

    btw–Photo support for the list was pretty accurate with an exception to item 7-Dress Sharply.

    That’s Sharp dressing? I thought the photo was the anti-example.

  • dave4248

    Be rich is only #8? That’s a joke right? Be rich s/be #1-#8. It’s the ONLY thing you need. Remember, you said “sugardaddy” not “ladies man.” Ladies man might require a more well rounded guy, but not sugardaddy.

  • archangel

    Hmmm…. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, x, tick!!! Wooohoo, i just need someone to donate me a lamborghini and i’ll be a sugardaddy =P

    nice list.

  • callie_

    19- I remember reading some article that had all these chicks whining cause their sugar daddies couldn’t get them bottle serivce anymore, or buy them diamonds, or take them on trips. It was very, very hard on them, the poor dears.

  • cynnful

    How to be a Sugar Mama: Have a *LOT* of money. Done.

    This was a great, light-hearted list! Also, I think *most* women want a well-educated, well-groomed, well-spoken man. The money and sweet car are just perks! Hell, I think most women would want to be well-educated, well-groomed and well-spoken. But that’s probably all just my opinion. ;)

    PS. Love the tab ideas!

  • muzli

    20 Clantargh
    I think the next list should be ‘how to be a hot and sought-after sugarmama’

  • TEX

    Combine all of these into one and it reminds me of me.

  • muzli

    This is cheapening and degrading of women, but it is oh so true.

  • bucslim

    Yes, I know most hot women are looking for a gay X-Man type (pic 5) to fulfill all of their shopping needs. Ian McKellen might just fit the bill, provided he has his supply of Cialis and Flomax filled on a regular basis and ah, oh yeah, IF HE LIKED WOMEN.

    If anybody wants to see a real sugar daddy, just watch Bill Paxton in True Lies. Sorry guys, the game’s up when Jamie Lee Curtis meets you at your ‘safe house’ trailer and you’re serving her Boones in a plastic goblet and she notices your stray subscription cards to Swank and Cheri.

  • Cybogen

    A good Christian womasn with an outgoing personality and loving heart is all I would need

  • Gauldar


    Get a Pagan one, the sex is better.

  • bucslim

    @Gauldar – how would you know?

  • J

    This list should be titled… How to attract stupid, shallow, women.

  • TEX

    39. J
    with big boobs

  • lostatsea

    #2 You would need to go pre 1931 to get a real W O Bentley automobile as they were taken over by Rolls-Royce…then horrors were bought up by Volkswagon!! Did enjoy my old Mark VI though!!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    40 TEX
    big FAKE boobs

  • Bob-somebody-stole-my-name

    1 and 4 are the same thing.

    Besides, this list pretty much misses the point entirely of what a sugardaddy (is that really a solid compound?) is. A sugardaddy is a guy with money who, because of his money, gets women he otherwise would not get. That’s it. A woman who is giving it to a guy because he’s got money (see “whore”) doesn’t care about how he looks or what kind of manners he has or how he speaks anymore than she cares about how good he is in bed (surprised you didn’t have that one on the list, for crying out loud).

  • Freshies

    Ahhh, all you need is a shit load of money and spend it on her. You could wear Nascar wife beaters everyday if you drop $1000 a day for her to go buy up whetever some gold digging bitch wants. If I had a bunch of money I would pull what Dave Chappelle did and call up all my old ex-girlfriends and show them all the money I had and get them to believe that I would take care of them and then throw them to the curb for being gold diggers. That would be awesome and bring a smile to my face.

  • magsc23

    OMG how is it possible to overthink and overanalyze a list as fluffy and purposefully silly as this? Somehow we’ve managed.

    Now someone needs to make the list “how to get a sugar daddy”.

  • Maggot

    28 Dave4248: Be rich s/be #1-#8. It’s the ONLY thing you need.

    43 Bob: A sugardaddy is a guy with money who, because of his money, gets women he otherwise would not get. That’s it.

    Witness J. Howard Marshall

  • I guess there are different interpretations on what a sugar daddy is or what he’s all about.
    When I think of sugardaddy I think of a heavy set rich guy with a cigar who is attracted to un-educated women with big boobs. The only thing he has to worry about to please his girl is having enough money to give her for her hair & nail appointments and shopping sprees and she gives him sex and shallow compliments to boost his ego in return.
    I’m not saying the stuff on this this list is wrong, I just have a different version as to what a sugardaddy is.

