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Top 10 Worst Logos

[WARNING: dirty words herein] We are in the middle of our own logo competition, so I thought it apt to demonstrate a few that went seriously wrong. Whatever was in the mind of the designers at the time is anyone’s guess. Top 10 worst logos – and I really mean worst.

10. Bottom Logo

13152914 6C7Ef66B67

In case you can’t tell – it is a Japanese house in front of the rising sun. What else could it be?

9. *Special* Surgery


Guess where I am not going for surgery?

8. High Fashion


Guess where I am going for clothes.

7. Fine Food

A74 Sausage

Sausage anyone?

6. Olympics

A74 London

Even though people have pointed out the obvious problem here, they still insist on using this.

5. Pediatrics


A picture paints a thousand words.

4. Children’s Clinic

79 Logos

Don’t worry – be happy. Or not.

3. Pharmacy


Enemas ‘r’ us.

2. Speechless


1. Open Wide


Bonus: We fix your computers


And your leaky penis.

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  • dan231

    Bawahaha…..leaky penis….

    6 – it is an abstract person kneeling giving a blow job. In other words: the world should bow down and give London a bj!

    • Katelyn

      Whats #1? I don't see whats bad about that…

      • think about the shape of the ‘U’ on Computer. and the cord on the end of the ‘mouse’ :) bahahaha

    • dsafaf

      #6 is the only one I didn’t get the instant and even if you said what it is, I just don’t see it. I only see a bad made logo…=/

  • NOOOOOOOOO! The London 2012 one needs to be at no. 1. What a traversty. They spent so much money on that as well. Peice of shit!

  • Arabella

    Can someone please explain to me what exactly is wrong with number 6? I just don’t get it lol.


      isn't it lisa simpson giving head?

      • no

        it isn’t

  • mix2323

    lol # 2 and 8


    Arabella,I agree with you,I don’t see the problem.

  • 6 – it is an abstract person kneeling giving a blow job.

  • evan

    im not seeing the hidden thing for siz either, besides it being just a crappy logo.

  • evan


  • Emily

    an abstract person kneeling giving a blow job? I really have to strain to see that one. and even then i can only see the person kneeling. oh well. It is an ugly logo though. I’ve seen #2 on ebaums world and on snopes (i think) anyway they say it is photoshopped, because the shadows of the letters don’t match up. fuuny, though.

    • Phil

      I've actually seen that one in real life, so, yeah, it's real

      • JC

        No you didn’t, you’re a liar

  • Emily

    you can tell w/ the shadow of the ‘s’

  • tehe
    oh srry w00t!

  • Emily: you just dont have a dirty enough mind :)

  • CrimsonChrissi

    LOL-#10 should be on a new list of pictures you can see two things at the same time. Like the old and young lady.

  • kittym

    #8 opens up a whole new can of cheesy pick-up lines. Loved the list!

  • Guys and gurlz…

    The london olympics logo is known for being the number 2012 expressed in a cubic way and the animated version is known for having caused epileptic seizures. “London” is written with a small “l” being “london”. the fellatio problem has been widely commented over the internet and finally, see Or just google the words “london olympics logo controversy” to get a good look at what it’s all about.

  • dan231

    I see the 2012 now, thanks for pointing that out; but it’s still ugly.

  • Mom424

    now i get the london logo, but which one is the blower and which one is the blowee?

  • Great list. One of my favorites of late, in fact. Not sure what that says about me, but anyway! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Gravy

    That is hilarious! This is THE best list by far!

  • Mav

    I love these.
    #6 is stretching it a bit.
    Its just a really bad logo.


  • EAL

    #10 looks like someone sat down on the empire state building

  • t_man

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Especially #’s 1 n 2

  • t_man

    I dont get #6.

  • Jacooob

    Now THIS is a list!

  • Mariam67

    I can’t really see the problems with # 6,5 and 4, but 10 and 2 are hilarious! XD

  • Bryce

    someone explain why 4 and 9 r bad. i dont see it

  • Cool stuff. I hope our logois not mentioned as well.

  • lisa simpson, not an abstract person.

  • Aw, I thought this list would be from a design standpoint, not a perverted point-of-view. :P

    Either way, that 2012 Olympics logo is just baaaaaaad.

  • This list is hilarious. #2 is the best!

  • Diogenes

    we can only believe that these signs were done in ignorance to our second mind…that is hilighted by a list like this.

  • Totally love this list! The bonus one I think was the best one, “And your leaky penis” haha. gunna have to show my husband this list. :)

  • I laughed my ass off at the leaky penis one.

  • phubbie

    i thought six looked like a freakish nazi cross

  • The London Olympic logo is the ugliest logo i’ve seen. It’s kind of forced to say it looks like someone giving a bj, but they would be fools if they’re gone use this piece of crap logo.

