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Top 10 Friends Seasons

flamiejamie . . . Comments

After ten amazing years, Friends concludes one of the most successful sitcom runs of all time as the number-one comedy for the sixth season in a row, as the series finale marks the most-watched entertainment broadcast in nearly six years with an estimate of 65.9 million total viewers watching at least part of the episode and an overall average of 52.5 million viewers. Now I know that there are only ten seasons to list from, but bear with me. The following is a list counting down the not-so-good to the best. Along with each season comes a small bloopers edit for your viewing pleasure.


Season Nine

When it began, Season Nine was going to be the final season of Friends but it soon became apparent that NBC didn’t want to bid a fond farewell to Friends just yet. Season nine followed Rachel through her early days of motherhood, while sorting out her personal life right from the opening episode. One of season nine’s most winning episodes was “The One With the Male Nanny” which featured a hilariously sensitive turn by Freddie Prinze, Jr. Paul Rudd turned up as a last minute blind date for Phoebe and soon became a fixture. Overall a good season, but logistically it failed when it came to the raw punchlines that Friends was so accustomed to nailing.


Season Six

This was the season where Friends went through maturation. Not just for the characters, but the show itself. Monica and Chandler grow more and more into a serious relationship. Many guest stars made their way onto the Friends set, including Reese Witherspoon, Ralph Lauren, and Bruce Willis. Still the emotional high point was the inspired season finale “The One with the Proposal -Parts One and Two”.


Season Three

In this season Ross and Rachel broke up in “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break,” while the show kept things together rather well. Friends was now an established hit-and the best episodes of the third season, including “The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy,” “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break,” “The One With The Flashback,” and “The One at the Beach,”- show why. This season explored emotional issues and can fairly easily be summed up into five words: we were on a break.


Season Seven

Everybody loves a wedding, right? First and foremost, Season Seven was a long drive to the altar for Monica and Chandler. The season opener found the gang reacting to news of the impending nuptials, with Phoebe pitching to provide the wedding music and Rachel acting out. Throughout the season, wedding bells rang, thanks in large part to the planning of control freak Monica. Assorted wedding issues were hashed out in episodes like “The One With Rachel’s Book,” and “The One With The Engagement Pictures.” But hey, who can blame Monica? Who doesn’t like to plan their own TV wedding?


Season Ten

In the fall of 2003, the time had come for Friends to face its not so long goodbye. And inevitably, the need for some sort of comedic closure shaped an abbreviated season that consisted of only 18 new episodes. As Season Ten unfolded, our gang of six wasn’t exactly breaking up, but rather moving on with their lives in various ways. Monica and Chandler continued on their long and emotional path to parenthood and, yes, a home in the suburbs. Ross and Rachel were busy bringing up Emma and at times reconsidering their long and famously complicated relationship. Phoebe actually got married to her shockingly stable significant other, Mike, and settled down. And finally, of course, Joey was busy, well, being Joey.


Season One

In the beginning there was a runaway bride. By the end of the first season, Friends was a runaway smash. In between, the show enjoyed what can only be described as a dream season, both on-screen and off. While bringing to life some of the most classic Friends episodes ever.


Season Two

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. The second coming of Friends saw numerous strong episodes, but also the show’s first reckoning with what shall now be known as The Backlash. Season Two featured the further adventures of Ross and Rachel, the tragic death of Mr Heckles, the shocking revelation of Chandler’s third nipple, the comeback of Tom Selleck as Monica’s older new squeeze, the rise and fall of Joey’s soap opera stud Dr. Drake Ramoray, the lesbian wedding, Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat”, as well as the greatest prom video in the history of Western civilization.


Season Five

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a season five gag reel.

Early in Season Five, Friends arrived in television’s biggest winning circle with its 100th episode. In television, reaching one hundred episodes means that a show now has enough of a backlog to provide many, many years of profitable syndicated fun. For Friends, “The One Hundredth” episode also marked another significant passage when Phoebe gave birth to the triplets she had been carrying for her half-brother and his wife since Season Four. “Hi, I’m Phoebe Buffay, and I have babies coming out of me,” the multiple mother-to-be offered by way of a hospital introduction.


Season Four

What can one say about a season of Friends that starts with “The One With the Jellyfish”-in which Chandler pees on Monica to relieve the sting of the title sea creature-and ends with “The One With Ross’s Wedding-Part One and Two” in which it’s famously revealed that the same pair of friends have been under the covers together in the Motherland? Well, you can say this: Season Four is definitely one of the Friends’ greatest ever.


