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10 Unexpected Supernatural Spins On Conspiracy Lore

by David Tormsen
fact checked by Jamie Frater

In the world of conspiracy theories, there are many recurring themes that are spun in different ways, depending on the worldview of the believer. A political event or natural disaster can be interpreted and explained differently, depending on the religious and political persuasion of the theorist, and be blamed on the Freemasons, Zionists, CIA, Satan, Iblis, or shape-changing Alpha Draconian reptiles.

Sometimes, this means that ostensibly prosaic conspiracy theories transform from sinister political skulduggery into wild supernatural intrigues.

10The Men In Black Are Tibetan Monks


Tales of the mysterious Men in Black who silence UFO witnesses and abductees are frequently compared to medieval legends of vampires and demonic visitors, but others see an Eastern connection. Indeed, ufologist John Keel reported that Men in Black were often alleged to have “angular, Oriental-like faces,” and one such man who reportedly visited Malcolm X in prison was also supposedly of Asian extraction.

Therefore, rather than aliens poorly masquerading as humans, some connect the “Men in Black” phenomenon with an ancient conspiracy group known as the Black Lodge, who seek to keep humanity lost in a materialistic haze and prevent their spiritual evolution. They are said to be opposed by the Great White Brotherhood, a dubiously named organization said to be guided by benevolent intelligence from the Sirius star system.

The Black Lodge is said to have been powerful in ancient Tibet, with great command of occult wisdom and ancient secrets, and to have infiltrated the West in the 18th century using pseudo-Masonic groups as cover. Both the Great White Brotherhood and the Black Lodge were weakened by British policies in India, but the Black Lodge flourished within growing European interest in the occult. The Black Lodge is said to have established a colony in Berlin in 1926, with one monk, called “the man with the green gloves,” being a key influence in the rise of Hitler and Nazi occultism.

Allegedly, the Eastern Black Lodge’s operations were disrupted in the early 1950s when the Chinese Communists invaded Tibet, and the People’s Liberation Army destroyed the cavern retreats of Schamballah and Agarthi in the name of atheistic Marxism. According to this theory, today’s ufology mythos is actually a misinterpretation of an occult war between the Brotherhood and the Tibetan sorcerers of the Black Lodge.



Photo via Wikimedia

From January to March 1918, occultist Aleister Crowley is alleged to have performed a series of rituals known as the Amalantrah Workings, using “sexual and ceremonial magick,” thereby making magical contact with an intelligence known as Lam. Crowley said of the being, “Lam is the Tibetan word for ‘Way’ or ‘Path,’ and Lama is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of this book.” The image of Lam that Crowley drew bore a striking resemblance to reports of gray aliens later in the century.

It seems from the literature that Lam actually refers to a class of interdimensional beings rather than a single individual. One Lam contactee described them as “subterranean burgeoning of Lucifer-Gnosis.” Some say they are the end result of human spiritual evolution to Luciferan ends. Crowley is believed to have opened a magical gateway allowing these beings access to our world. This gateway was then widened by occultist rocket scientist Jack Parsons and Dianetics founder L. Ron Hubbard in a ritual called the Babylon Working.

Since that time, followers of Crowley have supposedly continued to pull interdimensional beings to our world through this portal, believing them to have a beneficial effect on human consciousness. This may perhaps explain the increasing prevalence of encounters with “gray aliens” since then.

8Chupacabra Gargoyles


While chupacabras are often seen as simple cryptids or associated with UFO sightings, some believe the creatures are more likely to be demonic entities with the ability to phase in and out of our dimension in order to avoid detection. They are often identified as the legions of Satan from the Bible, who have the ability to change their appearance and interact with the physical world despite being incorporeal.

In medieval times, the same creatures are said to have inspired the creation of gargoyles adorning churches and cathedrals. Today, the rationalist scientific mindset of the world allegedly cannot interpret the chupacabras for the demonic entities they are and prefers instead to invent stories of US Army genetic experiments or creatures who have survived from prehistoric times.

Interestingly, some reports of chupacabras do have a rather demonic air about them. They suggest a pungent smell of sulfur attached to chupacabra attacks, though still other reports describe smells closer to battery acid, pesticide, or paint thinner. Interestingly, a sulfur stench is attributed to sightings of UFOs, bigfoot, and the Australian yowie, which rather fits with the notion of Satan’s diverse legion.

7Masonic Moon Landing


The usual conspiracy theory about the Moon landing is the rather sad notion that it never actually happened, but another theory posits that while it did happen, it was not for the reasons usually cited. The theory states that the Sea of Tranquility was chosen as the landing site for the Apollo 11 mission not because of its flat surface but because it lined up perfectly beneath Orion’s Belt. NASA, which is a front for Masonic wizards, wished to perform a ritual.

