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Top 10 Wizarding World Mysteries That Were Never Fully Explained

by Jonathan Hastad
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Welcome, fellow magical enthusiasts, to a journey through the corridors of the Wizarding World. As we don our cloaks and brandish a wand, we delve into the top ten Wizarding World mysteries that were never fully explained. So grab your Butterbeer, settle into your comfiest armchair, and prepare to uncover the riddles that continue to bewitch us all.

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10 How Did the Curse on the Defense against the Dark Arts Class Work?

Voldemort’s D.A.D.A Curse Explained

Let’s start with the infamous curse on Hogwarts’s Defense Against the Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.) position. It’s almost like Hogwarts had a revolving door installed just for that role. Picture a line of eager professors marching in, only to swiftly exit stage left before the ink on their contracts had time to dry.

So, how did this curse work? Well, imagine Lord Voldemort sulking in the shadows because he didn’t get the job he wanted—twice! First, he receives a rejection letter from Headmaster Armando Dippet because he’s “too young” at 18. Then, decades later, Albus Dumbledore shoots him down again. Ouch, that has to sting.

Voldemort becomes the ultimate sore loser and slaps a curse on the position. The goal? Keep the D.A.D.A. classroom in endless chaos and confusion. Having a new professor every year, Voldemort hoped that Hogwarts students never got top-notch training to combat the dark arts.

It’s like Voldemort was saying, “Oh, you want quality education? Not on my watch!” So the curse ensured that Hogwarts became a breeding ground for Dark Arts enthusiasts, with Defense against the Dark Arts resembling more of a merry-go-round of misfortune than a stable academic subject.

9 Why Can’t Magic Fix Eyesight?

“Oculus Reparo” Hermione Fixes Harry’s Glasses | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

In the realm of Harry Potter, where wands are like extensions of one’s arm, you’d think fixing eyesight would be a mere blink away. But it’s not that simple.

In the Potterverse, it’s a well-established wizarding fact that magic has its limits, especially when it comes to the intricacies of human biology. While Skele-Gro might mend bones, the delicate machinery of the eye remains beyond magical repair if it’s naturally damaged or suffers from poor sight.

It’s almost like the Wizarding World’s version of “Sorry, we don’t support that feature.” Despite the wonders of magical healing, there are some things even the most powerful spells or potions can’t mend.

8 What Is the Veil, and Why Hasn’t It Been Destroyed?

Harry Potter Theory: The Veil Explained

The mysterious Veil—every Potterhead’s favorite mystery shrouded in, well, a veil of secrecy! Tucked away in the Department of Mysteries like some kind of magical Pandora’s box, this archway has us scratching our heads.

We all know that Sirius Black, the man, the myth, the Marauder, is killed and falls through the Veil and into the great unknown. No return ticket, no postcards from the afterlife. Just poof, gone! But here’s the kicker: Harry pulls a rabbit out of his hat (or rather, a stone out of his pocket) in Deathly Hallows and briefly reunites with Sirius using the Resurrection Stone.

So, until J.K. Rowling decides to spill the tea (or pumpkin juice), we’re left pondering the Veil’s secrets and why it’s still standing tall in the Ministry of Magic. Keep those wands ready, folks—this mystery might be one for the history books.

7 Why Couldn’t Harry See Thestrals Before Year 5?

Why Can’t Harry See Thestrals until Order of the Phoenix? – Harry Potter Explained

The elusive thestrals, those eerie, skeletal-winged creatures lurking on the edges of the Forbidden Forest. You know, the ones that only certain folks, like Luna Lovegood, seem to spot while others, like Harry Potter, are left scratching their heads.

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, faced down Dementors, Basilisks, and You-Know-Who himself but couldn’t see these spooky equines until his fifth year at Hogwarts. What gives?

Well, it turns out there’s a bit of magical fine print involved. According to the wise words of J.K. Rowling, thestral spotting requires more than just witnessing death—it’s about understanding it, too. And let’s be real, Harry’s childhood wasn’t exactly filled with reflective grief counseling sessions.

Sure, technically, Harry saw his mom bite the dust as a wee babe, but does a one-year-old truly comprehend the gravity of such a moment? Probably not. So, while he checked the “witnessed death” box, he hadn’t quite grasped the concept yet.

6 Was There Really No Way For Harry Not to Participate in the Triwizard Tournament?

Triwizard Tournament Nominations | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Triwizard Tournament, where Hogwarts students risk life and limb for eternal glory and a shiny trophy. But wait, wasn’t Harry Potter too young to risk life and limb? Absolutely! The poor lad didn’t even sign up for the gig, yet somehow found himself as the second Hogwarts champion. Talk about a case of magical misfortune.

Harry, the humble chap he is, had zero intentions of joining the deadly contest. He’s got enough on his plate with Dark Lords and pesky potions classes, thank you very much. But lo and behold, the Goblet of Fire decides to play a prank on him, yanking his name out of thin air and plunging him headfirst into the chaos.

You’d think the wise old Dumbledore could wave his wand and whisk Harry away from impending doom, right? Wrong! Apparently, magical contracts are as binding as a stuck zipper on your dress robes. Even though Harry’s name magically appeared without his consent, he was stuck like a Niffler in a jewelry shop.

To add insult to injury, poor Barty Crouch Sr., bless his “imperiused” soul, had the final say in this whole mess. So Harry had no choice but to dust off his broomstick and dive into the perilous tasks, all thanks to a magical mishap and a dash of imperius-induced coercion. Hogwarts, where even the paperwork is out to get you.