Season Eight

At their best, sitcoms gave people a place to go once a week where they can laugh and forget about their troubles for 22 minutes or so. Perhaps that helps explain why Season Eight of Friends-which began in the wake of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001-turned out to be arguably the show’s finest hour. In Season Eight, Friends seemed infused with a renewed sense of purpose and viewers took note as ratings increased. “I think Friends was like comfort food for people at that time,” says Producer Marta Kauffman. “And I was really honored to be comfort food. We weren’t dealing with the larger issues. We were just doing comedy, and I think people wanted to laugh more than they wanted to see all the images over and over and over again of the Towers coming down. After a time, people really were ready to laugh, needed to laugh again. That was just a special season, a strong season. It’s hard to look at all your children and wonder which one is strongest, but I really did love Season Eight.”
For all the good work in Season Eight, Friends would finally win its first Best Comedy Emmy-a long delayed honor considering the show’s overall quality and massive popularity success.

Contributor: flamiejamie

  • DiscHuker

    slick: if you liked seinfeld because of subltety and creativity then you have to get arrested development. even just thinking about it now, i am laughing.

    danohh: that was brilliant. a very special episode, lol.

    mom424: glad to see there is another fan of AD. who is your favorite character?

    • Janete

      he was sttniig at the bar or in a booth or at a table in one scene. That should make watching even more fun. Like Where’s Waldo!

  • Jen

    I have an idea for a list!
    Top 10 Numbers, one through ten!

    • Moises

      Nancy, I didn’t rlaely know of Hugh Laurie before House but I can see why you’ve been a long-time fan. Kailana, it’s sarcastic, snarky humour and I love it! :P

  • Scott

    I’m total Friend fan and I have to say almost all of the Friends seasons are great and are almost to no comparison although slightly to the finale, the episode’s quality dwindle slightly.

  • stormy617

    Great list. Friends is one of my favorite shows and I never get tired of watching it.

    I was very upset when they ended it. I really think they could have kept going great for a lot more years.

  • BOOhoo

    OoOoOoOo i love friends and i agree with this list!

  • romerozombie

    I didn’t know about season 8’s affect in the wake of 9/11. Good to know there was even more to Friends than one liners.

  • filipinoknight

    Its funny cause when Friends first came out I didnt like it, guess I just didnt understand the humor(was a freshman in high school). As I got older I fell in love with it. I wish they would do a reunion or something.

  • james2434523

    seinfeld was soooo much better and friends to me was always just a show where they tried to copy seinfeld

  • cparker

    I guess I will be the first to say on this list that I was never a fan of Friends. I respect those who loved it but I thought it was terrible especially measured up against the like of The Simpsons…

  • Dawn Bearer

    Don’t like friends that much, actually, my favorite sitcom
    is Married With Children, that’s funny as hell!

  • james2434523

    who ever wrote this is a really cocky friends fan to think that friends was making that much of an impact on people after 9/11. i’m sure some people were but still don’t say that friends had a sense of purpose to help those victims thats very ignorant

  • mitchsn

    Fave episode was when they had the ‘game show’ contest and ended up switching apartments.

    Q: Whats Joey’s favorite food
    A: Sandwiches!

  • anon

    james2434523 – Where the heck did you read that Friends had that much of an ‘impact’ or ‘sense of purpose?’ Don’t put your words in the author’s mouth. Yes, we should never forget 9/11 or pretend it didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean we should stop living – I know I needed a laugh during that time.
    Good list!

  • alexlwe

    i…haaate….friends… i really hate friends. To an extreme level.

  • T

    I think my va-jay jay is crying.

  • Don’t like this list, in simple terms. I for one don’t care which of the ‘Friends’ seasons was the best, if I’m going to watch them, I’ll watch them in order, from 1-10

  • DiscHuker

    i always thought friends was in the shadow of seinfeld. in my opinion the much smarter, funnier show. until of course, i watched arrested development, the best sit-com of all time.

  • DiscHuker

    lol, on the video for season six there is a scroll running at the bottom at the beginning saying who ripped the copy off of the DVD and posted it online. it then says “all rights reserved to the owner of the DVD”.

    i wonder what the production company thinks about that?