  • Jj

    Blade – true, it is kind of forced. But then someone mentioned that it looked like Lisa Simpson was giving the BJ. And then linked a looped animation of what the logo would look like in the act. And then it became less of a trial to see what the logo was alluding to.

    And also ruined the Simpsons for me a bit.

  • Hm, so reading this list while eating was a bad idea, I almost covered my laptop in rice with my laughter. Hehe! I did like this one they all were funny. I don’t really get the London Olympics one, my first impression was that it was some sort of abstract Swastika until I started reading the comments. I still don’t see any fellatio going on there. Must be just me! Hehe!

  • Yarr

    Yeah, I thought the London one (#6) was some kind of broken swastika or something. Which, I couldn’t see why if it was broken would be problematic. If it’s supposed to resemble a blowjob somehow, there must be a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands to read that much into it. If the problem is that it’s ugly and doesn’t make sense, then it definitely deserves to be on this list.

    Bryce: #9 looks like the guy is all cut apart. What kind of special surgery do they do?
    #4 is abstract, but once again, the children are not attached to their own extremeties, and the one on the left obviously has boobs. What the hell kinds of things are going on in that ‘children’s’ clinic? Or I guess if you want to go Rorscach, the logo kind of looks like a pissed off old man…
    Maybe I’m just too tired, but there’s a lot wrong with #4.

  • Santiago

    My god, what were they thinking?????
    #50 and #2 are so.. they’re just …
    I have no words!

    And #6, apart of the blowjob stuff (which is not completeley evident to me), deserves a place on the list simply because it is HORRIBLE.

    Great list, Jamie!

  • Santiago

    Sorry, I meant “#5”

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  • Ginger Lee

    I thought #2 was the best. LMAO, that’d put some Neo-Cons panties in a twist.

  • ok – for those who don’t see what is wrong with the London Logo – here is a youtube clip to clear it up :)

  • And I was wrong – it is sex – not a blowjob

  • Borg

    I remember walking around somewhere in central Europe about 5-6 years ago and seeing #7 (the sausage one). It caught my eye immediately and I took a picture. I thought it was a sign for that particular restaurant, I had no idea it was for a brand of sausages. Now I realize the innuendo must be intentional. It certainly caught my eye and I definitely remember it years later.

  • jbjr

    #2, #1, bonus hilarious! #10 too

  • HiDD

    If you see a blowjob on the olympics one you have a problem, a pretty big one…

  • Paramnesia

    For #6 I first saw the Nazi swastika.

  • Lina

    They are bad… only if you have dirty minds!

  • Jj

    Jfrater –

    Actually, you’re not entirely wrong. It could be both.

  • I once read that every newspaper should have a 12 year old boy on staff to read headlines. If he laughs, then they should rewrite them. I’m beginning to think companies should have one on hand to check out their logos!

  • Tlmabp

    hahahaha nice list that made my day. *runs off to the pharmacy*

  • Yogi Barrister

    Just needed to make sure that awful Olympics logo(#6) was included. As a U.S. citizen, I resent seeing the Americas get buggered by Europe and Africa.

  • mooster

    Wow. I’d never seen that first one before; kind of caught me by surprise when the page loaded! A house, eh? Of course it is… lol

  • lol kidsexchange

    i didnt get some of them…
    especially the london loympics one or whatever…all i see is weird shapes

  • or number 9 [[special surgery]]

  • AngelClown

    You really have to look at the London logo in a certain way ONCE you know what it’s supposed to be… but I didn’t get it at first. Maybe I’m not as filthy as I thought…

  • AngelClown

    I think the Special Surgery is supposed to be 3 penises?

  • pooltop

    I think they’re all pretty funny except the olympic logo (old, been done) and #9. #9 doesn’t look like anything in particular. The rest are pretty damn funny though.

  • Hahaha…haha….ha. These were wicked funny, good list. =)

  • Useless

    I love this site. This list is amazing.

    I’ve always thought that the Olympic logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head.

  • corinthian0430

    ROTFLMAO!!! great list! keep it up :)

  • Apart that this is is Hilarious… I have a A-Style jacket (#8)! :)

  • Brian Moo

    I take it you haven’t seen this one?

    That one was one purpose, but most people have no clue what it is supposed to be.

  • ianrey

    The logo for the 2008 GOP Convention is up there.

    If that elephant isn’t trying to mount 2008, it is at least going to trample it.

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  • Those are hilarious. Thanks!

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  • ORB

    OMG, those are so funny

  • Josh

    Even though there has been a lot of talk about the 2012 Olympics logo, I think it is a new age and we need to start to start to show the worlds culture in the logo. London is known as a trendy, high fashion city, so why not show it in the logo?

