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10 Best Supernatural Occurrences Caught On Camera

by Rachel Jones
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Whether it’s ghost hunters communicating with trapped spirits, or shadowy figures spotted in desolate gravesites, everyone loves to hear about supernatural occurrences caught on camera. The internet is filled with real paranormal stories backed up by scary images and videos that make you want to leave the lights on at night.

Footage from around the world showcases scenes from eyewitnesses that have captured a strange phenomenon, and thankfully, they weren’t too shaken to share it. Authenticating supernatural occurrences can be challenging, but it usually refers to paranormal activity that’s beyond the scope of modern science. Some remain skeptical, but ‘ghost hunting pictures’ or ‘caught on camera videos’ have become part of mainstream entertainment.

Supernatural experts now believe the word or paranormal is misleading, as these occurrences are now seemingly ‘normal’ since they are happening more often. Before you get your spine chilled by investigators looking to uncover unexplainable goings-on, keep in mind that the best supernatural footage happens unexpectedly. Here are the 10 best supernatural occurrences caught on camera: credible, unbelievable to see, and fascinating to hear about.

10 Rolling Inside the Plattsmouth Museum of Shadows

In Plattsmouth, Nebraska, the Museum of Shadows lived up to its name with occurrences that had the whole town talking. Although the institution has seen its fair share of paranormal happenings, the scene that staff discovered from security video footage is nothing but chilling.

According to museum owner Nate Raterman, it happened on Friday the 2, February 2018, in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll see a ball being thrown around and rolled on the floor, but nobody in this video.

The ball is picked up by an invisible hand, which throws it across the room, then it rolls to the center of the floor. Nate said the ball is what paranormal buffs call a trigger object, a plaything for the supernatural, and he believes the mystery ghost could be a child. The Museum of Shadows is no doubt a haunted building, seeing as it was built in 1881.

Once a saloon, it had an upstairs brothel where many people are said to have died or been murdered. Raterman reflects that if the house itself isn’t attracting malevolent spirits, then the items that are part of his more than 2,000 artifact collection possibly are.

9 Odd Creature Captured by Security Camera Confounds Viewers

CCTV Captures Dobby On Driveway

This clip that surfaced on Facebook is puzzling, if not alarming. The footage posted by Vivian Gomez has gone viral. When you watch the images captured on her security camera, you’ll be saying ‘what the heck’ right along with Vivian.

You can see a short joyful figure; a bony frame carried on wobbly legs gallivanting along with no qualms whatsoever. The image shows a cross between a rabbit, an elephant, and an alien creature, almost a dead-ringer for ‘Dobby’ from the Harry Potter series.

On Sunday morning, Gomez woke up and looked into her black and white monitor for any activity from the night before. At first, she recalls a shadow that fell across her front door where the camera that captured the wraith is located. Moments later, the figure appears, casually skipping along on the driveway, appearing to do what many viewers related as the ‘chicken dance.’ The dancing phantom disappears and is curiously not captured by two other cameras on the property, but Gomez swears that the video hasn’t been doctored.

8 Mystery Ghost Seen Lurking at a School Where Six People Died

Ghost Hunters worldwide have had their imagination captured by the happenings in a Pocatello high school in Idaho. CCTV footage shows a spine chilling poltergeist roaming the empty corridors at night during the Christmas holidays.

The school was once gutted by fire, and six people lost their lives on its grounds, including a young boy that drowned in the pool, and paranormal occurrences have long plagued it. Students and staff have reported strange noises, fleeting whispers, and there’s an ever-present dark shadow looming on the ceiling of the auditorium. In the eerie clip, there’s flickering as lights turn themselves off and on again, right before a mysterious figure casually strolls into the corridor and enters one of the classrooms.

7 Ghost Opens Transport Van Doors at Bloody Civil War Battle Site

On the night of Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, at the Putnam County Aging Agency in St. Albans, West Virginia, security cameras capturedcurious paranormal footage. At around quarter past 1 am, a transport van parked on the grounds had its doors slid ajar. But nobody was in or outside the vehicle.

According to Jenni Sutherland, the programs executive director, the van was found with doors open the next morning. Staff assumed there had been a burglary or a trespasser came by at night and checked camera footage for the entire property.

Only the van seems to have been affected, with the clip showing doors being pushed open by an invisible force. The van slightly shudders as a latch that secures the door inside the vehicle is flipped undone in the video. This isn’t the first supernatural occurrence to spook this business’s staff, as the property has a dark past. The aging program agency is located at the civil war Battle of Scary site, where 19 soldiers died.

6 Mischievous Ghost Causes Havoc in Old High School

NEW GHOST caught on camera?

In October 2015, a Cork, Ireland secondary school with a history of supernatural occurrences managed to obtain video evidence of their resident ghost. In a seemingly deserted corridor, spooky CCTV footage shows the handiwork of a mischievous or angry spirit leaving students and staff mystified. Deerpark CBS was founded in 1821, the oldest school in Cork. And spiritual remnants of someone or something have been intent on making a mess when no one is around.

