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Top 10 Unusual Food Combinations

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

While some people know about these little tricks, the majority do not. These are small tips to help you improve the foods we commonly eat – most are recommended by top chefs and others by very experienced home cooks.

10. Carrots and Sugar

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While it may seem strange to add sugar to vegetables, it is a very common method of preparing carrots in France. The technical term for this dish is Vichy Carrots, in which you combine Carrots, Salt, Pepper, sugar, and Vichy water (a sparkling water from the Vichy region) and cook them down until the carrots are glazed. The sugar heightens the flavor of the carrots and the end result is a stunning dish of brilliantly orange vegetables.

9. Coffee and Salt

Add a touch of salt to coffee to heighten the flavor – this is a very common use of salt as it is used in virtually all dishes (including sweet dishes served for pudding). Just a pinch is enough to make a brilliant espresso. [Photo by Tom Moertel]

8. Tomatoes and Sugar


Use sugar, not salt. Tomatoes are already acidic and the addition of salt just increases that acidic flavor. Sugar sweetens and increases the tomato flavor. Tomatoes are fruits after all.

7. Chocolate and Coffee


When baking with chocolate, add a little coffee – it strengthens the chocolate flavor without adding a strong coffee flavor.

6. Meat and Aniseed


When stewing meat, throw in a star anise – you can’t taste the aniseed but the flavor adds a deep richness to the meat. This is a trick used in all meat dishes by Heston Blumenthal the owner of the Fat Duck (3 Michelin stars) – voted the world’s best restaurant for three years in a row.

5. Cooking tomatoes and Foliage


Throw in a tomato branch – the branch contains all of the flavor that we love in tomatoes – pick a leaf and smell it and you will see what I mean. Simply throw in a small stick of the tomato plant and it will give your cooked tomatoes a much stronger tomato flavor.

4. Potatoes and Nutmeg


Add nutmeg – just a little – it adds a depth to the potatoes that people won’t recognize, but will definitely like. This is true of virtually every potato dish.

3. Chili and Chocolate


Add chocolate to chili. It deepens the meaty flavor of the chili while giving a strong base note to the peppers. This is a trick well known in the South where Chili bake-offs are common.

2. Apples and Vanilla

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Apples are very acidic and normally require some sugar in their cooking. Most people add nutmeg or cinnamon to their apple dishes, but vanilla extract adds a deep layer of flavor that most people won’t recognize but will certainly appreciate.

1. Strawberries and Pepper

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Strawberries (fresh) are usually served with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar, but the addition of very finely ground pepper (from fresh corns) heightens the flavor.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Daniel


    No just kidding.

    Here a few more interesting mixes that I have tried:
    Bacon and Dark (50-80% Cocoa) Chocolate
    Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar
    Eggs and Jelly
    Paprika and Eggs

    Try to be creative with food. What's the worst that can happen?

    • uhm, making something inedible? trust me, my mom is a creative cook, but not all of her confections *(ahem, inventions) are edible. :P I love her lots though

  • Daniel: I totally agree with you on the strawberries and balsamic – a killer combination – I chose the pepper variation because I thought more people would have pepper than balsamic in their cupboards. Given the choice, I would go for balsamic.

    EAL: you won't regret it. Make sure it is very dark – at LEAST 75% – preferably more.

    • mino

      carrots, in my opinion, taste better w/ brown sugar. not too much tho.

  • jade

    I have tried several of these combos and I have a few of my own too.

    Chicken McNuggets with Honey
    Nation's French Fries and Cheesecake.
    Potato Chips and Mustard

    • Zach

      Good lord how fat are you?

  • goof_ball

    I love strawberries but I never thought of adding pepper. I'll have to try that when strawberries go in season.

    • Hasti

      that, I beg your pardon, but I can not sbbcsriue to your entire theory, all be it exhilarating none the less. It seems to me that your remarks are not entirely justified and in actuality you are your self not even totally certain of the point. In any event I did appreciate examining it.

  • ash

    after all tomatoes aren't fruits. they are berries.

    • Zach

      Berries are fruit.

      • jan

        hahahaha funny


    I remember watching a show on the food channel many years ago. The restaurant put salt on all of its food. I can't remember if it was the special sea salt used at the restaurants in this article… They even put salt on their dessert. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant. It sounded very interesting.

    • Surat

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  • filipinoknight

    chocolate and peppers are not that unusual thats how the myans used to prepare it. and nothing beats chocolate habeneros mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • EAL

    I am going to try adding chocolate the next time I make chili.

  • Dan123.g

    To add some:

    Balsamic Vinegar with Watermelon (or any other melon)
    Balsamic Vinegar with French Fries
    Sugar and French Fries
    Grapefruit and Prosciutto
    Beets and Blue Cheese

    I’ll try to think of more

  • petey mcgee

    Cincinnati chili i.e. skyline chili, has a chocolate flavor that makes it unique. it is a greek recipe and is out of this world! my mom made candy carrots for years, with brown sugar instead of honey, and the navy has long added a pinch of sugar to all coffee

  • Dan123.g: I used to frequent a restaurant in South Kensington in London where we would order a dozen bottles of wine and LOTS of french fries and balsamic! What wonderful memories! As for French Fries and sugar – I haven’t done that – but nothing is nicer than dipping McDonald’s french fries in a chocolate milkshake!

    petey mcgee: did you meant salt?

  • oh – and number 10 should be carrots and sugar – not honey! I have corrected it.

  • Brandon5am

    One of the best ways to try the chili chocolate comibination is when making hot chocolate/ cocoa put a dash of cayenne pepper in it. I opens up the flavors

  • Brandon5am: I am definitely going to give that a try!

  • Brandon5am

    jfrater: I am having it right now lol

  • Brandon: I would – but it would spoil my wine :)

  • Arabella

    I like grapes and feta cheese

  • Brandon5am

    cheese and grapes together is not unusual though it is delicious

  • I LOVE cheese and grapes

  • Nelia

    When I lived in Ireland I came across a place that served french fries, baked beans, and cheese all in a big pile. It never would have occurred to me to do that… but it was pretty much my favorite things all in one place.
    I must say, I don’t find chocolate and coffee all that odd. I guess the first person to think of it was pretty original, but I’ve had too many mochas to be as surprised as I was about the other ones. Now coffee and salt… that is odd. And I want to try this strawberry and balsamic thing. Sounds tasty.
    I went to a tasting by my wedding caterer recently, and she tried to sell me on two of their salads. One was spinach with strawberries and strawberry dressing, and the other was vanilla peppercorn dressing with goat cheese and pineapple. I was pretty grossed out by both of them, I have to say. The strawberry one tasted like someone had mixed spinach leaved into strawberry yogurt. I ended up asking for a regular tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad.

  • Shadow

    Remember though, if you use that bit of tomato plant in tomato cooking, to just use a very small amount and not to eat it. The tomato plant is actually poisonous and inedible. Only the berry (the tomato itself) is considered totally safe.

  • crimsonchrissi

    My italian mother always used salt on her cantelope and I thought it was gross until I tried it.
    The salt brings out great flavor with the subtle sweetness of the cantelope!!

  • Sneeuwpop

    It’s more a list of “things that actually make a great combination”, whether expected or not. Vanilla and apple, that’s quite common. When I saw the title of the list, i was thinking of peanut butter and jelly, and would’ve expected it to be on the list.

  • petey mcgee

    yeah, i meant salt in the coffee… and if i may:

    i am a foodie. i can admit that. i love food. but i am not a food snob. i like fine meats and cheeses, and i like spam and velveeta. what drives me crazy are people who are super picky and afraid to try food. it’s not like food has stingers in it, if you don’t like it simply spit it out! why limit yourself to the same things, because you are afraid to try. i challenge everyone who reads this list to try one new thing in the next week. it can be a new cuisine or simple a new vegetable. i bet you’ll surprise yourself with what you find. and if you don’t like it, that’s ok. at least you know and had an adventure.

    thanks. end rant.

  • Vicky

    Coconuts and carrots are amazing together

  • Dan123.g

    Sneeuwpop: I think to most peanut butter and jelly is not unusual to anyone. While some of things might be usual to some (I’ve tried most of things on the list ), I’d think that some have not tried everything and this list will guide them.

    Petey Mcgee: I agree with you completely. I’d try anything and if I don’t like it I won’t do it again. With one exception: fugu. I’d like to stay alive.

  • jocsboss

    Vinegar on baked potatoes, with scads of butter and salt and pepper. Eat out the stuffing and then vinegar and butter and salt and pepper the skins. roll them up and eat them too. So good.

    Salting almost any sweet fruit is good. When I was a kid sometimes my mom would let us salt out apples. It was a treat.

    Peanut butter and cheddar cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and my favourite, peanut butter and cheez whiz.

    • HannahH;)

      That’s funny I’ve never met anybody else (aside from me and my dad) who eat peanut butter and cheddar cheese sandwiches. No one else will try it, even though I keep telling them it’s really good.

  • downhighway61

    french fries dipped in frostys from wendys…

  • Brandon5am

    What about Chicken and Waffles? Its unusual but its awesome.

  • killerAngels

    jade: chicken nuggets and honey was my favorite food growing up. i sometimes substituted the honey for tarter sauce, which is equally as good.

  • Nutmeg goes with many things. Coca Cola is reputed to be the worlds largest buyer of nutmeg.

  • filipinoknight

    mc zippo here in cleveland we have a resturant where they make the sandwiches with everything on it your choice of meat(turkey salami my personal fav corned beef ect.) cole slaw egg and fries. such a great hangover sandwich though lol

    • Carla

      here, and for how brilliantly you read that book. If you’re ever in Durham, North Carolina, let’s meet for cfofee; I have a beautiful pool stick you’re welcome to. Haven Kimmel

  • Carrots and sugar aren’t so unusual in the South either, although we usually use brown sugar. And we often put a pinch of sugar in with tomato sauce; it cuts down the acidy taste. Come to think of it, nearly everything we eat down here has sugar and/or is fried.

    Also, something I never thought of but I’ve seen people eat is pineapple and soy sauce!

  • Gravy


    1 Apple Slice
    2 Olives
    Slice of Brie Cheese

  • Jackie

    I have also heard as some have mentioned that balsamic vinegar is good on fruit and cheesecake. A local store where I live sells balsamic vinegar glaze made specifically for fruit and desserts.

    Also one of my favorite weird food combos is Wendy’s fries dipped in a frosty. Oh my goodness it is good!

    My boyfriend swears that this is good (it sounds gross): pickle and cream cheese rolled up in a slice of salami. SO GROSS! He said he thought it sounded bad too but someone made him try it, he finally gave in and he said it was surprisingly tasty. I won’t try it :)

    • HannahH;)

      Your boyfriend is right. We have those at a lot of my mom’s family gatherings. You can also use ham or turkey or use green onions instead of pickles.

  • Fili

    I usually hate these strange mixes, but pineapple with salt is delicious.

    (So is Oreo with peanut butter, but that’s not exactly unusual.)

  • downhighway61

    uhh… berries are fruit.

  • allyouneedislove

    Wow. I’ve learned more from this site than I have in a whole year in high school. Thank you, jfrater.