  • Freshies

    How to get a sugar daddy?:

    1.Be hot
    2.Big breasts
    3.Don’t sleep around
    4.Don’t say stupid things in public
    5.Don’t act like it is your money
    6.Don’t argue w/ the Sugar Daddy
    7.Don’t have kids
    8.Don’t complain
    9.Be exaclty what he wants (he can get rid of you as quick as he aquired you)
    10.Be in good shape

  • Gauldar


    I guess the Christian women I have been with just we’re not that great experiences. Let me know if you have better luck.

  • smurff

    40 TEX

    And a nice bum

    New tabs are a great

  • damien_karras

    “I’m gonna straight up he-bitch man slap you!”

    Oh wait, thats for being a gigolo.

    Dammit, this isn’t the Hustler forums?

  • Cybogen

    Christian ladys are fine~

  • warrrreagl

    As for good manners, don’t forget that a gentleman NEVER shakes a woman’s hand unless she offers it first.

  • Cybogen

    52. warrrreagl – May 13th, 2009 at 9:36 am
    As for good manners, don’t forget that a gentleman NEVER shakes a woman’s hand unless she offers it first.

    As for good manners, don’t forget that a gentleman NEVER shakes a woman’s BOOBS unless she offers them.

  • Warrrr, I HATE it when guys want to shake hands. Why does any guy think I want to shake hands?

  • Mom424

    Haha, funny list. My hubby has 4 of 10, 5 if you’re willing to count our classic Mustang in lieu of the Aston I would prefer. I guess I’m just willing to settle. :)

    Rushfan; As an offer of friendship? The same as they would offer a man their hand?

  • Not such an interesting list for me, although I did enjoy J’s tip of the top ways to fly under the radar.

    #2 – you said it!

    #55 – Mom424 “I guess I’m just willing to settle.” – my philosophy exactly. If I ain’t got it, I don’t need it. Besides, I look a prick in designer gear, a scrubber in a posh car, a dweeb with a credit card, and snob with a silky voice, a prat talking small talk. So yeah, I’m non of those things ‘cus I wouldn’t feel like ME any other way.

  • Samzilla

    I think I’ll forword this list to my boyfriend.
    The only time I can get him to clean up is to promise to shower with him and then help him get ready while I’m still naked…lol.

  • #54: Rushfan – The act of touching as a greeting goes back 200,000 years and is the best way to reassure the receiver that you are not a threat. After the inital bearing of the teeth (which later developed into the ‘smile’), such greetings then included: back patting, shoulder holding, hand holding, forehead to forehead touching, finger touching, and placing the lips to parts of others face. This was an essential process as the receiver would then be many times more confident, comfortable and open to communication, and of course more open towards anothers advances.

    As the world became more ‘civilised’ standard ways of greeting became the hand shake and the kiss. Today, in a world of ‘comfort zones’, the act of touching has been diminished; and with the inclusion of the hand wave, the head nod (or toss), and the simple smile taking presidence over touching, a certain sense of comradship and community is being replaced by individualism.

  • Nietzsche

    This list disappointed me… =[ Seems quite pointless, shallow, and dull. I thought this website offered bizarre or informative lists.

  • Freshies

    59. Nietzsche:
    I Agree

  • joe mama

    59 & 60: Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it’s under the humor category. Laugh a little.

  • TEX

    So I should not shake a girl’s hand?
    I just did it last weekend – now ya’ll have me thinking I committed a faux pas.
    I have a job where I meet new people everyday. To not shake hands in a positive, reassuring fashion is considered un-businesslike. Doesn’t matter who or what, you shake their hand.
    So last weekend i’m at the store and I bump into a friend of the family that I don’t know that well and I shake her hand.

