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Top 15 Best Werewolf Movies

Horror Movies are a genre that the world seems to be relatively divided on. On one side, you have those that steer clear of those gory, disgusting films like a dose of the plague; claiming outright fright and a simple inability to handle the scenes and sounds. On the other hand are those so deeply invested in the subject as to wait with baited breath for the next fright fest to hit the screens or DVD rack; loving so dearly the bloody visuals and the gut-wrenching soundtrack. Horror has been around a long time, and many stand-outs of the genre have come to really define what it is to be a horror movie: Dracula, Frankenstein, Nightmare Creatures, Slashers, and Aliens. But to me, one of the most horrific creatures to inundate the movie market is the Werewolf. Perhaps it’s the simple fact that you can almost imagine someone, somewhere, afflicted with lycanthropy. Maybe it’s easier to understand the more animal-like behavior combined with such a staunch human element. Whatever the case, werewolves have continued to hold stock in the horror world and will likely continue to do so for future generations. Here are fifteen of the finest films featuring our feral friends.

15. Teen Wolf (1985)

In “Teen Wolf”, Michael J Fox plays a typically morose high school kid who isn’t popular and plays on a terrible basketball team and finds himself going through some rather unusual changes. As it turns out, he has inherited the werewolf genes from his father and is becoming, surprise surprise, a TEEN WOLF! He can’t, despite his best efforts, hide this from his high school friends, and ends up changing in the middle of a basketball game. However, in wolf form he is a star at basketball, as well as at pretty much everything else he tries. Suddenly he is popular and well-known, but does it all come at a price? Oh yeah, he also surfs on a van. Outstanding.

14. Blood and Chocolate (2007)

The movie starts off pretty well, showing young Vivian quickly and barely getting free as her parents are torn apart by a crazed mob. As soon as it jumps to the present, though, things start to go a bit wrong. Agnes Bruckner is a bit over the top, and there’s nobody to offset that issue with a little fun. Most obviously the screenwriter. The problem is, frankly, that the movie isn’t that original, clever, or even romantic enough to have (and it does) such a complete absence of levity. However, it’s still a strong entry into the genre as a whole and a decent watch for those of us a little taken aback by horror.

13. El Aullido del Diablo (1987)

Do you know Jacinto Molina? How about Paul Naschy? Same guy. His horror movies are relatively cookie-cutter of himself; that is to say they all more or less follow the same pattern. This movie opens with a pretty cute girl sitting alone in a car, singing to herself. Then for no discernible reason, she is grabbed from behind and her throat is slashed with a knife, all of this before the opening credits, Hi Paul Naschy, how are ya? This was obviously a very personal project for Molina, since he writes, directs and stars in it, playing an actor no less. The Shakespearean actor in question likes to pick up hookers and have his nasty, filthy way with them, while acting out some of his favorite historical roles. Could this be a bit autobiographical, maybe? Probably not, since the girls also end up brutally murdered.

12. Wolf (1994)

Jack Nicholson is such a well-respected actor that it came as no surprise that he’d eventually end up beneath some pretty cool wolf make up. After the Joker in Batman, this bit of caked-on appliance wasn’t too much of a stretch. Nicholson’s character is an editor who is being replaced by a younger, more sinister man at his company. At first he’s ready to simply accept it and move on with dignity, but since he was been bitten by a wolf the night before, he begins to undergo some painful and unusual changes and suddenly finds himself having the energy to fight for his position at the company and for the love of his boss’ daughter. However, he also finds that he has the urge to hunt and kill at nighttime, and becomes terrified of the monster he carries inside. Poor Jack.

11. I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

Tony Rivers (the Little House on the Prairie alum, Michael Landon) is a teenager who has a real anger management issue. He’s always ready for a fight and flies off the handle at even the slightest upsetting moment. A sequence of campy and unfortunate events lead him to seek help with a psychotherapist, who turns out to be a, ready for it… mad scientist! He is obsessed with the possibilities of reverting man to his animal state and, after a few sessions which seem to be helping, brutal animal-like killings begin to occur in the town and Tony fears that he has become … a werewolf, too! Egads!

10. The Company of Wolves (1984)

The setup is painfully simple: A teenage girl in a country house falls asleep while reading a magazine (with a cover story entitled “the shattered dream” — a bit of a hint to some of the themes of this movie, I’d suspect). She has a wretched dream involving wolves which appear to take place in the very woods that are visible from her bedroom window! It begins with a girl being chased down by a pack of wolves and killed, then we move to her funeral and discover she had a sister. The sister is your typical innocent girl just blossoming into womanhood, and her wise old grandma tells her stories about men changing into wolves, with the message that all men are beasts. Gore ensues, and a little bit of Fairy Tale lore as well. Good stuff.

