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10 Images of Abandoned Buildings

by Jamie Frater
fact checked by brunobanana

I have always been quite fascinated by abandoned buildings and places – there is something sad and eerie about them. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of good images of abandoned buildings that I have found around the net. So, in no special order, here they are:

10. Farm Interior Ashcroft, Colorado, Declan McCullagh Source


Never go to an abandoned place without the Zombie Hunter Miner’s Cap at!

9. Mental Hospital Whitby, Ontario, Kevin Lamb Source


8. Log Cabin
Okanogan County, Rob Stone Source


7. Commercial Building Bermuda, Charles D. Mercadal Source

Abandoned 2

6. Mill Southern USA, Tim Bratcher Source

Ga-Tree-In-Garage-Col-01 01

From asylums to theaters, spooky yet beautiful places pop with color in States of Decay at!

5. Building Luzurne County, PA, Brad Troy Source


4. House Missouri, Ken Dewey Source

Dsc 2341D70Sm3

3. Mental Hospital Westpark, UK Source


2. Lunatic Asylum Georgia, USA, Asylum Eclectica Source


1. Carnival Pripyat, Ukraine, Mark Nelson Source

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A lot of people and a lot of joy and sorrow have passed through these buildings.

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fact checked by brunobanana
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