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Top 10 Worst Logos

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

[WARNING: dirty words herein] We are in the middle of our own logo competition, so I thought it apt to demonstrate a few that went seriously wrong. Whatever was in the mind of the designers at the time is anyone’s guess. Top 10 worst logos – and I really mean worst.

10. Bottom Logo

13152914 6C7Ef66B67

In case you can’t tell – it is a Japanese house in front of the rising sun. What else could it be?

9. *Special* Surgery


Guess where I am not going for surgery?

8. High Fashion


Guess where I am going for clothes.

7. Fine Food

A74 Sausage

Sausage anyone?

6. Olympics

A74 London

Even though people have pointed out the obvious problem here, they still insist on using this.

5. Pediatrics


A picture paints a thousand words.

4. Children’s Clinic

79 Logos

Don’t worry – be happy. Or not.

3. Pharmacy


Enemas ‘r’ us.

2. Speechless


1. Open Wide


Bonus: We fix your computers


And your leaky penis.

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