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Top 10 Ways to Fly Under the Radar

These days it is becoming harder and harder to live your life without some kind of interference from the government. Individual sovereignty has become virtually lost. There are, however, some things you can do to fly under the radar of government and become independent. This is a list of tips and tricks for living your life without the burden of government, or to help you if you simply wish to disappear.


Leave no Trails


This means pay in cash – always (unless you own an anonymous credit card), shred any documentation you do not need (use a decent shredder that turns your paper in to dust – authorities can piece together the basic type of shredded documents). Don’t use your real name if possible, and definitely don’t apply for credit. Your credit report is like a big map pointing right to you.


Secure Yourself Online


If you are going to be using the internet in your secret lifestyle, you should do everything you can to secure yourself online. This means using PGP (encryption software) when emailing people (and using an email account that can not be traced to you directly), and, most importantly, it means saying nothing online that you would not be prepared to see on the front page of the newspaper.


Get an Anonymous Mobile Phone

Cellphone Minimalist Front

Most countries allow you to buy prepaid mobile phones that do not need to be registered to a name or address. Once you get your prepaid sim card, only top it up with cash and do not give anyone the number. Use the number exclusively for making outgoing calls. If you are planning to contact someone that may be looking for you, you should discard the prepaid sim once a month and try to buy prepaid sims online that will let you call from a foreign number.


Give up the Perks

Img Fflyercard

In order to reduce the chances of someone finding you when you don’t want to be found, you need to stop using things like frequent flier points, ATMs (unless you have an anonymous card – see item 2), cable, video store memberships, etc. For entertainment there is always the internet – and if you are wanting to avoid having an internet account linked to you, just download the latest music and movies from a free internet cafe.


Live Simply


The best way to remain anonymous (and therefore to be ignored by the powers that be) is to live a simple lifestyle. If you lead a flashy lifestyle, live in the best house, drive the latest Bentley, throw world famous parties, people are going to start paying attention and the taxman is going to wonder how you can afford it. In the case of tax evasion, some governments can even order you to give detailed evidence of how you have paid for your high price consumer goods if they are unable to find a taxable source of income in your life. This can then be used as evidence of tax fraud.


Become a Diplomat


For 75,000 Euros, you can become an official diplomatic of one of two stable Southern African (but not South Africa) nations. The result is that you are exempt from tax in your country of residence from all income earned outside of the nation. Your home becomes an officially registered consulate and you receive immunity from the governmental forces. While this won’t help you with anonymity, it does help you with avoidance of the law.


Use a Mail Drop


A mail drop enables you to receive mail from anywhere without your real address becoming known. It can act as a complete barrier between you and companies on the internet that you buy goods from, and can help protect you from people who are seeking information on your wealth based on your home’s location and public records. Coupled with a false name and false documentation, you can virtually become a new person.


Become a Perpetual Tourist


This is perhaps the best method of becoming a sovereign individual. A perpetual tourist keeps his finances in tax havens and then travels the world spending as much time as is necessary to avoid becoming official resident anywhere. Tourists are often treated better than residents and you can choose to live in nations that are closer to your way of thinking.


Get an Anonymous Credit Card


Anonymous credit cards are quite easy to come by on the internet. You simply provide upfront funds and an email address and you are emailed your card number and expiry date. When you use the card online you can give any name and address and security code as the clearing house will only take in to account the number and expiry date. This means that you have less security as it is easier for someone to steal your card number and use it – but you have 100% total anonymity. Combined with a mail drop, you can purchase any goods you want and they can never be traced to you.


Buy a Camouflage Passport


Believe it nor you can actually legally have a false passport made. They are called camouflage passports and are usually passports from a country that no longer exists, such as the USSR and Rhodesia. Groups who make and supply these passports say: “a camouflage passport is designed to look realistic enough to allow a person to conceal his nationality in event of a hijacking, riot or some similar situation where his identity may single him out as a crime victim”. Additionally, you often also receive (free of charge) an accompanying drivers license and other forms of ID from the same nation as the passport – to help substantiate your false identity. Purchasing information can be found here.