  • Mom424

    DiscHuker; I’m still watching Arrested Development, much hilarity, best comedy on tv. Friends was never my fave either, although I didn’t lose interest till about season 3. I liked Seinfeld and the first couple seasons of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” too.

  • Mom424

    Oh and I forgot to mention Fernwood 2 Night and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Way to funny, these I didn’t miss, you young un’s should try to catch them on cable, some of the classic stations carry them.

  • perun99

    I think it would have been better to do a top 10 episodes, instead of seasons.

  • DanOhh

    My favorite season was the one w/ the Soup Nazi who shot J.R. because he was trying to sexually moleste Arnold on a very special episode.

  • SlickWilly

    I hated Friends. It was and still is a bane of my existence, what with the near constant reruns on the single digit channels. It just wasn’t that funny. I’ll concede a smarmy cleverness, but the few episodes that I happened to watch (look folks, at least I gave it a chance) failed to impress me, and I was more annoyed with Lisa Kudrow that I was entertained by the show. As an aside, I think Lisa Kudrow is one of the least funny, least talented actresses on TV.

    I used to hate Seinfeld too, until I happened to give that show a chance as well. It was a much more subtle and creative brand of comedy, and the strength of the main characters is what made it the best show on TV. As opposed to Friends, where only about half the cast was able (I’ll leave it to you to figure out which half).

    IMO, the best comedy show on TV nowadays is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’ve heard great things about Arrested Development, but haven’t gotten a chance to catch an episode yet.

  • Bizkit

    Friends was an awesome show… I agree with perun99.. Top 10 Friends episodes will be awesome, best episode for me was “The one with Chandler in a box”… “you guys cant tell, but im trying to break the tension by mooning you guys… ROFLMAO

    also maybe a top 10 Scrubs episodes???

  • Dianne

    I can’t believe people take formulaic sitcoms this seriously.

  • L

    I have never watched this show… and after watching these, i STILL don’t get the appeal.

  • Jackie

    I love love love Friends, one of my favorite shows. I also love AD as people have mentioned…
    SlickWilly: I also love It’s Always Sunny!!!

    Charlie: Where’s your brother dude?
    Liam: We just stepped out of the shower. He’ll be down in a minute.
    Charlie: Alright li–listen, you guys can’t go… did you just say we?
    Liam: What?
    Charlie: Did you just say WE just stepped out of the shower?
    Liam: …I said “he”.

  • HandyMandy

    I must’ve been deprived or saved, one of the two. I have never seen a Friends episode.

  • BadassBookworm

    That is my favoriate episode too!

    Q: What is the name on Chandler’s T.V Guide?
    A: Chinandler Bong

  • zstraub65

    DisHuker- My favorite character was a magician named GOB. On that note I used to love friends to I started watching shows like Curb, Always Sunny and Arrested Development. After such classic humor other sitcoms don’t do it for me like they used to.

  • TMo


  • longball

    i love friends…..handy: definitely deprived.

  • Humbug

    yay! i loved watching these gag reels, laughed my a*** off!! good list, tho top 10 episodes would be better.

  • JLo

    I just don’t get Friends at all. I mean, I admit, it’s funny, but it’s all the same formula.

    Comment made.
    Sarcastic response.
    Response to saracasm.
    Another sarcastic response.

    Rinse and repeat.

    All I know is that some of my friends who around 9-10 years younger than me essentially joke like Friends’ characters.

    This is the first list I really don’t appreciate.

  • Shakibing

    I absolutely LOVE friends, that little box with all the seasons has been eye-ing me for a while now :P
    I like this list, although I would have season 4 as the first place (maybe cuz I dont live in the States, it didnt cause that impact in me), and I would have season 5 in the 9th place.. all that Emily-Ross thing really stressed me :p, on the other hand Monica and Chandler made some of those episodes really hillarious

  • eeyore

    Friends was a wonderful show and I wish it was still on. I loved watching the gag reels they were very funny and brought back a lot of good memories.

  • stevil

    I never liked Friends and dont really care about this list.

  • Niecy

    i gotta say i’m very happy to see fellow fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. that show cracks my shit up all the time. anyone know when it comes back?

  • Matteo

    this list seems like a good idea, but i never watched Friends
    do the SEINFELD seasons in order. :-)

  • BishopWhiteT

    They should do a spin off where Joey abandons his failed acting career and moves in with Monica and Chandler in their country home to be a part-time nanny to their kids. The rest of the gang could pop in from time to time.

