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Top 10 Common Myths About Cannabis

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Cannabis is probably the world’s most popular casual use drug that is illegal in most nations. It has become so widespread that many people wouldn’t think twice about asking to light up at a friend’s or to smoke in public places. It is an ancient drug that has been used throughout history for medical, magical, and pleasurable purposes. Thanks to the scare-tactics of propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s, there are many myths surrounding the drug – this list intends to put things straight once and for all.


Fat Storage

Cc Upinsmoke Ms 5

Myth: Cannabis’ active ingredient THC gets stored in body fat and its effects can last days or even weeks

Fact: It is true that cannabis (like many other drugs) enters the body’s fat stores, and it is for this reason that it can be detected long after use, but that is the only part of this myth which is true. The fact is, the psychoactive aspects of the stored cannabis are used up quickly and while the residue of the drug remains, it no longer has any effect on the person. Furthermore, the presence of THC in body fat is not harmful to the fat, the brain, or any other part of the body.


Memory Loss


Myth: Cannabis use causes memory loss and a general reduction in logic and intelligence

Fact: This is another myth which has elements of truth to it – no doubt the reason it is believed by so many. Laboratory tests have shown that cannabis diminishes the short term memory – but only when a person is intoxicated with it. A person who has taken cannabis will be able to remember things learned before they took it but may have trouble learning new information during intoxication. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to suggest that this can become a long-term or permanent problem when sober.


Scientific Proof


Myth: Cannabis has been scientifically proven to be harmful

Fact: Let us start with a quote: “the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health.” This quote comes from the peer-reviewed British medical journal The Lancet (founded in 1823). There is certainly no scientific consensus on cannabis use, and certainly no scientific proof that casual use is dangerous to health.


Loss of Motivation


Myth: Cannabis use causes apathy and a lack of motivation

Fact: In fact, studies done on test subjects in which they were given a high dose of cannabis regularly over a period of days or weeks found that there was no loss in motivation or ability to perform. Of course, abuse of any intoxicating substance over long periods will reduce a person’s ability to function normally, but cannabis is no better or worse. Furthermore, studies indicate that cannabis users tend to have higher paid jobs than non-users.


Crime Statistics


Myth: Cannabis causes crime

Fact: Some people believe that cannabis use leads to violence and aggression, and that this, in turn, leads to crime. But the facts just don’t stack up. Serious research into this area has found that cannabis users are often less likely to commit crimes because of its effect in reducing aggression. Having said that, because of the number of nations that have outlawed cannabis, most users in the world are technically classified as criminals merely for possessing the drug.



Picture 1-67

Myth: Cannabis kills brain cells

Fact: Cannabis does not cause any profound changes in a person’s mental ability. It is true that after taking the drug some people can experience panic, paranoia, and fright, these effects pass and certainly don’t become permanent. It is possible for a person to consume so much of the drug that they suffer from toxic psychosis, but again this is not unique to cannabis and is very rare.


Gateway to Other Drugs

Picture 2-45

Myth: Cannabis is a gateway drug – in other words, it leads to abuse of more potent drugs

Fact: For most people, cannabis is a terminus drug, not a gateway drug. Users of high strength drugs such as heroin or LSD are also statistically more likely to have used cannabis in the past, but this is just toying with statistics; when comparing the number of cannabis users with hard-drug users, the numbers are extremely small – suggesting that there is no link at all.


Modern Potency


Myth: Cannabis is more potent now than in the past

Fact: The reason that this myth has come about is that samples taken by drug enforcement agencies are used to test for potency but they are a tiny sample of the cannabis on the market. The vast majority of cannabis taken today is the same potency as it has been for decades. In fact, even if the potency were greatly higher, it would make little difference to the user as cannabis of varying potency produces very similar effects. Furthermore, there is statistical data on cannabis potency dating back to the 1980s which is more reliable than present methods of detection, and that shows little or no increase.


Lung Damage


Myth: Cannabis is more damaging to the lungs than cigarettes

Fact: First of all, people who smoke cannabis but not cigarettes tend to smoke far less frequently – thereby limiting their exposure to the dangers in the smoke. Furthermore, smokers of cannabis are not inhaling the many additives that go into commercial cigarettes to make them burn down faster or to stay alight. There has even been some evidence that marijuana smoke does not have the same effect on the bronchial tubes as cigarette smoke, so even heavy use may not lead to emphysema.


Cannabis and Addiction

Picture 3-18

Myth: Cannabis is highly addictive

Fact: Less than one percent of Americans smoke cannabis more than once per day. Of the heavy users, a tiny minority develop what appears to be a dependence and rely on the assistance of drug rehabilitation services to stop smoking but there is nothing in cannabis which causes physical dependence and the most likely explanation for those who need assistance is that they are having difficulty breaking the habit – not the “addiction”.

This list was inspired by the excellent work of the Drug Policy Alliance Network.

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Contributor: JFrater

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Nejikun

    This list was made by a pothead trying to justify their addiction. a friend of mine developed a serious dependence on the drug, to the point where he physically couldn't get by without it.

    • carlotta

      thc is not addicting i been smoking for 35 yrs. It was all in your friends head!!!!

      • drugcourt

        You've been smoking for 35 years…ever try to stop? Most people don't realize they have a problem if there is no reason to stop. That dosn't mean there not addictced. Also you should look at the definition of addiciton. "my only problem with smoking weed is your problem with me smoking weed"

        • Bob

          Studies have shown marrijuana to be about as addictive as caffeine. And there’s 2 kinds of addiction, physical addiction and mental addiction. If you’re physically addicted to a drug you will go into withdrawl if you stop taking it and get sick. If you’re mentally addicted you might feel depressed if you stop taking it, but you won’t get physically sick. You can get mentally addicted to anything, even things like books, and video games. But you can only get physically addicted to certain drugs, such as opiates. A mental addiction can be formed when using marrijuana for an extended period of time and in large doses, but this is far easier to brake than a physical addiction. Furthermore, it’s quite childish to say he’s just a pothead trying to justify his addiction, it’s ignorrant even given the fact that the entries are quoted from peer reviewed scientific studies. Which is infinitely more credible than your anecdotal evidence. Maybe you should be alittle more rational when it comes to this subject, look at the evidence objectively and then make an informed decision, because you clearly haven’t done that.

          • Eric

            You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar.

          • BOOM! You’ve been served.

          • Taught

            AMEN MY BROTHA

        • buttercup108

          If there’s no reason to stop, what exactly is the problem?

        • annie

          Smoked 3-4 times a day for 20 years straight, put the stuff down 10 years ago because it was getting too expensive for me and haven’t touched it since… OBVIOUSLY it isn’t that addictive…

          • JiheeLove

            I can stop and start whenever I like to, I don’t feel physically challenged or mentally challenged without it. On the other hand, my boyfriend thinks about it all the time. And there are many other people around myself that react differently.

            As far as addiction goes (not adding harmful factors), anything can be addictive to people, yes considering other factors, some substance already has chemicals that wire your brain to get addicted but people are always addicted to sex, prescribed drugs, exercising and etc.

            It just varies on different people, and but if there are no health defects that comes out in result of smoking cannibus, I don’t see why it’s bad. It’s not cannibus that’s bad, its the people that abuse it that put a bad name on it.

      • Roderick

        I smoke five to six times daily and I can go days with out. I rather not but if I’m going out of town or something it doesn’t hold me back. Except the pain in my back which is the reason I smoke…

        • pete knowles

          those kids on the TV commercial were all whacked out on the pot and they just sat there on the couch and wasted away. is that what you want in your neighborhood? Insane druggos all whacked out of their gourds running over little kids at the MacDonalds. there is overwhelming evidence the pot gives young people shrunken penis and testicles. no thank you sir.

          • Bert Grink

            Sir, if you think that TV commercials are a reflection of real lif, you really need to get out more often.

          • Felatio

            You ARE the weakest link.. goodbye.

          • Matt

            Hey, you can always counteract the shrinking testis by consuming Cow Menstruation. That will make your balls grow big and big balls means healthy balls AM I RIGHT!?

    • SirMichaelCaine

      You do realise you can't get addicted to weed. You can however, get a "mental" addiction to it, even still that's a load of bull.

    • Jaigg

      I have smoked 10-20 grams of marijuana a day for 11 years now and can stop with no ill side effects any time. I have stopped for jobs, when I had my baby or just to see if I could. Less addictive than cigarettes. Your friend is a moron and the science doesn't back up your theory. Marijuana is mildly psychologically addictive but not physically addictive at all. Just check in medical texts, or ask a doctor.

      • Matt D

        you clearly haven't smoked 10-20 grams a day or youd be spending stupid amou nts of money and never getting anthing done

        • I have a feeling Jaigg intended to write 1-2g a day…. which is completely reasonable, I smoke about that much (unless, as Jaigg stated, [I'm] working or taking care of children, etc). I would be shocked if someone with a child smoked a half OUNCE to almost full ounce per day. Practically physically impossible.

      • GJJ

        Lucky you. I smoke about a gram a day regularly and whenever I need to quit I get nausea, insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite and night sweats. Someone earlier said marijuana’s about as addictive as caffeine. Well, caffeine is pretty addictive. Ever try quitting caffeine? What happens to you physically? Nothing fun.

        I understand that people are trying to legalize marijuana and that the “reefer madness” hysteria prevents that, so people want to minimize any stigma.As a pothead myself, I’m all for legalizing and all for de-stigmatizing, but not at the expense of telling people who are having legitimate physical problems weaning themselves off of weed that “it’s all in your head.” Of course it’s nothing like cocaine or heroin–I think a better word than addiction for marijuana is dependency–but the physical symptoms do exist for some people, just like they do for people who go cold turkey on caffeine. It might be possible that some people don’t develop a dependency and can quit cold turkey with no ill effects, but those people would do well to realize that everyone has different physiology and will react differently to foreign substances put into their bodies.

        So, my post isn’t for the people who want to keep insisting that pot is as harmless as air. It’s for the people who are having trouble laying off the weed and finding that it gives you unpleasant physical symptoms when you quit. No, it’s not in your head. I deal with it too, and one of the most obnoxious aspects of it is people who tell you that it’s only psychological.

        • GJJ

          Wow, it bleeped out the word mar.i.juana. In an article about cannabis. Okay then.

          • durka durka

            lol ur a jackass

          • kat

            Oh I see what you mean lol. That’s kinda ridiculous!

        • Jess

          Insomnia, night sweats, nausea and loss of appetite are classic symptoms of anxiety, which is a mental condition- not a physical one.

          Withdrawal involves things like seizures, vomiting, phantom pain, uncontrollable tremors, hallucination, and the shutting down of vital organs.

          Your outrage that your problem may be mental and not physical suggests you’ve bought into the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and it helps to further stigmatize those whose suffer with incredibly common, easily-managed ailments.

          Perhaps you should consider whether you have, in fact, been self-medicating all along.

        • kat

          Thankyou GJJ, I was on the verge of considering myself crazy after reading this list and its comments… that is untill I read yours. I have been smoking cannabis for about 8 years and whenever I have tried to quit I suffer terrible night- sweats and insomnia. My partner goes through the same thing. We are otherwise healthy both physically and mentally. Judging by these comments, most cannabis smokers don’t suffer any withdrawal symptoms or side-effects when they stop smoking it but I wish they wouldn’t speak for the world!

    • northern ninja

      u obviously have no idea what u r talkin about, first off there is no physical addiction in pot. the only thing that u could even remotly come close to classify as an "addiction" is the fact of the enjoyment of of bein high. you might have an urge to wanna get high, but still no addiction

      • James

        With that logic I could argue that I’m not addicted to alcohol, I just want to get drunk a lot… I think you’ll find desire to use a substance of any kind frequently is exactly what an addiction is. Not all addictions have “withdrawal symptoms” as most people would classify them, but craving something when it is removed is itself a withdrawal symptom.

        Would you also argue that people who constantly crave cigarettes aren’t addicted then?

        • mystic

          Weed doesn’t have the same chemical makeup as cigarettes nor alcohol. Therefore, using them as examples is foolish. Cigarettes have nicotine in them which is proven to cause physical dependence– addiction. The same goes for alcohol, you develop a physical dependence with the overuse of it. This is not the cause with weed. Do your research so you don’t sound like a ignorant ass. :/

          • mystic


    • jkwonisREAL

      your dumb man, your friend was not physically addicted to the actual chemical (THC) but was mentally addicted to the act of smoking it. Just how kids play Call of Duty, and get on Facebook everyday. not because they need to but because they are are scared not to. I smoke on and off all the time its all in your head.

    • Jose

      Of course jfrater made this list most if these are not myths at all jfrater ur retarded and I absolutely hate u

    • qwert

      That’s highly improbable. There are no chemical properties in cannabis which can cause physical dependence. I have been using on and off for about 4 years. For those times that I choosing quit, there we NO withdrawal symptoms. I have never felt the “need” to use, it has always been my choice. It’s like eating cake or chocolate. It’s so good you can’t simply just have it once. But if your friend was physically addicted, he would become severely ill after stopping use. So whatever you just stated has clearly been debunked.
      Habitual use does not mean you’re addicted. Just because I choose to eat cheesecake every weekend doesn’t mean I’m addicted, eating it gives me a strong sense of satisfaction, just like using cannabis. :]

      • qwerty

        willingly quit*
        And cann a bus

    • DrCannabis

      It is impossible to be physically addicted to THC, mental addiction is not a justifiable cause to make a plant illegal, since it’s all in your head, it’s like being addicted to shopping or video games. Should we make those illegal?

  • tinydancer

    Point 6 is completely misleading. The crime associated with cannabis is not necessarily associated with the user, i.e. 'If you take cannabis you become a criminal'. The fact that cannabis is controlled by gangs or drug cartels means that the problem of crime and drug use are far more endemic.

    Im not anti-drugs or anything but I think this list is giving out the complete wrong message: For instance, you say "It is true that after taking the drug some people can experience panic, paranoia, and fright, these effects pass and certainly don’t become permanent." I would like to know where the certainty comes from? By all reckonings there is nothing certain about the long term affect of cannabis. This doesn't seem a very neutral, or useful statement.

    • Sausau

      Cannabis was the first cultivated plant, it has been used for thousands of years, I think we know what there is long term affect.

    • stoner

      Cannabis wouldn't be the cause of some gang violence if it was legal. You don't see gangs peddling alcohol through underground tunnels, do you?

      • Hatman

        You did during prohibition, as well as a general increase in crime.

    • Ginger

      The government is perpetuating the drug war, not drug cartels. Our government has to power to destroy their market by legalizing, regulating, and taxing it, just like the proven more harmful cigarettes and alcohol. Yet they refuse not to based on rumors, propaganda, and lies. They just don’t want to admit their mistakes. Take a look at the sources and try finding some information for yourself. I, like many others on this site, have done my own research on this topic and found that the sites that continue to put out negative and false information regarding cannabis’ use not only have no sources to back up their statements, but never list the positive effects side of the argument. And if they do throw in a good word or two, it is quickly overshadowed by more lies; and note, some of these negative sites say GOOD things. Also, there is more overwhelming evidence as to the positive effects than the bad ones, including hundreds and hundreds of personal, first-hand accounts that are not given by just lowlifes and people looking for an excuse to use a “drug”. I can go to any doctor right now and complain enough about pain and he/she will be more than willing to prescribe me a painkiller with side effects far worse than anything cannabis can or will do to you, even over the long term. Think about it, as awesome as crack addicts say crack is, you don’t see anyone banding together to get it legalized because of its healing properties. You don’t have to listen to any of the people on this site about how and what cannabis does what it does. Do the research for yourself. I think you’ll be surprised.

  • foohy

    I'm really starting to lose interest in this site. First 2 sports lists and then this!? Where's the mystery lists? The good stuff? Look, we get it. Some people smoke this stuff occasionally and don't suffer many if any long term effects. But many people DO. There is a reason other then propaganda that the average person sees pot-smokers as lowlifes. It's because they typically are! Teenagers are attracted to the stuff BECAUSE it's illegal and they get a kick out of temporary losing their mind. Toss all the statistics you want but what good can possibly come out of "panic, paranoia, and fright"? I just don't understand why people want to do this to their selves…

    • carlotta

      Foohy if you have never smoked a joint or experienced the high then you have no right to judge…PERIOD!!

    • Akida646

      no no no i am far from a "low life" i go out on adventures almost every day when im high because its fun to do stuff when im high i might even go buy a cop a doughnut. but hey only bums and low lifes do the sacred drug… your ignorant… btw im not attracted to it because its illegal… infact i wish it was legal!!! i love the stuff it gives you paranoia from like spiders and stuff like anybody not high wouldn't get paranoid from weird shit like that plus stoners are the most loving and caring people in the world that protect eachother and care for eachother nomatter what. if a guy says could you smoke me up im going through alot right now? id be like yes i would my friend lets invite some friends take tons of rips and watch a awesome movie and walk to the nearest grocerie store to get some food (munchies) but yeah all your being is ignorant and a foul for just saying lowlife teenagers like it because its illegal and its a thrill. listen stoner live stoner die do not tell me what i am and how i live my life. i want you to get high atleast once you wont get dependent on it or need to do it again. if its not for you just leave it be. do not hate on other people and say something they aren't when you dont even know.

      • iheartmaryjane

        here here!!!

        • Natty

          I wanted to thank you one more time for this amzanig web page you have developed here. It really is full of useful tips for those who are definitely interested in this particular subject, specifically this very post. You’re really all so sweet along with thoughtful of others and also reading the blog posts is an excellent delight in my experience. And thats a generous surprise! Jeff and I usually have enjoyment making use of your recommendations in what we should instead do next week. Our list is a kilometer long which means your tips are going to be put to fine use.

    • dudestfu

      it feels good/ im a teenagers illegal things don't really interest me/ i don't like to lose my mind i like to be relaxed/ long term effects not as bad as cig's/ im not a low life – i have straight a's and am on the varsity swim team… try it before you judge

    • Sharizard

      I feel that you watched Reefer Madness once and based all your ideas on that. I'm love getting stoned, and I'm not, believe it or not, a low-life! People get drunk to get all gitty and stupid and people toke up to feel relaxed and calm. I find it's a fantastic way to unwind or get motivated to finish work I don't want to do, but it's by no means addicting. It's just a easy stress-release.
      Fuck, people used to believe if you listened to metal, you'd become murderous and satanic. People are ignorant and need to stop preaching to the masses. It's not working!
      It SHOULD be legalized. Sometimes I hate having to find private places to smoke.

    • The Dumbest Guy In The Wolrd

      You are so far from wrong I feel bad for you. People like you are the reason it is illegal. The propaganda has sheltered you sufficiently I see. “I’m a low life because I have improved the quality of my life through the use of mary jane.” Ignorant people are funny!

    • Well-said!

    • Chocta

      Course you dont, how can you understand if you never tried? It’s like telling a blind man how red and blue looks like

    • laskdjfa;klsd

      pot smokers are lowlifes?
      some of the smartest, athletic, and happiest people I know smoke pot, and most people I meet who hate it with a passion are synical ass holes

  • ligeia

    I might have to argue with you on the one about lung damage. I'm definitely more wheezy and full of phlegm than I used to be. But that's after 8 years and if that's the worst that happens to me, well, I can live with that!
    I would much rather be stoned and on my couch watching a good movie than puking my guts up after drinking too much.
    I've always argued that alcohol is much worse than weed (not that I don't enjoy a drink every now and again).
    And yes, I graduated with a masters degree, have a good job and no criminal record.

    • Nick

      kudos my friend. Smoke on

  • Aimée

    Cannibis will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no cannibis.

    • pumpum herbalist

      just perfect

  • Muttley

    I'm sorry jfrater – but i cannot indulge in the 'ceremonial back-patting' engendered by this list: Have you actually WORKED with long-term Cannabis users? Have you witnessed DAILY the damage these people have caused themselves – all manner of pshological conditions – schizoid and paranoiac being the most prevalent. The apparent 'dopiness' of the long-term user – NOTE: I am NOT saying heavy user, either.

    THC is a psychoactive chemical, the cannabis itself has been determined to be approximately 7 times more carcinogenic than clean tobacco (fresh-grown) – check the various cancer organisations.
    This 'Myth' list is a larger pile of garbage than your last Mediaeval one.

    C'mon man – get back to the interesting ones and stop pandering to those looking for an excuse to indulge in something which is harmful to them.

    • Akida646

      if its so harmful and causes cancer, why do cancer patients smoke? to get more cancer? wrong, another ignorant person who has set aside the fact that cannibis has never killed anyone who has smoked it. maybe just maybe acouple of people have died from a car accident because of it but im sure thats not even true. alchol and tobacco is much more dangerous and has killed. it has been proven that that kills. marijuana has not. will never and can never kill (smoke wise) the smoke barely takes down any lung capacity if so only 2% watch up to date movies to re-educate yourself before you babble on how marijuana is dangerous and "evil"

    • James

      Actually, recent studies show no link between heavy pot smokers and cancer. In fact, the THC might have a protective effect by killing off dying cells before they turn into tumors and cancer.

      Even the guy who did the study(which was funded by the anti-pot National Institute on Drug Abuse) said he thought that they could prove a link between cancer and marijuana smoking but his hypothesis was very wrong and he is now in favor of legalization.

      As for the lazy pothead wasting away on the couch myth, lets take a look at some famous potheads:
      Bill Gates
      Sir Richard Branson
      Michael Phelps…….there's perhaps the biggest proof that the lazy pothead claim is false!
      Stephen King
      Morgan Freeman
      Michael Bloomberg

      There's a wide variety of people who smoke pot. Just because some teenagers do it for the wrong reason without knowing enough about what they are putting in their body, doesn't mean all stoners don't know.
      By the way, I wrote this while puffing on some Sour Diesel marijuana. Mmmmm tasty ^_^

    • Dannn

      Actually, it cures cancer. Go on youtube or google or something, and type in "hemp oil cancer" or the like. Maybe try "cannabis pubmed" for the official versions. You need educating man, really. You're a bigot, I'm sorry to ahve to say it, but you are :(

    • igohardonthepaint

      maybe you should check if some of those people you’ve “worked” with are actually using other drugs or have family issues or mental problems instead of just dumping the problem on weed, and also maybe you should go to google and look up “list of Cannabis related deaths” and see what pops up
      thats right

  • Circles

    Foohy – you don't understand why people smoke pot because you obviously never have.
    You CAN have an opinion on something you have no first hand experience with, but it'll usually be wrong.

    • Johann

      I'm sorry, but, while i am for legalization of Marijuana and do indulge, your argument of "You can have an opinion with no first hand experience, but it's usually wrong" is a bad argument. I can think of a ton of things that I have an opinion on that are considered quite correct by the general populace, without first hand experience necessary. For Example, Rape, Genocide, Meth, Heroin, Incest, and Pedophilia are all wrong and horrible things in my opinion.

      • Asdfg

        Because facts and common sense prove that…who in their right mind ever says, “well, IMO rape is pretty cool and not wrong.” and rapists don’t count. People who have never smoked pot really don’t have any ground to condemn it, they usually succumbed to propoganda overbearing mothers in their lives.

    • pumpum herbalist

      i second dat

  • Johnny T

    My problems are with numbers 1, 3 , and 4.

    4: I know first hand that marijuana can lead to other drugs. In order to get marijuana you have to go to an illegal source. Which often times have other things for sale. Not to mention you will make contacts with people who use other things.

    3: almost every single drug has gone up in potency over the years with the exception being LSD. LSD is one of the only drugs which has gone down in potentcy. Pot has increased in potency due to new strands being made from cross pollination.

    1: It's very debatable as to whether pot is addicting. Your definition of addiction seems to be whether a drug is physically addictive or not. Yet many drugs that are considered addictive are only psychologically addictive, not physically. Opiates are one of the only drug grioups that are physically addictive. Cocaine for instance is prely mentally addictive.

    I used to do drugs and are in fact not against certain drugs uses (including pot.) However the pro-pot facts and statistics are often just as twisted around as the anti-pot facts.

    • pumpum herbalist

      u r lost jack ass

  • Cernunnos

    bah, as far as i'm concerned, frequent users of mind-altering substances are losers.

    i dont care what job you have, how much money you have or even if you do loads of charital work. i dont care that weed isn't as dangerous as many believe, i dont give a shit about that. bottom line is: drug-users are pathetic. same goes for alcoholics.

    • Akida646

      when your the one trolling.

    • ty35632678

      well aren't you just a great person then. Get off your fucking high-horse.

    • Priestess Violet

      HHmmm…so I suppose you have never taken a prescription from the doctor or aspirin….whether you feel it or not…THEY ARE MIND-ALTERING/BODY-ALTERING DRUGS too…also there are many chemicals in our food that are much worse and DO cause cancer, etc….Maybe you should smoke a little and calm down. Wonder what your job and pay is??

      • Springs

        Yeah man! Water is a body-altering drug! Notice he said mind-altering, not body-altering. I’m sure taking an aspirin for a headache is just the same as taking LSD… God drug users come up with some stupid excuses. The worst one I’ve heard was ‘it’s all natural, man’ well if that’s the case then I’m off to smoke some wood, or ingest some arsenic, I might eat a rock. It’s all natural after all.

        • Rob

          Uh. I’m on some pretty powerful Migraine pills. A couple of them in a short period and I’ll be lucky if I’m not running down the street without clothes, try to flush the dirty dishes down the loo, or start writing mail for my dog….

        • pumpum herbalist

          how u write states hw u think n the amount of knldge in ur thik head GO TO SCHOOL

        • pumpum herbalist

          ummmhh mr springs hw u write states hw u think n the knldge in ur thik head plz try goin BACK TO SCHOOL

    • jkwonisREAL

      you have no concept of the real world
      the fact that people are successful while still smoking is proof in itself that it has no effet on such things. a good person is a good person no matter if they smoke or not. same for ass holes

      take yourself for example
      troll ass….

    • Nick

      your an idiot. Whether you like coffee, soda, energy drinks, pot, yoga, exercise, etc you are altering your mind dumass. Again, Pot is less harmful that coffee, cigarettes, and plenty of legal pharmaceutics. You may need a coffee to jump start your day and i need to smoke a jay. So yea your a hypocrite. I bet you that you are addicted to some human made product that you can live without.

  • Clarkekentyboy

    This is a very dangerous list in my opinion. I had a chronic cannabis habit for about ten years, stopped smoking the stuff about 4 years ago. My head's still up my bloody arse.

    • aj123

      thats cuz your an iddiot

      • pumpum herbalist

        ni ukweli

  • Meg

    Awesome list! I’ve always believed #1 is true. T_T

  • mail2faheem

    damn good…..missed being first by a fraction

  • Rosie Rocky Horror

    Damn.. I was first on the scene but had to quickly see to the tiny detail of actually being registered.

  • nurseamy

    this list is going to give lots of people amunition when they are told off for smoking pot!!!! good list tho, lots of things on here i didnt know! X

  • brad

    good list

  • Mav22

    Drugs are bad, mmmkay!

  • Crimanon

    Jamie! holy shit, that was great and not one wiki quote. Thank you for giving this topic the credit it deserves!

  • dhily

    cool list!! but ppl who smokes pot shud have known this facts(maybe 2 or 3)…

    surprisingly, nicotine and achohol kills far more than cannabis~

    • ryan

      nicotine doesnt kill anyone you dumb ass, it the reasons cigs are addictive

      • Chocta

        Isn’t nicotine poison when pure ? Am i wrong?

    • carlotta

      I agree dhily cigarettes and alcohol are the killers not marijuana remember marijuana is all natural weed alcohol and tobacco is made by man with all kinds of chemicals in them.

  • Joseph52

    I’ve long thought that marijuana should be legalized and taxed. The prohibition against it is ridiculous and destructive. Very good list.

    • potty_shaun

      The reason why it is illegal i coz the gready american cant tax it, becose you can just grow it in your backyard.

      • Samn

        Well you can just make growing it Illegal and people will gladly buy it themselves; It's not like anybody grows their own tobacco

  • Adam

    Nejikun, there are plenty of people who i know that can’t go about their daily lives without being on marijuana. That doesn’t make them addicted, it’s just a habit, and one that can be difficult to break if you get too used to it. That’s basically what was in #1.

    Good list though, i’m sure this will clear many myths up.

  • downhighway61

    Nejikum, do you know the author personally?

  • Adam

    dhily, actually nobody in the U.S., or the world for that matter, has ever died from smoking marijuana. I believe you have to smoke half your body weight in cannabis in order to become asphyxiated from it, and that’s not even humanly possible. After about five minutes one would not continue to keep smoking… they’d probably be eating chips and/or watching “Dazed and Confused.”

    • Adrian Veg!

      Actually you have to smoke your ENTIRE body weight in pot to die, which is even more impossible hahahah

  • base

    It was always true that cigarettes and alcohol killed way more people then cannabis.

    Great list, and as somebody said, thanks for giving it the credit it deserves.


  • Doodlebug

    Huzzah! This list is amazing and the kind of thing that should be publicized further. Cannabis should be legalised and de-demonised; alcohol is almost certainly more dangerous with more deaths, more crime and a plethora of health-issues attached to it which far outweigh those of cannabis.

    I smoke (only at the weekends and only in the comfort of my own home) and I’m not a criminal or an addict, I’m just a hard-working student who likes to unwind :)

    Thank you for this list!

    • northern ninja

      first off pot heads r not low lifes or crimnals most r hard workin people, granted the fact that we can b lazy form time to time, i have been smokin pot for literly half my life and the only trouble i have gotton in wit johnny is a mipt and drivin with out a dl,and further more the reason we smoke is cuz we enjoy it thats like sayin why would you wanna have sex cuz its pure phuckin enjoyment

  • xoHollyHomicidexo

    As someone who works in law enforcement I do see the correlation between marijuana and crime. However, I agree with the point that it is not because of the user, but instead with the lifestyle and associations it leads to. What it boils down to though is the law is the law. Just because the facts are there doesn’t make it any less illegal. Same as with alcohol, there is a responsibility that comes with smoking weed that many people just cannot handle.

    • Akida646

      well johnny law help legalize for the sake of humanity buddy ol pal

    • thc is life-enhancer

      they must find it difficult those who take authority as the truth, rather than the truth as authority.

    • The Dumbest Guy In The Wolrd

      Would you agree that if we would stop trying to instill “scare tactics” on the public and actually educate them with the facts that we could better prepare our youth for the real world. Sheltering them works real well until they are about 14 or 15, then they start learning about what’s actually out there. If we educated them on how to use alcohol and weed in a safe a responsible manner, do you think we would have kids running around getting stoned outta their mind and binge drinking at every opportunity? Nope. I was raised knowing exactly what the common drugs would do, without being lied to. When I heard about friends trying weed and alcohol for the first time, it wasn’t a big deal to me like it was for them because I had been exposed to it and taught to be responsible about it. Amazing what a little knowledge will do for ya.

    • Another great comment!

  • wee

    beutiful.. smoke weed every day

  • Dutchie

    About #6 –
    “Nederwiet”, which is weed grown in The Netherlands (“Netherweed”), has actually seen an enormous increase in potency when you compare the stuff we smoke nowadays to that which was smoked in let’s say, the sixties.
    I’d have to look up the specific study on this for proof, but a couple of years ago an extensive research took place about cannabis, its current half-legal status, social consequences, the illegal plantations and all the crime problems that go with it.
    The research showed that whereas weed contained about 3 or 4 % THC in the sixties, ‘Nederwiet’ has become far more potent over the last decades, and holds about 18% THC today. No kidding.

    • Akida646

      so you get baked eventually you wont want to take another hit just because your high it saves more weed more potency doesnt meen you'll smoke more if anything you'll probably quit mid-bowl because your so high and you dont need anymore

      • NATO

        Its the same here in Australia. You only have to look at the physical difference between 'bush' (outdoor grown) and 'hydro' to see the obvious difference. hydro plants are pretty much entirely sticky, compact buds where as bush plants have small loose buds and heaps of leaves. There was a show called Botany of Desire where they spoke about the evolution of marijuana throughout the war on crime. definitely worth a look, fascinating stuff.

    • Violatorofsanity

      Actually the resin in some of the Indica (Skunk) strains can contain 90%+ pure THC. This resin is collected to make “Hashish” which like Opium has been in use by numerous cultures around the world for thousands of years. In contrast however; modern science has enabled us to collect exotic varieties from around the world and hybrid them. They are bred for the differing effects of the different types of THC’s ranging from Zombie to Euphoria and of course flavour.
      Now if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to have a cone….

  • peanut

    wee @ 19
    and then everyone can spell beautiful like you do.

  • Joliver

    luv it! keep it up list verse

  • getphucked

    y’all dont know shit

  • getphucked

    im kidding, y’all know everything

  • Bransby

    As far as the link between crime goes, yes it’s true that it’s not just down to the user, it’s about supply chains, drugs cartels, etc., but all those things exist for one reason and one reason only – because it’s illegal. To say that Marijuana leads to crime is a truism. It’s illegal so of course it leads to crime. Make it legal and that crime would disappear by definition.

  • mowi


  • Frank

    I am for a decriminalization for moral reasons. When people disagree with this I just shrug. The law is the law, they say. I usually tell them that I hope they feel the same way when alcohol and tobacco are criminalized, and of course, God help them if they ever go over the speedlimit, litter, jaywalk, or any of the other thousands of laws that the majority of people break as a matter of habit.

  • mcsquida

    As a person who is 100% behind decriminalization, I’ve still gotta say this list bugs me. Too many broad brush-stroke claims in there… the couple of footnotes at the bottom don’t justify some pretty strong claims in there. Claims such as this: “For most people, cannabis is a terminus drug, not a gateway drug.” really need some strong evidence for them. Maybe that evidence is in one of the footnotes… but I have no idea which one. And the addictive side of cannabis is definitely understated here.

    • I agree that yes cannabis is addictive… although it is one of the easiest substances to "kick the habit" in the world. yeah your gonna feel like shit that your not on flying high cloud nine anymore, but its only mental, unlike alcohol, painkillers, or tobacco for that matter, in which they give you psychical withdrawals. from personal experience after being addicted to hydrocodone for a year vs quitting bud after a year was astronomically easier. also agree that these are some broad claims due to the fact that cannabis research is stunted due to its illegality, but there is some scientific proof to most of them.

  • mcsquida

    Also, half of those footnotes are more than 20 years old…

  • bunnyjumps

    The quality of this website is going downhill. Less lists like this and less sports lists, please.

  • Ren

    I know all of these and I really think it should be legalized everywhere. In my 11th grade english class we were told to make a poster to argue your opinion on an issue so I did legalization of marijuana.

  • Lostagent

    When I get caught bonging away on weed, Im gonna tell the judge ListVerse say its OK to smoke and get high!!!! XD

  • Hauke

    @mcsquida: 1 % uses it requlary vs. around 30% that have tried it. Doesn’t sound very addictive to me. Chocolate, beer and owning sportscars seem way more addictive…

  • SGGS

    I think the biggest issue your missing is that Cannabis, like any toxic intake, is harmful to the body, and chemically alters the mind. I am an avid supporter of Hemp, having being involved in the industry for years, however i cant agree that marijuana actually adds any value to society, it merely is a trigger for apathy!

    If something is not bad, it does not by definition make it good, there is nothing wrong with the plant, but the issues arise when we observe its effect of individuals, and the damage created from personal lifestyles. The fault is not in the nature of the plant, but the ignorance of the people! Dont smoke weed, it does nothing good to you!

    • Akida646

      but it does nothing bad, either if anything it should be legalized so that the myth of gateway drug can be killed with the sellers of harder drugs that also sell cannabis if we destroy the lords of the trade then we can live in a world with out hard extremely bad drugs that are very harmfull and keep drugs that are good(if a person wants to do a drug that is not going to hurt them of course) or if they just get tired of living normally and want to get a kick, like getting drunk

    • dude

      it does nothing good to you – no shit i dont smoke to have good long term effects i smoke to feel relaxed… relaxed = good

  • Johnny T

    *prely = purely

  • MT

    Just ask yourself: If your teenaged son or daughter came to you and said they wanted to smoke weed, could you refer to this list and in good conscious say “Sure,go ahead. It won’t hurt you”.

    • C.Lew

      I smoke with my parents on occasion and I am 18 years old, an honor student, volunteer regularly, involved in many organizations, and going to a pretty good university. It hasn't ever hurt me to smoke pot.

  • Mom424

    Muttley: You’re full of shit. I’ve smoked dope pretty much consistently since the age of 16. The only time I didn’t was when I was pregnant. Most of my acquaintances also smoke weed; none of them are schizoid or paranoid or underachievers. Yes weed will cause anxiety and panic in high, high doses and to those with a low tolerance for it. Just like some folks are sensitive to the effects of alcohol. Now I don’t entirely agree with this list – I can’t imagine how sucking down all that smoke can be good for your lungs or for that matter, do no damage. Nor would I suggest anyone take up the habit (except maybe those needing appetite enhancement or have some other debilitating disorder that weed relieves); in a perfect world none of us would require/want an aid to relaxation; seeing as it isn’t – I’ll keep my vice. A far less damaging habit than many I could avail myself of; for instance booze, prescription anti-depressants etc.

    btw when I forgo weed I do have trouble sleeping for a few days and tend to be a little touchy…but these symptoms are very short lived.

  • AbstractPlain

    Living in the UK it is becoming a B Class drug this week

  • Paro

    To Johnny T: (Re: 4) That’s why legalising it should be imperative to eliminating the problem. If people didn’t have to trek to criminals to purchase it, then they wouldn’t be enticed to buy hard drugs.

    Although the point about high salaries and cannabis: I know that in the UK that’s because a lot of private schooled kids do cannabis, more so than state schooled kids simply because they have the money to spend on drugs when they are at school. Statistically private schooled kids end up at better universities and go on to have high salaries and continue to bun…

  • Carrie lynn

    Interesting. I knew most of these from my college days but a few new things. Pot does not do a thing for me but to each his own. Pot heads who complain that the smoke from my cigarettes smells and bothers them do annoy me, pot smells way more and it has to be bad to smoke something that smelly. I dont care how natural it is!

    • Akida646

      well we can make a sploof to knock out the smell but the smoke isnt good for you period but that doesnt meen that it can kill you. if you smoke out of a bong, it will remove all the bad chemicals and pretty much makes the weed pure and clean. thus making weed much better than cigs or alchol btw im fourteen and i smoke cigarettes for atleast 2 months but quit because i dont need it i started smoking weed because the smoke and the high but i also do it because of pains and stuff from breaking bones or stuff like that but i am unchanged from it i have been clean for about 3 weeks now i was egey but i got over it but i will do it again just because i was so used to doing it alot and have my normal state of high kind of like how your normal state is sober but my sober is like my un-high that totally sucks my normal state is high if i get to do it atleast once a week ill not get mad or anything at all my lungs might just be a little worse but it close to none because i have watched and seen and known what it does

    • northern ninja

      so if somthing smells bad there fore it must b bad for you so ciggs must smell like bacon to you

  • Mom424

    Paro and Johnny T. – We also forget that the folks most likely to try drugs and experiment are Type A personalities. The driven type of person most likely to succeed. A coincidence? I think not.

    (Also the most likely to crash and burn :) )

  • pufonthis

    While this list is good and even has some scientific studies behind it, in the real world we have a saying that goes like this:

    Know how to tell when a drug addict is lying? His lips are moving.

    In other words, you can come on here and tell me all day that all those stupid drug-addicted kids and adults who waste away their lives, stealing my stuff, are a rarity I know you’re full of S#!t.

    • Akida646

      hard drug addicts steal your shit. cannabis users like myself just would be like "thats not cool man that is a dickmove taking someones crap only a meth head or crack head whould do that. and you know what its true only a crack/meth head whould do that. weed users dont need to steal for they make money in the real world and use some of there earnings to help them relax with marijuana. :D hope i helped you think alittle more on the situation im 14 and dont say that i am making a bad dicision with what i am doing. i know what i am doing, well aware of that. and im glad that i am confident that this is the only drug i will use in my life time. i wont even use anything else because i do not need to. if i have cannabis (which i will) lol yeah man just think of other people before you say that there relaxint is bad. just look at people who drink usually steal beat and hurt people around them when pot smokers most of the time help other people by smokin them up

  • Mom424

    pufonthis: Bah! No weed smokers I know need theft to support their habit; lawyers? teachers? real estate agents? working men? Now the crack-heads next door? and the oxy addict? You bet.

  • Reeeeefa

    I have to say, the people bitching and moaning about the ‘quality of this website’ can take a long walk off a short bridge. These lists may not be to your liking but other people may really appreciate them…. The sports lists weren’t my favourite but I read them anyway and learned something from them…… maybe you should try it.

    It seems incumbent upon me to point out that there is a HUGE difference between a drug addict and a casual weed smoker (which, as previously stated, most users of weed are.) If I need books and am strapped for cash (which I am from time to time being a postgrad) I buy books, not weed. Addict? I think not. Please don’t belittle the actual problem of drug addiction by implying that cannabis users are of the same vein.

    And I must add, if I ever have children I would much rather they sat around in their rooms getting stoned than went out, got blind drunk and caused a fight or ended up lost or in hospital or passed out in a car park. Which would you prefer?

  • Mary

    Good list. I’m going to print it out and give a copy to all the kids in my neighbourhood with a list of where they can buy some.

  • pufonthis

    LOL I’ll repeat it so that all the dope heads on here can let it sink in.

    “Know how to tell when a drug addict is lying? His lips are moving.”

  • mitchsn

    Harmless? How would you feel if Airline pilots were allowed to use it? Or Policemen, firemen, doctors, surgeons, bus drivers etc etc etc etc etc.

    • Akida646

      hey if it was legal you still woulnt be able to do it in public hence public intoxication which can get you arrested btw same with alchohol do pilots, policemen, firemen, doctors, surgeons, bus drivers drink on the job? no same with cannabis? you will not be aloud to do it wilst operating machinery and you are aloud to do it in a public place where you are aloud to do so like a bar or at home in privacy there will be shops to but it like a liquor store only called a dispencerie. Just think for a moment please?

    • ty35632678

      I would feel fine as long as they don't do it while on the job. Same with alcohol.

    • jdread

      They do and you would never know or ever be able to tell. Highly successful people smoke and they smoke alot. I think it's hilarious that the last fact states that only one percent of Americans smoke everyday. Who the hell are they kidding? Everyone does it and it's much better than smoking cigs or drinking alcohol.

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  • thewarofgenesisthree

    …Wow. Way to go promoting cannabis use.

  • downhighway61

    mitchsn- They are allowed to use alcohol though, and that comes with a hangover too.

  • Phil

    This list entirely misconstrues what the word “myth” means.

  • Bigwig Rabbit

    Great list, uh, dude. Uh, you know, uh, smoking grass is, uh…I forgot what I was gonna say.

  • someonelse

    Someone is trying justified their being a loser pot head.

    • Akida646

      Someone is trying justified their being a loser in their mothers basement. Loser.

      • Joe

        Just coz ya sill at Home n ya 40 don’t meen all pot heads are

  • ponyboy

    Interesting list, equally as interesting comments too.
    Living in Canada I’ve smoked pot and been around potsmokers of various stages since junior high. I think its a great way to relax as long as you can control it, unfortunately most people I know who still smoke it definately cannot, and I can clearly see the consequences (making me skeptical of #9,7,5 &1) The majority of stoners are accurately depicted in movies like half baked, sitting on the couch all day, eating chips and playing video games.
    And to all to people complaining about how crappy the lists are getting, why dont you just ask Jfrater to write you a personalized list everyday which caters to only your interests, im sure he’d be happy to

  • Phil

    Just throwing this out there… all things considered, is this possibly the “worst” list on the site yet? I’ve at least glanced at all of them, and I’d certainly nominate it.

  • Ducky23

    In my ever so humble opinion, Cannabis use is a gateway drug, because the high that is desired by the user is no longer satisfying, thus other more potent drugs are sought to satisfy the “need” for a better high. I’ve been a witness to this a few times. And one person paid the highest price.

    On the other hand I do understand the medical uses and agree that cannabis should be legal for these purposes. But in these cases the drug is prescribed by a doctor and the amount is regulated by the prescription written by the doctor.

  • cannabiscallan

    the only thing weed kills is boredom…

  • ringtailroxy

    wow. great list, JFray!

    I have been smoking marijuana since I was 13. yep.

    I spend at least 1 evening a week buzzed, & I am a 4.0 college student, and managed to run my own non-profit organization.

    I am an avid artist, love life & nature, and cannot say anything truly negative about cannabis.

    except…I DO believe that I may have achieved more greatness sooner in life if I hadn’t used the drug on a regular basis, since I can remember a great many days spent vegging out in front of the t.v. instead of doing something more constructive.but wait! lots of people do that-without weed!

    I have personally bought excellent herb from a chief paramedic, have smoked with friends who are highly respected defense attorneys, and even enjoyed a spliff with a trauma room physician-all off duty, of course!


    p.s. as for those of you who think that recreational drug users are losers, grow the hell up. this isn’t the D.A.R.E. program! as a matter of fact, that stupid force-fed propaganda program that was rampant in public elementary & junior high schools here in the states throughout the 80’s only did one thing-it exposed me to knowledge about drugs i have never even SEEN or been exposed to! I can distinctly remember my internal conversation with myself the first time I was offered a joint…’well, the D.A.R.E. books said that weed would cause a feeling of euphoria, with possible paranoia, and an insatiable hunger for food when recovering from it’s effects… we can live with that!”

    and yes. I often refer to myself as ‘we’. for my id & ego are not always in agreement…

    • KK223

      because the fucking pot made you a schizzophrenic. quit smoking, we can see the damage clearly through this message. and i can allready tell you don't have a 4.0. maybe a 0.3 at best.

      • theganjaguru

        You spelled Schizophrenic wrong. You also managed to neglect numerous grammatical conventions in your post. Furthermore, your nomenclature is atrocious. For instance, one is not "a schizophrenic," rather one has schizophrenia.

  • smurf22486

    most of these facts are kinda duh, it’s just that most of this (my) generation has just been pounded with the whole “don’t smoke marijuana, you will start doing crack and raping babies and that’s a fact.” what with all those comericials and the d.a.r.e. program. i smoked occasionally and had 4.0s. so you tell me. also look at seth rogan, a man incredibly open about his habbits he’s what 24? even said himself on the daily show that beer was more of a gateway drug than anything. also kudos to you for citing your sources.

    btw i don’t smoke anymore, i just kinda grew out of it. and people certainly do abuse it, but there are plenty who are incredibly good at controlling it.

  • K.L

    I don’t believe any of these “facts”. What a waste of time this list….

  • damien_karras

    Hmmmm, I’ve never heard of pot smokers causing a riot at a Dead show…

    Drunken riots at GnR, ACDC and Rolling Stone concerts have happened though…

  • Brandon

    oh boy. why justify anything? why write a comment? get a grip people.

  • Acula

    Ya this list is pretty much bullshit but whatever. One thing I know about pot smokers is that they go to great lengths to justify it. But it certainly didn’t help them keep their job where I work. Interestingly enough, they were all so dense everyone wanted them fired anyway. Thank you cannabis for making my job more pleasant.

    Old Chinese Proverb: Man who stands on toilet, is high on pot!

    • SSPenn

      Yes, we go to such great lengths to justify it. Even going so far as to use these things called FACTS and SCIENCE. Not to mention LOGIC. Have you ever heard of any of these things? Your arguments is based purely on emotion and opinion, not on anything even remotely scientific. If you want to refute this list with conflicting scientific information, then I might take you seriously. But this comment is pathetic.

  • ringtailroxy


    yep…July 2, 1995, there was a fan riot at Deer Creek Music Center in Indianapolis. problem was that there wasn’t enough room at the venue inside for all the ticket-purchasers. some 3,000 people went a little nuts (probably because they where drunk, cause I could never fight when stoned) & some people got hurt and some people got arrested.

    it was sad, because justa few days later, the dead had their last show. i myself spent the summer of 1994 doing my Deadhead hippie-girl thing… god, the fun I had at Giants Stadium in August of 94’…


  • damien_karras

    Unless they’re out driving stoned (DWI cases involving booze are, methinks WAYY more common though), why do some people here feel that pot smokers have to justify their use of it?
    If they’re hangin with their friends smokin a jay and not bugging you in the process, where does the justification part enter the fray?

  • GTT

    34. Circles :

    So basically you´re saying that anyone who has ever smoked weed would by choice continue to do so. Has it ever crossed your mind that someone may have tried weed and decided it wasnt for them? I personally HAVE tried weed several times and still dont understand why someone would make a habit of it. Granted I had one experience where I ended up cowering under a tree, crying and thinking I was going to die… To tell the truth the only reason I kept trying it was to try to understand why people used it. It just never held any appeal for me.

    The other thing I dont understand is why people say “I´d rather do pot that end up raging drunk, puking my guts out and with a horrible hangover.” Have these people EVER considered the possibility of drinking alcohol without getting totally wasted? It just boggles my mind.

  • Callie


    “the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health.” This quote comes from the peer-reviewed British medical journal The Lancet (founded in 1823).”

    Is this quote FROM 1823? Or 1967? Or 2009? I don’t smoke weed, but I smoke cigarettes, a habit I’m trying to kick. I don’t have a problem with people who smoke weed recreationally though, but still. I’m aware of the damage I do with my beloved cigarettes and I find it hard to believe that there are NO health risks to smoking cannabis.

    Also, I think the potency thing might be because it’s more likely to be cut with harder drugs or things that are bad for you than just pure weed. I remember my friends getting a bad batch in college…they all threw up red (it wasn’t blood, just red). The weed wasn’t red, so I don’t know what was in that stuff, but you live and learn.

    • shaunx

      Noone said there is no side affects, there are long term affects of OVERUSE. It is said that 1 joint is compared to 7 cigeretts, BUT! A pot user such as myself smokes much less pot that some one that smokes cigerettes, for example a casual pot user mite smoke one joint a day where as someone who smokes tobbaco mite smokes 10 fags (and thats sumone who smokes very little, cos i know som one who smokes a minimum of 50 fags a day) so its tru that weed mite be worse than tabacco so that is acutally slightly wrong. But most people who got cancer and say its because of weed either smoked tabacco or smoke at least 10 joints a day 7 days a week.

    • smoke weed

      well callie it was probly laced wit perscription cough syrup

  • damien_karras

    ringtailroxy: thanks for the correction. Usually I do research before I make so bold a claim, but this morning I was just plain lazy and decided to take a chance…

  • wackedude

    the reason its a crime is cause its actually illegal therefore some people have to take extreme measures to acquire the stuff dudes.

  • Callie

    Also, I really thought this list said top ten myths about cannibals when I signed on and I thought to myself “I didn’t even know there WERE myths about cannibals.”

  • thewebpromoter

    Will this mean, use cannabis instead of cigarette?

  • Jade

    This subject is far too complex to have such certain answers in such a short list.

    In number 1, it says that it is not addictive, however you are defining addiction as only physical. Implying that any other form of a non-physical “addiction” is merely a habit is an uneducated opinion. (not using the word uneducated in it’s general meaning, I mean uneducated on this subject of studies)

    I know this list was probably just made for fun and I think it is safe to say that while most of the satements are true, there is much, much more to be said on each “myth” and many more factors to consider to give one a better understanding.

    Good list if it got a rise outta me though ;)

  • lilstvsmom

    I think that it doesnt matter what the subject/topic of our conversation everyone would either have something positive or negative to say.

  • Becca

    One, way to completely and 100% condone the use of it.
    Two, the studies on weed and whatnot change constantly, the people conducting the studies tend to be under pressure from anti-drug groups and they constantly go back and change what they said. I remember just three years ago sitting in my health class being given scientific articles saying that joints were worse for your lungs than cigarettes (due to the amount of paper burned and the amount of smoke inhaled I believe) and that they killed brain cells. As the years passed, my buddy and I checked the internet once every two weeks for new studies on it, he being a user and I am not, and we constantly found new conflicting studies. So, I say that there aren’t really set in stone answers yet, and making a list that glorifies it and says it’s just super is extremely biased since you are only quoting old articles that support your point rather than looking at them all.

  • Chris

    Glad to see the sources of some of these claims. Unfortunately, only two of the seven sources listed were made in the last 10 years, while some of them were written as long as 30 years ago. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but it is certainly possible that new information has come out in the last 30 years that might prove some of these myths to be true.

  • oouchan

    Man… this brings back memories (maybe)! I find recreational use to be just fine if over 18. So many of you are quick to leap on Mr. Frater because he chose this list…not his fault people! so light(en) up and smoke ’em if you got ’em!

    Got a funny story about this: (its a hellava lot funnier if your stoned)… :)
    When I was in college, a bunch of us decided to have a ‘little fun’ by going into on the surrounding corn fields and get high. Naturally, we all get the munchies…but none of us have any cash. One girl states “I got a gas card!” and off we go to the gas station to munch away. There was one guy who came along with us but didn’t smoke. As we were walking someone asked him why. He states “I get high on life”. Someone in the back whispers loudly “Must have been home grown”.
    True story…

  • lawani

    hey this article is cool mariwana is good and should be legalized , ive smoked it for the last 17 years , no bad effect , the heads of the government think that when they allow the usage there will be more society rebbellion thats pure false it bossts your mental system thus good to give you self awareness

  • Chris

    I don’t care if people want to smoke, but lawani: you completely butchered your spelling/grammar/capitalization in your response which really doesn’t support your claim that smoking marijuana has no bad effect.

  • bucslim

    I wished I could take credit for this:

    “Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. Now that’s an addiction. You ever suck some dick for marijuana? ”

    – The great Bob Saget from Half Baked

    Now that’s funny. But what’s even funnier is the story he tells about a van driving by he and his daughter and someone yelling at him out of the window “Hey Saget, you suck dick for coke!”

  • The Dread Pirate Bob

    While I have no problem with cannabis use, I don’t do it but i don’t care if anyone else does, I can tell you that cannabis is mentally adictive. I know several people who cannot function if they do no t smoke it first thing in the morning or at least X number of times a day and get very angry and nasty if they can’t.
    Also it does lower intelligence, or at least increases suscestability to inane ideas. Among my friends who are regular users one is highly christian but believes she’s a vampire and another blieves in every conspiracy possible, including the fact that Zionism and the military expansion of Israel is a Nazi conspiracy and that every major world leader for the past 25 years has been actually secretly been a lizard person from another galaxy.