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  • SlickWilly

    Mel: Being both a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist *and* a raging pedophile, I find this list to be *most* helpful in helping kill as many infidels and molest as many children as is humanly possible. I didn't even know it was *possible* to kill this many infidels and molest this many kids! And, thank Allah, had it not been for Jfrater and the Listverse, I might never have gotten away with it all! Thank you, Jamie, and may Allah have mercy on your damned heathen soul!

  • RobS

    “Flying under the radar”?
    I would think making your airplane go really, really low would be the obvious answer…

  • DarkWolf

    Cool. Now I can get away with all of my random criminal activity.

  • Genesis105

    Nice list! These are some interesting ideas, but it just seems like too much effort! XD

  • T

    what about a cheesy mustache and a hat for all of those security cameras

  • Pete

    Great list, though I would of called it “10 Ways to Disappear” instead of how to fly under the radar. The title makes me think of stealth flying.

  • Another list to add to the ‘perfect crime’, ‘survive in prison’, ‘kill with bare hands’ etc type I see ! haha This one’s a great one, really interesting. I didn’t realise there was that much you could do to keep such a low profile.

  • T: that would be number 11 :)

    Pete: Flying under the radar is a colloquial term for being invisible to those around you :)

    • Napoleon 666

      Thank you for this list! I shall now move to the U.S. and become a notorious domestic terrorist!

  • Shabab

    This list just screams “made for britney spears”. And also, now i can commit the perfect crime AND not get caught, and if need be, survive in prison, all thanks to listverse.

  • dangorironhide: yeah – I did think of that though I put this one in travel not crime. I am keen to a list relating to spying too – I need to do some research first.

  • Shabab: let’s hope this list will make the need for the prison survival list redundant :)

  • Mel

    great guide for terrorists and pedophiles!

  • Randy

    Hope you’re not planning on disappearing on us, Jamie. Great list.

  • SlickWilly

    Ah, a throwback! Excellent, Jfrater, most excellent.

  • Rocky

    I would like to know where to get a false passport please.

  • Rocky: just adding the link at the bottom :)

    Interesting combination of comments so far :)

  • Randy

    SlickWilly: As a fundamental Islamic terrorist, you of all people should know that Jamie is an infidel, not a heathen. :)

  • Oh – and for the record, I wrote the list with individual sovereignty in mind – not criminal behavior!

  • AT86

    i get curious looks when someone glances at my screen at work. i am quite sure they think i am a criminal. wonder if listverse is going to make me lose my job!

  • osj

    Feel I wasted my time reading this…

  • Phillies

    What about covering your face with your hands? No one can see you if you can’t see them…

  • Bob

    Sucks to be you, then, osj.

  • ringtailroxy

    although I feel that Big Brother is ever encroaching upon our personal liberties, aside from becoming a perpetual tourist, none of these are worth the time or effort for me. with some employers now having employees “clock-in” by using their fingerprints, cameras inside of road signs and at every stoplight, cameras inside every store… and with people thinking that GPS is the greatest thing since individually wrapped cheese slices.. it is just damn near impossible to truly remain undetected in your life.

    to live somewhat undetected today, one has to forgo a bank account, never own a house, buy a vehicle cash (no financing!), work for yourself out of your basement with an on-line business, never get sick, don’t ever get fingerprinted…or arrested, or go in public, or ever get a driver’s license…

    *sigh* you can’t even buy anything from Home Depot without giving your phone number, Petco offers discounts if you have a Petco card, etc. etc. It’s just business’ way to ‘predict’ our spending habits… are we so predictable? are we really?

    makes me sick. are things any better in Australia? or New Zealand? I’ve been batting the idea of moving away from the U.S. and heading to Australia. My surfer boyfriend will love it, I could work for the RSPCA, and, if I live in the right area, actually live with a real Dingo! (I have Australia Cattle Dogs) it seems you Aussies work less and have more than many of us blue-collar Americans…

    yeah… that could work… but the damn quarantine period and restrictions for domestic pets is quite stringent…I once helped a man to export his 2 huge St. Bernards to Australia… and it cost him over 5,000$ to do so!so maybe I have to wait…


  • Lucky

    cute list…but dude, ATM machine (#7)? SUCH a pet peeve of mine!!

  • Lucky: fixed :) I know how it feels. It annoys me when people say “the hoi polloi” as well.

  • Um… interesting?

