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10 Strange and Scary Predictions for 2022

by Estelle
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

Finally, 2021 is in the rear-view mirror. Most of us enter a new year hoping for bigger and better things. Worldwide, countries are hoping for an end to Covid-19 and a boost in the global economy.

Well, don’t get your hopes up.

According to several mediums and psychics, even long-dead ones, 2022 won’t be a year to look forward to—for basically anyone. Read on for some of the most disastrous and truly strange predictions made about the next 12 months.

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10 Royal Calamity

Fortune teller known as ‘Mystic Veg’ reveals her predictions for 2022

The British monarchy has had a tough couple of years with scandals popping up all over the place. Queen Elizabeth has had to put out fires left, right, and center—and then her husband died, leaving her to cope on her own.

While she probably sighed in relief at the prospect of a new year and new opportunities, things are seemingly not going to be much better in 2022. If fortune-teller, Jemima Packington, is to be believed, that is.

Packington has predicted vaguely that 2022 will bring even more scandals and “misery” to the royal family—after tossing a handful of asparagus in the air and interpreting how they landed. The “Mystic Veg” has previously predicted the Harry and Meghan drama and Boris Johnson becoming PM. So now, just one word—Andrew.

She also tosses the asparagus for sports-related predictions and has predicted that Croatia will win the FIFA World Cup this year and that Man Utd will take the Premier League title.[1]

9 A Dire Year

Nostradamus’ Predictions For 2022 Sound Pretty Bleak

Many believe that Nostradamus correctly predicted the Great Fire of London, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. The French physician, philosopher, and seer allegedly told his secretary, “Tomorrow at sunrise, I shall no longer be here” on July 1, 1566. He was found dead the following morning.

Before his death, however, Nostradamus wrote down several thousand prophesies. Some believe that a few were aimed at 2022. One prophecy says, “The sudden death of the first character / It will bring about a change and may place another character in the kingdom.” Many have speculated that this could allude to North Koran dictator Kim-Jong Un, especially considering the long-running rumors about his deteriorating health.

In the third quatrain of Nostradamus’s Centuria III, he wrote, “Towards middy extreme siccity / In the depths of Asia they will say earthquake.” This is said to forecast a massive earthquake in Japan sometime in 2022.

According to Nostradamus believers, he also predicted that the EU will fall and that the migration crisis will worsen in 2022. The following prophecy, “The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain / The new sage with a lone brain sees it: By his disciples invited to be immortal, Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire,” is said to predict the rise of AI in the coming months of the new year. I guess all we can do is wait and see…[2]

8 Life in 100 years

What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right

A century ago, English author W.L. George made several predictions about what the world would look like by the time it reached 2022. For example, he said that commercial flying would be commonplace a hundred years on from 1922 and that coal would not yet be exhausted. George also noted that many buildings that had been standing since before he was born would be preserved by 2022. Also, this year would see a large number of women occupy seats in Congress even if it is unlikely that they will have achieved equality with men.

The author also predicted that in 2022 trains would be traveling on glass plates and that anti-gravity screens would prevent planes from crashing to the ground.

Futurist R.F. Kellum made his own predictions, saying that cars would be common and that anyone who could afford to pay rent would be able to afford a car. He also claimed that suburbs would grow rapidly and extend as far as 100 miles from city centers.

Hugo Gernsback compiled a pamphlet of forecasts in 1965 in which he predicted that science would have perfected an injection by 2022 that would stop the growth of facial and leg hair—without affecting head hair. Finally, something useful![3]

7 Things Are Sort of Looking Up

Peruvian shamans make predictions for the new year

Two days before New Year’s Eve, Peruvian shamans performed their traditional rituals just outside Lima. They also made several predictions for 2022, including that the coronavirus would be sticking around for a while yet—but in a milder form before “disappearing.” The shamans and a group of healers joined forces and made an offering to “Pachamama” (Mother Earth), requesting that the pandemic indeed ends in 2022.

One of the shamans predicted that 2022 would also bring more economic hardships around the world and to their own country. They mentioned the increasing tension between Russia and Ukraine and predicted that Russia would not be able to invade any territory in Ukraine.

Also getting into sports action, the shamans predicted that Peru would qualify for the Qatar World Cup.[4]

6 I Hear Voices in My Head

TROUBLE COUPLE! Psychic Nicolas Aujula Breaks Silence On Sussex TERRIBLE FUTURE Made Meghan Angry

Past life regression and soul therapist Nicolas Aujula has foreseen the Queen having a better year, despite several psychics predicting more scandal and drama for the royal family. However, Aujula has predicted a new virus emerging in 2022, which is not something anyone wants to hear at this point. He also foresaw the COVID pandemic, so here’s to crossing fingers (and toes if need be) that his new virus prediction doesn’t pan out.

