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Top 10 Ways to Fly Under the Radar

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

These days it is becoming harder and harder to live your life without some kind of interference from the government. Individual sovereignty has become virtually lost. There are, however, some things you can do to fly under the radar of government and become independent. This is a list of tips and tricks for living your life without the burden of government, or to help you if you simply wish to disappear.


Leave no Trails


This means pay in cash – always (unless you own an anonymous credit card), shred any documentation you do not need (use a decent shredder that turns your paper in to dust – authorities can piece together the basic type of shredded documents). Don’t use your real name if possible, and definitely don’t apply for credit. Your credit report is like a big map pointing right to you.


Secure Yourself Online


If you are going to be using the internet in your secret lifestyle, you should do everything you can to secure yourself online. This means using PGP (encryption software) when emailing people (and using an email account that can not be traced to you directly), and, most importantly, it means saying nothing online that you would not be prepared to see on the front page of the newspaper.


Get an Anonymous Mobile Phone

Cellphone Minimalist Front

Most countries allow you to buy prepaid mobile phones that do not need to be registered to a name or address. Once you get your prepaid sim card, only top it up with cash and do not give anyone the number. Use the number exclusively for making outgoing calls. If you are planning to contact someone that may be looking for you, you should discard the prepaid sim once a month and try to buy prepaid sims online that will let you call from a foreign number.


Give up the Perks

Img Fflyercard

In order to reduce the chances of someone finding you when you don’t want to be found, you need to stop using things like frequent flier points, ATMs (unless you have an anonymous card – see item 2), cable, video store memberships, etc. For entertainment there is always the internet – and if you are wanting to avoid having an internet account linked to you, just download the latest music and movies from a free internet cafe.


Live Simply


The best way to remain anonymous (and therefore to be ignored by the powers that be) is to live a simple lifestyle. If you lead a flashy lifestyle, live in the best house, drive the latest Bentley, throw world famous parties, people are going to start paying attention and the taxman is going to wonder how you can afford it. In the case of tax evasion, some governments can even order you to give detailed evidence of how you have paid for your high price consumer goods if they are unable to find a taxable source of income in your life. This can then be used as evidence of tax fraud.


Become a Diplomat


For 75,000 Euros, you can become an official diplomatic of one of two stable Southern African (but not South Africa) nations. The result is that you are exempt from tax in your country of residence from all income earned outside of the nation. Your home becomes an officially registered consulate and you receive immunity from the governmental forces. While this won’t help you with anonymity, it does help you with avoidance of the law.


Use a Mail Drop


A mail drop enables you to receive mail from anywhere without your real address becoming known. It can act as a complete barrier between you and companies on the internet that you buy goods from, and can help protect you from people who are seeking information on your wealth based on your home’s location and public records. Coupled with a false name and false documentation, you can virtually become a new person.


Become a Perpetual Tourist


This is perhaps the best method of becoming a sovereign individual. A perpetual tourist keeps his finances in tax havens and then travels the world spending as much time as is necessary to avoid becoming official resident anywhere. Tourists are often treated better than residents and you can choose to live in nations that are closer to your way of thinking.


Get an Anonymous Credit Card


Anonymous credit cards are quite easy to come by on the internet. You simply provide upfront funds and an email address and you are emailed your card number and expiry date. When you use the card online you can give any name and address and security code as the clearing house will only take in to account the number and expiry date. This means that you have less security as it is easier for someone to steal your card number and use it – but you have 100% total anonymity. Combined with a mail drop, you can purchase any goods you want and they can never be traced to you.


Buy a Camouflage Passport


Believe it nor you can actually legally have a false passport made. They are called camouflage passports and are usually passports from a country that no longer exists, such as the USSR and Rhodesia. Groups who make and supply these passports say: “a camouflage passport is designed to look realistic enough to allow a person to conceal his nationality in event of a hijacking, riot or some similar situation where his identity may single him out as a crime victim”. Additionally, you often also receive (free of charge) an accompanying drivers license and other forms of ID from the same nation as the passport – to help substantiate your false identity. Purchasing information can be found here.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Writers

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