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Top 10 Bizarre Body Modifications

rushfan . . . Comments

[This list contains text that some may not consider family friendly] Many of us have had piercing in the ears and probably quite a number of us have piercing in other less common parts of the body, but there are some people who have outright bizarre piercing and other body modifications. It was certainly not an easy task to find “safe” pictures for this list – but I have done my best!




Human branding is the process in which a mark, usually a symbol or ornamental pattern, is burned into the skin of a living person, with the intention that the resulting scar makes it permanent. This is performed using a hot or cold iron. It therefore uses the physical techniques of livestock branding on a human.


Subdermal Implant

Body Mod-Star

A subdermal implant refers to a kind of body jewelry that is placed underneath the skin, therefore allowing the body to heal over the implant and creating a raised design. Many people who have these implants use them in conjunction with other types of body modification to create a desired, dramatic effect.


Earlobe Stretching


Most people can stretch to at least 2ga (1/4″) and still have the tissue return to normal when they remove the jewelry, but there really are no guarantees. Don’t stretch your ears unless you are certain you’ll be okay with it forever. Once the elastic limit of the skin has been passed, or a large amount of additional tissue has been built up, the hole will not close again completely. A person who is either obsessed with stretching their piercings, or with showing off their many stretched piercings, is known as a “Gauge Queen”. Some wear this term with pride, others use it derisively.


Tongue Splitting

Tongue Split

Tongue bifurcation, or tongue splitting, is a type of body modification in which the tongue is cut centrally from its tip part of the way towards its base, forking the end. In most cases, the split is created through scalpeling or surgical laser. Self modifiers often choose to achieve a split by gradually tightening nylon bindings inserted through an existing tongue piercing over a long period of time. This method is long, arduous, and requires a high pain tolerance.


Tooth Filing


Tooth filing is a form of body modification in which people file their natural teeth to create a desired look or shape.




Also called corset training and waist training, this is the practice of wearing a tightly-laced corset to achieve extreme modifications to the figure and posture and experience the sensations of a very tight corset. Those who practice tightlacing are called tightlacers. Some tightlacers call the corsets they wear training corsets.




This is the practice of permanently inserting small beads made of various materials beneath the skin of the genitals–of the labia, or of the shaft or foreskin of the penis. As well as being an aesthetic practice, this is usually intended to enhance the sexual pleasure of partners during vaginal or anal intercourse. The practice seems to have been fairly common across world cultures and is still done today. You can see a VERY Not Safe For Work image here.


Corneal tattooing

Picture 2-22

Eyeball tattooing has been around for a long time; in the 19th century it was commonly used to correct cosmetic defects in blind eyes. The procedure can be performed with traditional tattoo needle or a syringe. The eye is simply held open while the pigment, which is the exact same type used in a regular tattoo, is injected into the eyeball.


Anal stretching


The process of anal stretching is a lot like earlobe stretching, except you don’t wear the “jewelry” around the clock. Like stretching a piercing, it involves slow and increasingly larger play over an extended period of time. The image above is for “tools” to aid in this modification.


Extraocular Implant


The implantation of jewelry in the outer layer of the eye, this is one I must admit I had not heard of. Apparently first done in the Netherlands, it has come to the US. According to Dr. Christopher Rapuano, a corneal surgeon at Philadelphia’s Wills Eye Hospital, “You can think of it as crazy. I mean this is invasive surgery where you are cutting the surface layer of the eye open to put a little piece of jewelry in. The first time I read about this I said, ‘Oh, my God, who is doing this?'” The safety of this procedure will have to prove itself over time, since it hasn’t been performed on many people, but the possibility for infection and complications is definitely there.


Pierced Glasses


James Sooy and Oliver Gibson have come up with Pierced Glasses – the most minimalist eyewear since the Pince-nez was invented in the 1840’s. I would not have believed this one if I had not seen it with my own bespectacled eyes.

Notable omissions: penis splitting (try finding a SFW image for that!)

Contributor: rushfan

  • amy

    All these things are crazy!!

    Ugh maybe some day you will find people modify their head shape!!

    • LucidInterval

      I believed this was done in Egypt.

  • rushfan, your last two lists ( this one & the prison one) have been marvelously researched and written.
    This one, however, makes me wonder just how far people will go to get the attention and approval they so desperately seek.
    Every new generation, going as far back as written history takes us, has had to make its own mark on society. Usually, this has been done in a relatively benign way: hairdo's, fashion, dances, special lingo.
    These are done by kids who come from happy, accepting, nourishing backgrounds.
    Take away those those backgrounds and what you are left with are kids who are yearning for that that happiness, that acceptance, and they'll take it wherever they find it.
    No one who's happy in their own life is going to allow someone to put a branding iron on their flesh, but if doing so makes them part of a "family", well, it may seem a small price to pay. The same logic applies to the other practices, as well.
    I don't include tattoo's in this realm, they have a deep, rich, cultural background of their own.

    • ink

      I dont see how people that are able to endure pain are from an unhappy family. I have several body modifications and I had an excellent childhood and I am now a parent of 3

    • michele

      i come from a very happy family with a very happy background and i thoroughly enjoy body modifications of all kind. no i wouldnt do most of those but i appreciate and dont pass jugement on those who do. you dont know any of those people up there or why they chose to get whatever kind of body mod they have so dont pass judgement not everything is so black and white some people may do it for reasons like youve stated but a lot of people that have body mods are happier than you and are expressing their creativity through ART

  • Bizarre.

  • Sarah At The Disco

    Number one is crazy.
    But if it worked, it would be pretty cool to show of to people.
    There all pretty…umm…different.

  • bec

    My god, they’re all awesome.

    • Sadist

      So awesome, I can’t understand why people don’t like it! :3

  • ohrmets


    Why oh why did I choose to eat breakfast while reading this list?

  • HandyMan

    I heard that the worst thing about getting branded is the smell of your own burning flesh.:( .. number 3 is just dumb

    • infoeek

      i have #3

  • Drogo

    Years ago when I saw there was a piercing for the bridge of the nose, I had the idea that it could be used to hold glasses on a person’s face, just as pictured above. Darn it, once again someone has beaten me to an invention.

    I’ve (Um) already seen (ug) pictures of (ew) penis splitting (ew, ew, ew,) (shudder)!

  • Egg

    Sweet. We are an awesome age of body-mods. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to get an eye tattoo, but the subdermal jewellery looks pretty neat. If I wasn’t such a coward I’d love the piercing glasses.

  • amy

    No. 10= crazy!
    No. 9= crazy!
    No. 8= crazy!
    No. 7= crazy!
    No. 6= crazy!
    No. 5= crazy!
    No. 4= crazy!
    No. 3= crazy!
    No. 2= crazy!
    No. 1= crazy!
    Plus pierced glasses also crazy!!

    Ugh maybe some day you will find people modify their head shape!!

    • Pan

      People HAVE modified their head shape, for thousands of years in fact! The exact locations escape me at the moment, but it was usually done by binding the head of children at a young age.

  • Hobolad

    It’s up to them but… ew! Ear plugs are the only ones I’ve seen in real life (Never cool).

    I think people probably mistake “being an individual” for “looking like an individual”. I dunno. All of those things… quite unattractive to me at least.

  • Why oh why

    @ Amy ‘Ugh maybe some day you will find people modify their head shape!!’

    Already done that

    If you want to see some extreme body mods then look here (extremely nsfw images) feel free to delete link jfrater if you don’t think it should be here

  • Swifty66

    ew! Way too early!

  • Mom424

    Interesting list Rushfan. I am in agreement with most of the other comments – ewwww. Although I must also admit to signing up at a body-mod site in order to satisfy my own morbid curiosity.

    What is a cold iron for branding? I don’t understand how that would work.

    Jamie; Most excellent pic for #4, made me chuckle. :)

  • henry o

    Lovely. Pathological attention seeking. Almost honked up over my keyboard.

    ‘White man speak with forked tongue’: wouldn’t he also speak with a lisp?

  • Sarah

    o.O Wow, I guess people are entitled to do what they want with their bodies; they aren’t hurting anyone else. But…ew!

  • blaze fielding

    great list :] i already have my ears stretched to 14mm & my bridge pierced, though id be way too scared to have a pair of glasses through it haha my friends think the tattoo inside my lip is the grosses thing ive done though

  • Randall


    Gotta tell you, nice work on the lists lately. Informative, well-researched (seems to me anyway) and interesting topics. Good job.

  • sarahenity

    i agree with Randall, your lists are certainly awesome rushfan :)

  • sarahenity

    and Drogo – “I’ve (Um) already seen (ug) pictures of (ew) penis splitting (ew, ew, ew,) (shudder)!”

    oh dear god why?!

  • Is it rushfan week at Listverse? :-D

  • stewart

    Pearling –never heard of this before but its interesting, that pic in the link looks uncomfortable though. Kind of like a Prince Albert. If you don’t know what that is, google it, you will be amazed. But take the safe settings off your google under preferences first and then do a picture search to get the pictures.

    Corneal tattooing – Hmm ok different

    Extraocular Implant – you have to admit, humans are creative.

  • stewart

    You guys have got to see this.. it’s the image has been pixilated because its really hectic. If you click on it you get the high def image.

  • Catsy

    I have tattoos and at one point considered branding. I am quite attracted to piercings and other body mods in moderation, but can’t even put pure metal through my ears with an infection issue.

    @ Why oh why

    Went to the second link and while some the images were actually quite interesting you have to wonder at the psychology of extreme modifications.

  • astraya

    One word: Yuck!

  • stevezio

    self mutilation / self-injury is a illness – these people need help

    • Jamie Lee

      how is it an illness?? they re being creative !!! : D

  • fez

    Okay, I looked at the pic of the split penis. If a guy came at me with that I’d run like hell. Why????