  • MzFly

    Cool list. The perpetual tourist route definitely sounds appealing.
    Growing up in a low income family in the U.S. a lot of these are things that were necesary for my family in my yojnger years (paying cash, no bank acct or credit cards and even getting a passport was unthinkable).

  • Wanna stay undetected? Stay home.

    Haha, I kid. Pretty interesting list! Just too much effort for my taste. :)

  • Callie

    I’m going to buy a diplomacy, declare my apartment a consulate, and appoint my cat as my right hand man. That’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • stevenh

    For most of us, this list is way too late.
    I have internet trails going back to 1996.

    Plus a real job, with direct deposit, etc.

    Ahh well….

  • Ginger Lee

    LOL- this happens to coincide with the book I’m writing…

  • BishopWhiteT

    ringtailroxy wrote:
    “*sigh* you can’t even buy anything from Home Depot without giving your phone number”

    Whenever a store asks for my phone number I give them the local area code and then 867-53zero9.

    If you say zero instead of o, they never catch on, at least no one has so far.


  • stevenh

    Ginger Lee:
    I hope that you will use a pseudnym, and an account in Andorra or Dubai to bank your royalties.

  • Ginger Lee: what is the book?

    stevenh: I have internet trails too – I would have to get a new identity entirely :)

  • My brother actually lived under the Radar quite successfully. He never paid taxes, etc… but lived a nice life as a world traveler. He played fair, but didn’t like the idea of “the man” or becoming a number. He lived that lifestyle until the end. I admired his stance, though I could never pull it off, and even at the end, when he contracted cancer, he didn’t apply for any assistance or aid. His reasoning was that he led a solo existance and would go out the way he came in.

    He was quite an interesting fellow.

  • UselessCamper

    This post is perfect for Harlequins and Travelers to fly below the Brethren’s radar.

  • DiscHuker

    i just build a fort in my living room with blankets and chairs. can’t find me there.

  • pookyB

    reminds me of an iron maiden song, ya know?

  • BishopWhiteT: Maybe it’s because I’m a Brit, but I don’t get it…

    pookyB: Which song?

  • Randall


    It’s not a Brit vs. American thing so much as a generational thing. “867-5309” is the famous phone number in the refrain of “Jenny” by Tommy Tutone… a huge hit in the early 80s. As in:

    Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?

  • Randall: Aah, thanks! I’ve heard of that before actually haha

  • downhighway61

    you don’t have to give your phone number to any store that asks for it.
    it’s just to get on their mailing list, and if your number is unlisted it won’t even work.
    bath and body works/victoria’s secret does it.
    so does babies r us.
    just say no!

  • downhighway61

    awesome list, by the way

  • BrotherMan

    If this list means flying under the radar of the government then I am screwed for I must be flying far above the radar. Well, except for #6. It seems like I can barely afford to eat sometimes let alone think about lots of luxurious things.

  • jeff

    Thanks for the list.

    It not so much “how to cover up criminal behavior” but more so “how to avoid becoming a victim of the criminal behavior of your own government”

    Individual sovereignty is something that Americans have forgotten about.
    Too many have been willing to trade in their hard fought liberties for a cozy feeling of pseudo safety.
    Its actually sickening.

    Some of you may welcome Orwell’s vision of the future but I for one will fight with every ounce of energy I have to prevent the tyranny that is looming on the horizon.

    While safety and security may be important, they have never been, nor will they ever be as important as freedom and liberty.
    Don’t let the cost of freedom cost you your freedom.

    Again, thanks for the list.

  • loseitbonkers

    very fascinating and informative list.
    jfrater, do YOU

  • DiscHuker

    jeff: (just to play devil’s advocate) if the government is the one that makes the rules, how can thier behavior be criminal?

  • jeff


    Our current administration didn’t write the Constitution, or Bill of Rights, but for some reason they cannot seem to abide by it.

  • DiscHuker

    jeff: but they control what is right and wrong legally, even to the point of being able to change what was our foundation. if they want to do something, they have the power and right to do so, right?

  • Brithombar

    Very informative, and good to know should I hit the lam.

  • vesselman

    Jfrater- Re, #3, how does one cross international borders without a valid passport? I suggest changing #3 to, no international travel.

  • vesselman: very easily – live in Europe – passports are not required between many of the EU nations now.

  • vesselman: number 3 is more for tax benefits than hiding really.

