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Top 10 Most Boring Movies

In keeping with our tradition of writing movie lists to cause controversy, we have the most boring films of all time. It seems that Hollywood is more concerned these days with pumping out a lot of films rather than creating quality. Here are the 10 most boring movies – if you disagree or have your own most boring film, tell us in the comments!

10. You’ve Got Mail

The owner of a large bookstore chain starts putting the owner of a small local bookstore out of business. Meanwhile they have been corresponding over the internet without knowing who either of them are. They can’t stand each other in person but over the internet they are very attracted. He finds out who she is but she doesn’t know. He starts to like her more but she still hates him. He has to fix it.

9. Legends of the Fall

Colonel Wlliam Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) and his 3 sons (Samuel, Tristan and Alfred) live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA, at the beginning of the 20th century. When Samuel brings with him his fiancé Susanna, the fellowship of the 3 brothers is about to be broken. The eldest son, Alfred (Aidan Quinn), falls in love with Susanna, and she falls in love with Tristan (Brad Pitt).

8. AI

In this futuristic fairy tale, “David”, a highly-advanced robotic boy, hopes to become a real boy so that he can win back the affection of the human mother who abandoned him. Like Pinocchio, he goes on a long journey (a long and BORING journey) hoping to find his “Blue Fairy,” who can make his dreams come true.

7. Vanilla Sky

David Aames takes all he has for granted; his wealth, his inherited publishing company, his good looks – his relationships. Especially his relationships. It catches up to him when a friend/sometimes sex-partner can’t see their relationship the way he sees it. From that point, the movie takes a Lynchian twist that ultimately and literally pulls us into Aames’ tortured psyche. Stars Scientology dullard Tom Cruise.

6. The English Patient

The mind-numbingly dull story of a Hungarian mapmaker and his dying memories of the romance that tragically alters his life. Burned horribly in a fiery plane crash while crossing the Sahara Desert during WWII, he is tended to by a Canadian nurse with ghosts of her own and haunted by a thief seeking answers for a crime from his past.

5. The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is set in 1940s Los Angeles. Two cops, Bucky Bleichert and his partner, Lee Blanchard, investigate the death of Elizabeth Short, a young woman found brutally murdered. Bucky soon realizes that his girlfriend had ties to the deceased, and soon after that, he begins uncovering corruption and conspiracy within the police department.

4. Ripley’s Game

Grass By Conformity

Tom Ripley – cool, urbane, wealthy, and murderous – lives in a villa in the Veneto with Terry, his harpsichord-playing girlfriend. A former business associate from Berlin’s underworld pays a call asking Ripley’s help in killing a rival. Ripley – ever a student of human nature – initiates a game to turn a mild and innocent local picture framer into a hit man. Luckily for you all, I could not find a video clip of this movie; therefore I have selected a photo of grass growing, which is about as interesting as this film and as talented as its main actor, John Malkovich.

3. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Sissy Hankshaw is born with enormous thumbs that help her hitchhiking through the US from a young age. She becomes a model in advertising and her NY agent ‘the Countess’ sends her to his ranch in CA to shoot a commercial, set against the background of mating whooping cranes. There, she befriends Bonanza Jellybean, one of the cowgirls at the beauty- ranch. A boring film from a director I like a lot – Gus Van Sant.

2. Safe

Carol, a typical upper middle-class housewife, begins to complain of vague symptoms of illness. She “doesn’t feel right,” has unexplained headaches, congestion, a dry cough, nosebleeds, vomiting, and trouble breathing. Her family doctor treats her concerns dismissively and suggests a psychiatrist. Eventually, an allergist tells her that she has Environmental Illness. Her body is rebelling against the overload that her immune system has to deal with, as she is continually exposed to all of the chemicals that we inhale, ingest, and absorb daily.

1. Gerry

Sadly, a second film by Van Sant makes the list: A friendship between two twenty-something men is tested to its very limits when they go on a hike in a desert and forget to bring any water or food with them. This is basically a film of Matt Damon and Casey Affleck (Ben’s brother and the better actor of the two) walking around. Incredibly dull. The only good thing is the cinematography which is quite stunning in parts.

Some plot text taken from IMDB

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  • vesselman

    How about "Lost in Translation" hahahaha there are cultural differences between the US and Japan hahahaha. I walked out on this one.

    • bfg666

      I pity you, Vesselman. So, whaddaya think a good movie is? Die Hard 4?

    • FurrowedBrow

      If you thought Lost in Translation was boring, I’d probably think you were boring.

  • Kristin

    I thought vanilla sky was a good movie, I like it a lot. I think I might go home and watch it tonight after work.

  • Gr8flDdFn

    bandits should be on the list lol

  • When I saw this list I thought Vanilla Sky would have to be on it. I actually gave up on that movie the first time I watched it, as it just bored me to sleep.
    You’ve left me wondering where the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is. That movie was devoid of any interesting content whatsoever (and no, I don’t live for violence and carnage, I just thought it was damn poor).

    • bfg666

      LOTR is actually a masterpiece! The best novel ever was reputedly inadaptable, but Peter Jackson, while removing A LOT of the book's material (or else the movie would have lasted for 100 hours!), remained true to its spirit and achieved an impressive rendition.

    • Adam

      ya dude that’s retarded. the whole LOTR series was bomb

  • downhighway61

    gerry wasn’t that boring. like when gerry got rock marooned and gerry built him a dirt mattress. or when gerry gerried the rondezvous. (side note: it’s not really that they forgot water, so much as they got lost trying to find the thing. i don’t think they thought they needed water in the first place. my own opinion.)

  • Andie_Girl9

    AI wasn’t THAT bad…Vanilla sky? Excuse my Spanglish but Hell si. I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than 30 minutes.

  • evan

    oh gawd i thought AI was absolutely terrible. what a waste of time IMHO.

  • Cat Skyfire

    Aguirra, Wrath of God. A Werner Herzog movie, with Klaus Kinski. “Conquistadores in the Amazon” sounded interesting. Instead, it’s minimal dialog and even more minimal action. A lot of the movie features them ‘floating down the river, being bored’.

    Which is what I was when I watched it.

    • bfg666

      Of course, if you are immune to the characters' inner life, you'll find this movie boring. Too bad for you, you don't know what you're missing! This is actually one of Kinski's most interesting roles alongside Nosferatu (also by Herzog). Go watch a Ben Affleck afflicted flick, moron!

  • Carlos

    Vanilla Sky is a bad,awful,disgusting,and more adjetives of an excellent espanish movie

  • copperdragon

    coincidentally, i just rented and watched Black Dahlia, hoping it would be alot like LA Confidential.

    it wasnt. i dont know if i’d call it boring, but it was slow-paced. the ending was interesting, tho.

    • alexis

      and not about her at all if u know the story

  • Blogball

    Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to see it and even though it had terrific cinematography I thought Out of Africa was pretty boring. Maybe because I saw it after it won the Academy Award I was expecting something a little more exciting. it was the same with the English Patient which is already on the list.

    By the way it’s not like I need action for it to be a good movie. I actually perfer movies that are not advertised as action movies for instance I loved Ordinary People (also an academy award winner).

  • DanOhh

    My personal “most boring” of all time was “The Good Mother”.
    Here’s its tagline… “Can a court determine how we should live, how we should love, how we should raise our children? Now Anna must prove that she is the Good Mother.”
    I was 18 at the time on a date. The last place a teenaged boy would want to be. I started snoring half way throug it. I think my date was just as bored.

  • DanOhh

    Blogball: I’m with ya on Out of Africa. My wife loves it an she still makes me watch it w/ her every now and then. Zzzzzz.

  • stugy

    I think AI has to be the most over-hyped movie ever. I didn’t even make it to the end. I thought I saw the end, and then it went on longer, so I shut it off. I didn’t think Vanilla Sky was that bad, some parts were slow, but overall the movie was watchable and I know several people who claim it as one of their favorite movie. I have never actually made it through You’ve Got Mail either. My girlfriend tried to get me to watch it three times before giving up and accepting the fact that I simply could not stay awake through it.

  • stugy

    Also the most boring movie I have ever had the displeasure of trying to watch was probably The Good Shepard

  • fishing4monkeys

    What no March Of The Penguins? lol

  • Jeremy

    Master and Commander was also pretty boring, not to mention 13 Days.

  • I win with this one, kids: ED, with Matt Leblanc is, hands down, the most God-awfully boring movie this human race has ever had a hand in creating. I actually walked out of the theater. Something I had never, nor have since, done. Rotten to the core. I am the winner. Check it out in clips if you don’t believe me. I’m a bit bitter, by the way.

  • Jim C

    Remains of the Day.

    ding ding ding ding! We have a winner…

  • Mom424

    Grand list, now to see the ones I haven’t just to see if I agree with them as well,,,
    French Lieutenants Women
    Bonfire of the Vanities
    Wall Street (I know, lots love it)

  • Judit

    Great list! I just love the picture chosen for Ripley’s Game – a very good choice! AI was truely painful to watch, especially when you think you’re at the end and it just keeps going and going!!

  • kittym

    Here’s one I thought was insanely boring to watch: Leo. Shows me for watching a movie only because it had a Fiennes brother in it! Won’t make that mistake again.

  • SocialButterfly

    THANK YOU!! I’ve seriously never understood why most women are soo obsessed with Legends of the Fall and The English Patient.

    I understand there are “hot guys” etc but honestly they are both such a snore!

    I admit I am a fan of most chick flicks but those movies.. yeacchh!

    Oh btw… I cracked up when I saw the picture of grass…

  • You can’t just call a movie boring and not give any reasons, let alone 10 of them. Why not give reasons for calling them boring? I thought You’ve Got Mail was all right.

    • bfg666

      I'm 100% with you about the reasons. I'm 100% NOT with you about You've Got Mail. I had a crush on Meg Ryan when I was a kid, but since When Harry Met Sally, all she's done were painfully boring romcoms.

  • JD

    Seraphim Falls. Sounds awesome, right? No. Sucked. Hard. Nothing happens. It’s like 2 hours of absolutely nothing. At least in like, Open Range, they had that big gunfight at the end. I don’t even really like westerns all that much but I figured it’d be good. Worst movie ever.

  • alisia

    I agree Butterfly, I never understood it either. Also Gossford Park, it was soooo slow.

    • bfg666

      Just because you don't have the brains to understand a movie doesn't mean it's boring! It was actually very clever and funny, like pretty much everything written by Kaufman. Jeez, you must hate David Lynch! Speaking of him, I never understood Mulholland Drive yet it is one of my favorite movies…

  • SocialButterfly

    alisia: Good call on Gosford Park…

    I thought of another one too: Being John Malkovich… I know some of you will probably crucify me for this one, but I found it soo overrated and I LOVE John Cusack!

    • bfg666

      Where the hell are my nails?!

  • YOU’VE GOT MAIL, LEGENDS OF THE FALL and ENGLISH PATIENT are actually very nice movies, not boring at all, just simply all love stories with fine actors and no “Schwartzeneger” plot… Too bad you made this choice, I just meant to recommend your site to my friends.

    • bfg666

      Well I wouldn't recommend YOU to my friends, judging by your tastes…

  • The Ice Harvest was pretty boring. o.O Good list though, definately more interesting than the movies themselves.

  • SocialButterfly

    bluesbrother: That’s fully a matter of opinion. Maybe your friends will agree and maybe they won’t.

  • Cazz

    Vanilla Sky irritated me so massively because I saw Abres Los Ojos first and that is an excellent film…… How can you screw up the same story?!
    Answer: Tom Cruise. I would certainly recommend watching Abres Los Ojos to make up for Vanilla Sky!
    And thanks for the heads-up about The Black Dahlia; I’m a true crime nut so was just about to buy this. Think I’ll spend my monies on something more worthwhile….

    • bfg666

      Couldn't have said it better.
      About The Black Dahlia: buy the book, it's way better than the film – which is not bad in itself, but could have been so much more! However, adapting Ellis is a tough job, I'm still amazed at what they managed to achieve with LA Confidential…

  • DarkJesus

    “Vanilla sky” is boring, but the original, “Open your eyes” is very interesting.

  • “I am a guy and I actually liked “Legends of the Fall.” The others on the list are right on, though. Especially “The English Patient.” God, what an awful movie.

  • Mikerodz

    Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. This is why no one veture to give a picture in his or her imagination of heaven while thousand uf us can describe hell in detail and even in vivid colors.

    A1 really bored me on its later part.

  • Mikerodz

    oppps!!! venture, sorry!

  • teacherman

    Gerry was on last night on one of the Encore stations! Is that what prompted this list? The scene of them trudging through the desert was soooo painstaking.