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    actully my tongue is split.. it wasn’t on purpose and most can’t tell till i pull my tongue apart.. its only like a few millimeters.. long story short i was little and got my tongue stuck and ended pulling a chunk out

    stevezio: no no its not for some it is but others its not

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    stewart: congratulations.. your link actually made me cough and wretch.. let me put it this way two girls one cup just made me cough….and goatse made go the hell.. ok tub girl made me wretch.. why would some one do that.. i cant think of a man or woman who would enjoy a person with a penis like that

  • adora belle

    the stuff with the eyes is questionable.

    waist training is cool in moderation. lacing as tight as the person in the picture is some what dangerous because your internal organs can be cut in half by lacing that tightly. also, lest any one think that tight lacing is some how a new phenomenon its been practiced for centuries as a fetish. all women by no means tight laced as it was impractical for most people.

  • Ghidoran


  • thematic

    Wow, I actually felt a bit ill reading some of them. Certainly an education thats for sure, well done Rushfan.

  • Rshady

    Anal Stretching is perhaps the nastiest.. I mean Goddamn.

    The Cornea Tattooing seems quite pointless, especially if they all look like the one in the picture. :D

    Meh attention seekers.

  • The Doppleganger

    Well iv lost my apetite. thanks rushfan

  • The Doppleganger

    Penis splitting? ther must be some sorta pathology there i mean oh my god

  • modelpenguin

    That work safe photo for #4 is hilarious. =) Also, how does the pierced glasses thing work? Do they unscrew them at night or for sports and put a stud in or something? They can’t possibly keep those things in all the time. I would not be impressed if someone I knew had those. Their IQ would instantly lower IMO.

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  • Cymplyirziztbl

    Is there anyone else squirming in there seat right now.

    • Jamie Lee

      me a little i must admit : D

  • Good grief! Can’t we all just be happy with the bodies God gave us? I have a theory that if everyone was born with what we see in the pictures these same people would have them removed for dramatic effect.
    I agree with seque, it’s all about getting the attention and approval they so desperately seek.
    Another nice list rushfan.

  • infallibleangel

    Good list.

    Oof. The ones with the eyes just make me cringe.

  • smurff

    A couple of weeks ago I saw an article somewhere ( with photos ) of an eastern women having a symbol done on her back the procedure is yuk. It involves a cosmetic surgeon that cuts a symbol, crest or motive call it what you like on her back with a scalpel, its all done in a hospital.
    Then the healing proses starts a couple of weeks later the scabs start falling off, The last image after complete recovery was breath taking a work of art.
    But to go through such pain and cost, I agree with all you guys that said ” everyone to their own ”
    By the way she would have to wear a bikini 24-7 to show it off anyway.

  • Mike

    Oh. My. God. What. The. [email protected]%k. This is freakin insane!

  • kowzilla

    Good work rushfan.
    For some reason I always enjoy ListVerse lists that make me cringe like a little girl.

  • BrotherMan

    #22 stewart: Looks like someone microwaved their hot dog too long :D

    I have only one ear piercing. However, I am addicted to tattoos. It started with one then led to two and now I have a half sleeve on one arm and I do not want to stop there. That is the extents of my body mods.

    The mods on this list are just downright odd. Definately not for me, but to each their own I guess.

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  • sanasunshine.

    ahh, finally a list right up my alley :].
    i LOVE body mods, although i can’t do much cause my parents are pretty strict.
    i’ve wanted number 1 for a long time,
    but i’ve heard it feels like having an eyelash constantly in your eye.
    number 8 is fairly normal, my best friend has her ears gauged.
    as for me, i loveeeee piercings,
    and the oddest i have is a smiley,
    which looks like this:
    (it’s pierced through the upper lip frenulum, that little web between your gums and lip).

  • Vera Lynn

    Stewart (22) Not too much freaks me out. That did. And that being said, there are a couple of guys I’d like to do that too.

  • JayArr

    MOM424, a ‘cold iron’ brands by freezing the skin – like an instant severe frostbite that will pernanently scar the skin.

  • Jes

    Really, nothing on this list is bizarre. Every one of the things listed, except for the eyeglasses, eye implant and anal stretching, has been done and redone by countless cultures around the world. Only in modern society has acts like these been deemed outrageous. Branding and scarification is far more common in many African cultures than tattooing and pearling was common place with many Asian men centuries ago.

    I’m still surprised in this day and age of internet connectedness that there is still such close mindedness towards other peoples actions. I’m making a reference to all the “ew” and “what the f–k’s wrong with these people” comments.

    And yes, I have several tattoos, stretched piercings and brandings. I’ve removed the implant I had. I also can name at least one person I know personally who has at least one of the above mods. Except the bridge piercing eyeglasses. That was from several years ago and from what I remember the guy no longer has the piercing.

  • P.J.

    So, what’s the deal with the cold iron, JayArr? Is it like a branding iron dipped in liquid nitrogen or something similar?

  • warrrreagl

    Boy, nothing says “self-esteem” like self-mutilation.

  • rushfan

    Jes ~ I was waiting for a comment like yours. :) These body mods are “bizarre” because they are abnormal. That’s not to say they are anything new or original or honestly even that out of the ordinary, these days. I’ve seen, either in person or on tv, all of these things and more. But until I walk thru the grocery store and ordinary people have eyeball tattoos and horns under the skin of their forehead, it’s gonna be considered bizarre. Okay, so I’m actually pretty likely to find someone at the grocery store with a branding or stretched earlobes, but it’s still pretty bizarre. :)

    Oh, and p.s. I could have made a separate list entirely of penis modifications. Who knew?

  • Csimmons

    I was eating lunch damn it! oh well, great list anyways

  • copperdragon

    i’ve noticed that a large number of black pro sports players (mainly basketball and american football) have done “branding”.

    it seems counter-intuitive to me that a prosperous, healthy, popular black man to *want* to be branded.

  • copperdragon

    what about tooth-tattooing and tooth-jewelry implants (grillz)?

  • SlickWilly

    “I was eating lunch damn it! oh well, great list anyways”

    Well, stop eating your lunch while you are reading gross lists. It’s your own fault. :P

  • Hobolad (#10): I agree – it is a bit like groups like emos, etc. – they think they are being unique and special by dressing and behaving as they do, but in fact they are just sheep following that particular trend.

  • Brickhouse

    I expected to see ear pointing on this list! :)

    I’ve seen most of these and a couple I’d like to do. The corseting, if done nicely (and not to that extreme) can be very pretty and I may stretch my ears to the 2 gauge, because I’ve heard more than once (here incl) that the ears can return back to normal if I don’t want them any more.

    I’m a mother of two with a civil service job and a great big tattoo across my chest (a couple birds, nothing offensive). Some of these things are done solely on those who want to modify and some can be hidden and work into a normal life. Hell, who’s gonna know you stretched your anus or stuck ‘pearls’ in your genitals?

  • Cymplyirziztbl (#37): I bet no one is squirming as much as I was when I was searching out the pictures for this list!

  • great list. i wanna gage my ears but not as big as in the picture

  • NestorV

    The branding thing isn’t new.
    Alot of fraternaties brand their new member.
    Make sence, since they are kind of sheep anyways.

  • Daniel Wallin

    these freaks should be purged stalin style

  • anon

    Hmm I was expecting to see scarification on here. The pictures of people getting them always makes me cringe, ESPECIALLY when they show the bits of skin that was cut off >.

  • stormy617

    #43 Brotherman, I was thinking the same thing about the picture of the penis splitting. An over microwaved hot dog was the first thing I thought of.

    And #26 Fez I totally agree if a guy was coming at me with something like that I would run screaming into the night LOL

  • PsyAlice

    Great list, and the first I’ve commented on.

    The most interesting modification to me has been corset piercing. Quite controversial, though, due to not being very “practical” piercings (higher problems with healing, infection, etc.) Here is a good editorial on it:

    I would never personally do it, I think it looks very cool, but the risks, pain factor and scarring wouldn’t be worth it to me.

    The penis splitting, holy crap. I thought I’d seen pretty much every body mod, but that one is new to me.

  • Cubone


  • JayArr

    P.J. (48) You can use dry ice and alcohol or liquid nitrogen. It’s less damaging to the body than hot iron branding, but takes more equipment and expertise :-)

  • Mom424

    JayArr; Thank you for the info, makes perfect sense now. :)

    Segue; Although I agree that some or even most folks do in fact have these modifications because of a yearning to belong, others I know also do it because they are addicted to the endorphin rush that pain precipitates. And they have a permanent or semi-permanent reminder of the experience. Not for me, thank you very much, but I can understand the allure. (Not the penis splitting thing though, that I can’t understand. Is it useful afterwards? Do you get 2 erections or does it go back together? Is it mostly gay males who wouldn’t ordinarily be using it? Beyond my realm of comprehension)

  • astraya

    Upon further thought, another word: Why? The point of bodily adornment has always been to attract mates, not make them run away screaming. Maybe all of these people will breed themselves out of the gene pool.

  • This list is doing pretty well on reddit. If you want to vote it up you can go here.

  • Korey

    Wow..All of that is intense! I think I’d only do maybe 2 out of the 10 things listed up there. But congrats to all the men and women brave enough to do it! -Applauds for them-

  • Ravenlady

    The one on here that I see the least amount of comment on is also, likely, the one with the greatest health risks. Tightlacing; this practice creates numerous health risks and even kills. It weakens your stomach muscles so much so that you can not function without the corset. With the corset your lower lungs are unused thus limiting your oxygen intake. Here is the Wiki link with more details on the history of this practice and its health risks. Quite interesting…

    As for penis splitting, wow! That is truly disgusting. I really do not get that one. I understand all the others (except eyeball mods) on here and even appreciate many of them but penis splitting? What is to be gained by that? That can’t possibly be pleasurable, can it? Who would want to partner with anyone like that?

  • Michelle

    Most people with extreme mods are not doing it to impress other people. Someone with a bisected penis has done it for their own personal reasons. I’m pretty surprised that so many people seem grossed out by all this. People have been doing modifications for thousands of years, its a natural inclination

  • Callie

    I love you rush. It’s official. I have 7 tattoos (hidden) and I’ve been thinking about scarification

    The above link is the final, healed product. If you’re squeamish, don’t google the process.

    Body mods fascinate me….

  • Korey

    @Callie: Oh wow..That looked really awesome! How much did it hurt?

  • grungefreak10

    I’m not telling people how to live their lives, but this kind of self-mutilation is just stupid.