  • Stormy617

    I am not from the south and I sometimes make carrots with brown sugar in them too. And I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

    Something else I like that people probably don’t really eat is I love Ricotta cheese on toast with salt and pepper on it YUM!! Just had some last night as we are having lasagna very soon.

  • antlyon

    Try some bacon with the peanut butter and cheese.
    Jelly and Scrapple sandwiches.
    Had the salt on the fruit and sugar on the tomatoes, good stuff. Have always sweetened the carrots.
    Jelly Omelettes are good too.

  • copperdragon

    i love dark (semi-sweet) chocolate. i’ll have to try some of these.

  • TheGobbler

    I haven’t tried anything on this list yet, although I might try the salting an apple thing.

    Something strange I have had though, would have to be the Heart Attack Delight! :D

    Left over low mein, bacon, chili, beef, and a bit of soy sauce all thrown into a nice and big sub roll. Mmmm..

  • Mom424

    great list; i am a foodie also,,,so i’ve tried most of the things on the list,,and make some of them regular practice..

    jackie; that is an awesome combo….yum,,,savory from the seasoned meat, sour/acidic from the pickle, and richness and a bit of earthy taste from the cream cheese,,,

    all of these are good
    peanut butter and lettuce (shitty iceberg lettuce)
    eggs poached in stewed tomatoes,,,on toast
    toasted peanut butter and bacon
    doritos’ on sandwiches
    french fry sandwich…(soft, bad for you white bread, buttered, loads of vinegar and salt,,,its a one slice sandwich, sorta roll the bread around it)
    poached or fried eggs on top of weiners and beans on toast..
    (this is just normal food, i’ll save the weird stuff for another list)

    • Greendayfan

      Hey there Mom424, french fry sandwiches aren't uncommon in England. In fact it has a name, it's called a chip butty :)

  • filipinoknight

    One thing I have always liked and everyone makes fun of me for it, potatoe chips on sandwiches(pb&j, tuna, turkey,ect.) just adds texture and a lil bit of salt which i am not a big fan of

  • I loooooove chocolate in my coffee! Not all that unsual considering all the mocha flavored things out there.

  • MC zippo

    to add onto filipinoknight’s comment whenever i get a burger from a fast food place i always put french fries on the burger. adds flavor and texture.

    and as far as the topic goes a grocery store around here sold choclate covered potatoe chips and they were the most delicous things ive ever eaten.


    All of these sound yummy to me. Of course this is coming from someone who has eaten Turkey bacon wrapped around pineapple and a cricket on a toothpick.

    The carrots remind me of how my mom makes yams.

  • Derek

    Green beans and cool ranch dorito sandwiches….yum

  • riledupone

    My mom used to eat grapefruit halves with salt sprinkled on it. I like mustard on boiled potatoes. A tasty list indeed!

  • sara

    carrots and sugar isn’t that uncommon. there’s a common indian dessert made with carrots cooked with butter-milk and sugar. it’s called gajar ka halwa [literally, carrot sweet]

    • Anon

      Not to mention glazed carrots from South Africa

  • Late O’Day

    Regarding “Coffee & Salt” — I coulda sworn that adding a dash of salt to coffee was meant more to knock down the acidity. Example: your coffee has been brewing in the pot for a couple hours and has gotten quite strong — toss in a pinch of salt to counteract the acid. Also, I’m curious: a lot of ethnic 2nd and 3rd generation Scandinavians here in my home state (middle of the U.S.) once had a common tradition of adding crushed eggshells to coffee grounds before brewing it. This is said to do the same thing as salt; mellow the taste the counteract the acid. People really don’t do it much anymore. I’m not sure if it was an ethic thing (maybe some Swedes reading this can tell me?) or something from the depression days — when coffee (when you could get it) was particularly harsh.

  • Mom424

    mc zippo, next time yer at a family bar-b-que try Aunt Mae’s potato salad on the burger, its as yummy as fries

  • Mom424

    jfrater; i blanch carrots cut on an angle into discs, then fry (or saute if you prefer) with fine diced onion, gartlic, brown sugar, butter, a bit of salt and a generous amount of black pepper,,,mmmmmm
    everyone loves ’em

  • I’m a bit partial to semi sweet chocolate (or very dark chocolate) melted over a bit of chicken breast.

  • mmmmmm…. food

    mmmmmm…. strawberries

  • jocsboss

    egg shells are added to coffee to soften the water. Egg shells are calcium. It’s supposed to help get rid of the coffee scum. My mom (Norwegian) used to do that sometimes. I don’t think it helped.

  • yong23

    McDonald’s French Fries: $1.00
    McDonald’s Soft Serve Ice Cream: $1.00
    Together: Priceless…!

  • fivestring63

    Ketchup on Macaroni and cheese. OK, I like ketchup on just about anything.

  • My own personal favorite weird combo: Miracle Whip and Cheez Whiz sandwiches. It MUST be the Whip, mayo just doesn’t cut it. :)

    I have to say the chocolate in the chili might be a good idea, it’s often too spicy for me!

    I love dipping my fries in my Frosty (or milkshake)! I live near Canada so I am a fan of poutine, which is French fries covered with gravy and melted cheese. Some people might find that weird but I love it!.

  • jrjb

    Some of my family members like fries and sour cream or mayo. Maybe not so unusual. Surprising after a stop off at late night restraunt after a hard night of drinking.

  • Hannah

    Salt on almost any citrus fruit is delicious. I grew up eating salt on grapefruit and lemon, and thought people were weird for eating them with sugar! There is a local espresso shop that makes all of their drinks with cayenne and oats. A little sludgy for my taste, but my friend thinks they are amazing! What about mole’? Isn’t it chocolate that is put on meat? I always thought that was strange.

  • Late O’Day

    Presenting: Grape Jelly Meatballs

    Don’t scoff. They are wonderful. You don’t taste the grape jelly anyway — it’s just a clever way to make a sweet and tangy sauce.

  • Hannah: chocolate sauce is used on meats like rabbit and hare quite often – the strong flavor of chocolate goes well with the strong flavor of game meat.

    jrjb: the Dutch do that I believe. I quite like fries and mayo too.

  • Sneeuwpop

    Yes, we (the dutch) eat mayonaise with our fries instead of ketchup. Our fries differ alot from the fries you (Americans?) eat. Here in Holland you’ll see lots and lots of “snackstands” that sell fries (not french fries!), frikandel en kroket

  • albert0

    I know tried that! Its not that bad you know! Also, in case you didnt knoe that, next time you cook breakfast, cook it all in bacon fat! That gives it the best taste (so long as you are not on a diet :D

  • slipstick

    Here in the Pittsburgh area, you can get a Pittsburger. It’s a burger with fries, Swiss cheese, and if I remember correctly, cole slaw all on the bun. I don’t care for the slaw taste, so i usually get it without it.

    My favorite combination has to be peanut butter, banana, and honey. Not that odd, but oh so good.

  • SubliminalDeath666

    Scientifically, tomatoes ARE fruits. But what kind of asshole walks around saying, “Tomatoes are fruits bro!” and expect us not to know that! EVERYONE knows that!! It’s just that we became used to calling them vegetables ok!? Deal with it!

  • Mom424

    late’o’day; grape jelly meatballs are the bomb….

  • Grumpus

    Vanilla & apples and carrots with sugar are extremely common. Also, all fast food chains add sugar to their french fries, esp. Burger King. The British fish and chips is traditionally served with vinegar. You want odd food combos? Try pig or calf brains with grits or scrambled eggs. This us to be a common menu item in the south, until people found out brains contains about 800% of your daily intake of cholesterol.

  • jocsboss

    Tomatoes are FRUIT!!!!! Are you serious? OMG, I don’t think that I can….it’s just that…..well, I don’t know……I mean…… Not vegetable? Are you sure? Wow, I’m flabbergasted.

  • I agree…grape jelly meatballs are delicious!

    LMAO @ Jocsboss

  • esa

    Denny’s fries with the crappy maple syrup they serve is pretty much amazing.

  • fishing4monkeys

    What’s so weird about #2? Doesn’t sound like a very odd mixture to me…sounds good actually :D

    And #10 sounds nasty!!

  • Jackie

    Late O’Day: Meatballs taste awesome with grape jelly I’ve had them before!

    Mom24: Have you actually had that pickle salami cream cheese combo, or were you saying it just sounded like it would be good? It just sounds so disgusting.

  • jocsboss

    Anybody that grills or barbeques food should try using marmelades and jams on the meat.

    Orange marmelade on pork chops or raspberry jam on chicken. The jam cooks down to a glaze and it is so good.

    • greendayfan

      lol jocsboss, why do you think turkey is served with cranberry sauce??

  • Being the cook in our relationship, my wife will NOT appreciate my reading this list, as I already liked experimenting with unconventional food combinations. Having said that, I am anxious to try some of these out. Ground pepper on strawberries? Never would have come up with that one, that’s for certain.

    Nice list, Jamie!

  • JwJwBean

    My husband makes a really good ham marinated in Orange Juice.

  • jocsboss

    jwjwbean: tell your husband to marinade pork chops in orange juice and then grill with orange marmelade. i’m sure you’ll like that.

  • Catriona

    I also love Tomato Sauce on everything…but my favourites are Tomato Sauce on Macaroni Cheese and Tomato Sauce on poached eggs on Toast.
    When I was growing up a few in my family would have fish and chip sandwiches. Soft white bread, lots of butter, 1 piece of fish, chips, and lashings of vinegar and tomato sauce…yum!

    My boys like McDonald chips dipped into a sundae/milkshake – disgusting, and they certainly don’t do it when I’m looking :-)

  • jocsboss

    My mom used to make sandwiches from cold rolled-oat porridge. She would salt and pepper them. I have never tried it, it looked disgusting, but she really liked them. Or so she said.

  • JwJwBean

    My mom used to eat Peanut Butter, Butter, and Mayo sandwiches. It just looked so icky.

    And for those that like Tomato Sauce on Macaroni. We used to have shell noodles, browned ground beef, some chopped onion, tomato soup and velveta cheese melted on top. It was very yummy.

  • Catriona

    Hey JwJwBean we do something like that in our’s a fast easy meal and we call it ‘Mincey Shit’ Basically because it’s just a whole pile of sh*t thrown into one dish. Browned Mince mixed with pasta spirals, a tin of tomato based pasta sauce. Sprinkle with grated cheese and grill under the oven..

  • Catriona: hahah – like the name of the dish :)

    I also second the tomato sauce on macaroni – we had it for dinner last night and it really does improve with good Watties tomato sauce!

  • jocsboss

    haha! you say ‘Mincey Shit’ and then use an asterik in sh*t. That’s funny.

    Try your Mincey Shit with some salsa in it. I like that.

    At our house, any of the pasta/tomato sauce combinations are called “goulash”

  • Catriona

    jfrater: You can’t beat Watties…;-)

  • JwJwBean

    I think my mom called it (guessing on the spelling) slumgollian. Ok say it phonetically. Or Hungarian Goulash is another name I have heard for it, but I doubt that is what it really is. I think of it as homemade Hamburger Helper.