    I want money when this happens.

  • Mom424

    Disc; I like Buster, inept loser par excellence, and of course everything Jeffrey Tambor does is hilarious. The mother is funny as hell too. Great cast.

  • Jake

    I never liked this show. Seinfeld>Friends.

  • chershey

    I was really into this during the 99-00 season, whichever it is. The season after the writing just fell into the toilet and I haven’t watched any episode since. Eck.

  • Barack Obama

    Long time Listverse fan, first time caller–this is probably one of the worst lists ever on the site. Ranking the top ten seasons of Friends out of the ten season they had? Really?

    This site thrives on intuitive, interesting, thought-inspiring and debate-inducing lists that exponentially grows a very loyal fanbase. This list is closer to what little Betsy McGee’s would have on her blog.

    Can we at least counter with, say, the top ten Seinfeld taglines: “Shrinkage; Anti-Dentite; Serenity Now;” etc and move on?

  • SlickWilly

    Good luck in the Pennsylvania primary, Sen. Obama. You have my support. Clinton doesn’t stand a chance. :P

  • Jakoooob

    What are you guys trying to achieve by making such lists? I like this site because it almost seems to expand intellect. This? This is just abysmal. JFrater, this is what happens when someone other than yourself starts writing lists.

  • Cyn

    obviously you either LOVE or HATE this show. for the HATERS…just mind your manners. blasting LV for one list is so lame. take issue w/ any list you like but do not damn the site for it. geesh….
    and yeah, it was JUST a TV show. and no, i was not a fan. could’ve cared less.
    what i do love is Listverse. so back the fuck off haters!


  • Jackie

    I think top 10 Friends episodes would have made more sense.

  • Mom424

    Havin’ a bad day Cyn? I get the point, but you are usually more reticent.

  • Simons

    I unfortunately lost my taste for this show when my Ex-G/f bought all 10 seasons and made me watch them straight through (as in all 10 seasons straight) over the course of 5 days……..twice in a row. Yes, 10 seasons, and then the same 10 seasons, all over again. It makes me twitch when I think about it….

  • Good list, though I’m not the hugest Friends fan, I preferred Seinfeld. :) That and during it’s later seasons, Friends was on at the same time as wrestling!

  • 666

    RE: The Marxist Obama (The govt. can cure all your ills Obama) Post #44

    Thank you ‘comrade’ for arousing the term “anti-dentite” from my subconscious!

    Who was the guy who played the dentist who turned around in church?

    Jerry was in church and sees his dentist, says something…and the guy turns around and says…”go to hell, you anti-dentite bastard”


  • 666

    “Festivus” for the proletariat comrade Obama!

  • Cedestra

    I guess I’m the first to say I feel very lukewarmly towards Friends. I put them in my “rerunned, long-standing sitcoms that I can watch if I’m bored”, along with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Growing Pains.
    I agree with Cyn, though. You don’t stop going to a restaurant because one of the new cooks screwed up your steak, do you?

  • 666

    No you don’t Cedestra,

    You eat half of it, then send it back and get a new one.

  • MzFly

    Obviously this list still managaed to turn up a bit of debate. Not ListVerse’s most shining moment but for fans of the show, it is a fond look back.

  • islanderbst

    Could this list BE anymore more unnecessary?

  • copperdragon

    you all realize that Friends was a stolen, watered down version of the award-winning British TV comedy “Singles”, right?

    Most popular American sitcoms (and some game shows) are taken from British TV. They just change the title, plop them in NY, LA or the Midwest, and cut out all the sexual references (American viewers can’t handle them).

    This has been happening for decades. I guess the British really did win the war.

  • Jackie

    Simons: Ok I LOVE friends but what a freak!! Who watches a tv show like that? I think I can see why she is your ex…

  • Cyn

    49. Mom424

    i may be a ‘maid’ more than a ‘code monkey’ for LV but i do know more of what goes into keeping this site running than the average lister. so it does pain me a great deal when people say nasty things about the site. i have no issues w/ taking a list to task. or a submitter. or a fellow commenter. most listers are quite capable of either defending themselves or speaking their mind. but to talk trash about LV? well, i’ve been seeing it too much or maybe its just built up over time but some of the comments lately just pissed me off. so i vented. i am as entitled to voice my opinion here as anyone else. and no, i do not speak for J. i never do. he is quite capable. very much capable. of speaking for himself. and he has truly the patience of a saint when it comes to what goes on here. and yeah, i do know him better than most listers. even from across the pond. eh…i know people are gonna be nasty. say stupid things. mostly though…listers are some of the most intelligent and literate commenters i’ve ever seen. so yeah, i need to focus on the good and not the bad. still…every once in a while…i’ll have had enough and will post a novella like this. :) so ya just gotta deal w/ it.