  • TEX

    I mean I would Like to hear the ladies take on this.

  • oouchan

    TEX: I always offer my hand to the guy if he goes to shake my hand. No biggie for me. I don’t think it’s wrong, but some people don’t want to be touched. I learned this from the Japanese Culture Class I am taking. They bow, no touchy! :)
    My girl doesn’t like to shake hands either. She just nods. (but then again, she’s 13 and doesn’t like anybody so that just might be a teenager thing)

  • Miss. Rainbow Shortie

    @ number 6:
    Did you just go to google images for the pictures?

  • lo

    are you an insecure, shallow but sexy chick who thinks you have with nothing to offer the world but your body? or are you an insecure rich guy without the personality or social skills to attract women?

    then this is the list for you!

    usually when people who don’t even like or care about each other trade sex for money and favors they just call it prostitution.

    way to try and romanticize and rationalize this behavior which demeans both the woman and the men involved. how “humorous”.

  • msulli222

    67. Lo-

    I hope you were being sarcastic in your comments. This list is doing exactly the opposite of your accusations. It neither romanticized nor rationalized the sort of behavior that goes along with being a sugardaddy. It was using satire to make a point about how absurd the “sugardaddy” phenomenon is.

    Humor does not necessarily have the goal of turning the unacceptable something acceptable. It can be used to make social and political points (see The Daily Show and The Colbert Report).

  • Nietzsche

    62. Oh shut up. It wasn’t bizarre, it wasn’t informative, it wasn’t interesting, and it certainly wasn’t funny; I’m not going to laugh, nor will I listen to your idiotic advice. My point is this can’t be the best list available to post, and I’m pretty sure I am correct. Respect people’s opinions… I didn’t say anything offensive or anything.

  • Nietzsche

    By the way, just because I don’t laugh at each little thing in the “humor” category doesn’t make me a humorless taint or anything… jeez.

  • Nietzsche

    Sorry for triple post…

    68. msulli222 – I believe the point isn’t that people can’t see it’s a joke or that it’s pointing out an “absurd phenomenon” (is this an essay?). The point is, this satire wasn’t good. Not that it didn’t tickle me hee-hee but that it was lame… to put it in layman’s terms. Do you understand layman’s terms?

  • lo


    well, sarcasm is the single hardest thing to do well (or at all) online. as you aren’t the list’s author, how can you be sure he’s satirizing it? i know it’s in the humor category, but i’m not seeing the humor. his suggestions aren’t really over the top, and trying to satirize isn’t the same as pulling it off.

    -there are shows like “the millionaire matchmaker” where real mega-rich guys (and so far one gal) pay a professional matchmaker to literally give them most of the exact advice on this list. the only caveat of the show is the men say they are looking to attract a real love match, not just a gold-digging young hottie.

    and there are certainly real life women who aspire to be nothing more than hugh heffner’s “girlfriend” or some other form of “kept woman” purely by trading on their looks.

    i watch the daily show and colbert every day, but if this author meant to satirize he did a terrible job, as his advice is actually quite spot on for someone aspiring to a heffner-esque lifestyle -or attracting any women in general.

    look at the list again, it advises a man to (from one to eight):

    be well mannered at the table.
    drive an expensive car.
    be in good physical shape.
    be well mannered and chivalrous in general.
    be eloquent and well spoken.
    be well educated and intelligent.
    dress well.
    be wealthy.

    now, some of these (like the car) may not be specifically important to some people, but in general it’s a list of what many people look for in a “perfect man” played straight, not satire.

    now, if it was written to say “if you can be all these things and at the same time be a known evil murder, babes will still flock to you!” maybe it would be more satirical. but maybe not, as many evil, murderous drug or mafia lords and such can still get arm-candy women lining up to be with them, and they just have to be rich and powerful, not well mannered or in great shape.

    so no, i wasn’t being sarcastic, i think this list is poorly done and not funny. and not because i can’t take crude or sexist humor on occasion -i read cracked fairly often- but it has to be well done to be funny.