While the cameras were turned off, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were supposedly performing an ancient Egyptian ceremony aboard the lunar lander at the behest of the Masonic cabal secretly in charge of NASA. This ceremony is said to have involved pouring wine in chalices and breaking bread, an offering to the god Osiris. The man who selected the Moon landing sites, Egyptian-American space scientist Farouk El-Baz, was said to have been the son of an expert in ancient Egyptian mythology. Some even suggest that the rituals—and certain symbolic objects left on the lunar surface such as a gold olive leaf and a recording of messages of peace from world leaders—were intended as a message to someone or something up there, perhaps lurking in ancient lunar cities.

Interestingly, the actual ceremony was a real event. Aldrin admitted as much in Guideposts magazine in 1970, saying “I poured the wine into the chalice our church had given me. In the one-sixth gravity of the Moon the wine curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup. It was interesting to think that the very first liquid ever poured on the Moon, and the first food eaten there, were communion elements.” This ritual was never televised, largely due to a lawsuit by atheist activist Madalyn Murray O’Hair over the reading of Genesis passages in orbit. The embarrassed cover-up and the fact that O’Hair was later found murdered and burned in a field in the 1990s probably haven’t helped reduce the conspiracy theories swirling around this forgotten lunar event.

6Project MKOFTEN

Businessman Consulting Glowing Crystal Ball

The CIA’s MKULTRA program was kooky and esoteric enough to spawn a legion of conspiracy theories. One lesser-known aspect of the program was MKOFTEN, a sub-project of the MKSEARCH initiative to study the predictable effects of drugs on human behavior. MKOFTEN’s purview was to “test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans.” From 1971 to 1973, the CIA funded experiments at the Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories, where it tested a compound known as EA#3167 on animal and volunteer human subjects.

According to author Gordon Thomas, the truth is darker than the Department of Defense is willing to admit. The mission statement was actually to “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach. The project will aim to create a new kind of psycho-civilized human being.” The focus was on the powers of the supernatural and occult, and under the guidance of Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, the CIA spooks interviewed hundreds of psychics, fortune-tellers, witches, and other occultists.

The CIA is believed to have employed two psychics, whose job was to scan magazines for psychic triggering, and to have worked to secure the palm prints of Fidel Castro to be analyzed by in-house Chinese palmists.



According to writer Nick Redfern, British witch Sybil Leek discovered the truth about UFO phenomena and helped the British government create phony horoscopes to lure the astrology-obsessed Rudolf Hess into making his famous flight to the UK. Leek told a military-industrial conspiracy group known as the Collins Elite, who were researching the connection between demonology and UFOs, that human souls were being fed upon by a demonic entity called Caxuulikom:

Certainly the most significant development came in September 1972 . . . when, surrounded in her home by eager-but-apprehensive players in both Operation Often and the Collins Elite, Leek entered a trance-like state, and reportedly channeled a demonic entity that described itself as Caxuulikom—a venomous, spiteful, and overwhelmingly evil and negative being whose origin could be traced back to ancient Babylon, and who outrageously mocked those present, laughed and spat in their frightened faces, and bragged in a literally hysterical and maniacal fashion about the way in which the world was being fooled into believing that aliens were among us when, in reality, the forces of the Prince of Darkness were readying and steadying themselves for the final confrontation with the powers of good. [ . . . ] Caxuulikom informed those present that the Earth was a farm and nothing else, that energy derived from the souls of the Human Race and indeed from every living creature on the planet was being harvested as a means to feed the minions of Satan, and that the E.T. motif was merely the latest ingenious ruse under which such actions were being secretly undertaken.

Leek died in 1982 when a train derailed near her home and she was exposed to poison gas. Some believe that this was Caxuulikom harvesting her soul for revealing him.

4Hillary Clinton’s Phoenix Lapel Pin


Photo via Wikimedia

We can probably expect a lot of conspiracy theories to come out this year if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Party nomination (and a whole lot more if she wins the presidency). But Hillary has always ruffled feathers with the tinfoil brigade. One notable theory focused on a lapel pin she began wearing in the 1990s, which is used as proof that she is actually an Illuminist witch.

The theorists claim that her eagle lapel pin is actually an image of the legendary Phoenix, as it is too scrawny and has too long a neck to be a real American eagle. The Phoenix is believed to symbolize immortality and resurrection. It is also linked to Jesus Christ, as the Phoenix was said to build a nest of frankincense and myrrh. Therefore, the Illuminati chose the Phoenix as a handy symbol to sneakily declare allegiance to the Antichrist or Lucifer.

The pin ostensibly depicts an eagle carrying a pearl, but the theorists claim this is a symbol that represents the Phoenix’s dominance over the world. The fact that the bird is looking to the left is also seen as significant, as this represents opposition and the Masonic plan of doom for the majority of the Earth’s population. Both Hillary and her husband are therefore said to be practicing occultists, but Hillary outranks Bill.

