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10 Images of Abandoned Buildings

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

I have always been quite fascinated by abandoned buildings and places – there is something sad and eerie about them. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of good images of abandoned buildings that I have found around the net. So, in no special order, here they are:

10. Farm Interior Ashcroft, Colorado, Declan McCullagh Source


Never go to an abandoned place without the Zombie Hunter Miner’s Cap at!

9. Mental Hospital Whitby, Ontario, Kevin Lamb Source


8. Log Cabin Okanogan County, Rob Stone Source


7. Commercial Building Bermuda, Charles D. Mercadal Source

Abandoned 2

6. Mill Southern USA, Tim Bratcher Source

Ga-Tree-In-Garage-Col-01 01

From asylums to theaters, spooky yet beautiful places pop with color in States of Decay at!

5. Building Luzurne County, PA, Brad Troy Source


4. House Missouri, Ken Dewey Source

Dsc 2341D70Sm3

3. Mental Hospital Westpark, UK Source


2. Lunatic Asylum Georgia, USA, Asylum Eclectica Source


1. Carnival Pripyat, Ukraine, Mark Nelson Source

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A lot of people and a lot of joy and sorrow have passed through these buildings.

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  • Morgaine

    You’re right, there is something sad and melancholic about all these places… and a bit scary, too, it seems a ghost is about to appear from any of those corners :P
    And, I don’t know why, abandoned funfairs or things related to children always make us shudder, more than any other abandoned place.
    Once again, I’m sorry to link a spanish page :P, but this is a weblog I visit almost daily, which has amazing and interesting articles about almost everything. This section is specially dedicated to abandoned places:

    If you search through the page, it has some articles translated to english, hope you like it ;)

  • Morgaine: great page – thanks for mentioning it.

  • Yeah these are great for urban spelunking

  • Andre: That looks like a lot of fun!

  • Cyn

    that doll on the floor in #3…eerie and very sad.

  • Cyn: I agree – it is.

  • Gryphon

    You would walk around those buildings expecting to see a ghost around ever corner. Imagine the stories they could tell.
    You should see some images of the abandoned houses in a town called Kolmanskop near Luderitz in Namibia.

  • mills

    #4 is my fave. Great list, j!

  • mills: thanks – #4 is quite an attractive house – it just needs a good lick of paint.

  • Bonnie_

    Wow, those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    This list reminds me of the pictures from a visit to the Chernobyl radioactive zone. These are some of the most haunting images of life interrupted that I’ve ever seen:

  • Bonnie: Thanks – image 1 is from Pripyat which is part of the abandoned radioactive zone of Chernobyl.


    I love this stuff, man if the walls could tell stories.

  • Joe: yeah – especially the asylums!

  • JT

    This is awesome. One of my hobbies is actually exploring abandoned houses. Here are some pics of a trip I took to Corfu, where I went exploring.

    This was the house of what looked like an entertainer. What really disturbed me was the child’s doll holding a handkerchief of what looked like blood…

  • JT: they are great photos! The bottle of sauce on the table in the last one makes for a very eerie image – I wonder what made them leave.

  • RobS

    I like the shot of the Dodgem cars. Very emotional.
    The shot of the mental hospital that shows the doll… for some reason I can’t help feeling that’s a “plant”. A prop put there for the shot.
    Dunno why… just a gut feeling.

  • JT

    jfrater: The village was ravaged during World War II, then in the 50s, there was a huge rockslide, and the villagers all decided ‘right, thats enough’ and lft. It’s been untouched since then, and is absolutely beutiful to walk through. Although now they’re demolishing it to make way for luxury villas for billionaire Russians :(

  • Rob: It could well be, though I thought it seemed real.

  • Bob

    These abandoned amusement park pictures are some of the most eery I have seen. Sorry the link is japanese.

  • Bob: those are fantastic photos – thanks for sharing. The mist takes it to a whole new level.

  • Kelsi

    I definately think this picture should be on there.


  • Kelsi: that is a really well taken photo – thanks for including it.

  • trebek

    My friend had a little stay at #9 after going a bit squirrely, at least the new version of it.

  • trebek: I would hope they don’t put people in the burnt out bit :)

  • purvislets

    #4 reminds me of Jenny’s house from Forrest Gump

  • Mathilda

    I highly recommend tracking down Ghosts Along The Mississippi. It’s photographs (taken mainly in the ’40’s) of antebellum plantation houses, with accompanying descriptions. Apparently some of the houses were restored, but sadly, many literally crumbled away or were swallowed up by the changing course of the Mississippi River. It’s such a strange feeling to view such incredibly beautiful, yet disintegrating and abandoned, houses.