  • Cedestra

    I usually find Sophia Coppalla films dark and boring, like “Lost in Translation”. Most boring film for me was Lawrence of Arabia. I can just turn to the National Geographic channel if I want to watch 4 hours of desert shots.

  • Celt

    How about the blair witch trial (1)… the first time was somewhat ingaging, but have you tried to watch it a second time.

  • Ryan


    3 hours of Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball….

  • luckyaz

    i have a few boring movies of my own,

    the blair witch project
    the godfather III
    casino(it sure as hell is no goodfellas)
    jet li’s the one
    the wedding planner
    gone in 60 second(way too corny)
    poetic justice

    these are just to name a few.

  • bucslim

    THE FREAKING THIN RED LINE!!! Yikes!! wake me up when one of the cowardly desserters gets shot, OK?

    Eyes Wide Shut
    Lady in the Water
    Attack of the Clones

    Jeez I could go on and on, but that would get boring, just like the turds I’ve mentioned.

  • islanderbst

    Thankfully only one I’ve seen is AI, which def. belongs here.

    Agree with stugy on good shepherd, could be sold as
    a cure for insomnia
    I’d add “the ice storm”, only movie i’ve ever walked out on.

  • Wizworm

    I agree with your list.

    Butterfly-the reason is because you saw part of Brad Pitts butt.

  • jbjr

    Didn’t make it through Casanova.

    Also Syriana (sp), with Clooney I didn’t make it past the 15 minute mark.

    date movie and epic movie too

  • Citizen Kane
    Gone With the Wind

    Generally, I like classic movies, but these 2 bored me to tears.

    • SmartAlec272958

      Orson Welles did an amazing job filming that movie especially for that time era it was well made.

  • Cube Zero, has to be the worst of that series, it was the greatest theatre nap I ever got. And am I the only one who liked Vanilla Sky? Sorry for not knowing about the original, I’ll see it soon enough. AI was alright but i had to be in the mood to get past the first 20 minutes. As for the rest, Saw It Coming, never did nor wanted to see any of them. Thank god.

    • bfg666

      Nope, Cube 2 is definitely the worst. Or how to turn a nice little low-budget sci-fi movie into a cosmic joke. Cube Zero was partly a remake of the original and, while it is different, at least it tries to convey the same oppressive atmosphere. And I love the design of the rooms, way better than in the original in which, if you pay attention, you can see what is supposed to be solid metallic walls shake with the vibration of one actor's movements!

  • samehrocks

    many of them are really good movies!

  • bucslim: I did consider thin red line and eyes wide shut (which I actually don’t mind all that much) – if the list were bigger at least one of them would be on it.

  • sarah

    geez i knew black dahlia would be on here!

    they made it look so good on the commercial then i rented it and i couldnt make a half hour…I shut it off and just watched spongebob :]

    • bfg666

      …And everyone knows that Spongebob is the masterpiece of masterpieces! Some people just have a sad life.

  • Sarah: I am sorry to say I watched the entire thing – talk about dull!

  • Jen

    you forgot one deathly boring film: ‘the english man who climbed up a hill and came down a mountain’

  • Jackie

    Hahaha sorry for the all caps I just thought that was the most boring movie I’ve ever seen.
    I’m glad a couple of people on here have already mentioned that they don’t like it too. It should be at least an honorable mention lol.

  • Ashley

    I thought Jonothan Livingston’s seagull was bad… Don’t know if anyone else has seen it but my friend said it was “inspiring”… I’m not sure if more came of the movie but all I saw was a seagull flying around while a voice narrated his journey before I fell asleep. *yawn*

    • bfg666

      I thought it was inspiring when I was a kid, saw it again as an adult and one word came to mind: ridiculous (not boring). But this kind of films is essential to a child's education, especially nowadays when the absolute void serves as children's entertainment – yeah, I'm talking about you, Spongebob!
      Anyway, the problem with such philosophical tales is that they don't translate well on screen, especially Jonathan Livingston seagull with its psychedelic descriptions of the pure joy of flying. Now that the technology has improved, it could very well make a better movie now, but at the time the special FX were way too cheap.
      But every responsible parent HAS to show it to their kids or, even better, read them the book: at least the book didn't fail the test of time and is still one of the most enjoyable philosophical tales I've ever read.

  • Chestica

    I fell asleep in the movie theatre during “Catch me if you can.” Such a shame, I am usually all over Leonardo DiCaprio flicks.

  • Nothing by Sophia Coppola? On oversight, surely?

  • Jake

    I thought you’d put “Lost in Translation” on here for sure. I’m glad you didn’t, because it’s one of my favorite movies. It’s just popular these days to bash it cause people have such short attention… what? There’s a cat outside my house ^____^

  • Gryphon

    Lost in translation I enjoyed though living in Japan helps you pick notice alot more.

    One that I am surprised that was not mentioned was The Others. Its an hour of who opened the door. Thank you for mentioning attack of the clones. Saw it on video and fell asleep. an half saw it once or twice on TV.

    I was so hoping Vanilla sky would be as good as Almost Famous. I guess was dreaming that one….or was I?

  • dick shoes

    eyes wide shut and lady in the water.

    wtf is eyes wide shut about.. who knows

    • bfg666

      Dick shoes… as in "shoes made of dicks?" Sounds fun!

  • Cat Skyfire

    Ooh. I thought of another boring movie. One I shut off in the middle. The Black Stallion. The book is fascinating, because there’s all this inner dialog.
    The movie…needed a narrator. I remember twenty minutes dedicated to music as we saw:
    Boy and horse on beach. Boy on beach. Horse on beach. Boy and horse in water. Boy in water. Horse in water. Boy and horse running on beach. Horse running on beach. Boy watching horse running on beach…

  • blazak

    I don’t care how “breakthrough” or amazing it’s supposed to be…”2001: A Space Odyssey” bored me to death. I somehow sat through the whole thing…and yes, I understood it, and yes it’s still incredibly boring.

    • bfg666

      Then go watch Transformers, you mindless speck of a donkey's turd! Or maybe The Phantom Menace, that should suit you. And please don't pretend you understood the film, you're only making a fool of yourself: the end is actually impossible to understand if you haven't read the book.
      2001 is the best movie of the most important filmmaker in cinema history, period.
      By the way, can you just name ONE other sci-fi flick in which you don't hear a sound when the camera is in space? Good luck with that!

      • lifeinasuitcase

        Mate, its called opinion. Everyone is entitled to it. Films that are meant to be "breakthroughs" such as 2001 can often be unappealing to viewers due people finding overused abstract material to make films appear intelligent or psychedellic, quite a bore. I assume, bfg666, that you are one of these people who loves "Avatar" simply because it was made by James Cameron and was over-hyped for long before its release?
        Anyway, I also did not paticularly enjoy 2001 as much as many other films, however, I, like many others who agree with me, do appreciate what this film has achieved and people with bigoted ideologies like yours who try to condem anyone who disagrees with your view with immature and retarded remarks such as "donkey's turd", well, it doesnt really give others the perception of your intelligence you'd hoped to portray just because you 'love' and 'understood the film because you've read the book'.
        Be courteous and more open to others' views ;)
        Much Love

  • Stormy617

    Re: #31 cazz, I am very much a true crime nut too and you deff do not want to waste your money on the movie The Black Dahlia.

    Take it from one nut to another LOL

  • i really liked AI.
    thank you for not putting 2001: a space odyssey on here.
    i think that film is brilliant.

    • Matt

      It had a good story with Hal, but that is really all I can say the shots of crap floating in space was pointless and felt like padding. I would have condensed and cut out all the God awful boring tedious fat and had a decent okay running movie but no it had way too much crap.

      • bfg666

        You're the pointless crap, Matt. If only jerks like you could be condensed and cut out from the world… I thank the gods of cinema you're not a filmmaker!

  • i liked A.I. but then again, i’m a fan of Steven Speilberg

    Vanilla Sky was just torture i thought though.

    Two movies i think that were missing should be
    Sphere i think that is the only movie i have ever fallen asleep watching more then once. I watched it, fell asleep, then woke up watched it again (it was on again), and fell asleep again, it was bad, the book was equally as bad

    and the other being Children of Men I saw that in theaters, it was so unbelievably bad, i don;t know how people think it was such a great movie, i almost walked out, if it were not for the person i was with (who also didn;t like it all too much either)

    • bfg666

      Not exactly a fan of Spielberg, I thought he lost his edge some time after Close Encounters, but A.I. was his resurrection.
      I don't think Vanilla Sky was that bad (wasn't good though) but I mostly despise it because it's yet another Hollywoodian capitalization at the expense of someone else's ideas (watch the original, Abre Los Ojos, it's excellent). And because it's starring Tom "Hubbard" Cruise…
      Sphere: Well, what did you expect? It's Michael Crichton! He's to literature what McDonald's is to gastronomy.
      Children of Men wasn't that bad either. Sure, it wasn't the masterpiece I had hoped it would be, but I spent a good time watching it and I'd watch it again happily.

  • Ginger Lee

    Bully was frickin annoying *and* boring. For all it’s hype I thought Hostel and Saw were yawners. It may be “because I’m a girl” but I thought The Godfather was a snooze…and I’m sorry but one line of good (inaudible) dialog does not make a good movie ala Lost in Translation…and then don’t get me started on Sideways.

  • dangabo

    ET and the wizard of oz, unendurably dull. And for the record, John Malkovitch blows.

    • bfg666

      Yep! I'm with you on this one!

  • bdubya

    I always thought that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was pretty boring. I’m guessing I’m in the minority on that one.

    • bfg666

      You're a fool. It is by far the most beautifully emotional film of Michel Gondry (and the least Gondryesque, but that's another story)…

  • Jim

    Citizen Kane / GWTW “Boring”. Unlike you, people are STILL talking about them 60 plus years later. One might also be tempted to ask YOU how much “box office” you’ve generated?

  • Ginger: I thought the Godfather was boring too!! I couldn’t even finish it, it just didn’t hold my interest at all.

  • I don’t watch many movies but I hated One Hour Photo, I don’t know how I forced myself to watch it. I kept hoping Robin Williams would go batshit insane and start killing people.

    The Blair Witch Project was also boring, which means something coming from me because I HATE horror films. I was forced to watch that and kept sitting there going “am I supposed to be scared yet?” and waiting for something interesting to happen.

    If I think of more I’ll be back!

  • Grind

    I actually really enjoyed AI…and Eyes Wide Shut. Would have to agree with all the others though. But I really think Lost in Translation is the single most boring movie ever made. I got to the end because I was sure something was going to happen – but no…
    Empire, Andy Warhol’s eight-hour film of night falling on New York’s Empire State Building could be used as a Survivor endurance challenge – but I guess its meant to be ‘art’ more than a movie.

    • bfg666

      Whaddaya mean, "no?" Are you sure you watched the end, or did you fall asleep and dreamed you watched it? Something indeed happens.
      Regarding Warhol, I never understood how people could revere him so much.

  • anon

    A.I? The hell?!

    I thought it was a pretty good film..

  • dvhann

    man, any western bores me to tears.

    • bfg666

      The half-hour long opening scene of Once Upon A Time In The West is one of the best moments in cinema. Nothing happens but the waiting of the characters, but it is shot with such maestria that it blows one's mind and never gets boring. And then, all this waiting suddenly ends in a few seconds of sheer violence. Brilliant!

  • sue

    i dont agree with u on legends of the fall.i loved it.the rest sound so boring i havent even attempted to watch them.esp vanilla sky

  • Fallenangel

    I would add A Beautiful Mind and… There was another one, I just don’t remember it now :) LOL

  • jbjr

    Yeah A.I was boring.

  • Clues

    I loved Legends of the Fall very romantic and heart wrenching. (could care less about Brad’s ass)

    You’ve got mail uses the same formula as most of Ms. Ryan’s movies in that decade. It was no more of a snorer than When Harry met Sally or
    Sleepless in Seattle.

    The rest of the list I am unsure of I have not been intrigued enough to rent/buy them.

    Where are all of the all of the action movies where the hero’s partner, wife, girlfriend, daughter, ect…. gets killed, kidnapped, brainwashed, ect….. and so the hero has to kill the bad guy that is selling drugs, guns, slaves, ect….. Theses are the most boring films of all. They remind me of the mad libs I use to do as a kid.

  • torn and frayed

    Luckily I have not seen a single one of these movies, and now I will surely continue to not see them.
    I would recomend reading the book “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” though. It’s very good.

  • ed9362

    “marie aintonette” with kirsten dunst was absolute rubbish. which amazed me because the real story was so good. seems they managed to make a really interseting part of history into an hour and a half of shear boardom.

  • i have to agree about “Lost in Translation”. i can watch slow paced movies ( i might be one of the few people that enjoyed “A.I”) but “Lost in Translation” was a torment.