  • Callie

    oh its not mine lol!! that’s something I’m going to have to think very long and hard about. I haven’t even started thinking about artists/costs/pain yet.

  • dofnup

    The difference between modified people and non-modified people is that modified people don’t care if you’re not modified ^_~

  • Sara

    10. I have afriend who was branded as part of a religious ritual. He said it felt “very spiritual,” which I think I New Age for “endorphin rush.”
    9. I like things that create texture so, this is cool with me. I was sad when I stopped being able to feel my tattoos.
    8. Well this is the oldest of the old school, init? Kind of hard for this to be shocking.
    7. Ever since I discovered that the bits of my tongue can move independently, I’ve felt it a shame that they are connected. I am all for this for those brave enough to do it.
    6. Oh god, can you imagine how much it would hurt your brain to have your teeth filed. I mean… that sound… that horrible scraping… oh god. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never had any dental work, but my teeth are already trying to escape from my mouth just thinking about it.
    5. Well, that doesn’t look healthy.
    4. The is just like 9, but for your cock. I guess I should commend the guy for thinking of his lady’s pleasure.
    3. It’s not even cute. No one wants to see that part of your eye — it’s all bloodshot and weird. Plus, this can’t be vision friendly.
    2. um, OK then.
    1. Well, I have a panic attack when I get an eyelash in there, this is probably not for me.
    Bonus: Neat!

  • robneiderman

    Wow. Just wow.
    I totally had the idea for screwing lenses onto a piercing through the nose years ago! (I work in the eyeglass field, and sometimes I get bored at work…) Also, that’s not a corneal tatoo. It’s on the sclera, so it should be a scleral tatoo.
    Oh, and it might be politically incorrect to say so, but I expected to see gender reassignment surgery on here. How much more bizarre can one get than cutting off a penis, drilling a hole down there, shoving some silicone in the chest, and pumping the body with hormones?

  • CRSN

    Rushfan – Geat list, i had a freind who went and got an Inverted Prince Albert and to say he was in a bit of pain afterwards would be nice, except his dick got so swollen (size of a large grapefruit) he had to go to the emergency and when the nurse said it wasnt an emergency and he’d have to wait a little longer.

    Hahahahaha! 3 hours later he had it removed, but for that 3 hours i was thinking to myself “how many people have ever had to stay with their mate after they put a scewer through his dick?”

  • NN

    Wow, number 1 is definitely the worst trade-off ever.

    Either your eye gets infected or…no one will see your jewelry.

  • Wildlifeman

    I can only ask….why?

  • Freaky424

    to the 4th person who commented

    you eat breakfast at 3:52 in the morning?!

  • Billius

    Meh, I GUESS you could call #2 body modification going strictly by definition (it modifies the body). I’d consider it more of a sexual practice than anything else, as opposed to genital piercings which in and of themselves are not a sexual activity, but rather a sexual modification.

  • Mortivore

    I gotta say, most of these don’t seem too odd. Most of them. That thing with the penis was a litte… different… to say the least, but other than that and the anal thing, it’s all pretty cool. I’d get a lot of these done, probably. With the exception of tightlacing, anal stretching *Shuddercringe*, and the penis beads *Shuddercringe*.

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  • The Doppleganger

    @ freaky (82):
    Yea. I usually get up round 3 and start my day. Im strange like that.

  • Nejikun

    Mom 424: With the cold iron, it’s generally done using either liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

  • Rlemass

    Some people really have issues…

  • jhoyce07


  • alakdan13

    number 1 is pretty neat, I would do that if its not dangerous. Great list.

  • Callie

    I don’t think it’s about people having “issues.” I’m sure somewhere, some person thinks it’s really over the top and odd to have your ears pierced, but we consider it quite normal. Ten years ago, tattoos were no where near as mainstream as they are now, and now the statistics are nearing half of young adults having them. It’s about what you like and how you feel, any issues nonwithstanding.

  • rubysp

    I aim to try Tooth filing when I have the courage to do that. I think sharper canines would be wicked for personal satisfaction. Also I know someone who did ear stretching and it looked absolutely fabulous. Tongue splitting sounds interesting if I’m not afraid of pain.

    Strange but I’m most wierded out by the bonus one of attaching Glasses to face. I mean, I like my glasses but not this much. Are you able to take it off? what happens if someone accidently knocks them? what happens if the lenses shatter? If you need to take it off?

    The list is quick shocking but I wouldn’t diss what people do as their body is their own. Although most look excruciating, especially the split penis one (I feel a twinge of pain from my nonexistant penis)

    Great List!

  • The Doppleganger

    I suspect that the glasses are held in place magnetically in which case, they’d be quite easy to deal with.

    about the filing one. I hate a mate who had weird teeth, his pair of baby K9 teeth didn’t loosen and come out and his second set grew in over top. he filed them all vamp style and everyone thought it stupid and kinda disgusting. but after a litle while everyone came to like it and a few even followed suit. cris was a trend setter after that.

  • Cedestra

    The only thing I’ve done on this list is branding. I did it myself to honor my religion. It’s this shape: /|\ on my hands. I did it by lighting chopsticks on fire, cooling a little, then applying to my hand. It really doesn’t look great at this point: the left is okay but the right only has one that’s uniform and noticeable. Most people don’t notice them, but that’s fine. It hurts, of course, and the ensuing blisters are gross, but it was worth it.

  • K.Inez

    Wow, lots of judgmental thoughts here, though I guess I’m not really surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised. Just because it’s in your own backyard doesn’t mean it any less a different culture, which deserves a certain amount of (albeit detached) respect. Just because you find something unappealing to look at doesn’t make it “gross” or “wrong”. I have seen most of these up close on friends and acquaintances, and I happen to think most of them are beautiful. I don’t think it’s any different than choosing what colour your hair is or what kind of clothing you wear.

  • K.Inez

    You know what? Scratch that. Such conservative reactions just make it easier for those of us who dig modification to avoid accidentally wasting our time.

  • Callie

    K.Inez..don’t scratch it! We need more people like you.

    By that I mean well-educated, knowledgeable about the mods you and others have, and open-minded. People would never in a million years guess the mods I have and/or want. It makes it much more fun that way.

  • Alex T.

    Thanks for that… right around lunchtime too.

  • Brickhouse

    Come to think of it, I branded myself, too. Sorta.

    I was a teen and had angst, incl self-poking a tat on myself… Still there like the day I did it. Anyway, I had a skull ring that I heated over a lighter and held on with a towel and touched to my ankle and THREW it off my skin. Damn!! I can’t take burns apparently. I have 3 small blotches still – very unnoticable.

    It takes a lot of mental power to be able to deal with branding and scarification – those pictures showing during the scarification and the skin pile creep me out, but the end product is beautiful. I’m a tattoo and piercing gal – I may get my ears pointed as well, I think that’s beautiful… But I expect that will cause much pain, to me – it’s worth it!


    The only things that creep me out on this are the eye jewelry and tattoos. I think the eye jewelry is pretty, but I could never do it – I’m too creeped out by any foreign object touching my eye (except contacts).

  • Brickhouse

    * That is the eye jewelry and eye tattoos. I wasn’t sure that was clear enough. No needles are coming near my eyes!

  • How do the people who get the eyeball implant thingys avoid messing up the insides of their eyelids? I know (from experience unfortunately) that it’s not hard to get giant papillary conjunctivitis from wearing contact lenses – wouldn’t that implant have a similar effect? It’s there 24/7 after all.

    Anyone know?

  • glittershrooms

    I pierced my own ear once when I was 15. I thought I was so badass XD

  • The Doppleganger

    I am going to get an ‘Eye of Ra’ on the left of my chest.

    don’t think I’ll bother with any piercing. I don’t see the point/appeal.

  • Diogenes

    I skimmed the comments , so i may have overlooked someone else bringing up the same.
    Regarding “Tightlacing”: Cathie Jung, the woman with the thinnest waist in the world (15inches) has been wearing a corset sense 1983. She says she never had ribs removed as others have and has had x-rays made to prove it.
    This other thing that i dont know if it’s been brought up, but want to mention, is Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is in some way connected to Munchausen syndrome. In the case of someone with BIID, there is a desire and despair with their appendages ultimately being removed. Desire in amputation and despair in not being an amputee. The missing of missing. the absent whole. This strange unfullfilled self where if they are unable to get a doctor to “do it” then they will do it themselves.
    And if they are unable to amputate, they “fake” it, by wheelchair or strapping a leg or arm up,using crutches ect.
    And this makes me think of two actors for an interesting reason,
    Lon Chaney
    and Eric Von Stroheim, who used to always include a degree of body part loss or scarification or limpedness (is that a word?) within characters he played. and if it wasn’t in the script , he would implore it be part of his character.
    This all here also makes me think of J.G.Ballard, in part

    There is definately a link to a personal desire within all this. I’m not saying that’s all arrows pointing to one, just my particuliar thought at the moment..

  • The Doppleganger

    I saw a docco on that just the other day. It was on the controversy stired up by the debate about wether docs should be alowed to amputate because of this condition.

    are you saying that it or something like it brings on the desire to do some of the above?

  • Callie

    Well there’s also body dysmorphia, but I’m not sure tightlacers do it for the thin part.That’s an interesting disorder though, Diogenes. Do you know which show you were watching dopple?

  • chershey

    I suppose I don’t “get” most of these, but I really don’t get the teeth filing. I mean, I bite my tongue and lips enough with my plain ol’ dull teeth!

  • The Doppleganger

    Ah gosh. It was on the documentary channel so it mighta been called sumfin like ‘the man who wanted to amputate his leg’ as a lot of those doccos have titles like that.

    Try googling: ‘body dysmorphia’ ‘documentary’ ‘docco’ or sumthing. you might get lucky

  • The Doppleganger

    jeez I nearly descended to “Vicky Pollard” there for a sec.

    “No, but, yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but, yeah but I know because I’m not wasting police time because you know Micha? Well, she saw the whole thing, right, because she was bunking off school because she was gonna go down the wimbley and get off with Luke Griffiths, only she never because he’s been trying to grow a moustache but it just looks like pubes, so she got off with Luke Torbet instead, only don’t tell Bethany that because she’s fancied Luke Torbet ever since she flashed her fanny at him during Home Ec’.”