  • JwJwBean

    Oh and I just thought of another quick throw together meal. Macaroni and Cheese with cubed Ham. I have done it with hot dogs too, but I am not so much a fan of that.

    • chanislavi

      Its WERY common in scandinavia

  • Catriona

    Another version of ‘Mincey Shit’ is use cooked chicken pieces, a tin of asparagus, pasta spirals and cover with cheese sauce…grill.

    Macaroni Cheese is very nice with ham pieces or even bacon.

  • Catriona

    ..oh and eat it with Tomato Sauce!

  • Hayley

    Long time visitor, first time commenter. First off, I just wanted to say that I love this site :0). Secondly, I love this list, and am going to try at least a couple of the suggestions (although, I’ll probably stay away from the chili one.

    Everybody keeps mentioning some crazy sandwiches they make and I’ve got one I have to share. My grandma introduced me to it when I was younger and now I have it all the time. Peanut Butter, Pickle and Mustard. You wouldn’t think it would make a good sandwich but surprisingly, all the flavors go really well together. :)

  • DJ

    I’ve had ham in all sorts of different ways, but the best glaze/marinade I’ve found is pineapple juice, orange juice and Bacardi Special rum. And of course, the cloves and cinnamon are there, but I would think that goes without saying.

    As far as the list itself goes, I’m not into coffee or chilies, but I will pass it all on to my foodie friends!

  • jocsboss

    Oh,and put on pineapple slices with maraschino cherries and whole cloves. It looks like in a food magazine. Cooked pineapple, especially BBQ, is really good.

  • jocsboss

    Just discovered today that bananas and potato chips are pretty good together. Along with chocolate milk. I had bananas with Jalapeno and Cheddar Kettle chips and bananas with Salt and Vinegar Chips.

  • Mom424

    jackie; i have had them as horsdeurves…i’m sure i spelled that wrong, tied with a sprig of chive,,it was yummy,,,the dry dark red salami,,,not the greasy orange shit on fast food pizza…
    also had a salad of same kind of salami, smoked ham strips, old cheddar chunks, red onions, green olives in a marinade kind of dressing,,,it was yummy too

  • Mom424

    ps; i think the meat salad is either german or dutch….

  • jocsboss

    There seems to be a common thread here. It seems that salt, sugar, peanut butter and chocolate go with pretty much anything that you want to put them on. Also anything vinegary like pickles and olives and vinegar.

  • JwJwBean

    Pickled anything is wonderful.

  • jocsboss

    Try putting a bit of dill pickle juice in with new whole baby potatoes when you boil them. Then eat them with sour cream and pepper.

  • stormy617

    mmmmmmmm something that I like as Hor Dourves (not sure on the spelling either) is thin ham slices with cream cheese spread on them and then wrapped around a green onion……not very weird to most but I don’t really like green onions so pretty weird to me.

    And a comment on the McDonald’s fries with chocolate shake, I am a manager at a McDonalds and we get a lot of people that come through that just get a large order of fries and a chocolate shake, there are a lot of people out there that like that.

    This time of year I like to bring an egg nog shake home with me and spike it with rum. Not weird but I figured Jamie would appreciate that one considering how much he likes the alcohol LOL

  • copperdragon

    i know this is common at holiday meals, but who thought up marshmallows on yams/sweet potatoes??

  • Hannah

    I mixed canned chicken, a little mayo, and macaroni and cheese (the box kind) and it was pretty darn good. So good, that I went back for more. Taste like tuna casserole.

  • Lindsay

    you have not lived until you have tried a chocolate chip cookie dipped in hot nacho cheese! Discovered it in highschool :)

  • Hayley

    Another dipping one I’ve loved since I was little. Gram Crackers dipped in grape juice :0)

  • Kadee

    Thanks to this list and its comments I just tried peanut butter/banana/honey on toast – not impressed really! Then again I’ve only *just* discovered the whole peanut butter & chocolate thing…

    I like salt & vinegar potato chips in a vegemite sandwich :D that’s pretty tame though. Oh, and I’ve seen Chilli Tim-Tams at the supermarket too!

    One thing I totally don’t get is bacon on French Toast. Yuck! I always order the bacon on the side instead :P

  • stormy617

    Kadee don’t they have Reese peanut butter cups in Australia?? If not I am sooooooo sorry for you guys!!! I am assuming that is where you are from due to the vegemite comment…..which btw I tried when some of my relatives came here to visit from Aussie and I didn’t really care for it. I guess thats something that you have to grow up on or something to like!!

  • I LOVE resses peanut butter cups – peanuts and chocolate are one of my all time favorite combinations. Also, I love marmite and chip sandwhiches (Marmite is the NZ equivalent of Australias vegemite but marmite is sweeter). I also love bacon and bananas on french toast – you should try it – the combination is very good.

  • I like peanuts and chocolate too – but I can’t stand peanut butter >

  • ..can’t stand peanut butter on its own. But i also adore orange w/ dark choc, and coconut w/choc.

    @jfrater – Marmite = vegemite for pansies >D

    @stormy617 – no we don’t get peanut butter cups, but I guess it’d be something akin to melting choclate with peanut butter and setting it on a tray?

    @Kadee – yeah, those timtams were really good actually.

  • romerozombie

    anyone tried an elvis special sandwich?

    to make it you need banana slices, jam (jelly to the americans) and cooked but cold bacon slices.

    mmmmm! amazing.

  • stormy617

    Wow I have always wanted to visit Australia but now I am not so sure, if you don’t even have Resses you guys don’t know what you are missing. Cups of peanut butter covered in chocolate. Its a little taste of heaven!!!

  • stormy617

    LePetiteMort: I don’t really like Oranges or orange flavored anything but at Christmas time they have a chocolate orange candy thing that they put out. It is in the shape of an orange and comes apart in segments just like oranges. I used to get them for my kids stockings all the time and they loved them. they come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavor.

  • LePetiteMort: re marmite for pansies: those are fighting words! vegemite has no flavor – marmite has a bite!

    romerozombie: I haven’t but I can kinda see how it would be okay considering banana and bacon go so well together. What flavor jam did he use?

    I am tempted to try to make banana bacon and french toast flavored ice-cream – I can imagine it would be amazingly yummy. Heston Blumenthal ha done a doughnut soup which is similar I guess.

  • @Stormy – yes by a company called Terry’s? I like the dark choclate one

  • Kadee

    I’m from NZ – you can get Reese’s at a few places here, but I’ve always thought the idea was disgusting! However recently I tried it and it was all over, oh dear… :’D

    Vegemite is the one with the bite! Marmite is the sweet one. Ewww!

  • jocsboss

    The PB in the Reese’s PB cups has a lot of icing sugar in it so that it isn’t so sticky, and it’s a bit sweeter.

  • Kadee: if you are a kiwi you should be supporting Marmite! It is our own brand! And I first tried the reeses cups in NZ before I moved to the UK.

  • Kadee

    I know, I know… but I can’t help it, it’s just better!

    The convenience store at my work has Reese’s which is just dangerous. I decided to branch out last week and try the Fast Break… I see fatness in my future :’D

  • stormy617 & LePetiteMort: They’re called ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange’. It’s a pretty big brand in the UK.

  • chershey

    Peanut butter and lettuce. Yum!

  • chershey: wow – that really is a weird combination – do you use smooth or crunchy peanut butter? I am definitely going to give that a try as I love both peanut butter sandwiches and lettuce sandwiches!

  • SocialButterfly

    dangorironhide: They are really big here in Canada too!

    Watermelon with balsamic vinegar is really delicious. it was served as an apetizer at a wedding I went to last year. Very good!

    Oh, I add nutmeg to my mashed potatoes all the time. Fantabulous!

  • It may just be because I’m hungry, but iceberg lettuce & peanut butter sounds an awesome combination!

  • dangor: that is what I was thinking! And I am hungry too – maybe it has something to do with it. I also started back at the gym today so I am extra hungry.

  • Mike

    I see a lot of the old farts around here buying a can of coke then dumping peanuts in it, then eating the peanuts when they drink.
    I get a lot of strange looks when i go to a chinese place and just get rice, pineapple and soy sauce. they all look at me like im nuts. its really good though. I also eat tabasco or ranch on almost everything. barbecue sauce and ranch is a really good combo as well.

  • SocialButterfly

    Mike: I have ranch dressing with my perogies. It just doesn’t taste the same.

  • Daniel

    You want to be careful with the “foliage in tomatoes” trick. Tomato plants are a member of the nightshade family and too much of the green parts can make you sick or even kill you!

  • SpookyMulder

    I’ve learned that an interesting variation to the usual lime and salt after a tequila shot is to follow it with sugar and an orange wedge.

  • romerozombie

    jfrater: i don’t know about elvis, but i used strawberry jam. also, i have no idea why it’s called the elvis special. :O

  • CK

    When we were little, my sister made ramen with orange juice one time and made me try some. I can honestly say it wasn’t very good!!

  • SpookyMulder: a much nicer combination!

    romerozombie: I think it is called that because it was Mr Presley’s favorite snack – that lead to his obesity! I don’t know what jam/jelly he used but for some reason grape jelly springs to mind – not available in NZ

    CK: I can very easily imagine that that would be rather revolting!

    Daniel: Well – potatoes are part of the Deadly Nightshade family and we eat them en masse! Heston Blumenthal – owner of the restaurant voted the best in the world for three years running never cooks tomatoes without the stalks thrown in for flavor so I have to presume that it is safe when used like a herb. I would also like to point out this extract from Wikipedia:

    There are many legends about the tomato. […] Other claims center on the supposed fear that tomatoes were poisonous, based on the fact that they belong to the Solanales Order, or “Nightshade” family, which contains many toxic plants.

    That would make me think that certain members of the nightshade family are not poisonous.

  • In fact, Wikipedia states:

    The Solanaceae is a family of flowering plants, many of which are edible, while others are poisonous (some have both edible and toxic parts).

  • Ashley

    I love sugar and butter in scrambled eggs!! YUM! I discovered it because japanese make omellettes for sushi with sugar and a little bit of soy sauce. Also love..

    Soy sauce and french fries
    Grilled cheese, ketchup & sour cream on toast
    Brown sugar sandwhiches

    Peanut butter cups are WAY too flavoursome for me, I can only eat about half at a time. I like reece’s pieces though, i melt them in my hand before eating them!!

    Also… MARMITE is the best!

  • Ahsley: yay for marmite! I have not tried sugar in my eggs – I normally put salt and pepper in before scrambling but nothing else – I will try sugar – I am always on the lookout for new tastes! Interesting your say about brown sugar sandwiches – my sister learnt a recipe at school which involved putting brown sugar mixed with butter and coconut on bread which was toasted until crispy – it was astonishingly wonderful! I can still taste it now after 10 years! YUM! Those nuns sure had some useful tips to share!