  • rearden

    One useless list out of a few hundred intelligent, educational (and entertaining) lists is still a damn good average.

    (I’m motivated to write a “Seinfeld-ism” list; that is, if nobody has already proceeded to do so).

  • Mina

    I was never actually a fan of Friends. It was just too formulaic for me.

  • Phender_Bender

    Great list! I love Friends, its my second favorite sitcom, second only to Seinfeld.
    rearden: Can I help?

  • manditaaknfv

    im sorry but there have been some lame lists lately. ugh! do more bizarre lists! thanks! ^.^

  • islanderbst

    For rearden or anyone considering a seinfeld list, please don’t! It is my favorite show and having seen all the ep’s. multiple times, I know there are hundreds of seinfeldisms that would be spongeworthy. A top 10 just wouldn’t do them justice.

    but if you do…please add “who told you to put the balm on?” :)

  • John

    My wife and I have been working through the Friends seasons for a few months now (although we have seen most of them) Finishing season 6 tonight! It’s a good show to sit down and play cards (rummy 500 for us) to.

  • Shabab

    Every one saying Friends was a copy of Seinfeld is being soooo darn shallow, yes they are both set in NY and about a bunch of friends, instead of being about a ‘family’,thats pretty much IT. If we follow that theory (almost)every other sitcom is a copy of each other because they are all about a family with a funny (fat/stupid/loser)dad and a cautious (sexy/smart/blonde)mom and set in the suburbs.

    Seinfeld is about how everyday things, small things are funny and piss ppl off, its innovative comedy, we laughed at something we never even thought of before, whereas Friends is more about relationships and more deeper in that sense. Both with great one-liners.Both equally addictive. Both equally great and equally funny in their own uniquely different ways. And kudos to both the shows for not going that ‘family’ based direction which is
    1.Stale from being used over and over and over…from ‘According To Jim’ to ‘Yes, Dear’ (It took me less than 30 seconds to think of two shows with names starting with letters from two ends of the alphabet, theyr that common)
    2.Fake (when was the last time your dad said something hilarious let alone be the centre of an entire comedy…ugh) face it…the most fun (and the funniest conversations) you ever had or will have is with your friends, no denying that.

    And one more thing pissing me off is ppl feeling they must take sides.Oh god and the haters “Oooh I’m better and more mature, and I am cool and rebellious, and I am too high up my own ass to agree with the commoners”. ok everyone has their own opinions and im fine with that, if theyr not a fan its cool, but when someone goes out and says its crap just to be ‘different’ its sad and pisses me off. (im actually ranting about this asshole kid in school. hey he was big and i gotta point my anger somewhere, best point it from where no physical harm will come) there…

    Cyn: you should do this more often. Jamie is often tooooo nice.

  • matt

    worst list ever

  • Shabab

    ^^worst comment ever^^

  • james2434523

    anon- it says “renewed sense of purpose” read the article

  • Cyn

    67. Shabab
    “Jamie is often tooooo nice.”

    psst..let ya in on a little secret. he really is nice. in the best sense of that word. and yeah, ‘nice’ is grossly underrated and undervalued these days.

    i on the other hand have been known to kick ass..well, at least online. :) so for me its a matter of self control to ‘play nice’. for J. its his nature. :)

  • littleboots

    lol…best list i have read….love the gag reels…i love watching friends…watch it all the time, even tho i must have seen all the episodes a few times. So some do not like them, well, to each their own I guess. If we were all the same, what fun would that be? Diversity is the spice of life!

  • This list is PURE opinion, but I kinda agree. I don’t really care though cause I love Friends.

  • Hey – cut me some slack! I am away from home and had to prepare 4 lists in one day for you all! Sick ’em cyn!