  • Diogenes

    “are you saying that it or something like it brings on the desire to do some of the above?”

    I was speaking specifically with BIID, but i only loosly thought of the rest above as part of the whole.
    There is a level of continual expanse after one goes through and feels and is altered.
    I dont know if there is a step by step degree of stages or easily connecting ear-peircing to labia piercing. but the body is a threshold of pain and pleasure. Most people that I have know when they get their first tattoo, later get some cases, it’s another and another and another. feeling physical pain in depression or during teen years is also on my mind.
    I’m just throwing these things out there.
    their is also internal scaring that can manifest itself in various ways, as there are rites of passage in our current times that seem to occur without the same foundations as experienced by our great ancestors, ect.
    I don’t know.

  • The Doppleganger

    I spose it’s hard to comprehend such things like o say self-harm if you’v never been there.

    Iv had a couple of friends who were going to do something silly like a radical tattoo and sub dermalimplant. I talked them out of it by asking. “why do you want to do this? you need to think am I doing this to impress someone? be recognised? be cool? cos everyone else has one? or do you want one because you like the tattoo? Just don’t do anything rash.”

  • thefaxmachine

    Best list on here so far!
    All so gruesome, yet all so fascinating!

  • Diogenes

    one supposed extreme is sadomasochism, although I believe what once was a “dirty little secret” seems now, more in occurance, because it is possibly more prevailant within so-called mainstream consciousness.. There is a broad sex-play sadomasochism and a deeper,”more realistic” S&M and then there’s the final “Totally for real/no fucking joke S&M”
    Sex shops sell it all and whoever is buying may be at either end of the balanced middle of what’s acceptablly acknowledged.

  • Shorty

    I can understand why many people would think that these modifications are bizarre or unconventional but I think it is a little harsh to call people who are modified “freaks of nature” or “abnormal”. Being modified myself (numerous piercings, ears stretched to 16 mm tattoos and a dermal anchor), I tend to find those types of comment hurtful. Yes, as mentioned before, I can understand why people see modifications as bizarre but it is a lifestyle that I have chosen to follow, and while I’m not asking for acceptance and I’m happy to answer questions, I just wish that people could be a little more sensitive.

  • Deziner

    Well, I’ve read the comments posted for this list and am surprised no one has mentioned “Giraffe People”,( who elongate their necks by wearing large brass rings that stack upon each other. They add new rings on an annual basis. This process also compresses their ribcage. Some women have achieved neck lengths of 13 inches. It is a cultural custom, and I do not know if it is still practiced.

    I also would think that foot binding would be included, although I know that that practice has been included in at least one other list at this site.

    Thank you for all the interesting and fun reading.

  • Diogenes

    you may be on to something Deziner: start ’em when they are young, when the bones are rubberized! “you wanna be like mommy? like daddy” Who needs genetic modification when we can sculpt them within our own interests?
    15inch waist , 13inch neck, sharpened little “IT’s Alive!” teeth, binded cutsie feet…each time they stray to far from the litter, another branding.

    ok, i’m sorry. I know I can only post comments one after another, before i start going off the deep end.

    But it this out of the question? I mean we have “KKK kids” and babies wearing political statements on their tee shirts, and darling tiny motorcycles(pocket rockets) — why not “full mod bod kids”?

  • Cedestra

    Diogenes: Not sure if you were scoffing at them, but it’s an African tribe that does that, not some random people who think it’s cool.

  • Khat Baker

    Another thing that is becoming more and more popular is… (I forgot what they call it) but they take these large fish hooks and pierce them into your back and then you are lifted up and you hang from them while they are in your back. OMG, I’m sure it transcends you into a suspended state of mind just from sheer shock but WTF?

  • The Doppleganger

    Its called suspension i believe.

  • Diogenes

    Cedestra: What ever do you mean?
    I didn’t touch the “coolness” aspect of random people.
    Which African tribe does what?
    Scoffing wasn’t at all part of my thoughts.

  • #93. Cedestra
    The only thing I’ve done on this list is branding. I did it myself to honor my religion. It’s this shape: /|\ on my hands.
    Cedestra, my guess is that you honor your religion daily.

  • Sara

    I remember seeing a picture similar to the eyeglasses picture. It showed a guy who had both eyebrows pierced, and his sunglasses hooked onto the barbells. And I am sure that the eyeglasses picture was only a play piercing because with the weight of the glasses that piercing is 100% likely to reject. More especially if you snagged it on anything.

  • rushfan

    Deziner ~ Thanks for your input. When searching out body mods for this list, I decided to leave out things that were purely “cultural” like lip plates, neck rings, foot binding, because I intended this to be a list of mods you can see at your local tattoo shop. My best friend’s brother owns a tattoo & peircing shop and is a kick-ass drummer and his crowd can proudly represent almost all of the mods on this list. I have a strict “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on issues of the anus, however. :)

  • massoluk

    Some of those looks very very dangerous. The Piecred Eyeglasses, I could definitely see some danger there if something press/bump at the glasses.

  • Vera Lynn

    That African tribe with the rings,they cannot remove them. Well, they CAN, but their neck muscles have atrophied and they may stop breathing. So they are in a sense removable yet permanent.

  • Cat Skyfire

    I’m surprised Scarification wasn’t on the list. Branding is the low end of it. There are those who get complicated designs on their skin by either burning or electrical energy.

    The thing to understand on all of these, is that they are done without anesthetic. The only case of anesthetic I heard of was a dentist brought some topical for himself before getting a tattoo.

    As for why: Why do people do anything? It makes them feel special or a way of representing themselves. Some of them represent a type of lifestyle (the corset look). Others are private.

    Those who don’t like to risk pain do other things. Constant changing of nail or hair color. Grow a beard, shave a beard. Combovers and balding ponytails.

  • CRSN

    Cat Skyfire – personally, to make myself feel as though i’m individual, i plat my pubes :D

  • CRSN

    i posted this in forums but thought to supply to the whole community, meet Yoda the Cat:

    Its cool :)

  • Vera Lynn

    CRSN (126)
    That’s cool! Do you do it yourself or do you have some help?

  • CRSN

    Vera – No, i go to a buety salon and get the girls to do it, gives them something nice to look at for once, i’m thiking of either braiding or corn rows next time, what do you think?

  • Vera Lynn

    CRSN (129)
    What’s the difference? Here it’s the same. I, myself, keep it trimmed. ;)

  • CRSN

    This is a new way of making new people uncomftable, wonder if J will pick up on it.

    Anyway, Nah! i think i’ll go the Hulk Hogan look down there, you know, big, muscly and hair with a hole thats constantly open making weired sounds.

    i cant contain this any more, if you reply Vera its only gonna get worse, i got a sick mind :twisted:

  • Vera Lynn

    What kind of weird sounds?

    [ Joke moved to the forums :) ]

  • CRSN

    Vera – thats fucking discusting, i like it :)

    we need a jokes forum, i’ll go in and start it with a foul one, see you there.

    *CRSN wanders off to the forums in utter confusion about Vera*

  • Vera Lynn

    There is a joke list. I got lost there several times. Top 10 jokes, and there is a continuance in the forums. As soon as you said you had a sick mind, I knew that was the joke for you. It’ll probably be pulled, so Im glad you saw it.

    Why are you confused about me, BTW?

  • okay – I tried very hard to keep the images SFW – can we keep the text that way too please? :)

  • Vera Lynn

    You got it. No more nonsense from me. Promise.

    (But it is a great joke!)

  • No comment ;)

  • CRSN

    Sorry J, I’m making a forum for this stuff :oops:

  • CRSN

    Awww!? J, that was a good one too, bugger!

  • Ayellene

    Quite bizarre…but in my opinion the most bizarre and painful modification is the Chinese foot binding….the foot was suposed to be 7 inches long…. that is bizarre.

  • Deziner

    Rushfan– I had a feeling that “modern” & “mainstream” might be part of the parameters of this list. As a retired tattoo artist myself, I realize mainstream can be a very subjective term.

    Regardless, truly enjoyed the list, it led to some personal net-fishing of my own…and freaked out my husband. He-he-he

  • The Doppleganger

    Wow the conversation diverged a lot there for a while.
    (note to self: dont provoke CRSN)

  • Drogo

    I looked at the Not Safe For Work image for no.4 and apparently the photo was taken on a cold day.

  • Callie

    ooo drogo…low blow

  • Kittykat73

    Please tell me that photo in number five isn’t real?!!! Where are her internal organs? Seriously, if that is real, how does she manage to stand without bending in half? :O
    The guy in number three has filthy fingernails.
    I’m also curious now as to what a split penis (Ouch! ) looks like so I’m going to Image Google it. Ooh, image my cookies! *blushes*

  • The Doppleganger

    I googled it. Bad idea.

  • Sandra

    “A couple of weeks ago I saw an article somewhere ( with photos ) of an eastern women having a symbol done on her back the procedure is yuk. It involves a cosmetic surgeon that cuts a symbol, crest or motive call it what you like on her back with a scalpel, its all done in a hospital.
    Then the healing proses starts a couple of weeks later the scabs start falling off, The last image after complete recovery was breath taking a work of art.”

    I’ve been googling yuk for the last hour, and i got desperate and googled “eastern body modifications called yuk”
    The first link is to your comment smurff. I still haven’t found anything on it though. Mostly things with the word yuck mispelled. Do remember where you saw the article?

  • Sandra: I think what smurff might have meant was yak, which is short for yakuza (the Japanese mafia-equivalent) who often get the traditional Japanese tattoos called irezumi.

    Wikipedia has more info on irezumi

    If you look for irezumi using Google’s image search there are some pretty amazing examples.

  • candi_sue

    I’ve got to say, The only mod I didn’t expect to see on this list is Tightlacing.. I’m a licenced tattooist in Alaska and have been witness to people with most of these mods. However, In my opinion I think earlobe stretching could have been ommited, or at least included stretching other piercings such as nostrils, lebrets and various genital piercings.
    The one thing that I believe is missing from this list is scarification and skin removal procedures. Both are performed with a scalpel, an outline of a simple image is cut to produce a scar, and for a skin removal the skin within the design is cut away to completely remove it.