    • mj=?

      well dread pirate bob let me give you a big clue ur friends r not smokin pot

  • sargmadchen

    Give me someone who smokes cigarettes ANY DAY over pot smokers.

  • stevek

    What a joke.

    Most religions have used cannabis in their ceremonies for thousands of years. Some people also believe that the tree of life mentioned in the bible to be cannabis.

    People don’t generally get addicted to cannabis, they get addicted to the other drugs that dealers add to the pot. They do this for the same reasons that tobacco companies do.

    The dealers add things like heroin, so that the smoker gets addicted to harder drugs, not the pot itself, and comes back for more.

    Less than 100 years ago alcohol was illegal. That didn’t last long. Then they moved on to drugs. The only reason that cannabis was included was that the government didn’t have any control of the import and distribution, so they couldn’t tax it.

    It makes me laugh at these people that keep saying that it’s dangerous to your health, while keeping their livers happy by pouring themselves another drink.

    I can’t understand why people think it is their right to tell me what i can do to my own body. All through history people try to control what others are allowed to do to themselves.

    USA, the land of the free, what a joke. If it was the land of the free, i would be free to do to myself whatever i wanted, smoking doesn’t harm anyone else, but you think your right to not like cannabis gives you the right to not let others enjoy it.

    • 34E

      Very nicely said.

  • angryray

    Ok, well I smoke pot, about twice a month. It’s fun. Man this shit I’ve been getting stinks SO bad. Very good stuff. But that’s beside the point.

    I’m so on the fence with the marijuana issue. I think that it boils down to responsibility of the user. I have seen it go both ways. Some of my friends get stoned on a daily basis with no problems, and are very productive. While on the other end I have friends who have, what I like to say, SMOKED THEMSELVES RETARDED! So I guess with any illicit substance there is such a thing as to much. Friends would argue that you can go through life stoned, but come on, were not 19 anymore, dont go to work high. Like I said before before responsibility of the user.

    As for weed and crime, drug cartels and gangs? Maybe in some areas. I live in the mid-west, and yes there are lots of gangs and cartels hanging out in corn fields and meadows growing weed.

  • lawani

    chris i bet ur a hater to the ancient and even cherrished natural herb , may be u should know it has been tried by the intellectuals , prominent peeps, and hey try it u i’ll love it

  • tiredofsnow

    Come on people, it’s pot, GO take a hit and RELAX.

  • hmmm….are you advocating the use of illegal substances JF? Shame on you…lolz

    still…i don’t think your helping uphold the law here…

  • K

    Yeah, those may all be myths, but here’s truth for you.

    Potheads are annoying as hell.

    • northern ninja

      k. so r the assholes who have nothin better to do but rag and bitch about us potheads

  • Dan

    I’ve lost a lot of friends due to weed, those experiences were enough to make me never want to try it, I can’t stand the smell either. I’m not particularly fussed about it these days.

    A friend of mine has become very dependent on it, but he’s really hooked on nicotine.

  • Pingback: Turulcsirip - Anastas Vangeli()

  • stevek

    but not as dangerous as a drunk

  • John

    64. ringtailroxy, You comment “who are highly respected defense attorneys” proves that marijuana has affected your sence of judgement.

  • Scott

    Wow. There are a lot of weed haters here. I think we can all agree it is no worse than booze. And for all of you who know those stoners who have, as you say, smoked themselves stupid. Maybe Marijuana wasnt for them. Just because some people have a problem with a subtance we shouldnt just do away with it.

  • John

    Honestly, the one thing that kept me from taking drugs was seeing my older sister on drugs and seeing the stupid things she did. My entertainment is to go a party and watch the people make fools of themselves on alcohol and drugs.

    • Justin

      Sometimes learning to be a fool is a great lesson to have in life. Drug inducement is one way to achieve this, but there are many ways to do it. You are wrong to this that being silly and a fool (as long as you are safe) is a negative aspect to drugs. There are many serious real negative aspects to some drugs and acting silly and foolish is not one of them.

  • bucslim

    LIke Denis Leary said, marijuana doesn’t lead to harder drugs, it leads to carpentry. Why do pot heads feel the need to make bongs out of everything? You probably should stick to what you’re good at, hackysack and watching Cat Dog.

  • Elsa

    My father was a very respected member of the Law Enforcement community (Previous President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police). He was of the opinion that Pot was of little or no harm to the individual, but that current laws brought about problems to society , i.e. jails full of people locked up because of sale or possession. Now that’s greatly simplifying his p.o.v., but this was a learned man who had first hand knowledge of the drug and it’s effects on the individual and community. His Officers were instructed to enforce the law, but to pinpoint their efforts at more serious issues, such as drunk driving and violent crimes.

    I tend to agree with the ole’ man on this one. Alcohol and heavy drugs are the bad guys here.

    On a personal note….medical grade pot is worthless..Having watched my brother die a horrible death from cancer, smoking pot was the only thing that helped keep him calm and settled without being in a complete stupor from “prescribed” medications, therefore enabling him to have a modicum of “quality of life” and it also helped with his total lack of appetite. It’s a shame that our family members had to risk arrest and imprisonment to ensure him the care that best suited him and his situation. The flip side of that, before my father passed, he suffered horribly from glaucoma and would not use pot to help his own symptoms,even with a carefully worded endorsement from his specialist, because being a moral man, while he didn’t beleive it to be harmful, it was still against the law. *sigh* needless suffering.

    I sincerely hope that anyone here posting about the “horrors” of it’s use will never have to deal with this moral problem. When considering it’s many uses and benefits versus it’s few (if any) proven detriments,it’s one hell of a price to pay due to propaganda.
    Just my humble opinion based on personal real life experience.

  • Cybogen

    The real substances that is used and abused in terms of life lost through intoxicating and body altering effects by far is alcohol and cigarettes.
    I think there are certain drugs such as on the stimulants list that are very beneficiary and effective for people that have trouble staying functional at work or in other activities.
    Stimulants help keep people alert,allow for effective performance in work and other tasks. Stimulant drugs are good.

  • Dan0

    Quoting a source from 1823 scientists doesn’t really prove your point. Science has improved quite a bit in the last 186 years.

  • Ron

    Certainly marijuana use should be legal. That would be one tax I would gladly pay. I met a guy a few years ago who has taken on this fight personally. He’s intelligent and well-spoken, and has sacrificed a lot for his beliefs.

  • smurff

    Never tried It myself – but observed over the years on construction, how the scaffolding crews ( not all of them )used to indulge in this activity – just before a new high tower had to be built.

    Man o man that scaffolding went up in no time – no fear – no talk – each one of them executing their task in a professional manner.

    I spoke to a few of the workers over the years, and they said it relaxes them, and they work better that way under pressure

    Thanks JF

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    Why are pot heads annoying as hell? You don’t encounter them in bars (unlike drunkards), you don’t encounter them in clubs (unlike people who may be taking a class B or A drug) and you generally don’t encounter them just roaming around town or passed out on park benches (back to drunkards again I guess.) So why so annoying? And why are they automatically wasters and/or losers?! This logic appears to be flawed given the plethora of people from all reaches of society who would admit to casual cannabis use….. The new president of the USA for example!? (Hang on, wait, I don’t want to start asking if people think he’s a waster, there might be some crazy republicans here! Joking of course, each to their own.) But you see my point….. And addiction is a subjective matter, you can become addicted to tea, coffee, chewing gum even if you try hard enough so the ‘addiction dangers’ are somewhat arbitrary.

    I understand that statistics can be adjusted to suit anyone’s argument (as is, tragically, the way with statistics) but I get the impression from the comments here that the people who think stoners are ‘losers’ and ‘drug addicted criminals’ are the people who a) don’t actually know any stoners or b) don’t know anything about being stoned.

    I’d still rather be on a plane with a stoned pilot than a drunk pilot… And how many road accidents happen each year because of alcohol abuse?! I’ve never had a ‘weed hangover’ or got into a fight whilst stoned…. And you’d better believe I’d rather run into a group of stoners on a Saturday night (possibly running the risk of engaging in some pretentious philosophical musings) than a bunch of pissed-up teenagers (possibly running the risk of getting beaten up, mugged, verbally abused or set on fire, were I to be a bus stop.)

    At the very least you it must be conceded that some people will approve, others will not, but resorting to name calling and petty arguments is not a healthy way of having a debate like this. (Nor is slagging off this website…… I love it here!)

  • Joss

    The Streets – The Irony Of It All…Sounds about right to me.

  • Greg

    I can remember being told almost everything on this list during high school by the school counselors. It had such an effect on me that I lumped every drug user from potheads to meth addicts into the same category and would have never thought about touching a joint. Years later in college I came to my own conclusions about it and love nothing more than to puff a little (key words: A LITTLE) after a ridiculous week of midterms. I can only hope that one day my grandchildren will look astonished as their Grandfather, the retired physician, (I’m currently in med school), is able to tell them how ridiculous the laws used to be against it. Like I said, I don’t do it much, not even often enough to worry about failing a random drug test. This is like the prohibition of alcohol in the 20s and once people get their heads out of their asses, God willing, this natural growing gift from the heavens will be legalized, or at the very least tolerated without judgement or stigma.

  • Crimanon

    Joss: The Streets suck, but you make a good point.

  • Not a “dope” head

    I love how all the misinformed ignorant people are calling us potheads losers. Who calls pot dope anyways? You must be old because only the decrepit folks use that term. Dope is heroin- dummies. I smoke to help with my OCD and anxiety, and have been for many years. I also am about to graduate collage with a 4.0. I think pot makes smart people smarter and dumb people dumber. I will continue to smoke everyday. If you choose not to fine, just do not put me down for my choices. I am not saying children should smoke, that’s ridiculous-but responsible adults are allowed to make their own decisions. So suck on that.

  • patgod

    I do have a question to pose to everyone…

    Who can tell me the number of people who have died from using too much weed at once?

    Also, another question…

    How many people have died from drinking too much booze at once?

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    Joss and Crimanon – Both eeeeexcellent points.

    Not a “dope” head – They should be sucking on a fat one, then maybe they’d get it!


    JF this list is one big bag of bullshit!
    You and your first world spoiled rotten brats, rich fat students and bored yuppies play and experiment with cannabis ignorant to what this drug relates to in poor third world countries and also in the slums of USA. Studies in USA and Canada have shown a definite link to alcohol abuse and cannabis.
    This lethal combination is the main cause of FAS(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)in third world countries. Even in the USA 2 in every 1000 live births is a FAS child that cost the country US$800,000 each.This combination in the third world with underfed, uneducated and desperate people probably cause more long term damage than aids and further cripple the economy of these poor countries.
    The development of a child in its mother’s womb is affected by everything she consumes and inhales. All the nourishment is provided in all the vitamins, minerals, and important foods that she eats. So too are toxins. While this is not truly “providing” for the child, it is still affecting its growth and development in negative ways. The smoking of marijuana can affect the future behavior of the child while alcohol can cause severe physical abnormalities. These can be detrimental to a child and a burden for the parents for a lifetime.
    Science Service, Inc. (2003, April 5). Prenatal marijuana exposure may pose health risks. (Biomedicine). Science News. Retrieved March 7, 2005
    Cannabis, weed, stink, and dank are just a few words to describe marijuana these days. Along with the creative names come even more potent hybrids of this illegal substance. These more certainly have the varying effects on the growing fetus of a mother that so chooses to smoke marijuana while she conceives and is pregnant. It’s bad to say that one substance is worse than another when it comes to the malfunctioned development of a child, but it seems that the effects of marijuana pale in comparison to the combination of marijuana and alcohol.
    There is no cure for FAS, because the CNS damage creates a permanent disability. Newborns exposed to cannabis show some of the usual symptoms of neonatal withdrawal; for example, fine tremor’s and exaggerated startled reflex. Children exposed to cannabis may show sleep disturbed sleep patterns and impaired visual and auditory development. They do not show decreased intelligence, but certain higher level cognitive functions may be affected.
    “Health Canada”
    Physical signs of FAS, growth retardation, especially of the head, characteristic facial features and evidences of central nervous system dysfunction. Affected newborn infants tend to sleep poorly; be irritable; be hypersensitive to touch, light, and sound; have difficulty establishing routines; and be poor feeders.
    “Canadian Pediatric Society”
    I can assure you that no.9 Memory loss is not a myth but a sure fact. Young eager workers arrive at mines and other labour intensive work spheres in our country, only to be exposed to cannabis/liquor abuse and as sure as shit become just another dumb, ambition-less asshole within 5 years.

    Shame on you JF to list this rubbish. You would have noticed by now that English is not my mother language but even I can see the pathetic spelling/grammar/capitalization of every …huh.. dude that put his hand up
    “Hi,I smoke pot, it zonks me out, I’m cool”
    “beutiful.. smoke weed every day”
    If you breed them like this and approve of them, You deserve children like them.

  • The Dude

    here we go, a list i can relate too. the reasons to de-criminalize marijuana are too numerous for me to sit here and type out, so ill just say this…legalize!

  • The Dude

    by the way, MTATAZELA, suck it you prude.

  • Joss

    Crimanon – The Streets are hilarious…ly awesome.

  • The Grey GOAT

    Nice list, and we have the age old argument of “Is marijuana bad?” Well anything is bad for you you in excess. You can become addicted to anything, some stuff more easily than others. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal drugs that in some cases are far more harmful than pot yet no one gives a shit about it. I hate when people feel that pot smoking is like shooting heroine or something because it’s a drug. I’m not a daily smoker or anything, but in college I had my goodtimes with it and still do on occasion. But I just feel that our society uses no common sense when it comes to the judgement of marijuana. Case and point – We have “smoke” shops everywhere where I live and they are legal buisnesses. They sell everything you need to smoke, pass drug tests, and clean out smoking pipes. Yet if you go in there, DO NOT CALL the “water pipes” bongs. Calling it a bong means you plan on using it to smoke pot and they can’t sell it to you even though it’s on the shelf between a chronic leaf poster and a picture of Bob Marley with a joint in his mouth. Go figure.

  • DiscHuker

    sounds like lots of people are making a case for the criminalization of alcohol.

  • whitewolf

    first of all, I do like this websites and of course you can’t always make lists that everybody likes but..

    Please If you are refering to your sources, than do it right, anything older than 3-5 years is not, NOT, relaiable anymore or scientific. If you realy want it scientific, use texts from 2009-2006 not from 1978!

    I mean, at my university I’m not allowed to use texts older than 3 to 5 years.

  • psychosurfer

    68. Brandon, I´m with you, although comments like 16, 32, 41 or 50 make you think about the value of this list which states simple, true and basic facts.
    If our prejudice and ignorance is so great that we can´t get through with this level of discussion, then how will it be possible to debate its legalization?

  • londonafter

    fuck you listverse, don’t make cannabis look like it’s a good thing. i can’t judge because i used to take prescripted drugs, which are drugs anyway and i dont consider them to be good, in fact, i know i was really fucked up when i stopped taking them and it costed me a lot to give them up; all drugs are bad, so STFU

    • lizard.

      your just angry because you fucked up and want to blame it all on something other then yourself. you took pills dumb ass. different effect.

  • Crimanon

    They tried that remember? It Failed miserably. Prohibition doesn’t work!

    This is going into one of my next rants, some of these comments are too good. Others are just giving me a reason to smoke again.

  • psychosurfer

    By the way, great pineapple-carrot pipe there on #9 :)

  • pot not dope head

    Actually FAS is caused by alcohol!!!! MTATAZELA-you do not know what you are talking about. Sorry grammer nazi-we shall bow down to you perfect one. I will smoke pot forEVER!

  • Crimanon

    Londonafter: you forgot to say “Mmkay”

  • Ganja God

    best listverse list ever

    and im stoned right now. :)

  • patgod

    I can’t understand how or why some people get so fired up over this topic. Case and point, MTATAZELA. Now, I agree with them that FAS is a problem most everywhere. But, they are saying it like the alcohol and marijuana are SOLELY to blame for these problems.

    Wrong Answer. Period.

    The problem is, as mentioned many times in this thread, the people who have no sense of self control, moderation, or common sense. People are always looking for something else to blame their problems and screw-ups on other than themselves. And more often than not, they blame the pot that they smoke on a daily basis, or they blame the booze that they drink at all times of day every day. Go Figure.

    Moderation and Common Sense! That’s all people need.

  • Eddie

    so many dumb people judging us, without any fact to base their opinions on. anyone on here who has said “all potheads are lowlifes/losers/liars/thieves” are judging a LARGE percentage of North America citizens (look it up, lots of people smoke weed) off their biases. i smoke weed every day, have a job, play on two soccer teams, go to university and keep up an active band and social life on top of that. so what if i want to come home and relax and get stoned? as many people have said, it’s much better than coming home, getting drunk and throwing up all over the place. alcohol leads to anger, fighting, drunk driving (not all drinkers, but more common then you’d expect) and not to mention hangovers. dope makes me tired and hungry, and that’s about the worst of it. you need to think that, even though some pot smokers may be lowlifes/losers/liars/thieves, but to judge every one like that is offensive and ignorant. take a hoot, relax, and enjoy the listverse!

  • Crimanon

    patgod: “But the Man is stepping on me, Wearing me Down.” How do you really get past a thought like that?


    123. pot not dope head

    Actually FAS is caused by alcohol!!!! MTATAZELA-you do not know what you are talking about. Sorry grammer nazi-we shall bow down to you perfect one. I will smoke pot forEVER!

    I rest my case.
    Cant read, cant spell, forEVER dumb!

  • Crimanon

    Is there anyone who is actually going to state WHY they think “The Weed” is bad, instead of screaming for it’s demise?

  • damien_karras

    Bucslim: “LIke Denis Leary said, marijuana doesn’t lead to harder drugs, it leads to carpentry. Why do pot heads feel the need to make bongs out of everything?”

    Ahahaha, I love that bit. Watch out for people driving their
    bongs down FDR drive!

  • Eric_Mtl

    I’ve never really understood the notion that weed is a gateway drug, to be honest it seems pretty rediculous when you consider the other perfectly legal drugs that people use every day. Tobbacco, alcohol, and coffee are more logical choices fro gateway drugs, and they are readily available. If you ask a group of people who smoke weed if they started drinking before they started getting high 99% of them are going to say yes. The mild mannered suburban watchdogs really blow things out of proportion when attacking weed, alot of people forget about the prozack, oxycotyn, percocet, vicodin, or demerol that are handed out like candy by doctors. It’s kind of funny how treating a “problem” legitimises the use of far more powerful, and dangerous drugs. I geuss everyone has their own little addictions.

  • Crimanon Get educated people.

  • I don’t understand why people get on here and talk shit!! If the title of the list or opening paragraph doesn’t sound like an interest to you- don’t read the list!! And just because someone makes a list about drugs and your opinion is different it doesn’t make the person who wrote the list a ‘drug addict trying to justify their cause’. this site is for entertainment!!! I understand jfrater wants everyone to express their opinions and thoughts but you guys don’t have to be so hateful to those that have a different opinion. I see calling someone a loser pot head just as bad as calling someone heavy fat or someone smart a nerd!!! opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!! but be respectful!!!

  • Crimanon

    happy birthday Pixi

  • jake ryder

    You forgot the most common myth. That it is a valuable drug to be used for pain management. With a half-life of 5 days it is completely inaffective.

  • srichards

    I still think its a bad habit

  • Crimanon

    srichards: so is smoking a cigarette. why is one legal and one not? Propaganda and stereotypes. If people took it a little more seriously, it would be easier to legalize.

  • For those who are wondering – I don’t use cannabis (or any drugs for that matter) – I just thought this would be an interesting list and it shows the side that is less often heard from. Carry on… :)

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    Er, MTATAZELA – wtf are you on about? This list is about cannabis, not the effects of alcohol and/or cannabis on unborn children. Did I miss the portion of this list that said ‘Dude, you can totally get ripped without it affecting your baby. Its, like totally safe. Oh, and drinking too, that’s way cool.’

    I’m pretty sure you’ve missed the point. I don’t think anyone here would advocated drinking or smoking (tobacco or cannabis) during pregnancy so your knee-jerk, panty-twisted, preachy response is pretty much irrelevant. Plus, you link drug use almost entirely with alcohol abuse which is, again, not the topic up for discussion here (though it would appear that a great many people view it as being far more destructive than cannabis, both to the individual and society.)

    Plus can we please stop implying that listverse is making weed smoking look like a ‘good thing’? That is NOT what is happening here…. it is simply dispelling some frequently sighted myths. I’m sure there are others risks involved that are true and relevant, but they aren’t listed here BECAUSE THEY AREN’T MYTHS! Please ‘londonafter’, try to back up your statements with something other than ‘stfu’.

  • munro

    i just want to point out that there is a major difference in potency of weed even just 20 years ago compared to now
    my dad and my friend’s parents refuse to use the marijuana of today. they say it is way way way too strong
    and its true
    just growing and harvesting has changed to allow for more potent plants. plants that produce so much more THC and way more crystal naturally.
    smoke ditch weed from the 70’s and some purple kush from now and tell me they’re the same potency. NO.
    cigarettes are the real gate-way drug. people who smoke cigarettes are much more likely to experiment more liberally and frequently with other harder drugs.

  • Crimanon

    munro: i’d avoid generalizations during this debate.

    “people who smoke cigarettes are much more likely to experiment more liberally and frequently with other harder drugs.”

    I can probably find about 100,000 people in downtown that go against that.

  • munro

    also just so we can all be clear on the subject. marijuana has never been proven to have ever killed anyone in the history of its use.
    cigarettes and alcohol kill tens of thousands in canada alone each year.
    whats the real danger yo?
    and drugs aren’t bad, thats ridiculous. their misuse by people is bad.

  • munro

    and no
    you and i are in agreeance. don’t cut down my argument. thats not a generalization. that is a quote i just read out of a text book.
    adolescence 5th ed.

  • Okay – just finished reading the comments – wow – I can’t believe how much of a hornet’s nest this stirred up – I thought there would be some negative comments but not on the scale we are seeing! I shall endeavor to write a nice jolly list for tomorrow to calm everyone down :)

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    Nick is a nice guy :) I think he needs a hug though.

  • Crimanon

    munro: do you believe that everything you read in nonpartisan?

    I think, Lord JayNu, that this list idea should have come out around the same time as the your view.

  • Crimanon

    Nick=Teddy Bear. HA

  • damien_karras

    Jamie, unfortunately theres a dividing line on this issue that parallels the division of Creationists versus the Darwin supporters. Neither side will ever be convinced of each others argument.
    Great list today… if it sparked this much controversy that’s saying something…

  • pot not dope head

    MTATAZELA- I have a 4.0 in uni and have ever since I started. Not that great at spelling, but oh well. I am a member of honors society too-so judge if you will.

  • pot not dope head

    I am about to graduate with a 4.0. MTATAZELA

  • oouchan

    MTATAZELA…chill out! Wow. This website has been one of the most entertaining sites I have gone to. For the facts, the fun and the stupid comments! If I don’t like the topic…I won’t read it! Why did you?

    For the rest of us, let’s enjoy this list (or the contents…hee, hee)

  • Michael

    Reposting this as the first one seems to have vanished into the ether…

    OK, I’m going to have to throw my oar in here with a position which is probably not going to garner much support, but one which I think y’alls should hear anyway.
    Cannabis is not purely a ‘nice’ drug; cannabis is most certainly not purely a ‘safe’ drug. To say otherwise I believe is to whitewash the issue, to err on the side of edginess without recourse to fact. Don’t judge me too harshly here – I intend to expand on this assertion.
    The real issue with cannabis is that the greatest effect it has on you is to MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY DOING NOTHING. Why is that such a bad thing? Because when you are happy doing nothing, you don’t take care of yourself. For some people this means that personal hygiene goes to pot (badoom-tschh). For others it can mean gaining weight, losing the desire to take care of or cultivate relationships, losing the desire to leave your couch. It allows an escape from personal issues which should be confronted and dealt with. It encourages losers – I say again, LOSERS – to accept their lot in life, to relax, to stay on a plain as it might be – and to resist having to deal with their problems, with having to make more of their lives, to do the things which lead to natural happiness. I know a lot of stoners, indeed I used to be one myself, and I’ve never known any of them to be the type of person who tends to go out and have a good time – to party, meet people, get laid. Humans are social creatures, and I believe through my experience that relationships with people are a greater way to have fun than by relationships with a plant, with smoke or with a glorified vase.
    Culture. The culture behind cannabis is no doubt one of its major draws (I did it again, please pardon the pun). Well, unless you’re the type of person who aspires to be a hippie douchebag with a bicycle and a ‘smoke-da-bowl’ t-shirt, the culture is probably perfectly easy to embrace without recourse to drugs – cannabis is of course a substance which is used in conjunction with (the aural abortion that is) reggae – but surely anything which requires a numbing agent to enhance one’s enjoyment of it probably isn’t something you’d want to get into in the first place. Cannabis makes the dullest, most pathetic forms of entertainment (and I’m not talking about reggae here) seem OK. Cannabis makes *everything* seem ‘OK’. And personally I don’t believe that one’s life should be just ‘OK’.
    A point on the article:
    “Of course, abuse of any intoxicating substance over long periods will reduce a person’s ability to function normally, but cannabis is no better or worse.”
    Than what? Alcohol? Highly debatable. Tobacco? False. Caffeine? False. Heroin? Obviously true. Crack cocaine? True, but it has also been demonstrated through studies that cannabis IS a gateway drug in most crack-afflicted areas. If you want figures on this I’ll be happy to dig them out, because I’ve got ’em.
    “Furthermore, studies indicate that cannabis users tend to have higher paid jobs than non-users.”
    And why? Because hash costs cash. People with low-paying jobs cannot afford cannabis because it’s such a god-damn waste of money. It has nothing to do with more successful people having a greater predilection towards cannabis, and cannabis certainly doesn’t help you rise to the top of your game.
    A point on potency – the issue is not the potency of the strain, the issue is that nowadays most cannabis sold contains skunk, a powerful chemical psychoactive substance which causes greater effects on the brain than its more benign ancestors. There is some circumstantial evidence being noted by doctors and psychologists that prolonged cannabis use, due to the increasing potency of modern strains of cannabis, can exacerbate and even bring on the symptoms of clinical schizophrenia, depression and psychosis, meaning that the victims of this drug are those who are most vulnerable. Heavy usage causes damage to the area of the brain which regulates emotional responses (the amygdala) and to the area responsible for mood and spacial awareness.
    To rein this in now, I should clarify my position still further – I think that people should feel free to try pot. People should feel free to use it responsibly in a social situation. I still do on occasion. However, cannabis culture should not be encouraged or sought after, the life of the stoner is a pathetic one, not a glamourous one, and no powerfully psychoactive substance should ever be considered benign or friendly.

    • All i can say is that there is already a legal substance that does all the same things you stated in your second paragraph… ALCOHOL. Alcohol ruins peoples lives, people who are not responsible with it, and for that matter i say why should alcohol be legal and cannabis not? The fact that yeah it makes some people complete slobs who don't take care of them selves is true, but when you say "some people" that leaves it up to personal interpretation, no cold hard facts. I would also like to know how you think that cannabis would take away a mans strive to "get laid" as you put it… I didn't know that was even possible. I agree that yes there are some smokers out there that flaunt their use of cannabis to the point of douchebagery, but seriously how many people do you see like this? And if they're not your kind of person, well then don't affiliate your self with them. As for the gateway drug part of things, think about it this way: If you didn't have to get your greens from a dealer, who more than likely deals more than cannabis, would you really ever be subjected to anything else other than cannabis? Take the underground market out and bye bye dealers.
      Oh and by the way you contradict yourself when you say that quote "I've never known any of them to be the type of person who tends to go out and have a good time – to party, meet people, get laid." then later you go on to say "I think that people should feel free to try pot. People should feel free to use it responsibly in a social situation." Partying/having a good time are social activities, in which you say people should try it then, but if people who smoke don't do those things (meaning they wouldn't even be at the party/having a good time) then how would people try them in the first place?
      Everything in moderation man, once it becomes your life its gone to far. You have much to learn my friend, it seems like your times in the good life were either short lived or you just can't live them anymore so since you aren't one why not hate on it.

  • Cyn

    139. jfrater –
    yup, J says nope to dope but yes to gardening! LOL

    it should be legalized as should other so called ‘sins’ and then institute regulation and ‘sin’ taxes so Americans can gain monetary profit from the so called ‘sins’ of those who partake or do whatever..instead of being hypocrites in public and ‘sin’ning behind closed doors. better to have revenue from those taxes than from court costs/prisons for profit for prosecuting ‘sinners’. (and what about the ever escalating # of rehab for profit centers? lotta money in rehab too. into private pockets.)
    this is also directed at our American politicians. the ‘do as i say not as i do’ idiots.

    good traffic/comment generating list to start off the week ;)

    as for the commentors – please keep the FAQ in mind. it is a volatile subject but that does not mean being nasty to each other. ;)

  • Kael

    Just wanted to point out a FACT about THC. Firstly, THC is both approved for human use by the FDA and is listed as a schedule III drug by the DEA. It’s generic name is Dronabinol and is sold under the name Marinol. THC is prescribed as both a pain reliever and a anti-nausea drug. It has never been found to have any long-term adverse affects, and there has never been any link found between THC and cancer. The reason I point this out is to show the FACTS about THC. Now, moving on, THC is not the only chemical in marijuana. There can be up to 400 other chemicals, several other canabanoids, such as CDB which has shown promise in fighting breast cancer. The FACT is that marijuana does contain many chemicals and every single leaf of every plant has a different affect on the body. I could start hacking on the whole gateway drug myth also, but will save that for later. Recap: THC IS LEGAL BY PRESCRIPTION, is used for pain relief and anti-nausea, and has been deemed safe for human use by the FDA.

  • lifeschool

    Thanks Jamie for this list – it is well known amount users of this plant – and highly ridiculed by those who don’t. As a casual smoker for many years, the plant was a god send when I got divorced a few months back. I tried alcohol – that made me feel lonely and down about the breakup, but to use the plant in the evening lifted my mind up and away from self pitty.

    As a mind opening drug, it has also helped me personally quite a lot – if only in a live and let live (or ‘let it be’) capasity in a way that I have never come accross before. It has also help in my work in media, and with my enthusiasm for philosphy in that so many inspirational ideas come from this source.

    Drugs are everywhere, and we are all drug users. I have known incredibly worse results with Prozac and other chemicals created in pill form. I have also seen people get hooked far more severely on caffine and even chocolate.

    Is taking in this plant a ‘bad’ thing? Well, that depends on the individuals point of view. One thing I do know is that folks can get psychologically addicted to just about anything (even addicted to ‘being right’). Finally, I believe that anything which is abused – no matter what it is – is bound to be detremental in some way to the abuser.

  • Scully

    I have a question for everyone…I have a woman in my complex that smokes pot regularly and says that pot doesn’t in anyway mess with the human body…Ok, I don’t agree but whatever, its’ her body… Well this woman had a baby 2 month premature and he of course has some medical problems. When asked if she smoked pot while pregnant she said yes….but she said that it had absolutly nothing to do with the baby being born premature and in fact the baby would have been worse off then he is if she hadn’t smoked pot while pregnant…What do you all think of her theory?

  • I came of age, that is I entered my adolescence, in the 60’s in Hollywood, CA.
    Drugs, mainly marijuana, but also lots of LSD, speed, downers, heroin, heck *anything* you really wanted was available.
    I tried marijuana, several times, but it wasn’t pleasant for me. I couldn’t understand why everyone was so keen on it. Then I tried LSD.
    That was my drug!
    It was beautiful and playful and I became part of some cosmic whole, dancing among the stars, a definitive piece of the universe.
    Of course, one couldn’t do it often. I had a 4.0 gpa to keep up and a job to keep doing, and photography to keep churning out, and concerts to attend, friends to keep up with, family to attend to…
    In other words, a life to keep on track.
    So I rationed myself to those times when I could be free of any other obligations, times I could soar.

    I know one of my adult children uses marijuana receationally. She also holds down an executive job, earning extremely good wages, and has an active social life. She’s brilliant and funny, and if a toke after work does her better than a beer or a scotch, then more power to her.

    I’ve always believed the laws against cannabis were absurd, and brought about by the lobbyists for the tobacco and liquor companies…no one else would be impacted by legal weed.

    Okay, I’m off my rant.

  • stoner

    im a stoner. weed is good

  • Amy

    I hate it when people justify smoking pot by pointing out how bad alcohol, etc is for you. And its horribly annoying to hear about how many doctors and lawyers you know who smoke pot. Getting your degree in medicine or law does not make you infallible. Its a juvenile rationalization. Also, I can’t fathom that smoking anything is not unhealthy. Taking smoke into your lungs, regardless of additives, cannot possibly be without harm. To suggest this is asinine. Also, the first ‘myth’ is related to drug testing. The thought is that the THC stored in your fat cells will show up in your urine, not that it will have a lasting impact on your brain. Pot smokers certainly aren’t concerned about health issues unless its to bring up these ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’ to justify their lifestyle. I have been hearing all of these factoids since I, myself, smoked pot. I can tell you from firsthand experience that this is not healthy physically or mentally and to suggest otherwise is irresponsible. I dont give a crap if you smoke pot or what you have to tell yourself in order to make it okay. Sit in your parents basement with your multitude of PhD’s, your piles of money and your ‘can do!’ work ethic and smoke away. But for craps sake, stop trying to justify it like a twelve year old and just own up to it.

  • RandomPrecision


    good times =)

  • old_dude

    Re: #3. I’m a lot older than you and have been smoking since “back in the days”, my father also smoked pot since he was a kid. It is definitely different now, it sure seems stronger. Perhaps the profile of the buzz is different. My Dad and I speak about this often, today’s weed is like taking a downer, in the 50’s & 60’s it was more of a high. Any other old timers agree?

  • BooRadley

    jfrater –

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned it yet, but the pictures you used were hysterical! Great job!


    I have a degree in Psychology, and did a special study on FAS. I agree it is a horrible, heinous thing to do to a child, who will suffer for a lifetime. But, as the name “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” implies, it is caused by the mother’s ingestion of alcohol while pregnant. I don’t know why you keep bringing it up on a list about Cannabis. I would never recommend that a pregnant woman smoke pot, either, but it is NOT the pot that is causing the FAS.

    For myself, pot smoking has always made me paranoid, so I never really enjoyed it. When I was going through chemo, we couldn’t find any drug that helped my nausea or that would enable me to eat. My oncologist suggested marijuana, but I told him how paranoid it makes me. He gave me a prescription for Marinol, which is synthetic THC, and it worked really well without the paranoia. The only problem was the price – $500 for a month’s supply! Thank God for insurance!

  • foohy

    I may not smoke weed but I’m not ignorant about it! I have seen to many people I am good friends with screw up their lives with drugs to be swayed to the “it should be legalized” side by some statistics in a list on a site I occasionally visit.

    xoHollyHomicidexo (early comment): Well said.
    Amy: I agree…how can inhaling smoke NOT be bad for you?

    Typically when something is made illegal it’s for a good reason.

  • foohy

    lifeschool: Well said.

  • spic

    It all depends on who’s smoking the weed. So don’t judge the poor innocent plant. And who has the right to judge anyone else?

    Conclusion: Weed is awesome.

    I’m high.

  • YogiBarrister

    I used to work closely with prison guards. To a man and woman, they would love it if the prisoners were allowed to get stoned, to keep them docile and sleepy. The irony of course is that many parolees flunk the drug test for pot. It’s much less likely that they’ll have coke or meth(the bane of all law officers) in their system, but weed is detectable for months afterward.

  • Jackal

    If need drugs to make yourself or your life more interesting you might as well kill yourself. There are millions of things you could do that are funner than fucking you head up with some drugs and sitting there being a lazy shit.

  • YogiBarrister

    If you use a vaporizer you are not actually smoking pot, inhaling yes, but it’s not smoke, it’s mist.

  • spic

    Jackal, pull the cactus out of your ass. You can’t judge what you’ve never tried :)

    Yeah, it’s bad. So are a lot of things people always do. Weed is just one on that list.

  • Chris

    Good points, but not all are true in my eyes, Bob marly, a big stoner died at age 42 of cancer. Don’t get me wrong I love smoking dope, but damn lets not make it sound that there’s not a price to be paid for putting excess chemicals in are body, and expecting their will be no results!

    Interesting fact: Weed in the 1920’s was known as the poor man’s whiskey, lets not get into the affects of whiskey on man, just pointing out live by the sword die by the sword.

  • janus

    from the National Center for Disease Control (CDC)

    Alcohol is used by more young people in the United States than tobacco or illicit drugs.1 Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with approximately 75,000 deaths per year.2 Alcohol is a factor in approximately 41% of all deaths from motor vehicle crashes.3 Among youth, the use of alcohol and other drugs has also been linked to unintentional injuries, physical fights, academic and occupational problems, and illegal behavior.4 Long-term alcohol misuse is associated with liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological damage as well as psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, and antisocial personality disorder.5 Drug use contributes directly and indirectly to the HIV epidemic, and alcohol and drug use contribute markedly to infant morbidity and mortality.5 As of 1988, all states prohibit the purchase of alcohol by youth under the age of 21 years. Consequently, underage drinking is defined as consuming alcohol prior to the minimum legal drinking age of 21 years. Current alcohol use among high school students remained steady from 1991 to 1999 and then decreased from 50% in 1999 to 45% in 2007. In 2007, 26% of high school students reported episodic heavy or binge drinking.6 Zero tolerance laws, in all states, make it illegal for youth under age 21 years to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system (i.e., with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) ?0.02 g/dL).7,8 In 2007, 11% of high school students reported driving a car or other vehicle during the past 30 days when they had been drinking alcohol. In addition, 29% of students reported riding in a car or other vehicle during the past 30 days driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol.6

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug among youth in the United States.9 Current marijuana use decreased from 27% in 1999 to 20% in 2007.6 Current cocaine use increased from 2% in 1991 to 4% in 2001 and then remained steady from 2001 (4%) to 2007 (3%).6 Lifetime inhalant use decreased from 20% in 1995 to 12% in 2003 and then remained steady from 2003 (12%) to 2007 (13%).6 Lifetime use of ecstasy among high school students decreased from 11% in 2003 to 6% in 2007.6 Lifetime use of methamphetamines decreased from 9% in 1999 to 4% in 2007.6 Lifetime heroin use did not change from 1999 (2%) to 2007 (2%).6 Hallucinogenic drug use decreased from 13% in 2001 to 8% in 2007.6

    While illicit drug use has declined among youth, rates of nonmedical use of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication remain high.9 Prescription medications most commonly abused by youth include pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and depressants.9 In 2006, 2.1 million teens abused prescription drugs.9 Teens also misuse OTC cough and cold medications, containing the cough suppressant dextromethorphan (DXM), to get high.10 Prescription and OTC medications are widely available, free or inexpensive, and falsely believed to be safer than illicit drugs. Misuse of prescription and OTC medications can cause serious health effects, addiction, and death.10,11

    CDC References:
    1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Surgeon General, 2007.

    2. CDC. Alcohol-attributable deaths and years of potential life lost—United States, 2001. Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report 2004;53(37):866–870.

    3. U.S. Department of Transportation. Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Web-based Encyclopedia.

    4. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The relationship between mental health and substance abuse among Adolescents. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1999.

    5. Naimi TS, Brewer RD, Mokdad A, Denny C, Serdula MK, Marks JS. Binge drinking among US adults. JAMA 2003;289:70-75.

    6. CDC. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance—United States, 2007 [pdf 1.1M]. Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report 2008;57(SS-4):1–131.

    7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. States with Zero Tolerance Laws for Drivers Under Age 21. Washington D.C.: U. S. Department of Transportation, 2002.

    8. J.H. Hedlund, R.G. Ulmer, D.F. Preusser. Determine Why There Are Fewer Young Alcohol-Impaired Drivers. Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of Transportation, 2001 [Report Number DOT HS 809 348].

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    10. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Misuse of Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Medications among Persons Aged 12 to 25. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2008.

    11. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Research Report Series: Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction. [pdf 589K] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health. NIH Publication No. 01-4881, Printed 2001. Revised August 2005.

  • joe rosson

    Wow, I have just realised that this world has a lot of ignorant and biased/judgemental people.I read this list everyday and just want to say keep up the great work JFrater. As for the people that do not smoke weed but says that other people are free to do what they like are ok in my book, but the certan assholes that call ALL pot smokers losers and put down cannabis can kiss my family rasing,mortgage paying,full time working,14 year married ass!!I really wish I could have a nice face to face chat with you instead of behind this monitor, it’s so funny how the non smoker comments are far more hostile than the people who smoke. If you don’t like to smoke then by all means don’t, but you have no right coming here and calling everybody that partakes in some recreational pot smoking a loser. The way I see it is YOU who are the loser and YOU should be more tolerant of other peoples choices.KEEP UP THE GREAT LISTS FRATER, WE’RE WITH YA!!!

  • copperdragon

    check the National Center for Disease Control RECENT statistics (2004-2007) for marijuana, drug and alcohol use and abuse.

    it verifies that alcohol use/abuse is worse, growing, and far more dangerous than marijuana, in terms of related deaths and addiction.

  • Jackal

    I have tried it, it was a waste of time. And I’m not talking about only pot. Alcohol is so much worse, and there are tons of drugs out there that are worse.

  • insomn

    LSD is not a hard drug, but other then that excellent article.

  • SoiledDove

    And while we’re at it, let’s point you in the direction of my research professor and all the wonderful things he and other scientists of his ilk have done.

    Thanks for this list. Very important points to be brought up would be, as others have said, ANYTHING done in excess is bad for you.

  • spic

    Joe Rosson: Well said.

  • Blink

    Ahem. You’ve put out all the good points, can we get to see the bad ones, too? I’m pretty sure they exist. I’m not willing to believe any of this until I get a balanced presentation of ALL the aspects…

    And to compare it with alcohol and tobacco, well, it’s like comparing bad with (maybe less)bad. So it’s still bad, but anyways, everything comes in shades of gray these days. I’m just trying too keep as far as possible from black.

    P.S. : I still don’t understand why should one smoke weed. Does it cure wounds, cancer, diseases and other physical afflictions? Because for everything else you have friends. And chocolate.

  • Spitfire

    Hmm, then how come all the pot smokers I know are forgetful, lazy, unmotivated losers. Seriously. Chronic coughing, depression, forgetfulness, and general lack of any motivation is what I experienced in the ten years that I smoked it. Guess I’m the exception to the rule eh?

  • kutuup

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with almost every point on this list, having spent most of my life in contact with people who use pot on a regular basis.

    I’ll start from the beginning:

    10: I’m not sure how pot interacts with body fat so I will have to take your word here.
    9:The number of times I have woken up after a party to have a pot user tell me that they remember nothing of the night before is unreal. Since a great number of these people did not drink in conjunction with pot, I would say the effect on memory is at least significant. The fact that they never recover the memory is also highly suggestive of long term memory damage.
    8:Cannabis, as with any narcotic, is a drug. A drug is by definition a form of poisoning, which is what gives the narcotic effects. When you use pot, you are taking an (often poorly controlled) dose of poison. The effects of the drug itself during use (what we call being “high”) are caused by poisoning and negative effects on the body. As with any poison, prolonged use or overdose is damaging to the body, especially the brain.
    7:I can sum this one up very quickly; Of all the friends I have who use pot, counting in my head on the fly, I would say about ten I can think of immediately, not one continued in education beyond high school. About 3 are in any kind of employment at all at the age of 20 and over. Even more damning to this case is the fact that on numerous occasions many of these people have expressed their intent to avoid employment for as long as possible. Look at the “hippy” culture of the sixties, and the huge lack of drive and employment in people within that culture. I think the cause is pretty obvious.
    6:I would agree with this point, cannabis does not CAUSE crime. However, using and possessing cannabis is in itself a crime. The cannabis market is also operated by criminals alone, and the proceeds from its sale will tend to go towards funding more crime.
    5:Again, not being a doctor, I cannot comment on the physical effect of cannabis on the brain.
    4:This one is more of a matter of correlation over causation, ie. people who use cannabis are likely to use other drugs, either at the same time or later on in life. This does not mean that cannabis causes the use of other drugs, but it’s use is related by trend.
    3:Having never smoked pot (aside from one occasion) I cannot comment on how it’s modern potency compares to it’s historical potency.
    2:This is a point I would agree with, presuming that pot users were smoking ONLY pot. But a cannabis cigarette will usually contain tobacco as well. It should be noted that inhaling smoke of any kind has been shown to be bad for your lungs, so one type of smoke being less damaging than another, does not mean that the damage caused by the first is insignificant, just less than the damage of something else. By this logic you could argue that cigarette smoke is not significantly damaging because inhaling smoke from a house fire is more dangerous.
    1:Cannabis itself could be argued to not be addictive, but it’s effects certainly can be. How else could the fact that cannabis users often continue their habit for years on end be explained? People using cannabis regularly will experience symptoms when it is withdrawn, a sure sign of an addiction. You can take nail biting as an example, this is not classed as an addiction, rather a habit. What people fail to realize is that a habit IS an addiction. This is why people who bite their nails have such a hard time stopping. Of course, they are not addicted to the taste of their own nails, but they are addicted to the act of biting them.

    • Johno

      "Having never smoked pot (aside from one occasion) I cannot comment on how it's modern potency compares to it's historical potency.
      " thats your problem there

  • Krav

    Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection. marijuana contains the chemical THC, which he said may kill aging cells and keep them from becoming cancerous.

    Donald P. Tashkin, M.D. is a Professor of Medicine
    Medical Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory at UCLA. He has written books and studied marijuana for more 30 years and has plenty of evidence to suggest that Marijuana is not as damaging to our health as one may have thought in the past.

    I personally smoke weed everyday. I am no less motivated then those people who dont smoke. I have been smoking weed for about ten years now; the only thing that i have noticed about myself is that i get a little more tired then i used to. I have no crimminal record and have never been fired from a job. For those of you that think that weed is such an awful thing, but have never tried it your arguments have no basis. I am able to function on weed better then i would sober. I play soccer all the time and when i play high, i tend to have a better game then if i were sober. During my days in school, I have always performed better on exams and have done my homework stoned. I study stoned. Currently i work for a financial instituiton, earn a decent living, bought real estate, own a car(not financed or leased).

    Now for those who will try to throw at me that because i smoke pot im a loser. Im a loser because i am more at peace, have less stress, not bitter towards others. Im a loser because getting munichies made me want to learn how to cook.(which i have learned and continue to learn other cusines). Im a loser because i dont stick my nose into others business’ and let them do their own thing. Im a loser because I have one life to live and want to enjoy every moment of it.

    -I am a loser because I am a realist not an idealist and see the world as it is and not how i want the world to be; therefore i smoke pot to escape the eveyday hellish realities (war, hunger, poverty, ect..) instead of becomming depressed about those things, that I as one person, can not change.-

    I am not speaking for all pot smokers. Some really cant handle it in everyday life. Pot is a gateway drung only because it is illegal. If i were able to buy it at the local gas stations i would never know where to get harder drugs. I do not used anything except weed.

    Last thing those people who said that they thought they felt like they were going to die and were crying or some shit like that. You are all idiots. The weed that you smoke was most likly laced with other hard drugs such as PCP, LSD, COCAINE. THC gives the user the feeling of Euphoria. Euphoria (emotion), an emotional and mental state defined as a sense of great (usually exaggerated) elation and wellbeing. So being scared and thinking you are going to die is complete bullshit. I could keep writing about how weed is not as harmful as once thought

  • kutuup

    PS. In response to an above comment, I do not have a problem with other people who choose to use pot. What other people do is none of my business. I am aware that not ALL users will experience bad effects, but the number who do is significant to say the least. I have to wonder where pot got it’s reputation for being completely harmless, when this is far from the case, as many studies will demonstrate.

    And sorry for the double post, feel free to criticize what I have said if you disagree. I’d be interested to hear your points of view.

  • sdggrant

    I’m not a pot smoker but i honestly see no problem with the drug. I have smoked weed in the past and it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. I think that alcohol is way, way more potent and mind-altering. Within my life time I think I will see pot become legal. Hell, when I was in Los Angeles last week I saw 5 different weed vending machines(for people with medical licenses)! Hell, the barber shop that I go to has a medical marijuana license and sells weed in the back room.

    I think its great that where I live (california) has made the laws concerning weed less strict. I know many, many people who have gotten caught with weed and all the cops do is confiscate it. A few of them got a little $50 ticket but for the most part you get in virtually no trouble if you get caught with under an ounce of weed in california, assuming you get caught by state and not federal law enforcement.

  • Krav

    I am 24 years old by the way

  • MaryAnn

    This article had to have been written by someone who thinks pot is ok. I’ve worked treatment for 13 years, seen the effects on family members and friends and guarantee it is nowhere near as harmless as this article would have you believe!!!! Treatment facilities can disprove many of the responses to these “myths” especially the “gateway drug” I have personally known a lot of people who went on to crack/cocaine/heroine. The psychological addiction to pot is powerful as I’ve watched many people try to stop smoking only to find another reason why the “need” it. The biggest issue I have with it is it is often laced with other ingredients unless you buy it straight from the farm. I live close to the “Meigs County Gold” area and a lot of people grow it, but the naive kids who buy it from others are getting a taste of other harder drugs and they don’t even know it. Don’t ever think this is an innocent, harmless drug because it isn’t. I know a lot of stoners who wish they’d never started.

  • kutuup

    As a side note also, even though I disagree with every point on this list as I have said, if a vote came up to legalize pot, I would probably vote for it to be legal. This is because it would then be properly regulated and removed from criminal hands. Criminals would lose a lot of money from it. The problem that we have is that with the current state of things, the cannabis trade is firmly in the hands of the “underworld” and making it legal would open up a lot of opportunities for illegal trade. Presuming this were not the case, I would be all for making it available for sale by licensed vendors. I’m still very much against pot in that I would never do it, but I see no reason for it to be illegal when cigarettes and alcohol are legal.

  • bucslim

    Having never ingested a single illicit drug in my life I sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about. No, I don’t understand why alcohol is legal but hippie lettuce isn’t. There is only one reason I don’t smoke tha chronic and that’s because it’s an illegal substance. (maybe a second reason is I don’t want to smell like Jerry Garcia’s index finger)

    You can say all the wonderful shit you want about the good shit, but it’s still against the law. There’s gotta be some reason for its illegality no matter how obsolete we think that reason is. And no congress person would get high enough to push that bill through our hallowed halls. They might as well run naked through capitol hill with a sandwich board imprinted with the words “Don’t Elect Me!!”

    If it was legal, I might try it just for shits and giggles.

    I will say one thing though, without pot and heroin we probably wouldn’t be listening to any jazz music worth a shit cause there was a hell of a lot of those dudes sparkin’ it up and riding the H. And we wouldn’t get to enjoy the Doors or Hendrix if LSD was never available.

  • Akrid

    They actually taught me in school back in the day that #5 was true. They said it killed like over 9000 brain cells or some shit. Not like it matters to me. Ive always known the truth of the others.

  • psychosurfer

    153. Michael, thank you, I was having a hard time reading a lot of hateful ignorant comments until I reached you and man you blew them all away.
    LOL great man! your kindergarten-argument-meet-a-retarded-christian-preacher is a work of art!
    Genius! LMAO
    Thank you

  • #135: Crimanon
    I’m assume the birthday wish is for me? I don’t see any other Pixi!! haha thanks very much for the birthday love!! I turned 26 yesterday!! sadly, I’m now closer to 30 than 20!!!

  • ericdraven26

    I don’t have all the time to do the statistics, but you can, how many people are busted for marijuana a year?
    how much time and paperwork is that wasting for the police and court system, and if it gets to the point of jail(which doesnt happen as often for pot as for harder drugs) then its prison space, in an already overcrowded prison system

    legalization with safe rules about it will decrease those problems

    plus how many riots start from hundreds of stoned people? now how many riots start over hundreds of drunk people? you do the meth math*

  • ericdraven26

    aww strikethrough doesnt work i meant you do the math*

  • Chase

    Great list, and it will like many others have said will give ammunition to defenders of cannabis. Although, I think you should put sources or backup in more of the points.

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    Amy – when did the ‘potheads’ on here not own up to it? I think that’s exactly what we’re doing….. and as for defending it, well a lot of the comments on here have given us no choice.
    You can hardly blame me, for example, for wanting to defend myself against accusations of being ‘lazy’ and a ‘loser’ and a ‘retard’ by stating that, yes, I am a masters student (churning out an essay right now as it happens and holding down a job) and no, I’m not a ‘loser’ (though that one is a little hard to define, so you might genuinely think I am! I’d like to think not though….) and that I am clearly not a retard (I don’t *think* they let retards into Durham university….)
    If a blatant attack is made on *all* weed smokers do you not think they have the right to defend themselves?
    I’ve got to say, suggesting that we’re all sitting in our parents basements with piles of PhD’s makes you sound a little envious…. though I live a good 200 miles from my parents so, again, your stereotypes don’t apply to me. Is it the condoning of cannabis use that irks you or the stereotype you have created (again, created) of a cannabis user who sits around not contributing that has you so annoyed?

    Either way, I would suggest that you try to engage the issue a little more instead of launching attacks on a fictional demographic that you, for no apparent reason, deem inferior to yourself.

    The issue of health is, I assume, in comparison to manufactured cigarettes which contain carcinogens and poisons not found in cannabis. Admittedly though yes, inhaling smoke is probably not good for you but weed is probably less damaging that cigarettes.
    Again, how can you say that ‘pot users don’t care about health issues’? Do you know aaaaaaaall the ‘pot users’? I dare say many of them are healthy individuals who excersize and eat healthily. There may be some that don’t, but I dare say there are billions of non-cannabis users who are lazy, overweight and couldn’t give two shakes about their health. So again, this line of reasoning doesn’t seem to hold much ground.

    What it all comes down to is choice; I choose to smoke cannabis from time to time. Other people choose not to. If you don’t like it, fine. If you see a flaw in the information listed above, fine. However to attack an entire group of people on the basis of your subjective opinion is, well, it just seems a little short sighted to me.

