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Top 10 Celebrity Commercials

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

This is a list of ten commercials made by celebrities before they attained fame. Some are bad, some are mediocre, but none are good! Here is the list of top 10 celebrity commercials.

10. Elijah Wood Pizza Hut

I don’t think Elijah has grown much since making this commercial. The best part is when he throws a pile of what appears to be mashed potatoes in his sister’s face!

9. Jodie Foster McDonald’s Commercial

Jodie doesn’t do much in this clip – but she is definitely there. I must say – the guy playing Ronald is a bit scary – how the hell did McDonald’s succeed as a company with a mascot like that?

8. Meg Ryan Aim Toothpaste

Meg Ryan 1982 Aim Toothpaste Commercial

Here is a very preppy Meg Ryan lending her Aim mint to two friends. Ra ra ra!

7. Matt Leblanc Heinz Ketchup

Here we have a younger, but still cheesy, Matt Leblanc. Love the wink!

6. Keanu Reeves Corn Flakes

Can’t act now, couldn’t act then – it’s Keanu Reeves setting up a table for breakfast and having a sneaky nibble himself.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio Bubble Yum

Late 80’s Bubble Yum Commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio

Even as a kid Leonardo DiCaprio had a very serious face. Here we see him comparing the bang from Bubble Yum with the beats from a boombox. Ah, the eighties.

4. Brad Pitt Pringles

My guess is that Brad was not chosen for this part for his acting skills.

3. Demi Moore Diet Coke

When Demi made this commercial, she had already starred in a few films, though the only truly notable one was St. Elmo’s Fire. Despite what I said in the first paragraph, this actually is quite a funny commercial.

2. Morgan Freeman Listerine

Morgan Freeman’s 1970s Listerine Commercial

Despite the ad being very corny, Morgan Freeman is not all that bad here! Who would have known he would go on to such great things?

1. Bruce Willis Seagrams

Not only does Bruce Willis sing in this advert, he dances! Watch out for the ballet move at about -00:12.

Bonus: Sarah Michelle Gellar Burger King

1983 Sarah Michelle Gellar Burger King Commercial

Sarah Michelle Gellar is almost unrecognizable in this commercial.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Writers

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