    Still Curious? Try but beware most photos are NSFW.

  • DoppHopper

    I have a question to all those who have piercings:

  • Drogo

    Maybe I shouldn’t have done that off-color joke about it being a cold day or at least used an alias. (haha) You all know about shrinkage, don’t ya?

    To answer DoppHopper: Because they can.

  • afds

    comment number 8 amy. people do modify head shape very often. i forget which but either the aztecs or the mayans formed their heads with boards and rope tightening the ropes over years to make the head longer and more triangular. in current years it is done very often to babies for medical reasons because many babies are born with elongated heads from birth and so doctors make them wear a “helmet” that over a course of months forces the head to be rounder.

  • DoppHopper

    Like growing watermelons in square boxes to make square melons.

  • Megan


  • 5monkeys

    I personaly have several piercings and Im a mother of five, and I am waiting for my art work to come back on my totem pole tatoo. and even I think number two is weird and gross, and I want to do #2 and would like to look into #3 maybe have a rainbow thing going on, I would love to see what other peoples reaction is to it.

  • Why on earth would you wanna stretch out your heinie-hole? No judgement, just why?

  • Sean

    WOW!!! the pierced eyeglasses thing is actually pretty cool!! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5, and couldn’t stand contacts on my eyes….If the medical profession deems this procedure benign, I may consider doing it!!!

  • maddo7

    maybe some of this stuff is cry for help lyk most selfharming is obviously its a bit for the attention and since most of it is done by teenagers or young people it can also be about being part of agroup lyk wen emos self harm to fit into the ’emo’ group

  • jumbo

    I’m surprised gender nullification isn’t on here

  • Elwood

    What a waste of space these people are. It just goes to show how incredibly stupid people can be. Most of these things are arguably unique at best for a while. Then they get older and infected their body parts fall off. Now that is when things get really cool unique. This earth is full of waaaaaay too many morons. Maybe Dwight Schrute was right. “There are way too many people on this planet. We need a new plague”.

  • Sam

    The thought of a tattoo needle going near my eye sends shivers down my spine.

    The glasses thing is pretty cool, but isn’t it basically a bridge peircing with specially made glasses as the jewelry?

  • Modified Cowboy

    Way to steal the direct text from BMEzine’s Encyclopedia… (Earlobe Stretching being the prime example)

  • Pavel

    Stay tuned next week for a new episode of “Ripley’s People That Scream Look At Me!”.

  • Spacechick

    I frankly think that people can do what they want with their own bodies although I admit I cannot understand the more extreme body mods. As for the split penis, why oh why? Not like you can show it to many people (without getting arrested anyway). I would think that body modification is about getting attention and screaming look at me, I’m an individual, just like everybody else.

  • Mrthubbron

    What’s so bizarre about ear stretching? I got three flesh tunnels and find nothing weird about it at all. The corset training just looks repulsive to me though. Each to their own I suppose.

  • James

    Sad. Very, very sad.

    These people are obviously attention junkies who are also uncomfortable with their race; bodily modifications have always been associated with primitive tribal cultures, and it seems pretty self evident that these (predominantly) white people are SO ashamed of their skin colour that they want to look as little like a european as possible.

    I think they should all try gradually tightening fishing line aroiund their necks until they bifurcate their throats, that would be ‘extreme’ and ‘unique’.

  • DoppHopper

    You don’t seem to have any grasp on the mind of these people. Since people of all races, skin colours etc. get these sorts of modifications it hardly has anything to do with your brand of racism.

  • deskpotato

    ever seen the type of kid that runs about shouting “look at meeee, look at meeeee!!!!”…. This is the sort of adult they grow up into…

  • DoppHopper

    Ive failed to have every meet a kid who hasn’t run around shouting look at me. And considering that nearly all mods are concealed it hard translates to “look at me”

  • WaZzUpGaL

    wow.. i’d luv to hav #9 and #1 .. xD

  • ocanada

    to those of you who are belittling those of us who choose to decorate our “temples”..or own bodies..the only canvas we are given…the way WE feel fit, i am pretty sure you CHOSE to look at this list, because you were interested. PERIOD.
    At least I am interest-ing.
    maybe you should just let people live there own lives and not give them any guff about it…how bout that.

  • Denzell

    The corset training isn’t really bizarre. It should be moved to rank 10 if you’ll really include it.

    Anyway, I’d not do any of these to myself even if I’d be given money bigger than the wealth of the entire USA.

  • I love body modifications!
    Even though, personally, I only have tattoo’s.
    One of my best guy friends was heavily into the culture when he was younger. Not so much anymore. He had his tongue split in the last year though and its the coolest site! Kissing a guy with a split tongue is the most unusual and awesome feeling. lol!

  • Mia

    could you imagine getting hit in the face with those glasses?..

  • Helena

    Most of them are horrifying and really unattractive, but I have to say that number one actually looks sort of cool. I would never do it myself because I’m not a retard, but it does look cool, instead of just gross.

  • priscilla

    9 is my favorite. i’d love to do that!
    and while i can’t speak for every person with body mods, i know i don’t have mine for attention or to fit in. i have them as representations of different parts of myself. every time i look at one of my tattoos, i remember the personal significance it carries, and whether they’re noticed or not is irrelevant. all i ask is that people don’t go around pigeonholing everyone they see with mods. we all have our own reasons.

  • elnrith

    iv gotten the teeth filings done by a doctor but this was on my canines

    it wasnt to make them sharp it was because 3 of them ahd been chipped(long story but same cause)and it looked weird when i smiled so i got it filed to look normal

  • elnrith

    oh andif youre wondering no i didnt want to get them capped – i have a freind who got a tooth capped for the same reason and it looks kind of weird LOL

  • #178. elnrith
    oh andif youre wondering no i didnt want to get them capped – i have a freind who got a tooth capped for the same reason and it looks kind of weird LOL
    He just didn’t go far enough. Due to medical reasons, I ended up having to have 22 teeth capped, and 12 veneered. Looks great.
    I won’t say it was the most *fun* I’ve ever had, though.

  • Tomo

    I dunno what to say. I am reallt struggling to hold a ‘to-each-his-own’ opinion but maaaaannnn, who in their right mind would want to split their tongue!! You can’t be sane to want that or any of the other ridiculous things listed here.

  • Tomo


  • elnrith


    i have a freind who split his toung and it really is weird – he said he did it because it quote”looked cool at the time”


  • ZedroZ

    Hi all
    I’m a long time Listverse reader and i post on occasion here also. I am a huge fan of body modification and have major respect for people who undertake many of the procedures listed above. Currently i have 26mm stretched lobes, a stretched septum to 6mm and a number of other piercings / tattoos. I personally do this myself as i don’t see my body to be the way i feel it should be. More often than not persecution is rare for me… (having said that i have had 4 people stand outside my house accusing me of mutilating gods work!)
    I firmly believe that modifying ones body is the choice of the owner of that body and no-one elses. It is a shame that some people don’t see it this way. Fortunately most people are more inquisitive than persecutive. I must also appologise for my spelling but i am dyslexic.
    Thanks JFrater and i applaude you excellent idea which has the simplest elements!

  • ZedroZ

    Helena: Just re-read your comment above and i feel it is unfair to call someone a retard for making personal choices in their lives. We all make them, to different degrees and extents but the word retard is an exceptionally simple minded and offensive term to use. would you call a mentally handicapped person retarded??
    I sincerely hope not…

  • ZedroZ

    Appologising profusely for the triple post here but in regard to the suspension posts above. As far as i am aware (although i may be wrong so feel free to correct me if i am) the brain produces similar endorphins (sp?) to that which heroin produces when injected into the bloodstream. I do not for one minute suggest that this is the reason why people would undertake the grueling exsercise. However this is what i am informed of by good friends who have experimented with the idea. (professionally of course!!)

  • ZedroZ

    Ha ha sorry but now i have to appologize for the quadruple post. Pierced glasses are an expansion of the bridge piercing one would have on (guess where) the bridge of their nose. The piercing is usually given a “banana bar” to heal. This is simply a banana shaped bar with screw on balls on either side. if one wished to put lenses on either side they generally must have custom built lenses with a thread on them to screw on in place of the balls on either side of the piercing. I have done this myself and it is not so hard to protect provided your bridge piercing is fully healed in the first place…
    Excellent list and i must really move onto another website as i may be in danger of overloading the comment boxes
    sorry all!

  • Peter

    Trbal traditions aside (strange that modern western people should consider them proof that the practices mentioned are not bizarre), I believe the underlying subtle motive for these modifications is this: a desire to proof that we own our body. In other words, to make a statement about total personal freedom.
    The reality is that we are not master of our bodies. Who can stop his stomach from digesting or her hair from growing ? The body is an instrument that allows us to experience the physical world.
    It is of course not wrong as such to do these things. It is imo a sure sigh though that the person in question has not understood what freedom is and what our real desires are. To make the body the focus of one’s attention, is a sure way to disillusion and sorrow.

  • ligeia

    Apart from the eye ones (how would you be able to keep your eyeball still while getting it tattooed?) these aren’t that extreme (though I suppose it depends on your definition of extreme). Penis splitting is WAY worse. I have a few piercings and tattoos and I want to get more but I don’t think I would get any of these done. I can’t even wear a watch or a bracelet for too long so subdermal implants would drive me nuts!