  • lo


    also, you are one of only 12/72 comments so far that specifically said the list was funny, nice, or a good list. nearly everyone else said it sounded like advice for boyfriends or well-rounded guys in general, questioned the author’s definition of “sugardaddy”, said “the only thing you need is money”, or like me, said they didn’t like the list or that it wasn’t funny to them.

    so congratulations on being in the 16% of comments so far which felt that a description of an intelligent, educated, healthy, wealthy man with good taste and good manners was a laugh-out-loud screaming satire of a sugardaddy stereotype.

  • oouchan

    73. lo: Wow. I said it was funny. Not my cup of tea, because that is not what I would want in a man but it was funny to me. I didn’t think it was “a laugh-out-loud screaming satire of a sugardaddy stereotype”, however. Just funny.

  • msulli222

    @ Lo- I am not arguing that this was necessarily good satire. That is a personal opinion. This is not about who has a sense of humor and who doesn’t. I just think that it is taking it too far to say that this list was horrible because it is promoting this sort of lifestyle. The fact that it was in the humor section indicates that it was not doing so.

    And, while I am not in fact the author of this list, I do think it is fairly obvious that it was not meant to be taken seriously.

    Also, I agree with you on the sarcasm thing. You’re right- not an easy thing to accomplish.

    @Nietzsche, note that Lo’s comments were well thought out and were not unnecessarily antagonistic in nature… unlike yours… you do understand polysyllabic words like “antagonistic” and “phenomenon”, don’t you?
    …What can I say, I’m sometimes pretty bitchy, and I am not so pretentious that I’m not willing to sink to your level and admit to it, especially if I can use a “complex” vocabulary while doing so… just to annoy you, since you seem so irritated by the oh-so-advanced word “phenomenon”.

  • lo

    okay, my comment at 73 was overly harsh. i think i was so taken with the alliteration of “laugh-out-loud screaming satire of a sugardaddy stereotype” that i couldn’t resist typing it. sorry ;)

    i’m happy the list made some people smile, i just thought it was a failure.

  • msulli222

    @Lo: I never said that I thought it was a “laugh-out-loud screaming satire”. And, granted, it really was not great, or even good satire. But, I do think the list had its merits. It was simply a little fun to read for me personally. So, I’ll take your congratulations for being in the 16% of people who liked the list, since we in the 16% got to have a pleasant couple of minutes reading it. While maybe not time well spent intellectually or productively, I’m glad I spent it doing something enjoyable.

  • msulli222

    @lo- no harm done. I also have a penchant for alliteration. It shows some dedication, though, counting up the comments. I’m impressed. Seriously. I’m tempted to just go ahead and call you winner of this debate just because of the effort you put in. Brava!

  • Looser

    HOW SHALLOW ARE WE????? the voice in the back of my head says VERY

  • Maggot

    72 lo: and there are certainly real life women who aspire to be nothing more than hugh heffner’s “girlfriend”

    Good to know I’m not the only one that thinks of these insipid “girls-next-door” as being nothing more than paid escorts. Every month I have to take a break from “reading the articles” to get a laugh out of the staged photo-ops that the geriatric Hef and his so-called girlfriends have in store for us. And I do mean staged – they are always lined up in the exact same order: one on one side and two on the other, and it’s always the same gal on the outside of the two. I always feel sorry for her, having to be a second-tier bimbo.

  • lo

    maggot, the girls-next-door oddly fascinate me.

    did you know that they’ve all gotten their own shows now? so their “escortdom” to heff seems to have really been their ticket to….something.

    and bridget (was she the one on the “other side”?) was married (but separated) throughout part of the show, she also has a masters in communications. i always wonder who was really using who in the girls “relationships” with heff.

  • Maggot

    81 lo: i always wonder who was really using who

    Well you’ve got a point there, lo. I knew the three had a show (singular), but not that they each had their own show. Is that what you’re saying? Funny, and not at all surprising. I’d never seen the GND show but have seen them in guest appearances on other things. All I know is – the one girl, the “outside” girl, has the most annoying laugh I have ever heard in my life!

    Now apparently, there is a new set of three, as the original set has left the nest. Amusing stuff, for sure.