9. The Wolfman (1941)

Lon Chaney Jr. and Claude Raines are absolutely astounding in this, one of the very first tales of the lycanthropes. Upon the death of his older brother, Larry Talbot returns to his father’s estate in Wales. He falls in love with a girl in the village named Gwen, and he goes with her and her friend Jenny Williams to get their fortunes told at a nearby gypsy camp. After talking to the mysterious gypsy, Bela, Jenny is attacked by a wolf. Larry tries to save her. He kills the wolf but is bitten in the fight. Jenny, however, is killed. Afterwards an old gypsy woman tells him that Bela, a werewolf bit him, and now he too will become a one! At first he thinks this is all nonsense, but as more murders are committed, he comes to believe that she may be right about him.

8. Bad Moon (1996)

IMDB says this werewolf story told from the point of view of the family dog is rotten. I disagree. This is quite a refreshing view of the genre. The story opens on a camp in a quiet picturesque amazon rainforest is attacked by a werewolf, which promptly gets its head blasted off. The mixture of gratuitous nudity and random violence lands us firmly in oft-explored horror movie territory. From here we travel back to the US and are introduced to a normal, average family; a powerful lawyer-mom played by Mariel Hemmingway, her young son and their faithful German Shepherd, Thor. They head up to a mountainous lake area to visit their favorite uncle, and no sooner is the mother commenting on how ‘safe’ and ‘peaceful’ this place is than people start being gruesomely murdered in animal-like attacks.

7. Kibakichi Bakko Vokaiden (2003)

In this Japanese movie, Kibakichi is one of the last surviving Yokai, a race of shapeshifters, and his particular form is that of a werewolf. He travels the world doing battle with various forces of evil.

6. Underworld (2003)

The Lycans Versus the Vampires is an age-old and epic battle. Kat Beckinsale plays just about the most attractive leather-clad vampire you’re likely to ever see, and she plays it well. In an ancient gothic war, Selene is a “deathdealer” — a vampire who has pledged to rid the world of Lycans. One night she uncovers a conspiracy regarding the leader of her coven, a supposedly dead Lycan, and human named Michael. And in the world of Vampires and Lycans, things will never be the same again. Did I mention she was drop-dead gorgeous? Good.

5. Wolfen (1981)

A city cop is assigned to solve a bizarre set of violent murders where it appears that the victims were killed by animals. In his pursuit he learns of an Indian legend about wolf spirits. Though not entirely what you might be expecting, Albert Finney, Edward James Olmos, and Gregory Hines do a pretty decent job of adding to the genre.

4. Ginger Snaps (2000)

This movie is by no means ‘cutesy’ or a chick-flick despite what the title might have you believe. It is a pure and true horror movie and it is relatively gory from the get go when the family discovers the dog has been literally shredded and left in bits and chunks all over the place. In a way it’s not really that gratuitous. The whole movie is a metaphor for adolescence, which in itself is a pretty scary thing to have to go through, I suppose. There are these two morbid sisters, Ginger and Brigette, who are afraid of growing up so much that they actually have a suicide pact together. They are obsessed with death, and for art class they take photos of each other in disturbingly realistic fake death poses. Ginger begins going through puberty, has her first period, and whoosh! Cue the werewolf attack. Very well done.

3. The Howling (1981)

Between this, the Joe Dante entry, and the next on the list, the two most well known werewolf movies ever are so very close on any list, and deserve very much to be. The effects in both are outstanding, both showcasing some of the most fantastic transformation sequences without the typical over-use of CGI. Karen White, a respected news reporter, decides to go undercover on a mission to capture a dangerous psychopath. However, it goes wrong and it very nearly costs her life before the police burst in and shoot the killer. Karen is left scarred by the experience, so she visits a respected psychologist who recommends that she spend some time at a peculiar retreat called “the colony” … but while there her dreams get worse, and at night she hears a disturbing howling in the woods around her. The film is still relatively scary even for today’s much more stringent standards.

2. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

John Landis took well-known Dr. Pepper ad alum David Naughton and made him a monster. Literally. In fact, using his considerable talents from such horror exploits as the Thriller video, he honestly created the most recognizable and well known werewolf transformation scene ever; even going so far as to be copied in today’s cinema by more CGI effects. Watching the agony as David goes through the horrid pains while literally watching the clock, and then becoming, ever so slowly, the beast to the sounds of CCR’s ‘Bad Moon Rising’ is just shy of amazing. David Kessler and Jack Goodman are two Americans who are making a three-month tour of Europe. While camping through the Yorkshire moors, they are attacked by some kind of large wolf. Jack is torn apart and the beast begins to attack David when the locals intervene and kill the monster. But while he is recovering in a London hospital, David has haunting dreams and visions of his dead friend, who insists that at the next full moon he will become a werewolf. Watching Jack literally fall further apart each time David sees him is also pretty funny.