  • Davo

    …aka what attention whores do to themselves

  • mickey

    lol i’m more amazed at the comments than i am at the actual pictures. most of these things have been around hundreds and hundreds of years. things such as branding, ear stretching (along with stretching of other body parts such as the lip and nose), tightlacing (is the extreme form of wearing a corset), *not mentioned in the list* scarification (the act of removing the skin to creat a desired effect and a scar), even the ever present tattoo has been around for eons. also the implantation of foreign objects inside the body.(hello women have been getting breast implants for a long time)

    in some chinese cultures women would have their feet binded at a young infant age to keep their feet small which was a desired look back then. in some african tribes women stretch their necks by wearing a metal coil. tattoing branding and scarification where done in tribes all over the world both on males and females…and especially on warriors. and believe it or not anal stretching has been around since the dawn of the animal kingdom millions of years ago…surprise surprise your anus is made to stretch to accomadate the thickness of shit that comes out of it.

    now there are loads of things i deem down right gross.. such as tattooing or putting a jewel in the eye ball, thats just asking for infection. (mind you tattooing the eye ball or even the inner lip can be used as a form of military identification instead of the traditional dog tags).penis splitting is disgusting, but adding jewlery to it i don’t find gross. the beading of the private areas is under the same catagory as subdermal implants.

    there are so many things that have been around for a loooong time that only seem new to us because we’re a new age. it seems so extreme to some people because they don’t know the history of it. most people just label it as freakshow material, and label the people who do it as attention seekers. while some do do it for the attention, others such as myself do it because we like it and are amazed by the history of body modifaction. a lot of people are to ignorant to ask question to the people who do these things. i get asked a ton of questions about my peircings…and it pleases me to know some people actually wanna know about it instead of just label shit for their likings.

  • coryvictorious

    I have my tongue split and my ears stretched. body modification these days is incredible

  • JabberingJanet

    Well what is up with the anal plug? Why would even people who have anal sex want a stretched out butt hole? I thought tightness in any entry is part of the good feeling.Really what person would want a stretched out smelly,hairy,……ewe gross!!!!!!!!!

  • Sledgeham

    Aggggggggh!! Waaaahhaaaaaahh!! Bwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaahhahahaaaaa!!

    K, I’m done. But seriously, those people are whacked!

  • A

    The whole corset thing gets me. Wouldn’t that jam up your organs?

  • aimomo

    “in some chinese cultures women would have their feet binded at a young infant age to keep their feet small which was a desired look back then.”

    They’d actually do it at about seven years old. And they wouldn’t just bind them–oh, no. The girls would get an all day spa for their feet so they’d be nice and soft by the end of the day when they’d break them and bind them. And then sometime later (I forget how long, but I think it’s a few years), they would do it again. Most of these women couldn’t walk at all. Just go here to see what their feet would look like:

    Of course, these were only rich women. Peasant women had to work, therefore they wouldn’t bind their feet–how else could they walk around and work in the fields?

    I’m guessing the Chinese liked to keep their shoes on when having sex. ;)

    My opinion on modifications (because why not?): If you want to, go ahead. But I find it impractical if it’s going to cause complications, like tight-lacing. Some I DO find unattractive, but go right ahead if you want. Most of these weren’t a surprise though, and the glasses were kind of cool. A bit impractical, but still a neat idea. But…why would a person split their penis? How does an erection work? Where does the urine and semen come out? What? How does that WORK?

    I looked up scarification, and the process makes me feel a bit sick (the carved out skin is nasty!), but the result is usually quite lovely.

  • Borris

    These are not really that shocking to me. I have had my ears gauged up to a double zero. They wear ripped out and healed fairly right lobe is still open to about a four left is completely healed. And to Amy’s comment about the head shapping it has been done for several centuries. The tribes of South America (the Incans predominantly I think) used to wrap their childs heads in tightly bound cloth to get a desired shape. And I’m a little shocked to see that body suspension was not up there.

  • 196. Borris…And I’m a little shocked to see that body suspension was not up there.
    Body suspension is not a body modification.
    Modification means change.
    Body suspension may be a bizarre and painful experience, but once it’s over the body goes back to normal.

  • Primal

    For post #9 … Amy …

    People DO modify the shape of their head. You find it in South American cultures where children would have their heads shaped through rope / pressure on their skulls, they’d also use boards …

    Ah, the things done in the name of beauty.

    And, if you are interested in learning more about all kinds of body modifications ….

  • AntiQuest

    Does anyone have any links on cold branding? It sounds like a better way to finish the scarification I’m getting than hot branding, as a cold burn scar on my skin is alot whiter than a heat burn.

    With regards the people saying that body mods are attention seeking, I’m as introverted as they come, and only getting my scarification/branding, implants, tattoos and further peircings (and repeircings of healed ones) because I want them, to show part of me that’s on the inside on the outside and bring my body nearer to the way I want it to look. It’s nothing to do with race, religion or attention seeking, and though I admit masochism, that’s not the reason either, or I’d stick to just my Mistress’s lash. People get them for various reasons, but don’t tar the majority who get them for what they are in the inside and their ideals of beauty with the same brush as the minority of attention seeking kids.

    PS: Dispite my poor spelling, I’m currently doing a BSc in Computational Physics, so not quite the “retard” some call them…

  • 9piercings

    Obviously, all of these modifications have various health effects and risks, some more serious than others.

    Body modification is NOT body mutilations or self-injury. many people with modifications will tell you that they are modified because it is how they choose to express their personality. Just as we all have a particular style of clothing we like, modified people have a particular style of body decoration they like.

    Body modification is freedom – the freedom to express ourselves as we see fit. These modification aren’t harming you. We’re not forcing you to get modified. The un-modified have no right to say how people can and cannot modify their body (neither do the modified, for that matter). You may not like these modifications, but please stop to think for a moment before you start calling modified people “freaks”, or saying that these modifications are somehow “wrong”. Modified people are just different.

    Regarding the eyeball tattooing: this was eventually completed. See for the final result.

    To the author: PLEASE cite your sources for the images. You’re breaking copyright laws.

  • Hash

    Geez, you don’t have castration. That has to be one of the top 10, sorry. Lots of men have voluntarily been castrated, it’s extreme and deserves top ten consideration.

  • Ironcross

    This is some sick sh*t. I find humorous that we can even find politically correct words (modifications) for what it really is – mutilation. If you need to put beads in your peepee to enhance sex for your woman then you have no idea what you are doing. One last question, for those of you who stretch your anus, what happens when you need to take a dump? since there are no muscles there to hold in said defecant doesn’t it just come out? There is nothing more satisfying than taking a nice healthy DUMP. My guess is this pleasure is forever lost as the crap comes right out, probably in your damn knickers!

  • moip

    hmmm i don’t think i’d mind the pearling mod on a dude…as long as it clearly was not a venereal disease D:

  • Shannon

    The glasses are actually a really good idea. It would be nice to not have to worry about your glasses slipping down your nose.

  • Ash

    I have tattoos and piercings and I aim to get quite a few more but these just really freak me out.
    The earlob stretching isn’t bad because if it’s not too big, they can look cool. And a few of my friends have that done.
    My friend got branded when she was drunk
    She really regrets it now lol
    The eye piercing is pretty but I would never have that done… I’m too squeamish about my eyes…
    The rest are a little too strange for me.
    But the penis splitting is RANCID.
    And I find body modifications sexy
    But that just crosses the line…

  • candi-sue

    What a waste of space these people are. It just goes to show how incredibly stupid people can be. Most of these things are arguably unique at best for a while. Then they get older and infected their body parts fall off. Now that is when things get really cool unique. This earth is full of waaaaaay too many morons. -Elwood

    Firstly, I agree that we are vastly overpopulating the earth with morons, however, that is where my agreement ends.

    I suppose you deem yourself worthy of the space you take up?
    Any man who thinks he of all people knows the one right way to live is a fool. These people are doing what works for them, it brings them pleasure in some way, or means something to them. Who are you to argue with that?
    (I won’t argue with the common mans affinity for girl on girl action, even though thats not my cup of tea!)

    Just because someone gets old doesn’t mean their pierced or modified body part is going to get “infected…(or) fall off”!
    Diversity (sometimes in the oddest ways) promotes the survival of a species, plants, animals, insects etc etc. We as humans are NOT exempt.

    If you can’t muster up at least a semi-intelligent comment, I’m of the opinion that one should STFU and do some reasearch. :)

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – — Mark Twain

  • 206. candi-sue: I tend to agree with you, over all. People should be able to do what they want with their bodies without others making fun of them. However,the question in my mind, with the more “bizarre” of body modifications is this; What happens when what seemed like a good idea at 20, becomes an embarrassment (as it might) at 50?
    Very few people keep the same world view, or personal view, for 30 years. So much changes, education, jobs, marriage, parenthood, all kinds of things one can’t predict at 18 or 25, become incredibly important 15, 20, 30 years down the road.
    So then what?

  • candi-sue

    We make decisions every day that will affect the rest of our lives quite dramatically.
    Most of these mods are reversible.

    People live with uncool disfiguring scars, I’d rather have a neat design.

    Subdermal Implants, “pearling” and extraocular implants can be removed.

    As long as you stretch your earlobs correctly, they will usually return to their original gauge, and if not, hey, theres always plastic surgury. (I would assume its the same for the anal stretching.??)

    Tongue Splitting, I don’t think theres any going back, but I personally know someone with a split tongue, and if he didnt stick his tongue out at me, I’d never notice. In fact, his parents havent noticed for years!

    Tooth Filing could be at least visually corrected with dentures or veneers or what have you.

    Tight Lacing I’m unsure about. I don’t know anything about it, or about why one would be interested in practicing it. However, I can assure you, that if you are doing something like this every day for years to achieve a certain waist size, you’ve put a lot of thought into it. Most people can’t even get into the habit of flossing everyday!

    Corneal Tattooing… Personally I think this is the most ridiculous on this list. I’ll leave it at that. There’s no reversing a dye injection into your eye. Also, I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t look very cool either. But hey, to each his own.

    I think I’ve covered everything..

    P.s. If I still had my bridge pierced I’d be interested in the pierced glasses (I read about these a few years ago) The ends of the jewelry are replaced with magnets which attach to the magnets on the lens piece. You can’t just take your bridge piercing out every time you take your glasses off, man would it be a pissed off piercing!

  • candi-sue: Thanks for the thoughtful response. You made some excellent points!

  • carrie

    Corneal tattooing is not permanent. It usually only lasts 2-3 months before the ink disappears.

  • candi-sue

    carrie- thanks for the info! I’ll have to do a little more research on that one!

