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Crossword Competition 2 Winner

I am pleased to announce the winner of the second crossword competition.

The winner is Cheeshygirl

Congratulations! You can now pick your prize from one of the following: either a tee-shirt, a mug, or a cap from the List Universe Store.

Please email me with your fullname and delivery details for the prize.

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  • Consider it flattering that someone would steal your name! Actually, nevermind. I had my name stolen once, and I refused to go onto irc until I got it back. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

  • DH, unfortunately, the t-shirts are not cleavage shirts. :( But I've got some pics just for you, sweety. ;)

  • 10. Cheeshygirl - October 1st, 2008 at 5:23 am "Comment #7 was not me. :( Although I do poop, I have enough class to not announce it to everyone. " You saying I'm not classy? I'm very offended. I'll let it slide this time though. Gratz on the win! :D

  • Make it a cleavage shirt. Cut the collar and make a deep V. It works. And Congrats on a job well done. :)

  • Thanks itwouldbethatguy. I do that all the time. I cut off the whole collar so it has less structure, and then cut the middle vee down and off as far as I want it. ;)