Aujula said that his predictions have been told to him by a voice in his head. This voice apparently also said to him that an asteroid would head toward Earth sometime in 2022 but that the military would fire a missile at it and change its trajectory.

Furthermore, Aujula is concerned that evil cults will intensify their recruitment efforts and has said a public figure will get assassinated in the U.S. Among a horde of other predictions, Aujula has envisaged that a woman named “Jackie” will rise up quickly in the political arena and become world-famous.[5]

5 Things Might Also Just Get Terrifying

TSUNAMI in Ireland…

Sometimes it’s not only people who offer a glimpse into the future, but inanimate objects also seem to have the ability to predict terrifying situations. The Old Moore’s Almanac has been published for nearly two and a half centuries and has “foreseen” the future since 1764.

For 2022 it has forecasted extreme weather events in Ireland, including an earthquake, landslide, and tsunami. The last time Ireland suffered significant tsunami damage was in 1755, following a massive earthquake in Portugal. In addition, the in-house psychic for the publication has included the prediction of a female Taoiseach in the next three years, with the start of the search for a suitable candidate happening this year.

In the 2021 publication was included the predictions that rapid Covid testing would assist in Ireland’s efforts to return to normalcy, extremely hot temperatures across Europe, and the much-publicized breakup of Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez.[7]

4 Some Good News?

Jupiter in Pisces 2022 | What it Means For YOUR Zodiac Sign

We all know 2021 was definitely not a happy-go-lucky kind of year. The heavy cloud of Covid-19 seemed to gain weight as the months dragged by. But now, Western astrologers have announced some good news in the form of an energetic shift in 2022 after Jupiter moved into the sign of Pisces in the final days of 2021.

According to Kirah Tabourn, an astrology educator, Jupiter is associated with healing and abundance. Its move into Pisces allows the planet to spread love and abundance on a global scale. Jupiter is set to move out of Pisces in May this year, but the optimistic effects of the initial move won’t be lost. Tabourn also believes that 2022 will see a rise in cults and spiritualism.[7]

3 Random Predictions

We asked PSYCHICS about 2022 🔮 Here’s what they predict!

Of course, predictions are about a lot more than just the royal family and natural disasters. Psychic Sonja Dover has predicted that Alec Baldwin, who was involved in a fatal accident on a movie set in 2021, will retire from acting in 2022. Also, the Netherlands will not be running to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Instead, it will be someone from either Croatia, Luxembourg, or Italy.

Skip and Sha’ron Leingang, a married couple that does combined psychic readings, have predicted that American politics will “explode” this October but that things will be even more chaotic in France. Skip says that the stock market will experience very anxious moments, but an upswing is not far behind.[8]

2 Nova KIC 9832227

‘A Terrific Star Explosion Will Be Seen In The Skies of 2022’: Is It Really True? | Red Nova 2022

KIC 9832227 is a dull nova in the Cygnus constellation. According to astronomers, this nova will light up the night sky in the coming months. An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi believes this will herald the coming of the messiah.

It’s not the first time that an astrological event is believed to indicate the end of the world as we know it. In 2012, some believed that the end of the Mayan calendar had been reached and that Bolon Yokte K’Uh (one of the gods of the underworld) would be instrumental in ending the world. When this didn’t happen, U.S. evangelicals turned their eyes to the series of blood moons in 2015, which were predicted to initiate Armageddon. Whew! Glad we made it through that one![9]

1 Nope, Nope, Nope

Baba Vanga documentary: Nostradamus of the Balkans | Myth Stories

Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic and dubbed the “Nostradamus of the Balkans.” Despite having died 24 years ago, her predictions are still making headlines today. For 2022, she has apparently foreseen a string of misfortunes, including another pandemic that will arise from under the ice in Siberia due to climate change. This pandemic will spread fast and kill millions. Creepily, in August 2021, scientists discovered 15,000-year-old viruses still surviving inside glaciers.

A locust invasion from Africa will destroy cereal crops and lead to widespread famine, which in turn will cause a war to break out.

If that isn’t enough to make you run screaming for the hills, she also predicted that several cities worldwide will be hit by water shortages.

Lastly, Vanga predicted that 2022 would be the year during which humans contacted alien lifeforms. These aliens will arrive in asteroids, attack Earth, and take people hostage. Oh, goody!

It is believed that Baba Vanga lost her eyesight after being sucked into a tornado at the age of twelve. Shortly after this incident, she received her “second sight.” Among her predictions that came true were the 9/11 attacks, the rise of ISIS, and Brexit.[10]

So, dear readers, take of this what you will. But I, for one, choose to focus on only the good for 2022!

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

Estelle is a regular writer for Listverse.