    People hate change, but change can be good. There is so much controversy over the logo which brings more attention to London and the Olympic games. I believe that was the intention of the logo, to shock and make people talk about the Olympics.


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  • brian

    YES IM # 69!

  • HappyPanda

    @Arabella ,

    ignorance is bliss

    (it’s a blowjob)

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  • c

    just because you are too stupid to know what the hospital for special surgery does, doesn’t mean that it is a bad hospital.

    • O rly?

      true, i think its . music

  • 14/88

    The 2012 olympics logo has nazi SS symbol in it…

  • sue

    it took me a while to figure out number no.5

  • fishing4monkeys

    On top of the obvious problem with the olympics logo it just looks bad…

  • Mr. Famous

    Borg: You were probably in Czech Republic ;)

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  • Cathysferret

    I always thought the Crestor logo was bad… it’s in the top left corner of this page

  • Polly Odyssey

    I knew A-Style was going to make this list. :)

  • Great list! Thanks for making my day :D
    Btw, what’s up with the olympics? Ugly, I know, but what’s wrong?

  • Z

    What’s wrong with number 8? I can kind of see something, but not really.

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  • Stormhawk

    Actually, with #6, I see a guy barfing.

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  • hawkeyes

    #2 is funny because i’ve actually seen that store

  • LookyLoo

    Hey Z- it’s a person bent over with another person, ahem, behind them. The dots are the heads. And think about what “A-style” could mean for a second. . . .

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  • Gwyndwr08

    The 2012 Olympic symbol is a tragedy! look at how many people can’t even watch it now?, Because of epilepsi :(
    Lol- 2. is funny

  • sgvaibhav

    i dont get 9, 8, 6, 4 and i see a k in 3

  • aqua_zeus(harris)

    hahah this site is so funny…and i agree to some of the comments stipulated by above stating that there must be someting refutable to #6, some say, it’s a BJ, well perhaps they’re right..ahaha, because when i tried to scrutinize the picture (i mean the logo), there is actually a sexual manifestation…for me #6 should be the first one in the list because, most of the comments in this site pertain to this number..hahaha,nothing just trying to say something..what do you think?

  • Vera Lynn

    I am having dinner out. I am laughing so hard people are looking!! Too funny

  • srk


  • A


  • Jessy

    I thought that might be on the list lol.

  • Suskis

    number 3 is like “k-style” (an A-Style spoof)

  • Charlie

    #6 I don’t exactly get and I don’t want to know. = )

  • Panic


    You’ve gotta imagine the company owner’s just going, “Aaaawwwwww shit,” after spending the money to get all these signs on their shit. Quite the funny…

  • toxic.monkey

    LOL kid sex change….. i don’t think it’s a very successful business. i’m gonna save this page so i can show it to my friends… my side still hurts from where i fell on the floor laughing! good job dude

  • meme

    #6 looks like the nazi symbol for the ss, thats why its here…

  • cookie

    haha i thought the problem with the london logo was it kinda looks like a swastika, i’m not dirty enough i guess!!!

  • Twitus

    re: no. 6 – I thought it was a pair of legs running with a big fart coming out from the “low body part” (where the olympic logo is) before reading jfrater’s explanations… oh well lol it just show that abstract art can be interpreted in numerous ways!

  • Bridget

    I swear, that “Kidsexchange” one is from a store here in the city I live. It’s not there anymore.

  • CynthiaCity

    i guess i am stupid but i dont get 9! someone please explain!

  • youngchuck72

    took me awhile to see the 2012 one
    other than just the crappiness lol
    but all the others are hilarious
    especially the a-style one
    and a couple others are just plain wrong
    like the pediatric one :/

  • Akib


  • joebecca

    that was SERIOUSLY hilarious!! good list!

  • thuss

    i dont understand wats wrong with #5

  • oouchan

    I am glad I found this one. I thought I had read almost all of the lists out there. Love #8 and the bonus!

  • **Starrz**

    hey great list!
    x! but i nt getin th childrens hspital one??
    **is confuffled**

  • BearBank360

    hahaha #8! thats hilarious!

  • marvell

    1cDhik hi! mi site is
    see you!

  • Tanya

    This was the perfect ending to a rough week! Good times. ; )

  • awesomeness

    WTF IS WRONG WITH #9 !?!?!?!?!

  • spider

    number 5 is not a fucken bad logo u fucken perv its just a kid and a doctor thats all that is i dont fucken see nothin wrong wit that jfrater or watever the fuck ur fucken name is!!

  • Troy McClure

    very funny list. more pictures, please.