  • Yondofan12

    MaryAnn, you have some good points and obviously have experience in this area. I agree with you that marijuana can be a gateway drug. But that is the thing, it CAN be a gateway drug, not it IS a gateway drug. Sure, I know friends who have moved on to cocaine and x but the majority of people that smoke do not. And I don’t think that someone smoking weed regularly and then trying LSD or cocaine once qualifies marijuana as a gateway drug.

    The truth of the matter is, as with any vice, marijuana means different things to different people. To someone who has never smoked then it might represent a nasty drug that is harming the people of the world (but you can’t judge unless you’ve tried it). To a casual user it is a fun escape for a few hours, to a consistent user it is a way of life and to the psychological addict it is a problem that needs to be fixed.

    It is true that marijuana is not harmless but its not always harmful either. For a lot of people it makes them happy and relaxed whereas alcohol might make someone angry and confrontational.

    Everything in moderation right? Even moderation.

  • yup!

    I think there’s too many aspects to take into consideration to choose a side on this debate. From what I’ve seen it depends on the person, the responsibility of the user, moderation, or what’s in the marijuana. The only reason many people are so against it is because we’ve grown up in society with a negative viewpoint on it.

    I’ve never heard of any pot smoker getting lung cancer, but I have heard of cigarette users getting cancer/becoming addicted. And I’ve certainly seen many people kill themselves and others from the use of alcohol – but alcohol and cigarettes are legal.

  • MadMonkey

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatantly skewed list…

  • JBrd328

    my favorite list :-)

  • Cappy

    I have to express my frustration with this list. I happen to be a casual cannibis user and I think that it should be legalized but I also graduated in Pyschology with a focus on abnormal psych. I have had to do countless hours of research on the effects of drugs of drugs on the mind and my thesis was about addiction. Not a single one of these “facts” is current. If I had chosen to use only research that was all ten years outdated I would never have graduated college. But that is exactly what has been done with this list. Check the years on all the sources. If this last was remade with all current sources it would look entirely different. For example I could make a list talking about how harmless cigarette smoking is if I used sources that were all from the 1920s and 30s.

    P.S. I do believe in legalization and am a current user myself. BUT I don’t believe in publishing a list like this with outdated information that simply is not true anymore.

  • sdggrant

    The only reason I think that pot could be considered a gateway drug is that you have to buy it from the same dealers who are slinging cocaine and heroin.

    Prohibition led to pretty much the biggest crime wave in the history of the US, not to mention it created some of our countries most notorious criminals, and I think that is exactly what is happening with pot. Legalize it and regulate it and you would put many drug dealers out of business. Put the drug dealers out of business and the gangs they are affiliated with will soon follow.

    Get drunk everyday of your life and your liver goes out and you die, smoke pot everyday and what happens??? Drink two bottles of vodka and you get alcohol poisoning and die, smoke 10 pounds of weed and what happens, nothing!

    If you think drinking is a perfectly fine past time and yet you despise pot then you are ignorant, plain and simple.

  • Kris

    The truth shall set you free. Free like a bird that flies sooooooooo high….

  • Alexis

    Scully in reality, u are asking about your situation.. hehe.. kidding

  • Krav

    187. MaryAnn- To most of what you said one word comes to mind, and that word is CRAP. You cannot sit there and tell me that the “addiction” of weed compares to that of angle dust, rocks, yay, acid, ect… Those people that go to rehab to kick a weed smoking habit are on other drugs besides just weed. There is no way a person needs it to go day to day. Those in rehab for only weed are people of low character and no will power. I used to smoke Newport tobacco cigaretts for 6 years and quit cold turkey. Newport smokers will tell you that those cigarettes are like crack. I would only smoke newports, if i didnt have any i wouldnt bum just any cigarette to get the nicotine fill; it always had to be a newport. Weed is much much less “addicting” then cigarettes. It was difficult to quit but i managed. Rehab for hard drugs, im all for it, but weed come on.

    Brain cells are killed and made each and everyday. A tap to the head kills brain cells. Inhaling exhaust fumes from vehicles kills briancells. Drinking liqour, smoking cigarettes all kill brain cells. With that everyday more brian cells are produced thats why we are able to “learn something new everyday”. If brain cells were not produced and only killed then wouldnt everyone including those who dont smoke weed become a brain dead vegetable after a certain amount of time?

    184. kutuup from my experiences of smoking weed via here in the U.S. to other places around the world that i have traveled to(England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Cezch, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, Austria) I have never came across anyone that had such a negative effect on their body that they would freak out. Those people that were not used to smoking weed and smoke to much they just passed out. Honestly try smoking a decent amount of weed and see what happens for yourself. When i say decent start with a gram in a day to an eighth of an oz within a day and see what happens. I guarantee the worst that will happen is you will eat and have a great sleep.

  • damien_karras

    I’ve heard that some peoples creativity level is spurred to greater heights while stoned. I know I’ve had some unforgettable conversations into the wee hours with my friends while hittin the bong.

    If anything it makes great brownie mix!

  • evilk8

    Regarding comment #53 – of course you shoudldn’t operate, fly a plane, etc after toking on a doobie…. but you wouldn’t want your doctor to down a dozen beers either – and alcohol is legal (in most countries).
    The point here is that cigarettes and alcohol are legal, but mary-jays aren’t (again, in most countries) and yet the myths of long term affects and social stigma do not support the facts.

  • shukov

    Common sense should tell you that repeatedly holding any type of smoke in your lungs for any length of time is unhealthy. I used to smoke pot for years and I believe it to be a complete waste. The sad thing is that pot smokers imagine themselves to be cool, they seem to share some sort of delusional group identity in that they imagine themselves to be in some sort of cool brotherhood, just total garbage for weak minded follower types who don’t think for themselves. If you smoke pot you should quit now.


    How about you do a list now of the FACTS why cannabis is bad . . . its illegal for a reason.

  • Haste4

    I think the effects of most drugs are user specific. I think a person’s mental and physical state prior to using any drug plays a large part in the reaction to the drug. For some the use “softer” drugs can be become “gateways” to harder drugs. Some people just don’t take it to the next level or to more extreme habitual patterns. Marijuana was the first drug besides nicotine that I ever used. I have used LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms and certain pharmaceuticals. All of them I tried more than once, some of them tens of times. I started when I was 14 and now at 26 my only recreational sustenance is alcohol and on occasion marijuana. I have by no means become an alcoholic, so it’s not like I traded in illegal drug use for heavy drinking. The upside for me is that I’ve experienced hardcore drugs on several occasions over a span of 12 years and come out of that pretty well. Here’s the downside. On the rare occasions that I do smoke I have a 50/50 chance of becoming extremely paranoid and antisocial. I blame this on the use of other drugs like LSD that I used with marijuana. It could also be rooted in some latent anxiety issue I might have. That doesn’t mean that applies to everyone who uses. My point is that I think the state of the person consuming the drug is paramount.

  • Jacob

    lol love the pics

  • Krav

    (JA #1) Hey Shukov #208, give me one real good reason why i should quit smoking weed. No illegal bullshit, no health issue crap, no answer that all the same people give. “If you smoke pot you should quit now.” who the fuck are you telling me what i should and shouldnt do. What i do has no ill effect on you now does it?

    (JA #2) MSMABJAB #209 go fuck yourself. Have you tried it? Do you always follow the law?

    See its idiots like these that I write about and they piss me off. Im not walking around telling people to smoke weed, but jackass #1 here feels that is is his moral duty to tell me how i should live my life. I want to ask you, what have you done with your life since you no longer smoke pot? What is soo grand in your life that you couldt have while smoking weed?

  • Polymath

    This list got them talking..plenty of comments today. lol

  • littleboots

    I’ve been smoking pot all my life..I don’t drink alcohol and only used other drugs when I was an impressionable teenager however I am in my 40’s now. Truth be told, many people are still alive today because I smoke My only question is…jajdude, where’s your comment?

  • shukov

    Krav, If you jump off buildings, run red lights or do anything that is harmful to yourself or others you should quit now. I am telling you the truth, you should quit now, pot is bad for your body and mind and the general health of the citezenry and most governments in the world agree with me.

  • Bubba

    I’m not saying that pot-smoking is good or bad, but all these old hippie-hyped arguments (addiction, crime rates, medical benefits, etc) are, pardon my pun, half-baked at best. Marijuana smokers have forever touted these (any other) so-called ‘facts’ about marijuana in order to lend some sort of credence to their habit. But their ‘proof’ is usually biased or hopelessly skewed.

    For example:
    #8 Scientific Proof
    Myth: Cannabis has been scientifically proven to be harmful
    Fact: Let us start with a quote: “the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health.” This quote comes from the peer-reviewed British medical journal The Lancet (founded in 1823). There is certainly no scientific consensus on cannabis use, and certainly no scientific proof that casual use is dangerous to health.

    (Founded in 1823? That quote was probably written in 1823, back when medical leeches were all the rage)

    Another (and likely more modern) article entitled “Cannabis use and risk of psychotic or affective mental health outcomes: a systematic review” (The Lancet – July 28, 2007) offers a contrary opinion:

    “The evidence is consistent with the view that cannabis increases risk of psychotic outcomes independently of confounding and transient intoxication effects, although evidence for affective outcomes is less strong. The uncertainty about whether cannabis causes psychosis is unlikely to be resolved by further longitudinal studies such as those reviewed here. However, we conclude that there is now sufficient evidence to warn young people that using cannabis could increase their risk of developing a psychotic illness later in life.”

    My real issue with marijuana has to do with legality. Whether or not you agree, it is illegal. Simplifying that choice to a good/bad coin flip, you’ve already starting off on the wrong side. The acquisition of illegal substances causes one to deal with unsavory characters that few would otherwise choose to associate.

    This is especially true if they’re dealing. They have a continual parade of ‘friends’ calling, or dropping by at all hours, even during family holidays with grandma visiting. Nice for the kids to see that, too.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know – you’re sneaky and always careful – but kids aren’t as blind or stupid as you think. Maybe you can remember that from your own childhood? Or maybe not, anymore.)

    I’ve known (and still know) pot smokers whose lifestyles and accomplishments (or, more accurately, lack thereof) speak volumes about the negative effects of even the most casual use. Most of them can’t go a day without it, regardless of what they claim.

    I don’t care if people want to get all toasted at home and watch TV. I believe it should be a legally available choice for consenting adults, just like tobacco or alcohol. A few states have implemented medical-use laws, but readily available legal pot is still a long way off in most regards.

    So please, stop posting these stupid, ineffective ‘myth-busting’ lists of bogus ‘proofs’ and do something that might make an actual difference with your life, even if it just has to involve smoking dope. Write your congressman, state representative, etc. Get legally active for change.

    (Who am I kidding? You’re too busy getting high in your mom’s basement to actually go out and accomplish anything!)

  • bigski

    #173-joe rosson very well said.You folks who don`t smoke it and don`t hate on the people who do,get respect.To shitbirds like muttley (who Mom424 flamed rightly so) and MTATAZELA (whatever the fuck that means) who has no idea WTF their talking about,pull the stick out of your respective asses and quit putting people down for things you have nary an inkling about(aboot for our northern neighbors). Having said that,good list MR J. Segue-partaking of the hallucinatory goodies im shocked,shocked i tell you (Casablanca reference). MTATAZELA let me know if my spelling or punctuation is correct I really want to know. Excuse me while I fire up a fatty.Peace out!

  • Marv in DC

    209. MSMABJAB
    How about you do a list now of the FACTS why cannabis is bad . . . its illegal for a reason.

    MSMABJAB. It is illegal for a reason, but it has nothing to do with health effects or crime rates. It was made illegal because the hemp industry was starting to threaten the profits of the cotton industry. Hemp is an extremely useful plant (and not for getting high) When cotton producers realized this they lobbied for making it illegal because they said people were getting high from it.(It was all B.S, but when has that stopped big industry?) You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Research is a wonderful thing!!

  • Jake

    There’s a reason drugs are illegal.

  • littleboots

    It was 4:20 here already…lol well said bigsky, and thanks for thinking of us northern neighbors, and it seems we were smoking at the same time…

  • shukov

    Marv, So pot is illeagal in China, India, Russia, and the rest of the world because of the American cotton industry?

  • mollym

    Anyone who drinks alcohol and then talks about how bad it is to smoke weed is just a dumb hypocrite.
    The fact is they are both drugs, both can be addictive completley depending on the person, and both make people feel euphoric. But alcohol is legal so somehow that makes is “ok” to use when it is probably more harmful to your health and causes more death (drunk driving) then weed.
    I am a teenager and it just makes me so mad that adults can justify there alcoholism with “because its legal” and then when the catch their little teenager smoking a joint they act like they are gonna destroy their lives.

  • ReVeNg3

    Jamie, you’ve gotten good at writing controversial lists…

  • HerroRaRa

    To be honest the only reason cannibus, or hemp or whatever you wanna call it is illegal is because it was compitition for the cotton and tobacco farmers that ran the south back in the day. Back then, like today those wealthy planters wished to protect their investment therefore the petitioned to have laws passed to outlaw weed because of it’s psycoactive properties, not to mention it was good for their bottom line. Weed can be grown in a variety of places unlike cotton and tobacco wich need mostly warm and/or moist climates to thrive.
    When in reality Hemp makes much stronger rope that what they had back then and it could be used to make clothes that with processing could be just as comfortable as cotton. In addition to this it could be smoked and was smoked by many until it was criminalized due to the spread of fear to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses.
    Weed is illegal because the big business of the day wanted it to be illegal, just like big business of today wants to know what you do in you own home so they can target specific individuals or households to advertise their products to. (tangent….)
    I am not saying that I agree with this list, however i am not saying that i disagree with it either. What makes weed any worse than any other mind altering substance available today both legally and illegally? I can give numerous exambles of various legal substances that are much more harmful for society than weed, but that would be preaching to the choir for those that are pro weed and it would fall on deaf ears for those that are not.
    The truth of the matter is when alcohol was illegal there were strong correlations between alcohol and criminal activity.
    Honestly i have to agree with the law enforcement guy from early on in the comments that it is wrong simply because the law says it is. However in some states it’s not illegal to use weed, just to posses it. unfortunatly you have to posses weed in order to use it.
    If you want to legally use weed the only thing to do is go somewhere where you can use weed or use your voting power and write to your political representatives and try to change the law. Not too long ago merican people would do that, if they wanted a law changed they would petition and march and demonstrate and excercise their political and civil rights in order to shape the government into something that was benificial to the society.

    Maybe weed being illegal is most benificial to society and maybe not, but the only thing you can do is either try to change the way things are or resolve to indulge in what is currently defined as criminal behavior and hope you don’t get caught.

    To all those that say drug addicts are loosers and lowlifes and they’re all criminals, i dare you to stop doing something that brings you peace and comfort or even an escape from your sad meaningless existance. Try not using the internet for anything other than work or acadamia and see how long that lasts, try not going to your favorite resturaunt for a month, try not dong something that you enjoy for a while and see how much you like it. No offense but you have NO RIGHT to push your moral values on anyone. If you dont do it then dont. But there is no need for name calling.

    Until someone can show me some cold hard scientific evidence( i.e. non-refutable beyond a shadow of a doubt) for either side of this argument i will refrain from choosing sides.

    Oh and don’t bother replying to my comment, becuase b the time anyone does i’ll have been long gone and probably wont be back.

  • DHG

    205. Krav
    “Brain cells are killed and made each and everyday.”

    Brain cells are not created, they only die. They brain cells do, however, create connections between each other when you learn things. Granted, my explanation is kind of simplifying it, but my point stands.

  • HerroRaRa

    Oh and shukov i challenge you to tell us why it’s illegal in other countries, or why it’s legal in some countries. I know why it’s illegal in the country i live in and that’s really all a care about. I can’t change the laws of those countries, but i do have a voice in my own.

  • Lamica91

    i’ve heard all of these myths and i knew that all of them were false, except number 3. even though i thought 3 was true, i didnt think that was a bad thing.

    in Massachusetts, where i live, they recently decriminalized possession for up to 1 oz. that combined with things like this list could be steps in the direction of legalization.

  • mollym

    The reasons people have for keeping it legal is just insane. I mean come on people,even if you personally dont want to smoke weed because of health reasons or whatever why the f*ck do you care if johndoe wants to light up a joint?
    Its even more hilarious that half the my friends parents smoke weed, and they are great, loving parents who actually give a shit about their kids. Can’t say so much for parents of my friends that are raging “law abiding” alcoholics.

  • kutuup

    To Puffthemagicdragon:

    I appreciate you are trying to defend your opinion on pot smoking, but I must say one thing.

    NEVER have I seen such an offensively self-indulgent tyraid in the name of proving a point. There is nothing worse than someone who throws their education in your face to solve an argument. The fact that you have a degree in whatever from Durham does not make you automatically right now, does it?

    Try using proper arguments to state your case rather than just raving about what school you went to.

    You claim to be a highly educated person, and you state that I should be jealous of you. How could I even have the slightest bit of respect for you when your only point of argument is that you went to a reasonably good university?

    The fact that you went to that university will only carry you so far. You can’t expect it to be a license to make poor arguments and be downright rude, it just doesn’t work like that. Good manners and humility are the signs of a good education, you appear to possess neither.

    Now, care to stop telling me about how amazing you are and how jealous I should be and make a proper point here?

    Oh, and yes, it is statistically very likely that Durham takes a proportion of “retards” every year as to not do so would be impossible without the applications administrators possessing some kind of prescience, but that’s a whole other story. The school does not make the students, the students make the school. There is such a thing as an intelligent asshole, you know?

  • xrayx

    Wow! I never knew that putting the word “recreational” in front of something made it ok…I guess this is good news for all of my “recreational” baby snatcher buddies.

  • L_T

    “Alight” is not synonymous with lit.

  • Krav

    215. shukov – you didnt answer my questions. I want to ask you, what have you done with your life since you no longer smoke pot? What is soo grand in your life that you couldt have while smoking weed?

    You say im a following type not a leader. What makes you say that? Do you know who i am or what i am all about. So if i were to follow others then id be crack head or dead by now right? Well Im not; im financialy stable(i do not sell weed) and i dont have a care in the world. When i do drive and am high i drive slower, am more aware, put my seatbelt on, signal, dont run red lights and all other things that define a perfect driver. I actually follow the driving law better when i am high then when im sober. What evidence do you or your government have to tell me that weed is more harmful on my body and mind then liqour or tobacco? I have never done things because others thought it may be cool or fun. I do think you are telling the truth from your own experiences, but you again are generlizing and that my fine Sir is what makes you a jackass.

  • L_T: according to Princeton Wordweb it is: ‘ablaze(p): lighted up by or as by fire or flame; “forests set ablaze (or afire) by lightning”; “even the car’s tires were aflame”; “a night aflare with fireworks”; “candles alight on the tables”; “houses on fire”‘

  • freakshow

    thanks for this list,

    ~ from a non-drinking, long-time habitual smoker,
    and otherwise law-abiding, tax-paying,
    homeowner and business owner.

    o yeah!
    what’s the old saying?

    God is good,
    Man is not.
    Man made beer,
    God made pot.

    “Beer is the nectar of the nitwit.”
    – The Comic Book Guy

  • Krav

    225 DHG “Brain cells are commonly thought to remain in the beginning stage of interphase of cell reproduction for their life, and never divide, and instead develop by forming new synapses with other neurons. However, a landmark study in late 1998 by researchers from Sweden and the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, showed for the first time that some brain cells in mature humans may regenerate under certain circumstances.” so in fact brain cells dont only die they are regenerated

  • GTT

    Krav : I think you have anger issues. :rolls:


    segue: I agree with bigski, I have to say I´m a little shocked, shocked I tell ya! ;)


    Just a thought on these statistics on how more deaths, etc are caused by alcohol, has anyone stopped to think that maybe more people use alcohol because it´s legal? A lot of people who shy away from illegal drugs DO end up abusing alcohol but how would making another mind-altering substance legal help in any way? Now people would have 2 legal options to drive under the influence of. How would that help crash statistics?

  • Fro

    Why dont everyone STFU and have a cone

    Us potheads dont die we multiply

  • nick

    I love how this list tries to back up the claim that this stuff won’t hurt you by saying there is no hard scientific data about it. That same point also means that you can’t definitively say that it DOESN’T hurt you either. I know my fair share of potheads, and a few of them before they ever touched a joint, and you can tell a difference in their behavior, so don’t tell me you can’t.
    My favorite though, has got to be the statistic they used to prove its not addictive; “Less than one percent of Americans smoke cannabis more than once per day.” One percent of Americans? That three million people! That’s like saying “less than the entire population of Seattle and its surrounding metropolitan area are ADDICTED to cannabis, so it must not really be addictive”. If you wanted a valid or impressive statistic, give it in terms of the number of people who use the drug (i.e. “less than one percent OF CANNABIS USERS…”). But that can’t be proven, so they don’t say that..

  • L_T

    Ahh! My apologies! I didn’t know it was an adjective, as well… neither did the the dictionary I was using before I posted.

    Thanks, as always, for teaching me something new.

  • Scully

    No Alexis … I was just trying to see if anyone, people who do smoke and people who don’t, agreed with the premiss that it not only didn’t cause the premature birth but that the baby was better off with her having smoked pot during pregancy…. personally I think the girl is a moron for thinking that.

    Another question…just curious, most job have drug screening now adays…how do people get by that if they smoke on regular basis? How long is it detectable?

  • Nemi

    Being a university student myself, I know a lot of university students who use cannabis, and most of them seem to be able to cope with it quite well.

    Now for my opinion on every ‘myth’

    #10 – True, THC isn’t bad, but what you’re smoking is rarely pure THC, there are more active ingredients

    #9 – Partially True, memories that have already been created aren’t affected, but new memories are possibly distorted, because you’re less able to create new memories while being high the long-term memory IS affected

    #8 – Interestingly, you left out the reference to this quote, so it can’t be judged on context

    #7 – It’s definitely more expensive than alcohol or tobacco, which is why there’s a positive correlation between higher payments and cannabis use. HOWEVER, I don’t think there’s any proof that if you give cannabis on a regular basis to a random person that his performance at work or school will improve.

    #6 – Cannabis-users are less aggressive while being high, can’t argue with that, but they definitely associate with criminals, so indirectly it could (at least partially) cause crime

    #5 – Although it’s true what you’ve said, you didn’t actually destroy the ‘it kills braincells’ myth there, and to me those possible consequences sound pretty severe. It doesn’t kill braincells, but it does severe the connections in your brain (a little)

    #4 – Like someone else mentioned before, the drug itself may not promote higher-level drug abuse, but it definitely opens up possibilities to try these drugs, so in a way it still is a gateway drug

    #3 – False, it definitely is more potent now on average, maybe some ‘brand’ hasn’t increased in potency but overall it did increase, with Nederwiet as clear example

    #2 – True, it’s not more damaging than cigarettes, but it still is damaging! And a lot of cannabis users are still inhaling quite a few additives (less than cigarettes, but still).

    #1 – It’s not highly addictive – but it still is addictive. Not physically, but psychologically. I’m pretty sure less than one percent of ALL AMERICANS uses heroin daily, but that doesn’t mean it’s not addictive. Still, a lot of people don’t get addicted to it, which is great, but remember – a lot of people do!

    It might seem I’m just hating this list, but in fact I just wanted to provide some counterweight for what clearly is a pro-cannabis list. Like I said, I know a lot of people that use this drug and are able to cope with it, but the reality is there are also a lot of people who can’t. I definitely don’t generally dislike or hate people who use the drug, but I do dislike it when a drug-user is being ignorant about the effects it has on some other people, just because he/she didn’t experience these effects.

    So in short – I’m not against using the drug, I know quite a few people that do and generally people are smart enough to make their own decisions, but it definitely isn’t good for your health

    P.S. For all the people hating cannabis users in general just for the sake of it, it must be good for your ego to feel superior over them doesn’t it :)

  • BooRadley

    Psychosurfer (109);
    Thanks for pointing Michael’s comment out, I somehow missed it.

    Micheal (153):

    “- cannabis is of course a substance which is used in conjunction with (the aural abortion that is) reggae – but surely anything which requires a numbing agent to enhance one’s enjoyment of it probably isn’t something you’d want to get into in the first place.”

    OUCH! take THAT, Bob Marley! Aural abortion? OMG! You’d have to be HIGH to come up with that one!

  • Nemi

    Sorry for the double post, but I did want to add this

    Smoking this drug during pregnancy definitely doesn’t have a positive effect on the baby, and I think most people would agree on that. You’re right to think about the girl the way you are, Scully

    It’s detectable for quite a long time, so I think it’s excused as long as they don’t find too many traces – I’m not sure on this though, so I’m sorry if I’m wrong :)

  • colin

    awesome list jamie:)

    i think its my favouritist one!


  • Krav

    236 GTT, Thinking and knowing are two very different things. I know i dont have any issues so you can contiune to think whatever you’d like. Thanks for your concern though. Highly appreciated.

  • JROC

    way to go on this list; extremely interesting. I have found that some of lists I’ve been reading lately lack relatability and practical uses of the information. This list, however, does not and I appreciate the work you put into it.I was rwally surprised about #7 considering when I get baked I certaintly don’t wanna do anything XD. AND ALSO, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT STATISTIC ABOUT PEOPLE SMOKING MARIJUANA HAVING HIGHER PAYING JOBS? Bravo, heres to more in the future! V

  • GTT

    Micheal (153):

    “- cannabis is of course a substance which is used in conjunction with (the aural abortion that is) reggae – but surely anything which requires a numbing agent to enhance one’s enjoyment of it probably isn’t something you’d want to get into in the first place.”

    HAHAHAHAHA…. I hate reggae too! Unfortunately, my husband likes it so I´m forced to listen to it every once in a while… Maybe a joint would help me during those torturous moments? ;)


    Just as a side note, I know a girl who is actually allergic to weed. She will literally break out in hives if she is anywhere remotely close to people smoking it. It´s a little funny (OK, I´ll admit, downright hilarious) to see her start to break out just before the tell-tale smell hits the nostrils. You see her start to freak out as she yells “WHO´S THE POTHEAD?!?” :D

  • empress of all

    i see alot of people say weed is illegal for a reason ,yet none have stated that reason,…..but oh well!!!in a democracy if a law is wrong we as a people , are morally responsible to defy that law, and it sure looks like there is alot of defiance,as the laws concerning weed seem to be proving….and no drug in the world has KILLED AS MANY PEOPLE AS RELIGON HAS…..

  • Joss

    Scully – smoking pot during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weights and premature births.

  • GTT

    248. empress of all

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please, tell me you´re kidding…? That was a sarcastic comment, right? *sigh*

  • bigski, GTT: shocked though you may be (yeah, right!), the facts remain the facts. It was the 60’s, it was Hollywood, I was a kid, it was fun. ;-D

  • shamzahm

    best list all week, finally something i can relate with

  • Krav

    #248 Empress of all

    Love the comment. I truly believe that religon is the root of all evil. In the past without it we would have never survived, but today with it we may not survive.

  • asdf


  • Scully

    Strange I can’t convince this girl of this, she will not even consider that pot had anything to do with it, she doesn’t even consider it a drug … sad considering she is planning on having another baby in the future and will smoke pot during pregnancy then too.

  • Krav

    My last comment of the evening since i am off to the home to somke weed. Thanks to ASDF #254 “smoke weed everyday”

  • Paulb

    This list has only been out for less than a day and it already has 257 comments. Is this a new record for first day comments Jaime?

  • Muttley

    Mom424 – you’re a moron – which PROVES you’ve used pot. It’s the only drug which is nicknamed with total accuracy – DOPE: because that’s all it produces.
    Try to look at the picture from the point of view of something other than being a total and utter, mindless shit-for-brains:
    I have worked as a paramedic and had to clean up the results of cannabis overuse – YES IT CAN HAPPEN
    I have worked as a Youyth Worker in Juvenile Justice and in Homeless Youth and seen first hand what constant and regular use of Cannabis has done to these people – I lost count of the number of young people with well-developed psychoses who developed them thanks to long-term and/or heavy cannabis use.
    Thirdly – for many years (over 30) I also lived and socialised within the Outlaw Biker Fraternity. Again – the amount of dead-minded, psychotic or simply motivationless overindulging cannabis users in that scene is horrendous – – it is endemic. And these are people I regard as mates; I am privileged to be so and I am entitled to my honesty.

    YOU on the other hand, you terminally idiotic piece of house-bound crap, YOU cannot MAKE an objective judgement on the issue because you are a user – this makes you both irresponsible AND brain-dead: You have no right to criticise someone who can make a judgement call based on intimate association WITHOUT using!

    Now – go back to your trailer, cuddle up to your brother and light another joint – that or call your village – I think their idiot is missing.

    Next time you comment; try giving your arse a chance – that empty space between your ears just hasn’t enough there to make a valid contribution to commentary, values or LIFE !!!

  • astraya

    jfrater: “For those who are wondering – I don’t use cannabis (or any drugs for that matter)”
    You have frequently admitted to being – gasp – a wine drinker and a cigarette smoker. Tut, tut, tut! maybe “(or any illegal drugs for that matter)”????

    I once had passive marijuana, which makes me about as qualified to comment on this list as on southern rock bands and major league baseball pitchers. One comment, which various people have made in different forms: given the amount of conflicting literature out there, it would be equally possible for someone to make a list of negative things about marijuana.

    segue: shocked, but not totally surprised, given your time and place.

  • Sam

    Very interesting responses! I tend to agree more with the side of weed being mainly negative based primarily on my personal experiences with the drug. I’ve done it a decent amount in high school but was only really interested in the social aspect.
    The friends and people I know that frequently smoke weed (2-3 a week at least) tend to be pretty unproductive people who are in my opinion bad citizens. Not bad citizens because they’re illegally smoking a drug but their other actions are selfish and destructive. Maybe the people I know are rarities but the people I know who smoke pot frequently are alot less respectable people when compared to the other friends. Again not because of the actual smoking but their other actions and attitudes.
    This from the eyes of a 20 year old college student from Wisconsin,US.

  • Lani

    My dad has been smoking pot since he in his teens. He’s fifty now, and acts as if he has aspergers. Why I think pot should be legal, I just think that it should be used sparingly.

    The perfect anti-drug campaign would be to take a bunch of video clips of the stupid things he’s said and compile them into a PSA.

  • Steve

    Holy crap! It’s WWIII in here!

    Ha ha ha.

    I just have this one comment (and I don’t know how this applies to other countries, because I don’t live in them).

    Just think about how much MONEY the Government could make if they legalize (and regulate) it! The same way that there is a “sin tax” on alcolhol or tobacco, the same could be applied here.

    The government could also grow it, which serves 2 purposes: 1. creates jobs, 2. regulates what is out there (i.e. can provide CLEAN weed, that ISN’T laced with any other drug).

    We can still invest in education against smoking marijuana (like we do against the use of alcolhol and tobacco). It should still be illegal to drive under the influence.

    This would also reduce the amount of people who get thrown in jail for drug related offenses, reducing prison crowding.

    This could also potentailly reduce drug dealing/importing, as the government could offer a better quality and cheaper product and one could get on the street.

    To me, it’s not any different than alcohol or tobacco, and shouldn’t be treated different. It all goes back to UTAH outlawing it in the early 1900’s. And there is enough propiganda on both sides that we’ll always have two sides here; but seems to me that it’s an easy way for the government to earn some much needed money. And I do think it’s hard to ignore the medical advantages. And I think most of the people who think that it’s as harmful as other “hard core” drugs need to open their minds.

    It’s all about moderation, folks. Duh.

  • archangel

    good point… any outlawing of cannabis should also be matched by outlawing of alcohol and tobacco. I personally wouldn’t and haven’t taken it so i can’t speak for its effects, good or bad…

    however, i think we need to phase them out for health reasons. banning them outright will just cause more problems.

  • JM

    hell, i’m high right now

  • Mom424: Don’t let anything Muttly says bother you. He admittedly has a brain dysfunction, Asperger’s Syndrome, which prohibits him from interacting with others in a reasonable fashion. It’s a form of Autism. Look it up. You’ll feel sorry for him and, like me, start overlooking his posts unless a friends name pops out at you.

  • NicoNicoNico

    Here’s my two cents: I’ve known pot smokers who are completely lazy, unmotivated people. I’ve also known pot smokers who have good jobs (the majority of which are in the design field) and have money. I’ve tried it and, while I wouldn’t use it habitually because I’m bipolar (it can trigger mania for people with the disorder; to be fair, alcohol can also trigger depression in people who are bipolar) it is one of the tamest drugs I’ve seen. Some people wind down with a glass of wine, others with a hit on a bong. It doesn’t make them terrible drug users.

    On the other side of the scale, I would like to see it legalized. Considering it’s on a similar level to alcohol, it seems silly that it hasn’t be legalized already. Besides, I have a chronic pain disorder (CRPS, I can find the Wikipedia link if anyone’s interested) and marijuana would be a godsend to those of us who have to use painkillers all the time. Right now I have to use pretty strong narcotic painkillers for pain, which are far more likely to cause addiction than pot. There are others with my disorder who have morphine pumps, and a few who even have to be under local anesthetic to do physical therapy. Who’s to say that people like us can’t use pot all because a few irresponsible kids use it as an excuse to slack off?

  • archangel

    I do hope segue that you are not degrading people with asperger’s syndrome as many a genius has had asperger’s syndrome.

    Otherwise… ignore this post.

  • krchuk

    C’mon Jayfray! I know a few long-term “stoners” and christ, they are the best anti-drugs education I could give to my kids. Seriously, there are side-effects associated with marijuana, I’m not judging whether it’s good or bad, but there are side-effects. This list is too pro-weed. I see sad stories from this drug and it’s no laughing matter.

  • phat jon

    I’m addicted to weed! I need it or I can’t function or feel normal. Weed is getting more and more potent everyday but that’s because of new growing methods such as hydroponics.

  • sdavis

    As much as I admire Listverse, this one is a pile ‘o sh**. Like Muttley #32 stated, this bends over backward to “prove” nothing’s wrong with weed. Betcha the tobacco companies can produce some scientific study “proving” tobacco is harmless.

    Therefore, if we throw ALL this scientific study crap out the window because it can’t be trusted, what have we got left? Personal observation.

    Through personal observation I have witnessed people go ‘downhill’ due to their affection for weed. Some have gone onto harder drugs, most have not. But they ALL have become less productive and less caring about others and themselves. This description could just as easily have been about alcohol. Perhaps there’s a line between casual, occassional use and problem use, but I haven’t seen it with marijuana use.

  • davo

    wow some of the people I know must be on other drugs as they sit in their rooms all day and smoke 50+ bongs and don’t work and aren’t motivated. It is addictive and causes lack of motivation for some people, i’ve seen it countless times.

  • 267. archangel: I am *NOT* degrading people with Asperger’s syndrome.

  • archangel

    ah cool… just ignore the post then segue =)

  • Carrie lynn

    Wow have not seen anything like this since i ventured to a bottle vs breast feeding site. Quite interesting opinions! I love lists like this . This is why i come here every day! As for pot, smoke it or not i dont care . I will take newports any day ! Krav
    You are so right they are like crack lol.

  • quiana

    I like weed!

  • mattofutexas

    I’m currently on a break because I’m working out and playing sports (however I have been running miles and cross country my whole life so weed smoke doesn’t really do much to my lungs), but I do smoke weed or ingest it through brownies almost every day. I’m at school at the University of Texas, one of the most academically recognized public schools in the US, and I double-major in math (actuarial science) and pre-med and plan on being a doctor when I get older. I’m going to med school in a year and a half. My GPA in my double-major is a 3.5. Now tell me that weed makes you less ambitious and stupid. I guarantee you over half my friends would tell you I am the smartest person they know. Just because you have had bad experiences with it or you know idiots who don’t have ambition in their life already and smoke weed doesn’t mean that that’s how it works for everybody. Marijuana has never lead me to try other drugs, I will never do anything else but weed and alcohol, and the occasional shroom trip (which is definitely not for everyone but I feel my mind is strong and stable enough to handle that.)

  • mattofutexas

    And I don’t smoke schwag. I was smoking only dank before I moved to Austin, but Austin has some of the most high potency weed in the United States. Still doesn’t affect my mind.

  • Rob

    I started smoking pot when I was 13, and I quit a little less than two years ago. I’m 27 now, and I haven’t suffered any apparent long term effects. Still, quitting was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m absolutely more motivated. I’m back in school, and getting straight A’s for the first time since I was…you guessed it…13. Pot may not make you stupid, but it definitely makes it more difficult to follow a train of thought. All those “creative insights” you may have while high…well, they’re pretty fucking stupid once you sober up. That said, I mostly agree with this list. I think pot is alright if you can keep your usage to reasonable levels. I wasn’t able to.

  • spence425

    i’ve tried it…and i don’t like it.

    i respect the thoughts of those who enjoy it regularly, and those who don’t.

    i hope, after reading some of the educated responses both for and against, that everyone can see that there is a case that can be made for either side of the issue.

    and i hope, even more earnestly, that everyone can see that the uneducated, attacking responses (on both sides again), only fuel the flame of discord more than sway the opposition.

    this has been a wonderful study in how not to conduct a debate.

    i’ve experienced the drug, and i’ve seen what it can do to people. based on that, i’ve chosen not to try it again. i also humbly admit that i have seen people smoke their entire lives and suffer no negative side effects.

    indulge it you will…but don’t try to convince me that you are correct by blowing up in my face.

  • Elsa

    *chuckles as Mutley shorts out*

    sorry, but that was about the funniest thing I’ve read on here in a long time.

    Stress much?

    *still chuckling at his “supposed” areas of “study”*

    yeah, pot is solely responsible for the bikers behaviour
    *not even going to go into the other areas of his rant…too silly, not backed by any data, only personal opinions cloaked in *expertise”*


  • SlickWilly

    This is a heavy convo. Why are you guys getting so incensed over a plant? If you smoke regularly, you’re comfortable with your way of life and you don’t need to explain yourself to some schmuck on the internet. If you don’t smoke, stop trying to convince pot smokers how unhealthy their habit is, or how dumb it makes them. They arn’t going to listen to you anyway.

    The fact of the matter is, the data is very inconclusive on both sides of the argument, owing largely to the high restrictions on marijuana studies in the United States. For every one article I can produce saying that marijuana has harmful effects, I can produce one that states marijuana is harmless or beneficial. We all have to keep in mind how politically charged this debate is, and that even reputable universities need funding from somewhere.

    There might or there might not be long-term effects associated with chronic, heavy marijuana use. Common sense tells us that inhaling anything into our lungs is going to cause damage, but that is not enough of a reason to outlaw it. And we must keep in mind that marijuana propagandists *have* labored tirelessly since the turn of the century to fashion cannabis as a great public evil. (In the 1920’s and 30’s, marijuana was called “the greatest scourge” on society, even worse than heroin.)

    The one thing I think we can all agree on is that the stereotypes and name-calling need to stop. A person who resorts to stereotypes only betrays his laziness to honestly observe the world. I think Bill Watterson said that.

  • ehhh

    being able to get high off it is bad enough , no other reason needed…high ppl cause lots of problems such as car accidents and they do a lot of stupid things they wouldnt normally do. and there IS proof it makes ppl more violent, look it up before posting

  • rick

    the problem with cannabis is that is illegal. the same people who import and sell pot do other drugs too. while a user may not be a violent criminal they contribute to violent crime because of the profit involved. there is no justification for contributing to drug cartels. people are dying so you can get your high. maybe you are okay with that, but try to give it some wider thought.

  • Corey

    Something I cannot stand is someone who clearly is not a scientist speaking about topics out of his league, especially medicine. It’s great that you like smoking weed, Jamie, and it’s true that the old “scare tactics” threw out a lot of incorrect information about marijuana… But you don’t know what you’re talking about on half this stuff, so STFU and stop spreading misinformation.

    You might think citing a journal makes you credible, but if you don’t have the knowledge to properly understand and summarize primary research, DON’T DO IT. And while you’re at it, try citing more than one journal. That’s just common sense.

  • Oliver

    “It is true that after taking the drug some people can experience panic, paranoia, and fright, these effects pass and certainly don’t become permanent.”

    I smoked my last joint 3 or 4 years ago now, and I still suffer panic attacks.
    You should realize that by mixing fair facts with what you want or hope to be true, you are making yourself partially responsible for the wrong choices many people make about weed.

    -But I’m sure you completely disagree. That’s even fortunate, because that allows you to smoke more of that stuff that makes your head feel funny and not have a worried conscience.

    Funny how things always work out.

  • sdggrant

    I’m sorry, but other than legality what the hell is the difference between weed and alcohol? In my experiences alcohol fucks you up a hell of a lot more than weed. It is completely possible to smoke responsibly just like it is possible to drink responsibly. For the record I haven’t smoked pot for years because I simply just don’t have the desire to anymore. A drunk person is a lot more dangerous than a high person, not to mention that alcohol is a lot more damaging to your body and mind.

  • timmy the dying boy

    Dude! Awesome. I think. . . like. . . um. . . hey, do we have any good vittles? I’m hungry!

  • anadaji67

    Corey, you are a prick. Most of the people arguing against weed in this thread are either seriously misinformed or straight-up lying. I smoke a considerable amount of weed, but I recently had to abstain for a month in order to pass a drug test to get hired at a hospital. For the first few days, I was pretty stressed out and thusly a little irate, but beyond that, I was fine. Not smoking weed is like not eating your favorite kind of food, you don’t feel you have to, but it sure would be nice. Half the people in my school smoke pot, and most of the people I know well do too. They all go to school, have jobs, play sports, have stable relationships, etc. I also know people who refuse to smoke weed, “it’ll make you retarded, it’s addictive” and all that jive, yet they will eat percosweats like candy. It comes from a doctor, so it must be safe, right? Maybe if weed was legal there wouldn’t have been 20 pillhead dropouts at my school this year.

  • billyrules!

    i think this list has done its job, congratulations jamie! *claps*

  • M Mac

    Cant agree with this list at all, canabis causes lots of problems, willing to accept it may be of help as a pain killer buts thats it.

    I have seen people several times who started on it and went on to stronger things and two people who landed in the grave. I think the research may be out of date. In the UK it has just been reclassified to a higher level drug.

    As you may tell I am seriously anti drugs, to attempt to give a balanced position it is probably not as harmfull as alcohol or tobacco, saying that it does lead to experimentation and stronger things.

    Talking about which it has been proven that the strain known as Skunk is much stronger than what was previously available.

    A misleading post in my view.

  • jaelo

    i refuse to believe that this drug has so few harmful effects. It’s illegal after all! To give the benefit of the doubt to raucous potheads, and to say that it is not harmful, what is the worst that can happen if it is banned? Nothing lost but bad habits.

  • who cares

    Some really lousy, crappy, and scattered thoughts that just take up more stoopid space.. about…
    (but not for all—ie: initiiates that proclaim hallelujah).
    The following is just a rough estimate
    (1rst) Around the circle of others and its artistic use and it’s truth connectiveness:
    (A) makes sleepy, dullified, and completly useless within the company and larger extents…BUT makes IT all magnificent if viewed through the “pot perception”.
    If one never got into Frank Zappa on their own but were introduced to his stuff by a hardcore fan and hazzyling swayed into getting into him based apon the love felt…and he(Zappa) said something of the same…that pot always wanted to just “ make me sleep after smoking”.
    I paraphrase and misquote galiantly , Salvador Dali, in saying: “ I have no need for drugs, I am the drug.”
    Pot was a high held thang among the great jazz muscians/composers of the hayday, but as some bio’s point out, these cats practiced wherever and whenever the climate nurtured or suited them and some died off and others felt the heavy current.
    Marajawanna looks like a weed to me in its natural full form
    but something changes when it has to be purchased and there is the illegel aspect and the plastic ziplock or container and yet, the ritual stays constant to some degree

    If not in form, POT, willl de-clothe thee.

    Thats a truism, isn’t it?


    ( 2) The connection to psychological development;
    (B) makes me so completely introverted and axiety ridden and alone and silent that I found myself brain filled with “all eye’s probing on me” syndrom(sp?) or “ I gotta get the fuck outta here because I am completely naked and transparent” syndrom(sp?). And everybodies felt that havent they??? well? havent yah??
    and the eyeball of axiety bobbed along the drifting highway because POT had been injected into the seeing eye of Walden and the expanse of nature suddenly became corrupt.
    3) Pot = Getting it on.
    For those in tune, the effect of pot puffing is like the initial desire before and, if lucky, during fucking, because
    they both make whats horny stretch out, when the ignited flare of the glowing SWELL poofs up.
    Under the right conditions, Weed not only makes Cancer groovy, it makes monotonous existenialist dwelling and un-fantastical sex..cosmic .
    how’s that for a commercial promo?
    BUT on the BadSides, it makes self containment(sp?)and unnesesary(sp?) magnitisms(sp?) and unfullfilled questionable ideas and
    heck, uh, hell…what I mean to say is , Cannabis sure has had its share of contemporary controversies and grand culture humors and uh..the Govments makin money off of medical uses and uhh….

  • sdggrant


    Alcohol was illegal in this country at one point. Hell, hard liquor is illegal in parts of the US to this day! My point is, is that just because it is illegal does not make it worse than any ‘legal’ drugs out there now.

    Banning something because some people dont agree that it is right goes against the nature of the founding of this country.

  • g

    Even if everything on the list is crap (which it is not), I don’t see how me sitting in my basement smoking ganja is hurting you/ has anything to do with you at all.

    Oh yeah, Jaelo… you should look up how these drugs became illegal. I think you will find that they are very out dated and blatantly racist (it was the 30’s).

    M-mac… if you are that anti-drug then how do you know anything about “skunk”?

  • anadaji67

    M Mac, there are untold variations in pot strains, skunk being no exception. The British government’s fascination with skunk is hilarious; anyone versed in the nuances of weed knows that skunk is relatively mild compared to strains like Diesel and Purps. My uncle, who has been smoking and cultivating weed for the last half-century, claims that the best weed of today is only slightly better than the old flagships of high-potency pot such as Maui-Wowie, Granddad and Panama Red. If the government wants to demonize a particular potent strain, I recommend King Purps, which puts even titans like Trainwreck, Sour Diesel and OG Kush to shame. One joint = 6 hours of intense high.

    And jaelo, read up on studies by the DEA and the NHIC; you’ll probably be suprised.

  • stone

    its not illegal in australia :)

  • cicero

    I hate hippies.

  • spic

    Australia, here I come!

  • evilk8

    addiction…. how funny. Everything is addictive to at least one person in some shape or form.
    Bums are usually addicted to alcohol
    Japanese girls are addicted to Hello Kitty
    and Christians are addicted to God.

    If you have a weakness in your personality/character you will have an addiction to something – or possibly lots of things!

    God bless pot for those who wish to smoke it. I’ll vino over pot any day but if you wish to partake in weed and you’re adult enough to make that decision for yourself, you go for it!

  • who cares

    By the “seeing eye of Walden” I mean H.Thoreau
    Might as well be the painter P.Guston
    It all equals a mirrorored reflection within the Cannabis Continuum
    Or a way of obsidian darkness
    that which lacks within and without.

  • akira

    I’m packing my bags for Australia right now!

  • stone

    man i aint no hippy cicero

  • Bartender

    I find it very interesting that the underlying reason for marijuana prohibition has been glossed over in this exchange of ideas. It seems quite evident to me that the real reason that pot has been outlawed is that if it were legal it would be absolutely impossible to tax.

    Hard alcohol is rather complicated to mass produce. One must have not only the equipment and fiscal resources to distill the product but the knowledge of how to do it so that a quality booze is made. If it is done incorrectly it is deadly poison. Therefore only a relatively small group of manufacturers exist that can complete the process. The industry is therefore easily regulated and taxed.

    Beer is nearly as complicated to produce and so is wine. Again with the production of these products comes easy regulation and taxation.

    Tobacco is very difficult to grow, process and roll into convenient delivery devices so this product is also easily regulated and taxed.

    And what about all of the and scrip drugs that doctors sell like m&ms? All difficult to produce and easy to tax.

    Marijuana is literally a weed though. It grows on every continent except Antarctica. If you throw a handful of seeds into your backyard you will inevitably come up with a few plants that will have intoxicating effects. With a little gardening training anybody can easily produce their own crop of quality hemp and never have to buy any again. This is problematic for a government that makes so much money from their legal intoxicants. Perhaps the government is afraid that their customer base will be significantly diminished by legalization of cannabis.

    Another thing to consider is the damage that legalization would do to an industry that built this country. Cotton is much more difficult to process than hemp. Hemp fibers are stronger than cotton too. I wonder how many cotton lobbyists live inside the beltway.

    I am 42 years old with three kids. I have been a bartender for about 20 years and have lost friends to alcohol poisoning. I have watched friends lose everything on the heroin path. I have seen friends wither away to nothing after discovering crack. The funny thing about these people is that they all had something in common before developing addictions: Serious emotional and/or psychological problems.

    I also have stoner friends that don’t like alcohol, I have friends that drink every day and don’t like pot, and I have friends that indulge in both booze and pot. These people are developers, lawyers, engineers, teachers, police officers, Musicians, politicians etc. All successful, all intelligent and balanced.

    Perhaps the true gateway is not a drug but preexisting mental problems.

    In my years of tending bar and 17 years of successful parenting I have learned some lessons, here are several good ones:

    1. Moderation. If you are going to indulge, don’t be crazy about it and by all means don’t drive.

    2. Look out for your friends. Some of us are not so

    3. Capitalism works. If there is a demand for drugs there will always be a supply regardless of any “war” waged on them.

    4. Communicate with you kids. Talk to them about drugs and their emotions often and make sure that there is a safe, open forum for them to communicate with you about anything. This is the ONLY true way to diminish drug use in our youth.

    5. The government doesn’t give a sh*t what you or your kids smoke, shoot, snort or rub into your bellies, as long as they get a cut.

    As with any other drug, I never would try to assert that smoking weed is healthful or necessary but I find it funny that heart disease is the biggest killer in the U.S.A. and though cheeseburgers are neither healthy or necessary we have no problem selling them to our children with a clown. Hmmm.

  • who cares

    g: if your “Even if everything on the list is crap” had to do with my first sentence within my comment before yours. then thats’s not what I meant. I was saying eveything within my comment after my first sentence was ” lousy, crappy, and scattered thoughts “.
    Not the list.

    hope this clears things
    if this wasnt the case then foget this was ever stated

  • Ben

    Anyone here Canadian? Would you agree that no one says ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’?. I think one guy with a speech problem ruined it for the rest of us.

  • Tink

    Gosh, seriously, this whole list is straight up retarded. What’s happened to this site? It used to be a gathering of inquisitive, observing, or even debating intellects. Sure sometimes the lists were bizzarre or unorthodox, but thats what made it enjoyable. This list is just an enabler for people who can’t have enough happiness in their lives without drugging their bodies up. No matter how many myths there are, contributing to illegal cannabis in any way is contributing to the cycle of poverty. Encouraging drug lords, and gangs to continue disributing this mess in exchange for favors or money that won’t be seen resulting in revenge, murder, and so on. I have no problem with LEGAL marijuana, but to encourage it overall is misleading and upsetting to me. I wish this site would not be so shallow and use lists like these to validate their own habits or activities. jfrater, sorry, but this one’s a miss with me. Go back to fiercly debated “Religion/God” type lists or something to get people fired up… not dopey drug crap. It’s funny, this site used to be my “drug” and now it’s giving me reasons to quit.

  • Midnight Toker

    Kay people, If it’s so bad why can we get it prescribed LEGALLY? I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer and was greatly suffering during her chemo sessions (who wouldn’t?). One of the only ways she could keep up her appetite was by “sparkin a dube”, which in turn kept her strong and healthy. She was always anti-pot, by the way…

    For those of you who insist on playing the illegal game, have you ever seen death rates on alcoholism or emphysema/lung cancer VS. Marijuana? There is no comparison…booze and smokes are LEGAL…but wait a minute, the Government would never put us at risk by allowing such a tragedy, would they????

    I’d like to add that I am a professional. I work full-time, have 2 kids, own a furnished home and car and i can afford all of life’s necessities. I also have many “pothead” friends and family (the best kind!)who are successful and can go about their daily work and home lives with no problems (other than the munchies!).

    It is unfortunate that some people get into harder drugs…but it’s not because of the weed. It’s because of the WEAK…something sad/bad/mad happened in their lives to make them choose that route. It’s got nothing to do with weed, and everything to do with the pain they’re trying to hide from.

    Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

  • g

    who cares… i actually wasn’t replying to your comment. You just happened to post as I was typing and I didn’t even see it until I posted.

    “if this wasnt the case then foget this was ever stated
    no harm no foul my friend

  • g

    I was talking to m-mac and jealo or whoever that was

  • Saddened

    Bullshit list. This site is going downhill with every lame list. I started coming here for lists of unusual or interesting items…not someones political or social agenda.
    So apparently there is nothing bad about marijuana use???

  • ViewARandomList…

    jeeze saddened what u have stuck up your ass?

  • Brosiusjb

    I love how many comments this list has inspired. The first time I got stoned I was at a back yard party in high school. I was 16 and my friend was 17, neither of us had ever rolled a joint so we found someone who could, light it, and walked out into the field behind the house. Between the two of us we smoked the entire joint in what felt like 30 minutes. When we got back to the back yard where the party was, there was no one there. All the lights were off, the beer cans were in big trash bags next to the fence and all the lights were off. We sat down on the rock wall and proceeded to laugh hysterically for about an hour at anything at all. To this day I have no idea how long we were in the field smoking and have no idea why everyone and where everyone went. I am not a drug user anymore but if I were somewhere people were smoking I would be a liar if I said I wouldn’t want to also.

  • g

    there is plenty wrong with marijuana, but that is not a reason for something to be illegal.. I don’t think JF has any kind of social agenda. I think the man just likes writing lists.

  • M Mac

    292, 293

    Read it on the news just now about reclassification, thats how.

    Also stunned about the various varietys of the stuff out there, a real eye opener, which I was not aware of.

    How on earth do people get any work done if out of there heads for 6 hours.Sounds like the mother of all sessions.

    305 a good post, but I cannot buy it, am just anti drugs, know it is not fashionable to hold these views but there it goes. I cannot complain about what people do regarding cannabis, it is certainly far from the worst thing people can take but I know this list is misleading. Some of the younger ones in the family went down the drugs route and are now fxxxxd big style.