1. Dog Soldiers (2002)

It had been a good while since I was honestly scared by a werewolf movie. Now, there aren’t wolves throughout the entire film, but when you finally see them leap from the quite picturesque backdrop into the fray, the enormous beasts absolutely take your breath away. Towering heads above their human tormentors, the ‘Wolf-Dogs’ are so intense and scathingly gruesome to look at that you can almost see them existing in a museum of the macabre somewhere. They are ruthless, cunning, killing machines and, without once realizing that they are indeed masks, all at once scary as hell. Directed masterfully by Neill Marshall, the view of the soldiers in training easily draw you into the story of just a simple mission gone horribly awry when the group begins to notice something not quit right in the Scottish woods. The concept for this movie is perfectly described in six words, which are lovingly splattered all over the posters — “Six Soldiers. Full Moon. No chance.”

Notable Omissions: Monster Squad (‘Wolfman’s got NARDS!’), Van Helsing, Silver Bullet

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  • Dude, no ‘Van Helsing’? That film was good.

    The only one on that list I have actually seen is ‘Underworld’

    • dean

      where is silver bullet?

  • dangorironhide: it’s on the notable omissions list :)

  • dvhann

    what, no silver bullet? :P

    Ginger Snaps is a great movie anyways, good list man.

  • I’ve never felt so negative about a list…

    I think the sequels to some of these movies are better than the other movies mentioned, i.e. Bad Moon compared to An American Werewolf In Paris. I would wager my handle that almost everything before Bad Moon had more cinematic value than it, except for 14 and 11.

    I am disgusted at Bad Moon being ranked at #8.

  • WinstonB

    If there’s one movie that still scares me after all these years.. it’s definitely An American Werewolf in London, although I’ve never seen any of the other films on this list.

  • corinthian0430

    AH, the company of wolves… great storyline and SFX (considering the film was in the pre-CGI days)- I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!!

  • corinthian0430

    not exactly a werewolf film…. but “Brotherhood of the Wolf” could fit nicely in this list ;)

    *hint* *hint*

  • mowi

    when i was 8 or 9 years i saw a scene from “An American Werewolf in London” on tv… i had nightmares like for a week.

  • bucslim

    Stay on the road and beware the moors. . . oops. Let’s go back to the slaughtered lamb.

  • Alamo

    Dog Soldiers- Far and away the best.

    The “kitchen scene” where one soldier tries desperately but in vain to save his own life from two horrific assailants is surprisingly gripping for a fantasy / horror movie.

    • That scene was great! Spoonie deserved to sruvive :( i was pissed off that he carked it

  • Whatever happened to good Werewolf Movie? Seriously It’s not overdone like other horror genres are.

  • Johnathan

    Great now “Juggz” is gonna start spamming the comments. What an asshole!

  • Paul

    Johnathan: LOL!! I totally agree!

  • Bonnie_

    I saw Wolfen and have never forgotten it. A true original concept — that wolves exist side-by-side with us, eating our homeless and derelict members of society. Plus, they’re as smart as humans. Brrr. Good stuff!

    I also very much enjoyed “Silver Bullet,” particularly the humor mixed with the horror. When the kid is collecting bottles for charity and trying to discover the one-eyed man, every door opening is scary and every unblemished set of eyes is a relief. What a roller coaster ride.

    Great list, thank you.

  • For my dough, ‘The Wolfman’ takes the cake. Granddaddy of them all… Plus, Claude Rains kicks so much ass.
    But I have to say, ‘American Werewolf In London’ is probably the best of the bunch. Landis plays it just right, by establishing a ‘horror’ mood straight off on the moors, and then making us wait… and wait… and wait… for the payoff. And then even THAT goes slowly! The clip shown above illustrates it perfectly: the loping-along ‘Blue Moon’ by Sam Cooke in the background, and that what-the-hell? shot of the Mickey Mouse figurine in the middle of all the screaming and writhing around… Genius.

  • AndyB123

    I love this list for one major reason – you actually put Dog Soldiers in front of An American Werewolf In London. I was sure it would be the other way around, as American Werewolf is considered a masterpiece. I don’t think so. I would have put The Wolfman at number two. It laid the foundation for so many of the legends we associate with Lycantrophy. I also liked An American Werewolf In Paris. Many see it as inferior, but I think it is worthy of a place on the list.

    “There is no Spoon!” Classic.

  • Angelina

    I have seen 4-5 of these movies. I hate to admit, but I really liked Teen Wolf! I was young, don’t judge! :) Good list!

  • PT

    Have to agree with AndyB123 I just love Dog Soldiers. I particularly enjoy the gallows humour that runs throughout

  • I have seen a few of these, Underworld I think is very well done. I’m definately more of a vampire person myself. I have read Blood and Chocolate, and from the description, it sounds like they totally butchered it in the screen adaptation.

