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Top 10 Cool Dance Videos

by Jamie Frater
fact checked by dickensgirl

Dancing has entertained for generations, and has more styles than Madonna’s hair! As new dances have evolved they have taken the world by storm, and there is a constant search for a new style, that will be the next craze. This list contains 10 of the most popular styles, as well as some artists that have given some of these styles their worldwide fame.

1. David Elsewhere

David Elsewhere, the body of the iPod ads is a pioneer of the style of dance called Popping. This is amazing.

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2. Elvis Presley for Rock ‘n’ Roll

JAILHOUSE ROCK (1957) – Elvis Presley – Classic Movie Musical Numbers

Rock ‘n’ Roll was a very important stage in the evolution of modern music and dance. Here is Elvis Presley doing his Jailhouse rock.

3. The Evolution of Dance

One man takes us through the various styles and periods of dance. Very funny.

4. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite Dance

Napoleon Dynamite is just cool.

5. Tektonik

The latest French dance craze that started out in a Paris club. Most clips are underground as the style is still mostly on the streets.

6. Breakdance – Junior


Junior vs Kid David – Quarter Final – Red Bull BC One Rio de Janeiro 2012

Junior is an outstanding French breakdancer – incredible upper body strength.

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7. The Charleston

(1925) Josephine Baker dancing the original charleston

The music in this video is a modern adaptation of a jazz song and some scenes are lifted from the modern film The Great Gatsby, but it does include some great footage of the dance that virtually spawned the idea of modern dance.

8. Madonna

Madonna – Holiday (Live from Solid Gold 1984) [Official Video]

One of Madonna’s best music videos was made for her song Holiday. This is her performance live on Solid Gold. Madonna has been a constant trend-setter for mainstream dance.

9. Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Official Video)

Jamiroquai’s unique dancing style makes him an ideal candidate for this list. Great dancer AND a great singer. Here is his Virtual Insanity.

10. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

No list of dancing would be complete without at least one entry by Michael Jackson. Here is his Smooth Criminal.

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fact checked by dickensgirl
Jamie Frater

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