  • sarahenity

    ohh chocolate and chilli is amazing together…

    i remember when there was limited edition tim tams in australia (they’re a chocolate biscuit… uhh cookie type thing, and they’re amazing) which were chocolate and chilli… they were so good.

    i really want tim tams now… haha

  • sarahenity: stuck in London I wouldn’t mind a packet of timtams right now either! Alas I have no alternatives here – English biscuits are junk :(

  • Mom424

    jfrater; smooth peanut butter, regular iceberg lettuce, white bread,,my mom’s fave…

  • JwJwBean

    Kind of funny you mention TimTams. A teacher I work for is engaged to an Aussie and he is here in the states. His mum sent him a care package. It had vegemite and TimTams. The teacher brought it in for the kids to try. They did not like the vegemite, but said the Timtams were good.

    Oh and I like to make scrambled eggs with Worcestershire in them. I also like burgers grilled with Worcestershire.

  • jocsboss

    I like scrambled eggs with salsa. I put Worcestershire sauce on a roast before I cook it.

    Brown sugar and cinnamin on toast is a treat. Corn syrup on ice cream.

  • stormy617

    On Christmas morning (and no other time) my father makes scrambled eggs with a touch of vanilla, cinnamon rolls, and sausage for breakfast.

  • stormy617

    OH YEAH!!! Almost forgot the best reese’s are the specialty shaped ones at holiday times…….they are thicker than regular reeses and so sinfully delicious they should be outlawed. *sigh* Valentines day is coming up and they will have the heart ones out then. YUM!!

  • JwJwBean

    Reese’s used to be my fave. Now I seem to now be able to eat them. They are really sweet. I do try all the new flavors when they come out though. They had a white chocolate one, and I think one that had caramel. I can’t remember all the new ones.

    I still love to dip a hershey bar in peanut butter. MMMMMMM.

  • Diogenes

    whatever are you talking about? i am in love,

  • JwJwBean

    Your dad and my dad sound very similar. In fact I think you posted something about your dad’s looks on another list. I think or dads even look very similar. I was going to tell you about a group my dad belongs regarding his looks. Can I Yahoo you?

  • stormy617

    sure my yahoo is t_storm617. That was the comment about my dad looking like Santa Claus right?

    Another really good breakfast treat is homemade waffles with loads of butter and powdered sugar on them, with a huge glass of milk of course.

    Diogenes: Yea lots of good food ideas to fall in love with on here I agree!!

  • Svein

    Seriously, this list is whack! All of these are perfectly normal combinations. At least in Europe.

  • Guy

    One taste which I love is toast with orange marmalade and then a glass of full fat milk. The after taste after drinking the Milk is amazing. Haven’t tried putting marmalade in Milk yet, don’t think the taste combo will be the same but one day I will give it a try.
    Anyone been to ‘the fat duck’ owned by that chef Heston Blumenthal, he prides himself on wierd taste combinations. Not sure I agree with all his ‘new ideas’ the beetroot and orange jelly combination was a particularly strange dish.

  • Worsestershire sauce is brilliant! It’s not very original but I love it on cheese on toast!

    Guy: I love having a buttery (local thing – I think it’s on wiki under that or ‘rowie’) with strawberry jam & a glass of milk. You wouldn’t expect milk to go so well with the jam!

  • chershey

    jfrater: Smooth peanut butter. The sticky creaminess of the peanut butter mixed with the crisp crunchy of the lettuce makes a really great combination. Make sure the lettuce is dry though or else you’ll get some real soggy bread!

  • chershey

    Also, a bit of Tabasco sauce in mashed potatoes gives it a nice kick.

  • Hank

    Cantaloupe and pepper – one of my favorites.

  • Vika

    Speaking of marmite, Ilove marmite with old cheddar on white bread.

    My mom and I used to eat a date sandwich with lots of butter and pitted dates, best served cold.

  • rneiderman

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that adding honey to ANYTHING makes it better. When I was little, I found that double dipping McNuggets in honey and ketchup was awesome! The best ratio is 1 part ketchup, 2 parts honey. Also, ketchup mixed into honey mustard is good stuff. Weirdest thing I like with honey (I’ll admit, it’s pretty weird) is a beef taco. Just ground beef and cheese (no sauce) on a hard taco shell, dipped in honey. Even though I can’t convince anyone to try it, it’s fantastic!

  • PhineasQButterfat

    I have a particular fondness for soft-batch chocolate chip cookies and Sunny Delight. The OJ must be Sunny D for it to taste sooooo goooood!

  • Megan

    Green Apples ( Granny Smith ) and Vinegar, Cucumber and Vinegar-My husband and daughter both love these combos.

  • Megan: apples and vinegar is a new one for me – but I do love cucumber and vinegar!

  • cryndigo

    I don’t think there’s anything weird about chocolate and coffee together.

  • Merllin

    A few combos that I’ve never heard of but most are pretty common. Here are a couple of ones that I didn’t see that might interest someone.

    Use Coke in your marinade as a tenderizer, my friend makes some awesome teriyaki steak.
    Crushed saltine crackers over vanilla ice cream, delicious! I thank my Dad for that one.
    A pinch of salt brings out flavor in beer.

    SpookyMulder: I’ve had an orange wedge with cinnamon for a tequila chaser at a bar I went to once. That was a good combo.

  • Digital Amish

    for a late night snack a peanut butter and mayonaise sandwich hits the spot with me. A layer of sliced dill pickles make it even better.

  • sketch

    My boyfriend made chocolate chili, damn it was good :)

  • sketch

    Digital Amish: Wow you are my hero, everyone makes fun of me for peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches but noone understands just how good they are!! and yes the dill pickes add the wonderful crunch and just a bit of zest :) Woo hoo!

  • jocsboss

    I was watching the Food Network while I was making supper and the Chef At Home made a beef stew that he put cocoa and dark chocolate in. And not just a little bit. He had like maybe 4 litres of stew that he must have put in a least half a cup of cocoa and then he put in one of those 100 gram chocolate bars.

  • OMG

    oh my god
    tomatoes and sugar isn’t weird!!!
    it’s good!!!!!!!!!
    ur weird!!!

  • JwJwBean

    A coworker brings in cucumbers in vinegar, but it has onion and sugar also. They are soooo good.

  • stormy617

    We have cucumbers in vinegar but also put sour cream in it or for a more low fat variety use plain yogurt!

  • jocsboss

    I thought onions and cucumber in vinegar was normal. Either one goes great in a cheddar cheese sandwich, with salt and pepper, of course.

  • chershey

    merllin: Hobbee’s has a fantastic cinnamon orange tea; it smells like their coffee cake!

  • chershey

    ..Wish I could edit comments…I meant Hobee’s…

  • thefatbasturd

    Uhm. Okay. Balogna dipped in maple syrup. I’m… I’m so ashamed…

  • DK

    Someone earlier mentioned Jelly omelettes, those are SO YUMMY! my dad used to make them when I was a kid, and it sounds wierd but they are great. I also used to do Peanut Butter & Butter sandwiches, and I used to roll deli-meat (salami, bologna, whatever) with either cream cheese, or peanut butter or both. Also, along the lines of the PB & lettuce, I’ve always done PB & celery (add some raisins and it’s called “ants on a log” but I hate raisins).
    Fried chicken & honey is always good, a guy I used to work with at a restaurant made this yummy raspberry/honey sauce we dipped fried turkey strips in that was awesome.
    and fries & a chocolate shake was THE THING to get in highschool at the diner after a football game!

  • CO

    next time you eat scrambled eggs take a scoop and get some applesauce on there. It’s delicious.

  • JwJwBean

    I found out today that apples crisp and mandarin chicken salad with sesame ginger dressing are actually a good combo. I was eating the apple crisp (Yes I ate my dessert before finishing my meal), when the container dropped out of my hand and some spilled in my salad and some salad got in the container. It was quite yummy actually. It made me think o fthis thread when it happened too. I thought, “Hmm, I have to try this combo just to tell other listversers if it was good or bad.” Dear lord help me. I have been sucked in to the addiction.

  • stormy617

    JwJwBean: That is supposedly how they discovered resses PB cups. Remember the old commercials?? Hey you got chocolate in my peanut butter, NO you got peanut butter on my chocolate. And then they saw that it was good!!!! LOL

    I used to love those commercials.

  • amanda

    Peanuts in orange soda is really good! I haven’t had it in so long, but I want it now! I grind a little nutmeg into almost everything. My porcini and riccota rissoto has a ton of nutmeg in it, and it’s my families favorite dish! The nutmeg is so good with the mushrooms!

  • Mapleleaf

    I didn’t read everything in the lists above (not enough time now, but will later) so I hope this isn’t already listed: People usually are incredulous when I recommend peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. Slice a big ol’ red beefsteak tomato into 3/8″ slices, spread a piece of your favorite bread generously with creamy peanut butter, slap one of those slices of tomato on and add the other piece of bread–ain’t no better eating! Especially on toast! It’s addictive.

  • willieeman

    My daughter has been eating fries dipped in frostys forever,i tried it and its good.
    I love peanut butter,cheese and potatoe chip sandwiches.
    P.B.&Jelly sandwich with Doritoes are awesome!!!!!!
    Remember Laverne & Shirley, well Milk and Pepsi is GREAT.
    I always put grape jelly in meatballs.
    I will try chili and chocolate, sounds good.

  • willieeman: I remember dipping my fries in my frostie years ago… It was the big thing back then (course back then was when I was in jr high and the cool thing was to do to Wendy’s after sporting events and dances just to eat frostys and fries)

  • JwJwBean

    My boys were taught Frosty and fires and chicken nuggets dunked in the frosty by their Aunt. Her whole soccor team did it.

    I tried the carrots and sugar tonight, but it had an added ingredient…hickory smoked bacon. MMMM it was nummy.

  • shaunfather

    i think i looked all of the above… but here goes – bacon on fresh maple glazed donuts! awesome!

  • JwJwBean

    I don’t remember if this was mentioned already. It has been a while since I read all the comments. A friend mentioned this weekend that they like jalapeno and peanut butter.

  • Sher

    I’m from Canada and french fries with vinegar is very common here, even better with malt vinegar. Poutine has gotten very common too.

    My husband is Dutch-Canadian and he used to eat a sandwich made with Speculaas (windmill) cookies in between white bread. By lunchtime the cookie part would be soft. Also, liverwurst sandwiches and mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwiches.

  • kiwiboi

    Sher – “french fries with vinegar is very common here”

    As far as I’m concerned, french fries with vinegar is downright compulsory !!

  • Zippy

    Apples and cheese also taste good. I love tomatoes and sugar!


    Delicious Peanut Butter Sandwiches:

    Peanut Butter, Lettuce, and Mayonnaise
    Peanut Butter, Red Onion, and Mayonnaise
    Peanut Butter and Sliced Sweet Pickles

    I thought we were fed this as a budget cutting menu item as a kid but I have ended up loving these sandwiches as an adult.

  • Mandy

    I put grape jelly in BBQ sauce, cant taste the jelly but makes the BBQ sauce stick to the meats much better.. Love a lot of the listed combinations. Also chocolate ice cream & Fritos corn chips is great..

  • Monteze

    try grape jelly on a sausage and is pretty good

  • Sugarpie

    I’va had every one of them except the salt/coffee combination, all the other ones are amazing. My husband eats cappicolli/strawberry jelly/mayonnaise sandwich all the time I think it’s gross.