  • Zopal

    You forgot Dancing with Wolves.

  • Nelia

    I want to second Corinthian… Brotherhood of the Wolf should definitely be on this list. It is a brilliant film.

  • BrotherMan

    Thank you and HAIL jfrater! My girlfriend is into vampyres while I am into werewolves and we have both noticed how much more glamorised vampyres are compared to werewolves. It was American Werewolf in London that got me into the werewolf preference way back when I saw it in the 80’s!

    Spectacular list…but come on now…Dog Soldiers above American Werewolf!?

    And what about the transformation scene in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video? That deserves an honorable mention in a bonus area! You can find it here for reference:

    Thanks again!

  • vannie2

    Jfrater – Dog Soldiers listed at #1? That lets me know I’m on the right website!I live in a little Southern town and nobody has ever heard of the movie (unless they hear it from me.) My favorite list yet.

  • chadster

    Worst werewolf movie: Cursed
    I’m doing hard time for shooting the guy who sold me the ticket.

  • torn and frayed

    Even a man who is pure at heart and says his prayers at can become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

  • jchoma

    Glad to see Gingersnaps made the list. It was a surprisingly good movie, as are the sequels — Especially (IMHO) Gingersnaps 3.

  • TMo

    Blood and Chocolate is a horrible, horrible movie and should not be on this list. It should be replaced by Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, which is a much better film in craft and, surprisingly, in horror. That movie scared me sh*tless.

  • whisperingishard

    i would love to see a top vampire movie list to follow!!

  • dazednconfused

    Oh lawd…these movies are all so bad. The only ones that are even mediocre are Underworld and An American Werewolf in London.

  • Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood list-maker again and I have to say thanks to so many for enjoying my placement of Dog Soldiers as number one. That movie just made my bones rattle! Such a damn good representation of something just a little different in the Genre and, announced here first, if enough people (aside from the lovely ones who already have) request a Vampire list, your wish shall be my command. Let me know!

    dazedandconfused: Seriously? Wow…

    • its_me43812

      u should definently make a list for vampire movies that would be awesome

      • devils duaghter

        vampires are ok but the movie never cry werewolf is awesome sure u mite not be into it but it is amazing!!!!!

  • Diogenes

    I’ll declare a copyright here and now on the following future werewolf movie idea. All checks can be sent my way if anyone in “the field” or “the biz” wishes to aquire a partial coat from my wolf’s bane. an epic 3hrs, the first follows
    the forming of a pack of Inner city stray dogs and their leader as they lurk nightly through the flickering back streets of restaurant dumpsters and derelic jugular veins.
    2nd hour : the bujo of the pack takes the form of a human serial killer/cult-like figure, of which allows for the werewolf movie to show itself, the media paints the picture and the wolfman becomes visible as the monster.
    3rd hour. the downfall of civilization is brought apon abrubtly by uncertain terms that causes the manifestation of part1 and 2 to overtake the streets causing havoc, as the wolfs run rampid, trumpeting the arrival of the apocolypse.

    and I dont know, the kids save the day(world/humanity,ect).

    ah! teen wolf, give me a keg of beer.

  • Diogenes

    p.s. Kevin Bacon makes a cameo appearence.

  • Diogenes: SOLD! :-)

  • Wait a minute…How did i become an asshole for making comments on the site?

  • JJ

    the howling scared the crap out of me when i was a kid i had nightmares for years after god i loved it!!!!

  • sdggrant

    Juggz: It’s common knowledage that if you post your opinion on the internet, and it differs from the opinion of another, you automatically become an asshole! It makes things more interesting!

    StewWriter: If you make a Vampire List then you MUUUUUUST include 30 days of night! I’m a huge vampire buff and have seen pretty much every movie dealing with them, and 30 Days of Night was probably the most intense Vamp movie to come out in a long-while. I dont recommend to see many movies in theaters, but 30 Days of Night is one of the few that must-be-seen-in-theaters.

  • I think it’s just jealousy :)

  • I think that the worst werewolf movie of all time (that I’ve seen) has to be “Werewolf” (1996), the one riffed on by Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  • shawn

    What? No “Curse of the Queerwolf”? I keed I keed!!

    Yes it’s a real movie. No, it isn’t porn. No, I haven’t seen it. General concensus is it’s HORRIBLE (go figure).

  • shawn

    PS “There wolf, there castle…”

  • Nevermore

    I was honestly shocked to see Dog Soldiers at number 1. That stems from a personal distaste for that movie, I suppose. It was sad to see Blood & Chocolate so far back on the list and Van Helsing not on at all. At least it got a Notable Omission. Thank god Cursed didn’t make the list. That has to be one of the worst werewolf movies in existence.