The eerie clip, which follows what happens after motion sensors were triggered, is straight out of a Ghostbusters remake. Lights start flashing from behind a closed door, flickering as though someone was arc welding at 3 am. A thunderous crash is then heard, and then right on camera, a set of heavy lockers start to rock violently back and forth.

One of the locker doors is swung open with mustered force, papers and books spewing across the corridor floor. As the video ends, a ‘Wet Floor’ sign that’s been left near the wall is aggressively knocked over, sliding to the side as though someone kicked it.

While wondering if it could be an elaborate prank, the school Principal Aaron Wolfe said that the corridor where it happened was outside the religion room. He also added that the particular section of the 200-year-old building had been having a strange chill, an extreme coldness felt more often by the female staff members.

5 Man Flees Home after Terrifying Face Appears in Photo

After capturing what he believes is a ghost in his kitchen, a man ran from his house, an eerie image that he later shared on the Reddit blog. He was home alone at the time when he heard what can only be described as feet shuffling or the clothes ruffling through the slightly ajar kitchen door.

On taking a photo of the door, he looked closer to see a blurry white face with two dark eyes staring straight at him. The picture horrified the man so much that he’s now looking for another place to live. And we don’t blame him.

4 Ghostly Figure Haunts an Abandoned Mental Asylum

Top 10 Times Ghosts Were Actually Caught On Camera

A paranormal investigator struck ghostly gold when a video she’d taken at a derelict Welsh mental health facility revealed an outline of what appears to be a human. Kayleigh Love encountered the spectral momentarily as she aimed her camera at an empty corridor, but on trying to get a second shot, the figure had disappeared.

Thinking nothing of it, Love went home, and on reviewing the video, her stomach turned. She later edited the footage, slowing it down so that the shadowy apparition with a female opulence was more noticeable. Love said that the image made her feel uneasy and on edge, despite her experience conducting investigations on supernatural occurrences.

She didn’t name the mental hospital where the spirit was seen, but her description matched a Mid-Wales Hospital psychiatric facility. This institute for the insane, located in Powys, Talgarth, opened in 1903 and was shut down in 1999. Love thinks the mysterious onlooker is the ghost of a former patient there, one that met their demise in a room on that corridor.

3 Strange Footage from Iowa Restaurant Hints at Supernatural Activity

Ghost captured on video 2014

While this footage has been dismissed as a bug running across a CCTV camera lens, others believe that Chuck & Edna’s Maid-Rite restaurant has potential paranormal residents. Pat Orr, the eatery’s manager, claims that staff members have reported unexplained incidents since the business was established.

First to be caught on camera was a ghostly shadow in the restaurant’s kitchen moving slowly towards the sink before dissipating. Barely a week later, another clip captured a worker being hit by cups that were sliding off a shelf. As if wanting to discredit the bug theory, another stack of cups can be seen falling sideways—all by themselves.

2 The Wailing Ghost of La Llorona Terrifies Residents in Colombia

5 SCARIEST Times “La Llorona” Was Caught On TAPE (The Weeping Woman)

In the video clip, which has since gone viral on social media, a wailing ghostly figure is captured in treetops during broad daylight. Some are calling it the scariest thing they’ve ever seen, while one resident of Monitors, Cordoba, Colombia, has admitted to being so petrified they had to sleep with their mother.

According to legend, La Llorona was a mother who took her sons to the river and drowned them, afterward killing herself. Being that her soul was now cursed, she was barred from entering heaven until she could find the souls of her kids. The myth goes that when the ghost appears, she wails loudly, abducting children to drown in the river in the hope that her own son’s souls will find rest.

1 Pensacola Paranormal Investigators Get What They Bargained For

The A-Team is a bunch of supernatural investigators who carry out ghost hunts in central Florida and South Carolina. Of these locations in Pensacola, FL, they’ve admitted that this one has the most active spiritual presence. This is likely due to its age and the events that happened there. According to Jill Miller, founder of the team, spirits will linger in the air anywhere where there’s a traumatic emotional activity.

In a home on Pensacola’s East Hill, the ghost hunters come across a malevolent spirit, captured on the group’s thermal infrared SLS or Strained Layer Super-Lattice camera. The dark shadowy figure can be seen walking across the right-hand corner of the video, and it can be slowed down to show the outline clearly above Miller’s left shoulder.

Do You See It Too?

It’s true, some images and videos are cooked-up with fake editing or camera tricks. But if you look closely at a recording of real paranormal occurrences, you’ll spot something you just can’t explain.

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural doesn’t stop that creepy rush of uneasiness from washing over you when you’re staring at paranormal activity caught on camera. Many clips and pictures ring with truth, depicting happenings that can only be described as out of this world.

fact checked by Rachel Jones