    Myself I gave up drinking spirits years ago but like gallons of beer, just going for one just now. The booze has got me into trouble in the past so am not saying it is a good thing and it would be hyprotical of me to condem people who use the weed. Have a little knowledge about it from long ago when serving in the Army and doing anti drugs lectures, some of what I saw was horrific, especialy when people moved onto injecting stronger stuff, limbs rotted away, one case of self castration, it is a long list. Look at also the recreational drug cocaine, a number of high profile celebs have lost the septums in their nose through doing this stuff.

    I think and hope I am fairly tolerent, when my friends used canabis I did not complain, I just got out of the same room until it had cleared away. It is a personal aversion, I cannot abide recreational drugs, just do not see the place for them, not even keen on mediceanal drugs even though anyone who cannot see the benefits of these must be total ga ga. Perhaps to much “King Purps”, in one go. There is also the crime element to consider which I cannot notice having being greatly covered, now that is an issue.

    Adios for now amigos.

  • sarahenity

    311. g – January 26th, 2009 at 11:07 pm
    there is plenty wrong with marijuana, but that is not a reason for something to be illegal.. I don’t think JF has any kind of social agenda. I think the man just likes writing lists.

    … and creating debate topics :)

  • C

    Listverse, this is a really crappy list; not only crappy but dangerous as it gives people excuses for being pothead losers. I go to boarding school and every single person I know who does pot at school is totally unsuccessful in their studies as well as sport.
    As for the crap about cannabis not being harmful, that’s about as credible as the cigarette ads of the 60s that told us that tobacco was good for our health. From what I’ve read, cannabis tar is thicker than tobacco tar, and certainly on average, at least in Australia, dope has high concentrations of THC than twenty or thirty years ago as it is grown hydroponically. Furthermore, while dope used to be something that relatively normal people grew in their backyard, it is now the domain of sinister organised crime syndicates.
    Unlike Tobacco, the smoking of which is now pretty much socially unacceptable, cannabis has the added risk of increasing the chances of schizophrenia.
    It is really irresponisble of you to post crap on the internet like this.
    As for all the doped-up hobos out there, get a life.


    163. BooRadley – If you read my comment again you will see that my main concern is the poor in third world countries. It is well documented in 100’s of studies that there is a direct link between FAS, child abuse, depression and suicide when a combination of cannabis and alcohol abuse takes place.
    All the aboriginal peoples of the world, including Canada, Australia, South Africa, Congo etc. are exposed to enormous cultural change, environmental conditions and land and habitat degeneration that are a cause of disorientation inflicted peoples. Substance use and alcohol misuse have been identified by the Inuit as the primary health and social concerns in their communities. On its Nunavut Web page, the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse states that marijuana is cheap to bring into the Territory with a reported use of 23%+ during the past year.[Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples]
    The four year Aboriginal average utilization of marijuana is over three times higher than the corresponding non- Aboriginal utilization.
    In addition to the long-term health problems associated with substance abuse, immediate crises can arise if the amount of drug consumed is misjudged, the drug is contaminated or too strong, or both substances are taken in combination.
    ‘Marijuana-related suicide had reached epidemic proportions in Aboriginal communities’ reports the Australian Northern Territory
    Community Development Minister John Ah Kit. In one community of 650, there were 30 suicide attempts last year related to marijuana smoking.
    “People are buying marijuana and when they have an opportunity, mix it up with alcohol,” Mr. Ah Kit.

    Canberra, Australia – Child sex abuse is widespread in Australia’s remote Outback Aboriginal settlements where boys and girls trade sex for marijuana. The South Australia state government report into child abuse is the latest evidence of endemic sexual mistreatment of Aboriginal children throughout Australia. The high prevalence of cannabis use and emerging evidence of an association with mental disorders suggests a need for clinical interventions and preventive programs aimed at cannabis misuse in Indigenous communities.
    In Southern Africa 92% of aids victims dies of lung related diseases with cannabis smoking one of the main contributors. In 42% cases of FAS
    in South Africa a combination of Cannabis and Alcohol misuse took place during pregnancy!
    I trust you now understand why I” keep bringing it up “ on a list about Cannabis.
    It boggles my mind why Psychologists and other learned contributors deems it necessary to vehemently defend their own abuse of their bodies.

  • souxieq

    Jamie, good list. I don’t smoke pot personally but I know plenty of people who do and I don’t really see the big deal. And sorry I haven’t been around much, but I’ve gone back to school and I’m really busy. I miss the site, but boy aren’t people getting angry about this one! God forbid we all have our own opinions.

  • brtnysea

    Saying potheads are pathetic without taking who they are personally into account can’t possibly make sense,dum dums.

    Pot isn’t addictive,these people you speak of who need to smoke when they wake up most likely have a personality defect that they’re suplimenting with drugs. Same thing people do with alcohol. There has never been a study that says pot has addictive qualities.

    As for healh,use a vaporizer.

    Alcohol kills far more people and is legal. Because of a thing called personal responsibility.

    You are aloud to abuse perscription drugs and alcohol,shouldn’t,but many do.The allowance of cigarettes and alcohol,which actually have studies pointing out their addictive qualities is ridiculous.

    They only reason why pot is illegal is because there are too mant independant growers therefore they can’t tax it.

  • mattofutexas

    #316 C, I’d like to direct you to my post, #276. Just because you observe something in a small sample doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Science should teach you that.

  • Yondofan12

    Muttley needs to get high.

    No I’m just kidding but seriously I don’t think that any personal attacks are necessary, its just an opinion. There probably isn’t a conclusion that is going to be reached so we should just politely discuss this interesting list.

    Those who say the site is going downhill, it is just one list. There will be another tomorrow, and the next day, the next, so on…patience.

    Oh, and I am never going to speed or jaywalk again.

  • k1w1taxi

    Hmm interesting list, though personally I think some of the debunks are just as mythical as the myths.

    First a couple of generalised comments on the posts. Apparently all pot smokers know when to stop and are hunky dory, but all people who drink alcohol are incapable of stopping before reaching the legless chundering stage. Really?

    Secondly just because Booze and fags are worse doesn’t automatically equate to Pot is good.

    Adam (12)
    Nejikun, there are plenty of people who i know that can’t go about their daily lives without being on marijuana. That doesn’t make them addicted, it’s just a habit, and one that can be difficult to break if you get too used to it.

    That sounds EXACTLY like addiction to me.

    Adam (14)
    After about five minutes one would not continue to keep smoking…

    many do continue

    Downhighway61 (55)
    Ever heard of the 12 hour bottle to throttle rule? And it comes with a hangover in the same way smoking Pot causes your eyes to go red.

    damien_karras (67)
    Hmmmm, I’ve never heard of pot smokers causing a riot at a Dead show…

    That’s because they are all too apathetic and unmotivated :)

    Crimanon Don’t you think your comments in 147 contradict your 133?

    Yogibarrister (167)
    I used to work closely with prison guards. To a man and woman, they would love it if the prisoners were allowed to get stoned, to keep them docile and sleepy.

    From personal experience I can agree. However ask your same guards whether those inmates known to have a cannabis abuse problem display most of the symptoms of apathy and paranoia that are denied by this list.

    janus (172)
    2 Alcohol is a factor in approximately 41% of all deaths from motor vehicle crashes.

    I would be HIGHLY suspicious of this figure. Presumably this comes originally from the NHTSA FARS report, which of course has no reason to inflate or shade this figure to make it look worse than the reality. It is the same in NZ where the Police regularly trot out that 25% of all road fatalities have speed and alcohol as a factor. It is impossible to get them to clarify what constitutes a factor, nor even to clarify what they mean with the by 25% speed and alcohol (eg 25% speed 25% alcohol, 25% drunk speedsters, or more realistically 25% speed OR alcohol). All of which despite the fact their many and frequent Booze Bus blitzes catch no more than 2% of drivers as being over the alcohol limit.

    mattofutexas (277)
    Still doesn’t affect my mind

    ERRR Then why are you smoking it?


  • foohy

    To all the people who keep saying “well I smoke pot and i’m not a loser”:

    Good for you! But why do you attribute your stress-free life and good job to pot? Yeah I’m sure it does bring down your stress…but here’s what I don’t get. Bringing down your stress is a conscious choice! You don’t need to put toxins in your body to reduce stress.

  • PhireFaux

    #316, Your assumption that all, or even most, people who smoke pot are lazy and unmotivated might be tainted by your age and experience. Plenty of people find the time to work a job, go to graduate school, care for children, create works of art, travel the world, exercise their bodies and minds, have fulfilling personal lives AND smoke.

    Marijuana should be treated like cheeseburgers; they should both be consumed in moderation based on the individual tolerance, and moderated with healthier activities.

    And no I do not smoke pot.

  • Silvio

    i don’t understand why this is even an issue. weed is not dangerous. period. it was made dangerous, by bigot lawmakers who saw their profit elsewhere.

    people saying it IS dangerous or addictive, just say what they are told by these people. and therefore, their opinion doesn’t matter. it’s not even their own.

    marijuana will be sold over the counter one day. like aspirin or chocolate. there is no way around it. there’s just too much money involved for it to stay illegal. some fools fighting against that fact, will not change anything.

    it’s not the typical potsmoker who is a danger to society, it’s the fools believing everything they get told.

  • Kazorek

    The comments on this list kind of remind me of a religious debate. People who are super-fixed in conformity are pretty much blindly opposed to something illegal. They don’t have the ability to accept that pot isn’t really that bad, and it isn’t a terrible deed to dispel common misconceptions. Since when is this site G-rated anyways?

  • Duuuuude, wasted.


    If you smoke the reefa you’re a criminal and like to kill babies. I’m saying all of this without even the slightest knowledge of what the drug does and/or having never met a ‘now and again’ user in my life, but it’s, like, SO TRUE! Seriously, this one time, a guy who was high TOTALLY ate my sandwich from the fridge at work, even though it had my name on it. Thus meaning all weed smokers are bad people who hates Jeysus and want the US to be overtaken by terrorists and are fat and losers and don’t contribute to society (unlike me who, like, totally contributes by judging people who aren’t as awesome as me.) Seriously, you guys are, like addicted and don’t even know it. And you’ll have freaky weird babies. And you have sex with other peoples kids. And you’re totally retardedddddddddd!
    (Unlike alcoholics who skip through parks, help old ladies and never kill anyone ever EVER.)

    We’re sharing bigoted, knee-jerk, ill-informed opinions right? That’s what this list is about?

  • Bytedragon

    Could you link to the statistics you base the not-a-gateway-drug statement on? It contradicts everything I´ve seen and experienced.

    Could you link to the studies that indicates that smoking cannabis gives a higher paying job?

  • Shame On You

    Shame on you for this list – you say you are debunking false myths but have no source for any of your claims (stoners get paid more? Yeah right!) Myself and many people I know are long time stoners and there is no doubt whatsoever it has negative side effects on your life. I don’t think its evil and I don’t regret doing it but to claim it is completely harmless is just idiocy. I for one feel I have paid a sizeable price for my pot smoking. Impressionable types could read this rubbish and give themself an excuse to make stoners of themselves, the consequences of which could be disasterous in the long run. Shame.

  • Blazingpenguin

    Higher paid job? haha! How about paranoia leading to life long problems. This is a joke and either the work of an optimistic smoker hoping things will work out like this or an extremely deluded individual who has no actual experience of the drug… either way. Utter nonsense!

  • pyderz

    I think this list is a load of bullshit. There are obvious side effects from smoking cannabis, just like any other drug including Alchol.
    To say it
    Cannabis is a gateway drug – in other words, it leads to abuse of more potent drugs is a myth is bullshit, ive seen it happen to many of my friends. this list if crap.

  • downhighway61


    My point was that if a pilot can drink booze and still be allowed to fly a plane, then what’s the difference he smokes once in awhile too? There really is not, it’s not like he going to get pot flashbacks or whiskey flashbacks or anything.

    I honestly don’t see what the big issue here either. Other than the legality of it, I see no problem with people smoking pot. If you get caught with a small amount, you get a ticket. Woo. If you’re ok with that, then fine.

  • Cybogen

    Hey people, Listverse and Jfrater are not promoting anything on this website. Remember this and don’t is all just information to read. Just like disclaimers say: The statements within do not necessarily reflect the views of the producers.This site is great because it gives out information. We just read it to entertain ourselves …do we not? So all those badmouthing JFrater…give it a rest already!

  • angryratman

    I am a smoker and have been for years, so are many people I know. I’ve done all my years of school, have a degree and are now working in a well paid job. If you smoke pot in moderation, you will have no problem with it. Smoking pot to excess will likely cause some kind of problem however, if you take/eat ANYTHING to excess you will have some kind of problem. I mean, if you eat enough chocolate, you will die (around 10kg so unlikely anyone has actually done it).

    I’m sick of having to deal with fucking shitty ass drug dealers that don’t know what an 1/8th is in grams. If they would legalise it, I could just go to the shop and get some and hey, I might have to pay more but I’d be paying for quality control and knowledge that what I’m buying is what I want.

    The Gov’t could be making lots of tax dollars from pot, like it does with alcohol and tobacco. So take the money out of drug dealers hands and into the tax system! hurray for capitalism!

  • pot not dope head

    Well said Silvio.
    k1w1taxi- I love how you are snubbing pot smokers because they do not cause riots, would you prefer if they did?

    this list is not advocating chronic use. It is just saying if you so choose to smoke it is not that bad. It is disproving myths that so many older, tightwad conservatives hold true.-You should not do it because it’s illegal-it’s illegal so you should not do it. Anything can upset the body’s’ balance if consumed in excess. Water-the source of all life-well if you drink too much it can literally upset your electrolyte balance and kill you.

    MODERATION is the key.

    What about pain killers-should they be illegal even though they help millions? If you take too much your drive to breath can actually cease. Marijuana provides an alternative for people who are genuinely suffering to ease their pain-with out the risk of hypoventalation. Not saying we should not use pain meds just saying they are more dangerous. How bout OTC meds all you with a lack of knowledge so haphazardly mix together-this can be very dangerous. It’s legal so it must be okay. RIGHT???

    I am a loser though because I smoke pot right?-so what do I know. !!!

  • gary

    i love weed its peng :D

  • GTT

    276. mattofutexas : “Marijuana has never lead me to try other drugs, I will never do anything else but weed and alcohol, and the occasional shroom trip…”

    You realize the inherent incongruity in your argument, yes?


    293. sdggrant : “Banning something because some people dont agree that it is right goes against the nature of the founding of this country.”

    So, all drugs should be legal and freely available? I´m sure some people would agree with that statement and others would not. Does it go against the American way to make them illegal? And I´m not talking about weed. If you make this argument for weed, you could also make it for cocaine, LSD, heroin, anything really. Where do you draw the line?


    322. k1w1taxi : “First a couple of generalised comments on the posts. Apparently all pot smokers know when to stop and are hunky dory, but all people who drink alcohol are incapable of stopping before reaching the legless chundering stage. Really?

    Secondly just because Booze and fags are worse doesn’t automatically equate to Pot is good.”

    Exactly. :)


    Personally, I dont really care if someone choses to smoke every once in a while (note the “every once in a while”… I think making it a daily habit is the same as someone getting drunk every day and I would not hesitate to call that person an alcoholic). That said, I do not appreciate it when people smoke around me. I do not allow it in my house and if I´m somewhere where I cannot stop them then I´ll just get up and leave. To each his own I guess.

  • Gazza_c

    Honestly I thought most people who smoked weed knew all this stuff anyway, as its common sense to be informed before doing something some people tell you is bad!
    I cant say I dont enjoy smoking weed every now and then!

  • psychosurfer

    I had to come back and read Michael´s post again (#153), I´ll quote some of his best moments in case you missed him:

    “nowadays most cannabis sold contains skunk, a powerful chemical psychoactive substance which causes greater effects on the brain than its more benign ancestors.”

    (Skunk a chemical psychoactive ??!?!?!?!)

    “Heavy usage causes damage to the area of the brain which regulates emotional responses (the amygdala) and to the area responsible for mood and spacial awareness.”

    (Amygdala responsible for spatial awareness ?!?!?!)

    “Cannabis makes the dullest, most pathetic forms of entertainment (and I’m not talking about reggae here) seem OK. Cannabis makes *everything* seem ‘OK’. And personally I don’t believe that one’s life should be just ‘OK’.”

    (I can´t wait to hear your personal view on life Michael)

    And my own personal favorite:

    “However, cannabis culture should not be encouraged or sought after, the life of the stoner is a pathetic one, not a glamourous one, and no powerfully psychoactive substance should ever be considered benign or friendly.”

    (Beware of glamorous-fashion-policeman Michael)

  • heatherrr.

    first off, if you do not smoke cannabis regularly or are extremely involved with someone who does, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about when it comes to the “dangers of marijuana”

    i am a very regular smoker, a university student in chemistry, someone who holds a part time job, and a very relaxed person because of pot. i’m healthier than i’ve ever been, and went from smoking a few times a day to absolutely nothing about 4 weeks ago with no problem at all.

    its not the drug, it’s the person. government has absolutely no right to tell me what i can and can’t put in my body as long as i’m not hurting anyone else. period.

  • Syllogismic

    All drugs are bad
    Listverse is a drug
    Listverse is bad

  • Bob

    Too bad real life bears out the fact that this crap is horrible for you and turns you into a zombie who only wants more. Defend it all you want, but truth is truth and people know it.

  • ny_ashleym

    I personally use cannabis (more than once a day). I see nothing wrong with it, and I’m glad I take show my husband this list to put some of his concerns to rest.

  • ny_ashleym

    As a side note, I do work full time and go to school full time. I own my own home, have 2 nice cars. I am married and planning on children with my husband of more than 2 years. I think there is nothing wrong with smoking weed. I do think it should be legalized, and taxed if need be.

  • Joss

    Scully – Lots of women claim pot helps with their morning sickness, aches and pains, etc. I’m sure it does, however it DEFINITELY harms the baby. A quick Google search will tell you that. It sucks that you can’t convince her, and that she’s too selfish and/or ignorant to believe the truth. Hopefully something will change before her next pregnancy.

  • angryratman

    We’re designed to smoke pot! why would we have freaking cannabinoid receptors in our bodies!?

  • honest passerby

    Having seen the amount of comments and conflicting opinions I just want to say this… These cyber-discussions on comment pages are ridiculous to me, a collaboration of average joes (and a few rare informed people) shouting out arguments as if it were of any importance or as if they can make a difference by posting them on some website… if you have strong views on the subject, do some research (puff, puff) and write a book or something, stop reposting the same thing again and again on this page…

    A young boy who enjoys his cannabis, and can assure you of his well-being

  • Salmon

    Ok, first off what makes this list so reputable? What makes the claims here more reliable than the myths in the first place?

    I’m a pot smoker and have been for many years. I’ve come up with many reasons to justify this to my parents and people with objections. I’ve researched this thoroughly and have kept an open mind – and on a side note, i am studying psychology.

    Some of what’s been said here are true, but some are only half truths. I used to believe smoking pot is entirely safe, but that’s not entirely true. The media has exaggerated the dangers of cannabis, and the society has stigmatized it. The minority of pot smokers on the other hand counter all this by making ridiculous claims and posting it on sites like this. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    1. Cannabis DOES cause health problems. The amount of tar in a gram of cannabis is higher than tar in a gram of tobacco. The defense of pot smokers smoking less in amount than tobacco smokers is a pathetic one. It does damage, its just a matter of magnitude.
    There ARE links between cannabis and schizophrenia, cannabis alone does not CAUSE schizophrenia. However certain people who are prone to schizophrenia are at risk. It comes down to genetics, just like how some smokers develop lung cancer where as other smokers do not. The causal relationship is still not known and the portion of people who are prone to schizophrenia is small. Nevertheless it can not be said that Cannabis does not cause health problems.

    2. Cannabis use does not induce apathy and a loss in motivation. Bullshit. I can’t base this on anything scientific, but when I’m stoned, I’m definitely less motivated. most users that I know agree.

    3. Addiction, now this comes down to semantics. No, cannabis is not physically addictive. In fact, very few recreational drugs are physically addictive (heroin and nicotine are two of infamous physically addictive drugs). Cocaine is not physically addictive but that does not mean people cannot form an unhealthy habit.

    4. Cannabis does not affect mental health. This is another half truth. Mental health is a relative term. A person who is a heavy user may not be less intelligent than a counterpart who is sober, but this does not mean they can function as well as the other. Introducing a new chemical to the body (especially to the brain) will inevitably change the way it works to accommodate the new chemical. Regardless of the magnitude of the change, there will be a change. It is true that most changes are short term, but the brain will acclimatize to abuse and heavy use. A user has commented on cannabis and its affects on the amygdala, studies have shown that to be true. Since the brain is immensely complex, we don’t really know what this means yet.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should be informed. By all means, use cannabis if you enjoy it, but use it responsibly. The media is bullshit, but is the other extreme who are claiming that cannabis is completely harmless. Be informed and don’t accept biased information just because it helps justify your position. Cannabis can be harmful, in the same way junk food can be harmful. Cannabis can be fun in the same way that you enjoy junk food, but can be unhealthy if it’s abuse. You can enjoy it but just be responsible for your actions and don’t be quick to condemn so called ‘myths’ just because you’ve read it on a pop internet site.

    btw I’m a tobacco smoker too, both cigs and bongs, and I’ve got to say tobacco is much much worse than pot in terms of health and addiction. If the government’s happy to collect tax on tobacco, they shouldn’t have double standards with pot.

  • JR

    I think that it is probably not smart to make a generalization on the effects of a “mild” drug like pot. If you look at the side effects of perscription drugs and over the counter drugs you would noticed that there can be many different side effects. People also have different reactions to foods, smells, etc. I know people to drink and get violent and some that mellow out. So why can’t pot have the same reaction on people. Maybe pot makes smart people smarter and dumb people dumber. Some people smoke cigarettes and have few side effects and others can get really screwed up with cancer, emphysema and other stuff.
    You are stupid to rely to studies to prove one way or the other on anything. Being in my 40’s, I can’t tell you how many times certain foods have gone back and forth on whether they are good or bad for you. This goes for chemicals too. Someone has to fund the studies and the studies usually side on the view of the organization which is paying for the study. Otherwise, the study will not be released to the public.
    Science once thought that the world was flat.

  • Crimanon

    If you were to look at this list without knowing what it was about you’d have no clue what they all had in common.

    “Head” or “Edge” you can’t say that these people aren’t/weren’t important to society. Even rabid republicans would like a good portion of the people in this list.

    There’s a good mugshot of Bill Gates too!

  • Krav

    This should put to rest the debate on legality in the U.S. It

    Marijuana Tax act 1937

    The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 made possession or transfer of cannabis illegal throughout the United States under federal law, excluding medical and industrial uses, in which an expensive excise tax was required. Annual fees for the tax were $24 ($337 adjusted for inflation) for importers, manufacturers, and cultivators of cannabis, $1 annually ($14 adjusted for inflation) for medical and research purposes, and $3 annually ($42 adjusted for inflation) for industrial uses. Detailed cannabis sale logs were required to keep record of cannabis sales. Selling cannabis to any person who has previously paid the tax is $1 per ounce or fraction thereof; however, it is $100 ($1,406 adjusted for inflation) per ounce or fraction thereof to sell any person who has not registered and paid the special tax.[18]

    In the United States, the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act, Pub. 238, 75th Congress, 50 Stat. 551 (Aug. 2, 1937), was a significant bill on the path that led to the criminalization of cannabis. It was introduced to U.S. Congress by “Drug Czar” Harry Anslinger, then Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

    The Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana or cannabis, but levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp or marijuana. It did, however, include penalty provisions and a complex Regulation 1 codifying the elaborate rules of enforcement marijuana cannabis or hemp handlers were subject to. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2000 and five years’ imprisonment. The net effect was to make it too risky for anyone to deal in the substance until World War II required the United States Department of Agriculture to make its 1942 movie “Hemp for Victory”.

    The American Medical Association (AMA) opposed the act because the tax was imposed on physicians prescribing cannabis, retail pharmacists selling cannabis, and medical cannabis cultivation/manufacturing; instead of enacting the Marihuana Tax Act, the AMA proposed cannabis be added to the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act.[19]

    In 1969, the case of Leary v. United States found the Marihuana Tax Act to be unconstitutional since it violated the Fifth Amendment.[20] In response, Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act as Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which repealed the Marihuana Tax Act.[21]

    Raymond P. Shafer—to study marijuana abuse in the United States. During his presentation of the commission’s findings to Congress, Shafer recommended the decriminalization of marijuana in small amounts, saying, “[T]he criminal law is too harsh a tool to apply to personal possession even in the effort to discourage use. It implies an overwhelming indictment of the behavior which we believe is not appropriate. The actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior, a step which our society takes only ‘with the greatest reluctance.” Nixon buried this commission’s findings and went on to sign the Controlled Substances Act.

  • Krav

    This is how weed bacame illegal and why it stayed illegal. It was never stated that it is illegal because its bad for you. The U.S. made it illegal due to taxation.

  • Amy

    rereading my post, i can see where you might have misunderstood my ‘just own up to it’ directive. if i wasnt so sick with the flu, i would gladly explain and discuss…

    perhaps another time.

  • joe rosson

    As I said in my last post, if you don’t smoke it then good for you,but leave people who do alone.I absolutley cannot stand it when “certan” people declare that anybody that smokes weed is a low life.This is ignorance and ignorance is what needs to be illegal because it has harmed and killed more people than all the weed in the world.I love the herb and will until I don’t want to love it anymore, you ignorant folk want to try and stop me then have at it.Jfrater,don’t listen to these haters, they are pissing and moaning because you post lists that they don’t like, so their selfish asses are sniveling. Shure, some lists don’t appeal to my criteria but oh well, their will always be another list…..atleast until you (JFrater)decide to pack it up, I hope that does not happen=)

    And another thing, just because it is illegal does not mean it has a logical or reasonable or immoral reason. Look up all the millions of stupid laws out there and you will see what I mean.Let’s put it this way….if masturbation was made illegal would you stop? I thought not.

    Another thing, their are millions of other things that we use everyday that are harmful to us ,and are a lot more harmful than weed. Think about all the people that die of heart disease! It is from something we all do….eat!!
    Perhaps we should just make cheeseburgers and chili dogs illegal….YOU GET MY POINT YET HATERS??!!

  • joe rosson


  • Soly

    I like the list, but I’m not sure I agree with the author on number 4, but maybe not in the most stict use of the term “gateway drug”. I’ve known people that started smoking marijuana, which lead to relationships with certain people, which lead to using more harmful drugs. Maybe it is a gateway to the gateway drugs. O.O

  • Ellycat

    Ooooooooo I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this list!

  • Gina

    utter crap. no8 is probs the most annoying one. when was it revised??? i havn’t got an issue with weed, but this list just bloody sucks and is a bunch of ignorance.

  • mattofutexas

    #337 GTT I find it amusing that you called me out for an incongruity. Marijuana never lead me to try a shroom trip, I lead myself to do so. Because I smoked marijuana before I did shrooms means nothing other than the fact that marijuana is easily more available to me than shrooms are. I find it amusing that anyone calls marijuana a gateway drug, you’re putting together two things and trying to correlate them, the majority of people are gonna try marijuana before really anything else except MAYBE alcohol because of how readily available it is. Marijuana isn’t what made me want to try shrooms. Maybe you need to look at the incongruity in your argument and why you think it’s correct to correlate two different things randomly.

  • mattofutexas

    Honestly, being 20 years old and not quite yet 21, marijuana is more available to me than alcohol is. Far easier to obtain for me, I have to find someone who is 21 and isn’t busy to get alcohol for me, whereas I can walk ummm about two blocks and get some dank bud, at almost any hour of the day.

  • mattofutexas

    All this being said, if you don’t do your research before you try something new, then I don’t agree with that. Drugs can be harmful. I know plenty about almost every drug, I’ve done extensive research on them all, and shrooms was the only one that I eventually felt okay with trying out, AFTER hours and hours of researching and reading reports, etc.


  • Crimanon

    The great stock pile of knowledge! Mattofutexas, much respect!

  • tinalg82

    In your mind, count the number of alcohol related deaths or “accidental” overdoses you’ve heard about. Now compare that to some pot. Maybe I’m just biased, I’m a happy toker myself. I really don’t see how smoking weed is all that bad…

    **Story time**

    About three years ago, I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with PTSD. I was in a mental institution with a bunch of heavily sedated, unfortunate people. I stayed for about a week. By day two, they had me talking to the shrink who immediately had me on:

    – Xanax (8 mg a day!!!)
    – Seroquel (which they’ve pulled and is now being sued for however many deaths)
    – Zoloft
    – Ambien

    I carried on this way for almost two years. I barely remember anything during this time. I lost my job, etc etc, sad time. I went far beyond 8 mg xanax a day as you develop a tolerance (just like with any other drug and alcohol).
    One weekend, my brother came to visit and lit up a joint. I smoked with him, had silly conversations, laughed and laughed, and then, for the first time in years, I fell asleep without the aid of pharmaceutical drugs. I slept like a baby.

    Here I am one year later, and I enjoy lighting up everyday. Am I stoner? Sure, if thats what you want to call me. But I’ll tell you what I am definately NOT.. a pillhead. I’ve managed to quit taking ALL pills (and cigarettes) with the help of marijuana. ALL. And let me tell you, xanax was a hell of a withdrawal. I was in bed for weeks and made a few trips to the hospital.

    Long story short, I suffer from a few setbacks, one of them being anxiety. This is just my personal experience but marijuana helps me to cope. I would rather smoke good ‘ol NATURAL pot for about $5, than continue taking pills by the handful with unknown long term side effects. Most of these pills are highly addictive and expensive. I used to work for RiteAid and I cannot tell you how many people, especially the elderly, that are hooked. I heard on the radio about a week ago that 65% of elderly Americans are addicted to prescription medications. (Feel free to google this) So is granny really better than me because she gets her drugs from money hungry pharmaceutical companies and I get mine from my brothers back yard? I wish everyone could erase weed’s bad publicity and perhaps draw your own conclusion? If not only from a medicinal standpoint?

    LEGALIZE IT!! :)

  • chainsawfacelift

    I think all the non-pot smoking people here need to fill themselves up a bowl and chill out for a little bit!

    The people I know who smoke, which are friends and family lead a completely normal, fulfilling life with a job, a family, and full ability to meet their responsibilities.

    I do understand that not all cases are the same, but looking at the trouble that’s caused by alcohol and tobacco, it seems kind of silly to look at weed as dangerous.

    I honestly hope, but don’t foresee, the decriminalization of marijuana in my lifetime.

    For those who are extremely disapproving without a case to back it up, I respect your opinion, but I also respectfully disagree with it. Think for yourself and embrace facts rather than propaganda and the anti-drug BS that’s on TV right now.

  • Kase

    I want to hug you joe rosson.

    It irritates me to death when peoples defense for something being illegal is “Because it’s not good for you.”

    Well then I guess we should just shut down every fast food establishment, no more sodas either, hmm sometimes you can injure yourself by exercising so we better make that illegal, ya know, the sun gives people cancer.. looks like we’re just going to have to block it out.

    I’ve met people who genuinely believe the government is trying to protect the people with laws such as these. They have far to much faith in the morals of some old rich dudes, and don’t realize that everything revolves around money and power.

    I am just one of those people who thinks that, regardless of me thinking something is right or wrong, I want the FREEDOM of being able to decide FOR MYSELF.Instead of the government TELLING ME, and through laws, FORCING their view on what is right or wrong upon me.

    Besides, they had to amend the American constitution to be able to set up prohibition on alcohol in the 1930’s area, like the current marijuana prohibition, so that literally means that it is within our constitutional right to do whatsoever we want regarding pot… but a room full of old guys decided that apparently, the constitution is silly and that they can change it at will. So even though it should be completely within our rights…it’s not.

    Old dudes suck man..


  • tinalg82

    “Beer leads to heroin, that’s a fact. In fact, mother’s milk leads to everything,”

    – George Carlin

  • C

    Mattofutexas, if you are really as smart as you think you are (and regardless of your supposed intelligence you are obviously someone lacking in common sense and judgement) then you may well be the exception that proves the rule.
    As for my observation only in a small sample, you yourself are only referring to your personal experience and not even to what you’ve observed in other people.
    I don’t think pot is evil but i think people shouldn’t lie to themselves by saying that weed won’t affect their life or isn’t harmful. That’s just crap.
    And bullshit alcohol is more available than weed; you’re just trying to justify your habit!
    Obviously pot has affected your life in a big way if you feel the need to smoke it every day.

  • I am 20 and use cannabis on a regular basis. I have a full time job, I am in college, have a wonderful boyfriend and the cutest puppy (who is actually being gross and licking herself right not). My mom, dad, grandma, brother, all my coworkers and ALL of my friend use it as well.
    Some people will go to a bar after work, get wasted and drive home and kill someone.
    I will go home, smoke a bowl and spend time with my family. I dont bother anyone and I get all my shit done. I am not damaging my health and I pay my taxes. It is no business of the government as to what I do in my own home as long as I am keeping to myself.
    So why not legalize marijuana and keep the world at peace?

  • DiscHuker

    upon first read, i had all sorts of things to bring up with the author. i was confused when i saw it was jayfray as this list seems so lacking in rationale. this isn’t a way that i would normally describe him. but then i saw all the venom that was being spewed at him so i decided to not jump on the pile.

    but there have been too many things said that need response.

    here are my main points.
    1) the reason people call pot partakers “losers” is that you are willingly breaking the law. regardless of whether or not you disagree with the law is irrelevant. until you work hard enough to get it changed you must submit or face the consequences.
    2) to say that alcohol and cigarettes cause more problem, therefore marijuana should be legal is an argument without merit. murderers are worse than child solicitors. should online predators be allowed be given free reign?
    3) “no one has ever died from smoking too much”. tell that to the family of a friend who was killed by a driver who was high. anytime you alter your mind, which is agreeably the point behind drugs, you become succeptible to doing things that are not socially acceptable.

  • AcidMan

    FREE THE POT!!! It really is amazing when you research it even a little bit how much this sacred plant has been demonized when it is less harmful than aspirin and less addictive than coffee. Human gullibility to what those in power say never ceases to surprise me.

  • Noodlez

    best list ever

  • mattofutexas

    #366 C, you’re giving me the impression that you’re arguing without even reading my post. I’m on a break from smoking, I stopped NO PROBLEM NO WITHDRAWAL OF ANY KIND a couple weeks ago because I’m eating healthy and working out daily hardcore and had been smoking every day for a long time so I decided it was time for a change. And at 20 years old, marijuana is DEFINITELY more available to me than alcohol, a guy lives two blocks from me that sells 24 hours a day because he’s a DEALER. I can’t just walk into a gas station and get alcohol, I have to find someone to get it for me. I don’t know how you just claim these statements without backing them up like I have been doing this whole time, I don’t know what common sense or judgment I lack as you refer to lol. I don’t feel the need to smoke it every day, as I stated earlier I’m on a break, with no problem or craving for it, however I CHOSE to smoke it every day because I enjoy blazing with my friends. It’s not needed at all. Maybe you need to get out and see the world more C, and it isn’t just me, in fact ALL my friends are productive potheads. I don’t like unmotivated and unambitious people either (who were unmotivated BEFORE they smoked weed daily, not because they did; unmotivation from weed comes from unfrequent users, which is fine if you have nothing to do; but when you smoke it daily as I did, I don’t feel the least bit unmotivated, in fact I did my homework high all the time.)

  • I am an evil taco.

    You know? I was going to make a big case about how marijuana was mentally damaging to people with depression and other disorders, how there’s increasing evidence that long term use has been connected to schizophrenic behaviors, and laugh at the gross generalization that potheads make more money that non-potheads.

    Instead, I’m going to see through this bullshit list as an attempt to draw controversy and digg hits, and find that unsubscribe button.

    Enjoy only researching facts that support your own conclusions. Listverse has gone downhill drastically in the past 3 months. I’m done with it.

  • bigski

    C-YA taco, don`t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out !

  • Marv in DC


    I applaud the fact that you are not one to spew venom in this argument. You’re one of the few on either side to do so. That being said I have to counter some of the points you made.

    1) Are you a loser therefore if you have ever sped in a car, jaywalked, or driven a car when you’ve had a little too much to drink? because I think that there are a lot of losers out there. As to accepting the consequences, most people do. They just think that it sucks that the laws are set up the way that they are. There is a very large network of groups that are doing a lot of work trying to get the drug laws changed. (changed, not abolished.) And to be honest they are having a fair degree of success. Check out the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Marijuana Policy Project to see what I mean. Just because the law hasn’t changed yet doesn’t mean that we can’t complain and argue about it.

    2) That’s a valid argument on your part. That rationale is no reason to justify legalizing pot. Personally I use that argument more as a way to illustrate that the criminalization of pot has more to do with economics and lobbying than it does with the health reasons that are pushed out there. Pot was not criminalized because it was considered a health problem, it was because it and hemp were a threat to the cotton industry. The Cotton industry successfully lobbied to have it criminalized by using the supposed threats of pot, employing such tactics as implying it made black men rape white women and that you could grow enough pot in one window box to drive “all” of America crazy.

    3) That’s an obtuse argument on your part. Of course people have been killed by people who were high. The point is that the people getting high were doing something they should not have been doing, in your case driving a car. The point of the statement is that no one has been recorded as ingesting so much weed that they died. It is relatively easy for a person sitting at home to drink so much alcohol that their body can’t take it and dies. This obviously applies to other drugs like heroin and cocaine as we have all see on the news. It is almost impossible to smoke enough weed to die, the worst that happens is that you pass out. I do not condone people driving at all if they are impaired, wether it be alcohol, weed, prescription painkillers or cell phones for that matter. When this discussion starts, someone always asks (usually hysterically) if I am fine if my pilot or my bus driver is high on the job. Of course I’m not, but thats why industries have guidelines saying that pilots can’t drink 12 hours before they fly and bus drivers can’t drive drunk. I would expect those same rules and regulations to apply to weed. That being said, if my pilot finishes a long flight and has 48 hours till his next one, no I don’t have a problem if he sparks a joint when he gets home. As long as he is sober on the job I’m cool.

    Sorry about the length, I got a little carried away. Let me add that I do think it should be legalized but I do agree that there are legitimate concerns about it. I just happen to think that the pros outweigh the cons in this one.

    By the way, great list Jfrater.

  • Whatever

    This list was made for losers by a loser.. Where did you get your facts from?

  • honey punk

    I have to say i agree with Taco. I think this website is going steadily downhill and am abandoning. Have fun debating abut whether pot is good for you or not.

  • Buster

    I love marijuana.

  • FallenMorgan

    All you anti-pot folks are just trying to justify the government intruding on people’s lives. Although some of these things I am skeptical about, I know that some of these things are factual. It’s possible to drive better high than drunk, and THC doesn’t cause the same effects as alcohol.

  • DiscHuker

    marv: you have some solid arguments in your 2nd and 3rd point. however, with point #1…

    the question isn’t whether or not i have ever exceeded the speed limit, jaywalked or driven while buzzed (which for the record, i think is one of the dumbest things humans do). the point i was making was that if i choose to do any of these things consciously knowing that they are illegal then i am being stupid. no immediate gratification is worth the possible trouble. the 3 minutes that i will save in getting to my destination sooner are not worth the $150 ticket, points on my record and possible insurance rate hikes.

    i don’t remember who said it earlier, but their point was that in a democracy we have a responsibility to break the law when we think it is stupid. this statement is so wrong i can barely begin to disagree. hopefully, this person will never reproduce or teach anyone else’s child.

    those groups that you mention are doing things the right way. for those that support them i hope they work hard within the confines of the system. i really don’t have much of an opinion as far as the legalization argument goes. i have several friends that smoke regularly. my disagreement with the points of this list come from direct observation of their diminished abilities.

  • JustKar

    I am a nurse.
    In my experience, this is what I have observed regarding MVA’s:
    Alcohol related deaths: too many too count.
    Weed related deaths: NONE

    Alcohol is far, far worse than weed.
    When is the government going to wake up and realize this? There’s already a HUGE tax on cigarettes, why not alcohol?

  • pot not dope head

    Sooo it has been decided by the control freaks we are losers.
    I love how they can judge- here is a judgement they are probably fat, middle aged and bald. they should go get some sort of release, so the stick can slowly slither it’s way out of your tight wad. You would be suprised at how many people smoke.

  • Crimanon

    there are four or more political approaches to this, if you’re American at least.

    1) Republican… Bush used coke, far worse than weed
    2) Democrat… The “New Leader of the Free World” Obama admittedly smoked weed Clinton didn’t inhale
    3) You’re an independent and need to make up your mind what you really believe, that was half joke by the way
    4)Libertarian, well libertarians really don’t care as long as you’re not blowing it in their face

    So why is there a legal problem? Is it not wrong when the Pres. does it? You people need to get over yourselves.

    What a person does to relax in their own home is their business. Don’t give me any of that kids crap either, you get your kid stoned before they hit their teens you should be slapped. Remember just say no and pass it around the circle, that last thing you really want to do is piss off a stoned pothead.

    Now that I’ve gotten around to reading the comments and replying i feel a bit better. May the comments rain on my head with never ending straightedge vigor.

  • lalaland

    i think it’s just plain irresponsible for the author and the owner of this site to publish something like this online when kids can read it. i have nothing against people smoking pot, but this list is just ridiculous. it smacks of condoning marijuana use.

    likewise, i agree with those that say the references cited in this article are outdated. there is still no final word when it comes to cannabis so those who use it should quit justifying their habit and those who do not should quit judging those who smoke weed.

  • Cyn

    384. lalaland –
    any parent that allows their child online w/out supervision is the irresponsible party not J or any contributor to this site. this site is clearly intended for adults. children under age 13 are not allowed on any site that i know of w/out parental consent or supervision. i do not allow my child who is under 13 online w/out me present. as in sitting right next to her.
    so you take issue w/ children accessing material online intended for adults…you take that up w/ their parents. as for teens 13 and over..i seriously doubt there is anything on this website that is news to them.
    and has been clearly stated many times on this site…no list is an authorization or justification for anything. this is for entertainment purposes only.
    and if you’d bothered to read the list in its entirety. and the all preceding’d know J does not partake.
    so get off your ‘high horse’ and instead of blasting citations on this list do your research on the list and comments before accusing anyone of anything.

  • Justin

    This is a mildly irresponsible misrepresentation of marijuana. I smoked for about seven years. Though it has been about six years since I last smoked. Most of the information here seems fairly accurate and honestly portrays the drug. However, marijuana is addictive, breathing any kind of smoke causes decreased lung function. The lack of preservatives in pot doesn’t make up for the lack of a filter or federal regulation to ensure other chemicals like illegal pesticides don’t make their way into what you plan to smoke/ingest. You didn’t cite any actual studies to prove any of what you wrote, however several independent studies have been done on marijuana, it’s effects, and possible complications from it’s use. such as;

    1Herbert Kleber, Mitchell Rosenthal, “Drug Myths from Abroad: Leniency is Dangerous, not Compassionate” Foreign Affairs Magazine, September/October 1998. Drug Watch International “NIDA Director cites Studies that Marijuana is Addictive.” “Research Finds Marijuana is Addictive,” Washington Times, July 24, 1995.

    2National Institue of Drug Abuse, Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Clinical Phamacology, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pharmacology Review.

    3″Marijuana and Heart Attacks” Washington Post, March 3, 2000

    4I. B. Adams and BR Martin, “Cannabis: Pharmacology and Toxicology in Animals and Humans” Addiction 91: 1585-1614. 1996.

    5National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Smoking Any Substance Raises Risk of Lung Infections” NIDA Notes, Volume 12, Number 1, January/February 1997.

    6Dr. James Dobson, “Marijuana Can Cause Great Harm” Washington Times, February 23, 1999.

    72000 National Drug Control Strategy Annual Report, page 13.

    8″Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base,” Institute of Medicine, 1999.

    9See footnotes in response to question 4 regarding marijuana’s short and long term health effects.

    10″Marijuana Appetite Boost Lacking in Cancer Study” The New York Times, May 13, 2001.

    11Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health.

    12Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health.

    Do some research and site it if you want to be taken seriously. I don’t think marijuana is as harmful as many prescription drugs, or alcohol even. and I believe it should be legal. But we shouldn’t use a 1950’s cigarette ad campaign style plan to make that happen. Assuring people that their addiction isn’t an addiction, or that breathing smoke is okay is ridiculously irresponsible. Use actual scientific reasons for why pot is good, such it’s uses with glaucoma patients, to prove it is a useful drug. Just don’t mislead people who may just take this page at face value.

  • doh

    This list is crap. Almost every instance has an exception and/or caveat. Lets see numbers. If you are going to say scientifically proven, you have to provide sources and numbers; otherwise, it’s just crap. I’m not bitching because I think pot is bad, I just like to see facts.

  • Melina

    I agree with Justin, and to add, a joint has four times as much tar as a cigarette. I learned that from a poster in rehab. lol.

  • Rascalian

    The way i look at herb is this: Don’t say shit if you, yourself have never smoked it, it effects everyone differently: after a pow wow i might get some food, one friend might get sleepy, another friend might get a little hyper and talk alot, another friend might listen to music or stare at some nature….we all get the giggles though, from the same bag of grass. Its also one of the best “levelers”, for example, you might really not get along with someone at all, then while at a party or while out camping, your shmokin down and you see that this person has arrived. They partake and all of a sudden you connect and can forget the animosity between you two and start to realize that you actually have alot in common and bam! new friendship, and lastly, if THC is really bad for you like some people have been shitting out their mouths in these comments answer me this: why does the body hold onto it for so long when it dumps cocaine, heroine, alcohol out of your system within a couple days? Great list jfrater!…oh and Alaska has the best bud IMHO.

  • Rascalian

    oh and Melina, smoke it out of a bong or a vaporizor, no tar…anti pot people LOVE that joints have 4 times as much tar as a cigarette bullshit.

  • BSagain

    This list is just lies after lies.

    Trying to make the drug users the “good guys”

    I don’t care if someone uses drugs or not. But it is insulting when lists like this make it sound like it isn’t dangerous or unhealthy.


    That isn’t an opinion, that is a fact.

  • Nietzsche

    Smoking anything is bad for you, but have you heard of something called a vaporizer… try to become a little more informed before you blast out your ignorance for the world to see…

    Anyway, the proper thing to consider is what you are smoking… if you ingest weed in a relatively safe way, a lot of what people bitch about here is out the window… Not to say we know everything about weed, but the only bad things it seems to do are promote laziness, weaken lungs, and make your head funny over time… but these are all simply potential.

    You people need to stop arguing about this… this country’s laws do not define us as human beings, and people have included weed in their religious practices since the beginning of time. Any self-respecting stoner won’t need to defend his or herself when idiots attempt to impose their idea of a proper lifestyle on him or her. Also, anyone who doesn’t have their head up their ass and has actually tried the drug enough to gain familiarity towards it will know that it can be a little addictive but most of what people say is a sack of bullshit.

    The bottom line is that weed affects people differently, and if most people were smart enough to grasp the concept that no two people are the same, this should be painfully obvious. I’ve seen people burn out from smoking too much pot, and I’ve seen people excel like most sober people I know couldn’t hope to do. Weed affects you, but the person you are has everything to do with it, including your reaction to weed.

    I used to smoke pretty much all day every day and now I just smoke a few times a day. People may say what they want but your reasoning only applies to you… we’ve grown differently as people and no one has the right to enforce their living guidelines upon anyone else… as soon as they do they lose all credibility and their opinion isn’t worth shit.

    People who talk badly about weed obviously have something missing in their lives… if you don’t smoke, leave it at that and get the hell over it that other people are comfortable living a different life than you. Do you lead perfect lives? Based on whose perspective? Do you think you are God? No, you hypocrites are even stupider than that fantastical twat. Get over it and go be an uptight sober asshat who needs to criticize and generalize just to get through their day without having a nervous breakdown over their petty problems.

  • Rascalian

    and one more comment for good measure: To all the people who keep saying that pot is illegal for a reason: please enlighten us all and tell us exactly…what is the reason? Obviously you can’t think of one otherwise you would expound in detail instead of just repeating what some other close minded reefer madness propoganda spewing cretin has already said.

  • Nietzsche

    Or sit back and take a bong hit… if something as small as an occasional hit freaks you out that bad, you need to stay at home and avoid driving, breathing the tainted air (don’t go blaming it on weed – some douchebag might) and pretty much become a recluse.

    It’s just a plant. You look funny pouring that earthly mineral you call table salt on your food. That can be plenty bad for you, too, I might add. I bet if everyone smoked weed you would sway with the majority. Try some self-reflection and see the world from a point of view besides inside your asshole.

  • Nietzsche

    By the way, smoking out of a bong doesn’t completely eliminate tar… resin definitely makes its way into your lungs whether you want to believe it or not. Personally, vaporizers aren’t the thing for me, as I’m a pothead and not a pussy… I’m a swimmer and my lungs are very strong, and if I die from some lung problem, then all it means is that I didn’t die in a car crash from eating McDonalds instead of watching the road or getting cancer from all the active chemicals in our everyday item encounters…

  • Nietzsche

    One last thing before I go destroy my lungs with my beautiful large bong… weed makes candy taste better but it also makes broccoli taste better. Weed makes vegging on the sofa more entertaining but it makes a brisk afternoon walk more entertaining as well. Weed makes falling asleep in class easier just as much as it makes focusing and taking notes easier.

    The reason you don’t like weed is either because you simply don’t, which applies to almost none of the assholes here that are bashing it, or that you are a gigantic imbecile who lets a drug (and likely ANYTHING in their lives) control them instead of vice versa…

  • Brosiusjb

    BSagain you expose your true beliefs whether you know it or not, you want us to believe you think smoking is bad for you and amoral but you claim this list wants us to see pot smokers as “good guys”. You think smoking pot/using drugs is a sign of a bad person. Marijuana was made illegal way back when not because it was “bad” but because the timber lobby was sick of losing money because of the new-found usefulness of hemp products. Hemp is still illegal, ever know anyone to light up and smoke some? Do you think Native Americans are bad when they smoke in their religious ceremonies? Alcohol will forever be the far more dangerous drug of the two, pot and booze, yet you only have to be 21 to buy it. How many times have you seen a bar erupt in a brawl full of piss-drunk patrons? All pot does is make you hungry, laugh a lot, and go to sleep. You would die if you drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels, you would be tired, hungry, and sleepy if you smoked an entire ounce of pot. Puritans were popular in an era where there were few scientific explanations for the world, so they were forced to see things in terms of good and evil, put the puritanical lense away and view the world with a sense of reason and logic. And for God’s sake have a little fun, you’ll be dead for a long time.

  • Brosiusjb

    You would be silly hungry and sleepy not tired hungry and sleepy. BSagain I’m here to help you.

  • Gabi319

    #303 Bartender… oh, I love me a wise bartender :) That was a good comment you posted with some insightful messages

    Weed is addictive…but not in the physical way common in hardcore drugs. Weed is mentally addictive. I had a roommate who was a habitual pothead for as long as I can remember. Eventually he gave up the chronic cold turkey. There were no fevers, no chills, no profuse sweating or purging… he did have the shakes but I think that’s more mental as if his hands were twitching because they needed that bong that had essentially become his security blanket. He was was a big time pothead (lighting up a couple times a day) and yet his withdrawal seemed much milder than when I tried to rid myself of my caffeine addiction.

    Jfrater isn’t promoting or negating the use of cannabis…he’s merely debunking myths. I don’t see the need for all the drama. I see this as just another informative list and even opened my eyes to some things that I assumed were true. Brava, J!

  • Jono

    Justin 387 said it all.

    I have also dabbled in the wacky backy and believe it is perfectly safe. It also has a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE LD50. The LD50 of alcohol is about a bottle of vodka or so, whereas to die from marijuana, I think you have to smoke something like an entire wheelbarrow of pot within 5 minutes to die. Which is actually, very hard to do.

    I have a question though. Does eating marijuana lessen the effects greatly? Or is that too a myth?

  • Rascalian


    I wasn’t implying that smoking from a bong eliminates tar. I was implying that it reduces the ammount of tar considerably…no biggy though, enjoy that bong rip my friend, for I am jealous because i am at work and must wait.

  • Nietzsche

    Yeah it does reduce it considerably… and I enjoyed it very much thanks. Seriously, if these people just stopped trying to talk their way around everything and simply hit a nice large ice bong, they’d feel the thick stick slowly slide out of their asses.

    BTW, Post 401 – eating weed is pretty great (eating it in fudge brownies, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, etc.) but both the onset and the high are slightly different. People I have asked including my brother describe a different high but normally it takes longer for me to feel the high when I eat it and it’s smoother, hard to explain. Be sure to let the weed cook in a butter/water mixture or something (THC is fat soluble and not water soluble) for plenty of time and enjoy those weed treats. I prefer smoking, but there are lots of instances and circumstances in which cooking and eating it is ideal.

  • Drinkwater

    Cannabis releases large amounts of serotonin in the brain, which you can easily become addicted to, so yes cannabis use is addictive

  • Pupps

    This list would be a whole lot more persuasive if all the points were demonstrably true and cited their sources (a list of sources at the end doesn’t cut the mustard).

    I’m guessing you’re in the USA. But here in the UK, marijuana is a lot more potent than it was in the past. Scare stories have said that new strains of marijuana, known commonly as skunk, has 40x the THC content of traditional weed. This is not true – it’s more like 4x – but skunk has become the predominant form of marijuana on sale in the UK. It’s really hard to find resin. It’s also the reason why I stopped smoking about 10 years ago: I liked to get giggly and high, I don’t like getting incapacitated or, as young people say today, “monged”.

    On to the addiction issue: it can be addictive. This is not to say that it is as harmful to the body as alcohol or tobacco. But, like anything which registers with the brain as a pleasure, from drinking to gambling to pornography, over-use can lead to dependency.

    As for there being no evidence to suggest marijuana

  • Pupps

    Ah what happened there? My post got completely garbled, the order of the paragraphs has jumbled up.