  • vesselman


  • jeff

    Trying to change the foundation (AKA constitutional amendments) is of course their right.

    There is a big difference however between using legal means (2/3 majority vote) as opposed to ignoring the LAW.

    They are not attempting to amend the constitution, they are choosing to ignore it.
    That is the difference, and that in itself makes all the difference.

  • Sharki

    Those fake passports are cool but they cost a fortune! They want 500 euros for them.

  • Salt

    Forgive me if you’ve already seen this wheeze:

    Orwell’s tapping the inside of his coffin lid and yelling, “It’s a cautionary tale, you dolts–not a motivational speech!

  • Major Wood

    Being a perpetual tourist would be awesome, unfortunately you need to be ludicrously wealthy in order to maintain such a lifestyle. Maybe the next list should be “top 10 ways to get rich.”

  • Csimmons

    Nice, that body that’s buried is starting to draw attention, now with these tips, They’ll never know…

  • Bella

    Wow you really can learn everything/anything on the internet.

  • dickshoes

    good fucking list son

  • stevenh

    about #3 – Become a sovereign individual.
    This is really the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. As Major Wood pointed out, having substantial assets helps, but I think that it is not necessary.
    As a soverign, I’d love to have my own flag, passport and perhaps write an anthem. It would probably be a bit much to travel about with an individual army, though.

  • Sidereus

    Ha! This list makes me think of the “Bourne” movies. It’s an interesting concept to think you could actually stay completely anonymous in this age. Seems like everyone (stores, websites, etc.) has to have your contact information for some reason.

  • For everyone who mentioned that Blasted song… Thanks I’ll have it stuck in my head for weeks. I guess it’s better than “Time of my life” Bill Medley + Jennifer Warnes. I hate Dirty Dancing.

  • Totally gonna get a camouflage passport.

  • stormy617

    I think this is a great list and another benefit of it is there are some good suggestions for a woman that is in an abusive relationship that she needs to get out of completely and make sure that he can never find her!!!

    You are so Awesome JFray!!!

  • Mullaccio

    Great list. Fuck Big Brother!!

  • DiscHuker

    for the price and the almost miniscule chance that it would be used for anything beneficial (legal), i can’t see the purpose of owning the camouflage passport.

  • 666

    I went to radio shack to get a damn pack of batteries ($3) and they asked for my address and phone. I asked them: why do you need that, I’m buying a $3 item and paying in cash.

    They said it was their policy, I said…so if I come in here and attempt to buy that lap top and want to pay in cash, you will refuse my business?

    Then it went to, “well we request the information to better serve you”…

    …they just TRY to get your info, if you flatly refuse they will still sell to you, they are in the business of profit.

  • 666

    FistPuker! I didn’t see you here, wow, you get around these lists! I see that you’re buying a false passport? Good luck with that!

  • ImMez

    I used prepaid phones, only to keep up my Jason Bourne image though.

  • zstock00

    Hey, Anybody have any information on the becoming a diplomat for the Southern African Nations. I would like to actually take a look into that. Thanks

  • sarahenity

    i missed these sort of lists hehe

  • Drogo

    Radio Shack stopped asking for addresses (in my area). I think because people complained. They changed it to name, and Zip(postal) code. I gave a fake name, and my grandparent’s code. They used your name and Zip to find your address, and send you catalogues. Then they changed it to name and phone. I gave fake name/real phone. They used a reverse phone book, and David Stratton started getting catalogues at my address. I got “Stratton” from my lawn mower engine.

  • JMurf

    So eeehhh what’s everyone’s address?

  • perun99

    I usually politely decline with an “I’d rather not” when asked for my phone number in stores. Seems to work ok. I’ll give them a zip code though…no harm in that one.

  • BishopWhiteT

    OK, trivia buffs…Mockingbird Ln. is a major street in my City, so my standard fake when they ask me for an address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Anyone? Anyone?

    Oh yeah and hey Randall, it’s not 867-53-OH-9…

  • BishopWhiteT

    I used to refuse the phone number and/or address thing, but it’s just so much more fun to pull off a good fake.

  • stormy617

    So BishopWhiteT: How are the Munsters doing these days???