  • Matt

    I decided to throw some wasabi peas into my greens salad. The balsamic vinegarette actually made them taste noticably sweet, not at all spicey (like, no spice whatsoever). The crunch was great and I was very plesently suprised by the outcome.

  • maypop

    This site is fantastic!! Delightful and very interesting. My father taught me how to make “fin-n’haddi.” Please excuse the spelling if inappropriate. It was a smoked “fish” maybe even dried fish back then. We would pick it up on the pier in California years ago, take it home. Sautee in butter gently for a few minutes and add milk. Then remove and keep warm. Then we would pouch eggs in the milk and toast sourdough bread (now, this was our rendition). Put the eggs over the toasted and buttered sourdough bread and served along with the fish! It was manna from heaven. And maybe not really a “weird” dish at all. At least it wasn’t to me.

  • pseudo ozzie in Brasil

    No seems to have mentioned one of my favourite summer salads: Watermelon with sliced red onion and a dash of tobasco. Sounds strange but works deliciously

  • Pseudo: Sounds almost like pineapple and cayenne. Very tasty.

  • How am I finding lists that I haven’t been to yet? I’m getting slack!

    Plain bagel
    Strawberry cream cheese

    A godsend of a breakfast… Unless I’ve been offered Ramen and eggs with a big old Irish Coffee. Meeemmoorriieeess!!!

  • Denzell

    I eat spaghetti without sauce. (as in noodles and grated cheese ONLY) Yummy!

    It’s even better when the cheese melts in the heat of the noodles.

  • Sitethief

    I could list all the weird Dutch eating habits here :P.

    I use to make my own tomato sauce by putting fresh tomatoes + pineapple or banana’s into the food processor. It makes for a more sweet tasting sauce.

    Also mandarins covered with melted chocolate are THE perfect Christmas food.

    Also try the following combinations:

    Peanut Butter & Honey on bread
    Peanut Butter & Chocolate Sprinkles on bread
    Cheese + Strawberry marmalade on bread
    Cheese + Syrup on bread

    Also all Citrus fruits can be eaten without removing the skin, you have to be able to withstand the bitter taste, but I do greatly appreciate it, and you get all the nutrients instead of throwing half of it away (note that scraped Lemons skin is used in baking and there is Orange marmalade with added skin for more flavor)

    And as last, Peanut sauce goes with almost all meat and/or rice dishes, add some real peanuts, roasted onions, cocos or even chili sauce for extra flavors

  • Alex

    Heres a good one i figured out myself backpacking. If you are doing beans and rice. A pinch of cinnamon will give an incredibly good and unexpected taste. I think its similar to that anise and meat one because i usually use beef stock to make beans and rice.

  • Isista

    I love the comments on this list almost as much as the list itself. I really want to try some of the suggestions :)

    I think the weirdest combinations I have tried would include french fries and honey mustard, hot dogs and mayonnaise (my mom always looks at me like I’m crazy) and tofu cooked in a little rendered beef fat.

  • enxchanted

    I cook carrots in an orange-honey glaze with a little bit of fresh grated ginger… soooooo good!

    I’ve also been known to eat carrots with strips of american cheese slices wrapped around them :)

    and I used to have a friend who ate tabasco sauce on his cereal. ick.

  • beanie

    My father likes to have toast with a slice of cheese, marmalade and banana on top. Can’t tell whether it’s nice or not, I hate marmalade :/

  • Bahar

    Chocolatte and coffee??

    Ik drink chocolate cappucino like, euhm every week :D

    A product from nescafé

  • bunhyung

    Salt on grapefruit. Wayy better than sugar

  • hoops

    when i was younger my friends dad used to make us a magic piece (thats sandwiches in scotland) which is basically 2 bits of white bread, butter or spread and sugar….so bad for you and made us hyper as anything :D

  • VFV

    Peanut butter and shaved ham in a cheese roll is good.
    I’ve never tried it with any brand other than Kraft but I don’t know if they sell it in countries other than Australia and New Zealand???

  • sikamikanica

    I do the salt on grapefruit,

    and most of these, I’m gonna try the salt and coffee and tomato foliage.

    I eat almost any fruit/vegetable with lime, salt and chili powder

  • Clarkekentyboy

    Cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches is something my girlfriend recently got me into. A few months ago I tried a Mars Bar and apple sandwich and it was pretty damn good too.

  • Clarkekentyboy: I have never heard of mars bar and apple – it sounds awful but I will try it just in case :) As for cheese and jam – I love it!

  • VFV: peanut butter and ham sandwhiches sounds very very strange – though both are savory so I guess they should be fine together. I have never heard of any pork and peanut combination before.

  • astraya

    Sometime last millenium I was a school boarding house assistant. One morning I saw a girl spreading her toast with vegemite and honey. I can’t comment on what it tastes like, because I never tried it.
    In Korea, sweet potato cheesecakes are widely available. I can comment on what they taste like: horrible!

  • bubbles

    pizza and ketchup-delish! Like adding more pizza sauce, fries n milkshake,oreos n ketchup, Salt on tomatoes. I saw this one guy eat a mayo sandwich. My mom makes goolash (who cares if I spelled that right) she puts corn, ground beef, potatoes, n carrots, its surprisingly good. Ham with cream cheese, n olives is heaven same if its turkey. Chips, mustard, butter, sugar, chocolate, n salt r good wit anytin. Strawberys n pepr dats new 2 me. I’m a fatty food person. chiken n hot sauce etc.

  • its cold here

    nothing beats granny smith apples and a good strong bitey cheddar,served in bite sized chunks

  • veggy :)

    Have you ever tried a cheese and tomato ketchup sandwitch? Go on, try it.

  • Legendary Kirby

    Coca-cola with ice cream?

  • astraya

    Chicken and beer.
    That doesn’t sound unusual, but the way of cooking it is. On Korean tv a few nights ago I saw a doco about about a restaurant that prepares chicken by soaking it in beer with herbs and vegies. The cook then punctures a few extra holes in the top of a beer can, then props the chicken on top of that, with the can up where the chicken’s backside used to be. The oven has about 10 chickens, all propped up on beer cans. After is has cooked, the chicken is broken open and eaten.

  • JwJwBean

    Astraya: Not that weird. Americans have been making Beer Can Chicken for a longgggg time. Especially out on the grill. It makes the chicken soooo tender and juicy.

  • astraya

    JwB: Well, I’d never seen it before!

  • I’ve never heard of it either. Sounds a bit barbaric :-P

  • Pernille

    whats unusual about chocolate and coffee??

  • Thomas

    None of these combinations are unusual. The carrots and sugar one is ridiculous given that carrots have a sugar content. This is quickly becoming the worst thing about the internet: stupid lists.

  • Thomas


    Yeah, the combination of coca-cola (a soft drink/soda) and ice cream is really unusual, especially since there were these things called “soda fountains” that were very popular in the first half of the 20th century. These soda fountains NEVER sold ice cream soda drinks. NEVER.

  • Ludwig

    The saying is, “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad”. My most memorable Yuk moment was years ago after an all night party one of the other party goers (Hi Oddfoot) had the munchies and fancied a bowl of cornflakes, there was no milk left, but there was a bottle of milk stout………….

  • Ren

    I used to squirt ketchup into my mouth and then take a sip of strawberry milk and swish it around.

  • Ren: That sounds revolting! How did you happen to “discover” that combination?

  • Ren

    I was young (maybe 5) and I just did it by accident. I still had it once in a while until I was about 11. Everyone I tell always has a similar reaction.

  • Ren: well I suppose it is no worse than french fries dipped in chocolate milkshake!

  • JwJwBean

    jfrater: I too thought the french fries in chocolate milkshake (frosty) were nasty until I tried it. I have also seen people sip chicken nuggets in also. Although, I don’t know if my adult taste buds could handle ketchup and strawberry milk.

  • JwJwBean

    *dip not sip

  • glittershrooms

    I love to mix the really salty with the really sweet in general but my favorite has to be a slice of Maroilles cheese on a piece of fresh baked artisan bread topped with a dollop of raspberry jam. Pure (stinky) heaven!

  • Claudia

    I sometimes put a little salt on my watermelon :) Makes it taste sweeter.

  • Watermelon and unsweetened Greek yoghurt (really really tart stuff) can be a bit eye-watering but it’s a gooood combo too :-)

  • Loren

    Potato chips in chocolate shakes, a lot like fries ‘n’ shakes.
    Potato chips instead of crackers, with cheddar cheese.
    Microwave popcorn and garlic Tabasco.
    Waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup (optional: top with fried egg).
    Brie and Hershey Kisses on Club crackers.
    Fruit-flavored yogurt and cottage cheese. (Wanna get your kids to eat cottage cheese? Try this!)

  • nicole

    McDonalds french fries with McFlurryy
    flavour is amazing..

  • PunkPenguin

    I am also a fan of salt on any kind of melon and sugar on grapfruit (although I like it with salt as well).

    There is a lot of talk about Reese’s Cups however I prefer Mallo Cups. They look just like Reese’s but the are fill with whipped cream and the choc. on the outside has coconut in it. OMG the best thing ever!!!

    I saw someone mentioned Worcestershire sauce earlier which also made me think of one of my favorite dishes. It is ground beef, diced tomatoes and LOTS of worcestershire sauce. Basically you brown the ground beef, drain it, then put it in a large pot with diced tomatoes ( I like lots of tomatoes) and cover it with worcestershire sauce. Bring it to a boil let it simmer for about 30-45 minutes. Then eat it with tortilla chips or taco shells. Sooooooo GOOD!!!

    Another good snack: Avacado, lemon juice, and pepper.

    Hurray for food!!

  • Zach

    None of this really seems bizarre or strange… it all makes perfect sense. In fact, most of it seems like a really good idea, and Ive even had a few. Im glad I saw athis.

  • Skot

    I love food. Here are a few combination’s that I have enjoyed:
    – French fries with ketchup and mayo mixed (not that weird really but I have had people comment)
    – Crunchy peanut butter and a ball park hot dog. Make sure that the hot dog is nice and juicy and hot. Spread a generous portion of crunchy peanut butter and stick it in a hot dog roll. The first time I had it I was blown away, the BEST hot dog I have ever had.
    – Orange juice and iced tea. Nice and refreshing. Not that unusual I guess but not common either really.
    – Peanut butter and honey sandwich. Very messy but sweet.
    – I like to use Claussun Dill pickle juice as a marinade for steaks. Just pour out most of the jars juice. Also add s bit Knob Creek bourbon, A1 Bold and Spicy, a touch of habenaro hot sauce, a splash of red wine, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and a generous amount of McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning. My 68 year old father in law who loves steak said that it was the best steak he EVER had in his life. I guess my secret marinade isn’t so secret anymore, huh?
    – Balsamic vinegar and vanilla ice cream. Make sure that the balsamic is very high quality. The vinegar and the ice cream are like oil and water, the vinegar just sort of floats around.

    Someone posted that they wouldn’t try pickles and cream cheese wrapped in ham. I would definitely advise you to change your mind, that is one of my absolute favorite appetizers. We call them Martian Eyeballs and they always go first at the party. Actually I really like having picky eaters around, more food for me!