  • Cyn

    LOL @ J


  • panda

    I love Friends.
    Has to be the funniest show ever.
    If you can, make a list of the top funniest moments.
    This is a nice list as well. :D

  • stormy617

    One of my favorite episodes is the one when Joey figures out about Monica and Chandler. The look on his face when he realizes is the greatest.

    Actually I would have to amend that to a group of most favorite, from the episode i just mentioned until everyone in the group finds out. they really put joey through hell and and I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard when Phoebe screamed “My eyes, My eyes, when she sees them through the windows.

    Not to mention Ross’s reaction while he is trying to convince his boss that he is really not crazy.

    Another good one is when Phoebe found out the true endings to all sad movies she had seen when she was a kid.

    OH yea and the one at the beach, when joey wakes up to find he has sand boobs and gets turned on by it. Then they play STRIP HAPPY DAYS GAME. Best quote from that episode though I would have to say was Ross to Rachael “You balded my girlfriend.”

    Ok I guess I would never be able to do a top ten episodes because I have many many many *favorite* episodes of that show. I didn’t really watch a whole lot of TV back then but I never missed an episode of Friends or ER

  • SarahJ

    have a great holiday jamie :) And cyn nicely put. And I will agree with Jamies nature being nice – he truely is

  • Cyn

    78. SarahJ


  • ChrisG

    Friends was never anything but complete garbage. The characters were nitwits. People who like Friends are stupid and should feel bad.

  • 20Fan20

    Thanks for the list flamiejamie.

    I enjoyed the show as a casual viewer.

    I think this list would have been better if you had listed great episodes in a specific order. Listing all the seasons in an order just kinda makes for a topic not a list. Similar to me making a list of greatest Aerosmith albums but include them all.

    I do appreciate the level of detail you remember each season with. That is why I think a show specific list from you would be so good.

  • stormy617

    WOW ChrisG…..I almost totally agree with what you just said but I think you typed it wrong.

    I think what you meant to say is that people who call others names just because their tastes differ from their own are ignorant, dimwitted assholes and they should feel bad about themselves!!!!!

  • stormy617

    OK I swear there was a totally jackass comment made on here by someone named ChrisG……..where the hell did it go??

    I know I am tired but I am not that tired

  • Shabab

    Rachel: How many centimeters have I dilated doc? 9?10?
    Doctor: Three
    Ross: Three?!I’ve dilated three!

  • matt

    damn copyright nazi’s, the last five are no longer available.

  • Cyn

    sorry stormy.

    it was in moderation. but since you’ve taken him nicely to task…its back.

    you go girl! :)

  • sue

    I LOVE friends,I watch the reruns all the time.I personally think it was the best sitcom that has ever existed on television,and nothing can ever beat it.Thank you for making this list!

  • rebel

    wtf jfrater? top ten Friends seasons? there are only ten. are you running out of ideas for lists? how about top ten things better to read about than sicoms. just an idea

  • stormy617

    Thanks cyn: I didn’t want my lovely response to his idiocy to go to waste!!!

  • seethrougheyes

    I LOVE Friends, it’s probably mine and my finacee’s favourite show. We own the whole series and have watched it from beginning to end many times now. I think this list is pretty accurate, but Season two would probably be my number one season. It really is hard to choose which season is better than antoher because they are all incredible. I think this is the only series I have ever seen where I can watch it over and over and over again and never get tired of it. That’s saying something!

  • BrotherMan

    Top 10 Home Improvement seasons

  • Winston Bigsby

    jfrater… you seem like an intelligent person… how could you possibly like this show? I think I’ve lost all respect for you… the only remaining shred of respect I have for you is because you bought me a great book. But Friends? … That’s low. :(

  • stormy617

    Winston Bigsby: 1st off nowhere on here has jfrater said one way or another how he personally feels about the show.

    Secondly see my comment #82 above!!!

  • ChrisG

    Hey Stormy617,
    I am all for cultural relativism, but there have to be limits. I disagree with the practice of stoning adulterers to death, and think that societies that condone such punishments are barbaric. I believe that Penny Lane, by the Beatles, is the greatest pop song ever recorded. There can be no argument; these things are axiomatic (ie self-evident truths). As is the fact that Friends is a frivolous, idiotic show with no actual humour that is not cliched and trite. That’s right, I spell “humour” with a u, so draw your own conclusions you yankee f–kwad.