    “I’m staring out the window ,i’m lying in bed staring at the ceiling ,i’m in the bar doing nothing,i’m staring out the window again,i’m watching people on the street..”

  • jane

    I’m so with the people who are voting for Gosford Park. I’d also stick the Blair Witch Project in there too. And Australia once made a crap one about some people living in the outback. Nothing happened for THREE HOURS except that at the end they did a little dance to show how happy they are. I want those three hours of my life back.

    Oh, and I liked Vanilla Sky. A pity Tom Cruise was in it though, I just couldn’t feel any sympathy for that weirdo.

  • heavybison

    To all the dumbfarts who don’t like Lost in Translation: Your Brain and kidneys must have changed places..

    • bfg666

      Now that's talking! Here's to you, Bison!

  • Karp

    uggggg. I had to watch “Leo” for a film class. Twice. I HATED it. It was depressing and boring. And I also almost fell asleep watching “The Hired Hand” as well. Boooorrrrinnnggggg.

  • tony

    lost in translation its great

  • Ginger Lee

    heavybison: calling people who didn’t like Lost in Translation “dumbfarts” is like calling people who didn’t like Crash “racist”…why don’t you explain the assumed grandeur of Lost in Translation.

    There were parts of it I did enjoy. They could have done a whole movie on Bill Murray’s vodka commercial and I would have been more impressed. Overall (to me and many others) it is a tepid and unpromising film.

    • bfg666

      Ooooh, poor thing! Now we're not offended, are we? There, there…

  • Gryphon

    Ginger Lee: I can’t explain it, it is a you had to be there type of thing. It’s not just the fact that ooh I saw this or did that, it’s the fact that it makes you smile.

    It truly makes me nolstalgic and can almost be considered an ode to Tokyo.

  • heavybison

    #Ginger Lee: Trust me, you are a dumbfart..and btw, i loved Crash..

  • Gryphon

    Even though dumbfarts is not the worst I have heard here. Its a bit out of place on this website. And even though I agree with you and I enjoyed lost in translation, she is still entitled to her own opinion.
    And that is what makes this website fun.

    • bfg666

      Maybe, but when one's so wrong, a good old insult is quite enjoyable once in a while! You can't blame Bison for that! And if she gets offended by it, it means he was right after all. Intelligent people have the wisdom to never be offended by undeserved insults, because they know better…

  • Ginger Lee

    I’d rather be called a dumbfuck. It’s not as childish.

  • Gryphon


  • heavybison

    hmmm..if u prefer that..ok…ure hereby rechristened..

  • Ginger Lee

    Can’t be christened if you aren’t Christian…lol

  • heavybison

    I would nominate Naked Lunch for sure in this category (i decided to see it after reading about it in one of the other lists here). I would gladly pay to have my worst enemy be forced to see this.

  • kiwiboi

    Ginger – “Can’t be christened if you aren’t Christian”.

    Actually, the whole point of a christening is that you start with a non-Christian and end up with a Christian ;)

  • heavybison: naked lunch is a dreadful movie – but the book (if you can cope with it) is great.

    as for re-christening: there is no such thing – once baptised always baptised – the anabaptists from the early years of Christianity believed in a second baptism which was condemned as heresy by the majority of Christianity at the time and forever more! Modern baptists often claim their ties to the anabaptists not realising that they hold no similar beliefs to the original cult.

    • bfg666

      Christianity IS a heresy! It would be a lot of fun to see Jesus coming back now: oh, how would he be appalled by his own followers…

  • Oh – and I love lost in translation – one of my favorite songs (at the moment) is from it: Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches. However, I can appreciate that a lot of people find it a very boring film. I think it suits a certain type of person and not all.

  • okay – I need to read all the comments and post at once instead of in ten installments! I enjoyed Gosford Park because of the historical interest – but then again I own all of Upstairs Downstairs (UK Drama) on DVD so maybe I am just lame? :(

  • dango: fear not – you will find many on this site who hate Malkovich – starting with me!

  • Ginger Lee: Bully made me sick – I wouldn’t call it boring, but certainly disturbing!

  • loseitbonkers: 2001 is brilliant – there is no way I would include it here!

  • heavybison

    And i love the song that plays in the end credits of Lost in Translation….Just like honey, i believe it is..

  • breadpitt

    I am so happy I’ve only seen 1 movie of this list.. It means I choose

    I’ve seen “you’ve got mail” – okay movie but predictable and “legends of the fall” – but only the part where julia ormond showed her tits – i don’t even know what the story is – until now.

  • Randall

    I gotta agree with bucslim…. The Thin Red Line was a solid bore. Pretty hard to do with a war film, but somehow they managed it.

    Sometimes it’s not the story, it just comes down to the editing and pacing.

  • me

    NOW i know its supposed to be a great movie but i could not stand Gladiator i mean come on how long does a film have to be and full of just boring cliche lines and just a dull movie

    would also ike to add any gangster/mob film
    excluding Scarface, obviously

  • me

    I just read dangbo’s andjfrater’s comments and i really have to disagree with you there malkovich is one of the best actors in recent times and i will often whatch a movie just cus he is in it

    If u are talking bad/boring actors thy dont come much worse than Will Ferrel (ARRGGHH) just sayin his name annoys me

    • bfg666

      Will Ferrell might not have a flawless filmography, but Step Brothers and Ricky Bobby are priceless gems of comedy, as good as the best Farrelly flicks.

  • I’m so gonna get flamed but 2001 deserves to be on this list. I mean, I understood all its symbolism and the message it was trying to get across but there are way too many scenes where not much happens that go for an excessive amount of time for no good reason, like the whole psychedelic landscapes scene near the end, that went for about half an hour o_O

    • bfg666

      "like the whole psychedelic landscapes scene near the end, that went for about half an hour" This sentence alone means that, despite what you claim, you absolutely didn't understand the film! Then again, if you haven't read the book, how could you possibly understand it?

  • Dr. Goodtimes

    The best scene in Vanilla Sky was when Cameron Diaz drove herself and Tom Cruise off a bridge.

    My personal additions to this list would be “The Tailor of Panama” and “Punch Drunk Love.” I watched both of these on DVD and they’re the only movies where I actually had to stop them in the middle and finish them later because I was so bored.

  • TMo

    Hey, Dr. Goodtimes, “Punch Drunk Love?” Funny, I own it, and watched it again last night, great movie, PTAnderson is one of the greatest writers/ directors of our generation, and EASILY Adam Sandler’s best movie.

    This list is very poor in my opinion. What is a boring movie? A movie not rife with explosions? You’ve Got Mail sucked, but it wasn’t boring. Vanilla Sky was flawed (Abre Los Ojos was way better) but definitely NOT boring. AI had a drawn out 3rd act, but wasn’t really boring. Whoever suggested Lost in Translation – I mean, honestly, one of the best movies of the decade, I’m sorry shit didn’t blow up.

    The number one most boring movie I’ve ever seen was Marie Antoinette. You want to be bored out of your mind? Watch that. NOTHING happens. NOTHING. The entire time. NOTHING.

  • Mark

    Last Days. Van Sant is one boring director.

  • Lori

    Three words:

    “Meet Joe Black” God awefully long and boring ass movie!

  • MzFly

    Legends of the Fall is a good movie! I’ll admit they could have edited a few scenes and still maintained the integrity of the film but overall, a great movie.
    TMo: I completely agree on Marie Antionette – completely overrated and such a bore to sit through.

  • The most boring movie ever? Fisher King.

    • bfg666

      Booooo! Not the best Gilliam, I'll give you that, but come on! It's Terry fuckin' Gilliam you're talking about here! He's one of the very very few directors who never shot a single boring minute of film…

  • ?

    I agree with blazak about 2001: A Space Oddysey, and I really wanted to like it, but *Snore*. I also agree with bdubya on Eternal Sunshine of the shitty mind, or whatever, another one I really wanted to like but was sorely dissapointed with.

    A couple of others that I would rather lick a fat clown’s ass than to have to sit through again:

    The January Man (saw it at the dollar theater and still felt ripped off)

    Flashback (All 4 of us fell asleep in the theater on this one)

    Get Carter (I want to buy 2 copies of this DVD – 1 to shit on and 1 to cover it up with)

    As Good as it Gets (ironic title, IMHO)

    Rushmore (bring it on, artsy farties)

    I also thought that The Unforgiven was incredibly boring, that is until the last 10 minutes which kicked so much ass it redeemed the previous 2 hours and made the whole movie worth watching.

    In all fairness I will say that my expectations greatly factor in to my opinion of any movie. If I expect it to be good and it’s just ok I generally feel ripped-off. Conversely, If I go in with low expectations and it’s pretty good, I’m more inclined to watch it again. That explains 2001, ESOTSM and Rushmore making my list.

  • Dr. Goodtimes

    TMo – I found the story of “Punch Drunk Love” completely uninteresting and all of the characters unlikeable. I just didn’t care about anything that was going on. I completely agree about PT Anderson, “Boogie Nights” is just about perfect in my opinion, but I really think he missed with “Punch Drunk Love.” But hey, if you find things to like about it, that’s great.

    By the way, Adam Sandler’s greatest movie was and always will be “Goin’ Overboard.”

  • JLo

    With the exception of Badlands and Days of Heaven, I find Terrence Malick’s movies to be pretentious, ponderous and overly long. The thing is, I feel like it’s taboo to say anything against Malick; he is an auteur golden child. Sure, I think he has an eye for exquisite beauty, but his dialogue often seems so unrealistic as to be comical. Do soldiers amidst combat really talk or think like the characters in Thin Red Line? Also, the pacing in some of his movies is horrible. And where is the editing?

    I would also like to second the motion that the movie Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes), which Vanilla Sky is based on, is a much better film.

  • Please add Spanglish to this list. Easily one of the most nothing-really-happens films ever…

  • Rich Anthony

    Barry Lyndon

    otherwise i agree with the list.

  • SlickWilly

    Haha…I love seeing different movie and book interests from all these people. One guy said that the book “Sphere” by Crichton was bad, as was the movie. The movie was marginally watchable, though definately boring, but the book was rich and creepy, the only Crichton book I’ve read more than twice.

    As far as is this list is concerned, I’ve only seen a couple of these movies. A.I. was indeed boring and far too long, a double whammy that makes it damn near unwatchable. I thought Vanilla Sky was an excellent movie, with a long, slow descent into madness, which is a storyline I’m attracted to in general. The deus ex machina ending was deliciously sci-fi, and completely unexpected, and its rare that I have anything good to say about such god machines. I think it could be boring, though, to people who have short attention spans, or an inappreciation of slow moving suspense, neither of which is necessarily a bad thing.

    Also, I take offense to the writers comment about John Malkovich. Sorry, but everything I’ve ever seen this guy in I liked, even the hokey ones like Con Air. If it hadn’t been for him, that movie would have crashed and burned worse than it did (Nick Cage is an infinitely more boring actor than Malkovich.)

    • bfg666

      How can you generally be so wrong and yet like John Malkovich? Like I said before, Michael Crichton is to literature what McDonald's is to gastronomy, and this book is no exception. He stole elements from many interesting sci-fi stories, mixed them all together without the faintest trace of talent and poured one of the most tasteless cocktails ever. And jeez, Vanilla Sky, an excellent movie? Puh-lease! It is not crap, but compare it to the original…
      As for Nicolas Cage, he USED to be a great actor but lately he seems to suffer from the DeNiro syndrome: he's turned into a parody of himself!

  • CUgirl

    I haven’t seen it in years, but I really enjoyed Legends of the Fall…sad…

  • SlickWilly

    Also, Mr. ? several comments above:

    You are hilarious. The comment about Get Carter made me laugh for about ten solid minutes. Though I would have to disagree with about ESOTSM. Jim Carrey’s best dramatic turn since Man in the Moon, and perhaps his best ever. (I really like the Truman Show too, so it’s a tough call for me.)

  • Lauren

    I’ve got to say that I’m happy NOT to have seen most of the movies on this list.

    Vanilla Sky is actually a favorite film of mine, though I have yet to see Open Your Eyes which I have heard (and read) is much better!

    There is one movie missing however….RUDY! There is just something about this movie that makes me fall asleep. Maybe it’s the fact that every teacher at my high school at one point or another decided that we NEEDED to see it.

  • Jim

    ok you’ve got mail rocked! Check out the film ‘Everything’s Gone Green’ It’s got that stoner dude from Road Trip. It was pegged as a crrrraaaaazzzy film about pot but was just about that boring ass actor finding himself while living in British Columbia. I dont even recall people smoking in it…

  • Posy

    Was so bored and confused by Ocean’s 12 that I quit watching it on DVD after about half an hour. Considering how much I love Brad and George this was one big decision!