    If something is considered edible by at least a dozen or so people I’ll try it. Really there are only three things in the world that I don’t like;
    1. Plain Tofu (the texture is yuck!)
    2. Raw sea urchin (the one time I had it the center was still frozen. I’d try it again though to make sure) and the last but not least is…
    3. My Mom’s Baked Potato’s (imagine that you have been lost in the Sahara desert for a week and you are near death and would kill for a drink of water. Then ahead you see a nice cool flowing waterfall of pure water untouched by man but when you get closer you find that to drink from it you must first eat a large piece of baked sandpaper wrapped around 400 degree hot baked sand. If you can imagine this then you know what it tastes like to eat one of my mothers baked potatoes! And yes she knows!)

  • Cruiser

    pineapples and soy sauce! it’s a delicacy in singapore, provided you get the right kind of soy sauce.

  • MT

    Calf or sheep brains with scrambled eggs. I know it sound inhumanely gross but it is delicious.

  • Sir

    I regularly cook with the combos in the list (minus the poisonous tomato plant), and was happy to see in comments that someone else has discovered the deliciousness of PB and pickles together(PB and lettuce is also yummy).
    My current favourite taste treat is popping a chocolate truffle and an equal-sized piece of cherry stilton cheese in my mouth, and letting them meltingly combine on the tongue. Every single person I convince to try it utters the same three words;

  • LS

    Coffee and chocolate really aren’t that strange, as many people have mentioned, lots of cake recipes call for coffee of some kind.

    the one I’m surprised people think is strange is Peanut butter and Banana, I was practially raised on that, same for PB and honey.

    I do eat Cheese whiz and jam though, it’s the best on toast! My boyfriend eats Fries and honey, I’m not a fan of it myself though, and I like to mix mayo and ketchup and dip chips in it, it’s the best dip ever!

  • TweTwe

    I eat Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) on Saladas (salted crispbread). The salty side has to be downwards so it’s on your tongue when you bite it. Mmmmmmmm. And a friend on mine swore by combining salt-and-vinegar chips and chocolate in the same bite.

  • Chelsie

    My grandma used to work at a candy store for awhile, and one day she brought home chocolate covered pickles. I don’t like pickles in the first place, so I didn’t try them, but she absolutely loved them!

  • deana

    peanut butter with salami on white bread ..very tasty

  • deana

    pretzels with tuna,icecream with pretzels,pretzels with milk

  • mike

    fresh figs and prosciutto are a big thing here in Italy

  • a

    spinach w/ a pinch of nutmeg and lemon zest, bit of salt and nothing else, you’ll never want spinach any other way

  • Ford

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange is kick-ass!!
    I always add chocolate to my chili… I add fennel to my spaghetti sauce. Any type of roast slow-cooked in Au Jus is awesome. One thing I like may be weird, but I like mashed potatoes on lettuce leaves – greenleaf lettuce leaves. I’ve always salted my cantaloupe, and I put sugar and pepper on my tomato slices. And when I eat fries, I mix ketchup and mayo together and dip ’em.

    Oh, and one of my fave recipes, buy…

    2 pounds ground beef
    2 packets taco seasoning mix
    1 1/3 cup hot water
    Can of corn, drained
    Can of chili beans, drained
    16-ounce jar of chunky salsa
    2 cans of cream of chicken soup
    1/2 cup milk
    2 cups shredded cheese, any flavor you like
    32-ounce package of tater tots

    Cook the ground beef with the water and taco seasoning like you’re making taco meat. Add the corn and chili beans to the meat mix, then put it in a 13×9 baking dish. Spread the salsa on top. Mix the chicken soup and milk, then pour on top. Spread the cheese on top. Last thing is to put a single layer of tots on top. Bake in a 375° F oven for 35-40 minutes, then broil the top for about 5 minutes.

  • persephone1665

    I got hooked on onion rings dipped in tarter sauce, lurv a sammy of bread spread with butter and bread and butter pickles, taking sausage links dipped in maple syurp is da bomb, and I always put a bit of brn sugar, cinimon, and cooca in my chillie.

  • cap129

    When I was younger, around the holidays when all the animated specials would come on, my mom would mix plain Fritos corn chips and plain M&Ms in a bowl for us to munch on during the shows. My brother, sister, and I would fight each other to get an even distribution of them (since the M&Ms were heavier, they would usually settle in the bottom – and since I’m the youngest, I usually lost out).

    Strangely enough, I don’t as a rule like chocolate (Ack! A woman who doesn’t like chocolate – stop the presses :D), and I find that the Fritos they make now taste different than the ones from my youth, so it’s not quite the same. But I craved this combo like nobody’s business while I was pregnant.

  • Ernmas

    How about Cottage Cheese & Applebutter? What about Chocolate & Cheese (I prefer milk chocolate and a saltier cheese eaten together)? A peanut butter & butter sandwich?

    I agree that peanut butter, honey, & bananas sandwiches are great along with the potato chips on a tunafish sandwich. I’ve had the salt on fruits, and it is very good at enhancing the flavor.

    Most of the suggestions here sound good and not odd at all. I guess I’ll have to try them out.

  • Oyster

    My friend turned me onto Tuna fish and steak sauce. Now mayo seems so… boring.

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  • Bobby B

    Strawberries with Balsamic and Pepper….Pizza Fries anyone?

  • BooRadley

    One thing I really love is watermelon. But instead of spitting out the seeds, you eat them right along with the melon! It’s crunchy and delicious. I guess it’s a lot like putting salt on watermelon, because it makes it taste even sweeter. I looked it up, and watermelon seeds are not bad for you at all. Try it!

    No one else has mentioned this, although I think it’s pretty popular: peanut butter on apple slices. Yum!

  • Brian

    A little bit of garlic makes my scrambled eggs take much eggier. I like garlic, so it’s O.K. that its’ flavor doesn’t go undetected. And I always put black pepper on my cole slaw but think it’s strange to see it put on watermelon.

  • waverly

    Sandwich: PB, Banana, a tiny bit of honey, and a small sprinkle of Garam Masala on pumpernickel bread.

    Another sandwich: cream cheese and green olives.

    Smoothie: yogurt-banana-kale

    from my childhood: PB&J dipped in campbell’s mushroom soup.

    kale and eggs are delicious together.
    So is tuna and avocado. Especially with onion.

  • Sol

    Seriously… eat the stem of a tomato if you don’t think it will get you seriously sick. Then rid the gene pool of your inability to google before posting advice for eating something poisonous. All I’m sayin is if someone ends up in the ER, feel bad.

  • missy

    I’ve actually heard of a bunch of these combinations before, though there’s some I haven’t tried (anything with pickles :P, I can’t stand them).

    My contribution: Popcorn popped in a skillet using rendered bacon fat. You melt some fat (which I have in the fridge in a jar) and just as it’s starting to heat throw in some popcorn kernels, slam on a lid, and start shaking. Keep it close to the burner so it stays hot, too.

    I think it’s wonderful; my sister refuses to try it.

  • Juwar74

    I like melted cheese and peanut butter on toast. It’s pretty good.

  • phillydrifter

    Has anyone mentioned peanut butter, pairing it with the jelly/jam/spread of your choice?

    How about chocolate and peanut butter?

  • Precision

    The radio station I listen to on the way to work ran a segment on weird food combinations earlier this week. Some of the highlights:

    – Ice-cream with tomato sauce
    – Vegemite on cooked eggs
    – Nutella on potato chips

    I’ll admit to being a foodie (I have yet to find a food that I cannot/will not eat) but some of these suggestions are a little odd to me…

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  • MatG

    Ok….stick with me on this one. Very, very strong cheddar cheese (the stuff which feels like it burns the roof of your mouth) and strawberry jam. Delicious. Something like this exists in Spain, manchego and quince jelly but it’s not as nice.

  • Bebette

    Personal secret: put a fat spoonful of peanut butter into any tomato sauce. You can also spread it thinly on a pizza crust before you add the sauce. It adds a richness to the tomato sauce that everyone loves, but nobody has ever suspected my secret. Its just that little something that makes it better. Even works with store-bought pasta sauces.

  • Crimanon

    Bebette: shouldn’t you worry about food allergies? The last thing I’d think of is peanuts in my pasta. Like shell fish allergies at a bakery.

  • Big Mike

    Peanut butter, mayo, ham sandwiches. Mayo and banana sandwiches. Also, I believe Elvis’s fav sandwich was fried peanut butter and banana. Ruth Reichl has a pretty good sandwich recipe, peanut butter, mayo, green olive. There are quite a few companies that make chocolate with chiles inside, L.A. area Trader Joe’s have some in a round tin, excellent.

  • Alan

    i use vanilla and apple whenever i am making an apple pie, i thought most people did that?
    i’ve had chips (fries) with vinegar, its quite common, atleast here (Ireland) it is. although salt is usually added with it.

    also to the person who said peanut butter and jelly was nice, ew.
    i tried making it before and i had to spit it out.
    i love peanut butter (although i rarely get to have it, family member is horrifically allergic to peanuts) but peanut butter and jelly (jam) is possibly the worst thing i have ever tasted and i am willing to try anything.

    also, ham is nice with chocolate, i used to wrap ham slices around Time Out bars.
    so is Macdonalds chicken nuggets dipped in barbeque sauce and strawberry milkshake.
    sugar sandwiches are also nice, just put some butter and sugar on bread.

    oh and natural yoghurt on apple slices, the sourness of the yoghurt is nice with the sweetness of the apple.

  • Shadfish

    I read the whole list and did not see any mention of using black pepper on cantelope it dosn’t get any better than that..

  • Ronson

    Great list.. Started looking for PB sandwich combos and found this… Quite cool.

    I have a few PB (Peanut Butter) Sandwich additives ;)
    Lettuce, Cheese, Banana, Honey, and well Jam. All mentioned before. How about PB and BBQ sauce.. (a new one) like eating BBQ peanuts in a sandwich. Hot and Salty good combo. Don’t use a super strong BBQ sauce though or you will loose PB taste.
    Lots of great combos I’m going to try PB and..
    Onion, Pickles
    Both sound pretty good.. Thanks all for posting your combos

  • bluegirl

    When i was little i used to LOVE peanut butter and salami sandwiches!

    Sounds disgusting, but it was amazing.

  • starla

    Here are a few that I love:

    Vanilla ice cream with pretzels crushed up over it
    Nutella and ricotta cheese with pretzels
    Cucumbers and Granny Smith apples sliced up and sprinkled with salt
    I also love spinach salads with sliced strawberries and balsamic vinegarette and goat cheese…YUM!

  • RuFuS

    Food combining is a much more serious subject than most people are aware of. PLEASE, if you have any concern for your health & that of your friends & families, DO SOME RESEARCH.
    ~ L

  • Matthias

    In the Netherlands only in Rotterdam, you can buy a very very good dish at the local kebab restaurants that I’ve never seen in other places. Not in the rest of the Netherlands nor anywhere in the world I’ve been… It’s called a kapsalon in Dutch, which means something like hairsalon.