  • fudrick

    I cut a chinese symbol into my calf when I was 12. It looked cool but it is mostly faded now. I’d be interested in some scarification but only minimally and somewhere that very few people would see, such as my upper thigh or hip. I would like looking at it, but I wouldn’t want it to hurt my chances of getting a job or interacting with people.

  • tom

    Aesthetic masochism – a psychological syndrome waiting for an analyst.

  • jaja

    I too find the comments here a LOT more strange and amusing than the body mods. When people call others freaks for their own personal style, I tend to think that those people are secretly wishing they had the guts to be themselves and do what they want instead of hiding behind what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’ (whatever that is) Oh, and I don’t give a sh!t about those people who are going to argue with me by pointing out my spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s kinda more important to THINK in a SANE way than spell every goddamned word correctly. ;) \m/

  • itsalljustaride

    Am I the only one who thinks the pierced glasses would be completely impractical?

    I mean, your skin on your face moves around, and these things would just twitch and flop with every facial movement. There are only one or two points of contact, so they aren’t very stable. Seems like it would be real easy for them to just get knocked off every time something tapped them.

  • jaja

    @ itsalljustaride: but wouldnt it be easy for, uhhh, actual glasses to get knocked off?? and i like the hicks reference (if indeed it is >_>)

  • itsalljustaride

    haha, yeah, it is :)

    and yeah, glasses get knocked off anyway if you get slapped or something, but it looks like those would only need a little nudge (if they’re magnetic that is). I also wonder about the fact that it looks like only the top part is actually connected, and the bottom is just the little pads, so really there’s only one point of contact, which means even less stability. They could just spin around depending on how they’re affixed.

    But yeah, really the main thing is that your face moves, and these would just move right along with it. How would I make disgusted faces at people and still be able to see their reactions!?

    Maybe it works better in practice than it seems, I dunno.

  • jaja

    Yeah, actually you do have a point there about the glasses :D I guess I pictured them somehow MORE attached than regular ones. But if they’re screwed on they could be. If they are magnetic maybe they’d only be useful for, like, really still reading. XD

  • strangerous

    no scarification? these are even that weird. there’s self-mutilation, self-amputation, digit removal, self-castration, etc. people should check out bme.

  • Albert

    I’m surprised not to find what is literally the strangest possible body modification known as Trepanation. A medical procedure, though often done to one self, where an incision is made on the scalp and a small hole is drilled into the skull revealing the brain. Of course the incision is stitched. The end result is a permanent high due to the release of fluid pressure in the skull cavity, leaving you with a nostalgic sense of elation similar to that of childhood.

  • itsalljustaride

    Wasn’t trepanation supposed to be a way to reveal the “third eye”?

    I think the “childhood” thing is some new reinterpretation after the release of the His Dark Materials books, where they described a fictional arctic people who did the practice.

  • anon

    strangerous- did you bother reading any of the previous comments?

  • Who Knew

    Love to meet a super-pearled guy…and with a split tongue…my, oh, my…

  • sarah_r

    subdermal implants freak me out, along with a split tongue. ick
    I would NEVER even consider number 2 how disgusting. WHY???
    However number one is interesting. I have not heard of that before.

  • kietomboy

    i really like number 1

  • Vio

    To Amy #9, Mayan royalty used to modify their head shape by wrapping it at birth, shaping it like the cone heads, just not as extreme, so they can identify who’s really on of their own.

  • Daratora

    anal stretching… who the heck thought that would be cool?

  • Pras

    Why do body modifications court so much criticism and plastic surgery doesn’t? Surely that’s as much about outward appearance and the wish to change your body.

    Or is it accepted because it’s mainstream ?

    I personally would rather have tattoos and piercings than inject myself with botox, insert bags of silicone into my chest and have my face skin seperated from the muscle underneath and streched over my ears.

  • 229. w: TMI, w, TMI!

  • Fay

    If number 1 was completely safe and risk-free, I would have it done. It looks absolutely beautiful.

    But the risk of something going wrong would be far too high in my mind – it could blind you, surely?

  • Spike

    i am in the middle of splitting my tongue with wire and yes it does hurt like shit then i want the pearling done then thats my mods done for now lol

  • Tanya
  • Melissa93

    I’ve actually been branded…it hurt like hell but in the end it was worth it lol and I’m getting #9 done on my next birthday lol wish me luck!!!

  • Mat

    I have 1/2″ gauged ears and enjoy stretching my asshole with butt plugs. I am not gay, but enjoy the pleasure of stretching my asshole to accept larger things in it. I also practice Pegging with my girlfriend.

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    I think the penis pearling thing would be cool to feel. You men with small penises should do us a favor and check it out (you know who you are)!

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  • Polly Odyssey

    The idea of tattooing your eye kinda creeps me out…ugh, just imagining that makes my eye hurt…-shiver-

    Everything else on the list is pretty cool, but painful-looking! (Save maybe for anal stretching) The Subdermal Implants look really neat, though I’d never want to do it myself…looks like it would hurt too much…but I think I should look into the glasses piercing…

  • Kennoth

    These people ought to get shot. Disgusting. And I’m not usually the person that gets disgusted easily.

  • Penlag (Michael)

    Everytime I come to cehck out a few lists I always get shocked by what I see. I always see one or two things that are very unsettling to my mind. Putting little balls under the skin of your dick. Damn, I.. would never do something like that., The corsette (sp?) is probably the oldest on the list but I never seen them that tight, it looks really painful. Everyhting on this list is really weird, the least weirdest I’d say is the glasses piercing (imo is kind of a neat idea that will probably catch on later).

  • kweng

    what the heck is going on with these people?? it’s totally unnecessary..especially 1-4

    on second thought..i actually 9 is cool..

  • Eric

    If someone wants to get a body mod, more power to them. For myself I just wouldn’t see the point in getting something like this done. And I think there’s too much risk with some of these, such as the eye tattooing and eye implant – I’d think the risk of damaging the eye would be too great. Also, the subdermal implants seem dangerous – It seems like they could break loose and start floating around inside the body.

    And anything outwardly visible, such as the earlobe stretching and eye mods, and even the tongue splitting, could affect how seriously people take you and could hurt your chances in job interviews, etc. So I have to wonder why people do some of those things.

  • Luisa Heavy Metal


  • mmichellee

    Wouldn’t it be hard to sleep..or do any physical activity like swimming with glasses pierced on you?

  • Paul Mueller

    As a wearer of glasses , the bonus is just the most practical thing I have ever seen! Where can I get this done , and for how much?

  • Corella

    Wow…people on here surprise me. I believe most people on here have given practical and good advice towards those against body modification and i thoroughly enjoyed the statements of those (especially Candi-sue’s statement regarding the “fool”) who are rallying for body modification as i myself do.

    I have had my ears pierced since i was young, and at 14 i stretched them to 10mm or 00g, and i couldn’t be happier. I didn’t do it because i wanted to fit in, because i was the only girl in the area that even had stretched lobes, and i didn’t do it to be different as i just never really felt an extreme toward either way, i just wanted them because to me, they look amazing, i love the jewelry available, and to me, its just like getting any other piercing. (A girl getting her navel pierced for example)

    and for those who believe these are a form of mental illness, 95% of those who actually modify themselves, (either tattoo’s, piercings, and even scarifications and a form of “dermal” implants) aren’t doing it because they have some serious mental illness, they do it to either fit in, not fit in (more common in the younger groups) or to be themselves, and because it makes them feel good or they feel better because of it. It is absolutely no different then a woman getting botox or collagen because they have a sag somewhere. They are improving their looks in a way THEY see fit.

    I don’t understand how so many people are closed minded and choose only to see the far negative sides of everything rather then looking through the perspective of others. Those who are closed minded can NEVER life a fulfilling life, because they can’t experience what life really has to offer and it saddens me. I am comfortable with anyone, everyone and everything life has to offer, I am studying child psychology right now and the things i have experienced in life leads me to psychology as my point in life. I love everyone on this planet no matter what they look or act like, its just common nature for me. Its how i was raised, how i will raise my children, and how most people (especially those making negative comments on here) should also live their life.

    [b]And to the many people who referred to the pierced eyeglasses as being magnets, or causing blindness?
    this is an actual piercing that goes through the nasal cavity. the glasses are not permanently attached and can be removed and attached just as any body jewelry can be.[/b]

  • Mark

    I could not argee more. Very surprising just how many closed minded people actually commented on this. Personally i have two full tattoo sleves, and several ear piercings including stretched lobes(12mm) and a conch piercing. I,m the only one of my group of friends with tattoos or piercings, not to stand out from them, but just because i wanted them. I really thought the stigma towards body mods was gone but, sadly, i see I’m mistaken

  • Eric

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with body art, but I’ve always heard that extensive visible body art and mods can make it hard to get many types of jobs, because many companies view their employees as the face of the company.

    Of course, it depends on what kind of jobs one applies for.

  • Mark

    Personally i have only gone for jobs where i can be myself, warts and all(to coin a phrase), and i have been lucky so far in my life of finding open minded people. Fair enough, if you are a practiceing lawer then a new firm may cosider someone else because of your looks, but then isn’t it slightly contradicting life one would lead. I say if you have any mods, be it from a simple ear stud to a full tattoo body suit you should’t be led to feel ashamed about it in any way. Thats my two cents anyway

  • Valerie Solanes

    i truly don’t understand the motive behind these bodily manipulations. to me, all of these seem like they’re done by desperately ordinary people attempting to be extraordinary.

  • DaniBee

    I have my earlobes stretched to a size 0.
    It does have amounts of pain to it, but nothing unbearable. Much like getting your ears pierced for the first time, it hurts but you deal.

    Skipping gauges HURTS. A LOT. (a regualr earring is about a 14, and the smaller you go the bigger the whole, going by 2’s.) I went from a 12 to and 8. Oh god. Ouch.

    A friend of mine also had hers stretched to a 0. It went back when she took it out.

  • JV

    As a modified person, I’m frankly offended by a lot of the comments here.

    I’m not saying I partake in ALL of these modifications –in point of fact, I only do one of them, which is ear stretching.

    I suggest you all take a look around. What’s NOT normal to you is very likely what someone else does consider to be “normal.”

