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Crossword Competition 2

We are pleased to announce our second crossword competition. Be assured, this one is a lot harder than the first.


The competition will run for one month (ending September 18). At the end of the month, the answers will be posted here, and all correct entries will be added to a draw. One random entry will be selected as the winner – so every correct submission has a chance.

You have three options for downloading or filling in the puzzle:

1) Download the PDF document

If you don’t know how to read a PDF, you need to download a copy of a PDF viewer – it is completely free and you can download it here. You can either fill in the PDF with PDF writing software or you can just write the answers in an email to me.

2) Download the JPG

We have now published the list as a JPG image. You can download this and use a graphics program to fill in the answers and send it in, or you can write the answers in an email and send them to me.

3) Fill in the answers on the web

We have a very easy to use web interface for the crossword. Please be sure to print off the final answers once you have filled them in as the web interface doesn’t save the answers and doesn’t send them to me. You need to print the answers and email them to me. This option also lets you check 5 of your answers to see if they are correct. To print the answers at the end, select the “Game” menu and click “Print”.

Please remember not to use the comments here to cheat – do not tell anyone else the answers. You can, however, use the comments to discuss your progress, to tell people which ones you are finding toughest, and to comment in general on the idea of a regular crossword competition.

The prize for the competition is your choice of either a tee-shirt, a mug, or a cap from the List Universe Store.

When you have completed your puzzle, send your answers to [email protected]

Remember, the deadline for entries is September 18th at 1:00am GMT.

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  • Good luck guys – this one is really tough.

  • JwJwBean

    Yay!!!. Thank god I have a month.

  • Vera Lynn

    JFrater, what if I want a canvas bag? ;)

    I have got to do something about my printer Geek squad, anyone?

  • Fruckert

    this ends the day before national talk like a pirate day

  • This one must be DAMNED hard – not one submission yet :)

  • JwJwBean

    Hey I have a whole 3 answers ;)

  • DMR

    Solved it just now. Pretty hard, but remember that all the answers can be found on the site, so just search.

  • DMR: have you sent your answers in? I haven’t received them yet.

  • Come on guys – it isn’t THAT hard – I have not had one single entry sent in yet!

  • Cheeshygirl

    You have officially received your first entry! And may I say, kudos to you for making me think and research my butt off. I’ll refrain from repeating what I said about you earlier, Jamie. ;) That was fun! So, when’s the next one?

  • next one in one month :)

  • Kat

    I’m almost done with mine. I don’t know if i can wait another month. I was so afraid i’d come back to this post today and there would be hundreds of comments and submissions. Guess not. But I appreciate your hard work!!!!!

  • knight_forked

    Jamie, I am wondering if your clue ‘creator’ to 8 down is just intentional to confuse or may be its just that what I am thinking as answer is horribly wrong?

  • knight_forked: it is a bit obscure – I should have said that he is the creator of the method when applied to audio media.

  • knight_forked

    Thanks for the information Jamie….I’m off for a late lunch now :)

  • juice vibe

    Hei its really taken almost my whole time at work and managed 7 entries….havent given up yet.Am almost there and I just love this site…

  • knight_forked

    Jamie, I submitted my entry…just wanted to make sure you received it.

    Since I have only started visiting this site about 2 months back I wouldn’t know how tough it was as compared to the first one, but it takes some time to think through (search) the answers as mentioned by Cheeshygirl earlier. Good job jamie and hope to see more of similarly challenging ones.

  • knight_forked: I got the entry :)

  • PunkPenguin

    Just started this one today. I only have 6 answers so far…..whew!! The across clues seem to be easier than the down clues.

  • JwJwBean

    UH OH! Time’s almost up!

  • Kat

    Sooo…. how many entries and how many correct entries?
    More submissions then Crossword 1?

  • ???????

    ? ??? ?? ???????, ???? ? ?????? ?? ???? ???????? ??????????, ??? ??? ???? ?????, ?? ????? ??? ??????? ???????

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