    1. There’s fried french fries in a bowl
    2. Döner kebab is placed on the fries
    3. Cut cheese is put over it, covering the whole dish
    4. Dish is put in oven until the cheese melts
    5. Take out oven and put salad of choice over the dish
    6. Add sause on top, preferably a hot sause and garlic sause
    7. Eat the whole with a fork.

  • Mike

    I remember a tasty strange food combo that I believe originated in the UK, but I’m not so sure.

    You fry a Mars Bar in oil and after that you eat it with ketchup.

    It sounds weird, but try it out. It tastes great!
    Now thinking of it, I want to eat it right now… :)

  • starla

    I think I heard somewhere that there’s a chip shop in Scotland where you can order a deep-fried pizza. Is this true? I kind of want to try it…

    I also saw a show on TV yesterday where they went to Texas to sample some deep-fried bacon! Now that’s a heart attack on a plate!

    I really want to try the carrots and sugar thing, does anyone have any tips on how to prepare it? Unless I missed it in the comments…

  • KDeAnn18

    Ok I just had to add my favorite food combination…french fries dipped in ice cream…preferably both from McDonald’s and make sure the fries are salty…I know it sounds weird but next time you’re there just try it.

  • Diane

    Try nutmeg sprinkled in Honeydew melon , cantalope or watermelon……..DELISHIOUS

  • Diane

    Try dipping Wendys french fries in a chocolate frosty

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  • Taylor

    try crackers (saltines or ritz), cheese (like cheddar or colby jack), and JAM

    i eat this all the time, the cheese and jam go very well together, good quick snack

  • fatdaddy

    A family tradtion for sure, we like peanutbutter and mayonaise sandwiches. My dad discovered it one night when he had a craving for peanutbutter and jelly and there wasn’t any Jelly. So he got creative and yanked out the mayo. We all gagged until we actually tried it. mmmmmm, yummy!!

  • profoundmusing

    i love having a tart apple sliced with a sprinkle of salt and thin slices of fresh garlic. pink lady and granny smith work best.

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  • Nemiga

    I have Tomato and Sugar! Practically all the time :)

  • waywardsonsam

    I have heard of most of these combinations or at least derivitives of them. I could not read all of them, but here are a couple I don’t think I saw”

    Popcorn and yellow mustard…awesome

    Pinapple, tomato and provolone cheese on a toasted english muffin.

  • astraya

    I just saw on Korean tv a documentary about a restaurant that serves samgyasal (sort of like bacon, but thicker) dipped in gold! Also, it serves gold soju (a local liquor).

  • Bibs

    Perogies, boiled or fried with butter, salt & pepper, dipped in sour cream and jam! (strawberry’s good)


    lentils with aunt jemimaa
    egss with rice and ketchup
    and mms with popcorn WOWWWWWWWWW

  • yasmin

    andd frozen bananas or frozen grapess thts what i call fruit popsicless YUUMM

  • yasmin


  • josheeee

    lmao this is all sick man :P ahah i love it aha

  • Zippy

    Cheese, apples, and salted, unbuttered popcorn all at once. ^_^

  • Travis

    Some really intriguing ideas here.

    I haven’t seen ice-cream with yoghurt on top mentioned yet.

    The ice-cream makes the yoghurt taste incredibly tart, but then rescues you with its own sweetness.

  • lo

    i’m shocked by the person who thought peanut butter and jam was “spit it out awful”!

    what kind of jam did you use? berries (blackberry, raspberry, or strawberry) are best, although many people like grape (the purple grape jelly made from concord grapes). maybe it would be weird with a jam/jelly like marmalade, apricot, apple, quince, mint, etc.

    and how could anyone dislike the taste of chocolate and peanut butter?

    i’ll eat almost anything known not to be poisonous, but i can’t bring myself to try this one:

    prepared, hot mac and cheese (the kraft dinner kind) topped with a scoop of smooth applesauce!

    -my mom and sister eat it, and my sis turned about 20 girls in her sorority on to it- so it must have something good about it. anyone else tried it?

  • Brian

    starla – If you want to do sweet carrots, my grandma makes carrots the only way I will eat them.

    Canned/frozen/fresh in a pan with butter and (brown) sugar. Cook them on low/med heat until glazed and tender.

    They are so scrumptious. Whenever she makes anything with carrots in it, I wish she would just make the carrots separate. Once I ate these, I have NEVER wanted plain ole’ carrots again.

    Also to the person that spit out a PB & Jelly…that is what American’s grow up on. I don’t think I have ever met an American in person that didn’t like PB & Jelly. Grape is my favorite of course.

    My grandfather likes PB, butter & jelly, but he likes strawberry.

    My uncles swears by his peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches. Sounds good to me, but a bit too sweet for my tastes.

  • JwJwBean

    Add some bacon to those brown sugar carrots. YUM!

    I was not a fan of PBandJ growing up. I can tolerate it now as an adult. I think if my mom ever HAD to make us a sack lunch it was PBandJ. I hated it. And I am Amercian born and raised. So okay you still haven’t met someone in person.

  • porkido

    Where are you people from? PB and mayo sandwich? I’d rather eat a steaming bowl of bum’s vomit (which isn’t too bad with malt vinegar, btw).

    Aniseseed is not the same thing as star anise.

    Tomatoes want salt. Good ones are terrifically sweet. Actually, a great tomato has a perfect sugar/acid balance.

  • porkido: Star anise is the main “aniseed-flavored” spice used in Western kitchens – for that reason it is mentioned above. Most shops don’t carry anise – they carry star anise instead – which (of course) has an almost identical flavor.

  • oouchan

    289. porkido…don’t knock it until you tried it. My favorite is PB, mayo and banana. The King liked his with bacon. ;)

  • porkido

    oouchan: I’m knockin’ it! And, until drugged and subdued, I ain’t tryin’ it!

    jfrater: I think you are incorrect about anise and star anise…star anise is the more difficult spice to find…pop open a star anise pod, and you’ll find the seeds a diff color and shape from the anise ‘seeds’ you find in the jar…I will confirm this with Higher Authorities and get back to you…(and ‘almost identical’ strikes me as something of an oxymoron)

  • porkido

    jfrater: indeed, McCormick (one of if not the largest spice company in the world) doesn’t offer star anise as part of its line, only anise seeds and anise extract (made from the same seeds)…the reason I’m beating this horse is that I’ve been a food professional for many years, and have always found star anise to be somewhat more agressive…I don’t think they’re completely interchangeable…

  • porkido

    aggressive, that is…

  • JwJwBean

    Today a friend made fruit salad to go with our lunch. She asked if we wanted italian dressing on it. We are up for new things so said go for it. OMG!!!!! It was FABULOUS! If you can get past the “I don’t think those two things should go together” thought, you will not be disappointed.

  • ohya

    no snapple and urine? because it is a drink?

  • InfeaNO

    With the exception of salt if coffee all these are totaly normal exeryday ways of preparing food. I hate boring food so maybe my idear of totaly normal is slightly different.

    My faverot sandwich is strawberries with cream chease and iceburg letice on brown granary bread

  • InfeaNO

    Also penut butter and jelly? WTF? Americans are strange!

  • Soph

    Has anybody ever tried pickles and whipped cream? That makes you hallucinate (I think I spelled it wrong)like crazy. Take a whole deli pickle, dip it in whipped cream, take a bite, the repeat the process. When you have finished the pickle, you will feel like you are drunk. This is very true indeed. :3

    Also try a peanutbutter and fried pickle sandwich.
    Or a peanutbutter and syrup sandwich

  • packedourthings

    The thought of carrots and sugar makes me gag, as does tomatoes and sugar but I’m willing to try some salt in my coffee or some pepper on strawberries the next time I have some.

    I really enjoy lemon juice and garlic salt on green beans, not too unusual, but something I never thought about until someone introduced me to it, delicious.

    I’ll also eat just about anything with any type of vinegar or pickles involved. My one friend turned me onto dipping pickles in BBQ sauce. Surprisingly okay.

  • RealTimeSatellite

    Cocaine and waffles. You will not be disappointed. Delicious.

  • elligraz

    carrots and sugar, a pinch of salt in coffee, potatoes and nutmeg, vanilla with apples, coffee in chocolate cakes are all common to me as my grandmother used to do it like that…I think most of it is common all over austria.
    try top quality vanilla ice cream and original styrian pumpkin seed oil (steirisches kübiskernöl)…you’ll be hooked immediately!

  • Yumi

    Here’s a recipe to try: get some cherry tomatoes and brown and white sugar, and cook the sugar in a small pot until it melts slightly so that it is syrupy. Dip the tomatoes in the sugar. The extreme sweetness of the sugar and the acidity of the tomatoes is very refreshing.

  • shingie

    My aunt likes to blend carrots with lemons to make a smoothie… and my mom likes to squirt lemon juice on her papaya… weird.

    And I have this weird liking of putting a grape, a potato chip, and a slab of Christmas turkey in my mouth at the same time and savoring the distinct flavors playing off each other. Good stuff, good stuff.

  • Ice

    I’ve always dipped my regular potato chips in cottage cheese, it’s amazing.

    Also yellow mustard on sausage biscuits, tasty.

  • Zhu

    I guess I’m still French: most of the combinations didn’t surprise me! ;-)

    Star niase is actually very common in Chinese cuisine, it’s always found in Northern style stew.

    And chocolate brownie with a hint of coffee… yummy!

    I even add a bit of maple syrup to red meat something: enhances the flavor.

  • nog

    dolcelatte cheese and bacon sandwiches
    Cinnamon in cottage pie
    Roast potatoes in mayonnaise
    Peanut butter in celery stick

  • Light Yagami

    pepper and ice cream

  • stefan

    good list but coffee and chocolate isnt too strange
    mocha’s have been around for ages !

  • Sunday

    Actually, my mother used to feed me sliced guava with ketchup and sugar when I was little… I didn’t know it was strange until I grow up and stop eating those for snack.

  • I am not sure if anyone said it but peanut butter and marshmellow creme. mmmmmmmmm :)

  • ooo and sausage biscuits with grapes jelly. And frenchcut green beans, ranch dressing, and extra sharp cheddar cheese heated in a frying pan together. MMMMMMMMMMM!!

  • Pepper

    Walkers Salt and vinegar crisps with Cadbury’s dairymilk chocolate (1 cube of chocolate followed by a small handful of crisps, but must be chewed together). Peanut butter and melted cheddar on toast is amazing (as they’re both savoury then I suppose it’s not such a strange combination).

  • natapillar

    these are not all that unusual. i cook all the time,and i have quite often used a lot of these combinations.
    another good one is when u are cooking a beef mince based dish,such as cottage pie,is to add a hint of cinnamon. makes it taste absolutely yummy.
    i agree that peanut butter goes great with cheddar cheese.makes a nice sandwich filling.

  • Jackie

    Another good combo is sour cream, strawberries, and brown sugar.

    You dip the strawberry in the sour cream and then the brown sugar and it’s amazing.

  • Ra

    relish and ice cream..

  • Lady GaGa

    I tried the combinations. I liked the Strawberries and Pepper.