    As an example, there are several cultures that practice ear stretching as a commonplace mod. Look into it.

    Aside from that, many of these are unorthodox, and may very well be nothing more than people testing the limits of the human body. I’ve heard of all of these things, including the notable omission at the bottom of the list.

  • charls

    wow thats wrong but if they like ear stretching is actually very popular over where i live. why would you strehtch your ass

  • Cazz

    Number 5 is brilliant, I would love to get that, but not that tight.
    Although the cornea tattoo made me cringe. Each to their own though.

  • Psycho

    I’ve seen all of these things in person, except for the glasses one. I don’t think any of it is crazy or weird, its sexy. I love body modification and such. Sadly I only have 26 piercings and 2 tats at the moment, and I’m thinkin of getting my tongue split. Stretching of the ears.. yea its a slow process, I made the mistake of going to fast with it and now my left ear is permanently split in 2 places. XD
    I love body art though, I don’t know what I would do without it. =)

  • Nis S.

    That guy from number 4 reminds me of Brad Pitt.

  • aliceaffliction

    wow, everyone is so close minded
    who cares if someone decides to get a body modification
    just because it looks different, doesn’t mean you have to insult them. saying they’re freaks, or need help, or something of the sort
    it’s THEIR body, not yours.
    and really, i could rant for ages, but i won’t

    i love the extraocular implant, i think they’re so pretty (:

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  • bob-o-licious

    To the close minded on here, ew and yuck back to you, dont be so uptight
    I have a few tattoos, pierced ears, nipples and I love stretching my anus; I have the ink and piercings for the way they look, the stretching fot the way it feels.
    None of this is visible to the public except for the earrings, I have done this for my own pleasure.
    I dont want to pass judgment on the other mods, since some of them dont appeal to me, but to each their own.
    To the enlightened and opened minded: Thanks for the support, you all rock :D

  • bob-o-licious

    As an add on comment: i read back thru most of the comments re anal stretching; um, your hole closes up right after you remove what ever you had inserted.
    You knew that right….always been my experience anyway, YMMV

  • mopey_the_clown

    N A S T Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mopey_the_clown

    Reminding myself that its their own decision… but…ew.

  • mopey_the_clown

    the corset thing was creeeeeepy.

  • nicoleredz3

    Why on earth would anyone want to stretch their anus?

    Cool list…

  • @ comment number 9 – the Aztecs used to modify the shape their heads cuz it was fashionable to have pointy heads.

    I have a stretched ear, it’s kinda painful to do, but ell fun to have lol.

  • Eva

    But have you heard about when you tatto a heard and some love words on your heart, you go to surgeon and he will do this operation on you, but it is very exspensiv, you can see it on the web if you google it!! Its very crazy….

  • oak

    i have no idea if this is real or not but extreme non the less…

    ps. why does this site slow my computer down so much? no other sites do

  • Jill

    I've been going on BMEZine since I was 11 or 12. While I'm only 21, I've been numb to this sort of stuff and the ever-famous "Pain Olympics" that have been spread around on the internet for years.

    I have three professional tattoos, two DIY tattoos, and I've had over 17 total piercings. There's so much more I would love to get, including at least another four tattoos, a couple piercings, and scarification. I don't do it to stand out or fit in, I do it because my body is a canvas and I like to adorn it. It's not self-mutilation or being unhappy with your body (though that's true in some cases). I love my bedroom just the way it is, but putting on a new coat of paint on the walls or changing the color of curtains would be nice.

    As for the comments about them being a waste of space or never having a job, most people who want to "go big or go home" have careers that allow it, or their body art becomes their career (i.e., Lizard Man).

    Having said that, I get where all you conservative folks are coming from. I have known people that get facial tattoos and wondered why they couldn't get a decent job. Acceptance has come a long way, but get real. Tattoos have been associated with criminals in many cultures for over a thousand years and even in Japan, people who have tattoos aren't allowed in bath houses to this day. Until these things become commonplace, I'd avoid any visible and crazy body mods–unless I'm a rocket scientist and my skills are so valuable that they don't care what I look like.

    True story, I saw a guy with tribal tattoos and giant gauged ears that worked at NASA on some documentary. Without a "freak" like him, where would we be?

  • Camilla

    For those who are saying that these people do it to be accepted…do you have any idea how much abuse (verbal, usually) modified people get? It's hardly the best way to get everyone to like you!

  • Sian… here is the pics for penis splitting!

  • Geoffrey

    lmao it would be a hassle to clean the glasses

  • carl

    i recently saw an example of people splitting there penis's in a similar fashion to the tongue splitting.

  • Nina

    Oh my gosh xD oh and the dude in picture of the “pearling ” section looks like Kris Allen o.o

  • ashleysweet

    anal stretching? would that make you lose control of your sphincter muscle? and if that happens wouldnt you soil yourself? why would anyone want that?!

    • down

      its nice to submit and feel like a piece of meat that is abused, i also have the notable omission

  • tiredofhaters

    man this shit is seen every day people do what they want. im gauging my ears right now. there is no reason for all you guys to hate on them there not doing this for you

  • Tempura

    link for penis splitting. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.




  • greenmonster

    anal stretching: why?

  • Chompers

    Wow, I got four of those down!

  • Captain Carrot

    Ok, I read all of the stuff from the defenders of this ridiculousness and just have to say, give it a f’n rest already.

    It’s not close minded to want people to look like f’n human beings and not some kind of twisted miscreant.

    Before you say it, I have a few tattoos and an earring. But I’m not going all out to make my entire body look like a d*mn comic strip from the Sunday funnies and I’m sure as hell not so desperate for attention to want to make myself look like a lizard, snake, or anything that would require implanting horns into my f’n head.

    That’s the lame, cliched, ignorant cop out excuse from everybody that tries to justify stupidity. “Oh, it’s my body, I’ll do what I want to it”, or “Oh, it’s creative expression!”, or “oh, it’s…” blah blah f’n blah.

    It’s nothing of the d*mn sort. It’s a horrible, desperate cry for attention from people with such little self esteem and creativity that they can’t figure out a way to garner attention or esteem any other way than putting objects into their bodies.

    Listen, if you were meant to be a snake or a lizard or a goat or whatever the f*ck else, then that’s what you would be. Sure, a little bit of artistic fun is fine, but when you start getting into the extreme, non-artistic, and ridiculous tripe people are getting into now, then it just ruins everything.

    Close minded my a$$. How about practical and sane minded. That sounds more fitting.

    • Myers

      what about enjoying the feeling of it, or doing it to be or appear crazy to others on purpose?? i have 5 piercings and desire more along with tattoos but if you saw me you wouldn’t notice any of them, i get them because i enjoy the feeling of getting them, and like knowing that i went through something many other people wouldn’t. Some are also fun to play with:)

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I never knew there were so many ways to modify the human body. Really interesting.

  • CC3

    Only dumbasses do this shit to themselves.

  • Urbaribit


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  • Lloyd

    I am glad that there are those who are willing to take body modifications to the max. Although I find some of the images haunting, these people have a right to do what they please with their bodies. The one disturbing thing though is when they actually cripple themselves in the name of free expression. I find it interesting that some of the people do not like it when people stare at them. For many, it is like seeing an alien. So they need to take into account not only their feelings, but the reactions they may get from others. In many respects, it is no different than what many tribes have been practicing for years.

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  • Myers

    another piercing that should be mentioned is uvula piercing, i’d like to get one but i gag when i brush my tongue i just wouldn’t be able to do it

    • Myers

      oh yeah there is also skull piercing which is done in a certain place and the reaction of your brain to the piercing touching it is supposed to give off a euphoric feeling or “high” although it is extremely hard to find a surgeon/doctor to perform the alteration and it is quite pricey

  • vermilionskin

    Most of them are just, well… stupid.

  • boundbottom

    I have #2 and the notable omission, i belong to a mistress who punishes me :)

  • Toulsececlilk


  • castro
  • curiositykilledthedogtoo

    WHY?! in the world would anyone need to do no.2 ????

  • ejv

    #3:Corneal tattooing was an accepted textbook treatment for opaque cornea where “INDIA INK” was used to color the opaque cornea to match the fellow iris.This has virtually given way to custom made painted contact lenses.
    #1=That’s subconjunctival implants.
    ### Even more horrible eye implant was a British woman who flew to South America to have cosmetic Iris Implants within the eye(over the natural iris) and almost lost the eyes of inflammation.I think they were then taken out for free in NHS at Moorfields Hospital in London

  • tsterrible


  • David Hopkins

    Lip plating?

  • bengalpuss29

    my god Why would someone want to stretch their backside. I mean i’ve got a good idea why, but that is insane. Nothing ceases to amaze me nowadays the things people do to themselves in the name of art or the latest trend. But jesus having your arse stretched i can.t get my head round that one.

  • bengalpuss29

    why would anybody want to stretch their arse, sorry for being blunt but that’s just insane.

  • bengalpuss29

    anal stretching! what next?

  • Rafa

    The foreskins a handy place to thread hairs n stuff to tickle your partner but you guys chop the whole thing off??? How impressive.

  • Wow.

  • Jeanne

    I agree that some of those body modifications are rather gross. But I have elongated earlobes and just like my very visable tattoos are getting tobe quite normal for women, I mean.I am a thirt some years young woman and I sport a facial tattoo and am vvery comfortable with it.



  • asim

    this is all shit friends ….it should be added in mental disorders list

  • Fehemiepomo

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??????

    ????? :

  • I pierced my ear over 20 years ago, I haven’t worn an earring in almost 10 years….I still have the holes

  • magz

    Jeez people will do anything for attention.

  • zamteurt


  • taiwo

    It a complete dehumanizing habit to endure pain jst to get urself burnt in d name of fashion.HA DEVILISH INSPIRED TINS CALLED ART

  • allseemee


  • AnaeveMon


  • john76fine


  • john26best


  • john28fine


  • christianeshop

    Sprouse’s scrawled graffitti is imitated simply by everyone because of Stuart Weitzman to help you Gwen Stefani, a real ridiculous devotee created by Rolex wristwatches..

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