  • jackie

    thats great i like the kitten

  • jackie

    thats not a kitten thats a chimpmunk i think im a little high lookin at that makes me want some any one gott any puff puff

  • Helena

    I’m sorry, but if you need a drug to relax, then there’s something wrong with you. I DESPISE marijuana. Besides my being allergic to it, my father acts like a child while under its influence. It’s impossible to be in the same room as him. Now he’s replaced blunts with a makeshift hookah…fucking brilliant. Now I don’t want anything to do with him.
    Get your smoke out of my damn face, all of you. “Better” than tobacco or not, it’s still damaging.
    And…not addictive? SERIOUSLY? Get a grip. If you can’t function without it, it’s not a habit, it’s a straight-up addiction.
    Get your bloody facts straight.

  • yc

    tell me helena why dont you take a chill pill. have respect for your elders after all he made you and im sure he did not put you in this world to complain about him:)

  • joe rosson

    First let me give Kase a big hug :) Second, let me just say to all the fundamentalist pot haters….REEFER MADNESS IS BULLSHIT!!Don’t believe it.I have smoked weed since 1983. I have a fulltime job, I have raised three kids(two of witch are not mine)I am very friendly and will help a person that is in peril or just needs a shoulder to cry on, I pay a mortgage and all of my bills on time.

    Pot is not addicting like other drugs, the only thing that pot does is cause a habit if used over and over, but anything can be habit forming. You can develop a habit of putting on your left shoe first, you can develop a habit of eating at a certan time of day. And if you stop this routine it will cause you to be “off” so to speak. The human brain is programmed to develop repetition from anything you do over and over again. So saying pot is addicting is the same as saying having your morning cup of coffie at 6:00 am everyday is addicting as well.
    The people that put down pot probably have been raised very sheltered by straight parents or have the holier than thow attitude and are very shallow minded and are very judgemental.

  • joe rosson

    Helena….I feel it is not the pot you hate, you just use it as a scapegoat for a far worse issue that you have with your father, and so what if he acts childish when he is baked, would you rather him get violent?Lighten up please, you will be better off.

  • DiscHuker

    joe: it also causes another habit to form…breaking the law.

  • Melina

    391- yeah I’ve got my fair share of pieces and bongs and what have you. Don’t smoke it any more though, I’m to old for it. Or to young, idk.

  • yc

    DiscHuker – Have you considered the possibilty, that Joe Rosson is from the country: I Dont give a fuck, or maybe holland, or it could be part of his medication. 8I

  • Krav

    DiscHuker you really need to stop talking. You keep talking about how illegal weed is. You make yourself sound that you have never broken any law what so ever?

    “2) to say that alcohol and cigarettes cause more problem, therefore marijuana should be legal is an argument without merit. murderers are worse than child solicitors. should online predators be allowed be given free reign?”

    Do you really think before you speak or in this case type. How can you compare the two. Smoking weed and child solicitors. If you honestly think they are the same you have some serious issues. Yes marijane should be legal because potheads smoke weed and leave others alone, you can not overdose, and if you had to much weed you fall asleep. Child solicitors should be locked up and the key thrown away.You complain about others merit in their argument, think about yourself first.

  • Krav

    Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use And Lung Cancer


  • DiscHuker

    krav: whether or not is SHOULD be legal is a different argument. it is CURRENTLY illegal. just because other, more harmful things are legal doesn’t mean that civil disobedience is the answer. i don’t know whether or not you live in america. if you do then you know, our system of government is to work within the confines given. until the law changes, everyone in america can agree and the president can load a bowl during the state of the union but it will still be illegal.

  • Krav

    Fine, but you still havent answer my question, have you ever willingly broken the law for any matter what so ever?

  • yc

    DiscHuker – I still dont see what the point is in reminding a commenter, that you don´t know in person, that it´s; illegal according to the law in your country…..

  • Cholagrl

    It should be legal! A lot more people (professional and educated contributers to society) use marijuana than a lot of you think! DiscHuker makes me want to puke. Obvioulsy sheltered, naive, and a patsy. Go smoke a blunt.

  • Krav

    YC, im glad you see it too! Discfucker probably doesnt even know why weed became illegal to begin with. For those who would like to read it i posted it #351. Krav. It states how it came into law and then how it was changed to stay illegal. There are also a few other interesting facts that i posted. By the way discfucker im form the chi, and in the chi we love our kush, deisel, and dro

  • DiscHuker

    krav: i’ll copy my answer (from #381) to the same question asked by marv in DC (#376)

    “the question isn’t whether or not i have ever exceeded the speed limit, jaywalked or driven while buzzed (which for the record, i think is one of the dumbest things humans do). the point i was making was that if i choose to do any of these things consciously knowing that they are illegal then i am being stupid. no immediate gratification is worth the possible trouble. the 3 minutes that i will save in getting to my destination sooner are not worth the $150 ticket, points on my record and possible insurance rate hikes.”

  • DiscHuker

    krav: i know why it became illegal. i knew it before this list. i re-read it in this list. that doesn’t change the fact that it is CURRENTLY illegal.

  • Krav

    Cholagrl i have to agree with you. While in college my German professor and marketing professor would smoke a dube with me after class. Not all the time but often enough. Discfucker really sounds like a dumbass doesnt he?

  • Krav

    OMG dude you seriously are avoiding my question. HAVE YOU EVER BROKEN THE LAW? answer the question.

  • DiscHuker

    cholagrl: my name comes from the fact that i play disc sports recreationally and professionally, mainly ultimate and disc golf. the official, un-official past time of most of these folks is smoking weed. i am around it several times a week. my arguments for why people shouldn’t smoke come from direct observation of how the majority of these guys behave. so as far as being sheltered and naive, neither of these apply. as far as being a patsy, i have no idea why you called me that.

  • DiscHuker

    krav: are you dense? read what i posted. yes i have consciously broken the law. and i was stupid for doing so.

  • Krav

    i didnt see your post 423 discfucker. You kind of answered it. so since i gather that you have broken the law before, fo fuck your self and stop talking.

  • Mom424

    Diskhuker; Meh, so is speeding illegal. So is drinking a beer at the beach, or the front yard. Pretty sure you break laws yourself now and again. Depends where you live how serious the law-breaking is considered. Here it’s an inconvenience if you get busted for possession; the time lost going to court is far worse than the legal consequences.

  • DiscHuker

    krav: so, if anyone has ever broken a law they lose the ability to discuss issues of legality? since you have smoked weed, or exceeded the speed limit or jaywalked or whatever, does that mean you are excluded from commenting when someone robs you?

  • Krav

    Since you have broken the law willingly why are you getting all bent out of shape for others breaking the law? Pot heads know what the law is trust me on that; the difference is we figure out how not to get caught and smoke our shit as we please.

  • Krav

    They dont lose the ability to discuss issues of legality, you have the right to say whatever the fuck you want, but what im saying it make you sound like an ass. you preach legal this illegal that, but then you break the law yourself, how does that make you different from me? do you see my point?

  • DiscHuker

    krav: wow, you follow an argument poorly. i’ll lay some bread crumbs for you.

    a) several comments said that pot users were “losers”.
    b) several pot users took offense saying they were not “losers”
    c) i said the reason smoking pot made someone a loser was that they are intentionally breaking the law
    d) you, and marv in DC, asked if i had ever broken the law
    e) i said yes and i was a loser for doing so

  • DiscHuker

    krav: it makes us different in that i do not have a lifestyle of breaking the law. i do not say that speeding, or whatever, is a dumb law therefore i won’t obey. if i am pulled over for speeding, guess what, i was GUILTY of speeding. and when you are found guilty of breaking the law for personal convenience reasons, that is stupid.

  • Krav

    No i followed the argument just fine. so in fact you were arguing this whole time that you are calling yourself a loser. wow. I dont know a single person that would call themselves a loser because they broke the law.

  • Krav

    I do everything possible to keep the law at a distance from me. I dont speed beacuse i dont want to be pulled over. I put my seat so i dont get stopped, i obey the traffic law to the letter because i dont want my car to be search. I find ways to do what i want without getting the law involved.

  • RCP

    Ha, listing all these points as facts is a joke.

  • Cybogen

    If they get this uptight about Pot imagine what the readers would have to say about a favorite. Coke

  • Krav

    Cybogen, just wondering when you say coke, do you mean white girly, nose candy?

  • yc

    wow wow ease up a second.

    Krav; okay so you dont agree with DiscHuker, fair enough but dont start with the names, it makes your identy seem lame….

    DiscHuker; nobody ever agreed that they smoked pot intentionally to break the law. Even though some actually dos it for that same reason.

    anyway agument better be followed up with facts, so lets take a look at wether or not smoking weed is a bad law.

    a pole some years ago showed the avarage american pot user, starts the age of 14. and that 23% becomes adicted.
    the same pole was held in amsterdam where the legal age of smoking is 19, the avarage age when a person haves his first puff: 18! only 15 becomes addicted.

    folliving up on your arguement that people actually do because its illegal is actually true(probaly because its more exiting) but indeed this study shows us that the law illegalicing pod is indeed stupid.

  • Krav

    YC you are right the name calling is over the top. and for that Dischuker sorry for calling you a discfucker. I just got a lil heated in the moment.

  • Oh my.
    I have a comment, but it’s mean and definitely ad hominem.
    I think I’ll take a break…

  • DiscHuker

    yc: are you telling me there are people in america (which is where i live and the only place with which i can speak knowledgeably) who smoke weed and don’t know it is illegal?

    and your study doesn’t prove anything. one has to be careful to not confuse coorelation with causation.

    and as a side point, are you telling me that you are o.k. with a 15% of people being addicted to a harmful, mind altering drug?

  • DiscHuker

    krav: apology accepted.

  • yc

    DiscHuker; lol.

  • Gabs

    You ALL can argue about this all you want, but facts are facts! thanks listverse for clearing up the myths.

  • Krav

    This topic really brought out alot of opinions and i think it was great. Good heated debate is always fun. I personaly think that the potheads have in general provided much better evidence on the effects of weed to be not nearly as bad as others think it to be.

  • mattofutexas

    I have yet to see anyone who didn’t use semantics when trying to counteract anything I said. When I clarified exactly what I had said AGAIN because people seem to think arguing semantics is a good way to gain the upper hand, I have yet to see anyone say anything back. Krav is right on his last point.

  • DiscHuker

    matt: is smoking weed daily worth getting kicked out of college over? (obviously, that won’t happen the first offense {probably}, but it is a possibility)

  • Ben

    Ok man. I have to say I disagree with a lot of points made in this article. I don’t mean to dispute the use of marijuana. I personally smoke weed regularly, but I cannot agree with a many of these claims. A lot of my arguments are based on personal experience, but I can say that I have seen all these things happen to many of my friends and statistics prove these facts.
    First of all, weed does cause lasting damage to intelligence and memory. As a person who has smoked weed for many years, I have felt a notable drop in my intelligence that directly correlates to my use of weed.
    Secondly, weed has a large effect on motivation. I used to be a great student and after a year of smoking, I quickly became lazy and lacking.
    Third, marijuana is absolutely a gateway drug, without a doubt. Years ago I never would have tried any hard drug, yet after smoking weed I can’t believe the drugs that I have now experimented with. Many of them were awesome. Yet, almost anyone who has ever tried a drug harder than pot has first tried pot. That fact proves that it is a gateway drug.
    Fourth, weed damages you lungs. It is a fact. Smoking anything will damage your lungs. You are retarded if you think that smoking does not damage your lungs.
    Finally, weed is absolutely more potent now than it was 40 years ago. Ask any 60s or 70s ex hippy and I guarantee that he/she will tell you that the weed now is much more powerful. Not that this is a bad thing.
    Ultimately, I am not arguing against the use of weed. I love weed. I just think that it is stupid, uniformed people, like the author of this article, that give weed users a bad name. People need to understand the truth about a substance in order to advocate its legitimate uses in society.

  • GTT

    Just as a side note to all the people stating that those people who have never tried pot dont have a valid opinion on the subject…

    Does this logic hold true in all cases? Must I necessarily try heroin, cocaine, LSD, etc before I can argue its ill-effects and consequences? As a former cigarette smoker, is my opinion more valid than say, a doctor who has never smoked when he states that long-term use can cause cancer, emphysema and a host of other diseases?

    Just wondering…

  • GTT

    mattofutexas (359):

    I was merely pointing out the incongruity of your statement that you would never do anything but weed and then proceeding to state shrooms as an exception. You start with what most people on this thread would probably consider a “mild” drug and then proceeded to escalate to a stronger one. If (and I really hope you dont) you ever decide to experiment with something a stronger, will you still say that it was just another exception? Do you see where I´m going with this?

  • NickChuck

    jfrater you have made my morning once again!

  • AcidMan


    You nailed the 420th post.


  • Krav

    I personaly think that there are exceptions to the drug rule of which to try and which not to try. gives the best information out there about all drugs wheather they are safe or not and legal or not. Shrooms i think that everyone should try shrooms at least once. It was an amazing experience for me and those who have tried them know what im talking about. Shrooms will change your perception of the world as you know it. Cocaine does not develope a physical dependence right away unlike Heroin or crack cocaine.(and yes there is a difference between crack and nose candy) Crack can be intantly addictive aswell. drugs that are legal and could possibly kill you your first time for example is nutmeg. Nutmeg is what people cook with, but eat it raw and you will hallucinate for days and may possibly die after your first time. Perscription pills today are becomming the drug of choice for teenagers. More and more kids are being perscribed pills for all kinds of bullshit reasons. Those same kids are dealing them to other kids in school. Pills are becomming the most obtainable drug out there. In the city of chicago if you want pharmies(pharmaceuticals) the north shore white rich kids have those drugs. The death toll of pharmie overdoes’ are increasing each year

    Drugs and there effects interst me a great deal especially on how they affect the human body and brain. I have taken many courses in abnormal Psych with a focus on the human brain and have learned a great deal about them. Because of the proper education and knowledge of drugs i dont do hard drugs or pharmies; and what drugs i do take is in moderation. is not a joke site. It will tell you the effects of all known drugs on the body. Read the website and maybe all of those people who are closed minded may learn something new from the site.

    Everyone has a drug of choice wheather it be weed, liqour, cigarettes, certain foods, harder drugs, whatever it may be; to much of one thing is never good.

    we all have one life to live, live it the way you want. Dont dictate how others should live theirs as long as it doesnt interfear with general society.

  • Krav

    #455 acidman- actually i am #419 YC is #420. Thanks anyway though, it would have been cool to nail that one.

  • lalaland

    Cyn: of course you’ll say that because you’re a moderator of this site.

    you should remember that not all parents are like you. but that doesn’t mean you should post something then leave it to others to keep their children from reading it. somehow you still have a moral obligation to get something published and give forewarning to people who will read it.

    i have a problem with this statement: “this list intends to put things straight once and for all.” it’s as though the author is saying that this list has the final word on marijuana, which is not true at all especially since he based it on outdated sources. keep in mind that studies are still on-going for marijuana use, so we still don’t know what’s the real deal with it.

    and you’re telling me to get off my high horse. why are you attacking me for stating my opinion? i get that this site has its little community; so just because i stated something against the author and owner of this site, you’re already telling me to get off my high horse?

  • lalaland

    and not anywhere in this site have i seen that it is only intended for adults.

  • mattofutexas

    #453 GTT I won’t move on to anything else, I’ve made my mind. There are certain drugs I don’t find to be harmful from all my research but at this point in my life I have no desire to try them, and if I had to guess this point in my life is when I would try everything I want to try. I only feel okay with doing shrooms but I certainly don’t judge people for their drug use and am really unconcerned with it unless they’re doing something that is damaging and potentially fatal. I would only consider hallucinogens later on but right now I have no desire to try any others, acid is a fairly benign drug but I don’t feel the want to try it right now and am over 90% sure that I won’t. Shrooms pretty much does it for me and I don’t see any other drug that fits my personality and what I like as well. Krav is right when he says it’s an amazing drug but I certainly don’t think everyone has the mental stability to do them, nor do I think everyone has the mindset to appreciate them like I do. For the record, the majority of hallucinogens are benign, and once again, as I have stated earlier and Krav stated a few posts ago, I encourage RESPONSIBLE drug use if you’re gonna do drugs, and studying up on is the way to go. If you’re not informed in your choices then you’re being stupid.

  • mattofutexas

    As for #450 DiscHusker, lol, I’m not smoking weed on campus so it would never happen. I don’t live on campus. Not saying that I haven’t done it, and sure that isn’t smart. However, even though I pretty much blaze openly in every city I go to, I live in Austin the majority of the time; I don’t know how much you know about Austin, TX, but weed, although it is still illegal, is basically legal here. I see people blazing in public a LOT, including old men waiting at bus stops while I’m walking to class, people walking down the street, etc. Austin hosts a festival called MarleyFest on 420 that takes place in the city’s main park, Zilker, just past downtown, and there are plenty of police around the area and as soon as you get in all you see are custom glass bong tents and thousands of people lighting up blunts and pipes while police walk around and patrol the area. It’s a very, very liberal city.

  • mattofutexas

    To clarify since I can’t edit my comments, I smoked weed on campus two or three times when I lived on campus. But now I have absolutely no reason to.

  • Kase

    389. The leaves of marijuana contain more tar than tobacco, but sadly, smokers smoke the but of the plant, which contains 33% less tar than tobacco.

    BOO YA!

  • # 5

    This MYTH was based on a study done in ’50’s on monkeys. The monkeys were gas-masked with an amount = to 15 joints in about 3 minutes. this was happening every 7 hours or so until the monkeys died. dying from suffocation kills brain cells, they die from a lack of oxygen. There has been no follow up study. On a side note the feds use absolute GARBAGE weed for their testing. Shwag ain’t medical quality!!

  • Cyn

    458. & 459. lalaland –

    i can not imagine why any child under the age of 13 would have even the remotest interest in anything on this site. so i seriously doubt there are any children frequenting it. so as far as i’m concerned this whole child-viewing-LV is a moot point and it is a parenting issue.

    ‘moral obligation’? WTF? sez who? this site or ANY site is under no moral obligation for anything. no one is forcing anyone to read this site. anyone who takes anything they read online as gospel is an idiot and deserves whatever consequences befall them if they actually believe or make decisions based on what they’ve read online. we are each responsible for our own choices and decisions as adults not some freaking text on a website. there is not a thing online that is the end all be all of anything. if you actually believe that, then you’ve got problems that far exceed anything you can find on this list, this site or for that matter the very technology that has made the internet possible.

    and i quote
    ‘i get that this site has its little community; so just because i stated something against the author and owner of this site, you’re already telling me to get off my high horse’

    hell fucking yes. indeed i am. going off on the owner of this site on the basis of a list is an affront to this site. and demeaning the very existence of our community and their continuing support of this site and its owner is adding insult to injury.


  • Elrob

    mattofutexas & Krav – nice comments :-) pretty much agree with all you’ve said…although shrooms can be a bit of a headfuck if you drop too much or are in a bad state of mind before you drop em. I used to do gold tops. You’d need minimum of 50 to get a good hit. Me and a friend picked a motherlode once…about 100 each and suffice to say there were a few “lost” hours. Also had a friend who once had some blue meanies and ended up “seeing” lizards and puking his guts out. Having said there ain’t nothing quite like going on a early morning mushy hunt and then getting fucked up for free off nature. Just watch your doses! Ah the good old days :-)

  • crazysquid

    You know’ they say dope is bad. But i think alcohol is worse. You never, ever hear of someone smokin’ a ging-fuck joint, and going into a bar and tearing it up. A SALAD bar maybe. In my line of work, you have to depend on others for your safety. I would much rather work with someone who got lit up on accapolco gold the night before, than someone who got shit faced on a fifth of jose cuervo gold.

  • lalaland

    Cyn: “i can not imagine why any child under the age of 13 would have even the remotest interest in anything on this site.”

    but that still doesn’t mean that this site is for adults only, does it? especially since there isn’t any warning.

    “hell fucking yes.” and no need to result in foul language, i think. what i said was just my two cents, i don’t know why you’re suddenly spewing profanity.

    i am a fan of listverse and i love some of the lists here, but i think this one is written in bad taste. there could have been at least a warning that says the resources are outdated and that there might be new information that disproves some points in this list.

    so again, “this list intends to put things straight once and for all.” i think not.

  • Christiane

    Agression(eg. through alcohol) and illness (eg.through tobacco) is good business. Dope causes neither.
    Maybe that’s why it’s illegal. The powers that be know that if everyone had a joint once a day, people might actually start getting along. Unthinkable!

  • ABC

    THC isn’t the only foreign chemical you’re putting into your body when you toke up. There are hundreds of other dangerous toxins that can alter your brain chemistry. Since weed is sometimes laced and mixed with random strains, it’s dangerous.

    Please don’t think that smoking weed is 100% safe. Also, the facts presented in this article are not facts-they’re simple unknowns. One day, with enough research, we’ll have the answers. Until then, smoke less

  • Cyn

    468. lalaland –
    most lists do not contain any material that would be offensive to most adults. some lists that do contain potentially disturbing content or images are prefaced by a warning. there is no need to label the entire site as adult only because most content is not. the very tone and language used on this site is well above the understanding and reading level of most children under the age of 13 and considering some of the commentary of some of the folks who thankfully just pass thru here…some of our commentors. ;)
    as for my language..if you understood the community and culture of this site ..which is well over a year old now and i’ve been admin here almost as long…you would already know how i am about commenting in terms of format and word choice, which does on occasion mean profanity. so either go back and read up on this site, its history, the community and its culture or move on to a site that is more appropriate to your age or reading level.

  • mattofutexas

    if you ever buy weed laced with cocaine or crack then you are, for lack of a better phrase, fucking blind. the only thing I have ever heard of weed being laced with is PCP and that’s not actually harmful for you anyway, just gonna make you trip really hard and feel like steel. However, if you buy from a constant dealer, which I would assume most potheads do, then you don’t really have to worry about that. weed can’t be laced with really anything else, maybe codeine or another opiate like that but you would definitely know. and marijuana being mixed with different strains is what makes it great, lemme tell you about that white widow with romulin, go google both those strands and imagine if they had a baby. that shit is bomb.

  • lalaland

    “or move on to a site that is more appropriate to your age or reading level.”

    yes, perhaps i should try a website for mature and intelligent individuals. not this garbage you call a website.

    i’m so sorry i have wasted my time here. oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • Cyn

    yes, la la land..insulting a site is the way to end a ‘mature and intelligent’ discussion. ;)

  • otinflewer

    i wonder…..everyone here seems an expert on weed and related stuff….:)
    jfrater….you are the man…more reasons why i shouldn’t feel guilty for having smoked and laughed all night…


  • loop

    Man makes alcohol, God makes pot. Whom do you trust?

    A pot smoker relaxes. A drinker thinks he’s the entire United States Marine Corps.

    And i have taken these quotes not from “pop culture”, but from numerous members of the law enforcement community with whom I have long-standing business/professional relationships.

    Drug laws have long been, in large part, racially based.

    Wake up and re-think.

  • notherguitar

    Ok lets start with this. To me it seems that there are very few “in between” people who posted on this site. I have to say I agree with legalizing weed just because I have never known it to cause harm in anybodies life unless they were caught with it. That being said i used to smoke like a freight train. I have been clean for over a year not because it was interfearing with my life but because I needed a good job. Sometimes you have to look at things from all sides and while i’m not saying to go out and get stoned off your ass, I say if you don’t have a job and just sit at home why not light up a blunt just don’t let it run your life.

  • notherguitar

    Ok one last thing. Post # 405 from Pupps about the skunk. That is great I usally don’t like to talk trash about people from other countries because well lets face it I’m american and so to the rest of the world I’m an idiot. That said you got scared from skunk. We have that to and if its the same thing your talking about that shit is like one step up from commercial (aka regular) so if that is the hardest stuff you have smoked damn thats it just damn. also who know about the Lob it has embalming fluid in it. I never touched it because i’m not retarded but has anybody else done it.

  • Dutchie

    @417 Krav (“Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use And Lung Cancer…..083353.htm READ THE ARTICLE ALL OF YOU.”)

    Click further on this site and you’ll find a more recent study called “Marijuana Smokers Face Rapid Lung Destruction — As Much As 20 Years Ahead Of Tobacco Smokers” here:

    I’ve smoked weed since I was 14, quit for two years (about 3 years ago) because I got nowhere with my studying, am now doing a Masters at Uni and ever since I started smoking again (current rate is once, twice a week, maybe) I feel less concentrated, can’t get up in the morning anymore and dread every sort of deadline – I can’t stand this because I know I can do better, so I’m off the stuff again for now.

    I love weed but it does have a lot of repercussions that may not be clear to you when you’re still smoking it – the addiction factor with this stuff is mentally way more than physically, and that part should NOT be overlooked. It can do more damage than you think, as I’ve experienced first hand in friends’ lives. Social seclusion, agoraphobia and psychosis, to name a few.

    (of course, you may argue that those people are more sensitive to addiction or mental problems than others, but that doesn’t make it any less bad)

  • Phil

    This list was created buy someone trying to expound the use of cannabis as good and whoever wrote this list will get people killed

  • itsmejld

    Wow, I’m sorry I missed this list the day it came out. The comments are amazing. I’ve been smoking this stuff on and off for years and agree with most everything on the list. I have never been adicted to it, my intellegence has not suffered (until recently I was working at a well paying corporate job, but due to my unwillingness to transfer and corporate reorganization I was laid off, not because I smoke pot). Can’t say much for the lung part, since I smoke cigarettes. As for motivation, crap, when I get high I run around my apartment laughing and cleaning like a mad woman. Now that I’ve been laid off and I can’t smoke pot, because I have to find another job, and take a stupid ass drug test when I find one, my house is a mess. If pot was legal my apartment would be cleaner damnit!
    I just have to say, that baby picture is hysterical. I wish I was high.

  • pot not dope head

    Oh yeh Phil. Cannabis Kills!!

  • joe rosson

    Phil, you actually believe this list is going to get someone killed!!??How, please how is this list going to get people killed?Weed does not kill people, let alone a list about weed!This is the ignorant dribble that demonises and creates the negative hue over weed that is not true!!

  • Krav

    461. mattofutexas- Chicago also has a Weed fest in july at montrose beach. The cops are there and while you are at the fest you can smoke weed and a cop walks right next to you. I havent been in a couple years so im not sure how it is now, but weed in chicago is big. During the “taste of chicago” hundreds of thousands of people end up going to this and while you walk around you see people smoking pot while sitting in the park. Its munchie heaven.

    side note- when i said everyone should try shrooms once, i do believe that but you are prob right not all can handle it. I want everyone to have an amazing experience. In amsterdam at a smart shop, they sell shrooms, the have different levels of shrooms that go from beginer(have never tried shrooms)which are the mexican shrooms. They increase in potency for the more experienced level of shrooms.

    Heres a menu from a smartshop for shrooms

    Mexican- Happy and colors / Light EUR 12
    Thai -Happy colors and movements / Light EUR 12
    Equador- Light hallucination / Medium EUR 15
    Colombian -Body high and colors / Medium EUR 15
    Philosopher Stones- Happy, energy and colors /Medium EUR 15
    Coopelandia Hawaiian -Happy, colors and Xtc effect /Hard EUR 15

    Do your research first!!!!

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  • Jesus

    I can’t believe the people will argue the list and say that they know people who smoke a lot and they’re lives are a mess. Well i know those people too. But they chose to smoke rather than show up to work on time. But you know what. If that person ever decided to quit they could do it without any harm done. I’ve seen it happen.

    Alcohol on the other hand I’ve seen mess people up. My uncle before he quit drinking was a bum. His legs are filled with holes and all messed up. He’s on medication to help him stay normal now. So yeah weed can have a bad effect on people. But that’s not reason to make it illegal when much more dangerous stuff is legal.

    I’ve NEVER EVER in my whole life seen someone get high and then go out on the street naked or rip his shirt off in a bar and try to fight someone for no good reason. I’ve seen several people do that on alcohol.

    The law is the law, and if you get caught smoking you should face the consequences. But there is no solid reason why weed is illegal, and alcohol is not. Most people who oppose cannabis use have never tried it themselves. If they did they would realize just how harmless it is.

  • Marv in DC

    By that argument, TV stations are trying to get people killed because they allow alcohol companies to advertise on them, right?

  • Ella

    This is just a story, no propoganda involved: I once had a friend who I had a lot of things i common with. we would spend hours at parties talkin about things thar the other people in our gang didn’t give a crap about, and he would get this eager look on his face every time, wich I loved, because he was the only person I knew that was that exited about the same childish things I was. One day however, that look was gone. He gradually became more and more quiet, and basically kept to himself. Our fun little talks never took place any more. It was like he was this different person that did’nt care about anything, and I decided to leave this stranger alone.
    Then one day, I got a phone call, telling me that he had killed him self – all alone in his appartment on new years eve. It was his mother that found him, two days later(!)
    Now, I’m not saying that weed caused this. There are many factors that can lead to these things. All I know is that it was after he started smoking that he changed. He went from being this eager, easy-going person that I miss every day, to being someone so isolated that his suicide wasn’t even discovered for two days. That just doesn’t seem right to me. But like I said, it’s just a story, I don’t know anything about this.

  • base

    i can’t believe all the prejudiced people around…

    i am a long time pot smoker.
    no harm – ever.

    in fact, i’m finishing college
    and i’m from croatia, and speak english perfect.

    in fact, i’m SO high right now, and i absolutely feel great about my self.

  • base

    and this comments are taking forever to load.

    i red somewhere that a web development firm asked you 20 000$ dollars for the modifications you want done for your site.

    i’ll break these comments into pages (say like, 20 per page) for free jfrater.

    just because i love this site :D

  • jaegermeister2k


    If he had started taking antidepressants would you think that those might have had a cause in his death as well? Just because he was smoking weed during those times doesn’t mean it had anything to do with it. Not saying it didn’t. But he might have been smoking because he was feeling down for whatever other reason. So it’s really not a case against weed. It’s just like the crime statistics. It just so happened to be in their life at the time in my opinion.


    Razumijes li ovo? Evo i ja sada u americi. :)

  • Krav

    The thing that those that dont smoke need to understand is the most, not all potheads, need a decent paying job to be able to pay for the expensive habit. At least in chicago a gram depending on quality ranges anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars a gram. average being $20 a G. 8ers range from 50 to 70 depending on quality and if you have a connect. this is a much more expensive habit then drinking or smoking cigarettes. If you know of potheads that dont have a job and smoke all the time then they either sell, grow, or depend on financial support from a relative. good weed in chi-town is not cheap and i personaly dont even know where to get mersh.

  • Dude

    Saying that one drug is “no worse than any other” is the most stoned out stupidest logic I have heard in a long time. I think cannabis should be completely legalized in the US, but just because one of its effects is not “worse” than some other drug’s effects doesn’t make it safe. Here’s an analogy: Drinking bleach might have deleterious effects but no worse than drinking other dangerous fluids. Stupid thoughts like this are why Nevada’s decriminalization measure failed about 8 or so years ago. The measure was backed by some police groups until is was pointed out that the measure wanted to legalize driving under the influence along with decrim. Hmmmm. maybe smoking cannabis does affect reasoning?

  • Dude

    Also I agree with Steve comment #262 except that I would go so far as to say the government can tax and grow the best stuff, but civilians should be able to grow all they want as well, except they can’t sell it without a license. That is the way alcohol is dealt with to the most part.

    I would even go so far as to say all illicit drugs should be legalized. This will instantaneously put all street dealers out of business. No one will be getting shot over drugs ever. Well, except for the fools who’ll shot you for a cigarette, but that’s a whole other idea. Check out Switzerland’s heroin policy. Not saying that it would work here in the US, but it has decreased petty thefts, prostitution, and HIV rates across the board.

  • Krav

    492. Dude- are you serious about that logic of yours? You honestly believe that smoking weed is just as bad as smoking crack or shooting heroin? If you believe that those drugs are the same as weed maybe you should rethink your logic. Drinking bleach will kill you, drinking other dangerous liquid will kill you, smoking weed never killed anyone. There are differences in drugs and thats why they are also scaled by law due to the severity of the drug. possesion of weed does not get the same punishment as possesion of heroin or crack. Think dude think.

    “legalize driving under the influence along with decrim” Then the people that are running politics in Nevada are really stupid, possibly the most stupid(stupidest is improper) people in america.

    Decrim or even legalization will work with the right rules immplemented

  • Krav

    “I would even go so far as to say all illicit drugs should be legalized.” are you crazy dude, having all illicit drugs legal would turn the U.S. into complete chaos. There are so many people out there that do all kinds of drugs and then if the government makes those more readily availible would put a strain on the medical system for OD’s. Maybe drug dealers are off the street dealing drugs, but dont you think they wouldn’t find away to get those same drugs through theft of the drug shop and sell them for cheaper on the street. The drug market in the U.S. is run by gangs. gangs will always find a way to come up in the world. They are still making a profit. Think about it

  • Dude

    Hey Krav,
    All in all I think we’re pretty much aligned with our policy ideals.
    I don’t think smoking weed is even comparable to smoking crack, but we can’t use the argument that other drugs are as dangerous or more dangerous to get sympathy for legalization. I think my basic idea is that if smoking pot didn’t make one feel different or think differently, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. The argument can’t be “Pot doesn’t do anything” it should be “the benefits outweigh the costs.”
    I seriously do not know what the petitioners in Nevada were thinking when they added the “driving” part to the decriminalization measure.
    I also agree with your point about mushrooms, I wouldn’t go so far as to say everybody should try them because I really don’t care if they do or not, but there are definitely different levels of mushroom intoxication.

  • Krav

    Another thing about legalizing all illicit drugs. those that do hard drugs once in a while because they are harder to get and they come with a greater punishment, wouldnt you think that some people may start using more often since it is now legal. For example cocaine takes time to develop a physical dependence. Now if cocaine were legal and available where ever you go alot more poeple would become dependent. Look at history; late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Drugs such as cocaine, and heroine were used my medical doctors. Then cocaine was used in a tonic called coca-cola. Those that drank coca-cola liked the effect that they had after they drank it and began to drink it more often and in turn became addicted to cocaine. There is a program on the history channel about that i believe its call illicit drugs. Look it up and watch it.

  • crazysquid

    The reason why cannibus is illegal in the U.S. is that the government can not control it for tax purposes. That is the front and tail of it. Anyone with a back yard, or a big pot and a grow light can grow it. so therefore, Uncle Sam can not get his CUT.Not to many people can mass produce Gin to where it would really cut into the state liquer control taxes, or the government taxes, but a Farmer with a few hundred acres could rule the economy. same with tobbacco. I seriously doubt that someone in say, Alaska, or arizona could grow enough tobbacco to hurt the industry of tobbacco products, or interfere with tax income to matter, but a large enough green house, well…. it all has to do with Government control. If it can not be controlled, then make it illega.

  • Krav

    Dude- i see what you are saying so yes in fact i do agree with you to a certain extent. I highly recommend finding that program i metioned and watch it. Its facinating.

  • Krav

    Just to make it 500 posts

  • Riktheriver

    Cannabis not addictive??? Most people smoke cannabis with tabbocoo and as a smoker myself i assure you nicotine is very addictive. Problem with this list is, you will be able to find people who can argue the complete opposite to what this list is saying. As a guy who has done everything but crack, my opinion is that all drugs, allbeit, alcohol, nicotine, cannabis or coke, are forms of escapism and they intoxicate us. That can never really be a good thing. Each to their own i suppose.

  • Alex

    Cannabis prohibition is wrong and harmful. Prohibition has not reduced drug abuse or supply. Rather, prohibition has enabled organized crime, while breeding contempt for the law by turning normal citizens into criminals.

    We should have the freedom to choose what we do with our own body, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. This is why Cannabis prohibition is wrong, and should be ended immediately.

    Equality under the law!

    There is nothing wrong with the fact that I smoke Cannabis. I’m not hurting anyone. The lies end with me.


    WAKE UP AMERICA! Look at the history of Cannabis prohibition. These laws were created to target Mexicans and other minorities, drug prohibition has always been racist in intent and design. Terms such as “degenerate races” were used on the floor of Congress to pass these laws! Look it up!


  • Dude

    The Mafia undeniably got their foothold on American society during prohibition of alcohol. Its great that the lottery has been taken over by the government instead of being run by Italians. And I love Italy…. Hell I’m a Santini!

  • mattofutexas

    #501 I’m surprised that in your experience most people smoke cannabis with tobacco. I think I’ve done that one time ever, not to say I haven’t had a cigarette (which I have never been a steady cig smoker and in fact just recently stopped completely because I don’t even like it) while high but I think I’ve smoked cigaweed one time ever. And it was from a guy passing a random blunt at a concert.

  • SamBam51

    Here is my tier for how bad drugs are for OTHERS AROUND YOU (I= lowest danger III= highest danger), cause really if you feel like doing any kind of drug i could give a shit as long as you dont mess with others. (only including drugs I’ve done because commenting on anything else is just stupid)

    I= Tobacco, Marijuana (second hand smoke, driving on it*)
    II= Cocaine (my buddy gets agressive sometimes**)
    III=Alchohal (aggression, drunk driving, stupidity***)
    *Not sure if it really hinders you i couldnt drive while high though.
    **Only seen one buddy get like this other then that everyone just wants to party.
    ***Lets steal a car and play with the shotgun in the back (not me but true story of a guy i know).

    So yeah just my two cents

  • Dutchie

    On the whole people in Europe smoke weed with tobacco – in The Netherlands really almost no one smokes it pure. My friend from Canada does (or did) however, and I remember some real good, real high times with her. :)

    The two ways of smoking give a completely different high – one is more clear with more energy while the other one is slow and relaxing (I’m generalizing, I know). Due to this difference people will, of course, react to it differently.

    Add to this slow, passive effect the fact that in The Netherlands anyone can buy it in absolutely every city, and you can easily see why some folk would not get up, leave their house, and simply live off the government (you can even easily order in if you need weed – they bring everything you need right to your home).

    Those people are the biggest problem, not because they go out and get aggressive or destructive, but because they’re wasting away alone, often getting stuck in a downward spiral which they cannot escape from on their own. In that way, weed can be very destructive.

  • Dutchie

    Note: the only way folk smoke it pure over here is through a pipe, but for some reason that’s quite uncommon (good way to quit smoking cigarettes and keep smoking pot though)

  • Zoomer

    Dope is the biggest enemy in the U.S. because Uncle sam can’t figure a way to control and tax it. And i am not one of those “Govt. Conspiricy” freaks, it is just plain truth. Don’t believe it, ask an ATF agent, or a drug and food administration employee. no control, then they make it illegal. I agree totally with “THE SQUID” on this one.

  • achilles

    Each individual is different. I smoked heavily and daily for well over fifteen years. I stopped smoking. I was and am a very successful I.T Consultant.

  • mattofutexas

    I want to end my posts on this topic by saying that on top of my school load, I’m about to sign up for an MCAT course today or tomorrow, I yesterday got a call from the nicest hospital in Austin and I’m attending orientation on Tuesday to start volunteering there, and I’m going to an interview in 45 minutes for a job in which I will be tutoring international students MY AGE with English difficulties (10 Saudis) in math and physics on tuesdays and thursdays. Tell me weed makes you less motivated.

  • SeanScot

    Cannabis users are in my experience often quite nasty people, there is no excuse for taking this drug.

  • Katie

    Ringtailroxy- post #70- Don’t know if you know Keller Williams (the amazing one man band) but he wrote a song about the Deer Creek riot called Gate Crashers Suck. You should check it out :)

  • dracon

    Pot rules! You can’t stop it. Words won’t work. Deeds won’ work. Laws are ineffective. Throwing government money at it is useless. Accept. Submit.

  • dracon

    Oops a typo! Must be the herb!

  • sheriff

    3 is fact. scientific study of the thc content, not the fbi dea or any other government (u.s.) shows a steady increase in THC dues to the modern farming techniques and advanced nutrients used by the farmers.

  • sheriff

    seanscot, you my friend are retarded.

  • base


    weed is even better when you have obligations
    it relaxes you for a while and then there’s something to get you back on track..

    i always say, work hard – play hard

  • crazysquid

    dope, like other forms of intoxicants, should only be consumed when it poses no other threat to anyone else’s safety. Smoke a joint, do not under any cicumstance operate moving machinery. (i.e. A motor vehicle, bulldozer, crane, semi-conductor etc. etc.) unless your playing Grand Theft Auto or something, then fine. Just like in the alcohol commercials, Toke sensibly. Never toke and drive. One toke over the line, you are no friend of mine. Eat, Toke and be merry. As for obligations, if your infant son has been lying in his/hers feces all day, crying, and all your hop headed mind can think about is “Whoa..what’s that noise”, Dude or dudet, you got problems. Rent is two months behind, and the landlords banging on the door, and you have an ounce or so of weed on the table, you got problems. Your a 21 year old shitbird of a human being still living in your mommies basement, down there suckin’ on a fat one, then dude you got problems. To sum it up, If you Don’t have any obligations to anyone at that time, Spark that sucker up, fire up the bowl, and burn baby burn. But do not ruin yours, or other lives doing it. Get out of your Moms basement, Make sure your kids have a secure place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat FIRST. If you can not handle your responsibilities first, then DUDE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Addictive or not.

  • Cambrexia

    Pretty good list; I knew all of these actually, because I decided to be responsible and when I made the decision to start using weed regularly, I did hours of research.

    To be fair, smoking it every day has affected my short-term memory even when not high, but I’m the only one who’s noticed the difference and this goes away if I stop smoking long enough for the THC to leave my body. I don’t know about the science behind that, but that’s what I’ve noticed.

    Oh, and another disadvantage, to quote my sister: “What basically happens in the winter is you just sit inside smoking weed all the time and just have a cold and a cough all winter.”
    We both have Seasonal Affective Disorder, so with no sunlight, we’re just dragged down. Weed is the best medicine. =]

    I hate ignorant people who try to sound all smart while they bash anyone who tries any sort of drug. I think that if you haven’t had first-hand experience then you need to shut your damn mouth because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I’m 15 and I’m pretty sure that my life has actually gone in a positive direction since I started smoking.

    Honestly, you haters can go through all the “reasons” teenagers smoke weed, but that’s all bullshit. It all comes down to the fact that it’s something to do.

  • knowdrugs

    I’m not going to preach to you just going to tell you a bit about me. Im almost 38 and for the past 8 years have suffered with depression and anxiety. During my 20’s I was what you would call a pretty heavy cannabis smoker, thinking I was cool and part of the in crowd. I gave up cannabis totally before having my child and have never touched it since. I DO attribute my depression and anxiety with my cannabis use as I was happy go lucky, bubbly and optimistic all my life before depression, fairly intelligent and had the notion that ill health happened to other before I became depressed. I am now in the position of having to take anti depressants every day and probably for the rest of my life, which means I cant go ahead and have more children as I would have loved to, have to pay thru the nose for life assurance etc due to history of depression have to pay for prescriptions every month, have to watch what I eat, sugar, alcohol and dairy can play havoc with depression. So all I’m saying is, just take a moment to think about the long term effects of smoking cannabis don’t be like me and think ill health just happens to other people ask yourself if its really worth the risk, I wish I had.

  • Zoomer

    to #519. 15…?15…?……Really?. You don’t know jack about jack,let alone life. 15. Good God you Know Nothing. You should’nt even be allowed to look at this blog unsupervised. All the Bloggers on this page that are over 40 are laughing their collective asses off at you. 15! Let your mommy and daddy read your comment and see if your life is still going pretty o.k. Your quoted sister will probably beat your wisened ass for being so stupid. Your mommy and daddy need to get you a baby sitter to keep your ignorant butt off the internet. Yes little Cambrexia”, we’re all laughing at you.

  • jaegermeister2k

    The only stories i ever hear about such negative side effects of weed come from the internet. I live in Florida where pretty much everyone smokes it, and i have yet to hear a single such story.
    My great grandfather used to grow it (In Europe and on a farm so it wasn’t a big deal) and he lived to be 82 and took care of his farm daily. For every 1 negative story i read about on the net i know dozens where people have absolutely no complaints.

    In the end it comes down to the people. Some people just take everything too far. From abusing over the counter drugs to nasal spray. Weed is not the problem it’s the people. Even the very few stories I’ve heard still don’t excuse the fact that weed is illegal and worse things than it are not. Either make it legal, Or make it all illegal. If you look at all the facts and consider the side effects of weed, cigarettes, and alcohol. There is nothing that puts weed in a class of it’s own to where it deserves to be illegal.

  • Zoomer
  • meshman

    lol at the “drug cartel” references in the comments. You guys make it sound like pot can only grow in Columbia or some far off place from where it is imported by some Tony Montana-type. Why would you need that when the best stuff is grown in California? The cultivation of marijuana is becoming more and more mainstream, especially in this economy. I know plenty of growers, and they are upstanding Americans with jobs and families. So the whole “financing gangs and cartels” arguments is BS.

    The real truth is that growers (and a lot of educated smokers) do NOT want weed to be legal because the regulation process would drive prices up, force FDA intrusion and turn the whole industry into a commercialized (as in, no more home growing set ups) and highly taxed corporate business – thus cutting off opportunities for many and restricting availability to those who need it most.

  • Culturedropout

    When I first saw this list, I read it as, “Cannibals”. *doh

    Seriously, though. I’d much rather deal with a stoner than a drunk, any day. I decided to try pot when I was around 30. Smoked it while watching “Alien” with a friend. That was… interesting. If it were legal, I’d probably use it once in a great while. No worse than booze (and likely a lot better) from what I’ve seen/read/experienced.

  • Crimanon

    Michael Phelps just got busted smoking weed. Nice shot of him hitting a bong, nice pipe too! Try and say that it does nothing but make losers out of people! Record gold medals, admired by people World Wide. Phelps should be the new spokesman!

    Obamas Half brother just got busted for weed too. That was a quick one. It usually takes months of something like this to make it into the news.

    North Carolina (US state) news:– I’m really eager to see the out come of this one.

  • Crimanon

    For anyone who screams photoshop on the Phelps photo, preemptively, You’re an idiot. He admitted it.

  • Crimanon
  • Voltron


    Weed is not the reason that you have gone through depression. The only effects weed has on you, as with a lot of things, are the ones you let it. Personally, weed has made me a much more logical thinker, because I decided that’s what I was gonna let it do, and I wasn’t gonna let it screw up my life. So you should take some responsibility for your depression instead of blaming marijuana. Ever think that maybe if you confronted your problem for what it is, instead of using marijuana as a scapegoat, you could probably get through it without anti-depressants? (which have actually been proven to cause depression)


    Actually, most pot smokers I know would rather it be legal. Having been basically kicked in the nuts because its illegal (though luckily in Canada if your a nice guy they let you off with a warning so i didn’t get charged), we would much rather have a couple of inconveniences than go to jail.

  • bigski

    Crimanon-just seen link,he`s got such good lungs I wonder how many hits it took for flight ?

  • Crimanon

    good lungs? the guy is the most well known asthmatic in the olympics. Behold The Wonders of Weed!

  • Zoomer

    lesson to be learned.if you are a high profile celebrity,athlete,politician, or even someone who, if photographed, will lose their employment or status over photo’s of you token, then do not let people have their cell phones or cameras at your parties. if at other peoples parties, then dont toke. someone,somewhere, will get you on camera and it will be on the you tube quicker than darryl strawberry going through a line of coke. unfortunetly, the U.S. has made it to where a person seen smoking dope, is made out to be worse than a baby raper, or a crack dealer. we, as americans are starting to slip back into the old “reefer madness” days again. stories of local police departments busting big loads of pot now make national news headlines. if we put all the money that this country spends on busting dopers, and sending them to prison, i wonder just how much money that would save every free-willed citizen in this land of ours. plus i bet it would clear out a lot of space for the real criminals like the bank C.E.O’s who have ruined our economy. i bet they fire one up all the time, using hundred dollar bills as rolling papers, and laughing their collective asses off because our boy bush gave them a butt load of money, for losing money, at our expense.

  • Ella

    jaegermeister2k :

    Like I said, I’m not claiming that weed caused it, but I do believe it had some part in the change of personality, that’s all.

  • mattofutexas

    does anyone have anything to say about Michael Phelps’ lack of motivation because he smokes bud

  • JR

    #532 Zoomer – I agree that the banks screwed us but don’t put all of the blame on Bush. Congress especially the Democrates have a hell of a lot of power and the democrates agreed with Bush. I didn’t see the Democrates trying to fend off the credit crisis. I’m from California which is controlled by the Democrates and they are horrible at budgeting and is killing California. And what about the current administration. Nancy Palosi is giving Planned Parenthood tons of money in the next stimulus package to perform abortions. She said that people having less babies will help the economy. So every minority should be pissed off at her because she is targeting you. Economist know that this is not true. Let’s kill people to profit. Isn’t that what you guys say that is what Bush did with Iraq. Also, Bush spent around 40 milllion on his inaugoration but Obama spend well over 100 million. So, all politicians are the same, they just spend money in different places. Unfortunately, the media only make the Republicans look bad.

  • cambrexia101

    Shit, man, you’re judging me because of my age? I may not have been through a lot of life, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I have my principles, I have my goals, and I have my way of life, and it isn’t anybody’s business to question it.

    If I showed my comment to my parents, they wouldn’t care. My parents raised me to always question everything and as long as I can explain the reasoning behind my decisions, they trust me.
    And my sister wouldn’t beat me up for smoking. When she said that, we were baking out a room in our house, so that wouldn’t be very logical/

    And as for supervision; I am not a child. My brain may not be done developing, but I am perfectly old and mature enough to live my life the way I see proper. Why do you assume you’re smarter than me because of my age? Why are your opinions right over mine?

    Also, I don’t understand why you would even say to me that everybody is laughing at me. I don’t mind being ridiculed; I don’t really need people’s support to be happy. Well, of course as human nature is, I need a certain extend of support but that from the people I respect, not ageists on the internet.

    Lastly, what is so wrong with 15? I don’t understand exactly what you objected so violently to.

  • Voltron

    Yeah I was actually laughing at 521.

    I myself am 17, and I have noticed (which I contribute to weed for opening my eyes) that ignorance doesn’t discriminate by age.

    I know (yes, know not just think) I am more intelligent than many older people who have never smoked pot.

    I actually think weed makes people less ignorant, it makes us be able to see through all the bullcrap and understand what really matters.

  • Mom424

    Voltron, Cambrexia; Ageism has bothered me since I was a kid; I’m 46 now and still get offended when the adult gets served before the kid. But – weed is for shits and giggles and relaxation; it doesn’t make you less ignorant or give you some sort of bullshit filter. It can slow you down enough to pay attention if you’re anything like me – fidgety and hyper and far too reactive, but the declining ignorance is all of your own making. Curiosity (one of the things that made you try weed in the first place), drive, ambition; those things cure ignorance.

  • jiggawhat

    537. Voltron – February 2nd, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    I actually think weed makes people less ignorant, it makes us be able to see through all the bullcrap and understand what really matters.

    Ah that’s a difficult argument to make my young friend. Some people just get super dumb when they smoke weed. Or paranoid. Not everybody uses it for it’s positive attributes.

    One could certainly argue that marijuana as well as several other drugs take you outside of the proverbial box and make it so that you realize all viewpoints are subjective, which in turn can make one stop clinging so strongly to the beliefs and opinions that they’ve been indoctrinated with for their entire lives.

    At least, that’s how it worked out for me.

  • jiggawhat

    Not to mention it’s really crazy stupid awesome to play music when you’re stoned!

    Smoking marijuana has contributed so heavily (as somebody who never went to college) to my self-education, I don’t know what I would have done all these years without it! Hell, I even smoke weed when I’m working out.

    Everybody has vices, some worse than others. If my only real vice shall be spending $50 a week on a bag of pot, I more than welcome that burden!

  • Rasta

    Excellent list.

  • jiggawhat

    “536. cambrexia101 – February 2nd, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    Shit, man, you’re judging me because of my age? I may not have been through a lot of life, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I have my principles, I have my goals, and I have my way of life, and it isn’t anybody’s business to question it.”

    Listen man, it’s the internet. There’s idiots and assholes EVERYWHERE. Don’t even respond to such ignorant stupidity.

    This guy simply feels so poorly about himself, that he feels the need to bring somebody else down for something as silly as their age.

    Like there aren’t hundreds of thousands of middle aged fools on this planet.

    There are no age limits on being an imbecile.

  • jiggawhat

    520. knowdrugs – January 31st, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    So are we to assume that since you suffer from depression in your 30s, that it is the result of your drug use in your 20s?!?!?

    Uhhh, nothing personal, but I’ve never seen any sort of scientific evidence backing that kind of thing up EVER.

    If that’s really the case, I feel bad for your situation, but don’t act like it’s universal, or even common.

  • mattofutexas

    I have no doubt in my mind that Cambrexia at age 15 sounds a LOT more knowledgeable and poses his thoughts in a far more logical manner than half the people in these comments, including #521. I’m 20, almost 21, and yes I do think 15 is young, I have a 16 year old little brother, but clearly from the structure and logical thinking put forth in cambrexia’s post he’s a pretty intelligent kid. As the post before me just said, “there are no age limits on being an imbecile.”

  • cambrexia101

    Thanks, y’all. I’m just opinionated enough to always want the last word, and I wanted to know if people actually agreed with him, and I’m glad to see

    And by the way, I’m actually a girl.

    Have a good day, all of you, and keep toking.

  • 519. Cambrexia: You sound incredibly intelligent. I’m not going to dilute that by saying “for 15”, because it has nothing to do with age. It has to do with the ability to view the world and judge it based on experience.
    Here’s my problem with a 15 year old using pot on a regular basis.
    At 15 you, your brain most importantly, but other organs as well, are still developing. While there is no evidence that I’m aware of that pot kills brain cells, I’d worry about damage to brain cells. Minute damage, maybe, but something that will show up as a lack of ability in some form 25 or 30 years down the road.

  • Mom424

    Segue; beg to differ on the brain damage. I’ve smoked cannabis pretty much every day since I was 16. My mental acuity is unchanged – but of course I practice moderation in all things and outright abstinence in others. Smoking a joint or two for relaxation is NOT the same as sitting around in a drug fueled stupor 24/7.

  • GTT

    460. mattofutexas

    ” I would only consider hallucinogens later…”

    Do you seriously still not see the problem? You started with just weed, with shrooms added in for shits and giggles every once in a while and now you say that you might consider hallucinogens later on… If that is not the definition of a gateway drug, what is?


    Cambrexia (519) and Voltron (538)

    There is nothing wrong with being 15 or 17 but the fact remains that you are still fairly young and are still developing, both physically and mentally. Beware of choices you make and most of all, beware of the cocky, arrogant attitude that might get you in more trouble than you are mature enough to know how to get out of.