  • Liz

    blood and chocolate is roughly based on a book by the same name. and the book is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. there was actually a plot. i nearly cried over the movie i thought it sucked so bad.

    i highly recommend the book to anyone who like werewolf books. it is junior fiction, but still way better than the movie.

  • Supercow

    Loved Dog Soldiers as it was based in Scotland. Hated the anorexic lookin werewolfs though lol

  • Timpani

    Yeah, these are all great, but Remus Lupin will always be my favorite werewolf.

  • matt

    werewolf horror movies are by far my favorite genre. i love your list and agree with most of it. in my opinion, American Werewolf in London should be the top one. dog soldiers isn’t bad, but didn’t really do it for me.
    it seems you just cant find a good werewolf movie these days. with the CGI some producers have done, you’d think they could actually produce a good one.
    but love your list. havent heard of ginger snaps but will definitely see it soon since it has such good reviews. thanks ^_^

    • francesca daniels

      do you look werewolf movie called the howling and others

  • alexlwe

    No Abbot and Costello meet the Werewolf? C’mon that was classic.

  • Sarah

    I need to see more of these films.

    I liked Blood and Chocolate. But I majorly disagree with one of the above posters. The book, in my opinion, is not better. In fact, it’s pretty poorly written. But hey, to each his own, right?

  • Courtney

    I semi-agree with both opinions of Blood and Chocolate. The book had more story that I wish had been added to the movie, but the movie had a far better ending. The book wasn’t sloppily written. It’s because it’s a young adults book, so there’s less description and sophistication than in regular books.

    I love werewolves but honestly werewolf horror isn’t my favorite genre. It’s not realistic. Werewolves are half man half wolf, and neither of those (unless insane or protecting themselves) attack or eat humans. Which is why I am a fan of Blood and Chocolate (more the book on this point because they do eat humans in the movie). Well I’ll try not to be the annoying one on here, but it isn’t a bad list. There aren’t any places where my genre comes out in movies, only books, so I’m gonna rate this a good list. I do think An American Werewolf in Paris has a great transformation scene, but that’s just me, I wouldn’t add the movie on the list though, and Van Helsing would win for best looking werewolf for me. They’re pretty.

  • Good Wolf

    I saw Dog Soldiers recently with a couple of mate and expected it to be shithouse but the more we watched the more that prejudice vanished. The one guy going toe-to-toe with two werewolves in the kitchen was far far far better than what we expected out f this movie at first. And you are right. the wolf costumes were great. far better than the shit ones from underworld – they suck hairy man sack.

  • Iraqnaphobnick

    Beat this one…I live in Spain, and the guy next door was the stuntman who played the dude in the wolf suit in An American Werewolf in London…

    He actually played twice in the same scene, he was also the guy on the tube platform who said he was going to report this and then ran away.

    I do keep an eye out on fullmoons!

  • Good Wolf

    For pizza pies?

  • ZaQ

    yeah for real, silver bullet is the best werewolf movie. good soundtrack, effects, werewolf noises, death scenes, shaky but unique plot based on an awsome king novella.. oh and gary busey yay!. read cycle of there werewolf the pictures are bad ass!!!

  • Roz

    So I was watching AMC at 3am and the Howling came up. I was freaked out! That is until the werewolves showed up, then it got kinda silly. Some scenes there were people, others it was clay-mation. I love werewolf movies and after seeing that clip of Dog Soldiers I am deffinately gonna check it out. The scene with spoon duking it out with his fists against the werewolves was FLIPPING INTENSE!
    Nice list!

  • rushfan

    An American Werewolf in Paris wasn’t too bad.

  • trippen

    heres what i think, lots of these werewolf movies got good plots, but Van Helsing, Underworld, are the only two movies that have portrayed a good looking werewolf… and sadly one of the Harry Potter movies had a good looking werewolf but i dont like to think werewolfs to be that skimpy… so it’s 2008 its about time we are provided some good plotted werewolf movies with realistic werewolves. we have the graphic tech. most listed movies above i have to like cuz its about the only ones we have..

  • Annie

    good list, but where’s Van Helsing?


    i LOVED “dog soldier” the werewolves were actually scary and it was actually pretty funny too :)
    But yeah.. i’ve read Blood and Chocolate at least 3 times and i though the movie STUNK!

    i was sooooooo disappointed and i was thinking about writing the writer a letter.

  • Mike

    SILVER BULLET !!!!! By far one of the best werewolf movies
    ever made. Great actors and engaging storyline.