    Also, here’s a fascinating collection of photos of entire Lost Cities.

  • Shimmy3003

    Get your fill of this wonderful art form here.
    Im not sure why but the abandoned institutions are always the most interesting to look at

  • mathilda: thanks for the link – I will put it on my wishlist :) And there are some amazing photos on the second link.

    Shimmy3003: Thanks – you could get lost for a day on that site!

  • I’m fascinated by old, abandoned buildings too. I always wonder what their story was and how they came to be all alone like that.

  • JamieofHackney

    Have a proper look around the internet and you’ll find much, much superior pictures than these. I’d say some of my own pictures are better than these (I’ve certainly been to #3 myself) and they pale in comparison with what others have achieved.

  • Slammerworm

    Ooh, aren’t hospitals creepy? That’s why they’re in so many horror movies and games. Abandoned mental hospitals even more so; though I can’t help but share RobS’ gut feeing about the doll in #3. One does hear of unscrupulous papparazi carrying such things around to ‘garnish’ accident scenes, etc. There’s something poignant about industrial vehicle dump sites, too. All that rusting metal and perishing rubber…

  • SuperLyndsey

    Hah! I’ve been to #2! It’s creepy.

  • mike

    Yeah… I also find abandoned or old buildings interesting… There’s this air around them that makes you think about them.

  • Cedestra

    I just saw the History channel’s Life After People and it stated that the amusement park from #1 was never even used :( Was slated to open four days before the Chernobyl meltdown.

  • JV

    this is a really cool site if you like abandoned buildings

  • Polly Odyssey

    The Mental Asylums and the carnival were very eerie, especially the doll on the floor of the asylum.

  • Cedestra, I saw that program too! The amusement park was probably the saddest thing I saw.

  • emily

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet, but is a good website with some amazing pictures as well.

  • JwJwBean

    It is interesting that I clicked on view a random list and this popped up. I was looking through the January 2008 National Geographic and it has an article about The Emptied Prairie North Dakota ghost towns speak of an irreversible decline. Beautiful pictures there. I found them on the website.

  • Egg

    If I could, I would do my apartment in the style of .9 and .3. Makes me shiver, I love it.

  • boomshine87

    The carnival looks more spooky than the mental hospital ones!

  • haha yeah kind of. Sometimes abandoned buildings look like they’re waiting for the people who used to use them to come back, to bring them back to life. they resonate with the memories of the past. It’s sad, spooky and beautiful at the same time.
    It’s things like that one doll on the floor of the hospital in picture number 3. *shudder* halloween time! haha.

  • I just saw Cyn’s comment in 5. +1! heh.

  • Cyn

    ooooh…spooky! :)

  • SnowKid32

    What about Cheronybl?

  • Jono

    Nice set – I take similar shots

  • Vera Lynn

    #10 Bonnie I have a neighbor fron Chernobyl. He is very close–mouthed about what happened there. Can’t blame him.

  • hitman

    I think that the amusement park picture was used in a user- produced music video for Metallica’s “Sanitarium” on Youtube.

  • colin

    hey jamie

    Have you ever seen Life After People? a doccie on what happens to the planet of humans left it?

    its amazing, how quickly nature reclaims the earth and wipes out all traces of our existence. I mention it, because they visit a town near Chernobyl, 20 years after it was evacuated and its incredible to see what just 20 years can do…

    Theres an article on Wikipedia about it:)

    Of course, you probably already know all this…

  • hey colin – I haven’t seen it but I have heard about it and seen pictures taken from it for BBC news – I would definitely like to see it – thanks for the link :)

  • colin

    meant “the planet after humans (leave/die off)”

  • colin


    its awesome, mind altering i’d say, because you end up thinking things you wouldn’t ordinarily think about.

    thanks for answering so quickly:)

  • colin, anything that makes me think of something new is a good thing :)

  • colin

    theres another similar doccie, this time by National Geographic – its similar to Life After People, except they include a few other things, and focus a wee bit more on nature than people. Theres a link in the Life After People article for it:)

    summin new… how about top ten spoonerisms?

    will find some links and send them in a bit…

  • Brickhouse

    I like the pictures, but I didn’t learn anything here… Well, that’s what I’m at Listverse for! Still, great pictures! :)

  • Skot

    I agree with the doll looking like a plant. My gut said the same thing. I work for the Maryland Stadium Authority and was involved with preserving some of the history from the old Memorial Stadium where the Colts and the Orioles use to play. It was very eerie in some of the deep corridors and very sad to see the great field disintegrate. They did a photo shoot with Johnny Unitas where he walked out onto the field on a strip of perfect grass among the ruins. Very emotional for everyone involved. I have pictures somewhere…

  • BuffaloBoy

    ^ all photo galleries of the Buffalo Psychiatric Center; Buffalo, NY. It’s been vacant since the mid 1970s. Here’s the Wikipedia link:

  • alakdan13

    I actually saw a documentary about pic 1. Very creepy..

