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10 Cool Geek Gadgets for the Kitchen

Being a geek is not just reserved for the computer room – it pervades every aspect of your life. In order to enrich the lives of the geeks on the site, we have produced this list of 10 cool geek gadgets especially for use in the kitchen! Enjoy!


R2 D2 Trash Can

R2D2 Trashcan

Every geek must have at least one item of Star Wars memorabilia – and if you don’t – this is a great item to start the collection. You can keep your old pizza crusts and soda cans in here, as well as your old draft copies of quantum physics papers. Unfortunately the trash can doesn’t beep and squeak like R2, but it is better than nothing!

Buy one at Amazon


Tetris Ice Moulds


Tetris. Ice. Moulds. What more can I say? These are a design concept so you can’t buy them yet, but once they are out, I will definitely be buying some for my next geek cocktail party! [Source]


Tic Tac Toast


With Tic Tac Toast you can now exercise your brain at breakfast too! Grab some peanut butter and your favorite jam and have a tic tac toast competition. The winner eats the toast so you had better brush up on your tic tac toe skills or it will be cold left-over pizza for you. [Buy one]


Eye Vac


This is perfect for the geek who likes to eat his pizza standing up in the kitchen. When you are done, all you need to do is sweep the crumbs in the general direction of the Eye Vac and it will suck them all up! You don’t even need to bend down! What could be more perfect for the less active geek than this?

[Buy one]


Digital Hour Glass


This isn’t the most thrilling of gadgets, but I had to include it because it looks so cool! I have recently been looking for a new egg timer and this is definitely the one I am buying.

Buy one at Amazon


Hood Toaster Concept


Unfortunately this gadget it still only a concept, but what a GREAT looking toaster! I will be first in line to buy one of these when it makes it to the production stage. It works by sliding a small cage under the hood which holds the bread in place. Very very nice. [Source]


Nutritional Scales


They say you are what you eat, and these kitchen scales can tell you, exactly, the nutritional content of just about any food you use to prepare a meal. The scales come with an in-built computer that can analyze the nutritional content of the food you are weighing, from a database of over 1,400 different foodstuffs. The scales not only report on nutritional information, but they can keep a record of total dietary intake, for up to two people, so that you can monitor calorie intake as well as other important dietary information over time. [Buy One]


Grenade Fire Extinguisher

Pinqy Fire Extinguisher

One of these would look cool in every geeks kitchen! I would recommend that you not wear one on your belt when in public as you may get tazed bro. This is definitely a must have for every geek – especially those with questionable talent in the kitchen! [Buy one]


Voodoo Knife Block


A friend of mine owns one of these knife sets but in blood red, and I can tell you – it is even cooler in person than in the photo. This is probably the coolest knife set I have ever seen and at only $100 (approximately) it is a real steel! [Buy one]


ReadyWhenUR – SMS Kettle


This has got to be the coolest gadget ever made! This kettle can be turned on and off via an SMS message! Imagine heading home after a long day and arriving home to find the kettle hot and ready for a good cup of coffee! I am almost certain that owning one of these will cause a dramatic increase in my daily intake of coffee. This product has been marketed but does not yet appear to be available for sale. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

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  • Wow, nice gadgets! I love the tetris moulds, the eye vac & the hood toaster! Can’t say I’m that impressed by the ‘SMS kettle’ though… Maybe just because I hardly use one :P

    The grenade is pretty cool as well, but the ‘Tic Tac Toast’ looks unbeleivably lame. Plus the whole ‘jam and peanut butter’ combination. Bleurgh.

  • cowboy

    it’s a fine line between cool geek gadget and infomercial product, i think. otherwise cool list!

  • Joss

    Awesome! I want that toaster…

  • Rosa

    I *MUST* have the R2D2 trash can, the tetris ice trays, and the voodoo doll knife block!!!!!!

    The tic-tac-toast looks kinda lame, but otherwise, its a great list of cool gadgets! :)

  • DiscHuker

    i immediately clicked the link for the eyevac to see the price. being that i need to sweep my kitchen daily to deal with 2 large dogs worth of hair, i love this product. $100 is a little steep but maybe in the future.

  • amanda

    I want the eye vac! I have a two year old who just loves to make a mess!

  • fishing4monkeys

    I saw #2 when I was in southern france last year…except it was 150 EUROS there!!! What a ripoff…I still want one :)

  • fishing4monkeys: wow! That is definitely more than it is in the UK (about 50 pounds I think)

  • skeev

    There are some fine looking gadgets on this list though I think my fave has got to be voodoo knives. i do need a new knife set.

  • albert0

    Thats funny, I saw the #4 in America for $1200!

  • stevenh

    Shame that #5 is only a concept.
    Here is the available geek toaster: Panasonic-NB-G100P
    It heats by infrared. the light pulses on and off as the heat cycles. It is timer based, so it is almost impossible to forget that it’s on (thereby burning down the house).
    Great toast and re-heats.

    Basically looks like something out of a sci-fi movie when it’s working :)

  • CK

    These are awesome! Great list Jamie!