  • nattykm

    i was watching a movie late one night and i only stayed awake for the first few minutes and all i remember is a couple having sex in a tent and she gets ripped to shreds through the tent and im not sure if he survives or not but lately ive been thinking about this movie and wonder if anyone knows its title? it looked like it was from the 80’s?
    please let me know

    • FluffyMcTeethBiter

      Yeah, that's Dog Soldiers, it's a very good werewolf flick and it's not from the 80's, try a couple of decades later!

  • Jessy

    I so knew Ginger Snaps would be on this list! GS Is one of my favourite movies! :D

  • Jack

    Nattykm, the film you saw was dog soldiers. And the man dies.

  • icarusfoundyou

    YES! Dog Soldiers at #1! I love that film :D

  • Kandycain05

    I can’t believe blood and chocolate made any best of list that is the only movie I have walked out and with ticket prices what they are I’ve sat through some bombs.

  • Mikai420

    oh god ima nerd lol but as to response to nattykm the movie was actually badmoon, the 2 people were having sex and then bam werewolf comes in and takes a bite, and then the guy shoots him in the head with a shotgun, but i do understand why u thought it was dog soldiers. btw glad dog soldiers was #1, i love it when people are like, wheres van helsing, sorry thats a monster movie, not completely related to werewolves, and idk why but someone said they liked the harry potter werewolves, yeah im pretty sure my little sister could beat those ones up.

  • joe

    hey everone if u like vampires go to google type top 70 vampire movies and go to the site if u want to play as a vampire or were wolf Go to google type Bitefight and play it should say who help u find this site type shadowdog324
    ok good luck


    yea silver bullet should definetly be up there! also van helsing! im looking forward to the remake of wolfman in 09

  • LaMonica

    Too see “Dog Soldiers” at #1 on your list gives me great satisfaction. Most people are all about “A.A.W.I.L.”..”Dog Soldiers” for me is just done perfect. I love all the characters. I don’t want them to die…which is key in a horro film. When you want the characters to’s safe to say the movie is bad. I dig that this film is done not just as a horror film..but is also your typical “Stand-Off” movie. And the creatures in this film.. PERFECT. No CGI.. They are more humanoid looking. which is fitting.They are upright and agile..yet vicious and animalistic. I own this film for a reason. It’s awesome.

  • jan

    uh why isn’t the howling number 1? that movie basically had the most copied werewolf in history, i’m so sick of people putting AWIL at number one and saying how influencial it was when nobody even bothered to copy that werewolf, fact is, before the howling you had the wolfman, after the howling you had a werewolf that looked completely different from the wolfman prodecessors, its by far the most influencial werewolf movie to date, and gave us a werewolf that looked more like a wolf than man

  • FinalCurse

    What are you talking about chadmaster Cursed is almost the best(#3)

  • FinalCurse

    My List is 10.Howling II
    ————– 11.Wolfen
    1.Dog Soldiers 12.Underworld
    2.The Howling 13.Wolf(Jack Nickelson)
    3.Bad Moon 14.Ginger Snaps
    4.Cursed(unrated) 15.Howling IV
    6.The Feeding
    7.The Company of Wolves
    8.The Wolf Man(1941)
    9.Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman

  • Moe

    Hey Courtney! Have you ever seen any of these movies? How about the scene in Dog soldiers where the werewolves are chowing down on the Private in the kitchen? Or how about in American Werewolf in London where David eats the two people on their way to a dinner party? Or Underwordl when Kraven says “other than for food why would Lycans follow a human”? DUH…

  • deru

    I am trying to find a werewolf movie. The guy falls in love with a girl. Girl has ex-boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend happens to be werewolf and attacks guy. Guy survives and turns werewolf. Finds out girlfriend is also werewolf and only way to save them is to eat the heart of ex-boyfriend. Its something along those lines. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Moe

    deru, that’s An American Werewolf in Paris

  • The Duke of Wolves

    Although there are some kick A$$ werewolf movies, I respectfully disagree with some, that contain non actual Werewolves. Plus you left out American Werewolf in Paris, the sequel to London. But Dog Soldiers, I’m not sure if it would place #1 on my list, but it definately is one of the greatest werewolf movies I’ve seen…

  • Doodidly

    I’d switch Dog soldiers with gingersnaps. Gingersnaps has a way better storyline and graphics, they both have good actors but gingersnaps has a better script to it too.

  • Doodidly

    When i first watched dog soldiers i got like a little scared but Gingersnaps freaked me the F$%# out! oh but the sequel to gingersnaps “Gingersnaps Back” had like the worst graphics, is was kindo weird 2.

  • popeye

    “the cursed of the werewolf” its classic.

  • Kenneth Moen

    Not to come here and say that ”this” movie is the best. But its rather a sugestion. Have you ever seen ” American werewolf in paris” ?
    In my opinion, that movie is the best.
    The only movie I’ve had to stop watching because i got scared ( when I were younger ). But now I really like it. The transformations is really good, and they look scary, and you see alot of werewolf scenes with the whole wolf showing. Its really good.