  • mike

    some of them ive already tried, here are others:
    Italian orange salad: orange, salt , garlic some olive oil, goes well with meat
    prosciutto rolled on a prune as an appetizer
    the same bacon+dried apricot
    a little cinnamon in minced meat dishes and even a clover, good for greek musaka

  • News

    I’ve always dipped my regular potato chips in cottage cheese, it’s amazing.
    Also yellow mustard on sausage biscuits, tasty.

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  • Luisa

    Mango with pepper or mango with honey and pepper, it’s very common in some places in Colombia. It tastes weird for my taste.

  • Cj

    that’s weird…

  • hewhoshallnotbenamed

    One of my favorite things to eat as a child was oatmeal (Quaker Oats brand) with plain Hunt’s tomato sauce. It is so delicious, and just talking about it now makes me crave it. Oatmeal is savory on its own naturally, and the tomato sauce just makes it thick and yummy! try it.
    My other favorite combination of stuff to eat is peanut butter and jelly on saltines. so freakin good.
    And lastly, fries with grilled onions, cheese, and thousand island, AKA animal fries here in CA. TO DIE FOR.

  • stacey

    boiled beets and potatoes mashed up with the greens and smothered with butter and your favorite vinegar yum yum and fish and rice I like sardines and jasmine rice add a dash of fish sauce(make sure the sardines are in soybean oil)

  • kits

    gingernuts and cheese.
    french fries (or any chips) and icecream.
    carrots and honey do actually work.. :p
    pork basted with beer
    icecream and meat. i.e. neopolitan + cold corned beef. OMG. it’s so salty and sweet all at once. it’s like a spoon full of vegemite but so much more delicioumable.

    I am special XD

  • Steph

    My boyfriend likes to mix equal parts mustard and mayonnaise and use it as a dip for potato chips, and I love to make tuna sandwiches and put Doritos in it (it is amazing!!!).

  • Steph – Mustard & Mayo is a great combination – I saute or broil veggies & add a generous scoop of mustard mixed with mayonnaise & put it in a wrap. It’s really good.

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  • mj

    @jocsboss [25]: Don’t forget peanut butter and beets, and there’s always peanut butter and ripe green seedless grapes. 2 of my families favorite. :)

  • inismor

    If not already mentioned, a tipical summer dish in Italy:
    watermelon and ham.

  • pinoydrei!

    wow delicous!

  • adriancrunk11

    MC zippo i know you know this from our food culture
    Guys you may want to try ripe mangoes or unripe green mangoes which is better that would go better on these dips….

    1.Bagoong-A Philippine CONDIMENT that’s popular in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. Bagoong is made from shrimp or small fish that have been salted, cured and fermented for several weeks. The resulting salty liquid (called patis ) is drawn off and used separately as a sauce or condiment. In addition to being served as a condiment, bagoong is used as a flavoring in many dishes.(recommended Barrio Fiesta’s Bagoong)

    2.Patis- or so called fish sauce (as is!)

    3.Soy Sauce boiled with a cup water and a spoonful of sugar! (is as nice as salted honey)

    4. salt- (as is!)

    Guys try this and beleive me you wont regret it!
    Let me know on your comments ayt

  • roci

    Watermelon and parma ham!!! Very famous in the South of Spain! And it tastes simply delicious!

  • Tannis H.

    My dad likes mustard and brown sugar on toast…

  • kokopelli1000

    One of the best/strangest flavor combinations is strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar. It's wonderful! It's better with strawberries that are sweet, but still have some tartness to them.

  • Doc Holliday

    Cantaloupe & Pepper…good stuff

  • Erynn

    It's nitpicking but 'Fruit' is plural. One fruit, two fruit.
    Just saying.
    Other than that I didn't know about chocolate and coffee, should be fun.
    Strawberries and pepper, too.

  • cupcake

    milk shakes and frech fries!

  • greendayfan

    Walkers company (potato chip/crisps company) did a competition once for new crisp flavours. Chocolate and chilli was one of the flavours and it wasn't half bad. Other flavours were onion bhaji, builder's breakfast, fish and chips and cajun squirrel (so good!). It said no squirrels were harmed though, so that was good.

  • HannahH;)

    I wouldn’t really consider carrots w/ sugar, coffee w/ chocolate, or apples w/ vanilla unusual. Here are some food combinations I like that some might call unusual:
    ~fried egg sandwich on toast w/ cheese and jelly
    ~peanut butter and cheddar sandwich on toast
    ~peanut butter and jelly sandwich w/ potato chips inside
    ~filet-o-fish w/ ketchup (because I hate tartar sauceXP)
    ~pancakes w/ brown gravy
    ~chocolate covered potato chips
    ~ranch dressing on pizza
    There’s probably a lot more, I just can’t think of them right now.

  • Caro

    DON'T PUT TOMATO FOLIAGE IN WITH TOMATOES! It's poisonous, just don't do it!

  • ogdred

    Tomato foliage contains atropine, a powerful poison with very unpleasant and potentially deadly effects.

  • Geoffrey

    some of these aren't that unsual

  • will

    carrots and rasberries =D
    its epic! try it

  • David Hopkins

    Huh? These are strange combinations? The only ones I found strange were 1, 3 and 9. What the heck is strange about mixing chocolate and coffee? People do it all the time. It's called mocha.

  • David Hopkins

    Also, what about chocolate zuccini loaf? The thought seems quite strange to most people, yet the zuccini just moistens the loaf and you can't even taste it.

  • Not a nasty mofo

    The peanut butter & banana sandwich is WAY better with bacon on it.

  • Louis Crivain

    Now HERE are some odd food combos…www,

    Bon appetit…fun coffee table book! (and baby shower gift) lol

  • Why is it that this great article jogs my memory of one other similar the one that I just read some place else?

  • bob boberstein

    you forgot waffles and fried chicken lol

  • omnomnom

    i have tried chocolate plus coffee, meat and star anise (mom cooks them) aand tomatoes and sugar. they dont taste bad actually :)

  • Mariah25

    Hot cheetos and cream cheese is my favorite!<3
    Barbeque chips and grape jelly.
    Hot dogs and peanut butter.
    Grilled cheese and ketchup ..YUM!
    Mac n cheese and ketchup.

  • Captain Carrot

    Salt, salt, salt, sugar, sugar, sugar. Good Lord.

    Fruit and (most) vegetables are good and perfectly fine by themselves w/out adding a bunch of sh*t to them. Enjoy them for what they are, not what you freakin’ add to them.

    Food combinations? Fine, have fun. I’ve seen people put peanut butter on bananas so a peanut butter/banana sandwich doesn’t sound so far-fetched.

    One sandwich I used to like as a kid was peanut butter and syrup (regular old, store bought maple syrup).

    But, come on, lay off the d*mn salt and sugar already. Most of those things aren’t meant to be f*cked with, especially fruits and, to some extent, veggies.

  • sinu

    aniseed and star anise are two different things—pls correct it

  • Tequao

    Here in Belgium, we have nr 10 too. My grandmother makes this with potatoes and meatloaf… it’s so tasty you won’t believe it :-)

  • cristy

    You might want to edit the tomato and sugar part . A tomato is actually a vegetable , but the tomato plant grows and the “fruit” of the plant is the tomato . Does that make sense ?

    • victimofcircumstance

      I’ve always thought that the tomato is really a fruit (actually, a type of berry, as far as I know) but classified as a vegetable….

  • Samantha

    No Salt for tomatoes! Bah! That is one of my favorite ways to eat them!

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  • wildsam2000

    eat the tomatoes and sugar!!!!!!!! i have never eaten a tomato with salt since… in fact, its kind of gross compared to the sugar

  • PoutineInMaVeins

    Poutine excites me…erotically!

  • PoutineInMaVeins

    My pooo-pooo-ppp Poootine. Pokerface? Fuugheetttaboutit! I am a soldier in the army of Poutine. It is imperative to eat poutine everyday!

  • stephane from Meudon France

    Let me add two suggestions to this great list:
    – 1) star shaped anis seed : better yet than throwing a a full star, break the pods and just pick the seeds, and add the seeds, ideally with tarragon leaves, to a roast poultry casserole or to broiled sea food like scallops (the pods have a smoky taste while the seeds are more subtle and go very well with tarragon)
    – 2) Re: Apple and vanilla: here is an incredible magical mix (use it or an apple crumble): if you mix a few drops of vanilla extract , pinches of cinnamon powder and a few drops of orange flower water to a sauteed caramelised apples base for a crumble, you get an incredible subtle sort of licorice flavor , not unlike that of the “car in bag” candies (multicolored drageed rods with a soft dark inside)

  • unusual maybe but tasty

    hotdogs with icecream is best

  • Wazzap Fag

    Pizza and ketchup, yo momma and her veejay

  • I love putting bananas with mayonnaise. The mayo brings out the sweetness of the bananas and adds a little sour tang to them.

  • Westzed

    We grew up putting sugar on sliced tomatoes, as did my mother, and grand-parents. They were of Swiss origin, and I think that is where it comes from.
    Anybody ever hear of this?

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  • GunFred

    Something I bet few have ever tried. Milk and coca cola gets a very plain colour in the glass but it taste like rainbow and I go get the milk everytime we drink cola. Stupid family refuse to try it just to annoy me.

    • Ollierocks

      Ewww sounds gross but sometimes they are the best things, I’m trying it thnx ????????????????

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  • Zach

    Chocolate and coffee is weird? It has a freakin’ name: mocha.

  • Ollierocks

    All this stuff is good but if you want something extra good try strawberrys with peanut buter it will blow you away ??????

  • ShatteredStar

    Out of all of your lists that I have read I love but this one lets me down… I have had ALL of these combos and so have most people that I know (there amazing!) And I live in California.

  • Vega

    Urge, I accidentally put salt in my coffee instead of sugar, it was vile

  • Benji

    Try butter with sugar in bread.

  • dallasdawn

    My favorite sandwich is grape or strawberry jelly with Cheeze Whiz. Sounds gross but tastes amazing. Everyone Ive ever offered this to was really hesitant and then loved it.

  • Maybe I’m a too much of a foodie, but none of these are surprising. I read through ALL the comments and found some interesting stuff to try. Only once did I find one I grew up on – (dill) pickle sandwich. Bon appetit!

    • PB Pickle is what I meant to say, not just pickle …

    • Also a lot of my friends love beer with whip cream, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it.

  • David

    My Uncle Ray taught me to spread yellow mustard on chocolate cake, and to put chopped onions on chocolate ice cream. Delicious!

  • lovelyophelia

    The stem and leaves of tomatoes contain solanine,which is toxic.

  • Hannah

    I love this list! A weird combination I discovered is melting milk chocolate and dipping cubes of a mild cheddar cheese into it. The chocolate makes the cheese take on a caramel kind of taste. Really good but a killer combination if you’re prone to migrains!

  • wrenn

    one of my korean students actually brought me chili chocolates from korea. it was surprisingly good and it has a little kick to it. ^_^

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  • Sonic10158

    This sounds crazy, but I like a Mayo, Tuna Fish (Sunkist I think is the name brand), and pancake syrup.

    • Sonic10158

      forgot the most important detail *facepalm*… I make a sandwich out of those ingredients.

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