  • TMo

    Dr. Goodtimes:
    Going Overboard? Really? You know it’s rated #17 on IMDB’s worst films ever list, right?

    I liked Punch Drunk Love because the characters were believable, and I sympathized with them even though there were pathetic and occasionally annoying (which made them all the more true to life). I mean, who didn’t cheer when Sandler beat the crap outta those guys with a crowbar? Also, this movie was infinitely more hilarious than anything with Sandler I’ve ever seen.

    And whoever is dissing on Eternal Sunshine; that movie is one of the best romantic comedies of all time.

  • poptart

    I wish you’d given reasons for hating these films — not that they don’t deserve to be on here, it just would have been more entertaining.

    Vanilla Sky was boring because for the majority of the movie I had no effing idea what was going on. I had to watch it three times.

    Oh my god, Children of Men was bad. That’s a movie I shut off after a half hour. I read the book and love Clive Owen and Alfonso Cuaron, but it did nothing for me.

    Haha, French Lieutenants Wife — The only entertaining part of the movie was when they had sex, and it lasted all of seventeen seconds. Which is why it was entertaining.

  • Harsha

    I wonder why so many ppl feel ‘Lost in Translation’ is boring, ok the pace is slow but its a really good flick.
    Oh but the original of ,Vanilla sky’, called ‘Open your Eyes’ is really good, especially uncensored!

  • Dr. Goodtimes

    TMo- I was kidding. And completely agree with you on Eternal Sunshine, it’s one of my top 5 favorite movies ever. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

    Another one to add to the pile is “The Terminal.” It was as interesting as sitting in an actual airport terminal for 2 hours.

  • TMo

    OK Dr., PHEW* i had hoped you were being sarcastic. I haven’t seen it myself, but it sure looks like a stinkbomb. Yes, Eternal is the shit, as Charlie Kaufman is the shit.

  • heavybison

    uncensored eh?…gotta check it out then…:-)

  • dan231

    Being Human with Robin Williams – first and only movie I ever fell asleep while watching it at a theater.

  • akKris

    No one mentioned The Bedroom Window. Very boring.

  • bucslim

    jfrater – As you might have guessed from some of our previous movie discussions, I’m a huge Kubrick fan. Maybe it was because I was so over-excited to see another Kubrick movie that I was so dissapointed with Eyes Wide Shut. I understand what he was trying to do and I respected him for trying. But after watching it again for the first time last week, I concluded that it was one long boring disaster. I love Kubrick, but that’s just hard to watch.

    • bfg666

      I concur. Kubrick is one of my favorite filmmakers, yet Eyes Wide Shut was a total drag.

  • Mom424

    jfrater; I don’t know how old you are, but I loved 2001 (the sequel coulda’ made this list though), younger viewers wouldn’t appreciate the breakthroughs in this film, nor understand most of the symbolism,,,,they’re so jaded and expect instant gratification.
    Eyes wide Shut, I dunno what it was about
    Naked Lunch was horrible and I don’t wanna know what it was about
    And to save myself pain and disappointment I don’t watch any sappy romantic crap,,,unless it has some good historical/true underpinning ie; A Beautiful Mind
    I will never watch When Harry met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle or the list goes on and on…

  • TMo

    HAH Naked Lunch was awesome.

  • xtopherp

    My…Dinner…With…Andre. Sorry. Yes, I get what was trying to be achieved, and I could have hung in there for 45 minutes and been okay with it, but any longer than that? Talented, inspired, well done, and …boring.

  • Kai4a

    Good list. I actually had to do the website for “Safe.” I always watched the movies before I did the site, but I have to admit I made it about half an hour in before I had to give up. Something about Julianne Moore’s always bugged me (she’s good in the right role, like Boogie Nights), and this role just accentuated everything I don’t like about her. And she might have been the best thing about this movie. Take a ritalin, make a pot of strong coffee, maybe you’ll do better than me.

  • malena992

    this is too subjective to make a list about. there is no criteria, it’s personal opinion.
    lost in translation was brilliant by the way :D

  • I loved Vanilla Sky and as a guy I’m ashamed to admit it, but I really like You’ve got Mail.

  • I’d add Sextette to the list but it’s not boring. It’s much like watching a train wreck.

  • copperdragon

    I bought Eyes Wide Shut just for the Nicole Kidman nudity!!! (it was only $5 in the bargain bin)

    I was hoping AI would be a little more exciting, but no.

  • Cedestra

    Mom242: I’m 25 and appreciated the brilliance behind 2001, although I have to agree that it was…very…slooowwww.
    I forgot Solaris! Wow…boring.
    Malena992: Yeah. What one person finds boring another finds riveting. It all depends on how the story is being told. I think this list should have been constructed more with what movies the general populace couldn’t interact with vs. what the individual person thought.

  • melloyello

    Aw, i thought Vanilla Sky was great! Every minute.

    And being a girl i do love You’ve Got Mail. Was it smart and complex?..No. But it entertained me.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Black Dahlia…i fell asleep watching it so that qualifies as boring to me even though i didn’t really watch it.

    How about Zodiac? I thought that was one of the worst movies last year. My boyfriend and I saw it in the theater and we’re so disappointed. The critics seem to love it, and it did great at the box office. Anyone else find it went on and on?

  • Sandra

    AI is definitely a long boring drag. I liked You’ve Got Mail though. Vanilla sky just completely confused me until the end and i couldn’t stand it.I never even made it through more than a couple scenes of Black Dahlia when my boyfriend rented it. I haven’t even seen any of the other movies. I agree with Cedestra about Solaris, i tried to watch it a dozen times and could never make it past the first couple scenes.

  • WahooJunkie

    I agree – AI was awful, Steven Speilberg RUINED it. Too bad Kubrik didn’t live long enough to finish it, it would have been much better.

    • bfg666

      You got it all wrong: Kubrick ASKED Spielberg to direct it because he thought he wouldn't achieve something satisfying for him, not because he was gonna die! And actually, this movie was Spielberg's resurrection from the creative void he was stuck in since the mid-80's…

  • Yogi Barrister

    To each his own, but RIPLEY’S GAME is a terrifc movie. It has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Ginger Lee

    melloyello: I thought it was a long movie sure, but there’s a lot of territory to cover in Robert Greysmith’s book. Unlike say Silence of the Lambs which focuses on mainly Clarice, Zodiac had two reporters and two inspectors lives to cover. I liked it because it wasn’t like the serial killer movies we’ve seen (I liked it because it reminded me so much of Silence actually).

    Another boring movie I thought of was Malick’s New World. Holy shit, the only thing that has put me to sleep faster was my old seminary teacher.

  • Sooo-mates

    Am I honestly the first person to mention ‘Waterworld’?
    I am quite glad to know that I have not ever seen any of the movies on here…though I have heard of a few of them!

  • Me-“Citizen Kane
    Gone With the Wind

    Generally, I like classic movies, but these 2 bored me to tears.”

    Jim-“Citizen Kane / GWTW “Boring”. Unlike you, people are STILL talking about them 60 plus years later. One might also be tempted to ask YOU how much “box office” you’ve generated?”

    Me Again-“Wait, you mean the comments that I left on somebody’s blog giving my opinions of a couple of movies I didn’t like aren’t going to be discussed in depth (preferably in some sort of roundtable format) from now until 2068? Not to mention the apparent collapse (due, of course to your impeccable logic) of my brilliant 3 step plan to generate untold millions of box office revenue with my blog commenting abilities. (Step 1. Comment on someone’s blog Step 2. ??? Step 3. Box Office Revenues!!!)

    Frankly my dear Jim, I don’t give a damn.

    …and neither does Rosebud.

    Cheers! :o)

  • I just need to say… AI is one of my favorite movies. I havent watched other movies from the list.

  • Bananas

    BORING??? … was brutally murdered??? You should be more carefull with wat movies you put in this list…..

  • Emily

    didn’t the english patient win oscars??

  • Mara

    As soon as I saw ‘You’ve Got Mail’ here, I thought back to that scene in ‘Undeclared’ with Seth Rogen and Charlie Hunnam on the couch watching it, and the expression on the latter’s face.

    As for “Gerry”, when I worked at a movie store, we actually had to -warn- people when they rented it. Every single person who rented it brought it back complaining about it. I never did find a customer who liked it.

  • Dido

    Eight Below belongs on here. That is the absolute most boring movie ever. The guy whines that his dogs are in the arctic. Meanwhile they show the dogs walking around doing stuff. The director clearly tries to take advantage of the cute element. Eventually the guy goes on his own, and because some friend of his who rejected him is randomly inspired, the friend brings more of his friends and they all help him. And they save the dogs. How exciting! And how predictable…

  • kittym

    “Le Dernier Combat” was difficult for me to sit through the first time round. I think that was mostly because it didn’t have any dialogue in it, so I was totally lost nearly the entire time. My lit professor, who’d recommended it, said that that was what gave it charm, and so I watched it a second time and had to concede it had somewhat grown on me. Not something I’ll be jumping up to watch on a boring Saturday afternoon, though.

    And I have to say, I agree completely with “You’ve Got Mail,” “Vanilla Sky” and “AI”. Tedious to sit through, and I didn’t even make it all the way through “Vanilla Sky”. I’ve never been a Tom Cruise fan, though, so I may have been bias to begin with.

    Oh, and John Malkovich’s voice gives me tingles. I love him, and was able to forgive him for “Con Air”, even though it was a close call. Not so sure about “Eragon”, though (shudders).

    • bfg666

      Le Dernier Combat is actually by far Luc Besson's best movie.

  • Pete

    Please don’t forget Sense and Sensability. What an absolute pile of rubbish. To quote Sideshow Bob; ” This is lying. That was a well thought out peice of non-claptrap that never once made me want to retch.”
    What the hell was the point of the movie?

  • eas

    “Safe” is terrifying. No, it’s not a slasher horror flick, but it is terrifying all the same. And it is brilliant. Todd Haynes is a genius!!

  • Digital Amish

    Context and expectations.
    Sitting in a bar one night with a buddy discussing films. Conversation turned to great war movies. Another patron submitted that “The Thin Red Line” was perhaps the greatest war movie ever made. Neither my buddy or myself had seen it so a couple of days later we rented it. It put both of us to sleep. Next time at the bar, to said patron, “Dude, that was NOT a war movie.”

  • flgh

    Where’s Memoirs of a Geisha?
    Now that’s boring

  • Andrew

    “Ali” starring Will Smith was a monstrously self-indulgent exercise in biopic rubbish. It should have been at the top of the list; I fell asleep half way through. Kudos on “The English Patient.” There should be a list for most boring books because this title would top that as well. I liked “Vanilla Sky,” it was trippy.

  • M.B.

    I can’t believe nobody else has mentioned “In the Bedroom” yet. Yes, I know it was supposedly brilliant, but I could barely get through it. Three-quarters of the movie can be summed up in one sentence: Some people’s son dies, and they feel sad. Except for a tiny bit of action at the beginning and end, that’s pretty much it.

    “The Hours” was very dull too (and yes, I know everyone here will probably disagree with me on this). The most exciting scene was probably when Virginia Woolf/Nicole Kidman gave a bird a funeral…

    I completely agree with poptart on “Children of Men”. Everything about it sucked, but Julianne Moore was undoubtedly one of the worst parts. I was thanking my lucky stars her character died so quickly.

  • davo

    vanilla sky, Ai and Legends of the Fall were definitely as boring as hell. I agree with whoever wrote that ‘Meet Joe Black’ should be on here.

  • The Dum Guy

    I don’t think anyone has brought up Gus Van Sants ‘Last Days’, which is loosely based on Kurt Cobain’ last days alive.

    The movie is less than an hour and half long, but it took me almost five days to watch it (in stretches of around 15 minute viewings, and I was usually drinking copiously). I swear, if my life was like what Cobain’s was at that point (as far as the movie goes) I would blow my head off with a shotgun…

    The funny thing was few days after I saw it a guy I know said he thought it was “Brilliant”, and I never bothered to listen to him again.

  • The Dum Guy

    davo: Similar thing I had w/Joe Black (like Last Days), only I never finished it.

    Did the angel of death fall in love and eat peanut butter forever (I at least saw the first 30 minutes or so of the movie).

  • Anderi

    Slapshot 2!

    Synopsis: Loser team keeps losing.

    Loser team gets bought by money grubbing mogul under the guise of benevolent dysney-like ceo to be the “losers” in a series of Globetrotters-on-ice type ice hockey games.

    Loser team keeps losing to sham winning team.

    They have had enough! So the latest in the series of sham games sees them up the ante of checks and slams into a “real” game of ice hockey.

    Loser team JUST beats sham winning team (which are now the losers).