  • m0nk3y humor

    #1 was creepy im scared now

  • mike

    A second one please? I can send in pics for it.

  • Ehmmie

    I’ve got thousands of pictures like these from a semi ghost town 3 hours away from my city…

    And some of them are creepier.

  • michael

    You can actually go to and visit that Dodgems attraction in #1. Just play Call of Duty 4. In the mission “One Shot, One Kill”.

  • Flower
  • Dan Von Ber

    Chernobyl is just awesome. Its amazing what happens to a city after being completely abandoned.

  • kay

    I think number two is actually haunted. One of those ghost shows peeps went there or something.

  • jnnl

    There’s a whole island that was abandoned in Japan. Its called Hashima – I saw a few pictures of it a few months back and thought it looked eerily awesome.

  • L.D.

    For the people who were wondering about a picture of Chernobyl, Pripyat (#1) was the neighbouring city to Chernobyl, and is known to be a massive ghost town, as it was completely abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster.

  • Stefy

    Actually, I think the only place never had people (mass people) through was the Chernobyl theme park.

    Don’t ask my why I know this :D I have too much free time. But the nuclear reaction problem, which wiped out many and lead more to high-tail it before anyone could enjoy the theme park, which was made only days before the reactor problem.

    If you look it up, its really a nifty and depressing story. There’s lots of pictures of it on the net, there’s still LOTS of radio-activeness there, I’ve read.

  • Some random girl

    umm… is it just me or is the doll in #3 wearing a straitjacket? o_O

  • kerrydiane1290

    I’m not sure if this will work since it’s a link from my myspace which is private but I’ll give it a try.
    This is my sister and me in an abandoned mansion in the old town of Animas Forks in the Silverton-Ouray area in Colorado.

  • natapillar

    i love the lists to do with photo’s! these ones are a great collection.
    i too find abandoned buildings eerie places,yet somewhat fascinting. to imagine all the people who have passed thru these buildings is great. i loved photo number 2, beautiful building.

  • alina
  • Caroline

    The one in Whitby is now gone.

    I live in Whitby ON.

  • taylor

    not sure if link will work there is an hospital in laurel that has been abandoned for 15 years all equipment was left it became a spooky hang out lots of scary old stories it caught on fire for the 3rd time a yr ago and had been taken over by plant life i had to scale walls and risk falling thru floors but the pics were worth it

  • Parker

    It would be cool if there was a list about Old Asylums… im pretty sure there isnt cause i looked it up. but what they did in a few of them is really interesting and bizzar now days. the labotimy, hydro-therapy, shock-therapy.

  • tjvanm

    The LAst one looks like a picture of chernoybl i saw awile back is it iama check

  • Jubbs

    #1 is chernobyl.

    And many people will know it as the stealth level in Call of Duty 4….

  • mordechaimordechai

    is the number four Jenny’s house??? Forrest Gump’s girlfriend.

  • Kalimba

    I live in GA, and not far from where #2 is. #4 DOES look like Jenny’s HOUSE!

  • ianz09

    Would have loved to see the famous Ferris Wheel in Prypiat, but at least something from that place made it. I imagine it would be an incredibly unsettling and surreal experience to walk through there.

  • Elizabeth

    Is it just me, or is that a baby on the floor of #3?

  • twdu

    woah! i live in whitby- never thought itd get any recognition :O

  • Here I am thinking I'm the only one from Whitby (I live in the shwa now) who lurks this site! My mom actually works at Ontario Shores (Formerly the Whitby Mental Health Institute, formerly the Whitby Psychiatric Hospital). She's worked there probably as long as I've lived so I actually got to go in those buildings several times while they were open. They were significantly less creepy back when they were functional.

    Sadly, the land was sold and the buildings (which were [if I recall correctly] built by WWI prisoners and used as a hospital for the soldiers) should have been restored and treated as a historical monument, but instead they were left to rot and have I think all been torn down.

  • A

    I love pictures of old, abandoned houses! I think about the lives that were lived, the joy and sadness, the hopes and fears, all the things that make up a life. Thank you for sharing!

  • Paddy

    It’s amazing how nature always takes over

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  • Brad

    My favorite photographer of abandoned buildings:

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  • D.K.

    very good list. I especially love how you left out details and let the photographs speak for themselves. I cant help but feel the sadness from these buildings. I enjoyed this list very much and made me think