5 What School Do Wizards Go to Before They Turn 11?

Harry Potter’s Life BEFORE Hogwarts Explained (Everything We Know)

Ah, the mysterious pre-Hogwarts years of young wizards and witches. So, before they strut into the hallowed halls of Hogwarts at age 11, where do these magical munchkins hone their craft?

Well, according to the gospel of J.K. Rowling herself, in a 2004 interview, wizarding youngsters have a couple of options. Option one: They can dive headfirst into the chaotic world of Muggle primary schools, blending in among non-magical kids, trying not to accidentally turn the pencils into porcupines.

Now, if rubbing elbows with Muggles isn’t your cup of Butterbeer, there’s option two: home education. It turns out that Mrs. Weasley herself played professor to her brood of red-headed rascals. Can’t you picture Ginny, Fred, and George brewing up trouble in the kitchen while learning to charm the socks off their future professors?

So, there you have it; before they dazzled us with their wand-waving at Hogwarts, young witches and wizards cozy up to Muggle arithmetic or enjoy homegrown magic education courtesy of parental prowess. A magical childhood indeed!

4 Why Didn’t the Baslisk’s Bite Destroy the Horcrux in Harry?

Why the Horcrux in Harry Wasn’t Destroyed by the Basilisk [Harry Potter Explained]

Enter the curious case of Harry Potter’s survival against the Basilisk’s venom in The Chamber of Secrets. It’s one of those delightful mysteries that keep us Potterheads scratching our heads and delving deeper into the magical lore.

Picture Harry facing down the monstrous Basilisk with nothing but a phoenix, a Sorting Hat, and a sword. Quite the scene, isn’t it? But here’s the kicker: why didn’t the Basilisk’s lethal bite obliterate the pesky bit of Voldemort’s soul residing in Harry?

Well, enter Fawkes, the dazzling phoenix with tears as potent as unicorn blood. As it turns out, our feathered friend saved Harry’s bacon and took care of that Horcrux hitchhiking inside him. Rowling herself spilled the beans in 2015, revealing that a Horcrux can only bid adieu if its container is irreparably damaged. Thanks to Fawkes’ magical tears, Harry and the Horcrux inside him got a spa treatment instead of destruction.

3 How Is Mad-Eye Moody’s Eye So Powerful?

Harry Potter Theory: The Origin of Moody’s Eye

Mad-Eye Moody’s Eye is the all-seeing marvel of the wizarding world. If you ever wondered how that extraordinary ocular device outwits even the sneakiest of magical mischief-makers, you’re not alone.

Moody, the seasoned Auror, loses his original eye in the line of duty. Instead of settling for a mundane replacement, he opts for the wizarding equivalent of a supercharged surveillance camera. The origins of this wonder-eye remain shrouded in mystery, much like Moody himself.

We know that Moody’s Eye isn’t your run-of-the-mill prosthetic. It’s been souped-up with enchantments, making it the envy of every aspiring sleuth. The ability to swivel independently? Check. Peering through solid objects, even Harry’s invisibility cloak? Absolutely. And let’s not forget its knack for sniffing out hidden enchantments quicker than you can say “Accio truth!”

Sure, the specifics of its creation are as elusive as a centaur in the Forbidden Forest. Still, one thing’s for certain: Moody’s Eye is the ultimate magical multitasker. It’s like having a Marauder’s Map for your eyeball.

2 Why Didn’t Other Countries Help Fight Voldemort?

Why Didn’t Other Countries Help Fight Against Voldemort and the Death Eaters? (5 Theories)

In the magical brouhaha that was the Battle of Hogwarts, one question lingered like a stubborn spell: why on Earth didn’t other countries swoop in to help Harry and the gang defeat the dark lord? It’s not like Voldemort was throwing an exclusive Death Eater party.

Well, here’s the lowdown on this international magical mystery. First off, wizards can be a tad territorial. Just because you can apparate to Timbuktu doesn’t mean you’re entitled to join every magical skirmish. Each wizarding community prefers to handle their magical messes in-house, like an enchanting game of Quidditch with higher stakes.

But it’s not about self-reliance; international wizarding politics are stickier than a Droobles Best Blowing Gum mishap. The International Statute of Secrecy is like the ultimate magical N.D.A., keeping the wizarding world hush-hush from Muggles. Imagine explaining to the U.N. why you’re staging a wand-waving spectacle in the name of defeating a noseless menace.

So, while we might have wished for a magical United Nations to rain spells upon Voldemort, the reality is that the magical world is more complicated than a cauldron full of Polyjuice Potion. Sometimes, you have to fight your battles and hope your Patronus is up to the task.

1 Why Didn’t Peter Pettigrew Always Appear on the Marauders Map?

The Marauder’s Map is a nifty piece of parchment that reveals all the comings and goings at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s got more secrets than a potions master’s recipe book. But one mystery that’s left us scratching our heads is the curious case of Peter Pettigrew’s sporadic appearances on the map.

Fred and George Weasley, the mischief-makers extraordinaire, solemnly swear they are up to no good yet fail to spot Pettigrew’s name right next to their brother Ron’s. It’s like missing a Bludger in Quidditch practice – simply unfathomable.

Sure, the twins might have been too preoccupied with inventing their next pranking masterpiece to notice the tiny letters on the map. But come on, they’re the Weasley twins. They had their eyes on that map more often than Professor Snape glares at Harry Potter.

So, why the magical disappearing act, Pettigrew? Maybe he had a knack for sneaking under the radar, or perhaps the Marauder’s Map had a few tricks up its sleeve. Either way, it’s one enchanting mystery that even Hermione Granger would struggle to unravel.

fact checked by Rachel Jones