3Ancient Aliens Were Fallen Angels

Ancient Aliens: Were Mythical Fallen Angels Actually Martians? (S11, E2) | History

Skepticism in the ability of ancient people to create great monuments, and a fair dosage of racism, helped to fuel the concept of ancient aliens who visited the Earth and used advanced technology to stack rocks on top of one another. Some, however, hold that the concept of ancient aliens is actually a cover for the existence of giant fallen angels known as the Nephilim. They point especially to passages in the Old Testament and other ancient texts describing a race of giants who could procreate with human women.

Genesis states that angels lusted for human women and interbred with them, both before and after the time of the Great Flood. These unions created giants, such as Goliath, while the angels who committed these acts were later imprisoned in Tartarus. The existence of these half-breeds was said to spread wickedness throughout the Earth and almost led to a Satanic victory.

Conspiracy theorists believe that when Erich von Daniken wrote Chariots of the Gods, he was reinterpreting the history of angels and men in ancient times with a false evolutionary theory of advanced extraterrestrial beings, in order to promote an anti-God agenda. They believe that these ancient angels meddled with human and animal genetics, creating beasts like the centaurs, and only gave knowledge to humans in order to tempt them away from God. Visions of spaceships and flying craft were merely a demonic counterfeit of the fiery chariot used by Ezekiel.

2Sacrifice Of The Sun King


Photo via Wikimedia

There are many conspiratorial parties suspected of having had a hand in the death of President Kennedy, but one of the more outre ones is the suspected Masonic connection and the so-called King-Kill conspiracy theory. This theory holds that the assassination was a fertility sacrifice of the Sun King to the Moon Goddess in order to ensure the Moon landing was successful. The Moon Goddess herself was ritually sacrificed in 1997 with the assassination of Princess Diana.

Believers refer to a supposed Masonic use of “word wizardry” as a form of sorcery and see a great deal of occult symbolism in the date, place, and time of the assassination and events that occurred afterward. Kennedy had landed in Air Force One at Gate 28 at Love Field in Dallas. The number 28 is said to correspond to King Solomon in kabbalism and to the degree of the Sun in Masonic and Templar lore. This is also linked to the later construction of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, which lies on the 28th degree of latitude. Meanwhile, Dealey Plaza is said to symbolize the word “Dea,” or “Goddess,” as well as referencing ley lines.

The killing of the King is believed to have also killed some indefinable aspect of the American spirit that existed before 1963: idealism, innocence, or moral striving. The name “Oswald” means “divine strength,” further playing into the symbolism. At the same time, Jack Ruby is said to be a term used by pawnbrokers to refer to a fake ruby. It’s also believed to be linked to ancient Jewish divination, the power of lasers, and the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

The “Killing of the King” was the second in a series of major alchemical rituals, the first of which was the creation and destruction of primordial matter achieved by the atomic bomb tests at Trinity. The third ritual, “Making Manifest of All That is Hidden,” has not yet been achieved.

1Pagan Obama

2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

Photo via Wikimedia

The go-to conspiracy theory about Barack Obama is that he is a secret Muslim, or perhaps a Satanist, but still others assert that the president is a decidedly old-school pagan. In 2008, some Christian groups accused Obama of using witchcraft to cloud the mind of rival John McCain. One young evangelist claimed to have visited Obama’s “home village” and seen his cousin Odinga attempting to use magic and political pressure from the Obama camp to become prime minister. Obama himself was alleged to have visited pagan shrines in Kenya to get blessings from pagan gods.

A new variation of the theory followed when Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, moved into the White House in 2009. Blogger Kristen Atkinson claimed that Robinson was a devotee of the Afro-Caribbean Santeria religion, after turning to it in the late 1980s in a desperate attempt to cure her husband’s multiple sclerosis, and was now performing pagan ceremonies in the White House. Interestingly, in this case, the president was said to have been furious at the “voodoo,” out of fear of how it would affect his image as a Christian president.

According to dubious Russian government reports, Obama deliberately flooded American farmland, causing food prices to rise globally, which was a living sacrifice to the Sun god worshiped by the Native American “Mound Builders” civilization of the Mississippi Valley, specifically the Yuchi people who referred to themselves as the “Children of the Sun.” Obama’s commitment to the Yuchi Sun god was allegedly solidified in his attendance at a Native American ceremony held at a pyramid in Pegram, Tennessee, in February 2008.

Others see a 2014 agreement to provide US funds to help protect ancient Egyptian temples as an attempt to gain succor from the creator god Horus and crocodile deity Sobek and thereby help reduce violence in the Middle East. The use of US taxpayer money through USAID in the Groundwater Lowering Activity for Pharaonic Monuments Areas initiative was criticized by some as a waste. Others see it as evidence of Obama’s allegiance to old gods who may or may not be guises for Satan.

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fact checked by Jamie Frater