    Smiles all around but everybody loses. Including the viewers.

    Steven Baldwin’s mullet sucks.

    What the hell was slapshot 1 all about??

  • amoondoo

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless was boring and so was The Hours…BAD!

  • mitchsn

    I nearly fell asleep reading the descriptions of these movies!

  • Cor

    Eternal Sunshine sucked some major donkey waffles. I cant even believe that i watched all of it.

    I dont care how “classic” its considered to be, Citizen Kane was an eventless movie which can only be appreciated for its graceful order. Greatest Film of all time? pfft – For its time perhaps, and even that is a dear stretch.

    Although I love this movie and edward norton – 25th hour was a relatively dead movie.

    AVP – Requeim dont even get me started. 6 seperate groups of people must have left the theater.

    Crash was a good movie but i couldnt watch it again.

    The Good Shepard – Extremely Dull. I’ll think of more.

  • poop is a boring movie

  • Dave

    I would have added Fargo into that list…I kept falling asleep durring that movie

    • bfg666

      Fargo is the Coen brothers' masterpiece.

  • i can’t grasp how either eternal sunshine or fargo could be considered boring films at all.
    each to his own, i guess.
    i must agree with poptart and M.B. that children of men was indeed a major disappointment.

  • Lawrence


  • BoboDaHobo

    Didnt read the entire forum but i u nissed out oun ‘the house of sand and fog’ or even ‘the ring 2’ but the worst of all… ‘waterboy’ some mite love it but i thort it was damn boring

    • bfg666

      What language is that, please?

  • phil

    The Piano !!!
    Schindlers List, too much tedium to list really

  • jayson

    sorry but i love AI… ei you did not respond to my comment on your parodies list….

  • tamara

    i haven’ watch half of those movies, but those i watched weren’t boring. especially IA

  • fishing4monkeys


    I agree, AI was a great movie!

  • Susan

    Has anyone ever heard of the movie Dead Man with Johnny Depp. My husband loves it, we own it, I have never made it past the first 20 minutes and it is in black and white. It is so slow and dull and painful to sit thru. I dont know anyone beside the hubby who has even heard of it.

    • bfg666

      Very contemplative, but one of Jarmush's very best movies. And what's wrong with black & white? Especially in this film: the DP did an amazing job.

  • TMo


    I own that movie, and I love it! You’re right it is quite slow, yet very contemplative and ultimately engrossing, in my opinion. Sort of puts me in a trance when I re-watch it.

  • Anderi


    Yeah, me too! It is slow but as commented above, totally engrossing.

    The existentialism and the casual cannibalism… ism ism ism!

  • Tj

    Black Dahlia belongs on here, but not vanilla sky, I can see how some people may not have enjoyed the movie, but it definitely wasn’t boring. Lets talk about some very current disappointments, like Zodiac and Rescue dawn. Those hurt to sit through so much, and a big part of it is that I wanted so much for them to be good, but they were just awful. There is no theme or purpose to either of the movies they just go on and on acting so pretentiously like they have some point or message to convey but they don’t they just suck and they try to cover it up with implying somehow that it all means something and it’s just crap.

  • Ben Heitzman

    What a bad list.

  • Autumn

    This list is terrible. Just because you are too simple to appreciate a movie with depth doesn’t make a movie boring. You’ve Got Mail certainly doesn’t belong on this list.

  • “All or Nothing,” hands down. Read agile53’s review in the comments on IMDB. Spot on review. Funny attacks on him/her by obvious Englishmen who seemed to love this movie. As an American, it will bore you to tears.

  • The Dum Guy

    Tj:: Both of those movies (Rescue Dawn and Zodiac) were based on real events, so I’m not sure if either one was trying to imply that they “mean” something other than that the story(s) just happen.

    I bet you won’t like No Country For Old Men.

  • NightProwler

    I have to take issue with this list. The problem I have is not with the choice of films. Rather it is with your lack of reasoning behind your choices.
    The article is entitled “10 most boring movies”,so one would expect the author of the list to expound
    on what aspects of theses films caused them such boredom. Instead,the reader is treated to a list of film synopsis. Very disappointing.

  • Rick.

    Toys with Robin Williams. The first movie that ever made me fall asleep in a theater. Sadly, not the last.

    As for the rest of the list, I quite enjoyed a lot of them. Bad list.

  • Angelina

    Rick: I forgot about Toys! Ugh! But it also reminded me of another snoozefest, Boys starring Winona Ryder and Lukas Haas.

  • Bob

    Wow, it’s a top ten list of movies you either didn’t understand or didn’t have enough explosions. Or both.


  • Melvin

    No Eyes wide shut?

    That’s gotta be the most boring movie ever!

  • Polly Odyssey

    I’ve seen You’ve Got Mail. I hated it.

  • doz

    the original, spanish version of ‘vanilla sky’ is much better than the tom cruise crap. and i’m surprised ‘the secret life of dentists’ isn’t on here. i have no idea how i got my hands on that one, but i couldn’t even finish it i was so bored.

  • Simons

    I haven’t heard of 1-4 so that kind of makes sense. I agree that “The English Patient” was boring as crap, sadly it won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture that year… /le sigh. as for Black Dahlia, I thought it was decent, I just wish that Aaron Eckhart had played the main character, then it would have been a good movie.

  • johnnyseesyou

    i loved AI. i know that puts me in the minority, but i think it’s a great movie.

  • warningdontreadthis

    The English Patient is amazing so remove it from the list.

  • hana

    I actually liked You’ve Got Mail, but that may be because I’m a chick.

  • Kris

    Girl With a Pearl Earring- Ugh I sat through the whole thing asking “when does this get good?”

  • Mickey

    I saw 30% of The English patient about 10 years ago,there was a free movie projection in the cinema,it was like 10pm and 60% of the crowd fell asleep watching it(me also),it was sooooooo boring!!!!!!!!

  • The V

    Vera Drake. I’ve tried to watch that movie about five times and have yet to break the one hour mark. Now I use it to cure insomnia. Honestly.

    Before I discovered that one, my insomnia cure was Spice World.

    Honorable mention to Napoleon Dynamite. I fell asleep twice during the same viewing. Definitely one of the worst films of the millennium.

  • nikki


    I have NEVER walked out of a film my entire life but …..ooohhh… that was boring beyond words.

  • JazJ

    There is only one movie that I have ever watched that had the effect of virtually taking a sleeping pill and that has to be “The Horse Whisperer”. I tried like everything to stay awake through the first ten minutes, but it was like I had taken Benadryl or something. I mean this was a snoozefest and a half. I have never wasted ten minutes of my life on anything as boring as this movie.

    • bfg666

      This movie is magic. I already liked Redford as an actor, but it made me love Redford as a director.

  • chocokinoko

    I know Citizen Cane is a big deal but it deserves to be on this list.

  • Chris

    There Will Be Blood. It’s too recent to have been on this list, but if you’ve seen it, you’d understand.

    • bfg666

      No, I don't.

  • Daniel Wallin

    Where was Kill Bill 2 or Death-Proof? Nothing has bored me more than the total inane conversations in those lame geekfests.

  • Joe-Joe

    Look, Legends Of The Fall was an awesome movie! Don’t mess with the legend.

  • matt

    you really should put Kes on this list, one of the most boring films i have ever seen.

  • Joe Joe

    HIGHLANDER!! Higlander is one of the most boring, pointless movie ever. (Yes, they had to all be killed except for 1 to survive. Blah, blah, blah) I was not interested in it and it looked like it was shot on a camcorder!

  • wickeddavis

    okay… 2001 a space odyssey an the blair witch project are already here… though i do kinda like AI. but talk about long… i own it on vhs and the damn tape weighs more than i do!

  • rushfan

    I have to disagree on Legends of the Fall and Vanilla Sky, and I would add Babel and Eyes Wide Shut.

  • rushfan

    Oh, and Ed Wood.

    • bfg666

      Dude, you deserve a billion thumbs down for this one! And for Babel too…


    omg I can’t believe you didn’t list the two (um, excuse me, three) most boring movies of all time!!

    Dances with Wolves

    those all sucked and took way too much money to make… shame.

    • bfg666

      Not a Kevin Costner fan, are you? You're right about Waterworld, but I truly feel sorry for you if you didn't taste the poetry of DWW…

  • xdr

    I would also disagree with Vanilla sky and you got mail. I wasn’t so bored. But AI was more cheesee – sickening – with – false – tears – droping – for – that – plastic – totaly – non – symphatetic – person.
    He is everywhere the same…. I SEE DEAD PEOPLEEEEE, *snort*

  • aspyr

    I still think The Woman in the Dunes is the most boring movie i’ve ever seen

  • juleigh

    Autumn in New York absolutely sucked, as far as I’m concerned you should create another list, jFrater! Although I liked Capote, I’m kind of surprised no one mentioned it (unless someone did and I missed it). I also liked Spanglish but I do think it lasted longer than what it should of, so I could see why people find it boring. I hated Patch Adams, Dances With Wolves, and as awful as it sounds I fell asleep trying to watch any of the Star Wars movies (again, I can see why people love them so no offense to anyone, sci-fi is just not my thing.)
    Two things I can say about Zodiac 1) It was supposed to be true, and 2) I could look at Mark Ruffalo all day long!

  • comradesnarky

    I have to say…once I rented The Black Dahlia and watched the first, maybe ten minutes of it, and it scared me so badly that I had to stop. The next day I told a friend that and she said that it was one of the most boring movies she had ever seen. I am still wondering what movie was mistakenly put inside The Black Dahlia’s case at blockbuster…XD

  • Paulb

    The Air I Breathe

  • Sammeth

    I completely agree with the list, but why is
    “It Runs in the Family” with Kurt Douglas NOT on this list? I expected it to be at least #3.

  • Katie

    The Black Dahlia is a good first-time watch. Probably due to the fact that the 3 main characters are extremely good looking. After that, I agree, it is quite boring and I’m said to say I spent $9 on it and only watched it 1.2 times.

  • Angelique

    M is boring too.

  • PlaidesNblack

    All these movies are good prescriptions if you suffer from insomnia.

  • Tim

    12 Angry Men?
    Whats more boring then a black and white movie of 12 men sitting around a desk discussing a trial?

    p.s. I like You’ve Got Mail! xD

    • bfg666

      A color movie about alien robots who change into cars.

  • Bryoneill

    youve got mail- entertaining
    vanilla sky- interesting
    A.I.- watchable
    legends of the fall- one of yhe best movies of all time

    worst movies- the english patient,lost in translation, code 46, the fountain, dark city,

    • bfg666

      "worst movies- lost in translation, the fountain, dark city?" You don't know what you're talking about!

  • Parker

    black Dahlia wasnt too bad..

  • nazman

    this is all so true:)

  • gunn

    what shits me about movie lists on this site is that whenever they include a tom cruise movie there is always some fucking lame reference to scientology. i couldnt care less about what religion he is when im watching a movie because the entire role of an actor is to seperate him/herself from their actual personality and assume another. it is ridiculous to even mention religion in a summary/review of a movie as it is irrelevant and is exactly the kind of right wing prejudice that should be abolished from an otherwise free-thinking website.

    • bfg666

      Tom Cruise movies are bad because of Tom Cruise the "actor", period. Making fun of his "religion" is just an extra bonus. And "right wing prejudice?" What the hell has mocking scientology got to do with the republicans? Stop talking nonsense!

  • RaD


    If you don’t like it, then don’t read the lists. Scientology is not a religion, it is a weirdo club.

    As for the list, I agree with most. Except You’ve Got Mail, which was certainly better than Sleepless in Seattle.

  • Solaris has to be one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen…..

  • lilstvsmom

    The Darjeeling Limited….that was awful!

  • max

    sorry I do think it requires a certain type of person to enjoy vanilla sky. The kind that like to be moved and have thoughts provoked by a film. I apologize on behalf of the writers that this wasnt your typical guns a blazin film. This film is actually quite brilliant.

    And yes I hated AI with a passion.

    • bfg666

      Abre Los Ojos was brilliant. Vanilla Sky is just an ordinary copy.

  • Les

    Oh thank you, THANK YOU for including The English Patient. I was soooo happy when she finally offed him with the morphine and only wished it had happened about 2 hours sooner. Can’t believe it won Academy Awards, well, wait, I can. It’s just that bad.

  • BrianZ

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned The Straight Story. I loved it, but come on, it’s just an old guy riding a tractor across the country. For the whole move. Somebody had to find that boring.

  • Les

    I repeat the nomination for As Good as It Gets.

  • kaykaykatie

    most boring movie ever? haven’t you ever seen lars and the real girl?!

  • Hastey

    How about saying something about why they’re boring?