  • stormy617

    ChrisG: What the fuck does any of that stuff have to do with being totally rude and insulting people just because their taste in *humour* doesn’t match yours!!! (am I supposed to be impressed because you spell a word different than I do)

    I myself am not a snob and enjoy all types of comedy whether it be Benny Hill, Who’s line is it anyway, Corrination St. or the type of friends.

    My conclusion therefore is you are an arrogant,ignorant, racist, sorry excuse for a human being!!!!

  • stormy617

    *edit: should be, “or the type of comedy they use on Friends”

  • JwJwBean

    This is one list where the comments are even better than the list.

    I watched friends in the beginning and then kind of lost interest in a lot of t.v. So I didn’t quite understand the whole ranking here. But I really laughed hard at the blooper reels. Thanks for including those.

  • Csimmons

    I loved season 8, it truly let me laugh even though it was hard to after 9/11.

  • FifthSonata

    This list reminds me of this website:

    (HILARIOUS site, don’t visit if you’re offended by white stereotypes)

  • kakazed


    if u liked friends as much as i do the only thing that can fill the void left by them is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER….similar show

    friends hung out in coffee shop downstairs
    HIMYM hangs out in bar downstairs

    Friends have one quirky friend phoeby
    HIMYM have a quirky friend barney

    the similaraties go on…but as my boss is behind me thats all i’ll write

  • CK

    I loved Friends and I’m not afraid to admit it. I used to watch Seinfeld but then it just got irritating. I know the point of the show was that it was about nothing but if I wanted to watch nothing, I’d watch… nothing!

    I don’t think Friends was philosophical or amazing TV, but it was fun and I like mindless entertainment. I have work, books, and intelligent conversation to keep my mind preoccupied; when I relax, I want to zone out and Friends did that for me.

    Kudos on your list, it was an interesting read.

  • matt

    This list is pointless….grow some balls and at least make it a top 10 episodes list for f**** sake.

  • Cyn

    102. matt

    why don’t you man up and submit a list of your own? whiner.

  • Barack Obama

    Cyn and Shabab: Enough diatribes. Many of us–not just you–have been here since day one. This is Jamie’s show, so bow out of the spotlight friend. There’s only good cop Jamie, and nobody needs your bad-cop attitude regulating a site that isn’t yours. And read my post (44) again. I clearly condemn the list, not the site. And if somebody does wish to knock the site, then welcome their opinion, and then welcome yourself to the internet.

    So with all do respect Tonto, you yourself can fuck off.

  • Cyn

    104. Barack Obama

    whoa fella! although i do admin here i am as much entitled to comment as anyone else. so i’ll stand by that comment w/ the disclaimer it was personal not representative of J or this site. that said…

    47. Cyn
    and i’ll stand by that comment as a personal statement as well.

    anytime i comment..unless i preface it w/ by saying i’m speaking for J or the site (which is about as likely as hell freezing over because it is his site and he is well equipped to speak quite eloquently for himself and his site) i am speaking as just another lister.
    :) just to be clear.

  • ChrisG

    Storm, Coronation Street is not a comedy, but a rather successful soap opera. It, Whose Line, and Benny Hill are all British programs. Are you assuming I’m from the UK?

  • Matt

    103. Cyn – March 31st, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Hmm…how about the top 10 Ten Commandments? With accompanying youtube clips of course :-p

  • stormy617

    First off I could really care less where you are from, total rudeness has no borders. There are assholes in every region, race, culture, etc. etc.

    My point about liking Benny Hill, Whose line is it anyway, (which by the way there is an american version of it also and I happen to enjoy both), and the type of comedy they use on friends is that I am not a snob and am able to enjoy/appreciate different types of humor/comedy for. So let me be more clear, I also enjoy, Galagher, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, I loved Howie Mandel’s stand up that he did back in the day, The Blue collar Comedy tour, The Red Green show, The Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello, SNL, and In Living color when it was on.

    However even if I didn’t enjoy all those different types of humor/comedy, I would most certainly never consider someone else stupid because they do enjoy it, which was the whole point of this anyway, and you seem to keep trying to change it around into something else.

    For example what does where you are from have anything to do with you being a jackass?? OH yea thats right, sorry, forgive me, I forgot you are a racist in regards to where people are from and must assume that others are the same

    **The Coronation Street was an unfortunate accident as I was interrupted in the middle of that post and we talked about that show upon returning to the post I inadvertently typed it.