  • Ginger Lee

    Hail to the Geeks! and Jamie is our leader!

  • AlyshiaH

    OK so i totaly need the R2D2 trash can (of course i would never use him for trash, he would become my new cans-to-be-returned can), the voodoo knife set, and the SMS coffe maker.. yeah.. totaly need one… i would just send it messages from my bed, and wait for like 10 minutes till it was done.. then roll outta bed and start my day… mmm extra sleep…. Great list!

  • SocialButterfly

    I love the idea of the tetris ice molds!! And I gave the knife block to a friend for Christmas last year (she had just gone through a nasty break up) You can purchase it here in Canada at a specialty kitchenware store by the name of Le Gnome.

  • ShibariHime

    I have #2 in Bloody Red! Truelly groovy! It was giving to me by my BF’s Mom last year! Funny enough some might think the blades would suck since its so cool looking but they are actually not to bad! And dishwasher safe though I HATE it when I find them in there! *grrr*

  • heavybison

    Digital Hourglass….what will we think of next…

  • neilos

    I wish they’d make a droid toilet, they could call it Pee3PO…

  • Nelia

    I really want that kettle, I hope they perfect it soon! I use mine about a thousand times a day, it would be great if I could turn it on while still in bed, or on my way home from class or work.
    As for that C3PO trashcan… i think i’ve found my anniversary present for the guy in my life :)

  • Nelia

    Woops, R2D2 trashcan that is. Sorry, I am Starwars Challenged, and C3PO was still in my mind because of Neilos’ comment. Which is pretty funny by the way Neilos

  • neilos


  • dofnup

    I am seriously considering the eye-vac, $100 is a lot but I hate that last little line of dust that you can never pick up with a usual dustpan >_

  • MzFly

    VooDoo Knife set- Awesome!
    I’m diggin the Tetris ice cubes too, and the eye vacuum would certainly come in handy. I’m not sold on the sms text kettle though… coffee can get a bit stale just sitting out waiting to be made.

  • BTrout

    WOW… we’ve infused coffee pots with terrorist rode-side bombing technology

  • BTrout

    damn it i spelled road wrong… i’m a dumbass… sorry

  • Csimmons

    Awesome gadgets, I need the eye vac!

  • jesse

    wow that eye vac is such a good idea

  • darthbarbie

    We have a Darth Vader cookie jar. I think that’s pretty geeky. I would love the voodoo knife set but it seems inappropriate for those who have small kids and my son(who’s 6) would tell me that daily and I couldn’t take the constant reminders…

  • islanderbst

    on that digital hour glass- how can something be both insipid AND brilliant!

    and id like a R2 trash can,
    if I could only find a salesJawa

  • Mom424

    I want the dust sucker. I have a large expanse of ceramic tile floor(don’t get the matte finish/unshiny kind, they eat socks), quick flick in the general direction would be wonderful. All the sock lint, kid bits, and kitty hair, whoosh gone.

  • SoCalJeff

    Wow…I thought the thinkgeek website was awesome, but follow the link for #8 – i could spend hours on that perpetualkid website. Great gag gifts and neat things for around the house.

  • deep717

    HAHA…this is amazing. I am buying the ice moulds as we speak.

  • Nightstalker

    There is some good stuff on this list. The voodoo knife block has to be the best though. That thing is awesome. I want one.

  • bwmyers18

    The chrome knife block is $100 … the red (or black, or pink) one is only $70 !! Just finished ordering mine !! :)

  • Du

    im probrably going to get 6, 4, and 2.
    they seem the most practical. or at least to me.

    the scale and the timer is actually quite useful and cool at the same time. the knife holder is just funky looking =3

  • copperdragon

    definitely need to get the voodoo knife set!

  • has to be the best place for the Geek Merch. I’ve been considering buying a usb missile launcher to scare the cats.

  • Angelina

    I just bought the voodoo knife set. Seems appropriate considering I broke up with my boyfriend today and that I didn’t have a knife set. Yea me!

  • Some of these are cool but others are just nerdy. Geeky and nerdy are different too.

  • alycia

    awesome! im gunna get me all of those

  • babygirl2882

    Amazing!! I want all!

  • SuperKawaiiNeko

    Some of these are cool, but somehow I doubt that the OP is an actual geek ^_^0

    A few comments, though…

    The hood toaster? Bad idea. It looks cool, but unless that thing is rediculously small (like, just large enough for one slice of bread) I cant see it toasting both sides of the bread unless the coils are stupidly powerful, which is just a waste of energy (and a hazard to boot.) It looks to me like you’re even supposed to put two slices in “back to back” at which point it DEFINETLY wont unless you turn them by hand, which is just silly. Also, the open air design promotes air flow…great for keeping the coils (and the food) cool, requiring once again, more power. Sure heat rises, so the hood helps “trap” heat, but that wont matter when it all the heat is being blown out (which it would, even indoors.) Sure it looks neat, but it’s not very efficient at all.

    The nutritional scale is a neat idea, but it probably just has a log of generic values for each type of food (possibly modified by weight.) It cant take into account changes in value due to things like age or cooking method, so the information will be a guesstimate at best. Still a neat device, just giving a heads up.