  • DogBitez

    I would add The Constant Gardener to this list. That was a snoozer.

  • londonafter

    where’s Napoleon dynamite??? that sh*t bored me to death!
    completely agree with A.I, God!!! 146 min of boredom, it actually felt like 4 f*cking hours!!

  • londonafter

    ohhh almost forgot!!! what about the notebook!!!!??? the most boring piece of romantic sh*t i’ve ever seen! it has every romantic comedy cliche in it!
    and Spanglish….131 min of blah

  • gunn

    RaD- it is officially recognised as a religin in the united states. look im not a supporter of scientology by any stretch of the imagination but but this list has nothing to do with religion

  • Smily

    I saw a movie once that was truly boring. It’s called something like “The Butterfly Effect” or something. two people invent a time machine, but you need to stay in the box for how long you want to go back in time. They spend the entire movie in strange plotlines that don’t make sense, and trying to avoid answering their cell phones. Then one leaves. The end.

  • esoterica

    THANK YOU!! I hated “Legends of the Fall” so much I wanted to hurt it. Brad Pitt talked like he had a mouth full of buffalo balls throughout the entire movie.

    The funniest thing is that Anthony Hopkins hates the movie and is still embarrassed about his over-the-top acting in it.

  • Menthol

    I’ve been lurking on this site for about 2 years now and i have agreed with you on almost everything. But come on now! VANILLA SKY is an amazing movie!

    As for the other movies yea, they’re all pretty lame… the ones I’ve seen anyway.

  • FrankiiDoodle

    The girl in number three sounds like The Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh, if she was green and “a cockney nutjob”.

  • PirateXxEsque

    The lesson from this list, children, is that the author likes boring movies. :p

  • Luka

    Lost In Translation should be there, in my opinion.

  • Ronnyy11156082hn07

    legend of fall was GOOD! it was interesting and i dont think it should be up there.

  • Amanda

    I disagrre AI was a great movie! :0D

  • Angelique

    AI was good before the quest for the “Blue Fairy” thing.

  • niltonpestana

    I’m sure you could do better than that.

  • I4gotMyMANTRA

    aww. i thought gerry looked good. but i kinda agred with you about all of these ive seen. it doesn’t bode well. and yea, i like gus van sant to.

  • boatharpoon

    you’ve got mail? seriously? why?

    howard’s end is the most boring movie I have ever seen.

    • bfg666

      Because it's a lame romcom with no more originality than the 7,451,892,636 romcoms shot since When Harry Met Sally!

  • zak

    pokemon is so retarted

    • bfg666

      Well, it is Pokemon, what did you expect?

  • Shaaronie

    Pearl Harbor, another movie I bought on DVD years ago and still have not seen the whole thing. It was so slow, I fast forwarded until the war scenes and the ending. I’ve watched the whole thing in 20 minutes that way, at least 3 times.

  • trfan

    I vote for “Gods and Generals”. Well over three hours (with an intermission!), it’s way too long, way too boring, and downright unmemorable, even though it’s set in the Civil War. I don’t think it would have done well even in the days when intermissions were common (this came out around 2003-04). Stupendous soundtrack, though.

  • ancientHistoryBuff

    Methinks this piece has a hint of philistinism.

  • Shaaronie

    The Piano; I watched for it for 5 minutes and became depressed.
    The Godfather III; I couldn’t get over how old and burned out Al Pacino looked, and all those operatic scenes (snooze).
    A Beautiful Mind; I recall being so bored, I watched other people watch the movie.
    The most boring movie ever: Pootie Tang! I kept waiting for it get better. I knew that it would! It had to, I mean Chris Rock is in it! Finally, after 20 minutes, I was the only one left in the theater, I went home.

  • codern

    hmmm, i think all the 10 movies listed ..should not be the 10 most boring movies granted, some of those movies werent the greatest, but not the about gigli (or what ever that movies called) from justin to kelly, howard the frickn duck , oh i could go on…and vanilla sky was one the best and MOST entertaining (aka least boring!) movie i think iv ever seen, which was one of the more artistic movies aswel which is rare these days.

  • Marcus Killerby

    Alright, AI I agree with.

    Ripley’s Game – WTF how could you put that movie on there. Malkovich is amazing, the movie is an almost perfect adaptation of the captivating book. Sorry, I can’t take this list seriously with that movie on there.

  • joe bob

    WTF???? Ripleys Game is an amazing film. How the fuck can you find it boring??? John Malkovich’s acting was incredible. Excellent charactor development and plot. Perfect ending. Not boring for a single second.

  • Steve

    I have to agree with Vanilla Sky and The Black Dahlia — both were bad, long, boring movies. I would disagree with Ripley’s Game, because Malkovich was really good in it. I was substitute “Unbreakable” by unwatchable director Shyamalan, or that Bejamin Button movie. zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Norman

    Where’s 2001: A Space Oddysey?

    • bfg666

      In the 10 best movies ever list, moron!

  • Nancy

    Van Sant, being an “indie director” tends to make “indie movies,” which though sometimes great, tend to be boring even though Van Sant is a fantastic director. My dad would probably put Benjamin Button here, but I kind of liked it (I find it difficult to dislike anything with Brad Pitt, shallow little me). I guess it’s more of a sappy girl’s thing. I like Lost in Translation, I found it really sweet and clever. I can’t think of a movie that particularly bored me, except for the Hannah Montana one I was forced to see but that’s pretty much a whole different story. Or perhaps the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but I see how someone could love that movie. I’m just not into westerns. Citizen Kane is not boring, I found it amazing and magical. Some people just see the beauty in the Mona Lisa, some don’t. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  • nuttinbutnate

    I think it’s much more fun to rag on the movies that are suppose to be great. Picking easy targets like Jennifer Lopez movies is too obvious and pointless. I would humbly like to submit The Red October. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

  • nuttinbutnate

    I meant The HUNT For The Red October

  • EJ

    some of theses films are great, whats wrong with you? Ripley’s Game wasn’t boring it was a thriller where killing happens ,…KILLING IS NEVER BORING! and i cant believe you called john malkovich as talented as grass. oh well, i cant say i expect much from the state of some of your other lists. Safe was somewhat boring but had an extremely interesting concept. i have to agree on some of the other ones though, especially gerry as good as gus van sant is this one just takes the piss. and definately the first one

  • marsyro1

    Ah, I love “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” they could have used some better actors though.Gotta love raunchy cowgirls.

  • phil

    citizen kane

  • Kris

    I like most of the films listed here.. does that make me boring? i dunno. Was interested to see the synopsis for Lengends of the Fall, which I haven’t seen. It’s obviously a trasncription of Harold Pinter’s play ‘The Homecoming’ which only really works well in a theatre so might be the reason some people see this film as being boring.
    Or maybe you’re boring for seeing it that way?

  • mike

    legends of the fall is one of my favorites i could have easily thought of 10 worse ones…

  • batman

    you chose some of the best movies of modern cinema. some movies aren’t meant to be summer blockbusters that cut every half-second and have action in every frame, but to portray a more realistic world. Not to mention experimental or avant-garde film, which would have you sleeping.

  • Jason S.

    Vanilla Sky was good even if it DID have the cult poster boy as the leading roll. Still a good movie never the less

  • becca


  • Audrey

    Wedding Crashers.
    I can get into any movie, but sleep came way too soon with that one.

  • Troy McClure

    I have only watched AI and Vanilla Sky on this list. I thought these were good films that I actually recommend.

    For the rest of the films- just thanks for the warning.

    If I would put up a list myself, I´d say there are so many to chose from its to difficult.

  • Troy McClure

    the most boring films I have ever seen? I think I have forgotten them.

  • Dragstripchick

    Why oh why was “Eyes Wide Shut” not given honourable mention!!

  • Jim

    The Brown Bunny could have come in 1st or 2nd

  • robulusrexx

    I agree strongly with The English Patient(winner of Best Picture??!!), but I liked You’ve Got Mail(mainly because I think Ryan and Hanks make such a good team) and I loved A.I.(Kubrick a la Speilberg).

  • nthensome

    Dont forget Apocalypse Now.
    Over rated crap.

  • Fly124

    Here recently, Paranormal Activity is the MOST boring movie. What a waste!!

  • Reaconter

    @stugy (14): I have to agree with you 100% The Good Shepherd was a boring Movie and your’e talking to a guy who’s seen Pi,Slacker,Mullholand Drive,and even Vanilla Sky also many others so called slow and boring movies But i actually found them interesting But this on Put the nail in the coffin for the all time most boring movies,i think Robert De Niro should Stick to acting!

  • Penny dreadful

    Legends of the fall and the English paitent?!? they are amazing movies. this list is Bullshit :/

  • Duke of Omnium

    If you want to be really bored by a movie, try Last Year at Marienbad. It might be a masterpiece in terms of its composition, but it is dull, dull, dull. And it’s even in French, so you get the added tedium of subtitles.

  • TJ

    What about “Meet Joe Black”

  • mabalza

    I tried to watch Aliens so many time but always found it boring and never we past first 20 minutes. Is it just me?

    • bfg666


  • Orhan94

    You can’t be serious “The English Patient”. I loved it, and next to some of the rubbish that won Oscars on the recent Academy Awards, such as “The Reader” and “There Will Be Blood” it’s quite a decent movie.

  • Dan

    Any list which purports to have the 10 most boring movies of “all time” and then does not list one more than 19-20 years old should not be taken the least least bit seriously. The world did exist before 1990, you know.

  • migol84

    This list is void of any real film knowledge. There are a ton of films out there that far surpass these films in terms of “boredom”. I think someone put a good choice… Aguirre, the wrath of God. Tape by Richard Linklater is also a good one. A.I. might be boring to some but definitely not one to put on this list, especially considering the very well-written storyline and special effects. Not a movie that deserves this list at all. I can’t remember Vanilla Sky anymore so I won’t say anything on it. I just remember liking it. I don’t know what turns people on into some movies… but any film that entertains me at least in brain stimulation and not just in explosions and graphics is a good film by any means. But Dan (comment 284) makes a good point as well!

  • migol84

    yes, it’s just you mabalza… that’s a sci-fi/horror classic and definitely deserves to be considered one of the greatest films in that genre. it’s also a james cameron film (director of an even more boring one in Titanic). but his new one is coming up “Avatar”. that one doesn’t look bad and neither is Terminator or the Abyss.

  • migol84

    Dragstripchick – because that’s a film by Stanley Kubrik… arguably one of the master’s in filmmaking in any language, or country. I don’t think you got into that film at all… in other words you just didn’t get it. It’s fair though. You’re entitled to your opinion. But I bet if you saw a Felini or Kurosawa film (which you probably have never heard of) you’d think those were all even more boring films. Then again many of filmmakers out there entertaining you today were inspired by these guys. Go figure.

  • myself_

    every non-comedy Robin Williams movie (and some of the comedies)

  • michelle

    Dummy… that is the most boring movie i have ever seen… completely awful

  • graceless

    what? no driving miss daisy? it’s my staple insomnia cure.

  • Cris

    They should have included Elephant in the list, an independent film based on the Columbine shootings. The story is taken from various perspectives of students as they move around the school prior to their shooting. But thats just where the problem is, they take the exact perspective of the students. Imagine fifteen minutes following a boy walking through corridors without a word! Again and again for each character.

  • justinw

    The movie “Contact” definitely deserves to be on this list. What a waste of time that movie was.

  • meh

    3. Jabberwocky
    2. Lost in Translation
    1. Fire

    gods, those were painful

  • PD

    I think a boring life leads to listing boring films.

    Ripley’s Game was great in seat 1E LAX/HNL with several red wines.

  • Me

    You think that was boring a little movie called Eraserhead would like to have a word with you

  • Md

    Vanilla Sky was awesome. Come on, it had everything in it. From romance, to morals, to sci fi elements, with a twist. It was better than the original, as it was glamorized. THe original had more answers, but the remake had a lot of meaning to it, and was not just a psychological thriller.

    Also, The GOod Shephard is ver boring. Even The English Patient had something in it, but who could relate to The Good Shephard?

    • bfg666

      Better than the original? Are you high? Besides being an ordinary copy of an amazing film, it also stars Tom Cruise, the most irritating and overrated actor of his generation.

  • souljacker

    Not seen Fata Morgana then? Whch is the film I’d make my kids watch if they were VERY bad. lamo

  • poco

    12 Angry Men is boring too (personal opinion)… it has twists though…

  • Hannah

    AI, really? I loved that movie!!!

  • Pokey

    two lovers is a whole lot of pointless rubbish! should be your new number one! just a waste of time and space. if you hate yourself, go watch it.

  • sexually repressed male

    that is the most appropriately placed advertisement I’ve ever seen (“Paranormal Activity” from Netflix)

  • Ash

    This sounds more of the writers opinion than an actual survey done.