    And this statement is crap (the sort of arrogant crap I described above):

    “I actually think weed makes people less ignorant, it makes us be able to see through all the bullcrap and understand what really matters.”

    Weed may or may not be a lot of things, but a vessel for automatic self-awareness and tolerance it is not. Only mental maturity (regardless of age) can achieve this.

  • pot not dope head

    I have been smoking for a long time…..
    Here is what I do.
    I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and it makes me feel alright.
    So whats the problem? ;)

  • Zoomer

    Cambrexia: It is not so much your age, as it is your lack of knowledge of things. There is a very distinct difference between intellegence and smart. Although you may be intelligent, you are by no means smart. Smart is something that you learn through experience, and I do not happen to believe that at age 15 you are smart enough to decide that you are the wisened one that you believe yourself to be. And yes, if bloggers read your entry, and think about it, yes it is comical, and should sollicit a good chuckle at least. Now please don”t get me wrong. I am not trying to demean your oppinion, or feelings, but to tell 1000’s(?) of people reading this unprotected forum that not only are you 15, but that you are also a girl. That in and of itself should be sufficiant enough to see what I am infering. You have just possibly opened this forum up to every pervert on the net to start throwing their phishing lines in the pool, and now we have to see it. So, if you want to smoke dope with your sister, parents, mailman.. I DO NOT CARE. But please, do not dilude your mind by thinking that strangers will justify you, and support you as a minor for using illegal substances. Cigarettes are legal,alcohol is legal and you still can not purchase those. So there is no difference between the readers saying it’s O.K. for a minor to imbibe in illegal activities whether the libation is alchohol, tobbacco, or drugs.

  • 547. Mom424: I didn’t mean amongst grown-ups! I simply meant in still developing brains. And I’m glad you got away with no damage starting at 16.
    I feel a bit uncomfortable with the “drug fueled stupor 24/7” statement. Was that directed at me?
    I also said there was no evidence I was aware of that pot killed brain cells, but I’d worry,* in still developing brains* about minute damage which might not show up for years.
    In fact, in still developing bodies, I’d go further, I’d worry about still developing ova.
    In fully developed bodies, I have no problem with what someone does to themselves (as long as no one else is endangered), but in a childs body (no, cambrexia, I’m not calling you a child, only your body), I do worry.

  • mattofutexas

    #548 GTT I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that it has nothing to do with marijuana or shrooms lol, it’s the natural progression of my mind; I’m not doing these in succession to build up to some harder drug. If your way of thinking is correct then you should be telling probably the majority of the United States that alcohol is a gateway drug lol. I don’t understand you at all. And way to take my post out of context, if you read on the only other thing I would even consider doing is LSD and I’m (as I SAID but clearly you don’t read whole posts before you post your idiotic responses) about 90% sure I will never try LSD, I don’t want to, but LSD isn’t harmful to your body in any way other than if you do it all the time you will go a little crazy, which I would never do. I haven’t been mean this whole time and have been reasonable throughout every post I have made but you are a fucking moron. Do your research, pretty much every pure hallucinogen is benign and not dangerous; those that aren’t I would never even consider trying. It’s people like you that make this country dumber, talking out of your ass when you know nothing and have done no research on the topic at hand. Sixth grade D.A.R.E. classes don’t count. Keep fucking correlating two different things as I said BEFORE, but clearly you missed that part too. Random correlation does not mean causation. Take statistics.


  • Voltron

    @ 548 GTT

    Neither of us were being arrogant.

    Extremely confident in what we were saying, absolutely.
    But not arrogant.

    I would consider calling another person’s statement crap is arrogant, especially if (i’m assuming) you have had no first-hand experience in the situation.

    And to refute your statement (it’s not crap, I respect your beliefs, no matter how biased they may be), I believe marijuana actually promotes mental maturity. You (or anyone who has not smoked it) cannot disprove this. Likewise, I cannot prove to you (or anyone else ignorant to the mental benefits of this plant) that this is true. I do however, through analysing its affects on me as well as others, believe it to be true.

  • jiggawhat

    552. mattofutexas – February 3rd, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Not to be a contrarian tool bag, but LSD can most certainly mess you up permanently after one use.

    Not to mention, unless you really know the person you’re getting it from, it could sort of be anything…

    However, this is coming from somebody who has taken a fair amount of LSD over the course of their lifetime, and you’re almost totally correct that only extended use will really lead to craziness.

    Hell, unless you’re dumb about it, you can basically experiment with anything once. Well, except for meth, crack, and heroin. You couldn’t pay me enough to mess with that nonsense. Speed drugs suck anyway.

  • Voltron

    LSD is a pwerful drug and I wouldn’t necessarily doubt that you could get messed up after 1 use, but it is probably very rare. Also, those that do get messed up probably just took something they thought was LSD. I read a study proving what you said, where they confiscated what was being sold as LSD and found that over half of it in the entire city (forget which city though) were other chemicals that were more harmful

  • Voltron

    I would be eager to experiment with the real thing, but would be nervous to try it seeing as I wouldn’t know what it really was.

  • GTT

    552. mattofutexas

    You seem to be missing my point which is basically that you keep moving towards (or even *consider* trying) more and more potent drugs. I´m not correlating anything, just pointing out that you seem to think you have everything under control when every post brings up the possibility of a new drug…

    STEP 1: Only weed
    STEP 2: OK, shrooms too but I can handle those
    STEP 3: well, maybe acid but I´m 90% sure I probably wont

    Now do you see my point?

    I really hope your arrogance does not bite you in your self-rightous ass. :rolls:


    553. Voltron

    Actually, I have smoked weed and I know many people who smoke weed on a regular basis as I obviously know many people who do not. Is there a higher correlation of maturity to smokers? Not in the least. To be perfectly honest, many smokers think that they become much more insightful when high which, if you ever have the dubious pleasure of hearing them while dead sober, you´ll find is pure nonsense.

    Sorry if my post before sounded a little aggressive, that was not the intention. And you know what they say about assuming… ;)

    PS- I have just one more issue with your post and I stated it way above in 452:

    “Just as a side note to all the people stating that those people who have never tried pot dont have a valid opinion on the subject…

    Does this logic hold true in all cases? Must I necessarily try heroin, cocaine, LSD, etc before I can argue its ill-effects and consequences? As a former cigarette smoker, is my opinion more valid than say, a doctor who has never smoked when he states that long-term use can cause cancer, emphysema and a host of other diseases?

    Just wondering…”

  • mattofutexas

    step 1 and step 2 were in the same post if you read it through. so I don’t know what you mean then. step 3 was my 90% confidence that I won’t try acid, and I’m not okay with trying anything else. I never said only weed. I said weed didn’t lead me to try shrooms. go ahead and say “90% sure I probably won’t” too, I said I’m 90% I will never do it, not that I am 90% sure I PROBABLY won’t. keep skewing things when I have stated my meaning multiple times. Call me arrogant and self-righteous because I called you out, I think I’ve been pretty reasonable and far from arrogant in all my posts except the last one.

    idiots like you will keep arguing the point even when what was said was clearly stated for you to see. keep talking about other drugs when all I mentioned was acid.

    I don’t know how you live, or what kind of fucking stupid people you know, but I know myself, and acid is the only other thing I would even consider trying in my lifetime. With a 90% chance that I won’t. I haven’t changed any of my posts other than to add that acid would be the only other thing I would ever even consider, and at that highly unlikely. Anything else to say so I can repeat myself one more time for you?

  • mattofutexas

    I think arrogance and self-righteousness shows when you repeat your argument multiple times when it’s been shot down and disregarded with statements I made even before you made the argument to begin with. To quote you in 548, “If that is not the definition of a gateway drug, what is?”… I think that’s saying that you’re CORRELATING weed with causing me to want to try other drugs later, meaning it’s a GATEWAY drug. Step 1 and Step 2 for you, for your own argument lol. So don’t say you’re not correlating anything when you did earlier. Keep taking my sentences out of context, keep skewing what I said so you can fix your argument to at least even look okay when I shoot it down repeatedly.

  • mattofutexas

    and if anyone would like to tell me or show me evidence about how acid is bad for you other than if you were prone to HPPD or mental disorders as it is, I really would like to know. Not saying it in an arrogant way, I’m actually curious, because as I understand it that’s about it, and I could very well be incorrect.

  • mattofutexas

    also, another little statement that is wrong from most experiences I know GTT, you talk like I’m speaking about moving on to harder and harder drugs. From what I know from MANY people, acid is not as crazy as shrooms. To each his own, I’m sure there are people that think acid is more crazy, but they’re crazy in different ways, and I think from what I have heard from the majority of people shrooms is definitely more intense. but shrooms fit my personality. acid from what I understand does not. that’s why I don’t care to do it.

  • Zoomer

    The fact is that you can get addicted to ANYTHING. Be it heroin to Pepsi Cola. There are phisical addictions, and mental addictions. Some say there are both, and that both go hand and hand. While I was in the navy, I was at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)for training. This was during the Haitian refugee crisis. There were Haitians being held by the thousands before there were the terrorist detainees. Every meal, the Coast guard (That was who was responsible for them, and the refugees were detained aboard the various Coast Guard ships, and “Tent Cities”) would feed them only red beans and rice, with no meat or any extravagant ingredients. I had gone aboard one of the Cutters on buisiness and asked one of the cooks why they only get beans and rice. He said in their country, that is pretty much all they have ever eaten, and their bodies have become so dependant on the simple food items that they could not tolerate anything else. For an example he gave me, they were celibrating Thanksgiving about the same time that they picked up a couple of dozen refugees adrift in the I.O.. They gladly shared their meal with the refugees and it was the biggest mess they had ever expierienced. Every one of the got so sick that some of them actually almost died. There was crap everywhere as the meal had a really gastronomical nightmare effect on them. Adddiction is addiction, mentally or phisically.

  • Voltron

    @ 562. Zoomer

  • Voltron

    Sure, you can get addicted to anything. However, the addiction of marijuana, as with other things that you can (but not certainly) get addicted to, is not harmful. So marijuana is not addicting in the sense of the myth here, where you actually need something (like coffee or alcohol or painkiller medicine) to get by. And in the case of the refugees, that is not an addiction. That is a physical adaptation to their surroundings, their stomachs had adapted to the food it was digesting. And when you remove something from the surroundings it has adapted to, if it cannot adapt to its new surroundings quick enough it cannot survive, or not be healthy at least. So that story is not one of addiction.

  • Voltron

    @577 GTT

    No, this logic does not hold for all cases. For example as you stated you don’t need to have tries those drugs to know they were harmful. That is science, and it is undisputable. The scientific studies done on marijuana (disregarding those that are biased or propaganda or both) usually show that marijuana is harmless, which is why I will continue to use it.

    However, just because this logic does not pertain to all cases does not mean it does not pertain to this one. There is no way that someone who has not tried it could explain its effects on thinking and the way that you percieve the world around you. So in this case, yes people who have tried it would have better knowledge of marijuana in its entirety than someone who has not.

    Also, by this effect on thinking I don’t mean just thinking your a genius while your baked. I mean its lasting effect on how you see your world. However, I do believe this lasting effect is only beneficial if you use weed in moderation. I used to be a pothead, smoked at least twice a day everyday. I have now slowed down to about once a week, so I’ve noticed how this effect is beneficial. However I did not see any extra harm done by smoking more heavily, I just did not have the positive effects of using it in moderation. It had not effected my schoolwork or marks, which had oddly enough gone up steadily the more I used marijuana it seemed, not to mention first getting on Honour Roll the same semester I fist started smoking.

    So I’m just wondering, as you have stated you have tried marijuana and been around people who have used it, why do you have an objection to it?

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  • Zoomer

    What i was trying to convey was that addictions can be anything, and addictions are bad. Let’s say for an example, You eat a large bag of Doritos every day for ten years (Health issues aside) are Doritos addictive? You quit cold turkey,so to speak, and your body is going to go through some sort of withdraw, because your body has become dependant on this and has actually worked around the continued influx of that substance. Same with Marijuana, red beans and rice, or anything entered into the human body. So in that, Anything can be phisically addictive as well as mentally. You can become mentally addicted to every facet of life. Anything done out of habit can be construed as addiction. For example, You go to the ball park frequently. You go to the restroom and you will use the same urinal/stall every time. If someone else is utilizing it at that moment, some will in fact wait untill that person has vacated it, even if there are other avaikable facilities. If they utilize another, then they do not feel comfortable. So in a sense, habit is a mental addiction. Dope if smoked everyday for 10 years, and then is quit cold turky, the body WILL have withdraws the same as Dorito withdraws. I can not type fast, so the thoughts are faster than the fingers, but I do hope that you at least get the jest of what oi am trying to convey. If not, tell me because I do believe that dope is physically addictive, but perhaps not as much as heroin, or crack, but addictive.

  • GTT

    565. Voltron

    I actually dont have an objection to it per say. If you read my posts above I´ve stated that I dont have a problem with people if they want to smoke it, I just dont like it for me (and the whole not wanting to be around people smoking thing has more to do with the fact that I dont want to be around it if some cop decides to show up and arrest everyone for possesion! :) ). That doesnt mean I´m going to endorse it either.

    Anyway, in regards to my use, I just decided I dont want to do shit that might cause damage to my body. It started with no weed ever again, took the next step to only 3 cups of coffee a week (I´m still trying to cut down some more but easy does it!), followed by quitting smoking cigs cold turkey…

    I guess I figured I didnt really need some drug (nicotine, caffeine, etc) to affect my state of mind. I need to relax? I read a book or meditate. I need energy? I go out for a run. Look for healthy alternatives and I have to say I dont miss any of the things I´ve quit AT ALL. I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better…

    You live, you grow out of things, you move on. :)

  • GTT


    Either I´m not making myself clear, or you refuse to see my point. In any case, we´ve both stated our arguments numerous times and are still getting no where. To be honest, I´m not really all that interested in what you decide to do with your life. Try drugs, dont try drugs, it´s your choice, I dont care. This little *debate* (with your snide little insults thrown in for good measure) has bored me.

    Good luck with college and your life.

  • Voltron

    Yeah that’s the reason I stopped smoking so often, because some cop did show up and arrest everyone for possession. We all got let off the hook though and only got off with a warning. It still sucked (with me being 17 and all I had more to worry about than charges, like my parents, and getting suspended from school which doesn’t help too much when your trying to keep up a high average) bad enough to convince me to stop smoking so often, I figured the less I smoked the less chance I had of getting caught again.

    So I guess we’ve kinda reached a conclusion, those that want to use it will, and those that don’t want to won’t, and no amount of debate is going to change their minds.

  • My youngest daughter went to a Preforming Arts high school; very difficult to get into and just as difficult to stay in. They did not tolerate drinking or drugs, your marks had to remain high (3.0 or higher), and you had to be active in at least two of the musical groups. Not to mention the school day (without counting after-school rehearsals for upcoming performances)was a.m to 4:30 p.m.
    One day in her second year there, (it was a 4 year program) I got a call from the West Hollywood Sheriffs Dept. to tell me they had my daughter in custody for the use of marijuana . Would I please come down and fetch her?
    Of course I immediately jumped into the car and headed to West Hollywood, breaking a few speed laws on the way.
    They gave us a private room in which we could talk. So the first thing I asked her was did she smoke pot on campus that day?
    Had she smoked pot within the past month?
    Are you 100% positive?
    Okay. We’ll get this straightened out.
    We walked out and I said I was ready to take my child home. Were there any charges?
    No. The cop on duty had seen the girl with my daughter smoking, but had not seen my daughter smoke. No charges. But of course she was guilty.
    No, I said, I asked her if she had and she said no.
    And you believe her? the sheriff asked, as if I had just said I believed in the tooth-fairy.
    Of course, I said, she would have no reason to lie to me.
    We went immediately to the hospital and had a drug panel run, which came up perfectly clean. We drove to her school (which was about to expel her)and showed them the test results.
    The other girl got expelled. My daughter got a two day suspension for cutting class.
    A couple of points here: because we had such an open and honest relationship, I was able to get an honest answer from her regarding the pot, thus saving her place at school. I knew she occasionally used, so I knew how to frame the questions. She knew I’d fight for her, no matter what, but since she was innocent there was no way I’d let her down, and she knew this to the marrow of her bones.
    Yeah, I was a single parent almost their entire lives ( 4, 5, 7 ), and I would, and did, fight tooth and nail to protect them. They had their little fling with experimenting, found it lacking in excitement, and carried on. Because I didn’t make a big thing out of it, neither did they. There was nothing to rebel against. I was boring.

  • GTT

    570. segue

    You sound like a cool mom. I love my parents to death but I think they would have flipped if something like that had happened to me. Yes, they probably would have done everything in their power to help me but I would have still been grounded for cutting class! ;)

  • 571. GTT: To be honest, I thought she’d been amply punished; handcuffed and hauled away from school in front of her friends; taken to the sheriffs station where she was kept in cuffs and questioned by people who assumed her quilt; being almost kicked out of her beloved school (which she had to work hard to get into in the first place!)…no, GTT, that child had been through the ringer. She didn’t need any more from me.

  • be_free


    let me guess, your daughter (and you) are white :). if not, you’re certainly an exception from the statistics. btw, kudos to you for handling a tough situation excellently.

  • be_free

    it’s funny – the pharmaceutical companies are hard selling us on how we need to vaccinate our babies against diseases that don’t exist that contains all sorts of toxix metal, strains of human fetus tissue, or animal embryo tissue – and school psychologists are quick with labeling kids with misc. behavioral disorders that requires very strong psychotropic drugs – and adults are popping muscle relaxers, and anti-anxiety medicine like candy — and still weed is being perpetrated as the big gateway, mind altering, dangerous toxic substance for some.


    sure, weed like any other substance can be abused of not handled in a balanced way, but so can aspirin.

    stop blaming the substance, and start looking at individual behavior, and indivdual tolerance. bottomline, we are all different. some can smoke weed and function, some can’t. some can smoke cigarettes all day long, some can’t (I can’t). some people drink coffee all day long, i prefer one cup in the morning, some get jumpy and can’t sleep.

    sure, there are dirty irresponsible coming across as unintelligent, having a hard time to quite b/c they can’t deal with their life type of stoner. and there are such people in the over eating department as well (last time I looked 60% of americans were over weight, and half of them obese).

    then there are people like me, many of my friends, my father, most of his friends, and just a ton of people that i’ve met throughout my life that have a very healthy relationship to mj. the vast majority, i’d say (in my 20 years being exposed to mj in different situations, after living in 4 different countries – i’m 43 yo). so let’s not look at the minority who most likely have misc social problems, or come from torn backgrounds and how they relate to weed. let’s look at the vast majority that you never hear of.

    if it was up to misc anonymus groups there’s not much anythin of us can do, drink alcohol, gamble, or surf the internet for that matter (b/c you know that internet surfing can be considered an addiction right).

    to quote the valley girls – whatever.


  • 573. be_free: You’re right, we’re white. What statistics are you referring to? Could be a whole pile of them.
    1 – I was a single, working mother.
    2 – She was going to a predominately “other” racially balanced school. I say “other”, because there were far more African Americans ans Asians than whites.
    I could go on, but this gives you a start.
    And thanks for the kudos! I only did what I felt was right as a parent; and as a parent to this particular child.

  • Neminem

    I really want the sources for this shite.

    How does one conduct reliable research on a minority that is likely to not be on any census?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is nothing but a lot of twisted words from, potentially, very bad sources.

    I know marijuana is not the devil spawn or anything, but, come on – some of these are were written with a very strong prejudice.

  • be_free


    statistic… nothing scientific, and it’s really a different topic all together that has nothing to do with who you are as an individual, so i’m not going to elaborate on it. the most importatn thing is that your daughter didn’t get scarred or disadvantaged by this incident, so stay strong single mama — the world need more strong women like you.

  • davius_maximus

    you missed one key point, marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant

  • Crimanon

    davius: THC is the drug, who really cares about the plant. Aspirin is just as much a plant derivative as THC. You should really know what you put into your body.

  • davius_maximus

    oh sorry, didnt realise you were referring to thc and not the plant itself.

  • Crimanon

    With everyone talking about getting High? How could you possibly miss what we are talking about.

    Plants are legal, substances in them may not be. That is why weed is illegal. Take away the THC and what do you have? A weird ass hemp plant.


  • Bonger

    Well, nice list — sort of. Many of the ‘points’ YOU are making should also be classed as ‘myths’ since you did not support them with actual data or studies. You used non-specific terminology such as “most” or “many” etc. So, lets take them in order: 10) Fat Storage – You’re assertion on this point is correct, THC does not cause or exacerbate fat storage. UCLA study done in 1987. 9) Memory Loss – As worded this is simply your opinion, in fact in NUMEROUS studies (too many to cite here) Cannabis does indeed cause long-term memory loss. The memory loss – cannabis link is actually not disputed at all by medical science. 8) Scientific Proof of harm — well, you state there is no ‘scientific consensus’ on whether it is harmful. Hate to break it to you, but science doesn’t work by “consensus”, science works on empirical evidence, which will support one set of facts or another. Fact is, cannabis IS harmful to your health, but no more so than many ‘legal’ substances. 7) Loss of Motivation — People who make such a claim are just ridiculous anyway. Motivation is a personal attribute that is independent of any substances you imbibe. Granted, one has diminished motivation while using cannabis, but then the same could be said for someone gorging on a 20 oz T-Bone. 6) Crime – Well, dude, your conclusion is about right, but your logic in getting there is off base. You took a set of beliefs and tried to make a statistic, it doesn’t work. For the argument, just ignore the fact that cannabis users are classed as criminals, it still remains that a majority of convicted criminals are in fact regular users of cannabis. However, that does NOT prove that cannabis was the CAUSE of their criminal behavior. Which, I believe is the point you are trying to make. 5) Braindead – Well, your first statement is wholly incorrect, YES cannabis kills brain cells! But then, so does drinking alcohol (which kills far more), and eating potatoes (which kills a few less). And brain cells also just die on their own. Will you become ‘retarded’ if you toke too much? Not likely, but it is certain that you will have more difficulty with brain function. That according to 3 separate studies by Johns Hopkins, one in 1980-1985, revised in ’93, and another, one year study in 2001. All three of these were done on long-term daily users. 4)Gateway drug – Essentially an unproven point. There actually have not been any conclusive studies done on this, the ones that have been done, at best, can only make the claim that there is a 50% probability that a regular cannabis user will experiment with, or try, a harder drug. Likewise, one could claim that 50% of cannabis users WON’T try a harder drug. 3) Modern Potency — Well you got one right. Bravo. 2) Lung Damage – Wow! Two in a row! You’re spot on there chum. and finally 1) Addiction — Well, you couldn’t manage three in a row. Sorry, but like #9, there are NUMEROUS studies indicating Marijuana is addictive. There is a caveat, and that may be what you are trying to say. The caveat is that THC is not a strong “chemically addictive” substance, it IS chemically addictive, just not much, a dependence level slightly less than caffeine. However, persons predisposed to addiction (gamblers, drunks, smokers, sex addicts, etc) who choose to use cannabis regularly will likely become addicted to it. It becomes the addiction of choice. The addiction is thus a ‘mental’ addiction, as opposed to a heroin type ‘chemical addiction’. However, it is proven that ‘mental addiction’ is MUCH harder to get over than a chemical addiction.

  • Chumly

    I am now 56 and smoked marijuana for years. I did not smoke cigarettes only marijuana. I did have to quit because it did effect my lungs but only because I smoked it like a person smokes cigarettes. I also use to smoke it to get rid of headaches and it worked. I have not smoked for about 19 years and I miss it because it helped with my headaches. I agree with what is written here. Like anything else if it is overused like I overused it it could be harmful, then again it does have medical uses. A relative of mine used it because he had emphysema and got it from the government back in the 50’s and early 60’s. It helped him and he lived to be 84.

  • Voltron

    @ 576. Neminem

    What do you mean minority that is not likely to be on any census?

    Look up your facts, in Canada 51% of people have admitted to smoking marijuana. Im not sure what it is for the U.S. (or where ever you live), but it is bound to be nearly the same. That would be a majority.

    And not likely to be on any census? What? Why would pot smokers not be on a census? Do they somehow get skipped? They are citizens too, which means they take part in the census.

  • Joshua

    I agree that the time wasted is a serious side effect of partaking in the reefer. When I was younger I did it quite often and if I could have one thing back it would be the time sitting on the couch watching b movies and bad tv. Looking back on it though I would not change the fact that I did. It hasn’t harmed my health, I’m not on other drugs like pot opened the floodgates. It actually opened my mind to many things I was unaware of, like the cruelties of partisan politics and the brainwashing of certain programs (DARE and others) that I feel did nothing but scare the hell out of me as a kid. I can’t see telling someone else they can’t do something with their own body, that would just be hypocritical. To all the people out there who think anyone who has ever used pot is a loser or some jackass then unfortunately you are gravely mistaken. George Washington himself grew pot, just look it up. And to anyone who “doesn’t” take drugs, let’s see what happens when you have a year prognosis or you take a “drug” one with side effects much worse than what you currently experience. Where is Randall for god sakes?

  • Joshua

    “*and you take a drug,” see I’m making more grammatical errors than the stoners haha.

  • Joshua

    One more potent point before I drift off into sleep for the evening, you will only live maybe eighty years of this life if you are lucky. Be sure to try everything you want to try this time around, because there is no proof that there will be a next time. Just because you aren’t brave enough to explore the unknown doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be allowed to.

  • Zoomer

    In response to #578; so is coca. and most of the other illegal drug derivitives. DUH!

  • Voltron

    582. Bonger

    You mind taking the time to break up that massive wall of text? Abd they say the stoners are lazy…

    And also to back up my previous point of the mind-expanding abilities of pot, here a little tidbit of information: Carl Sagan admitted to being an “avid pot smoker”.

  • 577. be_free: @segue: statistic… nothing scientific,…the most importatn thing is that your daughter didn’t get scarred or disadvantaged by this incident, so stay strong single mama — the world need more strong women like you.
    They are all grown up now, and through Uni, with advanced degrees. One thing I did, that wouldn’t be right for many women, was that I decided when their dad and I divorced, that under no circumstances would I even date until they were all out of high school. I promised them all of my attention and love. It was a bond that worked, both ways.
    My eldest, a daughter, has her own 2 year old, and though I know she can’t possibly remember how I interacted with her, I see her interacting with her own child exactly the same way. Subconscious memory. I raised two strong daughters, and a strong, yet tender son.
    I feel fulfilled.

  • charles

    This was clearly made by a pothead. They give facts for their arguments but aren’t backed up by anything.

  • turtle

    nice, i read almost all of them before. comments on a post about marijuana are the only comments i have ever seen get longer then a few words lol. more people smoke marijuana then you think, they just get better at hiding it.

  • Zoomer

    #587…. You are right in the respect that you should try as much as possible before you depart this world. But lets take it a little at a time. Let’s take in the age factor. Are you saying that by the age of 14-16-18-20, you should have experienced every mind altering drug known to man kind? there is a reason, believe it or not, that cigarettes and alcohol are illegal for “Minors”. how about people get their 22 year old stoner asses out of mom and dad’s basement first. Get a life, then enjoy everything that god has to offer. Experiment is part of growing up. We would not be where we are today without it. Hell even Bill Gates probably fired up in colledge, or maybe even now. But get the priorites set first, and you can not get that at 15.

  • Voltron

    @ Zoomer

    He never said anything about trying everything at a young age.

    And don’t even try to tell the stoners to get a life and get off the couch, I can’t stand when people do that. People will be lazy and unsuccessful or motivated and successful, it depends on the person not whether or not they smoke pot.

  • Zoomer

    The problem was that he DID NOT specify. I did not say anything about stoners, I said “22 Year old stoners who live in their mom and dad’s basement”. If you are going to come to Champion someone elses blogs, please do not take out of context the authors words. If by the comment “Stoner” you are upset, then I appologize. If you can not understand the meaning of the content of my blog entry, then please feel free to ask questions, afterall, it is an open and honest forum.
    To remark on your post, If YOU are a 20 something STONER living on your MOTHERS couch, then you have clearly started the entire spectrum of experimental experence a little too soon, and may want to forgo it a while untill you do get your self off the couch and be a little productive. If this does not pertain to you, then this was not meant for you. I had just believed that because you were also championing for STONERS also that you were possibly akin to them.

  • empress of all

    woo hoo….i left a comment way back in the two-forties…and here we are…no gain for either side and no middle ground..lots a good canards,name callin’..and polarized fanatics…..beggin pleadin’screamin’…we got it all right here…ya have to look hard for anything thats impartial tho’…..thats a pity…the mob mentality drownin’ the voice of reason

  • Herbalizer 420

    Smokin’ weed, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that son.

  • Voltron


    I am in no way offended by the word stoner. I am offended by the way you assume that weed turns you into a failure.

    And I know the context of your original post, it was to say that somebody should not start experimenting with drugs at a young age, please correct me if I am wrong. But if you are going to use a stereotype to prove a point, I have a problem with that.

  • turtle

    Phelps got caught smoking weed at a party recently and now hes going to loose lots of money and sponsors, and people are going to judge him all because he took a hit out of a bong at a party.

  • SoCalJeff

    As far as Phelps goes…he’s lost one sponsor…Kellogg’s and he’s probably lost only them because Kellogg’s sells to a market that MIGHT care that he took a hit from a bong. His other sponsors are staying with him.

    I was personally surprised that the story was as big as it was. If anything, in the US, the numbers of acceptance of marijuana continues to grow if you believe polls. Eventually it will be legalized imho…only a matter of time.

  • Zoomer


    Now to other comments. Michael Phelps should in every respect be the perfect example of dope not being that bad for you. I mean , He broke world recors, is in physically good shape. he probably fires up the bong when he has no better things to do, and probably in moderation. Getting stoned is perfectly fine, when done in moderation. But if your famous, best not to do it in public. My Space is full of “Oh God I wish I hadn’t done thats”. Kid’s get suspended from school, expelled from sports teams and generally create a very bad spot in their lives because the U.S. Government treats stoners like criminals in the same catagory possessers of heroin and crack. They sometimes get stiffer penalties than murderers, thieves and baby rapers. Dope is a personal crime(WHY), not one to ruin peoples lives over. People have been fired from jobs because their mugs end up on web sites smokin’ the gangi’. But understand that, like alcohol, I believe that if legalized, it should still be concidered illegal for minors to use,posess, or buyand sell. Alcohol to minors (Which I think should go back down to 18 if you serve in the Armed Forces).

  • 600. SoCalJeff: bong!?! OMG! I thought the story said he was caught with a *dong* in his mouth!

  • Kase

    601. Zoomer. I see what ya mean. Read this

    “Senator Phil Gramm had proposed denying federal welfare benefits, including food stamps, to anyone convicted of a drug crime, even a misdemeanor. Gramm’s proposal was endorsed by a wide variety of senators-including liberals such as Barbara Boxer, Tom Harkin, Patrick Leahy, and Paul Wellstone. A revised version of the amendment, limiting the punishment to people convicted of a drug felony, was incorporated into the welfare bill signed by President Clinton during the presidential campaign. Possessing a few ounces of marijuana is a felony in most states, as is growing a single marijuana plant. As a result, Americans convicted of a marijuana felony, even if they are disabled, may no longer receive federal welfare or food stamps. Convicted murderers, rapists, and child molesters, however, will continue to receive these benefits.”

    Screwed up isn’t it?

    This was taken from

  • Casey

    purple kush is good, so is northern lights, AK, shit dude, it ain’t no joke when it comes to the chronic brah

  • jDage

    I am an avid toker and I love your list. Some of the claims on it are controversial, but what isn’t. For awhile I smoked much higher than average amounts daily but have cut back my use due to money issues and a falling out with the brotha I used to toke with. I can honestly say I don’t really feel any different then I did before I started toking all the time. The only difference is I do cough up a bit more phlegm than normal but nothing really worrisome. I stopped smoking for awhile after I went about a year of a very high* daily intake of marijuana to see if I would have any withdrawal symptoms and I had zero. Marijuana = not addictive.

  • jDage

    Casey, I like your choices, purple kush is a nice treat but a little pricey for me sometimes. NL is easily my favorite outdoor strain and I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of trying any AK though I have heard only the best about it. My personal favorite I think would have to be white widow followed by some high quality blueberry or some always amazing silver haze.

  • Merlin

    Nice list… dont know how true it is tho… would like to believe all of it is

    Some of the worlds finest is from India… believe me… I mean we invented the damn thing… he he…

    and u wonder why we came up with 10,000 gods in multicolour; sporting 15 heads and 10 sets of arms…

  • Zoomer

    It may all change, President Obama has called for the immediate stop to the D.E.A.’s raiding of State sanctioned legal Marijuana labs. ( See “The do-nothing president?” at he insists that the Federal Governments intrusion on State legalized Laws is not only an intrusion and unconstitutional, but a waste of tax payers money. The Government always loses these type of cases, and the taxpayers end up footing the legal bills. The D.E.A. targets these type of Lab’s because they are easy marks. Hell, all they have to do is go to a public access site, and it will give you the address, and phone number. Now if we can get the new President to say that it is NOT a Felony to posess marijuana in this country,then the States will follow suit, because of Popular vote’s. How do you think they got Prohibition llaws taken away?

  • Mikayla

    I, myself, am proof that #1 isn’t true.
    Living in the stoner capital of California, I was offered marijuana many times before I actually tried it, and when I would decline I would hear things like “it isn’t bad for you” and “it’s not addictive”. Curious, I went on google and looked up “marijuana facts” and from all the links I read, it seemed like marijuana was the dream drug: no lung damage, no effect on death age, no brain damage, and no chance of dependence. So I tried it. And guess what I found out! Everything I had heard about marijuana was wrong, wrong, wrong!
    I’ve been smoking for only 2 years, and my life has changed dramatically. I’ve gained over 100 lbs (no joke), my lungs are so damaged I can barely breath, which as you can imagine can be scary at times, I lose my “train of thought” at least once per sentence, I’ve lost all but 1 of my friendships (which I believe has to do with how dull and boring I’ve become in the last 2 years), I’ve spent thousands, possibly over a million, dollars on weed and have emptied out all the money my mother had set aside for my future, and my garage (in a rented house!) forever reeks of marijuana. Not to mention, the worst effect of my addiction in my opinion, is the loss of my writing ability. I used to write beautiful poems that truly touched people and made a few people even cry, and planned to be a writer for my career, but now when I write a poem it’s awefull! I havn’t written a full poem since I started smoking simply because I start to write it and get so angry with the current level of my talent that I usually rip up the paper and cry.
    I’ve tried to quit many many times, once I actually went 4 days without smoking (the longest I’ve gone without it), and I’m still trying, but I’ve accepted the fact that I’m addicted and was terribly misinformed about this drug. I know that no stoner wants to hear this, for they already know it’s true, but marijuana is addictive. It does in fact damage your lungs, erase your brain cells, and effect your memory, even when you’ve been sober for days!
    How much I need marijuana scares me. I thought it was only possible to be this addicted to a narcotic or something really extreme, but not weed. Not something that grows in the ground, is endorsed my most musical artists, and has entire stores dedicated to it. Not safe, natural, good ol’ marijuana. But I was wrong, everyone was wrong.
    The point of this post is not to bash marijuana, because I’m addicted to it so obviously I understand how good it feels, but simply to inform either casual smokers or nonsmokers considering trying it out about my experience because it’s possible that they could encounter the same if they’re not careful.
    I believe that seeing is believing, and therefore wanted to try every drug once just for the sake of knowledge. I’ve tried meth, coke, alcohol, ecstasy, whip-its, salvia, numerous prescription pills, even heroin, and shockingly the only one I became addicted to was marijuana.
    So be aware of the possibilities before you begin experimenting, and after you try a drug for the first time, wait a few weeks before you do it again, for this will drastically reduce the chances of becoming addicted. Thats what I did with meth, salvia, and alcohol, and lucky me, I’m not addicted to any of them! So be careful, experiment if you wish, and spread the word:

    weed IS addictive!

  • 609. Mikayla: There is such a thing as an addictive personality. Obviously you suffer from this disorder.
    It’s not a blame game. It’s a real neurological disorder, over which you have no control. That’s the frightening part. Any of us could be the victim of this disorder and be unaware of it until it’s too late.
    I am not a sufferer of this disorder, which is good news as I have to take large doses of opiates on a daily basis. I know for a fact that if a cure for my disease were found, and the need for my large, daily doses were no longer required, I would have the bodily addiction to break, but there is no psychological addiction at all…after 12 years.
    Of my 3 children (now adults), one has an addictive personality. She knows how carefully she has to be with what she puts into her body. She does not smoke – anything – and is careful with alcohol.
    Please, Mikayla, don’t be down on yourself. You have recognized your problem, and that is the first step in ridding yourself of it. Find yourself an NA program near you and attend as often as you need to, several times a day if that’s what it takes. You *CAN* take back your life. It will take work, and suffering, and tears. But at the other side is YOU. Aren’t *you* worth it?
    I think you are.
    I know you are.
    Go for it Mikayla, go for it. If you don’t , everything is lost, if you do, everything is gained. You control the outcome. Only you.

  • Mikayla

    If I have an addictive personality, why am I not addicted to all the other drugs I’ve tried? Did you even read my whole post? If you had, you would be aware that I am in fact working on my addiction and you would also be aware that the whole point of my post was to inform others of the possible effects of daily marijuana usage and to suggest to them ways that they can smoke without becoming addicted.

    Please, everyone, don’t be offended by my post. I’m fully aware of how good marijuana feels and I enjoy it as much as the rest of you. But if I come on here and say “Woo marijuana is great legalize it and smoke it all the time!” I would be putting others in the same misguided position that I was in when I started smoking. All I’m trying to do is help by informing others of the possibilities, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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  • Voltron

    I have said previously that marijuana only does to you what you let it. Unfortunately, you have let it screw over your life, possibly because of what could be your addictive personality.

    Also, I think that you have become addicted to it because you accepted that you had. And you gained 100 pounds? More proof that you have an addictive personality, you are addicted to food. And you obviously have no self-control or reason if you have tried all those other drugs.

    I have been smoking three years, and my lungs are perfectly fine. I even went to the doctor to see. You may be over-reacting a little.

    And marijuana is not addictive, I went from 3 time a day, everyday toker to weekly toker in 1 day, with no withdrawal symptoms at all, I just had to “say no”, which you are unable to do for some reason.

    And to make you feel better, new research shows that the brain is able to repair damage, so your memory and brain cells will rejuvenate in time.

  • Zoomer


    over a million dollars? On weed? Come on. No way. There is no way on Gods Green Earth that you spent over a million dollars on weed. You would have to smoke about 11 ounces a day, every day, 24 hours a day. I do not care how much it costs in your hood, you are getting ripped off. hell, paris Hilton probably has not spent over a million bucks on the chronic, and you know she does it, and she could eat a million dollars on a plate as a salad and not miss it. I am sorry, I have to call you on this one. Maybe you can sell it to Dr. Phil. Anyone who smokes weed should know better than this. You went a little too far there and now you confirmed my suspision that all you wanted to do was elicit a response by cooking up the fib by your entry #611. The true tell of an outright lie is the “OH Yea” factor. Caught in a lie, you try to reinforce it with the “Oh yea, well what about the”. So Mikayla, Please.

  • empress of all

    mikayala is a bible thumpin’ fraud tryin’ to to be a playa….some 16year old who is tryin’ to save yer souls….

  • 611. Mikayla: Yes, Mikayla, I did read your entire post. That is one thing I am well known for here on LV. Apparently, so did Voltron, Zoomer, and empress of all. They not only read your entire post, but in your reaction found, as did I, that you were not truthful in your original post. I was willing to overlook the million dollars as hyperbole to make a point, but now I see it for what it was.
    I still say find NA and attend, but I no longer care if you do or not.

  • Zoomer All those in favor, say aye. Those apposed, good for you. this is turning out to be quite a cool forum for what people believe in when it comes to the chronic. (Marijuana). We really do not need the adverse untruths form a fairy tale, or as empress says Bible Thumpers. Don’t get me wrong, hell yea I would like to here from that factor of oppinions, as long as they are not deceitful, or condeming. If you are deceitful, and you get called on it, rebuke by all means, but be prepared to keep getting called on it by the people who know. Ignorance is O.K. stupidity is ignorance ignored.

  • JR

    Empress of all, Why are you calling Mikayla a bible thumpin’ fraud tryin’ to to be a playa? She didn’t mention anything about the Bible or being a Christian. The first time I read her comment I knew that it was not true. The same for you Zoomer. Just wanna know.

  • JR

    JFrater – What list had the most comments? Is this the most or are there other one with more?

  • Voltron

    There is a list of most rated comments, hasn’t been updated in over a year I think though. This is easily in the top 5 though.

  • Crimanon

    JR: We’re not Even close. Misconceptions about the bible(?), for a start. Some one I’m sure will come in with a correction or different list for you to check out.

    There’s is at least one list sitting at about Two Grand.

  • Ty S

    8 & 2] Health: The inhaling of any carcinogen IS bad for one’s health – period.

    6]Crime: Most statistics linking crime and marijuana refer to the trafficking and trade, therefore, this “misconception” is misleading and misrepresented – they do not imply that marijuana pushes people to crime. That being said, I it could be argued that someone with a psychological propensity for smoking pot will be inclined to engage in other socially and culturally unproductive / miscreant behavior, even though these behaviors are not necessarily linked.

  • Voltron

    @621. Ty s

    Who are those that have a propensity for smoking pot? Are they one and the same with those that want to distort their consciousness to have a little fun?

    If so, then anyone who drinks alcohol (a PROVEN socially and culturally unproductive activity) should also be more likely to commit a crime than someone who doesn’t. With the amount of people who drink, the world should be chalk full of crime. Thankfully, that is not the case.

    And it is not the case with pot smokers either, as anyone who knows a pot smoker has realized. We are too full of love to bring any harm to society. Why do you think most of us are against war?

  • JR

    Voltron – The reason that most pot smokers are against war is because they do not want to deal with reality. Whether it is because they can’t take reality or choose to not want to deal with reality. Diplomacy does not always work. It is not love. I know plenty of smokers and they are just as violent (when they are not smoking, of course) as anyone else.

  • Voltron

    Pot smokers aren’t against war because they “can’t deal with reality”. That is possibly the most ignorant statement I have seen yet. They are against war because they see it as an immoral genocide. What would be the reality that they are ignoring? The fact that millions of people are losing their lives? I think the pot smokers seem to be more in touch with reality than many others.

  • JR

    Why is war immoral? I am talking about war in general, not any specific one. If someone is killing your citizens then why is it immoral to defend yourself. Should we let Hitler conquer the world or stop him as we did? I would say your comment is the ignorant statement. Yes, I agree some wars are wrong for the one who attacked first, but it is immoral to not defend yourself.

  • JR

    I just can’t stop thinking how ignorant Voltron’s comment that war is immoral. I don’t know where he is from but in America I can think of at least two wars that were moral. How about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. They freed us from the oppressive British and freed the slaves. I guess Voltron likes supports owning slaves. I would bet that there were other wars around the world that was moral.

  • Crimanon

    how about dealing with racism in the Porn list?

  • Voltron

    Because I am opposed to war means I support owning slaves? Wow, such logic.

    To clarify, if someone comes to my country (Canada), I will for sure defend myself, I’m obviously not going to let my country die. But I will not support a war where we are the invaders.

    And Crimanon is right.
    The topic is weed, not war.

  • empress of all

    j.r. how old are you??,….a person doesn’t have to say they are a bible thumper to be one…..and mickalaya was using a classic bible thump….pretending something with no real knowledge…pure scare tactics…leavin’ out the bible was just a cover……AND i see mickalaya has not responded to the comment…that alone speaks volumes

  • JR

    Empress of all, I am 40. Come on, many people and organizations “pretend something with no real knowledge” without having anything to do with the Bible. Can’t Mickalaya just be against smoking pot and write a stupid comment? Trying to scare people is not Bible Thumping.

    Voltron, so you agree that it is justifiable (moral) to defend yourself from an attacker, which means that you have entered into a war. I was just pointing out that some wars are moral.

  • Zoomer

    JR….. Please, as I can see it, you seem to be steering the basic concept of this Forum. That being the discussion about Marijuana. I smell a bit of a Christian infiltration somewhere lurking. Religion has always used subtrafuse and illicit lies to garner out their beliefs. Show me in the History of the World, any global Wars, Riots or general civil Mayhem that has been brought out because of Marajuana? now lets see the aspect as it pertains to Religion. How many wars, atrocities, and Genocides were caused by Religions? Oh Good God, The enormaty of it would fill the memory of your computer. No where in the Bible does it say not to smoke dope. I truly am an believer of all peoples being HUMANISTS, and that the first rule (Commandment) From God would be that Thou shalt not kill in my name.

  • JiggaWhat


    626. JR – February 12th, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    I just can’t stop thinking how ignorant Voltron’s comment that war is immoral. I don’t know where he is from but in America I can think of at least two wars that were moral. How about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. They freed us from the oppressive British and freed the slaves. I guess Voltron likes supports owning slaves. I would bet that there were other wars around the world that was moral.

    SURELY we don’t need to really get into the conversation about how the Civil War was DEFINITELY not about freeing slaves…

    You need to crack open your history books bud.

    And Voltron, statements like “And it is not the case with pot smokers either, as anyone who knows a pot smoker has realized. We are too full of love to bring any harm to society. Why do you think most of us are against war?” make you look a little foolish. It’s a blanket statement with no basis on anything other than your own conjecture. That’s a dangerous game to play, and it’s impossible to take seriously.
    Actually, to the contrary, anybody who knows pot smokers know that some of the laziest, some of the most violent, and some of the craziest people in the world make a mighty habit of pot.

    In reality this argument should be about freedom of the individual to do what they wish with their person.

  • JiggaWhat

    You guys remember freedom, right? You know, that stuff we’re supposed to have instead of having to listen to a bunch of preachy, bloviating, religious-fanatic politicians tell us what is and isn’t good for us.

    I guess that really only applies to Americans.

  • JR

    Zoomer, you are mixing two comments together when they are on two different arguments. First, my comment for empress of all, was that I thought that it was funny that she thought that mickalaya was a Bible thumper just from what she said.
    Secondly, I said nothing about religion in my responce to Voltron. He said that war is immoral and I was pointing out that war is moral in some cases.
    Everyone twist or make up facts to suit there own beliefs. Look at the media and politicians for a easy start.
    By the way, the 1st Commandment is “You shall have no other gods before me.” “You should not murder” is the 6th commandment. According to what empress of all said “pretending something with no real knowledge”, maybe you should not try to quote the Bible since obviously you don’t have a real knowledge of it.

  • empress of all

    hey ya j.r. you very well could be right….like you i call it the way i see it…the fact still remains that our little buddy has neither denied nor confirm my remark….but scarin’people is bible thumpin’of the worst kind….but thats just my life experience….i will concede that there are other groups that play the same game..lets see!..nazis,k.k.k.,skinheads,conspiracy nuts,p.e.t.a.,environmentalists,democrats,republicans,and santa claus…woo hooo,did i miss anyone?

  • empress of all

    we are way way from the list now….and it is fun readin’this stuff

  • JR

    That’s a good list, empress of all. By the way, I am a conservative Christian and I am for the legalization of pot. I have never smoked it and I will probably never will even if it is legalized. I don’t think that it should be different then cigarettes and alcohol. It will be a good source of income and we can spend our money on better things, like securing the border.

  • empress of all

    hey ya j.r…..i too am conservative and was raised with a strong fundamentalist background,baptist ,and mormon….the two have a strained relationship with each other,but i don’t believe that any one holds the key to my salvation…but thats just me..all faiths are nothin’ more than bigoted self-servin’ entities out to usurp my individual sovereignty…the minute you take the banner of a group ,you must also take guilt in the atrocities that group has committed…because by joinin’ them ,you condone the atrocities by association….now before you jump to the defense….if the nazis started carin’for the poor,providin food..renouncin the bad nazis before them…just a complete turn around….you see what i see?…..not to bash your beliefs,..its just how i see the groups..and yours is one of them…but i think you and me think along the same lines else i’m glad to be havin’ this chat with you

  • JR

    empress of all – I respect your beliefs. Horrible things have happened and continue to happen under the cloak of religion. I am very criticle of the Catholic church because of it’s past and present. I personally look at Jesus as my example to live, not other people or organizations since we are all sinners.
    See you on another list.:)

  • Zoomer

    JiggaWhat… I know many (Believe me) stoners and not one of them has ever tried to irradicate an entire culture. The stoners that do harm are probably the ones who also mix their partying with alcohol, or more intense drugs. Like all drugs, there is adverse effects when mixed with alcohol.
    What this forum basically was keying to was freedom of choice, The will of the people to decide what is good for them, not the government through misguided attempts at subtrafuse, and misinformation. Religeon can be brought into this mainly because there are religions that actually promote the use of marijuana, and other types of drugs, that are incorperated into their prayer rituals. (Native Americans) The facts are that for every possitive story about marijuana, there will be many negitive rebutals.
    So, as far as religion goes, Doesn’t christianity teach somewhere to be tolerant of oyhers? Should not the people in this free Democracy be able to decide for themselves, even State by State, what should be legalized? I leave you with one last thought… Prohibition. Was it, or was it not radified by the will of the people in which that freedom was denied? Then why not marijuana?

  • 640. Zoomer: Your argument would carry a lot more weight were it not for the sad fact that there is a misspelling in virtually every sentence.

  • Zoomer

    seague…again with the misdirection. Now maybe I will run my entries by you for proof reading first. That was a very low comment, and the fact that I can not spell worth a crap sometimes when I am typing too fast is not the issue. Did you not get the jest of the post? Are you one of those perfectionists that think because something mayhap of been misspelled that it should be dismissed? Your critisism of my post should have been on the overall comment, not the gramer. Sorry Teach. I’ll break out the Funk and Wagnal next time so as not to insult you majestic perfection. or maybe I will just continyou too misspell wurds joust too piss yu off. I m saurry thet Eye hafe hert yur cents of peurfectun “SHELDO” butt weez hear n ohi arn’t maibee az edumacated as yooz un’s frum waht evr stayt yooz iz frum. BITE ME, Byte Me, Buy-t Me

  • crazysquid

    Wow, this is one really long debate site. I tried to read all of them, but i had to skip a bunch, then just went to the bottom dozen or so.
    Zoomer is funny, and ragged all over post 642. Ha Ha. i have run across people like segue and they are the ones that usually don;t know anything about the topic. They just wait like Vultures to pounce on people’s imperfections to make themselves look smart. Hey seague, xylophone. Is that spelled right. I hope now that i’ve come across this post to add a little more, but if i have to watch my spelling, then maybe not. i had enough of that when i was in school. How about everyone pounce on seague if he misspells, or makes any type of gramatical errors.

  • segue.

  • Voltron

    How about we talk about weed again.

  • It’s an innocuous substance in the hands of responsible adults, but giving it to children is akin to giving children a jar of paste on a rainy day. Disaster is sure to follow.


    SEAGUE/ segue THE CORRECT TERM IS ALIKENED, NOT AKIN. GET IT RIGHT. IT LESSENS YOUR CREDIBILITY AS A LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER. Trouble is that like all easy access forms of intoxicants, it is readily accessable to all ages. So, if the Government were to legalize it, then they could possibly control access to it. like alcohol, 21 or older. No token’ and drivin, can not grow it yourself, but Like in the netherlands (Awsome country, I was there in the 80’s while serving in the U.S Navy). There are only drug laws pertaining to minors. The crime rate in very small. (Mainly due to the fact that drugs and prostitution are legal) From what I have gathered recently on the net, Amsterdam’s prisons are only 1/4 the size of any comprable prison in the U.S. because they have very few drug offenders. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW.

  • JiggaWhat

    I think Zoomer would be much easier to understand/tolerate if they would stop contradicting themselves every other sentence.

    Better yet, maybe Zoomer could figure out just what he’s arguing about….

    Maybe Zoomer can offer up more “I know a lot of stoners dood” anecdotes and try to pass them off like they’re anything other than mental-meandering.

    Perhaps Zoomer can tell us if they’re simply high while posting, thus explaining the poor spelling and turrible syntax?


    JiggaWhat…..DooD?….Turrible? I think segue is taking advantage of the ability to change user names to try to enlist a group of supporters for his/hers lack of social grace. JiggaWhat/seague? Same-Same. I think there for I am. segue thinks not, therefore he isn’t. so that aside, You clearly are not on this site to discuss the pros or cons of marijuana, and the myths behind them. You are just thrilled that a web site is actually letting you in on something by telling you that someone may have given you a cheap thrill by responding to your reteric. So for that, you are welcome. I hope that I have made your dream come true. Oh, and by the way. There does not have to be a – between mental and meandering.
    I am a seventies kid. almost everyone that I knew was a stoner. I smoked weed alot, given the fact that it was readily available, and cheap. (A four finger bag was about $30) I never felt any long term effects (Exept maybe the loss of the ability to spell)and one of the kids I used to get lit with became the Mayor of our town. I went in the Navy in ’78, and smoking dope was just a norm it seemed. Then they came out with piss tests and busted about a third of the military personnel,after the Carrier incident.
    The navys policy back then was that if you were busted the first time; 15/15 (15 days restriction to the ship, half months pay for half a month) or worse depending on the Commanding Officer. after that, harsher punisment, and drug/alcohol rehab. Now, no chances, your gone. Either an Other than honorable, or dishonorable discharge.
    I retired in ’99, and even though I had pretty much given up weed after one by one my buddies started getting busted, and I figured that my luce was running out.
    Dope has not gotten any worse today as was back then exept now because of Government spending Billions of dollars on misinformation, Poor Michael Phelps has joined the rank of us Stoners, but maybe in a mor public way.


    Oh. before I forget segue/JiggaWhat. meandering in the form that you are possibly putting it in is plural. It is mental meanderings. O.K. You pretentious Dood you.

  • jiggawhat

    Wow you love to just ramble on and on like anything you say has any relevance.

    You are a perfect example of why pot hasn’t been legalized.

    Also, I have no clue who seague is. Or segue for that matter.

    You’re allowed to fix my typos once you read above a 2nd grade level.