  • Licurgo

    wow amazing list congratulationt
    the diplomat thing is very intersting remind me when in the serie dilbert dogbert become a diplomat and go around yelling to everyone “dimplomatic inmunity, licence to kill
    haha so funny
    for me the best way to stay untracked is live in mexico,here the autorities doesnt care what you doing, they are busy dealing with drug dealers and with corrupt cops,so they not pay attention to bittorrent download or little tax mistakes.
    i never pay any tax in my life.

  • SnowKid32

    They should make a movie on this, and BEFORE YOU REPLY, I…actually…mean…ONE THAT DOESN’T SUCK.

  • stormy617

    DiscHuker: for the price and the almost miniscule chance that it would be used for anything beneficial (legal), i can’t see the purpose of owning the camouflage passport.

    I think the only people that would have a truly valid need to have one would be people that for some reason or another absolutely have to visit a foreign country where his/her home country is despised and if they came to be in a sticky situation it would be in their best interest to be from any other country except their true one.

  • Stormy: Say, an American citizen doing humanitarian work in, Iraq, North Korea, China, Somolia, Libia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Columbia, Brazil, and most Arabic countries???

  • stormy617

    Exactly, I was just about to add that I hoped that what I said made sense. I have been up almost for over 24 hours now, as I had to do my turn at midnights and had to stay up all day so i can sleep tonight and readjust myself back to days.

    *sigh* I should have been in bed awhile ago but my addiction has a strong hold on me and I can’t seem to make myself back away from the computer LOL

  • PJMurphy

    The Camouflage Passport idea is absolutely useless for crossing borders…don’t you think Border Agents worldwide know exactly which countries are defunct? Try crossing a border with one of these and you will end up in jail, for trying to enter with false papers.

    Same thing with the Diplomat dodge. In order to qualify for diplomatic immunity, you have to register with the host nation. Even if you do manage to acquire diplomatic status, you can still be expelled from the host nation. It’s called getting “pinged”, from PNG, or “persona non grata”. “Diplomatic” status from an obscure African nation doesn’t sound so great if they stuff your ass on a plane headed there.

    As well, many agents of intelligence services carry Diplomatic passports. Coming under the intense scrutiny of the FBI and CIA doesn’t sound like flying under the radar to me.

  • stormy617

    PJMurphy: I agree about the passport it would only be used once you are in the country you are traveling to, so the identification that you carry around with you will not identify your true nationality.

  • 666


    Someone has blown the lid off this silly list!

    Fake passports etc.: good in the 1970s, not so good in 2008.

    Damn shame, too fuckin’ bad you can’t ‘disappear’ anymore.

  • 666

    Stormy: Say, an American citizen doing humanitarian work in, Iraq, North Korea, China, Somolia, Libia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Columbia, Brazil, and most Arabic countries.

    Anyone doing ‘humanitarian’ work.

    In these cess pools.

    Are just fools.

  • 666

    ‘Humanitarian’ work.

    In cess pools.

    Is done by fools.

  • 666

    ‘Humanitarian’ work.

    In cess pools.

    Done by fools.

  • 666

    3 revisions of my modest poem

  • 666


    In cess pools.

    Damn fools.

  • 666

    Humanitarians: Damn fools in cess pools

  • 666


    In cess pools.


  • 666

    6 revisions: Post #95 is the final draft.

  • 666

    Fools + cess pools = Humanitarians

  • Dan

    Great list! this is similar to one i once read on an online mens magazine about how to fake your own death and set up a new life in a different country. idea for another list *wink wink*

  • Diogenes

    i guess this means that I probably shouldn’t have removed my fingerprints with acid?
    fun list to ponder on.
    I cant wait for the day to disappear.
    but yeh, to bad about my fingerprints. damn.

  • Diogenes

    shed the protective sheath and become an aloof vagabond

  • stormy617

    666 let me start by saying that your name suits you!!

    Humanitarians doing work in other less fortunate countries are selfless caring human beings.

    Doctors without borders is an excellent example, I would hardly call them fools!!

    However, I actually care about my fellow……no… know what screw it I dont feel like wasting my time trying to talk to some one as stupid as you obviously are!!!

    I have much better things to do with my time!!!

  • 666: That’s the whole point of HUMANitarian work. when you care for for your fellow man then the War around you.