  • mercilessax

    Redefine your concept of “boring”. That conflicts with the one of “Art”. Gerry is probably the major accomplishment of Gus. And you are wrong also about some other movies here, but it is too boring talking about that.

  • riceroni

    How in the world that boring snorefest “Out Of Africa” didn’t make the list let alone lock up the 1 spot is a true controversy. Out Of Africa is so boring that it now have medicinal uses. Physicians are now prescribing it to insomnia patients. Whit a 100% success rate and no known side effects, the stock in this movie should shoot through the roof.

  • riceroni

    @myself_ [288]:
    C’mon, “Man Of The Year” was a really good movie.

  • riceroni

    @Shaaronie [253]:
    Pootie Tang wasn’t boring, it was stupid. Don’t get the two confused.

  • Retroman

    Bucslim, you are a genius! The Thin Red Line! Man, what a yawn fest! Let’s all walk around the jungle and say really Important Thoughts About Life ‘Cos This Isn’t War It’s Philosophy 101! For hours and hours and hours!
    But how about Solaris? If anyone thought the English version (Clooney) was mind-rippingly dull, you should try the Russian one. At 5 hours long, I think they used it to torture political prisoners in the Gulags!
    And as the The English Patient…? Oh my giddy aunt! For boredom… a picture of paint drying is more entertaining.

  • I love Daft Punk, but nothing can be anymore boring than Electroma, the movie, nothing, i bet

  • OPEN WATER was the most atrociously boring movie of all time!

  • charlie

    AI was a great movie

  • john

    Ripley’s Game was a great movie certainly not boring.

    LOTR films were boring 2 and 3 were the same fight a big enemy at the end are about to lose when an ally saves them Gandolph the white and the trees in the second one and the ghost warriors in the coupled with Peter Jackson’s long winded extended scenes and SFX.

    • bfg666

      You don't know what you're talking about. LOTR was a very simplified (or it would have lasted at least 100 hours) yet very faithful adaptation of the best novel ever written. And there are no sequels, just one story split into 3 for commercial purposes.

  • boy see

    you've got mail…boring??? no! no! no! i love that movie! watching tom hanks and meg ryan the two of them always delight a lot people. please!!! do some real home work will ya?

    • bfg666

      Yes they do, but a lot of people are stupid.

  • lucky

    i,m fortunate i never watched any of those movies yet, except the vanlla sky, after 30 min. i turned it off.

  • Me1

    OMG, Safe is one of the most brilliant movies ever, you fucking moron.

  • shreela

    Paranormal activity should be in that list. I walked out half way through the movie, first time I ever did that. It was unbearably boring. 90% of the movie is just…nothing. I heard it gets more interesting towards the end but I couldnt make myself wait that long.

    • bfg666

      It's a total rip-off of the first Blair Witch, including the off-screen ending. The only difference is that it takes place in a house, not in a forest. And it lacks that famous crying scene. Pointless.

  • Anna

    The most boring film I have ever seen was Last Days. I couldn't even watch more than 30 or 40 minutes (which consisted almost entirely in the main character walking through a forest).

  • Alexis

    i totally agree w the black Dahlia. they barely evn mention elizabeth short. if i wanted to see the cop's life story i wouldve watched that. it shouldnt even be named the black dahlia. just touching on the murder isn't the story of elizabeth short. i wanted to see her nt the cops with the open relationshp.

  • A.I is definetily one hell of a boring movie. I yawned throughout it.

    • bfg666

      I yawned throughout your comment.

  • chris

    Vanilla Sky shouldn't be in there. Fair enough if people think it's poor, but boring? No.

    The most boing film I've ever seen is a Tim Roth film called "Bodies Rest and Motion".

  • May

    Hmm.. A.I has been my favourite movie since i was a kid…

  • Rybread

    Vanilla Sky was good, Legends of the Fall atleast had war scenes in it,- ( i can think of 10 movies to take its place), and the Black Dahlia wasn't boring it was just a failure of what could have been a great movie.

  • SinatrasKitten

    City of Angels was the most boring movie I've ever seen!

  • Katy

    Vanilla Sky happens to be a favorite of mine. We seem to have similar tastes in other places, such as loving Kubrick, and Ellis novels.. I think Vanilla Sky may deserve a second chance. I find the movie to have a very ironic and eerie feel to it, and it's slightly disturbing at times. Penelope Cruz makes that movie what it is, her character is very magnetic, and she acts is wonderfully. I'd probably put it in my top 10 personal favorites.

    • bfg666

      Try the original one day (Abre Los Ojos)…

  • twdu

    i actually liked AI, it was just WAY too long. there were multiple scenes where they couldve ended it.

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    Emma should be on the list

  • BOBBoring

    The battle of Britain is worse than all of these i swear 2 hours 42 minutes and 10 seconds of dead bore, dont watch it. EVER!

  • Declan

    I liked Vanilla sky quite a bit. Its just too bad Tom Cruise was in it. Two for me:
    See No Evil
    I saw booth in the theater and fell asleep during both.

  • boone_olmy

    about shmidt (however its spelled) terribly boring movie. the only reason i made it through the whole thing was because it was jack nicholson. nothing happens. very very boring movie.

  • FeelinRaandyy.

    Ahaaa, well I'll most likely be thumbed down
    but, A.I has to be one of my favorite movies, maybe I have too much time.

  • Gem

    too bad this list was made just before the Curious Case of Benjamin Button…
    that movie would easily beat out everything else here for the number one spot and stands as one of only 2 movies (both actually pretty recent) that I fell asleep halfway through DURING THE DAY!! and did not even bother to finish… (the other was that awful Tom Cruise abomination Valkyrie..)
    another… (sorry, you can all hate on me for this if you want to… I know it's such a great film blah blah blah… BUT-) the one I was forced to watch in my film class in school that bored me almost to tears, was Citizen Kane. I get that there's great elements of film in it and it is a classic… but did the plot REALLY have to be SO dry and uninteresting?
    I think I would rather watch beige paint dry for a few hours than sit through ANY of those movies again.

  • Gem

    One thing I am a little bit shocked by… I am apparently the ONLY person who didn't hate the Black Dahlia. I actually found it pretty interesting but I was most interested in the 'somewhat-of-a-true-story' aspect.

    And I definitely LOL'd @ the person who defended You've got Mail by referring to it as a "movie with depth"- I almost peed myself.

  • Steve

    What?! Vanilla Sky Is An Incredibke And Beautiful Movie. I Watch It Once A Month And Never Get Bored Of It

    • bfg666

      Try the original and I bet you'll do!

  • Foxxie

    I love that the number one movie was *Gerry*. I always tell people to avoid that movie unless they want completely waste 4 hours of there life. 2 hours watching the movie and 2 hours thinking about why they wasted the last 2 hours watching it…'s sometimes a neve ending cycle…

  • Wayne Rooney

    Gotta say I thought Legends of the Fall and A.I were great movies.

  • Neerovra

    John Malkovich is easily in the top five actors of the last 20 years. You are a buffoon. You do not understand sublety and should probably stick to the kid's films, as they will better appeal to your maturity ( or lack thereof).

  • teehache

    Truly a matter of opinion, but Vanilla Sky wasn't that bad, but I concur with the rest of the list. What about that other boring a** movie with brad pitt where he is a brother fly fishing? That movie was utterly boring. AI was horrible. Lost in Translation totally sucked. The only reason it received so much attention is that it was made by a Coppola.

    • Arthur

      A couple of Incidents in films that bore me, maybe not necessarily bore me, but make me wince

      ….conversations between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, soooo banal.

      ….when a nerd plugs a laptop into a random terminal and within seconds he can control the world.

  • alucard

    "man who stares at goats",hands down, finally completed watching this after 3 fail attempts….

  • Dr.Sexy

    paranormal activity should really be on this list, that was easily the dullest/shitiest movie ive ever seen. literally, watching a fat guy take a dump for an hour and a half would be more entertaining then that movie

  • I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Legends of the Fall, so I can’t really give an opinion. However, my mother liked it so much she almost named me after Brad Pitt’s character, Tristan.

  • yoyo

    A.I. Was an excelent movie. Vanilla Sky was good, but not as good as the original Spanish version "Abre los ojos" American versions of european movies don't work well….

    Children of men is also an excelent movie, is a movie wich makes you think after see it, like A.I, or 2001…

    lazy people don't like smart movies….

  • Murpy

    Almost anything with the cast of Friends in it. Kudrow did “The Opposite of Sex” which was shrill and unwatchable along with most of Jennifer Aniston movies…which my wife keeps renting hoping it’s another Friends.

  • Murpy

    Sorry Yo, but for me flicks like “A.I.” signaled the decline of Spielsburg. A live action version of Pinocchio but without the charm. Sadly it was only a harbinger of what was to come….The Terminal ( god awful)..Catch Me if You Can..( great actors, but too damn overlong) Memoirs of a Geisha ( period piece chick flick) Munich..Minority Report was even slow & dull. Was anybody really surprised that Crystal Skull sucked??

    • bfg666

      You got it all wrong, it was actually his rise from the grave of creativity that he was stuck in since the mid-80's. And Minority Report, slow and dull? Did we see the same movie? It's an action-packed sci-fi thriller that would have been great if it didn't star Tom Cruise.
      I agree about The Crystal Skull, though, but guess what: it was produced (and partly written, I believe) by George Lucas, hence the sucking…

  • Murphy

    And here is one to really piss off everybody….Contact! You are lead to believe that you will see something really great and after 3 hours….you are finally rewarded with “You can’t handle the truth” about aliens and get to only see Jodi foster’s dad, since our human brains couldn’t possibly handle seeing the aliens in person.

  • RolloTomassi

    I think we need to draw a distinction here between "boring" and "bad". The terms, or at least the ideas, seem to be used interchangeably by everyone here, and I don't think they are. For example, I agree almost all the movies on the list are bad (I still like The English Patient), but many have sustained periods of non-boring interesting-ness. On the other hand, some good movies have long patches of tedium; epics like Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind, or yes, maybe even The English Patient, are examples..

  • turq82

    You’ve got mail wasnt that bad,its romance movie,he/she Might be Harry Potter & Lord Of The Ring boring fan.

    A.I wasnt that bad,its good movie but the others i wont See cause mostly boring LOL :)

    • bfg666

      "its romance movie,he/she Might be Harry Potter & Lord Of The Ring boring fan." What does this mean, exactly?

  • meow

    Is it only me and most of the people that I know… but no one though of Titanic . I tried, really hard ( 3 times), to watch that movie, and for now, my personal record is 30 minutes.

  • Antoine D

    How about any film by Jim Jarmusch (with the exception of Dead Man)? Look, I'm a huge fan of the art house movie scene, but his movies are consistently lame and sleep-inducing.

  • antsandmoths

    For Love Or Money, Tim, Sideways, Dying Young

  • googleybear

    "The Illustrated Man" should be the real #1. Its on Netflix if you're interested, or should I say 'not interested.' Fail all around.


    paranormal activity on this list #1

  • Omega

    I think A.I was a great movie, also Vanilla Sky…

  • Name

    you forgot Crooklyn and Seven years in Tibet both movies I walked out of before they were even halfway through

  • mog

    Eraserhead. Sorry, I know it's "cool", but that movie just sucks.

  • guest

    it seems that the blogger is too stupid to understand these films. XD

  • real movie lover

    What??? Please… English Patient and AI??? those are great movie… I’m from Indonesia, a place where not many people appreciate good movie, and it is disappointing to see this good movie on the list… How about Trashformer 2, or Underworld 2, or that Resident Evil 3,, only a lamebrainer will appreciate those craps…

  • Ray

    You left out one of my favorite boring movies…

    2001 A Space Odyssey.

  • Christer

    I liked AI very much but different movies appeal to different people. For me that movie gave me old feelings, hard to explain for everyone to understand… It was a very sad movie though.

  • The Dude

    I liked "The Black Dahlia" (though the book was better). And I happen to quite like John Malkovich, so there!

  • wayne

    worst list ever

  • Apo

    Legend of the fall?? Seriously?

  • astaroth

    ai is not a boring movie, maybe you just don't understand the story.

  • dread

    Hhmmm… all "chick flicks" and "faggot films". Go figure!

  • xquake

    come on what about schindler list it is really booring

  • queenparanoia

    C'mon I love A.I. i cried 4 times watching it.. I soooo disagree it's not boring it's actually heartbreaking ;)

  • BBiased

    I think you forgot "Jerry Maguire"

  • warex

    A.I. it's a very nice movie, maybe you are just interested in explosions or stuff like.