  • jiggawhat

    Personally I can’t wait for marijuana to be legalized. Hopefully within my lifetime.

    The baby boomers will have to pass on to the next world, or at least stop writing our legislation before that will happen.

    Too much hippie hatred leftover.


    I guess I’ll correct your typos then you hypocrite.
    Ever notice how Bible Thumpers, and childish people with a modest education in rudeness and anti-social behavior always seem to have to have the last word?
    Ah, to be young again. When dope was free and hippies ran with glee…..
    How many of those hippies who smoked dope, did LSD and acid, are now running the country? Even Clinton admitted to smoking dope, but was too afraid to say he inhaled.I think he would have pushed legislation through to legalize dope.
    Would street gangs loose alot of their influence if dope were legalized? Possibly. They would definitly loose billions of dollars nation wide.
    South American countries could possibly either go bankrupt, of have more to gain than the U.S. because there is no way that the U.S. can grow better marijuana than them.
    Most of the Money being given to “Operation LEO” in the Indian Ocean, is being spent on busting ships loaded with Dope. I was part of it in ’92, and we found dozens of bales floating in the water where the ships, knowing that they were going to be boarded, dumped them overboard, so they could salvage what they could find later after The C.G. was done.
    I think back now and am just disgusted by the Millions of dollars a day that we spent hunting dope.
    People have the right to choose what is good for them. Not the government. Let Congress pass a law that Dope, no matter how much, is no longer concidered a federal Offence, and watch the States drop the dope laws.

  • JR

    Zoomer, it looks like you always want the last word and those who disagree with you are Bible Thumpers. Be tolerant. Grow up Zoomer. Take your whining someplace else.

  • akin: adj – essentially similar, related, or compatible.
    It *can* mean related by blood, but that is only one of its definitions.
    I’m not a language arts teacher, but since English is my first language, I do keep track of how it’s used.

  • ericdraven26

    I love how easy the solution is
    step by step let it be more and more legal until its fully legal
    then if we have any major problems along the way, they can tell if the problem is weed(the problem gets worse the more legal weed is) or not (constant/goes away)

    its a simple experiment

  • bucslim

    A Zoomer Lexicon Primer:

    Religion has always used subtrafuse

    Although you may be intelligent, you are by no means smart.

    I can not type fast, so the thoughts are faster than the fingers, but I do hope that you at least get the jest of what oi am trying to convey.

    Those apposed, good for you.

    Ignorance is O.K. stupidity is ignorance ignored.

    not the government through misguided attempts at subtrafuse,

    Doesn’t christianity teach somewhere to be tolerant of oyhers?

    Your critisism of my post should have been on the overall comment, not the gramer.
    But understand that, like alcohol, I believe that if legalized, it should still be concidered illegal for minors to use,posess, or buyand sell.

    Now if we can get the new President to say that it is NOT a Felony to posess marijuana in this country,then the States will follow suit, because of Popular vote’s. How do you think they got Prohibition llaws taken away?

    I was going to post some stuff from comment 649, but it’s probably the most f’d up attempt at a comment I’ve run across in a while on this site.

    Wanna know why the hippie lettuce is illegal? Well something popped into my mind reading Zoomer’s comments that there might be problems with higher brain functions after a lifetime of blazing.

    WTF dude? You might have a point if you actually typed something that resembles the english language.


    Wow… I did not know that the topic of this article was how I type or spell or word my sentences,but hey segue, what ever floats your armada.
    And by the way, thanks for breaking out the dictionary.
    as for me having the last word, you are half correct in that assumption. What I try to do is steer the topic back to the original topic. That being the myths of marijuana.
    so please segue, stop changing your screen name.

  • Voltron

    So because Zoomer has made some typos, that is evidence that marijuana screws up higher brain functions?

    You yourself have made some typos, and your grammar is not perfect. Would you say that you have problems with higher brain functions?

    How accurately you can type out your thoughts is not a proper measure of your mental capacity.

  • Biscuit

    I have been lurking for a while on the creationist/evolution debate, and then this one. Great fun! I really wanted to get my teeth into it, but this doesn’t seem the correct list to bring religion up guys!

    I have smoked weed since I was 18 (I am now 30). For a few years I just smoked weed, then I quit, as I moved cities, and none of my new friends smoked it. I did not have a problem giving it up per se – I did not miss it much, or have any noticeable symptoms.

    I have an addictive personality though (or am weak willed, call it what you like). I substituted chocolate/coffee/cigarettes. So I am unable to tell whether weed would be addictive for must people. However a lot of substances are addictive, and perfectly acceptable.

    I started smoking weed again about 3 years ago.

    On the whole my experience was positive. I had a good time. It made it easier to socialise and make new friends. I really enjoy being stoned. Medically it doesn’t seem any worse than alcohol. Socially I don’t think we can tell whether it is better. The usual cliche that stoners don’t fight and drunks do, is not true. Most stoners and drunks don’t fight or commit serious crimes, but some do. I suspect that they would find a reason for violence whatever the situation. They are imbeciles, and how to stop them is a whole new debate.

    What does annoy me is that people seem to think weed is in the same league as coke and heroin. Both have been proven to have links to violence, robberies & destroyed lives (both the addicts and people close to them). Weed does not.

    If it were legalised, the health effects would be studied fully and understood. The THC content would be closely controlled. The plastic content of resin would not be a problem (I think that’s mainly a European problem). Western governments that are desperately short of funds would find a massive source of income – and crime syndicates would lose it.

    On the downside the cost of weed would go up if the tax rates on alcohol are any indication. Anyway I still think it should be legalised.

  • 657. bucslim: I was going to respond to ZOOMER, but I’m tired of playing with the brain-dead. bucslim, my pal, you have the floor.

  • bucslim

    Hey Zoomer, it’s really bucslim. And yes, I really did that last post. I don’t know why you referred to me as segue, but I understand that mary jane has some hallucinogenic qualities. You can go back to watching cartoons or hackey-sack, dude.

    And Voltron, the point of posting that is because one sign of intelligence is the ability to communicate effectively. Typos and grammatical errors are easily forgiven. Repeated offenses lead me, and others, to question a person’s intelligence. It also leads me, and others, to making fun of that person. And you are correct, typing accuracy isn’t a proper measure of mental capacities. But it is evidence that I paid attention in Jr. High English while the stoners like Zoomer were in the alley sparking up the skunk.

    Besides, Zoomer wrote that stuff, he should be happy that I reprinted it for him so that everyone can now joyfully share in his intellect.


    It is so comical in regards to the fact that I have not stooped to trivial name calling, and yet you segue or whatever still persist in this little game.
    You tottaly gave yourself away because your higher brain functions were not apparently working.
    Look at post #661. Then look at post #662. Looking? Can anyone “MonK” this one for me? Any guesses as to tell that the author was the same? Let me know, and if not I will be happy to tell you. Pretty good for an suppossed middle school stoner huh?


    I’ll give you a hint. Look at this posts heading and compare it to #663.

  • bucslim

    Zoomer – Hi, I’m bucslim. I’m going to help you out since you’ve confused me with someone else. I posted comment #188 and used the phrase ‘hippie lettuce’ when referring to your favorite herb. If you’ll notice in post # 657, I again refer to weed as ‘hippie lettuce.’ It’s a clue that if I used that term more than once, and segue hasn’t, that indeed it is a different person with a different name who is addressing you. Just because both segue and I pointed out your shortcomings when it comes to spelling, punctuation, grammar and logic doesn’t mean it’s just segue posing as me and acting like two people are ganging up on you.

    segue is no longer fuckin with you, as she said in 661.

    I’m sorry you’re having a bad day and got confused. I think you’ll find if you stop getting high, you’re perceptions will sharpen up in no time. You’ll soon recognize that people who address you aren’t the same person but in fact, different people with different opinions. It might be a frightening concept to go through life sober and drug free, but you’ll become a better person and your hallucinations will stop!

    Just say no Zoomer, and get high on life!

  • JR

    656. ericdraven26 – How would you go about making it legal step by step?


    Hey buckslim, you going to let segue call you brain dead?
    Or is buckslim really segue calling himself brain dead.
    Answer….look at the time difference. Only 14 min. have gone by. Anyone who posts blogs knows that it takes more than that to think about an insulting post while the brain is screaming he can’t say that to me and get away with it.
    then double check your entry, probably using a dictionary that you got so you would not further look like a hypocrite. Then check it out again so on and so forth.
    as the kids say, dude, you got served.

  • bucslim

    Who are you talking to?

  • packs84

    Funny stuff. Don’t know what it has to do with weed though.
    Sorry peep’s, gotta go with the zoomer. He/she is a Vet., and has earned the right to spell any damn way he/she wants.
    Maybe he/she is stoned, hell maybe we’re all stoned writing in this.
    Making marijuana legal would be just as easy as booze, don’t you think? Pack some blunts in a pack, slap a state tax sticker on the bottom and bang: $o.50 a gallon of gas, new schools, better freeways. who knows.


    Thank You bucslim. And amen brother. You have opened my eyes to the truth. Ye though I walk through the valley of misguided souls, I have but one deed that I am thankful for. And that is exorcising the segue out of bucslim. Thank Buddah that seague has been released from your polluted rantings my poor lost sheep. Now if only we could get rid of your potty mouth. I will pray to the spirits of wicca for the release of the harsh vibes dwelling within you. Go With God Dood.


    By the way BUC-OLD-GIRL who said segue was a she?

  • bucslim


    This is what I get for arguing with a hippie.

  • bigski

    Damn hippies (Cartman imitation)

  • jiggawhat

    659. Voltron – February 15th, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Ah, but it does say something about the poster’s mental capacity when he rambles endlessly about absolutely NOTHING. Pure mental masturbation.

    Did you see the post where he talked and talked and talked about being in the Navy? When it is not in any way relevant to the discussion at hand? All this while he complains that people aren’t staying on topic.

    Sort of like referring to me as a bible thumper. If he only had a clue as to what he’s talking about, he might even be worth arguing with. Instead, he gets nothing but derision from this (most of the time) lurker.

    Oh you bible thumpers and your subtrafuse! LOL

  • jiggawhat

    Mind you, this is all coming from a HUGE head.

    This may be my last post for a while, so I’ll leave with something at least sorta pertinent.

    For those who would consider ruining the fun for all, because of a minority of bad apples among many good, it’s the user, not the drug that cause the ruckus.

    I shouldn’t have to sacrifice herb just because some people are assholes.

    Zoomer, keep up with that whole “learning to read and spell” thing. You’ll get it some day buddy!

  • Cole

    I think what bothers me most about the debate of the legalization of cannabis is the same as I have for cigarette smoking…. I, as a none user, am exposed to it whether I smoke or not. Anyone who has gotten a nose high knows exactly what I am speaking of. And if hear one more time “but dude its natural”…..


    Hey buckslim………you and your crazy eight personalities still haven’t answered the question. All you did was pick up a couple of more personalities. How did you know that segue was a she? segue never posted her gender.
    And as to the post on #659 “Did you see the post where he talked on and on about being in the Navy?”, I happen to be very proud of the service to my Country and do not appreciate you belittling it. Exactly what have you done to be proud in your life? And remember you can’t take pride in something that you were born into.
    I actually made the comment about the navy experiences to show that the taxpayers money can better be spent on domestic issues, than on busting dope. And I ain’t yer Buddy. You have not earned that privilege.

  • bucslim

    I haven’t answered the question because I don’t understand what difference it makes what gender segue is. I have to keep remembering that you don’t make any sense in anything you try to say. And even if you did make a small attempt at a reasoned argument, you couldn’t express it in written form. I’ve owned pets that are smarter than you.


    The power of Christ compels you….The power of Christ compels you….Out segue demon. Out of the poor tortured soul of buclim. The skinny Buckeye is now having intelligent conversations with her pets.
    This is fun. I almost forgot the topic to which this forum was set up for. But I sure would love to have a little of that herb that bucslim is smoking’ to make her converse with her pets.
    The difference to segue gender is that if she/you did not post the gender, then how on earth did you know. any person with a iota of intelligence would know that it is human nature to assume that an unknown person is referred to as he/him/his etc. etc. etc.. specify that segue is no longer f****** with you as (and here it comes) SHE said in 661.
    You are a hypocrite, plain and simple, and you are peeved because you got called on it. I am not sure if you hike your leg up and urinate on the screen after posting or not to mark your territory, but still bucs, old girl, you got served.

  • Nauplius

    Wow. Simply stunning. Way to represent your side of the argument there zoomer.

  • Dan_Doh

    Wow, I came here looking for some inside dope on dope, but this seems to be more of a pissing contest, but I read some of it for shits and giggles anyway.
    message #679 was off the chart. I snickered like I haven’t done on a blog post in a long time. Please you two, keep it up. Urinate on your screen to mark your territory, Damn that’s funny.

  • ZOOMER, just popped in for a moment to read what you’d been up to, and I find you lambasting poor bucslim because he knows my gender.
    Has it occurred to your pea-sized brain that he and I know each other from previous lists?

    No, of course it hasn’t. Silly me for asking.
    Back to you bucky, and this time, I won’t be back.

  • Voltron

    @674. jiggawhat

    That’s exactly what I want people to know, marijuana doesn’t cause people to be bad. That bad people will be bad, and the good people wll be good, marijuana doesn’t decide.

    As for everyone else, neither side is gaining any ground because none of you understand how to have a proper argument. You have all ended up attacking eachother, not debating about weed.

  • JwJwBean

    Okay so I didn’t read all 682 comments. I did read about 100 of them. Did it ever occur to some about those who ended up with schizoid or paranoia were predisposed to this and they were self medicating with drugs? I have known pot smokers who were losers and pot smokers who make a lot of money and you would never think they were “pot smokers”. I don’t think the pot smoking made the losers what they are. I think they would have been that way with or without pot. Very rarely have I ever heard someone say they needed a better high so they were going to try such and such drug.

    Medically, my husband was recently told he has a high chance to develop MS in the next 15 years. One of the treatments recommended for MS is medical marijuana. There have been studies, there are real reasons for someone taking this.

    Segue and Buclsim: I guess we could super glue you to each others back and make you into one person. I guess Zoomer only came for the pot. He obviously has never read any other lists or comments on those lists here.

  • Voltron

    Montel Williams uses medical marijuana to treat his MS. If your husband does get MS, I would say medical marijuana is the best treatment that would be available to him.


    Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. I have been trying to get the conversation back to the main topic, but I got tied into a stupid game of “I know you are, but what am I” with some diluted kid. Sorry.
    I am sorry to hear about your husband, and hope that marijuana works for him.
    Millions of people around the globe can not be wrong when they say that marijuana can be used for more than just a recreational substance. My Grandmother, who passed away three years ago from pancreatic cancer, was encouraged to try marijuana for her pain. She actually refused because she said she did not want to get hooked. She grew up in the “Reefer Madness” era.
    It just goes to show that misinformation is worse than no information.

  • ericdraven26

    666. JR-

    i would go in increasing amounts
    like first an eigth, then that works, so go to a quad,ect


    Maybe she should contact an oncologist who is sympathetic to medical marijuana, and have her husband talk to him about the pro’s and con’s.
    I do agree though JR, start off slow if he has never done it before, or has not done it in awhile. It can be rather eventful if you have not smoked it in a long time.
    I quit about 25 years ago, and tried it about two tears ago. I got sick, but for a little while, it was just like old times. i have not tried it again since, but as I said before, Medical marijuana should be legalized period. Free choice of the people is a must also.


    Sorry JR, thought you were inferring to the post prior to yours.

  • Nejikun

    Drug offenders, including marijuana users should be given the death penalty. No one should muddle their minds with any pollutants such as drugs.
    Bring back prohibition. get rid of cigaretts, alcohol and any other type of addictive substances.
    I have lost two children, and one grandbaby to drugs and alcohol.
    legalize my ass.

  • Kase

    Urine test go against 5th amendment rights.

    Keeping you from growing and using pot is against your rights.

    The whole drug war is also partly a means to scare the public into letting your rights get violated.

    Remember, they had to amend the constitution to prohibit alcohol, yet they didn’t amend it to prohibit marijuana. It is completely within our rights, according to the constitution at least- but hey, who listens to those old things anymore?

    I’m my opinion, drug users have become the new “negro” to the ‘mighty’ white society. Something that the majority of Americans cal look down their noses to and claim, “They’re all a bunch of sinning, low life, scum, than needs to be locked up!” Think about it.

    Most drugs where made illegal due to highly racist beliefs.

    Cocaine was made illegal to ‘protect white women from crazy negros’

    Marijuana was made illegal due to smoking it being particularly popular among Mexicans.

    Now, we see commercials where drug users are depicted as low life, idiotic, lazy, crime causing, terrorist funding, morons who sit on a couch all day and listen to retro music that promotes anarchy and the devil.

    Prejudice, pure and simple prejudice.


  • Kase

    690. Your reasons are a whole lot more noble than others here, listen to yourself.

    The death penalty for using drugs?

    Killing never solves any problem.

    And any other type of addictive substances?
    Anyone who drinks sodas uses addictive substance. Along with millions of people who use prescription medicine.

    Prohibition actually causes more harm than good. At least alcohol and tobacco can be regulated and require an I.D., but the crack seller on the side of the street doesn’t require anything but money, thereby making drugs more available to the youth.

    And the majority of drug users in America are middle class, 20-40 year old white citizens. So to put everyone of them to death would rip out the back bone of America. Just think about how many people that is. Think about how many deaths such a law would cause. Think about how many families would be ripped apart if such a law where to be enforced.

    There will NEVER be a drug free America, prohibition NEVER EVER works, and trying to kill everyone involved in the personal life choice of drugs would be just like how Hitler killing off hundreds of thousands of Jews.

    The only thing that will ever work, is compassion, treatment, and common sense.


    Common sense is the key to ALL substances. that is why they put warning labels on everything now.
    With the inclusion of technology into today’s civilization, you would think that facts would finally win over fiction. Within minuets, anything put on the web has the potential to be seen by millions. Yet even that does not stop the people who only want to see things their own way. Even if slapped up side the head with cold hard indisputable truth, they will still argue their point.
    The majority is not always the winner in the game of fairness. We as a free society have yet to come to terms with reality. And the reality is possibly that nothing will ever change. Same old story, just another day in the Government.

  • Anti-hero

    In 5,000 years of documented use of marijuana there has never been a single death directly from marijuana use. People call it a “gate-way drug” but most people that use hard drugs i.e. cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc, consumed alcohol or nicotine long before they smoked marijuana. People that use hard drugs do so because they make the choice to use hard drugs and usually have an addictive personality. As a recovering addict turned addiction counselor I know from personal experience as well as that of my clients that there is really no such thing as a gateway drug. If a person is going to get intoxicated I would rather them use marijuana than alcohol which is legal. To quote Jack Herer, “When I’m drunk I usually get into a fight. When I’m stoned I might hug my worst enemy.”
    Anyone that wants to debate this needs to look up the stats on domestic violence and other violent crimes while under the influence of alcohol vs THC.
    The worst thing that can happen from smoking marijuana is eating too much junk food or sleeping more than normal.
    The negative effects of alcohol include, physical addiction that is one of two substances in the world that death is a side-effect of withdrawl, it also causes cancer, raises aggression levels, impairs judgement and motor skills and kills more than 150,000 Americans a year and that doesn’t include 50% of all highway accidents and 65% of all murders.
    Compare the two and tell me which one you think should be legal.


    Anti-hero……….You are correct in the sense that marijuana should be legal. Maybe not because it is better or worse than other substances though.
    It should be legal because it is the will of the people. With todays super fast forms of communication. People all over the planet can now find out the truth, and decide for themselves. I don’t know about you, but when I used to smoke, the last thing I wanted to do was get into a car and drive. There is no feeling of false bravado with dope, just munchies and overall silliness. True that some of the side effects are depression, paranoia and lethargic mannerisms, but no bar fights.
    Could you imagine going into a bar where they do not serve alcohol, only like a hundred different types of weed.It does exist. In the Netherlands. I have been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Harlem, and the Hague. The one thing that I noticed was that there was NEVER a fight. Their Government runs more on what the people want, more so than ours.
    People should be given the true information about marijuana and know that the benefits outweigh the side effects.

  • JR

    The will of the people in America does not happen, the way to get a law passed is to throw lots of money to politicians. Our politicians are whores who vote for whomever gives them the most money. Especially in California, we have had so many laws which were passed by the voters but were overturned by rogue judges. It only takes one judge to do it. Many of the laws go opposite of what the polls say.


    I will positively agree with that one. The will of the people is limited by what Uncle Sam (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches)allows it to be.
    Don’t want marijuana to be legalized- call on one of the hand selected Supreme Court Justices. People get wise to the real truth of marijuana- throw a couple of billion dollars at misinformation campaign blitzes.
    I would love to see congress bring the topic of legalizing marijuana to the floor. It would be like bringing a baby lamb to a lion’s den. It would be sheer carnage. By the time it was all over, marijuana would probably be the new King Of Spades in the war on terrorism’s deck of cards. Marijuana field. 12 o’clock. Rodger, releasing Hell Fire missles.


    Now I find this article in a nursing web site…
    It finds that there is NO harful long term effects on people.
    Worth checking out if you want a learned opinion on cannabis.


    Folks, I apologise. That particular web page has been removed by request of the author. WOW drive a point home why don’t you. This was apparently an article written in the British site nursing It was removed after I found this site three days ago, and I found it on you tubes article page.

  • jiggawhat

    Man, you love listening to yourself…

    Have you ever thought about seeking out some psychotherapy? You don’t have to be embarrassed by your narcissism my friend, lots of good people suffer from debilitating mental problems.

    Either that, or you need to get a job. That’ll cut down on all the free time you have to bloviate and pontificate with.

    Go Navy! Way to miss the point! LOL


    Oh dear God. Segue picked up yet another personality. “The jiggawhat” has rose from the ashes of the departed, yet not gone, segue. Are you also a dog whisperer too? Wow, bloviate? Really. Same thing as pontificate, so a little redundant in your attempt at trying to be a venecular specticle don’t you thing segue, uh I nean jiggawhat, no no i’m sorry buckslim.
    How many times are you going to play the Superman thing? “Hi lois, did I miss anything?” Oh, Clark, you just missed Superman”. Stop being a dee dee dee.


    And by the way, jiggawhat, or whatever, your cacology is annoying to say the least. I prefer that the way that I write is more on the lines of being parresia in sorts.

  • Voltron


    Enough is enough. Sure, with the anonymous nature of the internet, it is plausible that someone could post under different names to make it seem as if they had more people on their side. But you cannot just go around accusing everyone who opposes you the same person. And I hate to belittle a fellow stoner, but you are starting to sound pretty stupid.

  • jiggawhat

    703. Voltron – February 17th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Usually people (especially not so bright people) who paste some sort of offense committed against them onto others, are guilty of doing the exact same thing. The funniest part is, I’m not even opposing him, just asking that he have a little respect for the English language, and for those who read his nonsense.

    He’s a little sad, but it’s kinda entertaining to check my email and see some weird and disjointed rambling attempting to show everybody just how dumb they are.

  • jiggawhat

    Although if it’s just some sort of clever form of satire by Zoomer, then bravo!


    Holy Cow Pattys batman! The lascivious and multi-talented ms. seague picked up yet another one. It seems to me retard that we are the only two on here. Look at the time of the posts you moron. My God, do you really even read the posts? Or are you using a computer from the far far away. can’t win with all your crazy personalities showing up back to back. it would have to take some type of mental telepathy between all those pro seague/Voltron/jiggawhator or what ever the blazes screen name you come up with. dee dee dee

  • Meg

    You are all just plain stupid. You all killed the the whole purpose of this forum.

  • pot not dope head

    They got to be the same people. They seem to tag team right after each other.

  • Voltron

    Yes, we must be the same people.

    That would explain why we had conflicting opinions for most of this debate.

    And lets please get back on topic.

  • JwJwBean

    ZOOMER: What are you on and why aren’t you sharing?

  • Voltron

    And also I guess nobody realizes I was actually defending Zoomer before, against the people he claims I am!

    (up around 659)

  • bigggo

    I graduated from Harvard med school and now have a job as the top neurosurgeon in the US and I regularly smoked up all throughout school and continue to do so everyday. Even before performing surgeries I smoke up and I have never made a life threatening mistake during surgery.

  • Voltron

    I would believe that.

    I’m still in high-school and I toke quite often. I burned before a programming contest about a year ago. I placed first in the school.

  • robdog

    The part about pot not being stronger these days is Bullshit! In Cali we have Cannibus Medical Clubs that have way more potent shit


    VOLTRON (Oh and before I start,jiggawhat, segue or who ever, read the entire post first before you start the lambasting machine)
    I am going to take a chance that this is not another one of her crazy personalities. You are right to correct me, and I am wrong to assume you were “In on it”.
    I went back to that post(659), somehow I had missed that one. Thank you for pointing out that you do not have to have a degree in linguistics to post on this site. If you know what the word is, regardless of spelling, then fine.
    I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1994 at the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. I saw alot of the effects of marijuana up close and personal. Some of the finest people I knew, Brave people who would lay down their lives in an instant, who smoked pot. Some of the finest Officers I ever served under smoked pot. I myself smoked pot untill I was about 23. I did not give it up because I wanted to, I gave it up because the consiquences were too great.
    Now I do agree that just because you have not expierienced something doesn’t mean you do not have an opinion about it. VERY good point made about “Not trying heroin” and not having a valid oppinion on the harful effects. I do not have to read the lable on the back of a Drano bottle to know that the effects of trying it will be harmful. Everyone knows there limits, and what they can tolerate. Your body will tell you if your being stupid or not. Listen to your body.
    Now, I can not condone you using any type of drug, be it alcohol, tobbacco, or drugs at your age. Im sorry, that is just MY oppinion, My belief, and i value your beliefs, and will try not to belittle them. I just think that at a time in life(HIGH SCHOOL) there are countless possibilities. Mind altering substances are not one of them. I believe that the long term effects of marijuana have yet to be established. As I said before, for every good valid point about pot, there are 10 against it because of misinformation. Let the people decide. Not government.

  • Kase


    Back on target now..

    Marijuana should be completely legal.

    It doesn’t give you hangovers. It’s not habit forming. You can’t OD on it. It makes sex even better. It’s the cheapest drug there is.

    If you’re christian, it should look like a PURE gift from God.
    If you’re not, it should look… well awesome I guess.

    I find it amazing.

    (I’m about to go all ‘Hyper Pot Activist’ on ya.)

    Not just the drug either. I’ve done a lot of research, and Hemp itself is like a miracle plant.

    If we started making all the worlds paper out of hemp tomorrow, we could end deforestation, and help improve our current global warming situation. And just in case you don’t believe in global warming, we could improve the worlds pollution situation then. You can also make fuel out of it, taking away the need for gas and petroleum based fuels.

    Why are we not taking advantage of this?!

    It is a literal gift from God!(If you believe)
    Or(if you don’t believe) it is the plant that could save the world.

    Everybody who sees this, go out and buy the book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

    It is amazing.

    Legalize pot! Legalize hemp! Save society! Save the earth!


  • 716. Kase: Everything you say is true. I wish hemp, in all it’s forms and uses , would be legalized tomorrow…BUT…it doesn’t always mix well with opiates. In fact, it mixes very badly with opiates for some people. It would simply be a matter of self restraint.
    As for me, I know I’ll never take another toke as long as I live. The results are too brutal.


    I was digging around my old stuff in the basement and came across a bunch of “High Times” magazines I saved from the 70’s. In the Oct/Nov, 1975 edition(page 50) was a reprint of an article from the November 1972 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.
    Drs. John Harmon Menelaos Aliapoulios of Cambridge Hospital,Massachussetts, repoted three cases of male breast development (gynecomastia) in a test group of heavy pot smokers between the ages of 23 and 26. The subjects had otherwise normal secondary sex characteristics.
    They showed no evidence of delayed puberty; they tested negatively for the presence of other causes of gynecomastia (including liver desease, feminizing tumors in the testicular, pituitary or adrenal glands). All subjects claimed they did not use any drugs besides marijuana.
    “The exact mechanism of action in these cases is not known” wrote Harmon and Aliapoulios. Noting the similarity between themolecular structure of delta-9 THC (One of the psychoactive agents in marijuana) and estradiol (an estrogenic hormone in females, the speculated that cannabis either directly stimulated the breast growth, or indirectly acted through the central nervous system releasing the lactation-producing hormone prolactin from the pituitary gland.
    I remember the big scare over guys getting boobs, and the “Urban Legions” that went around like wildfire. It was popularly believed that the Government was secretly either growing and distributin the pot themselves to cause wide spread panic, or an experiment gone wrong trying to grow an even stronger generation of marijuana. Either way, it sure scarred the crap out of alot of us.

  • mattofutexas

    I’ve been sick with a bad bad stomach bug, and while reading info on the health services website I found this little tidbit. Go through and read it, everyone here, it seems to be much less biased of a list and pretty accurate. You know a public university isn’t gonna put out anything in support of marijuana, but especially the people who made comments about how bad pot is and unmotivation and all that, go ahead and read what my university has to say.

  • mattofutexas

    I find it interesting that a UT Health Services page has a link to erowid also :)

  • Nietzsche

    Those of you who assume because you’ve seen one idiot misuse the drug that EVERYONE is without ambition and does nothing with their lives but turn to crime and living in their parents’ basements… you need to wake the fuck up. There are worthless people in EVERY walk of life. If you can’t tell that ONE thing doesn’t define everyone, which is pretty fucking sensible unless you are an arrogant prick who looks down on everyone different than you, then you need to stop reading the internet for “facts” on things and go experience life. Weed isn’t a problem until you fuckers act like it is, and more people make stupid mistakes just because they are scatter brained than because they are high.

    Get YOUR facts straight… weed doesn’t affect everyone the same way, not to mention than the people themselves (apart from the drug) are different people altogether. You assume that all stoners are idiots even though there are numerous cases where those who smoke pot are far more successful than any of you critics are. It’s not ONE thing people do that make them. Stop assuming shit, because you sound fucking ignorant as hell. I smoke pot and I get along with people, you don’t smoke pot and you look for reasons to tell people shit about their lifestlyes that aren’t even your concern.

    Why do you care so much? You either want to try it but are too much of a baby, have tried it and can’t handle it for some reason (either your body just doesn’t or you are a fucking twat), or form baseless judgments because your great learned minds have realized that you are special enough to know everyone about everyone with one piece of information. Go be uptight and arrogant with your problems, get fat and unhappy and kill yourself when you are 40. I’ll go smoke a few bowls and eat some cake. Think what you’d like, because I’m sure everyone agrees that you all have the most significant opinions in the world, the paradigm of human transcendence that you are.

  • Nietzsche

    Nevermind, I’m going to have a slice of pie.

  • RUI

    Ô ¿ Ô
    ~ ?

  • iknowit

    its all about the USER!
    if ur brain is already psychotically damaged and it didnt come out yet, before u start smoking weed, theres a higher chance that u suffer the typical symptomes weed is able to bring out. if ur brain isnt able to handle a touch of psycho sickness, like a little drifted reality, more intense feelings, then u shouldnt do psychoactive drugs anyways. every 4th human has a common gen constellation wich lets him suffer from psychoactive drugs harder than others, those ppl fill the stats up and put the bad image on weed and other drugs. learn to handle it or stay away.

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  • Kate

    When, oh when will people who reply in the comments here learn:

    anecdote != evidence

    Stories about “This pot-head I know” are not evidence. You could be lying, misrepresenting your information, or just too stupid to understand that other factors may be responsible for what you are attributing to marijuana use.

    If you wish to refute a point, please use actual evidence to do so, otherwise you’re just “blowing smoke”.

  • synthesist

    OK as a casual weed toker i’ll have my say too !!!
    This is from the UK governments own “think-tank” on drugs :-
    chart of relative harm – you’ll notice weed is LOWER than alchohol :-

    4 those of u wiv da stamina heres the full report :-

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  • Kase

    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things? that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our upon which our government was founded.” ~Lincoln

  • bri

    marijuana is bad mmmmkayyy

  • Bren Parks


    Great list!

  • natas666

    i am truly astonished at the closed mindedness of people on this site when r u going to stop swallowing that bull shit the gov is shoveling i mean cancer,braincells killed, addiction, r u kidding maybe if u puffed a little like 90% of the population u’d find out why that reeses cup tastes so good.

  • Paul

    natas666: You’re just making the weed smoking community look like a bunch of idiots. How hard is it to complete a word, or maybe thrown more than one period in there (you know, that little black dot that you have to extend you pinky about one inch to create)? Anyway, coming from a person who used to be heavily addicted to the substance (yes, I was addicted by definition. I won’t get into details, but trust me, I was addicted) I would have to say that in my own personal experience (not a quote from some asshole from the 19th century when they thought smoking cigarettes was good for you) pot has way more negative than positive effects on a person.

    Someone up there said it, this is just some dumb stoner trying to justify his smoking the stuff. I mean, do whatever you want, your body, this is just from my experiences, but half, if not more, of that list is a load of self-righteous garbage

    *Speaking of stupid, why the hell do you idiots typ lyc diz? U snd lyc a fuking dpshizzileit, and only further the (apparently true) “myth” that the public education systems are breaking down. Trust me, u r not kool, you’re a fucking tool. Peace.

  • Michael

    Point #1 seems to be a fallacy. 1% of Americans? What about the percentage of Americans who smoke marijuana? That would make more sense. I think every person I know who smokes pot smokes more than once a day. Then again, I hang out with the bottom rungs of society.

  • amomwhoknows

    This entire list is misleading…all of you dope-heads put down the joints and educate yourselves!! Try thinking for yourselves and finding out the truth about all of these issues!

  • Chris

    Some people become very paranoid through smoking. This is very disruptive to their lives and the lives of their families. My son needed medication to get rid of the paranoia. Please be aware that some people are more affected by this practice than others.

  • Voltron

    @ amomwhoknows

    Your ignorance is incredible. Take your own advice, educate yourself.

    @ Chris

    Yes, however, from my somewhat extensive personal experience this paranoia only lasts while being under the influence. Paranoia is psychological, he could have easily beat it with mindpower only, he wouldn’t have need the drugs that the government says are OK.

    Also, some people are more affected by peanut butter than others, is this reason to demonize it and make it illegal?

  • raj

    Excellent list, J. I could go on and on adding to this list, making a reasonable, socially-responsible case for decriminalization – but hey, I’m just some dumb stoner, right? Wrong. I personally don’t use, but that doesn’t mean I should give into the Reefer Madness that has plagued this country since the 1930s, wasting billions of dollars and overfilling jail cells. “…studies indicate that cannabis users tend to have higher paid jobs than non-users.” HA! Now, could you help me convince my dad?

    BTW, this list (as far as I can tell) destroys your top ten list of most commented lists.

  • Stewabis

    haha marijuana being 7x the carcinogen to tobacco.

    Addiction DOES depend on the person.
    Saying marijuana is addictive is just like saying bubblegum is addictive.

    Marijuana is just as much of a gateway drug as coffee or the white man’s alcohol. (im white myself ps) curiosity and circumstance is the only gateway. Educate your kids on fact, not propiganda.

    yeah, sticking a needle in your arm with synthetic material that rots your body and you can SEE the destruction. Bad. (Alcohol = synthetic, tobacco = synthetic)

    Something that has been pushed as bad all these years but has shown ZERO signs of destruction. (other than from the pressures of the laws themselvs.)

    anyways. all im saying is make sure you keep yourself open to ALL the facts and weigh them as they come.

  • mister

    Stewabis, your link to CBD having a positive affect on breast cancer is retarded. For one CBD is a compound found in cannabis Sativa. The majority of weed smoked for pleasure is cannabis Indica which has extremely low levels of CBD, yet significantly more tar in the smoke. This leads to a far greater amount of carcinogens inhaled when smoking then even a cigarette with all its chemical additives. roughly one bong hit of potent indica has the equivalent of lung damage as four cigarettes. It is now a proven fact that long term usage of cannabis increases your chances of developing emphysema and lung cancer significantly more than those of a long term cigarette smoker. But don’t despair, eating the stuff will still provide all of the pleasures of the high with none of the bad side effeacts derived from smoking.

    Also pure heroin, synthetically derived, has no detrimental physical effects to the body. It does change the make-up of your cells so that you become physically addicted but actually causes no damage to the body other then feeling ill as the cells re-adjust to a normal condition in withdrawal. Most Junkies damage their bodies in the madness of withdrawal or from buying poor quality adulterated drugs.

    Alcohol and tobacco are naturally occuring substances and are therefore not synthetic

    Marijuana is a gateway drug only in the sense that it is illegal and to purchase it can cause users to come into contact with sellers who have other substances to offer.

    These are the facts and as a long term marijuana smoker, I know them to be true.

  • yo.

    weed may not be harmful, but it’s downright pointless.

    true it does depend on the people…i hung out with everyone in high school (10 years ago), but mostly this less-than-scholarly group that wanted to smoke week all the time. i smoked with them as well. and from freshmen who smoked weed we progressed to meth, coke, acid, shrooms, whippits, ecstacy, and heroin all before college – some of us at our own pace but the more close-knit of the group about the same time. i’d tried it all – i even smoked weed long before i tried cigarettes. i truly believe weed IS a gateway drug (for many) because when you’re young and dumb weed is easy to get, and when the rush runs out some (NOT all) decide to look into something ‘harder’.

    i’ve been out of high school for 7 years now. SOME of these kids are JUST RECENTLY starting to go to college, because up to now every day’s focal point was to scrounge up enough money for weed. that’s all. the ‘lifestyle’ got boring after awhile and i stopped hanging out with them long ago. basically out of what i’ve seen out of the many different types of people i’ve known, those who gave up weed long ago like myself are married with children, homeowners, college graduates with good incomes. the stoners still live at home, half working and half finally going to school, unable to keep jobs and going back home to smoke weed and do nothing but laugh like idiots all day. but like i said, it could just depend on people and location.

    i stopped smoking weed long ago (along with any other drug i’d ever tried) and have no desire to start up again. drugs – tried ’em, some weren’t for me, some did for a little bit but quit because there are more important things to life. weed is pointless. my son’s father used to STEAL CASH FROM MY PURSE to buy weed. when i stopped carrying cash, he’d steal my ATM card and take out on average $20/day, sometimes $40, as much as $80…just to buy weed. (note he no longer lives with me.) i would rather spend $20 for a nice dinner than scrounge up the same amount for a bag of weed, THEN try to find more money to satisfy my munchies.

    harmful, but pointless. i have better things to do and better things to spend my money on. there’s a time and place to sit around and do nothing but get stoned and giggle all the time (because you still live with your parents and have no job), and it’s called high school. GROW UP – ‘high’ school is over.

  • yo.

    *smoke weed.


  • yo.

    *harmless, yet pointless.

    i never proofread anything, sorry.

  • yo.

    me again. i’m not saying once in awhile’s not bad. like a lobster or good steak or fancy chocolate cake. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

  • kizzi

    This is ridiculous! Yes, pot is bad for you if you use it wrong… Yes, some people can experience less beneficial effects… We get it! We know this! But how does this not relate to alcohol? There are people who shouldn’t even consider looking at a bottle of booze just like there are people who should stay away from pot. It’s a matter of subjectivity, physical tolerance and maturity. But a general point, mentioned above, is how many has died of smoking marijuana?

    Exactly how marijuana affects the human body and/or mind is a debate of which we probably never will see the end, based on the inconclusive “scientific” data we have available to this day (Yes, it’s sudo-scientific. Drug related research sponsored by anti-drug lobbyists, is just as trustworthy to me as the cigarette research sponsored by the tobacco industry.)

    I’d choose a joint over a beer any day (Except in the morning of a work day that is. But that’s me not being an idiot. I would neither have taken a drink for that matter). Yes, I do enjoy a spliff occasionally, but I’m not a pothead! I do not care for this generalizing. The impression I get from the mainstream media is that Americans are ignorant, naive and stupid. Just another generalizing I don’t care for, seeing that most of the Americans I’ve had the pleasure to meet are bright, smart and good people (The best of them were stoners by the way, and the worst of the lot were obnoxious drunks).

    My point is STOP HATING!

    All of this is of course based on MY PERSONAL experience and I would not suggest to anyone else to drink or smoke anything. I can share my experiences but they have to make a decision of their own based on experiences. I respect a personal decision. And I would appreciate it if others would do the same to me. I will not lecture you about the meat industry, the cosmetic industry or the alcohol industry if you don’t want to. But if you ask me about it or it is the subject of a public accessed website, I will share my view, but will not offend you personally or in general by degrading the social group I believe you belong to. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so let’s stick to the things we do know. (I’m a believer. I believe in an internet society where name-calling, generalizations and determining peoples sexual preferences based on disagreement on a subject, is obsolete).

    Regarding pot related crime – I have yet to hear about anyone financing their personal use of cannabis by criminal means… My only criminal offence related to pot (not taking account for the fact that the substance in itself is illegal) was stealing a toboggan while my friends an I were high and play in the snow. And we returned it in one piece when we were done (it was a hell of a lot fun too xD).

    When it comes to long-term use, I choose to take a couple of weeks of once in a while. Therefore I can’t say much about damaging effects, but the way I see it it’s like with everything else. Too much in a too long period of time is bad. That goes for marijuana, alcohol, coffee, soda ++. I like to think that my health and I benefits from these clean periods, but the main reason I do it is because my tolerance for THC decreases, so when I smoke that first spliff in weeks (or even months) it’s like taking a joint for the first time. A strategy I recommend for people who solely are searching the high and are considering trying harder drugs. Go camping for a week or two instead and don’t bring any drugs. You’ll see it’s worth it not just by the experience in nature by itself but also when you hit that high after being clean a considerable length of time. =)

    Anyway. Good list, though I knew all of these from before and I think each matter should be elaborated.

    Good day to you all,
    Norwegian stoner.
    (no there are no polar bears walking in the streets)

  • kizzi

    Wow, that post ended up way longer than I had imagined.
    Anyway, I just wanted to add, I’d prefer my kids sitting stoned in a room at home with his/her friends rather than getting involved in fights in bars and backalleys.

    Norwegian stoner
    (no, still no polar bears!)

  • Voltron


    Unfortunately, the internet is more or less a hate machine. My experience of debating this topic in real life is usually a lot more calm and rational.

    And also what you said about taking breaks bewteen highs, I used to be a heavy pot smoker (around 2 times a day) for about a year and a half. I have since slowed down, and my high’s are way better now than wen they ever were. It’s like getting baked for the first time, everytime!

    I have since realized that those who say “everything in moderation” have a damn good idea.

  • rizzo

    Cannabis is in the unfortunate position of having already being labeled as guilty and trying to prove itself as innocent. Thus there are many problems which it faces which are tied up in the enforcement of its illegality which seem to back up the argument for it being outlawed. This is counting its current status as being instantly indicative of its actual nature which is logically incorrect. The major ones of these are the label of gateway drug. Cannabis is a gateway drug only because it is illegal! In order to buy cannabis you have to fraternize with people who are criminals. As it is not acceptable on a social basis in most places the use of cannabis also demands a person to corner off a section of their life in order to smoke it. People who do it are labeled as ‘stoners’ and this in turn begins to define them. Soon the idea that cannabis is ok despite being illegal lends itself to the same logic being applied to other drugs. Imagine that alcohol was banned, if you wanted to drink you would be forced to do it away from main stream society in a group of others who held your beliefs in your freedom to do so. this just creates a reinforcing social circle which causes people to treat it as a lifestyle within itself, rather than merely one of the many an aspects of ones life. such aspects of smoking would be eradicated if it were to be legalized and the ramifications would be that the ending of fraternization of people who choose to smoke it with criminal elements of society. It would also stop it being a lifestyle choice to being merely another aspect of society like drinking or smoking cigarettes, gambling, retail therapy, prozac, overeating or any other form of self medication that is acceptable in a society which puts so much pressure on its citizens.
    Go to amsterdam. Last time i was there i sat by two business men discussing a deal in a cafe and sharing a joint! rolexs, bmws outside, the works. Its just another aspect of life that is not abused, just accepted and enjoyed for what it is.
    However I do believe that it has long term effects which can be seen as negative, light paranoia is one of them. It has also been proven that the strength (thc content) can be up to 23% now whereas in the 60s 7% was seen as a strong average smoke. However whiskey is up 10x stronger than beer. This doesnt mean that one should not drink whiskey, they should just do it with more care.
    It also has many amazing medical effects, CBD being the other major chemical compound other than THC actually has been shown to have anti carcinogenic effects in many forms.
    Cannabis on its own and its immediate effect is not bad. That might not mean its good, but it also means that people should have their rights to choose to smoke it.
    Why dont we tax it? We would make a mint!

  • michael

    Thanks u for the post,this is what i been telling people for years,u don’t need a scientist to know what weed does,just smoke it and u will know all u we need to know

  • pothead


  • straightedge

    i don’t smoke, nor do any other drug. but i think marijuana is addictive psychologically, not so much physically. i don’t really care that people do smoke pot, as long as you’re not a complete fuck up for it. i know someone who smoked for the longest time for medical reasons, and he’s the smartest man i’ve ever known. and i know other people who live in their parent’s basement and get high all the time. if you’re gonna smoke pot, don’t suck at life.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Adam, the DEFINITION of an addiction is that people cannot get by without something. It is ludicrous for you to say that some of your friends can’t get through a day without pot, i.e. the definition of a pot addiction, as they obviously feel physically or psychologically imbalanced if they don’t use pot, and then claim they aren’t addicted.

  • Logical_thinking

    Myth: 10 Common myths about cannabis
    Fact: It’s a load of tosh!
    It’s easy to state unsupported ‘facts,’ where’s the corroboration? Where’s the links to evidence supporting the ‘facts?’
    Cannabis either attracts people that are prone to extreme mood changes or Cannabis causes them. I know people socially and through work that use Cannabis on a regular basis and there mood swings are alarming!
    The only thing that separates us from the rest of the animals on the planet is our intelligence, all other species are physically much stronger than us…why would you want to risk destroying the only thing that makes us what we are?

  • Voltron

    What do you mean “where’s the evidence”??

    Did you somehow miss the sources listed at the bottom of the list?

  • TexasFlood

    749. Logical_thinking – April 12th, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Speaking of “where’s the evidence” one could say the EXACT same thing to you.

    There is nothing more irritating than the flood of know-it-alls on the net that use anecdotal evidence to back up their ramblings.

    Dood! I totally know this guy at work who freaked out and killed his wife when he was high on pot! OBVIOUSLY that means people that smoke pot are prone to freaking out and killing their wives!!

    Give me a f***ing break.

  • raj

    TexasFlood: Excellent point.

    Logical_thinking: As your quest to enlighten the world with your intellect continues, you may want to learn how to distinguish between “their” and “there.”

  • roseyyy

    ima go blaze in honor of this list. :)))

  • logical_thinking

    Yes I checked out the sources list but I’d like to bet no one else has. The first one I found was listed as item 4. Wayne Hall’s report dated 2003. If you look at the report in particular paragraph 3.3.1 you will see the sentence “At age 20 years, the difference between the oldest and youngest birth cohorts in the number of cases of schizophrenia – caused by cannabis use – is 125 cases.” Wayne Hall also produced another report in 2006 which finds links to Psychosis, a gateway to hard drugs and that it can be addictive.
    A Canadian study was discussed in print and can be read at:
    raj – I can distinguish between “there” and “their” and…also the use of ellipses…and when to use definite and indefinite articles but like most people I’m flawed, and make mistakes occasionally, but should this be used to attempt to discredit the writers opinion?

  • Bartender

    I would like to call attention to my original post 302


  • raj

    Bartender: Thank you for referencing your previous post; it would have otherwise been lost in this sea of 750+ posts. It brought up some interesting points that this debate rarely addresses.

    logical_thinking: My point was that you present your thoughts in haste or that you are stupid. In either case, it is indicative of an unreliable source. Considering that the implicit meaning in my subtle remark was missed, perhaps it is the latter.

  • Voltron

    @ 754. logical_thinking – April 13th, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    Thanks for reading the sources, however its seems you only read the hypothesis, not the results.

    Even the part you quoted was not even talking about cannabis use, just the prevalence of schizophrenia between the periods of 1940-1944 and 1975-1979.

    From the discussion section (the part were they talk about the analyzed data and results) of that very same study, specifically paragraph 4.1, is this quote:

    “The hypothesis that cannabis causes schizophrenia
    was not supported by the data on trends in the incidence
    of this psychosis in Australia. There was no evidence
    that there has been an increase in incidence over the past
    30 years of the magnitude predicted by the hypothesis.
    This suggests that cannabis use has not caused cases of
    psychosis that would not otherwise have occurred.”

    You should read the whole article before quoting it.

  • SnarkySallyPantsTheGreat

    I hvae persnolly somekd aolt of pot oevr the yreas and I dnot see a dfiference. Tmie to poke some smot!!! just kidding.

  • some guy

    seriously doubt that any of this is true. you keep on saying that the user may not necessarily become addicted , or get emphysema, and that there arent necessarily any bad side effects to marijuana.i mean seriously, do think anyone will believe that users tend to have better jobs?! what?! this entire thing is bs. and why did you make your souces so ridiculously small? yeah whatever. this was a waste of my time.

  • jj

    Number three is flat out wrong. The newer strains and methods of growing have much more medicinal qualities. That’s what selective breeding is all about, why else would we do it, if it didn’t work? Smoking to much bud does contribute to health problems such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, there is no way of denying it unfortunately, but this would usually result in an extremely heavy smoker not the casual stoner or medical user. Another huge problem with weed statistics is that the DEA and other agencies have effectively blocked any real research efforts since it was declared illegal. Many study show that mental illness is linked to pot smoking, but these same studies leave a lot to be answered such as the test subjects predisposition to mental illness. So basically you cannot get a mentally ill from smoking pot, unless you are already genetically predisposed to psychiatric abnormalities. It’s not so much myths but distortions of the truth. Most of the studies done are biased either in favor of, or against cannabis, that’s why I just say Smoke it if you want to, and if you don’t want to smoke it then please don’t bother me when I’m getting high. Peace.

  • Joker Boy

    Haha i love how you can tell who the government propaganda has gotten to, And who has learned the truth. If cannabis was is so bad for us, how come humans have been smoking, and eating is for thousands of years? How come it use to be a sacred plant, and the holy oils used to anoint were made from the cannabis seed?

    In the end, even if it is bad for your health and addictive. It is a persons choice what they put into there body. And no one should be able to take that away.

    As for the smoke being bad for you, there have been studies that show that, the smoke actually helps heal the bronchial passages. And even if it is not, only the most hardcore smokers would smoke enough weed to get anywhere near as much damage as cigarette smokers. Usually i smoke about 3-6 bowls a day, which would be about 2 joints. Sometimes more. On average a cig smoker smokes a pack a day, some even 2. Yet cigs are legal? And don’t get me started on prescription drugs, doctors allowing people to take drugs that will cause severe addiction, and possibly death, and if not death liver damage. How come alcohol, tobacco, and opiates are legal? You can die from caffeine overdose, from tylenol overdose, even from h20 overdose. But the amount of weed one would need to smoke to od is not possible to do.

    Also lets look at how marijuana can help out the country, not only is it a hardy vigorous plant that can grow in almost all climates.It can be use to make fabrics, ropes, foodstuffs, and lets not forget it can be used to make ethanol fuel. If we started to grow and use this plant in our country we could be rid of our need for imported oil.

    Also if this plant is so bad, how come our brain has receptors specially for the chemicals from it? How come it has adapted so well to humans? personally i think we are the birds of weed, spreading it seed, and in return it has developed chemicals to make us happy and keep the plant alive.

    Sooo stay high my friends.

  • TexasFlood

    So you’re using the actions of ancient peoples to justify the weed smoking?

    Come now, you should know that’s just downright stupid.

    I’m sure there’s plenty of other things that indigenous peoples of yesteryear used to do that would make you throw up. I don’t see you calling for polytheism and ritual sacrifices.

    Think before you speak.

  • TexasFlood: Polytheism, Human sacrifice? I’ve been screaming for them for years.

    “Maybe the Gods want something”- “Rumba” Ill Nino

  • Voltron

    @ TexasFlood 762.

    You should think a little harder before you speak.

    This is not just the actions of ancient peoples, this is actions of people for thousands of years, right up to the present day.

    If you haven’t noticed, polytheism and ritual sacrifices have been largely taken out of modern civilization. Weed, on the other hand, has not.

    It is not significant that the ancient peoples had smoked weed, what is significant is that people still do it today.

  • Mark

    764. Voltron : I’m pretty sure you’ll still find polytheis around today too – underground, much like pot-smokers – and I’m sure that if you look hard enough there much be some cults performing human “sacrifices”.

  • Tuxic

    damm… 766 is not too bad considering how much of us smokers are there, i mean here-everywhere!!!! biggest family on the planet

  • Voltron

    @765 Mark

    I wouldn’t consider pot-smokers to be underground. Yes, if you look hard enough you’ll find polythesis and sacrifices. But, you don’t have to look very hard at all to find pot-smokers.

    When was the last time polytheism or sacrifices have broken through to mainstream media? There are a number of movies about pot or have people smoking pot in them.

    And I don’t see any lists on the myths of human sacrifices…

  • science

    I used to smoke cannabis all the time and think it should be legalized. However, your list was somewhat inaccurate. It does kill a large number of brain cells. Some of the chemicals are carcinogenic. Modern cannibis strains are way more potent due to advances in technology. And studies have linked longterm cannibis usage to a plethora of mental illnesses such as phycosis. Its not the little harmless drug that stoner propaganda wants everyone to believe. On the other hand, its alot safer than smoking and drinking alcohol. And is less harmful to society as a whole.


    Man this is the best !! I wish the governtment would realize how much joy it brings in this world.. yea theres some crimes that go on but thats from the stupid kids who wanna be KING SHIT!! I think they should let us grow our own pot so theres no need to tax it or shit all :P and its true that weed doesent affect your brain , from when I dident smoke pot I wasent good in school at all .. now I smoke pot and I’m actually doing awsome , like its my first year of highschool and everythings going great, mann i love being a stonerr (L) Never say no to pot ..:) good day

  • Shaaronie

    I am becoming addicted to The List Universe!

  • brinna

    Good myth busting list. Suggestion: put links to sources for each point, rather than in footnotes (since folks generally are too lazy to read the footnotes).