  • Cyn

    107. Matt

    oh..please. don’t be such a dick. geesh..

  • ChrisG

    Hey Storm
    The term is “I COULDN’T care less”; otherwise it means the opposite of what you intended. I see I’ve gotten your hackles up. As your nitwit president once stated: Mission Accomplished.

  • ChrisG

    Look, Storm
    When are people like you going to learn? These arguments are unwinnable. Who gives a shit? My original post on this thread was a bit of frivolous sarcasm but you took the bait and responded. I really don’t care what you like. Live your life, man, and don’t take internet flaming so seriously. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, we’ll likely never meet, so why is it so important to you that you get your point across? My gift to you is the last word. Go ahead. Respond.

  • stormy617

    LOL You have no where near gotten my *hackles* up.

    I just think you are a complete idiot!!!

    And if you couldn’t care less then why are you even bothering to respond??

    BTW: He is not my nitwit president as I did not vote for him or his father in either election!

  • ChaoticPython

    Friends is up there, but my favorite comedy TV show of all time has got to be Scrubs. It’s just so brilliant!

  • Breaks

    First time I see someone who likes Seinfeld more than friends.

    Seinfeld was alright for the first few seasons and that’s it.. Friends >>> Seinfeld in every aspect. People liked Seinfeld because it featured a bunch of self-centered, selfish people,,which is apparently “cool” to some of you. Anyways I just think Friends has way more value than Seinfeld although I admit the latter one was better written.

    it goes this way Friends > Simpsons > Cheers>>>>>> Seinfeld

    the first 3 shows did not get famous a masturbation episode

    and I agree with “shabab” they both of them covered different things.

    Seinfeld was about everyday life.

    Friends was about how your friends can become your family during life stressers, it was also about relationships, love , sex and life.

    It has won over 50 awards and mentioned as the “one of the greatest tv shows of all time” 4 times….my 2 cents :D

  • Notforever

    Oh God, the undying arguement, if the subject starts off with Seinfeld it ends with Friends and vice versa!! When will you people know that both of them are great shows. Anyone who says Seinfeld is not funny should give it another try because it’s one of the series that it takes time to “understand” it. Anyone who says Friends lived in the shadow of Seinfeld, well, they couldn’t be more wrong — maybe it was influenced by Seinfeld in the first season (few skits were the same) and that’s about it, there is a reason why it was named as one of the influential shows of the 90’s, look at how many shows that took Friends formula (coupling, chums, how I met your mother,…etc) having said that, here -in Aussie- Friends is the more loved one, we just have too much mean-spirited comedies to begin with and I believe that’s why Seinfeld was never a world-wide hit as Friends. Enjoy your show.

  • Notforever

    @ Breaker Seinfeld was not famous for the contest, please next time gather some info before stating something like that.

  • Breaks

    ……..never said it was, but nobody used to watch Seinfeld in the first 3-4 years until the masturbation episode *shocking* and that’s when they gained their attention and highest rated episode

  • Notforever

    Oh k then now if you’ll excuse me Im turning the “email notification” off

    Might I add that it irks me when someone says Married with children is funny let alone someone says Married with children is funnier than friends. I guess when they do Alien episodes and Al curse his wife every week is what’s funny on Married with children?

  • mami

    I am a big fan of friends so much so that i think all the 10 seasons are incredible work of art. I STILL watch it especially when i am down.

  • The_Patient

    GREAT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Friends is the best show ever, I still watch it!! Yes, tucked up all cosy in my bed, I put on some old friends videos or even a dvd!
    Loving the outtakes/bloopers.
    Lovin’ it!!

  • Manda


    Personally my favorite season was season 5…Im a Monica/Chandler fan all the way. lol.

    But i loved the list sooo much :P

  • Name

    i think that we can all agree that friends was a wonderful show and had a terrible spin off am i right?

    • Struth

      No I don’t agree. Friends was just a dull yuppie rom-com formula humour and it’s spin off was dull yuppie formula humour, it was all terrible.

  • moopersoup

    Friends was funny and that is all I have to say on the matter besides that I mostly only saw reruns.

  • Plod

    I am a huge Friends fan and is you don’t like it don’t read the list and put in negative comments then you freaks.

  • Weverson

    afern06 on March 12, 2008 Ann Sanders is my cndtucoing professors wife…she’s really amazing! great voice and funny as hell