  • Seanette

    I must not have as dirty a mind as I sometimes think, since I didn’t see the presumably unintended interpretation of #6 until jfrater’s comment. My husband didn’t, either.

  • Lk

    Could someone explain to me picture 9, 6 and 4?

    I also agree with the others. This is a very funny list. LOL. ((:

  • Manda

    I am surprised that the OGC logo didn’t make the list.
    Even looking at it typed there, you get the idea. If the O is a man’s head, and the C is his legs, well then the G is… eh. If you get it , you get it.

  • kenwooi

    i dont understand the london olympics logo.. =P

  • smokingfrog

    Well the #6 logo is well explained in this comment by jfrater here

    #9 : This is wht i laughed for :
    The circle represents a person’s head.
    The vertical line is the persons legs.
    And the other lines is the persons body after the so called “special” surgery.
    Now we dont want tht kind of surgery now do we?

    #4 : I think it is a women’s body, with the circles indicating boobs and so on

    I hope this helps, atleast these are reasons i laughed for.. LOL

  • Lia

    LMAO, i love this list >_____<

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  • JRCR8iv

    As strange as this year was, I’m just glad that none of mine made it to this list. And here I was worried that designers were getting to the point that they were taking themselves way too serious. Humor still rules!

  • Wow now that’s funny, kidsexchange, what a mess! ha ha ha

  • Doorman
  • lexxi.g

    Sooo funny!

  • Swede

    I realize it’s an old list but google “locum” and you will find a nice logo. The swedish sin on display.

  • asomatous

    Number 6 is the most horrific logo that i have ever seen! Makes me ashamed to work in graphic design….

  • some guy

    the hospital for special surgery is right down the street from my house lol

  • Jquema

    WTF! that london olympic logo cost £400,000.
    What a waste of money!

  • Stasher

    ” I’ve seen #2 on ebaums world and on snopes (i think) anyway they say it is photoshopped, because the shadows of the letters don’t match up. fuuny, though.”

    I’ve seen this establishment. It’s a real place.

  • AjRed

    What I’m wondering is what the hell the kids exchange does? With or without a photoshopped s the name would suggest they’re exchanging kids? lol
    Is it.. for adoption?
    Is it.. a bank for children?

  • sexually repressed male

    #6 is a terrible logo, but it’s a real stretch to see sex in it.

    half of this list is fantastic irony

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  • butterflygirl777

    i strained and strained, and still saw nothing on number 6 except messed up numbers.
    we have a shop about 65 miles from my house that has that sign (on the bonus one for the computer shop!) lol, i had never noticed it until i saw it here.

  • stumpy

    and yet these logos were still legal??? LOL
    the kids exchange one got me Hahahahahahahaha!!!

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  • WTFdevBITme

    OGC is the guy which is funny and all but i think the OCG is way funnier. you see its a girl with a ***** up her stuff.

  • bj

    I don’t get what No.2 is ??? Anyone ??

  • Anna

    number ten is like anal sex!

  • hclark

    Bj – it’s like in three words: Kid sex change

  • Katelyn

    I don't understand #1

  • Roo

    Katelyn, you must be joking right? No.1 is the easiest by far to see on the list. A Women with legs akimbo and a guy (i presume) standing between them…In stick figures of course…

  • Strembop

    #10 – understood – but whats coming out?

    #9 – eat fewer beans

    #8 – people rolling down hill? dont get that

    #7 – your flying if it looks like its going IN

    #6 – ugly but thats it for me

    #5 – hairpulling?

    #4 – puking and dying

    #3 – nope. dont get it

    #2 – Em… what can i say?

    #1 – Gee…

    #Bonus – Wahhahahahahahahahaha

  • aquallogy

    Im really speechless before No. 2 :D:D:D:D

  • Quite amusing…

  • Jess

    HOLY CRAP! Those are pretty bad! I m a graphic design student… THIS IS KILLING ME! LMAO

  • OMFG I love these! I have to show this to my friend because she is REALLY dirty – minded! Honestly, I might not have ever noticed this about these logos w/o this! :P

  • Nina

    Still dont get 5 lol

  • This almost made me “LOL”, but I was in school, so I couldn’t, really… But then I looked at them at home, again, and gave in to laughter :P SOOOOO AWESOME

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  • Lola

    what’s wrong with no. 2 somebody please tell!!!

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  • Felix

    These are the worst logos i have ever seen in my whole life. Logos are supporsed to deliver a message to the customers and attract them, but for me, i cant c any message being passed. The most important thing about a logo is that it should be simple and easy to understand.

  • fred
  • myname
  • krs
  • Kate

    I KNEW #6 was a*al! (;

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  • Myra

    Could someone please explain #9 to me? I don’t get it.

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