    That said: anything that makes you sit around on a couch, staring straight ahead, eating empty-calorie snacks, and doing nothing productive for 29 hours a week, on average, must be bad, right? Oh, by the way, I’m talking about watching TV, not smoking pot.

    Bet you didn’t see that coming. :-)

  • Voltron

    Thats funny, I was halfway done reading your second paragraph when I thought, “Ha, I bet most people don’t even realize that you do this when you watch TV”, and then I read that last sentence.

  • Limarki

    What a load of pro cannabis twaddle. You spliff smokers are looking to justify your use, in any means possible. Scientific proof is what is important here. Not some half cocked list that glorifies the use of drugs. And, as for not leading to harder drug use. Well, I have it good authority that this led to a person very close to me, becoming a heroin addict. I am not some ignorant do gooder. Clearly, you pro Cannabis users are in need of developing a life that doesn’t require you to lose yourself. If you were truly happy with your lot you wouldnt need artificial stimulation to make you feel better. Think its cool and hip do you? Lets see how cool and hip you are when you cant even remember your name, or your flipping out in panic. And this is maybe before you could become Manic Depressive. Yeah, real cool isn’t it? Actually, if you truly believe this hype, then the rot has already set in. You have become delusional! First signs. Watch it! Its downhill from now.

  • Limarki

    770 Shaaronie, ‘You love being a stoner’? How sad that you aspire to something so uselss. Enough said, Your mentality is typical of a pothead. I rest my case!

  • John

    I actually was a heavy user of cannabis, smoked it in college my first semester every day multiple times a day. A lot of horrible things happened. I attained a 4.0 GPA, held awesome dorm parties, made many lifelong friends, and perfected playing my instruments. I actually lost 70 (seventy!) pounds in fat since I went to college last September because I made a habit of not only smoking weed, but exercising, eating healthier (vegan!), and reading on a daily basis. As you can see, weed ruined my life (Sarcasm).

    I love being a stoner, and you know what? I’m living proof that it’s not addicting. I was a heavy user for months, and all of a sudden, after I went back home from college, I had none! And I’m just fine! I don’t feel any urge to smoke at all. Sure it’d be nice, but I don’t absolutely NEED to (as can be seen in tobacco smokers and alcoholics). I probably won’t actually smoke until the time comes in a few months and I’m absolutely okay with that.

    There is absolutely no reason for weed to be illegal.

  • Frankie

    John, well done for losing the 70 pounds, but I think it has more to do with your diet and exercise than your cannabis use. I’m pretty sure you could have done it without the pot, and if you did, the exercise might well have been easier…

  • John

    Frakie, thank you for the response! My point was rather vague, the idea was that the pot didn’t make me lazy or had any negative effects on me whatsoever. I used it as sort of an anti-coffee, a stress relief at the end of a long day. It went well with a nice chat with my friends whilst listening to The Doors or Frank Zappa.

  • Voltron

    Oh no!

    Where did all the rest of the comments go?

    I was in the middle of a big debate.

  • Danomite

    I wouldn’t even normally pipe in with my 2 cents worth…in fact this is my 1st time posting a comment, but here it is: marijuana may not be addictive, but being high sure is. I know this from being a heavy user for 7 years (3-4 times a day). Yeah, I didn’t have insane physical withdrawls, I didn’t get the shakes, or throw up, or go insane after quitting…but it sure as hell wasn’t easy to quit. Saying that people who get addicted to using pot are of low-character or whatever is just throwing stones.

    Truth is people who get addicted to any sort of drug are usually predisposed to that sort of activity, from things like depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior and so fourth. I’ve spent that last 14 months in recovery and rehab rooms, and it’s always the same thing, people become addicted to getting high because it’s easier than dealing with life. Marijuana is not an exception to addiction, because if you use it as an escape as opposed to an enhancement…yeah, you can become addicted to using it.

    I’m not calling every pot smoker a drug addict, or a loser, or any other label. I’m just arguing with anyone who suggests that marijuana is a “get out of jail free” card or the spectrum of addictive drugs. It’s all about how you use it.

    I don’t consider myself a recovering marijuana addict, I’m a drug addict who’s drug of choice happened to be marijuana. It was cheap, easy to get, and took me to a place where I didn’t have to deal with life (once again, it’s MY experience). Not everyone who uses pot is a drug addict, but please for the love of god, stop arguing that it’s not addictive! Any mood-changing or mind-altering substance can become an addiction if you use it for the wrong reasons, or abuse it.

    That being said, I agree it should be legalized. It has it’s benefits in many cases of illness and stress, and I agree that it is no worse than alcohol. There are more alcoholics in the world than drug addicts because alcohol is more readily available, and accepted by modern society. I choose to not use any mind-altering substances because they take ME to bad places, I could care a less what others do with their lives.

    Smoke pot if you want to, but don’t sit around throwing stones at people who say it CAN be addictive, I’m proof that it can. No, I don’t have a 4.0 GPA, or a wicked high-paying job, or a long list of awesome accomplishments…mostly due to the fact I spent most of my life messed up on booze and drugs. That’s MY experience with marijuana, so I reiterate, stop making generalizations. Is it bad for you?…in some cases yes, should it be illegal because of that?…no.

  • Allergic2Pot

    #4 and #10 were bothersome to me –
    Loss of Motivation & Cannabis and Addiction
    It should have been explained that in cases of a psychological diagnosis in many cases it can cause one to become even MORE depressed without consistent use and because of that the “high” becomes less attainable with the same amount therefore it is used in larger quantities.
    Along with #8:
    Modern Potency –
    It’s pretty common knowledge that anything that’s been around long enough people will challenge themselves to make better and stronger strains.
    Whether it’s how and where it’s grown to crossbreeding different species in order to make the ultimate hybrid.
    So that explanation just seems like a personal opinion.

  • Pheez

    Hey people I recommend that people read the top 10 conservative hypocracies and top 10 liberal hypocracies!



    Everytime I see or hear people arguing about this I cant help but get involved…this might be a long post ;)

    Oh, and before any of the brainwashed masses jumps to conclusions i point out i once smoked cannabis semi-regularly, but none at all for more than 5 years. Im sane, educated, employed, have no criminal record…

    Firstly consider this. The decriminalization/legalization of cannabis would produce incredible government windfall. A legal marijuana industry would result in millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue for governments – economy boosting dollars, hospital building..

    hmmmmm, fairly idealistic, but something to ponder.

    Sadly this is something that I think will never happen. Consider how politions and governments control gain election and influence us through the manipulation of language and law-

    we learn when we are young;
    Illegal = bad

    One of my most hated dysphemisms used by politicians is when they proclaim (as if every politition doesn’t spew this hypocracy) a “war on drugs”, or even worse, “the evils of drugs”. Drugs is now a blanket term for illegal drugs – i.e. the “evil” ones. (so now illegal = evil….hmmm, souds slightly propagandic now)

    Drugs themselves aren’t evil – the illegal or legal ones. They are substances that, when ingested, absorbed etc. affect electrical and chemical impulses in our brain(very simply put). There is nothing moral in that sense of a drug.


    Many drugs are very dangerous and harmful. Profiting from -and encouraging the use of – such drugs is evil. Drugs can definately be used for evil.

    So we have to consider whether marijuana is indeed dangerous and harmful – and a tool for evil???.

    Learned students of psychology will surely agree with me when i say that Pot does not induce physical dependence like, say, caffeine or nicotine. Take a habitual pot smokers’ weed away and he/she wont suffer withdrawal symptoms.

    It amuses me (in a wow, people are very uninformed way) that for all the “dangers” of weed put out there, the most prominent is rarely discussed.

    That is;

    Breathing in HOT smoke damages the lungs!
    When you inhale smoke it feels warm in your mouth, throat and chest. This warmth that you feel is actually the average temperature of the smoke particles that you are sucking down. Some particles are cold, some are indeed warm, and some are actually extremely hot. These scorching hot particles burn away inside your lungs damaging the delicate tissue of the lung walls. There is no doubt in my mind that medium to long term use of marijuana irreversible damages the lungs. However it should be noted that it is not possible to smoke 30 joints a day like one could cigarettes. And don’t even get me started on alcohol.

    Im so over typing now….but so many more counterarguments….



    WHY AM I WRITING IN CAPS? thats better

    i have to go

    I not under the effects of any drugs whilst writing this, just tired and bored.

  • m

    guess a smoker wrote this

  • Marcuski

    For number 10, I’m pretty sure it stays in the fat cells for roughly 3-4 months. Also with number 8, I was taught Back in high school (and it even said in the human biology book) that there are no long term side affects from casual smoking and the type of addiction associated with weed is called ‘psycological addiction’.
    It’s when a user thinks they need the drug, but I never liked that definition of it since I think its more like whats there… ‘breaking the habit’.

    I learnt that the smoke is more damaging than cigarette smoke though. But I cant remember the reasons behind it.

  • JAG

    As a person who smoked on and off for a few years, who is successful in both employment and personal life and never dealt with any legal entities, I tend to agree with 781 in most points.

    I will not argue those which I disagree because that is purely someone’s opinion.

    My two cents however, are simple and direct, marijuana was purely an escape and creativity enhancer in my experience, allowing me to think beyond the restraints that a “sober” state sometimes allowed.

    This in turn helped me rise career wise – not to say I am crediting marijuana for my awesome paycheck today.

    Second is the fact that it has continued to be banned in countless nations is a tremendous disappointment, as the politicians like to make you think that the minute it became legal, we would all become stay-at-home bong rats, and the economy would cease to function.
    Again, in my experience, everyone I know who smokes, (a lot of people from your friendly fruit computer company) are amazing inventive and productive people, none are the helpless schizophrenic addicts portrayed in advertisements for the “war on drugs”. Sadly the outlook from the general populace will never change on points like this, partly due to the propaganda having spread it’s roots deep into our communities.

    Either way, roll a joint sit back and ponder… It can be a fascinating experience, so long as you understand WHY you are doing it.

  • Nice!!! Now I can smoke without worrying whether I’m going to get addicted or become brain dead!!! :)

  • bobby creek

    are you fuckin serious…all your facts are bullshit..your goin on about studies from da fuckin 1800’s! RECENT tests will show weed is a seriously addictive & harmful do i kno? besides da fact iv been smokin longer than your born,try fuckin rehab 3 times,pluricy,an ulcer and amnesia from it..not to mention da shakes,sweats,anxiety attacts and hallucinations from da withdrawl sympthoms. the only ‘fact’ your right about is the gateway fact.

  • lostatsea1

    @bobby creek(786) Please stop your childish rant and do some research. Hemp was used for rope, clothing, oil and food before Nylon was invented by Dupont, they lobbied against it so they could reap huge fortunes. That is the reason it became illegal. THC has been used for centuries as a medicine and is currently legal in Canada as such.
    After 20 hours of treatment, ?9-THC kills all cancer cells but leaves … Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Cancer Research UK, …

  • lostatsea1

    Cannabis Cures Cancer – “Run From The Cure” The Rick Simpson Story – 58:01 – Mar 8, 2008. Rick Simpson – … –

  • NorMan

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but all of these Myths apply to me. Mabye is because i smoke 2 grams hasj everyday, but I definitly destroyed some of my braincells. Probably ’cause we used lrge bongs back in the old days, where 50g a nite was custom.

    Anything you get addicted to is not good. Even though you say its not addictive. If you do alot of “something” everyday, you probably wither inside.

    Just do overdo it.
    Ok to try. And once in a while.

  • rw326

    okay, smoking pot is not harmful to your health short or long term. im tired of all you bitch ass punks saying pot is deadly and addictive. for one, it would take 40,000 times the amount it takes to get you stoned to kill you. and smoking that much is impossible.
    there is not one marijuana overdose in history! alcohol does way more damage than pot could ever do.
    so instead of getting all huffy and puffy over some weed, look at the death rate caused by alcohol, and then look at the death rate caused by pot.

  • Anthony

    actually, Adam, studies on the toxisity of marijuana have shown that u actually have to smoke 1500 pounds of marijuana in a matter of about 15 mins in order to die from overdose lol u would die from ur lungs collapsing before u would overdose

  • Mangans

    Everyone (well most people) like a bit of escapism, most people use drink (me included) but when you get stoned you dont have the hangover so you can function properly the next day so thats one of the main benifits of it in my book although generally i prefer to get drunk to blow off some steam. The only problem with the stuff is when people like a few people I know smoke all day long but i suppose whatever makes you happy but its these people that cause the “oh no that shit is bad” reaction from people. Overall I think it should be legalised just because the police waste so much time on it and the country might benifit from the tax. Although with taxation the government would control the price of it so it mightn’t be such a good thing

  • hey

    Hey, just legalize it. Coffee and aspirin kills thousands of people every year.

  • lostatsea1
  • lostatsea1 – Not that I endorse dairy products but if you do, seems to me I would rather ingest the original product that my ancestors used with no problems!

  • lostatsea1
  • lostatsea1
  • me

    Oh come on. I think you are reading between the lines to try and find any truth in this. Take #10. You say yourself it gets stored in fat stores. And its detected long after use. Therefore it must be having an effect however small. The rest of this is bullshit too.

  • Bee

    I’d like to point out that medical practices weren’t exactly trustworthy in 1823; in fact, bloodletting was still practiced well into the late 19th century. Knowing what and what wasn’t harmful to health wasn’t exactly a strong point some 140 odd years ago. The quote, although cited, is not reliable because medical practices were not as advanced and well understood as they are today.

    Next time, if the author desires to provide a quote giving an example of the medical effects of marijuana, I would suggest a more recent one. Perhaps from this century, or the one before it, at least.

  • Voltron

    Who is to say that it is unreliable just because the data is old? Sure some things we have found to be wrong that were considered right years ago, but there are still many things that have remained unchanged throughout the centuries.

    I’m sure there are medical practises still performed today that were discovered a long time ago.

    And still, the studies performed today find the same results as 140 years ago.

    and @ #798

    Yes, it gets stored in fat stores. No, it does not have any effect because the THC must be in your brain, not your fat, to affect you.

  • tipple

    Well I’m late to this discussion but would like to make a few points. Firstly just how damn obnoxious the anti brigade are. Are you like that to everyone?

    Secondly, hemp was a massive crop in the 18th, 19th & early 20th century, it was used in everything. Some say the Bristish Empire was built on it. Along came cotton & it couldn’t compete. It was a very weak crop that needed lot’s of water & slave labour to garner a fruitful crop & it just couldn’t be harvested profitably when judged against hemp. Interestingly hemp will actually increase the goodness of the soil & cotton the opposite. The American cotton growers decided that the hemp/marijuana smokers could be demonised & then the hemp trade would collapse allowing their inferior product to steal the market. The government of the time got behind them & the rest is history. Hemp is cool! Smoking marijuana is cool!

  • kennypo65

    Ah, yes. The “gateway drug”arguement. Has it ever been postulated that the fact that cannibis is illegal, and the guy you buy your cannibis from is therefore a criminal who is selling other more harmful(and more profitable)drugs, that he may try to sell you these other drugs? It is still personal choice and not a property of cannibis.

  • WeedWeedWeed

    Weed smoke is DEFINITELY bad for your lungs and throat, but only if used excessively for a large portion of a person’s life. God I love weed. I always feel satisfied on it, content, food tastes better, friends are friendlier, everything is funnier, it is nearly impossible to feel anger, and hard to be depressed.

  • patandjeffnm

    Pot is still a mind altering drug that does get abused. In all things, moderation. Some people do use it casually and are able to function, others I have seen “need” it everyday, and completely immerse themselves in the culture and have to bring up facts about the usefuleness of the fiber, and medicinal purposes to defend their dependence.
    That said, I do not think it is harmful enough that it should be illegal. I agree with 802, if it were decriminalized we’d see less of the gateway effect.

  • Joey

    This is completly stupid. The guy who wrote this is so pro-cannabis that almost everything he says is not true. We are not trying to compare cannabis to other substances such as any drug or cigarette use, we are trying to say if the myths are right or wrong and everything the guy said was comparing cannabis to other things.

  • Pax1

    fuck you Joey

  • Voltron

    @ Joey

    What are you talking about?

    There are only 2 items on the list that even mention other drugs. One of them being the gateway drug item in which it is almost necessary to mention other drugs, the other being the lung damage item in which it is perfectly reasonable to compare it to cigarettes.

    I don’t understand how anti-cannabis people can read something and come away with info that was not there.

  • albert clark

    i like cannabis

  • sonicsuicide

    Cannabis stops the voices in my head…

    Aside from that. Cannabis has been proven to have medicinal properties. The part I fail to understand is they outlaw cannabis but continue to promote alcohol. In fact one of the greatest causes of death in the world is alcohol relates car accidents.

  • solaris station

    is marijuana legal in some US states? is it legal in New York?

  • Rebecca of the Blarghs

    huzzah! something well-informed! shocking

  • ianz09

    @solaris station (810): No it is illegal in every state, although in California (should say, certain areas), enforcement is pretty lax

  • solaris station

    @ianz09(812): thanks mate. one should ask if he doesn’t know.

  • Dutchguy

    It’s sad to see so many people still being completely ignorant and thinking it’s actually addictive and turns you into some kind of idiot. Guess it’s just American culture to hate weed or something.

  • RoxyRose

    There is this thing I’ve been on for many years now, last few weeks pretty bad. It’s been destroying my short term memory, causing me to gain weight, I am no longer able to concentrate & it’s even been killing my ability to speak properly. It has been giving me insomnia, night terrors and the like as well as headaches, nausea, and stomach pains. It has hindered my ability to function properly and I am fatigued, depressed, and unable to complete some basic tasks. It has made me extremely unproductive in my personal & professional life. I honestly feel that if it continues to go this way, I might die early. I bet you are wondering by now what it is. I bet you guessed a lot of drugs that have the same effect. But guess what? It’s stress. The chemicals being produced by my own brain are having a detrimental and possibly permanent affect on my health. Is there anywhere that I can write to get that outlawed?

  • bassbait

    Great, so more excuses for idiots to use it. I can’t think of a single intelligent person who does pot.

    • ano

      carl sagan

  • messenger of the green UK

    I hate all these ignorant people that have alowed propaganda and the government to brain wash them.
    they just accept what the authorities have to say and dont even research the drug and look at the pro’s and cons of it and make judgement themselves, their is no more difference in weed then there is in alcohol. garuntee if alcohol were invented now it would be illegal.
    when ur high ur relaxed and happy and in a state of meditation. but when ur drunk ur just big headed and boistrous. if u replaced drinks in bars and clubs with weed their would be no fights no arguments between people
    plz all haters out their just read all the facts good and bad and compare weed to alcohol and cigs u will see the pro’s out weigh all the con’s greatly. many thanx peace.

  • Jay.

    in the end, using pot is a choice. saying it is bad because you or someone you know is abusing it is merely blaming a personal problem on something else. anything can be mentally addicting (as opposed to physical addictions, where the body is literally dependant on that chemical to function “normally”). losing your control on weed is individual; mental addictions are entirely based on an individual basis. In no way shape or form is physical addiction to thc (active ingredient in pot) possible, and any mental addiction is subjective from case to case.

    i am not a habitual pot smoker, by the way. i think its fun, but i don’t think its amazing. it just is something that provides an alternate perspective, and nothing factual can be used to validate claims as to pot’s harmful and destructive properties.

    don’t complain about how pot has ruined your life; i’m not unsympathetic, but it is at heart a personal issue. using that as reasoning for a general rule is foolish and in a way cowardly. it is a choice, and at the end of the day its always a choice.

  • Mika

    I think this is definitely a substance that should be legalized. If you have stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, and salvia all legal, then marijuana should be legal too. it isn’t any worse. I think it should be used wisely and with discretion of course, but you have to allow people to monitor themselves.

  • Pandangles

    I enjoy pot. I have smoked it since I was 14 (I’m 45 now) and have had an enjoyable and successful life so far. In my experience addiction was not a problem (although I can understand that is might be in others) nor was any of the other negative side effects. I still smoke today. I do not plan to stop as I cannot see a reason why.
    If you want to choof then choof. If you don’t want to then don’t but, for fuck’s sake, quit with all the judgemental bullshit will you?

  • serblop

    Wow, I’ve seen a bunch of useless comments on both sides of the argument. A good debater for the marijuana side would be Puffthemagicdragon and a good debater for the anti-marijuana side is Michael. Good job guys for making good points. Now for my side on the issue. Why are some people’s personal habits the government’s business? Because it leads to crime? Marijuana does exactly the OPPOSITE of cause aggression. It increases your appreciation of everything and soothes you. It doesn’t impair ability to function NEARLY as much as alcohol, it isn’t NEARLY as addictive as nicotine, and is a “soft drug”. Shouldn’t the government be worrying about more important things? There are SO MANY issues that are so much more important than marijuana use that it is frightening to realize that the government cares so much about it. If I go home and enjoy a joint, why should the government/law care?! Did I do anything wrong to anyone? And for all the Christians out there, if God put marijuana on earth, what right do you have to call it “evil” or anything else like that? I’m a smart person, I have friends, I get good grades, and I play sports. I would consider myself a slightly-less-than-casual smoker as I smoke pretty rarely because IT HASN’T TAKEN OVER MY LIFE as all you anti-marijuana people claim. If you don’t like the drug that’s OK, no one really cares, but don’t impose your beliefs on us smokers who actually have EXPERIENCE with the drug.

    Hope I made a few things clear.

  • DqueenLisHa

    LoVin ThE LiST!!!

  • Stef66

    I think this list is definitely biased towards a “Pro-Cannabis” point of view.

    I have personally used cannabis quite often in the past and i think it holds positive and negative aspects and i also am convinced it is not suited for everyone.

    Some may never experience a “bad High” using it but i have had my share of bad experiences during the times i used the substance.

    It is the main reason why i finally chose to quit, it got to a point where i could never tell if i was going to have a nice trip or a full blown panic attack.

    And prior to using cannabis, never in my life i had experienced a panic attack.
    Many studies now reveal it can unveil certain underlying mental health problems, so this substance is not to be taken lightly.

    It is a very complex substance and it should be studied further before jumping to conclusions on either side of the spectrum.

    But to it’s defense, i have never seen an aggressive pot smoker, but we all have seen aggressive drunks here and there.
    Then, it is also very possible to drink responsibly and behave in a totally normal manner, I know i can.

    Balance in all things is the key.

    • Israfel

      I completely agree with you. I have friends who are now commited to psychiatric wards do to pot-smoking, but other friends who also smoke continuisly have had no bad effects what so ever. I all depends on your "trigger" I guess.
      Sometomes when I smoke, I start getting paranoid and hear voices, other times, just a mellow high.
      So I stopped too. What if I got stuck in a paranoid episode, like one of my friends who now sometimes thinks he's Hittles reïncarnated? No thanks

  • crispin

    @bassbait (816): Hi! I’m an intelligent individual, who is a chemist at a pharmaceutical company that manufactures parietal drugs used as an alternative to chemo to treat pancreatic and breast cancer, who smokes pot on a daily basis. Now you’ve met someone, so you can cease your shittarded stereotyping.

    That is all.

  • Yondofan12

    The American Medical Association just recommended that Cannabis be removed from the list of schedule 1 drugs. If the nation’s medical authorities don’t think that weed is bad then what reason is there to hate on it?

  • Nora D

    I don’t see how Tobacco and Alcohol can be legal, when Cannabis isn’t. It’s either all or none, people, make up your minds.

  • DaniBee

    I kind iof disagree with the statement that marijuana is a gateway drug. I think it is, Not for EVERYONE, and not to say that you have to have smoked weed in order to want to snort coke…

    But I do know that if I had not starting smoking marijuana, I would not have been interested in any other drug. I tried other drugs because I thought, “Well, being high is awesome, so maybe I’ll try and get high off this.”

  • Just dont

    “I think this list is definitely biased towards a Pro-Cannabis point of view.”

    I’m a medicine student and I totally agree. There are many downsides of Cannabis – like with any other drug (Alcohol, Tobacco, etc.). And some special downsides limited only to Cannabis. Many studies show that there’s a correlation between mental illnesses, memory and learning. It was also proven that heavy users have a significant smaller hippocampus and amygdala.

  • Just dont

    “Myth: Cannabis causes crime”

    That’s no myth at all. The huge demand for Cannabis causes a lot of crime. Just ask the Mexicans and the police. That’s why it’s maybe reasonable to legalize it. I think the 1930s have proven that prohibition doesn’t work.
    It should be like tobacco – legal but also socially proscribed.

  • Yondofan12

    @Just dont (829): I agree that Cannabis causes crime. But I think that “causes” is not the correct word. Right now in America cannabis IS crime. I think that what the author of the list was meaning to say was that people who are high are less likely to commit crimes. There is no physical addiction so it is less likely that one would rob or steal in order to get marijuana or the money to buy it as is seen with crack or heroin.

  • Jaryuki

    There are legal drugs that are way, way more dangerous than many of the illegal ones. Alcohol especially is very dangerous, and not just when a person is intoxicted with it. Yet it’s legal, mostly due to it’s historical and cultural value…

    Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and pot – the most popular drugs in the world.
    I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I have conciderably cut down caffeine after finally getting weaned of the addiction.. I’m quite neutral towards pot unlike especially the two first mentioned :)
    Don’t think I would try it though even where itä’s legal.
    Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean one should lol.

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  • Middle Ground

    I smoked pot for a long time and loved it. But every single one of these “facts” is a bias lie. Did the person who wrote this smoke weed? doouubbtt it. Everyone of of these myths is true in some sense

  • Ilovemonkeys

    I really loved this list!
    I live in a somewhat underdeveloped country and the vast majority of people here are highly biased against marihuana use. Here, smoking weed is linked to criminal rates, to the point where people are called “potheads” instad of actually being called CRIMINALS. I’ve also participated in many school debates dealing with the topic of wether or not marihuana should be legalized or not. I think that legalization would be a great way of fighting narcotrafic of other drugs that are actually hazardous. Picture this, if marihuana is indeed legalized, and a whole industry is formed around it (as if in the case of tobbacco) a certain percent of the income this industry generates could be put to use in the fight against the use of crack, heroin, crystal meth, etc. However, in a contry like this, it is very hard to get a point like that across, and one ends up being frowned upon. I’m really glad that I got a chance to read a list like this one and actually read the comments of other people that think the same way I do. Once again, thank you! And great list!

  • Anyoldnickname

    @Puffthemagicdragon (105): Having wandered onto this site accidentally, I’ve been enjoying the various strands of debates on here, but that’s not why I’m posting. Puffthemagicdragon, I happened to notice that you said you’re a masters student at Durham University. Well, so am I, and this evening I’ve been desperately looking for some weed in Durham, to no avail. So, if sometime you fancy helping out a fellow pro-marijuana Durham student, or, indeed, care for a smoking partner (I’m new to Durham this year, and haven’t yet met anyone of the same disposition), then please let’s work out a secure way to contact each other! Cheers. If I crack on with some work I’ll get involved in the ongoing debate in a bit. Sorry to have brought a rather more personal note to an excellent debate/discussion everyone.

  • Big Naked

    Hey, I live near Durham University! Let’s all get together sometime and hash out! It woudl be awsome.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Hi, just need to put my two cents in about an unmentioned myth of cannabis on your list. I’ve read a lot of comments of people stating that cannabis is dangerous nowadays because the dealers are “lacing” their marijuana with more powerful/addictive substances, such as cocaine and heroin. Now let’s think about this logically, what is the primary purpose of selling the marijuana? To make a profit or some sort of income, correct? Now tell me how would it be profitable to “lace” a cheap drug with an extremly expensive drug such as heroin or cocaine? I know I know, people are going to say: “Well, to make the weed super addictive silly!” Ok, but why wouldn’t the drug dealer just sell these substances seperately for 3 times or more profit? Do the math, even drug dealers do.

  • God

    good to see a list this old (and significant), still getting new replies :)

    first thing I feel the need to say, is we live in an ever changing world where legalization may be one of the only shots america has at ensuring a fairly balanced economy again.

    .. secondly, there is no such thing as marijuana the “Mexican death weed”.. if you really are trying to have a knowledgeable debate backing the bud you burn, don’t use a hypocritical term… it’s properly referred to as either cannabis sativa/indica/ruderalis

    and i’ve found that only misinformed
    and uneducated people are
    and if you harness some type of grudge against a flower for a negative experience with it, I pity you. for your narrow-mindedness

    you can’t listen to DEA approved scientific studies either
    all these scientific tests by the government BY THE GOVERNMENT, are 99% scare tactics. reading some of these arguments made are hilarious. some of the most interesting though,

    cannabis being more carbonous than the cleanest tobacco?
    whoever said that needs to check their reference because the scientists the government hired we’re testing cannabis indica LEAVES(not the buds), THE MOST carbonous parts of the plant. <? I don’t believe you. I don’t, point blank. I’ve been smoking 10 years strong and continue to do so, because of my medical condition however. An ASTHMATIC I am. My pediatrician (who btw knows I smoke everyday and is intrigued by my healthy lifestyle) prescribes me with albuterol sulfate which I now take as a back up medication because Heart attacks run in my family, and are hereditary. anabolic steroids (in albuterol) have a horrible effect at least quadrupling the heart rate cannabis increases it by. Not to mention which do I feel a greater relief from? I’ll let you answer that one.

    i’m 19 years old, have a highschool diploma, and a full time job during this recession, AND smoke everyday religiously whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle including a half an hour reading and workout daily. am I an unmotivational youth hindered by the effects of ‘marijuana’?

    Yes, yes i am
    according to a bunch of ignorance

    • Israfel

      No, but tell that to my friend who got stuck in an marihuana induced psychosis. It' can be great, but it's not for everybody. Just saying

      • god

        it can be for everyone, thats just the thing.
        lol @ you using "marihuana" too

        cannabinoids are never the same on one bud than another
        hence the relief you get wont ever be the same twice. so is it possible your friend got a bad batch? sure. could it be that your friend has mental problems beyond cannabis? SURE. I realize people who have underlying mental issues get it provoked with the use of "marihuana"(lol) but could it be a trigger because of that specific buds psychotropic effects to that particular individual? that would surely explain. people only see what they want. remember that

  • justforthispost

    “Also, I think the potency thing might be because it’s more likely to be cut with harder drugs or things that are bad for you than just pure weed. I remember my friends getting a bad batch in college…they all threw up red (it wasn’t blood, just red). The weed wasn’t red, so I don’t know what was in that stuff, but you live and learn.”

    Sorry, this was part of someone’s post way up above (probably within the 7x’s), and I couldn’t help but laugh, hard. Obviously someone doesn’t know anything about drugs. First off, weed doesnt come in batches, it’s not acid. If you’re going to find laced weed, it’s because you did it. Marijuana is cheap. Like you can get 2 grams of shitty quality stuff for 5 bucks and still get a decent high (especially with a low tolerance) off of it cheap. Other drugs, other than maybe OTC’s that have abuse potential, are not cheap, or atleast not cheap enough to make anyone think that lacing weed to try to sell it for a higher profit margin is a worthwile endeavor. At whoever posted that shit above, your friends probably ate a bad “batch” of tacobell tacos. At least, bad tacos is more likely than PCP laced marijuana.

    I’m not gonna go all out and say it’s not harmful to you, that’s even more idiotic than tossing coke in with some weed before you sell it for cheap. Inhaling smoke is going to be damaging to your lungs, a child with downs could probably figure that out the second you stick him in front of a puff of smoke. I will also not say that you can’t become addicted to it. While people that have addictive personalities are more likely to form an addiction, while it’s not generally a problem for those of us who don’t, it’s entirely possibly to become dependent on essentially anything. I also won’t say that it won’t cause a lack of motivation. However, I won’t say that it does. People that have never tried any type of drug won’t understand this, so it’s a waste attempting to explain it. Basically, people that are bashing it, get over it, it’s a lot less harmful that cigarettes and alcohol. Also, to people that hold this list with highest esteem, don’t be stupid.

  • 420GET


    420 smoke weed erryday

  • fromholland

    demand causes crime is true, so just legalize marihuana.
    controlled farming , controlled selling.

  • heavy user

    Marijuana is NOT, I repeat NOT a gateway drug. I have read numerous posts that you have to buy pot from a dealer who also usually sells other drugs. How in the world does this make marijuana the gateway? Wouldn’t the drug dealer be the gateway?

    Also, with more chemical advances comes stronger strings of marijuana, but come on, mids are still everywhere.

    And also, I am a firm believer that marijuana is not addictive, but the habit of smoking marijuana is. The habit of breaking up some green, rolling it up, smoking with friends and listening to music is the “addicting” part.

    Smoked every day through college, still smoke every day. Good job, good pay, never once in trouble with the law. Tell me again why marijuana is bad?

  • heavy user

    And @ causing crime:

    This is the same argument for gateway drug. It isn’t the marijuana that is causing crime. It is the business of selling marijuana that is causing the crime. Completely different.

  • Jintsubo

    Hey I found this great site today, and also noticed in todays paper an article about pot smokers developing Schizophrenia and other psychotic symptoms.

    I’m no expert on the matter I just thought I’d share it with you.

  • Jintsubo
  • I think the memory part is a little wrong and right.

    Cannabis has been shown to affect short-term memory (whether the effects are temporary or not has yet to be determined AFAIK), but recent experiments show that it helps create long-term gaps in the brain.

  • a7x666999

    man anyone who fuckin believes that drug deales lace there weed with whatever cleary dont understand how stupid thatn even sounds,”yea im gona take my cocaine that i spend so much and waste it to put over a pound so that i can be a dickhole and waste my money cause people apparantly just dnt smoke weed by itself as of what it is”god people its fucking economics and bussines,and if u cant tell the difference between lace or not then u shouldnt even fuckin smoke in the first place

  • anachism

    @Nejikun [6]: the reason on why you wrong is because it isnt pysically addictie, its mentally addictie but so is swiming, gambling, being nude, eating, they all can be an addiction. everything you do can be addictie, just not physicaly. habbits isnt an addiction, a addiction is a addiction. see someone quiting crack or coc or heroine, those are REAL addictions and it maybe done but a pothead but it is pretty honest and he got his facts fom reliable sources as where you are speaking just out of defense for a friend. so all in all if you tell your self no, then you wont just dont think about smoking, its easy. i smoke everyday 3+ times. i stop for a month/days somtimes to rid te tollerance.

  • jrockstar

    Pot is actually safer than alcohol and its only addictive if your a total loser. if you can get addicted to pot then chances are you can be addicted to other things like overeating shit like that i believe we are very close to pot being made legal especially with the high percentage of people who claim to have smoked the wacky tobacky

  • dreamer01

    anyone w/a inkling of intelligence knows pot is safe and is only illegal, repeat, ILLEGAL or to the majority/stupid people “bad” because some product distributors don’t want the ganja competition on the market. It has nothing to do w/safety or the dangers of an overdose or causing brain damage….its those who believe pot is “bad” that are stupid/brain damaged to just believe whatever people tell them simply because they are an authority. WAKE UP, ya dumbass!

  • Mansell


    You’re right, alcohol companys would suffer the biggest blow ever, also the powers that be would never swallow their pride and admit they were wrong.

    These idiots who are so stuck in their “pot is the root of evil and etc etc” veiws should’nt be argued with, they deserve to be left in their ignorance.

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  • steino

    “Furthermore, studies indicate that cannabis users tend to have higher paid jobs than non-users.”

    this makes no sense. i’d like to see the numbers from that study.

  • Aurell

    some of this isn’t even true :U

    i know some potheads that have experiences contradicting this article.

  • sisterjanet

    Hmmm, I have some reservations about the validity of some of these ‘facts’ however, one I KNOW is untrue is number 2. You are MORE likely to develope emphysema smoking marijuana than cigarettes. Some of the reasons being that joints aren’t usually filtered properly and mamy users hold the smoke in their lungs for longer. I suggest you check more recent sources for your information.

  • Littlegoldwoman

    Riiight and those of us who are truly educated are supposed to believe this? Ive worked with teens my whole life and I dont need any research or statistics to tell you…. the people I know who do well in life do not touch drugs of any kind. The people I know who do mess with drugs and form an addiction to the way weed makes them feel fail at all levels of life from jobs to relationships. Ive seen kids come into my programs with good parents, a good life and a college fund…. begin to spend time with the kids who smoke weed and screw their whole life up.

    It most def is addictive and a gateway drug. Ive seen it with my own eyes.

    • god

      your dumb, I would slap the piss out of you in person.
      "I have troubled teens come to me for guidance because of their weed smoking"
      you probably live in some predominately white suburb where everybody knows each other and share ignorance amongst themselves. pffffthh those of us who are truly educated? you right? NO, your the type to preach to the youth what they should be and take away all sense of individuality. stop your pencil pushing, ass kissing, shit smelling replies and roll one up you ugly fat old bitch, btw weed messes up jobs and relationships because of hags like you who demonize it.

      • Springs

        Yeah cause you would know fuckwit. I hate how users think they know everything about the fucking drug. If smokers become like you, then yes, it is a bad drug.

        Just cause you have good experiences with it doesn’t mean everyone does. You have no right to tell others not to preach to the youth when in your post, you do the same thing. Yeah, weed is individuality. Individuality is awesome when millions of us do it together.

  • ^^^ DERP ^^^

    I know that number 8 is true and thats good enough for me

  • Jolie

    When I was a teenager I hated weed because I thought it made my brother a dick. Turns out it was the alcohol and coke. Turns out also, he was a much nicer guy when he was just stoned. Go figure.

    I know a lot of pot users, and the only ones who have "smoked themselves stupid" were 1. Massively stupid before they started smoking, or 2. Were X-tards to begin with. In a small community ravaged by pill addicts turned meth addicts turned heroine addicts, I'd have to say I'd take a pot head over a thieving tweaker any day of the week.

  • dunkdishler

    middle american idiots. so sad. pathetic really…if only the brainwashed fools in this comment board even had the slightest clue..

    and as for the author, saying that marijuana potency hasnt increased over the years, is bascially proving you have no fucking clue, and your entire list is bullshit u just found on the internet and claim to be true because u have a works cited page and ur own web page.

    ill keep smoking my cantaloupe haze x AK47, strains that DIDNT EVEN EXIST 30 years ago, and you keep telling me that potency hasnt increased…fucking moron

  • marloon5

    this is not true, it is a lot worse than cigs. i love the drug and all but recently they found blisters on the lungs of frequent marijuana users. these blisters may pop and lead to a lung collapse.
    but that dont scare me i heart the drug

  • thedude

    Fucking awesome bull.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm….taking SMOKE from BURNING material into your lungs is not harmful? Could have fooled me…

  • Don't Need Dope

    I love the need of dopers to feel they are healthy. Look toke up, don't kid yourself that it is harmless. At least alcoholics are individualistic in their belief they "can handle it" . Dopeys have mass delusions.

  • Fallace

    I'd like to call fault to two of the myths for certain. Especially #1, to believe that Marijuana isn't addictive is pure arrogance.

    THC is similar to a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the brain, and when you use it, the body stops producing it as much and you become physically dependent on the THC from the Marijuana. So stop spreading that "it isn't addictive" crap, it is, get over it.

    And smoking causes harm to you no matter what you smoke, so obviously marijuana is harmful in that way.

  • Thanks for clearing things up

    This is the subject me and my classmates debbate most about. So In the future I just showt hem the list ^_^

  • Fez

    Looks like it's time to light up

  • bassbait

    This list treats Cannabis as a panacea, as if legalizing it will only bring good for everybody. It's pretty much endorsing weed, and I think that's stupid, simply because drugs always produce different effects in people. When it comes to drugs like pills, that's perfectly fine, because:

    A – it's regulated

    B – it's voluntary

    But when it comes to smoking, there are many people that will react negatively to the effects, which could even cause them to throw up. So if you were to go to a friends house, and they're all smoking weed, then you have no choice. But if it were Alcohol, it's not like breathing while near people with Beer will get you drunk. Another thing is that Alcohol takes longer to affect, and so there are major differences between Cannabis and Alcohol, so the arguments about how they are pretty much one and the same have problems.

    And for my last point, if it were legalized, I'm sure less people would do it. First of all, most people I know do it because it's being rebellious, and it gets them high. If it were legal, it would have to be given in proper dosage, and be prescribed, making a hassle for all of the people who wanted to get high, and the dosage of it would probably get rid of the experience. So it would be pointless to be legalized for the people who want to get high.

    Ok, maybe I've got one more point: Smoking is not really medical. Part of medication is that it only affects those who need it. That's why Cigarettes are sold at gas stations and such, because they aren't medical, but they pay for a lot of our industry. Marijuana can affect those around the smokers, and so legalizing it would mean that they would have to make it into some sort of non-smokable form. I'm not sure if anybody wants any Pot Pills, but it seems likely that they wouldn't.

    • Toker

      There is a non smokable form. You can eat it, you can bake it into things, you can do a hell of a lot with it. And there is already pot pills, its called Marinol.

      • toker

        And it doesn't make you throw up, it is prescribed for its anti-nausea effects.

  • Chris

    What a load of shite.
    Cannabis does make you lazy is very carcinogenic and has been linked with psychosis.
    I used to smoke it 24/7 for about 9 years. If u abuse any substance it will have a bad affect.
    In moderation it can do no harm, but some of the points on the list are just plain wrong.

    • Jay

      24/7 for nine years??? Most substances consumed at that rate would kill you.

  • Jason

    I do not often get moved to comment on this sort of thing but as a former Drug and alcohol case worker there are a few things on this list that leap out as very wrong. Firstly many of the heavy drug users I have worked with stated that they started with cannabis and moved on from there. Secondly the idea that it does not sap motivation is also wrong. I think I know the studies the author is referring to and this were short term studies. Long term exposure does sap motivation and can cause all sorts of harmful physiological and psychological concerns. Point 6 about crime is also misleading – it is true that many users lack the motivation to commit the crimes mentioned but their pushers etc are still criminals and promoting criminal activity. Stating that there is scientific proof that cannabis use is not harmful is also misleading as we can just as easily say the opposite (and the same holds true for alcohol, tobacco and disprin).
    All this is the worst article I have seen on this site. If you read this article and it made you think that cannabis use is acceptable and safe please do your own research and have a good hard think.

  • AlMrv

    I just wanted to add fo numer 1 that it might be true that weed is not physically addictive but in my opinion it is certainly psychologically addictive. I remember when i was small, me and my friend used to smoke once in 3 months or longer, than we got together and promised to smoke once in 1 month after a while the new promise was once in a week until we were smoking constantly everyday 2 to 3 joints. Weed is fucking nice I love it but too much of it changes in my opinion everybody alot( and for worse of course).

  • cheek

    Written by someone who desperately needs to justify their marijuana issues. Same things third grade students use to justify their naughty actions. Stop justifying your bullshit with "it's all good" fallacy factoids. You are ingesting a drug, admit it. Again, not saying that weed is evil or anything, just stop the bullshit…

    • sarahofborg

      Third grade students don't usually have a list of reliable sources at the end of their articles.
      Of course marijuana is a drug. Who the hell said it wasn't? So are penicillin, neosporin, and Tylenol. Your point? If you decided band-aids were evil drugs, and I made the argument that they're important for preventing infection, you'd say I was desperately trying to justify my "naughty actions" of using band-aids.

  • Jerry

    #2 is slightly lacking in information. Cannabis (THC specifically) has been known to help open up the airways in asthma patients and is therefore prescribed medically to asthma patients in the state of Washington.

    • sarahofborg

      There have also been some reliable studies done showing that populations of people who regularly smoke cannabis have somewhat lower rates of lung cancer than even non-smoking people. There has never been a case of cannibals leading to lung cancer, or even increasing the risk. Basically, there's reason to believe it actually helps prevent lung cancer. Apparently there's a lot of antioxidants in cannabis.

  • Sandra

    i love this list <3

  • gnatbites

    "Let us start with a quote: “the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health.” This quote comes from the peer-reviewed British medical journal"

    Bollocks! Obviously a conclusion contrived loosley from observational data and lacking experiential objective.
    It is harmfull to health – in many ways. If those who arrived at that conclusion had spent 20 years using it they'd surely think differently.

  • gnatbites

    I have to say that this list is complete tosh (and i'm not even half way through it! And anyone who believes that these are all myths should think again. I've plenty of life experience with this kind of thing and I can tell you that canabis does affect memory and motivation.

    • Digit

      really? it hasn't affected my motivation at all…actually, the first time I smoked it..I made it on the Dean's list in college. What's that tell you?

  • Ol'fool

    I think it's friggin' hilarious that it's mainly the pot heads getting defensive over someones opinions. I'm not gonna down marijuana because, yeah I really don't know too much about it. what I do know though, is that it is causing major crime via cartels. I'm sorry, I just can't light up knowing that that joint was responsible for a hole lot of death. I'll stick to my wine.

  • edy

    the person who put this website up is a freakin retard. i smoke weed all the time and 80% of those myths are actually true… the one about weed smokers are criminals and MAYBE the myth about weed being addictive isnt true

  • JOhn

    You know it is illegal. Whether if should be or not isn't the point. You are willing to take the chance of going to jail or prison to smoke it but you call it none addicting? I honestly don't see it. Pedos are willing to go to prison to look at pics, no different then something smoking dope knowing they will go to jail for it.

  • reagskibop

    i believe cannabis *does* act as a gateway drug for many americans, simply for the fact that it is illegal. in order to obtain marijuana, one must buy from illegal private dealers of the drug, thus increasing the likelihood that one will come into contact with other illegal drugs in the process of procuring marijuana. if cannabis were sold in a legal, controlled manner not unlike that of cigarettes or alcohol, an attempt to obtain it would not only be more difficult for underage individuals, but also far less likely to involve contact or solicitation of other, more dangerous substances.


    Well, Cannabis is not very harmful. But this listis actuallt bullshit if you think about it.. Number 7 and Number 6 are totally untrue. Maybe in america (where weed is cheap) the drug doesn't cause crimes, but in sweden, where i live, you have to have 600 swedish kr ( about 85-90 dollars) to get your hands on some of that green skunk. I smoke skunk everyday more than one time, and im not saying the whole list is bullshit, but most of it is. // GOTHENBURG,SWEDEN

  • Amazing! Photograph browsing google for hours for this and i also finally thought it was listed here!

  • Madison

    I think that this list was very well written but obviously written by someone who is trying to justify their use. In these statements, you see a lot of "tend" and "not always" just because it doesn't always happen doesn't mean that is doesn't. Cannabis is still a drug and still has addictive qualities. A lot of people believe that if there is no physical dependence, then there is no dependence. Psychological dependence is almost more deadly than physical because a person will stop functioning properly without their drug. I think people need to stop being so ignorant and realize that psychological disorders are incredibly controlling. My sister killed herself because she was so psychologically dependent on this drug. So come on people. Stop being such jackasses and have some respect.

    • ELDER

      Dear Madison,
      (FACT)In my country this plant is consumed by a good part of the indigenous people, in religious rituals and casually, yet if some one has certain tendencies or suffers from a psycosis or psycological disorders of any sort, the community and the religious leaders will explain to the member(1) of the community the situation and offer all attention a man/woman of GOD would unto his/her brother and help them to intergrate and know that he or she plays a unique role in the community even though he/she may not partake in some rituals.
      – I agree with you on the fact that a psycological dependency is more distructive than the chemical/physical addiction, being that our mind with out reason of doubt is our most important and vital organ. That being said, even though the habbitual/ non regulated and abusive use of cannabis may have contributed to a constant state of inhibriation thus dibilitating her from resolving her problems rationally, it did not kill her. Her way of dealing with stressful situations and life in general did.
      -I also believe that it takes a village to raise a child, the society she was raised in just didn´t care for their child properly. If she felt she hadn´t a reason to live it´s because she couldn´t see it and because no one showed her otherwise. WE HAVE TO CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER, RESPECTING EACH PERSONS WAY OF LIFE… SOME TIMES A SIMPLE HELLO, THE RECOGNITION OF YOUR BROTHERS EXISTANCE, CAN SAVE A LIFE!

  • Justin

    You douches don't help back up your cause by having a picture of a baby smoking pot!!! Thanks for degrading pot smokers to this level once again.

  • Deez-n-ya-mouth

    I blaze all day every day…and I say this list is partially bs.
    “the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health."
    Inhaling any kind of smoke is harmful to the lungs.

  • mahala

    a lot of earlier civilizations used cannabis as an every-day item item in their lives. priests used them, men and women smoked them, used them for medical purposes and even used them for cooking.
    i don’t really know why cannabis is illegal when alcohol brings out a worse state in people than cannabis do. i’ve tried both alcohol and cannabis (i still smoke from time to time) and so far all i can say is that it makes me mellow and feel rested. it brings out a healthy appetite and makes me sleep well.
    a lot of people who say that cannabis brings out the aggression in people and makes people stupid, clearly do not know what they are talking about.
    people should compare themselves when they are intoxicated with alcohol and when they are “high” on cannabis and see which of the two should be illegal. it really makes me wonder!

  • Name

    as my good friend said;
    weed isn't the gateway drug; dealing with sketchy drug dealers who try and push other shit on you is the gateway.

  • Courts

    I never saw anyone brung up the danger of sticky chromosomes in reproductive cells that heavy use of this drug brings. It increases the risk of mental retardation in future kids.

    Did no one in here take molecular genetics?!

  • Scarlet


  • Dono

    the lack of motication is true. ive smoked weed for 4 years on a daily basis up to an eigth a day and just quit recently. all i can say is i just recently started being productive. this may not a apply to everyone to such an extent but i can assure u that being stoned off ur ass 24/7 makes a diff on ur attitude about goin to the corner store to get some groceries or wash ur dishes. u do indeed become a sloth if u smoke as much as i did.

  • Dono

    Also i might add that it may not be physically addictive but i can become just as much a habit as biting ur nails or cracking ur knuckles. it becomes such a common and natural thing that the thought of quitting seems absurd.
    smoke in moderation.

  • shadesguy

    I once believed all of the things that are posted here but then when I joined a cannabis forum, it showed me that most cannabis users are just ordinary people going about their daily lives without hindering anybody else as they do so.


  • jimm23

    despite what many of you ppl are saying dope has been proven to cause mental illness, specifically schizophrenia with long term use.

  • Frank

    Half of this stuff is actually wrong. This really just sounds like a pothead trying to justify their smoking addiction.

  • Schitzo

    actually there is statistical data that those who try cannabis are more likely to try other harder drugs. Here’s the catch though, the only reason that is true is because it’s an illegal substance i.e. you get your cannabis from the same guy who sells crack. Since you are near the harder drugs and can be pressured into the sales you have a higher likelihood of doing hard drugs. Make it legal and this connection disappears.

  • Jasper

    very educational list… and …like… tempting?:D

  • Andre

    I am from a country where smoking weed is legal ;)

  • Steve

    I’m just curious if there are any more recent studies. Looking through the sources list, most of them are 20+ years old.

  • Tasha

    Pot is a ridiculous drug. If you seriously have to smoke it to have a good time, you’re pathetic. I think the same thing about alcohol as well, which is also a drug. Drugs are pointless, they ruin your body, help you lose your pathetic friends, destroy relationships, ruin job opportunities (not like you need one if all you do is smoke pot all day) and all together make you look, sound and act extremely stupid.

  • iTroll

    Marijuana does cause lack of motivation, short term memory loss, and can cause someone to become brain dead (any REAL stoner has used the term “burnout” to describe someone they know who became burned out on weed)
    I’m all for legalizing weed, but don’t become they people we’re fighting against and start making up positive propaganda. We’re no better than them then.

  • Anjang Akuan

    Rrright….the list is clearly apologetic, and desperately trying to justify drug use. Even if it is not “harmful” or “addictive” as you claim, by smoking it you essentially become a part of the economy that funds crimes and many more harmful consequences (ever watch Tropa de Elite?).

    In any way, any person who depends (not necessarily addicted) on substances (alcohol, cigarette, drugs etc) to gain social acceptance (or confidence, for that matter) is just plain pathetic. I mean, you depend on substances – not your own mentality or motivation – to get your reassurance and feel safe. Such impotence.

  • Tobacco: addictive, black lungs, coughing, emphysema, heart problems, cancer, agonizing death.
    Alcohol: addictive, rotten liver, vomiting, hangovers, drunk driving, aggressive behavior, broken homes, agonizing death.
    Cannabis: that shit is evil, ban it to save our CHILDREN!

  • Kyym;Niggah(;


  • Name

    i thought this was the top ten common myths about CANNIBALS woops miss red it sorry

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  • Da man

    I smoked weed once. Had a bad experience. All the guys I knew were once smart guys. Now they are speech impaired dumbasses. They can barely talk and function. They barely do it. But they still got screwed up. So just because you idiots that are supporters love it does not make this crap true. I used to have good friends. Now all they do is get dumber and dumber and can hardly react to any movement because their hand eye coordination has been fried.

    • Bitch Magnet

      The only thing cannabis will reduce is the income of billions from “legal” drugs and alcohol. Those “bad experiences” are direct results of being a dumbass long before. I’ve seen bumbasses smoking weed and drinking beer and then vomiting their guts out. Guess what? It is alcohol that is going to make an example out of them. Not cannabis. If someone is transforming into a “speech impaired dumbass”, it is not because of THC but the substances that are used simultaneously. If they were smart before, they never drank Coke, coffee, diet sodas or sports drinks. If they were smart, they never ate sugar or hamburgers. Basically every single presumably edible substance that American food industry puts out was once equal to hazardous chemical waste or fecal matter. There are important VITAMINS banned in US. Like, wtf? If you are ever going to visit Amsterdam, you’ll find out that there might be one dumbass walking around there. And he’s not local. Cosidering that cannabis is being sold in coffee shops where you can light one up on a lunch break, there should be ultimate anarchy and chaos on every street corner. There is not.

    • Cody

      This comment is proof that rap fans should not toke. First they are a bunch of “badasses”. Then they preach. Dumbasses should stay away from God’s herb! They are impeding legalization. Use responsibly!

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  • Smoking aint so bad it make’s/take’s you to another level that i think is cool try it,it wount heard!mwa!dom konde

  • Parad0xfool

    I wish everyone would read this. It sheds light on some very common myths. Thanks!

  • mr. nice guy

    I bet you dont see stoners going on anti-smoking sites and trolling, and if you dont like weed dont go around on weed related sites and nay-say go watch Oprah or something. jerks.