    A scene from the movie ( 2min transformation )

  • Luis

    some one knows a very old movie about a boy with super strength who lives with his grandma(b’cuz his parents was murdered) and this boy have to fight with some werewolf, another thing that I remember abt thsi movie it’s that a t the final of the movie this boy meets his parents at the heaven.. I saw this movie when i was a kid.. thanks

  • JoJo

    Here is my opinion. First of all, Dog Soldiers was alright but it could have been alot better. At least the Wolves looked pretty good in it. Underworld has the best story and put together very well. The werewolves in it were very cool looking. I have to say American Werewolf in London was definately the scariest of them all. The wolf in AWiL was most definately the scariest. For being a movie from the early 80’s, the special effects were amazing. That wolf still haunts me today lol. As for that piece of crap American Werewolf in Paris, I am so glad you left it out. The werewolves in it looked terrible. Hell their faces looked like treasure trolls. Absolutely terrible. I am also glad you left The Howling out. I thought it was garbage to. When that lady changed at the end while on the news, that was crazy stupid. She looked like a damn ewok from star wars lmao.

  • JoJo

    I just went back through and see you did have The Howling on the list. Don’t know how I missed it lol. oh well. I was just going to add that William from Underworld 2 is the coolest looking werewolf ever. I think when Marcus opened his cell and William comes walking out towards him, that is sweet! Bad ass beast!

  • Carycomic

    Sorry! But, “Company of Wolves” should have been omitted from the list as a not-so-notable exception. And, Hammer Films’ “The Beast Must Die” should have replaced it as #9 of 15.

  • Nick

    I got a bad feeling when at about no 3 in the list thinking that dog soldiers after the crap i had seen so far might not be there,for once the best was at 1 well done.

    These are true horror movies not the one were people are involved they are not horror movies but for demented people who need ridding from the world

  • j rock

    For every1 that keeps mentioning other movies bein the worst wolf movies, then yall haven’t seen the sequals to the howling. OMFG wut TRASH! And major dissapointments. I say if a director makes a great movie and he doesn’t wanna direct sequals, DON’T PRODUCE THEM. IM glad 2 c ginger snaps on here. No lie I watched all 3 in the past 3 nights fo 1st time. 1st 2 were good but the 3rd iz annother dissapointment. I didn’t getit, and it made me mad. My most scariest wud b HOWLING, A.W LONDON, AND YES DOG SOLDIERS. Wen I wuz a kid london sth outa me lol, and dog soldiers kept the nightmares comin. Im now 18 & out of all the wolf films I have seen dog soldiers is still ontop of my list of scariest in the genre, so much respect for it bein on the list and more condoences onit bein #1. I luv horror movies that are TRULLY TERRYING, ENUFF TO MAKE A GROWN MAN NOT WANNA B ALONE AT NIGHT LOL. IF ANY1 HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS ON FILMS LIKE THAT PLEASE EMAIL ME. [email protected]
    I am a horror movie FEIND SO PLEASE KEEP ME HIGH LMFAO. Srry for the book I just wrote

  • j rock

    Also my list of best looking werewolves

    William frum underworld 2
    Van helsing
    I would include the howling but the ears are to long for me lol

    But yea if all movies had wolves that looked like ones listed, and were as scary as dog soldiers with a story as good as ginger snaps …
    I here have given birth to the god of werewolf movies “muah ha HA” lol

    Btw iz it me or duz twilight #2 appear 2 b a remake of blood & choclate wit vampires init? LMFAO

  • Big Poppa

    i agree Dog soldiers is the best werewolf movie of all time, its just the way the soilders act how real people would act in that situation….Genius.

    Also where’s silver bullet -_-

  • mf

    where is twilight or new moon

  • Carycomic

    Dear mf: “Twilight” is out on DVD. And, “New Moon” is still in theaters.

  • lycanthrope master

    wat about the gingersnap trilogy thoses were great movies

  • Argo53

    this list…. its kinda gay… Van Helsing deffinately deserves to be on here. Dog Soldiers was very good tho considering it was a low budget film.

  • Dimitri

    good movies love them :D

  • Haskins

    Wheres Curse of the Werewolf? and personally I’d put the Wolf Man at number one, simply because if it wasn’t for that movie, you wouldn’t have most of the other movies on that list. Plus, it’s Lon Chaney Jr., how could you go wrong?

    Speaking of which, who’s seen the remake? Rick Baker’s make-up is fucking brilliant!

  • Nate

    I like your number one, but I can’t agree with most of the rest. If you’re going to pick GOOD werewolf movies, pick scary ones. The legend of the werewolf wasn’t invented for a comedy. It’s a scary, “nightmare for a week,” kind of movie.