  • Jim

    What about open water? That's got to be the worst and most boring film I ever saw. After watching it not only did I want the six quid back I'd just spent on seeing it (yes I actually went to the cinema to see it), I also desperately wanted back the 79 minutes of my life I'd just totally wasted.

  • I actually really like 'A.I.', but I can definitely see why people would hate it.
    The most boring (and worst) movie I've ever seen is 'The Last Airbender'. That's one of only a handful of movies I;ve ever stopped on my own accord.

    • Hiruki

      I agree with you there. The animated series was wonderful, but the live action movie was completely terrible.

  • billy

    Vanilla Sky and AI are good. All of Gus Van Sant’s films are a yawn fest. for a while i though Van Sant was French for Boring Films

    2001 space odyssey. where is it?

  • Roberto

    Omg can’t believe you rendered: Vanilly Sky, A.I. and Ripley’s game as boring….

  • Brit

    I couldn’t believe how incredibly dull Black Dahlia was considering how interesting the true tale is… definitely earned its place on this list.

  • Nik

    Zodiac should be number 1, hours of drivel and the killer is never found!

    • Hepee

      yeah.. the movie was terrible, but the book was definitely hunting!… :D

  • Nik

    Zodiac should be number 1. Hours of drivel and the killer is never found!

  • Hiruki

    I LOVE Legends of the Fall. It remains as one of my favourite movies of all time. AI was pretty good… but I can safely say that I hate You’ve Got Mail.

  • gollumizer

    the hours, director stephen daldry (i think) and nicole kidman got an oscar for playing virginia woolf. i fell asleep five minutes into the movie.

    anything from the twilight saga. snooooooooooooooze

  • Bugsy

    What a crap list. Honestly.

  • Maria

    I know I will get hate comments, but whenever I try to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, I fall asleep. I want to watch it because it’s a classic, but I just can’t stay awake! Am I the only one? I love movies, all types. I even enjoyed a few of the above mentioned. But 2001: A Space Odyssey? Before the halfway mark, I’m alreading dozing.

  • Mustafa

    AI? You are fucking gay!

  • Hepee

    i don’t think you’ve got mail is a boring movie….

  • Maxwell

    Are you f’ing kidding me? AI made it on this list? lol

    Its one of my favourite movies and I am strictly fussy over my movies. I wish the damn thing went longer and into a ET kind of ending where we see what life was like with these alien AI beings. Totally trippy and not boring at all.

    My list would of included.

    Paranormal Activity (As fickle as f—ckery)
    Superbad (was just plain bad)
    Juno (biggest block of pretentious cheese outside of the deli)
    Bride and Prejudice (WTF?)
    Final Fantasy the movie (Extended Cutscene or movie?)

  • Name

    You have to be really good to deconstruct a film and make it funny or interesting in two to three lines.

    You are not really good at all.

  • toni

    the most boring movie i ever seen is Meet Joe Black,Mystic River also can be in the list.

  • Bigmomma

    Anyone see the movie “Being Human” with Robin Williams? Bor-r-r-r-ing. Just one long coma inducing piece of crap. Avoid at all costs……..

  • Steven Woodward

    I did like you just got mail, I thought it was sweet.

  • Jessica

    well I haven’t actually seen some of these movies, but I don’t totally agree with all your choosing. I actually liked Al, it was a sad movie and I want to watch it again for I don’t remember it all.
    But everyone got their opinion and tastes to different things, just those wouldn’t be mine.

  • daniel

    Vanilla sky? You’ve got to be kidding me! And no Godfather? Hmph.

  • a person you will never know

    Those movies arnt that bad come on, those are some really good acters. I guess its just the person who made this list’s pinion, really.

  • liz

    i just looooooooooooove legends of the fall, that movie makes me cry, a good drama if u are in the mood for it. I have watched it a lot of times!

  • Paulo

    Absolutely agree, Gerry is the most boring movie ever, ever, ever made.
    I wanted to punch Matt Damon in the face after wasting my time with that piece of [email protected]

  • Kate

    Legends of the fall was by far the most boring movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever unsuccessfully tried to finish a dvd, but I literally could not watch any more of it after the first hour and a half.

  • NEvEN

    So, can we add 2010’s “How Do You Know?” to the list? I Went to go see that 2hr long sleeping pill at 10 pm….I was this close to calling it a night in the middle of the theater.

  • Dani

    Young Adam should be on here. Jesus that movie was boring.

  • Jooshua

    I’m so happy Gerry is on here the second I saw this list title it was my first thought.. I remember watching the whole thing for some strange reason on tv because I thought it was strange I never heard of it considering it has Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.

  • Sidrah Zaheer

    You made this list just to generate the discussion I think, because few of the movies in the list are really good.

  • Laura

    I liked Legends of the Fall :)

  • jo

    Obviously the list can’t name every boring movie ever. And Vanilla Sky is sooooo very lame. But I’d watch it a million times over the Twilight saga. Oh dear God. Why was no one punished for Twilight? P. A. I. N. F. U. L

  • pureangel86

    the “most boring movie ever” award goes to “Old Dogs” staring Robin Williams and John Travolta I’m in my twenties and I was either too old or too young to get any of the jokes.

  • Mon

    A1 is one of my top favorite!

  • Sidrah Zaheer

    I have not seen any of these movies except You’ve Got Mail, and for sure I can say that it is not a boring movie at all. Please revise your list.

  • Aisha

    “A Walk in the Clouds” was pretty boring for me.

  • jewishtaco

    I so sick of lists like this (and there are many) where the writer only gives the synopsis of the film and doesn’t explain exactly why they find the movie boring. It’s lazy and it doesn’t really make for a fun to read list. Also, Vanilla Sky and A.I. were pretty damn good in my opinion.

  • Leanne

    Where’s ‘The Postman’ infact where is any Kevin Costner film in this list?

  • djC

    How about mentioning some of the indie movies like The Band. It’s about an Egyptian police orchestra stranded in Israel. It’s so boring because of its very subtle dialogue but critics like it somehow.

  • Retdelswizdog

    Add The Tree Of Life on the list…

  • ivan

    I loved legends of the fall!

  • Favio

    I haven’t seen Gerry, but Gus Van Sant’s Last Days was so boring. It moved me but it was boring and depressing.What a combination.One of the best movies of all time-VANILLA SKY.Maybe you didn’t pay attention to the real meaning of the movie.Maybe you should watch it again sometime.

  • Sligunner

    Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Greenberg… so bad it should occupy all ten places. It’s a so-called bittersweet comedy starring Ben Stiller. It’s not funny, it’s not sweet… and I’m bitter because I bought it based on the DVD box blurb.

  • Nathan

    Mullholland drive… most boring movie ever and incomprehensible should be on this list. Didn’t help that I had to study it for university. Titanic I agree with you, and Titanic 2 should also be on the list.

  • Gentlemoron

    “How Do You Know?” with paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. I literally fell asleep halfway through the movie.

  • Niranjan Joshi

    ai is not a boring movie, maybe you just don’t understand the story.

  • I desperately wanted AI to be good, but failed thrice in my attempts to finish the movie. For a lot of going on about how he’s not a robot but a real boy, this movie was quite mechanical and lacking in sincerity.

  • Anthony

    You guys obviously never watched “The Holy Mountain” both boring and horribly offensive to the average viewer. haha

  • Ery

    Legends of the fall was my favourite film when I was a little child. if I didn’t find it boring by then, how on earth can it be actually boring? (sorry for my bad English ¬¬)

  • If you want to put your boredom to the test (as well as your patience), watch the movie entitled “Wagner” all about the life of the German Composer Richard Wagner as portrayed by Sir Richard Burton (That was his last film before he died) and Sir John Gielgud as Hungarian Composer Franz Liszt. It comes in at a whopping 6 hours which is the CONDENSED version. The original is in at 9 hours. I watched the 5 hour version and found it to be dull, but the music is fantastic

  • Shoparoundthecorner

    I disagree with AI and You’ve got Mail ( it may be cliche, or unoriginal, but I wouldn’t call it boring). And AI is beautiful.. I guess it’s more of a social commentary movie, and I appreciated its.

    • Shoparoundthecorner

      Its message.

  • Scott

    Did a 13-year old boy write this article? This is laughably awful.

  • t3 the third

    WHERE IS 2001: A Space Odyssey?
    I know it’s awesome and I enjoy it a lot but the first time you watch it…it’s…so….dull…
    You have to admit that.

  • Null

    Tokyo Story (1953) is the most mind-numbingly boring film I’ve ever seen. An honourable mention must go to Ikiru (1952).

  • c. lau

    i think u r forgetting the most boring of all english films, howards End

  • Jorge

    Woah legends of the fall! that was a good freaking movie!

  • cranky

    Zodiac was a very boring movie for me. Pretty much nothing happens all along. The movie just drags on and on and on with nothing happening.

  • RikTrik

    You forgot Solaris with George Clooney which was a definate yawn fest and ALL of the matrix films which were made dull by Keanu Reeves uncharismatic performance and all of the Twilight films which were boring, boring, boring! Finally Battle Los Angeles with its shaky camcorder filming which made it difficult to focus on anything.

  • ericvg16

    What about Heaven’s Gate? 3 and a half hours of schlock.

  • Knut

    If you think John Malkovich has no talent, you have no clue at all..
    He`s brilliant, and if you can`t see that, it`s your loss..

  • KW

    10,000 BC

  • John

    I’ve seen 2 of these films, Vanilla Sky and A.I. and I cut both off before finishing.

    Fortunately, I haven’t been subjected to the rest of this humdrum.

    I would like to nominate The Blair Witch Project. Not at all scary to me, and was basically just people breathing heavily into a camcorder.

  • girl

    i’m just sending all listversers an important warning:


    for everyone who has seen it…. i’m sorry you didn’t read this earlier

  • AI was FANTASTIC! What are you talking about?

  • you should sway You’ve Got mail for The Golden compass, You’ve Got Mail is an amazing film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, two stars of the 90’s, whereas The golden Compass is a boring, plotless film.

  • Xavi Cuenca Sanchez

    “inception,” starring leonardo dicaprio, is a film that explores the realms of human consciousness by ways of lucid dreaming.

  • Stop Snoring

    Great post, really useful information, keep it up guys – Andy

  • LikeCorm

    The Assassination of Jesse James, at least from what I saw, was incredibly boring. Was thinking of this when I was reading the list and was surprised to not see it on here at all (especially that it wasn’t one of the higher-ranked ones near the #1 spot) due to it’s long scenes of monotony or inactivity, and even it’s “intense scenes” are rather bland.

  • Enky

    I saw A.I once.
    Never Again.

  • Lord-Enten

    The Big Year with Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin was very boring. A good movie, but boring. The entire film revolves around people bird-watching.

  • Ceara

    I haven’t seen any of the other movies on this list, but I never thought Legends of the Fall was boring. I enjoyed it.

    I think the most boring movie I’ve ever seen was Prada to Nada. My sister made me watch it and afterwards I wanted to die.

  • petet2112

    “My Dinner With Andre” (1981) Synopsis : Two friends talk about their lives and philosophies for 2 hours (actually 110 minutes) over dinner one night. An exploration into story telling, the conversation juxtaposes the experiences and philosophies of nerdish, bumbling Shawn (Wallace Shawn, the actor) and the globe-trotting spiritual pilgramage of Gregory (actor Andre Gregory, in this sometimes poignant, sometimes comic little movie that starts you thinking. Directed by Louis Malle. (Synopsis of this movie is courtesy of “Video Hound Golden Movie Retriever”). Just two guys, dinner, and a conversation. WOW, how stimulating can that be !!!!

  • Meanie

    Definitely the John Carter movie!

  • Zach

    2001: A Space Odyssey

  • Jodi

    What about Glen Gary Glen Ross? Snoresville!!!

  • myra

    Oh dear. I love you got mail…

  • petet2112

    “Wagner” an epic and biblical length depiction on the life of the German (and Anti-Semite) composer Richard Wagner. 5 Hours in length and I took the plunge and watched it in its entirety. Great Music but extremely boring screenwriting. Sir Richard Burton portrayed Wagner (it was to be Burton’s last movie before his death) and Sir John Gielgud as composer Franz Liszt.

  • blackopskiller93

    The movie I thought was really boring was Meet Joe Black. I watched this with my grandma and I’m waiting for the 3 hrs to be over. Even with good actors like Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins…it wasn’t really good.

  • banana06

    Battlefield earth is by far the most boring movie ever made because it long complicated and makes absolutely no sense. I fell asleep during it and I awoke an hour later and it was still wasn’t over

  • Angela

    How could you possibly choose You’ve got Mail, whilst omitting Evita and Waterworld?! The only explanation I can find is that you are lucky enough never to have seen the two latter.

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