  • lo


    bridget has a new show right now on the travel channel. the other 2 have shows in production. i think “bad laugh girl” is kendra, the youngest, shortest, occasionally blondest one who’s marrying that football player now. i just google imaged, she is indeed “outside” chick.

    his new batch has those violent offender flat-as-a-board trash twins from the florida wing joint (a hooters knock-off, they couldn’t even score jobs with a real hooters! probably afraid they’d punch a customer.) doesn’t it? what a gross joke!

    i just realized i know much too much about this. sigh, i’m one of the fools validating these fame-whore women…

  • Maggot

    83 lo: i just realized i know much too much about this.

    Lol trust me, lo. We shallow guys would find that to be an attractive quality in you…

  • Howie

    Wow…. I read these to waste time…. but this was a waste of my wasted time

  • calm_incense

    Wow, what a bunch of crybabies. You get a new list each day, and for FREE. For fuck’s sakes, so what if every now and then there’s a list that doesn’t cater to your interests? It’s called “life”, and no, it doesn’t revolve around you.

  • Nietzsche

    75. msulli222… You’ve clearly never read any of my posts, which is fine, but it seems awfully ignorant of you to judge my mental capacities based on my criticism of your use of the world “phenomena” to describe something like a sugardaddy when it was a poor choice. And then, as silly and butthurt as you have proven yourself to be, you lash out and attempt to inform me that I’m stupid or something. Get real man. Your poor excuse for sarcasm reflects your stupidity.

    My points:
    – This is not an effective satire, hence my opinion of it as a lame list. You can observe without much strain that I am not alone in this perspective.
    – You could have used better words but you were trying to sound so learned and smart that so you sounded like an imbecile to the last word.
    – I wasn’t antagonistic. Some dolt antagonized me first by assuming and identifying me as a humorless lump. That was my retaliation. 1) Know the story and 2) Mind your own business.

    Now if you have anything else to say but “Huff huff I’m going to state that you are stupid with no real evidence other than the kind I just pulled from my ass and my baseless, unfounded arrogance,” then please go ahead. Otherwise keep it to yourself. You are just sniffing around for trouble where no one wants it.

    P.S. If you are going to use examples of “complex” words, try not to use phenomenon and antagonistic. If you think they are complex, congratulations on graduating from the 5th grade.

  • I4gotmyMantra

    the funny thing is, i read through this whole list with a dead straight face, then I finifhed it, burst out laughing, and am still giggling. :)

  • Jessy

    Please, it’s not just vapid whores looking for sugar daddies- what about us Arts Majors who will one day depend on rich partners while we volunteer for Unicef or work at Starbucks? And they have to be able to carry an intelligent conversation too!

  • aspyr

    why does everyone always have to fight on the message boards about stuff irrelevant to the lists? If ya’ll wanna prove who’s smarter or who can use bigger words, well…I can’t stop you. Still pretty sad though

  • CatChick1964

    awww… that’s not fair that you have Ian McKellan’s picture on #5. As a proud and quite handsome gay man… he could/would never be my sugardaddy. More’s the pity.
    ***heavy sigh…..

  • msulli222

    @Nietzsche : On the contrary, I am not going to call you stupid, because as you said, that would be completely baseless. And, I have read your comments on this site before, and I find them to be generally intelligent and well written. I just find it absurd that you decided to make this personal in nature when all I was looking for was to get Lo to explain her reasoning a little further, which she did wonderfully.

    I am not going to take this any further by defending myself, because aspyr is right, this is a completely stupid thing to argue about. I’m sorry I even responded to your insult in the first place. My response was in poor taste, and I’m sorry.

    I’ll just leave you with this: you never know what kind of day someone is having. Keep in mind they might have had a REALLY shitty day before you decide to write something that was intended to be so hurtful. Your last post went too far in terms of being a proportional response.

  • firstborn

    I thought it was a pretty funny list. Does that bring the % total up ? Wow that`s some fancy research to prove a silly point. The writer of the list doesn`t work for Letterman im sure. SOOOOOOOO pull the stick out of the lower regions,light one up and chill.