  • chachi versace

    Great list, I agree with your top three 100 percent. I would put silver bullet in place of wolf,the scene in the church with the werewolf playing the organ gave me nightmares. Werewolf movies should be enjoyable after many viewings and wolf just doesn’t do anything for me.

  • CodieT

    While i was reading it, the whole time i was like,”i really hope dog soldiers is on here”…and it was number one…im a huge werewolf fan, and that has got to be one of my faveorites :D

  • Steve

    Awesome I picked the top 3 right of the bat!! yay me!!

  • bloomfever2002

    Seen most of these but i have to also agree Silver Bullet should be on here. It scared the crap out of me as a kid. Also totally agree Brotherhood of the Wolf is awesome!!

  • i think you should uodate and add a bonus and put the micheal jackson thriller wolf, a classic and very cool lol

  • Best top ever, my friend… on the way down, reading the titles, my anger was growing up and up… and then! MY FAVORITE WEREWOLVES MOVIE EVER ON THE FIRST PLACE….!!!!! I was getting mad 'cause I thought it wouldn't even get mentioned. My Mistake!!…. xD I totally agree with you, the werewolves are scary as hell!.. The scene when the chick (almost a spoiler jojo) and they appear behind… EPIC!! B)
    Apologies for my english…u_u

  • xray

    Ginger Snaps was really good.

  • nate boggs

    bad moon is really good

  • HannahH;)

    Ok, seriously, HOW is Silver Bullet not on here?I also loved Skinwalkers.

  • V

    wow. this list just plain sucks except for the howling, dog soldiers, american werewolf in london, and ginger snaps. the rest are god awful. Wolf isnt even a real werewolf movie. very disappointed with this list.

  • Cheetogasmic

    Blood and Chocolate was terrible, as it didn’t follow to book it was based on. The only thing that was the same was Vivien’s name, and some of her cousin’s names. :( How can it even be on here?

  • Deathwing

    I so hate traditional werewolf movies, and its so fucked up that there none exist I seek. There are over 250 wolf/werewolf movies and I only found 1-2 good yet. FUCK HOLLYWOOD

  • RubyMoon

    Stop with that damn Underworld movie already!!it sucks!!

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  • James

    I am a huge werewolf fan. Dog Soldiers was a horrible movie. It shouldn’t be in the top 20 much less first on the list!

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  • Ashley Lopez

    werewolf movies scare the sh!t out of me….but are oh so fun to watch!!

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  • dejaward

    i love these were wolf movie cause they are full of power

  • Jes

    An American Werewolf in London, an all-time favorite of mine. :)

  • Jose

    Almost everybody likes dog soldiers. its waesome

  • Jessica Doyle

    u hav 2 add Never Cry Werewolf. (2008) to the list. It has Nina Dobrev, Kevin Sorbo and Peter Stebbings in it. (nina dobrev is Elena/Katherine in the hit tv series The Vampire Diaries, which has vampires, werewolves, witches, curses and a lot of hot lads wit no shirts on and abs)
    here is like a plot summery.

    Jared Martin moves next door to the Hansetts, along with his hot motorcycle and eerie, ill-tempered dog. Although everyone else in the neighborhood takes an instant liking to him, Loren Hansett can’t get over the bad vibes her new neighbor gives her. She starts to spy on his nocturnal activities and comes to believe that a recent killing might the work of a werewolf who happens to be her new neighbor. Her internet surfing provides a lot of collaborative detail but everyone but her friend Steven dismiss her story as teen-aged fantasy. Fearing for her life, she convinces Steven to take her to a gun shop to buy silver bullets in a gun shop, where their neighbor’s supernatural dog attacks. When she dispatches the beast, her actions get the attention of Redd Tucker, a washed-up TV hunting show host to believe her as well. When Steven is attacked by the werewolf and Loren’s brother goes missing, she and Redd team up to kill the lycanthrope before he can finish them both off.

  • kswendyb2


  • djkoz78

    They need to do another werewolf film I vote for them to make a movie of The Last Werewolf. It has to be Rated R the book was extremely violent and sexy. Plus to do it with conventional effects not a lot of CGI stick with what made Werewolf transformation amazing.

  • djkoz78

    Seriously you blotted out the word? S3xy?

  • djkoz78

    Sorry but the 2 best are the Howling 1 or American Werewolf in London not Paris. Dog Soldiers would be number 3 for me. There also was a T.V. show back in the 80’s that had a great werewolf. Which was called Werewolf the series I remember being a kid and wishing I was bitten by a werewolf! How ridiculous.

  • Seriously Dog Soldiers as number 1??? The movie sucked!!!!! Where is American Werewolf in Paris? Van Helsing? OR the remake of the Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro? Pfft….Poor List

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