    Stormy: Say, an American citizen doing humanitarian work in, Iraq, North Korea, China, Somolia, Libia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Columbia, Brazil, and most Arabic countries.

    You Quoted the Wrong person, Ass.

  • Gazzles

    More info on becoming a dimplomat please.

    Also, me giving you my email in order to post this seems very contradictory! hahah

  • Gazzles: You can use a fake email address :) But perhaps more important than that is that I get your IP address too, which tells me you are in Darwin, Australia (though IP -> Country lookups can be wrong).

    The solution here is don’t have an online persona :)

  • Ozhan

    Become a Diplomat:
    Give us the names of those countries.

    I think “Secure Yourself Online” is too short.

  • Moonster1

    The Who Who’s Next
    The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s
    Paul McCartney Band On The Run
    Neil Young Harvest
    Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Hard to narrow it down to one. Viva le Rock!

  • Moonster1: I think you’re lost. try ___

  • Moonster1

    Crimanon: I was lost and was wondering what happened to my comment. I don’t know how it ended up here but I did post it already on the right list. Thanks for keeping me on track.

  • Jablicko

    #6 I do all the time!. No assets to speak of.

  • SlickWilly


  • maximuz04

    best list ever!

  • joanne

    i love the idea of being a perpetual tourist

    nationalism (particularly of the ethnocentric and related types) is S0o0o0o0o 19th century

    Homo sapiens FTW!

  • Mutley

    Great list. Is there anymore information about becoming a diplomat? or can you point me in the right direction?


    ALLAH was a pedifile!!

    -btw the 72 virgins are all boys!

    CIA blackopps – Swine Unit

    We, the USA, have apparently sunk to a new LOW. The news out of
    Iraq, is that the CIA has initiiated a policy. The remains of any and all
    suicide bombers in the Middle East or in the West Bank are fed to

    This is outrageous !!

    Call you Congressman and protest, this make Abu Ghraib look like a
    misdemeanor and not the grevious problem that it presented.


  • Ricky

    On the radio shack thing, they ask for last name I tell them Cash, then they ask for first name, I tell them Paidwith. Really pisses them off.

  • franky mcnasty

    baby its gets easyier as tyme pass’s and then you have to ask your self wow that was easy.

  • franky mcnasty

    im not a crimmial but i despise are gov.that bad,greed!

  • CurtShmurt

    Conversely to #6, don't live like a bum in your neighborhood, being flashy and being decrepit both draw unwanted attention if one wants to be unseen. Be as middle-of the-road as possible, listen to am radio,don't get a loud thumpy stereo in your car, cut your lawn regularly…etc

    oh! Don't dress like a pimp…

  • PIT

    That is awesome, I also found this great experiment video about a diet coke and mentos explosion in a microwave on youtube that was really entertaining. It is pretty near death as far as diet coke and mentos goes. It is at Take a peek, its worth it.

  • marvin

    What has happened our government on longer thinks of you and I as a VESTED CITIZEN or in true CITIZENSHIP.

  • Anon-a-Mouse

    I remember ages ago, someone telling me a fun thing to try, (probably wouldnt work these days, but I thought the idea was good)

    When renewing or replacing a passport, when you hand over the photograph, make sure that beforehand you have dippped it in brake fluid (obviously wiping it off first) apparently this will slowly dissolve the chemicals in the photo. So by the time they go back to their records to find a picture to release to interpol, you have mysteriously dissapeared.

    Not much point nowadays though with digital whatnots, and bio-thingamys, but I thought it was a neat idea.

  • arlene

    If the Diplomat thing is legit….please put info out on what countries and how you go about doing it. I'm not a criminal, just feel like our government and people in office are. (criminals)…..what ever happened to "freedom"???

  • RE: "A perpetual tourist keeps his finances in tax havens "

    What country & what bank do you recommend?

  • Cat Teller

    So where is the information on becoming an African diplomat? Or is that just BS?

  • GoldenOozaru

    Hey, I was wondering if their were any details on the net on how to become an official diplomat? Links would be appreciate. Thanks :D

  • GoldenOozaru

    Hey. I was wondering it there’s any info on the net about becoming a diplomat. Links would be appreciated. Thanks :D


    …or you can forget all this, take a stage name and became a popular TV actor like this guy here:

  • Nordea! lol…reminds me of norway

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