  • #48

    In other words, Be a Roast Chicken :D

    I wouldnt want to be a sugar mama or daddy, Too much of an effort..

  • Really Tiny Tim

    Very shallow list. If I were to follow all the things said I would not want a lady I would want someone to punch me in the face again and again. Besides I’m banking on the meek inheriting the earth anyway.

    By earth I mean women and by meek I mean the fat, poor and ugly.

  • Jim

    discussion about this list = *****

    p.s. some people just love to complain.

    just a good, lighthearted list.

  • GTT

    I´ll join those who actually laughed at this list. It completely came off as satire (at least to me). And I quote:

    “Be Rich (or at least fake it!)”

    “Nurture an accent… Change your accent only if: a) you’re uncomfortable with it, b) you haven’t been getting rave reviews about it and c) it doesn’t make you a hit with the ladies.”

    “(but be sure to hide the rental papers and any signs in the car)”

    Yes, there are people who undoubtedly take this advice seriously… Those are the people we mock. Ana Nicole Smith? The Girls Next Door? I dont think anyone is trying to romanticize or rationalize this behavior (sorry lo, didnt mean to pick on your comment there… :) ).

    You know what I think is sad? That we as a society have gotten to the point where this behavior is so “normal” that we cannot even see the its inherent ludicrousness.

    Just my two cents… :)

  • bigski

    I would love to be a sugardaddy !

  • TEX


  • Ryan

    2 Moe786
    May 13th, 2009 at 1:46 am

    “As shallow as a kiddie pool!”


  • Suggadaddywannabe

    I just wanna know who that girl is in the #1 picture is….She’s giving me a boner

  • danny

    Xiah Junsu is cute

    he can my sugardaddy anytime

  • porkido

    Ian McKellan is certainly a sugardaddy…he just prefers boys…

  • Liadan

    Good morning. I?m telling you, things are getting out of hand. Or maybe I?m discovering that things were never in my hands.
    I am from African and learning to read in English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Fleas must be controlled on your dog, and fleas must be controlled in your dog successful flea control has two aspects.”

    Thank you so much for your future answers :-). Liadan.

  • SouthEastgirl_BiologyTeacher

    OMG!! no 6: JUNSU!! He is my favorite star(singer)! the way..he’s not a Sugardaddy..

  • I think there’s alot more to being a sought after sugar baby then most men and women think… Is there a true American Geshia out there?

  • I came upon a blog from a woman who considers herself an American Geisha. She see’s herself as one because she believes that the intimacy and company she offers a man is similar to that of a Japanese Geisha. I beg to differ and encourage her to research her assumptions more fully and revert back to a more accurate portrayal of her dealings with men. The true definition of a Japanese Geisha is “Artist”. A Geisha spends years of her life in formal training building her skills and aptitudes in the following subjects. Dance, art, politics, social etiquette, language, culture and beauty. Sexual intimacy is not a requirement for the Geisha. In fact, in Japanese society, Geisha’s are almost always virgins who accompany, entertain and attend to the needs of a gentleman -within the context of a social setting. The financial generosity of a man who invites the company of a Geisha is for the purpose of helping her pay for the costs associated with her formal training and in return he receives her company and together they enjoy the fruits that have been born from her training. Unlike the American sugar baby where sexual intimacy is at the root of the connection and is almost always the requirement for his financial generosity.

  • Allie

    I love the irony of the Sir Ian McKellen picture. If only he were straight b/c he may be old but I'd still tap that.

  • nicky

    Oh look at #6…it’s Junsu.

  • seerrrraaaa

    this list is ridiculous. who are the best-known sugardaddies? cause they're unknown to me.

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  • Nina

    Who’s the guy @ #6 ? :P pretty hot there

  • Mr.Wednesday

    yeah rite! it says buy a lambo and youll have it made as a sugar daddy thats garbage! there is NO WAY you can pay for your date, take her to nice places, wear nice clothes and do fun stuff if your PAYING OFF YOUR LAMBO HAHA!!

  • noypi

    So the ‘requirements’ are pretty much the same as with younger men.

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