    The fire extinguisher is cute, but please note the size. It’s 14 centimeters tall, and that’s from the base to the very top of the trigger. This means that the resivoir is, at MOST, 7 or 8 centimeters (or about 3 inches) in diameter. Maximum. This is a VERY small fire extinguisher, and while its nice to have on the counter as decoration and for easy access, it’s only really good for equally small fires. Please dont replace your normal kitchen extinguisher (which everyone should have!!) with this as it simply will not be able to handle actual emergencies.

    Buyer beware!

  • Diogenes

    if the R2D2 were a urinal, then I might consider purchasing one. Good luck in getting rights from LucasFilmsLimited for producing a R2D2 Urinal!

    the Hood Toaster Concept looks like a tanning bed for bread.
    because you cant go out on the beach looking like that Bread.

    is one supposed to throw the Grenade Fire Extinguisher into the fire in order to put it out with a fire retardant explosion?

    Concerning the Tetris Ice Moulds: now we know what recycled plastics go to.

  • Diogenes


  • Diogenes


    ok, It hadnt immeadiatly occured to me, but
    if I purchased the r2d2 trashcan and installed it in my bathroom as a urinal
    and people payed me for the installation fee then I could make multi legit monies.
    sly smiley face icon goes here.

  • dracomalfoy

    The Voodoo Knife Block is the simplest yet the coolest. Lol! I love it. Hahaha!

  • Kita


  • Gloomcookie

    holy crap I have that kife set…does that mean im a geek?

  • Gloomcookie: I would say if you have or want at least 3 of the things on this list, you are a qualified geek! :)

  • srichards

    lol…very cool…lol

  • Drogo

    There’s a goofy lookin’ toaster among the gadgets on this website’s page. It’s the coolest thing in the list.

  • DiscHuker

    goofball – (#39) what is the difference between a geek and a nerd?

  • 8D! I have seen that set of knives! In store somewhere =D

    And they were in red too!

  • romerozombie

    I’m going to buy those Tetris ice moulds for my geeky cousin.

  • Buster

    My mom has those knives in the red, but sadly my brother messed up the knives and they don’t fit anymore.

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  • Frazzzld

    I love that Voodoo Knife holder… I want one. :)

  • Denzell


  • neener130

    I like the tic tac toaster!!!

  • I want the Tetris ice cube moulds… A commenter above (deep717) said they were buying some. I’d to know where from, so I can check out the price.

    Instructables has a How To for making your own but it looks a bit too ‘practical’ for me lol.

  • londonafter
    you forgot about this!! what can be geekier than a tardis fridge!??? haha

  • The Only Sane One

    As I generally love your site, and recommend it to many people, I was incredibly disappointed to find that you jumped on the UF don’t-tase-me bandwagon. If you watch that video you hear Sen. Kerry say “Let me answer his question” as he’s being unfairly restrained by police- the whole thing was a mess and I thought JFrater and the crew of this site were of a high enough caliber to not make light of serious situations like this one. How you could include it so crassly and in such a inappropriate way – to have it show up on a kitchen gadgets list of all places – makes me seriously reconsider your site.

  • Tell me argentinian

    super cool! call me a geek but a loved every gadget (except the toast)

    is my first time in this page, is great! i’ve been reading a lot of lists. saludos desde Salta, Argentina!

  • Steve

    Related to item #9 – there are also LEGO ice trays!

  • chumpman

    I need Eye Vac the most, I like taking snacks while watching TV in sofa, cookies, potato chips, breads and cakes. I like (and need also) Nutritional Scales the most, better check dietary intake of my favorable snacks. Nutritional information ? I don’t need, most of my favorable snacks are junk food, LOL !

  • cris_redfeild123

    for those of you who like the tetris ice trays they sell them on

  • Hoppip

    Yay, I want the tetris ice trays!

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    Yay! Tetris Ice Trays! The Eye Vac is a cool idea too, as is the VooDoo Knife Rack! They’re all cool.

    Nice list!

  • Grogblossom

    R2D2 trash can – pizza crusts and soda cans get put in the same receptacle? No recycling?

  • Maria

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • This list is fantastic! I want everything on it, haha! Another great job :)

  • I haven’t seen the granade yet. It´s LoL

  • Vitek

    So in the "Another 10 Ridiculous Products" you put "The cell phone (SMS to be more precise)" on the 2nd place, but since you can use SMS to have a coffee ready on minute earlier than normaly, it is not so bad afterall, no is it? ;-)

    Maybe those two top lists are out of contects, and you complain mainly about the "language" people use while texting, but you should be more careful when you write about ambivalent themes.

  • Roomba kicks the Eye-Vac's butt.

  • eamonchoi

    does anyone try "SEMEN ICE CREAM"? :)

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  • Shooting-Star

    i love the eye vac…i hate bending over to sweep stuff into the dustpan. however, im not gonna spend $100 + shipping for and easy alternative. it’ll be on my “i can always dream” list. :-)

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